Land of Hermaphrodites


Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB


Chapter 1
The Beginning

It’s the middle of the 21st century. The world is a different place then it was, ravaged by war, poverty and strife. Countries have dissolved and there is a blur of lines between different factions of the remainders that had endured the hardships. This is the story of an ancient culture that survived and thrived. Hidden from the world for so many centuries, the culture was finally allowed to flourish in the light of the new world, no longer fearing what others might say or do.

The community is large now, over a thousand strong and more come each year to the corner of what used to be Nevada, but now lay on the Pacific Ocean coastline. The weapons of war had devastated a large portion of the United States and for decades most was inhabitable. Ten years ago they started to arrive as if they were destined to be there. No one asked them to come, but they did. It began to build into a culture and community, peaceful and hospitable to those that had like minds.

It’s called Hangetsu, the term for half-moon. It covers ten square miles and it looks like a community of the late nineteen hundreds. There is a town center with all the trappings that a community of this size would cater to and a few that were much different. The houses and farms surround it, neat cottages with white picket fences and farms with big red barns and fences the fields flourishing with fresh produce and animals.

But, the town has the Elite and the rest of the people that cater to the needs of the Elite. The Elite are made up of Hermaphrodites. For those that don’t know what this is, it’s a person having both male and female sex organs with one as the primary and the other as a secondary. A similar word is Futanari or Futa for short. In this case, the person is a female, with the primary organ being a cock and a vagina is secondary. There are fifty-one Hermaphrodites as of the last count. They range in age from ten to sixty-one years old, but the majority of them are in the range of eighteen to twenty-four years old.

There is an ancient order that has been around for over forty centuries that take care of Hermaphrodites. They are all women, normal in every way that you can see, but their gift is in guiding the Hermaphrodites in their place in life. They’ll raise the children and teach them the ways when they reach the age of eighteen. There are twenty-three Ancients in the community.

This represents the Elite, all seventy-four of them. The remaining people are there to serve the Elite. There is no power struggle, the rest of the people serve the Elite religiously. They do what is necessary. It’s not a democracy and there is no army or police. It’s blind allegiance to the Elite. It’s been that way for ten years.

* * * *

Jacob lived four blocks from the town center. His father ran the drug store, in this case that was all he sold. Drugs were hard to come by and his father, a chemist was able to concoct many of the drugs needed to keep the townspeople healthy. His mother stayed home to take care of him and his brother, but his brother was old enough to live on his own. His father and others helped to build him a small cottage not far away. That left only Jacob at home and it wouldn’t be for long. He was ready to go out on his own.

Mabel was in the kitchen when she heard the knock on the door. She thought nothing of it, although she should’ve. She was smiling when she opened the door, but her smile disappeared when she saw her. “Constantine, it’s nice of you to grace my humble home with your presence. Come in.” She had no choice, but to be cheerful and welcoming. Constantine was one of the Ancients, the oldest and most revered. She might be the oldest, but she didn’t look a day over thirty-five. She dressed impeccably as all the Ancient’s and Futa’s did. It was not known if it was hereditary or not, but they were all beautiful. Mabel was a beautiful woman, but she paled in comparison to Constantine.

“Thank you, Mabel. It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.”

“Yes, too long. Can I get you coffee?”

“That would be nice.” Constantine looked around the house. They were doing well. Fred, her husband was successful with the drug store and he was skilled at his work

“Who’s that?” Jacob asked his mother when he peered around the corner to see the beautiful women sitting on the couch.

“That’s Constantine, an Ancient, a very important Ancient. Stay out of sight.” She brushed him aside.


“She has the power to pick any of the men to serve the Futa.”

Jacob knew enough about what that meant. He didn’t know any man that served the Futa, but there were many stories about it. The Futa had a cock like a man, but also a vagina. If any of the men or women in the town caught their fancy, they’d be called to serve that Futa. He knew about men and women sex, but not that much about Futa sex. It was confusing and it’s not something you’d ask your mother about. He went into the other room, out of sight, but he listened. He wondered what it would be like to serve a Futa. He felt the familiar stirring in his pants. He’d wake up often during the night with an erection and often he couldn’t go back to sleep until he took care of it. He wondered how much different it would be with a Futa’s cock. Did a Futa get the same pleasure that I did when I stroked my cock?

Mabel had coffee made already so she brought it out along with some pastries she bought in the bakery that morning. She sat down as they both prepared their coffee.

“This is delicious,” taking a sip of the coffee. “The pastry looks delicious but I can’t afford the calories. I must keep my figure.”

“You are stunning, Constantine.” They talked small-talk for about ten minutes, but Mabel knew there was a reason for her to visit and she feared it. Everyone that came to this town knew of the consequences, but it was a nice place to live and you always thought it could never happen to you. Jacob’s brother had grown up and lived by himself, although he had many girls that he dated, but he wasn’t ready to settle down yet. Nothing had ever happened to him regarding the Futa’s. At least as far as Mabel knew.

Mabel waited until finally, Constantine said it.

“Is Jacob home?” Constantine had good ears and she was sure that Mabel talked to him when she was in the kitchen.

“Yes, he’s busy in the other room.” Her heart was beating a mile a minute.

“Have him come in. I’d like to see him.”

