Home Invasion

Chapter 3

By Powerone

Copyright 2007



Michael stood in front of her, his shirt off, his zipper down and his rigid cock pushing out the front of his pants so obscenely.  He turned to the door and watched as Zeke walked into the room. He pulled his cock from his pants, noticing Gretchen’s eyes on it as he did.


“Pretty little thing you have here Michael.  Don’t mind sharing, do you?”  Zeke was a little older than Michael, having spent the last five years in jail.  It had been a long time since he had a woman; the young daughter looked real good.  Her mother was already being taking care of, as was the older girl, both of them getting ass fucked. 


Michael had released Gretchen from the ropes, even allowing her to pull her panties up and put the pajama top back on, though nothing could hide the lovely naked tits that pushed out the front.  “You don’t mind, do you Gretchen?”  Michael stroked his cock, seeing her eyes opened wide in fear.


It was bad enough when Michael took his cock out.  It was huge, Gretchen was not sure she could take something that big inside her.  Now there was another one, both of them going to sexually abuse her and there was nothing she could do to stop them.  She could hear her mother’s grunts in the next room, not even wanting to think what they were doing to her.  Her sister’s cries had died down; she was not sure what to make of that.  She didn’t know how she survived taking a cock up her ass.  What a perverse act.  She could almost still feel Michael’s finger in her ass; the tiny ring was still burning.  She could only nod her head yes in surrender.  Zeke wasn’t as handsome as Michael, not that it made rape any better.


Zeke sat on the bed next to Gretchen and Michael sat on the other side.  She felt their large bodies trap her.  Michael pulled her chin up with his hand and turned her head until she was facing him.  He kissed her, his mouth covering her soft lips, his tongue forcing its way into her mouth.  He pulled back.  “French kiss me Gretchen.”  His lips smothered hers again, this time her tongue was waiting for his, feeling her respond to his touch.


Zeke looked down at her almost naked legs, the pajama top rose up high, the edge of her panties revealed.  He moved close, inhaling her sweet smell, a long time since he had smelled a girl before.  His hand went to one breast, feeling her jump when his large hand engulfed one, almost a bare breast in his hand.  Michael pulled her close as she tried to back away, his hand finding her other breast, both of them availing themselves of her firm flesh.


She could barely breathe; Michael’s mouth was suffocating her with his kiss.  Then she felt a hand on her breast.  She tried to pull away, but Michael was too strong, holding her head still, slapping away her hands as she tried to move them.  Michael’s hand grabbed her other breast, both of them harsh as they squeezed her tender flesh.  She felt the rough pants of both of them pressing hard against her naked hips. The hands became more insistent, feeling the pajama top opening, rough calloused hands touching her silky flesh.  “EEEMMM,” her cry of pain buried in Michael’s mouth as he continued to kiss her, her nipple crushed between two powerful fingers, twisting it.  She struggled with herself as she felt her nipple grow, the pain sending a mixed message to her brain. 


Michael finally broke the kiss.  He pulled the pajama top slowly off of her.  “Nice titties Gretchen.  You like to show them don’t you?”  He teased her, seeing her face turning red in shame as he stripped her.  She sat on the bed between them, naked to the waist, her bare breasts heaving up and down.  He could already see the red marks on them from their harsh touch. 


Zeke couldn’t contain his lust.  “Haven’t seen anything this nice in a long time.”  His head moved down, his hand holding her tit out until his mouth clamped on the hard, brown nipple that capped the lovely flesh.  He bit into the hardened bud, Gretchen tried to move away from him, but his other hand held her tight.  She might fight, but her nipple swelled as his sharp teeth nuzzled along the edge, back and forth.


Michael, not to be outdone, sucked on her other tit, his hand holding her breast so tight until all the blood pushed to the tip.  Only then did he latch his lips onto the throbbing nipple, sucking it deep into his mouth as his cheeks hollowed in and out.  His tongue lashed all over it.


