Maiden Maid

Chapter 8- New Girls from the Orphanage



Copyright 2002-2009

By Powerone


This is the story of orphans that become of age in 1933 and what they are forced to do to survive the Great Depression.  Sara is an 18-year-old orphan during the depression and life is hard.  In this chapter, Michael invites two of her friends to visit, Claire and Grace.  But who are they visiting, Sara or Michael?



            Sara was so glad when John told her that two of her friends from the orphanage were coming to visit.  Michael had arranged with Mr. Smith of the orphanage to have Grace and Claire come for a long weekend.  Since she had been with Michael, she had not gone out much, not meeting anyone her age.  It would be good to see some girls that she could talk to.  She was just surprised, never having mentioned anything like this to John or Michael.  It just came out of the clear blue.  She would not tell her friends about what she had been doing since she took the job, too embarrassed to admit what she had allowed Michael and John to do to her.


            She raced to the door when she heard the bell, knowing that it was them.  She threw the door open, pulling both of them in from the cold air, hugging them, giggling as she was so excited. 


            “You certainly have changed.  A big lady now,” Grace kidded her, admiring the maid’s outfit Sara had on.  Michael had insisted that she start wearing it, a fashion he had seen in France.  It was a black dress with a white apron, buttons that stopped at the waist.  It was made out of silk, the bottom of the dress ending half way up her thighs.  She wore black nylons, the seam running neatly up the back of her legs.  The shoes were three inch black heals.  The top of the dress clung tightly to her bosom.  She had been embarrassed at first.  It seemed that every time she bent over either Michael or John were present, their eyes following her every move as she bent over, her skirt riding high up the back, sure that her black panties were showing.


            “You like?” turning around in a circle, modeling the outfit to her friends.  She looked at her friends, dressed as she had when at the orphanage, garbed in hand-me-downs, drab grey sweaters, the wrists worn, and moth holes throughout.  Their skirts hung down to their ankles, hanging loosely from their bodies, almost unable to tell if it was a male or female beneath the attire.  But once you saw their faces, you knew they were females.  Grace was the blond, short blond hair that fell just below her shoulders.  She was the tallest, a whopping five foot two inches.  Her blue eyes always shone brightly, no matter what she had endured in her hard life.  Her pert nose and clear complexion highlighted the big lips that always seemed to be smiling.  Claire was shorter, five foot tall.  She had brown hair, long, that hung half way down her back.  Her green eyes always looked back at you like a lost puppy dog.  She wasn’t outgoing like Grace, keeping to herself, except around Grace.  For some reason they seemed to hit it off even though their personalities were completely opposite, Claire more submissive, agreeing to anything, more willing to blend into the background. 


You would think that two beautiful girls would have been adopted by now, both of them having been in the orphanage for over 6 years.  Sara never asked how they got there, you never asked an orphan for her hard luck story.  But the truth was that only the homely girls were adopted, the beautiful girls never adopted.  The reasoning was quite rational.  What wife would bring home a beautiful girl to entice their husbands?  It would be only a matter of days before the husband would be bedding down the girl.  It was much better to get a homely girl that will work in the kitchen, not on her back in the bedroom.


“Both of you look so good,” Sara lied.  “We’re going to have so much fun this weekend.  I have to work part of the time but Michael said I can spend time with you.”


John walked into the room, hearing the commotion of giggling girls.  “Why don’t you take the girls upstairs to your room Sara?  That way you wouldn’t disturb the Master.”


“Up the stairs, let me show you my room.”


“Who was that?”  Grace asked. 


“SSSSH, John is in charge of the household, my boss.  Don’t get me into trouble.”


“He’s not bad looking,” Grace teased, “but he scares me.  His eyes kept looking me up and down.  And you have a Master?”


“Michael is the Master of the house.  And he is gorgeous and intelligent.  You’ll probably meet him sometime.  Just be respectful.”


“What do you think we are, a bunch of sluts?” laughing as they raced down the hallway, Claire trailing along as usual.  “Hurry Claire, don’t want to get caught in the hall alone.  John might get you and eat you up.”


“This is your room,” both of them surprised when they entered it.  It was huge, almost as big as the whole room the girls had at the orphanage, and there were 16 of them. 


Sara saw their eyes, just as hers were when she first saw it.  At one end of the room stood an enormous four poster bed.  The posts all about three inches in diameter at the largest part, but tapered down and then spread back out again at numerous points on the post.  At the top were large, pineapple shaped carvings with many ridges.  A padded bench was at the end of the bed, legs thick like the posts on the bed.  In the corner stood an enormous armoire, a dark mahogany that matched the rest of the furniture in the room.  Next to it stood a large overstuffed chair and ottoman, looking out of place in the room.  On the other side of the room was a door that opened to the bathroom, but the bedroom had a strange feature.  The bathtub, a large claw foot metal tub, sat in the room across from the chair, not in the bathroom. 


            “Look at this,” Grace pointing to the mirrors above the bed.  “What do you do, watch yourself as you wank off?”  Grace crudely saying.


Sara tried to ignore her remark.  All of the walls have at least one large mirror on it with mirrors over the bed and the bathtub.  “It was Michael’s mother’s room before she died.  She liked to see herself.  It takes a bit getting use to.”  Sara saw Grace run over to the armoire, opening the door.


“God, what do you do with all these clothes?  Give some to us poor orphans,” Grace giving Sara one of her poor orphan faces.


“If you are both good girls, Master, I mean Michael said he bought you something special to wear.  Both of you.  He wants to meet both of you after dinner.”


“Can we keep them?”  Grace never having anything new before. 


“I think so,” Sara said.  “Look at the bathtub.  Hey, you want to take a bath before dinner.  You probably stink,” kidding her friends, but also probably serious.  At the orphanage, it was a shower only once a week.  Sara was already turning on the water, the steam from the water already rising up.  She put in some bath salts, it would be good for them to smell good when they met Michael.


“Me first,” Grace yelled, already taking off her clothes. 


She threw off her sweater, naked underneath it, Sara almost forgetting how sore her nipples use to get from the scratchy sweaters.  The dingy, loose clothes hid her body, Grace having lovely breasts, Sara almost embarrassed as she watched her.  They were bigger then hers, large dark brown areolas, the size of a silver dollar seemed to take up the tips.  Her nipples were so pointed, over an inch long, the rough sweater making them red.  She watched the dress fall to the floor, the white, simple panties sliding down her legs.  She looked at her bush, the blonde hair barely visible, her slit looking almost bald.  She had muscular legs, hard work at the orphanage was necessary to get fed.


“Stop looking at me like that,” Grace teasing Sara again.  “You know I have a better body then yours.  The only thing that makes you special is that red haired bush,” laughing at her discomfort at being discovered watching her.  She slowly sank into the tub.  “Don’t disturb Me’ Lady, she will be in her bath,” trying to sound like a rich lady.


“Tell Me’ Lady to scrub herself for the Master,” throwing her a washcloth.  She watched Grace lounging in the hot water, a luxury that an orphan doesn’t get.  She was washing herself with the washcloth.  “You can take a bath next Claire.”


“That’s all right,” never pushing, “I can wait.  “You’re so lucky to live here Sara.  It must be great.”


“Yes, it is much better than the orphanage, but I had to get use to the outside world.  It is a lot different from the orphanage where you are always protected.  At least almost always.  Except for Headmaster Smith.”


“Do you mean men, Sara?”  Grace was always curious.  Headmaster Smith had punished her a few times, spankings over his lap.  His hands did roam some, but never too far, Grace afraid to protest, silently suffering the fondling of her flesh by him.


“Yes, men Grace.  There weren’t too many at the orphanage.  On the outside men are in control.  You sometimes have to do things that you don’t want to.  But anything is better then the orphanage, or worse yet, the street.”


“Next,” Grace grabbing one of the big, soft towels.  “God, I could sleep in this,” wrapping the towel around her body, the top of the towel barely covering her breasts, a long expanse of naked legs showing.


“Your turn,” watching as Claire walked over to the tub.  She faced the other way, almost ashamed of undressing in front of Sara and Grace.  She slowly stripped off her clothes and jumped quickly into the tub but not before Sara caught a glimpse of her body.  Similar to Grace, they were both so petite.  They looked so young, even though they would be eighteen within a couple of months.  With her smallish breasts, slight hips, Claire looked even younger.  If it wasn’t for her full butt and dark brown bush, you would think she was thirteen.


Claire ducked her head under the water when the door burst open, John walking in.  He carried two large bags and a tray of food.  “Clothes that the Master promised for the girls Sara.  You will wear your regular outfit.  And I thought you might be hungry.  You have an hour before Master wants you in the study.”  He glanced over at Grace, eying her half naked legs and the lovely cleavage the towel exposed.  She blushed when she saw his eyes staring at her breasts.  “Very lovely.”


Claire’s head popped out of the surface, sputtering as she did.  She held her breath as long as she could, hoping that John had left.  When she popped out, the bubbles in the tub did not cover her breasts, the small tits naked, John not missing them.  He smiled at her as she covered them with her hands, feeling the hard nipples prick into her palms.


“Master loves petite girls,” looking at Claire as he left, closing the door behind him.


