Japanese Capture of the Missionaries Daughter



By Powerone

Copyright 2003-2009


Life had been cruel on the tiny island in the South Pacific since the Japanese had entered the war.  Loren had been on the island for over a year now, brought by her mother and father, French missionaries sent to the island to bring Christianity to the natives.  At first the island seemed like paradise, a sprawling jungle of fragrant flowers and plants, a simple lifestyle lived by the natives and abundance of fresh vegetables and seafood.  It had suddenly changed a month ago.  Loud noises could be heard in the distance.  The Japanese army had landed a small cadre of soldiers to occupy the island, setting up a camp on the other side of the island, not knowing of the natives that already occupied the island.


The soldiers, once setting up their camp began to explore the island, patrols moving closer and closer towards the natives.  The natives, naïve and unafraid of them at first did not hide.  The villagers noticed members of the tribe missing increasingly.  Bodies were never found, most of the missing were men, but women, especially young girls were found missing.  They began to set up armed guards at night to protect themselves.  Loren’s mother and father were worried about her safety.  She was an attractive, young girl, with a body just beginning to ripen into womanhood.  They knew of the Japanese soldiers and the cruelty they had inflicted on the Chinese, taking the women capture, raping them, torturing them, forcing them into a life of degradation and pain.


It would be another six months before the boat would return to pick them up and return to France.  They needed to hide from the Japanese until then.  Loren looked worried as her parents explained the dangers of the Japanese, but they were uncomfortable about talking to Loren about the sexual dangers that they presented.  Loren was naïve in the matter of sex, her parents able to hide the facts from her life.  There would time later, when she was older and living in Paris to learn about the joys of sex. 


Life continued in the cat and mouse game with the Japanese.  Loren stayed in the camp, not venturing out into the surrounding countryside like she had in the past.  The days began to become boring to Loren, she began to miss the carefree times she had spent exploring the island.  The longer the time passed, the less she felt the urgent sense of danger from the Japanese.  She began to sneak out during the day while her parents were busy helping the villagers.  It started out as only a few minutes, but each day she became bolder and ventured farther from the village.  She did not see anyone on her trips and her ventures became longer and farther, venturing out for many hours now.


The Commander of the Japanese cadre of soldiers stood in the center of the camp, barb wire strung around the open area, one small hut built, capable of holding 10 prisoners.  A second hut held 6 cells, built of bamboo to hold the prisoners when they were first captured or had tried to escape.  The third hut was the interrogation room, a room filled with the toys that the Commandant loved to play with.  The other huts housed the barracks and mess hall for the soldiers and a final hut used as a combination office and living area for the Commander.  The Commanders job on the island was to fill the minds of the villagers with terror.  The Japanese did not want the allied army coming to the island and the villagers helping them in their quest for domination of the Japanese army.  His soldiers, a cadre of over 40 men, made nightly excursions out around the island.  When they first arrived, they captured some of the male villagers.  They were quickly killed and their bodies buried deep into the forest.  They had no desire to interrogate or torture the male members.  As they became bolder, they sought out the female members of the village.  This is what the Commander wanted, ripe, young female flesh to rape and torture in his private room.  When the subject was no longer any fun for him, his men would be given the girl.  The mass rape of her body by forty virile men within a short period of time would either drive the girl insane or kill her.  Either resulted in the same, death.  The prison camp held only about five girls at the present time, three in the dorm hut and two freshly captured females in the cells. 


The Commander smiled as he saw the line of soldiers in front of the dorm hut, each waiting for their turn with one of the three girls presently housed there.  He could hear the grunting and moaning, the slapping of flesh as they were raped.  A new soldier entered, his pants already unbuttoned, his hard cock proudly sticking out.  His men were always happy now that they had female flesh to rape.


The Commander was more interested in the new arrivals, two young girls brought in last night.  He entered the hut and looked at the two girls cowering in the corners of their cells, their young bodies scantily clad, small pert little breasts peeking out their flimsy tops, small, tight shorts covering their plump ass.  This is what he enjoyed.  Young, inexperienced girls, barely in puberty.  His interrogation room had many pieces of equipment his men had made for him.  Each was built for binding a female in various positions, most of them leaving their sexual orifices open for whatever he chose to force into the tiny openings.  He loved to hear their pitiful begging, the whining and crying as they suffered under his hand.  Besides raping them with his cock, he had ivory dildos, shaped in the form of monstrous cocks, complete with balls and enlarged heads.  He had leather sheaths that surrounded his cock, metal studs ringing them, leather thongs running over the length.  When inserted in tiny cunts, the metal rings and thongs would tear the delicate flesh, forcing the victim to bounce around, providing a very stimulating fucking motion for him.


He loved to torture them into submission, binding them painfully, their limbs almost to the point of breaking, spread open, all parts of their young bodies available for whatever instrument of torture he desired to use on them.  He had a wide assortment of whips, pinchers and clamps.  Each was designed to maximize the pain especially to the delicate parts of a girl’s body.  His favorite was electric shock treatment.  He used a small hand cranked generator to produce the electricity, large alligator clips attached to the nipples, pussy lips and clits to produce the desire results.  He also had two metal dildos, one for the pussy and the other for the asshole to send shocks deep inside the victim.  Once they spent some time being tortured, they would submit to anything he desired, giving up their virginity of their mouth, pussy and asshole to him and any of his men.


His men had told them about a French girl that they had seen during one of their excursions on the other side of the island.  She must be the daughter of a missionary, the islands in the South Pacific full of missionaries, hoping to bring Christianity to the natives.  He was told that she was young, but had a budding body, breasts hard and firm, nipples that pushed out her top, a pert ass, long legs and a mouth that would look lovely wrapped around his cock.  He ordered his troops to capture her, offering a substantial reward for the successful capture and a chance for the lucky soldier to join him in her torture and rape.


The soldiers were quiet, hiding in the woods near the village.  They had spotted Loren the last few days moving away from the village during the day, each day she would go farther into the woods, each day she would tempt fate.  They crawled along the ground, making no noise as they watched her moving farther away from the village.  Two other soldiers were up around the bend in the river, knowing that she always headed in that direction.  If they were lucky, today would be the day she would be captured. 


Loren was not paying much attention to the surrounding woods.  She had been leaving the village for over two weeks and had never seen any of the Japanese soldiers her parents told her about.  Maybe it was just a trick to get her to stay in the village.  She was clad in a pair of shorts, worn thin, a size too small.  It clung to the shape of her body, molding along her ass cheeks, the crease of her ass barely discernable.  The top covered her breasts, but it too was tight.  They had brought clothes with them to the island, but they had not planned well enough.  The material did not hold up to the damp air and began to rip.  That and Loren’s growth resulted in all of Loren’s clothes looking like they were painted on her body.  You could see her nipples poking through the thin material, the top tied under her breasts, her stomach naked.  She moved towards the river, following it up towards the center of the island, the bend in the river just around the corner.


It was quick, one minute Loren was rounding the bend, her eyes spotting the river, the sun reflecting on the water, temporarily blinding her.  The next, she felt hands grab her from behind.  It must have been more then one, hands grabbed her around the waist, pinning her arms to her sides, another hand reaching around and covering her mouth quickly before she had a chance to scream for help.  She felt her body lifted up high and thrown to the jungle floor painfully, one body pressed tightly on top of her.  She heard the jabber of the men, recognizing Japanese, but unable to understand what they said.  She felt a bamboo shaft forced between her lips, pushing deep against the back of her mouth.  It was tied with something on the back of her head, splitting her mouth open, forcing her mouth open wide, only grunts coming from her.  She could feel the soldier on top of her.  She could feel something big and hard rubbing against her ass, failing to recognize that it was the hard cock of the soldier.  He rubbed back and forth, massaging his cock on her young ass cheeks.  She felt his legs push between hers, spreading her legs open, his hard cock returning to rub salaciously over her ass. 


The soldier felt his cock rubbing over her ass, pumping back and forth as he pinned her to the ground, forcing her legs open, feeling his cock pushing between the cheeks of her ass as she was spread open for him.  He grunted and felt the hot cum shoot out of his cock, filling his underwear with his sperm.  It felt good, the young girl pinned beneath his body, her groans coming from her gagged mouth as he dry fucked her ass.  The Commander had promised the one that captured her a chance to join in the torture and rape of the girl.  He would enjoy it very much, but he could not wait.  He felt his cock wet his underwear as her ass cheeks continued to masturbate the cum from his balls. 