Gretchen tried to struggle but their large bodies had her pinned between them.  She moaned in pain, but they ignored her, too intent on biting her nipples off.  Her hands were pinned to her sides, unable to do anything.  She couldn’t believe it, both men were sucking on her breasts and both of them were hurting her.  Zeke stuck his hand in the middle of her back, forcing her to arch her back and stick her breasts out farther and harder into their cruel mouths.  It felt like Michael was pulling her nipple so far that she thought it would tear, his tongue lashing repeatedly at it.   His hand squeezed her flesh, feeling the heavy throbbing in the tip.  But it was Zeke that was hurting her, sure that her nipple was torn and bleeding, his teeth felt like sharp knife blades as they ground onto her tender flesh. It seemed like hours, but it was only minutes before they both grew tired of sucking her breasts.  They pulled back, Gretchen looking down; her white breasts now covered in red marks, teeth marks around her one areola where Zeke had bitten too hard.  Yet for all the pain in her chest, she had never seen her nipples so hard and pointed, not even when Michael had played with them before.


Zeke unzipped his pants, pulling out his cock.  It stood out almost ten inches long, rivaling Joe’s cock.  Gretchen couldn’t help but look down, Zeke taking her hand and placing it on his cock.  He struggled not to cum when he felt the soft hand on his throbbing cock.  He was going to make up for lost time; Gretchen would be sucking his cock many times today before she was finished.


She sat half naked on the bed, clad only in her sheer panties. Her nipples hurt, but she feared much worse.  She tried to pull her hand back, but Zeke pushed it back down, curling her fingers around the hot flesh of his cock.  “No, please don’t make me touch it.”  Zeke ignored her pitiful cries, taking her hand and placing it on his hot flesh.  She could barely get her fingers around it, never mind how long it was.  She had never seen anything that big, it was almost grotesque.  Michael took her other hand and placed it on his cock.  She looked down, it was not as long as Zeke’s, but it was much thicker, her fingers unable to touch at all.  Two grown cocks were in her hands, throbbing flesh that jerked from her touch.


“Start jerking us off Gretchen.  I’m sure that a lovely girl like you did that before to make your boyfriend happy.”  Michael felt her hand slowly drawing up his shaft, her fingers tightening on the head as she passed over the ridge.  She knew exactly what to do to arouse a man. He hoped that she was a natural at cock sucking.  Her hand began to move up and down, her fingers always tight on his flesh, Michael leaking some cum from the head, her hand gathering up the juices to lubricate his cock.  She looked over, her other hand taking long, broad strokes of Zeke’s cock, barely missing a stroke as she jerked off two cocks at one time without missing a stroke.


She had to concentrate, her hands curled around two cocks, sliding up and down, feeling the hot juices aiding her fingers to glide along the flesh as she got into the rhythm.  She couldn’t believe that she was doing such a thing, but her she was, her breasts bouncing gently as she masturbated two cocks at once.  It was easier than she thought, though she was ashamed at being forced to do such a perverse act.  The two of them were not idle, Zeke nuzzling her neck, kissing her as if they were lovers, while Michael fingered her nipple, teasing it back into erection, his finger twisting and playing with it.


Michael pulled her hand away, Zeke following.  It was not that they were finished; their cocks were still very hard, the heads covered with a slick layer of sticky cum.  They quickly took off their pants and shorts until they were completely naked, eager to make Gretchen perform the perverse duel masturbation.  They sat back down, this time naked next to her, Gretchen feeling their hot flesh pushing against her naked hips.  She looked at both of them, trying not to let them see her.  She had never seen such heavy ball sacks, the wrinkled sacks covered in thick, curly hair, hanging low between their legs as if weighted down by the cum in them.  And the cocks looked bigger, their pants no longer hiding the base of the shafts. 


“Go back to work Gretchen.  And don’t forget our balls.”  Michael grabbed her nipple and twisted it painfully until Gretchen’s hands slid back to work.  In spite of his fingers continuing to pinch her abuse flesh, she began to work on their cocks, both of them moaning as they felt her soft, silky hands begin the rhythmic masturbation of their cocks.  Michael’s ass rose up from the bed as her hand engulfed his balls from below, her fingers searching out his twin balls and gently squeezing them.  He groaned loudly, Zeke responding in kind, Gretchen obviously working on both of them simultaneously. 


