Naughty Cheerleader

By Powerone

Copyright 2010


Sandy was the Captain of the cheerleaders, dating the Captain of the varsity football team, Queen of the Prom, gifted student and drop dead gorgeous.  She had everything that any girl could want.  Her body was built for pleasure and Sandy was not a virgin by any standard.  She enjoyed sex as much as Brandon; her boyfriend did.  He fucked her regularly, though she allowed him to use his mouth on her, she refused to do the same, instead using her hand to bring him off when it was the wrong time of the month.

So how did she get into this predicament?  Jesse was the ultimate bad boy.  He is what mothers feared for their daughters.  He had been in and out of juvy so many times they were ready to name a wing after him.  Yet he still managed to stay in school, though his high school years would be more then four years, if he stayed around that long.  He drove a fast car; a specially equipped Mustang that even the police couldn’t catch when Jesse didn’t want to get caught.  The sound of the exhaust was so deep, that Sandy could feel the deep sound waves resonating between her legs when she got to close to the car.

They had nothing in common, both having a different circle of friends that would never meet or agree on anything, yet he was coming over the Jenkins house tonight after they left, Sandy babysitting for their six-year old until lunch the next day.  The Jenkins were going to a wedding, preferring to stay the night instead of taking a chance at driving home early in the morning after drinking.  They trusted Sandy implicitly with their son, Sandy babysitting them since she was fourteen. 

Jesse was nothing like Brandon.  He was brash, harsh and disrespectful, the opposite of Brandon.  He used to whistle lewdly at Sandy as she and her friends walked by his group, making obscene remarks at what he would like to do to them if they got them alone.  She trashed him back each time, but she would look at him first, his bulging arms, firm abs, thick thighs and black wavy hair.  Brandon was a football player, but Jesse was a man.  Jesse’s face was rugged, always looking like he needed a shave, but never got one.  He was tall, over six feet tall and there wasn’t anyone on school that didn’t fear him.  Brandon was a respectful lover, never making Sandy do anything she didn’t want to; always making sure that she was satisfied before he was.  Sandy knew that Jesse would be the opposite, only wanting her for what he could get out of her and not letting her refuse his any desires.  That was Sandy’s downfall.  It was as though he knew she was vulnerable.

Last week was the first time he caught her alone. He was always with his friends, or at least one, Angelo, always with him.  He wasn’t anything like Jesse.  Shorter, about five feet, eight, he wasn’t built powerfully, his face not as rugged as Jesse.  He seemed out of place with Jesse, but Jesse never noticed, the two of them always together.  People feared Angelo because of his relationship with Jesse.

It was Monday, Sandy staying after school to go over the prom agenda with the principal.  Her friends were already gone by time she walked out of school to her car.  It was after four, the parking lot almost empty except for a few of the teacher’s car and then she saw it.  Jesse’s car was in the lot.  She was rounding the corner of the building when she jumped, startled by the loud, demanding voice.

“Look at his lovely little cunt.  All dressed up in her cheerleader outfit and those tight, little red panties.”  Jesse rubbed the front of his jeans, his cock rigid and throbbing when he saw her.

She was taken back by the surprise, but she quickly recovered her composure, though her voice did crack a little.  “You’re so crude; you wouldn’t know what to do with a nice girl.”  She stopped suddenly when he stood in her path, blocking her exit to the parking lot and the safety of her car.

He looked at her, that lovely body just begging to be fucked hard.  He pushed her against the side of the building, looking into her eyes, seeing the fear as her lip quivered.  “Not so brave without your friends.”  His face was only inches from her, feeling her breath on his face as he bent over her body.  He pushed up against her until his body pinned her to the wall.

She was trapped, Jesse pushing her against the wall, Sandy clutching her purse as she felt him press up against her.  She looked around, the school deserted except for Jesse and herself.  She thought of screaming, but his face was already leaning over hers, his mouth inches from her as his body pressed up against her.  Was it my imagination or expectations when I felt the thick cock pressing up against my pussy?  She gasped, but the only sound from her mouth was swallowed up by his lips as they kissed her roughly, his tongue shoved harshly between her soft lips and explored her teeth and gums until she thought she would choke on it as it jammed into the back of her mouth.  He grabbed her arms, her purse falling to the ground, pinning them high over her head, one large hand holding her slim wrists pinned as the other hand began to explore her body with immunity.   At the same time, his hips moved from side to side, his hard cock touching her in all the wrong places, her pussy lips pushed aside even through her clothes.  She felt the shameful gushing of her juices from the rude masturbation of his prick on her pussy.

