By Powerone
Copyright 2018

Chapter 1
Captured and Taken

It was supposed to be the perfect day. It started out that way when Sarah finally bought bra and panties, not the white cheap ones her mother made her wear, but real woman lacey bra and panties. That was a big thing for an eleven-year-old that just had her period. Her mother never knew. She bought it while she was at the mall with her friends. She had it on today and she felt naughty even though no one else could tell.

She was at home out in the country. Her father said that they could afford a much bigger and nicer house if they lived outside the city, but Sarah hated that they were twenty-five miles from town. None of her friends would come to visit her, it was too far. The closest house was a mile away and it was an older couple that lived on a farm. Her father traveled for work, a computer salesman, so he didn’t commute often. Her mother stayed at home and tended the family. What did my father think of his idea for saving money now?

It was just getting dark when there was a knock on the door. It wasn’t as if they had many visitors so her father was careful and checked first. There was a woman outside standing in the cold and no car nearby. It had snowed last night.

“She must’ve broken down and wants to use the telephone,” Bill told his wife. Cell phone service was intermittent out here. He opened the door and that was his first and last mistake.

John was waiting along the side of the house and as soon as he heard the door opening he raced to the front door. Emily stood there as the storm door opened and John grabbed it. He pushed his gun into the man’s startled face. The man hesitated for too long so John pistol-whipped his head and he slumped to the floor. Emily was already inside with her pistol out. By the time John scraped the man off the floor, Emily had the others secured. Hank, Michael, and Steve joined them all in the living room.

“Turn on the TV,” John told Hank. “Find the news.”

Sloane still held the dishrag she had in her hand when the strange woman burst into the kitchen just as she and Sarah were cleaning up the dishes from dinner. Sarah dropped the dish to the floor and it broke when she saw the gun in the woman’s hand. Sloane put her arm around Sarah as if she could somehow protect her.

“Get in the living room, now!” Emily waved the gun in front of them as she herded them into the other room. “Get on the couch and don’t say a word.”

Sloane grew scared when four more men carried Bill into the room and threw him on the couch. She felt better when she saw his eyes were open, but they were glazed over and blood rushed from a cut on his forehead. He moaned.

“Are you …”

“I said not a word,” this time Emily got Sloane’s attention when Emily backhanded Sloane across the face.


Sarah couldn’t believe she did such a thing. Her mother’s head was thrown to the side by the force of the blow and there was a drop of blood trickling from her lip. The three of them huddled silently on the couch. The sound of the TV scared her when it came on.

“The Athens Bank was robbed only hours ago by five armed robbers, one woman, and four men. They pistol-whipped the manager into opening the safe and took the payroll money for the copper mine. In the daring daylight robbery, the bank guard was fatally shot when he tried to draw his gun. The robbers escaped in a late model, black SUV with out-of-state license plates. The FBI, state and local authorities have instituted a manhunt for the killers. All of the major freeways have roadblocks set up and they expect to capture the killers within hours. If anyone has information, please call the FBI at 555-888-8000. A ten thousand dollar reward is being offered and it’s expected that it will be raised. Stay tuned for updates later in this broadcast.”

The weather person came on next. “The cold will continue into the…”

John shut it off. He already knew and expected that, although the guard’s stupidity took him by surprise, the result was inevitable. John had to shoot him. He’d checked out this house in the days before when they were scouting the bank. This was always a backup if they were boxed in by roadblocks. He turned to the hostages. “You must be Bill. If you want to live, Bill, you’ll do everything I say. As you heard, we’re already wanted for murder so they only execute you once no matter how many bodies they find so you’re expendable.” He turned his attention to the others now.

Sloane was an attractive woman, but the picture he saw of her on Facebook didn’t do her justice. Bill was forty-five and Sloane was ten years younger. Her blonde hair was cut neatly and even her frumpy dress couldn’t hide a nice figure. She had full breasts and nice legs, but his attention was drawn to the girl next to her. Sarah was eleven and in sixth grade. She had fine blonde hair just like her mother, but much longer. It was down almost to her waist. She wore a pullover and jeans, but even the thick pullover to keep out the cold couldn’t hide those two bumps that were popping out. She was going to have full breasts like her mother, but right now they were enough to squeeze. She was pretty with pink lips and blue innocent eyes. “We’re going to be here for a while, Sloane, at least until the police give up looking. So we’re going to have to be entertained.” He looked over at Sarah now. He could see the fear in her eyes and that made his cock so hard. There was nothing like a young virgin. “What do you say, Sarah? You want me to make you a woman?” He rubbed his cock in front of them.