“Does he always walk in without knocking?”  Grace exclaimed.


“It’s the Masters house.  They can do anything they want.  Being rich and powerful gives them lots of privileges that the common folk don’t have.  They are beyond the law.”  Sara had already found that out, John and Michael having their way with her at will.  Including punishing her, knowing that they got hard doing that.


“He scares me.  Is your Master like him?”  Claire finally saying something, getting out of the bathtub, afraid the door would open any second again.


“They’re men, they only want one thing.  Just don’t cross them, they have a lot of power,” Sara warned them.  “Let’s eat and see what they bought you to wear,” Claire and Grace already digging into the food as if they were starving, which was probably partially true.


Sara took the clothes out of the bags, each marked with the recipient’s name.  The first was marked for Claire.  She pulled out a pair of white thigh high stockings, pink ribbons on the top to hold them up.  The camisole was a white silk, tiny white mother of pearl buttons adorning it up the center.  The panties were also a white silk.  It had a short skirt of red plaid, a slit up each side.  The white blouse was a button down that would barely reach the skirt, if she raised her arms above her head, her bare midriff would be exposed.  “They’re beautiful,” even Sara was impressed.


Claire was a little shocked.  While she loved the fabric, the feel of the silk over her body would be lovely, it was the style that bothered her.  She was use to wearing drab clothes that covered her body.  These would just barely cover anything.  It would more likely attract a lot of attention.  “I hope I can wear them,” afraid of how she would look.


Grace had already opened up the second bag marked Grace.  In it was a similar pair of thigh high stockings, hers were black with shiny silk bows on the top.  The camisole was black, with black buttons down the center, but the top was lower cut, sure that ample cleavage would be exposed.  “Hell, at least he knows I have some tits,” never failing to kid Claire about her small boobs.  The panties were black silk, but the sides were only two silk bows, the area of her hips would be naked.  She pulled out the skirt, a gray skirt, rather drab looking, but when she felt it she was sure it was cashmere, so soft.  She put it up against her, knowing that it would cling to her figure.  The top was a cashmere button down sweater, like Claire’s it would leave a bare midriff if she raised her arms.  “I know that I can wear these.  Hell Sara, when your Master sees me in this, you’ll be out of a job.  And get your ass into those clothes Claire.  You’ll look great.  Stop being such a mouse.”


Sara brought them two pairs of shoes, both three inch heels, Claire’s white, Grace’s black.  They had a strap that would hold them secured to the ankle.  “It will take a while to get use to these, but you’ll manage.  And they make your legs look great.”  She saw how happy her friends were, almost afraid of what was going to happen.  The clothes were quite provocative.  What were Michael and John up to?


Grace sat down on the chair, throwing off the towel.  She slowly rolled the black nylons up her legs, oblivious to the wide spread of her legs or that Sara’s gaze was glued to her lovely slit.  She stood up to put on the panties only then catching Sara’s gaze.  “I can’t believe it either, my pussy looks great with these black stockings.”  She pulled on the panties, tying the knots on the side.  “Not too tight, maybe Master Michael will want to get into my hot little pants tonight,” teasing Sara.  The camisole clung to her breasts, Grace sighing as she felt the cashmere sweater and skirt slide over her skin.  She looked into the mirrors, the clothes clinging to her body in all the right places.


“God, would you look at this slut,” never missing a chance to kid Claire.  She looked like a thirteen year old Lolita.  The white top, highlighted by the red plaid skirt and the white stockings clung to her petite body like a second skin.  Even her small breasts looked big, her nipples pushing out the top.


“I can’t wear this, she’s right,” Claire shouted out.


“Don’t listen to her Claire, you’re a knockout.  Master will like you.”  That is what she was afraid of, that the Master might like them too much.  She looked at the clock.  “Let’s go, we have to be in the Master’s study in ten minutes and you still have to learn how to walk in those heels.”


It took them almost ten minutes to get there, Claire and Grace both having trouble balancing on the heels.  It’s not as if you get much practice in the orphanage in wearing three inch heels.  Sara knocked on the door, opening it without waiting for an answer.  She was surprised when she saw Headmaster Smith and John in the room, along with a stranger.  All were sitting around with Michael, a drink in their hands and cigars in their mouths.  “Sorry sir, I didn’t know you had company.  We will come back later.”


“Nonsense Sara.  Come in.  You already know Headmaster Smith and John.  The other gentleman is our esteemed Governor of the State.  Tell the girls to be nice to him, he is the one that pays for their upkeep,” all of them laughing.


All eyes were on the three girls as they entered the room.  Headmaster Smith was anxious to see Sara, Michael already telling of her exploits since the orphanage.  Grace and especially Claire were embarrassed by all the attention, the men not staring at their faces, but their eyes running up and down their bodies as they walked in.  Sara finally chimed in, “this is Grace and Claire.”


Michael’s cock felt like it would pop out of his trousers at the sight of Claire and Grace, especially Claire.  She was so petite and her red face made her look even younger than the eighteen years she would be.  Grace had a fuller body so he already decided what they would do.  “Step into the center of the room Claire, let these gentlemen see how beautiful you look in those clothes.  Don’t be bashful.  You are very appealing.”


She almost stumbled on the heels as she tentatively moved forward, her head bowed down, her back slouched over.


“Look up and stand up straight,” Headmaster Smith ordered her.


Her head shot up instantly, recognizing the stern voice of the Headmaster.  She arched her back, her little tits pushing out the front of the blouse, looking around the room as they all watched her.


“Turn around slowly Claire,” the familiar voice ordering her again, Claire not having any choice but to obey, humiliated as she heard some mumbling behind her as they saw her butt.  What did they say?


“Very nice Claire.  Now it’s your turn Grace.  Into the center of the room,” this time Michael’s voice giving the commands.


Grace fearlessly walked forward, smiling at Claire as she swept by, her heels clicking on the floor.  She stood in the center of the room, proud of how she looked, smiling as they stared at her.  She turned around without anyone asking, stopping when her back was to them, pausing, letting them get a good look at her ass.  She turned around, smiling again.  She could easily control them.  All she had to do was shake her ass and smile and they would do anything.  “To your liking Master Michael?”  She brazenly spoke to Michael.


“Come here Sara,” Michael gesturing her over to his side.  He whispered into her ear. 


“Please Master, don’t make me do that,” they heard her protest, Michael shaking his head no.


“John, now please,” John walking over to Grace.  Before she could even think about it, John had grabbed her tiny wrists in his large hand and began to pull them up over her head.


She squirmed and tried to move away, but John was able to easily overpower her five foot two inch body, moving her arms up until he found the metal cuffs in the ceiling, quickly putting each wrist in them, the loud snap of the heavy metal shattering the quiet of the room.  She pulled her arms, finding them trapped in the iron, the sound of the cuffs moving up until she was almost on her toes.  She could feel the cool air on her bare midriff, the sweater having pulled up high.  “Sara, tell them to let me go,” she begged her friend.  She looked over at Michael.  “Why are you doing this to me?”  She suddenly lost all control she thought she had over these men.


“With such a lovely body as yours Grace, I thought that you should entertain us.  The Headmaster has been seriously lusting after your delicious body.  Sara is going to slowly strip you naked so we may savor it.”  He looked over at Claire, having backed up to the wall, trying to be invisible.  “And you lovely girl, come over here and sit next to me.  Or would you rather be strung up like Grace?” 


Claire meekly walked over towards Michael, afraid of him, but more afraid of John, his look menacing.  “Sit down on the floor next to my chair and be a good girl.”  He watched her as she sat down, the skirt sliding up her legs, catching a sexy glimpse of the top of the white stockings.  “Are you going to be a good girl?” leaning down to her. 


Claire looked up at Michael.  He was so handsome, but he had an evil glint in his eye and she saw the way he was staring at her, especially her legs.  “Yes Sir,” her eyes down, not wanting to see that look again.


“Do you have any of that coca leaf?  Maybe the girls would like to have some,” the Governor spoke up.  He had been with Michael one other time when he had brought out the powder that was processed from the coca leaf.  They had the girls snort it up their noses.  They lost some of their inhibitions, became easily aroused and it seemed to heighten their senses.


“John, give it to Sara.  You might have to force Grace to take it.”  Michael watched as John took some of the powder, placing it on a small mirror, a gold straw passed to Sara. 


“Put the straw to your nose.  Run the other end along the line and snort it in.  Don’t worry it wouldn’t hurt you.  Hurry now, we don’t have all day,” forcing the issue with Sara.  He watched as she did as ordered, snorting a line of the powder, her eyes running as her head rose up.  “Now help me with Grace.  I don’t think she will be as willing.”


“I don’t want that, no!” her body shaking as she saw them approach. 