She smelled so good, her lips soft as his tongue jammed hard into her mouth.  He ground his cock between her legs, nudging apart her legs until she stood with her legs spread wide apart, as his hips humped the frightened girl obscenely.  She didn’t struggle as he held her arms pinned over her head, her luscious tits standing up like pointed mountains.  He felt them push into his chest as he held her tight.  He finally pulled back as she struggled to breathe.  Her chest was heaving erotically up and down.  It was no longer fear in her eyes.  It was passion.  He had seen it before.  He could even smell it, sure that her pussy was wet.  He held her pinned to the wall as he ground his cock into her pussy.

He never stopped, even when he broke the kiss.  She was pinned to the wall and his hips ground that thick, pulsating prick up and down her slit as though he was ready to penetrate her.  He had forced her to spread her legs, leaving her open and vulnerable to do whatever he wanted to do to her.  She was being humiliated by him and her pussy could only cry out for him to fuck her.  Fuck her standing up next to the building for all to see.  She could only look down as his free hand came up and grasped her breast in his large hand, not caressing it, but his powerful fingers digging deep into the flesh.  His prick continued to slide up and down her slit. 

“Open your mouth.  I want to feel your tongue,” his harsh voice commanding her. 

She saw his mouth moving to kiss her again, her mouth opening as his tongue freely explored her hot mouth, her tongue meeting his as they danced erotically over each other.  His prick continued to drive up and down her slit, this time higher up until her clit stood out so hard as though it was seeking out the feel of his flesh.  They French kissed for long minutes before he let her breathe again, but his hands continued to run over her body as though he owned her.  And she let him as he continued to dry hump her.

Jesse pulled away from her, wanting to fuck her, but in his own way.  He would make her beg for it.  “Be here tomorrow at the same time.  Don’t make me have to look for you.  You don’t want to make me angry with you.  I know how to punish naughty cheerleaders.”  He walked off without looking back.

She stood there for long minutes before she could move, her legs feeling like Jell-O, not even closing them until she heard the roar of his exhaust as he left.  She rushed home, lying on her bed, naked, her legs spread wide to the edge of the bed as if Jesse had told her to spread them lewdly, her fingers dancing over her excited clit until she came so hard, still feeling the thick cock pushed between her lips when she came all over her fingers.

* * *

“I have some things I have to take care of, I’ll meet you tomorrow,” Sandy lied to her friends.  She hung around the school until it was almost deserted.  She looked at her watch as she slowly walked to her car, the wetness between her legs flowing as soon as she saw his car parked next to hers as though it was molesting her car.

He knew she would show up today, Jesse waiting in the same place.  He didn’t say anything as she walked up, this time no cheerleader outfit, just a short skirt and nice top that clung to her tits.  He grabbed her purse and threw it to the ground.  He spun her around until she was facing the wall.  “Hands up, high over your head.  I’m not going to hold them today.  I want you to keep them up there.  My hands have better use with that lovely body of yours.”  He pushed her arms over her head, pushing them up until she was almost on her toes, her body stretched taut.  “Stick out that nice ass for me, Sandy.”

It was the first time he said her name, her body trembling in excitement.  She was almost pinned to the wall and she was growing aroused.  His hands were on her hips, forcing her ass out until she felt it, the familiar touch of his thick cock, this time from behind, an elicit shiver of excitement running through her body.

“Spread your legs, must I tell you every time.” 

She stood on her toes as she spread her legs, her ass arched up submissively as if she were begging to be fucked from behind.  Brandon had never done it that way before, so degrading to be posed in such a manner.    Jesse cared little of her shame.  She felt his prick sliding up and down between her legs, but she also felt his hands reach down and pull her skirt up until her panties were exposed, his thick prick sliding up and down her crack.  She felt a perverse excitement as his prick slide between her crack.  The first time she clenched her cheeks in shame.

“SSSMMMAACKK.”  The sound of his hand hitting her cheek rang out loudly.  “Don’t tighten up on me unless it’s on my cock.”  He felt her buttocks relax, his cock returning between her cheeks.  His fingers pulled her cheeks apart until he could pin his cock between the deep divide, his hips beginning to hump her ass.

It was shameful what he was doing to her.  His strong fingers dug into her cheeks and pulled them apart obscenely, his prick suddenly thrust between them as he began to hump her.  It was humiliating, but she also felt a perverse pleasure from a place she never expected.  His prick was sliding over her panty-covered anus and she felt the spasms as her anal muscles clenched uncontrollably on the thick prick.  Why would he touch me there with his prick?  I want to feel it between my lips again.  

