Bondage Brandy

By Powerone

Copyright 2010

Chapter 3

Whipped for His Pleasure

Brandy licked her lips, enjoying the salty taste of his thick cock.  It had been a long time since he had filled her mouth and belly with his cum.  He pulled the suction cups off of her nipples, but they stood out hard and erect, the slightest breeze across them stimulating where the cups had abused them.  She was sure that Michael’s fingers would continue their abuse.

With her legs spread so wide, she was defenseless, seeing the eighteen-inch ruler he pulled out of the bag, the heavy wooden ruler swooshing through the air.  He had just cum, yet Michael’s cock was still semi-erect and growing.  He enjoyed punishing her.  She wanted him to touch her pussy, but this was not the way.

“I’m going to get your pussy nice and tender; and my cock hard again.  Then we can fuck.  It’s been a lot of years since I’ve been inside that hot, tight little box.  Do you still remember how to pleasure me with your pussy, Brandy?”

How could she forget, Michael teaching her how to clench her muscles on his cock as he tore into her, the only way she got pleasure from the act now.  “Yes, Master.”

He swung the ruler, the position Brandy was in she couldn’t see it, but she heard it breaking the air.  She felt the sharp slap on her inner thigh, high up so she could feel the rush of air on her naked pussy.  It stung and Brandy cried out. “EEEhhh,” feeling the flesh heat up from the blow. 

His cock grew when he heard the slap of the ruler on her sensitive inner thigh, her body jerking and her squeal of pain.  He saw the white flesh turn red.  The ruler swung and caught the other thigh, a sickening thud as the wooden ruler slashed at her skin.  He looked down, a dew covering the lips of her pussy.  She might cry out, but it was her pussy that was growing wet, not tears in her eyes. 

The next blow of the ruler was high up, catching her on the top of her bush, slapping hard.  She shook, but barely a whimper came from her lips.  He went to work on her outer pussy lips, starting near where her torso and legs met, and them moved closer to her slit. 

He was beating her lips with the ruler, the hard, unyielding wood smashing into the thick flesh with a thud.  It stung, but didn’t hurt, at least by time it got to her brain.  All she felt was a tingling in her loins.  Her legs were spread obscenely, all of her sex open and vulnerable.  He must have hit her lips at least twenty times, both sides receiving equal abuse, her lips puffing up as they endured.  She knew he was only working up to the more delicate areas, the soft, delicate inner lips and finally her clit.  He wouldn’t be happy or hard until he smashed the ruler into her swollen clit.

Michael’s fingers slid between her lips, coated with her juices as he plucked back her lips to expose the soft, pink inner flesh.  He had a hard time holding the oily flesh.  He started off lightly slapping the flesh, the wet thud resounding in the room.  He pulled the lips out farther so he could attack the wet flesh with the thick ruler.  Her eyes began to tear up, her lip quivering as he worked the flesh over with the hard, wooden ruler.

He was pulling her lips open too wide, but the strain on the flesh was nothing compared to the harshness of the ruler on her inner lips.  The soft skin was never meant for such abuse, but Michael’s perverse acts always went to the extreme limits.  It stung terribly, feeling like her lips were attacked by a swarm of bees.  They swelled, but it only made it more vulnerable.  She thought he would never stop.

He rubbed his cock on her face as he beat her pussy with the ruler.  Each cry from her lips vibrated along his growing cock.  He stopped with the ruler, pulling his cock from her face, but he needed something more formidable.  He pulled the rattan cane from the bag.  Over two feet long, it was flexible and would bite nicely.  “This is usually used on the female’s buttocks for discipline, but I think in your case, I’ll use it on your pussy.”

She had only seen things like this, but never expected to have it used on her.  Especially on her pussy.  Brandy didn’t know how she would stand it.  “Please, Michael,” she begged.

“No need to beg, Brandy.  I would be glad to use it on your pussy.”  He knew she was begging him not to use it, but he wouldn’t stop until she was soft and tender, ideal for a hard fucking.  The pain would make her pleasure him nicely.

The first blow split her pussy lips apart, driving the rattan cane through her lips to attack her inner lips with a vengeance.  Her scream was priceless, her body jerking hard on the table, the rope digging painfully into her flesh as she tried to escape the tight bondage.

“EEEEWWW,” Brandy screaming out probably waking up the neighbors.

Michael was beyond reason, watching as her pussy lips folded suggestively over the cane as if it was her lovers cock.  He pulled the cane back, the edge of the cane wet with her juices.  He pressed the cane between her lips, sawing it back and forth so the thick knobs on the cane would rub harshly along the abused flesh.  He made sure the ribs on the cane found her clit, teasing it out from its protective hood so it would be available for abuse.  He pulled the wet cane from her lips, slapping it hard down between her legs, this time the brittle cane striking her clit, hard and exposed, taking the brunt of the punishment as it smashed her pleasure button into her pubic bone.

She felt her life shattered in her head when he hit her clit.  It felt like her head was exploding, her pleasure button smashed hard into her pubic bone.  The cane returned, rubbing harshly over her engorged clit until it felt like it was rubbed raw.  Another blow between her lips, smashing her clit, sent her body rocking on the table, the tight bondage preventing her escape.  She felt his thickening cock rubbing on her face, feeling the hardness that her pain brought him. 

He pulled away, his balls aching for relief.  Punishing young girls can be so tiring.  He looked down at her tear stained face, a faint trace of his drying cum on her face where he had rubbed her provocatively as he enjoyed beating her.  He took out the rubber glove, the palm and fingers laced with tacks pushed up from the inside.  He put it on, but not before he showed her the sharp points that littered the fingers and palm.  “I’m going to use this on your ass to make sure you give me a good ride.”

She felt him climb on the table between her legs.  It only took a second before she felt his cock fisted against the opening of her pussy.  He plunged into her pussy without so much as any preliminaries, but he slid in easily, her pussy soaked with her desires to please.  She found her pussy filled with his rock hard flesh, stretching her inner passage around his demanding hot flesh.  It hurt as his cock slid over her abused outer flesh, but inside it was all pleasure as she accepted his cock.  He began to fuck her hard and fast, the friction burning up her insides.  She remembered how much she missed being taken so fully by a demanding lover.  She gripped his cock with her inner muscles, her only job to please her Master.  Not even her pleasure was paramount. 

He felt her muscles nibbling on his cock like tiny animals, taking her with the full measure of his cock, the tight bondage leaving her to take the punishing strokes with no reprieve.  He rubbed his gloved hand under her bare buttocks, the tacks scraping deep red trenches in the clenching flesh, but it only added to his pleasure as her muscles curled around his cock in painful response.

The tacks dug into her buttocks, but she could do little but try to make him cum.  When he tired of raking her cheeks with the tacks, his finger found her exposed anus, two tacks on the tip of one finger pushing into the nerve rich tissue around her anus, as her buttocks clenched uncontrollably as the skin was punctured with the tacks.  He finally came in her, but already one finger covered in tacks was in her rectum, scratching the soft walls as her muscles fought the painful invasion.  She milked the cum from his balls as she felt the familiar hot cum jetting into her receptive pussy.

Michael couldn’t hold back any longer, shooting his cum into the bound, young girl that lay beneath him.  She took everything he had to offer, yet she milked his cock until he got his pleasure from her.  He had so much more to teach her and he knew she would be responsive, no matter how harsh and perverse.  She lived to provide him with all the pleasure he wanted from her and he would use that against her to degrade her.