By Powerone
Copyright 2018

Chapter 3
Rape Party for Sarah

Sarah was scared when they were back on the bed, both of them naked. He’d told her what he was going to do to her and there was nothing she could do to stop him. Her father tried to stand up to them and he was beaten. She could never withstand that. She was ashamed that she’d already sucked his cock once. Yes, it was a cock, no longer a penis. She was forced to grow up quickly. His cum tasted terrible, but she didn’t have a choice. It was more humiliating that he’d made her cum with his tongue. He was up close and personal to her pussy. No man had ever been that close or seen her so intimately.

John laid down on the bed. He spread his legs so his balls could hang down between them and not be cramped. His cock was throbbing and huge as he saw her crawl naked on the bed toward him. He had an eleven year old whore to do anything he wanted of her. And she still had two virgin holes left.

He was going to take her virginity and she’d have to help him by getting his cock hard with her mouth. He held his cock up like a spear in front of him and she could already see the leaking cum dribble out the very tip of it. She kneeled next to him and pushed her hair out of her face as she bent over. Her hand reached out to grip his throbbing, hot cock, but her fingers wouldn’t go around it. It almost escaped her grip when he pulled his hand away. She moved her head lower and when his cock was an inch from her mouth she pushed her tongue out and swiped over the head of his cock. The familiar, but nasty taste of his cum invaded her mouth once again. The head of his cock was smooth and she soon licked it all. Her mouth opened wide and she gently took it inside her mouth. She was careful not to let her sharp teeth touch his cock. He wouldn’t take kindly to that. Her lips stretched wide around it to get it inside and they soon clamped just beneath the thick ridge. For an eleven year old girl, she had a wide knowledge of a man’s cock that she learned in the last hour. She remembered his instructions as her tongue began to worship the rest of his cock. Then her head began to move back and forth with her lips tight around the shaft of his cock. She could feel the thick vein pass through her soft lips along with the bumps on his shaft. More of his cock began to enter her mouth as she got into the rhythm that was required to get him harder. She found a perverse pleasure as the girth of his cock grew in her mouth. She was making it that way.

He loved to see those innocent eyes, but it was her luscious lips wrapped around his cock that excited him so much. He might have cum once, but the way she was going at sucking his cock he wouldn’t last much longer. It was time to feel an eleven year old virgin pussy around his cock, but he wouldn’t take her virginity. “As much as I’d love to blow another load of cum in your mouth, Sarah, it’s your pussy next. It’s a shame that it’s unused, but I’ll show you what to do so you can learn.”

Sucking a cock was still not an enjoyable task, but the alternative was worse. She never expected to lose her virginity at the age of eleven, especially to a man that was as old as her father that was about to rape her. She pulled her mouth off his cock and let it go. It bounced uncontrollably on his stomach as if it sought her mouth. He’d have to get up so she could lie down on the bed so she waited patiently. She wasn’t in a hurry for this to happen.

“Straddle my hips, Sarah and then you’re going to sit on my cock.”

“I can’t do that,” she protested. It was bad enough that he’d rape her, but now he wanted her to do it. She knew it would hurt when she lost her virginity. She couldn’t do that herself.

John was ready for that response. He’d been nice to her so far, but that was about to come to an end. He slapped her across the face before she could even react. Her head turned to one side from the blow and he could see tears in her eyes as her hand went to her cheek to try to soothe away the pain.


Her head burst into stars as she was rocked from the blow. There was no warning. She looked at him, but all he had was a smirk on his face. He enjoyed that. He raised his hand up and she answered him quickly. She mounted him. That was the only way she could describe it. She had to sit high up on him to get over his big cock. Her hands reached down to grab it and hold it up. She moved forward until her pussy came into contact with it. The head was massive as it slid through her pussy lips. She paused when the massive head overpowered her tiny, virgin hole. She feared that it would tear her, yet she had no choice. She’d take her own virginity. Would I rape myself?

“That’s it, Sarah. Stuff my cock inside your pussy. You’re going to give me a good ride.” He couldn’t believe that an eleven year old, virgin girl was going to fuck him and all he had to do was lie there and let her do all the work.

It was cruel, but she had to obey. She held his cock with one hand to keep it from bending as she slowly and deliberately lowered her body down. Her weight betrayed her as she felt for the first time a man’s cock begin to enter her pussy. She stretched wide, but it still wouldn’t go in. She gritted her teeth as she wanted for the painful moment that would happen. She pushed down harder and then it tore through her body as if she was stabbed by a knife.


