Home Invasion


By Powerone

Copyright 2008



Chapter 4



Martha was scared when they took her from the living room to her bedroom.  Not so much for her safety, but for Kristen’s and Gretchen’s, no matter how much the leader had promised not to touch them.  She heard them talking behind her; two of them, one named Zeke, older than the rest of them, an evil glint in his eyes.  The other was young, not much older then Kristen, but you could tell that he had a hard life and took what he took what he wanted, sure that is what got him thrown into jail with the rest of them.  She worried about her husband, Jed, slumped in the chair, blood slowly dripping from the head wound that the gun barrel had inflicted on him.  She only hoped that they were missed and someone would stop by to see how they were doing.  But for now, she had to find a way to survive and keep them occupied and away from Kristen and Gretchen.  And the only way to do that was with her body.  It had been a long time since another man had taken her.  And she was sure that this would not be a gentle lovemaking, these two men sex starved from their years in jail.

She opened her bedroom door, the massive bed that she shared with Jed prominently in the center of the room.  She wished it wasn’t so big now, more than enough room for three.  She had never been taken by two men at once.  She stood in the center of the room, waiting.

“Now that’s a bed made for fucking, Martha.”  Zeke looked at her, the scared look in her eyes only making him harder.  Nice blonde hair, tight body in spite of having two teenage daughters, he couldn’t wait to get her bathrobe off and strip her naked.  “What do you think, Jackson, have Martha suck our cocks first?”  Jackson would do anything Zeke wanted, as scared of Zeke as Martha was.

Jackson stroked his cock through his pants.  Though he would rather have the younger girls, Martha was still a fine looking women, especially for someone that hadn’t had a woman in over a year.  And it wasn’t like she was going to stop him from doing whatever he wanted.  Only Zeke could do that, but Jackson would just have to wait his turn.

“Please don’t make me take it in my mouth!”  Martha cried out in protest, but Jackson was already behind her, his strong hands pushing down on her shoulders, his fingers digging hard into her flesh until she relented, slowly pushed to the ground on her knees.  She had sucked Jed’s cock before, but it was always when she was willing, and he was gentle with her, allowing her to do all the work.  She looked up, Zeke standing only inches from her, Martha staring at the bulge in his pants.  She watched his hands as if she were mesmerized, drawing down the zipper, the sound of it hissing loudly in the room.  The belt came next, his pants opening up, letting them fall until they hung at his knees.  His cock bulged out the briefs he was wearing, the white shorts stained.

“This is for you, baby.”  Zeke pushed his shorts down, his cock popping to life, no longer restrained by the tight shorts.  He stroked it in her face, feeling her hot breath blowing on it.

It was big, much bigger then Jed’s.  And it grew as he stroked it, taking long strokes, Martha seeing the head glistening as it leaked.  She felt Jackson kneeling behind her, his hands already reaching around and cupping her breasts.  She turned to protest, but Zeke grabbed her head making her look straight at his cock, Martha feeling her bathrobe opened as Jackson became bolder.  His hands slid inside her bathrobe, his large hand encircling her breasts, naked except for the satin top she wore.  His fingers hurt as they sought out her nipples, pinching them as she squealed in pain.

Zeke rubbed his cock on her face, holding her head still, leaving a trail of cum on her cheek.  He saw her lips clench tight, but he would have none of that.  She was going to suck his cock and do it now.  He pinched her nose, tilting her head up, waiting patiently as she struggled with her lips tight.  She wouldn’t last long, her lungs robbed of the precious air.  He could see it in her eyes, growing dazed as she struggled, waiting with his cock poised on her lips.

The top of her pajamas were open, her naked breasts subject to the cruel touch of Jackson, his calloused fingers mauling her flesh, especially her nipples.  He would pinch them, Martha unable to cry out without letting Zeke enter her mouth with his cock.  Her eyes watered as Zeke pinched her nose hard, Martha struggling, but the two convicts were stronger then she was.  Her lungs burned from lack of air, finally Martha surrendering, her lips parted trying to suck in the precious airs her lungs sought.  Then she felt it, the hot, rubbery flesh of Zeke’s cock slip over her lips, her mouth instantly filled with the salty taste of his cum as it leaked on her tongue.  His cock tasted foul but she could do little, his hardened flesh already breaching her lips, stretching wider as the thick head seemed to fill her mouth.  “MMMGGG,” she could only mumble, her nipples feeling like they were being crushed by Jackson, his powerful fingers twisting and turning and pinching tight.  And now her mouth was invaded by the thick cock, Martha keeping her tongue to the side to avoid touching it, feeling it jerk inside her lips.  Zeke’s hands became more insistent holding her head so tight it felt like her brains were going to explode.  Her hands moved up to stop him, but were slapped to the side like an errant school girl, Martha keeping them at her side, her fists clenched as she tried to bear the pain and humiliation.