“Of course,” her voice stammered. She got up and went to the other room. Jacob must have heard them because he stood there waiting.

“What is it, Mother?”

“Come in and meet, Constantine.” She didn’t explain, although Jacob looked bewildered.

Constantine wasn’t surprised when he came in. He was a handsome man. He wasn’t as old as the others, but it was never her choice. It was Pamela that saw him in town and she was smitten with him. She just turned eighteen and Constantine was teaching her the ways, but it was the women that chose the men. And Pamela had her heart set on Jacob. They were often fickle and would flit from one man to another, but that wasn’t Constantine’s problem. That is what Futa’s did and Constantine’s position was making sure that they were given what they desired.

“You are a handsome man, Jacob.” He could see Pamela’s fascination in him. He had a big smile and lovely lips. “Turn around, Jacob.” She saw him blush when he did. He had a nice ass. His face was red when he looked at her again.

Mabel had to bite her tongue as Constantine paraded her boy around, looking at him like a piece of meat, but she couldn’t say anything. That would jeopardize everything. They had talked about this long and hard before they settled in the town. They knew the possibilities and they’d abide by the rules.

“I’m going to take Jacob with me for a visit, or maybe longer. I’ll keep you informed. I have no control over the duration. The Futa’s are often demanding.” Constantine stood up. “Thank you for your hospitality, Mabel. Come, Jacob, we must go.”

“Do I need to bring anything?” His heart was racing so fast that he could barely catch a breath. When she eyed him she hoped that she didn’t notice that he had an erection that wouldn’t go away. When he had to show his ass to her, he knew why. That never crept up in his nocturnal fantasies, but now it sounded so real.

“No, everything will be furnished.” She led him out, keeping him and Mabel separated. It was always preferable to make the separation quick. Constantine had her car outside and she quickly put Jacob inside. She started it and left without so much as a wave. Jacob waved to his mother, but they were out of sight quickly.

The house was a big mansion on the hill overlooking the town center. It housed the young Futas along with the ones that had come of age, but required some training. The training consisted more of teaching them restraint. Some Futas pushed the men too hard for their pleasure.

Jacob never saw so many beautiful women and they all looked at him. He couldn’t keep his cock down if he tried. He saw some of the other men. They looked at him and smiled. No one seemed to be embarrassed or ashamed of what they did here. But, none of them said a word to him.

“Come upstairs, Jacob.” Constantine ushered him up to one of the learning rooms. He’d be kept here until his fate was decided. It was a four suite room, with a large bathroom, two bedrooms and a living room. It had all the comforts of home, but it was for the comfort and pleasure of the Futas, not Jacob.

Jacob saw two other women in the room waiting for him. One was older, like Constantine and the other looked like the same age as he was.

“I’m Alexandra, Jacob. I’m an Ancient. This is Bethany. She’s a Futa.”

Jacob never saw a Futa before and now he knew why. He couldn’t tell the difference. He looked down to the front of her dress, but he didn’t see a raging erection push out. Not like him. “It’s good to meet you.”

“Let’s go into the bathroom, Jacob. I have a hot bath ready for you.” Constantine left, her job done. Alexandra would get Jacob ready and then Constantine would return to initiate him with Pamela.

“Bath?” That shocked him. The two women followed him into the bathroom. His mother hadn’t bathed him in more than ten years, never mind two strange women. Then there was the problem with his erection. It refused to go down and in fact it felt harder and bigger than it ever did.

“Yes, I hope you’re not modest, Jacob. That would do you no good here,” Alexandra instructed him.

He had no choice. He wasn’t ashamed of his body, except for his incurable erection that he had. “No.” But, his voice trembled.

“Take off your clothes, Jacob.” This was the first time that Bethany got to say that to one of the new men. She felt the pleasure tingle through her body at the thought of making him strip naked.

Jacob tried to hide his trembling fingers as he opened his shirt and took it off. That was the easy part. He kicked off his shoes and his socks. He stood up and took a deep breath. He unbuckled his belt and saw the women stare at him, their eyes glued to his hands. There was no way they could miss his raging erection. His pants couldn’t hide the bulge. When the buckle opened, he undid the button. The zipper slid down noisily as if it was the loudest noise in the room. There was nothing else to do but allow them to fall. They gathered on his feet. He kicked them off without looking at either of them. There was deafening silence in the room. He finally looked at them while they stared at his bulging cock that pushed out his shorts like a tent pole.

Bethany couldn’t wait. She walked next to him and her hand reached down to his shorts. She grabbed his cock in her fingers, knowing how it would react from her touch. She felt the muscles jerk in the tight confines of her fingers. “You certainly are big and hard, Jacob.” Her hand slid down between his legs and she cupped his balls. She gave them a squeeze, but Jacob didn’t push away, he spread his legs wider. “When was the last time you came, Jacob?”

He blushed, unable to stop it from spreading over his body. “Last night.”

“I like a man that is talented, Jacob.” Bethany gave his cock another squeeze. “Take off your shorts now.”

He was no longer ashamed of his erection. Bethany had made him so hard that it felt like the head of his cock would explode. He slipped his shorts down and kicked them aside. His cock jerked in front of him, unable to control it as it bounced.

“Get into the bathtub, Jacob.” Alexandra interrupted Bethany. Jacob was for Pamela, not her.