She had never felt a man’s balls before, the hairs on them hard and crinkly, almost like wire. And she couldn’t believe how hot they were.  She squeezed them, not sure if it were too hard, both of them rising up as if she were hurting them, but their moans were not of pain, but of lust.  She had heard enough of that to know.  She went back to the foul job of jerking them off, her hand moving up and down without pause, hoping to make them cum and end this perverse scene.  She saw the reflection in the mirror, humiliated at the way she looked.  Here she was on the bed, jerking off two grown, naked men as if she enjoyed it, one of them rubbing her breast as they both enjoyed her masturbation. 


“I don’t want her hand for the first time,” Zeke’s voice breaking the silence in the room.


Michael was enjoying her hand too much, but he too wanted much more from her.  She could always use her hand again later to get them hard again, but for now he wanted to feel her hot, tight mouth around his cock.  He wanted to see the look on her face as she was forced to swallow his cock.  And that of Zeke’s.


Gretchen tried to fight them, but they pushed her to the floor. Gretchen was now kneeling and knew what they wanted. It was like what they did to her mother, making her suck their filthy cocks.  They both stood up, Gretchen eye to eye with the two man cocks, the erect members bouncing inches from her face and mouth.  She looked at them, unable to take her eyes off of them.  Zeke’s was long, the shaft covered with blue veins that pushed out the side, running the length of his shaft.  She could almost see the blood pounding through the veins.  The head looked like a giant bottle cap with a thick ridge. Gretchen was almost able to feel it between her legs as if it were pushing in and out of her pussy.  The head glistened with his cum, as her hand did also, the cum drying quickly into a sticky paste.  She looked over at Michael’s cock, his prick was more formidable, thicker, not even sure that she could get it into her mouth.  Yes, her mouth, resigned to the fact that she was going to have to suck their cocks, both of them lording over her as she kneeled submissively before them.  She would fight them, but she feared she would ultimately have to submit.  The head of Michael’s cock was a dark red, almost purple, the slit in the tip dripping a milky substance as if he had cum already.  She only hoped they would take it out of her mouth when they came, even if they came on her face that would be better than in her mouth.  The taste would be bad enough while she sucked them, never mind the abundant amount of cum that she was sure they would squirt from the cocks.


“You can go first,” Zeke holding is cock in front of her face.  “She can jerk me off as she sucks your cock.  Let her feel the thickness before she feels the depth.”


Michael took his cock into his hand and held it in front of her face.  She put her head down as if she could somehow avoid it.  Michael pulled her chin up until her mouth was only inches from his cock, so close he could feel her hot breath on the head of his cock.  Her lips were clenched tight.  He moved his cock until it touched her lips, holding the back of her head so she couldn’t move away, rubbing the head of his cock along her lips, painting her lovely lips with cum lipstick until they glistened in the light.  He rubbed his cock all over her face, leaving a thick coat of cum where his cock traveled.  Her face clenched tight, even as he pushed the head of his cock against the tiny hole in her nose as if he was going to fuck her nose with his cock.


She felt the hot cum coating her face with Michael holding her still, she was unable to get away from the hot flesh that rubbed her so perversely.  She tried to keep her lips clenched, but the cum escaped into her mouth, just a tiny drop filling her mouth with the foul salty taste.  His cock was too big to get into her mouth.


Michael slapped his cock on her face, the loud thump ringing out in the room.  His cock leaked out cum as it slapped onto her face.  “Open your mouth.”


She kept her mouth shut, biting her lip, knowing that once he got his cock in her mouth she could do little to stop him.  She felt his hand on the side of her mouth, gritting her teeth as she felt the fingers grinding, trying to enter her mouth.  As much as she tried to stop him, his fingers were too strong, one thick finger worming its way into the corner of her mouth until she felt it run over her teeth.  One finger was all that was needed to breach her mouth, a second finger entering to spread her lips wider, his other hand moving to the other side of her mouth as Zeke moved behind her, holding her head tight in his two hands. She was trapped, unable to stop the two strong men from having their way with her mouth.  She felt her lips parting as Michael’s hands opened her mouth from within, wider and wider until it was gaping open.  She saw the shadow as he moved closer, feeling the first touch of his hot flesh on her bottom lip.  She could feel his cock jerk as it touched her lip.


