Forced Bondage Model

By Powerone

Copyright 2014

Chapter 1


“Fuck’in car.  It’s such a piece of shit.”  Jenny kicked the front door, not caring if she put another dent into it.  She was out in the middle of nowhere.  She tried her cell phone, but the battery was as dead as the car.  What else could go wrong and ruin the day any more than it was?

It was getting cold outside, the sun going down in the sky.  There wasn’t anything around except trees and more trees.  She should have never come this way, instead she should have stayed on the highway, but her registration was expired and she couldn’t afford to renew it yet.  If she was caught on the freeway, the fine was more than the registration and she couldn’t afford either.

Jenny kept glancing at her watch, two hours since she broke down and not a single car came by.  She worried about what would happen when it got dark.  In the woods, it would be pitch black.  She looked down the road when she heard it.  It sounded like a car.  She moved into the middle of the road; she wasn’t taking a chance on the car not stopping.

Lou saw the car on the side of the road.  He grabbed his phone when he saw the girl standing in the road.  Young and nice looking.  “Michael, I got one.  Should be there in about twenty minutes.”  It was about time.  He hadn’t found a girl in a month now.  It’s not that they got many visitors out here, especially good-looking ones that Michael wanted.  He pulled in behind her car and stopped.  He scanned her body as he got out, but it was hard to tell with the coat she wore, but her legs looked lean in the jeans she wore.  Nice brown hair, long enough but not too long.  She had a pretty face, but his eyes were drawn to her luscious mouth.   Yes, she would do nicely.  “You have car trouble?” 

He looked harmless enough; a couple of years older than she was, driving a pickup that looked like it drove through the mud for the last month.  It wasn’t that she had many choices, but she hoped that his cell phone worked out here.  “Yes, do you have a cell I could borrow?”

“Yes, but it wouldn’t do you any good.  Not much in reception out here.  I have it so when I go into town where it does works.  I live only a couple of miles from here and I have a landline that you could use.  If you don’t mind riding in my dirty truck.”

She didn’t have a choice; it was either go with him or be stuck out here.  “Your truck is better than my car.  At least it runs.  Thanks.”

She got in; glad that it was warm inside.  “Heat feels good.”

“Yes, the heater at least works.  I’m Lou.”

“Jenny.”  They didn’t say much, but it was a short ride, driving down a dirt path that wasn’t more than two tire tracks wide until they came to two buildings, a small house and what looked like a storage barn or workshop.  Lou stopped and they both got out.

“Phones in the workshop.”  He followed behind her until they were almost to the door.  Luckily, she never noticed that there were no electrical lines or telephone lines going to the house or the workshop.  He grabbed her from behind and surprised her.  But she recovered quickly and started to fight him.  He put his hand around her neck and yanked her up into the air, her feet off the ground as she thrashed in his grip.  He pulled the jacket off her shoulders until it pinned her arms behind her back so he could use one hand to hold them.  With the other, he began to run his hand over her body.  With the jacket opened, he could see she had a thin sweater on, but it left a lot of her belly bare and her abs were firm.  Her jeans hung low on her waist.

“WWWWhhatt are you doooing?”  She started to choke with the arm around her throat and she found herself lifted off the ground as if she weighed nothing.  Lou was stronger than he looked.

“Settle down, baby.”  He bent her back.  “You look good, nice hard body.  We’re going to have some fun with you.”  He ran his hand over her naked belly and up under her sweater to her breasts, nice firm young breasts.

“Let me go,” Jenny struggled but he grabbed her and dragged her towards the doorway.  No way had she wanted to go in there now, afraid of him and what he would do to her.  She kicked out and struggled, trying to keep him from pulling her through the door, but she was already growing tired and he was determined.  They were inside, just a shed with some sawhorses and other stuff around it.  She didn’t see a phone.  He threw her to the ground but he was on top of her in seconds.  He yanked her jacket scarf off and then he put her in a headlock, Jenny on her knees and her body bent back.  She grunted and cried out, but it didn’t do any good.

