Daddy Taught Me To Be A Woman

By Powerone

Copyright 2003-2008


This is a story told to me by Barb, a 44-year-old housewife living in Western Canada.


I was an only child.  Mother was very loving and affectionate but dad was cold and distant, a workaholic.  I was just 10 when they split.  I didn't know what was going on but I learned much later that he was fucking his 20-year-old secretary.  Mom found out and served him with divorce papers.  After he left mom fell into a state of depression.  Her friends encouraged her to get a job, get out of the house and maybe meet someone.  About a year later one of her friends gave her a lead on a job and she was hired as a receptionist at a pharmaceutical manufacturing company.  Shortly thereafter her mood brightened and she was like her old self.  I questioned her about this change and finally she told me she had met a man at work who she thought was very nice and he had asked her out.  She was a bit reluctant to accept his offer but I encouraged her and she ultimately said yes to him. 


His name was Harry and he was a sales representative with her company.  He was a couple of years older than mom and had never been married.  When he came to pick her up the following Saturday evening I was really impressed.  He was very good looking, well mannered and charming.  Also, he paid a lot of attention to me which was very flattering for an 11 year old who was just starting to develop and starting to realize that boys and girls are different.  The romance progressed quickly and six months after they had met they were married.  As I said, Harry was very nice to me and this of course pleased my mom.  Little did she know why he was so nice to me.


It was about 6 months after they got married that I found out that Harry had a special liking for preteen girls.  It all started very innocently as far as I was concerned.  He would give me little pecks on the cheek and sometimes would put his hand on my round little butt.  I liked the attention I was receiving and did nothing to discourage it.  Sometimes when mom was out of the house he would let me sit in his lap.  I really liked that, but I thought it was strange when Harry said that we should keep things like that a secret.   I said okay, because I didn't want to spoil it.  He said that he would like it if I called him "daddy" when we were alone but that we should also keep that a secret.  Mom joined a bridge club and the ladies met every Wednesday evening.  That meant that my new daddy and me were home alone three Wednesday a month as once a month the ladies met at our house.  On one of those Wednesdays when we were alone the first important things happened.


 I had just had my bath and had come downstairs to the den in my baby doll pajamas where Harry was watching television.  He told me how pretty I was and would I like to come and sit in his lap.  I said sure, we had not done that in quite awhile and I really liked doing it.  I sat on his lap and we cuddled together.  It felt really nice. He gave me several little kisses on the cheek as we cuddled.  Then he said, "honey, would you like me to show you how grown ups kiss?"   That made me feel very grown up and I said sure.  He said, "if I show you, will you promise to keep it a secret?"


 I said I promised not to tell anyone. He told me to close my eyes and then I felt his lips press gently against mine. I knew deep down that I shouldn't be doing this but I also knew I wanted to do it some more.  "Did you like doing that?" he asked me.


The most I could do was whisper, "yes daddy."


He asked me if I would like to do it again and I said yes.  This time I felt his tongue moving across my lips.  I sensed what he wanted and I opened my mouth slightly.  Slowly his tongue entered my mouth and started rubbing against my tongue.  I loved what my daddy was doing to me and I started shamelessly moving my tongue against his.  I could feel my little nipples start to stiffen and I could feel wetness between my legs.  I don't know how long that kiss lasted but to me it seemed like an eternity and I didn't want it to ever end.


 "You like grown up kissing, don't you Barbie" he said.


 "Oh yes daddy, I love it" I responded.  I had seen boys peeing in the school grounds a couple of time so I knew what a boy's cock looked like.  I felt something hard pushing up against my butt and I liked that too.  He held me in his arms and I felt very secure and loved.  I wanted to do more kissing but was reluctant to ask for more.  I felt his hand on my bare leg just above the knee.  His hands were soft and he made little circular movements on the tender skin of my inner thigh.  Several minutes went by before I realized his fingertips were almost at the crotch of my baby doll nylon panties.


 I said, "daddy, your hand is almost touching my thingy."


"I know.” he said “and it feels nice doesn't it?" 


I knew we shouldn't be doing this but it did feel nice so I was honest and answered “yes, Daddy”.