Her mouth was half-way open, his cock pausing at the opening. His cock jerked as she breathed heavily onto the head.  He pushed his cock into her unwilling mouth, his hand jerking his cock back and forth until he felt some cum spit out from the end, into her virgin mouth.  He saw the look of disgust on her face as it landed on her tongue, bathing her mouth with his milky white cum.  “There’s more where that came from.”  He pushed his cock farther into her mouth, her lips forced wider by his thick shaft as it passed deeper into her reluctant mouth.


She couldn’t stop him, Michael jerking off his cock with his hand until he spurted some cum into her mouth, Gretchen fighting the urge to gag as it lingered thickly on her tongue.  He pushed his cock into her mouth, feeling her lips stretching as it shoved deeper, the thick shaft stretching her lips until it felt like the corner of her mouth would tear.  He pulled his fingers from her mouth, but his cock replaced it.  Her lips were wrapped tightly around the shaft, Gretchen unable to do anything, Zeke holding her head still.  She breathed through her nose, trying to fill her lungs with precious air, her mouth plugged with the thick head of his cock.  She tried to keep her tongue away from it, pushing it to the side, anything to avoid touching it.  She didn’t want him to think that she enjoyed sucking his cock.  The foul, salty taste of his cum permeated her teeth and mouth, Gretchen fighting the urge to gag.  Zeke held her head so hard that it hurt, his hands pushing on the sides until she thought it would explode.


Michael couldn’t wait any longer, needing to cum, his balls aching for release.  Once he dumped the first load of cum in her mouth, he could take his time, jamming his cock down her throat.  He began to pump his hips back and forth, Zeke keeping her head still, her mouth open in a wide oval, his cock splitting her pretty lips.  He could see the panic in her eyes, her nostrils flaring as his cock began to fuck her face.  His cock grew shiny from her spit as the shaft slid back and forth between her lips.


She had never felt anything as bad as this.  Her mouth was filled with his foul taste.  Just a little of his cum tasted like she swallowed a gallon.  Her lips were stretched so wide around his thick cock that the corners of her mouth felt like they were torn.  And she could barely breathe, huffing through her nose, her chest rising and falling as she tried to take precious air into her lungs.  She was already growing dizzy as her lungs were robbed of air.  Michael was shoving his cock in and out of her mouth, feeling the thick veins running over her silky lips.  And the fat head rubbed over her tongue, pinning it to the bottom of her mouth.  He pushed his cock in sideways, jamming hard against one cheek until it stretched wide.  His cock felt like steel inside her mouth, unyielding.  She was panting heavily now, her mouth filled with saliva, afraid to swallow it, mixed with the foul cum.  She didn’t want it sitting in her stomach.  “EEEWWWW,” she mumbled unintelligibly as the cock grew in her mouth.  How could it possibly get any bigger?


Michael pumped her mouth with his cock, her tear stained eyes pleading with him, choking as he continued to fuck her face.  He hated to stop, but he slowly drew his cock from her lips, pausing when her mouth still grasped tightly around the head, gripping it just beneath the helmet.  “Tongue it Gretchen.  Do a good job and I will take my cock out of your mouth.”  He felt her eager tongue lap at his cock as if she were a puppy.  He felt his cock leaking onto her tongue, but that failed to deter her from it.  Her tongue took broad strokes across the head, teasing just under the rim to lap at the delicate flesh.  He finally pulled his cock from her mouth, her mouth and lips glistening brightly with cum and spit.


She bent over, spitting out, choking as she sucked precious air into her lungs.  “GGGGHHH,” fighting the urge not to vomit.  She felt Zeke pulling her head back up, Michael fisting his cock in front of her face again.  “NO!  NO!  NOT AGAIN!”  She could do it again.


