Black Briar Asylum

Chapter 1

Escape to Hell

By Powerone

Copyright 2013

Since her parent's death in a tragic auto accident, killed by a driver under the influence of drugs, Sherri had a tough life.' With no other living relatives, she was shuttled between foster parents for over a year.' The latest one was the worst.' She was growing older and her body matured.' She had been there for two weeks, the woman that ran in took in older girls, Sherri should have realized something was wrong.' None of them would speak about their life here.

She was called to the living room, about ten people in it, older men and women.' Rachel, the foster mom sat on the couch with a man.' Sherri didn't like the looks of him when she walked in, his eyes were evil and they preyed on her body as she moved towards the couch in her cut-off jeans and tee shirt.

'Good evening, Rachel,' Sherri trying to be cordial, but scared to death.

'The other girls will be down, but I wanted you first.' This is Mr. Smith.' He is a friend of mine, all of these people are.' They help me care for all you girls, the state doesn't provide enough for you, so I have to look elsewhere for help.' There are over five girls here so the job is monumental, so when an offer of financial assistance is brought to my attention, I take advantage of it.' It is all for you girls that I do it.

'We appreciate what you do, Rachel,' Sherri shivered in fear, the man staring at her and all she saw was lust in his dark, foreboding eyes.

'Take off your tee shirt for Mr. Smith so he can see you better.'

The words shocked her, looking around the room for help, but all of the people looked at her like Mr. Smith did.

'I can't do that, please, no,' she begged.

'Don't disappoint me, Sherri.' I can make lots of trouble for you.' Would you rather go to juvy?' They would do such terrible things to you there; the hardened girls would take you as their sex slave and make you sexually arouse them with your mouth and hands.' Then they would take you in all you holes with fake cocks to make you scream.'

Sherri had spent one day in juvy and knew she was right.' She would be some girls bitch or else. 'No, please, the other girls will see me.'

'They will be down and joining you soon as they get dressed.' We do this weekly, a collection of my friends come over to see the girls.' They like to spank young girls like you.' If you are acceptable to Mr. Smith, he will take you over to one of those chairs and bend you over his lap.' He will place you in various positions, all for his enjoyment as he spanks you on your ass and thighs.' It will sting, but there will be no permanent damage.' He will spank you through your panties and then without them.' He will caress and fondle you as he spanks you.' Some of the girls have learned to enjoy this and have orgasms from the experience.' It is all what you make of it, it can be punishment or pleasure, but you can be assured that you will obey and submit.'

'No, that's filthy, I wouldn't let him,' she protested vehemently.

'I will have you sent to juvy in the morning!'

'No, not that, please, don't make me do this.'

'I'm not making you do anything; you will make up your own mind.' Now take off your tee shirt.' You have a bra underneath it so it's just like a bathing suit.'' She waited and when she saw the tears in Sherri's eyes, she knew she had won.

It was hard to pull the tee shirt over her head, not only was Rachel and Mr. Smith gawking at her, but everyone else stopped to watch.' She pulled it off and let it fall to the floor.

'The jeans now, they are so short they barely cover anything.' Take them down.'

She had no choice, too late to turn back, no other options.' She hoped that she could endure it this once and then tell someone that could get her out of here and into a good foster parents home.' It would just be a spanking, but she cringed at the thought of the older, creepy man putting his clammy hands all over her body.' She unsnapped her jeans and slid the zipper down.' They opened up and she slid them down over her hips, having to shake from side to side to get the tight jeans off.' She kicked them off her feet and stood there.

'Stand up nice and tall, Sherri so Mr. Smith can see you.'

He liked what he saw.' She was a petite girl, about four-eight in height, slim waist, full hips but she had small tits.' He preferred larger tits, but it was her ass that was his main focus.' 'Turn around and stop.' Let me see your ass.'

He was crude, but she turned around, at least she wouldn't have to face him.' She stood there, her trembling thighs clenched tight.' She knew her panties were molded over her buttocks and she was afraid how much she showed to him.' Her body was flushed as she stood in a room of older men and woman fully dressed at a party, yet she was only clad in her skimpy bra and panties.

