Captured Innocents

By Powerone

Copyright 2013

Chapter 1


“I hate this place,” Kim stated as she slipped into the front seat of her sisters car.  “Why couldn’t I live on the island of Oahu where the action is?  The island of Hawaii is nothing but lots of empty space and volcano’s.”

Becca got in the front seat.  Shhh, we don’t want to get caught before we even get out of the driveway.”

“My sister is sound asleep.  Sarah was out late last night with her boyfriend.  If only Mom knew that she left me alone.  She can have all the fun she wants, but not me.  I don’t know why my Mom made her babysit me.  I’m old enough to take care of myself.”  Her mother had left Sarah in charge of Kim for a week while she was on her honeymoon.  This was her third marriage so Kim couldn’t even understand why she needed a honeymoon.  It’s not that she’s a virgin like Kim.

“My mother’s the same way; she treats me like a child.  I’ll be glad when I can move out and be on my own.  She thinks I am spending the night at your house and doesn’t know your mother is gone.  Thank goodness she doesn’t both to check.”  Becca was bored at home and school, but was lucky enough to find a friend in Kim and Jessica.

They both cringed when Kim started the car, immediately putting it in reverse and backing slowly down the driveway.  They waited to be caught, but nothing happened as she put it into drive and took off down the street, the car gaining speed as they moved quickly out of the neighborhood.  The car was old and noisy, but at least it gave Kim the freedom to get away and find some action.  She drove like a pro in spite of not having her license. 

It took only a couple of minutes before they pulled onto the block where Heather lived.  “Call her.”

Becca pushed the speed dial and it took only a second before Heather answered.  “We’re down the corner.  Hurry up.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Heather left the note on the table. 

Kim’s mother picked me up.  I’ll give you a call when I get there.  Love Heather.

Her mother knew she was staying with Kim and Becca and was okay it.  She was lucky that she was out and wouldn’t notice that Kim’s mother didn’t pick her up.  It was Kim.

It was already dark so no one saw her as she slipped around the corner to find Becca and Kim waiting, the lights off, the engine still running.  She opened the back door and slid in, slamming the door behind her.  “Get out of here!”  She held her breath until they were blocks away.

“I can’t believe we’re really doing this,” Heather said, her breathing ragged. 

“Don’t worry, nothing will happen.  I have it all worked out and even if my sister finds out, she wouldn’t dare tell my mother after leaving me alone all last night.  My mother would kill her if she found out.”  Kim had planned this ever since she found out her mother would leave her alone with her Sarah.  She was confident and cocky.

“You’re so smart,” Becca complimented her.  It had taken a bit for Kim to convince her, but the more she talked confidently about her plan, the more comfortable Becca and Heather were with the plan.  It was foolproof.  What could go wrong?

“I take care of my buds,” Kim the ringleader of them.  They drove for about ten minutes, farther away from the town, the street desolate and black, not even a sliver of moon tonight. She found a clearing along the side of the road and the tires slid on the gravel as she pulled over.  “We need to change.”  They had each brought a change of clothes; none of them dared wear what they had in their bags.  The car lurched to a halt and the outside was lit up as the doors opened and the interior lights lit up the black night.

“Where are we going to change?”  They were on the edge of the road.  Anyone coming by would be able to see them.  Becca not that bold to undress in front of others.  She hadn’t been naked in front of a boy yet, confined only to making out in the back seat of a car but she never let a guy get farther than feeling her up outside her clothes.

“We’ll see anyone coming from miles away.  Don’t worry.”  Kim looked both ways before she opened her bag and took out her clothes.  She quickly stripped off her modest blouse and jeans.  She took out the short, plaid skirt and the white silk blouse.  Stripped to her bra and panties she felt so sexy.  The bra was cut low and showed off a generous portion of her ample breasts.  Her thong did little to hide anything, her mound shorn until her pussy looked like a ten-year olds pussy, except her lips were full.  She had full buttocks that moved sensuously, but the clothes her mother made her wear hid all of her sexy body.  She slipped on the silk blouse, leaving the top two buttons open.  It was tight across her breasts and accented them.  She put the skirt on; the bottom of it barely went below her crotch.  If she bent over, her naked ass would be revealed.  She put on socks and sneakers.  “How do I look?”