“You put a spoonful of the powder up her nose and pinch it,” John handing her a tiny gold spoon.  He moved behind her, seeing the frightened look on her face, her head trying to follow him around.  He let his hand slip around until it covered her mouth tightly, Grace struggling as he effectively gagged her.  “Do it now.  Once it’s in her nose, she will have to snort it in or suffocate.  Don’t take your fingers off her nose until I tell you.”  Grace struggled as Sara jammed some of the powder up her nose, her fingers gripping her nostrils tight.  Grace’s eyes opened wide as she was unable to breathe, panic beginning to settle in.  They waited as she became more panicky, her head trying to shake, John’s strong hands holding her tight.  You could see the surrender in her eyes.  “Take your hand off her nose.  I think she will cooperate now.”  Grace instantly sucked in the precious air through her nose, the coca powder also sucked in deep into her nostrils.


She could taste the powder in the back of her throat as it ran down from her nose.  Another spoonful was pushed to her other nostril, this time she willingly did it, not liking the suffocation.  She felt a strange buzz in her head.  Her senses seemed to get sharper, able to feel John behind her, feeling his hard cock pushed against her ass, feeling it pulsate and throb.  She was grateful that his hand moved from her mouth, able to take in deep breaths of air. 


“Begin now Sara.  I want Grace to be stripped slowly for our guests.”  Michael leaned down to Claire next to him, “I have something special for you little girl.  A nice glass of wine,” handing her a chardonnay wine that was over 100 years old.  “Drink it slow, savor it.”  He saw the reluctance in her face, “I wouldn’t tell you again!”


Claire picked up the glass, taking a little sip.  It was delicious, with a tingle to it, having never drunk alcohol before.  She slowly sipped it as Michael watched her until it was gone, handing the glass back to Michael.


Michael took the glass from her, putting it over to the side, not wanting to get it mixed up with his.  Claire’s wine was mixed with a concoction that had an opiate mixture.  She would begin to feel a little woozy and lightheaded.  The drug would allow them to be a little harsher with her; her brain would be able to take more pain then usual.  Michael and the others planned to abuse her petite body for his pleasure, and wanted a more willing participant in contrast to Grace.  In her they would enjoy the fight as they took her body, her cries of pain only making their cocks harder.


“I feel a little dizzy.  I have never drank wine before,” Claire’s eyes already beginning to glaze over.


“That’s all right, put your head on my lap,” pushing her head down until it rested near his knees, “now watch your friend,” his hand stroking her brown hair, running over her soft cheek.  He could almost hear her purr, the drug taking control of her body.


“Begin Sara, you know what we want you to do.”  Michael eager to see Grace’s naked body, his cock hard, the excitement of having Claire so close making it pulsate.  Sara took a drink of John’s drink, the cool liquid swishing around in her mouth. 


Grace’s eyes pleaded with Sara, but Sara knew that she had to obey.  Grace would soon understand.  Once Headmaster had availed himself of her lovely body this weekend, Sara was sure that he would continue to do so for the remaining time Grace spent at the orphanage, teaching her of the pleasure and pain sex could bring.  “Sorry Grace, but I have to do this.  It’s not so bad,” her hands slowly reaching out for the buttons on the cashmere sweater, but not before running her fingers over the drawn flat plane of her stomach, feeling Grace shiver as she felt the soft hands touching her.  Michael had given her specific instructions.  Not only was she to strip Grace naked, but she was also to make sure that she was sexually aroused by the time she finished.  Sara had never done anything like this before, never with a female before.  Her hands trembled as she touched her, attempting to touch her as a man would do. 


Grace could see all eyes on her and Sara, even Claire’s as she snuggled on Michael’s legs like a pet dog.  The mixture that they had shoved up her nose had raced to her brain, a sudden awareness rushing through her body.  She felt everything in so much more detail, a strange feeling almost as if touch was in brilliant colors.  She stared into Sara’s eyes as she felt her hand touching her naked stomach.  What immediately hit her was how soft her hands were on her skin.  Her body kept still as the hand moved over her stomach, her muscles tight as they felt the pleasure of the touch.  Her eyes pleaded as she felt the hands move up towards her breasts, but not sure if she really wanted to protest or not.  She held her breath until she felt the fingers hesitantly touch the tip of her breast, feeling the pebbled nipple. 


“MMMM,” softly as Sara’s mouth moved closer Grace’s, her heart pounding, her eyes wide open in shock, knowing what she would be doing in a few seconds.  Sara brought her face inches from Grace’s, eyes locked on her and stopped there and looked at her mouth.  Grace trembled, not sure if it was nerves or wanting, completely oblivious to all the eyes glued to them.  Her eyes moved back to Sara’s, seeming like minutes.  Then Sara kissed Grace, the feeling surreal.  Her kiss was soft, her tongue cool from the drink she had taken moments before.  Grace never felt anything so erotic.


They were kissing!  Their tongues swirled gently in their mouths, the softness driving Grace crazy.  Sara’s mouth pressed, taking the kiss deeper, increasing the intensity.  Grace’s pulse was racing, her heart in her throat as she let myself go and kissed Sara back.  It was so arousing, just their mouths touching, Sara’s hand still on her breast, the kiss almost taking Grace’s breath away.  Grace felt Sara suck her bottom lip into her mouth, tugging on it as she pulled away.  Grace moaned softly, she couldn’t help it, it was such a turn on, Sara’s mouth returning to kiss her again.  Sara’s hand moved from Grace’s breast, her nipple hard and slipped around to the back of her neck.  Sara’s hand was so cool and soft, but forcefully holding her as she continued to ravish my mouth.  God, Grace could barely keep up with her.


Sara’s other hand moved up, stroking the tip of Grace’s breast with her fingers as she felt the pebbled tip.  Grace couldn’t even try to explain how it felt, it was unreal.  Sara fit her hand around Grace’s breast and lifted the weight in her hand, running her thumb over the taut nipple. Michael’s loud voice booming in the room had Sara crashing back to reality.


“That’s enough kissing Sara.  I think you are enjoying it too much,” the men laughing as the girls turned red in humiliation, almost forgetting that they were being watched. 


Sara, her face red, let her tongue slide over her lips, the taste of Grace still on them.  She moved her hands to the buttons, slowly unbuttoning them, standing to the side so the men could enjoy the show the girls were providing. 


Grace looked down, her face and chest flushed as her sweater was slowly pushed aside as the buttons were popped free.  She almost now hated the low cut camisole, her ample cleavage being revealed.  She looked into the men’s eyes, their eyes pinned to her chest.  It only took seconds until it was pushed aside, the sexy camisole doing little to hide her breasts. 


“Make them hard,” Michael’s voice ordering Sara, her fingers reaching up to cup her breasts again, this time only the silk camisole covering them.  Her soft hands hefted the breasts up gently, almost bouncing them.  Her thumbs moved over the tips, rubbing the tender tips.  Sara’s hands moved underneath them, the silk sliding over her nipples as they hardened to the touch.  Sara pushed her breasts up high, presenting them to the waiting eyes of the men.


“Yes, very lovely tits Grace.  But now we want to see them naked Sara.”


Sara let her fingers run over Grace’s cleavage, seeing tiny goose bumps appear before slowly unbuttoning the tiny black buttons, this time starting at the bottom and working up, teasing the men.  She felt Grace shudder when she touched the underside of her naked breast, wanting to test her reaction to the touch.  Only one button left, standing to the side as she undid it, pulling the camisole to the side as her breasts swung free.  Grace could hear the oohs from the men as her naked tits were presented.  Her areola’s circled the erect nipples in a sea of dark brown, the pink tips pushing out, hard and erect.  Sara let her hands cup the naked flesh this time, Grace shuddering as her finger ran over the tip.  “They’re so hard Grace,” she whispered to her.  Her hands ran all over her flesh, squeezing her breasts, feeling how firm they were.


She moved behind Grace, her hips pressed against Grace’s butt.  She let her hands run down Grace’s hips until she felt naked skin.  They moved up this time, moving along the inner edge of her thighs until they reached the fabric of her skirt.  They pushed in, sliding under the skirt, moving up higher again.


Grace’s hands clenched involuntarily when she felt Sara’s hands on her inner thighs, just above her knee.  She just couldn’t believe how soft her hands were on her skin.  The hands moved higher under her skirt, slowly pulling it up, revealing the naked skin above her thigh high stockings.  Her eyes popped open when she felt Sara’s fingertips trail along the edge of her panties.  Her mouth opened “oh god, you can’t…”


“Yes,” slowly pulling the skirt up until it was above her waist, the black panties with her naked skin of her hips revealed.  “Spread your legs for them,” Sara ordered Grace.  She was surprised when Grace obeyed, the drug that they shot up her nose obviously affecting her.  “More,” she pushed, Grace’s feet shuffling wider.  All eyes were on the exaggerated stretch of her legs, the short skirt hiked up high, the panties clinging to her skin.


Grace was embarrassed, knowing that her black panties were stained with her juices.  Why was she like this?  Was it the drug they gave her or was she really enjoying the control that Sara and the men had over her?  She didn’t have time to think about it, her skirt falling to the floor beneath her.  She lifted her legs, helping Sara to pull the garment out, thrown to the corner of the room.  She now stood there, her breasts naked, only panties covering her sex, posing with her legs spread wide, and the black thigh high stocking accenting the white flesh above. 


