Niece's Weekly Punishment Sessions



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Chapter 1



The first time she did not know.  Now she did as she laid out the instruments her Uncle would use on her.  It had become a weekly ritual, every Friday after dinner.  It had started shortly after her mother and she had moved in with Uncle Bill.  Melissa was happy growing up, she had just graduated from High School.  While not extremely smart, she did manage to get into the state university, though she would have to pay for most of the school tuition.  Then the unexpected, Melissa’s father had died. e HHe had very little life insurance and with no job skills, there was not much hope for her mother being able to support them.  Her brother, a very successful businessman had offered to let them live with him, with her mother taking care of the house and meals as payment.  In addition, he agreed to pay for Melissa’s college education as long as she lived with them and kept up her grades.  While he was successful in business, he was not with women.  He wasn’t ugly, but he just wasn’t attractive.  He was the type of person that you saw but did not notice.


Her mother noticed the leering glances and knew what was going to happen.  She knew because the same thing had happened to her when she was young.  Her Uncle had punished her weekly for over a year until she moved out.  She knew it was Melissa’s turn and she could not do anything about it.  It was her brother’s turn now to carry on the family tradition.


Melissa did not like confrontation, avoiding all conflicts by giving in quickly.  It was a trait she learned from her mother.  She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, big innocent blue eyes and a pale complexion.  She wasn’t beautiful, just average with a modest figure.  Her breasts were smallish, but were capped by large brown nipples.  Her ass was rounded and firm, with a nice pair of legs.


After a month at her Uncles house her mother sat her down to discuss their new life.  “Melissa, since your father died, things have been bad.  If it wasn’t for your Uncle Bill we would be out on the street.  I know it isn’t like it was before, but we must make the best of the situation.  Maybe in a year I will have enough experience to be able to get a better job and we can move, but until then we must do whatever Uncle Bill wants.  It is important that you go to college, otherwise you will end up with no skills like me.”


“I’m doing well in school, Momma and I’m a good girl, Momma.  It will be all right,” she said naively.


“I don’t think you understand, Melissa.  You don’t know much about boys and men yet.  They have some strange ways about them.  Strange things that they like to do to girls.  It happened when I was a girl, and I am afraid that it will happen to you with Uncle Bill.”


“I don’t know what you mean Momma, what type of strange things?”  Melissa was perplexed.


“Uncle Bill is going to punish you every Friday after dinner.  That is the tradition in this family.  When I was growing up, my Uncle did the same to me.  There is nothing we can do about it, it is just the way it is.  Soon, we will be able to move and get away from all of this, but for now, you will just have to submit to it.”


Melissa’s eyes opened wide in shock, “punish me, why Momma, I’m a good girl, don’t let him do that, please Momma.”


“Hush, Melissa, it has nothing to do with you being good or bad, it is Uncle Bill.  Men like to punish girls, men especially like Uncle Bill.  It is the way they were brought up.  There is nothing I can do about it so you are just going to have to bear up to it.  Just remember, you are to do exactly what Uncle Bill wants.  Everything he says!  Do I make myself clear young lady?”


Her mother had never raised her voice to her before and she was now ordering her to obey her Uncle.  It didn’t make sense, why would she want Uncle Bill to punish her.  “But Momma…..”


“Enough Melissa!  That is enough, just do as I say or you will find us out on the street.  Now I don’t want to hear a thing about this again.  Whatever happens between your Uncle Bill and yourself is to be kept between the both of you.  I don’t want to ever hear about it.   Do you understand, I don’t want to hear about it again?”


“Yes Momma,” her eyes lowering to the ground, knowing that it was now her problem.  What was going to happen to her on Friday night?


The First Friday Night-Learning to Obey


            “But Momma, why this clothing?”  Melissa was stumped, her mother had given her a white cashmere sweater, plaid skirt and a pair of black shoes with white socks to wear as well as a pair of black silk bra and panties.   The outer clothes were something a younger girl would wear and the bra and panties were definitely something for someone older.


            “I’m not going to tell you again, I don’t want to hear anything about this.  Those are what your Uncle Bill requested.  Now hurry, you have to be downstairs in his library in ten minutes.  I don’t think you want to be late.  Don’t forget do everything he says and I don’t want to hear about anything that happens.  I am going out for a while so you will be alone with your Uncle.  Good luck Melissa and I love you,” running from the room, ashamed at her inability to stop what Bill was going to do to her little girl.


            Melissa was stumped by her mother’s reluctance to discuss it and this made her frightened.  Would it be so bad that Momma did not want to even fathom that it could be happening, choosing to ignore it and let Melissa suffer her fate by herself?  She pulled off her clothes and slowly put on the silk bra and panties.  They felt so cool and sexy on her naked skin.  Why did Uncle Bill request them, she pondered?  The skirt was next.  It was wool, with a zipper up the back.  When she put it on and pulled up the zipper it clung to her ass like a second skin, the bottom of the skirt not even going down halfway down to her knees.  If she bent over her ass would show.  She pulled on the cashmere sweater, loving the luxurious texture against her skin.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad with Uncle Bill.  She looked in the mirror, surprised at her appearance.  She knew that she would never be the cheerleader type but her reflection showed her a side she never saw before.  She looked like a twelve year old girl.  And while her build was nothing spectacular, her breasts looked so nice in the sweater and her ass and naked legs were really accented by the short and tight skirt.  I better hurry and get to the study and get this over with, running from the room to get to the library before 7:00.  She heard the front door slamming, knowing that her mother had left, leaving her to solve her own problem with Uncle Bill.


