Home Invasion


By Powerone

Copyright 2008


Chapter 6

Daddy’s Little Girl


“Now it’s time for daddy to see Kristen perform for him.  But first maybe he would like to see his eldest girl get a pussy spanking.”

Kristen looked at Joe when he said it.  It was bad enough what they did to Gretchen in front of her father, Kristen ashamed, as her mother was forced to suck her father’s penis, but it was more humiliating that he came in her mouth, excited at seeing his daughter raped before his eyes.  Kristen’s asshole still felt Joe’s cock in it, and she couldn’t get the taste of his cum from her mouth.  “No!  NOOO!”  She begged.  “I’ll do anything.”

“Of course you will, Kristen.  But you’ll do anything after we beat your pussy.”  Joe looked at Michael and Jackson grabbing her arms before she could move a muscle.  “Now isn’t she lovely, Jed.  Sweet, young cunt.  I know you want her.  Just like you lust after Gretchen, cumming in your wife’s mouth, but it was Gretchen’s tight, young body in your mind as you came.”

“That’s not true,” Jed shouted out, but even he didn’t believe it.  Seeing Gretchen get fucked by the two men made his cock so hard, unable to control himself, cumming in Martha’s mouth.  And already his cock was coming alive again; naked and bound he was unable to stop them from seeing his arousal.

“Look at his cock getting bigger already.  This time there will be no Martha sucking it.  I have a surprise for him later.”  Joe had an evil grin on his face.  He wanted Jed to suffer as much as the girls did.  “It’s getting light and the snow stopped.  It’s about time to get out of here.  Take care of Kristen and then we’ll go.”

They spread her out on the table, Kristen struggling as they pushed her back onto the hard wood, her feet flailing out uselessly, her short skirt pushed out of the way, everyone looking up under her skirt, none more then Jed.  Jackson grabbed her hands, pulling them high over her head, stretching her young, tight body out, her tits pointed up into the air.  “Gonna love see Joe whip your pussy, bitch,” Jackson’s lips curled in a scowl.

It was spanking her pussy, now it was whipping it.  Her terror increased.

“You hold her, Michael.  “I’m gonna take a belt to her pussy.  You’re too gentle.  When I’m finished with her, she’ll do anything.”  Joe snarled at Michael.

Michael backed away, knowing when not to fuck with Joe.  This was the time to let him do what he wanted.  “Okay, Joe.  And you’re right, it’s time to leave.”

Zeke grabbed one of Kristen’s legs, Michael taking the other.  Her skirt rode up over her waist as they pulled her legs open and up.  Joe stood between her legs.  “Raise her ass up.”  They pulled her legs up until her ass was off the table.  Joe tugged the tight-fitting panties down her legs, Zeke and Michael letting him pull them off both of her feet before they pulled her legs up and back, her pussy spreading out before them.  “Over here.”  The three of them pulled Kristen off the table, Zeke and Michael holding her legs, Jackson holding her upper body as they pulled her over to Jed.  They wrapped her legs around her father’s head, sitting on his shoulders, her legs hanging behind him.  They pushed her pussy into her father’s face, rubbing her mound along his whiskered flesh, scraping her soft flesh with his sharp beard.  Joe slapped the back of Jed’s head.  “Lick her pussy!”  Joe took the end of his gun, hitting Jed on the top of his head.  “You want me to crack open that skull like a melon?”

Kristen felt the shame when she felt her father’s tongue begin to lick her pussy, Joe forcing her hips from side to side, rubbing her mound on his face, her father’s nose pushing apart her pussy lips as his tongue snaked up and down her slit.  Kristen struggled as she felt the pleasure coursing through her body, shamed at becoming aroused by her own father, feeling her pussy become wet from the incestuous oral assault of her father.  It that wasn’t bad enough, she heard Joe’s voice.

“Damn, Daddy’s cock is rock hard.  He wants to fuck his eldest daughter so bad.  Keep licking Daddy, little Kristen loves your wet, fat tongue inside her.”

The sound of cunt licking was the only thing in the room, except for the gasp of pleasure coming from Kristen’s mouth.  She had already forgotten that she was going to have her pussy whipped, concentrating on her father’s tongue as it licked her.  “Turn her around,” Michael and Zeke turning her around, Kristen protesting as the tongue left her pussy unfulfilled.