Zeke’s cock jerked when he felt her hot breath blowing on the head, sliding his hips forward as she gasped for air.  His cock slid between her wet, silky lips, gaining a foothold just inside her mouth, her lips gripping his shaft as tight as her pussy would.  She was squirming but had little chance, the two of them too powerful, their lust needing to be fulfilled.  “Nice hot, tight mouth.  Now start licking, Martha.”  He slapped her along the side of her head, his cock slipping out, shoving it back in before she had a chance to close her mouth.  He could see the surrender in her eyes.  Her tongue began to move, first hesitantly slipping over the head of his cock, making his cock jerk from the pleasure.  “Now that’s better.  You suck real good and you’ll not get hurt.”  His hands began to move her head, back and forth, his cock sliding so pleasurably between her tight lips, her tongue continuing to rub so salaciously against his cock.

Jackson mauled her tits with his hands, liking the rough treatment, Martha not able to do anything to stop him.  He squeezed her nipples until he heard her mumbled cries, Zeke plugging her mouth with his cock.  She’d learn to obey him, his turn in her mouth would come soon enough.  Until then his hands ripped her top open, his hands sliding down over her stomach, feeling her suck in her breath as his fingers slid into the bottoms of her pajamas.

Her mouth was stuffed, Martha unable to do anything but take it, hands forcing her head back and forth, the cock sliding back and forth into her mouth until the only taste was the salty, thick cum that leaked from the head.  Her tongue was already growing tired, but her head still ached from when he slapped her.  Her breasts stung, the fingers tormenting her nipples.  At last the hands stopped tormenting her breasts, but she feared more as they slid over her naked stomach and slid into the waistband of her pajama bottoms.  “MMMGG,” she mumbled in pain as the fingers found her bush, yanking out a sprig of pubic hairs painfully.  His fingers tore into her mound, yanking out errant hairs as his fingers began to pinch her lips.  It was almost as bad as when they crushed her nipples.  And the cock in her mouth began to take deeper thrusts inside, the thick head banging against the back of her mouth, his hand holding her head submissively still as she choked.  “GGGGLLLUBB,” her throat opening wide as she gagged, Martha thankful that he at least pulled it back out.  But then she felt it race back in, his hands tightening on her head as it sped deep into her mouth.  She tried to brace herself, but she had no way of knowing as the head of his cock banged against the back of her mouth.  But this time it didn’t stop when she choked, taking advantage of her gag reflex, her throat opening up, the thick head squeezing painfully into the tight opening.  His hands held her tight as she felt it, snaking deep into her throat as her stomach turned over in disgust.

“Spread your legs,” Jackson ordered her, feeling Martha shuffling her knees apart, his hand sliding between her open thighs until he cupped her sex like a bowling ball.  His fingers shoved aside her puffy lips, two fingers sliding along the dry slit until he found what he was looking for.  A hot, tight hole.  Two fingers impaled her with a viciousness, her body shooting up as they shoved dryly inside her.  He twisted and turned them until he felt her grow moist.  “You better get wet, cunt.”  He thrust his fingers in and out, finger fucking her hard, digging his fingers deep inside her, opening them up until he was rewarded with her muffled groans of pain.  He saw Zeke fucking her mouth, the sounds of her choking testament to the fact that you could see the outline of his cock in her throat, her body bucking as she suffered.

She struggled to breath, her nostrils flaring as she tried to fill her lungs, robbed of the precious air by the cock that plugged her throat.  Her mouth was filled with spit and cum, the cock stretching her lips so wide and tight.  Zeke was fucking her throat, Martha’s head feeling like it would explode as he pressed his hands together on each side.  Her throat was getting rubbed raw, his balls slapping against her chin as he began to pump frenziedly into her mouth, his breathing ragged.  She knew he was ready to cum, but Martha could do little but be his receptacle.  And Jackson had shoved three fingers inside her, Martha fighting to get wet to make it less painful, her pussy stretched around the fat fingers, the harsh ridges of his knuckles scraping her painfully.  It felt like a watermelon was shoved between her legs, not knowing such pain since Gretchen was born.