            The library door was open and Uncle Bill was sitting on one of the black leather chairs, situated around a coffee table and the leather couch. The chairs were massive, with large padded arms with wooden corners.   Melissa always hated them, they were always cold and clammy.  In the corner of the room was Uncle Bill’s desk, a large ornate desk with wooden legs.  Around the room were various other pieces of furniture including a couple of padded benches that seemed out of place.  They looked like they needed a piano to accompany them.


            Bill looked up, hearing the clock chime seven, knowing that Melissa would not be late.  He had heard her mother going out the door and knew that he had won, his sister’s submissiveness giving him complete control over her beautiful young daughter.  He hoped that she showed some reluctance, liking a bit of challenge, liking to break the will and make her submit to what he had planned for her.  He would begin slowly, having every Friday for his own.  He would not hurry her, wanting to submit her to the humiliation as he slowly forced her to submit to him.  And he would so love the punishment he would inflict on her.


            “Come in Melissa, come in, let me see what you look like.”  He watched as she walked in the room.  His cock instantly sprang to attention, straining his pants, the bulge clearly visible.  She looked even better then expected.  She looked just like a twelve year old girl, all the way down to the pigtails he required her mother to put in her hair.  His hand reached down to his crotch, grabbing his erect cock, making sure Melissa saw everything.  He saw her blush, turning quickly to avoid his gesture.  “You look very beautiful, do you feel that way, Melissa?”


            She turned back to look at Uncle Bill, glad that his hand was not in his lap anymore, but her gaze did notice a large bulge in his pants.  “I look like a little girl,” she said.


            “Yes, you do, like a very sexy little girl.  That is how I want you to act, can you do that?”


            “I guess I could.  Are you going to punish me Uncle Bill?”


            “Do you want me to punish you, Melissa, has my little girl been bad?”


            “I’ve been good, Momma says I have to do everything you say, so I will, but if I do, will you not punish me?”


            “I’m glad you will learn your place Melissa, but I will punish you.  Tonight and every Friday from now on.”


            “How are you going to punish me, please don’t hurt me, please,” she begged.


            He picked up a fly swatter, a leather fly swatter and slapped it sharply against his palm.  “With this and my hand, I am going to punish your lovely pink skin with this.  And each week we are going to progress on, with you submitting to more extreme punishment.  I am going to enjoy our little weekly punishment sessions.  And you are going to assist me in enjoying them.”


            “Why, I’m a good girl?”


            “No, Melissa, you are my bad little girl and you must be punished.  Now come over to me so I may see you better.  But first close the drapes, I want us to have some privacy.


            Melissa became more frightened.  Her mother was gone and now the drapes were closed, nobody would know what would be happening in the room.  Here she was, dressed like a little schoolgirl, with her Uncle ready to punish her. 


"What are you going to do to me, Uncle Bill?"  Melissa waited for an answer, afraid of what she might hear.


"It all depends on how cooperative you are, Melissa.  If you show any reluctance to my demands, the punishment will get more severe.  Are you going to be a good little girl and obey your Uncle Bill?"


"Yes, Uncle Bill.  Momma told me to do whatever you say.  She would be mad if I disobeyed her."


“Good, you will only receive a light slapping with my hand and the fly swatter.  But I will find some nice tender spots to slap, your stomach and your thighs.  I will pay particular attention to your tender thighs.  I expect you to stay still and accept the punishment."


Melissa was scared, afraid of the pain that he would inflict on her, afraid that she would not be able to stand it.


"Now come here little girl, and let me see you.  You must have to chase the boys away from that lovely body," his finger beckoning her towards him seated in the chair.


"I don't have any boyfriends, I'm not as pretty as the other girls.  Do you think I am pretty, Uncle Bill?"  Her eyes lit up, no one had ever complimented her on her looks, even her mother.  She always said she was average and she better do well in school because she would probably not get a man that would support her.


"Of course, you are a very beautiful girl, Melissa.  So you've never petted with a boy before, never let a boy touch your body?"


"Don't embarrass me, Uncle Bill, no I never have done anything like that, that’s yucky," she said with a scowl on her face.


“You would please a man very much with such a lovely body.  Your tits are not very big but some men like small tits.   Like me, I don’t like big titted woman.  You just have to learn how to please a man.”


“Don’t embarrass me, Uncle Bill,” cringing when she heard him call her breasts tits.


“What, you don’t like the word tits?”


“No, that sounds terrible.”


“Tell me you have small tits, Melissa, say the words to me.”


“No, I don’t want to.”


“Are you already beginning to disobey me, is that what you are doing?”  He raised his voice, emphasizing his displeasure with her.  This would be the test of her obedience.


Melissa looked at him, seeing the look in his eyes.  She had displeased him.  “I have small tits,” she said with a murmur.


“I didn’t hear you, Melissa, what did you say?”


She cleared her throat, he was going to make her say it aloud.  She could hear her own voice saying, “I have small tits.”


Bill smiled, he had won, she was his now, his to do anything he desires to do.  And he desired much.  But he would go slowly, making her cross the line of decency each time and do things that she would never consider doing.  All to please him.  Just like a little girl should do.


“I like your small tits, Melissa, I like they way they look in that nice cashmere sweater.  And you have lovely legs, especially in that nice short skirt.  And an adorable ass.  Your skirt is just molded over your tight ass cheeks.  I like that.  I like your ass.”


