Bondage Brandy

By Powerone

Copyright 2010

Chapter 1

Four Years Later

Brandy graduated from college, moving into the city, away from home, hoping to start a new life.  Her parents still looked at her differently since they found out about her and Michael, not even him moving could changed anything. 

She had found a good job as an advertising assistant, able to afford an apartment by herself.  She enjoyed her privacy.  She dated on and off, but nothing steady, most men her age interested in partying and getting her into the sack and then they moved onto the next conquest.  None of them really turned her on the way Michael had done.  He was so demanding, Brandy needing that in a man, yet at the same time it gave her such pleasure to perform whatever he asked of her.


* * *

The buzzer rang, shattering her nerves as she sat on the couch watching a television show.  It was early Friday night, Brandy staying home after a hard week at work.  She wasn’t expecting anyway.  She walked over to the speaker in the kitchen.  “Yes?”

“Ring me up.”

She recognized the voice, no need for him to say who he was.  It sent a shiver up her spine and a tingling between her legs.  “Yes, Sir.”  She pushed the button until she heard the door opening.

It took Michael a couple of months to find Brandy, her parents not very cooperative, but he finally managed to locate her.  Michael had changed jobs, consulting now, travelling around the county, no need to go home now that Cindy had divorced him.  He still saw the girls, but with Cindy having a boyfriend and intending to get married soon, it became less and less.  He didn’t have a home, staying wherever he was consulting for three to six months at a time and then having the freedom to pick up and go somewhere else.  But this was different, Michael taking a corporate apartment in the city now that he found Brandy.

The door to her apartment was already open, Brandy looking so much better then he remembered.  And he remembered her well and often.  He had tried to reconcile with Cindy at first, but after Brandy, Michael could never go back to a woman that didn’t approve of his inclinations or submit to them. 

She could almost cum as Michael walked down the hallway.  Her eyes were drawn to his crotch, not surprised to see his erection pushing out the front of his pants as if he were proud of it, and she was sure that he was.  He was a couple of years older, but she hoped that he was even more experienced, Brandy wanting him in ways that she couldn’t even fathom.  In his hand was a bag, but she didn’t ask what was in it, wanting the surprise and excitement.  He stopped as soon as he got to the doorway, standing only inches from her.

“You look good, Brandy.”  She was dressed casually, but his mind knew what was below the loose fitting shirt and tight jean shorts.  “You’ve matured into a good looking woman,” he complimented her, his eyes drawn to her breasts, still pert.  His hand slid up and he caressed one of them until he felt the hardness of one erect nipple.  She made no attempt to stop him; in fact she acted as if it were the most normal thing to do.  He squeezed one breast until he heard a soft moan from her lips. 

She shouldn’t have let him fondle her in the hallway, but even after all these years, it felt like the most normal thing, his hand feeling like he had done this yesterday, not four years ago.  She couldn’t deny the pleasure she felt, her nipple hardening into a rock as soon as he started, his finger pinching it until she felt a pleasurable ache in her chest.  “Do you want to come in, or would you rather strip me naked and throw me to the floor here?”

“Would you object if I did?”  His hand slid up from her breast to slide over the smooth skin of her cheek.

“No, Sir.  I told you once before, I am yours, do what you want of me.  I haven’t changed my mind.”  She loved his large hand and the way it felt.

Michael’s hand slid over her lips, two fingers parting her lips and sliding into her mouth, feeling the way her lips clasped tightly around it as if it were his cock.  He began to pump his fingers in and out of her mouth until he felt her tongue caressing his fingers.  “Stroke my cock with your hand.”  His cock jerked rigid the moment he felt her soft hand grab his shaft through his pants.  Her fingers moved up and down his cock just the way he had taught her.  He pushed his fingers deeper into her mouth as her fingers curled tightly around his cock and sliding up until she squeezed the crown of his cock.