“Good girl Gretchen.  Now open your mouth again.  Time to take my cock inside and suck it.”  Michael pinched her nostrils, her head heaving up and down as she struggled to break free, but Zeke held her possessively. 


She couldn’t take it again, her mouth sore from it, the taste of his cum still lingering on her tongue.  He squeezed her nose closed, making her eyes tear up.  She tried to break free, but they were too strong for her, whimpering as her mouth slowly began to open, the primal urge to breathe overpowering her fear of taking his cock in her mouth again.  She felt the rubbery head of his cock on her lips, the steely flesh slowly forcing her lips apart until she felt the head of his cock breaching the inside of her mouth.  He was in and she could do little to stop him.  She tried to push it out, but his hips were stronger, forcing more of his cock into her mouth, feeling it fill her oral cavity until she felt it banging against the back of her mouth.  “EEEEGGH,” she gagged as the thick head of his cock pushed against the tiny hole that was her throat.  No way would it ever fit there, but she struggled none the less.  She was relieved when it pulled back out, only to stop for a moment as her lips engulfed the head.  She tongued the thick head, hoping to please him, but it did little to deter him. His cock sped into her mouth, shoving her tongue to the bottom of her mouth until it banged against her throat again.  She choked this time, her mouth opening wider as she did.  She felt the huge head nuzzling into her tight throat.  She choked again, Michael not pulling out, his cock jerking as it fought to breach her throat.  She tossed her head, but Michael’s hips always moved with her, his cock head stuck into the breach of her throat like a bottle cap. 


Her hot, tight mouth felt too good, his balls were ready to drain his cum into her mouth.  He would have loved to fuck her throat, but the need to cum was overpowering.  He reluctantly pulled his cock from her mouth, all the way out until her tongue returned to bathe the head. He pushed back in with a powerful thrust that knocked the air from her lungs, then pulled back out, then back in, over and over.  He began to rhythmically fuck her mouth, harder and faster with each stroke of his cock.  He felt the head of his cock grow larger, Michael breathing heavy as he neared his climax.


She struggled.  She could hear it in his labored breathing, the head of his cock growing bigger in her mouth.  He was going to cum and he was doing nothing to take his cock from her mouth.  Her head was held tighter, Michael’s thrust into her mouth became more urgent as she struggled to free the monster from her mouth.  He pulled it out until only her lips gripped the head of his cock, but he refused to take it all the way out.  In and out he fucked her mouth, his breathing louder as he neared cumming.  She couldn’t do anything but wait for him, bracing for the foul taste to fill her mouth.  He shoved in hard, banging his thick cock against the back of her mouth.  She thought he was going to try to shove it down her throat, but he pulled back until the head of his cock sat unceremoniously on her tongue.


Michael jerked his cock in her mouth, his shaft pumping back and forth in her mouth. His hand banged against her lips, but he cared little for her pain or pleasure, his balls tingling, his sphincter clamped shut as he tried to prolong the ecstasy as long as possible.  His head threw back as he cried out in pleasure.  “Drink my cum Gretchen,” his hand pumping his cock until he felt the first blast of cum shoot out of the head of his cock and into her hot, wet mouth.  He watched as her eyes opened wide in surprise, her cheeks billowing out as they tried to contain his abundant sperm.  Her face scrunched up, knowing she didn’t like the taste, but she could do little but accept his gift of cum in her mouth.  There would be much more of that before they were finished today.  Her stomach would be gurgling with both of their abundant cum before the day was over.  He pumped a second load of cum in her mouth, pulling out before he came a second time.  “Stick out your tongue and keep your mouth open wide.”  She obeyed, Michael watching as his cum shot out into a wide arc to land so perfectly on her waiting tongue, the thick milky fluid covering the pink flesh.


