Home Invasion


By Powerone

Copyright 2008


Chapter 5

Performance for Father

Gretchen saw him coming in, wishing it was Michael instead.  He kneeled on the bed, Gretchen unable to do anything, bound hand and foot, her panties stuffed into her mouth.  His hands slid over her ass cheeks, the pajama bottoms doing little to stop him from feeling her naked body beneath.

“Nice ass, Gretchen.”  Joe continued to fondle the bound girl, his cock growing.  “As nice as your sister.”  His hand slid up her side, seeing her trying to escape his touch until he found an unrestrained titty beneath the pajama top, his finger finding her nipple already pushing out the thin material.  “Your sister was great.  Did you hear her through the wall?  She didn’t want me to fuck her in the ass, but I managed to convince her otherwise.  Michael tells me all you did was some sucking, but you are about to become the main attraction.”

She mumbled in protest as the fingers dug into her nipples, making them hard in spite of her revulsion for him.  His hand cupped her breast so casually as if he were a lover as she tried to squirm away, but the ropes held her bound submissively.  What were they going to do to her?  Main attraction?  She felt his hand leave, untying the ropes that kept her bound, thankful at least for that.

* * *

Jed finally came around, his head pounding, a look in the mirror across from him and he saw the cut on his forehead, the blood now dried.  He tugged on the ropes that held him to the chair, but all they did was dig into his wrists and ankles until he finally stopped.  There was no one else around, though he could hear voices in the bedrooms, Jed fearing for the safety of Martha, Kristen and Gretchen.  These were convicted felons, escaped from jail, sure that they would do anything not to go back again.  Anything, fearing for their lives.  He couldn’t say a word when one of them came in, a gag around his head covering his mouth.

“Well, Jed, you certainly do have a lovely family.  I’ve never seen such an abundance of lovely female flesh before.  Not only your wife, but your two lovely daughters have bodies that were built for pleasure.  Now I see the hatred in your eyes but there is little you can do.  And I thought you might like to see how talented your daughters are.  I know sometimes that a father doesn’t see his daughters as women, only little girls.  But when we’re finished with showing you their talents, you will know they are women.”  Michael broke out into a boisterous laugh.  Michael turned around when he heard the bedroom door open.  “And yes, here comes your lovely wife, Martha.  So talented she is.  And devoted to your daughters.  She sucked and fucked to save them, but to no avail.  Though she did drain lots of cum from our balls!”

They were going to ravish his daughter in front of him, his anger increasing, but the ropes held him tight, barely able to move an inch.  He hated what they made Martha do, tricking her into believing that she would be saving their daughters.  These men were despicable.  He saw Martha being led out of their bedroom, naked, her arms behind her back, probably tied though he couldn’t see that.  But what was unmistakable was the rope that was drawn up between her legs, the other man was holding it like a leash as he brought her into the living room.  Jed saw the way it cut up between her delicate thighs and the way the man was tugging it, it also drew harshly up between her pussy lips.  Her bald pussy lips, the men must have made her shave.  Jed still couldn’t stop his cock from hardening, Martha’s body always able to do that with little trouble.

Martha was having trouble walking, the prickly rope rubbing up and down her delicate slit.  That and she was well fucked, her pussy and ass sore from what the men did to her.  She was at least glad that Jed was awake and looked well, but she hated that he saw her this way.  Zeke was dragging her along like a trained dog, the harsh rope hurting her slit, Zeke cruelly tugging it to make it rasp along her delicate lips.  He finally stopped in front of Jed, Michael standing on the other side of her.

Zeke ran his hand casually over her breasts, enjoying the way she bit her lip as she tried not to get aroused by his fingers, but her nipples gave her away, growing erect as Zeke’s fingers tightened on the tip and twisted them.  “Nice tits,” Zeke talking to Jed.  “But you know that.  But I know for sure by the way she squealed when Jackson first ass fucked her that you never were up her ass.  According to Jackson, you missed a nice tight hole.  And she was very good at clenching on his cock until he came up her ass.”

Michael was not to be outdone, his hand slipping down her abdomen, Martha sucking in her stomach as his fingers played across her bare mound.  He touched the rope, tugging it, Martha gasping and spreading her legs wider apart in hopes of alleviating some of the pain.  His fingers pushed the rope out of the way as he stroked her up and down her slit until he felt her wetness.