Loren was pulled up from the ground as the soldier pulled off her body.  Her wrists were grabbed, one soldier pulling out a long bamboo pole.  He slipped it underneath her arms and pulled her wrists up high until they ached, forcing her to bend over.  Rope secured them tightly to the pole.  Her hair was grabbed pulling her backward.  The pole forced her breasts out, her back arched, her shoulders aching from the bondage.  She could only babble through the bamboo pole splitting her lips apart as she stood before her Japanese captors, the danger of her situation not apparent to her.  She shouldn’t have left the security of the village. 


The soldier rubbed his crotch, still wet from the dry fuck of Loren.  He could already feel his cock hardening again as he stroked it through his uniform.  “The Commander said we couldn’t fuck her, but we can have a little fun with her,” his voice surprising Loren as he was now speaking in broken English.  “So you also speak English?  Good, you will know what is to become of you.”


“Let’s tie her up like the one yesterday, with the bamboo poles.  See how she likes the walk back to the camp.”  He picked up two bamboo poles out of his knapsack, about two feet long each, both had pieces of rope attached to the ends, connecting to them.  “Make her stick her tits out,” he urged the other soldier.


Loren felt a sharp prick in her back, the soldier’s knife pressed in the center of her shoulder blades.  She moved her feet forward but was quickly stopped and screeched in pain as the other soldier pushed his big boots onto her tiny feet, smashing them into the ground harshly. 


“No move,” he shouted to her.


The knife pressed harder and deeper, forcing the only movement out of her, her back began to arch out, her breasts began to push out prominently in the front.  While Loren was still young, her breasts were maturing, large pink nipples surrounded by dark areolas the size of a silver dollar, ample cleavage.  Her breasts would be very large when she got older.  The knife pushed deeper, her breasts now rising, her back aching from the strain, her feet in pain as they were crushed beneath the boots.  Higher they rose, Loren groaning in the bamboo gag.


The soldier smiled as her breasts rose and fell before him, her breathing shallow in pain.  He took his own knife as watched her eyes as it moved towards her flesh.  “Hold very still little one, I don’t want to cut you, YET,” laughing. 


Loren froze in fear as the knife moved over the material of her top, cutting through it like butter, his hands pulling the materials off, her naked breast flesh gradually uncovered to the evil soldiers.  Loren had never been naked in front of anyone, her face turning red in shame as the shredded material of her top fell to the ground beneath her, her naked breasts now so prominently displayed to the men.  She bit down on the bamboo gag as she felt the tip of the soldier’s blade move over her naked flesh, the sharp point dragging painfully over her tender flesh.  The other soldier pushed his knife in deeper, a small trickle of blood appearing, her back arching higher.  He leaned over, watching as her tits rose higher, his partner running his knife over her flesh, moving towards her large areolas.  He grabbed his crotch, rubbing his cock through his uniform. 


“You like, little one, you like the feel of the knife on your tits,” smiling as his knife ran over her areola, the dark brown flesh rubbed harshly.  “How about them nipples, so big, the Commander will like them, he has so many nice clamps that will crush them.”  He moved the knifepoint against one hard nipple and pushed in, watching as it slowly pushed into the center of the hard flesh, forcing it inward.  He saw her shaking her head back and forth in pain, tears staining her face as it punctured her delicate flesh. 


He pulled the knife back and moved the double bamboo poles up to her naked flesh, placing one over the top of her breasts, pushing the other under them.  He began to pull on one end of the rope, the two poles moving closer and closer together, pinching her young breast between them.  He moved to the other one, doing the same, soon both of her breasts were held tightly between the two poles.  “Tighter, you have such firm tits, they need to be held tight.”  He tightened one end, watching as one breast was squeezed tightly, turning red as the flesh was sandwiched tightly between the harsh bamboo poles.  He moved to the other one, repeating the process.  He smiled at the pained look on her face as her tits were clamped between the two unrelenting wood clamps.  He knotted the ropes, her nipples swollen and almost bursting.  He ran his fingers over them, watching her flinch in pain as he harshly snapped his fingers on them, igniting sharp pain.  “They will hurt worse when the Commander gets to play with these beauties, think of what it will feel like when he shoots electricity through your nipples.” 


The other guard released the knife from her back allowing her to slump forward.  The boots were removed from her feet, but the ache in her breasts continued, sharp pain emanating from the blood engorged nipples.  She watched as the soldier picked up another bamboo pole.  This time it was about three feet long, with several large ribs and knots on it.  Rope hung from both ends.  She cringed at the thought of what they might do with this one. 


“Unless you want your feet crushed by my boots again, obey me.  Spread your legs open.”  He watched her expression, his knife moved towards her inner thighs, pushing the tip into her tender flesh.  “I told you, spread your legs, I wouldn’t tell you again,” he ordered her.  She jumped, her legs spreading slowly open.  “More or I will force you.”


Loren was afraid now, they were making her spread her legs open.  She knew that her sex would be open and unprotected.  She feared that somehow the pole would be pushed between her legs.  She jumped as the knife jabbed her thigh, moving her legs open.  Another prick with the knife and they opened more, until they were open at least three feet wide.


“Good girl, now keep them spread and I wouldn’t have to cut you again,” his knife moving up to her tight shorts.  “Real still now, wouldn’t want to cut you much,” laughing as the knife began to tear into the material, slashing away at the frayed cloth.  He felt her body trembling as he cut the shorts away until they fell to the ground, leaving her naked except for a tiny pair of panties that clung to her body.  He leaned down and inhaled her smell, the intoxicating smell of a young girl in fear.  He could make out her pussy lips, bulging out the panties and could see some wetness on the white panties.  He ran the knife up her inner thighs towards her pussy, watching her trembling body.


Loren looked up, embarrassed as she was systematically stripped naked and bound.  Her hips moved as they knife pressed into her flesh, feeling it move up.  She could feel his hot breath on her flesh and knew that his eyes were following the trail of the knife as it moved toward her panty-covered sex.  “MMMMGG,” she moaned through the bamboo gag, her mouth dry, dribble running down her chin.  She heard the knife tearing into her clothes again and suddenly felt the cool air on her sex.  She could feel his hot breath blowing on her sex lips and could almost feel the burning of his eyes on her naked body.  She never felt so humiliated and vulnerable as she did now. 


“Not very much hair on your pussy, little girl.  A nice blonde bush.  The Commander will like that.  He likes blondes, especially natural ones.  Big pussy lips,” his fingers placed on each side of her pussy, grabbing her pussy lips between his fat fingers.  “Keep her still and pushed out,” he ordered the other soldier.  He watched as her hips were thrust out, knowing that the other soldier was pushing the tip of his knife into her naked ass flesh, forcing her to expose herself to them.  “Yes, like that, let the little girl show us her pussy.”


Fingers played with her naked sex, her hips pushed forward into his waiting fingers as the knife stuck her ass cheek painfully.  She grunted as the cruel fingers spread her pussy lips apart until it hurt.  She felt him blow on her open sex, reminding her of her vulnerability and how exposed she was to the soldiers.  The fat finger pushed up against her open pussy, feeling the tiny opening that had never been exposed to a man before.  It dug around in the opening, moving around, feeling the tightness of her cuntal opening. 


“Such a tiny cunt, it is going to have to take open up so wide to take the lovely toys the Commander will stuff into it.  He likes to hear little girls scream as their pussy is violated.  You will make a nice tight fuck for the Commander.  He will force you to bounce around and fuck him back like a good little French whore.”  His finger reached down lower, sliding between her pussy lips, still dry in fear.  It moved up between the cheeks of her ass, searching out her asshole.


“Hold her still and out,” his finger moving over her tiny asshole, a tiny hole now exposed as the knife forced her hips out farther.  He ran his fingers over the hole, feeling it tremble under his touch.  He felt her tighten her asshole as his finger began to push slowly into her dry hole, forcing it open.  “So tight, the Commander is going to love your asshole.  He will like forcing his cock up that tight passage,” his finger moving around, slowly opening her up.  He felt her asshole spasm on his finger, unaccustomed to having anything try to push inside.  He forced hard on his finger, burying it up to the first knuckle, her body trembling in pain.  He bent it around inside her anal tract, making her feel the helplessness of her situation.


