Black Briar Asylum

By Powerone

Copyright 2013

Chapter 2

Bound for the First Time

It was over before she knew it, but she was relieved not to have to get back to that foster home.  They didn’t believe her, but Sherri had won, or at least she thought she did. 

“The deputy will take you now, Sherri, good luck.”  The attorney would be thanked by his friends for this day once they saw Sherri.

“I don’t know how to thank you.”  Sherri was naïve enough to not even worry when they put handcuffs on her.

“All prisoners have to be secured,” the gruff deputy said.

She didn’t think of herself as a prisoner until the small bus dropped her off at the gate of Briar Wood.  It was surrounded by high fences with barb wire on the top.  It was meant to keep people from getting out, not in. 

She was seated in a lobby, handcuffed to the wooden bench, the place deserted except she could hear voices in the distance.

“This way,” the man was wearing a white shirt and pants and looked like a male nurse, but he was big and strong, a ring of keys dangling from his belt and a can of mace attached to his belt.  “In there.”  He pushed her into the door.

She found herself standing in the entrance of a large office, lavishly furnished with nothing but the best, but there was a wood table that was out of place, heavy wood and it was worn, right next to a leather couch that didn’t fit with the rest of the décor.  The man behind the desk didn’t look up for a couple of minutes, Sherri waiting patiently.  He was older, fifty or so, but he looked as fit as the guard that brought her in.

Dr. Swanson looked up; the picture in the file didn’t do her justice.  She was petite with a woman’s body, clearly visible in the tight jeans and tee shirt she was wearing.  She would be very popular with the men once she accepted her place.  “I’m Dr. Swanson, Head of Black Briar and I will also be your counselor.  We take patient safety personal her, doing anything to protect you, not only from others but from yourself so you might find yourself restrained at the beginning.  All privileges are dependent on your attitude.  If you make trouble, you will pay.  The ones that get more freedom are the ones that more compliant.  Do you have any questions, Sherri?”

“When do you think I can be released?”  She wasn’t crazy or that she imagined things.  She just came here to get away from Rachel at the foster home.

“When we deem that you aren’t a menace to society, Sherri.  You will have to earn that privilege.”  He pressed the button and Mason came in.  “Mason, this is Sherri, she is new.  Until she is evaluated, take her to the lower level.  Since we don’t know of her inclinations yet, put her in a straitjacket for the night.”  He saw the shocked look on her face. “It’s for your own safety, obey or else,” he warned her again.

“Let’s go, Sherri.”  He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the room.

His fingers dug into her arm as she was led down the hall.  They went around a corner, then another to the East wing, the more private wing and closest to the downstairs rooms.  This is where all the attractive, young girls.  He brought her to a room, opening the door with one of his keys.

It was a small room, a single cot with metal frame in the corner, a small bathroom, but it wasn’t private, just a toilet and sink, no shower, all in the open.  There was a small desk and chair along with another larger upholstered chair, out of place with the rest of the furniture.  She first noticed that all the furniture was bolted to the floor.  It was dreary and depressing.  She was thankful that Mason took off the cuffs, but he opened the closet up and brought out what was unmistakably a straitjacket.

“You can get undressed now,” the look on her face was priceless.

“Now, in front of you?”  She was shocked, hoping at least for a female nurse.

“Of course, now get to it, I don’t have a lot of time for you, I have other patients.”

“Can’t I have a female nurse at least?”

“There is none on this shift, now come on, get the clothes off or you will start getting demerits and you don’t want them.”

This was almost as bad as Mr. Smith and Rachel making her take off her clothes in front of everyone, but she had no choice.  She slipped her tee shirt off over her head, noticing that Mason didn’t take his eyes off of her.  Her jeans were next, harder because they were tight and she had to shimmy them down her legs, realizing too late that she was sticking her ass back at him.  She turned away as she took off her bra and then her panties were slipped down her legs.  Her body was flushed, afraid of turning around to face him.

“We can save time, I can search you now.”

“What do you mean search me, I’m naked, I can’t hide anything.”

“You’d be surprised where some of the girls put drugs.  Stand up straight and open your mouth.”

He put his fingers in her mouth, stretching her lips wide as his finger ran across her gums.  It tasted terrible, relieved when he was finished.

