Black Briar Asylum

By Powerone

Copyright 2013

Chapter 3

Electroshock Therapy

Mason took Sherri to the room and she was shocked when she saw it.  The room was sterile, white walls, white tile floors and everything metal was stainless steel.  It was ominous.  There was a long stainless steel table and at one end was a large drain in the center.  A sprayer hung down from the ceiling.  Cloth cuffs were situated all along the table on both sides.  The telling item was the enema bag that hung from the ceiling, but on a nearby table was a glass syringe, but it was huge, over a foot long, the chamber three inches across.  The plunged was pushed forward.  She hadn’t had an enema since she was a child, but she was sure it was never anything like this before.  “What are you going to do?”  Her voice trembled in fear.

“You have to be cleaned out.”  Mason had her only in bra and panties, but they would soon be gone.  “Take off your clothes.  Don’t give me any trouble or I will bring in other guards to help me.  Male guards,” he threatened her.

She hated that Mason would do it to her, but she feared more of them.  She unhooked her bra and laid it on the chair.  She turned her back to him as she slid her panties down and placed them next to her bra.  She finally had to face him again, this time naked.

“I’ll help you up on the table,” he offered her as he put the small bench for her to use to climb onto the table.

He had her facing backwards to the drain, knowing why it was behind her.  She put her hands in the cloth cuffs and her arms were secured to each corner.  Her knees were next, spread wide and cuffed and then her ankles were secured.  Her legs were spread wide and she couldn’t move to get away.

The steam wafted up from the large bowl, as Mason put the tip of the syringe in and filled it with the hot, soapy water.  He lubricated the end of the syringe and placed it on her anus.  It entered her with ease.  As soon as he had it situated, he pushed the plunger and the water was forced into her intestines.

“OOWWWW,” she cried out, more in surprise then pain as the hot water flooded her guts.  There was so much before he finished, but that was not the end.  He filled it again, this time her stomach began to cramp as another load of hot water filled her.  It felt like her stomach was filled from a big dinner.  He rubbed her stomach, but he kept one finger poised on her anus.  A third time he filled her; afraid she would burst if he gave her anymore.  The hot water inside her made her sweat.

A small butt plug secured her from pushing the water out accidently. 

“Please, let me get rid of it.  It’s giving me cramps.”  Her stomach gurgled loudly and her stomach rippled from the cramps that ran through it.

“Not yet, Sherri, not until you cum.”  He brought out the small vibrator and turned it on.

How could I grow aroused enough to cum when my stomach felt like it was turning?  She couldn’t stop him as he began to run the vibrator up and down her slit, Sherri trying to will her body to grow aroused. 

It took her fifteen minutes, Sherri begging as he stomach growled, but Mason only tapped the butt plug so she could feel it. 

She finally let her body responded, concentrating on the vibrator until she felt the rising arousal in her body.  He was true to his word, pulling the butt plug out just as she came.  It was like nothing she ever felt, cumming at the same time she felt this wave of relief as she unloaded the water that was stored inside her.  It was shameful, but her anus felt something else as the water shot out.  Her body was still trembling when he rinsed her off with warm water.  She was relieved, though her stomach was empty now.

He let her down and gave her the blue panties and bra.  “Put them on.”  When she was dressed the men came into the room with the metal gurney. 

“No, you said no one else,” she began to sob as the two other guards looked at her in her bra and panties.  She found herself thrown with ease on the table, the metal cold and the surface uneven so that she wouldn’t slide on it.  They began to strap her in, Sherri unable to stop them as they ran one strap that pinned her stomach to the table, tied at both sides.  Her arms were pinned beneath it, but she could have easily pulled them out.  They took care of that, straps around her lower arm and then it ran across her belly and the other arm before going underneath her body and back to the other side.  Her arms were now pinned to her sides.  Her ankles were next, tied with leather straps and then her knees were tied.  Her only saving grace was that her legs weren’t spread or was she on her belly.  She couldn’t figure out what it was as it descended on her head, but she was unable to do anything about it.  It didn’t take long to figure out what it was.  The leather straps were fitted over her head and two came down from the top of her head and covered her eyes partially, but it was the red leather bar that was shoved between her lips by sheer force and only stopped when it pushed hard against the back of her mouth and wedged behind her teeth.  The straps went down to her neck and she felt a collar secured too tightly.  She couldn’t say a thing, fearful of why they wanted her silence.


