All Women Enslaved in America

By Powerone

Copyright 2014

Chapter 3

Justine Learns Oral Skills from a Master

“No, never,” disgusted when he took off his pants and then pulled down his shorts to expose his cock. She turned away from it, refusing to look at it.


Her head was rocked to one side as he slapped her with the palm of his large hand. Her head spun and she could barely see through the tears that fell from her eyes. Her cheek hurt, Justine not sure how much more abuse like this she could take. She had to open her eyes, confronted by his naked cock, but now, it bounced up and down without him touching it, fearing that he grew excited from hitting her. He was bigger and his hand reached down to stroke it. She saw the shameful wetness glisten on the tip as he rubbed his cock and drops of his cum began to leak from it. She couldn’t take it in her mouth, yet she didn’t know how she could avoid the humiliating act he required of her. If I suck him, will he leave me alone and preserve my virginity? She was thankful when he took off the handcuffs that bound her arms up high. Naked, he forced her to her knees with his powerful hands on her shoulders. She had no choice, kneeling naked and subservient to him, his cock only inches from her face. She fought the urge to push him away with her hands.

Michael tied her wrists behind her back, not wanting her to push him away while he had his way with her mouth. She didn’t struggle as he tied them tight. Michael put his hand under her chin as he moved closer, his other hand held his cock out in front of him, eager to feel her soft, sensuous lips around his cock. “Suck my cock!” He pushed the head of his cock to her lips, and it flew up in pleasure from her wet lips and hot breath.

She instantly snapped her lips closed so tight that she bit her lip, but she refused to take his cock in her mouth. He tried to push it against her lips once again, but she refused to open her mouth. She should have expected it, but it shocked her senseless once again when he slapped her face. Her mouth opened as she cried out in pain, and then, she felt her mouth speared by the head of his cock. It was humiliating to kneel naked before him with his cock in her mouth. She felt his hand on the back of her head, and then, he pulled her face forward, and she couldn’t do anything to stop him as his cock slowly slid through her lips. The head of his cock slid over her tongue as she struggled to push it out of the way, but his cock continued all the way to the back of her mouth. Her lips stretched tightly around it, but she feared the length more than the girth. She tried to back away, but his hand was too strong as he pulled his cock back the slightest bit but then was back, thrusting it harder into her mouth until it slammed against the tiny opening of her throat. He was big, the head of his cock slammed into the tight opening and she gagged. He back his cock off but then plunged back in, harder this time, the head of his cock hit the opening of her throat with such power. “GGGLUGGH!” Her stomach turned as she gagged on his cock.

Michael took his time with her, enjoying the pleasure of her tight lips around the shaft of his cock while the head of his cock pushed in hard and made her gag. He pulled out slowly then pushed back in hard, each time holding his cock against her throat as she gagged and choked, enjoying the way she tried to back her head off, but his hands on her head was too strong. “How do you like sucking my cock, Justine?”

It was horrendous what he did to her. He pushed his cock in and out, choking and gagging her, refusing to let her spit his cock out. She began to taste his leaking fluids, so thick and salty, choking her more from the foul taste. How could he do such a thing to me? Finally, his cock slipped out of her mouth, Justine not sure if it was because he let her or it was by accident. She struggled to fill her lungs with air and spit out the foul-tasting juices, but it did little good, the juices so thick that it permeated every bit of her mouth.

“Back in, open your mouth.” He gripped the shaft of his cock and bent it down until the head slid over her lower lip. She obeyed without question this time, her mouth opened, though not wide enough, but the sheer girth of his cock split her lips until they curled around his cock. He slowly pushed in, all the way to the back of her mouth, looking down to see her eyes opened wide and pleading, but his attention was drawn to her lovely mouth that took his cock. He pushed until she gagged and choked, holding her head still while he enjoyed the way her throat was forced to open up and accept the head of his cock. He pulled out, but too far, shoving his cock back into her open mouth before she could close it. He began to fuck her mouth slowly but deeply, using his hands to guide her head, making her swallow the head of his cock with each thrust.