It took him only a second and John knew it was coming so he was prepared. Bill tried to be the hero and protest. He sat forward and moved right into the swing of John’s pistol. It caught him on the jaw and sent him flying back against the couch. “I told you about that Bill. When are you going to learn?” He turned his attention back to Sloane and Sarah. Sloane had pulled Sarah close to her, as if that would do any good.

“She’s only eleven. She’s too young,” Sloane protested. She saw Bill get hit again and she feared for their lives. Not even Sarah was safe. She had to do something, at least long enough to delay them and hope the police would finally make it out here searching for these murderers. The four men were big and muscular. The one talking was handsome and if you saw him in the store you’d probably smile at him, but with a gun in his hand, he was a different man if you could call him that. He was an animal. One of the other men looked like him as if they were brothers. They had the same color hair and eyes. The other two men were younger, but they had the same cruelty in their eyes. All of them had guns, even the woman. She was attractive, looking like one of the mothers of Sarah’s schoolmates, not a pistol carrying murderer.

“She just needs a good man to show her and I’m up to that challenge.” John rubbed his cock again. The adrenaline from the robbery was starting to wear off, but he had a new adrenaline in the thoughts of raping little Sarah in front of her mother and father.

Bill couldn’t and wouldn’t say anything. There was nothing for him to do. If he opened his mouth again he’d be pistol-whipped or worse and he’d be no good to his family dead. He had to bide his time until there was an opening where he could do something.

“Take me,” Sloane blurted out without thinking, but she had to save her daughter’s honor. The four men would kill Sarah with their cocks if they had a chance.

“We could rape you just as we can rape Sarah.” Michael didn’t see much difference.

“My brother’s right. We might just rape Sarah and then do you afterwards.” John was as horny as he was. After all, they were brothers.

“But I’ll do you. I’ll suck your cock. I’ll fuck you back. I’ll make you cum.” That was such a degrading thought, but Sloane had to do it.

“That’s a thought, John.” Michael knew it wouldn’t matter if they knew their names. They might not survive anyway. “She looks like she’d be good at it. We can cuckold Bill and make him watch as his wife performs like a whore.” Michael was rock hard. He needed to find some relief and they had two that would fit the bill.

“What do you think, Sloane? You want to suck Michael’s cock and make him cum in your mouth, while Bill watches?” John could see that Michael was interested.

She hadn’t thought this out very well and now it was becoming real, but she could feel Sarah tremble next to her. She had to be brave and submit to these depraved men’s lust. Bill would see her shame, but she couldn’t have Sarah go through that trauma. “Yes, I’ll do everything you want. But, you have to put Sarah in another room where she can’t see what’s going on?”

“Okay, but you better do everything you promised or it’s little Sarah that is going to perform. But, she’ll have to be tied up in another room. I can’t have her trying to get away.” John would make sure she was secured.

“Bill would have to be tied up too. I don’t want him getting too anxious when Sloane gets excited over our cocks.” Michael wanted him to watch everything that she did. He was sure by the time they finished with her, she’d be doing things she never did with him.

“Okay,” Sloane answered for Bill.

“Tie him up naked. That way he can’t escape.” John added, but it was for another reason. He was sure that Bill would get hard when he watched his wife suck and fuck. He’d be shamed by his erection, unable to hide it from Sloane or Sarah.

“No,” Bill countered quickly.

“Yes,” Sloane said. “He’ll do it for Sarah,” he had to do it.

“See what you can find in the garage to tie them up, Hank.” They were just as eager to begin because they’d get the same shot with Sloane that Michael did, although Michael would go first.

It didn’t take long for Hank to come back with rope, lots of rope. “It looks like Bill has wanted to tie up his family for a long time. Strip, Bill. Get going.”

