Forced Bondage Model

By Powerone

Copyright 2014

Chapter 3

Virgin Ass

They were laughing as they came in after having three beers apiece, their cocks hard at the thought of Jenny and their cocks grew harder when they saw her naked body ready for the taking.  “You did well with this one, Lou.  She’s built for fucking and the pictures will make us a fortune on the net.”  Michael would have her face and naked body all over the Internet before tomorrow.

Jenny shivered in fear when they approached, their hands already fished out their cocks and they stroked them until they grew big and hard.  She feared what they would do to her virgin ass, never expecting to let a man put his cock up such a place, too dirty she thought, but they cared little.

“Over the vaulting horse,” Michael instructed Lou to help him as he pulled the sheet off the horse.  It was black leather with four heavy iron legs that were bolted to the floor so no matter how hard or rough they were with her, it would hold her still and make her take it.  Lou added his own touches to it, leather cuffs at the front and back at the base near the floor to hold her, chains secured them to the legs so she could be spread as wide as they wanted. 

Jenny tried to fight back when Lou took off the handcuffs and she was freed from the pole, but he flung her around as if she didn’t weigh a thing.  She saw the dreaded vaulting horse, the cold leather on her belly as she was laid across it, the horse hit her high on her belly and hipbones, her ass thrust up high.  Michael grabbed her wrist and secured one before she could even fight.  It was too late when Lou pulled her other wrist down to the floor.  Her arms were spread out in front of her as the blood rushed to her head.  She tried to kick out behind her, but strong hands gripped each of her ankles and she found herself being spread wide and secured.  The middle of her body was pushed up on the horse, but her hands and feet never touched the floor.  A hand pulled her head up and she was confronted by Lou’s cock in her face.  She clenched her lips in protest, but he was content to rub his cock on her face.  She felt his hot juices stain her face, leaving a track until it got to her lips.  He painted her lips as though his cock was a tube of lipstick, but he never tried to force his way in her mouth.

Lou loved the look on her face as he rubbed his cock on her skin.  He held her chin up. “Michael’s a nice guy.  He’s going to make sure that he lubes you up first and then he’ll open you up before we ass fuck you.  We don’t want to tear you.”

He said it as though he was doing her a favor.  He could do her a better favor and not even think about putting his cock in her ass.  She didn’t say anything, fearing if she opened her mouth; it would be full of cock before the words spilled out.

Michael dropped his pants and shorts and stepped out of them, not wanting them to get in the way when he was ready.  He got the Vaseline jar and opened it as he stared between her legs from behind.  She was spread open wide, from the top of her crack, down between her cheeks until he could see the brown, wrinkled hole and lower down to see her pussy open up from behind.  She still had dried cum on her pussy, but that wouldn’t be where his cock would go.  He stuck three fingers into the jar of Vaseline and gathered up the thick jelly.  He started at the top of her ass and slowly spread it all the way down until he got to her pussy.  “I can do anything I want between your legs and you can’t stop me, Jenny.  You’re going to be real tight, I know.”  He began to run his fingers up and down her crack, each time he pressed harder into her flesh.  He could feel her anus react as his fingers ran over it, the muscles began to spasm, but she couldn’t do anything to stop him.  His fingers moved down to her pussy to slide two slick fingers inside her and curl them to rub her G spot.  He pulled out of her pussy, then slid the fingers back up to her anus, this time he paused on the tight hole and applied pressure.  He could feel her muscles try to keep him out, but his fingers were stronger.

Jenny couldn’t cry out, Lou’s cock still sat heavily on her clenched lips.  The fingers behind her began to explore her; first her pussy was penetrated by two thick fingers and moved deep inside her to touch her in places that she couldn’t resist.  They pulled out, but moved up to her anus.  She feared them when they stopped on her reluctant hole and pressured it with the tips of his fingers that circled her anus as she felt the cold, slick Vaseline lube her.  She couldn’t stop the fingers that began to breach the tight muscles of her anus; her anal ring began to stretch wider and wider.  It wasn’t so much the pain, but the humiliation of being probed in such a place. 

“EEEHHH!”  She cried out, quickly clenched her lips tight again, even though Lou made no effort to put his cock in her mouth, she still feared him.  The finger moved into her rectum like a snake and pushed hard against her rectal muscles.  Her buttocks clenched and unclenched uncontrollably, Jenny unable to control her own muscles as they fought to push out the intruder.

