Black Briar Asylum

Chapter 5
More Electro Therapy

By Powerone
Copyright 2013

It had been three weeks now, Sherri was brought almost every night down into the cellar where the cells were. She was tied in almost every conceivable position, naked and spread for the men and women to do anything they wanted to do to her. She couldn’t protest the obscene and degrading acts they performed on her or made her perform on them. All sizes of cocks were forced into her mouth, her tongue would grow tired, her lips stretched wide until it felt like they would tear, but they never let her relent until they had spilled their hot cum on her face or in her mouth.

During the day, she was allowed to sleep, but most times she was bound and the attendants would come into the room while she was asleep. She would be woken by a finger that penetrated her pussy or worse, her ass and then they would stretch her with more fingers, all while they expertly masturbated her. But they never let her cum, keeping her on the edge so she would be wound tight and aroused at night when the older men would visit her downstairs and take her young, tight body with their aging cocks.

“Time for another visit with Dr. Swanson.” Mason saw the shocked look on her face when he said it. It had been a while since the last session, but this would be different, much more severe and men paid large sums of money to play with her body using electrical probes that would go deep into every orifice.

She cringed on the bed and curled up into a ball when he said it. She could still feel the way her muscles tightened up when they shot electricity through her body. She had no control over her bodily functions when they did it. The worst part is that Dr. Swanson enjoyed her pain as well as the other men that masturbated openly while she was tortured. “No, not that, anything but that!” Tears ran down her face, but Mason already pulled her off the bed.

Naked, she was led down the hallway to the room, the sterile room that held the shiny metal tables all with leather straps to restrain her. The men watched as she was led into the room, Sherri unable to hide her naked body from them. There were more of them this time, two of them stood next to Dr. Swanson. Both of them wore a white coat as if they were doctors, but she saw the bulges in their pants and knew they would grow more excited as they tormented her body with electricity.

“Put her in the shock frame, Mason. Secure her tight; I don’t want her to hurt herself.”


From by an artist named Strutter79.



Mason pushed her over to the black iron frame. “Step into the leg irons,” he ordered her, bending down and securing her ankles and snapping the clamps tight. He made sure that her legs were spread sufficiently to keep her crotch open for the probes. Her arms were next; Sherri didn’t fight him as he thrust them up high and found the two clamps to secure them in. This left her breasts unprotected and thrust out. One more clamp to go, this time the largest clamp fit around her slim waist, Mason made sure that it was very tight. It would constrain her breathing, but that would take any fight out of her.

She was bound in the cold iron frame before she could do anything. A wooden dowel split her lips and the leather straps slid around her head to secure it. Drool ran out of her mouth. She found her body thrown out of equilibrium, not realizing that the iron frame was mounted on a larger frame that ran around the outside and the inner frame had a pivot in the center that it allowed her bound body to spin around. She found herself suddenly thrust upside down, her hair hung down as the blood rushed to her head and she grew dizzy. She felt hands on her ass, but could do nothing as her cheeks were pulled apart and her anus was greased by an urgent finger that was too rough. She was quickly penetrated, the thick knuckles pushed open her anus ruthlessly as the tip of the finger pushed into her rectum and banged hard against the elastic walls of her rectum. She couldn't make a sound; Sherri forced to endure the finger in her ass in silence. Her body shook as more hands joined in, rough hands that pulled her nipples until it felt like they would be torn from her body. Something thick and cold entered her pussy, ruthless as it stretched her insides. The fingers pulled from her ass hole, but another cold rod was pushed in, not as thick, but long as it pushed deep into her guts. Her stomach cramped around the twin probes and she feared the worst.

“Begin,” Doctor Swanson instructed the two men that paid dearly to torment Sheri. Their fingers went to the panels in front of them, the lights changed from red to green and then as they twisted the dials, the hum increased in intensity. Sherri’s body began to shake as the electricity began to flow through the twin probes deep between her legs.

Sherri thought she would die as the electricity shot into her most intimate passages with such brutality. She could barely see the men through her tear stained eyes, but they had big grins on their faces, one hand played with the switches that controlled the tormenting electricity and the other stroked the naked cocks that jutted out in front of them. They teased her, the jolts dying down, but then they would shoot it up higher until it felt like her blood would boil. All while they masturbated.

Her body slumped to the ground when they finally let her out of the shock frame, but she saw the hard cocks of the men still jutted out in front and knew they were not done with her yet. Mason came over and she found herself thrust into a new restraint device, more evil then the last.


From by an artist named CrinisLover.



Her wrists and ankles were tied to the thick wooden beams, but her body was slack, able to move easily, Sherri not understanding why. She heard it before she felt it, the sound of metal screws turning like a vise. It took a few minutes, but then she felt a wooden beam push against the small of her back. She looked to the side and could see the handles that turned the screws. One man was on each side and Sherri felt her legs lift off the floor as the handles were cranked and the wooden beamed pushed into her back and forced her body out in a wide arc. It felt like her back would break and the muscles would pull from her shoulders as she was bent obscenely. The men laughed at her discomfort, but didn’t stop until her head was pulled back and she stared at the ceiling.

“Clamp her tight, we don’t want them to fall off,” Doctor Swanson cautioned the men as they took the clamps out, all of them connected by red wires that were secured to the electrical panel. He watched as one man took the dowel out of her mouth, but his fingers pushed into her mouth and grabbed her tongue. He pulled it out of her mouth as tears ran down her face when it was stretched out so far. The large clamp bit painfully into the center of her tongue, picking up the slack on the wire so she could put her tongue back into her mouth.