She couldn’t believe that so much cum came out of his cock.  Her boyfriends had little compared to Michael.  Her mouth filled with cum and it was only the first load, knowing there would be more.  Her lips were bloodied, Michael pumping his cock with his hand in a frenzy, not caring as his knuckles smashed into her lips.  All he cared for was cumming.  In her mouth.  She was forced to swallow some of his cum, the second load of cum filling her mouth, some of it dripping down her chin. She gagged as it slid down her gullet slowly, grimacing from the foul salty taste.  She didn’t know why she obeyed so quickly, but she did, sticking out her tongue as Michael masturbated his cock into her open mouth.  Anything to get it over with, the thud of his cum landing on her tongue so loud inside her head. He pushed his cock in her mouth, Gretchen feeling it shrink.  She knew what he wanted, her cum covered tongue trying to lick his cock clean.  She choked as she performed the foul task, Michael finally pulling his shiny, wet cock from her lips, a shadow of its former self as it shrunk up.  She bent over, gagging as she spit the cum out of her mouth onto the floor.  “EEEEWWWWW,” her head yanked up painfully, feeling her hair tearing from the roots.  “NNNNNNOOOO!”  She screamed in disbelief.  Zeke’s long cock was jutting out into her face, a grin on his face as he looked down at her.


“You’re just getting started bitch.”  He slammed his fingers into her mouth, not caring if he hurt her, just eager to get inside her hot, little mouth.  She had done a good job sucking Michael’s cock, it was his turn now.  And she would learn what a really long cock felt like.  She would be swallowing it like a sword swallower before he was finished with her. He fucked his hips forward until he felt her lips around his cock.  He enjoyed her silky lips around his cock, fighting the urge to cum.  “Use your tongue or I’ll jam it down your throat.”


She could smell his cock before he even put it in her mouth.  She gagged at the thought of sucking his smelly cock, but she had little choice.  Michael was behind her pinning her head as his dirty fingers forced her mouth open.  Even with the taste of Michael’s cum lingering in her mouth, she was assailed by the foul taste of his cock as it slid into her mouth.  He began to fuck her without hesitatation, driving his cock in and out of her mouth. 


He slapped the side of her head.  “Use your tongue on my cock.  Show me how good of a cock sucker you are.”  He slapped her again, her tongue moving quickly to comply with his demand.  She was enthusiastic now, that was all that was needed.  Just a little pain.  He forced his cock in and out of her mouth, Gretchen barely able to get half of it inside.  He let her work on the head and a couple of inches of the shaft for a few minutes, Gretchen grunting as he fucked harder and faster, her cheeks billowing out each time he shoved in sideways. 


She looked at her reflection in the mirror, his long cock splitting her lips open, but half of it was still outside of her mouth.  She feared when he would shove it in, sure that he would push it in too deep.  She tried hard to make him cum with her tongue and lips, sucking it into her mouth, even as it banged against her throat.  Anything to make him cum and keep him from shoving it down her gullet.  She worked on sucking his cock like a ten-dollar whore.


As much as Zeke was enjoying her sucking, he still had half of his cock that was being neglected.  There was only one way for her to please all of his cock and that was by shoving it down her throat.  “Hold her tight Michael.  She ain’t gonna like this.”  Michael grinned at him, Zeke knowing that he wanted to do the same thing.  Zeke pulled his cock almost all the way out of her mouth.  Her tongue raced to slap at the head of his cock, but he paused only to take a deep breath.  He shoved with his hips, seeing Michael bracing, holding her head tight as his cock sped into her mouth.  Not as thick as Michael’s cock, so his cock breached her throat with relative ease.  At least for him.  Gretchen did not take it so easy.  As the head of his cock breached her throat, she gagged, her mouth and throat opening wider, allowing more of his cock head to enter the tight gullet.  His cock was wet, sliding down as she choked and gagged, her head and body jerking as she was suddenly impaled on over seven inches of hard cock.  Her eyes opened wide and from the look on her face, she tried to scream, but his cock plugged her and she was unable to do anything but swallow his cock. 