“Turn around Grace,” Headmaster Smith’s voice ordering her, feeling Sara guide her hips around until her butt was to the men.  “Spread your legs again,” he commanded, her legs slowly parting again, feeling her panties stretch across her ass cheeks, sure that the sharp crease of her butt was clearly outlined in the black silk panties.  She felt Sara reach around, her finger sliding down the crease, pushing the panties in, highlighting her tight cheeks.  “Yes, such a nice ass Grace.”


Sara looked over at Michael, seeing that he was busy with Claire.  She turned Grace’s body around again, facing the men, standing behind her, her hands moving in front to play lightly over Grace’s abdomen, sliding up and down, feeling her silky bush beneath the panties.  “Watch Claire, they will leave us alone for a few minutes,” she whispered into Grace’s ear.


“What’s he going to do to her,” Grace asked Sara.


“I think the drink had something in it that blocks some of the pain to her brain.  Men enjoy inflicting pain on girls, it makes their cocks harder.  Michael loves to do that and I think that’s what he has in mind for her body.  She is so petite and submissive, a willing participant to his perversions.”


Michael ran his hand down Claire’s cheek, “come over her closer Claire,” watching as she rose up, her eyes glossed over, an innocent, peaceful expression on her face.  The drink had done its job well, Claire in a state of bliss, oblivious to her surroundings.  “Kneel up near me,” helping her until she was perched up high on her knees, his hands posing her body until he was pleased.  “Arch your back for me.  You have such little titties, you have to make sure you stick them out for me.”


Claire was not sure why she did as he ordered, but she did, pushing out her breasts, looking down and seeing how exaggerated it looked, almost like she was trying to push her breasts into her face.  His hands stroked her face almost lovingly, moving down to her neck, sliding down both sides.  She shivered in fear when she fully realized where they were going, not even dawning on her until now that she had positioned her breasts for his hands.  His hands eagerly sought out her breasts, the large palms completely encircling her smallish breasts.  She felt her nipples poke out in response, almost aching as his hands touched them.  He began to clench his hand, encompassing her breast flesh in his powerful hands, crushing the firm flesh.  His gentle touch had turned harsher, his fingers seeking out her nipples, finding them easily.  While her breasts were smallish, her nipples were long.  She had made them get over two inches long when she masturbated in her bed at night, quietly playing with them, pulling on them until they stretched out long and hard.  She always had to push her face into the pillow as she came, one hand on her pussy, the other pinching her nipple.


Michael found the hard nipples and let his fingers grip onto them, pleased they were so big.  John was right, catching a glimpse of them in the bathtub, long, pink nipples, made to be abused.  “Unbutton your blouse,” he ordered her, his hands still on her nipples.  He tightened his grip on them until her hands moved up and slowly began to unbutton the pretty sweater.  He removed his hands as she pushed it to the side, revealing the hard nipples pushing out on the silk camisole.


She looked over, seeing all of the men looking at her as Michael’s hands slid the sweater down off her shoulders, pulling it from her arms.  She looked down, her nipples pushing out her camisole, her smallish breasts just tiny bumps, but her nipples big.  “Are you going to make me take off the camisole in front of them?”  Claire’s voice was just a tiny whisper only heard by Michael


“Yes Claire.  And that is not all.  You are going to have to strip until you are nude.  Just like your friend Grace will soon be.”


She moved her fingers down the buttons of the camisole, almost like a robot, her naked flesh revealed as she unbuttoned the last button.  She felt Michael’s hands help pull the garment off until it was thrown into the corner with her sweater.  Her hands gripped her breasts, hiding them from the others as she shivered in embarrassment.


“Put your arms behind your back and let your hands grip the other arm.  Keep that position no matter what I do or you will be punished.”  He waited, her eyes looking up at his, then lowered them as her hands uncovered her breasts and moved behind her back at her waist, her palms gripping her arms just below the elbows tightly.  “Arch your back again Claire.  You have to push them little titties out for me.  I wouldn’t tell you again.”  He smiled as he looked down.  Her upper chest bare, her breasts were so small.  He let his fingers roam around the flesh, his fingernail dragging along her areolas, teasing the nipples.  He looked into her eyes, the pupils only pinpoint, the eyes glazed over.


Claire face turned crimson in shame as Michael’s hands stroked her nipples, making them ache as the sensations of his hands swept through her chest.  She could feel them getting bigger from the manual ministrations.  She almost bit her lip as the pinching began, Claire gasping in pain, her body jerking as the firm tips of her small breasts were pinched and twisted.


“Good girl,” Michael stroking her face with one hand while his other hand inflicted more painful pinches and twisting on her nipple as Claire panted and jerked about from his abuse.  But she kept the position almost as if her hands were bound behind her back.  Her nipples enlarged, over an inch long and still growing.  “I have such lovely toys that will bite into those lovely tips,” he murmured to her.  Michael removed his fingers from her nipple, pleased at how red and sore he had made it.


Claire looked down at her small chest, seeing the angry red marks his fingers had left behind.  She didn’t have time to think about it, his hands returning to her nipples, this time both hands grabbing her nipples, Claire jerking and groaning in pain as his fingers sadistically twisted her nipples.


The drug had done a good job, Michael’s fingers gripping the rubbery tips harder, pulling and stretching them, pressing more firmly until he extracted the groan from Claire that he desired.  He pulled them both, stretching them from her body until he heard her whimper, the tips now over two inches long, compressed beneath his fingertips.  He twisted them, her body jerking in pain, her groans making his cock jump in his pants.  “I’m going to love taking a whip or cane to these lovely tips Claire.  I can inflict such lovely pain on them, enjoying your gasps of pain.”  He captured her breasts in his hand, his fingertips pressing just behind the swollen and sore nipple and squeezed.  She squealed in pain, her head shooting up as the blood was pushed painfully into the tip, her chest jerking back and forth, his fingers gripper tighter.


She felt him release her nipples, the pain worse when the blood rushed back into the pinched flesh.  His hands rubbed back and forth over the red and swollen tits.  She couldn’t understand why she felt dampness in her panties.  He was hurting her, but the pain seemed to also bring her some pleasure.  “Put your head back down Claire, we still have to finish with Grace,” feeling her head push down in his lap, this time higher up, his cock jerking on the side of her head as she pushed down into his crotch.  She began to pull away, but his hand held her head tightly, forcing her to feel the throbbing flesh beneath her cheek.


Michael turned back to Grace.  “Sara remove her panties, everyone wants to see that lovely pussy.”


While Grace felt sorry for what Michael was doing to Claire, the pinching and twisting of Claire’s nipples looked painful; it did divert attention from Grace.  But now all eyes were back on her, Sara’s hands again becoming active on her body, slowly sliding over her abdomen, each time sliding lower.  She held her breath as Sara’s hand moved lower to run down her slit, pushing the silk panties into the moist slot, her lips pushed back as it moved up and down.  “No” she cried when she felt the soft hands slide along the wet crotch of her panties and suddenly pulled the crotch of her panties to the side, exposing her pussy to all of the men that stared so intently on her sex.  She was extremely wet, not only from what Sara was doing to her, but also from seeing what Michael had done to Claire.  They could all see how turned on she was, but also how terrified she was 


Grace felt Sara slide two fingers up into her, God, they were so soft and cool, but at the same time hard and probing. 


“You’re so wet, mmmm” Sara teased her.


Sara’s slim fingers slipped in and out Grace’s virgin pussy, pulling her juices up to swirl around her clit and then back inside her.  Sara kept doing it, Grace’s hips doing a gentle dance as they fucked back and forth on the soft fingers that probed inside her.  In and out, then up to flick her clit, then back inside deeper, banging against her hymen.  Sara kept up this tormenting circuit, harder as Grace’s hips began to move faster, her breathing ragged, soft moans coming from her lips.  She didn’t want to cum, not in front of these men, but Sara was making her.  Suddenly Sara stopped, Grace’s pussy feeling so empty, her hips jerking around, trying to find them, wanting the pleasure back that Sara’s fingers had given her, wanting to cum, not even caring if they watched her.  She could feel her juices running down her thighs as her body trembled in lust, Sara behind her, whispering in her ear.


“You can’t cum yet, Grace.  Only when Michael’s cock is inside you, fucking you.  He will tell you when.”  Sara’s hands went to Grace’s hips, slowly untying the pretty silk ribbons that held the black panties glued to her body.  Even when untied, the panties stayed up, the wet silk clinging to her skin.  Sara stepped in front of Grace, kneeling down and slowly pulling the panties down until they pulled from her crotch.  She pushed her hands between her silky thighs.  “Spread your legs for them Grace.  Let them inspect your vagina,” the juices glistening on her bush and lips.


Grace wanted to cum so bad, her legs willingly opening, anything to feel Sara’s gentle touch back again.  She looked over, Sara walking over to Michael as he signaled her.  “OH NO!”  Grace saw the other men get up and walk over to her, her legs closing instantly, her thighs clamped tight as the three men stood before her.  She looked down at them, blushing when she saw the tent in their pants.


“Claire, it’s time for you again,” Michael’s hand moving down to stroke her face, seeing her lift her head up.  “Turn around,” watching as she shifted her body, the red marks on her breasts making his cock hard again.  “I’m going to fuck your friend, Grace.  But I need you to make it easier for her.  If my cock goes in dry, it will hurt her.  I need you to get it wet.  With your mouth.  Sara will show you how.  Can you do that to help your friend?”