The finger moved out of her asshole, the strange and terrifying experience overcoming all of Loren’s emotions.  It was so nasty and dirty, what they was doing to her and she could not stop them.  She felt him fumbling around between her legs, looking down, trying to figure out what cruelty he was now going to do.  She did not have long to wait, the bamboo pole was lifted up between her legs, his fingers spreading apart her pussy lips, moving the rough pole between them. 


He stood up, pulling up the ropes from one end in front of her and the others behind her.  Each side had two ropes, one over her right shoulder, the other over her left shoulder.  He began to tie the ends together, getting rid of the slack in the rope as he tightened the knots.  The pole was now smashed against her delicate inner pussy, her lips wrapped around the outside.  He grabbed the end of the pole and pushed it towards the back, watching as the first ring nearest to her spread pussy pushed between her lips and rasped harshly over her inner pussy.  Once she started walking, the pole would move back and forth, burning the tender inner flesh as the bumps and ridges moved over the pink flesh.  It would be a painful march back to the camp.  “Now move, we have a ways to go before we get back to the camp,” laughing as he saw her try to take her first step.


The tightness of the pole between her legs hurt enough, the movement of it was painful.  She felt the stick of the knife on her ass, urging her forward.  She slowly moved her legs, the pole sliding between her pussy lips.  She gasped in pain as it moved, the knife urging further movement from her.  Each time she tried to slow or stop, the knifepoint would draw blood from her ass.  She could not believe the pain she felt, her breasts ached from the pinching poles, her nipples a bright red and swollen over to twice their size.  But the worst part was the pain between her legs, it felt like her sex was a raw wound, the pole moving back and forth over the abraded flesh, each time bringing about a fresh batch of pain.


It seemed like hours as they marched her through the jungle.  She imagined how she looked, naked except for her shoes and socks, her breasts in tight bondage between the bamboo poles and the pole jutting out from between her legs, rubbing back and forth, tearing and cutting her tender flesh with each painful step.  The knife had now slipped between the cheeks of her ass, tiny pin pricks with the point on her delicate asshole driving her forward each time, gasps coming from her gagged mouth as they moved her through the jungle. 


Her relief was short-lived once they reached the camp.  Her body slumped to the ground when they released the bamboo poles from her mouth, breasts and sex.  She rolled over, her hands rubbing feeling back into her breasts and nipples, then tentatively reaching down between her legs.  Her pussy lips were swollen and red, small traces of blood showing up on the pole that was between her legs.  She could not even stand to touch herself, it hurt so badly.  She moaned in pain when she was suddenly pulled up from the floor by her hair, the sound of hair tearing filling the room.  She screamed as was suddenly slapped in the face, her cheek turning red.


The Commander was smiling down at her, her naked body, already red and battered, her face covered in tears.  His cock was hard, even after spending some time with one of the new girls.  She found out what it was like to be fucked for the first time.  Not a gentle fuck by a boyfriend, but a rape.  He used the leather sheath.  It allowed his cock to stay hard for at least a half an hour.  And the metal studs on it rubbed painfully along her cunt.  After about ten minutes she was bucking around on the bed attempting to escape the cruel rape, but it did no good except to further incite his lust.  He drove his cock into her tight cunt even harder, making her take the full length of his mighty Japanese cock.  She screamed so loud each time his cock pushed inside her tight cunt.  She began to get dry, the leather soaking up any moisture she might have secreted.  His leather sheathed cock rubbed painfully along her cuntal walls, the metal studs scraping and tearing as he fucked.  She screamed and bounced around the bed, his cock following her every movement, not letting her escape the cruel and painful rape.  By the time he had cum in her, her screams were barely audible, her throat raw from screaming.  Her body was covered in sweat, blood covering his cock as he pulled from her gaping hole.  She had passed out, grateful for the brief reprise from the pain.


He was going to face fuck Loren, but first she would have to learn a little more about pain.  The generator would be his first torture of her body.  Loren was tied to a heavy wooden chair.  Her arms were tied behind the chair back, her legs were pulled up onto the armrests and tied off.  Her pussy was open and exposed, as well as her asshole.  Before she had a chance to protest a rubber gag was forced into her mouth to keep her from biting her tongue. 


Her eyes were opened wide in terror.  She was naked, bound to the heavy chair, her legs pulled back and spread, her sex clearly visible to the Commander, his cock bursting at his pants as he stared at her.  He stroked his cock through his pants as he kneeled before her, his face only inches from her naked sex.  She heard him inhale deeply.


“I love the scent of little girls,” his fingers pulling back her chubby pussy lips, the inside of her pussy now spread grotesquely in the bright lights.  “The bamboo pole rubbed your pussy raw, it is going to hurt when I fuck you.  I will love your screams as I rape you.”  He felt her body jerking, attempting to escape his rough fingers as it rubbed the abraded pussy.  “You are so tender, but your insides are not.  Wait until I put the metal rod in your pussy and asshole and send the electricity through it.  It will feel like it is burning you from inside.”  He moved up to her clit, grabbing the tiny bud, rubbing his finger over it.  “This is your most sensitive part of your body.  Soon it will have a clamp crushing it, electricity coursing through it.  We will see if we can make you cum from the pain,” laughing as he stood up and went over to the table where his instruments were.


He moved back to Loren, holding two clamps with wire running back to the generator.  He pinched one of the clamps open, showing Loren the serrated teeth on it.  “These are going to bite hard into your nipples.”  He reached down with one hand, his hand running over the smooth flesh of her tit.  “I just love nice young tits, so firm,” his hand hefting up one of her breasts, squeezing it, one finger running over the nipple at the same time.  He saw her cringing in fear as he continued to maul her breast, pinching her nipple into hardness.  “Your nipples are very big, so much easier to clamp them.  You can’t believe how much pain I can inflict on them.”  His fingers continued to pinch and squeeze the pink nipple, watching as it continued to grow.  She might not like what he was doing to her, but her nipple grew from the stimulation. 


Loren squirmed in the chair as the Commander pawed her breast.  It had only been hours since she was a chaste girl, untouched by men, now she was naked and spread, her body manhandled by these terrible men and she could do nothing except groan behind the rubber gag in her mouth.  Her eyes opened wide in fear as she saw the other hand open the clamp and move it towards her erect nipple.  It seemed like such a long time, yet it was only seconds when the clamp was released on the erect nub, pinching it tightly between the metal claws.  She felt only the pressure first, then she screamed into the rubber gag as the pain registered in her brain.  She snorted through her nose, her breath taken by the sheer pain that emanated from her breast.  Before the pain even started going away, turning to a dull ache, the other hand was already caressing her other breast, fingers stimulating the nipple into hardness.  The soft hand turned to sharp pain as the other clamp was attached, the serrated teeth biting painfully into the pink nipple. 


The Commander watched as her body arched up as he pulled her nipples up higher by the wires, stretching them from her body, the teeth biting harder into the tender flesh.  “Hurts bad, doesn’t it?”  He bent down to her body, moving between her legs, watching the tears fall from her eyes.  His hands moved over her stomach and fingers spread her pussy lips apart, readying her for more clamps.  She was still dry.  The Commander liked that.  When he would rape her, it would be that much more painful for her as he fucked her tight hole.  He pinched a clamp open and attached one to each side of her pussy lips.  Her hips tried to rise from the chair, the pain biting into her tender flesh.  “This one will be the worse, Loren.  I am going to clamp your clit.  I wish I could hear you scream when I do it, but maybe later.” 


Loren thought the ones attached to her nipples were painful, but the one he put on her clit almost ripped her legs from the ropes.  His fingers played with her clit first, fat stubby fingers plucking the bud from under the hood, exposing it.  She felt his breath on it, knowing that his face was only inches from the most intimate portion of her body, a part that no male had ever seen before.  The fingers rolled over the bud, she could feel it becoming bigger.  She had masturbated before, her clit sensitive to the stimulation.  Then came the clamp, her clit crushed beneath the metal.  She screamed in the rubber gag, only gurgled sounds emanating from behind it.  Her head tossed from side to side in pain.


The Sergeant came into the room at the same time that the Commander put the clamp on her clit.  He laughed when he saw her bucking in her bondage.  “The Commander must have found your clit, little girl.  Pull on it sir, let me see her buck again.”