She felt his fingers in her mouth, wishing it were his cock, but she performed as if it were, her lips gripping them tight as her tongue washed them down, Brandy wishing she could taste the salty cum that her tongue would have extracted if it were his cock.  His fingers pushed in deeper, but she didn’t move, her hand going down and grabbing his cock, remembering exactly the correct way he had taught her to please him with her hand.  It was like it was four years ago, the wetness between her legs soaking her panties with her increasing arousal.  “GGGLLG,” she gagged, but her throat almost swallowed his fingers as they pushed to the back of her mouth, tickling her tonsils until she choked. 

He pulled his wet fingers from her mouth.  “Let’s go inside where we can be more intimate.”  He left no doubt of his desires, Brandy moving out of the way as he walked in.  She shut the door, watching as she put the dead bolt on to lock it tight.  He looked around the room, his eyes drawn to the dining room table.  It wasn’t that long, but that would be okay. 

She turned around as he looked around the room, not sure what he was looking for.  He put the bag down, hearing something metallic clicking as it hit the coffee table

“The table should do, Brandy.  Sit on the edge.”  His cock threatened to break free of his pants, her hand and her lovely body driving his erect so thick and long.

She didn’t hesitate, moving the flowers off of the table, sitting on the edge, her long naked legs dangling from the edge.  She could only wait and grow aroused as he moved to her.

His hands pushed on her shoulders.  “Lay back, Brandy.”  He arranged her, her body sliding easily on the shiny table, pushing her until her head began to slip off the edge of the table on one end.  “Relax,” holding her head as he slid her until she was almost looking upside down.

She wet her lips when she realized what he was arranging her for.  Her head slid off the edge, looking up at him, staring directly at his crotch.  Her mouth would be at a convenient height and with her head hanging down, his hands would be holding her so he could get the maximum pleasure from her mouth, tongue and throat, sure that he would make her take his cock deep into her stomach.  She couldn’t wait to taste his cum.  Yet he was far from being finished with her.

Michael opened up the bag, fumbling around inside until he pulled out the first roll of red rope.  He turned towards her until she could see it.  “Hands over your head.  Such a lovely table.  It’s built for bondage; you must have picked it with me in mind.”

She never even thought of it, Michael the one that had the sexual imagination, Brandy the submissive one, allowing him anything that he wanted.  She felt the rope tied around her wrists, digging deep into her skin, but it only made her grow more excited as Michael began to tie her.  She was glad she was wearing old clothes, sure they would be ripped from her body soon enough.  He pulled the rope beneath the edge of the table until Brandy felt her arms secured beneath it, pulled down below her back, her breasts forced out provocatively.  She only hoped that her legs would be next.

Michael pulled out another coil of red rope, this time reaching over her, his crotch pushed into her face, feeling her hot breath even through his pants, rubbing his crotch back and forth across her face as he grabbed her two legs and began to pull them up towards her head.  He saw the edge of the table, releasing one leg so he could tie the rope around her leg just below the knee.  He pulled the rope beneath the edge of the table about midway down, threading the rope through the bracket, pulling her leg up and out until her crotch blossomed open.  He grabbed her other leg, performing the same task until Brandy laid their, her legs pulled up and back, spread out as if she were waiting for a lover.  He could only imagine what her pussy looked like beneath the tight jean shorts, but he would soon find out.

She bit lightly on the cock that was rubbing back and forth over her face, the pants rough on her skin but it was her cock that she wanted and wanted in her mouth.  He was busy tying her legs, spreading her open until her ass barely touched the table, the rope holding her pinned and spread.  He moved away, but his eyes were on his handiwork, Brandy’s bound body.

“That’s the way I love you, Brandy.  Bound tight.  Now I can go to work on your body as soon as I get you naked.”

Go to work on her body.  What was he going to do to me?  What else was in the bag?  He had come prepared, hoping I was too for what he would do.  Bound as she was, she no longer had any choice in the matter, except for her mouth and she was sure that it would soon be filled with the hot flesh of his hard cock.

To Be Continued