“So tight, Jenny, I can feel your muscles quiver.”  He ran his finger in and out of her ass until he could hear the sound of his slick finger squish in the tight hole.  He pulled his finger out to slide back to her pussy and speared her once again with two fingers.  In and out, he fucked her pussy until he felt her respond with her wetness.  Then his fingers slid back to her anus, a finger pierced her deeply with one thrust that brought a gasp from her lips.  He pulled out, then in, but this time two fingers went in her ass, her anal ring stretched tight as his thick knuckles plunged into the tight hole.  He pushed them in deep as he twisted and turned them to beat back her muscles.

She didn’t cry out this time, but she bit her lip and tasted blood as more fingers stretched her anus until she was sure it would tear.  They went in deep and Jenny could feel the hard knuckles beat her muscles into submission as they plunged in and out, too slick to keep them out. 

She opened up nicely; Michael grew more eager to shove his cock into her tight hole.  He went back and forth between her pussy and ass; two and three fingers pushed in and forced her open.  He began to spank her with his other hand as he fingered her ass, enjoying the way her muscles tightened up on his fingers.  “So nice, Jenny, when your ass clenches on my fingers.  It’s going to feel better when it’s my cock that enjoys the pleasure of your tight muscles.”  He stroked his cock until it glistened with the Vaseline.  He was ready.

The fingers were too big, her anal ring burned as three fingers slid into her ass and her stomach cramped around the fingers as they pushed inside her rectum.  She’d never be able to take his cock, too big for such a tiny hole.  Then his fingers were gone, leaving her empty and Jenny feared what was next.  She felt it, the head of his cock sat heavily on her anus, the flesh hot and twitched in excitement.  It was massive, covering her anus. 

He couldn’t see her ass hole anymore but his cock felt it.  Her muscles began to spasm from the unnatural touch of his cock.  He fisted his cock, his hand around the shaft to keep it from bending.  Then, he began to push with his hips.  He looked down in astonishment as the slick, sloped head of his cock began to push her anus into her body.  Her anus held out for only seconds before his lubricated cock head began to stretch it.  Her anus couldn’t keep him out, spreading open wider and wider.  Just when he thought it would tear, the sloped head of his cock slid inside.  It felt like a hot vise enclosed the head of his cock, trapping it with her tight muscles. He flexed his cock inside her ass.

“OOOOOWWW!”  There was no way she could take anything that big in her ass without a lot of pain and she was right.  It felt like he tore her; her anal ring burned as the thick head passed into her rectum like a baseball bat.  She never had anything that big in her ass, she would have remembered if she did.  She didn’t even care that Lou had placed the head of his cock on her lower lip when she cried out in pain.

Lou waited until Michael had breached her tight ass, afraid she would cry out in pain and bite his cock if it were in her mouth at the same time.  Once Michael got the head of his cock in her ass, he pushed his cock into her open mouth.  When she tried to close her lips, she trapped his cock in her lips tight grasp, the head bounced in her hot mouth in excitement.  He tapped her cheek and raised her chin up so he could see her face with his cock splitting open her lips.  “Suck my cock, Jenny.  I want to feel your lips tight around the shaft and your tongue working its magic on me.”  He gave her another light tap to encourage her to suck him.

Michael’s hands grabbed her hips tight, not so she couldn’t escape; for the tight bondage already did that.  He used it for leverage so he could shove his cock into her ass.  Jenny felt for the first time a cock in her ass.  It felt like it grew bigger as the head began to stretch her as it plunged into her colon with each forceful thrust of his hips.  It hurt just as much when he pulled out, her insides sucked out behind it from the powerful suction.  He pulled out only so he could fuck in harder and deeper, her bowels stretched and filled by the twitching flesh of his cock.  It was so big and long, her stomach cramped around it when he went in too deep, her anal ring threatened to tear when he pulled out, but he never deserted her ass hole.  He always thrust back in with such power that it took her breath away.  When she cried out, Lou took advantage of her mouth and shoved his cock in deeper until it pounded at the opening of her throat.

Lou and Michael worked as a team as they took Jenny front and back.  They would shove in both at the same time, driving their cocks so deep inside that it felt like they were trying to reach some place deep inside her body with their cocks.  Then they alternated, one shoved in while the other pulled out, Jenny never without a cock in her mouth or ass.  The friction in her ass burned her up as the Vaseline began to wear off and Michael fucked her harder and deeper.  When he bottomed out in her guts, his cock twitched and shuddered as her stomach cramped around the thick cock that filled her guts with his hard, demanding flesh.  Her mouth was filled with leaking cum, Jenny tried to please him, but it was hard to pay attention to both of them while they pounded her in unison.

