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This story is one of my more deranged stories that would never be allowed on most Internet sites that publish erotic stories. Luckily I have my own website and can publish anything I like. This novel takes place in the early 1800’s in Tennessee. Becky is only fourteen, under age in our time, but back then most fourteen year old women were married and some had children. It also deals with Reverend Jones, her priest that desires to teach her the ways of men while she is innocent and untrained. Granny Olson her guardian allows him to proceed as she was brought up the same way over seventy years ago and she turned out okay. I hope you enjoy this.

A Sacrifice for the Priest

By Powerone
Copyright 2017

Chapter 1
Purge the Devil from Her

Becky Olson was brought up in the Appalachian Mountains in Tennessee in the early 1800’s. Her mother died in childbirth, but she brought forth a beautiful daughter named Becky. Her father worked in the coal mines and raised her on his own until his death when Becky was only ten. He died in a mine cave-in, one of the many that happened during those days.

Granny Olson raised her since then, living up on the peak of House Mountain, although it was more of a large hill than a mountain. It was away from the town, but at least it was green and had good air, not like the town that housed the coal mine. It was always filthy no matter how much you cleaned. The dust blew through town without letup.

Granny Olson was a devote Catholic and raised Becky just as she was raised. Becky’s father didn’t take much to religion so Becky had a late start, but Granny Olson was determined to raise her in the Catholic faith and made Becky go to church every Sunday as well as take part in the church activities. Up on the mountain there weren’t many neighbors, so Becky’s only friends were from church.

Reverend Jones had ministered to the residents for over ten years now. This was his fourth parish in about twenty five years. Ministering in the hills of Tennessee was different than the big cities. There were no large cathedrals, testament to the follower’s devotion. His church was a small wooden structure built over twenty years ago. The white paint was coated with coal dust like everything else in the town. He did most of his ministering outside of the church. The followers lived in the hills and stayed away from the town and cities. They liked their privacy, but that didn’t mean they weren’t devout Catholics.

Reverend Jones or Rev Jones as most called him, was a stately and godly man. He stood almost six feet, although he no longer had the muscles he had when he was younger, but he was only forty-five. He wasn’t what most would consider handsome, but since he was the priest, none looked at him that way. He had a small black mustache, but his hair was beginning to show streaks of grey. He had an imposing personality and few could stand up to him in an argument and none against him in a discussion of religion.

Reve Jones had his eye on Becky Olson for the last year. She’d just turned fourteen this year and was blossoming into a beautiful woman, but most women at that age were married, some with children. She wore long dresses that weren’t very flattering to her figure, but Granny Olson made her do that. She was strict with her upbringing and never let Becky have a beau. Granny Olson was eighty-four, but still in good health, although she didn’t come into town often. The trip was too tiring.

Today, Rev Jones went up House Mountain to visit Granny Olson and Becky. He was invited inside and Granny made tea, but Becky was nowhere to be seen. It didn’t matter because Rev Jones was here to talk to Granny once again. He’d made a weekly pilgrimage to her in the last five weeks with one specific message to share.

“Becky is in danger of the devil taking over her young, untrained body. I know you raised her as best you can, but she has no man to guide her. I try to help her every Sunday when she comes for mass, but my time is limited on Sunday when I have to tend to my flock. I can help her, but it’ll be a tireless effort on my part to rid the devil from her body. The devil is strong, but I know what is needed to perform this miracle.”

“I’ve listened to you for weeks now with the same story. But you never tell me what you want. I want to make Becky right. I’m a devout Catholic so I believe in your healing powers.” She liked Rev Jones and knew he did his flock right.

“It’s difficult to confront the devil. I’d be fearful of you getting hurt when I purge him from Becky’s body. So, I’ll take you to the churches residence for two days. They’ll make you comfortable there. I can come back here and work my magic on her. It’ll take two days, but I’m willing to do that to save her soul from the devil.” If this went as he planned, he’d take Granny back with him today and he’d return to Becky immediately. There was no time to waste. There was a need that had to be fulfilled.

Granny leaned back in her chair after she heard him. “You might think I’m senile, but I’m only old. I’ve been around this world for a lot of years and I’ve seen just about everything. I’m a devout Catholic, but not blind to religion. You ain’t any different than the dozen priests that called this their home in my lifetime. You’re looking for a young, innocent girl ripe for training to pleasure you.” She saw the shocked look on his face, but he didn’t say anything to deny it. “I was discovered by my reverend about the same age as Becky and I turned out okay. Becky’s fourteen and she bled last year so she’s ready. But, I ain’t leaving my house. You can do your business here and I won't bother you, no matter how much hooting and hollering there is. She’s feisty, so I hope you brought some rope with you to tie her to the bed, otherwise there’s some in the shed out back.”

“It’s good that you’re so understanding, Granny Olson. That’ll make my job that much easier.”

“Don’t try to sugar coat it, Rev Jones. If she has to learn the ways of men, it’s best she does it with a religious man such as yourself, although my reverend had some particular ways about him, but that’s expected from a man that gave himself to God for so many years. He picks up bad and strange desires and he lets them loose when he gets the opportunity.” She thought for a second then asked the question. “Does the bishop require the same opportunities?”

“Yes, Bishop Holmes comes down to the parish once a year and he’d expect to meet Becky and test her devotion.”

“Yes, I’ve seen that. A special confession and prayer service in the privacy of the chapel if it’s like before. The bishop likes to mix religion with pleasure, his pleasure.”

“I underestimated you Granny Olson. You are a woman of the world and a devout Catholic. I’ll go out to the shed and get some rope as you suggested.” He was lucky he brought all his religious instruments. They’d be hard to duplicate.

He found the rope in the shed along with a knife to cut it and Becky’s clothes as needed. In one trunk he found old clothes and cut up a dress with the knife for a gag. He’d try to keep the noise down at the beginning. Later he’d need her mouth uncovered so he could teach her to use it for something besides talking and eating.

