Bathtub Rape II

By Powerone
Copyright 2015

Michael checked the newspaper the next morning, but he found nothing. While he was on the computer, he searched the city database of police reports for last night and today. None of them reported a rape or burglary in the neighborhood. He wasn’t surprised from the way she acted. She came just as he did and she took every drop of his cum in her mouth. He was sure that she swallowed it all.

He went out every night to the same neighborhood and checked out Kristen’s apartment. The window that he broke was fixed, but when he checked, the door still had a lock that could be opened from the inside. All it would take is to smash the window once again. Michael was still nervous. He never took a girl twice it was too dangerous. It could be just a setup to trap him into attempting it again. Kristen was good, but was she that good? But, he couldn’t stay away. He went out and stared up at her windows every night for two weeks. The other apartment in the building was empty, always dark.

For Kristen, work and school were still intense, taking all of her energies. By the time she got home from Starbuck’s it was dark. She had time for a quick dinner and a bath. She took a bath every night. She couldn’t put what happened in her bathtub out of her head.

* * * *

Michael knew that he had to do it. He’d jerked off in the alleyway near her house as he gazed at her window. He saw her come home, dressed, but his imagination saw her naked, just as he did that night. If he didn’t do something soon, he was afraid he’d be caught as a peeper. He waited for Tuesday night, not wanting to do it on the weekend, when she might have a date.

Michael broke the glass. It shattered and fell to the ground. A dog barked, but the owner yelled and the dog quickly quieted down. His heart raced as he waited. Nothing happened. The alleyway grew noisier as televisions turned on and the volume increased. His gloved hand slid through the shattered window, found the familiar lock, and turned it until the door opened the slightest. He entered and quickly made his way up the stairs, quiet as a mouse. He opened the door to the living room, the lights on low, the television was off, and the room was empty. The kitchen was dark. He snuck along the wall until he got to the only bedroom. The door was ajar a couple of inches and the light from the bedroom lamp shined out. He peered cautiously through the tiny crack in the door. It was empty and there were clothes on the bed, everything, including a bra and panties.

Tonight, he’d do it differently. He wouldn’t undress in her bedroom. He’d do it in the bathroom in front of her. It would make him more excited.

She heard the glass break and her breathing stopped. Her heart began to race. She shivered in spite of the fact that she lay in hot water. She stopped washing and her fingers pulled away from her pussy. She lay silent in the bathtub, frozen in place. She didn’t know if it was her imagination or not. It sounded like footsteps, soft, gentle footsteps. They came closer, or they sounded as if they did. She stared down at the water in the bathtub, not a ripple on it. There was no doubt she heard something and it was close. She jumped when the door to the bathroom squeaked, but she didn’t look up. She felt a presence in the room. She could hear him breathe. Her body shivered when she heard a rustling noise. She knew what it was when the belt buckle fell noisily to the floor. There was more rustling noise, this time there was no attempt to be quiet. She heard shoes fall to the floor and she knew that he undressed. She didn’t look up from the tub, her eyes stared at the calm water. She knew it wouldn’t be long. It took seconds before the calm water began to move with powerful waves. Someone got into the tub with her. She still didn’t look up. She waited.

His cock jutted out so far when he gazed at her naked body. Her hands were at her sides, beneath the water, exposing her breasts for his eyes to feast upon. Her nipples were so hard. Her legs were slightly parted, but he couldn’t see much beneath the water. The water was warm as it encased his lower legs. He moved close to her, but she never looked up at him. Her brown hair hung down, but it wasn’t wet. He gripped his cock with his fingers and stroked it as he looked at her. It was time to feel her touch on his cock.

The silence in the room was broken by his words. They scared her at first, not because of what he said, or who he was or what he wanted. She already knew all of that. It was just the sound of a voice in her room that scared her.

“Look up Kristen, at my cock.”