From by an artist named Strutter79.




She could only stare up at the ceiling as she was wheeled down the hall and through two swinging door.  The room was filled with men, including Dr. Swanson.  There were four other men in the room, all wearing suits, older men, but they didn’t look like doctors or guards.  She was wheeled onto something, the wheels making noise as they were locked in.  Next to her was a tall mechanism of some sort, Sherri never seeing anything like it before.  There were wires hanging off of it and lots of gauges and lights.  She would have cried out asking what it was but she was gagged, drool running down her cheek.


From by an artist named Strutter79.




“Relax as much as you can, Sherri.  I’m going to perform a therapy on you.  It will hurt, but it is for your own good.”  Tears were running down her cheek, but Dr. Swanson could only feel the pleasure of his rising erection.  The other men paid highly to witness the electro therapy of young girls.  The next time would be even better, she would be stood up and the men would be able to use probes on her.

Dr. Swanson began to get her ready.  First he pulled one of her breasts free of her bra.  A clamp was attached to her nipple, but only after he had aroused it to a hard tip.  The clamp was heavy and pulled her nipple to the side, the wires ran from the clamp to the machine.  He pushed a button and the table beneath her ass started to rise up, just a small two inch section that was positioned between her legs at her crotch.  He pushed her pinned thighs apart as it rose up until it touched both thighs and her perineum at the same time.  It was also connected to the machine.  “We are ready.”  He went behind the machine and the lights began to grow red and it hummed loudly.  The men sat on the raised platform near her so they could see everything.

It was as though she was kicked by a horse, but from within her body.  Her muscles grew so taut that she thought they would burst, the electricity that shot through the table and into her body felt it was boiling her blood.  Her teeth bit harder on the gag as her body exploded in pain.  From her toes, all the way to her head, the electricity pulsated.  It felt like a steel cock was between her legs, throbbing with electricity as it ran through her pussy and anus.  If she hadn’t been cleaned out, she would have soiled herself a long time ago.  Her body slumped down, her breathing ragged when the electricity stopped.

“Let’s try here,” Dr. Swanson pushed a button that sent a continuous jolt through her nipple and into the depths of her breast.  Her breast shook, the electricity dragged the clamp down further and tore into her flesh.  He released the button, but pushed the one that was connected to the rod between her legs.  Her ass rose up as far as it could within the constraints on her body, her thighs shaking as the powerful jolts of electricity attacked her most intimate parts of her body.

Then it was the table again, her face contoured in pain as every inch of her body was subject to the cruel electrical shocks.  He kept it up for a long time, only turning it off when it looked like her eyes would close as she fell into unconsciousness.  There would be none of that, she would feel every minute of it.

The men watching were stroking their cocks as they saw her body tortured by the electricity, eager to do it a second time when they would be allowed to use a probe to insert it into every available orifice and subject her to the exquisite pain.

Sherri drifted in and out of consciousness, lost in the pain, unable to comprehend what they were doing to her, praying for it to end, but it would only begin again, each time sending the electricity in places that she never fathomed a man would do to a woman.  It seemed like hours before they finished with her, her panties wet where she lost control, only making the electricity attack her pussy as it was attracted to the wetness.


From by an artist named Strutter79.



They finally took her back to her room, but not before Mason washed down her body.  She couldn’t move as he placed her in bed, her muscles felt like jelly, unable to move no matter what he did.  He put a blanket over her.

“I’ll be back later.  It’s downstairs for you tonight once you can stand up.  You’ll have a visitor, so make sure that you do everything he desires or you’ll find yourself on the table again with Dr. Swanson tomorrow.”  He would be a lucky man tonight, all of his desires with a young girl fulfilled willingly and enthusiastically by her.  She would do anything to escape another time on the table, but no matter what she did, she would still find herself subject to the electro therapy.  The visitors enjoyed watching too much.



























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