'She'll do,' Mr. Smith got up, making her jump when he put his hand around her slim waist.' 'Relax, my hands going to do more than that.'' He walked her over to the small group of three large chairs that were set up for the express purpose of spanking the girls.' He patted her ass before he sat in one of the chairs.' He arranged his cock in his pants so it was free to rear up and grows harder from her squirming.' Once he got her panties off, he would free it from his pants so it could rub naked on her squirming body until he came.

She was shamed when she saw how aroused he was already and she would have to lie across his erection.' He patted his lap.

'Bend over my lap, Sherri. Head way down and feet hanging off the other side.' I want that cute ass right in front of me.'

She felt his hands touch her as she bent over, not sure why, but she obeyed.' Her blonde hair fanned out onto the carpet and the blood rushed to her head.' She felt her ass rise up prominently on his lap, squirming when she felt his erection jerking beneath her, but that only made it worse, struggling until she could stay still. His erection felt like a sword stabbing into her.' His clammy, large hands began to touch her immediately, running up her naked back and over her bra straps to her shoulders, then back down.' He stopped at her bra.

'You wouldn't need that; I'll enjoy the feel of your naked breasts on me.'' He unsnapped her bra and slid it over her shoulders.'

She felt him pull it out, forced to rise up so that he could pull it free, sobbing loudly now as she felt her naked breasts pushed against his rough pants.' His hands ran down her naked back now and didn't stop until one hand crudely clenched one of her buttocks.' She tightened her cheeks as soon as she felt his hand on her buttocks.

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'SSSSPPAAANNK!'' The loud report rang out in the room as Mr. Smith slapped her tighten cheek with such power.' He had to teach her quickly to relax her muscles and let him have his way with her.' Once her panties were gone, he would explore her ass with his fingers and only when he wanted to clench on a finger would he allow her to do that.

'SSSPLLAATT!'' He caught the other cheek with a harder blow that shook her body as she shrieked in pain.

It was so much more than a sting; it felt like her buttocks were bruised.' She didn't know how much of this she could take as she screamed out in pain.' 'NNNo, OOOWww, it hhhhurttts!'' His hand stopped and she cringed in fear when it touched her buttocks again.

'Never clench your muscles unless I tell you.' Is that understood, Sherri?'' He let her feel the soft touch of his hand on her buttocks and he got her answer when he felt her buttock muscles go limp.' She had a nice firm ass as his hand slid over the twin mounds.' He put a hand under her hip and forced her to arch her ass up higher, the panties tightened across her cheeks so he could see the proud crack of her ass.

She suffered the fondling hands on her ass, punctuated with a sharp spank now and again for no apparent reason except that he enjoyed it.' She knew that for a fact because each time he spanked her, it made her squirm on his lap and rub his cock.' It jerked against her in spasms of pleasure.' He warned her when his searching finger began to rub up and down her crack not to clench her cheeks.

'You are mine to do as I please, so keep your cheeks open.'' He felt her pulse in her anus; the trembling muscle went into uncontrollable spasms when his finger pushed the panties against her hole.' Her sobbing grew louder.' He began to symmetrically spank her, from one cheek to the other to warm them up.

It grew worse as the other girls entered the room, all of them in bra and panties and they were made to strut in front of everyone until the visitors could make their choices.' The chairs near her began to fill up, Sherri watching as each girl was spread over a lap, surprised that one was on the lap of a woman.' That would be so shameful and perverted.' The spanking grew louder in the room as all began to work over the girls asses.' It wasn't long before Sherri's panties were pulled down to her knees and his clammy hands ran over her naked buttocks.' She couldn't help it when his fat finger ran up her crack to clench it tight, but a quick slap to a soft thigh and she relaxed her muscles, resigned to feel the finger touch her in such a place.' Her muscles wouldn't stop fighting the rude intrusion, clenching and unclenching uncontrollably. 'Her ass began to heat up now that her panties weren't protecting her.

