All Women Enslaved in America

By Powerone

Copyright 2014

Chapter 1

The Last Woman President

American history turned a dark corner late in the year 2030. In the 2016 presidential election, the country elected the first woman president. It was a glorious time for the country. She was re-elected for a second term, but it wasn’t until 2028 that a second woman was named president. True to American politics that have a tendency to have their presidents become a dynasty, she was the daughter of the first woman president. Charlotte A. McClintock became the 47th President of the United States. She was an attractive woman; married, her husband, Bill, stayed home to take care of the kids, two girls that were seventeen. In 2030, at the ripe age of eighteen, they would go off to college. Charlotte was much more aggressive as president than her mother was. The country had changed and women were more empowered, some say too empowered.

At forty, Charlotte was a striking woman, and many men looked at her in lust, but they backed away, Charlotte was too powerful and strong for any of them. That bred jealousy in the men; many of them were powerful in their own rights, from generals in the armed forces, to senators, congressmen and powerful political appointees. Charlotte moved many women into the upper echelons of government, filling all the major appointments in her cabinet with women. The only part of the government that she had no control over was the justice department; she had to wait for a judge to die before she could nominate anyone; and the military. The military opened up its ranks begrudgingly to women, but it took many years for them to rise up in the ranks.

* * * *

In 2030, the world was on the brink of war. China had lost its competitive edge in the world and its economy was on the brink of destruction. Their people would revolt against the leaders if something weren’t done to right the situation, so they became desperate and began to use their military might against all that got in their way. They aligned themselves with other rogue countries North Korea, Iran, Syria, Venezuela and Cuba. Mexico joined them a little later. The impenetrable border fence that separated Mexico and the United States had been built five years ago. Since that time, few managed to get across and that included the drug and human trafficking. It inspired resentment in the Mexican people and the powerful drug cartels.

With the belligerent countries lining our borders in the south and within easy reach with missiles to our country, the United States desperate. Kennedy had fought back Russia when it tried to put missiles in Cuba in 1962, but now, Mexico threatened us also.

It was hard to pinpoint what set if off in 2030, but it was probably a mistake by one of the countries, and then, it was too late to turn back. It was later determined that the United States was the first to fire its missiles. The Joint Chiefs were split on the president’s decision, General Michael Walker the most negative, but he was outnumbered and the ultimate decision went to the president. She gathered her cabinet, all women and decided the fate of the world. President McClintock gave the go ahead on September 14th at 8 A.M. The first salvo of thirty missiles targeted Mexico, including Mexico City. Havana, Cuba got two of the five missiles targeting the country. Mexico got off two Chinese missiles that targeted our NORAD command centers in the western United States and they were deadly accurate. Cuba got one missile off, but it missed its target and hit the center of Miami with its nuclear payload. That was a fatal mistake for Cuba; the winds sent the radioactive waste back directly at them. Just as we made the same mistake with Mexico, the radioactive waste devastated the southwest United States.

North Korea, which always had their fingers on the triggers, sent a salvo to Hawaii and the California coast with far more devastating force than we expected. But it was China that unleashed their missiles on the east coast that did the most damage. President McClintock responded in kind and the skies were filled with missiles.

It took less than one hour to devastate twenty-five percent of the world population. Europe took hits from missiles that malfunctioned, setting off their own response, which was met by more missiles from Iraq and Syria. The world lay in waste in such a short time. The hostilities ceased as fast as they started. All sides were mutually wounded and went back to lick their wounds and rebuild their countries. Nothing was gained except for the devastation.

Washington D.C. was no longer the capital, it had been decimated, but most of the politicians had been sent to the far-flung corners of the United States where they were saved. The center of the United States, from Chicago to New Orleans and everything in between was spared most of the carnage. St. Louis became the new capital for the country. It was here that General Walker began to build his coalition. With the populace of the east coast and the west coast with their liberal bias devastated by the missles, General Walker found allies in the conservative bible belt of the United States for his plan of the future of the United States.

He had to work fast; it only took two days for him to put his bold plan into action. The country was shocked by the devastation caused by the current administration. He had to take advantage of that to get them to follow his plan. His stranglehold on the military was assured when President McClintock did the opposite of his recommendations. He had to work harder on the senators and congressman, but it was made easier because he only had to convince the male members. The female members would never go along with his proposal; that would be plainly obvious as soon as he announced it. It didn’t take much convincing, all they had to do was look around the country and see what remained after the destruction. The final group was the money and that proved easier than the politicians. The upper echelon of the largest corporations in the United States was still mainly male dominated. There would be large sums of money spent to rebuild the United States and all wanted to be part of it. This gave them a say in who got what.