He was never pampered so much as he was then. They washed him with scented soap, all of him. They made him stand up and Alexandra washed his cock very carefully as if she was inspecting it. Then he had to turn around and bend over. That was shameful as they spread his cheeks apart and he felt a warm washcloth run over her anus. He never expected to feel such tremors of pleasure in such a place. Her touch was gentle and arousing. Another hand grabbed his balls and pulled him backward and that made his anal ring flourish open. This made him nervous now. He'd heard enough stories of Futa to know what they desired. He never considered such a thing.

He got out of the tub and they dried him off. Neither was concerned over his erection. They gave him some clothes to put on. He never felt anything like it before. He had silk underwear that caressed his flesh like a second skin. They gave him a silk shirt and linen slacks. He couldn’t believe how handsome he looked in such fine clothes. The linen slacks looked as though they heightened the look of his cock, unrestrained by his silk undershorts. Was it my imagination, or is my cock huge?

Constantine joined them now that Jacob was bathed and dressed. “Thank you for your help, Bethany. But, I’ll handle it from here.” Bethany could join in later if this was successful for Pamela. It was her first time, so it would be in private. “Come with me, Jacob. We’re going to meet Pamela. She has an interest in you so do everything to please her. I’ll help instruct you in the proper ways.”

Jacob’s cock was ready to explode now. He didn’t know what he had to do, but he’d do it right. He was eager to please. He couldn’t believe that a Futa desired him. He followed Constantine into one of the rooms. It was a bedroom, but it had more than just a bed. It had a small sitting area with a couch and chairs. There was a small coffee table in front of the couch. But, his eyes were drawn to the women that sat on the couch.

She had flowing red hair partly down her back. She was beautiful, a pristine complexion, white skin and big beautiful green eyes. She wore a red sweater that highlighted a pair of firm breasts that pushed out provocatively. She wore a pair of jean cut offs. Her hands were in her lap.

“This is Pamela, Jacob.”

“It’s good to meet you, Jacob. I’ve seen you in town. You’re handsome.” She had to hide her erection. She didn’t want to scare him off too soon. She did notice his bulge. She hoped he wouldn’t feel underappreciated.

“You’re beautiful.”

“Thank you. Are you here to serve me, Jacob?”

“Yes, Pamela.”

“That’s very good, Jacob. Kneel between her legs,” Constantine instructed him. She wasn’t surprised that he did it immediately.

He was only inches from her hands in her lap. He watched as she slowly pulled them away and he was in awe when he saw the bulge in her shorts. It was like nothing he ever saw before. He couldn’t say a word, his lips dry and trembling. Her hands reached down and opened her jean shorts. She slipped the zipper down and lifted her ass up from the couch and slipped her shorts down a bit. Her panties were next and then she unfurled her cock to him. That was the only way he could describe what she did. Her cock was cramped in her shorts and the minute it was set free, it grew to its full potential. It stood up majestically as her fingers gripped the shaft.

He couldn’t believe it when he saw it. It was a real cock and it was connected to her. He couldn’t see her pussy, but he got a glimpse of her balls beneath her cock. It was big and hard and he had to admit it was bigger than his cock. He didn’t know whether he should be ashamed or intrigued. He felt Constantine push behind him and her hands came around but they didn’t touch him, they reached out and her fingers slipped around Pamela’s cock. Her other hand went to the top of his head and pushed him closer. Then he realized what he must do.

“You’re going to worship her cock with your mouth, Jacob.” She pushed his head closer. He resisted for a moment, but then submitted. “Lick the head of it. See how it glistens with her cum. Taste her essence.”

This was going to be more difficult than he expected. He never thought of taking a cock in his mouth, but that was always under the expectations that it would be another man’s cock. This was different. She had a cock and it was magnificent. Yet, it took him a few moments of hesitating before his tongue snaked out of his mouth. It felt like it was burned when it touched her hot cock. Constantine had to hold it tight as it jumped just as his cock did when he touched it. The head was smooth like his and his tongue began to run over it. He knew what would happen when it touched the hole in the tip. It was met by a drop of milky cum. It stuck to his tongue. He drew it into his mouth and tasted it. He’d tasted his own cum, just as salty but not unfamiliar or unpleasant.

Pamela loved how Jacob was inquisitive with her cock, but she couldn’t wait any longer. She looked at Constantine and her eyes pleaded with her.

Pamela was impatient and an impatient Futa wasn’t a good thing. “Open your mouth, Jacob. I’m going to feed Pamela’s cock into it. Tighten your lips around it and lick the head while I stroke the shaft. That is all you have to do this time,” she ordered him.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB


Pamela sucked in her breath when she saw Jacob’s mouth open so wide. Her cock was thick and long and eager for his mouth and Constantine’s stroking fingers. She needed to cum in her first man’s mouth. It was the beginning for her and she had so much more to look forward to. “OOOOHHHH!” She sighed loudly when his hot breath blew on her cock, but she spurted uncontrollably in his mouth when his soft lips enclosed her cock to trap it just beneath the head where the skin was soft and vulnerable.