Melissa was confused.  Uncle Bill was going to punish her, but he kept complimenting her on her body.  It made her feel strange and also uncomfortable.  Why did he keep talking about her body?  “Thank you Uncle Bill,” not sure what to say, but he looked like he was expecting some kind of response.


He stood up and his hands grabbed her around the waist, pushing her back towards the big desk in the corner of the room.  It was usually cluttered, but this time the top was cleared off. 


Melissa jumped when his hands first grabbed her waist.  This was the first time that he had touched her.  She felt a sudden thrill and also the fear of the unknown.  She felt her ass hit the edge of the desk as she was pushed backwards.  She saw him put the leather fly swatter on the empty desk beside her.


“I will need that soon.  Raise your arms up, Melissa, above your head.   Hurry, now don’t make me repeat everything twice.  I expect your complete obedience.”  He watched as she first hesitated then her arms rose up, higher and higher until they were up over her head.  He saw the cashmere sweater rise up her stomach, a patch of naked flesh appearing.  She looked down and watched as his hands grabbed the bottom of the sweater and slowly drew it up, revealing more of her naked stomach to his gaze.  She wondered how far he would pull it up, afraid that he would uncover her breasts, leaving her half naked, a bra the only clothes from the waist up.


He stopped when he reached the bottom of her bra.  He wanted to give her a false sense of security.  His hand began to run over her flat, tight stomach, his cock straining in his pants, threatening to pop the zipper open if it got any harder.  Melissa would have to do something about his erection before she left.  He slowly let his hand rub her naked flesh, feeling her stomach muscles tighten as he did.  He let his hand lightly tap on the flesh, his cock twitching when he heard the smack, smack of flesh on flesh.


That’s not so bad, she thought as his hand lightly tapped her stomach.  Except for the uneasiness from having a strange hand touching her so intimately and Uncle Bill being so old, it was not as bad as she thought it would be.  His hand lightly slapped her flesh.


“I think I need you in a better position, Melissa.  I can’t use two hands when I have to hold your sweater up.   Ask me to pull it over your head, Melissa, ask me to remove your sweater.  You’re still be wearing a bra, so your tits will be covered.”  He watched her face, the look as she realized that he would be undressing her.


The realization came over her.  He would be undressing her, which is why he made so much talk over her body.  He wanted to see her.  He wanted to see her naked.  He had every intention of forcing her to undress in front of him.  She knew she had lost, she would have to do as he said.  A tear began to fall from her eye as she spoke, “please, pull off my sweater,” a look of resignation etched in her face.


Bill smiled as he slowly let the sweater slip up her body, her black silk bra revealed for the first time to his eyes.  They were not very big, her tits, but they would be his to do as he please.  And he had some many ideas, some of them very painful.  He pulled it up her arms until it pulled from her body and threw it over onto the leather couch.  He marveled at her body, his body to do as he pleased.  “Good girl, now we need to get you into a better position.  A position that would make your stomach very prominent.  Sit on the edge of the desk, from the side, I want you to be able to stretch out.”  He grabbed a large pillow from the couch.  First put this beneath you back as you lie back,” taking the large pillow and positioning it in the center of the desk.


With resignation, Melissa sat on the edge of the desk, pulling her skirt down as far as she could, the material insufficient to cover much, most of her naked legs showing.  She felt Uncle Bills hand push down on her naked stomach, pressing her back onto the desk until her lower back hit the plush pillow.  She could feel the strain in her shoulders and back as her head and shoulders bent further back, arching her stomach up into the air.  She could feel the cool air on her legs, knowing that the short skirt was not hiding much.


“Good girl,” moving to the desk behind her, “now pull your hands over your head again, yes, like that.  Stretch out,” watching as her tight body strained, her stomach pushed out, her tits arched up to the ceiling.  He grabbed both of her small hands, would she be able to get them around his cock, they were so tiny.  “Grab these handles in the desk,” pushing each hand into the corner posts, black iron circles rising up from the desk.  She had never noticed them before, though they must have been there.  “Both of them, grab them tightly and whatever you do, don’t let go.  Do you understand, Melissa, under any circumstances are you to let them go.”


She stretched her arms back and grabbed the hard, unyielding metal rings, her small hands clamped tightly around them.  Her back already began to ache, the pillow forcing it to bow.  She shut her eyes, not wanting to see Uncle Bills face, afraid of what she would see in his eyes.  She heard him moving around, and then felt his hands on her naked knees at the foot of the desk.


“So lovely, your naked legs, Melissa.  Your short skirt has ridden up a considerable distance, showing me a lot of naked flesh.  As soon as I finish with your stomach, I will be working on your inner thighs.  I am going to enjoy that,” his hands running up from her knees, running over the naked flesh on the tops of her legs until it reached the hem of her dress, only inches from her panties.


Melissa squirmed on the desk as she felt his hands taking liberties with your young body.  Her eyes tightened as she imagined him leering at her exposed body, his clammy hands running up and down her naked legs, his eyes trying to look up under her short skirt.


“I need to get closer, open up your legs so I may stand between them,” his hands pushing out on her knees, bending her legs outward, watching as his continued pressure finally forced her to relent, the gap between them widening.  He caught a quick glimpse of black silk panties.


Her hands gripped the handles until they were white as she allowed his hands to open her legs, her body trembling as she imagined how exposed her sex was to his gaze.  She felt his hands continued to explore her naked legs and now she felt her legs graze his hips as he stood between them.