It was Tuesday, September 17, when his plan was put into action. It was fairly easy. General Walker declared martial law that morning on all the network stations that were still operating. It was more of a formality; the military had taken over most of the functions of security due to the devastation and lack of local and state government. It had already taken over the security for the national government leaders and the new capital in St. Louis.

General Walker marched defiantly into the new oval office in St. Louis, a squad of armed soldiers behind him, but they weren’t needed. No one would dare stop him.

President McClintock looked up from her desk when the door was suddenly thrown open, and she saw General Walker burst his way into her office. “How dare you come in here like this?” She shouted it out defiantly, her face turned red in anger.

“President McClintock, you are under arrest and relieved of your duties as the President of the United States under the authority given me under martial law.” He didn’t wait for a response from her, none needed. “Take her into custody.”

“You can’t do this; we’re a democracy. What are the charges?” She couldn’t say another thing as they yanked her out of the chair and pushed her face down onto the desk. She felt her arms pulled behind her with such force and felt the cold steel of handcuffs put on her wrists. When she was pulled up from the desk to face General Walker, she shouted out her indignation. “You’ll pay for this.”

“No, but you will. Take her away.” They shoved her out of the room, but she cried out until she was out of hearing.

“Call a meeting of my cabinet in one hour and another of the senators and congressman in two hours.”

* * * *

In four hours, General Walker was on the television, preempting all the channels. He wore his uniform proudly and in the room were all the prominent politicians and corporation leaders that he had assembled. There was no doubt when you looked at the group that women weren’t included.

General Walker explained to the public the reason for martial law was to restore order and help in the rescue efforts throughout the troubled land. He then laid out the arrest of President McClintock and her cabinet, the main culprits behind the launching of missiles that devastated the world in less than an hour.

“We must prevent this from happening again. In over 200 years of our democracy, it never happened, but there is only one reason that it did. It showed the incompetence and lack of knowledge in women. Our first mistake was giving women the right to vote. The newly formed congress will meet and the 19th Amendment will be repealed under the authority of the military until it can be ratified by the States. But this will not be enough. It is time for the clocks to be turned back on women and their rights.

“Effective immediately, all women of any age should stay in their house, no work, no errands, it is a one hundred percent curfew that will be enforced with lethal force. In the following days, the military will round up all the females over the age of eighteen in the United States. They will be taken to facilities for evaluation. They are to become chattel under federal law, to be owned as property by any male over the age of eighteen. The government will begin to auction the females within a week. Half of the proceeds will go to the government; the other half will be given to the most responsible male member of the family. Each male member of the population will be allowed to own as many females as he can afford or desire. He will own them; nothing in the laws will preclude him from doing whatever he wants to do with his female slaves. They will have no rights under law.”

He waited for a second, knowing that the audience was startled by his comments, but mainly, it would be the female audience that took offense. He suspected that the male audience would be one hundred percent in agreement. “From now on, at the age of eighteen, all females will turn themselves into the authorities for auction. As I mentioned, the male family head will receive fifty percent of the proceeds and the government fifty percent. I suspect that the younger women will receive a higher price in an auction because of their feminine attributes for pleasure to the men.”

“The government will have the right of entry into any home to check to make sure there is one hundred percent compliance with these provisions. Any male person that interferes or tries to shelter a female slave will be dealt with harshly. And I do mean harshly. Females that try to escape will suffer equal harshness. The power of the government is absolute.”

General Walker was ready to end the speech. “Now, I will be able to talk to our adversaries and make peace with them, knowing that we have solved this problem from happening once again. Once again, our country will be secure and at peace. Only with these changes I have made will they agree to end their belligerent behavior. I want to thank the male citizens of our new country for making this a success that we can all be proud of. Thank you and good night.”

He talked to all the men that attended and he was glad there was no dissention. It’s not as if they had much choice in the matter since the military was in charge and he was in charge of the military. The next week would have many ambitious goals to meet, but he suspected that the men would find great enthusiasm in doing what was required. The women had no rights any longer so he suspected the men would find pleasure in reminding them of their submission.