Her sudden cry even made John jump. He hoped the others downstairs didn’t hear her. He wanted her for himself for a while. His cock was crushed in a hot furnace of young flesh. Her body trembled above his cock. She took in the head of his cock, but he had a lot more cock to feed her. “Your hymen’s gone, Sarah. There’s nothing you can do to change that. Now fuck me.”

She had no choice. She pushed down further and more cock entered her to stretch her in a place that had never been touched. He was so big and she was so small that it was almost impossible if it wasn’t for her slick blood to aid his cock to slide in easier. She began to pull up when her tight pussy wouldn’t allow his cock to go in deeper. She knew that he wouldn’t be happy until she took him fully so she slid back down. It didn’t hurt as much this time and she went deeper. That was the secret of fucking. She’d take him slowly back and forth each time deeper. She saw the pleased look on his face as she moved urgently on his cock. Her hips moved automatically to hump his cock as if she’d done this before.

“Squeeze my cock with your pussy, Sarah. Show me how much you appreciate me teaching you to be a woman.”

There was so many things that she had to do that it was difficult to keep it all in her head. She also felt something else. She liked the way his cock stretched her and drove in deep. She was full of man cock. She began to rhythmically fuck him, doing all she could to make him feel good, but at the same time she began to feel the same pleasure build up in her body when he’d licked her down there. Could it be possible that I’d cum again, this time from a cock? She knew the center of her pleasure was her clit so she slid forward, but it could never touch his cock in this position. That frustrated her.

John grabbed her and pulled her head down. “Kiss me, Sarah. Show me how much you like fucking me. Stick your tongue in my mouth like a woman.”

It was foul when his lips touched hers. He was too old, it was like kissing her father, yet she had no choice. It was worse when she pushed her tongue into his mouth. His breath was bad and his tongue slapped against her as if she enjoyed it. He crushed her lips as she continued to fuck him.

He broke the kiss and pushed her back up, but only partly. “Stick your tits into my mouth, Sarah. I’m going to suck and bite those little titties.” He wished they were bigger so he could fuck them, but they were just bumps that his cock would overpower.

He was too rough on her breasts. His teeth dug into her nipples to bite them as though they were crushed in a vise and then he slid his teeth back and forth as if he tried to slice them off. She had to go from one breast to the other to let him have his way with them. He licked, sucked and bit her breasts. When he finally tired of them and she pulled away they were slick with spit. There were spots on her small breasts where he’d left hickeys. Her nipples were dark red from his teeth, but she was humiliated that they were so big. In spite of his has roughness, they’d grown aroused. Did all women get aroused this way? Did they enjoy being taken against their will and made to do perverse acts? His hands went to her hips and he began to guide her.

“Fuck me like a woman, Sarah.” She was tight as she squeezed him with her young pussy. He needed to show her how a man fucks. He flipped her over, but he never let his cock escape the hot, tight embrace of her pussy. He had her flat on her back before she realized what happened. He kneeled between her legs and pushed them out until he had her spread wide. His body crushed her as he began to rape her. He shoved in hard and deep with each thrust, making sure she took every inch he could get inside. It was all about his pleasure now. He cared little for Sarah except for that tight pussy that gave him all the pleasure.

Before she could figure out what was happening he was on top of her and his cock never left her pussy. His heavy body pushed all the air out of her lungs, but it was his rigid cock that moved like a machine inside her. She was only a virgin minutes ago, but he fucked her like an old whore. “No, it hurts,” she cried out. “Please, go slow and I’ll make you feel good,” she tried to get him to stop pounding inside her.

“Shut up while I rape you, Sarah. You don’t want to get me mad,” he warned her. To teach her he fucked hard into her and his cock hurt when it slammed so deep that he punished her cervix as if he could drive his cock into her womb.

She couldn’t do anything but whimper as he took her brutally. His cock hurt but his hairy body scratched her as he fucked her hard and fast. It felt as though his cock was bigger and stretched her wider. His body pushed in between her legs to spread her until her crotch ached, but it was his demanding cock that took its toll on her once virgin body.

Michael looked at the two of them as he stood in the doorway. Sloane was downstairs sucking her husband’s cock. Emily made her do it as everyone watched, but he knew that Emily wouldn’t let him cum. Just before he was ready, she’d push Sloane off his cock and leave him hard and wanting. Emily could be a real bitch when she wanted to.