Her head was still foggy, but she couldn’t let him put his cock in her mouth.  It was disgusting.  She clamped her lips tight in protest, Michael smiling as he saw her defiance.  She felt him take her hand and place it on the throbbing member in his pants.  She tried to pull back, but he was stronger, holding it down as it jerked underneath her gentle touch.  He moved her hand, making her stroke the hard flesh in his pants.  God, it was huge.  His fingers moved around hers, making her grab the girth of the cock in her tiny hand, moving it up and down the hard shaft. 


He loosened the grip on her hand.  She didn’t stop, her hand continuing the gentle masturbation of his cock.  “Good girl.  Now open up my zipper and reach your hand in.  Take out my cock.”  His hand reached down to her chest, feeling the big nipple beneath his fingers.  He gripped it and twisted it cruelly, her gasp of pain pleasing him. 


She didn’t want to, but maybe he wouldn’t make her put his cock in her mouth if she stroked it as he wanted.  She felt his fingers return to her nipple, bracing her body for the inevitable pain, the piercing pain shooting through her chest as the tender tip was twisted, feeling like he was trying to tear it from her body.  Her fingers moved quickly before he could do it again, sliding down the zipper, her hand sliding inside his pants, finding the hole in his shorts and reaching inside.  She pulled her hand back as she felt the hot flesh, feeling like it was scalding her flesh when she touched it.  His fingers touched her nipple again, her hand returning, this time her small hand slid around the thick cock and pulled it from his pants.  God was it big.  The head was an angry purple, a thick ridge running around the head, the shaft long with protruding veins running down the it.  It was hot and pulsing in her hand.  It must be over seven inches long and two inches wide.  She felt sorry for her friend Grace, having to take such a formidable cock inside her virgin pussy.  She knew it would hurt, but Michael seemed to like that, her nipples still throbbing from his abuse.


Michael pushed her head closer to his cock, feeling her hot breath on it as she lightly stroked it up and down.  “Rub the head Claire,” he ordered her as Sara moved down next to her.  Sara let her hand slip onto the back of Claire’s head, pushing it down until her lips touched the hard cock, feeling her flinch when it first touched her lips with the hot flesh.  Her lips were still clenched tight.  Michael’s hands reached down to her nipples, digging his fingernails into her tender nipple flesh, grinding painfully into the flesh until they began to bleed.


Claire screamed in pain as it felt like he was taking a knife to her nipples, her mouth instantly filled with his thick cock as she opened her mouth to scream in pain.  “MMMGG” the only sound that came from her mouth as it was filled with the throbbing flesh.  Her mouth was filled, his cock moving around in her mouth as Sara held her head still as Michael pumped his cock in and out of her tightly wrapped lips.  She felt it push out her cheeks as he moved it from one side to the other.


“Run your tongue over it Claire or I’ll tear off your nipples,” he threatened and the last pinching with his fingernails showed he was serious.  She hesitantly let her tongue run down the length of the cock, her sensitive tongue feeling the veins running up the side.  She felt it shudder when her tongue touched the ridge, lapping at the underside of the cock head.  She could feel her mouth flooded with the salty tasting fluids, it must be his semen, her tongue forcing it to leak from the head.  She felt his cock punching in and out of her mouth as he fucked her face, gagging when he pushed too far and it banged against her tonsils, the head too big to jam down her throat.  She heard a scream, but couldn’t move, her body held tightly, servicing Michael’s cock with her virgin mouth.


They had pulled what looked like a trapeze from the ceiling, black leather straps hanging from each end of the bar.  It must be at least five feet wide as they lowered it down towards the ground.  Grace struggled but was overcome by far superior forces, the three men easily overpowering her petite body.  Her legs were pulled up and secured to the first end, the leather strap tied tightly.  The next one was more painful, her legs having to stretch wide, her crotch feeling like it would split up the middle.  She kicked but John’s powerful hands held her slim ankle while Headmaster Smith secured her ankle in the cuffs.  All eyes were between her spread thighs as they slowly raised the trapeze, her legs strapped tightly to the corners, spread wide and open.  They pulled it up until it was waist high, her arms pulled tight as they supported all of her weight now.  She blushed as they stood in front of her, looking down to see her pussy lips pulled back wide by the obscene spread of her legs, the black stockings highlighting her white skin and pink pussy.


Headmaster Smith moved next to Grace, his hand moving down the flat plane of her stomach as he whispered in her ear, her body trembling.  “I’m going to enjoy your lovely body every day when we get back to the orphanage.  You and Claire both.  You will be very accommodating once bent over my desk,” his hand touching her silky, blonde bush.  He pulled a few hairs, hearing her squeal in pain as the hairs pulled from her follicles painfully.  “Yes, I enjoy your little squeals,” the hand moving down between her young slit, feeling the moisture of her juices.  “You are so wet down there Grace,” his finger gently rubbing up and down the insides of her labia, the other finger on the outside, gently squeezing the tender flesh as she squirmed beneath his touch.


“Keep my cock in your mouth as we watch Grace get ready to accommodate my cock in her virgin pussy.  Keep it hard with your tongue,” he ordered Claire as he pushed her head down, his cock jerking in excitement as her innocent eyes looked back at him, her teenage mouth stuffed with his man-sized cock, her lips stretched tightly across the girth of the massive tool.  He felt her tongue swirl around the head of his cock, feeling his cock leak his pre-cum into the hot confines of her mouth. 


Grace shook and jerked about, trying to escape the masturbating fingers of Headmaster Smith as his fingers played with her pussy.  It would be gentle, then suddenly he would deliver a sharp jolt of pain to her sex, pinching or pulling her tender labia until she squealed and jerked about in her bondage.  It only got worse as John moved up to her breasts, his head moving down to engulf the tip of one in his hot mouth, sucking her breast into his mouth, his tongue bathing the nipple with his hot saliva as it pulled painfully from her body.  His other hand was not idle, stroking and pinching her other nipple, her large tits jiggling as she struggled to escape his mouth and fingers.  A sharp slap to her tender ass cheeks signaled that the Governor was not to be ignored, his hand engulfing her tight cheeks in his palms as he pushed her body up into the Headmaster’s fingers.  She squirmed, his fingers succeeding in slipping between her tightly clenched cheeks and running up and down her sweat drenched crease before finally running over her anus.  She tightened her cheeks and was punished with a sharp slap to her other cheek.


“Relax your cheeks or I will spank your ass red,” the Governor commanded, another sharp slap in the same spot igniting the heat and pain in her bottom as the white flesh turned pink.  “Good girl,” as he felt her relent, his finger now allowed access to the tiny anus that was snuggled so tightly between her teenage cheeks.  His finger, already moist with her sweat rubbed around the tiny opening, feeling it clench tight as Grace attempted to stop the fingering of her tiny asshole.


How could someone want to touch her there?  The finger was insistent, moving around her opening, waiting until her sphincter could no longer keep her opening closed tightly, sending shivers through her body as it played with the tiny nerve endings that surrounded the tiny hole.  Six hands were driving her body to a sexual peak, a combination of pleasure and pain making her jerk and squirm as they abused her bound body.  She could feel her juices running down the insides of her thighs, onto the finger of the Governor that was poised at the entrance of her asshole, making the opening slick.


“Enough Claire, it is time for Grace to accommodate my cock inside her silky pussy,” his cock slipping through her wet lips, her tongue playing over the tip as it moved from her mouth, feeling like it was almost disappointed that it was leaving.


Sara watched Michael move over towards Grace, her eyes staring at his saliva covered cock, glistening in the bright lights.  She was almost jealous that her friend was going to get it, not her, remembering the pleasure that he gave her when he fucked her.  Even when he abused her, she always managed to cum.  She hoped that he would have time for her later, but she knew that Claire was also going to get his cock before she would.


Grace saw the thick cock moving towards her, the others moving away from her, her body almost empty without their fingers and mouth.  She was so aroused, first Sara leaving her unfulfilled, now the men bringing her to the threshold of an orgasm and then letting her down abruptly.  She looked at the big cock, knowing that he would not be satisfied until he buried it deep inside her virgin pussy, forever taking her innocence from her.  Then he would ride her until he filled her with his hot cum, all while the others watched her ravishment, eager to take Michael’s place, Grace unable to stop them from being next.


Michael pulled her legs up higher, slipping down between them before lowering her back down, his body now between her widely spaced thighs, his eyes on the pink slit glistening with her juices.  He looked up to her large breasts, John’s saliva and bite marks on her areolas and nipples, her nipples pointed and erect.  He let his hands slide onto her legs, enjoying the luxurious feel of her satiny flesh as he moved up and down the tender insides.  He pinched the flesh between his fingers, her gasp of pain making his cock jerk in pleasure.  “Such a lovely body Grace,” his hands moving up to the vee of her legs, his fingers spreading apart her puffy labia, her tender pink insides wet with her juices.  He moved to the tiny opening, her vagina barely discernable.  He moved his fingers to the sides of the opening and began to press outward, pleased that she did not try to fight his attempts, resigned to the fate of losing her virginity while in tight bondage, four hard and eager cocks ready to teach her the pleasures of sex.  The tiny hole began to open, Michael moving forward until his cock pushed between her slit, his hips pushing it upward to the slowly unfolding petals of her flower. 