Bill stood between her white thighs, his hips keeping her spread open for him.  Her skirt had ridden up so high, he could catch a glimpse of the black panties tucked up beneath.  His cock twitched in anticipation.  He grabbed the leather fly swatter.  “Now don’t let go,” watching as her mouth clenched tightly.  He let the fly swatter hit her taut stomach, a rush of air shooting from her mouth, her eyes opening wide in surprise as she felt the sudden rush of pain emanating from her stomach. 


“God,” she yelled out, her hands fighting to let loose from their self imposed bondage.  She sucked in another breath before the fly swatter came crashing down again, a sharp pain rushing to her brain. 


Bill let his hand rub her stomach slowly, then the fly swatter would return again to inflict its pain, alternating between soft, caressing rubs to painful splats to her reddening skin.  He stopped with the fly swatter, but commenced with the slapping with the flat plane of his hand, feeling the heat the slaps were generating.  Melissa was squirming on the table, her thighs rubbing sensuously against his hips, not in pleasure, but to escape the pain he was inflicting.


“MMMm, Ooooh,” groaning and moaning in pain as the painful slapping continued.  Finally there was silence.  She waited and waited until she finally opened her eyes, Uncle Bills face staring intently at her.  She felt his hands still on her stomach.


“So hot, your skin.  You were a good girl, Melissa.  Keep up the good work.  Hold still for a minute, then you can get up and we can continue.”  His hands moved up her stomach, her eyes on them as they moved up to her bra.  They quickly moved over the top of them, grasping her tits in the palm of his hand.  “Hold still,” he commanded her, his hands grasping and grasping on her youthful breasts.


“Why are you doing that, please, please, stop,” she begged, but her hands continued to grab the posts tightly while Uncle Bill mauled her unprotected breasts.


He released his grip on her tits, and helped to pull her up.  “You will have to get used to having boys grabbing your tits.  I’m just helping you out.  Now stand up, quickly now.  We still have more to go, this time it will be your thighs.”  He made her stand up, her skirt falling back down to cover her thighs.  He pushed a button near the desk and a bar came down from the ceiling, it was like a trapeze bar except this had thick leather cuffs on each end, the bar over five feet long.  “If you hold the bar tightly and do not let go of it, I will not use the cuffs on you.  Can you do that, Melissa?”


Her body shuddered in fear, it kept getting worse.  Her arms reached up and her small hands gripped the bars, holding it tightly.  “Don’t tie me up, I don’t want you to do that, I wouldn’t let go.”  She felt the bar start moving up, drawing her body up. 


“Hold tightly, while I inspect your thighs.  I’m going to slip my hands under your skirt.  Has any of the boys ever done that to you, Melissa, try to feel up under your skirt?” 


“No, do you have to do that, please, nobody has ever touched my like you are doing,” but she saw him move a chair before her, sitting on it, his eyes staring at her body.  She felt the hands slipping under her skirt, moving up her hips, over her naked flesh.   They moved up higher, moving behind her, almost grasping her panty covered ass cheeks.


She started sobbing when she heard his next words.


“Your skirt is in the way this time, turn around so I can take it off.  You want me to take off your skirt, don’t you?  Ask me to strip you down to your bra and panties,” he taunted her.


Melissa’s mother sat in the bar, a fresh drink in front of her, the music blaring loudly, her friends talking to her, but she was ignoring them.  She was thinking of Melissa.  She’s all right.  She can take care of herself, she is a big girl.  And it is not so bad, I went through it.  Bill will just probably spank her and let her go.  She went back to her friends, drinking and talking.


Her crying became louder, her sobs choking back the words.  “Strip me,” she loudly said, knowing that were the words that would make Uncle Bill happy.  And with those words, she felt him turn her around, the bar circling, allowing her to continue to grasp it tightly as she was positioned to be stripped of her skirt.  She felt his hands, they did not seem to care, moving over her plump ass cheeks, making no attempt to conceal their purpose.  She felt the fumbling of his fingers on the button.  The sound of the zipper pulling down sounded so loud.  And then she felt the material slipping down her naked legs, falling to the floor beneath her.  She could feel his breath on her ass as she continued to sob.


His fingers traced up the inside of her thighs, barely able to enter, her thighs clenched tightly together.  He teased her, his finger tracing up and down the divide of her legs, almost touching her panties before running back down again.  He watched her clenching her thighs together, stopping him from having his way with her.


“I need access to your thighs, relax your leg,” reaching down to her ankle.  “Relax, it will not hurt,” grabbing her slender ankle in his hand and slowly raising it up towards the desk.


Melissa balanced precariously, her arms holding the bar preventing her from falling over as she was balanced on one leg, Uncle Bill bending her leg and placing her ankle on the top of the desk.  Her legs were now at a right ankle, one pulled out straight onto the desktop.  Her crotch felt so exposed and open.


“A little higher, I think,” grabbing the pillow still on the desk and pushing it under her ankle.  “This will be more comfortable for your ankle.”


The pillow was softer, but her leg was now arched up higher, her thighs straining from the unnatural spread of her legs.  She looked down and was humiliated at how she looked, her crotch was so open, her panties just barely covering her sex, a few stray strands of hair peeking out from beneath them.  Her naked thigh was now completely exposed.  She heard the sound of a motor, the bar again rising up higher, Melissa having to stand on her toes to continue to grip it tightly.