Joe snapped Jed’s head again with the gun butt.  “Tongue fuck her asshole.  Make that tongue nice and pointed and shove it up her asshole.  Then you can taste my cum inside her.” He tapped Joe’s head again with the gun butt just to make his point, a loud thud as it hit the bone on the top of his head.

Jed had no choice, his head aching each time the gun butt smashed into his skull.  He felt her ass shoved into his face, his tongue out, the men pushing her up and down as his tongue ran along her crack.  His eyes stared at her asshole, red and swollen from being raped, his tongue pushing into the tight hole.  He felt her muscles relax, his tongue entering her rectum, tasting the foul taste of dried cum.

Kristen fought not to cum when she felt her fathers tongue in her asshole.  It seemed to soothe the pain of the ass rapes, making it better in spite of it being her father’s tongue in her asshole.  Or maybe because of it.  It was so shameful.

“That’s enough.  I think the cunt is about to cum.  Daddy and Kristen like it too much Martha. Gonna have to watch them real close when we go.  He’s going to be fucking those young cunts instead of you.”  They threw her back onto the table, Michael and Zeke spreading her legs real wide this time, drawing them back until her pussy lips were pulled back.

“Look at that wet cunt.  Is that Daddy’s spit or Kristen’s cum?”  Joe laughed as her body turned red in shame.  He pulled his belt out of his pants, the three inch leather belt a formidable weapon.  “Gonna start with those thighs and then work my way up to that juicy cunt.  Scream all you want Kristen.”

The shock took her by surprise.  It was like it was happening in slow motion, Joe pulling the belt high up in the air, Kristen watching it come down and slap hard against one thigh, Michael bowing her leg out so that the tender flesh was open and exposed.  Kristen heard the thud and then the burning pain as the leather belt tore into her flesh.  “EEEEEGGGGG!”  She couldn’t even breathe, the pain radiating through her body.  Before she could even think she felt her other leg bowed out, knowing where the belt would land next.  It didn’t take long, a second thud, the sharp, burning pain as the leather belt created a red welt on her other inner thigh.  Joe didn’t allow her to rest, screaming continually as he beat each thigh, moving from one to the other as she jerked painfully on the table.  He grinned when her thighs were bright red, dark thin lines of welts already showing up.  It felt like her skin was burned by hot water.

Michael and Zeke pulled her legs up high, her ass leaving the table as they bent her in two, the flat plane of her pussy open and exposed.  Her gash was exposed, her pink insides glistening in the light.  As well as her asshole, her cheeks pulled apart, the abused hole wet with Daddy’s spit.  Joe swung the belt from high up, slicing it down so it tore through her pussy lips and attacked her inner lips, landing with a resounding thud.

It felt like she was jolted with a thousand volts of electricity, the pain shooting between her legs with such intensity.  Her inhuman scream rang out in the room, Gretchen startled by its intensity.  She struggled, her legs trying to break free of the men that were keeping her spread, stronger than she is, her ass bouncing up and down but still spread as the pain raced through her sex.  “NNNOOOO!  NNNOO MOOOORREE!”  She couldn’t believe the pain; even the ass fucking wasn’t as bad as the belt.  Through her tear stained eyes she saw the belt flying through the air again, her body jolted as it landed smack down her slit, her pussy lips swelling up as the belt attacked it with a vengeance.  Joe swung the belt through the air, attacking her pussy from the edges all the way to the center, her pussy lips pushed aside by the harsh leather, exploding on her soft, tender inner lips with such pain.  Her mother and sister were even crying out, but Joe only laughed as he laid welts along her pussy lips, finally hitting her dead center on her clit, Gretchen’s inhuman scream that rang off the walls.  The men held her legs tight in spite of her struggling, her hips only allowed to move from side to side, the flat plane of her sex a big target for the harshness of the thick leather belt.

“Damn, gonna be a hot pussy when I’m through with it.”  Joe couldn’t stand it any longer, taking his cock out.  “”Rub it nice and slow and gentle,” he warned Martha.  Her hands barely wrapped around it, moving up and down in a gentle rhythm.

It was cruel, Martha thought.  Joe wanted her to stroke his penis gently while he beat her daughter’s sex so harshly.  She wanted so much to cut his cock off, but her hand slowly moved up and down the shaft, feeling it jerk in pleasure in her hand.