His mouth was filled with more of her cum, but he understood her excitement. He swallowed it as his lips grasped her cock head tightly and then his tongue went to work exploring the smooth head of her cock. He could see Constantine’s hand begin to glide up and down the long shaft of her cock. It was different than when he did it to himself. This was up close and personal, a different perspective when a cock head was in his mouth and the hand stroked the shaft only inches from his mouth. He knew what would end this, and he was prepared to accept her donation in his mouth. He’d swallow every drop of it and clean her cock before he’d let it escape. He wanted to serve her well.

“Look into her eyes while you suck her cock, Jacob. She wants to see your stare up at her while her cock splits your lips,” Constantine instructed Jacob.

“Suck the head inside your mouth a little deeper and keep your lips real tight around it,” Constantine continued as she stroked the shaft of Pamela’s cock. She knew that Pamela wouldn’t be able to hold out long for the first time, but Jacob would be available for more training.

“Up and down with your head, let her feel your tight lips run over her cock,” Constantine guided Jacob’s head. Her hand twisted on the shaft of Pamela’s cock as she stroked it with broad strokes of her hand.

“Keep your tongue moving,” Constantine kept up the prattle to keep Jacob enthused.

“That’s it, Jacob. You’re doing a good job, she’s ready to cum.” Constantine made sure that Jacob couldn’t back away when she came. That would spoil everything. Jacob might have cum by his own hand, but having it jet in your mouth is a completely new and different experience.

“Almost there, Jacob. Suck on the head, she’s going to reward you soon.” Constantine’s hand stroked the shaft faster and her grip tightened, pulling the loose skin up and down. Jacob’s mouth had a firm grip on the head of her cock and Constantine could see the way his cheeks moved that his tongue worked eagerly on her cock.

There was so many things that he had to learn and keep track of. Sucking a cock was a complicated procedure if he wanted to please Pamela. She was the Elite and she deserved the pampered pleasure that he could provide.

“Pay attention, Jacob, don’t daydream. Pamela’s ready to cum. I want you to swallow it all. Don’t let any escape your lips.”

Jacob knew it was about to happen. The head of her cock swelled in his mouth and he could hear her harried breathing. Her muscles began to grow stiff and she pushed her hips forward. Constantine stroked her furiously and it took only a second before she blew her cum into his waiting mouth. His cheeks ballooned as he struggled to contain her cum. It was profuse and thick, much more than the tiny drops he tasted of hers or his cum. He struggled to keep any from escaping, not willing to disappoint her with his actions.

“I’m filling your mouth with my cum,” Pamela cried out, staring into Jacob’s eyes and seeing him struggle with her copious cum. It was like nothing she ever got from her own hand. The two of them worked her into a sexual frenzy and she rewarded Jacob with another jet of her cum.

“GGURRGGL, GGLUBB,” were the only sounds that came from Jacob’s filled mouth. His lips felt as though they’d tear in the corners if she got any bigger. He continued to struggle with contending with the overabundance of cum in his mouth. Three times, four, then five, she continued her abundant ejaculation. Every inch of the inside of his mouth was covered in a thick layer of cum. One last time she shot in his mouth and that was it. He gulped, choked and gagged while trying to get the thick crème to go down his gullet. He kept his lips tight around her cock in spite of her being finished.

“That’s it, Jacob, lick it clean and swallow it before she pulls her cock out of your mouth.” Constantine gently stroked Pamela’s cock.

It finally went down into his belly and his tongue lapped up her cock until it only had spit covering it. He squeezed it out slowly until it finally popped free. Constantine released it and it finally lost some of its hardness.

“Lean over here, Jacob.” Pamela stretched and kissed his lips, but also pushed her tongue in his mouth to taste her pleasure. She pulled back from him and saw the smile on his face from pleasing her. “You sucked my cock very well, Jacob. Would you like to do it again?”

“Yes, Pamela. I’m yours to do as you please. I want to bring you the most pleasure I can.” Jacob couldn’t believe his surrender. If only he could also get some release from his pent-up lust. He hoped she’d allow him to cum.

Jacob was taken from the room, but he watched as Pamela put her cock back into her pants. He was allowed to go to the other bedroom.

“This is where you’ll stay for now, Jacob. You have your own bathroom, so you can clean up. There are more clothes in the closet and the dresser. You’ll be available for Pamela any time of day. Do you have any questions?” Constantine said it all, knowing it by heart having done it so many times that she couldn’t count any longer.

It was two hours later that Constantine saw Bethany knock softly on Jacob’s door. All of the new Futas did this, experimenting with their new pleasure. Constantine would allow it for now.

“Come with me, Jacob, Pamela wants you again.”

He followed her next door, but he didn’t see Constantine. Inside Pamela was waiting for him. She didn’t hide her erection this time and his never went down. All he could think about the last two hours was sucking her cock and swallowing her cum. It made him excited.

Bethany lay on the bed.

“Sit on the floor, Jacob.” Pamela was eager.

Jacob sat on the floor near the bed and watched as Pamela opened her jeans once again. She quickly pulled out her erection and it bounced uncontrollably in front of her. She pushed her panties down a bit more and her large balls hung out also.