He didn’t waste any time getting her bound.  He pulled her back against him, yanked both of her arms up into the air, pulled her off her knees and up against the wooden post next to her.

“What are you doing?”  He yanked her up until she was thrown against a hard, wooden post.  She looked up as he pulled her arms over her head.  She felt something hard and cold around her wrists and when she looked up, both of her wrists were secured in handcuffs.  She tugged on them, but there was a chain that was bolted to the wood beam.  He released her, but she couldn’t pull her arms down, her body pushed up against the pole.

She was helpless as his hands began to run over her body, from her naked belly, to her breasts, his fingers urgent and demanding.  She struggled and tried to get away from his molesting hands but her arms were pinned.  She tried to kick him, but he stayed behind her, his hands around her body, continually exploring her as if he was her lover.  Her ass bucked back when he grabbed her crotch and then he pushed her sweater up and his hands crushed her bra. 

She panted, growing exhausted.  “Stop, stop.”

He began to kiss her naked sides and then he pushed her leg out of the way.  “You’re not going anywhere.”  She was one of the best so far.  He pushed her hair out of the way and kissed her neck.

“No, no, let me go.”  His hands continued to maul her body, turning her to face him, pulling her out, her arms bound over her head, her body bent and left defenseless.

He pulled her towards him as his hand covered her mouth.  “Such a hot body.”  He couldn’t get enough of her.

He grabbed her neck, pushed the hair out of her face and gave her a light slap on her cheek.  “You’re going to be a great model.”

“Whaatt!”  But, suddenly he was gone, walking off without another word, leaving her alone.  At least he wasn’t mauling her body.  She struggled to fill her lungs, fighting him had exhausted her and did little good.  She could still feel his hands on her body.  She looked up as she tugged on the cuffs, but they didn’t move the slightest.  She looked around, nothing in the room, yanking harder on the chains.  “AAAHHHH!”  She cried out in desperation.  “Somebody!  Help!”

Someone else came into the room, but she knew it wasn’t someone to save her.  He wore a ski mask to hide his face and in his hand was a riding crop.  She backed away from him as much as she could.  He walked around her, sizing her up.

“Lou’s right, nice body Jenny.  You’re made for pleasure.”  He moved next to her.

She tried to move away from him, but she could only move in front of the pole until the handcuffs pulled her back.  He grabbed her by the back of her hair, tears in her eyes as some of the hairs were yanked out harshly.  He yanked her back against the pole, his hand covered her nose and mouth as she struggled to breathe.  Would he kill me?  She was frightened of him.  He was a much older man; she could see that without seeing his face.  Her feet danced up and down as he ran the riding crop over her naked belly and then up to her breasts, not hard, almost as if he was caressing her with it.  He released her mouth, Jenny filled her lungs with air, but he grabbed her hair again to control her head.  He tapped her cheek with the riding crop, the leather smooth, but hard.  She struggled to get away from it, but he kept pulling her head back. 

He dropped the riding crop on the floor and went behind her.  His hands went around her body and came up just beneath her breasts.  He could feel her muscles clench tight from his touch.

She closed her eyes and she began to plead.  His hands moved up, Jenny rose up on her toes as if she could escape them.  She couldn’t stop him as his large hands encircled both of her breasts and squeezed them.  “Please,” she whimpered, rising higher on her toes, “noo, please, noooo!”  His hand moved up to her arms, pulling her up until she was balanced on her toes like a ballerina.  His hands slide back down to her naked belly and began to run up under her sweater.  “No, don’t, leave me alone,” she whimpered as her body trembled.  She was bound and could do nothing to stop this man from doing whatever he wanted to her.

He grabbed her around the neck again with both hands and squeezed.

“No, don’t, she cried out as she coughed.”

He put his hands over her mouth and nose to silence her.  She struggled for a moment and then her body grew motionless as she struggled for air.  He released her mouth; his hands pushed the hair from her face and op on her head.  He grabbed the back of her hair with one hand and pulled back until she stared straight up at the ceiling.  With his other hand, his fingers dug deep into her neck and he saw her wince in pain.  “If you don’t want to get hurt, you’ll do everything I say.  Do you understand?”