Michael fucked her hard and faster, his belly hit her ass with a loud splat, but he pulled out just as quickly so he could go back in balls deep.  His balls ached as they swung back and forth and struck her when he went in deep.  Her insides were like a velvet blanket around his cock, but it was her muscles that rippled around his cock like thousands of tiny fingers massaging his organ that brought him such pleasure.  He couldn’t hold out much longer, needing to cum.  He began to slap her cheeks, alternating between one and the other to make her muscles jump and clench on his cock.  That is all he needed, finally driving in deep and he held his cock into the very depths of her bowels as it twitched in excitement and then he came.

Jenny felt the shameful blast of hot cum deep in her guts; her muscles reacted and clenched in defiance, only to succeed in drawing out another blast of cum bath in her ass guts.  He pulled out, then back in; his cock spurted cum as he drove in.  At least the friction was less as he rode his cum with ease.  She thought he would never stop cumming and his cock got so big when he first came.  She finally felt some relief when the cock stopped deep inside her and she felt it begin to soften.  He didn’t pull it out, but Jenny fought her own muscles as they clenched and tried to push the intruder out.  Inch by inch her muscles won, her anus snapped tight as the cock slipped out, afraid of an accident if she didn’t.  She could feel the cum drip out of her ass.  She was surprised that Lou didn’t cum in her mouth, finally pulling out, though his cock was still hard. 

Her mouth was good, but it was her ass that he wanted.  He pulled out in spite of the way her lips gripped his cock.  He moved behind her just as Michael wiped the cum from her ass.  He didn’t care that Michael’s cum was inside her, he wanted to feel how hot and tight she was.  Not many girls would give up their ass, but Jenny had no choice in the matter.

She felt him and then her ass was breached for the second time today, another hard cock opened her up and stretched her.  Lou didn’t take his time, he thrust almost ball deep in the first time, riding Michael’s cum to plunge deep into her guts.  Jenny didn’t know how much more of this pounding she could take.  Michael fucked her ass without regard to her pain, only wanting his pleasure.

Michael moved in front of Jenny just as Lou fucked her ass. Her mouth opened up in surprise and pain from Lou’s cock in her ass and Michael took advantage of it.  He pushed his soiled cock into her mouth and used two hands to hold her head to keep her from escaping.  He heard her gag, but he refused to pull out.  Her tongue moved in her mouth to escape his soiled cock, but there was no place to go.  He grew excited once again and his cock began to fill her mouth and push to the back of her mouth and block the small opening of her throat.

She felt the vomit rise up from her stomach as she fought back the revulsion of Michael’s cock in her mouth.  The same cock that was slick with Vaseline and had been in her ass.  She gagged, but managed to hold down the vomit.  All the while Lou fucked her ass with deep penetrating thrusts.  Michael held her up against him until she felt his cock grow and block her throat.  He didn’t pull back as his cock lengthened in pleasure until it began to push into her reluctant throat.  Still sore from the previous times when she had to swallow their cocks, she felt his cock slowly compressed and pushed into the tight confines of her throat.  Now both of them began to fuck her ruthlessly, her throat penetrated as well as her ass.  They rode her this way for ten minutes, Jenny unsure how Lou could hold out that long.  She had no choice but to make him cum and end her misery.  She clenched her muscles on his cock in spite of the added pain in hopes of ending it when his cock would spurt into her once virgin ass.

Michael and Lou enjoyed her front and back once again.  The only sounds that came from Jenny was gurgling as Michael deep throated her and the slushing sound of Lou’s cock that fucked her ass.  Lou couldn’t hold out any longer when Jenny’s ass muscles went to work on his cock.  He spurted gallons of cum into her bowels as she milked him dry.  Michael pulled his cock from her throat, so he could fill her mouth with his cum.

They finally finished with her, but she feared what would happen to her.  She was gagged and a blindfold as they roped her wrists behind her back and tied her ankles together.  Earplugs were pushed into her ears and all she heard was the silence in her head.  She was still naked as hands threw her over the massive shoulders of a man and then she felt the cold air of the night.  She was pushed onto soft plush seats of a car, but this car was big.

Michael and Lou counted their money.  This one rewarded them handsomely.  Jenny was sold to a very wealthy corporate executive.  She would be whisked out of the country tonight on a private jet and would find herself on a tropical island.  There she would become the plaything for a man that loved his women bound and reluctant, taking what he wanted from her and using punishment to coerce her to perform obscene acts.

The End