He moved his head and began kissing me again.  This time I knew what to expect and I opened my mouth wide to welcome his tongue.  As our tongues met his hand moved a little higher and the tip of his finger came to rest on my panty crotch.  My body stiffened and I held daddy more tightly as his finger moved back and forth along my slit.  This may be wrong I thought to myself but I didn't care.  I had never felt so excited in my life and I knew I loved my daddy and he loved me in a very special way.  I wanted more but I didn't really know what more meant at that age.  After daddy made me again promise never to tell a soul, he said that the next time mommy was out for the evening we could play our special games again and that he would do other things that would make me feel even nicer.  Daddy didn't disappoint me.


The next several days went by very slowly.  I began to think that maybe it was just a very vivid dream and that daddy hadn't really done those things to me.  Finally, it was Wednesday night and as usual mom left for her bridge club at about 7:00.  All during the past week daddy had acted as though nothing had happened so I was afraid to say or do anything that might cause me embarrassment.  Daddy was in the den watching TV and I told him I was going upstairs for my bath. 


He said, “that's a good girl, why don't you come back to the den when you finish”. Then he said, "why don't you put on those cute little baby doll pajamas."


That comment sent shivers up my spine as this was the first thing he had said all week that gave any indication he might want to do things with me again.  I lay back in the tub and without realizing what I was doing, my hand was between my legs and I was playing with my little slit. I dried myself off and put on my baby doll pajamas.  I went to where daddy was sitting in the den.


 He looked up and said, "would daddy's little sweetheart like to sit on his knee?"  I wanted that more than anything in the world and was cuddled up to him immediately.   He put his arms around me and I was in heaven.  "You remember the things we did last week don't you baby?"   


I was so excited, “that is all I thought about all week, Daddy.”


He seemed pleased, “do you want to kiss me?”


I said, " yes, please daddy."


“Do you want a baby kiss or a grown-up kiss?”


I wasted no time in telling him, “I want a grown-up kiss”.  A moment later I closed my eyes and felt his lips pressed against mine.  I immediately opened my mouth wide inviting his tongue to explore my gums, teeth and tongue. This was what I had been thinking about and hoping for all week.  I became bolder as my confidence increased and I pushed my tongue into daddy's warm, wet cavity.  We continued to kiss like this for what must have been 5 minutes before I felt his fingertips moving slowly up my inner thigh. "Yes daddy do it please," I whispered.


 "Do what?" he said teasingly.


 "Touch my thingy daddy”.  He moved his hand higher and was soon gently rubbing my panty crotch like he had a week ago.


"You like that don't you honey?"


 "Oh yeah daddy, I love it when you touch my thingy," I responded.


"You will love it even more if I take your panties off so I can really feel it," he said.


 I lifted my bum and daddy hooked his fingers into the waistband of my panties and pulled them down my legs and off completely.  It felt even better when his fingertips made contact with my bare slit.  He rubbed me for several minutes and then he said, "Barbie, you're getting to be a big girl and big girls don't call it their thingy".


“What name I should use?”


“Grown up ladies called it their pussy and bad girls called it their cunt but I would like it if we called it your cunny”.


I liked that name. At this point my life was centered on those Wednesday nights when daddy and I would be by our selves.  I was no longer shy.  I knew what would happen and I wanted it to happen.  Sometimes I was even bold enough to place myself in daddy's lap without being told to or asked if he wanted to.  As soon as mom's car was out of the driveway I was in the den with daddy.  I loved it when he took off my panties and played with my tight little cunny.  Then he did something else that I came to really enjoy.  He would lift my pajama top up to my shoulders and play with my little titties.  I had little more than baby fat but I learned early on that my nipples were very sensitive.  Daddy would gently squeeze the nipples and they would become stiff.  Then he would lick them, take them into his warm, wet mouth and gently suck while rubbing my pussy lips.  God, it felt so wonderful.  Daddy would push his finger into my slit but only a short distance.  He later told me he did not want to take my virginity because I should keep it for the man I eventually married.  You can see how much daddy loved me.  It soon got to the point where neither of us could wait a whole week to play our "special games" as daddy called it.   Some evening’s mom would announce she was going to have a nice leisurely bath.  As soon as she was out of sight daddy would smile at me and we both knew we had probably half an hour before mom would be finished her bath.  If I was wearing a dress it was easy.  I would stand beside daddy and lift the hem of my dress up to my waist.  Daddy would then slip my panties down to my knees and start playing with my cunny.  If I had jeans on it was not as convenient but we were still able to play our games.