Pamela eagerly grabbed his head. Jacob lost his balance and fell backwards, but before he could catch himself, his neck hit the bed. His legs kicked out in front of him, but Pamela held his head securely. She was stronger than he expected.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB


“Open your mouth, I’m going to fuck it with my cock,” Pamela was almost breathless as she said those words. Jacob opened his mouth and she felt the intense pleasure as the big head of her cock slid through his soft lips. She shivered when she felt a sharp tooth touch the soft ridge on her cock, but the pain was pure pleasure. The head of her cock slid over his wet tongue. Jacob’s hot breath blew on her cock as his lips tightened like a rubber band around the shaft.

This was more than last time. The cock moved urgently in his mouth. Pamela’s hips moved like something he never saw before. It was as if they weren’t connected to the rest of her body. They undulated erotically, but it was her cock that pushed in and out of his tight lips that mesmerized him. He felt the familiar taste of her leaking cum and savored it like an award winning wine. He could see Bethany watch him suck Pamela’s cock. Was she jealous of Pamela? Did she want me to suck her cock?

This time Pamela could drive her cock in deeper and with his head securely in her hands and backed up against the bed, Jacob couldn’t escape. Her cock slid with ease on his abundant spit and he soon joined in with his eager tongue. She rewarded him with more of her cum. She couldn’t believe that her hips could move that fast and with such power. Jacob would soon learn of her power when she took him in the ass. She’d get a virgin hole the first time. That made her excitement increase drastically. She might’ve cum two hours ago, but her balls were full once again.

“GGLLUGGG, CCOUUGHH!” She drove her cock in deep and it slammed against the opening of his throat. She pulled back instantly when her big cock couldn’t fit in the tiny hole of his throat, but she was back with harder thrusts. It was as if she tried to jam her cock down his throat. That was impossible. His mouth could barely contain her cock, never mind his tiny throat. But, that didn’t seem to bother her, enjoying making him gag and choke on her big cock.

Pamela saw Bethany watch her as she expertly took Jacob’s mouth without the help of the Ancients. That made it more exciting and she soon felt the familiar stirrings. “Get ready for my cum, Jacob. Rub your tongue over the tip of my cock when I shoot in your mouth. I want all of my pleasure.”

His tongue wagged over the tip of her cock, but instead a eliciting a tiny drop, he got a powerful jet that splashed over his tongue. His cheeks ballooned with the hot cum, all while his tongue continued to provoke more jets of cum in his mouth. He gulped and consumed all the cum as fast as he could. It began to fill his belly. He wondered if he’d require food or would his life be sustained on her cum.

“Give him all of it,” Bethany urged Pamela on. Jacob did his best to swallow it all, but he choked on some of it when it went down the wrong way. Finally, Pamela was done.

Jacob began to lick her cock. He released it from his mouth, but he held it up with one hand and licked it from the head to her balls. It was the first time he touched her cock and it wasn’t unfamiliar. It felt just like his, but his was not as big and he felt nothing from his touch. It was a disappointment for him for he needed to cum.

“Thank you, Jacob.” She dismissed him as soon as she got her pleasure. “There is one rule, Jacob. You are not to masturbate yourself and cum unless one of us gives you permission.”

“Yes, Pamela,” he said dutifully, but with a sound of disappointment in his voice. He’d have to redouble his efforts next time to please her in hopes that she allowed him to get his pleasure. He left her and went back to the other room, his balls ached.

Chapter 2
Morning Erection

Pamela called Jacob to her room early the next morning. She always woke up hard, but now she had a means of getting her satisfaction without doing it herself. She didn’t bother Bethany, wanting Jacob for herself.

Jacob knew what she wanted, so he only wore his pajama bottom. He wasn’t surprised to see Pamela sitting on the bed naked, although he still had a difficult time wrapping around in his mind that she had a cock. And it was thicker and longer then his. But, she didn’t need his cock to satisfy her. She had his mouth and he knew that he’d soon find out what it felt like to take that monster in his ass hole. That scared him and excited him, testament to his erection that failed to go away. He hardly slept last night. He kept thinking about Pamela taking him in his mouth and drinking her cum. It made his cock even harder and he dared not masturbate. He was sure the Elite had special powers that he knew nothing about and one of them would be the ability to read his mind or at least to know if he’d cum.

“It’s good to see that you obeyed me, Jacob,” as she gazed at his erection. She was sure that he was proud of his cock, but it paled in comparison to hers. “Take off your pajama bottoms.” His cock was released from the garment. “I know you might have experience with pleasuring a woman, but I’m different then a normal woman. You have to pleasure a man and a woman at the same time to pleasure me. So begin, show me what you can do.” She leaned sat on the bed with her legs spread.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB


Jacob knew what he’d like and a bit of what she wanted from yesterday, so he kneeled submissively between her legs. As soon as he did, her hand went to his head. She didn’t move it, but he was sure that she’d guide him to what she desired if he couldn’t do it. Her cock and balls were completely bald so her wrinkled ball sack hung down between her legs. He reached with one hand and cradled it, feeling the hot flesh and the twin balls that rolled around inside the sack. He began to squeeze them lightly, chasing her elusive balls around. He gripped the shaft of her cock when it started to move from him goosing her balls. His mouth opened and he took the big head of her cock into her mouth. His lips stretched almost to the breaking point, but he was determined to please her.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB


The strangeness of sucking a cock that wasn’t attached to a man hit him again, but he tried to put it out of his mind and he sucked on the head of her cock. He tasted the dried cum that had leaked out during the night. He knew that because his cock suffered the same fate. He licked the very tip of her cock and got more drops of cum to drip out. The familiar taste filled his mouth, but it wasn’t unpleasant.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB


He nibbled on the head of her cock as his hand slid along the shaft while he squeezed her balls.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB


Her hand guided his head, wanting her cock deeper into his mouth. He wasn’t doing what she wanted or expected. “Suck on my nipples like you’d do with a woman that didn’t have a cock. But, continue to masturbate my cock.”