She nodded her head as she sobbed.

“Everything I say, no matter what.  Don’t make me hurt you.”

“Yes,” Jenny whimpered, her body trembled in fear.  She could feel where his fingers squeezed her neck too hard; it felt like they bruised her neck.

His hands moved down to her belly again.  “See my hand.  It’s going under your sweater and is going to squeeze those lovely, firm young breasts.  I’m going to pull your sweater up so I can see your bra.”  He loved to see the terror in her eyes when he told her what he was going to do.

She looked up at the ceiling; her body cringed when she felt his hand touch her belly.  She cried louder now as he yanked on her hair as his hand slid up and cupped one breast and squeezed before he went to the other.  She sobbed and stretched on her toes as far as she could as he pulled the sweater up and tucked it under her neck.

“Look over at Lou; he’s going to take a picture.  Such a lovely blue bra and so sexy.  You’re a full figure girl, that’s for sure.” 

Lou caught the tears on her face and the look of terror in her eyes when he snapped the picture.

He put his hand on her mouth again.  “You look so nice, Jenny.  Strung up as I strip you for the camera.”  He reached down to her sides.

She looked down as his hand moved to the front of her jeans, Jenny afraid he would grab her crotch as Lou did.  She looked to the side when she felt his other hand at the side of her pants and saw him open up the belt that was buckled on the side.  “Oh, God, no.” 

“Don’t fight; all you are going to do is hurt yourself.  The handcuffs will rub your wrists raw.”  He pulled the belt out of the loops until he got to the front.

“Please, no, please,” when she felt his hands on the zipper and he drew it down.  He was going to take her jeans off. 

He stood behind her, his hand on her belly.  “My hands are going up all the way to your arms and then they are coming back down.”

“NO, no,” she cried as his hands ran over her breasts again.  They moved all the way up, but didn’t stop, changing direction and coming back down.

“Do you like that, Jenny, when I caress your body?”  His hands ran over her lower body and then he pushed his finger into the waistband of the open jeans.  “How do you like having a strange man’s hand go into your pants and take them off?”  Her sobbing grew louder as his hands slid over her belly and pushed the tight jeans down.  He moved behind her so he could pull them down easier, sliding them down her legs.

“No, help me; don’t take them off, no!”  She shook her head in shame but it was too late, her jeans were wrapped around her ankles.  He walked around in front of her and gazed at her half-naked body, shamed that she wore sexy panties that pulled tight over her pussy.  Then she felt his hand on her neck again, the other hand yanked on her hair and pulled her head until she stared up at the ceiling once again.

Lou took another picture of her, this time with her jeans around her ankles, her black panties cut low.  Her face was red in shame.

“Such a body, Jenny.  So hot.”  While one hand held her head back, his other hand slid down her belly.  She cringed when he touched her; his hand slid down to her naked thigh and slapped it.  He let go of her head and picked up the riding crop.

She was afraid he was going to whip her; still able to feel where he slapped her tender thigh.  He tapped the riding crop under her chin until she had to raise up her head.  The crop suddenly went behind her and she felt the sharp slap as he hit her back.  “EEEEHHH!”

“Arch that back.” 

His voice was loud and demanding, Jenny arched her back in spite of seeing that it thrust her breasts out obscenely.  She felt the riding crop run over her thighs, but it just touched her, not whipping her.  She saw Lou take another picture of her as she posed provocatively for them.  What would they do with the pictures?

He turned her to the side. “Keep that back arched,” his voice louder.  He pulled back her head, covering her mouth with his hand, keeping her head staring up at the ceiling as he stood in front of her and admired her body.

She could feel him against her, her breasts thrust out so far they touched his shirt.  He moved behind her and she felt the riding crop on the top of her panties, her body tense, afraid he would whip her ass.  Her panties were brief and thin, no protection at all.