When Kristen didn’t think she could take it any longer, Joe moved on, this time lacing the belt across her ass cheeks, Michael and Zeke pulling her legs back so far that her legs were high over her head, her ass sticking straight up into the air.  It was a wide target, Joe starting with her cheeks.  The belt lashed her cheeks, igniting fresh pain until he had laddered her from top to bottom.  Then he changed direction with the belt, lashing down between her cheeks to attack her anus with the tip of the belt with such a powerful sting that it felt like the tip of the belt was shoved up her ass.  Her shrieks grew louder as Joe beat her asshole until the hole was a deep red, the edges swollen.  She was sure she was ruined for life.

“I need some pussy now,” Jackson was the first to speak up.  Joe was getting a hand job; he needed something besides beating the cunt.  If they were leaving soon, he wanted some pussy first.

“Yeah, me too,” Zeke was getting bored whipping the cunt.  He would rather fuck it.

Joe put the belt down.  “Yeah, this bitch is gonna get me off unless I stop her.  I want a hole to dump my cum into.  It might be a while before we rape any other girls.  “Tie them up.  Ass up, that way we can have any hole we want.  But not the young one, Gretchen.  I got special plans for her.”  He eyed Gretchen, her young ripe body making his cock harder.

Martha and Kristen were bent over the kitchen chairs, their hands tied to the front legs, the bodies draped over the back, forced onto their toes as the top of the chair cut into their stomach.  Their legs were tied to the sides, spreading them open.

“Give me a hand,” Joe asked the other three.  They all pounced on Jed, untying him, but the three easily overpowered him even when he tried to get up, his body bound too long, his muscles like mush.  They pushed him over one of the kitchen chairs, just like Martha and Kristen.  They tied him tighter, ropes around his knees and upper arms, making sure he couldn’t move a muscle.  They stood back, two women and one man, their naked asses shoved out, an open invitation to anyone.

“Had lots of practice in the joint, Jed.  Don’t worry, I’ll be gentle,” slapping his ass.  “I figure since we all ass fucked your family, you should have the same opportunity.  You’re gonna love my big cock.”

“Fuck you,” Jed spit out in defiance.

“No, it’ll be you that’s fucked.  Now we just have to take care of Gretchen.  I know how much you’d love to fuck your daughters.  And Martha was such a good cock sucker, Gretchen is better.”  Joe grabbed Gretchen.  “You just slide underneath Daddy, Gretchen.  You see that hard cock, just slip it into your mouth and we’ll tie you up.  Then Daddy can cum in your mouth over and over, even when we’re gone.  And if the police take too long, he’s probably going to piss in your mouth.  But being the dutiful daughter, you’ll swallow it all.”  Joe’s laugh was pure evil.

He couldn’t subject Gretchen to such a thing. That was incest.  It was bad enough she had to suck their cocks, but not her father’s. Especially when she knew that he would be hard because it was her mouth on his cock.  Joe grabbed her, Michael helping as they pushed her under her father.  She was repulsed when she felt his hard cock rubbing over her face, leaving a trail of wetness that she knew was his cum.  She couldn’t do such a thing.  They bent her back, shoving her under his body until his cock was sitting on her lips, keeping her lips clenched shut in defiance.

“If you stick a pillow under her head that should press her up far enough.”  Joe had so many ideas when it came to making others suffer.  Zeke found a firm pillow, placing it under her and sliding it until it got to her head.  Joe was ready, his large hand coming down and slapping hard between Gretchen’s legs and slapping her pussy with a loud thunder.  She opened her mouth to scream, Zeke shoving the pillow under her, Jeds’s cock shoved into her mouth before she knew what was going on.

Her pussy stung, trying to shut her legs.  She felt the pressure behind her head as she screamed, suddenly finding her mouth breached by a hot cock.  She moved her tongue out of the way, not wanting to touch it, knowing it was incest if she did.  She wouldn’t move then nothing would happen.  Her father’s cock would shrink down.  She could feel the saliva building up in her mouth, trying not to swallow, afraid of any movement.  She felt them tying her up, her legs spread out, her hands tied over her head, attached to part of the chair.  She couldn’t hardly see anything, her father’s body almost on top of her face.  She felt it twitch in her mouth, what had she done to make it happen?  She panicked.  It felt like it was getting bigger, her lips stretching around the shaft.  She tried not to look at it before, not sure how big it was.  Was it like Joe’s?