The others would get sick of Sloane before long, but Michael saw a new opportunity for all in the bedroom. Obviously, Sarah was no longer a virgin as John continued to rape her. He doubted the virginity of her mouth also, but maybe she still had a virgin asshole. Everyone would love to see her raped in her ass, especially if it was in front of her parents. It would make a nice show for everyone to watch and then they could join in.

Michael had heard Sarah cry out, but the others didn’t. That is what drew him up here. He moved next to the bed so he could have a better view.

A shadow passed near her and when she looked one of the other men stood over the bed. He was naked and his cock jutted out in front of him. If she thought this was bad, another man would make it much worse.

“Are you enjoying being raped by my brother, Sarah?”

John heard the familiar voice of his brother, but he never missed a thrust. “I love young, tight virgin pussies, although this one is no longer a virgin.” John shoved his hands under her buttocks and lifted her up as if that would allow him to shove his cock in deeper, but it did allow him to fuck her harder.

His large hands each engulfed one of her small buttocks and yanked her up in the air. His cock drilled into her. His fingers felt like talons as they dug into her flesh, but it was more disturbing that they inched closer to her crack. She felt her crack strain and then it was forced open. He tossed her around as his cock plunged into the depths of her pussy. She cried out and tears fell from her eyes, but he cared little. He smiled down on her as his cock rampaged inside her young, delicate pussy. “NO, No,” she panicked when one of his fat fingers touched her anus. That was such a dirty spot, but he didn’t care. It pressed hard against the tight muscles that tried to fend him off, but she couldn’t escape. She was pinned between a hard cock and a fat finger that began to have success in getting inside the tight knot of muscles that tried to keep the invader out.

“What’s the matter, Sarah? Don’t you like something shoved up your asshole? Michael saw her try to escape the duel rape of her holes but John would have none of that. “Finish off in her, John. It’s time to bring her downstairs so she could take care of all of us. I think she’ll enjoy four real men raping her in front of mommy and daddy.”

It wasn’t that he could last much longer anyways, but he shoved a finger up her asshole and twisted it. It made her pussy ride his cock so good and that was what set him off. “Feel that, Sarah. I’m cumming in your young pussy. Maybe I’ll get you pregnant. You can have my baby,” he teased her. He felt her pussy tighten up as if she could somehow stop this from happening.

Her insides were bathed with his hot cum and it stung where the salty cum touched her abraded flesh. There was so much cum. She didn’t know where it all came from. He shot four or five times, she’d lost count. She was trying to escape the finger that wormed deeper into her rectum and sent her muscles into spasms from the unnatural touch. He finally finished cumming inside her and she got to breathe once again as he got off her.

John kneeled on the bed, still between her legs. He watched all his cum flow out of her raped pussy. He was so proud of it. She’d forever remember this day. Her whole family would.

If she thought she was finished, even for a few minutes, she was greatly disillusioned. He grabbed a fistful of her head and yanked her up and pushed her into his lap. She knew what he wanted as her mouth was inches from his slimy, wet cock.

“Clean it, Sarah. You know how to suck, now learn how to leave a cock the way it was before it fucked you. You’re going to be doing a lot of that. You and your mother and maybe if we’re really nasty, your father can learn how to suck cock too.” Bill wasn’t going to escape this gang rape of his family.

This was worse than when he came in her mouth. His cock was covered in his cum and her virgin blood. She choked on it as she licked it up and tried to swallow it. He pulled it out of her mouth while she kept her lips tight around it to gather up the last of the cum that got caught in the folds of his cock. She finally got to spit it out, but the taste never left her mouth.

“Put on this tee shirt, Sarah. That’s all you need.” He threw it at her. She looked sexy in it. It barely covered her crotch. Daddy would stay hard when he saw her young pussy peek out from beneath it.

Chapter 4
All of them Get Sarah __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Bound in the Palace








Among the many State Department employees in Karash are two American women, one highly prized for her innocence and the other prized for her beauty. The women find themselves under the watchful eyes of Sultan Osman and his staff as soon as they land in the country.

Will they perform for the sultan in the chambers of the harem where few white have set foot in? The sultan and the prince are demanding taskmasters and women are concubines to be used in any manner that is desired by the powerful.

The sultan sees these willing participants with lust, but doStrandedatSea the women have a hidden agenda or is it pure pleasure they seek when they find themselves under the hypnotic spell that the exotic Middle East casts upon them?

The State Department is known for harboring CIA agents that have ulterior motives or harbor nefarious agendas. Karash is a country in turmoil, and any advantage that can be gained is worth the price the women might pay. Will the men demand more than the women will give? Will the women be able to stop them, or will they succumb to the demands?