John went to work on Sarah, but he was gentle. “Put your wrists behind your back, Sarah. Don’t worry I won’t make them too tight.” He saw her tremble, but she obeyed. He liked that. It would make it easier later. He tied them snug, but not tight. Then he bound her ankles together. “That okay, Sarah?”

“Yes,” her voice trembled as she finally said something.

“I’ll take her upstairs out of the way. I’ll be back in a moment, so don’t start on Sloane until I’m back.” He picked her up and put her over his shoulder. She was light as he carried her upstairs. He went to the bedroom on the landing. He wanted to be able to show her what her mother was doing. It was the parent’s bedroom. He laid her on her belly and then tied another rope from her feet to her wrists, threading it through both ends until her legs were bent up behind her to hogtie her. Then he shoved a cloth in her mouth and tied it behind her head so she couldn’t say a word. He caught her by surprise before she could stop him. He loved her gagged face as he held her head up. “Don’t go anywhere now, Sarah.”

John was back just as Bill stripped the last of his clothes off. His cock was limp, but they’d see how long that lasted. They grabbed one of the heavy, wooden chairs from the dining room and placed him in it. Steve and Hank knew what to do. They tied his wrists behind the chair and secured them to the back of the chair. They went to work on his legs, but they surprised him when they tied his ankles to the back legs of the chair. It left his legs spread wide. His balls sat on the chair along with his limp cock.

John, Steve, and Hank sat down on the couch as Michael called Sloane over to him. She stood in front of him, looking at Bill one last time.

“I bet there’s a really nice body beneath that frumpy dress, Sloane. I can’t wait to see you unleash your passion on me.” His hands reached up and cupped her breasts. Her hands automatically went up to stop him, but all he had to do was stare at her to make them fall back down.

John watched as Sloane stripped for Michael and he fondled her body. She did have a nice body, but nothing like Sarah. Bill was starting to get an erection, but no one noticed because their eyes were on Sloane.

Michael pushed her to her knees and as she looked up at him he began to take off his clothes. It didn’t take him long until he was naked and his hand held his cock out in front of her lips. “It’s time to show me how well you suck cock. I’m sure you’ve done this to Bill before.”

Sloane hesitated at first. She’d never been with another man since she married Bill so to take Michael’s cock in her mouth and suck it was a big thing. She looked over at Bill one last time. That is when she saw it. “Why do you have an erection, Bill?” It was shameful that her husband was growing aroused while she was about to be raped in her mouth.

He couldn’t say a thing. Steve had long ago gagged him, not wanting any sounds out of him.

Bill turned red in shame, but he couldn’t stop his erection from growing as Sloane's hands reached up to touch Michael’s cock and then her mouth opened and took his cock inside. Her sweet lips grasped it and her head began to move as she sucked more of his cock into her mouth. Michael was big and she’d have to take a lot of it. Bill couldn’t take his eyes off of her as she sucked.

Sloane did everything she promised to do, at least so far. It didn’t take Michael long before he came in her mouth. He loved an audience. He held her head to make sure she didn’t miss a drop and then he made her clean his cock once she swallowed all his cum. As she cleaned his cock, it was already growing hard once again. Michael would take her in all three holes.

Sloane never saw Bill as hard as he was now. He was as disgusting as Michael. She had the foul taste of cum in her mouth when she finished sucking Michael’s cock. She was glad she was done with him.

“Get on the table so I can fuck you now, Sloane.”

She couldn’t understand how could he be hard so fast, but his cock stuck out as if she hadn’t done a thing to make him cum. She had no choice as she sat her naked ass on her dining room table. Michael pushed her onto her back and then stepped between her legs and spread them wide. There wasn’t much in the way of preliminaries before she felt Michael’s big cock stretch her pussy, but she had more to contend with as the Steve and Hank stripped off their clothes and stood next to the table. She couldn’t see John, but she heard Michael’s words and that struck fear into her.

“Open your mouth and suck Hank’s cock while I fuck you.” Her head was turned by Hank’s eager hand and it greeted Hank’s cock with an open mouth. Hank thrust in immediately and went to work synchronizing his thrusts with that of Michael’s.