“Sit on the bed so I can finish.”

She knew enough of what he wanted now.  She sat on the bed, but kept her thighs clenched together.

“Spread them, Sherri.”  He was surprised when she did it so willingly, leaning back on the bed on her elbows as he pulled her lips apart and one finger entered her.  She was hot and slick, the men would love her.  She turned her head to the side and refused to look at him as he fingered her longer than necessary, but he enjoyed the way her muscles fought his finger.  “Roll over on your stomach,” slapping her ass when she didn’t move fast enough.  “Get your ass up in the air.”

She knew from Mr. Smith what he wanted to do to her.  She had to raise her hips up, and then he pushed her thighs until her legs spread wider.  She felt his fingers pull apart her cheek and hold them open, knowing he could see her anus.  She clenched on the bed sheets when the dry finger entered her and spread her anal ring wide.  He fingered her, back and forth for long minutes.  “Never can tell, you might get to like that.”  He finally pulled his finger from her ass, feeling her muscles cling to it as it withdrew as if she didn’t want it to leave.  “Stand up, so I can put this on.”

It only took him a couple of minutes to put it on her and she soon found herself helpless.  It went from her neck to just below her waist, but it stopped there.  There were arms, but they were long, her arms went in them than he pulled the slack material around to her back and secured them somehow.  Her arms were folded just beneath her breasts, locked by a cloth strap that was tied to the rest of the fabric that ran from the neck down.  He took out a leather collar, about two inches thick, with metal rings all around it.  He put it around her neck and she gulped as it tightened too much, but she dared not say anything.  It forced her head up.

“Almost done, I just have to secure the straps.  Spread your legs a little bit,” his hand slapped her thighs until she complied.

“That hurts, I’m naked down there,” she cried out when she felt the thick rough strap split her sex open as he fed it between her legs and back up her crack.  She felt him begin to tighten and secure it in the back and the tighter he made it; the more it pressed into her slit and crack.  “No more, please,” she begged.

“Let me fix it; that’ll make it better.”

She had to stand there while his fingers pulled her pussy lips apart and pushed the harsh straps in on her soft, inner lips.  In the back, he yanked apart her crack again with powerful fingers and the strap ran up and over her anus, Sherri sure she felt his finger touch it, sending spasms through the muscles.  Finally he was finished, but it felt like she was cut up the middle.


From by an artist named Strutter79.



“Let’s go.”

“Where,” she begged. 

“We have special rooms.”

“But I’m half naked,” she cried as she was pushed out the door into the hallway.  She could barely walk; the strap rode up and down her slit and chafed it.  They took an elevator down one floor and when the door open, the hallway was empty, concrete walls and sterile floors the only thing there.  She was marched down the hallway, seeing doors with small openings that had sliders that would open, but they were closed now and she couldn’t see in them.  It was colder down here or was it the fear.

“In,” he opened the door and pushed her in.

The room was claustrophobic, not more than three feet by three feet, empty except an imposing wood beam that was bolted to the floor.  “What is this?”

“It’s your room for the night.”  He was sick of her questions, there would be many more until he had her fastened for the night, so he ended it quickly.  He pulled out the big, red ball gag he had in his pocket, a new one, especially for Sherri.  From her questions, he knew that it would get lots of use so she might as well get used to it stretching her mouth open.  He caught her unprepared, tilting her head back and when she opened her mouth to protest, he jammed the thing between her teeth and held her head as he forced the ball into her mouth.  It finally slid in, trapped behind her teeth and he secured it behind her head with the straps.  He heard her mumble and shake her head, but other than that, she was silenced.  “Much better, now to finish you up.”

It felt like her jaw would come unhooked, her lips stretched until they felt like tearing, drool running down her chin as the ball filled her mouth with the foul taste of rubber.  Why did he do that?

“Up against the pole,” pushing her until her back hit it.

She was grateful when he took off the collar, gulping loudly, but it was soon replaced with something that pinned the back of her head against the hard wood, unable to turn her head, forced to look straight ahead, not even able to look down to see her feet.  It was getting harder to breathe, her mouth stuffed, the collar cutting deep into her neck, her nostrils flared to fill her lungs.  She felt him next to her feet and then she felt straps wrapped around her legs just below her knees, then another one half way up her thighs.  They pinned her legs together efficiently.  There was another tug and she was sure one of the straps was secured to the pole, but she could barely move now.  He stood in front of him, her eyes pleading with him.