Jed shook the chair as he tried to get loose, the two men running their hands over Martha’s body with impunity, Jed’s mumbled threats doing little to stop them, the one that had stroked her pussy now had his hand behind her.  And by the look on Martha’s face, he was touching her ass.

She couldn’t do anything as Michael’s hand stroked down her crack, Martha learning early on not to defy them, allowing him to run his hand over her abused anus.  He drew up the juices from her pussy, his finger pushing on her anus until she felt her rectum pierced by a fat finger, gasping as the fingernail of his finger reignited the wounds of her ass rape.  His finger twisted and turned inside her, finally pulling free as the others began to come down the hall.

Kristen was the first one led down the hall.  You could see by her eyes that she had been crying.  And probably worse.  At least she wasn’t bound, or naked.  One man was next to her, his eyes staring at her body as she walked.  Gretchen was last, another man next to her, his hand around her waist as if she were his girlfriend.

Michael left Martha so he could enjoy the other girls.  Zeke pushed Martha into another chair across from Jed so he could see her, tying her legs to the chair legs, spreading her open for Jed to gaze lustily at his wife.  “I’m Michael, that’s Zeke that’s spreading your wife open for you.  Jackson is next to Kristen, they are good friends,” Michael laughing.  “And Joe has your youngest, my favorite, Gretchen.  She is so docile, willing to do anything to please.”

Kristen and Gretchen were both dressed in short schoolgirl skirts, Michael loving that they were in fashion.  Each wore a sweater that clung to their ample tits, high heels making their legs look longer and sexier.  “Come here, Gretchen.  Next to daddy so he can see you better.”

She was pushed toward Michael, seeing the desperate look in her mother’s and father’s eyes, both of them bound in chairs, her mother naked and spread so obscenely.  Gretchen had never seen her mother naked like this before, her pussy spread open, red and abused from being raped by the men.  She felt shamed to stand in front of her father, knowing Michael would force her to do perverse acts, her parents forced to watch her.  She knew she could do nothing to stop them, Kristen’s cries of pain from defying them testament to their cruelty.  Michael pushed her in front of her father, standing behind her.

“Isn’t she a lovely bit of female flesh, Jed?  I bet it is difficult not to get hard when you saw her.  Like now, the bulge in your pants difficult to hide.”  Michael’s hands slid around her slim waist, pushing forward until his cock rubbed against her ass cheeks.  “Can you feel my cock against your ass, Gretchen?  Soon you will enjoy it inside you.  I bet you didn’t know your little girl wasn’t a virgin, did you, Jed?”  He saw the surprised look on Jed’s face.  “I haven’t even fucked her yet, though she does suck cock like a pro.  As well as Kristen and Martha.  Did you teach them all?”  Michael’s hands slid under the white sweater, feeling her body jump as his hands touched her bare skin.  He began to caress her flesh, moving his hands up higher until he found the bottom of her bra.  He cupped both breasts, his large hands able to grip them with ease, tightening on them until he felt the flesh compress beneath his powerful grip.  “Let’s get this out of the way.  While your tits look lovely beneath it, daddy wants to see them.”  Michael pulled his hands out from beneath her sweater, pulling it up from her waist.  “Raise your arms up, Gretchen.”  She put her arms straight up into the air.  “See, Jed, didn’t I tell you she was docile?  Just imagine all the things you could have made her do.”  He slipped the sweater up over her head and threw it on the floor, Gretchen putting her hands to her sides.

His hands were feeling her up as her father watched; humiliated that Michael told him she wasn’t a virgin.  She raised her arms up, feeling the sweater pulled off of her, leaving her clad only in the lacy bra that they made her wear.  She couldn’t help but to look, seeing the bulge in her father’s pants.  Was she doing that?  Her hands went to her sides, her fingers curled into a ball, waiting for Michael’s to begin caressing her flesh again.  She felt his cock jerking against her ass, afraid of taking such a monster inside her, knowing it wouldn’t be her pussy but her ass that would be impaled on it.  All while everyone watched.

Michael’s hands returned to her breasts, pushing up beneath the bra until her bare bosom threatened to pop out the top of her bra.  His fingers curled around the cup until he felt the unmistakable bulge of hardened nipples that threatened to bust out.  He found the tips and squeezed them, the thin bra doing little to protect them as his powerful fingers dug into the erect buds.  “I bet you can’t wait to see these nipples, Jed.  Look how hard they are already.”  He dug his fingers into them tighter until he heard Gretchen moan, her hands still hanging uselessly at her sides in submission.