Her throat burned as he shoved the too-big head into the tiny opening of her throat. Her stomach turned as she gagged on it, retching from deep in her belly. Justine didn’t know how long she could withstand this brutal mouth fuck. He began to push his cock in faster, more of his juices leaked out to foul her mouth with the salty, thick paste of his juices. She feared that when he came, it would be in her mouth, fearing she would have to swallow it. He tilted her head up, making a straight line with her throat so he could press the head of his cock deeper into her gullet. Spit ran down her chin, forced to swallow some of it or choke to death, knowing it was mixed with his foul-tasting cum.

He took his cock out of her mouth, but only for seconds before he was back, shoving in deep, and then, he used short, powerful lunges to breach her throat with each thrust. It felt like his cock was in a hot vise; her throat muscles gripped the head of his cock so possessively, rippling up and down his cock as though she enjoyed being throat fucked. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it on her face, leaving it stained with a shiny slick of his leaking cum. He painted her lips with cum as though it was lipstick then beat her with his rock-hard cock as though it was a club to abuse her with. He shoved two fingers into the corner of her mouth to open it wide, and then, he fed inch after inch of cock through her tight lips until he breached her throat again. He pulled her against him and held her as his cock jerked excitedly in her mouth and throat.

He shamed her when he rubbed his cock on her face, beating her with it. It was terrible what he did to her, but then, he shoved his cock back into her mouth and took her once again. He pushed in deep, all the way to the back of her mouth and then plunged it down her throat as she choked and gagged once again on his cock. He refused to pull back until her lips were pressed up against his pubic hairs, tickling her nose and scratching her face with the wiry hairs. She could do nothing as his cock twitched in her mouth and her stomach turned from having a cock trying to enter her gullet.

He began to fuck her mouth, speeding up his thrusts, back and forth, each time a bit deeper, but as he grew more excited, he pulled her down onto his cock and fed her every inch he had until he was rewarded with the wonderful sound of her choking on his big cock.

He would fuck her mouth but that wasn’t the worst part of it. He would suddenly push in deep, choking her as he forced her to swallow the head of his cock into her throat. Then, he would move back and forth without releasing the head from her throat as her stomach turned and his cock rasped dryly in her throat. She didn’t know how much longer she could take this, her mouth battered by his cock. She struggled for air to fill her lungs when he finally relented and his cock pulled out of her mouth. His cock was so big that she couldn’t breathe through her mouth, forcing her to get as much air through her nostrils as they flared to fill her starved lungs. She struggled to fill her lungs before his cock was back, and if she wasn’t quick, a slap to her face and her mouth opened up without question to take him back in.

He loved to fuck her mouth, and when his cock slipped out, he rubbed the head of his cock on her face to leave a shiny trail of cum on her soft skin. She tried to move away, but with his hand on her head and the other hand holding his cock, he rubbed his cum on her face and lips as she struggled. Then, he was back in; her hot mouth and tight lips gave him so much pleasure. The thought that he mouth fucked the president’s young daughter made it so much better, knowing she had many more holes for him to penetrate for the first time. Her mouth would be used often to bring his hardness back so he could fuck her in another hole.

Justine struggled, her hands clenched tightly behind her, but she couldn’t do anything but take him and hoped that it would soon be over. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, but as she took in air, she heard his humiliating demand.

Michael held his cock up as it pulled from her mouth, slick with her spit and his cum. “Lick my balls or else!” He held his other hand out, opened and ready to slap her if she didn’t comply with his request. He her wet lips touch his hairy, wrinkled ball sack as she surrendered. He felt her kiss them, but that isn’t what he wanted. “I said lick them. I want to feel your tongue run up and down them.”

As soon as she obeyed the degrading request, her mouth began to fill with hairs that ripped from his balls, and they made her gag, but she could do nothing but obey and lick his balls. She had never even touched a pair of balls, but now, she was doing it with her tongue. She could feel the wrinkled skin beneath her tongue and as she licked, she could feel the balls inside moving. He made it more humiliating, pushing up with his balls as they rubbed their hairs on her lips and tongue.