His hands slid around, cupping her hanging breasts as he bent her over deeper, her ass rising up higher as he dry fucked her ass.  He squeezed the melon tits until he found the nipples, his fingers tightening on them until he felt her shove back against him in pain, but barely a whimper came out of her mouth.

His hands were all over her as well as the thick prick that slid between her cheeks.  His hands squeezed her breasts too hard, but then they slid down over her stomach, grabbed the front of her skirt, and yanked it up, his hands sliding underneath until she gasped in pleasure when his fingers pinched her pussy lips together.  She almost creamed on his hands.

He grabbed her pussy lips, squeezing the thick lips, her hips frantically jerking back and forth between his cock on her ass and his fingers pinching her pussy.   He could feel her wetness soaking her panties until his fingers were wet.  Her legs were spread wantonly, humping up against him as much as he humped her.     

He left her as fast as he met her, disappearing, Sandy left bent over and unsatisfied.  She heard his car leave, signaling her disappointment.  She pulled her skirt down to go home for the second day, masturbating to only what she could wish for.

* * *

It was Thursday as she waited for him.  She had practice today, so she was in her cheerleader outfit.  She didn’t have to wait long before he came around the corner, her eyes going to his prick first before she even looked at his face. 

Jesse saw her, his cock already hard before he saw that lovely body. He walked up to her without saying a word.  His hands went to her shoulders.  “Kneel down,” he ordered her, his hands already exerting pressure on her shoulders until he saw her obey, but it was the look on her face that was priceless.  She had never sucked a cock before.  He was sure of that.  Yet she still kneeled down next to him, her face only inches from the front of his pants and the bulge of his cock.

Sandy couldn’t do that, yet she still kneeled down, her bare knees hurting as she kneeled on some small stones on the ground.  Her hands were at her side as she started straight ahead, his prick only inches from her face and her mouth.  His hands grabbed the back of her head, his fingers interlacing in her blonde hair until she could feel her hair pulled tight.  With her hair as reins, he pulled her head closer at the same time he moved in until she felt his rough pants rubbing on her smooth complexion, but underneath she could feel the contractions of his prick as it danced in pleasure as it rubbed her face in sexual excitement.

His cock almost jumped out of his pants when it felt her face.  He wanted to tear off his pants and shove his cock down her throat, but he other plans.  He began to hump her face, his prick rubbing across her lips until they opened and he could stuff a bit of his prick in her mouth, even though it was covered with his pants.  He could almost feel her hot breath on his cock.  He began to hump her face.  “Massage my balls with your hand.”

Her hand went between his legs until she could feel his balls, wishing he were naked so she could find the twin balls in their protective bag.  He continued to rub her face and lips with his prick as she squeezed his balls, each time eliciting another jerk of his hips.  She almost wished she had the nerve to pull his zipper down and take his prick out, but she knew if she did, she would have to contend with taking his prick in her mouth.  She had never done that before and didn’t know if she could.  What would he do when he was ready to climax?  Would he cum in my mouth and make me swallow it?  She had seen how much that Brandon had cum; Sandy could never take that much in her mouth, never mind in her belly.  He humped her face for long minutes, even tasting his pants as he rubbed his prick in her lips.  He finally stopped, but Sandy wouldn’t let him get away as fast as he did the last two days.

“I am babysitting on Friday with the Jenkins.  They have a six year old, so he doesn’t require much attention once he is asleep.  They wouldn’t be back until Saturday at noon.”  She almost whizzed through it so fast she wasn’t sure that he even understood what she said.  She got off her knees, brushing off the pebbles embedded in her skin.  “Do you want to come over about ten?”  There she said it, her mind and heart racing, almost afraid he would turn her down. 

He smirked, an evil grin as she stood before him, her lips quivering.  “Do you what you are asking for?”

“NNNooo, YYYeess,” she changed her mind.  He would fuck her and she couldn’t wait.  She wanted to feel the monster inside her and to feel him take her ruthlessly.  She only hoped that she wasn’t asking more then what she was willing to accept.  She had never been with a man like Jesse before and was afraid as much as she was excited to be with him.

“We’ll see,” was all he said and then he was gone.

* * *

Even her friends noticed the difference, though Sandy tried to pass over it, but she was preoccupied on Friday in her thoughts.  She barely slept last night, her decision racing through her head all night long. 

The Jenkins were waiting for her when she got there, leaving shortly.  She fed Justin his dinner, watched a movie with him and read him a story as she tucked him into his bed.  It was nine o’clock, curling up on the couch as the television drone away.  She had changed her clothes, a bathrobe covering up the cutest baby doll pajama that she could find.  The top was diaphanous, her nipples naturally hard as they rubbed along the inside of the material.  The only thing underneath it was a pair of lace panties that were already wet in anticipation to be fucked.  It was the longest hour she ever waited, but even though she was only waiting for him, the doorbell ringing made her jump out of her skin.  Her heart was racing a mile a minute as she opened the door, Jesse standing there, with the bulge in his pants that Sandy would soon feel inside her. 