Her nipples hurt and at the same time she felt the delicious tremors between her legs.  Michael seemed to bring that out in her body, making her betray herself, his harshness taking her breath away.  She felt his hands slip under her bra, the lacy material passing over her nipples as he slid the bra up over her breasts until they were naked, Gretchen turning red in shame as her father stared unashamedly at her heaving breasts.  Michael took full advantage of their nakedness, his fingers teasing the nipples, his hard fingernail slapping back and forth over them as they sprung to life in spite of the pain.

Michael played with her nipples, taking full advantage, his fingers slapping them to attention, her body jerking each time he became too harsh, her ass pushing back in pain, only to make his cock jerk in pleasure.  But no matter what he did, they grew to hard little rocks that pushed out like sharp points that beckoned for attention, a soft or hard touch, Gretchen caring little which one.  He hefted them up like grapefruit, his fingers yanking on the nipples until they stretched out, Gretchen forced onto her toes as he yanked them up into the air.

Jed couldn’t take his eyes off of her, though he knew he should.  Michael was abusing her nipples, yanking them hard, but Gretchen barely gasped in protest.  All Jed could think about was her breasts, just like Martha’s breasts when Jed first met her, firm and pointed.  His cock shuddered in his pants as Michael pulled her bra from her, leaving Gretchen standing half naked in front of him, stripped to her waist, her firm young tits standing out proudly.

“I think daddy likes your titties, Gretchen.  Now what man wouldn’t?  But he would like to see more, Gretchen.  He wants to see your little pink pussy, though he is disappointed that you were such a slut and gave away your young-girl innocence.”  Michael’s hands slid down to her waist, guiding it from side to side, her ass sliding sensuously over his throbbing cock.  “Have no fear, Jed, I’m sure her asshole is virgin, though it won’t stay that way long.  You should see what her ass is doing to my cock now.”

Michael’s hands became more insistent, slowly drawing her short skirt up her legs, her father’s eyes gazing down to watch as more and more of her naked legs were revealed.  She felt the edge of her skirt drawing up her thighs until she was sure her panties were revealed, Joe giving her white, virginal panties to wear, though they were too tight for her, Gretchen growing up and wearing thongs now.  Michael had her skirt around her waist, her lower body protected from peering eyes only by her panties.

“Spread your legs, Gretchen. Or are you trying to hide your treasures from daddy?”  Again, she obeyed without question, her legs shuffling until her thighs parted and the panties pulled tighter over her mound.

Jed couldn’t take his eyes off of her panties, her slit revealed vividly by the tight panties that seemed to dig between her lips.  And he saw the wetness, shamed that his young daughter was growing aroused as Michael took advantage of her body.  Would she cum when he fucked her?  The thought had never crossed his mind, that of the sexuality of his daughter, especially his youngest.  But it stood out vividly before him, Gretchen almost naked and aroused.

“Outline your pussy with your fingers, Gretchen.  Tease daddy with what we will soon reveal to him.”

Gretchen’s hand slid down over her stomach, passing over her bush, sending shivers up her spine as her fingers excited the hair follicles.  She pushed one finger between her slit, sliding her wet panties into the sharp divide as her finger slid up and down her pronounced slit.  She spread her legs a bit farther, going about it almost hypnotically as if she were masturbating privately in her own bedroom.  Her finger slid up until she shuddered, pushing back onto Michael’s demanding cock as her finger found her clit, touching the sensitive bud through her thin panties.  “Mmmmmmmm,” trying to contain her lust that her fingers ignited in her.

“Little Gretchen likes to perform for daddy,” Michael hearing her moan of pleasure, enjoying the way her ass cheeks clenched onto his cock.  He would use that to his advantage.  “Slip your panties down your legs and step out of them.  Let daddy see your pussy.”

It was hard for Gretchen to comply, all of the other men gathering around, even Kristen forced to watch, all of them eager to see her naked, Gretchen ashamed at what Michael would force her to do once she was naked.  It was bad enough when they took her in her bedroom, but now everyone would see her, everyone would hear her cumming.  Her fingers slipped into the waistband and slowly drew it down over her hips, tugging hard as the tight-fitting panties stretched to slide over her shapely hips, the panties pulling out from between her pussy lips as they slid down.  Gretchen felt even more self conscious when she bent over, her naked breasts hanging down so obscenely as she slipped them off her legs.  She felt the rush of cool air between her thighs as she raised her legs, ashamed at what they could see as she rushed to push the panties off of her feet.  She stood back up, her body flush as she stood naked in front of them, her father’s eyes staring at her sex.

