Bondage Brandy

By Powerone

Copyright 2010

Chapter 2

Table Bound

Michael took another rope, lacing it around her waist, low down on her hips.  He pulled it to the other end of the table, not wanting her body having the ability to curl up and get away from what he planned to do to her.  This way she would be spread out, her legs open, her sex revealed.  First, he had to dispose of her clothes.

Brandy felt her body pulled in both directions by the rope around her waist and her legs over her head.  Her pussy was drowning in her excitement.  Michael looked through the kitchen drawers, finding a pair of shears.  The shirt split open as the shears tore through the fabric with ease.  He pulled it off, leaving her in her bra.  The jeans were next, the fabric thicker, but Michael did it as though he had cut the clothes off a girl hundreds of times until she was only in her bra and panties. 

Michael looked at the wet spot that stained her panties, the wide spread of her legs exposing her arousal.  “I’m glad you are anticipating this as much as I am.”  He stood next to her head as he disrobed, standing there in only his briefs, the fat bulge of his cock pushing them out obscenely.  He leaned over her to get to her bra, pushing his cock into her face as he rubbed her salaciously while he cut the bra from her body.  It didn’t take much until her naked breasts were exposed, her nipples hardening without so much as any provocation, Michael teasing her by not even touching them until he was finished.  He moved his cock against her face, feeling her lips nibbling on his cock through his briefs.  He hated to move, but he pushed away, seeing the disappointment on her face when he took his cock from her lips.  His briefs were wet with her saliva.

Even though she could taste the material of his shorts, it was his cock that she was after.  He rubbed it back and forth across her face until Brandy could finally capture it with her mouth, her mouth opening to take the shaft inside, biting down gently to trap it.  Her tongue ran over the briefs, but she could feel the hot flesh of his cock just beneath the thin material.  She wanted her mouth filled with his cock, wanting him to take her so completely, even forcing her to take his cock down into her throat until she pleasured him the way he wanted.  She was disappointed when he pulled his cock away from her mouth, her breasts naked, but his fingers didn’t touch her, her nipples growing as if they were searching out his touch.

She felt the shears make quick work of her panties, slipping them off of her until she was completely naked to him.  He did the same, Brandy licking her lips when he revealed his naked cock, almost able to taste him once again.  It had been too long since she took his cock into her mouth.

Michael stepped back to admire his naked prey; bound and spread for him.  He had taken her virginity before, now he would teach her some of the perversions he had been dreaming of doing to her for years.

 Her body was crying out for his touch, but he stood back and admired her, stroking his cock with one hand, Brandy wishing it were her fingers that were curling around the shaft of his cock.  “Please, Michael!”  She begged him, not sure what she was begging him to do.

“My, we are impatient.  Soon, Brandy.  You’ll soon be begging.”

Michael picked up the bag.  He pulled out two suction cylinders, each glass tube of varying lengths, along with the hand pump.  One of the cylinders was only ½ inch in diameter, her nipple would become very elongated.  The other was ¾ inch in diameter.  It would make her nipple stout.  Michael had the smallest one custom built.  Inside the normally smooth interior, this one was brandished with rough lumps, small at the beginning and growing larger farther in the tube.  The larger cylinder was only two inches long, but the cylinder was only empty for the first inch.  The second inch had a dozen sharp needles jutting out from the sealed end, facing downward.  The suctioned nipple would be drawn into the needles, with no chance to escape.

Brandy couldn’t see what he had in his hand, grateful to feel his fingers plucking at her nipples, the slightest touch sending shivers between her legs.  His strong fingers teased and pinched her nipples until they ached in pleasure.

“This if for your left nipple.”  Michael showed her the glass cylinder, but she failed the grasp the roughness of the inside.  His lips found her nipple, sucking it into his mouth, his teeth biting on the areola to keep it trapped as he suctioned the nipple until his tongue found the tip, slapping back and forth across the nerve rich tip while she moaned in pleasure.  Once he got it hard, his mouth deserted it, the cool glass cylinder fitting tightly around it to trap it.

Her nipple was wet and hard by the time Michael sucked it to hardness, feeling the cold glass cylinder placed around it.  She had seen nipple suckers on the Internet, but this one was different, more formidable.  Her nipple was stimulated by the cool glass as Michael hooked up the pump to it, Brandy’s body on edge at the thought of what it would feel like when he pumped it up.  His mouth had drawn it out, stretching it, his teeth biting down to trap it. 

He looked in her eyes as he held the pump in one hand.  He pumped it rapidly, looking back to watch her nipple suddenly drawn over three inches longs quickly, the brown flesh of her nipple turning a crimson red as it was stretched to the fullest, the bumps in the cylinder quickly forcing it to drag painfully through the cylinder.