 “I’ll be back to check on you every hour until I’m off, not sure who is on after me, but don’t worry, you will be cared for.”  His fingers slide down the front of her body, feeling her try to push back away, but her ass was stopped by the pole. “I hope this isn’t too tight.”  He let his fingers play along her puffy lips, the strap buried deep between them.  “Nice soft pussy, Sherri.  He fondled her pussy for long minutes, pulling on her lips so that the strap could go in deeper.  “I bet you can feel the strap on your clit.  If you move just the right way, you might get yourself off.”

She squirmed as he rubbed her pussy, but she couldn’t say or do anything to stop him.

“How about that sweet ass, is it okay?”  He pulled her cheeks apart wider, until he could find the strap pushed in deep.  It traced it up her crack until he got to her anus.  He pulled the strap up and down until it ran harshly over her anus. 

He was playing with her anus again, his fingernail scraping along the edge of the strap and touching the fringes of her wrinkled hole.  It brought back the feeling of his finger inside her.  She felt him slap her ass and then he was gone.  As the door closed behind him and locked, the single bulb in the ceiling went out, plunging the room into scary darkness. 

He came back, though she lost track of time, bound until her body ached from standing so rigid, taking all her energy to breathe.  The straps ached in her crotch.  He came into the room, but the light never came on.  As the door slammed behind him when he entered, it grew dark once again.  She could feel him next to her, then she felt his touch.  He ran his hands all over her body, checking the ball gag to make sure it was in, pushing it in if it slid out.  His hands slid over her breasts as they checked her bound hands, but it was her crotch that got the most inspection.  By the third time he came in, he would push the strap aside and rub her naked inner lips, Sherri struggling to contain the rising arousal it brought her.  He never said a word, just rubbed her up and down but he stopped and deserted her pussy for her ass.  She felt his finger probe her again, this time deeper, bending his finger when it pushed against the soft muscles of her rectum.

By the fifth time he came, she almost welcomed him.  It felt like time stood still, Sherri unable to move her body at all, her muscles aching and her crotch split harshly up the middle.  She welcomed when he pulled the strap to the side of her pussy lips, even if it meant that he would stroke her pussy, finding her clit this time and bringing fresh arousal to her.

The next time her heart raced when the door opened, but it was someone else.  Shorter and slim, but she couldn’t see him once the door closed and plunged her back into the darkness.  He started new, exploring her body with his hands for the first time, but he was bolder, his finger slid into her pussy and stroked her deep inside until she grew wetter.  Mason must have said something to her, because his other hand reached around and she found her ass stretched around a finger that dug deep into her bowels.  He left her wet and wanting.

The next time he stayed longer and she couldn’t control him or herself. With two fingers in her pussy and two in her ass hole, he massaged and teased at her twin holes until her body was shuddering and she cried out into the ball gag as a powerful orgasm hit her.  Even after she finished cumming, his fingers continued to play inside her as if taunting her to have another orgasm.

She was exhausted by time Mason came back in the morning.  He untied her and took her back to her room.  She needed to sleep.  She was grateful when he took off the straitjacket.

“Do you want to sleep for a while, Sherri, you look tired?

“Yes, please, I’m exhausted.

“Okay, get into bed and I’ll get you situated.” He watched as she lay down on the bed naked, no longer ashamed of being naked in front of him.  She learned quickly.  He pulled out the straps and saw her eyes get big, but she didn’t fight him as he pulled each arm over her head and to a corner.  The leather straps went easily around her wrists and attached to the corner of the bed.  He let her see the second set of straps that he tied to the same two posts at the top of the bed.  It didn’t take long for her puzzled look to change. 

She felt him grab and ankle and her body was bent in two as he pulled her leg up and attached it to one of her wrists.  The second leg made her groan as he spread her wide, her body rolled up into half the size, her pussy and ass the most prominent part and obscenely exposed.  At least he didn’t put the ball gag in her mouth, so she never made a peep no matter what he did.  He left her that way and closed the door and plunged it into darkness.