 I could feel his thingy pushing up against my bottom. “What do you call your thingy?”


 “There are several names but I like it when girls called it my cock.”


 “I like that name too, would you let me touch your cock like you are touching my cunny?”


 “As long as you swear that this is our special secret?”


“Yes, Daddy,” I answered.


He took my hand and placed it on his crotch.  I felt a cock for the first time in my young life but certainly not the last.  It was very hard and it felt enormous to me as I gave it a little squeeze.


“Stand up in front of me.”  He pulled down the zipper of his pants.


 "Would you like to see daddy's cock?" he asked me.


I couldn't speak I was so excited and just nodded my head.


He reached in and pulled out his fully erect penis. "Do you like Daddy's cock?”


"Oh yes" I answered.


 "Would you like to touch it?" We had now reached a new plateau in our relationship


“Yes, Daddy, can I?”  I reached down and wrapped my fingers around daddy's cock.  It was radiating heat and I could feel it throbbing.


“Sit down next to me on the sofa”.  He placed his hand on my wrist and began moving it up and down.  “That is masturbating or jerking off” and he took his hand away.  I continued to stroke his cock as he reached between my legs and began rubbing my slit.  I don't know how long we kept this up but I knew I didn't want it to ever end.


“Very soon some white creamy stuff will shoot out of my cock.


I thought he was fooling me.


“Stroke me faster” and then he reached into his pocket and pulled out a handkerchief that he held about 6 inches from the end of his cock.  A few seconds later I felt his cock twitch and daddy said "now baby, daddy is gonna cum."


 To my amazement, some stuff shot out of his cock and into the handkerchief, then another burst of the stuff and then a final lesser burst.  Daddy then moved my hand away and sort of milked his cock and a couple more drops of the creamy stuff fell into the handkerchief.  There was a little pool of it and daddy dipped his finger into it and then brought it to his mouth.  He licked the stuff off his finger. 


"Have a little taste of daddy's cream" he said. 


I wasn't sure I really wanted to do that but I trusted my daddy completely and knew he would never do anything that would do me any harm.  I put my middle finger into the pool of daddy cum and brought it to my lips.  I stuck my tongue out and licked it off my fingertip.  It really did not have much taste but I liked the texture.


 Daddy then put his finger back into the pool and brought it up to my mouth.  I was no longer reluctant to taste the stuff, so I opened my mouth and sucked on daddy's finger. 


During the months and years to come I loved Daddy's cum and actually became quite addicted to it.  This, of course, delighted Daddy.  The next few time we were alone we always ended up with daddy fingering my cunny while I jerked him off.  Most of my undies were pretty plain.  Cotton panties and cotton undershirts.  But my mom had once bought me a couple of pairs of nylon panties with lace on the front.  She said they were only to be worn on special occasions.  I could never figure out why I would wear them on special occasions when nobody but me was going to see them.  I decided one night I would surprise daddy and wear my pale blue nylon panties.  And was I ever glad I did.


“I love little girls in silky panties.”


He could hardly keep his hands off them, which was fine with me.  Then he did something that I will never forget.  He told me to take my panties off and give them to him.  I watched mesmerized as he took his cock out rubbed it with my panties.  He told me to wrap my panties around his cock and to jerk him off.  Daddy was in heaven as I stroked him and when he came he shot a bigger load of his special cream than ever before. 


About four months after we started "doing it" as daddy called our sex games, my granny became quite ill.  She lived in a different city and mom got a couple of days off work to help out.  She would be gone for four days.  This meant daddy and I would have four days to "do it" as much as we wanted.  Wow, I couldn't wait for mom to leave.


On Thursday afternoon Daddy and I drove Mommy to the airport.  As soon as the plane took off for Calgary, Daddy whispered in my ear, “go to the ladies restroom, take off your panties and put them in your jacket pocket”.


 It sounded like a very naughty thing to do but the idea also made me very horny.   A short time later we were in the car driving back to our house.  As soon as we were on the highway he said,  “pull your skirt up to your waist”.   As soon as I did, he put his hand between my legs and started to rub my cunny.   "Undo my zipper" he said.


 I reached into his lap, pulled down his zipper, reached inside and pulled out his hard cock.  For the next 15 minutes we just drove along the highway with daddy fingering me and me masturbating his cock.