“I can see it in your face, Jed.  You like that young pussy.  You think about fucking your daughters when you’re inside Martha.  Hot, tight young cunts.” 

Jed shook his head in protest, but he couldn’t deny the way he was staring at Gretchen.  Or the bulge in his pants.

“Show daddy some pink, Gretchen.  Spread your pussy lips apart with your fingers.  Real far so he can almost see inside you.  Inside your once-virgin hole.  And spread your legs wider.  I know you know how.”  Michael pushed against her naked ass cheeks, his cock needing to be freed from his pants real soon.

“Nooo!’  Gretchen felt a sudden shame spread over her body, Michael wanting her to show her most intimate flesh so obscenely.

“You either do as I say, or it’s Kristen that will suffer.  I’ll have Joe take a belt to her pussy.  He’d love to whip her slit with that thick belt of his.  And then he’ll fuck her up the ass again.  You want Kristen to suffer for your disobedience?”

Gretchen’s hands slid down over her bare stomach and through her bush until she found her pussy lips.  She gripped them with hesitation, finally resigned to the obscene act in order to spare her sister.  She felt her wetness, shamed as her fingers tightened on her lips and began to spread them open.  Wider and wider she pulled them until she felt the tugging become painful, Michael behind her encouraging her to pull them wider.  Finally she held them out wide, ashamed as she felt the cool night air blowing on her inner lips and even deeper, into her pussy.

Jed stared unashamedly at her pussy, never seeing such a thing before, her pink insides exposed so vividly, even into the dark hole of her pussy.  He almost forgot that it was his youngest daughter as his eyes explored the openness of her pussy.  Martha would have never done such a thing, Jed only seeing her pussy from afar, their lovemaking mostly in the dark.

“Play with your pussy, Gretchen.  Show your daddy how you masturbate.”  It was time to fuck her, his cock needing relief soon.  Just a bit more and then she could begin to satisfy him.

She released her pussy lips, at least glad that she wouldn’t be so exposed.  Her fingers slid up and down her slit, gathering up her juices that flowed so abundantly in spite of her shame.  She began to masturbate, making sure her slick fingers rode over her clit.

“Put two fingers inside, Gretchen.  Show daddy your lost innocence.”  Her ass shoved back against his cock as she gasped in pleasure as she speared her fingers into her tight pussy.  He remembered the hot tightness of her pussy, in spite of not being a virgin.  But it was her asshole that he would take first, and her mouth would make him slick enough to fuck past her virgin backdoor.

She finger fucked her pussy, spreading her legs wider as her two fingers slid inside her tight hole.  Yes, she did lose her innocence, but she hadn’t been fucked much, her pussy almost as tight as a virgin.  It began to feel good, her other hand going to her clit, drawing it out so she could lightly tap over the swollen bud.  She felt shamed at the noise as her fingers slid in and out of her wet pussy, but she couldn’t stop the pleasure that raced through her body as she masturbated publicly.  This made it all the more exciting, forced to perform sexually as everyone watched her.  Everyone, including her father, his eyes glued to her fingers as they slid in and out of her drenched pussy.  Slick fingers that revealed her shameful arousal.

His eyes watched her almost hypnotically, her fingers going in and out of her pussy, Jed imaging how it would feel if it were his cock instead, forgetting that it was his daughter.  And she seemed to be doing the same, her fingers glistening with her juices, her pussy drenching them as they fucked her.

It was time to stop temporarily, Gretchen having other work to do first before she came.  “That’s enough for now.  You’ll have another chance.  I want you to take my cock out and show daddy how you suck cock.”  He spun her around, his hands on her shoulders, forcing her to the floor in front of them, his cock straining to get out of the tight confines of his pants and into the hot mouth of the young girl.

Her hands went to Michael’s pants automatically as if she had done it a hundred times, her mouth only inches from the bulge that pushed out the front of his pants.  She undid the belt, the snap next and then her fingers gripped the zipper, the hissing sound of the zipper breaking the silence in the room.  Gretchen could feel Michael’s hard cock as she pulled the zipper down, her mouth filling with saliva as she relived the times she was forced to suck a cock, almost able to taste the saltiness again in her mouth.  She pushed his pants down, Michael stepping out of them.  Her hands outlined the thick shaft of his cock in his shorts, her fingers running up to the giant head.  As she touched it, it twitched, pushing against the shorts, trying to be free of the constraining material.