The Commander was delighted at the suggestion, pulling the wire on the clamp, watching as she tried to raise up her hips from the chairs, the ropes preventing only limited movement.  The clit stretched, her mumbled screams filling the room.  “Wait until the electricity shoots through them.  You are just in time, just the two metal poles to put in her pussy and asshole and then you can spin the generator.  We’ll see how much we can make this little girl buck and scream.”


Loren’s eyes were on the Commander as he picked up one of the metal poles.  It was about four inches long and about one inch in diameter.  Not very big, it didn’t need to be, just enough so that it touched at least one side of the flesh.  The Commander spread her pussy lips, exposing the tiny opening.  It was a dark red.  He placed the tip of the metal pole in his mouth, wetting it for entry.  He smiled as he saw her watching him.  He placed in inside the opening, pushing in as it slowly was sucked into her virgin hole.  He was careful not to break her hymen, wanting to her scream as he did that with his cock. 


It did not hurt when he put the metal pole in her pussy, but the other one felt strange.  Although it was small, her sphincter fought it every inch of the way as it was slowly forced up her asshole.  Her face turned red in humiliation as his fingers played with the pole in her asshole, tapping it, making her feel it moving around inside.  He held the pole in her asshole, her body trying to force it out, as he put on a pair of rubber gloves.  He did not want to get shocked and he knew if he let go of the two poles in her pussy and asshole, her body would shoot them out the first time it sparked her insides.


“Now when we get finished with the electricity, little girl, you are going to use your little virgin mouth on our cocks and suck them until we cum in your mouth.  Then you are going to swallow our seed, the seed of the Japanese Army.  If you don’t do a good job, we will start all over with the electricity again.  Are you ready Sergeant, give it a little spin, let her get a taste of the pain?”


Loren braced herself for the pain, watching as the Sergeant spun the handle.  She thought it did not work, but it was only a delay until the charge shot through the wires connected to her body.  Her breasts jumped up and down, the electricity shooting out the clamps and running through her nipples to shoot inside her body.  Her head shot up in the air, biting hard on the rubber gag as her pussy felt like it was being cut with a knife.  She pissed on herself as her clit felt like it was being torn from her body.  The poles inside her were the worse.  They attacked her inner organs, electricity shooting inside her pussy, burning the delicate flesh.  Her asshole suffered the most, her sphincter clamping and unclamping on the pole, small farts escaping as her stomach turned in pain.  If she weren’t bound so tightly to the chair, she would have been bent over in pain.


The Commanders cock hardened as he watched her, his fingers holding the metal poles in her tight body.  The one in her asshole almost slipped out, her asshole fighting to expel the foreign object from her body.  He watched her asshole fluttering, opening and closing, small farts of air pushed out each time.  He would like it when he fucked that tight little asshole.  It would fight his cock every inch of the way, massaging it until he came deep inside her colon.  “Again, this time longer,” he ordered the Sergeant, Loren’s eyes wide open in fear, her hands clenched tight into the wood of the armrest, her fingernails almost tearing the wood.


Her body lurched in the chair as the electricity made her tits dance, bouncing up and down on her chest.  She pissed again, the electricity running down the trail to fall beneath her.  Her clit swelled up, the clamp heating up the hard bud.  Her insides churned, the one in her asshole almost making her shit, the cramping in her stomach painful.  She felt the Commander moving the metal poles in her pussy and asshole, the electricity attacking new spots inside her, igniting new pain.  A loud fart escaped from her asshole, her pucker wide, the metal pole circling the opening, tiny sparks shooting out to the side.  She slumped in the chair as the electricity stopped.


“Again, make the bitch jump,” the Sergeant giving the handle a couple of extra turns, the electricity returning, her body jerking in the chair, her tits bouncing around.  The Commander drove the metal pole deep inside her asshole, almost losing it as her pucker sucked it in.  He twisted around inside her, his fingers now entering her tight asshole, making her feel it deep inside her colon.  More farts escaped as she bounced up from the seat.  The Commander had to pull the pole from her asshole with the wire, it had sucked it deep inside her.  Her sphincter fought it as it slowly pulled out, slick with a coat of shit.  He yanked the clamp off her clit by pulling the wire, watching her body jerk in pain as it was painfully torn from her body, her clit a deep red, small specks of blood on it.  She howled as the blood rushed back into the crushed bud, the pain overwhelming her senses.


The Sergeant looked down at her, his fingers holding the two wires attached to her nipple clamps.  “This is going to hurt little one, really hurt,” yanking back the wire, pulling the clamps slowly out, stretching her nipples painfully.  He wanted her to feel the pain, watching as the clamps continued to bite into the nipples, pulling them until they were almost two inches long, blood engorged, a battered deep red.  “Now,” yanking them quickly, watching as they rasped painfully along the flesh, tearing as they pulled free.  Loren screamed, her head thrown back in pain as they pain raced through the nubs.


They removed the ropes from Loren, her body slumping to the floor, rolling up into a ball of pain.  The rubber gag was removed, her moaning and crying filling the room, her hands cupping her sex, unable to even touch it.  “Are you going to cooperate now, little girl and suck our cocks?”


“Don’t hurt me anymore, I will do anything,” she sobbed, her body racked with pain.


“Up little girl, on your knees, I want that little virgin mouth wrapped around my cock.” 


Loren managed to rise up, kneeling before the Commander.  He had already removed his clothes, his cock jutting out before him.  She had never seen one before, it was huge.  The head was a dark red, large balls hanging down below his cock.  She did not think it would fit in her mouth.  Her body still ached in pain, but she did not want them to do that to her again.  She would do anything to avoid it.  She was not sure what she was to do, all she knew is that she would have to take their dirty cocks in her mouth.


The Commander looked down at the innocent face looking up at his cock.  This is what he loved, making a young girl suck his cock, forcing her to take it in her virgin mouth until he unloaded a load of cum inside.  She had deep blue eyes, a thick pair of lips and the look of innocence.  His cock twitched as he saw her tongue run over her lips, wetting them, getting them ready to service his cock.  The Sergeant had also finished stripping naked, his cock also at the ready. 


“Kiss my cock, little one, kiss my Imperial Japanese cock, worship it with your lips.”  He pressed forward, his hands reaching out to touch the sides of her hair.  “Yes, closer.”  His body shivered as her lips first touched the head of his cock, a tiny bit of cum dripping out in response.  “Lick the cum off of it, you made it do that.”  He watched as her delicate tongue slipped from between her lips and the hot flesh rubbed over the head of his cock, spit glistening on his cock.  It moved all around the head, lapping at the hot instrument, afraid of the punishment if she displeased him.  “Make your mouth into a big “O”, I’m want to slip my cock into it like it was your cunt.”


Loren could taste the salty, thick fluid that leaked from his cock.  It sat in her mouth, not mixing well with her saliva.  She almost threw up from the taste, wrenching for a second.  She hoped there wouldn’t be more of this.  It tasted terrible.  She obeyed his command, her mouth formed into a perfect “O”, waiting to receive his cock.  She saw the cock coming towards her, the large head, a tiny hole in the center, almost like an eye.  She could smell the sweat on his body, the cockhead now only an inch from her mouth.  He grabbed his cock by the root, moving the head around her lips in a circle.  She was startled by how hot it was, more fluid leaking from the end, leaving a trail of the salty fluid on her lips.


“Wider, my cock is big, you have to open wider, little one.”


Her mouth opened bigger, the head of his cock slowly running over her lips as it pushed inside the hot confines of her virgin mouth.


“MMMM, yes, now tighten your lips on it, like your going to do with your cunt when I fuck you.  She’s going to be a good little cocksucker, Sergeant.  Maybe we can stretch her mouth open real wide with both of her cocks inside.  Would you like that little girl, would you like to have two big cocks in your mouth at one time?”


Loren shook her head no, her lips were already stretched tight around the Commanders cock, she did not think two cocks would ever fit.


“Now run your tongue over the head that is in your mouth.  MMMM, that’s so good you little French whore, take it deeper inside, move your head forward.  You only have a few inches, I have seven inches that is going inside your mouth.  That’s good, keep your tongue moving around it.  Suck it like a lollypop.”  Tiny slurping noises could be heard coming from her mouth.  The Commander began to stroke his cock as her tongue ran over the head.  “Why don’t you help us Sergeant, hold her head still.  I don’t want her backing off my cock when I start to plug her throat.”