Bill liked how she looked, her sex so openly display.  He imagined how she would look if her panties were gone, how her sex would be opened up.  Soon, he thought, soon I will have her naked, maybe next week.  “Good girl, Melissa, your mother would be proud of you.  Such nice thighs, such smooth skin,” his hands beginning to run over the pink flesh exposed.  He felt her body trembling, partially from holding such a taut position, partly in fear as his hands continued to rub her skin within inches of her panty covered sex.  He moved closer to her, his hip banging into her panty covered pussy on purpose, pressed hard against it.  He could feel her pussy lips beneath the scanty garment.


She had never felt anything like it.  His body was rubbing against her sex.  The thin, silk panties did little to cover her vagina.  She felt one hand grip her leg at the knee.


“SSSLAAP,” the noise rang out in the room.


“OOOOW, god, that hurts,” she cried out as his hand slapped hard against her tender thighs.


He rubbed the spot he had hit, feeling the heat already, seeing the pink skin already turning redder.  “SSSLLAAP, SSSSLLLAAAP,” again, this time twice in succession, feeling her body shudder in pain.  His hands returned to caress the hot flesh.  He continued to rain down slaps to her sensitive inner thighs, her body shuddering in pain as he did.  But she maintained the position, held the bar tightly, making no attempt to stop the punishment.  Her thigh was turning a dark red.  He switched to the leather fly swatter, the intensity of the slapping increasing.


After a few minutes, he stopped, turned Melissa the other way and put her other leg up high on the desk.  He now had fresh, pale skin to work on.  He immediately began to strike her untouched flesh with the fly swatter, the splats ringing out in the room.  She had begged him not to do the other leg, laughing as he rejected her pleas. 


“What are you doing, don’t touch me there, please,” she begged.  She felt his large hand grip her panty covered sex, his finger slipped between her pussy lips.


“I just want to make sure I don’t accidentally hit your pussy with the fly swatter.  You’re not ready for that yet.  You want me to protect you, don’t you Melissa.  I’m only watching out for your best interests.  You want my hand on your pussy don’t you?”


Melissa squirmed as she felt the pulsating hand on her pussy. 
This was the first time any boy or man had ever touched her there.  She could feel the heat from it, it moving slowly, wedging itself between her pussy lips.  She could not move away from it, only able to jerk her hips back a little, but having to return or losing her balance.  It looked like she was trying to rub up and down against it.  She tried to hold still, pushing against the hand, forcing it further between her pussy lips as she did.


He could feel the heat and wetness on his fingers as he gripped her sex.  He continued on with the slapping of the fly swatter, letting his finger move slowly, rubbing around her pussy as he continued to abuse her thigh.


“Oh, god, that hurts, please, aren’t you finished yet, it burns so bad,” she cried, tears running down her cheeks as she stood there, spread and open and submit to his spanking and fondling of her flesh.


Bill stopped, moving his hard cock against her leg, both of his hands reaching down between her legs, one in front, the other grabbing at her spread ass cheeks, gripping them tightly, making her feel his hard cock on her flesh.


“No, please, no, don’t touch me like that,” she cried out, but was unable and unwilling to stop him.  She felt his hands touch her, not accidentally but gripping her from the front and rear in his large hands, clenching and unclenching on her almost naked sex.  She stood there, subjecting herself to his fondling, feeling his fingers running over her almost naked flesh.


Finally he released her, stepping back to admire her body.  Her face was flushed, her thighs and stomach a dark red, the black panties and bra in sharp contrast, standing still in her shoes and socks, now seemingly out of place.  He walked over to the couch and sat down. 


Melissa picked up her sweater and skirt, and began to pull the sweater over her head.


“Not yet, Melissa.  I want you still in your underwear.  Come over here and sit next to me.”


“Please, let me get dressed first, please,” begging, feeling more naked and vulnerable then ever before.


“No, over here now,” patting the couch besides him.


She sat down next to him, her legs clenched tightly together. 


“Closer,” putting his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him.  He felt her scoot closer, unable to prevent him from having his way.  He moved his head closer to hers, his face only inches from her cheek.  “You’ve been a good girl, Melissa.  You’re almost done now.  Just obey a little more and you can go.”


Melissa felt revulsion as he cuddled her as if she was his girlfriend.  His face was only inches from hers.  “What, what do you want now?”  She felt him grab one of her hands and place it in his lap.  She felt something hard, his penis and pulled her hand back quickly.  “No, not that.”


“Now, now, Melissa, obey, you don’t want me to slap your thighs again.  I have a riding crop I could use on them.”  He pulled her hand back, feeling her resistance, then her muscles relaxed and he dragged his hand over to his crotch again.  His cock twitched as he felt her hand touch his pants.  “Do you know what that is?”


She felt him rubbing her hand on his pants, feeling the rock hard member beneath it.  “It’s, it’s your penis,” she stammered, ashamed at what he was forcing her to do.


Bill laughed, “no Melissa, it’s my cock or prick, a penis is something soft and limp.  A cock or prick is hard.  You may call it my prick.  Can you say that?”


His hand continued to manipulate hers, feeling the penis beneath her fingers twitching.  He was making her say and do things again.  “Your prick,” she said, her face turning red in embarrassment.  Here she was, still half naked on the couch, rubbing his prick and saying the word to him.  God, would it ever end.


“I want you to rub my prick, I want you to rub it up and down like this,” forcing her hand to stroke his hard prick.  “Yes, that is good, Melissa, do you know what you are doing, you are going to masturbate me, rub my prick until I cum.  I know you can make me cum, your hands are so soft and gentle.”  He moved closer to her face again, whispering in her ear, “I’m going to release your hand, I want you to do it yourself, OK?”  He let go of her hand and waited.  Her hand stopped rubbing, then began to rub again.  “Good girl, such a good girl.”