Her stomach turned as she gagged; his long cock feeling like a snake going into her stomach.  Michael held her head submissively, Gretchen unable to do anything but choke and gasp as the cock rasped down into her throat.  Her throat muscles fought his cock every inch of the way, trying to force out the intruder, but Zeke was relentless.  She struggled to breathe, her nose flaring as she tried to suck in as much precious air as she could.  Zeke seemed to be in no hurry to pull his cock from her throat. Gretchen began to panic as her head grew dizzy.Er



Her throat muscles rippled up and down his cock, Zeke in no hurry to take it out.  He enjoyed her struggles, her eyes glazing over as she suffered from the lack of air.  He looked down, a beautiful girl beneath him, her mouth split open by his cock.  It had been a long time, but this was almost worth it.  His balls ached to cum.  Zeke grabbed her head from Michael, commenting to him.  “Thanks, I’ll take it from here.”  He put his hands behind her head, pulling his cock out of her throat, grunting as it finally popped from the tiny hole.  He pulled back until her lips gripped his cock, thrusting back in, making her take eight inches of cock before he stopped, her throat more open this time, his cock slick as it slid down into her gullet.  But it did little to help Gretchen, her body jerking and shuddering, gagging as he plugged her throat.  He pulled out, then shoved back in, each time shoving more of his cock into her throat.  It took him almost five minutes, grunting and groaning with each stroke as he had to force his cock into the restrictive hole.  The only sounds from Gretchen were her muffled grunts and choking.  Her cheeks were stained with her tears.  She was barely conscious, unable to breathe, Zeke not really caring one way or another.  He just needed to cum and he fought the urge until he plugged her throat with the full ten inches of his cock.


Her head was spinning, her vision going black, as she could no longer breathe.  The only air she got was when Zeke pushed his cock down her throat, shoving in air as an afterthought.  Zeke never stopped fucking her throat, rubbing it raw with his cock as it felt like a giant snake was being shoved down into her stomach.  Her stomach turned over, but she couldn’t even vomit, his cock blocking the passage.  Cum and spit dribbled down her chin onto her naked breasts.  She wished for him to cum quickly, the darkness of suffocation coming soon.


Zeke pumped his cock in and out, making her take the full measure of his cock, enjoying her choking, her throat massaging his cock as it slid down to reach into her stomach.  His hairs finally pushed against her lips, his cock jerking inside her throat.  He held his cock there, impaling her throat on ten inches of hard cock.  He felt the shudder in his balls, feeling his cum shooting through his cock and into Gretchen.  She hardly noticed as it went directly into her stomach.


She could feel his cock grow larger, knowing he would cum soon, but she only felt a twitch as he came, a warmness in her stomach her only reminder that he had cum in her.  She gasped, bending over as he pulled his wet, slimy cock from her mouth, spitting up as she gasped to fill her lungs.  She only hoped that they were finished with her.  She couldn’t take much more of this.


Michael stroked his cock, regaining his hard-on after watching Zeke throat fuck Gretchen.  “Put her on the bed.  Maybe you’d like to taste some nice young pussy?”


Even though Zeke had just cum, he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to eat some pussy.  Especially young almost virgin pussy.  He wasn’t sure what Michael was up to, but Gretchen probably wouldn’t like it.


Gretchen couldn’t do anything as they tossed her body like it weighed nothing, throwing her onto the bed, falling on her back. She fought as Zeke pulled off her panties, but the fragile garment tore from his powerful hands.  She found herself pushed down on the bed on her back, naked, Zeke on one end, his hands holding each of her ankles.  Michael was on the other end, above her head, staring down at her.  She noticed that his cock was hard.  God, how could it be so soon?


Michael pulled Gretchen down the end of the bed until her head hung over the edge.  She was almost looking up at him.  But it was her mouth he wanted.  He bent down, straightening out her head.  “Keep your head still Gretchen.  Just like that.  Your throat is in a straight line.  Just right for my cock.”  He saw the panic in her face.  “Zeke, make her feel good.  Eat that lovely cunt.”