Her head slowly rose and she saw him again, although she knew every inch of his naked body. She couldn’t get it out of her head and she spent too many nights masturbating to the images. She saw his pudgy stomach hang over, but what she stared at was his cock. Her tongue absently ran over her lips as if she meant to get them wet. His cock stood out, but it moved vigorously as he made it flex excitedly in front of her. He was every bit as big as she remembered.

“Touch my cock, Kristen. I want to feel your soft fingers on it.”

She leaned forward in the bathtub, but she knew that she’d soon be on her knees before him. Her fingers reached over and snatched at his cock before it could escape. She tightened on the hard shaft and felt the muscles vibrate as he flexed his trapped cock. She held his cock only inches from her mouth, but she didn’t put it in. Not yet, he didn’t tell her to do it. Her hand went to work to explore the shaft slowly with her fingers. She felt the blood pound in the thick veins as her hand slid up and down the shaft. She was rewarded with drops of precum that appeared on the head. Her fingers drew higher up the shaft until she got to the domed head. Her fingernail etched beneath the thick ridge and she felt the violent contractions of his cock from her touch, but her fingers gripped it tight and controlled it. She was proud that she inspired such lust in him. Her index finger began to explore the smooth head and as soon as it ran over the hole in the tip, she felt the hot, slippery cum beneath her fingers. She worked the hole in the tip of his cock for more juices until she’d spread it all over the head. Still, she didn’t take him in her mouth.

“You’re good, Kristen. Explore my balls now. They’re full of cum and it’s all for you.” She kept one hand around his cock as her other hand slid between his legs. He spread his legs wider until his ball sack hung down between his thighs. He felt her fingers beneath his balls and she slowly hefted them up as though they were priceless and delicate jewels. Then she began to explore them.

She didn’t touch his balls before so she took time to explore them intimately. His sack was covered with black, wiry hairs and the skin was wrinkled. She felt two balls inside, but they were elusive. When her fingers tried to touch them gently, they slid away from her. She wasn’t deterred, she squeezed tighter until she had them trapped and then her fingers encased each one. She didn’t squeeze hard, but she heard him moan from her touch.

He never felt anything like it. She enjoyed what she did to him and so did he, but he grew impatient and wanted more. “Lick my cock. Start with the shaft, then the head, but don’t take it in your mouth.”

Kristen was eager to taste him. She lifted his cock up until it was pushed against his flabby belly. She kept it pinned there as she turned her head sideways. Her tongue snuck out of her mouth and she began to run it over every inch of his shaft. She could feel the bumps and ridges beneath her tongue. She tasted him, slightly salty from sweat, but that didn’t stop her from continuing. She ran her tongue from his balls to the head before she worked on the helmet. The first swipe of her tongue on the head and she tasted the salty cum that she’d forced from his cock with her fingers. It was pungent, but she remembered the taste all too well. She’d taken a mouthful of it. It wasn’t that she enjoyed the taste so much; in fact, she found it distasteful and repugnant. It was that she had to do it that made it so exciting. She licked all around the head, but then used the tip of her tongue to rub the very tip until she was rewarded with a jet of thick, salty hot cum that shot out onto her tongue. She grimaced from the taste as it invaded her taste buds. She struggled to obey and not let the head slip into her mouth.

Michael reached down and grabbed his cock. He held it up straight. “Lick my balls.”

Kristen hadn’t expected that. He held up his cock and his fingers slid over the shaft as he masturbated. She leaned in close until she could smell his manhood, her tongue out, but frozen at the thought of touching the hairy, wrinkled flesh with her tongue. She shut her eyes as her tongue ran over it. “GGLAAGGH!” She gagged within seconds as a hair was caught in her mouth and made her choke. She picked it out, but then she had to go back to the distasteful job of licking his balls. She gagged three more times while she licked his balls before his voice spoke again.

“Now suck my cock, Kristen. Show me how much you like my cock in your mouth.” He released his cock and waited in anticipation.