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB


She never had a man suck her breasts, although she did have other Futa’s do it, including Bethany. That is how they got pleasure from each other, but it felt different when a man did it. Jacob’s hands continued to ride up and down her cock, making it bigger and harder.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB


He sucked her nipple deep into his mouth with powerful suction and his tongue that worked the tip into a frenzy. Her nipple swelled up with pounding blood.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

If felt as though her nipple would explode when he bit her. But, it was gently on the base of her nipple where it met her areola. She’d prefer if he was a bit more demanding, but that was difficult when he was taught to be submissive to her.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

He looked down at the giant erection that peered up from beneath his chin. He controlled it with his hand, but he could feel the powerful contractions in it.

Pamela needed more and it looked as though she always had to be the aggressor. She didn’t have trouble with that. That is how she was brought up, privileged with all serving the Elite in any manner they chose. “Get on the bed, Jacob. Lean against the headboard.”

He thought she’d take him in his mouth again, but she did something to surprise him. Her back was to him as she crouched over him. She presented her ass to him. He saw everything, from her tiny anus that peeked out in a sea of white flesh, all the way down to her pink pussy. He’d never seen her pussy yet, always hidden by her massive cock so this was the first time. Her balls hung down onto his upper chest.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

“Lick my pussy.” She still got pleasure from her pussy, although she got more pleasure from her cock. It was a strange combination. It was even stranger when another Futa fucked her pussy like Pamela had done. It confused them both. He had practice licking pussy before. She could tell by the way his tongue explored her. Too bad it wasn’t such a strong urge for her. “Don’t forget my ass hole, Jacob. Stick your tongue inside.”

That he didn’t expect to do, but he did it. Her ass hole was tart and he could feel the muscles spasm from the touch of his tongue, but he rimmed her anus until it fluttered open. It looked as though she pushed back with her anal muscles until the tiny hole flourished open. He took the opportunity to make his tongue pointed and pressed it up against her tight hole. He managed to get it inside and wiggle it around.

That was a strange feeling. She never had her ass hole touched or entered, not even with Pamela. That was too unnatural, if that was possible for a Futa. She did get some inkling of what Jacob would feel when she’d shove her cock up his ass hole, although her cock was much bigger than his tongue or his cock. She knew the only way to get her climax would be to take his mouth with her doing all the work. She turned around on the bed and pulled Jacob down until he was flat on it.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

She mounted his face and as soon as he opened his mouth it was filled with her huge cock. It brought back memories of her face fucking him yesterday. She moaned in pleasure as his tongue continued to work effortlessly to lick her cock. He knew it wouldn’t take long for her to cum. He had the same erection in the morning that she did. It needed to be extinguished quickly. It was only another minute when he felt her body tense up and then she stopped as soon as she shoved her cock deep into his mouth. She unleashed a torrent of cum as Jacob tried to keep up with all that filled his mouth.

If felt good to get rid of the cum that built up in her balls. It made her fresh for the day. She’d have Jacob back after breakfast. It would be time for Pamela to feel the pleasure that only a man’s tight ass hole could provide and Jacob’s virgin ass hole would be a treat.

Chapter 3
Backdoor for the First Time

Constantine would be coming over later in the day to instruct Pamela and Jacob in the proper techniques, so Pamela had to work fast. She couldn’t wait and she wanted to discover the pleasure herself, not instructed as if it was trigonometry. She brought Jacob into her room without Bethany.

“I’m going to get my pleasure from your ass hole this time. Constantine will be coming over to teach us, so you’re going to have to feign that it will be your first time. You’ll have to do a good job. Can you do that Jacob?”

He stood naked in front of her, his erection enormous and his balls heavy. He hoped that she’d let him cum if he pleased her so he’d do anything for that. “Yes, Pamela. I’m here for your pleasure.

“It looks like you’re here for your pleasure too. If you do good, I’ll let you cum too.” As soon as she said it his cock jerked excitedly as if it had ears. “Get on the bed. On your knees and keep your ass up.” He scampered onto the bed like a pet dog and got into position. “Spread your legs farther apart. I want your balls hanging down vulnerable between your legs in case I want to goose them hard or caress them softly, depending on how you please me.”

She already had the tube of lubricant on the bed and smeared some of it on her fingers. “Hold still now so I can open you up. I don’t want to tear you with my big cock, but I still want you tight and clenching on my cock.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

Jacob felt the cold, wet finger push against his anus. It was a strange feeling, never expecting his anus to have anything to do with sex. She reached between his legs and her fingers curled around the shaft of his cock to contain it. That felt much better.