Melissa could not believe what she was doing, sitting half naked on the couch while rubbing her Uncle’s prick, rubbing it until she would make him cum.  God, what was her mother making her become.


“Use your other hand, and move it lower.  I want you to cup my balls.  They are full of hot cum waiting for your hands to coax out,” his lips only an inch from her ear.  He felt her other hand reach down and tentatively grab his balls.  “GGGoddd,” feeling her squeeze his balls rather hard beneath his pants, but still enjoying her stimulation of his swollen balls.  “Use your other hand that is rubbing my prick and find the end of it and squeeze the head of it hard.”  He let his lips run lightly over her cheek, planting tiny kisses on her face.  "God, your good, Melissa, have you ever done this before?”


She listened to his commands and obeyed, stroking his prick up and down, grabbing it tightly through his pants.  Her other hand reached further down his pants, finding two round objects, her hand gripping them tightly and squeezing them.  She heard him groan, not sure if in pain or pleasure, so she did it again, this time harder.  She was rewarded with another grunt.  She ran her fingers up his shaft until she reached the end and then did as he said gripping the head with two fingers and digging them into it deeply.  It was hard, yet still soft, her fingers pushing into the yielding flesh.  She felt proud of herself as he continued to encourage her.


She was good, she might not know what she was doing, but she was doing it intuitively, her hands making his prick harder.  “Every Friday, you are going to have to make me cum, Melissa.  You make my prick so hard when I punish you, you will have to relieve me before you are finished.  I will teach you how to pleasure me.  He reached for her head and turned her towards him, his lips reaching out and touching hers, his tongue seeking entrance to her lips.


“MMMM,” her hands stopping, her head trying to break free of his kiss.  Why was he trying to kiss her?  She turned her head away, her hands returning to stroke his prick again.  He was getting too aggressive, treating her like she was his lover.  She had to get him off soon.  “OOW,” she yelped, his fingers pinching her thigh.


“Open your legs again, I want to feel those hot thighs,” his hands forcefully pushing between her legs until she relaxed them, letting them spread open.  “Stroke my prick.”  He looked down at her, slightly slumped in the couch next to him, her hands urgently stroking his cock, the other hand either playing with his balls or pinching the head of his prick.  Her legs were spread in a wide V, the black panties outlined by her pale, white skin.  His hand began to run up and down her thighs, each time moving closer to her panty covered pussy.  His other hand reached up to her naked belly, running over the hot, red skin. 


She could feel his fingers becoming more urgent, the one on her belly sliding lower, down over her abdomen, slipping cautiously into her silk panties, sliding down over her naked flesh.  The other continued to rub her thighs, his knuckles moving against her panty covered pussy, each time with more force until he started to grind them into her pussy lips.  “OOOUUCH,” he had pulled her pubic hair, yanking out a few of the hairs.  It was time to end it, she begin to masturbate his prick faster, her other hand massaging his balls gently as she felt him begin to shudder.


“Oh, God Melissa, you are so good, I’m going to cum.”  His hand dug down into her panties, cupping her naked pussy, a fat finger slipping between her wet pussy lips as he began to shoot inside his pants.


“Ahhhhww,” startled as she felt his hand on her naked pussy, fingers playing up and down her slit.  “Sttooop,” she yelled, her other hand yanking his hand out of her panties, feeling the prick beneath her fingers begin to spasm, feeling it shudder and shake.  So that is what it felt like when it came.  Her fingers continued to rub the member, fingers pinching the head, hearing his groans when she did.  His hand rested on top of hers, slowing her movements to a clenching and unclenching on the spewing prick inside his pants.  He could feel the wetness as he shot a load of cum inside his shorts. 


“You were good, Melissa, your hand was really good, did you enjoy making me cum?”


“Can I go now, Uncle Bill?  Can I get dressed and leave?”


Bill nodded, satisfied.  “I will see you next Friday for another punishment session, Melissa.  I look forward to another enjoyable evening with your beautiful body.  I have so much to teach you.”  He watched as she quickly slipped her sweater over her head and pulled on her skirt, attaching it quickly so she could leave.  The door slammed shut, leaving Bill slumped in the chair, his shorts wet, filled with the cum she coaxed from his balls, satisfied.


Chapter 2 Spanking and Breast Whipping


            Melissa’s mother laid out clothes for her tonight.  It was Friday night again, almost 7 p.m.  “You better start getting ready, Melissa.  You don’t want to me late for Uncle Bill.”  She looked down at the clothes on the bed.  Again, clothes that would make her look younger.  A short skirt, even shorter then before, red plaid, classic schoolgirl.  This time it was a tee-shirt, a very expensive tee shirt, soft, plush material.  It wasn’t meant to be loose fitting, it was made to cling to a nice pair of breasts.  There was no bra.  Panties were red, very silky. 


            Melissa came into the room from the shower, a short towel covering her naked body, sweet smelling and fresh.  A lamb being led to the slaughter.  She had been dreading Friday night all week, hoping that her mother would not make her go into Uncle Bill’s library again.  Her mother telling her to take a shower and not be late made her cringe, knowing that she would again have to endure Uncle
Bill’s punishment and the molesting of her young body.