“EEEEEEHHH,” she couldn’t contain herself. She never felt anything like it.  Her nipple felt like it was on fire.  First, it felt good as the suction tugged on it, but it never ceased, pulling so far that her flesh wasn’t elastic enough to stretch that far.  She felt the blood pulled to the nerve endings in the surface, but it was the tightness that took her breath away.  The cylinder was too skinny, her nipple compressed the deeper it was pulled into the cylinder, but Michael never stopped until it felt like it was over three inches long.  The cylinder didn’t feel smooth as she thought.  It felt like it was lined with sandpaper.  She was at least grateful that he had stopped sucking it in, but she felt the tremendous pressure around her trapped nipple as if it were being squeezed by an unyielding vise.

Michael’s cock grew in sync with her nipple stretching, her gasp of shock making him harder.  He released her nipple, depressing the pump until her nipple shrunk down, then quickly pumped it back up, watching as her nipple was drawn through the rough cylinder, scratching painfully along the sensitive flesh.

“GGGGOODD,” she cried out.  Her nipple was released, but as soon as it shrunk in the tube, Michael pumped it up again, this time Brandy feeling something rough rubbing along her nipple flesh like sandpaper.  It felt like her nipple was stretched farther, but Michael released it and pumped it up a third time, feeling like her nipple was torn as it passed through the tube until it stretched painfully.  She cried out again, but Michael only smiled down at her evilly, his cock growing from her pain.

He held the one nipple pinned in the cylinder while he worked on the other.  He showed her the cylinder this time so she could appreciate it.  “The other cylinder is lined with rough bumps which I am sure you have already experienced.  I’ll get back to pumping it up and down so you can appreciate all that it has to offer.  But first, I need to stimulate the other.  This tube is wider, so your nipple will not be so compressed, but the suction will make it become stouter.  The cylinder is short, but at the other end is a dozen sharp needles that will wait for you nipple to stretch to greet them.  Their sharp tips will sink into the meat of your nipple.  I think you will find it very stimulating.”

Brandy felt the cold cylinder forced over her other nipple, but even though she knew she would feel the horrific pain of the needles piercing her nipple flesh, she still couldn’t stop them from growing erect as she waited for him to pump it up.  Michael worked quickly, hooking the same pump up to the other cylinder, not sure how it worked, bracing for the piercing pain she knew was imminent.  She heard a hiss as he pumped quickly, feeling her nipple drawn out.  It didn’t hurt like the other one, at least until it stretched an inch.  The first needle punctured the very tip of her nipple, feeling like a knife was stabbing into her heart as it pierced the nerve rich tip, followed quickly by other needles finding all of her stretched nipple and part of her areola.  “EEEEWWWW,” she couldn’t help crying out, the needles jabbing into the flesh of her nipple with such pain.

Michael released the nipple, watching as the needles pulled out, tiny drops of blood appearing the spots it deserted.  “Again,” he warned her, quickly pumping up the cylinder until her nipple stretched and the needles punctured her sensitive nipple flesh.  He enjoyed her scream of pain, but he was afraid of the neighbors calling the police.  “Open your mouth,” he ordered her, looking down at her tear stained face.

He was going to silence her scream with his cock, Brandy opening her mouth to receive him, anything to pleasure Michael.  He began to thrust inside her mouth as soon as her lips clenched onto his cock, her tongue going to work on his cock to make him cum.  He was not idle, his hand working the pump, one nipple pulled through the painfully skinny cylinder, rubbing the flesh raw until it felt like it was skinned, then pumping up the other until the needles pierced the very depths of her soul.  She could feel him growing in her mouth as he continued to force her to ride the pain for his pleasure.

It felt like hours to Brandy before she felt his body stiffen.  He had entered her throat numerous times, choking and gagging her through her pain clouded brain, but he pulled out as he climaxed in her mouth, Brandy swallowing copious amounts of his salty, thick cum, remembering what it was like to accept his sperm into her belly. He never stopped abusing her nipples until she had swallowed a gallon of cum in her belly, pulling out and releasing her nipples from the painful torture.  Her nipples refused to get soft, the slightest breeze across the one rubbed raw feeling like a pair of pliers twisting it.   The other one felt like needles were still jammed into the meatus of her flesh.  Michael pulled his cock from her mouth, a trail of drying cum on her lips.  In spite of the pain, her pussy wanted to feel him inside her, but Michael had other plans.

“Now I can go to work on your pussy, Brandy.  You are going to feel such delicious pain.”  Michael’s cock was already growing in sadistic pleasure.

To Be Continued




* * *