She felt the hands of the Sergeant behind her on her head and his cock rubbing up against the back of her neck.


“Keep your hands down.  You are going to have to take his cock down your throat.  Breathe through your nose when it starts to go down.”


She understood as the cock pushed deeper, smashing against the back of her mouth, battering up against the opening in her throat.  “UUUGGH,” almost throwing up as she choked.  The cock backed off, then forward again.  “AAAGGH,” this time her throat opening as she gagged, the cock pushing in, keeping her open, the hands holding her head still.  The Commander fucked her face quickly, fucking his hips back and forth, each time plunging into her throat, forcing choking and gagging sounds from her mouth.


“Keep your tongue moving on my cock, little girl.  Move your hands up and cup my balls gently.  Rub them and get my cum ready to shoot inside your mouth.  OOOHH, that’s so good, are you sure you never sucked cock before?”


Loren felt so stuffed, her lips wrapped tightly around his cock, the long cock filling her throat as he fucked his hips forward, the hands holding her head tight, forcing her to take the cock inside her throat.  “GGGGHHHHRRR,” the cock moving inside her tiny throat, filling it with his hot meat, unable to breathe except through her nose.  She squeezed his balls as she was fed his cock, hoping that it would end soon, not sure what would happen but figuring his cock would leak some more cum like before.  Her tongue moved under the cock, bathing it with her saliva, hoping to end it soon.  She was having trouble breathing, her chest heaving.


“Oh, you little French whore, take all of my cock in your throat,” pushing his hips forward, watching as her eyes widened.  Tears formed in the corner of her eyes as he heard her choke and gag as his cock pushed all the way into her throat, her lips smacking loudly against his abdomen.  “Keep tonguing my cock,” fucking his hips out and then plunging back in hard, burying his cock deep inside her throat that knocked the wind out of her.  “Again, little girl, I’m fucking your face now,” shoving his cock in and out of her mouth and throat as the Sergeant held her securely, forcing her to take the rape of her mouth.


“Oh, I know you like sucking my cock, you do it so well.  Worship my cock, worship my Japanese cock.”  He rabbit fucked his cock inside the hot confines of her once virgin mouth, watching as it plunged out her cheeks then pushed deep inside her throat, a loud gagging followed by her throat massaging his cock.  “Now keep your hands down, if they move, it’s the electricity again.”


“Hold her head real tight Sergeant.  You remember what we did to that little girl the other day, let’s do the same to this one.  It makes a great face fuck.”


The Sergeant smiled, knowing what the Commander meant.  He was going to choke his cock down her throat, blocking it.  Then he was going to pinch her nose shut.  They really go into a panic when they can’t breath and it makes a great face fuck.  “Ready, now don’t move your hands little one or it could get worse.”


Loren felt the hands on her head tighten, almost like a vise.  She was scared, afraid of what they were going to do.  “MMMGGG,” the cock slipping inside her throat again.  “MMMMMM,” breathing through her nose, her lips tight against his abdomen, stretched tightly around the cock in her mouth.  She continued to run her tongue over, afraid of displeasing them.  She panicked when the Commander slipped two fingers over her nose.  “FFFFFGGG,” unable to breathe.  Her hands went up in defense.


“Don’t you dare move those hands!”


She put them back down, her body shaking as she couldn’t breathe.  She began to struggle, getting dizzy as the Commander started to rabbit fuck her throat again.


“Good little girl, take my cock,” pumping her hard, making her take his hard cock in and out of her throat.  “Take my cum little one,” pumping his cock as far down her throat as possible, her body jumping about, her face turning blue from lack of oxygen.  “AAAGGGHHH,” filling her stomach with the first shot of cum.  Just before he was ready to shoot the second load, he pulled his cock from her throat and removed his fingers from her nose. 


Loren sucked in a deep breath just as his cock began to shoot the second load of cum, this time in the hot confines of her virgin mouth.  It shot back into her throat, following the air she was sucking in.  She choked and gagged as it went down into her lungs, the cock plunging back in again, shoving the cum in the back of her mouth down her throat.  “GGGGHHHH,” the fingers returning to her nose again, her air blocked.  “AAAAAGGGHH,” the cock pulled out, sitting on her tongue, her lips wrapped tightly around it. 


The Commander pumped his cock with his hand, emptying the next load of cum in the center of her mouth.  His hand hit her lips as he pumped his cock.  “Taste my cum, drink your masters cum little girl.  Swallow it like the little whore you are.”


Loren gulped and swallowed as the foul tasting fluid filled her mouth.  Her lips ached from being spread so wide, her tongue tired from running over the cock and her throat burned raw from the raping of her throat.  She choked and gagged on the thick fluid, the cock still pumping her full.  Her hands squeezed his balls pumping them empty into her mouth.  They finally released their grip on her, falling to the floor in exhaustion, cum and spit running down her chin, her face covered in tears.


“Up you go little girl, on your knees again, you still have to suck my cock dry.  Hurry up now,” watching as she slowly crawled to her knees again, her mouth in a big “O” only inches from his cock.  His hands stroked the side of her face as tears fell from her eyes, “Such a good girl,” his cock moving inside the hot confines of her mouth, watching as she closed her lips over the hot meat.  He felt her tongue run over the head, bathing the cock with her spit.  “Now you know how to do it, take it in your throat yourself.  That’s a good girl,” watching as she moved forward, his cock slowly banging against the back of her mouth.  “Swallow my cock, such a good little girl,” hearing her choke as she let the cock enter her throat, forcing herself down onto the cruel instrument.


Loren let herself be raped in the mouth again, taking the cock inside, moving her mouth up and down the cock, tasting the cum leaking from the head as it forced itself into her throat again.  She listened to him praise her, telling her she was a whore, that she sucked his cock good, all the while her lips tightened on the cock, her tongue played over it and she choked and gagged on it when it was placed in her throat.  The Sergeant did not last long, her mouth too hot and tight.  He filled her mouth filled with his cum, forcing her to swallow load after load, some dripping down the corner of her mouth. 


He let his cock sit in her mouth after he finished cumming.  “Keep sucking it, we have more for you.  You’re not finished yet.”


Loren did not think she could take it any longer.  She ran her tongue over his cock, the foul taste of his cum still covering it.  She felt it begin to harden again, afraid that he would fuck her mouth again. 


“Yes little girl, you are making me hard again.”


The Commander walked over to them, his cock already hard from watching the last mouth rape.  “You’re going to have to open wider this time, real wide now,” and began to move his cock closer to the Sergeants.  He pushed his fingers into the corner of her mouth, pulling her lips open wide, almost tearing them. 


Loren thought her mouth would tear as the Commander began to slip his cock along side of the Sergeants, both of the cocks bulging out her cheeks as she had to take two hard cocks inside her mouth at one time.  She felt four hands hold her head tightly as they pumped their hips forward, the two cocks slipping farther into her mouth, stretching it.  They both reached the back of her mouth at the same time and she felt them grip her tighter and then begin to push in, both large cockheads trying to enter her tiny throat at the same time.  She almost slipped into unconsciousness as they face fucked her at the same time.  They pumped her face for over 15 minutes, holding her up as they used her mouth like a pussy, forcing her throat to take the two cocks at the same time.  Her body moved around like a rag doll, buffeted by the raping cocks, taking her once virgin mouth in a cruel double rape.  They both came almost simultaneously, her mouth filled with what felt like gallons of cum.  She swallowed and swallowed, unable to accept that much cum at one time.  It ran out her mouth, falling to the floor beneath her.  They finally pulled out of her mouth, a loud popping noise sounding.  She slumped to the floor, exhausted and beaten.


“I hope her pussy and asshole can take just as much abuse.  What do you think little one, do you want us to take the rest of your holes?  You want to feel the power of a Japanese cock raping your cunt and asshole?”