She felt the bulbous head of his cock slip between her pussy lips, shivering in fear as his fingers spread her vagina for the hard cock.  She wasn’t sure how it was going to fit.  She had often thought of losing her virginity, but this never fit into any of her dreams.  It was always a tender lover, patiently preparing her for her deflowering, his rather smallish cock, at least by Michael’s standard, gently taking her maidenhood with a minimum of pain as she clung to him in a passionate embrace.  But here she was, bound and spread, an older man between her legs, a formidable weapon ready to plunge into her unused passage, her scream of pain would only increase his pleasure while others watched her lose her virginity painfully, each waiting their turn.  “Please, be gentle,” she tried to beg but she saw by the big grin on Michael’s face that it would do no good.  She saw his hand fist his cock, pushing the hard head against her tiny opening, his hips beginning a slow but gradual push, forcing his cock to push aside all of her resistance. 


Michael looked down as her tiny hole began to open, his slick head slowly sinking into the depths.  He grabbed her ass in his large palms, cupping the tightened cheeks, feeling her beginning to fight the painful intrusion into her vagina.  He pulled her up, a groan escaping from her lips as she was forced onto the hard cock.  He looked into her face, her eyes shut, her lips clenched in pain as she tried to endure the painful cock spreading her apart.  He let his fingers grab a piece of her tight cheeks and pinched painfully, pleased when her eyes shot open as her hips were forced up by the painful pinch, shoving her vagina onto his cock, her hymen tearing as his cockhead was slowly swallowed up by her tight pussy.  “Such a hot, tight cunt,” pushing down with his hips, eager to feel her silky pussy clenched around his pulsating cock.  “Raise her legs up higher so I can get better leverage.”  He felt her legs rise up, her vagina forced down at a different angle, his cock able to push easier inside her.


She screamed when she was forced to take her own virginity, his pinching fingers catching her off guard, forcing her hips to rise up to escape the pain only to meet the hard cock poised at the entrance of her pussy, driving it into her body and forever taking her virginity.  She felt so full of cock, his throbbing member squeezed tightly in her vagina, feeling the wetness, not sure if it was blood or her juices.  His hands were still holding her ass tightly, fearing that any second now he would begin to push deeper inside her.  “AAAGGGH,” she moaned as his powerful hips pushed forward, the head of his cock beginning to push deeper inside of her.  “Slower,” she begged, but his cock would not listen, eager to bury itself deep into her hot body.


Michael pulled out until only the head was gripped by her pussy, her tight ring clinging around him.  He pushed in again, this time pushing farther inside her, his hands underneath her raising her up to meet his thrusts.  He looked into her face, tears running down her face as she pleaded with him to go slow.  But he only felt the pleasure that her once virgin pussy was providing for him and sank back in again, thrusting into the teenage body, little painful gasps coming from her lips as his cock swelled up, tearing into new places, deeper into her.  In and out he thrust, his hands pinching her ass cheeks, driving her hips up and down, pleasuring his cock as her body jerked around trying to escape the powerful fingers that left red, angry marks on her body. 


She felt him begin to pump into her with an urgent need, his fingers forcing her to fuck back on the large cock, her pussy forced to spread wide to accept the rampaging member that tore in and out of her.  She had never felt anything like it.  It felt like a baseball bat was between her legs, sawing in and out of her body as she swayed in the air.  Her ass was raised up high, positioned for the best possible angle for him to fuck her, unable to do anything except to try to relax her muscles and accept the brutal fucking.


He was now burying his cock deep inside her with each thrust, feeling his cockhead banging painfully against her cervix as he fucked her hard, his pelvic bone smashing into her, the sound of soft flesh slapping against each other.  His fingers moved up to her pussy, peeling back her clit hood, his hard cock plunging back and forth inside her with abandonment.  His fingers found the swollen bud, pinching it between two fingers and began to pull and twist it as he fucked her hard.  Her pussy began to clench on his cock, not sure if it was the pain or the pleasure, not really caring, his fingers twisting her clit harder. 


Sara watched the change come over Grace as she responded to the fucking of her pussy, her hips moving up and down on their own, the look on her face as his fingers played with her clit as he cock tore in and out, covered in a pink sheen of blood and cum.  John moved over next to her, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing them tightly as she grimaced in pain, her hips moving faster, obviously the pain increasing her arousal.


Grace couldn’t believe it, but the arousal in her returned, even with the giant cock inside her painfully sawing in and out her pussy, feeling like it was dragging her inside out with each thrust.  He was burying the full length of his cock in each thrust, making her take the full measure of his member.  The fingers pulling at her clit and now her nipples were driving her to the edge.  She could feel the cock inside her begin to swell, knowing that he was soon going to cum inside her, filling her with his hot seed.  She screamed in ecstasy as the fucking finally drove her over the edge, the fingers on her nipples sending such delightful sensations through her breasts, her sensitive clit no longer able to withstand the powerful fingers.  She came, her pussy clutching on the cock inside her.  And then she felt him jerk, his cock burying itself deep inside her, his stomach bashed tightly against hers, his fingers withdrawn, but moving his hips side to side so their pelvic bones slide back and forth against each other, her clit smashed between them.  It began to sputter inside her, hot powerful jets of cum bathing her insides with her first sperm bath.  She came again, his cum feeling like a fire hose shooting inside her.  He pulled out, then back in again, each time the sound of her wet passage humiliating her as cum dribbled down her thighs.  The sound of wet flesh slapping together ringing out in the room. 


She slumped down, exhausted, as she felt him pull his cock from her pussy painfully, a sudden rush of fluids running down her thighs as his cock head pulled free.  She hung there, her eyes closed, her chest heaving as she tried to recover from the most intense orgasm she had ever encountered. 


“You can have her now.  Teach her well,” Michael moving back towards Claire.  “Sara, you go help them, I am going to play with Claire for a while.  I think I’m going to enjoy that petite little body.”  Michael moved in front of Claire, still on her knees.  He saw her pointed nipples, his hands reaching out for them as he spoke, “stand up.”  She did not have a chance to react, Michael’s fingers reaching her nipples and clamping down on them hard.  He yanked her body up by her nipples; a scream tore from her lips.


Everyone stared at Claire, her scream almost hurting their ears.  Michael was lifting her body up by her nipples, the rubbery tips stretching her tiny breasts and nipples out at least six inches, as she scrambled to get up, almost falling back down, her nipples almost torn from her body.


She couldn’t believe the pain, the dizziness almost passing now, the pain intensified.  It felt like her nipples were being ripped from her body, her entire weight hanging from the delicate tips.  She was finally able to pull herself up, Michael’s fingers still on her nipples, twisting them, seeing her face contorted in pain, tears in her eyes.


“Do I have your attention Claire?” 


The others went back to their task, bringing Grace down from the bondage, her legs freed first and then her arms.  She could just barely stand on her feet, rubbing her wrists, her crotch aching from the spread, her pussy burning from the fucking that Michael had given her.  She felt the cum dripping down her leg.  “What are you going to do to me?”  Sara had already started to wipe her body with a warm washcloth, paying special attention to between her legs.


“You have to ask, Grace?”  They all watched, pulling their cocks from their pants, stroking the members to hardness.  “We’re going to fuck you.  All of us.”


Michael eyed Claire’s petite body, her smallish breasts, red from the abuse he had inflicted on them, but he also noted how large and hard her nipples were.  She might have screamed in pain, but he would bet anything that her pussy was dripping wet.  He would soon find out.  “Remove your skirt Claire,” a command, not a request.  This time she hurried to obey, the skirt falling to the ground at her feet in seconds, Claire kicking it out to the side to stand before him, trembling in her white panties and thigh high stockings.  His hands found her hips, running up and down the side before moving behind and grabbing her tight cheeks that snuggled the tight panties.  She might be petite, but she had a nice ass, his fingers running all over her bottom, making sure that she felt his fingers on her crease, sliding up and down the tightened crack, teasing her.  “Remove your panties for me and spread your legs.  I want to see that sweet pussy.”


She bent over, sliding the panties down her legs, kicking them off her feet, standing up again.  She looked into his eyes then quickly spread her legs, almost forgetting his second command.


“That’s a good girl Claire.  Are you going to obey me?”


“Yes Sir,” fearing what she was agreeing to, her nipples still throbbing in pain.  “What are you going to do to me?”


“I love your tight little body Claire.  I want to spank and abuse it.  And I want you to help me.  Help me by spreading your legs for me.  Sticking your tits out for me.”  He smiled at her when he saw her eyes open wide, fully understanding that she was to submit to him.  “Are you going to be good and help me?”


She knew that she had no choice.  He would take what he wanted from her, just as he had with Grace, and probably had done with Sara.  She didn’t know whether she could do what he wanted, knowing that she would be exposing her body so he could inflict deeper pain on her.  She nodded her head, resigned to her fate.