“You look like a ten year old schoolgirl, with the body of a woman?”  Becca was always jealous of Kim.  Becca’s breasts were half the size of Kim’s, but her legs were longer and leaner.  She had a schoolgirl skirt like Kim’s, but she pulled on a white cashmere sweater and a pair of suspenders to hold up the skirt.  She pushed the suspenders to the side so that it highlighted her breasts.   She put on a pair of black patent leather and lace socks.  “So what do you think?”  She tried to push her chest out farther, but it didn’t do much good.

“You’ll have all the older boys lusting after you.”  Heather was the last one to get dressed.  She was embarrassed by the simple, white cotton bra and panties she wore, but her mother wouldn’t let her have anything sexy and Heather wasn’t bold enough yet to take a chance to defy her, afraid she would be caught.  She slipped on a pair of jean short shorts that were cut up to her crotch.  They were her shorts, but from three years ago and they were plastered to her flesh, barely able to get them over her hips.  She pulled the tee shirt over her head, but it barely came down to cover her breasts.  Heather had taken a scissors to it and it was also three years old so tight that it showed the outline of her bra vividly.  Out of place, but they made her feel so sexy, she wore a pair of four-inch heels that she stole from her mother’s closet.  They were stuffed way in the back of the closet, so she didn’t think they would be missed.   They were red and Heather balanced precariously on them.

“You look like a red neck slut,” Kim complimented her.

“Thanks, that’s the look I was going for.  You said to dress out of character.  You two look like child molester bait.”

“Did you bring it?”  Kim opened up the bag she had and took out the pint of vodka.

Becca had a bottle of red wine, but Heather had a bottle of champagne, cheap but it was champagne.  “Yep, let start with the vodka.”

They all cringed as they took a sip of the vodka, Heather choked to keep it down as it burned all the way to her belly.  It went directly to her head.  They each took another sip before they put it away.

“We’ll save the other for later.  Let’s go.”  Kim was eager to find some boys and have fun tonight.

“Where are we going?”  Heather picked up her phone.  Shh, for a second.  Hello Mom, yes, I’m at Kim.  We’re going to watch movies and stay up late.  Yes, I will.  Love you.”  Heather hung up, ashamed that she lied.

“Milolii.  It wouldn’t take long, about half an hour.”  They all piled into the car once again, Becca’s turned up the radio as they sped off, the tires kicking up rocks as it grabbed the tar once again.

The road was dark and desolate, only one car passed them going in the other direction, the vodka passed around once again, almost gone now.  The tires hummed as if with the beat of the music.

Orochi saw the car coming, his eyes peeled out as it passed by.  “I think we’re in luck.  Make the call.”

Takeo dialed the number.  “Be ready, we might be on tonight.  Call the others if they want to participate.”  He hung up.  “I hope you’re right, Orochi.  I spent too many nights out here with you.”  He was thrown against the back of the seat when Orochi took off, the light breaking the darkness of the road ahead, but the red taillights of the car up ahead came into view.  It wouldn’t take long to catch them.  “Are you sure?”

“Pretty sure, looks like three of them at least.”

Takeo put the red light on the dash, the magnet made a loud noise as it slapped down hard.  He pushed the button and it lit up the road in front with its flashing red light.  He hit the button on the console and the siren blared in the empty night.  He could see the tail lights brighten as the driver in front of them hit the brakes.

It was a sudden shock that hit them all at the same time.  The dark night lit up with the redness and then the quiet was shocked with the wail of a siren.  “Fuck, where did he come from?”  Kim looked in the rear view mirror and saw the lights of the car behind them close the gap quickly.

“What are we going to do?”  Heather’s voice shook.  They were going to be caught.

“Don’t worry; I’ll take care of it.  Just don’t say anything, leave it all to me.”  Kim had a fake license and it looked authentic.  She pulled over to the side of the road and took the gum that Becca gave her to get rid of the smell of vodka from her mouth.  The car slowly came to a stop, the car pulled up behind her.  She turned off the engine and waited.  A bright spotlight shone into their car.  Becca turned and stared directly into it.  “No, look straight ahead,” but it was too late as the light scanned the car.

“Three of them, young and pretty.”  Orochi waited while Takeo made the call.