Loren was tossed onto the bed, rolled over onto her stomach, strong rope tying her arms together.  First her wrists, then at the elbows, then she groaned in pain as they tied her upper arms together, pulling the rope tighter and tighter until her arms almost met.  Her arms were placed in a leather sheath, tied tightly binding them.  “AAGGRRR, that hurts,” as they rolled her over onto her bound arms.  She felt hands grab her ankle, raising up one leg, her ass exposed.  “SSSSLLLAAPP,” one of them slapping her ass with the flat of their hand, “oooowww,” she cried.  She was tossed onto her side, her other ass cheeks slapped with a powerful stroke, “SSSSSLLLLPP,” the sound ringing out in the room.  Hands grabbed her ankles, raising both legs over her head, her legs spread wide, her naked pussy exposed, “SSSLLLPPP,” another hand leaving a painful imprint on her two naked cheeks.  On her side this time, one leg pulled high up into the air, her naked inner thigh exposed.  “SSSSLLLAAAAPPP,” the pain shooting into her body.  Another “SSSSLLLAAAP,” hard to her other inner thigh.  Rolled to her side, the Sergeant behind her, his knee in her back, forcing her tits out, “SSSSLLLAAAP,” the Commander taking advantage of her exposed breasts slapped her right tit, the breast bouncing around. 
Before she could scream in pain, the hand struck her other breast, the flesh turning red.  A hand pulled her up by the hair, a hand striking her face sharply twice.  The two men were tossing her about the bed.  This time face down, her body drawn up until she was on her knees, fingers pulling the cheeks of her ass apart, the hand slapping her hard on her open asshole.  “SSSSLLLAAAPP,” another sharp slap to her exposed asshole. 


“OOOOWWW,” her stomach churning in pain as a knee was brought up between her legs, striking her fully on her exposed pussy, the bone crushing noise as the knee bashed into her pubic bone.  Tossed on her back, each one grabbing a leg and pulling it open, watching as she bounced around in pain, feeling like they were splitting her down the middle.  Suddenly a hand crashed down between her legs, the hand splatting onto her splayed sex, tearing between her puffy pussy lips to hit her exposed inner pussy.  “AAAGGGHH,” almost knocking the air out of her lungs.  On her side again, one of them kneeing her one leg into the bed, pulling her other leg up into the air like he was trying to break a wishbone.  She groaned in pain as her pussy was split open.  A fist slammed into her open pussy, the sound of bones smashing, her screams filling the room.  They continued to beat and slap her body into submission for over ten minutes, their cocks hardening from hearing her cries of pain.  No part of her body was left untouched, her tits and pussy receiving the brunt of their attack.  When she wasn’t being slapped or punched, her nipples and pussy was pulled and twisted, her screams only driving them to greater depravity.  Fingers were driven into her dry asshole, pushing her body up into the air by the two fat digits crawling up her asshole, raising her pussy up into it was exposed to the fist again.  It crashed into her pussy, driving it down onto the fingers, the fingers tearing her delicate anal tract as they plunged in deeper.  Her sobs and cries of pain rang out in the room as the two men continued their assault on her vulnerable body.  She was spread, her open sex exposed to all of their cruelty, unable to stop the evil men.


They looked down at the whimpering little girl on the bed below them, her naked body now bright red from the abuse, groaning in pain.  The Commander stroked his cock, now hard and an angry red.  Ready to rape the little girl.  The Sergeant sat over her head, his hard cock jutting out from his body, wanting to join in the rape of the little girl.  His hands stroked her face, pushing the hair and tears from her face.  “Its time for your rape, little one.  Time to feel the superiority of the Japanese cock as it tears your virginity apart.  You have been honored to receive our glorious tools in your worthless body.”


Loren felt the Commander lie down on her body, crushing her arms underneath her.  His knees smashed between her legs, pinching her inner thighs as they began to force her legs open, his hard cock resting on her pubic bone as the spread of her legs continued.  Her crotch ached as he continued, pushing her legs open wider and wider, his hard cock sliding down and running down between her pussy lips. 


“Bring her knees up and legs spread, I want this little girl ready to receive my cock,” he ordered the Sergeant.  He felt her body being moved for his pleasure, her legs pulled up higher, the flat of her sex opening up.  He rubbed his cock up and down her splayed sex as the chubby lips of her pussy were pulled back.  He looked down between their bodies, his large, angry cock snuggled against the tiny pussy opening.  “I’m going to enjoy hearing you scream in pain.  You will be raped many times today.  When it no longer hurts you to scream, I will turn you over and sodomize that tiny asshole.  You will think it can’t get any worse, but it will, we will take you at the same time, two glorious Japanese cocks in your little body at the same time, one in your pussy and the other up your ass.  It will feel like one large cock raping you.”


His mouth moved down to cover Loren’s, his tongue entering her mouth as he kissed her.  He raised up a bit, grabbed his dick and pushed it against her tiny opening.  The bulbous head felt so huge compared to pussy.  He groaned in pleasure into her mouth as he pushed his body down onto hers, his cock beginning to force itself into her virgin pussy.  He felt her body moving beneath him, trying to escape the raping cock, but he followed her movements.  He heard her suck in her breath as he felt his cock stretching the opening, the hard cock winning.  Harder he pushed until suddenly the head popped into the tiny pussy.  A yelp could be heard from Loren as her virgin pussy received its first cock, gripping it tightly, her breathing rapid.  He pulled his head up from her lips, looking at the pained expression on her face, tears in her eyes.  “Yes, little one, you can feel my cock inside you.  I know it hurts you, but it makes me harder.”  He flexed his cock inside her pussy, making her feel his power over you.  Her body jerked in response.  “Scream all you want,” his mouth covering hers again, his hips driving down on her body.  It was time to rape her, to hear her scream in his mouth as his hard cock tore through her virginity forever.  He pushed with his hips, his cock pushing hard into her tiny cunt.  He felt the resistance of her hymen and then pushed harder, tearing the barrier and ripping into her young cunt.  She screamed in his mouth, his cock jerking in response, loving the sound of a young girl losing her virginity to a rapist cock. 


Loren felt like a knife was tearing her sex open, ripping as the huge cock pushed into her unused pussy, still dry and unprepared for the rape.  She felt pinned to the bed, her arms aching from the tight bondage, her legs split obscenely, knees spread wide, unable to stop the cruel rape of her young body.  She felt it continue to enter her, feeling like a giant baseball bat forced inside her body.  She squirmed around, but the cock continued its assault on her unused pussy, touching inside her when nothing had ever gone before.  She would never be the same again, he had torn her virginity from her young body in a painful rape that would forever be etched in her mind. 


The Sergeant looked down at the two of them, the Commander driving his cock into her body, watching the pained look on her face as she was raped for the first time.  He smiled, “I’m next little girl.  You’ll still be tight.  You’ll still give me a good ride.  You have a lot of fucking to do today,” stroking his cock as he watched.


The Commander rode his rock hard cock into the tight pussy, feeling her pussy walls massaging his cock as he drove it into her.  He pulled back until only the head was grabbed then fucked back into her with a mighty plunge, hearing her scream again.  “Such a tight cunt, it feels like you are going to strangle my cock,” pumping her again, hearing her cries of anguish.  “Yes, take it little one, take my hard cock.”  His hands reached under her ass, grabbing the tight flesh in his hand, raising her up to force her to accept the punishing thrusts of his cock.  He had almost bottomed out in her cunt, slamming against her cervix in a powerful jolt that shook her body.  He started to ride her hard, feeling her tight pussy grabbing his cock as pumped her full of cock. 


Loren stared off, the pain overwhelming her mind, unable to comprehend the burning sensation between her legs as she was raped.  She felt so abused, her body a maze of conflicting pain.  Her hips were raised up, his cock taking advantage of her position to fuck into her as deep as possible, the giant cock feeling like it was going to shoot out her mouth.  She heaved, the pain so terrible.  Strong fingers tore into her ass cheeks, still sore from the slapping they had inflicted on her body.  The cock pulled out of her pussy, feeling like it was turning her inside out as it pulled free.  When only her tight cunt trapped the head would he slam back into her, making her take all of his cock in a powerful push that knocked the air from her lungs and another scream from her mouth.  She felt him rising from her body, the heavy weight a temporary relief.  He sat up, his cock still firmly embedded in her tight cunt, stretching it in new directions.