Joe greased up his cock with oil.  “For me only, Jed.  You’d skin me alive with that virgin asshole. I want to make sure you take all twelve inches of it.  Gonna fuck you nice and slow so you can enjoy it.  Then gonna dump a load of cum into you. And if I know you, by then you’ll have cum into your lovely Gretchen’s mouth.  For the first time.  I think you gonna cum in her a lot.  I seen the way you looked at her.  You can’t help thinking about her hot, little mouth wrapped around your cock.”  He knew the more he talked about it, the more Jed would think about it.  And that would only make his cock harder.  He reached down, slapping Gretchen on her pussy again, her muffled scream broken by her father’s cock in her mouth.

Jed couldn’t believe it.  Gretchen’s mouth felt so good around his cock.  He willed it to go down, but each time the thought of her beneath him, her lips tightly around his cock only made him more excited.  He was ashamed when his cock jerked in her mouth, but her tongue washed across it, igniting any tremor in it.  Then she heard Joe slapping Gretchen, feeling the delightful scream that came out of her mouth, her tongue rubbing over his cock head as her lips curled around his shaft.  Luckily he couldn’t move his hips; otherwise he wouldn’t be able to stop himself from pumping his cock into his young daughter’s mouth.  It was so wrong, but felt so good.  Then he saw Michael standing behind Kristen.  His cock was pushed between her cheeks, seeing her clench her mouth in pain as he rubbed over her whipped flesh.  He didn’t hesitate, shoving his cock into her asshole with a powerful thrust.  Kristen didn’t cry out until his stomach bumped into her whipped buttocks, in spite of being speared by a thick cock.  How could she take a monster like that in her ass with barely a whimper?  Jackson was behind Martha, his fingers shoved up her asshole as he greased her up.  He had at least three fingers inside her, stretching her asshole, his cock readied when his fingers came out, replacing it.  The head of his cock was shoved in her ass, her face grimacing in pain, but no cry from her mouth.  Jackson pushed, more of his cock fed into her asshole, as Martha bit her lip, suffering the cruel sodomy in silence.

It hurt when he shoved in all the way, his stomach banging against her whipped flesh, but the cock in her ass fucked away, Kristen having much bigger cocks stretch and fill her asshole.  Her father would have to suffer the same fate, the humiliation for a man, worse; fucked by another man.  Hands lifted her head up, Kristen opening her mouth obediently as Zeke fed his cock into her mouth.  She sucked his cock with her newfound skill, two men fucking her bound body as another fucked her mother in the ass next to her.  The room smelled of sex and sweat.

Joe pushed behind Jed, running the thick head of his cock up and down Jed’s ass crack.  He enjoyed when he clenched his cheeks, Joe holding still as Jed’s cheeks grabbed his cockhead with such tenderness.  “Yeah, that’s it Jed.  Squeeze my cock real good.  I knew you’d love being ass fucked.”  As soon as he said it, Jed relaxed his cheeks, but that was all that Joe needed.  He pushed the plum like head of his organ against his tight asshole and began to press.  Not too hard, just enough to make his anal ring begin to expand around his oiled organ.  “Yeah, I can feel you opening up to me Jed.  Pretty soon you’ll snap shut like a rubber band around my thick head, trapping it in your rectum.  Then there’s no escape until I cum in you.  Just a foot of cock shoved in and out of your ass,” Joe laughing so loud, his cock jerking in pleasure as he felt the panic in Jed.

Jed couldn’t do anything, feeling the tremendous pressure on his asshole.  It was too big to go inside him.  He had seen it, it would tear him up.  His cock jerked in Gretchen’s mouth again, unable to think about his cock, his asshole his main concern.  He could feel it opening, his muscle finally weakening, the thick head of Joe’s cock suddenly popping through his ring, stretching it wide as the head sank into his rectum for the first time.  He wasn’t going to scream, grunting quietly as he felt the hot flesh of the cock in his asshole.

Joe savored the moment, the tight ring gripping his cockhead just beneath the head, trapping it in Jed’s asshole, feeling his twitching muscles caress his cock as he tried to adjust to taking a cock in his ass.  He waited, no hurry, enjoying too much the tight asshole around his cock.  He felt Jed’s asshole relaxing for just a moment, thrusting his oiled cock deep into his asshole until Jed’s ass muscles clenched too tight to go any farther.  He could hear Gretchen below gagging, Jed’s body pushed forward as Joe fucked his asshole, Gretchen having no choice but take the cock into her throat.