Zeke couldn’t contain his lust any longer; he plunged one last time in her throat, delighting in the way her throat muscles clenched uncontrollably on his shaft.  His balls tingled, his sphincter tightening to try to prolong the pleasure as long as he could.  When he couldn’t fight it any longer, he pulled the head of his cock from her throat, wanting to fill her mouth with his cum.  He began to take short strokes in her mouth.  “Use your tongue as I cum in your mouth.  And don’t swallow until I tell you.”  He pumped his cock rhythmically in her mouth as he felt the cum shoot up from his heavily laden balls.  He stopped his movements, only the head of his cock trapped in her tight lips.  Her tongue raced over the head just as he began to spew his cum into her unwilling mouth.  “EEEEEYYY,” blasting a powerful jet of cum into her mouth and over her tongue, hearing her gasping as she tried to contain his abundant sperm.  It had been a long time since he felt the pleasure of a woman’s mouth on his cock, and he took advantage of it.

She shifted her ass back as the fingers stretched deep inside her pussy, his fingernails scratching her tender passage, twisting and turning inside her at the same time she was trying to accommodate the cock that began to fill her mouth with cum.  Jed never came in her mouth, always a gentlemen and taking it out, Martha using her hand to make him cum.  But Zeke would have none of that, Martha forced to tongue it as it spewed its hot, thick salty cum onto her taste buds, flooding her mouth as she gagged from the foul cum.  He continued to pump his cock in and out, three times he shot into her mouth, her cheeks bulging as she tried to accommodate his abundant cum without swallowing, fearing the consequences of disobeying him.

Zeke filled her mouth, her tongue continuing to lash out on his cock as he shot jet after jet of cum into her mouth.  He finally finished, trying to regain his breathing as his cock began to shrink in her mouth.  He pulled it out, leaving a trail as it slid down off her lips and down her chin.  Her eyes pleaded with him, but he waited for long minutes until he spoke.  “Swallow, Martha.  Fill your belly with my cum.”  He could see the pained expression on her face, her throat muscles working to choke down the thick crème.  When he knew she was finished he ordered her again.  “Lick my cock clean.”  He pressed his semi-rigid cock back between her lips until he felt her tongue bath his cock, running up and down the shaft.  His cock began to harden again.

Her stomach groaned and rumbled, filled with his cum, Martha fighting the urge to vomit.  He slipped his cock back into her mouth, forcing her to clean it.  She grew scared as she felt it growing alive again.  Would he fuck her throat again?  So soon?  At last Jackson took his fingers out of her pussy, relieved even though she knew he was next.  She would have to service his cock with her mouth just as she did to Zeke.

“On the bed, Martha.”  Zeke ordered her into the center of the bed.

“Hey, I want her mouth first,” Jackson almost forgetting who he was talking to.

“You just kneel over her face.  She’ll do it real nice and deep.  Meanwhile I’m fucking her pussy.”  He slapped the inside of Martha’s thighs until she spread her legs.  “Let me see that cunt.”  His eyes were glued to the vee of her legs, her pussy lips pulling back to reveal pink flesh and a dark hole.  He stroked his cock as he kneeled between her legs, his erection growing hard.

Martha settled into the center of her bed, not the place where Jed made gentle love to her, but where she would be raped.  Her arms were pinned to her side as Jackson keeled over her face, his balls rubbing along her chin and mouth, his prickly hair tickling her.  She was forced to stick out her tongue and lick his balls as he dragged them back and forth, crinkly pubic hairs filling her mouth.  Meanwhile Zeke was forcing her to spread her legs, his hands pinching and slapping her thighs until her crotch ached.  She couldn’t do anything but submit to Jackson, her mouth opening wide as his hands fed his thick, hard cock into her mouth.  She closed her lips onto it, his hips pressing down until she felt it fill her mouth, bulging out one cheek.

“You suck real good.  And use that tongue.  Like ya did with Zeke.”  He almost came when her tongue whipped over the head of his cock, struggling to keep his pent up cum from erupting so soon.  He pressed his body up and down, driving his cock in and out of her mouth until he heard her choke, just like Zeke had done to her.  He pressed down harder, fighting the small opening of her throat with the bulbous head of his cock.  She had no place to go, her arms pinned to her side, his cock buried deep into her mouth.