Sherri suffered the fondling and spanking for long minutes until he pulled her up to rearrange her.' She wouldn't look as she heard his zipper being pulled down and the rustling of his pants.' He turned her around so her back was against him.' Then he pushed her down while he pulled her legs behind him, one leg on each side, spread wider at they were forced around his waist and hung out in back.' Her upper body lay on the dirty carpet, her head turned shamefully to one side.' Her ass and sex was pushed down and she felt the hot flesh of his cock pushed against her mound.' Her pussy was spread out only inches from him; the spread of her legs left her opened lewdly.' He began to spank her, but not hard, his hands were more eager to fondle her flesh, but needed the spanking to keep her moving sensuously against his cock.' She fought as much as she could, but the burning spanks made her move and she regretted each one as his cock jerked against her.' She was sure she could feel a wetness, shamed that it was his precum that was soiling her skin.' His fingers fanned out over her buttocks, lewdly pulling open her cheeks until her tiny anus was exposed to his depraved eyes.

He began to spank her soft, inner thighs so close to her pussy that she could feel the air from the blows.' One hand ran up her crack and the finger began searching for her fragile anus.' She felt it on her anus, pushing harder against the resisting muscles that tried to keep it out.' She cried out for him to stop, but it only made his cock jerk harder in excitement.' Her cries made him sexually aroused.

He gave her five hard pats on her pussy lips from behind.' 'Relax and let me in your ass, or it's your pussy that I'll spank.'

How could a man spank a woman in such a place, but he did.' It shook her body to the very core, her lips swelling up from the harshness of the blows.' She groaned in denial and surrender as she relaxed her anus and let the finger enter her.' Her anal ring stretched slowly as the finger moved like a small animal into her ass.' It was dry as it entered her, but he didn't seem to care, his finger pushed and stretched the elastic walls of her anal passage as it continued to push in.' 'It hurts, too dry,' she cried out.

'I can solve that,' pulling his finger out of her ass.' He opened the jar of Vaseline that sat on every table near the chairs.' 'Relax and I'll soothe that tight, hot ass on the inside.'

His finger was wet and cold, but it slid in with ease, pushing aside her muscles until he was knuckle deep in her bowels.' She only hoped that no one else was watching her as she suffered the cruel penetration of her ass with his finger.' She could hear the shameful squishing sound as his finger began to plunge in and out, going deeper each time.' Her muscles revolted, clenching and unclenching uncontrollably as she was breached by his finger.

'You have a nice tight ass, so hot.' Relax as I open you up a bit, you'll feel two fingers in your ass.'

'AAAWWW!'' Her head shot up then slumped back on as her anal ring was stretched around two fat fingers.' They pushed hard and deep into her ass, parting inside to stretch her in places that weren't meant to be stretched.' His cock jump and twitched excitedly beneath her, more wetness staining her skin.

'Grip my fingers, Sherri; show me how tight you can make your ass on my fingers.'

It was a humiliating display that he demanded of her, but she did as he said, her buttocks clenched and her ass humped up higher when she clenched the inner muscles of her ass hole on his fingers, trapping them from moving.' She held them tight until he told her to release them.' Then it was tighten again, release and tighten, all for the pleasure of gripping his fingers in the shameful grip of her ass.

'Almost done Sherri, I'm enjoying this immensely.' You have such a talented ass hole.' I'm going to spank your pussy, not very hard, but it will sting enough to make you move energetically on my cock.' Rub me until I cum.'' He pushed his fingers in deep and twisted them as his other hand began to work over her pussy with three fingers slapping up and down her mound.

The pain of the spanking of her pussy was enough to make her hips jerk and rub on his cock, each time her ass was forced up, she was penetrated deeper by the fingers that stabbed into her rectum.' She couldn't stop her lower body from moving frantically, eager to end this humiliation, but knowing that it would only end when she felt his shoot his hot cum onto her sex.'

She danced on his cock with such pleasure for him, the sharp slaps to her soft, inner lips making her dance faster.' She rubbed on his cock with her soft skin and her fine haired bush until he couldn't last any longer.' His hips shot up, forcing her to hump into the air as his fingers plunged to the depths of her guts until his knuckles were beating at the tight anal ring that stretched around his probing fingers.' His cock spurted, knowing he was staining his pants but he had brought another, jet after jet shot and bathed her skin as she continued to rub him until his orgasm ended.