            “I’m going out, I wouldn’t be late.  Now you be a good girl and obey Uncle Bill.  I have to rush, the girls are waiting outside.”  She rushed out the door, not wanting to see the pleading expression on Melissa’s face as she left.  It’s not so bad, I went through it when I was young.  And soon, they would find a place of their own, a place where Uncle Bill would not control them.


            Melissa began to dress, dropping the towel to the floor, catching a glimpse of her naked body in the mirror.  Her breasts were small, but each capped with such a lovely pink nipple, surrounded by a dark areola, contrasting the white, pale breast flesh.  Her hips and ass were filling out, her tiny, blonde bush barely able to cover her puffy pussy lips.  She slipped the red panties on, the feeling of the silky materials so nice after the cotton panties she wore during the week.  She pulled the skirt on, trying to pull it down, barely able to cover mid thigh.  She pulled the tee shirt over her head, smothering it down, almost like a second skin.  The soft material clung to her young breasts, molding around them.  She turned red when she saw how hard her nipples had become, poking out the thin material.  She glanced at the clock, only five minutes, hurrying to finish dressing and running down to the library to arrive just as the grandfather clock in the hall rang seven chimes.


            She opened the door, Uncle Bill already comfortable in his chair, wearing a smoking jacket, looking up as she entered.  “Good evening, Uncle Bill.”


            “Why, you certainly look lovely tonight Melissa.  Step closer, so I may see better,” motioning her over to him.


            She stood in front of him, her arms raised up, hiding her hard nipples.


            “What are you trying to hide from me, Melissa?  Lower your hands to your side.”


            She lowered her eyes to the floor, not wanting to see his expression as her hands lowered, her breasts now uncovered.


            “Such a lovely top, Melissa.  I like how it clings to your small breasts.  And look at your nipples.  They seem to be trying to bust out,” laughing as he said it.


            “Please, Uncle Bill, don’t tease me.  The boys already do that at school.”


            He stood up and walked next to her.  “I’m sorry.  I told you I love small breasts like yours.”  His hand reached out and cupped one of her breasts, softly snuggling it in his palm.  His finger rubbed gently over the nipple, feeling the blood rushing to the tip.  He felt her body shudder.


            She couldn’t believe she was letting him, but she did.  His hand was cupping one of her breasts, his finger stimulating the hard nipple.  He was the only one that appreciated her breasts, everyone else made fun of how small they were.  She knew it was wrong that he was fondling her young breast, but she could not stop the only person that liked them.  She felt his hand move across her chest to cradle the other one, his fingers again pinching lightly on her nipple, feeling it get even harder.  She looked down, embarrassed as she saw his hand squeezing her breast, his finger rubbing her nipple.


            Then she remembered why she was here.  Uncle Bill brought her to be punished.  “Please, Uncle Bill, stop,” pulling away from him.


            Uncle Bill was almost feeling sorry for her.   Damn, can’t let feeling get in the way of good sex.  “You’re right Melissa, let’s get back to why you are here.  It is time for you to be punished for being a bad girl.  Like all little girls that are bad, they need a spanking to punish them and that is what you will get today.”


            “No, I’m too old for a spanking, Uncle Bill,” she cried out. 


            “Nonsense, you are never too old for a spanking and that is what you will receive today.”  He sat back down, this time on a wooden chair he had brought over.  A chair without arms so that lovely Melissa could be bent over his lap, her ass ready for a spanking.


            “Now get over here quickly before I increase your punishment.  I could use a belt instead of my hand.   Would you like that Melissa, a nice thick leather strap on your ass?”


            She began to sob, going from bad to worse.  “No, Uncle Bill, not a belt.  That would hurt too much.”


            “Over here, I want you over my lap, your head hanging down the side.  Quickly now, before I change my mind and get the belt,” he threatened.  He smiled as she submissively moved over to him, situating herself to the side of him. 


            She felt his hand reach out and push down on her side, guiding her down onto his lap.  Lower and lower she went until her head moved down towards the floor, the upside down position making her a little dizzy.  Her hands reached for the floor, trying to steady her body, feeling like she was going to slide off and fall on the floor.  She could already feel his hard penis pushing into her stomach, her weight pushing her down onto it.  She felt the cool air on her legs, not knowing how naked she really looked, the short skirt had not covered much before, the bent over position of her body drew it up even higher.


            “That’s a good girl, Melissa.  You must take your punishment.”  His hand moved over her back, down towards her upraised ass.  His cock jerked against her stomach as he saw her naked legs, the short skirt had ridden high up her thighs, a peak of red panties showing.  He molded his hand over her ass cheeks, feeling her body tense as he intimately grabbed her ass cheeks in his palms, grabbing them tightly as he caressed the young flesh before him.  Back and forth his hand went, gliding over the taut flesh, feeling her body move about, rubbing over his hard cock.  His hand moved lower, her body jumped when his hand trailed down to her naked thigh.


            She could only imagine how naked her legs were, his hand now traveling down her butt only a short distance before it reached her naked thigh.  God, she thought, it must be almost up over my panties, his hand on her naked thighs only inches from her panty covered sex.  She squirmed, feeling the penis moving against her like a snake, jumping and twitching.


            “Such lovely thighs you have.  I so enjoyed punishing them last time.  Such tender skin, especially here,” grabbing her roughly between her legs, clenching painfully onto the sensitive skin.  She jerked again, his cock thrilled with her movements.  “Can you feel how excited you are making my cock, Melissa?  You are going to have to make me cum again.”