She moved out of the way as he walked in, looking around before he even looked at her.  “I hope you have something sexier under that robe.”  He stood at the door.

“Yes, I think you’ll be pleased.”  She hoped he would, but she knew it wouldn’t last long before he had her naked.

“Don’t make me wait.  Go into the living room and let me see.”  He closed the door, making believe he was locking the door, but he left it unlocked as he moved behind her as she walked into the living room.  He sat down on the footstool as she stood in front of him.

Her fingers were trembling as she opened the robe.  She was never ashamed of revealing her body, in fact, she loved the looks of boys when they saw her, but this was different.  She pulled the robe off of her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, Jesse staring at her as she revealed herself to him.  She arched her back so her breasts would stick out a little more, her nipples feeling like hard pebbles.  He didn’t say anything, but his eyes never left her body.

Jesse stood up so he could see better, her naked tits revealed behind the sheer nightgown. She wore panties, but the edge of the nightgown didn’t even reach her crotch.  “Over here, let’s sit on the couch.”  He pulled her down on the couch, their hips meeting.  Her nightgown didn’t even cover her panties, but she made no attempt to cover up, her hands at her side.  He began to run his hands up and down her naked leg, enjoying the smooth skin, his hand sliding along her inner thighs, Sandy forced to open her legs to his fondling hand.  She sat on the couch, not moving a muscle.  His hand slid up and grabbed one of her tits, his hands able to engulf it, feeling her hard nipple press into his palm as he clenched and unclenched on the firm flesh.  His other hand slid over her shoulder, holding her close as he fondled her tit, rubbing harder, but she never moved away.   He took his other hand from his shoulder, gripped her wrist nearest him, and pushed it into his lap.

He was rough with her breast, but that never stopped her nipple from feeling as if it was going to burst as the blood rushed to the tip.  He grabbed her hand, Sandy finding it thrust into the bulge in his pants, her fingers eager to touch the thick prick, her fingers finding the shaft and curling around it.  Jesse moved her hand back and forth in a mock masturbation, but she would have done it herself.  They was moving so fast, but she couldn’t even protest as he kissed her hard, their tongues intertwined, her hand left in his lap, her fingers moving up and down.  His hand slid from her breast to her leg, pulling her sideways as his hand slid between her legs and gripped her pussy with his large hand, her body shivering in excitement as one finger found her lips and slid inside.  He kissed her again as they mutually masturbated each other.

He kissed her one more time, then pulled back, pulling her nightgown up until her panties were completely revealed.  He could see the outline of her slit where his fingers had pushed the garment between her lips, able to see the moisture that his fingers had induced in her.  He didn’t say a word as he slid the shoulder straps of the nightgown down, pushing it over her proud breasts until they were revealed in all their naked splendor.  She had a lovely set of tits, big hard nipples and dark brown areolas.  He couldn’t wait to chew on them and drive her over the edge.

Her hands went up to her breasts when she was stripped to the waist, one arm cupping beneath them, not sure why she was trying to hide them from him.  He brushed them aside until they hung at her side, feeling his hot breath blowing on her nipple as he bent over.  She felt his wet lips clamp onto her waiting nipple, pulling on it with powerful suction as it pulled out, then releasing it as it sprang back, only to attack it over and over.  She could feel his teeth sliding over her nipple as it was sucked in his mouth, then his tongue attacked her nipple, fluttering back and forth over it until it hurt with desire. 

He felt her body jerking each time he gripped her nipple in his mouth, feeling the dark nipple stretching as he sucked it deep into his mouth.  His other hand went into her lap, his hands spreading her thighs until she complied, her pussy open as his fingers began to slide up and down her panty-covered slit.  She couldn’t sit still as his mouth and fingers worked her body into a sexual frenzy.

She couldn’t stop him, even if she wanted to, when his mouth deserted her nipple, looking down to see the spit covered nipple so red and hard, the cool air blowing it until it was painful. 

“Let’s get those panties off see I can see that sweet cunt.”  His hands snuck into the waistband on both sides and drew them down her hips.  She raised her ass off of the couch as he pulled them down, revealing a lovely, blonde bush shaped into a triangle.  She lifted up her legs as he pulled them off, Jesse licking his lips as he saw her wet, pink inner lips revealed.  He tossed the panties aside.