“Three of them, young and pretty.  Twenty to thirty thousand for each of you, depending on how old they are.  Don’t worry; they’ll get their money worth.  Have we ever let you down?  No more than six, I don’t want them to get anxious if they have to wait.  We’ll be there in an hour, so have everything arranged.”  Takeo hung up the phone.  “This is going to be a lucrative night.  Shall we get started?”

Orochi walked over to the driver side, Takeo to the passenger side.  The window was open by time he got there.

Kim waited patiently, but nervous in spite of what she said.  The car interior behind her lit up as the doors opened, both of them, two men got out and walked over to their car, one on each side.  Kim lowered the window as the man approached.  He wasn’t wearing a uniform, but had on a suit, out of place around here.  “Can I help you, Sir?”  She said it obediently.

“Sheriff, not sir.  Can I see your license and registration?”  He shined the light in the car window and scanned the driver.

Kim felt like a boy was feeling her up; the light caressed her body as though it were a hand.  It started at her face, but then slide down her neck and upper chest to stop at her breasts.  The light slid from one to the other before it continued on its way.  It slid down over her belly and into her lap.  She clenched her legs tight as it played over her naked legs, Kim unable to cover them, the skirt too short.  It stopped at her crotch and Kim could almost feel the heat of the light on her pussy.  Becca handed her the registration from the glove box and Kim took the license from her purse, ready in a compartment of the purse to make it easy.  “Was I doing something wrong, Sheriff?”  The light finally pulled away as he took the license and registration from her.

Takeo tapped his flashlight on the glass window, the girl in the passenger seat jumped from the noise.  “Open the window, please.”

Becca almost jumped out of her skirt, the tap on the window scared her to death.  She pushed the button and the window rolled down noisily.  “Yes, Sheriff,” trying not to be defiant, like Kim.

“It’s deputy.”  Takeo began to run the light over her, first her face, blinding her eyes.  The light slid down her face and onto her chest, a nice sweater hugged a pair of small breasts, but the men often liked the smaller breasted girls so that was an asset.  The light slid down her belly to her legs.  The girl trembled as he played the light between her legs, but they were slightly parted and she was too scared to close them.  He knew from experience she would be very submissive.  Her skirt was short but she had long legs.

Becca felt violated by the light, unable to see even when he pulled it out of her eyes, but she could feel the heat of the light as it ran over her body.  She couldn’t move, too scared to do anything.

Takeo moved to the back door and tapped on the window with the flashlight.  The window pulled down immediately.  “Open the door.”

Heather tried to comply before he said anything, but he wasn’t content, demanding that she open the door.  She hesitantly opened the lock and then opened the door until he grabbed it and pulled it wide open.  “Yes, Deputy, can I help you?”  Her trembling voice couldn’t hide her fear.

“Would you step out of the car?”  It wasn’t a question, but a statement as he tapped the heavy flashlight on the car.

WWhaat…”  Kim was cut off immediately by the Sheriff.

“Quiet, you’re already in enough trouble, you don’t want any more.  Stay in the car, both of you.”  Orochi would allow Takeo to begin.  These girls were young, the driver’s license was a fake and you could easily see that it was crude in the making.

Kim didn’t say another word; her lips trembled as she bit them.  She heard Heather get out of the car, but didn’t dare turn around.

Heather was ashamed as she got out of the back seat.  The deputy shined the light on her naked legs as she struggled to get out.  She had to balance on the unfamiliar high heels in the dirt.

“Step to the back of the car.”  Takeo followed her to the back of the car, the light shone on her backside, the short shorts clung to her ass like a second skin, the tee shirt left a lot of her back naked, but it would do the same in the front.  The high heels made her legs look long and muscular.  He didn’t understand why she wore what she did, but she knew the men would appreciate it.

She stooped in the back of the car and stared at the man.  He was big, Hawaiian but he was more of Japanese descent then Hawaii.  He was older, at least mid-forties, but his arms were big, even beneath the suit.  He was dark complexion, but his face was rugged.

“What’s your name?”

“Heather,” knowing she couldn’t lie.  She was already in enough trouble.

“You going to be a good girl, Heather and do what I say?  Or are you going to give me trouble?”

“I don’t want any trouble.  Please,” she begged.

“We’ll see.  Bend over the trunk of the car and put your hand on the trunk.  Far out, stretch out real nice for me.”