The Commander looked down at the little girl, her pussy wrapped tightly around his cock.  He rabbit fucked his cock in her, hearing her sobbing uncontrollably, holding her hips tightly to make sure that he fucked her as deep as possible.  The Sergeant reached down to her breasts, his fingers plucking at her nipples, pinching them harshly, watching as she bounced around trying to avoid this new pain.  “Squeeze her nipples hard, it makes her cunt tighten each time you do,” he told the Sergeant.  He plunged in deep, burying his cock inside her.  He waited until he felt her pussy pulsating on his cock, her upper body jerking around, trying to escape the fingernails digging into her sensitive nipples.  He pulled back out and fucked back in painfully again, bruising her cervix as he did.  “Again, make her squeeze me again.”  She jerked around under him, the fingers tearing at her nipples.  He saw her scream in pain, watching as the Sergeants fingers tore her nipples, traces of blood appearing on the tips.  His fingers searched out her unprotected anus, found the tiny opening and plunged a dry finger into the unused tract as he fucked deep inside her.  Her body arched up in pain, forcing the cock to drive deeper and harder into her body.  He twisted the finger in her asshole, feeling the sphincter grabbing tightly on it, making her feel the mastery he had over her body.


She could not even tell where the pain was coming from anymore.  All of her body was being abused, her nipples, her pussy and now her asshole.  It felt like the cock in her pussy was splitting her open.  The fingers in her asshole were cramping her stomach as the dry digits ruthlessly plunged inside her, tearing at her flesh.  She could not believe that someone would put their fingers up her asshole, but he was forcing her to fuck back his cock.  Her nipples were the worse, the Sergeant delighted in making her scream as his fingernails bit into the pink flesh, twisting and turning in the hard nubs.  She felt the cock inside her get bigger, swelling up inside her.  He was ready to cum, ready to fill her once virgin flesh with his foul seed.  The fingers tore into her asshole one last time, the cock buried deep inside her and she felt it sputter, feeling the hot cum filling her virgin pussy for the first time.


“GGGGOODD, what a hot cunt, its squeezing me so tight,” shooting her full of his cum.  He pumped her three times, each time dumping another load of cum in her cunt.  The sound of his cock fucking a sloppy, wet pussy filling the room, the smell of his cum permeating from beneath him.  “I love the sound of rape of a young girl the first time, her pussy filled with my cum, her screams, the smell of her body.”  He watched as his cock began to soften, her pussy still clamped tightly around it.  He pulled his finger from her asshole, the musty smell still on his digit. 


The Sergeant was stroking her face, “did you like your first fuck, little one?  Now it’s my turn, I want you to fuck me back and give me a good ride.”  The two soldiers traded places, Loren lying their exhausted, unable to move as they rearranged her body, her legs pulled up onto the Sergeants shoulders, his cock already rubbing up and down her cum soaked pussy.  “Let her suck your cock while I ride her.  Get it hard to fuck her again.”  The Sergeant fucked his hard cock inside her wet pussy, burying it up to his balls in one powerful plunged, a scream torn from her lips as his cock buried itself in her battered pussy again.  He held her by the hips, fucking her on and off his cock.  The Commander leaned over her head, his wet cock pushed between her lips as she screamed, stifling any other loud noises from her.


Her body was buffeted between the two raping cocks.  Her pussy torn again, a new cock burying itself into her previously unused passage re-igniting the pain of the prior rape.  Now her mouth was filled with cock again, the taste of her blood and his sperm filling her oral cavity with the foul taste.  She ran her tongue over it after he threatened to abuse her nipples again, feeling it already getting hard again.  The rape continued, her little body abused by the evil men, their cocks tearing into her painfully.  The Sergeant would force her to take his punishing cock, making it bend inside her, pushing painfully against the sides, stretching her open.  The cock in her mouth hardened, pushing down her throat again, the choking and gagging beginning again.  Hands continued to move about her body, her breasts were grabbed and tugged, teeth biting down on her nipples, finger under her ass, searching and finding her dry asshole again, tearing into her rectum. 


“Take my cum, little whore, take my cum in your tight little pussy,” shooting a load of his cum deep inside her cunt, feeling her cunt spasm in pain as he buried he cock as deep as possible inside her little body.  He shuddered again, the hot burning cum filling her cunt until it overflowed, dripping down between her legs. 


The Commander stroked his cock while she sucked the head of it, running her tongue over the tip, cum leaking out from the end as he saw the Sergeant filling her with his cum.  He pulled his cock out with a pop, her lips still holding it tightly as it pulled from her mouth.  He looked at her, a sheen of sweat glistening on her body, her nipples, red and swollen from abuse, cum dripping from her pussy, a bright red from the slapping and the rape.  The Sergeant got up from her body, moving to her head again. 


“No, please, no, not again!” she cried out as the Commander moved down between her legs again.  He turned her body onto her side, her ass facing him.  He raised one leg up high, almost splitting her down the middle as he did, kneeling down on her other inner thigh painfully, pinning her to the bed.  “AAAGGHH,” she cried as his hard cock raped her pussy again, this time from the rear, her legs bent back almost until it broke.  “MMMGGHH,” she muttered, the Sergeants limp dick forced between her lips again, the taste of cum filling her mouth.


“More, little one, much more,” his cock tearing into her pussy again, this time from the rear, giving him more leverage to fuck in harder and deeper.  His finger sought out her defenseless asshole, quickly shoving the dry digit up into her rectum, tearing the finger around her anal tract as he fucked her hard and fast. 


“Suck my cock hard again, sweet mouth, we’re going to fuck you all day,” jerking his cock inside her mouth, his knuckles banging painfully against her lips as he did. 


And they did fuck her, in every conceivable position.  One would be in her pussy, tearing the cum soaked passage with his battering cock.  They could go for over one half hour each time until they came inside her.  The other would be using her mouth to get them hard, her tongue tired from running over the cum splattered cock, her lips sucking hard.  When she hesitated they would hurt her, punching her breasts and nipples until she relented, sucking the cock into hardness again, getting it ready to rape her pussy again.  Her body was moved into any imaginable position they desired to force her into, the more painful for her, the better.  She thought her back was broken when they forced her legs behind her ears, the whole plane of her sex open for their abuse.  They slapped her open pussy before a cock raped her again, burying the mighty weapon deep inside her bent over body.


They finally allowed her to sleep on the floor, still bound tightly.  A sharp kick between her legs, the toe of a boot smashing into her pussy waking her up with a sudden yelp of pain.  A bucket of cold water was thrown on her naked body, her nipples popping out in response. 


“Dry off, I don’t want you wet when I fuck you again,” the Commander throwing her a towel.


“No, not anymore, haven’t you hurt me enough with your cocks?” she cried, wiping the water from her body, even the soft towel painful to her skin.  Her hair was pulled, forcing her up onto her knees as the Commander looked down at her.  His hard cock was already in her face, knowing that she would be raped again.  She saw the Sergeant come into the room, also naked, his cock jutting out from his body. 


“On the bed, little girl, we have a new treat for you today.  That’s a good girl,” as she climbed on the bed.  “On your stomach,” laughing as he said it.  He saw the puzzled look on her face, she’ll catch on quick he thought.  He grabbed her legs, pulling her half off the bed, her legs falling to the floor, the upper part of her body lying on the bed.  “Give me those pillows,” grabbing them from the Sergeant, quickly placing them under her, raising her ass up higher from the bed.  He moved forward, his cock now at the right height.  He slapped her ass hard, hearing her flinch in pain.  “Spread your legs, that’s good, wider now, I want to see everything,” his hand slapping her other cheek.  He looked down, her legs spread wide, her pussy pouch peeking between her legs, her ass cheeks opened, the tiny asshole peeking out.  It would still red from yesterdays fingering.  By time they finished today, it would be large and gaping.  She was going to be sodomized, raped in her tiny asshole.


“No, not there, please don’t do it in there, you’ll tear me apart,” she cried, finally realizing their intentions.  Hands held her hips in place, fingers separating her ass cheeks apart farther, her asshole exposed to their eyes.  She felt fingers crawling around her tiny asshole, prodding and pawing at the little hole as she squirmed on the bed, attempting to escape the terrible ass rape they intended to inflict on her.  She knew it would not be just once.  They would gang rape her, forcing her to suck their cocks into hardness once they came in her asshole.  She would have to taste her own shit on their cocks, cleaning it off with her tongue, getting it ready to rape her asshole again. 