He stripped the last of her clothes from her body, Sandy naked on the couch, his hands on her legs, pulling her down until her ass almost hung off the edge.  She knew what was coming next, his hands spreading her legs to the side, her feel planted flat on the couch as he readied her.  He kneeled on the floor between her legs, inhaling the sweet smell of her arousal. 

She jumped, crossing her arms over her naked chest as she heard the door opening and closing.  Had the Jenkins come home early and caught her having sex on the couch?  She would never be able to face her parents.  She looked to the doorway, her body flushed in shame at being caught, but Jesse refused to release her legs, Sandy still spread obscenely.  Then she saw him.  It was Angelo, Jesse’s best friend.  “Get out of here,” she yelled softly, afraid of waking Justin.   She pulled her legs from Jesse’s hands, curling sideways on the couch, trying to hide her naked body, but she only had her hands to protect her.

“He only wants to watch, Sandy.  Now, be a good girl and I’ll eat that lovely cunt.”  Her hands were still over her breasts, but Jesse grabbed her knees and used his strength to spread her legs again, his head going between her legs and his mouth latching onto the wet lips of her cunt before she could do anything but moan in pleasure.

Angelo sat on the edge of the couch, just over her head as he looked down at the naked girl.  She was so hot. And naked, Jesse eating her pussy as her hips began to move, unable to resist as his tongue found its way between her lips.  He tried to move her hand so he could touch her breasts, but she covered them again, but she was fast losing the battle with Jesse’s tongue. 

It was so good, his tongue touching her everywhere, his hands pushing out her legs and pushing them back until the flat plane of her sex was open and attacked by his tongue and fingers.  He was good, touching her in places with his wet tongue, moving up and down her slit until he found her hole, the tip of it moving like a snake as it tried to enter her.  It felt like a tiny prick trying to fuck her, her hips shaking erotically, humping up and down on the tongue that was ravishing her.  She felt Jesse’s hand on her belly; her free hand touching his, but her other hand protectively covered her breasts from Angelo’s searching eyes.  She felt shamed that he was watching Jesse orally taking her, but she wouldn’t stop him for anything.  Angelo’s hands went to her arm, this time more insistent, Sandy pleading with her eyes to Jesse, but his head and tongue were moving quickly back and forth between her pussy, exciting her.  Her hips rose up, her arm surrendering as Angelo pulled it aside.

Angelo leaned over the girl, his face only inches from hers.  His hand grabbed one of her breasts, delighting in the feel of the naked flesh.  He kissed her. First, her lips were clenched tight, but his hand continued to fondle her naked breast, pinching and pulling on her nipple until it stood out begging for attention.  Meanwhile, Jesse was working hard between her legs, loud slurping noise as he sucked her lips into his mouth, his tongue attacking every inch of her intimate flesh.  Finally, her mouth surrendered, Angelo’s tongue seeking the hot depths of her oral cavity, surprised to find her tongue inside.  They swished together as he pinched her nipple until he felt her body go tense, but the pleasure between her thighs quickly overpowered the pain in her chest.

Two men were touching her.  Two men that she should never have let any way near her, yet she was naked on the couch between them, one sucking on her breast, the other eating out her pussy.  Suddenly, Jesse’s head reared up, his face painted with the wetness of her juices.  He grabbed her legs and pushed them back until she was revealed lewdly to both of them.  “AAAAHHH,” she cried out in pleasure when she felt two fingers enter her.  They began to fuck her, but she wanted more, wanted his cock, not his fingers, but she had no say in the matter.  Jesse took what he wanted, when he wanted it.  And he was humiliating her, Angelo sucking greedily on her nipple as she sat naked before him.  It was bad enough that she was doing it with Jesse, but she would never do such a thing with Angelo.  He continued to tease and taunt her nipple, his fingers, his mouth, never leaving it alone.  She turned away from him, not wanting to see her shame as he abused her body.  She tried to concentrate on the fingers that moved inside her.  Thick fingers that drove deep inside, rough knuckles pushing aside her muscles as he speared her.   He fingers moved faster, Sandy shamed at the wet, sucking sound his fingers made as they fucked her, her lower body jerking back and forth, as she was impaled harshly.  Her body shook as her Angelo’s mouth latched onto her nipple and sucked it so deep into his mouth that it felt like he was going to rip it from her chest. 

Her juices were flooding his fingers and he knew she wouldn’t last much longer before he came.  But he wasn’t ready for that.  He had more plans for her humiliation.  He got up from between her legs, waving two wet fingers in front of her face.  “You’re about ready to cum, Sandy.  But what about us?”  He pulled her up, kissing her on her lips.  “You’re being a good girl, Sandy.  I like that.  Make sure you continue to do what I say.”  He gave her one more kiss before he left her slump back down into the couch. 