She couldn’t breathe, his pubic hairs pushed against her lips, his abdomen smashed against her nose, her lungs burning as they were robbed of air.  His cock was poised at the entrance of her throat when she was suddenly and painfully raped, Zeke’s hard cock shoved inside her without any regard for her pain.  In spite of him just cumming, his cock felt like steel as it shoved aside all her resistance, Martha feeling like she was split open with a sword.  Her ass shoved deep into the mattress, but the cock followed her every movement, driving deeper inside her.  God, she had never felt anything so big between her legs, not even Jackson’s fingers.  As she screamed in pain, the cock in her mouth breached her throat again, driving dryly inside her tight throat, the head of his cock feeling like it was twice the size.  And then they began to fuck her.  Her mouth and pussy was pummeled by two thick cocks, the men never stopping as they fucked her hard and fast.  She felt like a rag doll, used for the lust of these two rapists.

Her pussy was even tighter than her mouth.  Her husband must be a real wimp.  Zeke began to fuck her with deep, punishing strokes, his cock shoving aside all resistance as he plunged to the depths of her pussy to slam into her cervix.  It felt like the head of his cock was being crushed by her pussy, but he began to rhythmically fuck her, shoving her legs up and back until he could feel her jerk in pain. It opened her pussy up so he could fuck her hard, Zeke taking out his years of confinement in jail on the soft pussy that encased his cock in a warm blanket.  He could feel her body jerking, knowing that Jackson had his cock buried in her throat.  But he had a better idea.  “Get out of her mouth for a minute, Jackson.  I’ll show you a better place for your cock.”

Jackson didn’t want to, but he hated to run afoul of Zeke.  He pulled his cock out of her mouth, her head turning to the side, spit and cum drooling out onto the bed.  He got off of her, seeing Zeke with his cock splitting her up the middle, her pussy wrapped tightly around the shaft as he fucked her with powerful thrusts that made her groan in pain.

“Get on top of me, baby,” Zeke keeping his cock inside of her as he rolled over until she was on top, his large hands gripping her around the waist, pinning her arms to her sides.  He knew she would resist once she knew of his plan.

She was flipped over on top of Zeke as though she weighed nothing.  His cock never left her, still jerking and shuddering inside her.  At least her mouth was free of Jackson’s cock, Martha sure that she would suffocate soon if he didn’t stop.  She was pinned to Zeke, but his hands started to move her hips, making her jerk up and down on his cock.  At least it didn’t hurt as much.

“Just find a hole you like, Jackson.”

It finally dawned on him when he saw her luscious ass perched high up into the air, her legs spread, the cheeks spread open revealing a tiny wrinkled hole.  He looked at his cock, so big compared to her asshole, but he cared little.  He only wanted the pleasure, and he was sure that her virgin hole would more than accommodate his cock.  He spit on his cock, mixing with her spit that already covered it.  He went behind her, kneeling between her legs, holding her legs open as he settled down on her back.

“NO!  NO!  NOT THERE!”  She felt him behind her, finally realizing what they were planning.  She had never even fathomed such a disgusting act.  She struggled but Zeke held her firmly in his bear hug grip.  Hands spread her legs wide, feeling the weight of another body pressing up against her.  Fingers fumbled between them, Martha feeling the rubbery hot flesh running up and down her crack.  She tried to clench her cheeks shut, but only succeeding in gripping the head of his cock in a loving grip, the wet cock sliding up until it pressed against her anus.  She’d never be able to take such a massive organ inside her ass, especially when another one was only inches away inside her.  They would certainly split her up the middle.  She felt Jackson pressing with his hips at the same time Zeke drove his hips up, forcing her anus onto the waiting cock behind her.  She felt her anal ring begin to stretch open, straining as it tried to accommodate the massive head of his cock.  It hurt, but they cared little, Jackson continuing to press hard into her tight opening.

Jackson’s cock felt like it was in a vice, her tight anal ring crushing it as he tried to force it inside her.  He reached down, his hand gripping his cock around the shaft to keep it from bending as he continued to sink his cock into her anal cavity.  “UUUGGGGH,” Jackson straining as he viciously shoved his cock into her, finally the head of his cock breaching the tight ring and sinking into the hot, tight depths of her rectum.

Her head shot up and she screamed out in pain.  She was sure that she was bleeding, the cock filling her rectum like a giant rock.  Her anal ring was stretched tight around his cock, Zeke shooting his hips up and impaling her pussy at the same time Jackson took her anal virginity.  It felt like one giant cock between her legs.  “Don’t move!  Oh God, it hurts so bad!”  She couldn’t stand the pain.

“Nothing like a good sandwich to teach you what cha good for.  Fuck her deeper, Jackson, show her what it feels like to have a man in her ass.”

