Forced Bondage Model

By Powerone

Copyright 2014

Chapter 2

Suck and Fuck

Michael eyed her body as he stroked his cock brazenly in front of Jenny, his pants unable to hide the bulge of his erection.  Lou stood next to her, ready for his turn.

“Don’t try to get away.  You wouldn’t get more than five feet before we catch you and you’ll be punished severely.  I’d hate to ruin that lovely body with my whip, but I will.  You gonna behave, Jenny?”  He held the riding crop out so she could see it.

Jenny shivered in fear, naked and bound; she was vulnerable.  Even if she could get free, they were stronger than she was.  She didn’t have much choice.  “Yeees, don’t hurt me.  I’ll do what you want,” even though she knew that she would have to let them fuck her.  It was the only way.  She hoped they would take what they wanted from her and let her go.

Michael went behind her and untied her wrists from the top of the pole.  They were still bound together in front of her.  His hands ran over her naked body as she squirmed, crying softly when he squeezed her tits too hard.  He pushed her down until she was on her knees; her eyes wide open in fear when she realized what he wanted.  “Hold still.”  He pulled her wrists up over her head and behind her neck, securing them to another ring in the pole that kept her secured.  She kneeled nicely for him, naked, her legs together as if she could hide her treasures from him. 

“Please, not that,” she cried out when his hands ran over her face and his fingers touched her lips.

“I’m going to put that mouth to good use, Jenny.”

She cried out when he began to open his pants, one hand around her neck to keep her pinned.  “Oh, God, no, no, please no.”  He fished his cock out of her shorts and held it in front of her face.  It was so big and hard, over eight inches of flesh that throbbed with desire.  He thrust his cock into her mouth, unable to stop him, one hand on the back of her head as he shoved his cock all the way to the back of her mouth with a single thrust.  “MMGGG, CCUFFF, GGlLLUB,” she gagged and choked when the head of his cock hit the small opening of her throat.  She had sucked a cock before, but not like this.  She had no control over it; his hand on her head shoved her back and forth, his hips drove his cock in and out at the same time.  He never gave her a chance to get used to it, too eager for his pleasure, her mouth was just a convenient hole for him to fuck.

He almost came the first time he pushed into her hot, wet mouth.  His cock filled her until he slammed into the back of her mouth, enjoying the way he made her choke on his meat.  He used two hands to move her head in just the right way, her whimpers made him harder.  Her puppy dog eyes looked up at him, but all he saw was the way her lips were wrapped around his cock and the feel of her tongue as his cock slid back and forth over it.

He never let her spit out his cock.  She knew she had to please him before he would finish with her, but she feared that he would cum in her mouth.  She made her lips tight around his cock as she felt every bump and ridge on his cock as it slid back and forth through her lips.  She could already taste his foul seed leak into her mouth, thick and salty.  She tried to swallow it, but the slightest drop felt like gallons when mixed with her spit.  Her stomach turned over; threatening to vomit each time she gagged.  He moved her head faster and faster, her lips smashed against his crotch with each thrust.

“Suck it, Jenny,” he enjoyed her mouth to the fullest.  He made her take almost all of his cock until it slammed into the opening of her throat.  “Take it all the way, take it deep,” as he shoved in hard and began to breach the tight opening of her throat.

He didn’t stop at the back of her mouth, each time he gagged her, it forced the opening of her throat to get bigger and that allowed more of the thick head to breach her throat as he rubbed her raw.  It felt like a lump in her throat and tears fell from her eyes as she choked on his raging erection.  She didn’t know how much more of this she could take.  It was so brutal.  Then she felt relief, his cock pulled from her mouth, but before she could take advantage of the chance to breathe, Lou was in front of her.  He had his cock in his hand, aiming it at her face, the head already slick as he rubbed it over her lips.  It was as big as the other man’s cock, but his was much harder.

“Keep your lips tight around it and I want to feel your tongue go to work on it.”  He slapped the side of her face, not very hard, but he got her attention.  “Open up, Jenny, take my cock in your mouth and pleasure me.”

As she opened her mouth and Lou’s cock thrust in, the other man took her picture as she willingly sucked his cock.  At least that is what the picture would look like.  The flash lit up her face as her tongue moved to run over his cock and she kept her lips tight around the shaft as Lou thrust her face back and forth onto his cock.  He took her mouth for a couple of minutes, never pulling out, her tongue already tired from working over his flesh.  He spilled his leaking cum into her mouth but she could do nothing to wash it away.  She gagged and choked when he eagerly thrust into her throat, pulling her throat onto his cock like a shoe on a foot.  Her throat stretched to take the hard flesh down inside, her muscles revolted as they tried unsuccessfully to push it out.

“My turn,” Michael was ready to fuck her.  When Leo pulled out of her mouth, he shoved down on her back until she was on all fours.  He slapped her ass.  “Get it up in the air and spread those legs wide!”  He was eager to get inside her and see if her pussy was as tight as her mouth.