“Yes, Gretchen, your soft hands make my cock twitch in pleasure.”  She was stroking his cock, her slender fingers moving up and down the shaft.  “Free it, Gretchen.  It wants to feel the hot flesh of your hands.”  Michael tried to contain his moan, her soft hands pulling down the shorts, his cock jerking out to pop into her face, her hot breath exciting him beyond reason.  Her fingers reached out, gripping his hot flesh, long, slim fingers curling around it.  “Jerk it off, Gretchen.  Show Daddy how good you are.”

Her fingers glided along the shaft, sliding over the thick head, her fingernails slicing across the thick rim, the head of his cock already leaking its precious fluid.  She knew what she had to do, turning to look at her father, seeing the look on his face as she casually masturbated Michael’s cock.  She felt the humiliating flush on her face as she opened her mouth, pushing her head forward until she felt the thick crown of Michael’s cock slip over her silky lips and into her willing mouth.  Her lips closed, trapping it just beneath the head, her tongue already going to work on it.

“Look at her gobble it up,” Jackson exclaimed as Gretchen began to suck Michael’s cock.

“What do you think of your youngest daughter, Jed?  Did you teach her to suck cock?  Or is she a natural cocksucker?  Like your lovely Martha?”  Michael pressed his cock deeper into Gretchen’s mouth as she sucked it in, his hands going to the sides of her head, his hips moving in and out.  He had to be careful, not wanting to cum, saving that for her asshole.

Jed couldn’t believe what Gretchen was doing.  She took to sucking cock like a pro, much better than Martha had ever done.  His cock strained his pants even though he tried to drive the evil thoughts of his daughter from his mind, it was just too much, her young face tilted up to look at Michael, his big cock splitting her lips like a giant log.  All the while he could hear her energetic sucking, filling the room as all watched silently.  The cock was driving deeper and deeper into her mouth, a gag as it banged against her throat, but she made no movement to try to move away.

Michael tilted her head and Gretchen knew what to expect, her throat impaled on his cock with the next thrust, Gretchen’s nostrils flaring as she sucked in precious air into her lungs as his snake of a cock slid down into her gullet.  She choked and gagged on the thick flesh, but Michael’s hands held her in position, jerking her head up and down on his cock, masturbating in her throat.  He finally pulled his cock out, Gretchen’s head going down, coughing hoarsely, cum leaking out of her mouth onto the floor beneath her.  She looked up at Michael, his hands pulling her up to her feet, Gretchen knowing that she was about to get fucked, fearing the worst.

“Let me at that pussy,” Jackson pushing everyone out of the way.  He already had his cock out.  “But I think Martha should suck Jed off while we fuck Gretchen.  It’s not fair for Jed not to get his rocks off watching his daughter fuck.”  He went over to the chair, untying Martha, pulling her naked body over to where Jed sat bound.  “Take his cock out, show it to your daughters, Martha.”  Jackson forced her painfully to her knees.

She fumbled with Jed’s pants, ashamed that his cock was so hard, never seeing it like that before.  Is it because of Gretchen?  Was he lusting after his youngest daughter?  She yanked his pants open, pulling them down, his shorts next.  She hated to suck cock, but the men cared little for her preferences.  His cock stood out hard, looking up to see Gretchen staring at it as she stood naked, Michael behind her, his naked cock pressed against her ass.  And now Jackson was moving in front of her.  Would they both take Gretchen as the men had done to her?  She didn’t know if her youngest daughter would be able to stand the pain of taking such a big weapon up her virgin ass, Martha recalling vividly the pain as they both took her at one time.  It felt like a giant log between her legs.  She did what she had to do, her mouth engulfing his cock, bobbing up and down, spared from seeing her youngest daughter’s duel rape.

Jed struggled not to cum as Martha began to suck him off, Gretchen and Kristen both gazing at his naked cock before Jackson blocked out Gretchen, his large body slipping in front of her.  He had a monster of a cock.  All the men did, almost inhuman proportions.