Jed struggled to take the pain, the feeling of his daughter’s throat around the head of his cock taking some of it away and replacing it with pleasure. He was humiliated that it was his daughter mouth around his cock, but the way her throat muscles rippled along his cockhead took away some of the shame.  Joe began to fuck him in the ass, Jed humiliated as he felt the long cock sawing in and out his asshole, pulling out until Jed felt the flange of his anus stretched by the domed head, shoving his cock back in before it pulled free.  He felt the thickness enter him, stretching him open from the inside, his cock twitching and jerking as it shoved deep into his guts.  Gretchen’s mouth was working on his cock, not on purpose, but reacting to the constant choking and gagging as his cock was shoved in and out of her throat by Joe’s powerful thrust into Jed’s asshole.  It hurt, the cock too big, but his daughter’s mouth made the pain go away or at least mix with the pain.  The cock gave him cramps when Joe went too deep, Jed unable to take a foot of thick cock without some pain, his stomach churning as the cock twitched and jerked deep in Jed’s bowels.  He looked over, Martha staring out blankly as Michael ass fucked her, her body jerked back and forth, Jed looking at the cock that split her cheeks opening, a constant reminder of the one that split his ass open.  Kristen was busy, taken at both ends, one in her asshole, the other one in her mouth, slapping her face if she didn’t pay enough attention to sucking his cock. His cock grew at the thought of sucking cocks, Gretchen’s mouth bringing such delight to him.

Joe worked his cock in and out of Jed’s asshole, the tight hole gripping his cock so possessively, every time he went in deep the cramps would ripple up and down his shaft.  He could hear the muffled cries of Gretchen, fucked in her mouth by her father, nothing to do but wait for him to cum in her mouth.  That was enough for him to take his time, wanting to enjoy the moment when he made Jed cum in spite of being ass fucked.

Her mouth was filled with the taste of her father’s cum, the salty crème thick.  It was terrible, his cock growing in her mouth, Gretchen unable to do anything, her throat breached when Joe fucked too hard, her throat muscles rippling up and down her father’s cock making it jerk in excitement.  She hated what they were doing to her, an incestuous affair with her father.  And she knew that no matter how much she tried not to arouse him with her mouth, he would cum in her mouth.  And with his cock stuffed in her mouth, she would have no choice but to swallow it.

Martha calmly felt the cum jetting in her asshole, just another load of cum filling her body.  She barely felt him pull out.

Kristen knew they were both ready to cum, thankful that it would be over.  The cock in her asshole was first, pushed deep into her guts as it spewed its filthy cum into her bowels.  Zeke was next, pulling his cock from her throat; Kristen forced to keep her mouth open as he pumped his jism into her waiting mouth, three times her tongue was coated with the hot, white cum.  He rubbed his cock over her lips, pushing it inside until her tongue lapped the cum off of it, another load sinking heavily into her belly.

Jed screamed out in pleasure, feeling his cock jerk and spews his cum into his daughter’s hot mouth.  It was such powerful jets of cum, the cum shooting out, his balls tingling as it raced from his balls and out into her mouth, the thought of what he was doing to his youngest daughter exciting him shamefully.  Her tongue moved around his cock as she tried to swallow the abundant crème that flowed from his organ.

She knew it was too late, her tongue accidentally touching the head of his cock.  It probably really didn’t cause it, but as soon as she pulled it back she felt her father’s cock in her mouth grow, the head expanding and suddenly feeling like a fire hose shooting off in her gagged mouth. She felt the hot cum bathe the inside of her mouth, her cheeks swelling as the cock came over and over, Gretchen not sure when it would stop.  She could only gulp as fast as she could, feeling the cum slowly run down her gullet to fill her stomach.  He had done it.  Her own father had cum in her mouth forcing her to swallow it, her stomach churning at the thought of what he had done to her.  Thank God that his cock was at least shrinking in her mouth, though she couldn’t get the foul taste of salty cum from her mouth.