Chapter 2

The First lady’s Daughter’s

General Michael Walker wouldn’t wait as long as his soldiers to find their pleasure with the new female slaves. He had his prey in mind already. He left for the Gasman Prison outside of town. It used to be a maximum-security prison, but under his orders, all prisons were cleared of the prisoner population so that they may be used to house the women brought in. It was a relatively easy task, but Michael didn’t want convicted felons running around the country, so all of them were killed, male and female alike. No exceptions. Gasman Prison was the first, but all around the country, his soldiers did his bidding. The country was ridden of its criminal element and the exaggerated cost of keeping them penned up like animals.

His convoy pulled into the yard of Gasman Prison. In it housed the former president as well as her cabinet. Other women that would pose a problem to his ideas were brought here; wanting no opposition formed that could derail his plans. He went to the special cellblock that held the former president, but he passed her cell without a glance, he was interested in one of the other two that were further down the hallway, both of them in separate cells, special cells that they were soundproof and also fitted with the necessary equipment that he would need for his enjoyment. He had already decided on Justine, the older of the two daughters of the former president. Her sister Jackie, younger by less than a year was more outspoken, he would let another man tame her. He expected Justine to be more subservient when faced with the threat of pain.

Justine heard the noise at the door and it made her jump in fear. She didn’t know why she was here, only that her mother was arrested. She sat at the table for the last hour, told not to move and the soldiers scared her. If they arrested her mother and she was the President of the United States, she feared for her own safety. The door opened and an officer walked in. She thought she recognized him from the newspapers. He was a general, a powerful general.

Michael looked at her sitting at the table. Her blonde hair hung down to almost her breasts. She wore a yellow pullover and jean shorts that clung to her young figure. She had turned eighteen last month and from what Michael would suspect about her mother, she was a virgin and one with little experience with boys. With her mother being president, Justine would be in the limelight and she didn’t dare do anything that would shine a harsh light on her mother.

Her skin was smooth, a pert nose, blue eyes and the loveliest set of lips he had seen in years. “I am General Walker. I am in charge of the country now that your mother has been arrested for her crimes against humanity. I have declared martial law. In addition, women have been disenfranchised and are now considered property to be owned by only men, to use and abuse as they see fit. All women over the age of eighteen will be sold at auction. You no longer have any rights.”

“You can’t do that,” but Justine said it softly as to not offend him.

“I can and I have. Your mother is in serious trouble and so are you. You can avoid serious consequences if you cooperate.”

“What do you want?” Her voice began to break up in nervousness. She was alone, her mother and sister jailed just like her, but in different cells. The general looked dangerous. He was so much older than she was; he had to be at least fifty. How could my life have been turned upside down so quickly?

“You. You’ve turned into a beautiful woman and have an appetizing body that I want to explore.”

She was shocked that he admitted it so easily as if he had the right to her. “Noo, NOOOO! Never!”

“I don’t need your consent, Justine. You’re locked in a cell with no means to escape. I don’t think I’ll have much trouble subduing you and taking my pleasure from your body. It all depends on you whether it’ll be painful or not to you.”

She cringed when he got up and walked over to her side of the table. Her hands clenched into fists as he leaned over and she felt his hands on both her shoulders, Justine afraid he would kiss her. Her hands reached out to push him away, but he was stronger and he slapped them away with ease. He hugged her closer and she cringed from his touch, shaking violently until he pulled away. Had I won?

She was more aggressive than he expected, but he loved a challenge. “How would you like to be bound to that pole?” He pointed to the large beam that rose up from the floor. Around it was leather straps and the beam had rings bolted tightly to it to secure anything from escaping its clutches.

She had seen it when she came in, but she tried to ignore it, but he brought it to reality. He moved in close, her body trembled when he touched her shoulders once again, but she didn’t push him off, fearing him more. “Please, no, don’t do that. I don’t want to do this, please,” she tried to beg. She tried to push his hands away, but did it gently as if not to offend him.

“Obey, Justine, you have no choice.” His hands couldn’t wait any longer, eager to feel her firm, young breasts that were only inches away from his hands.

He brushed her hands aside and she panicked when his hands came around and cupped her breasts as if he were her lover. No man had ever touched her that way before. His hands were eager and rough, squeezing her breasts. Then she felt him press up against her back and there was no doubt that his hard erection was pushed into her back. She could feel it jerk as his hands squeezed and fondled her breasts with impunity. Without thinking, she pulled his hands off her breasts. “NO!” Her loud cry surprised her.

Michael stood over her. “If that’s the way you want it. Get up.”