“Open your mouth and take one of my balls inside. I want to feel your tongue wash it down.” He stood on his toes as he pushed his hips forward. He watched her mouth open wide; one of his balls slipped into the oval hole, and a tongue that licked it with such enthusiasm rewarded him. He loved when she choked on his errant pubic hairs knowing she would be forced to swallow them. “Good girl, Justine. Open your mouth and suck my cock again. Now that you know how to use your tongue, I want to feel it running over my cock as I fuck your mouth.” He’d have her trained soon enough for his pleasure and any other man he demanded that she give pleasure to.

He pulled her forward, Justine forced to bend over as his cock pushed into her mouth. He put both hands on her head, holding her tightly as he rocked her head back and forth, as his cock speared her mouth and throat. She remembered what he told her, and her tongue began to run over his cock. The worst part was when it ran over the head and she had to lick up more of his leaking juices. He fucked her mouth with fast thrusts of his hips, then he would pull her mouth onto his cock as if it were a blanket. It didn’t take long before his cock hit the opening of her throat, forced open by the sheer power of his thrusts as he impaled her with his cock. It felt like an animal was burrowing into her throat, always trying to go deeper, sending her throat muscles in spasms that made her choke but gave him such pleasure.

Michael knew he wouldn’t last much longer, but he struggled to hold off until the last moment. He pulled his cock out and beat her face with it, but then, he had to be back inside to feel the pleasure of her tongue work it magic on his cock. “You’ve become such a wonderful cock sucker, Justine. I’ll give you so much more practice until you are perfect,” he teased her.

Justine didn’t have to be experienced to know that he wouldn’t last much longer. His breathing was ragged as he spoke, his hands more urgent on her head, and she felt his muscles begin to tighten. She feared what would happen now, unsure, but she knew it would be degrading. Then, he suddenly stopped thrusting with his hips. He gripped his cock with his hand, but not to hold it, he stroked it and Justine knew he was masturbating it.

“Open your mouth and keep it open or I’ll beat you senseless,” he warned her. He stroked his cock while he put the head into her mouth. “Stick out your tongue and received my deposit in your mouth.”

It was worse than she could have fathomed. His cock began to shoot out cum profusely. The first jet of cum shot into her mouth, blanketing her tongue and shooting all the way to the back with a thick coat of hot crème. His hand moved urgently to stroke his cock as he shot jet after jet into her mouth. The next jet wasn’t as powerful, covering the tip of her tongue with its hot acrid crème and staining her lips with the thick cum. Her mouth began to fill up with his cum; Justine struggled with what to do with it. He still held her head back, so she couldn’t spit it out, but she could barely contain what felt like gallons of his foul cum. It was as though he would never stop cumming; his hand stroked his cock continually and more cum leaked out into her unwilling mouth. Then, he did the unbelievable; he shoved his wet, spewing cock into her mouth and her lips curled around the wet shaft. He used it like a battering ram, shoving his cum to the back of her mouth until she had no choice but to swallow the foul cum. It struggled to go down her gullet; the thick crème slid slowly down as she gulped and choked, but his cock continued to leak in her mouth or, at least, it felt that way.

He finally finished off in her mouth. He had never cum so much before, but it had been a long time since a young, virgin mouth had given him such pleasure. He pulled his cock from her mouth; his white cum spilled from her lips and ran down her chin. He refused to allow her to spit it out, using his fingers to push it back into her mouth. “Take it all, don’t spill a drop. You’re going to swallow every bit of it.”

He cleaned her face of his cum but shoved it into her mouth, making her lick his fingers until they were clean. She coughed and gagged, but she was forced to swallow every single drop of cum until her belly was filled with warm cum. She couldn’t rid her mouth of the taste, her teeth, gums and tongue covered with remnants of the putrid taste. Just when she thought she was finished with the degrading act, he pushed his limp, wet cock into her mouth.

“Lick it clean and get it hard so you can suck me again. I don’t want you to forget how to do it so well.” He felt her tongue go to work on his cock, and it stirred to life once again. He would take his time, fucking her mouth slowly and letting her do all the work until he rewarded her with another load of cum.

“BBBLLGG,” she tried to protest, but his cock already began to grow harder in her mouth; she knew she would have to perform as he wanted or else. Her mouth and tongue was tired, but she had to persevere or else suffer the painful consequences of her refusal. What have I become? What will he do to me next?

Chapter 4

Virgin Mouth No Longer, but Which Other Hole Will he Penetrate?