It was as though he branded her with his hot cum, jetting profusely all over her body as his cock throbbed and jerked beneath her.' Her ass was sore from his fingers, growing crueler as he came.' She was glad when she felt his cock grow limp beneath her.

He let her stand up, Sherri feeling the thick cum slowly run down her belly and clump in her pubic hairs.

'Rub my cum with your fingers into your skin.' It is good for making skin soft and youthful,' he lied to her.

She had no choice, her fingers soiled with the drying cum.' She saw the other girls suffering a similar fate, but none was as bad as the girl that was being spanked by a woman.' She was beating her ass red, all while her she had four fingers stuffed painfully into the girl's pussy that drove the girl to squirm and rub erratically from the pain.

'Now lick your fingers, all of them, Sherri.' Or its back over my knees for a second round and it will be many more fingers that will stretch your ass this time.'' He knew that threat would do it.

She grimaced as she sucked the foul tasting cum from her fingers.' She stood before Rachel as Mr. Smith pulled up his pants and sat next to her.

'I'll take her next week.' Her ass hole needs a bit more stretching, three, maybe four fingers but she'll take them all and show me how well she can excite me with her clenching.'

Finally, Sherri was allowed to leave, running from the room. She sobbed on her bed vowing that she would end this before she had to submit again next week.' She got her chance a few days later, called for a hearing on who would be guardian of her.' She had a lawyer that would represent her.' In the small room where she met with her lawyer, she laid out the story of what Rachel had forced her to do and what Mr. Smith had done to her.

The attorney feigned shock and indignation, but when the hearing started, Sherri had a shocked look on her face when she told the judge.' 'Sherri has begun to tell disturbing tales of abuse.' I have checked into these matters and can find no substance to them.' My duty to her and the court is to recommend that Sherri get mental health treatment at a facility dictated by this court.' She had suffered emotionally since her parents untimely and unseemly death and feel that it is in her best interest to get professional help to make her a productive member of society.' I suggest, but it is your Honors decision that she be confined to Black Briar State Institution until it can be determined that she is not a threat to herself and has gained the age of eighteen and legal consent.'' Sherri didn't know that Mr. Smith was one of her co-workers and an attorney for the children he took advantage of.

The judge asked Sherri is she understood what her attorney was asking.' She was confused, but if it would get her away from Rachel, it couldn't be any worse.' 'Yes, your Honor.''

But it could be worse.' It was called Black Briar Asylum, a place that attorneys and judges that enjoyed the pleasure of reluctant girls sent the finest specimens of female flesh to be taught to obey and sexually serve any man that was brought before her.' It used aversion therapy to indoctrinate the girls in the ways of perverted acts and for the depraved men that enjoyed the cries of pain that they induced.' There principal means of therapy was electro shock treatment, used whether the girls needed it or not.' The men enjoyed watching the girls go through the agonizing pain as electricity shot threw their bound bodies.' They had all manner of using electricity, including introduction of powerful jolts of electricity deep in all the available orifices that a girl had.' Once the girls went through the first therapy, they would do anything, nothing to perverted or depraved, but even as they degraded them to the lowest levels, they still were not immune to more therapy.' For it was all for the pleasure of the men that induced the painful shocks into their bodies until their muscles clenched so tight that they would tear that excited them to continue the electrical torture.' Even the forced enema's before the therapy couldn't stop the girls from peeing and defecating uncontrollably.

Then after they bodies had recuperated from the painful jolts of electricity, they were dressed in sexy bra and panties and brought below the main floors to the dark, damp rooms below where they would be posed erotically and bound to posts bolted to the floors so they couldn't escape.' Their lean, sexy bodies would be forced onto their toes by collars that choked them, all of their muscles taut in exotic beauty.' The men would visit them, taking their pleasure in any manner they wanted, the girls forced to cooperate and do their depraved bidding.' Each girl never knew how she would be bound and spread until it was too late.' It was here that older men, judges, attorneys, policemen, all the men of authority would force the girls into degrading acts, knowing the threat of electro-shock treatment would enforce their submission.