Copyright 2003 from a scene in the movie, Detention House 2



Her body was exhausted so she fell asleep instantly, but it was a restless sleep, afraid of the unknown, especially the way her body was open and exposed.  She felt something in her sleep and her eyes opened.  She could see someone in the darkness.  She felt something cold and wet touch her anus, then she felt her penetrated with ease, a finger slick with lubricant slid into her rectum, this time it went deeper until she felt his knuckles banging at her stretched anal ring.  The finger worked her over for a long time, enjoying her clenching muscles; one finger became two, stretching her elastic walls with hard knuckles.   Then her pussy was fingered and she could feel them meet deep inside her, only a thin wall separated them.

She was finally granted a little sleep, but she was still awoken by finger entering her indiscriminately.  She wasn’t even sure who it was, all she felt was demanding fingers penetrating her.  Her anus was greased up some more and she wasn’t surprised when fingers pulled her anal ring open until it ached.   Then the hand went to her pussy, rubbing her from the front all the way to the back and over her anus.  All of it was slick with the lubricant and soon the fingers found her pussy first, one finger in and out, then up to her anus, penetrating it back and forth before moving back down.  It went on for a long time, first one finger, then two, finally three fingers stretching her pussy and Sherri finally groaned when the three fingers plunged into her rectum and twisted until it felt like his whole hand was shoved up her ass.  He didn’t leave her until she came for him.  She couldn’t fight the feeling that raced through her body.  Bound and spread lewdly, she felt like a plaything for any of the guards.

Later that day she was brought lunch to eat, Sherri devouring it, realizing that she hadn’t ate in a while.  She was given a sexy blue bra and panties, but that was all.  She ate her lunch and sat at the table, Mason had brought her some books to read.  When he walked out she looked at them.  The top three were romance, but the last one was something very different.  It was a bondage book, a complete study of a female bound in the most provocative poses.  She should have pushed it aside, but she couldn’t put it down.  She began to bond with it, a girl just like her bound to a pole, a row of four girls in cots like her, their arms and legs bound over their heads as someone whipped their vulnerable asses.

She was never allowed out of the room until later that day.  She was allowed to take a shower, but it was a communal shower, but she had it all alone.  Alone except for the four guards that decided to take a break at the same time right outside the open door to the shower.  She showered as fast as she could, but she knew they were watching her every move, inspecting every intimate part that she washed.

Mason was ready to go home, but he took her back to her room.  “On your belly tonight, Sherri.”

She didn’t have to be told, lying on her belly, not surprised when her arms were bound to the top corner of the bed, spreading her legs just like the girl in the picture she saw today as she felt her ankles spread to the bottom of the bed.  Mason pushed a pillow under her hips until her ass rose up higher.  She heard the metal jar lid of the Vaseline open up and then the finger rubbed over her anus.  She almost welcomed it inside, sloshing noisily as the hard knuckles rode back and forth over her stretched anal ring.


Not Sure where this one came from.



Others came that night, her head turned away, not to want to face them as they all probed her ass or pussy.  She was almost sure that one was a woman, the fingers softer and tender, yet they drove up into her bowels and her pussy without regard.  By morning, the one with the soft fingers had made her cum, Sherri ashamed that it had to be a woman that did that to her.

Dr. Swanson asked Mason how Sherri was doing. 

“She is on schedule.  The aphrodisiac that we put in her drink is working efficiently.  I have never seen a girl so cum so easily as she does.  She read the bondage book and I think that inspired her, she seems to grow more aroused once she is bound.  She loved anal play, though I suspect she had never been sodomized before.”  Mason enjoyed his job.

“Cut off the aphrodisiac today, I don’t think we will need it any longer.  Schedule a time tomorrow for a session on the table.  Give her a punishment enema first, very large and leave it in her a long time, make her cum before she can release it.  Once the session is over and she felt the pain of the electricity racing through her body, she can spend the night bound to a post and let one of our friends enjoy her pleasures.

“Yes, sir.”  Mason would soon have his time with her, but it was protocol that none of the new girls would be fucked in any of their holes until the clients got the first taste.  Dr. Swanson wanted to make sure the clients got the tightest holes, though most were not virgins, even at this age.







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