“Slow down I don’t want to come until we got home”.  That was the most fun car ride of my life.  "We have three more days all by ourselves, what do you want to do?"


 I saw the smile on his face and knew he was teasing me.  "I want to play sex games all the time and I want to make you shoot your cum at least 20 times."   We both laughed.  Soon we were back in our house with three more days to do what both of us wanted.


Those next three days really accounted for my sexual awakening.  Daddy went down on me for the first time.  He took all my clothes off and had me lay on the bed.


"I want you to close your eyes, spread your legs wide and just relax."  I followed his instructions but had no idea what was going to happen next.  A moment later he was kissing my feet and sucking on my toes.  It felt weird but also very nice.  Soon I felt his tongue licking up the inside of my thighs.  It felt great and before I realized what I was doing, my fingers were pinching my little nipples. Then I realized this was something new and very special.  Daddy was going to kiss my cunny.  When I felt his tongue on my pussy lips I almost fainted.  He licked for quite awhile and then I felt his tongue at the top of my slit and WOW.  This was the most exquisite sensation I had experienced in my young life.  But it just kept getting better and soon I felt like something was going to explode inside my tummy.  Then it happened.  My body began to shiver and I was on cloud nine for several seconds.  Daddy moved up my body and was soon kissing me tenderly.


 "What happened daddy?" I asked.


 "You had an orgasm. It’s the same feeling as Daddy has when he shoots his cream for you," he answered.  Daddy explained to me what my clit was and pulled my lips apart and showed me the little nub at the top of my pussy slit. 


I was so happy and excited that I said to daddy, "I want to make you shoot your cream for me."


He smiled and said “yes Barbie, that would be very nice.”


I wrapped my fingers around his hard cock and began masturbating him.  It did not take more than 30 seconds and daddy's cock erupted.  His cum shot out onto my chest in three spurts.  I took my finger and massaged the cream into my titties.


Later that day daddy sent out for pizza and then said I have a special video for us to watch”.


 Of course, I had never seen a hard core video before and was mesmerized as I watched men fucking women, women sucking men's cocks, men sucking each other's cocks and women licking and sucking each other's pussies.  As we watched the video daddy played with my cunny and I played with his cock.  When the video ended, I was really horny.  I decided I wanted to do something special for daddy. I told him “close your eyes as I have a special surprise for you”.


He did as I asked and I bent my head and kissed the head of daddy's cock.  "Oh baby, that feels wonderful," daddy whispered.


I loved the feeling of running my tongue over the velvety skin of the head.  I then tried to do what the women in the video had done.  I opened my mouth and took in about three inches of Daddy's seven-inch cock.  Then I wrapped my fingers around the rest of his cock and began stroking it.  I was really pleased with myself.


“That feels real good baby, keep it up”.  It must have been no more than 3 or 4 minutes before I felt Daddy's body begin to shiver and he said, "oh baby, I am going to cum in your mouth, do you want that?"


 I didn't want to stop and answer so I just kept sucking.  Daddy shot his load into my eager mouth.  One, two and then a third burst of daddy cum filled my mouth.  I swallowed some of it but kept some in my mouth.  I moved my head up to Daddy's and gave him a deep French kiss.  As we kissed I transferred the cum I had saved into Daddy's mouth. 


He knew immediately what I had done and grinned. "You are my little slut Barbie."  After that incident, oral sex became our favorite game.  I loved it when Daddy licked my pussy and made me cum and I loved having him shoot his daddy cum in my mouth.  During the three days mommy was away I think I sucked daddy off at least 6 times.  I couldn't get enough of his beautiful cream.  The next day daddy went out shopping by himself.  He came back with what he said were some presents for me.  The presents turned out to be a make-up kit.  Daddy had me sit in a chair and he carefully applied mascara, eye shadow and lipstick.  Then he told me to look at myself in the mirror.  I could hardly believe how grown up I looked.


“It really turns me on to see you with make-up on but we have to be very careful and only do it when we were sure we would be alone for a long time.” 


I kept thinking about the scenes I had watched in the video and pleaded with daddy, “please put your cock in my cunny and fuck me”.


 “I want you to be a virgin when you finally meet the man you want to marry”.  He saw my disappointment and said," I won't fuck you honey but tomorrow I will show you something that is almost as nice."  I could hardly wait until tomorrow.


