By Powerone
Copyright 2018

Chapter 2
The Girl Becomes a Woman

John peeled apart her pussy lips and exposed her pink, damp inner lips. He saw the blush on Sarah’s face and her lip quivered, but she didn’t do anything to stop him. He was up close to an eleven-year-old virgin and the first thing he did was taste her. His tongue made a broad swipe up her slit and he savored her virgin juices. He looked in her eyes as he continued to lap up the sweet nectar. Sarah couldn’t stop from moving no matter how shameful it was. “Do you like that, Sarah? Do you want me to stop?”

Sarah couldn’t and wouldn’t answer him and it was too humiliating what he was doing to her. His mouth licked her there. It felt much better than what her fingers had induced when she masturbated, but he pulled his mouth away and now his fingers pushed against her tight hole. “No, not there!” She protested, not wanting to lose her virginity, but still feared him enough not to push him away. There were three men downstairs doing unspeakable things to her mother and she didn’t want John to unleash their perversities on her. John was bad enough, but so far he’d been gentle. His fingers squirmed inside her tight hole. He didn’t go in deep, but it was concerning as they moved inside her. He stood up suddenly next to her, but his fingers never stopped rubbing her pussy. He put his hand around her and gazed into her eyes.

“You like being masturbated by me. I can feel your juices flow.”

His fingers moved more urgently in her pussy and he leaned over. She gasped when his lips attacked her breasts. His mouth engulfed one of her hard nipples and sucked it into his mouth. She felt the strange way it was pulled by his powerful suction, but then his teeth bit lightly on her areola. All while he continued to finger her pussy.

He went back to licking her pussy, wanting her beholden to him when he made her cum. He licked, bit and sucked her pussy lips all while he fingered the tight, virgin hole. His tongue moved faster and he began to attack her clit. He sucked it out of hiding and it stood up hard and swollen as his tongue played across it.

He found her pleasure button and she couldn’t contain the moan that came from her lips. He never pulled his mouth from her pussy, continuing to lick and suck on her. She began to get the same feeling she had when she came from her hand, but she tried to push it out of her head. She had no success as her juices began to flow more freely as John sucked them up. “No, don’t make me,” she cried out, but it was too late. It was more intense when she came by his mouth and tongue. He didn’t slow down or stop as she did, he continued to lick and suck her pussy all while she covered his face with her shameful juices. She was beet red by time he stopped. She didn’t notice right away that she never closed her legs, even as he stood up.

John looked at her naked body. His cock was rock hard and he needed his pleasure. “I seem to be overdressed compared to you, Sarah. I’m going to catch up.” He began to take off his shirt and then he unbuckled his belt. “Look at me, Sarah!” His voice was loud and demanding. He wanted to see the look in her eyes when she caught the first gaze of his cock. She didn’t turn away as he slowly pulled the zipper down. Her lips quivered, and her pink tongue slipped out to lick her dry lips but all he could imagine was what it would feel like on his cock.

John’s pants slipped to his ankles and he bent over to pull his socks and shoes off so he could slip his pants off. When he stood up his penis pushed out his shorts. He was bigger than her father. She couldn’t take her eyes off it as John pulled down his shorts. She didn’t see them fall to his ankles as her eyes were glued to the huge erection that bounced in front of him. She couldn’t and didn’t want to see her father’s penis when John forced her to, but now she could make out every detail of John’s erection. The head was a different color than the rest. It was a dark red, almost purple. It was smooth all except for the hole in the tip. There was something wet and shiny on the tip. There was a ridge where the head connected to the shaft and it was thicker and darker as if the head was glued on. The shaft wasn’t smooth and the skin was loose. There was a large blue vein that ran up the side of it. He had lots of thick hair that looked like wire, and it covered the sack that hung down like it carried heavy fruit. She jumped when he came closer, but he only grabbed her arm to help her stand up again. She jumped again when his penis touched her flesh. It was so hot. He was strong as he pushed on her shoulders until she was forced to go to her knees. She looked up and she was confronted by his penis only inches from her face. She’d seen what one man did to her mother. She had to take his penis in her mouth. Sarah couldn’t do that. It was too filthy.