He passed through the living room. “Thank you for your understanding, Granny Olson. God bless you.” He went up the stairs and he already knew where Becky’s room was. It was at the end of the hall, so that would cut down some of the noise. He didn’t bother to knock on the door. It was more dramatic when he went through the door unannounced.

Becky was lying on her bed reading Robinson Crusoe when it opened suddenly, but it wasn’t Granny, whom she expected to see. There stood Rev Jones.

“Hello Becky.” He hid most of his items behind his back, but it wouldn’t stay hidden for too long.

“You frightened me, Reverend Jones. I didn’t expect you, only Granny.”

“She’s downstairs. We had a long conversation and she gave me permission to see you.”

“What about?” She was confused.

“Granny is concerned that the devil might be attempting to take over your body. It happens all the time when girls become women, as you are now in that stage. Granny asked for my help in purging the devil from you.”

“I’m not sure why she’s concerned and what I did to make her that way, but I’m beholden to her and to you.” She didn’t know what he’d do to purge the devil from her body but if they were both concerned, so was she. He’ll probably do some type of religious ceremony, say some Hail Mary’s and maybe sprinkle some holy water on her. She liked Rev Jones and wouldn’t do anything to make him angry with her.

“Then we can begin. I need you to sit up in the bed and lean against the headboard. This is only a formality, nothing to worry about. The devil has devious ways to get control of your body and I have to make sure that he doesn’t succeed and spirit you out of the room before I can stop him. I need to fight him on my territory, not his. If he takes you to Hell, it’ll be difficult for me to get you back.” He used the same lines every time he did this and they never failed to soothe the worry until it was too late.

Becky saw the rope in his hand and that made her worry. “What are you going to do with rope?”

“Granny had me get it from the shed. I need to secure your wrists to the headboard for your protection. It’s just a precaution that I take for your safety. You don’t have to worry, I’ll be here all the time and Granny’s downstairs.” He moved next to the bed so he could get her wrists bound. After that anything else she’d do would be fruitless.

Becky trusted her priest so she put her hand high up on the edge on the headboard. Rev Jones was handy with the rope and her wrist was soon bound. He put a pillow behind her back so she could lean comfortably against the wood headboard. He went to the other side and she reluctantly raised her other hand. It took only minutes before that one was secured. She tugged on her wrists, but the rope held tight. And there was a lot of rope left. She began to grow more worried and unsure.

She couldn’t fight except for her legs, but he’d do the gag next, that way Granny wouldn’t be disturbed. He had the gag ready as he went next to her. Her eyes were opened wide in fear, but Rev Jones was quick. He put two fingers in her mouth to pry it open and before she could protest, he stuck the wadded rag between her lips and pulled it behind her head. She began to struggle, but she could do little except shake her head from side to side. While she did that he secured the knot behind her head. Her lips looked nice split by the cloth. She mumbled incoherently, but it wasn’t very loud. The gag was effective.

“Don’t panic, Becky. There’s nothing you can do to change the outcome so you might as well not resist. Granny knows exactly what I’m going to do and she wouldn’t interfere, no matter how much you try to scream or yell. Let me get you finished and then I can take stock of you better.”

She tried to kick him when he grabbed her ankle with a rope in his other hand, but he brushed her kick aside as if she was a pesky fly. He tied the rope around her ankle, but then he took the end of the rope and pulled it around the bedpost on one side. She struggled but her leg was pulled to one side. He went to the other side and she struggled more and tried to kick out, knowing what he’d do now. Her ankle was secured in his powerful hand and he worked the rope around it in seconds. She felt the rope dig into her skin when he tightened it, but she feared the next part. He ran the end of the rope around the opposite bed post and began to pull the slack out of it. He was powerful and her leg was soon spread to the other side. Luckily her dress was long and when she tried to kick him it didn’t expose her legs to him, but she did feel exposed with her legs spread.

Rev Jones sat down on the bed next to Becky. She tried to move away but the ropes were most effective in holding her pinned in place. “Don’t you worry, Becky. I’ll take good care of you. I’ll rid your body of the devil’s spell and replace it with something much better. I’ll teach you how you can serve God’s servants.”

“LLETTTT mmmbbbl, goooo!” She couldn’t say anything intelligible as she panicked now.

“I’m going to start by taking you back to the way you came into this world. I’ll `shed your body of anything that might hide the devil from me. Only then can I seek him out where he’ll hide. You must trust that everything I do to you is for your own good.” He looked down at her and the modest man’s shirt with a long skirt that she wore. He slowly began to unbutton the shirt. It didn’t take long to unbutton it. She wore a thin chemise beneath it, old with the ends threadbare. He used the knife to slice it. It tore through the thin fabric in seconds. He pulled the chemise off her in long strips of cloth. “What a lovely set of tits,” he exclaimed in surprise. She was more well-endowed then he expected. Her young tits pushed up high and she had perky nipples in the center of brown areolas the size of a nickel.

“NNNGGG, NNNOO, SSSTTPPPP!” She turned red in shame when she was naked to the waist. No man had ever seen her like this before. It made little difference that he was a priest.

“No use protesting what I do, I’m doing this for your own good.” And mine he told himself. The knife cut through the skirt with more difficulty, but it was soon a pile of rags on the floor. She lay there bound with only white granny panties that were grey with age. She tried to keep her legs closed, but the ropes worked wonders in keeping her accessible.

“NNGGGHHH, SSSTTPPP!” She panicked now that she was down to her panties and Rev Jones wasn’t ready to stop. He looked down at her body, but in his eyes there was something different.

“Let me slip those off you. I can’t wait to see your slit. It’s where the devil loves to nest.” He inched the panties down in spite of her trying to stop him by jamming her butt hard into the bed. The panties were too fragile so they began to tear. By the time he got them down to where her spread legs would allow them to move any more, the knife didn’t require much to get rid of the fragile garment. Rev Jones sat on the bed next to her with one hand on the inside of her thigh. “I’m going to take a look at that lovely slit now, Becky. I want to see if you’re pure and make sure the devil hasn’t already taken you.”