Sloane never had two cocks in her at once and she had to pay attention and make sure both of them were happy. She licked the cock in her mouth and she gripped Michael’s cock in her pussy. He fucked her hard and fast as if he was trying to punish her with his cock. He smashed into her cervix with his cock, but it didn’t slow him down.

While Sloane was busy with the others, John went back upstairs. He loved the look of anguish on Sarah’s face after being bound for so long. He sat on the bed next to her.

She didn’t know what he wanted and that scared her. It was cruel for her to be tied up like this. Her muscles ached from being pulled unnaturally and the gag was wet with her spit. He ran his hands over her face, but even though she flinched when he first touched her cheek, his touch was soft.

“Would you like me to take the gag out of your mouth, Sarah?” He’d replace the gag with something else soon enough.

She shook her head up and down. He took it off and she could breathe through her mouth. It was tough to fill her lungs through her nostrils, fearing she’d suffocate. “Thank you.” It wouldn’t hurt to be nice to him.

“If I take the ropes off will you be good?”

“Yes,” she answered quickly. She never felt as helpless as she did when she was tied up, especially when she was tied up by murderers. They could snuff out her young life without a thought. My mother saved me from being raped, but what did she have to give up doing it?

It didn’t take him long to take the ropes off her. She was able to sit up on the bed. “Can I stand up? My muscles feel tight from being bound,” she added. What she was worried about was being in bed with this man. He was older and dangerous.

“Yes, I want to show you something, but you have to be quiet. Don’t say a word or else,” he threatened her. He made sure she saw his gun in his belt.

“I won’t.” He led her out to the hallway and they kneeled down behind the railing. She could see what was going on downstairs and she looked away as soon as she saw her first glimpse. She was too ashamed.

“Don’t look away. Stare down there. I want you to see what your mother is doing.” He forced her head to look down. “See your father tied to the chair. Look at his erection. It’s big because he’s excited to see your mouther sucking a cock and fucking Michael. He likes what he sees.”

Sarah had never seen a penis before except for a baby, but this was her father and his penis was huge and so hard that it stood up by itself and moved as if it had a mind of its own. Then her head was turned to her mother on their dining room table. She was naked and Michael stood near her. He was naked and he had an erection, but it was sliding in and out her mother’s pussy. Michael’s erection was bigger than her father’s. Was he more excited than my father, is that why he was bigger? Then she saw her mother and there was another erection, but it was in her mouth. Why was it there? Sarah wished she’d listened to some of the older girls talk about sex as if they knew what was going on. She could see her mother’s lips tight around the erection and the man was shoving it in and out of her mouth. She must be moving her tongue because she could see it push out her cheek as she moved it. It didn’t look like her mother or father hated what was happening. John took her back into the bedroom and closed the door once again.

John stood next to her to eye those little titties that pushed out her pullover and even her ass in the tight jeans, but what also caught his attention were those pink, wet lips. His cock felt as though it would tear through his pants. “If you’re good, I won’t tie you up, Sarah.”

“I’ll be good, don’t tie me up again.” That is what she feared the most. So far he’d been nice to her. She didn’t dare defy him. She felt him stand next to her and then he put his arms around her so both hands slid up and down her arms. She put her hands in front of her and one hand slid over them. His hands moved to her breasts. No, he couldn’t do that. It was wrong.

“Put your hands down at your side, Sarah and don’t move, or else.” The warning was enough to make her body shudder and her hands to fall harmlessly to her sides. “Yes, that’s a good girl, Sarah. We’ll get along nicely if you obey.”

She couldn’t say a thing as his large hands engulfed her small breasts. She was ashamed that she wore grown-up underwear, fearing he might see them. He squeezed her breasts and she felt something she never did. The tips of them tingled, not in pain, but a tingle that went between her legs as if she masturbated. She’d done that once, but the pleasure she felt scared her. He continued to squeeze her breasts as though he was testing a fruit to see if it was ripe. Then his hand slid down over her belly, but it didn’t stop there. He grabbed her by her crotch, Sarah thankful that she wore heavy jeans as he squeezed her pussy as though he owned it. She could feel the fingers press against her slit and it brought back the pleasure she felt when it was her fingers that did the same thing. She hoped he’d move his hands away soon in case she had an orgasm like the first time. That would be shameful. His hand even ran over her buttocks, squeezing each of her cheeks. She didn’t know why he’d want to touch her there. He spent a lot of time there. She felt his fingers as they grasped her cheeks until she could feel her crack open up and her panties pushed between them. Finally, his hands moved away.