Pleassse, I don’t have anything on me.”  She trembled, knowing from television that he would pat her down.  She was now shamed at what she wore and it barely covered anything.  There weren’t many places to search and they were all intimate parts of her body.

“I thought you said you were going to do what I said!”  His voice became more adamant.

Heather had no choice, turning her back to him.  She lay her upper body almost on the trunk, afraid it was too dirty if she touched it, but afraid of disobeying him again.  Her arms stretched far out until they almost touched the back window.  She could feel the way it thrust out her ass, but there was nothing she could do.  She kept her legs clamped tightly together.

“All the way down on the trunk.  Yes, like that.  Stick your butt up for me nice and high.”  His hands went to her hips and she jumped the first time he touched her.  “Relax; I’m going to search you.”  He pulled her ass up higher until he could make out the soft skin where her buttocks met her thighs from behind, the shorts cut so short that nothing was hidden.

She tasted blood as she bit her lip when his hands touched her.  Her butt was pushed up blatantly. His hands slowly slid over her hips and her body shook when she felt his large, callused hands touch the naked skin of her sides.  They slid up the sides but didn’t stop when they got to the tee shirt, sliding underneath until she felt two large hands engulf her small breasts.  “No, please, noo…” she begged, but the hands began to become more urgent and the strong fingers squeezed her breasts.  She was shamed when her nipples exploded as though the blood was pushed to the very tips.  No boy had ever made her nipples turn so hard that they tingled with pleasure. 

“Just have to check you all over.  You’d be surprised where girls hide weapons.”  His fingers sought out her nipples, not surprised that they were hard.  Many girls found unexpected excitement when felt up against their will.

Takeo released her breasts, her breathing ragged.  He bent over as his hands slid back down over her hips.  “Spread your legs for me.  Real wide, like the do on television.”

She began to sob softly, but she spread her legs obediently, but he never seemed to be happy.  His hand lightly tapped the inside of one soft, naked thigh until she spread wider.  It was hard on the high heels and soft dirt, her body sliding down the trunk until she had spread her legs almost the width of the car.  Her crotch ached, but she felt the hands on her hips moved to her butt.  Fingers pushed into her buttocks and Heather clenched her cheeks protectively, but the powerful fingers dug deep into her flesh and she felt him pull her cheeks apart as though she were a fruit.

She might have little tits, but she had a nice ass.  He pulled her buttocks apart and pressed his fingers between the sharp divide that the tight jeans couldn’t hide.  His fingers pressed all the way between them until he thought he could feel the muscles of her anus spasm.

He was touching her in such a dirty place, but she couldn’t stop the muscles of her buttocks clench and unclench uncontrollably.  Then she felt a large finger touch her anus and it sent the tight muscles into spastic contractions that she couldn’t control.  She was afraid to say anything as he fondled her buttocks with immunity.  She didn’t think it could get any worse, but it did.  His hands moved down her buttocks and she felt both hands on the inside of her naked thighs.  They clenched onto her soft flesh and squeezed too hard.  Heather moaned softly in pain, but gasped loudly when one of his large hands gripped her between her legs as though she were a bowling ball.  It made her jerk up, but a slap on a tender thigh made her spread her legs wide once again. 

He goosed her pussy with his hand and her shocked indignation was readily apparent.  He released, but gripped it tighter, his fingers dug into the soft folds of her soft pussy and he ground them in short circles.

It was as though she was masturbating, but this hand was harsher and more demanding.  It gripped her with fingers that felt like pinchers, but through the shame she felt a wetness between her legs as though she were masturbating in the privacy of her own bed.  He goosed her and made her jerk back and forth as though she enjoyed it, finally he released her, but she felt the hand between her legs long after he moved it away.

“You can get back into the car, Heather.  You were a good girl.”  He tapped her ass as she got into the car as though she wore a trained dog that needed to be rewarded.

Takeo went to the passenger side of the car with Orochi waiting on the other side.  “Your turn.”

“Get out of the car, Kim.”

Kim and Becca heard part of what went on behind the car with the deputy and Heather, but they knew more happened then what they heard.  There was nothing they could do as they were led to the front of the car, one on each side.  They were made to lie down on the hood, Kim and Becca shamed as their skirts pulled up so high in the back that they could feel the cold air blow on their naked buttocks; their thongs did little to hide anything.  They stared into each other’s eyes; tears fell as they heard the men tell them to spread their legs. 