“You’re cock’s not very big, Jacob, but I have no use for it anyways.” She began to push her finger into his anus. She heard him grunt, but his ass arched up higher as he strained his anal muscles to make his anus pucker up like a bullseye. His anal ring parted and she slipped her finger through his sphincter with ease.

“AAAHH!” Her slippery finger felt funny when it slipped inside him so easily. It didn’t hurt, barely uncomfortable as if it was the most natural thing for a man to submit to. Part of it was offset by her hand around his cock as she pulled it down between his legs. He didn’t know it could bend that way, but she handled it so well, after all, she had one too and hers was much bigger.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

One finger became two and Jacob took to her anal fingering with pleasure. She didn’t know what made him moan, her fingers in his ass or her fingers wrapped around his cock. She felt the contractions in his cock, but it paled in comparison to what her cock did.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

It was time for her to fuck his ass hole for the first time for both of them. “Get on your elbows. Stick your ass up in the air to receive my cock.” She got him into position.

His legs were spread wide, his anus was slick and vulnerable. He felt her put her huge cock on the top of his buttocks, feeling it throb in anticipation. She slid it down his crack, but stopped as soon as the head touched his anus. She bent it the slightest and then with a flick of her hips, the head of his cock pushed against his reluctant anus. It tightened in defense when her cock tried to enter, but she’d have none of it. She thrust harder and Jacob’s head rose up in pain and shock when the thick head of her cock breached his anus. His sphincter was beaten into submission as the huge head shoved into his rectum with such power. “OOOOWWWW!” But, as soon as her cock entered his ass hole, he prematurely shot a powerful spurt to relieve some of the pressure in his balls from her hand on his cock. He hoped that he didn’t do anything wrong, but he couldn’t control his premature ejaculation.

It felt like the head of her cock was trapped in a two ton vise, his muscles gripped it with such fervor. As much as it felt good she had too much cock outside the tiny hole. She looked down and saw the head of her cock disappear into his ass hole, but she pushed with her hips to drive more of her cock into his bowels. She wanted to take it slow and let him feel every inch drive up into his guts, but she couldn’t resist the pleasure of his hot, tight ass hole. “That’s so good,” as she shoved half of her cock into his guts until his muscles managed to stop it.

It felt as though she tried to drive her cock all the way through his body and out his mouth. His insides stretched in ways they shouldn’t, but she was relentless and her hard cock took its pleasure no matter what the consequences were for him. It felt like his guts were being dragged out behind her cock when she finally withdrew, the head so big that it plugged him and created a vacuum behind her cock. She plunged in and out.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

Once she was fully inside him, she took her time. She wanted to prolong the first time as long as she could. She liked the way he cried out when her cock first breached his virgin hole. She pulled her cock all the way out, watching as his anus slowly closed as if it was expecting her cock back. She didn’t disappoint him. She pushed him flat on the bed as she knelt on his upper legs. With her hand holding her cock rigid to keep it from bending, she pushed it up against the tiny hole and then shoved with her hips. She watched in rapt attention as his anal ring had to open up to accept her once again. His head rose up from the bed and she heard a muffled cry as she breached him again, but his ass hole was as tight as the first time.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

It was as if she took his virginity over and over. His anus closed when she withdrew, but then she’d shove back in with the head and he had to relive the forced spreading of his anal ring once again. She did that a dozen times.

Now Pamela began to sodomize him. She pushed inside to feel his smooth intestines grasp her cock in a hot blanket of flesh. She began to churn his guts as her powerful hips began to move, fucking him with unbridled pleasure. “Do you like it slow and smooth like this, Jacob?” She drove her cock into his ass hole slowly and smoothly. “Or do you like it hard and deep like this?” She jackhammered her cock into his ass hole until she pushed her long cock into the darkest depths of his guts.

It felt like a huge spear was shoved into his ass hole when she went in deep. His stomach cramped around her cock, but she didn’t stop until her cock was in so deep that he expected it to come out his mouth. Then she flexed it, stretching him deep in ways that shouldn’t be stretched, but it was her way of celebrating her victory. He couldn’t answer her questions, not sure yet which way he liked to be sodomized.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

She pulled him up by his hips until his ass was offered up to her. She got down to serious ass fucking. She held his waist while her hips and cock went to work to fill him with her cock. She’d pound her cock into his ass hole, but then she’d pull completely out, but only until his anus snapped shut. Then she shoved every inch of her cock into his ass hole with a powerful thrust that took him from empty to full in seconds.

She hammered his ass hole with her big cock. He didn’t know how he survived it, yet his cock was still hard and he leaked on the bed as the head rubbed on the blanket when she rocked his body with a powerful thrust. She stretched him, and then pulled out, only to make him open up again and receive her cock.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

Now she had him get up, still kneeling but upright. She did it without taking her cock out of his ass hole. Her hands went around his belly as she shoved her cock as deep as she could in his guts. She was sure that she could feel the head of her cock twitching beneath the skin of his belly.