Her fingers took possession of his cock and she aimed it at her mouth. She opened her mouth wide as she stared up at his eyes so he’d see everything she did. She pushed the head onto her wet lips and she slowly drew it into her mouth. The minute it touched her tongue it bounced up and down in excitement and she got the reward of thick, salty crème in her mouth. She made her lips tight around the head of his cock and her tongue swished over the head and gathered up all his pungent cum. She sucked in and slowly drew the head deeper into her mouth. She knew what to do to please him as she rocked her head back and forth, her lips tight, and her tongue vigorously ran over every inch of his cock in her mouth.

Michael didn’t have to do a thing but enjoy her mouth. She knew what to do and she did it well. He didn’t fail to notice that she got on her knees in the tub, her legs spread and her other hand slid between her legs and stroked her pussy beneath the water. She never took his cock out of her mouth and she never slowed down. He struggled not to cum, but it was time to move on to why he came to her again.

“That’s enough, Kristen.” He pulled back so his cock escaped her mouth. He saw the look of disappointment on her face. “Bend over the tub, Kristen with your ass up in the air.”

His hands already pushed her to the end of the tub and her upper body slid over the edge. He spread her legs as wide as they could in the small tub as he got behind her. He would fuck her from behind again. But, what she felt was unexpected. He’d grabbed the bar of soap and lathered her buttocks. His hand was soft and gentle, as they caressed her buttocks. She couldn’t stop her natural reaction, her buttocks clenched tightly closed from the unnatural touch.

“Sssllaapp!” The sharp snap of his palm on her buttocks rang out in the bathroom. He saw her head turn in shock as she stared at him in outrage. “Don’t clench your cheeks,” he warned her and punctuated it with another snap on her other buttock.

“Sssllaapp!” He enjoyed her tiny cry and the way her white flesh turned a pretty pink. He went back to soaping up her buttocks, now relaxed so he’d have his way with her.

It was difficult to keep her buttocks unclenched when his fingers strayed down her crack and she felt the unfamiliar touch on her anus. She felt strange tremors in her anus as the muscles reacted to the foreign touch and tried to snap tight. She felt spasms in her anus that rippled between her legs. His fingers moved all over her naked ass, but it was the touch of his fingers through her slit that sent tremors of excitement in her body. She felt the muscles in her pussy clench as though his cock was already inside. She’d already taken him in her mouth with such pleasure, now she wanted him inside her pussy also.

He rubbed her pussy with his soapy fingers, but he kept her on edge as his fingers soaped the crack of her ass. His fingers moved slower when they found the raised ridge of her anus and he soon felt the tremors in the tiny hole from his touch. He used two fingers, one on each side of her crack to spread her open until her tiny hole was revealed. It looked like a wrinkled, tiny, brown star in a sea of white flesh.

“Pleasee, noooo,” she begged when she felt her anus exposed so vividly by his fingers. The fingers dug into her cheeks and pulled them open so wide she could feel her anal ring begin to open. She whimpered when she felt his finger slap her anus, not hard, but it was disconcerting to be touched in such a place. It was as if he spanked her there, the thud of his fingers sounded so loud in the quiet bathroom.

“Hold still,” he warned her as his index finger began to run over her anus. He felt the trembling muscles go into spasms as he lathered it to make it slippery. Her body trembled, but she didn’t move away, even as his fingers became more insistent and pressed harder into the tiny hole.

Kristen wished his finger would stroke her pussy, not her anus, but she didn’t dare defy him. It was so shameless to be bent over the bathtub with her ass pushed up obediently into the air as if she begged to be touched in such an unnatural place. It didn’t hurt, it was just humiliating. The finger pressed harder and she felt her anal ring begin to open. She whimpered in shame, but couldn’t stop the finger as it slowly began to penetrate her. Why does he want to touch me there? The finger began to twist and turn as it slid through her anal ring. It shocked her when the tip of his finger was sucked into her rectum with such speed. One minute he pushed in, the next, her insides sucked his finger in. “Please, take it out,” she begged, but the finger became more insistent as it pushed against the reluctant muscles in her rectum.