John held his cock and moved it within an inch of her mouth. He had trouble holding onto it when he felt her hot breath blow on it. “I licked your pussy and made you cum, Sarah. The least you can do it lick my cock.” He didn’t see her move. “Should I have Michael come up here? I’m sure he’d love to shove his cock down your throat and choke you to death with it.” That got the frightened look in her eyes.

All she had to do was lick it. She could do that, anything was better than taking it in her mouth. She saw the drop on the tip. She was fearful of what it would taste like. He moved a bit closer and her tongue tentatively slipped out of her mouth. It was only a second when his penis touched her tongue. It was hot and she struggled not to recoil away from it. John held his penis tighter as her tongue licked across the smooth head, but she tried to stay away from the tip where it was wet.

“Lick the tip of my cock, Sarah. Taste my juices like I tasted yours.”

She had no choice and the minute the wetness hit her tongue she grimaced from the taste. A tiny drop stained her mouth.

“That’s good.” John held his cock up straight. “Lick it from the head to my balls, Sarah. Do a good job.”

It grew worse with each command, but she couldn’t stop. Her tongue had to slide out farther as she licked his penis broadly. She didn’t like the taste, but it wasn’t as bad as the drop of juice on the head. It was still strange to feel the loose skin around the shaft and she could feel powerful muscles beneath her tongue. John had to hold his erection tight to keep it from escaping. She couldn’t understand how her tongue could do such a thing. She went further down the shaft and the hairs came closer to her face.

John saw her hesitate. He had to keep her submitting, no matter what. “My balls, lick my balls or else!” It was another threat and it worked. He saw the look of anguish on her face, but she turned her head sideways and with a broad swipe of her tongue she licked one of his balls. She grabbed a hair out of her mouth, but she continued to lick his balls. “Get them nice and wet, Sarah, that’s a good girl,” he complimented her.

This was disgusting, but everything she had to do and what her mother did was disgusting. These men were animals, but they were killers with guns and if she didn’t obey she knew she’d be dead or injured.

John pulled his balls away from her, but he held his cock out in front of him as he aimed it at her mouth. “Open your mouth real wide, Sarah. My cock is big and I want it inside your mouth!” John was so horny that he thought he’d cum the minute his cock was in her mouth. He struggled to contain his excitement when her breath blew on his cock.

Sarah suspected that is what he’d want. She’d seen her mother downstairs doing the same thing to the other men. She didn’t know what to d0, but her mother did it and it didn’t look as though she suffered when she did. His penis was big. She knew that she’d have to take more drops of his leaking juices in her mouth, but it was just a few drops. How bad could it be? It’s not that she had a lot of choices.

John saw her pink lips slowly part as she opened her mouth. “Wider, Sarah. Much wider.” He waited until her mouth was open wide and he could see her pink tongue inside her mouth. Her wet shiny lips begged for his cock so he gave her what she wanted.

He placed his penis on her lower lip. It was heavy. He pushed a slight bit and her lips had to stretch wider to accept the thickness of it. Her lips were curled around his penis, but he continued to hold onto it as it jerked and bounced in the confines of her mouth.

John pushed until the head of his cock was through her lips and then he released it. “Grab it tight with your lips and don’t let it go, Sarah.” He tilted her head up so he could see her face. “Stare at me when you suck my cock, Sarah. I want to see that lovely, innocent face with my cock in your mouth.” He struggled not to blow his cum into her waiting mouth.

More of his penis slipped through her mouth and onto her tongue. His penis wouldn’t stop moving, bouncing uncontrollably in her mouth. She didn’t know what to do so she didn’t do anything as John slid his penis in and out of her mouth. She could taste more of the foul fluid that leaked out, but he never took his penis from her mouth. She could feel the bumps and ridges on it as it passed through her lips. It was strange to look forward and see his hair come closer, hoping that he wouldn’t push in too far. She hated the wiry hair on his body.

John grabbed her head on both sides. “Keep your hands behind your back, no matter what,” he warned her. He couldn’t hold back and longer. It was only a few minutes in her mouth, but to have his cock in an eleven-year-old virgin mouth was too much for him to handle. He shoved his cock in as far as he could and then he unleashed a load of cum into her mouth. His hands tightened on her head as she struggled, but he refused to release her.