His stomach cramped each time she shoved in because of the positon. His guts were straight as he knelt up and had to accommodate her rigid cock that refused to bend.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

Back on his hands and knees, she lay down on his back and ass as her hips went to work to drive her cock into his bowels like a machine that knew no limits. “That feels so good, Jacob. Grip my cock with your muscles. I know it hurts, but it feels so good for me.” He responded, but he grunted each time.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

She knelt up behind him and began to take him with long, powerful thrusts that shook his body and made him rise up in acceptance. His smooth, pulsating guts smothered her cock like thousands of fingers clinging to it, all with the express purpose of pleasing her.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

She looked down to see his ass hole swallow inch after inch of her cock and she was big. It was more amazing when she pulled out, his anal ring forced to pull out with her cock until it was ready to spring free, but she wouldn’t allow that, forcing her cock back into him to take his breath away by her powerful thrusts.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

Pamela didn’t know how much longer she could last without cumming. Her heavy balls slapped against his buttocks with such harshness, but that only brought more pleasure, knowing that he had to take the brutal thrust. She’d let her cock slip out of his ass hole, but she was back to fill him in seconds.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

Show me that you can fuck my cock with your ass hole. I want you to do all the work.” She stopped moving, her cock snuggled tightly in his ass hole.

He had to prove his value. He shoved back onto her cock. It was more difficult when he did it, especially when her cock hit a kink or bend in his guts. He shoved back as far as he could to take every inch of her big cock. He went slowly, then hard and fast, all for her pleasure as her cock ripped up and down his intestine.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

“That’s good, Jacob. I like your enthusiasm. You deserve a reward. Would you like to cum?”

Jacob didn’t expect that, at least not yet. She hadn’t cum and he thought that once she got her pleasure, she might let him get his. He expected that he’d have to do it with his hand. This was a good surprise. “Yes, if it pleases you, Pamela.”

“OOOH, GGGOOOD!” She reached between his legs and grasped his cock, but not to hold it. She began to stroke it. She knew how to do it for this was the first woman he met that truly knew how to masturbate a cock to perfection. There was an added benefit that he never expected. He didn’t think he’d get anything from having a cock inside his ass hole, but he was wrong. His anus had tiny nerve endings that were stimulated by her cock as it rode in and out. Even deep inside his ass muscles were connected to the muscles in his cock. When one clenched, the other did too as if they were one. Her hand moved in synchronization with her cock as they stimulated him in both places.

“YYEESS!” He never felt anything like it before. He shot out so powerfully that it hurt, the hole in the tip of his cock stretched wide to release his pent up cum. His balls ached as he emptied his cum on the bed. Pamela never stopped stroking his cock as he came, instinctively knowing by the contractions of his cock muscles that he wasn’t finished. Even when he shot the last time, she stroked his cock gently and used her fingers to run over the head to squeeze out the last couple of drops until he was dry and content.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

She pulled her hand away from his cock as it began to lose its luster. She climbed onto his back. “Now make me cum, Jacob. Wring the cum from my balls with your powerful ass muscles and I’ll reward you with a belly full of my cum.”

It only took a minute before she drove her cock straight into his guts and as she did, she shot out a powerful jet of cum that filled his belly. It made her fuck him easier, sliding on her cum, but she pumped him hard and deep, each time dumping another load of cum into his guts. She’d never came that profuse before. She must have dumped a gallon of cum inside him before she was finished. He continued to milk the cum from her balls with his ass muscles.

“Push my cock out of your ass hole, Jacob. I want to feel one last clenching on my cock until the next time I fuck your ass hole.”

He used all his strength to push that monster out. He had to snap his anus tight when it felt as though he might have an accident as her cum soaked cock slid noisily out on her juices. It finally popped out with a loud, wet snap.

* * * *

They both took showers in their respective rooms so they’d be fresh when Constantine came. She was very businesslike, instructing them in almost clinical terms.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

Jacob was placed on the edge of the bed with his legs sticking straight up in the air. Constantine sat on his thighs to keep him in position, unable to stop Pamela once she started to sodomize him.

“I want to make sure that he doesn’t try to get away when you initially penetrate him. I’ve seen it happen too many times with virgins,” she explained.

Jacob cried out when Pamela shoved her cock into his ass hole for the first time, although it didn’t hurt. Luckily, Constantine didn’t notice that his ass hole was slightly red and swollen. Pamela began to fuck him as Constantine instructed him on how to clench his muscles on her cock in order to give her the most pleasure.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

Constantine wasn’t stupid or naïve. She’d done this for a long time. She knew the women could never wait. One look at Jacob’s battered ass hole was testament to what they did. But, she never said anything. Their mutual lie formed a bond between them that would have taken longer to get naturally.

In the next position, she held his hand as he lay flat on his belly while Pamela pumped him from behind. He raised his ass up submissively for her to get a better position to fuck him.

Art work courtesy of SJK FUTALAB

Jacob was on his back, his legs spread wide as he held them up into the air with his hands. Pamela was poised between his legs, her cock at the entrance of his ass hole. Constantine sat next to his head, one hand stroked his head, her other hand stroked his other head, the head of his cock.

“I’ll soothe your cock as Pamela sodomizes you so you can feel the pleasure of being sodomized by a big, powerful cock.” Constantine noticed that his cock got hard instantly, in spite of the fact that he’d probably just came. Constantine hoped that she allowed Jacob to have his pleasure when she got hers.

“Should I let him squirt when you do, Pamela?” Compared to Futa’s, male’s cumming were less than spectacular. That would be a premature ejaculation for a Futa.

“Yes, he’s been very cooperative and performs well.”

The End