She was naked as she tried to pull at the ropes that held her arms and legs, but all it did was make it more painful. His hand branded her flesh as it sat on her thigh. “NNN, NNNN, NNNNOOGG!” She protested as his hand moved closer between her legs. She felt a strange finger touch her slit and she shivered in fear.

“Don’t worry, Becky. I’ll take good care of you.” His finger pushed apart her slit as he gazed at the pink inner lips. His finger slid down until he found her virgin hole. He began to slip two fingers inside her. He felt her pussy stretch to accept his fingers, but then he felt it. She was a virgin as his fingers bucked up against her hymen. He pushed a little harder and felt it begin to stretch. “You’re already wet down there, Becky. Such a shameless girl.”

“NNGG, DDDNNTTTT!” It was too late. “OOOOWWW!” She mumbled the cry of pain. It felt like a lance was shoved inside her. She felt the resistance, but the fingers were ruthless as they plunged through her virgin hymen with such ease.

“Settle down, Becky. It’s all over.” He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and showed them to her. Her pink virgin blood was on the tips. “Let me get a warm washcloth and clean up this mess.

She sobbed at the loss of her virginity in such a manner. She was no longer pure and innocent. What would my future husband say of my condition? He came back and wiped between her legs. At least the warm cloth was soothing, but it was still shameful for her priest to be doing it. It was worse when he stuck the washcloth inside her and cleaned up the last of the blood. At least she didn’t bleed much.

“Now I can go back to my inspection, Becky.” He put one hand on the top of her slit and pulled the skin back as he pressed two fingers into the once virgin hole. She was tight as he pushed inside her. He looked into her eyes as he did it. Her inner muscles clenched tight as though she could keep him out, but he was determined.

“NNHHHHH, GGLLLGG, NNNNNOOO!” It was surreal to feel a man’s fingers inside her, especially a priest, but there was no doubt as they moved as if they were a tiny animal that nibbled on her inner flesh. He moved them in and out as though it was a prick that did it. She heard the shameful noise of his fingers moving in and out of her, but it was his words that struck home the shame.

“A little fingering and your pussy is soaked. The devil already has use. You’re lucky that I’m the religious man that can save you.” He couldn’t help laughing at his words. His cock strained to break free, but that would be soon enough. “I have just the thing to begin the ritual purging of the devil from your body.” He went over to his bag that held all his tools of the trade. But today there was more than his regular religious items. In one hand was the bottle of oil, the special one with just a hint of hot sauce in it. The hot sauce would add an additional tingle to the flesh, especially inside her. He poured it on her belly button and with a hand began to massage it lower.

“I’m going to work this into you, Becky. I need to get into every crack and crevice in your body where the devil might hide. Don’t worry, I’m very thorough and won’t let the devil escape. He began to work it into her pussy. He pushed her lips apart and spread it on her pink inner lips. That immediately got a rise out of her when the hot sauce found the delicate flesh.

“HHHURRTT, NNGGH, SSSHHTTTT,” the pain rushed between her legs with such ferocity. It was bad enough she had to suffer the fondling of his hand, but the oil that he used wasn’t cool and soothing, it burned her. She struggled as he began to finger her once again, bringing the burning inside her. His other hand grabbed her breast and began to fondle it. Even when he pulled his fingers out of her, the burning remained.

He grabbed the next item, but he took the larger one and showed it to her first. He was proud of it. He designed it himself, but it was the cabinet maker that actually did the work. It was a piece of art. It was made of the finest mahogany.

She couldn’t believe what it was. She wasn’t sure what it was called, but she knew its purpose. It was in the shape of a man’s prick, but she hoped it wasn’t to scale as this one was so big. It had to be six inches long. It was thick at one end, but tapered to a rounded ridge at the end, but the girth was massive. Then he turned it so she could see the center of it. There was a cross etched in it, but it was raised up from the rest of it. It was over an inch wide and long. The rest of it was smooth, but this would be something much different.

“It’s called a dildo, if you didn’t know. I see your eyes found the cross on it. A nice touch don’t you think. It’s going to stretch you in ways that you can’t imagine.” He rubbed some more of the oil on it until it glistened. “It might sting some more when it goes in deeper. Open up your pussy. Don’t fight it, it will only make it hurt worse,” he warned her.

She felt her lips pulled apart and then there was something hard and demanding that tried to go inside her. It was too big and it felt as though she’d be torn. Tears fell from her eyes as it had success going in. It stretched her in places that had been untouched.

“NNNNGGGGRRR,” she cried out from behind the gag as her insides were stretched around the demanding dildo. It fought her elastic walls and she lost. She was forced to stretch around it and cling to it as he bore into the very depths of her soul. The oil made it slide in easier, but with it came the consequences of the stinging.

“Now I’m going to fuck you hard with it, Becky. It’s the only way to jar the devil loose from inside you.” He squeezed her breast as he began to rock the dildo in and out of her pussy. He watched the way her lips closed around it as if it pulled a hot, wet blanket around the dildo.



HHHRRRGGG!” Her insides were tormented by the dildo. It wasn’t the devil that tormented her, but Rev Jones.

“OOOWWW!” She suddenly felt the cross rub her insides like steel wool. He twisted the dildo in circles as he fucked her with it to make her feel the power of the cross.

“Yes, the Lord is inside you now, Becky. Literally and figuratively. How do you like having your pussy violated by my dildo?” He continued to fuck her with the dildo, driving it deep inside her until she cried out when he shoved it against her cervix.

“OOOWWHH!” If felt like the dildo was a sword and he pierced her womb. Her inner muscles were sent into turmoil from the oil, but it was the way she was stretched to the breaking point by the cruel dildo handled harshly by Rev Jones. “PPPLLESEES, NNNNOO MMMRREE!” She surrendered, unable to endure any more of this. She felt relief when he pulled the dildo out of her. Was he finished with me?

He put the wet dildo down and picked up the other one from his bag. This one was different. It had a slim shaft, but along the shaft were three balls of varying size. The end had the smallest and the next two grew bigger and thicker. “Another dildo for you, Becky. You have more than one hole that must be purged of the devil. I have a tool for all of them.”