Jackson needed no further encouragement, her tight, clenching hole bringing him pleasure that he had never felt before.  “You fuck me real good.”  He pressed his cock deeper into her asshole, grunting as he fought her muscles that tried to force him out.  He couldn’t believe how tight she was, the thick head of his cock plunging a path for his shaft.  He shoved another inch in her, pulling out then plunging back in before she could even let out a gasp of pain.  Each time he gained more ground, each time another inch of cock split her ass.  He looked down, half of his cock sticking out her tiny hole, the tiny ring stretched tautly around the shaft of his cock.  “Yeah, how do you like your ass fucking?”

Her mind was clouded in pain, her crotch burning, nothing worse than the painful cramps in her stomach as the thick cock continued to burrow deep into her asshole like a giant snake.  It twisted and turned inside her, straightening out places in her intestines that were not meant to be straightened, her muscles rippling up and down uncontrollably as they tried to force the invader from her body.  And now Zeke began to fuck her harder, matching Jackson’s thrust, one going in, while the other withdrew, always leaving her stretched to the breaking point.  She couldn’t believe how long Jackson’s cock was, each time he shoved in, his abdomen still did not touch her ass cheeks, Martha knowing there was more to shove inside her.  This was even worse than the throat fuck, if that was possible.  The two men were relentless as they double fucked her.  She finally felt it, the head of his cock buried deep into the depths of her bowels, jerking and shaking in pleasure as her stomach cramped from the unnatural act.  And then Zeke did the same, shoving his cock inside her until it smashed against her cervix painfully.  It felt like a giant log was inside her, Martha not even able to differentiate between the two.  All she knew was the pain and the terrible fullness, her insides stretched around the man flesh that raped her.

Zeke could feel Jackson’s cock inside her, their organs only separated by a tiny membrane of flesh.  “Let’s show her how to fuck, Jackson.  Just match my strokes, and she’ll think she is going to die from our fucking.”  He began to pull out, feeling Jackson doing the same.

It felt like her insides were being dragged out, the terrible pressure as her passages caved in behind the thick heads that pulled out.  Both of them were doing it at the same time, Martha bracing for the thrust back in.  “EEEEEWWW,” her shrill cry of pain filling the room as both rapists thrust inside her.  It felt like they were trying to out-beat the other in ferocity, their cocks slicing through her passages like a sword, shoving aside all her resistance until they both met deep inside her, painful cramps coming from deep in her guts.  She couldn’t even fill her lungs before they pulled out and shoved back in, fucking her unmercifully with their punishing strokes.  She wished she would faint in pain, but she balanced on the edge of consciousness, forced to take the painful duel rape.

They both struggle to hold out as long as they could, not wanting to be the first one to cum inside her.  Zeke was ruthless, bouncing Martha up and down on his cock like a rag doll, his cock burrowing deep inside her to meet Jackson’s cock.  Martha was only sobbing now, her throat hoarse from screaming, her body buffeted by the twin cocks that raped her two orifices.  Her asshole was beaten into submission, his cock plunging in and out without restraint, tearing up and down her passage without regard to her pain.  And it hurt each time when they plunged inside her, feeling like their cocks were stabbing deep inside her.  Her only hope was that they would cum inside her and end her misery.

Jackson was the first to cum, plunging so deep inside her, her insides clenching on his cock almost lovingly.  He held out as long as he could, but finally he shot inside her, spewing his cum deep inside her bowels with a jet of ropey cum.  He pulled back out, another load of cum shooting out as he plunged back in, his cock sliding easier on her wet passage.  He bellowed triumphantly, Zeke not far behind, cumming a short time later, Jackson’s last load of cum shooting out at the same time as Zeke’s first.

She was flooded inside her, shamed as her intestines were filled with Jackson’s burning cum.  Then she felt Zeke cumming inside her, humiliated, the first time another man beside Jed came in her.  They continued to fuck her as they came, but their cocks already began to shrink, the pain lessening with each thrust.  Jackson was the first to pull out, it hurting almost as much when he took his cock out as when he entered her.  Zeke threw her off like a sack of potatoes, his lust sated, her body no longer needed.  But that wasn’t true, Martha finding her mouth forced into service, first cleaning Zeke’s cock of the cum, then Martha choking and gagging as she was forced to take Jackson’s soiled cock in her mouth and clean it, choking as she tried to swallow the foul fluids that coated it.  They finally dragged her off to the living room, the bathrobe hastily thrown around her.  Gretchen and Kristen were gone, only Jed still slumped in the chair, unconscious.


To be continued.


A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride. On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball. Then, a beggar taps softly at her door. Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball. But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring. Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants. Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters. The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled. Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him. Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward. Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

Here is another searing novel of bondage and submission as only Powerone, bestselling novelist of BDSM can write.