“Here it comes, Jed.  Can you feel it, my hot cum jetting up your asshole?”  Joe let lose his cum, emptying his balls in Jed’s bowels, load after load filling him.  He finally stopped, keeping inside Jed, feeling him laying there unexpectedly calm, sure that he had cum in his daughter’s mouth.  It took a couple of minutes before Joe felt it, Jed’s ass muscles contracting, slowly forcing the long cock from his asshole, finally popping out loudly, a rush of milky, white cum flowing freely from his raped asshole.  He slapped Jed on the ass.  “Good ass fuck, Jed.  I think the boys better be careful around you. You’ll be seducing them to ass fuck you.  That’s if you can get Gretchen to suck your cock again like a pro.”

They gagged them all, Gretchen not needing it as her mouth was still wrapped around a cock.  They left them, bound and alone, far from town.

It was hours before she felt it.  His cock began to grow in her mouth again.  Gretchen gave out a muffled cry of protest, but it did little as her father’s cock began to push to the back of her mouth, the shaft stretching her lips tighter.

Martha saw it.  Jed’s hips began a gentle movement, a muffled cry from Gretchen.  Jed was getting hard and he was going to mouth fuck her again.  Martha looked at Jed in disgust, but he turned away, his hips moving back and forth for almost an hour, the ropes leaving him not much room to move.

Jed couldn’t help himself. In the silence his mind began to wander, always coming back to the hot breath of Gretchen on the head of his cock, her tongue accidentally moving and swiping over the helmet and making it grow in excitement.  Pretty soon it consumed his thoughts, Jed finding his hips moving unconsciously, fucking his cock into his daughter’s mouth with little thrusts.  It was almost too good, the long excitement finally making his balls ache until he dumped another load of cum into his daughter’s mouth, clenching his sphincter to prolong it as much as possible.  He could feel her gobbling up his cum.

She had no choice, swallowing another load of her father’s cum, her belly groaning from the large amounts that filled it.  So many men in her mouth, so many loads of cum in her belly.  And she still had a cock in her mouth. Hoping that would be the last.

It was turning dark, Jed trying to drive it from his head, but with nothing to do all he could think about was Gretchen’s mouth around his cock. He felt it growing erect again.

She felt it.  It started subtly.  First it was semi-hard, not soft anymore.  Then she felt her father’s hips begin to move just a bit, but enough to make his shaft slide along her tightly clasped lips.  She began to sob, humiliated that he was beginning again.  Another hour of his constant fucking in her mouth until he finally came in her belly.  She did the only thing she could do.  She began to suck him off.  She sucked his organ deep into her mouth, her tongue lapping at it with an incestuous enthusiasm.  She worked it over for ten minutes, her tongue tiring until she managed to shove her head forward, choking as she forced the head of his cock into her throat.  She gagged and choked, but her muscles clenched onto the thick organ in her throat until she felt it swell in pleasure.  She let it slip out of her throat, her tongue fluttering over the head of her father’s cock as it spewed loads and loads of cum into her willing mouth.  She gobbled it all down until she felt it grow soft in her mouth again.  How long would this go on?  When would they be rescued and she could end this incestuous affair?

Gretchen was much better than Martha.  Sucking his cock with such enthusiasm, surprised when she swallowed it in her throat, her muscles rippling over his shaft like hundreds of tiny fingers.  She knew just when he was ready to cum, pulling it out of her throat, her tongue fluttering over his piss hole as it jetted his cum into his teenage daughter’s mouth.

The next morning came, Jed able to smell the urine in the room, their bondage now allowing them relief.  Jed struggled as long as he could, but finally his stomach ached too much.

Gretchen was resigned to it.  She had already let lose her urine, the hot pee running down her thighs to puddle at the floor beneath her.  Her father tried to stop, just a few drops of his acrid piss shooting out before he stopped.  She grimaced as she swallowed the hot piss, trying to keep from choking as it sank into her stomach.  The next piss was bigger, her cheeks bulging out, her mouth filled with his urine before he stopped, Gretchen gagging as she tried to swallow the foul piss. It took a half an hour, Gretchen’s belly full as if she ate a full meal, unable to get the foul taste from her mouth.  What would be next?  Would he get hard again and she would have to suck him off until he came in her mouth again?  Or would he piss down her belly again?  She cried shamefully, her mouth used to satisfy her father’s lust in an incestuous affair as her mother and sister watched.  Would they ever be rescued?

The End




A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride. On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball. Then, a beggar taps softly at her door. Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball. But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring. Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants. Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters. The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled. Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him. Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward. Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

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