She was confused for a second until he bent down between her legs once again. The strange dildo was shiny with the evil oil. She felt it touch between her legs, but it moved down farther. “NNGGH, NNNGGHH, NNNOOOGGHH!” She cried out in anguish when she realized where it was going. He placed it on her backside. The dildo overpowered her tiny hole. Why would he want to touch me in such a dirty place?

“This can go easy or hard, Becky. I suggest you relax and let it in. I’ll win whether you fight or not, but if you fight it will be much more painful, but the same result.”

She threw back her head and cried into the gag when the strange dildo began to have success.


“I told you that you can’t stop me. Your anal ring stretched wide around my dildo. The first ball isn’t that big, but I feared if you could take it or not but you suddenly swallowed it up like a hungry fish taking the bait. It should be in your rectum. Relax your muscles because it’s going all the way inside you.”


“If I take it out, you’ll have to relive the initial penetration once again. It’s better to accept your fate.” He continued to shove it in until her anal ring snapped shut around the second ball, thicker than the first. Her ring clung to the slim shaft that connected the balls. It wouldn’t come out no matter how much she tried to push it out. Only he could pull it out, with considerable discomfort for Becky, but it was necessary. “There you go, Becky. I bet that feels so good.”

It felt like two rocks were shoved up her backside. Her muscles trembled inside, but they couldn’t do anything to keep it out. Her anal ring still burned from stretching so far, but at least the painful probing was now only a dull ache to remind her that she was stretched inside unnaturally. Why would he do such a thing to me?

Chapter 2
Cleansing with His Sperm

“There is only one last thing to do, Becky. I need to cleanse your body and there is only one thing that will do it. You’ll have to receive my holy cum. I’ll get nothing out of this as I’m doing it completely for you. You should be privileged for my donation.”

“NNNGGG, NNNOOO, DDDNNTT!” She mumbled her protest into the gag. He stood in front of her and then he did the most outrageous thing. She never expected it and she couldn’t turn away fast enough. He opened up his pants and pulled them down, including his shorts. She tried to turn away when his prick was exposed, but he grabbed her head and made her look at it. His prick was only inches from her face. She was glad that her mouth was gagged.

“Look at this magnificent holy cock, Becky. You should feel privileged to see such a fine specimen. There aren’t many young woman gifted enough to gaze at my holy cock.

“NNNGG, NNNGGH, MMMGGH!” He held her head and she had to stare at the monster that wouldn’t be still in front of her. It had to be six inches long and so thick. The head was an angry red and it shined from the drops that leaked out the very tip. The shaft was long with a thick vein that ran the length of it and then disappeared when it got to the head. But at the base of it, his hairs rose up black and wiry. Becky could see a bag hang between his legs. She panicked when he straddled her body and his naked ass sat on her belly. His prick reared up in front of him.

Rev Jones put his hands in the corner of her mouth and began to withdraw the gag that would prevent his cock from entering. “I understand what you are mumbling, but it won’t do you any good. You’ll take my holy cock in your mouth if you know what’s good for you. I’d hate to have to punish you, but I will if I need to. Your Granny’s not going to help you. This will all be over as soon as you perform for me.” He pulled the gag from her mouth.

“Open wide, Becky. I’ll purge the devil from you with my sperm,” Rev Jones laughed as he said it. He put his hand on her lower lip and pulled her mouth open wider as he leaned forward, his cock in his hand ready to enter her mouth. He could feel her hot breath blow on his cock erotically.

“No, but, no…!”

“I won’t tell you again, but I’ll give you a whipping if you don’t do as I say. You’ll take my holy cock in your mouth one way or another. I’ll shove it in when you scream from the whipping.” He put his hands on the side of her head as he aimed his cock for her open mouth. The tears that fell from her eyes made him harder and more determined.

She believed him when he said he’d whip her. She’d heard stories about other women that were whipped for defying their priest. She opened her mouth wider and she cringed as his monstrous prick approached. “I’ll do what you want, Rev Jones” she gasped. She couldn’t say another word as her mouth was suddenly filled with hard, hot flesh. Her lips had to stretch around the thick cock. She couldn’t believe that the girth was so big, but her lips felt as though they’d tear if he got any bigger. The head of his prick slid over her tongue to push it to the bottom of her mouth. She could feel his prick flex in her mouth as she tried to keep her tongue away from it. His prick tasted terrible and it leaked his foul tasting seed in her mouth already. She grimaced from the taste, but she had more problems to contend with. His prick was longer than her mouth and Rev Jones pushed too far. The hard head of his prick slammed into her throat and made her gag. She was sure he’d pull back when he realized, but his prick sat there on the opening of her throat to plug it. Rev Jones started to move his hips from side to side.

“GGLUGG! GGAGG!” Becky struggled as she had difficulty breathing. His prick blocked her throat and she struggled to get enough air through her nostrils.

“That’s what you need, Becky. I nice big holy cock down your throat. Choke on my holy cock and deep throat me, Becky. I know you’ll love having my holy cock slither down into your belly. It needs to get that deep to rid your body of the devil.” Rev Jones never felt anything that good before. Her hot mouth and tight lips brought him so much pleasure that he deserved. “Suck my holy cock, Becky and I’ll reward you with my holy seed.”

“CCOFFF, CCCOOFFF, GGGGGLLUGG, CCCOOOFFF!” She struggled when each time she coughed, her throat would open up on its own and his prick began to have success in plugging the hole deeper. She couldn’t believe it would fit, yet he refused to pull back and instead he pushed forward. Her throat muscles couldn’t keep his monstrous invader out.

“I knew you had it in you, Becky. The first time I saw you as a woman, I imagined my holy cock shoved down your throat, tear stains on your face and your hot mouth devouring my holy cock like a hungry slut. That feels so good. You’re a natural cock sucker. Suck it.”

“GGLLUKKK, GGLLUKKK, GGLLUKKK!” His prick continued to slither down her throat without restraint. She could feel it in her chest. He shoved in so far that his wiry hairs pushed up against her lips and tickled her nose. All she could smell was his prick.