It felt like he pulled her tongue out by the roots, but the pain as the clamp bit into the soft flesh of her tongue was worse. Drool ran out of her mouth, but she couldn’t do anything but endure. When she tried to pull her tongue back into her mouth, the clamp bit tighter and stopped her, afraid it would tear her flesh. Then she felt hands tease at her nipples, Sherri tried to will them to stay soft, but the fingers were relentless and they soon blossomed into hard tips. More clamps were ready; this time the clamp not only caught the tip of her nipple, but also pushed down onto her areola. It trapped her flesh as the sharp, ridged clamps bit painfully into her most delicate tips. The second clamp hurt as much as the first.

“She’s ready, who’s going to use the probe first?” Doctor Swanson felt the probe taken greedily from his hand.

Sherri saw the shiny metal probe: over eight inches of stainless steel shaft, but at the very end was a large, shiny steel ball the size of a golf ball. One man greased it up until it glistened in the bright lights. The electrical panel began to hum and Sherri felt the first bites of electricity shoot through her body. Her wet tongue conducted the electricity all the way to the back of her mouth. It felt like she swallowed a large clump of something solid. Her breast felt like they were on fire as the electricity raced through them, more painful as they shook like Jell-O and made the hard metal clamps dance on her chest.

He watched as the thick ball pushed against the pink anus that was spread so obscenely for him. He ran it around the wrinkled brown hole and watched the muscles spasm. “Take it, take it deep.” He pushed hard and her anus gave up the fight. The slick ball began to force her anus to stretch, the tiny hole opened relentlessly under the pressure. It looked like it would tear, but suddenly it was sucked into her guts and the ball disappeared, only the long shaft pushed out her dainty hole.

The probe began to move in her ass, the painful stretching was bad enough, but now her insides were stretched by the thick ball as it pushed painfully against the soft walls of her bowels and stretched her elastic walls as it pushed deeper. The first shock made her stomach cramp around the probe, but the man carried little for her pain, his cock grew bigger as his hand stroked harder. He began to fuck her ass with the probe, all while the electricity beat her muscles into submission.

It went on for an hour; first one man used the probe until she felt his hot cum shoot onto her naked ass and brand her with his sperm. Then the other man took over with the probe, digging deeper into her guts. It felt like it would come out of her mouth when he was all the way into her bowels. He fucked her long and hard and made her take all eight inches with each thrust, all while the electricity boiled her insides. She was thankful when he spilled his seed onto her body.

She couldn’t get up when they released her, but Mason helped her get dressed. It was only panties, bra and socks, but at least she had something to cover her battered body. She was led over to a small iron post that shot up from the floor, held tight with iron bolts. A cross piece on the top had leather cuffs on the ends and another cross piece only inches from the floor also had leather cuffs. She soon found her wrists bound to the top piece, the cross piece long enough to keep her arms spread wide. Her ankles were similarly secured, spread wider than her arms.


From by an artist named Strutter79.



Her mouth was gagged with tape and a wood block went around her neck and pinched her skin. She saw the men begin to line up, the first one in line was already naked, his cock jutted out in front of him in spite of his age. She lost sight of him, but she felt his cold, clammy hands run intimately over her body as if she was his lover. Her panties were pulled down in the back and then she felt a tongue lavish attention on her anus as it lapped at her stretched hole. It wasn’t long before the tongue was replaced by a cock, thicker than the probe that was up inside her. He wasn’t gentle, taking her with his rock hard cock with only three thrusts that sent his cock to the depths of her bowels. Then he reamed her out with frenzied thrusts until her bowels were soiled with his hot cum.

The next man worked over her pussy, first with his hands and fingers, not gentle masturbation and he spanked her pussy as if it were her buttocks. Her pussy lips were swollen by time he was finished, but then he used his cock as if it were a weapon. First, he beat her pussy with his cock, then he drilled her with it, taking her at weird angles that felt like he would drive his cock through the walls of her pussy. He might be old, but he held out for a long time as he made Sherri take the hard fucking until her pussy was filled with his hot cum.

The tape was removed from her mouth and they brought a swing down from the ceiling. Naked men were hoisted up on the swing until hot cocks brushed across her soft lips. She had no choice but to open her mouth and take each one inside. Her tongue swirled around the foul tasting cocks, her lips tight like a rubber band as they swung back and forth and drove their cocks in and out of her lips. When they got too eager, she was forced to swallow their thick cocks, choking and gasping as they held her head pinned up against their abdomens and their wiry pubic hairs tickled her lips. There were four of them in all, by time she was finished, her face was coated in a thick coat of white crème and each time it dripped down to her lips, one of them would force the thick crème into her mouth until she swallowed it.

Doctor Swanson was the last to take her, but he made sure that she took a shower and was fresh and clean. She was tied to the bed, face down. He climbed onto her back as his hands fumbled between their bodies as he aimed his cock at her ass hole. He pushed into her tight hole just as Mason thrust his cock into her mouth.

The two of them took her, Sherri was forced to lick and suck all the while she squeezed her ass muscles on the cock that tore into her ass. They came into her simultaneously, flooding her with hot cum. They finally left her alone, still bound, cum dripping out of her ass and her mouth as the light turned off. Would I ever get out of here?

The End




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