“You have a hot, tight ass, Kristen. Use your muscles to grip my finger.” He didn’t get the response he wanted so he slapped her ass again, this time harder. The pain of the slap made her tighten her muscles, but then she voluntarily did it again. “Yes, that’s good, again, Kristen, grip my finger again. Show me how tight your ass is.”

He made her tighten her ass on his finger five times, five humiliating times she performed as if she were a trained dog. But, the finger didn’t pull out; it began to go in deeper. Her muscles revolted and tried to push the intruder out, but with the soap on his finger and the power behind the thrusts, she was defenseless to stop him. The finger twisted and turned as it burrowed into her guts. She could feel his hard knuckle pass through her anal ring.

Michael enjoyed the way her muscles tried to fight him off, but all he thought about was how it would feel if it was his cock that was inside. He pushed his finger all the way in until his knuckles pushed against her anus. He twisted and turned his finger and bent it to make her stretch to accept him. Then he began the slow withdrawal to let her grow accustomed to having something up her ass.

The finger felt worse as it withdrew. It felt like her insides were sucked out behind it. It forced her to tighten her ass muscles on it as if she enjoyed giving him the pleasure, but she feared she’d have an accident if she didn’t tighten up. She was relieved when his finger was almost out, but it shocked her as it pushed in again, this time with one powerful thrust that sent it into the depths of her guts. It pulled back instantly, but then was back in again as he picked up a rhythm.

He finally pulled his finger out, but only for a second. When he entered her ass again, it was two fingers that penetrated her. He gazed down as her anal ring spread wide around his fat fingers and got a moan from her lips as she was forced to open up under his assault.

She felt her anal ring stretch wider and feared that more fingers were in her ass. She felt them push in to stretch her in places that his fingers shouldn’t touch. They pushed in deep and then she felt them try to spread, fighting her muscles as he pushed out on the elastic walls of her intestines. They pulled out, but were back again to slide in and out as though they stretched her for a purpose. Suddenly, it dawned on her. She turned around to look at his face. “No, not there, not with your cock,” she begged as tears ran from her eyes when she cried out in desperation.

“You take my fingers so easily, Kristen. You’ll love the feeling of my hard cock in your ass.” He pulled his fingers out of her ass as he soaped his cock while she stared back at him.

His fingers were so much smaller than his cock. His cock stretched her lips to take it in her mouth; her ass wouldn’t be able to withstand it. He’d tear her if he shoved it up her ass. She whimpered as she grabbed the bottom of the claw foot tub to brace herself. She felt the slippery head of his cock on her anus. Her tiny hole was dwarfed by the thick head. She felt him press forward and her anal ring began to stretch, but she knew it would be so much wider and was sure it would be painful. “Not there, please, not there,” but her cry was cut short. The head of his cock had success and she felt her anal ring stretch so tight that it burned as it captured the head of his cock just beneath the ridge when her ass hole sucked it inside her bowels. “OOOOOWWW!” If felt like a giant rock was inside her ass, but this one moved and twitched with excitement. She felt his hands on her hips and she knew he wouldn’t be happy until he fed all of his cock into her guts. “Go slow, please, slow,” as she begged to try to stop him from penetrating her quick and deep.

Michael couldn’t go slowly, even if he wanted to. The minute the head of his cock was trapped in her tight, hot asshole and he felt the delicious ripples of her muscles on his flesh he wanted to be fully embedded in her tight hole. He grunted as he slowly pushed with his hips and fed another inch of rock hard cock in her tight ass. Her muscles stopped him from going any deeper, so he pulled out, just a bit, then back in, with a more powerful thrust. He got a whimper and cry from her as he fed two more inches of cock into her tight hole. It felt like a hot, tight blanket that engulfed his cock.