She sat there, afraid of being bound, but she never saw it coming. Stars exploded in her head as her head was rocked to one side and her cheek stung. No one had ever hit her face like that before, stunned from the blow and the violent act.

“I hate to mark up that beautiful face, but you’ll obey or suffer the consequences. Now get up or you’ll get more of the same.” His cock got so hard when he struck her. He hoped she would defy him again so he could do it again.

Justine had no choice; her face still ached from the powerful blow. She stood up and he moved behind her. Her body shuddered in fear when she felt him press up against her, his erection firmly pressed into her buttocks. His hand came around in front of her, one just below her waist and the other beneath her breasts. She felt his hands tighten on her body as he pulled her against him. His lower hand guided her hips from side to side, feeling the shameful way he made her rub her buttocks against his erection as though she wanted this. His other hand slid up and cupped one of her breasts in his large, powerful hand. His fingers pinched and searched out her nipples. Justine cried out when he pinched too hard, the tip crushed beneath his fingers and the blood pushed from it. She flung out with her arms, pushing him away, but he was on her before she knew it.

Her ass felt good on his cock, but it was better when he backhanded her across the face and rocked her head until she almost fell over. He saw a drop of blood come from her luscious lips; her eyes welled up with tears that slowly ran down the smooth skin of her cheeks. She was breathing hard as she tried to cope with the pain.

Her legs felt like jelly, barely able to hold her up. Her head was spinning, her cheek felt bruised, her mouth bloodied. She still saw stars before her eyes as the pain wracked her head from the blow. Justine knew she couldn’t take much more of this; the general was hitting her harder each time. She didn’t fight him as he pushed her against the hard, wooden beam that was bolted to the floor. He pushed up against her front, his erection harder and more active, jerking from the slightest touch of her body against it. She felt it throb against her virgin pussy, so hard and big, fearing that he would take her innocence from her. She never expected to give up her innocence to a man that was thirty years her senior. It would be a shameful and humiliating act.

Her body was pliant, stretching her arms up high in the air until he could put the handcuffs on each of her slim wrists. He began to pull the chain that connected to the handcuffs through the highest ring until her arms rose up higher. He didn’t stop until he had her on her toes, her lithe, young firm body drawn taut for his pleasure. He stepped back to admire his handiwork.

She had to balance precariously on her toes otherwise her shoulder blades felt like they were being pulled from the sockets. She was defenseless now and she feared the way he looked at her breasts, pushed out prominently from the obscene pose he made her perform. She was ashamed when her eyes gazed down to the front of his pants and she saw the large bulge, taking her eyes away as she turned red in shame.

“Such lovely tits, Justine, but I like them better when they stick out farther.” He moved behind her and pushed a block of wood into the small of her back, attaching it to the beam. Her back arched unnaturally, but when he saw her from the front, he was proud of his work. Her breasts looked twice the size, as they stood up proud as if pointing to the ceiling. He couldn’t wait to bare them to his hands and eyes.

“No, don’t touch me,” she pleaded when his hands reached out to her breasts. She couldn’t do anything when his two large hands encircled her breasts and squeezed them tight. She felt his fingernails dig into her soft flesh, clenching and unclenching on her soft flesh. She had a hard time staying on her toes while he fondled her harshly, but each time she failed, her arms felt like they would pull out of the sockets as they took her full weight on the joints. His hands became more aggressive and moved down to her waist and then she felt the touch of his cold, clammy hands on the bare skin of her belly as they crept under her top. “NNNOOO, pleeasee nooooo!’ His hands slowly pulled up her top, shamefully exposing her bra. He tucked it in beneath her neck and his hands returned to her breasts, but now all she had was a frilly bra between his hands and her bare breasts and she feared the bra wouldn’t last long.

“I see you wore a sexy bra for me. It can barely contain your firm, full breasts, Justine.” His finger traced along the deep cleavage, seeing goose bumps appear on her soft supple skin from his touch. He thought he could make out the growing hardness of her nipples. He would soon have them in the grip of his fingers and would grow harder under his touch in spite of her defiance. He saw the way her upper chest turned flush in shame.

She hated the way he made her push her breasts out obscenely to him as if she wanted to expose them for his pleasure. His fingers ran over her cleavage and as much as she tried to suppress them, her nipples began to tingle and harden, humiliating herself with her body’s betrayal. His hands reached out to her bra and his fingers dug into her soft flesh once again, squeezing them and crushing them harshly, shamed as her nipples pushed out the thin material and revealed her humiliating arousal. He didn’t fail to notice, his fingers soon sought them out, squeezing and twisting them, the thin material of the bra did little to stop him.