Gretchen looked down to see the large cock of Jackson, his hand fisting it, pointing between her legs.  It was huge and he was going to put it inside her.  That was bad enough, but what really worried her was Michael.  She felt his hands behind her, powerful fingers pulling her cheeks apart until she felt the unmistakable hardness pressed against her anus.  Now he had used his fingers on her anus, violating her, but they were nothing compared to the thick helmet of his cock.  She was sure that he would tear her apart with it, and if she survived the initial painful entry, she would sure die at their hands as they both fed their massive organs into her body.  Jackson’s cock slipped between her pussy lips, Gretchen grateful that she was at least wet, the head of his cock gathering up her juices.  He crouched down as he lined up his cock, pressing it against her tight opening.  She had never had anything that big inside her, but she could only spread her legs wider in hopes of surviving the duel rape.  “OOOOHHH,” moaning as she felt her pussy spread open by his demanding cock.  She pushed back to escape it, only to find her anus spread as Michael’s cock was waiting for her, pressed into her tight opening.  She pushed away from Michael’s cock, only succeeding to jam another inch of Jackson’s cock into her pussy, feeling the thick flesh pushing aside all her resistance.

The men began to rut into Gretchen, each time she moved away from one, the other would be welcomed into her welcoming hole, her hips bouncing back and forth as she was impaled in both of her holes.  Michael felt the tremendous pressure as her anal ring fought the intrusion, finally winning out, Gretchen letting out a scream as her anal ring was forced around the head of his cock, gripping it so tightly.  His cock shuddered as her rectum squeezed the head of his cock, her muscles trying to force out the intruder.

“EEEEWWW,” her scream inhuman as her anus stretched so wide she was sure it was torn.  She felt the popping as the head of his cock slipped into her tiny asshole, stretching and tearing as it fought its way into her rectum.  It hurt, her muscles clenching uncontrollably, trying to force it out, but her body was sandwiched between the two men, their raping cocks piercing her very soul.  Jackson was just as forceful, her pussy stretched to take the massive organ in her almost virgin hole, Michael grunting behind her as his hips jerked back and forth, each time more and more of his cock fed into her guts.

Jed couldn’t believe what they were doing to Gretchen, seeing the pained look on her face, her screams, knowing they were taking her youthful body with their adult organs.  They only grinned, their asses moving back and forth as they began to fuck her in both holes.  Jed tried to contain his lust, Martha sucking his cock with a new interest.  Had these men taught her this?  Or did she like it now?

Michael couldn’t believe how tight she was, her muscles rippling up and down his cock as he fed his cock into her bowels.  She was moaning in pain, but he didn’t care, only interested in cumming deep into her guts.  He could feel Jackson’s cock, separated by a thin membrane, both of them setting up a rhythm, fucking in and pulling out in coordination.

Her insides felt like one giant log was tearing her up.  They both moved inside her, feeling like they were trying to drive their cocks out through her stomach and out her mouth, only to find her insides collapsing as they pulled out in unison, gasping as they paused only for seconds before she found her insides quickly filled with thick, pulsating flesh.  She was buffeted back and forth between the men, shamed as her breasts danced on her chest, her insides rubbed raw by the raping cocks.  And all she could see is her father being sucked off by her mother, his eyes staring at her as they raped her.

It went on for five minutes, both men struggling to contain their lust for as long as possible.  Gretchen felt Michael’s cock snake up into her intestines, cramping her as it straightened out her organ, pushing aside all her muscles to dig deep into her bowels.  And Jackson began to fuck her hard, making her take the full measure of his cock with each thrust, feeling like their cocks were meeting somewhere in the middle of her body.  Her anal ring had given up the fight, beaten into submission, Michael’s cock sliding in and out with ease, but not without pain.  Gretchen watched her mother drink down her father’s cum, her cheeks bulging out as he came in her mouth, her father’s eyes still glued to her as she was raped.

Jed felt the shame as soon as he came in Martha’s mouth, but the men made her keep her mouth on his cock, even allowing him to cum in her mouth.  They continued to fuck Gretchen, Jed unable to comprehend why, but his cock never shrunk much after cumming, staying semi-hard in Martha’s mouth.  She had never drunk his cum, but the men made her, Jed enjoying it.  For long minutes they continued to fuck Gretchen, their asses speeding up, Jed knowing they were ready to cum.

Gretchen wasn’t ready for it, but she screamed when they both jammed their cocks so deep in her body it felt like spears poking her deep inside.  They swelled in her, then she felt the sudden rush of cum spraying in her body, spewing out their foul cum in her.  She couldn’t do anything as her pussy and her bowels filled with their abundant crème until they finally finished spoiling her body, their cocks hurting as much when they pulled out as when they went in.  When they moved away from her, she could no longer stand, falling to the floor.

“Now its time for daddy to see Kristen perform for him.  But first maybe he would like to see his eldest girl get a pussy spanking.”

To be continued



A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

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Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

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