Rev Jones grabbed her hair into pigtails and used them to guide her head. He yanked her head from side to side so his cock could touch every inch of her mouth and throat.

Even when her teeth ran over his cock by accident, the pain only made him shoot prematurely into her throat. She never tasted a drop of it, going into her belly directly. “AAAHH, ssoooo gooood. Swalllow my hoollly coooock, Becky.

“GGLLUKKK, GGLLUKKK, GGLLUKKK!” He acted as though he was insane with only one purpose. He never pulled his prick from her throat or mouth. Spit ran down her chin and tears flooded her eyes as she continually choked and gagged on his prick. Bile threatened to shoot up from her belly, but she feared with his cock blocking her throat she’d choke to death. She couldn’t believe that his prick could get any bigger, but it felt like it. She suddenly got relief, although she didn’t know why. He pulled his prick from her throat, but his prick remained in her mouth. She tasted his vile tasting seed foul her mouth as she struggled to fill her lungs, but his prick was so big that the shaft filled her mouth.

Rev Jones couldn’t hold back any longer. “You’re going to feel me shoot into your mouth all the way back to your throat. Swallow it or you’ll choke on all my cum. I’m going to fill your belly with my holy cum to purge the devil from your being. “AAAGGHHH!” He shot a powerful load of cum and heard Becky gag from it.

“AAAWW!” He shot again and saw her cheeks begin to balloon as she tried to contend with his profuse cum. “Swallow or you’ll choke to death!” He saw her throat move urgently as she tried to contend with his cum. “AAAGGHH!” He shot again.

She gagged and choked as he filled her with his seed. It felt like gallons. She almost wished that he’d kept his cock in her throat. At least she wouldn’t have to taste it. It permeated every inch of her mouth as the thick crème blanketed her gums and teeth. Swallowing proved difficult, the thick crème refused to go down, but she finally was able to get some of it to slowly go down her gullet. She didn’t think he’d ever be finished. Cum managed to drip out of her mouth, although she didn’t know how with her lips stretched so wide. Some of his cum came out her nostrils from choking. She finally got relief when he pulled his prick out of her mouth and got off her belly. She looked at him as he untied her legs. At last she’d be free. She needed to flood her mouth to get rid of the taste of his cum.

He untied her legs, but then he kneeled between them. He grabbed her legs at her knees to bend them back and spread them wide. Her pussy opened up and her legs spread out to the sides.

“We’re not finished, Becky. I still have another hole to fill with my holy cock and give you my donation to purge the devil from your cunt.

“No, you promised if I took your prick in my mouth. Let me go,” she sobbed. She knew he meant to put his prick inside her pussy. He busted her hymen, but she was still technically a virgin. She never had a prick inside her before and she didn’t want his to be the first.

“You’re pussy is pure and innocent. I’m going to taste it until my holy cock gets hard enough to fuck you.” He pulled her legs up higher and then his head ducked between her legs and he began to lick her virgin pussy. “That tastes so good. It’s good enough to make me hard so I can pound your pussy.”

She felt his tongue lick her in a shameful place. He slobbered all over her pussy and his nose even pushed between her pussy lips. She struggled to refuse to accept the way his tongue licked her intimately, but he knew what he was doing. She found her pussy grew wet, especially when his tongue found her secret button. It lashed back and forth across it with pure pleasure. Yet, she refused to acknowledge the feelings to him. “Stop, no, don’t do that.”

Rev Jones felt his cock grow hard quickly as he drank up the nectar of her virgin pussy. He was so close and he could see the dildo sticking out her ass hole, the largest bulge still hadn’t entered her. He finally pulled away as he kneeled between her legs. He rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy lips until they folded over it with such passion.

NO, don’t do that. I don’t want to,” she panicked when she felt the hard prick push between her legs. He spread her legs so wide that she ached.

“Your hot pussy says differently, Becky. It’s crying for my holy cock to take you and make you a woman. I’m going to dump my holy seed into you to purge the devil from your hot cunt.”

“Take your prick out,” she cried. “NNNO, NOOO,” she cried as she shook her head side to side in denial.

“You have a sweet cunt, so hot and tight. I’m going to fuck you and give you such pleasure and then dump my holy seed inside you.” The head of his cock felt as though it was jammed into a vise and all around it was hot molten steel.

“Stop, take it out, stop, stop, Helpppp! It hurtssss!”

He had half of his cock inside her. She was a molten pool of pure ecstasy. Her inner muscles rippled over his cock. He reached up and grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard. It made her pussy grip his cock harder.

“That hurts,” she cried out. He abused her with his hands and prick.

“Give in to my holy rod or suffer God’s wrath,” he warned her.

His prick stretched her once virgin passage. That pain would never go away. “I’ll give in to the lord,” she surrendered. She couldn’t take much more of this.

Rev Jones leaned over her and grabbed her tits. He made the nipples bulge with swollen blood and then he began to lick them. All the while his hips never slowed down as he fucked her tight pussy. “Obey me and I’ll show you the pleasures of men and women. But, first I need to give you a hard fucking.” Rev Jones pushed closer to her until her legs were almost up to her head. He could fuck her with powerful thrust now and he did. He began to hammer her pussy with his cock.

“Oh, God, no, it hurts,” she cried out as tears rolled from her eyes. His prick felt like a spear that continually thrust inside her pussy and breached her womb with painful consequences.

“You can take it. It’s the only way to purge the devil from your cunt. Now grip my holy cock with your tight cunt. Squeeze it until I fill you with my devil killing cum.”

“No, NO, no more. Please stop!” He was relentless and his prick was hard and never ending. It slammed into the darkest depths of her pussy with painful consequences. His sweaty body lay over her for a long time as his hips moved like a machine. He tore up her pussy with his steel prick.

“NNEEGGHHH!” Rev Jones shot to the depths of her pussy and then unleashed a torrent of his holy cum inside her. “Can you feel my hot cum bathe your once virgin pussy?’ He drew his cock out, but before he could thrust back in, he shot a second load of cum inside her. “NNNGGGHHH, take it allll!” By the time he bottomed out in her pussy a third load of cum filled her.