Her anal ring felt like it would tear any second as his cock began to move in and out. More and more of his cock was pushed into her guts and filled her with his hardness. She couldn’t stop the way her muscles contracted and clenched on the invader to try to push it out, but it only served to give him more pleasure. It felt like an iron bar was shoved up her ass, painfully, inch by inch. She didn’t know how she’d survive taking it all.

Michael began the ritualistic rhythmic thrusting with his cock as he began to fuck her ass hole. When he finally pushed to the deepest depths of her bowels, he flexed his cock and felt her muscles ripple back in response. He yanked his cock out sharply and then thrust back in to send her body forward when he impaled her harshly. He grabbed her by her hair and pulled her back so she couldn’t escape his thrusts. The room came alive with the sound of his body when it slapped hard against her ass cheeks as he buried his cock in her guts.

It felt like he burned up her guts with the powerful thrusts that took her breath away. He yanked her head up by the hair as he continued to pound into her ass. It felt like her insides were sucked out behind his cock when he withdrew, but his cock was back with a vengeance as he penetrated her completely. He picked up speed and she felt his belly slap against her, but also his balls slapped against her pussy. His cock began to do things to her. The thick ridge raced up and down her bowels, teasing at the soft walls. Her anal ring was like a tight rubber band around his cock shaft as it slid in and out and she felt every bump, ridge, and vein as it passed through the reluctant hole. She began to feel something between her legs, shamed that taking his cock in her ass could produce such feelings, but she knew she’d get no pleasure from this act. It was all for his pleasure. He’d taken her last vestige of virginity from her.

Michael didn’t know how he lasted that long, but he ass fucked her hard and fast for five minutes as he struggled not to cum in her. He ripped his cock up and down her tight hole and battered her buttocks with each powerful thrust. Finally, he couldn’t hold out any longer. He shoved in so hard that it felt like he drove his cock inside her belly and out her mouth. He was in the deepest depths of her bowels when he felt the first tremors of his orgasm. He jetted so hard inside her when he flooded her with his hot cum. He could smell it in the air as her muscles reacted to the cum filling her by clenching tight. It only induced another jet of cum, followed by two more, each time she clenched on his cock. He never felt so much pleasure as he did in her ass. His body collapsed onto hers and it took a while before he pulled his cock out of her ass. It was her muscles that forced it out; he was too content to be inside the hot, tight hole.

Kristen was thankful that his cock finally slipped out of her ass. She had somehow survived it, though her ass didn’t feel that way. It felt as if he still had his cock inside her. She turned around to face him.

“Wash my cock and get it clean.”

She was thankful for that. When she saw him standing over her, she thought she’d have to take it in her mouth and clean it. She eagerly took a washcloth and the soap and soon had it clean and shiny. It also began to get hard once again. She didn’t know how or why, but it did.

“Since you got it hard again, take it in your mouth and make me cum.”

She didn’t have to be told twice. She quickly put his cock in her mouth and went to work with her tongue to make it harder and more excited. She kneeled up in the tub so she could push her hand between her legs and masturbate as she sucked him. She knew it would take a while to make him cum again, but she was patient.

It took almost a half hour before he came, but he enjoyed every minute of it. Kristen masturbated, but she didn’t cum until he did. He suspected that her orgasm started the minute he blasted the first load of cum in her mouth. She never took her mouth off his cock as he flooded her with his cum. He didn’t know where it all came from or where it went, all he was interested in was his own pleasure.

She stayed in the bathtub while he got out and got dressed. She left most of his cum in her mouth, savoring the submission of the act. Finally, she swallowed when he got ready to leave. She didn’t know why she said it, but she did. “Take my key to the door, so you don’t have to break the window again.” She was ashamed that she said it now that she heard the words.

“Okay, but next time I’ll wait until you’re in bed. I’m going to tie you up. I want you spread for me, on your back or your belly; I’m not sure which side, maybe both. I’m going to do things to you that you’d never expect, but you’ll have no choice but to submit.” His cock was already hard as he walked out the door. He knew he’d be back next week.