She felt Jesse grab her hand, the next touch she felt was when he pushed it against Angelo’s crotch.  She could feel his prick throbbing beneath his pants.  It wasn’t as big as Jesse was, but it was much bigger then Brandon’s prick.  Jesse rubbed it back and forth, just as he did to her yesterday at school.  Angelo began to open his pants, Sandy fearing the worst.  Two men, two pricks to contend with.  Jesse released her hand when he pushed inside his opened pants, her fingers curling around the shaft of his prick; Angelo’s shorts the only thing that kept her from his naked prick.  She continued to rub the shaft back and forth, afraid of disappointing Jesse.  She turned her head to the other side, closing her eyes as she performed the degrading ritual of stroking his prick.  When she tried to stop moving her hand, Angelo’s hand would be on top of hers, forcing her to resume the rubbing of his prick until she performed once again.

It felt good, her hand so soft on his cock.  Angelo couldn’t believe his luck.  The head cheerleader was rubbing his cock, as she lay naked next to him.  Jesse always shared his girls with him, but this one was exceptional.  He saw her turn away in shame, but her hand continued to rub his cock.  He pulled the waistband of his shorts down until his cock bobbed free, Sandy pulling her hand away when it was released.  He stroked his naked cock, grabbing her hand and placing it over his shaft, his cock jerking in excitement when he felt her soft hands gripping his cock.  He made her stroke his naked cock, long, strokes until his head leaked cum onto her fingers and made him slick for her fingers.  You could see the look of disgust on her face, but her hand never stopped stroking his cock. 

“Don’t look away, Sandy.  You’re offending my best friend.”  He pushed her head until she was only inches from Angelo’s cock. Her eyes opened wide, her hand still not missing a stroke as she masturbated Angelo’s cock.  “I think you insulted, Angelo.  The only way to make it up to him is to kiss his cock.  Ask for forgiveness with your sweet, luscious lips.”

She looked at him when he said it, but all she saw was his demanding eyes, turning back to look at the prick she was stroking with her hand.  It was already leaking cum onto her hand, feeling the hot, sticky juices coating her fingers as her hand glided up and down the shaft.  The head was smooth and slick, his juices continually leaking from the head onto her waiting fingers.  She knew she had to do it, otherwise Jesse would force her, afraid of how he might do it.  She heard about girls being face fucked, thick cocks forced down their throats as they choked to death.  Jesse was just the type of man that would do such a thing.  Her only hope was that she could somehow control it.  She sat up higher in the couch, her mouth only an inch on the prick that she was holding with her hand.  Her tongue snaked out of her mouth until she felt it touch the hot flesh of his prick.  It almost felt like it was burning her tongue, the salty cum that leaked out, bathing her taste buds with the thick crème. 

He almost came when he felt her breath on his cock, his cock squirting prematurely onto her fingers.  He saw her tongue moving close to his cock, holding his breath until he felt it, sighing deeply when her wet tongue swirled around the slick head.  He watched her, her lips slowly parting, her head moving forward almost in a trance as the head of his cock slowly disappeared into her luscious lips.  He couldn’t believe how her hot and wet mouth felt as her lips closed around his cock.

She didn’t know what she was doing, but she must be doing something right because she could barely contain his jerking prick in her hand.  She was shamed as her lips closed around the smooth head of his prick, tasting his salty, thick crème that covered the head.  It spread her lips wide, but she slowly took all of the head inside until her lips were clasped around the thick ridge.  Jesse wasn’t idle, back between her legs, this time three, thick fingers inside her, plunging in and out as he finger fucked her.  She lay back as Angelo slipped his shorts and pants down, her other hand coming around to cup the heavy, hot balls in one hand as her mouth continued to work on the prick that filled her cheeks.  With Jesse’s other hand he found her clit, rubbing back and forth over it as her body shook in unexpected pleasure.  He was degrading her and all she could do was grow more excited.  She began to bob her head up and down, taking more of the shaft inside her mouth, her tongue exploring it, feeling every thick vein and bump on it, finally attacking the tiny hole in the tip until she was rewarded with the hot, thick crème that coated her tongue.

Jesse wouldn’t let her get off yet, pulling his fingers out of her, pulling her up until she was sitting on the edge of the couch.

She was almost disappointed when she had to release the prick from her mouth, but as soon as she was sitting up, both of them stood next to her head.  Jesse began to take off his pants, Sandy staring at his pants, wanting so badly to finally see his prick.  But Angelo was ready, his hand brushing her hair from her face almost gently, but when he turned her head towards him, she was confronted with his other hand holding his prick out in front of her face.