“I can’t wait to see your nipples, Justine. They grow big from my touch. Are your areolas big and brown?” Michael couldn’t wait. His hand slid behind her back and it took only a second to find the clasp of her bra and unsnap it.

She felt the tension go out of her bra and fall away. His hands returned to the front and then she felt the bra slide over her hardening nipples as he yanked it up to her chin and tucked it in with her pullover, exposing her breast to his eyes and hands. His hands found them instantly, her nipple subjected to his touch, pinching the tips as she struggled not to let her nipples respond to the touch. He stared into her eyes as his fingers pinched and twisted her nipples as she bit her lip to stop from crying out.

“How come your nipples are so hard, Justine? Do you like me touching them?” He gave her nipples an extra hard twist, her lips curled in pain, but her cry was not in pain.

His fingers continued to fondle her nipples, as they grew harder and tender. Then it got worse. She couldn’t stop him as his head leaned over and then she felt his hot, wet mouth engulf one of her nipples. His lips encased it and she suffered as he sucked her nipple deep into his mouth, stretching it until his tongue began to work over the tip. She felt it to the deepest depths of her breast as he sucked and licked her nipples. He moved to the other one, doing the same to it, as his hand continued to pinch the wet nipple his mouth had deserted. She cried out loudly when he bit her nipple with his sharp teeth, feeling him grind them back and forth over the soft, sensitive flesh. The pain shot to the depth of her breast, but the more he bit, the less it hurt. Even her nipple swelled as if she wanted to give him a bigger target to bite.

He explored her firm, young breasts with his mouth, biting and sucking her swollen nipples; the pose he had her in exposed them so lewdly to his touch. She might cry out, but her aroused nipples gave her away.

Justine looked down to see her breasts when he finally pulled away. They were slick with his spit, but her nipples were so huge, the wetness cooled from the air. She saw tiny bites around her nipple and they still tingled from his teeth that sliced across them.

“Now I’m going to see that virgin pussy, Justine.” His hands went to her jeans and it didn’t take long to open the snap. He ran the zipper slowly down, teasing her as he slowly revealed her pale blue panties that clung to her mound.

“No, don’t take them off, please,” afraid of being naked in front of him, afraid of losing her virginity. It did little to stop him as the soft sound of her zipper sliding down filled the room. He grabbed the top of her jeans and slowly peeled them down over her hips and down her legs. He yanked them off her feet until she was almost naked, only her panties covered her sex. His hands touched her panties, not to pull them down, but up, sliding them up to her belly until her panties were molded over her pussy.

The full lips of her pussy were clearly visible on the form fitting panties. He grabbed one of her legs, pulled it off the floor and spread it wide until her thighs parted and her pussy was lewdly opened up. He put his thumb on her slit and began to rub it gently up and down. He felt her lips part and he could feel her wetness on her panties.

“Don’t touch me there, I don’t like it,” she cried out. No one had ever touched her there, only her finger had done it for her pleasure. She had a hard time balancing on the tips of her toes with only one foot, her other leg forced her crotch wide open until it ached. But it was the discerning finger that rubbed her slit that bothered her the most. She could handle it if he was harsh, but his finger rubbed her gently, just as she would do herself. She felt his finger rub up and down her slit with more pressure until her pussy lips surrendered as his finger moved between them.

“I think you lie, Justine. My finger grows damp with your arousal.” His finger rode up and down her slit, from her pussy all the way to the top. He knew he found her clit when her body shuddered and she cried softly. He continued to rub her until her panties grew wet.

Justine didn’t know how much longer she could take it, his finger felt too good for her to ignore. She felt the wetness grow, but it was when his finger ran over her pleasure button that made her body shudder with excitement. She was afraid he would shame her and make her cum for him like a trained animal. Then he did the unthinkable, his head pushed between her thighs and his mouth touched her sex, only her panties in the way. He moved his head from side to side, feeling his tongue wag on her slit as if he was touching her so intimately. She tried to put it out of her head what he was doing, but his mouth and tongue distracted her as they touched her. He finally stopped.

“Let me see your pussy, Justine. Show me everything.” Michael’s hands slid into the top of her panties and slowly drew them down. He released her leg so he could slide them down and off her legs. Then he drew her leg back off the ground once again, spreading her legs, but his eyes were glued to her pussy as she was rudely opened up for his inspection.