She was bent over, ready to be taken like a dog.  She felt his cock slide up and down her slit, but he was already wet from her spit.  “NO, NO, Don’t,” she cried out.  “OOOWWW,” she gasped in pain when his cock plunged deep into her pussy from behind with no preliminaries, Jenny going from empty to full in seconds.  “Noo, NOOO!”  He held her hips and pulled her back and forth onto his cock as he penetrated her deep with his big cock.

“Ssspllat!  Swaaat!  Slaaapp!”  He slapped her ass three times, each time she cried out in pain her pussy squeezed his cock so nicely. 

“OOOWWW, OOOHHH,” her ass stung where he hit her, but his cock never stopped moving, in fact it only made him fuck her harder and faster.

She was good, riding her hard.  He yanked her up by her head until she was on her knees, his cock still embedded in her pussy.  He fucked her as she screamed in pain, but he cared only for his pleasure and she was tight.  He squeezed her breasts as he pumped her hard and deep, making her feel every inch of cock.  He yanked her arms over her head as he continued to pound into her, her luscious breasts bouncing nicely from the pounding he gave her. 

It felt like a baseball was shoved inside, his hips a blur as he continued to pummel her pussy with powerful thrust, his balls swung widely and slapped hard into her pussy from behind. 

“Let me try out her pussy,” Leo was eager to fuck her.

Michael reluctantly pulled out of her pussy, but he moved in front of her.  Leo immediately got behind her and with a savage thrust, he was inside her.

Leo’s cock was harder, like a spear shoved between her legs.  He grabbed her and fucked in deep and hard.  “OOOWWW!”  She cried out in pain as her pussy was forced to stretch to take all of him.  Her head shot up and she felt Michael’s hands on her head.  Through her tear stained eyes she saw his wet cock bounce in front of her face.  He pulled on her hair until she opened her mouth and his wet cock stained with his dripping cum was pushed in.  “GGGLLUGG, CCOOUGHH,” she gulped loudly as his cock stretched her lips around the thick shaft.  She tasted the foul, salty taste of his leaking cum, but he manhandled her head like a rag doll, shoving her back and forth to impale her mouth with his cock while she was simultaneously shafted from behind.  It felt like both men were trying to meet somewhere in the middle of her belly with their cocks. 

Michael held his hand under her chin to keep her head up so he could watch his cock fuck into her mouth.  He loved those sweet, puppy dog eyes look at him so innocently even as she sucked his cock like a pro.  “Take it deeper.”  He shoved harder until his cock breached her throat, holding her head tight as she struggled to free herself.  He was too strong for her, his cock too hard as it slowly sank into her gullet as she choked and gagged.

Jenny didn’t know how much longer she could take this punishment, her pussy raw as well as her throat.  They continued to pound into her, neither withdrew for a second.  She could feel every bump, ridge and bulge on the cock in her pussy as it sliced in and out.  He was like a machine fucking her, hard and unyielding as he pounded her cervix with the thick head.

“Let me in her mouth!”  Leo pulled out of her pussy, his balls needed to unload his cum, but it wasn’t her pussy where he would shoot his load.  Michael rushed around back and fucked in her pussy.  Leo grabbed her hair and yanked her head up until she opened her mouth to scream in pain. 

Jenny saw his cock poised in front of her face.  She couldn’t do anything as she screamed, her mouth filled with his copious fluids as he shot to the depths of her mouth with his hot, salty cum.  It started to run out of her mouth, but another load shot out and blanketed her tongue with the thick crème.  No matter how much she spit out, more jetted into her waiting mouth.  She gagged on the foul taste, but he plugged his cock into her mouth and ran the spewing cock around her cheeks and gums.  He finally pulled out, her head hung down in shame, cum dripping down her chin.  Michael was still behind her continuing to fuck her.

Leo pulled her head back up.  “Just clean this off, Jenny.”  He pushed his cock into her mouth as she sobbed.  He began to shove it back and forth, the last drops of cum caught by her tongue.  “Thanks, Jenny.”

He finally pulled his cock out of her mouth, Jenny unable to get rid of the cum that blanketed her mouth as Michael fucked hard into her pussy until it felt like he jammed his cock into her womb.  Then she felt the shame and humiliation as he jetted his hot cum into the depths of her pussy.  He fucked her with two more strokes, each time he shot more cum into her.  When he finally pulled his shrinking cock out, her pussy unleashed a torrent of cum down her thighs.  He moved in front of her and pulled her to her knees.  She opened her mouth, knowing she had no choice.  He pushed his wet, filthy cock into her mouth and she was forced to lick it clean.  She slumped to the ground, exhausted.

“Tie her up to the pole so we can get a beer.”

“We’ll be back soon and we’ll test out your ass.”

“No, not there, please no,” but her begging did no good, the men walked off.  She knew they would return and bust her ass with their big cocks.  She didn’t know if she would be able to take either of them inside her ass without tearing her, but they cared little except for their pleasure.  When would this nightmare end?