“Open your mouth and suck me, Sandy.”  It was Angelo with lust in his voice. 

She licked her lips, opened her mouth as he slipped his prick over her lips as he painted them with his wet cum.  The head of his prick popped into her mouth, pushing hard against one cheek as her mouth was filled with a man’s organ.  With one hand on the back of her head, he began to thrust his hips, fucking her mouth as if it were her pussy.  She let her tongue work over his prick as it filled her mouth a little deeper with each thrust, her lips a little tighter to keep it from jamming down her throat.  His hips moved rhythmically, her lips split by his prick, but he never let it leave her mouth.  She felt her hand being grabbed and her fingers were wrapped around another prick, this one too big for her fingers to encircle it.  She began to masturbate Jesse’s prick as Angelo’s prick rode her mouth.  For a girl that never sucked a man’s prick, she was certainly becoming experienced quickly.  Her mouth was filled with the salty cum, Sandy trying hard to get used to the thick, salty crème.    

He thrust harder, rewarded with a gag as the head of his cock banged against the back of her mouth and the opening of her tiny throat.  He made her take the full measure of his cock with each thrust of his hips, his balls slapping noisily against her cheeks.  Her cheeks hollowed each time as she sucked him into her mouth, her tongue never stopped moving to ride over his cock.  Angelo was enjoying Sandy’s mouth.

Her head was grabbed and turned the other way, Sandy confronted with the biggest prick she had ever seen before.  Not only long, but the girth was massive, and Jesse was rubbing the head of her lips, the hot juices flowing freely from his prick onto her lips.  She felt the pressure as the slick head began to part her lips, feeling them stretch wide as the massive head began to enter her mouth.  Jesse’s hands were on her head, holding her still and submissive as Angelo grabbed one of her free hands, wrapped it around his prick, and made her stroke it.  She had two pricks that were vying for her attention and one wanted her mouth.  She never opened her mouth so wide, her lips stretched tight, the corners of her mouth feeling as if they were tearing and her jaw ached.  She only felt some relief when the head finally popped into her mouth, her lips drawn tight beneath the crown like a stretched rubber band.  It was like a giant ball that filled her mouth, her cheeks puffed out to hold its contents.   She couldn’t mutter a word except “MMMGGGG.”

Jesse looked down at Sandy, her face filled with his cock, her eyes opened wide, her nostrils flaring as she struggled to breathe.  Her hand continued to jerk off Angelo, but Jesse concentrated on the pleasure her mouth was giving him. 
She could barely move her tongue in her mouth, his cock pushing it to the bottom, but just the slightest movement made his cock jerk uncontrollably in her mouth.  He couldn’t wait any longer; she would have to learn to contend with his massive cock.  He began to saw his cock in and out of her lips, his hands pushing hard into the side of her head.  He loved the way her eyes pleading with him, but he was beyond reason, only his sexual excitement at forcing the cheerleader to suck his cock his goal.

He fucked her mouth, her lips stretched over the shaft as he fed inch after inch of his thick cock through her lips and into the hot confines of her mouth.  Drool ran down her chin, but that was the least of her problems, the head of his cock blocking the back of her throat each time he thrust in.  He would hold his cock when he plugged her throat, her nostrils trying to suck in all the air she could into her oxygen-starved lungs.  Her only release was when he pulled back, but she knew it would soon be back in again with a powerful thrust. 

They took turns with Sandy for the next ten minutes, forced to lick their pricks before they thrust back into her mouth, sawing back and forth as her tongue tried to please them as best as she could.  It was terrible, her mouth always filled with the hot flesh of the men, the taste of salty cum coating her tongue with the thick crème of their lust.  At last, they both pulled out of her mouth and hands, but she was pushed onto the floor on her back.  Her legs were pulled high up into the air unceremoniously, her pussy spread open for all to see.  She looked down at Jesse kneeled between her thighs, feeling the head of his prick rubbing up and down her slit until it found her clit, hard and throbbing.  Her body shook in wonderful tremors, the head of his cock deserting her clit to push against the tight muscle of her vagina.  She had been fucked, but this was something much different.  She groaned as his hips began to pressure the head through her tight hole, feeling the painful stretching as she tried to accommodate the thick organ inside her.  “EEEEEWWW,” she cried out when the head popped inside her painfully, but he didn’t wait, his body pressing forward as inch after inch of the thickest prick spread the soft walls of her vagina open to accept the massive flesh.  He began to fuck her, her insides drawn out when he pulled out, the muscle of her vagina feeling as if it was being pulled from her body.  “EEEGGGG,” she cried out as her insides were suddenly filled with the rock hard flesh of his cock, each time deeper, each time harder until her body was rocking back and forth on his prick.