Zeke threw her legs up and out, spreading her wide open for him.  He looked at the lovely, pink gash before his eyes, surprised to find her insides glistening in the bright light.  He spread her legs back more until her asshole was revealed, her crack pulled back, the tiny hole barely visible.  It was going to hurt her to take cock up her ass, but that was what made it so good.  He would bust her open with his long cock, but that was what was good about an asshole, it was long enough to take even a massive cock.  The cramps would be hard, but that would only bring more pleasure to his cock. He licked his lips, eager to taste her pussy.  He pressed his head down between her legs, his nose pushing apart her lips, his tongue tasting the sweet nectar of her pussy. 


Her hips shot up, but it wasn’t pain, it was from pleasure.  His tongue licked her slit, from the bottom, all the way up, his fingers pinching the base of her clit until it stood out, the tip of his tongue lashing at it.  She could barely contain herself, biting her lip, not wanting to show him what he was doing to her.  She forgot all about Michael as Zeke’s tongue went to work on her body.  He never stopped or tired, his fingers pulling her labia apart as his tongue explored all of her intimate body.  She felt him make his tongue hard, forcing it into her pussy as if it were a tiny cock, darting in and out as he tongue fucked her.  She couldn’t do anything when his tongue went lower, feeling a fiery feeling in her anus as it lapped at her backside, Gretchen humiliated that his tongue went in such a dark place.  But he soon returned to her clit, sucking the swollen organ into his mouth as his tongue worked on the tip, back and forth rhythmically.   She didn’t even see Michael until it was too late, her mouth open as she enjoyed the pleasure of Zeke’s tongue.


It was too easy, Gretchen’s hips jerking up and down as Zeke ate her pussy.  Her eyes were partially closed in pleasure, her mouth open as she moaned.  He moved over the top of her head, his hard cock in his hand.  He pulled her head back farther until her mouth was at a convenient height.  Her eyes opened, but it was already too late, his cock pushing between her lips and into her mouth before she knew what happened.


“MMMGGG,” her only protest as she was lulled by Zeke and his masterful tongue.  She had forgotten all about Michael, her mind dismissing the thoughts when he pushed her head off the end of the bed.  It should have been a sign, but instead, she let her guard down.  Now she found her mouth breached a second time by Michael’s thick cock.  He held her hands down, Zeke holding her legs up and spread, Gretchen unable to do anything but swallow his cock.  And swallow she did, Michael pushing with his hips until the thick head finally breached her throat.  It burned as it pushed its way down into her gullet, the head thicker, forcing her throat to expand even more to accommodate the hard flesh.  Her muscles rippled along it, but could do little to stop the forward progression. Gretchen choking and gagging as it pushed deeper and deeper into her throat.  She could do nothing, but let her body go, Zeke’s tongue continuing to drive an orgasm from her body in spite of being throat fucked by the biggest cock she had ever seen.


Besides the initial struggle, Gretchen took his cock without any further trouble.  Zeke must be working over her pussy good, her head still as he pumped his cock in and out of her willing mouth, each time shoving it down into her restrictive throat.  She came before he did, but Zeke strung her along, never letting her down, his fingers and tongue driving her from one shudder to another.  He had two fingers in her pussy and even his middle finger in her asshole could dissuade the orgasms that raced through her young body.  It took another ten minutes before he came, preferring to unload his cum into her mouth, forcing her to swallow it all before Zeke let her up.


Her body was spent, so Zeke had little trouble with her.  Pulling her until her head was on his lap, he fed his cock into her mouth, enjoying the pleasure of her tight lips for almost a half hour before he came on her face, spraying her lovely features with his white, milky cum.  She couldn’t move when he was finished, Zeke and Michael dressing.  Michael tied her up after putting her panties and pajama top back on.  He tied her arms behind her back, laying her on her side, a rope keeping her pinned to the bed.  He didn’t want her going anywhere.  At least not yet.  She still had two holes left, one of them a cherry.  And there were lots of cocks for her to take care of.


To be Continued.



A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride. On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball. Then, a beggar taps softly at her door. Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball. But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring. Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants. Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters. The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled. Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him. Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward. Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

Here is another searing novel of bondage and submission as only Powerone, bestselling novelist of BDSM can write.