His hot cum filled her pussy to flood it. She smelled the cum that soiled her once virgin body. She was ashamed at what he did to her, but at least she felt his prick begin to soften. She hoped he wouldn’t be able to get it hard once again. He finally pulled out of her and she saw his prick covered in drying cum. It was disgusting.

Rev Jones untied her and then got dressed. I want you at the church at four on Saturday. You’ll take confession and then you’ll meet Bishop Holmes. I want you on your best behavior, Becky. Do you understand me?”

She knew she had no choice unless she could convince Granny. First she had to get him out of here. He finally left. It took fifteen painful minutes to remove the dildo that she pulled from her backside. She put her clothes back on. She wanted to take a bath to cleanse his seed from her, but that would require her to explain to Granny why she needed to do that.

Rev Jones passed Granny in the living room on the way out. “Thank you, Granny Olson for your faith in the Lord.”

“Did everything go as planned, Rev Jones? Was Becky a God-fearing woman for you?”

“Yes, Becky was all that I expected. She’ll be coming to the church on Saturday for confession and to meet the bishop. He’s always interested in my flock.”

“Who’s the bishop?”

“It’s still Bishop Holmes, Granny Olson. Do you know him?”

“Yes, I know Bishop Holmes. Tell him I said hello. I also know what he likes. I hope Becky can accommodate him to his satisfaction.” She had to do that when she was younger and Bishop Holmes was only a priest.

“I’m sure that Becky will give Bishop Holmes all that he desires. She’s an obliging disciple.”

Chapter 3
Holy Rituals

Holy Rituals

Becky grew more nervous as Saturday neared. She didn’t know what to expect and that scared her. Rev Jones had done such things to her that she never expected, but now she had to worry about Bishop Holmes. Rev Jones told her to be on her best behavior. What did that mean?

She went to the church Saturday afternoon to meet Bishop Holmes, but she was surprised that it was empty. Not a single carriage was parked outside. She’d expected that the parishioners would turn out to see the holy bishop. That made it more disturbing. As she entered, the large double doors of the church slammed behind her, startling her as the sound bounced off the empty church. She walked to the front of the church and saw Rev Jones standing there waiting for her. She didn’t see Bishop Holmes. Maybe he had to cancel so she could leave and go to the safety of her home.

“Go into the room and put this on.” He handed her a long flowing white robe. “The Lord wants you like you came into this world, so take off everything,” he instructed her.

She grabbed the robe and hurried into the other room. She stood against the back of the door to make sure no one came in. She hurriedly took off her clothes and slipped on the smooth, silky robe. It felt good next to her naked skin. She took a deep breath and walked out. Rev Jones still waited for her, but he was alone.

“Step into the confessional, Becky. I want you to confess your sins.”

She was worried as she stepped into the confessional. Most of her sins were with Rev Jones. Did he expect me to confess them?

Rev Jones blessed her. “Bless me Father, for I have sinned. My last confession was last Sunday.” She began to confess her sins. She paused after only a minute.

“All of your sins, Becky,” Rev Jones instructed her.

She began to confess the sins she committed with Rev Jones. He made her explain each time she sinned with him in minute detail. He couldn’t see her very well, but she still turned red in shame. She finally said them all. “I’m sorry for these and all of my sins.”

“Step outside the confessional Becky, so I can assign you a penance.” He went outside, his cock hard from when she explained every enjoyable act she performed with him.

This was unusual, but she did as he said. When she went outside she saw another man. It must be Bishop Holmes.

“This is Becky, Bishop Holmes. We’ll be with you in a few moments. Becky is to perform an act of penance.

“Take your time in the Lord’s work, Reverend Jones. You must tend to your flock and they must tend to your needs.” Bishop Holmes always loved the attention to detail that Reverend Jones afforded him on his visits.

“Kneel before me and the Lord, Becky.” He put his hand on her shoulder.

She knelt on the soft carpet before him as Bishop Holmes stood by. Nothing seemed completely out of the ordinary, but she should’ve realized it sooner. Her head was bowed in prayer, but he lifted her chin up so she had to look at him. That’s when she realized how naïve she’d been. He opened up his robe and he was naked beneath it. His prick stood out. She turned to Bishop Holmes, but he had a smile on his face.

“Take his holy cock in your mouth, Becky and earn your forgiveness.” Bishop Holmes cock was hard too.

She couldn’t believe that she’d have to do the same detestable act he made her perform only days ago. She hated having his cock in her mouth and it was degrading for him to shoot his holy seed into her mouth and make her swallow it. Now he wanted her to do it again, but this time in front of Bishop Holmes.

She kept turning toward Bishop Holmes as if he’d come to her rescue, but his hand went to the front of his robe and she could see his fingers outline his rigid prick. He was as excited as Rev Jones was. She felt the hot flesh of Rev Jones prick placed on her lower lip and it shocked her back to the reality of the situation. She could do nothing but open her mouth in surrender. He pushed with his hips and more of his prick filled her mouth. His hands went to her hair and he curled it in his grip. Her hair was yanked hard, but now she couldn’t move away. He pulled her down onto his prick as it slid over her wet tongue.

“Yes, Becky, make me believe that you are truly looking for forgiveness. Please your Master with your mouth. Keep your hands behind you and only use your tight lips and eager tongue.”

She put her hands obediently behind her back and looked at Bishop Holmes once again, more in shame than seeking his intervention. She knew that he wouldn’t be any help as he rubbed his erection. She began to do as Rev Jones had made her do or did to her. Her lips were clenched tightly around the shaft of his prick as it slid back and forth over her lips. She could feel the thick vein slide over her lips. Her tongue began to run over his prick in spite of the fact that each time she did, he leaked out his foul tasting seed into her mouth, but it was only drops, not what she knew would happen when he fully got his pleasure. Her head moved back and forth as she tried to please him.

“She is very good, Bishop Holmes. I taught her myself,” Rev Jones said proudly.

“Do you like sucking his holy cock, Becky?” If Bishop Holmes didn’t have other plans, he’d take her mouth after Rev Jones.