Her insides were like a tight, blast furnace, engulfing his cock in her tight cunt, her juices flowing freely, but he still grunted with each powerful thrust inside her.  By time she had taken all she could, her tits were bouncing on her chest when he thrust in, her groans exciting him when he bottomed out in her cervix with a powerful thrust that almost pushed her across the floor.

She had never been fucked so hard and fully, her insides cramped around the prick that filled every inch of her pussy.  In spite of the stretching and the powerful thrusts that bruised her cervix, it was only pleasure that she felt.  The taste of cum in her mouth couldn’t even deter her pleasure.  It wasn’t that bad and she felt a little proud that she had done it, though she was still shamed as Angelo stood over and watched Jesse fuck her.  She felt him move closer, then his hand was on her face, turning her towards him.  Even though she was getting fucked, she knew what he wanted.  She opened her mouth, accepting the slick head in and her tongue went to work on his prick.  She was being taken by two men at once, two demanding men.  She concentrated all her energies on pricks, one between her legs, and the other in her mouth.

Jesse fucked her for five minutes, sweat dripping on her as his hips were just a blur, her body shook with each powerful thrust inside her, but except for some whimpers, she took all of it.  He looked at her, that sweet cheerleader face now sucking Angelo’s cock like a pro.  He held her hips so he could pump her hard and fast, the friction burning up her pussy until he felt the surge of cum shooting up from his balls.  Angelo knew what to do; they had double-timed enough girls to see all the signs of his impending orgasm.  Angelo pulled his cock from her lips as Jesse pulled out of her sweet cunt.  He moved over her face, one hand holding her head until she was looking at his cock, the other pumping it up and down until he blasted her with a powerful jet of cum.

She was suddenly emptied of pricks, the one in her mouth suddenly pulling out, and Jesse was getting ready to cum, she could feel it.  But he pulled his prick out before she could feel his hot cum jetting into her.  He was on his feet and poised over her head, forcing her to look at his prick before she realized it.  He was pumping his prick, ready to cum and it was her face that would receive his cum.  She tried to turn aside, but his large hand held her still, Sandy forced to stare at the thick prick, Jesse crying out and then she saw the hole in the end of his prick open up.  She closed her eyes just in the nick of time, the thick splat of hot, thick crème landing on her nose and cheek, feeling like it was burning her soft skin.  She refused to open her eyes, but she could hear his hand sliding up and down his prick, a second load of cum jetting out, this one hitting her lips as she clenched them too late to prevent some of the thick, salty cum from entering her mouth.  Fingers pushed between her lips and then she felt the slick, sleet head of his prick slip between her moist lips, his hand banging against her lips as he pumped his prick until her mouth was filled with more of the thick, white crème, bathing her tongue with its salty essence. 

Jesse pulled his cock from her lips, but only long enough so Angelo could flip her over onto her belly.  His hands slid under her, jerking her up onto her hands and knees and before she knew what had happened, she was penetrated from behind by his cock. 

It was degrading, Angelo taking her from behind like a dog, her legs spread, her ass drawn up, waving in open invitation as he pierced her with his prick.  She was filled again, but she was still trying to cope with a mouthful of thick cum that refused to go down her stomach.  Hands pulled her head up, Sandy coming face to face with Jesse’s still formidable weapon, though it was covered in a slick coating of his juices.  He rubbed it over her lips until she complied with the degrading act and opened her mouth and accepted his soiled prick inside.

“Clean my cock, Sandy while Angelo fucks you.  He’s going to cum in your mouth and you are going to swallow every drop of it.”  He felt Sandy’s tongue go to work on his cock.

For five minutes, Angelo fucked her as Jesse did, hard and fast.  His hands ran all over her body, pinching, prodding and penetrating her while she sucked Jesse’s prick clean.  Angelo made her cum, cum hard, though Jesse’s cock in her mouth growing with her tongue working it over drove her to climax. 

Angelo waited purposely until she was finished, her body limp, his prick still fucking away inside her pussy like a machine before he came.  Just as Jesse threatened, he pulled out, but just as Jesse ordered, Sandy was ready, her mouth open to receive all three loads of cum into her mouth. 

She never realized a man came so profusely, her throat bobbing, her chin leaking as gallon after gallon of cum filled her mouth and finally her belly.  She would always have the taste of cum in her mouth.

They finally left her, her body exhausted and abused.  She wouldn’t walk straight for a week, but she would have a smile on her face with each painful step.

The End