“Sit on the floor, facing the others.  They may be busy now, but they will enjoy seeing you spread before them later.”  He sat down behind her on the floor.  His hands moved around her, touching the insides of her thighs.  “Spread your legs out Claire.  Show me that precious pussy.”  He lightly slapped her thighs, giving her the little urging she needed to comply.  “Bring your legs up, and then out.  Yes, that’s so good.”  He let his hand rub her inner thigh, feeling her flinch from the touch, Claire already knowing soon that it would go from gentle to hard without warning.  He slapped her right inner thigh, high up above the stockings, his cock hardening at the sound of the slap on her tender flesh. 


Her body turned, her legs crossing as she felt the sharp pain.  She looked down, the flesh already pink, still aching. 


“I said keep your legs open!”  This time his voice louder, more demanding, her legs quickly moving open again, trembling, as she knew that her thighs were vulnerable again.  He slapped her other thigh, high up, almost at her crotch, moving back to the other side to revisit the same spot with a sharp crack.  Her body twisted and turned as she gasped in pain, but her legs were still spread open.  “Much better,” he complimented her.


She felt the heat from the slaps on her inner thighs as his hands moved up to touch her breasts, his fingers grabbing her nipples and pulling and twisting them painfully.  She squirmed, gasping in pain, but her legs were spread wide open, her butt moving up and down, side to side as he abused her nipples.  His fingers moved over her breasts, fingertips grasping her small nipples, digging into the delicate flesh as it felt like he was trying to crush them.  His fingernails scraped along her flesh, moving over her nipples, the sharp nails feeling as they were cutting her skin.  The hand moved down to her thighs, her body flinching in response, this time his fingernails digging into the tender flesh, bruising it with his strong fingers as her butt squirmed beneath him, attempting to relive some of the pain.  Her leg moved out to the side as he scratched her thigh, drawing his sharp nails along the inner flesh.  “OOOOHH,” she cried in pain as he yanked on her pussy lips, pulling them out painfully.  No man had ever touched her there, but this is not what she had dreamed about the first time being like.  “OOOWW,” another sharp slap to her inner thigh, this one harder, sending her leg out to the side, spreading herself open more.


“Good girl Claire,” picking up a slender flexible rod about three feet long.  He lightly tapped her pussy with it as she grit her teeth, her chest rising and falling rapidly as her fists clenched tight, her legs still spread wide for him as the pain increased.  He swung it back and hit her hard on her pussy, her leg crossing the other as she screamed in pain.


“EEEEHH,” her crotch feeling like it was on fire.  The tapping was bad enough, but he had swung hard, the flexible rod beating her tender sex.  How could he do such a thing?  A woman’s sex was not to be treated like this.  She moved her leg out again hesitantly, the rod moving along her inner thigh, urging her to spread wider, sliding along the crease of her leg before moving back to her pussy again.  She began to hyperventilate again, bracing for the pain she knew was coming, the tapping rod already hurting.


He waited until her guard was down to slash at her pussy again, the rod smashing into her tender flesh, her scream making his cock jump.  “Open your legs,” he ordered her again as she hesitantly did.  His hand reached down to her pussy, her hips flinching, jerking back and forth as he touched her flesh.  He grabbed her pussy lips between two fingers and pulled and twisted them as she panted and squirmed, her legs moving back and forth as he yanked her pubic hair.  He let his hand rub her pussy again, feeling her wetness as she struggled to regain her composure. 


She felt his fingers rubbing across her mound as the ache from his abuse began to fade.  He squeezed her pussy again, this time more gentle.  His fingers rubbed over her bush as if trying to brush something off of it.  “”EEEEEH,” she cried out, her hips jerking high up into the air as his hand slapped her directly on her pussy, his powerful fingers pushing apart her labia to slap the tender insides.  She shook in fear, bracing for the inevitable, feeling his cock jerking behind her, knowing that her pain was pleasing him.  Another sharp slap to her pussy, her legs struggling to stay open, shaking as she waited for the hand to return.  This one harder, her legs closing as the pain shot to her brain, trapping his hand in her crotch.


“Open your legs!”  He saw her obey, “wider.”  When they were wide apart, his hand slashed down between her legs, hitting her squarely on her sex, her yelp making his cock jump.  He began to spank her, his hand slapping up and down her slit as her head shook back and forth in pain, her ass rising up from the floor, her legs trying to close, fighting the urge to spare her own pain, each time moving open again.  Her screams of pain were continuous, his hand wet from her juices as he beat her pussy with his hand.  He stopped, holding her tightly, her face covered in tears, sobbing as her chest heaved up and down.  “Good girl Claire.”  His hands moved down to her breasts, rubbing her small breasts as she continued to sob. 


Sara could not believe what Claire was doing.  She willingly spread her legs for him to inflict such terrible pain on her open sex.  She could see Michael thoroughly enjoying abusing her body and could imagine how hard he was.  Claire was sobbing as her pussy was being spanked, her legs trying to close but somehow she willed them open as her sex turned a deep red from the constant barrage of his hand on her pussy.  Grace was not faring much better.  She had been expecting to get fucked by each of the men, but they had other ideas.


The Governor was already naked on the couch, his hand holding up his erect cock, stroking it back and forth as she walked over to him.  “Come on Grace, kneel on both sides of my hips and settle that tight, teenage pussy down on my cock.  You’re going to fuck me.”  He stroked his cock as she climbed over him, her pussy poised over his cock, the Governor’s cocks jerking as he stared at her juicy pussy spreading over his cock.  “It’s already wet Grace.  Grab my cock and rub it up and down your slit.  MMMMM,” he moaned in pleasure as his cock jerked in pleasure as her tiny hand gripped the shaft, rubbing the bulbous head up and down her slit. 


“Please, don’t make me do this.  It already hurts down there.  Please,” she begged.  She saw the look on his face, only concerned with his own pleasure.  She felt her swollen labia pushed aside by the thick member as she rubbed it up and down.  She could already feel the tingling that it brought, the hot flesh feeling as it was burning her flesh.  She had already lost her virginity, feeling like such a slut, the others watching her as she rose up a bit, adjusting his cock so it fit tightly against her clenched vagina.  She took a deep breath, seeing the Governor watching her breasts rise and fall as she slowly began to lower herself down, resigned to her fate.  “GGGGHHHGG,” she moaned in pain as the thick member slowly spread her open, her own weight forcing the cock into her moist channel.  She felt it twitch, her pussy clenching onto it as the head popped through into her vagina, the small opening wrapped tightly under head, trapping it within her.  She felt so full again, her pussy tiny in comparison to their big cocks, knowing that she would have to stretch wide for them.  She felt the Governor’s hands reach up and cup her breasts from beneath, feeling his fingertips begin to rub her nipples, the rubbery tips turning hard under his ministration.  She moved her hips side to side, feeling his cock follow her movements, her juices allowing it to slide deeper inside her as she pressed down, the Governor’s hands pulling on her nipples, pulling them downward, forcing Grace to sink her hot, tight pussy down on his cock.


The Governor couldn’t believe how good it felt.  Her pussy was so tight, squeezing and clenching on his hard cock as she slowly lowered her hot pussy onto it.  He watched as she rode his cock, pushing down, then back up, then slowly back down, each time her pussy swallowing more and more of his cock.  He saw her vagina clinging to his cock as it slid in and out, a tight ring that extracted groans from his lips. 


“OHH, God,” she cried out, his cock twitching deep inside her pussy.  She felt so full, his cock feeling like a baseball bat sitting inside her.  She waited, knowing that he would force her to fuck him now.  She turned when she felt John’s hands on her shoulders.


“Down Grace, straddle the Governor.  Press those lovely tits into his chest,” pushing down on her back until she was lying on top of the Governor.


It felt even bigger now, his cock bending inside her, pressing harshly against the walls of her pussy, feeling like it was going to push out the sides.  The Governors hands came around her, pinning her arms to her side, keeping her pressed up against him.  She didn’t understand, the Governor seemed to be content to leave his cock inside her, not wanting to fuck her.  She turned just in time to see John behind her, a strange red object in his hand.  It had a large red ball on the end, about the size of an apple, connected to a long metal tube, about six inches long.  She could hear something sloshing around inside the ball.  “What’s that?”


“It’s to lube you up Grace.  I don’t want to fuck you dry,” John moving behind her. 


She jerked her hips when she felt his fingers pulling apart her cheeks, fingers on each side, feeling her anus spreading wide.  “NNNOOO!”  Now she understood, someone was going to fuck her in the ass.  God, how could anyone even want to do that?  She let her hips move side to side, trying to escape his fingers.  “”AAHHH,” feeling the cold metal touching her anus, trying to clench her cheeks, rewarded with a sharp slap to her cheeks. 


“Relax Grace, it wouldn’t be so bad.  This will make it easier to slip my cock inside you.”  His hand rubbed sensuously over her upraised ass cheeks, the lubricant placed against her clenching asshole.  He looked down at her rosebud, a tiny light brown wrinkled pucker, clenching tightly, trying to prevent the intrusion of the metal tube.  John pushed harder, seeing her press her hips forward, a soft moan from her lips as she pushed her pussy deeper onto the Governor’s cock nestled so tight inside her.  She finally gave up the fight when John gave the ball a gentle squeeze, lubricant pouring out the tube to grease up her opening.  The tube pushed in easily, aided by the slippery lubricant, John sending half of the tube inside her asshole before she could even moan in pain.