She could only nod her head in acceptance, knowing not to make either of them angry with her. Rev Jones began to pull her onto his prick and she feared how far he would drive his angry prick into her mouth or down her throat. She hated when he shoved it down her throat and she struggled to breathe and not to spit up the bile from her belly.

Rev Jones was overly excited and didn’t last long. It was always that way when he impressed Bishop Holmes with his flock’s skill in pleasing. He’d cum again in her mouth today, but for now he let his pleasure overcome him.

At least he was quick, but the negative side to this was he came in her mouth. Her cheeks ballooned from the thick crème that filled her mouth, but she struggled to try to get some of it to go into her belly as he continued to spew more of his holy seed into her mouth. He held her tightly against him by her hair and she could do nothing but accept his holy seed. He shot four times before he released his tight grip on her hair.

“Swallow his holy seed, Becky. Don’t waste a drop,” Bishop Holmes ordered her.

She did as they asked, even drawing a few drops as she used powerful suction on the head, anything to end this. She finally pulled away from his prick. Nothing could take away the taste in her mouth.

“God, I am heartily sorry for having offended you, and I detest all my sins because I dread the loss of heaven and the pains of hell; but most of all because they offend you, my God, who are all good and deserving of all my love. I firmly resolve with the help of your grace to confess my sins, do penance, and to amend my life. Amen.” Becky gave her act of contrition.

“I hereby absolve you of all your sins, Becky.” Rev Jones forgave her sins. “Kneel in front of the railing, Becky. The three of us will pray for your soul.”

She thought she was finished, but she soon found herself between the two holy men.

“Bend over deeper, Becky.”

She did as he asked and then she felt it. He lifted up the white robe behind her and placed it high up on her back. She was completely naked and Bishop Holmes looked back to see her exposed.

“Get her ready, Rev Jones,” Bishop Holmes urged him. His cock needed to be free of the robe.

“Legs spread farther apart, Becky. Expose your sinful body to the Lord.”

She whimpered when she realized she wasn’t finished. It would be Bishop Holmes that would take me, but take me how?

Chapter 4
Anal Sacrafice

Becky knelt submissively over the prayer rail. Rev Jones held her hands, but it was Bishop Holmes behind her that fondled her. His large hands ran over her young flesh, fondled and massaged her buttocks like he was her lover, not a man of the cloth. He yanked apart her cheeks to expose her to him. She was helpless to stop these men of the cloth from using her as they desired, but she hoped they’d be gentle with her underage body and it wouldn’t be as painful as when she lost her virginity to Rev Jones.

“Relax and allow yourself to be the vessel of his loving affection so the Lord may forgive you and fill you with his goodness and kindness.”

She looked at Rev Jones as he spoke to her, but she shivered in fear when something cool and wet flowed down the crack of her teenage ass.

“OOOHHHHHHH, MYYY GOOODD!” She squealed out. “What’s he going to do to me?”

“Just relax, Becky and submit to Bishop Holmes and the Lord. Bishop Holmes is knowledgeable in what you need to learn, what to surrender and what to yield to the Lord. It’s his job to give you your final penance.”

Suddenly she felt his strong hands spread her tight little ass cheeks. It had to be the tip of Bishop Holmes’ large prick that touched the puckered, little crinkled ring of her anal rosebud. It suddenly dawned on her what he was going to do to her and she remembered how Rev Jones had shoved the dildo with the two balls in her tiny little bottom hole the other day to stretch her. Now she knew why he wanted to stretch her. It was to get her ready to give up her ass to Bishop Holmes’ prick.


Bishop Holmes grabbed her young, athletic hips to rub his cock harder against her anus, as Rev Jones held her bent over the prayer rail, with her tight, little ass offered up to Bishop Holmes in sacrifice.

She felt the pressure increase as Bishop Holmes began to push with his hips. Her anal ring slowly opened up until the tip of his cockhead popped into her tight little ass, but she squealed out in fear and pain. It didn’t hurt, at least not yet, but it was shameful to be penetrated in such a place. His prick was too big for it. The more he pressed, the more it burned as her anal ring stretched wider than it ever had.

Bishop Holmes had to hold the shaft of his cock to keep it from bending as he tried to push his man-sized cock into her teenage, virgin ass hole. He grunted one last time as he pushed and then he sighed out in complete contentment when the head of his cock was suddenly swallowed up into the tightest hole he ever felt. Not even Granny in her younger days was this tight.

Becky felt the pain every young girl feels for the first time when a full-sized male cock is shoved up her backside. “OOOOWWW!” Becky howled in fear and panic as the large prick stretched her insides to new dimensions. “Don’t move, don’t take it out, don’t…!” She panicked. It hurt going in, it hurt pulling out, if only he’d do nothing. Even the prick inside her was better than when it was moving. She felt his prick move inside her as if it had contractions that he couldn’t control.

Bishop Holmes relished the way her tight ass hole clenched on his cock to crush it with her powerful muscles. He waited, letting her grow accustomed to having something that big in her virgin hole. He heard her ragged breathing slow down. This was the part he loved, knowing that she thought she survived his cock inside her, but he was just getting started. She’d be surprised when she felt his large cock slide in smoothly to stretch her in ways she never expected. Her tiny ass hole would be forced to take a man-sized cock and clench onto it. After having forced Becky’s tight, little anal flower open for him, Bishop Holmes had no intention of stopping her anal sacrifice to him, just as he’d done to Granny Olson. There was nothing quite as satisfying to an aroused man as having a young girl’s tight anal ring squeezed tightly around his pulsating, stiff cock and slide up and down the shaft as he sodomized her.

He began to move inside her once again and panic set in as she feared the length and girth of his prick. She’d suffered through the initial penetration and she hoped that he’d be satisfied with having the head of his cock in her ass hole. He moved slowly and deliberately, pulling back just far enough so he could get a harder thrust, then he pushed back in and his prick dug deeper into her bowels. Her insides stretched around his demanding prick, unable to stop him, sobbing as his prick continued to burrow into her bowels like a large animal.