“MMMGLLLUGGH!” Her mouth was filled with something, Sarah not sure what it was, but it was thick, salty and terrible tasting. John held her head so tight that it hurt, but she couldn’t do anything to stop this terrible deed from happening. Her hands stayed behind her back as she struggled to do something with the fluid that filled her mouth. Her lips were sealed by his thick penis so nothing could escape. He finally stopped shooting in her mouth, but his penis slid back and forth and then he started once again. It was just as much liquid. She wondered what she did to make it do that, hoping it would soon stop. Her cheeks billowed with the fluids in her mouth and it blanketed every inch of her mouth. “GGGGLLLUGGGH!”

“You’re going to have to swallow my cum or you’ll choke to death. It don’t make any difference to me either way. My cock will stay in your mouth until I’m done.” John continued to pump his cock through her silky lips as he shot a third and fourth time. Sarah gurgled and gagged, but he could see her throat moving as she tried to swallow his precious cum.

It felt as though he shot gallons of fluid in her mouth. It was so thick that it barely went down her throat, but each time she got rid of some of his fluids, he shot more in her mouth. She didn’t know how long he could continue doing this.

John finally finished cumming in her mouth, but that was only the first. He couldn’t help that her virgin mouth excited him too much, but the next time she’d suck him much longer and take his cock deeper into her mouth. He’d teach her the fine points of successfully sucking a man’s cock before he brought her downstairs where he’d share her with the others. Sloane and Bill could watch their lovely, young daughter take on four men and maybe one woman. John saw the way Bill responded when he saw Sloane sucking and fucking. He’d get hard as a rock when Sarah showed off her talent with a cock, although not Bill’s cock. “Use your tongue to lick my cock clean, Sarah. Get all the cum off it.”

She had to do it. It was the only way to get his penis out of her mouth. She didn’t know if the foul taste would ever go away. Her tongue had to swirl around his penis and she was sure that when her tongue touched the head more of his juice leaked out, but nothing like the spurts before. He began to move his penis in and out of her mouth and her tight lips scraped the juices into her mouth where she had to swallow them. She finally spit his penis out, not sure if she’d be in trouble or not, but she had to rid it of her mouth.

“Let me show you what your mother is up to, Sarah. I think she’s having fun. I know your father loves it. He’s big and hard.”

Sarah was dragged over to the landing and she knew she had to watch. John wouldn’t let her look away. She was confused by what was happening, John had to explain it to her. Her mother sat on top of a naked man and Sarah was sure that his penis was inside her mother’s pussy. Another man came over to her, John’s brother Michael. He had a penis as big as John’s and he was making it slick with something. He stroked it and it looked as though it grew. Her mother had a shocked look on her face, but the man underneath her grabbed her arms and wouldn’t let her go. Michael got behind her mother and rubbed his penis on her backside. Sarah knew enough about sex that two men wouldn’t be able to put their penis into her pussy without tearing her. Her mother panicked and cried out, but she could do nothing. Sarah couldn’t see where Michael’s penis was going, but it began to disappear into her mother.

John saw the puzzled look on Sarah’s face as Michael began to ass fuck Sloane while she had a cock in her pussy. He could only imagine how tight she was, but John would find his own pleasure in a virgin ass hole. He’d take Sarah in her pussy and her ass hole before he’d share her with the others. He wanted her to always remember his cock as the first one to take her.

“Michael’s shoved his cock up her ass hole, Sarah. It’s hot and tight and Hank is fucking her pussy. Here comes Steve. Your mother’s going to suck his cock. She’s going to give three cocks pleasure at the same time. And look at your father, Sarah. His cock looks like it’s going to explode unless he gets some relief. Maybe I’ll let him take you in your mouth, Sarah. Would you like to suck Daddy’s cock in front of everyone?”

“No, don’t make me do that, please,” she begged. She knew that was incest.

“You make me happy and I’ll take care of you. Now let’s get on the bed. You’re going to suck my cock and get it good and hard and then I’m going to bust your cherry with my cock. I’m going to make you a woman. I’ll make you cum again for me, this time with my cock.” He was in her mouth as soon as they hit the bed. “Use your tongue on my cock and rock your head back and forth so my cock slips through your lips, just like when I drove my cock with my hips. You do all the work of sucking my cock, Sarah. It’s time you learned. Eleven years old is old enough to fuck and suck.”

Chapter 3
Rape Party for Sarah

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