“That’s not so bad, is it, Sarah?”

“No,” she lied, but it was better than what her mother was going through.

“I’m going to take off your pullover, Sarah. Are you alright with that?” He dared her to deny him.

“Yes,” she had to say as she eyed the gun in his waistband. She had to raise her arms as he pulled it over her head. He threw her pullover on the floor and she tried to hide her sexy bra that showed too much. No one had ever seen her in this, not even her mother, no boys or men. She felt ashamed to have John see her this way as a flush of red ran over her body. His hands ran over her naked arms now. Then he shocked her as he went to his knees. He pushed his face into the front of her jeans where it shouldn’t be. His hand grabbed her buttocks and kept her from escaping. His hands were everywhere and many places that he shouldn’t touch. One went between her legs and she was forced to spread her legs wider by the brute strength of his hand.

“That’s so nice, Sarah, but your jeans are like your pullover. There too thick so I’m going to slip them off,” but this time he didn’t ask her permission. He took it for granted.

Her legs could barely hold her up as he undid the belt on her jeans as though it was the most natural thing for him to do. Then it was the top button, sending shivers through her body as his fingers touched her naked belly and slipped just beneath the waistband so he could open the button. The sound of her zipper was so loud in spite of the fact that it was a soft whisper in the quiet room. The only other sounds were their heavy breathing. Then it was easy for him to pull her jeans down her legs until they sat on her ankles. He saw her lacey panties, ashamed she wore them as if it was for him.

“They’re such nice bra and panties, Sarah, so big girl of you. Does your mother know you wear them?”

She couldn’t say a word as he kissed her naked leg so close to her panties and his hands ran up and down her naked legs. He touched her softly and that confused her. He finally stood up. “No, she doesn’t know,” she confessed to him about her underwear. She had one hand over her bra and the other over her panties to hide them from him.

“You’re being a good girl, Sarah. You’ll find that there are rewards for that, just as there are punishments for being bad and denying me. You saw what I did to your father with my pistol? I wouldn’t want to hurt that pretty face.” He wanted her naked and threatening her would make it easier.

She trembled as he turned her sideways. His fingers touched her back and she put her hand up to cover her breasts when he began to unsnap her bra. He did it quickly and then slowly pulled the bra straps down her arms.

“Put your hands at your sides, Sarah!” His voice rose up in volume to demand her obedience.

She turned bright red as her hands clenched into fists when her bra slipped away and bared her breasts to him. He looked at them, but then his hands went to her panties. Her hands moved in spite of his order as his fingers gripped the waistband of her panties on both sides and he slowly began to pull them down. She couldn’t stop him and they fell to her feet. She didn’t understand why she lifted her legs so he could pull them away. With one hand over her naked breasts and the other over her crotch, she tried to shield her naked body from him.

John grabbed her wrists this time and pulled them down forcefully. It wasn’t difficult. “Put your hands behind your back and don’t you dare move them again. This is your last warning!” He was adamant, but it worked. Her hands went submissively behind her back and her wrists were crossed as if she was bound.

John pushed her long, blonde hair over her breasts to hide them, but one perky nipple refused to be smothered by her blonde tresses. His hand slowly parted her hair, first over one breast and then the other. Her two little bumps were revealed and her chest was flushed with shame. His hand reached out as he began to explore her budding breasts.

She couldn’t understand why the tip of her breast was hard and throbbing from his touch. She should hate that he fondled her, but his touch was soft, yet his fingers were demanding. He squeezed her breast, but he also played with the tip of her nipples and around the dark areola. His hand slid from one breast to another, each time she felt more tingles. She never touched her breasts when she masturbated, but she should’ve. Then she saw him lean over and his tongue snuck out his mouth. He began to lick the bottom of her breast, but it moved up and ran across her nipple. That was intense. He continued to lick her breasts, but then he kissed one tip, and he never pulled away. She felt his soft lips engulf the tip and then he sucked it into his mouth. She felt strange as the tip was stretched and his tongue ran over it. She wasn’t sure if she was glad or not when he moved away from her breast. She could feel the cool air run over the wet tip.