No man had ever seen her pussy before and now she was spread obscenely for him to view her intimately as though he was her doctor or lover. “No, don’t touch me, don’t look at me there,” she cried out as tears fell from her eyes at the humiliating position he posed her in.

His fingers peeled apart her pussy lips until he could see the damp pink flesh of her inner lips. The light glistened off her arousal. It had been a long time since he had seen such a young cunt, but he would soon have the opportunity much more now that women were slaves for men’s pleasure. He couldn’t wait to taste her, licking up her silky thighs as he inhaled the sweet scent of her arousal. He planted a big kiss on the wet inner lips of her pussy and was rewarded with a startled gasp from her mouth. His tongue moved urgently to explore her inner lips, from the top of her slit all the way down to the bottom, moving from one side to the other as her body shuddered beneath him.

“No, no,” but her heart wasn’t in her protest as he licked her down there. It was more humiliating then it was distasteful. In fact, it felt too good, afraid to admit it to herself. His tongue was everywhere. It explored her inner lips, sure that he could taste her juices as they flowed freely. His tongue felt so hard when it pushed against the opening of her pussy. She was a technical virgin, having lost her hymen when she was younger, but it was not by a cock. She never had a boy inside her before. The tongue sought entrance, pushing against her muscles as though it was his erection forcing its way inside. She was grateful when he pulled his tongue out, but it swished up her slit and then she cried out loudly when it found her pleasure button. She never felt anything like it before. He kissed it, but then his lips wrapped around the growing bud and sucked it into his mouth with powerful suction. It was like when he sucked her nipples, but her pleasure button was more sensitive and her juices flowed so freely that it felt like she wet herself. “NNNNOOO!” It felt too good!

Her juices tasted so sweet and her clit swelled beneath his mouth and tongue. She might cry out, but her pussy loved his tongue exploring her so intimately. He licked her body for long minutes while she tried to squirm away, but he had bound her sufficiently so there was no escape. He knew that if he kept it up much longer she would cum in spite of her denial. He pulled away from her pussy and stared at her.

She turned red in shame when she saw his face. All around his mouth and on his lips, she could see her juices glisten in the light. He aroused her in spite of herself. She hoped he was finished with her, but he pulled her around until her breasts were pushed into the hard wooden beam. He lowered her just a bit until her legs were flat on the ground, but his strong hands pushed on her thighs until she was forced to spread her legs for him. She could feel his shameful hot breath blow on her buttocks as he kneeled behind her, but she wasn’t prepared for what happened next.

His hands clenched on both of her firm, full buttocks, squeezing them as he felt her muscles try to resist. Then he dug his fingers into each cheek and peeled her buttocks apart like a ripe fruit. She fought his fingers with her powerful muscles, but he won out, slowly revealing her from her pussy all the way up to the wrinkled, brown hole of her ass hole. The more he pulled them apart, the more the muscles of her anus began to spasm and open up under the onslaught.

How could he stare at me in such a place? She tried to clench her cheeks, but he was too strong and she felt the pull on her anus as her cheeks were parted forcefully. He didn’t stop until she felt the way her anus began to open and her muscles went into uncontrollable spasms. She was afraid he would touch her back there, but it was something different she felt. It was hot and wet and when it moved she knew it was his tongue. How could a man lick such a place? He had his face between her cheeks as he slobbered all over her butt. Then he stopped shaming her with his tongue.

Michael turned her around once again and pushed her back against the wooden beam. His finger traced around her mouth, touching her silky lips. She tried to clench them tight. “”Don’t close your mouth!” He slapped her again, not as hard as before, but he got the desired affect from her. Her lips parted and his fingers slid on the soft wet flesh as he ran it around her lips until they opened wider.

He slapped her again and she knew that she had no choice. His fingers were foul in her mouth, but she couldn’t resist him without painful consequences. His fingers pushed deeper into her mouth, running over her tongue.

“Suck on my fingers,” he ordered her. He wasn’t surprised that she obeyed instantly, the slap on her cheek still fresh in her mind.

She sucked on two fingers and it took her a minute before she figured out why he did that. It shocked her when the realization came over her. There was only one reason.

“You’re going to suck my cock, Justine. You better do a good job or else it will be much more painful for you!”

The words hit her like a brick wall as she saw him pull his hand from her mouth and they went down to his pants. She couldn’t take her eyes away as he unzipped his pants and began to open them.

Chapter 3

Justine Learns Oral Skills from a Masters