The Commander spit on her asshole, his finger taking the lubricant in jamming it harshly into her little hole, feeling her sphincter fighting the painful intrusion.  “Relax or I will fuck you dry,” slapping her ass cheeks hard again.  She slumped down, letting him have his way with her asshole, his finger grinding painfully up her back passage, twisting and turning, lubricating her anal tract, preparing it for his large cock.  One finger became two, spreading and opening her up for bigger things.  She grunted in pain as his fingernails rubbed harshly in her asshole.  “Such a tight little asshole.  Wait until you feel the power of a Japanese cock fucking your virgin asshole.  You will thank me for sodomizing you little girl.”


The Sergeant moved onto the bed, lifting her head up, smiling down at her face.  “Ready for your first ass fuck, little one.  I want to hear you scream, so you wouldn’t have to suck my cock.”  He stroked his cock as he saw the Commander driving his fingers in and out her tight asshole, the pained expression on her face as she was lubricated.  It was not to make it easier on her.  He knew the Commander would not be able to drive his cock up her asshole without some lubrication.  And he wanted to fuck her hard!


Loren whimpered as she laid there, fingers sliding in and out her asshole, opening her up to something bigger.  She did not know how it would fit, his cock was too big.  She cried as she knew it would hurt, hurt real badly.  “NO, please no,” she screamed when she felt his fingers pull from her asshole and she felt the rubbery head of his cock placed against the tiny opening.  She grunted in pain as he applied pressure, pushing his hips forward, the head slowly stretching her asshole open.


“Push back, let me up your ass,” holding his cock in his fist to keep it from bending, her sphincter fighting to keep the cock out.  He slapped her ass hard, her yelp in pain giving him the chance he wanted, driving the head of his cock into her asshole, watching as the tiny anus expanded and surrounded the mighty head of his cock. 


“AAAGGHH, OOOOWW,” she yelled, her face contorted in pain, her hips moving from side to side, the Commander following every movement, his cockhead wedged tightly inside her rectum.


“Settle down, little girl, you have so much more cock to take,” the Sergeant laughing at her foolish attempt to escape the rape of her asshole. 


The Commander began to inch his cock into her asshole, pulling out until the head was gripped tight, then back in again, each time going deeper.  Small traces of blood and shit were on his cock, she would have to clean it later.  He held her hips tight, forcing her ass side to side as his cock was impaled in her tight anal tract.  He inched in again, over half now stuck up her ass, her sobbing and crying making his cock harder.  He couldn’t wait any longer.  He pushed down as hard as he could, her head shooting up in pain, a scream torn from her lips as his cock plunged deep inside her rectum, pushing up into her colon.  Her head shaking from side to side, the unbearable pain in her ass as his cock was now fully embedded in her backside, twitching and jerking in pleasure.  Her asshole gripped his cock so tightly, her anus stretched tautly over the hard cock.


“Do you like it, little one, do you like a cock up your ass?”  The Sergeant looked at her tear stained face, the grimace of pain as the Commander fucked his cock in and out.  “I know I’m going to love having my cock up your asshole.”


The sound of slapping flesh and the babbling of Loren filled the room as the Commander began to sodomize the little girl beneath him.  He began to ride his cock up her ass hard, making her feel his cock as it tore into her being.  He started pumping her harder, feeling her straining to take the large cock up her tiny asshole.  He slapped her ass hard, hearing her scream as it forced her to tighten on the cock inside her, bringing about a fresh bout of pain.


It felt like her ass was torn open, the cock felt so huge inside her.  It was like a log was forced inside her, a rough, hard, dry log tearing her insides up.  Her stomach cramped in pain as the cock fucked where no cock was meant to be.  Her throat was hoarse from screaming, her body racked in pain, but the anal rape continued.  She was pinned down on the bed, her asshole skewered on his cock, riding her for all he was worth.  It felt like his cock was getting harder as he continued to rape her for long minutes, ten minutes and he was still going strong.  What little lubrication he had used was now gone, a small trace of blood the only lubricant left.  It felt like his cock was covered with sandpaper as it tore in and out of her anal tract, the large head rubbing harshly as it plunged in and out.  Five more minutes and he had pulled her ass up higher, allowing his cock to enter her asshole deeper, plunging deep into her colon.


The Commander was sweating, his cock burning as it raped her dry asshole.  Her body bounced around the bed as his anal rape continued, trying to drive his cock deeper into her body, wanting to hear her scream in pain each time.  The Sergeant was holding her head, her face contorted in pain as she was sodomized.  He couldn’t hold out any longer, it was time to let her feel what a cum enema felt like.  “Hurt her, Sergeant, make her tighten up on my cock when I cum,” he ordered him.


The Sergeant was only too happy to comply.  He grabbed one of her breasts and sought out the nipple.  His fingers gripped the bud, nails digging into the tender nub.  Her body jerked in pain, her asshole gripping tightly onto the raping cock.  She screamed in pain as he did it again.


“Yesss, you little whore, suck the cum out of me, milk my cock,” pumping his cock deep inside her.  Her body jerked as it tore into her internal organs, burying itself deep in her colon, jerking about in spasms as he unloaded a hot load of cum deep inside.  “Hurt the cunt,” her asshole gripping the cock in pain as another load of cum filled her, gurgling deep inside her.


Loren was sobbing as the Commander pulled his cock from her asshole, pulling it slowly from her, making her feel it as it pulled out.  He watched as her asshole stayed open, a gaping hole.  “Such a nice tight asshole, your turn to sodomize her, Sergeant, make her scream again.”


She could only lay there, the pain overpowering her as the Sergeant slipped between her legs again, his body falling heavily onto hers.  The Commander picked up her head and pushed his limp cock towards her mouth.  “Suck my cock hard again, I’m going to rape your asshole again when the Sergeant is finished.”


Loren almost threw up when the shit and cum covered cock slipped in her mouth, her lips a perfect “O” ready to receive his cock.  The foul taste lay in her mouth as her tongue bathed his cock.  She screamed on the cock as her asshole was again raped by a hard cock, the Sergeant not even giving it a chance to accommodate the large instrument. 


The Sergeant did not waste any time.  Once he felt her hot, tight asshole on the head of his cock he buried it deep inside her, her scream muffled by the cock plugging her lips.  The two rapists buffeted Loren’s body, one in her mouth, the other sodomizing her.  Neither cared anything about her pain, in fact they enjoyed inflicting the maximum amount of pain on her as they raped her.  Her asshole was forced to accommodate the raping cock, her lower body now a mass of pain.  The cock in her mouth was already getting hard, already slipping into her throat again, choking her.  The Sergeant, like the Commander, fucked her hard and long.  Fifteen minutes later, her asshole burning in pain, he dumped another load of cum inside her.  He pulled out, her asshole bleeding from the rapes.


The Commander was ready again, this time pulling her over on her side, his cock snuggled up to her ass like a lover would do.  Her mouth was plugged with the filthy cock, her tongue bathing it erect again.  She reared up as the Commander cock was shoved harshly up her ass again, stuffed as it buried itself deep inside her.  “I’ll wait until you are ready, Sergeant,” the Commander letting his cock twitch inside her hot asshole, waiting.


The Sergeant did not take long to get hard again.  They were going to double fuck her, the Sergeant getting her pussy to rape.  He pulled his cock out, hard already.  He snuggled next to Loren, grabbed her leg and pulled it up high.  “You’re going to take two cocks now, we’re going to rape your pussy and asshole at the same time.”  He fisted his cock and placed it against her pussy lips, feeling her backing away, only to push back onto the cock pushed deep into her asshole.  “No where to go, little girl, nothing to do but fuck us back and get it over with.” 


She felt him slam his cock into her pussy, burying it into the hilt as she screamed, feeling the cocks meeting somewhere deep inside her.  The area between her legs felt like one big mass of pain as they began to rape her, first one pushing in and the other pulling out.  Then they began to rape her at the same time, both pushing in at the same time, each one trying to make her scream in pain the loudest.  Loren thrashed about the bed as they pummeled her body between them, tearing her open with their raping cocks.  They had already cum once so they continued for a long time, almost a half and hour of continual pounding in her pussy and asshole.  By time they both came in her body, she was almost comatose, the pain overwhelming her senses.  She hung limply between them, cum dripping from all of her orifices.  She stared absently at the ceiling.


The Commander got up from the bed, “give her to the men, maybe they can get some life out of her.  See if you can find me something younger, maybe nine or ten.  Little bumps for breasts, tiny nipples, bald pussy and a tiny little asshole to tear.  Twins would be real nice, I never had two nine year olds,” his cock already getting hard in anticipation.


The End