“You’re being a good girl, Sarah.” He lifted up her chin until she had to look into his face. They were only an inch apart and his tongue stuck out far.

He was going to kiss her as if he was her boyfriend. His tongue touched her lips and a spark flew across them. His tongue was wet and hot as it explored her lips. She shouldn’t, but her lips parted the slightest and his tongue pushed inside. She’d heard the older girls talk about French kissing. She shivered as he continued to kiss her lips.

John pulled away, but he went behind her. His hands went around her and pulled her up against him. He pushed his crotch into her hands and pinned them between their bodies. “Don’t pull your hands away.” But he hoped that she’d move them as they touched his cock.

If felt just like the erections she’d seen downstairs, but his erection moved when her fingers moved the slightest bit. It was a sharp move and Sarah didn’t understand how he could do that or why it happened. Is that what makes a man’s erection pleasurable to him? Is that why the men downstairs liked to have their erections in my mother’s mouth and pussy?

John rubbed his cock from side to side on her hands as he went to work on her breasts once again. He used two hands to clutch on them, squeezing them, but this time he was rougher. His fingers pinched her nipples and squeezed them, but she did nothing and said nothing.

His fingers weren’t softly touching her anymore, but even as he got rough, it didn’t feel that way. Her thoughts centered on the erection that was captured in her hands and the way it moved like a snake. It was so big, just like the men downstairs. She pulled her hand away from behind her when his hand slid over her belly and his fingers traced through the fine hairs of her bush. He touched her in the same way she touched herself and she feared once again that she might get pleasure from it accidentally.

He let her try to push his hands away, but all she did was hold onto it as he began to rub her slit. It didn’t take long until he felt some of her wetness. He moved to her side and then he kneeled down. “Spread your legs wider, Sarah!” It was another demand.

She couldn’t stop him as his finger began to slide inside her. It felt strange but good. Her legs were spread wide before she realized how willingly she opened them for him. She looked down as his fingers worked up and down her slit and felt his breath blow on her pussy so close to her. She could feel the shameful wetness increase and he could too.

John stood up and led her over to the desk in the room. His hand swished across it and everything on it was swept to the floor. He pushed her in front of it, facing him. He grabbed her hips and helped her up.

She had to put her hands behind her as he kneeled down in front of her as she sat on the cold wood desk. His large hands grabbed her legs and she could only watch as he spread them wide. Her pussy was revealed with his face only inches away. Every intimate part of her body was revealed shamefully to him. She feared what he’d do now.

Downstairs, Michael had cum in Sloane’s pussy as his cum dripped out. She was forced to swallow Hank’s cum that he emptied in her mouth, but she was grateful that he pulled his cock out.

Steve was ready to take Michael’s place, his cock rock hard and ready to show her how a real man fucks. He’d take her hard and deep.

Sloane felt a cock ready to enter her, but then Michael presented his slimy cock to her lips. He’d lost some of the hardness after taking her mouth and pussy, but he was still formidable. She opened her mouth willingly and began to clean it just when Steve fucked his cock in deep with one thrust to take her breath away. He began to pound his cock into her as if he tried to punish her pussy with it.

Chapter 2
The Girl Becomes a Woman

Coming Soon __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________











It was as though her life was orchestrated. Emily didn’t realize that initially, but now that she looked back at her life there was always someone there to ‘save’ her when her life was at its lowest. Her move from upstate New York to upstate Vermont where Green Mountain Institute was located held the key.

The secretive institute was her final journey. Here wives and girlfriends were taught the art of submission for their lovers or husbands. But, a select few women were groomed for their submissive tendencies until they were ready for the training that would be required to make them worthwhile partners for those that could afford the best.

For Emily, a list of people made sure that her journey was an enlightening and discovering adventure all preparing her for the final training and test. It was then that Emily would find “Her Fate is to Submit”.