She felt the first rush of the liquid inside her, a warm feeling as it bathed the insides.  She clenched on it as it pushed deeper, another squeeze of the bulb sending another torrent of warm fluid inside her.  She felt the bulb pushed up against her clenched anus, the unyielding metal tube now over six inches inside her.  Another squeeze sent the balance of the lubricant inside her bowels, the warm fluid washing down her tender insides.  “UUUMMM,” a finger entering her now as the tube was withdrawn, teasing her clenching muscle as she clamped down on it with her sphincter.  She could feel the cock inside her pussy jerking up and down, her pussy forced to squeeze it when her sphincter clenched tight, massaging the Governor’s cock.  It didn’t hurt; it just felt strange, the finger moving around inside her, pushing against the sides of her anal passage.  She squirmed when his finger went deeper, but her asshole was adequately lubricated.  The finger pulled out, then back in, this time two fingers stretching her, the initial pain as her anal ring stretched to accommodate the fat fingers, but then her asshole almost seemed to welcome them, gripping onto the flesh as they moved inside her.  She felt him work his fingers in and out of her asshole, making her begin to itch with desire.


John looked down at her tiny anus, clinging to his fingers as they sawed in and out of her asshole.  Her initial grunts of pain had turned to low moans as she got use to having fingers inside her asshole.  It was time, pulling his fingers from her asshole, Grace turning to look at him almost as if she was begging him not to stop the fingering of her asshole.  “Relax now Grace.  It will hurt for a moment when it goes in.”


She braced herself as she felt John’s body cover her, his legs pressed between hers.  She was still pinned down by the Governor’s hands, feeling like a butterfly pinned down to a board.  She felt the head of his cock push up against her tiny rosebud, the moist crack of her rounded buttocks pushing against the side of his cock.  His hands moved to her hips, his fingers digging into her flesh as he held her tightly.  She felt his cock bend as he pushed in harder; bracing herself for the moment she knew was inevitable.  She felt her tiny hole begin to open; the head of his cock slick with the lubricant was not going to be deterred from his task.  She bit her lip in pain as her anus was stretched wide, the round hard cock popped into the tight ring of muscles that tried to protect her backside.  It began to push up inside her, into her clenching rectum, the thick cock aided by her slick insides.  She tried to scramble forward, but only succeeding in driving her pussy down on the large cock already buried inside her pussy.  Her sex felt like one giant hole, the two cocks filling her up so completely.  She gasped as his cock was pushed deeper and deeper, her backside burning like fire.  His cock continued to punch in and out of her asshole, deeper into her bowels, the thick head now in her lower intestines.  She bowed her legs out farther, anything to stop the terrible pressure she felt between her legs.


John couldn’t believe the delicious feelings her asshole was giving his cock.  Her inner muscles contracted on his cock as he sodomized her, his cock pushing in and out, her anus wrapped tightly around the thick member, sliding up and down the shaft as it fucked in and out.  He felt her body go rigid beneath him as the full length of his cock was pushed into her teenage asshole, buried deep into her bowels.  He saw her fingers clenched tightly as her body went rigid, skewered by two man sized cocks between her legs, twitching and throbbing inside her.  “Squeeze our cocks with your body Grace.  Show us how much you love to have the twin cocks buried inside you.”


She felt so full, as if she had eaten too much Thanksgiving dinner, her stomach feeling as if it was going to explode.  She gritted her teeth and squeezed her pussy and anal muscles, gripping the cocks inside her.  Again, she squeezed them, almost as if she was masturbating them with her hands, her inner muscles bringing such joy to the cocks inside her, feeling them jerk and jump in pleasure of her tight, teenage body.  “Noooo, slooww,” she cried out as she felt John begin to pull his cock from her asshole, feeling like her insides were being sucked out.  At the same time, the Governor pushed up with his hips, forcing his cock hard against her cervix.  They were beginning to fuck her.


She felt a hand on her chin, lifting her head up, a large cock bobbing before her mouth, Headmaster Smith holding it out to her lips.


“Suck it!  Open wide!”


She shut her eyes and opened her mouth, taking a deep breath, her mouth ovalled wide.


Headmaster Smith looked down at her teenage face, her mouth wide open in surrender, her hot breath on his cock making it jerk in anticipation.  He saw her white teeth and her tiny, pointed tongue glistening with saliva.  “Stick out your tongue.”  She obeyed, her tongue hanging out, his hand stroking his cock over her tongue until a drop of precum dripped down, landing on her tongue.  He couldn’t wait any longer, pushing his cock into her Grace’s mouth.  The head slid past her lips, the thick shaft following as it rolled over her tongue.  “God, such a lovely mouth.  Close your mouth and suck my cock Grace.  Good girl,” as he felt her lips tighten on his shaft.  She began to suck it, her head bobbing up and down in a steady rhythm, Headmaster Smith letting her do all the work, moaning in pleasure as the teenager pleasured his cock with her virgin mouth.


She felt all of the cocks inside her come to life.  Her head bobbed up and down, her tongue fluttered over the head as she sucked it deep into her mouth.  Not even the occasional gag stopped her, her enthusiasm getting the better of her, sucking his cock in too deep, banging against her tonsils.  The Governor began to push his hips up, driving his cock deeper inside her almost virgin pussy, still sore from Michael fucking, her body clenching on the throbbing flesh.  John was the most vigorous, freely using her asshole, making Grace take the full measure of his immense cock inside her, jabbing into her that made her raise her hips up.  She tightened her muscles, milking all of the cocks inside her, her head thrown back in abandonment, her virgin body no more.  They sandwiched her between them, their taking their pleasure with her young body.  Her hips began to move, forcing one cock inside her, the other withdrawing, sending such strange feelings through her sex.  She could feel the cocks between her legs, separated by only a thin layer of skin, the cocks rasping along each other as they fucked her.


The room was filled with the lust of the foursome, the slapping of wet flesh as three cocks tore into the young girl’s orifices.  Grunts of pleasure rang out as they all fast approached an orgasm.  The Governor was first, his cock long pleasured by her clasping pussy, burying itself deep  inside her, filling her with a new load of hot cum.  Grace yelled as John pushed his cock deep into her colon, feeling her clutching delicate linings grip his cock like a pair of hands.  She felt her first cum enema, John filling her bowels with his hot cum, sloshing around inside her.  Grace’s cheeks ballooned out as the hot semen of the Headmaster filled her oral cavity; her eyes wide open as she tried to swallow the thick fluid.  She choked and gagged as the cock spurted again and again as she gulped and swallowed, unable to take so much sperm at one time, a trickle of the thick milky fluid leaking from the corner of her mouth.


And cum she did, her head thrown back as a powerful orgasm gripped her body as she felt the pulsating cocks spew their cum into the depths of her orifices.  She felt her body clench tight on the cocks inside her, her juices flowing down her thighs as she came all over the Governor’s cock.  She came again as her body was continually filled with their cum, finally exhausted from her ordeal as the cocks, one by one were pulled from her body, white milky cum dripping from her mouth, pussy and inflamed asshole.  They got off her body, leaving her spent on the couch.


Everyone looked over at Claire, Michael’s hands between her legs, masturbating her as she watched the scene before her eyes, knowing that soon she would be next.  Her legs were spread wide, her pussy gleaming with her juices, Michael making her spread her lips wide so he would have access to her slit.  Even her anus was visible, a sheen on it, a testament to the fact that Michael had fingered her backside.


Michael got up, leaving Claire sexually aroused.  “Now why don’t you three girls get ready for bed?  These gentlemen have to leave, but I am not finished with you yet.  Don’t bother putting your clothes back on.  When I come up to your room Sara, I want to see three pink pussies in your bed waiting for me.”  He dismissed the girls, finally having another drink with his friends before leading them to the door.  John closed up the downstairs, Michael going to his room to freshen up, putting on a bathrobe, naked beneath it.  He tied the sash, his cock jutting out the front, eager to take one or all of the lovely girls upstairs.


He entered the room, pleased at what he saw.  Three pink pussies stared up at him from the bed.  All three girls, naked on top of the sheets.  Three bushes, blonde, brunette and redhead framed the cutest pink slits.  Sara and Grace had already chosen his prey.  They had Claire between them, their hands each pulling one leg back and up, spreading her crotch wide, their other hand pulling back her lips, her pink insides so inviting.  Her sex glistened, the girls having masturbated her for the last half hour, driving her to the brink of orgasm, then letting her down, each time not letting her cum.  Even her asshole was not spared, a slim ivory shaft protruding from the tiny hole, her asshole hiding the other, thicker four inches inside her.  Michael opened his robe, his hand finding his cock, slowly stroking the member hard.  “It looks like you’re going to be fucked Claire.  But first, I think a pussy whipping would be nice.”  He wanted her first orgasm to be from the whip.  He saw her shudder, her eyes staring at the riding crop in his hand.  His other hand held the coca leaf extract that would dull her senses.


The End