Orochi saw that Becca was more docile than Kim; but he would soon break her.  A slap to her thighs and her legs spread like honey.  He leaned over her and pushed his cock into her ass as he lay on her back.  His hands reached around and pushed under her body until he could cup her full breasts.  She might be young, but her body was mature.  She would be taught a lot tonight before the night was over.

Kim lost it, losing her defiance when he lay on her body and she felt the hardness of a man’s erection push into her buttocks.  His hands slid under her, grabbed her breasts and squeezed them as if he was squeezing a ripe fruit.  This was not a lover’s caress, but an aroused man molesting her young body.  His hips moved from side to side as though he were masturbating on her almost naked butt.

He was behind Becca, able to feel his breath on her naked buttocks.  Her breasts felt abused by his hands, yet her nipples refused to shrink, hard and throbbing with painful blood.  She cried softly when she felt a wet tongue touch her thigh so close to her crotch, but the shameful wetness moved up over her clenching buttock.  She jerked up when two fingers grabbed her pussy from behind and pinched the soft lips, the wet lips clinging to her buttocks as she jerked her hips uncontrollably.  It was as though she was enjoying this and pushed back to meet him.

She felt his hands slide between her legs and with them spread so wide, she was defenseless as the fingers touched her pussy, though not only her thin thong, but also they pushed aside the tiny thong and she shivered when a man’s fingers touched her naked pussy for the first time.  She was afraid she would grow wet and excited if he kept it up, glad that he stopped and both of them let them up.

“No, what are you doiinnnggg?”  Kim found her arms pushed behind her by sheer force and then felt cold steel and the click as handcuffs secured her arms behind her.  She saw Becca helpless as she was cuffed, but she kept her wrists behind her without being forced.  Heather was just as docile, getting out of the car and turned around with her wrists already folded behind her back as the clamps secured them.

“Your license is a fake and you are under age.  All of you are out beyond curfew.  I can smell liquor on your breath.  We’re going to take you to the police station where you will be processed.  After that, we’ll call your parents to come and get you.  If you give us any trouble, you’ll find yourself in jail over the weekend until a judge comes in on Monday for arraignment.  Into the car now, the deputy will drive your car and I will follow.”  Orochi looked over at Becca.  “Come, you’ll ride with me.  The other two will be comfortable in the back seat with the deputy.”

Becca was placed in the front seat of the car, the sheriff put the seat belt around her, his hands didn’t fail to touch her in places that they shouldn’t.  He pushed the shoulder strap to the side, his hand brushed across one breast and Becca cringed when she felt her nipple harden unexpectedly.  He buckled the seat belt around her waist, his hand brushed low down until she felt it on her naked leg.  He pushed his hand up and as he did, her short skirt rode higher until her crotch was exposed.  He left her that way as he closed the door.  Her arms behind her back forced her breasts to stick out obscenely, the short tee shirt could barely cover any of the bra. 

Kim and Heather were thrown unceremoniously into the back seat of the car as the door slammed shut.  The deputy got into the front seat and the car roared to life.  He gazed into the rear view mirror.

“Sit up straight, both of you.  Don’t clench your thighs, you have nice legs and I want to see them.”

The car lurched forward, but Kim and Heather sat upright, their legs spread slightly, the deputy lowering the rear view mirror so he could look at their legs as they drove.  No one said a word as they drove, Kim not recognizing where they were going, but it became more woods, not a town. 

As Orochi followed Takeo, he reached over and put a hand on Becca’s leg.  The skirt was up high and he took advantage of it, his fingers crept up until he found her soft mound.  She jumped when he touched her, her eyes gave him an evil glint, but she bit her lip while his fingers began to rub the sweet, soft lips of her pussy.  “You like having your pussy played with Becca.  Spread your legs wider,” he ordered her, pushing out on one thigh until she obeyed.  He pushed her skirt up over her thong, turned on the interior light so he could see better and began to stroke the full lips of her pussy.  It didn’t take long before he felt wetness beneath his finger.

The cars pulled up to a large wooden building in the middle of know where, surrounded by dark woods.  Kim saw the other cars parked around the building, lights shone out.  At least there were others here.  The sheriff and his deputy wouldn’t try anything else.  Kim would be grateful to have someone pick her up, even if it meant she was busted for what she did.  At least they would be free.