Bishop Holmes moaned in pleasure, Her virgin ass hole was like a tight leather glove around his cock, made of the finest leather, soft and supple that massaged his cock like hundreds of fingers. He drove his cock deeper into her bowels. He heard her labored breathing and her gasps of pain only made him harder and more determined to get his cock fully sheathed in her young ass hole.

Her stomach churned on his cock as it felt as though she just finished a turkey dinner, her intestines filled with his prick. It took a long time for him to fill her completely, but he signaled his victory by making his cock jerk in the darkest depths of her intestines. She could feel his wiry hairs rub up against her ass cheeks. His hands held her ass up high in complete servitude.

Bishop Holmes took her to the next plateau when he began to pull his cock out of her ass hole until her tight anal ring snapped shut around the head of his cock as if she didn’t want him to pull free. He paused to savor her tight clenching sphincter massage him, then he thrust back in. Her cry changed as he took her fully with his cock, one minute she was empty, the next full of his cock. He instantly pulled back and began to rhythmically sodomize her for his ultimate pleasure.

“It’s okay, Becky, you can take it for the Lord.” Rev Jones saw the pained look on her face each time Bishop Holmes shoved his big cock up her teenage ass hole. But, he smiled at the thought of his cock in the same hole with her suffering the stretching pain of taking a long, hard cock into her ass hole. Bishop Holmes continued to drive in and out of her ass hole.

Becky sobbed now as she felt the throb of his big hard cock inside her tight, little ass hole. He moved back and forth to fuck her tight ass, like it was her once virgin pussy sleeve. She prayed the Lord would give her strength to endure this. Each time he fucked inside her deeply, she felt his heavy balls slap against her buttocks shamefully. Her body was battered by his powerful thrusts, but Rev Jones kept her in position for the deepest penetration. It took a while but she began to feel something different. The pain had subsided somewhat and she realized that she survived taking a man sized prick into her tight, little bottom hole without any serious injury. She also felt the friction of his prick against the stretched membrane of her intestines and the thud of his slamming into her buttocks when he buried his prick deep inside her. She got that trembling that started when she grew aroused. How could I grow aroused by this act of sodomy?

Bishop Holmes felt her ass hole open up and accept his cock more readily and Rev Jones saw the stirrings begin in Becky. They’d seen this many times, the young girls finally unable to resist to succumbing to the pleasure that a cock could bring them, even if it was in their ass holes.

“Concentrate on the way his cock rubs your ass hole, Becky. Clench on his cock and give yourself up to Bishop Holmes and the Lord. Make him cum inside your ass hole.”

Becky couldn’t ignore that she was actually humping back to meet his thrusts inside her. She grew excited and her pussy grew wet. Her juices began to leak out and run down her thighs.

Rev Jones released her hands since she wouldn’t fight any longer. He reached under her belly, forcing her to thrust her ass up higher as he sought out the throbbing bud of her clit. It was hard and swollen and was vulnerable to his fingers as he grasped it to pinch it hard.

She gasped out loudly, “AAHHH! LORDDDDD!” Her clit was crushed beneath his fingers and that forced her to push her ass out. Her stomach cramped when his cock moved sideways and stretched her elastic walls in ways that they shouldn’t stretch. The finger continued to rub her clit, softer now, increasing the masturbation of her love bud. Her groans of pain turned to moans of increasing pleasure.

“MMMMMmmmmm, OOOHHHhhhhh. She was suddenly caught up in the humping motion and an incredibly intense orgasm, causing her to almost pass out from the huge adrenaline rush. She came violently as her ass muscles gripped on his cock to milk it.

As young Becky came for him, her tiny anal rose squeezed tightly around his cock to cause his hot cum to shoot up his long cock as he came with her. He continued to send squirt after squirt of his thick hot cum to spray the inner lining of her gut.

Becky felt him release his hot cum into her bowels. Rev Jones’ fingers continued to masturbate her tender, young body to spasm with pleasure as she came with the Bishop.

“That’s a good girl, Becky. Surrender your body to the Lord, and let the Lord cleanse, forgive, and take control of you. It’s good to see that you are so submissive and receptive to the Lord’s will and stimulating power.” Bishop Holmes thanked her for her submission.

Bishop Holmes smiled at Rev Jones. They both appreciated the sensual nature of young Becky, and knew that she would provide them with unlimited devotion and succumb to granting them unlimited orgasms. She was theirs to teach and train from now on, and they all knew this.

Finally, Bishop Holmes pulled out of her, and he used her white robe to wipe the cum and lubricant from his penitence sword. Poor Becky laid there, feeling the warm spunk of Bishop Holmes dribble out of her anus, and down her inner thighs. She knew that they had used her to satisfy their own desires, but her Granny had told her to obey the two men of God, without question.

Rev Jones took her hands and looked into her pretty face. “You’ve done well, Becky, and you are forgiven for your sins. However, these penances are reserved and are only to be used to please the Lord here at church. Your body belongs to the Lord and his servants and therefore you must never do these with anyone else. Do you understand, Becky?”

Becky looked at the two men, as they helped her to rise, and replied, “Yes, Sir!” She had a warm tingling feeling inside her, and she was proud of the fact that she had endured her penance. She’d pleased both of them, and they’d pleasured her in return. Her anus still tingled and she felt weak from her ordeal, but purified and forgiven.

“You may go remove your penance robe now, Becky, and get dressed. I’ll be sure to tell Granny that you’ve been a good girl and that she has nothing to worry about with you. The Devil is always after the Lord’s sheep, but you certainly won’t be ensnared by him. After you’ve changed, I have one last thing to tell you, so I’ll wait for you out here.

Becky walked to the dressing room to change her clothes. A few minutes later, she emerged, with her head hung low, and walked to Rev Jones.

“I know it has been a trying day for you, Becky, but at your young age, you are constantly in danger of being ensnared by evil ways. You’ll need to come back to see me every Saturday, so that you may be absolved of your transgressions. Have a nice day, and we’ll see you tomorrow at mass, my dear Becky. Blessings on you!”

The End

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