“If you disobey me, you’ll get smacked.”

She could only nod her head.  She flinched when his hand went to her head, expecting her mouth to be gagged, but his hand was gentle as it pushed her hair off her forehead.  He ran the riding crop over her taut belly, then he put his hand around her waist and pulled her next to him as his hand slapped the top of one buttock.  She was afraid that his hand would take more liberties with her bound body. 

He knelt at her feet, yanked her sneakers off and then pulled her jeans off each leg.  “Hold still, don’t try anything,” he warned her when her legs were free.  He picked up the ankle bracelets that he had dropped near her when he first walked in.  “Do you know what these are?”  He snapped the first one on her slim ankle, threading the chain around the back of the post and securing her other ankle.   “That will stop you from moving.”

Lou snapped more pictures.

She felt him behind her again.  Both hands came around and rested on her bare belly.

“Relax; you can’t stop me from doing what I want.”  His hands slid up her body, clenching on her full breasts, but they didn’t stop there.  She whimpered and cried when he grabbed the sweater bunched around her neck and yanked it up until he could bunch it around her wrists high above her.

She panicked when she couldn’t see for a moment and then the sweater was gone.  He moved to her side again.  His hand moved up from her belly and cupped one of her breasts, this time he squeezed it more urgently.

“You’ve been dreaming about this, haven’t you, Jenny?  Being bound and stripped by two strange men.”

Her mouth opened in shock, but nothing came out when his hands grabbed the top of her panties and yanked them down.  When they got over her hips, he let them go and they slid to her ankles.

Lou began to snap pictures, one after another.

“Oh, God, look at that hairless pussy.  So beautiful, Jenny, your pussy in all its glory.”

He pulled her next to him, one hand around her; the other pushed her head back until she was forced to stare at the ceiling.  He slapped her face, not hard, but enough so she felt it, not sure what she had done.  She cringed when he touched her again and turned her sideways, feeling his eyes burn her buttocks as Lou clicked more pictures of her naked ass.  Her head was yanked back again, this time he brushed her hair that hung down.

“Look at that body.  So sweet and ripe.” 

His hand reached for the strap of her bra but she already knew what he was going to do.  In spite of being almost naked, she pleaded with him not to take off the last garment that preserved what little modesty she had left.  “Please, don’t take it off, please, no, don’t.”  But it already sprang free and pushed away from her breasts. 

He pulled her until her back was against the pole, as he pulled the bra up over her head and tucked it in with the sweater at her wrists.  Lou unmercifully snapped pictures.  His hands slid down her arms and stopped just below her naked breasts.

He waited for a second and then they moved, Jenny knew where they would go.  She felt his hands caress her naked breasts, squeezing and pinching them.

“You scared Jenny.” His hands were gentle, but they took liberties with her breasts, cupping them, making sure his fingers ran across the nipples to turn them hard.  He released her breasts to cover her mouth and pull her head back, but the other hand continued to fondle, the soft flesh of the young girl.  “You scared?”  He could feel her body tremble and she shook her head yes.  “You know what’s going to happen, don’t you, Jenny?”  He pushed her head back until it was against the post.  “Arch that back, stick out those lovely tits!”

He pushed her head forward once again.  “We’re going to have a lot of fun with you, Jenny.  Lou’s going to take some more pictures of you.”  He stood in front of her.  “Arch that back more!”

Her ass was against the pole, but her back was at least a foot away, her naked breasts stood up high on her chest in front of her.

“Just do what I say, Jenny.  Look at your body.  You don’t realize all that you can do with it.  I’m going to teach you how to pleasure a man with it.  You’re going to get familiar with our cocks and we’re going to explore every intimate hole in your body.   You’re lucky that there are two of us.  I bet you never had two cocks in you at once.  You’re going to get twice the pleasure.” He reached down and gripped his cock.  “Your mouth will bring them back to life each time we cum and keep them hard.  There wouldn’t be a minute that you wouldn’t be without a cock.”