The next day daddy told me again that he was going to show me something special.  I was both curious and excited.  Daddy slowly stripped all my clothes off and a couple of minutes later he was also naked.  I reached out and fondled his cock, which was hard, even before I touch it.  I was always quite short for my age and this was one time I was glad that I was.  Daddy got on his knees behind me, “move my feet apart as far as you can”.  He then put his cock between my legs.  “Put my feet together”.  I could feel the warmth from his cock against my butt.  Then he started rocking back and forth in a fucking motion.  It was really neat to look down and see his cock sticking out right under my pussy and then disappearing as he moved backwards.  Then forward again.  Daddy had one hand on my titty and was gently squeezing my nipple as his other hand gently rubbed my clit.  I could reach down and touch the head of his cock each time he thrust forward. 


We continued our simulated fuck for several minutes and then daddy put his lips next to my ear and whispered, "I'm going to shoot soon honey."  Daddy moved his hand away from my titty and cupped it on my cunny.  I watched as he shot his Daddycum into his hand.  After the third shot I knew what to do next.  I wrapped my fingers around the base of his cock and moved them toward the head.  I was able to milk a couple more drops of his precious sperm into his hand.  Daddy then moved his hand up to my chest and began massaging his cum into my titties. 


I still think of how lovely that felt today even though that was more than 30 years ago.  I licked the little bit of Daddycum that remained in the palm of his hand.  The next time we did it this way I told daddy to let me taste all his cum.  Instead of rubbing it into my chest like the first time, he brought his hand up to my mouth.  I swallowed every drop and wished there were more.  Sometimes we would do it with daddy facing me rather than behind me.  It was nice too because this way we could tongue kiss and daddy could put his hand in my butt crack and rub my little rosebud at the same time.  We continued our games for the next three years or so.  We never got caught.  We were very careful and never took any silly chances.  Daddy was very clever and we had a couple of emergency plans in the event my mom ever came home unexpectedly.  We would have sex in one form or another 3 or 4 times a week on average.  Sometimes we would only have maybe 15 or 20 minutes, like when mom was taking a bath.  On those occasions I might jerk daddy off as he rubbed my clitty.  Usually we would both get off.  Other times we might only have 3 or 4 minutes while mom was on the phone to one of her friends.  Lots of times we would just feel each other up.  I found that very exciting.


The best times however, were when we knew we had two hours or more alone and could get naked and really have fun.  The end came when I was 14.  Daddy was driving home one afternoon and some drunk came through a red light and broadsides him.  He wasn't killed but he was paralyzed from the waist down.  It was too much for mom to handle and he was placed in a long-term care facility.  I was heartbroken.  I would visit him 2 or 3 times a week just to try and comfort him but we both knew that an important part of our lives had ended.  When we were alone in his room I would kiss him and sometimes he would reach under my skirt and rub my pussy.  About three years later when I was 17 daddy passed away.  He has been gone for many years but I still think of him often.  I think of him sometimes when I masturbate.  I was married at age 20 and yes I was virgin when I married.  Daddy would be proud of me and I am glad now that he never fucked me.  He certainly could have if he had wanted.


Epilogue by Barb:


 I often see stories in the newspapers about some woman who is in her 30's or 40's who has laid a charge of sexual abuse against some guy for an incident that supposedly happened 25 or 30 years ago.  I wonder to myself, if she is so upset about it, why the hell has she waited all this time to come forward?  I suspect there are two possible reasons.   One, she thinks she might be able to extract some money from her alleged molester or two she wants to draw attention to herself and perhaps generate some pity for this poor woman who according to her testimony, "was robbed of her innocence and childhood."


What a crock of bullshit. If a preteen is raped or forced to participate in sex games that's a different story.  But if they were treated gently like I was by my Daddy, then I suspect they enjoyed every minute of it like I did.  I am a well-adjusted, happily married wife and mother of two daughters.  How can your innocence be stolen?  Watch TV a few hours every week and you will not remain innocent very long.  Exposure to sex and violence is almost continuous.  My daddy taught me how to derive enjoyment from my body and equally important, how to give a man pleasure.  I have nothing but fond memories of the special love my daddy gave me and I gave willingly to him.


The End














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