            “Brace yourself, Melissa.  His hand rose and fell hard onto her right ass cheek, slapping hard into the young flesh. 


            EEEEhh,” yelled Melissa, a burning sensation in her buttock.  God, would she be able to stand it.  The blows came suddenly and without let up.  One, two, three, four in a row, alternating between each butt cheek, the burning spreading to her whole buttocks.  Then he stopped, his hand returning to lightly caress her cheeks again, moving back and forth from one to the other.  At least the pain had stopped, enduring the fondling of her body again.


            Uncle Bill’s cock jerked each time he struck her ass, loving the feeling of his hand hitting her ass cheeks.  His hand even stung a little, but that was immaterial to the sexual excitement he was feeling as he spanked her young ass.  “You’re being a good girl, Melissa.  But I think your skirt is taking too much of the brunt of the spanking.”  He began to pull her skirt up over her plump buttocks, her ass cheeks straining the red panties.  He tucked it above her waist, his hand returning to her panty covered ass cheeks.  “Much better, Melissa, you have such a nice ass,” his hand rubbing the flesh as he spoke.


            She could feel her butt being uncovered, squirming on his lap but unable or unwilling to stop his fondling of her young body.  She had to endure whatever he did to her, for her mother and her sake.  She began to cry, tears running down her cheeks as she felt the hands continuing to molest her body.


            “EEEEEEGGGGG,” the hand coming raining down on her panty covered ass cheeks again, this time more painful, the silky panties little cushion for the powerful strokes of his hand.  Four times, then the hand returning to fondle her body.


            Uncle Bill could feel the heat in her ass cheeks from the spanking, his hands running over her cheeks.  He could not wait much longer, wanting to see her naked ass, seeing how red he was making it.  “So much better, Melissa, I can feel the heat in your ass.”  His hand slapped down again, four rapid blows to her cheeks, her body bouncing up and down each time her struck her.  His cock jerked when he heard her sobbing, her cries of pain making him harder.


            Her butt cheeks went from burning sensation to be extremely painful.  His hand continued to beat down on her flesh, then returning to caress her ass like a lover would do, her body tense, waiting for the next blows.  “EEEEHHH,” four more blows, moving lower down onto the gentle up swell of her buttocks, part of his hand slapping her naked thighs. 


            He could see her thighs turning red where he had hit them.  “Relax, Melissa, I’m going to lower your panties.  I want to spank your naked ass.”


            She looked up, “No, NO,” her eyes pleading with him, her tear stained face begging him not to strip her butt naked.


            “SSSSH, Melissa, it will be all right, stroking her face.  Now back down so I can lower your panties and continue your spanking.  You want to get it over, don’t you?”


            She could only sob, her head falling back down, resigned to the fate of being stripped naked.  She felt his fingers at her waistband, pulling out on the thin garment, pulling them slowly down her buttocks.  He was teasing her, letting her feel the humiliation as he slowly uncovered her naked butt.   “No, No,” feeling a hand slip inside her panties, now grabbing her naked flesh, rubbing and gripping her young butt.


            He had never felt such nice flesh before.  It had been a long time since he was with a young girl, not since he was the same age.  He had almost forgot how good the taut, young flesh felt as he ran his hands over it, gripping the skin between his fingers, his cock jerking in anticipation.  He pulled his hand out and let her panties slide down over her hillocks, her plump ass cheeks beckoning him.  He could see her cheeks already turning red.  His hand ran up and down her ass crease, watching her buttocks clench tight, teasing her with his fingers, trying to prevent him from entering between them.  He would leave that for later.


            His hand rose up and came slamming down on her naked ass, the sound of flesh meeting flesh ringing out in the library.  He body bounced up and down, her head shaking back and forth, crying as she suffered the spanking.  Her ass cheeks turned bright red, each cheek bearing the punishment she had received.


            Her ass was a mass of pain, the spanking taking a terrible toll on her young body.  His hand returned to caress her again, clenching her buttocks, her thighs pressed tightly together to keep his molesting fingers and hands off her most intimate charms.


            He let her have her way, fighting his roving hand.  He would make her submit later, when he was ready to cum.  He spanked her again, her cries now louder then before, her ass cheeks now sensitive to anything touching the hot flesh.  Four more times he beat her naked ass, finally stopping, her head hanging down, her breathing rapid.  He let his fingers linger on her ass cheeks, teasing her ass crease, moving up and down, his finger reaching almost down to her pussy, her body jerking away in defense.  “Very good, Melissa, you did well.  You may get up now.”


            He watched as she rose up, her panties still below her ass cheeks, the skirt falling down to cover them.  She reached back, pulling them up, a small moan as the pain returned when the fabric hit her hot, sensitive flesh.


            “Over to that chair, Melissa, we are almost done.”


            “No, don’t spank me anymore.  My butt hurts so bad, I don’t think I can even sit down.”


            He pushed her over to a large, wooden chair, the back going up at least four feet.  He placed a pillow on the seat and pushed her down into it.  “Raise your arms up, Melissa, hurry up or it’s back over my lap for more spanking.”


            She did not know what was in store for her, but anything was better then more spanking.  Or so she thought.  Her arms rose up, moving up the back of the chair. 


            “Hold still,” Uncle Bill moving to the bottom of her tee shirt and slowly pulling it up her body.


            Melissa’s hands rushed back down as she felt Uncle Bill begin to strip off her tee shirt.  “No, not that, please not that.”


            Uncle Bill slapped at her hands, “put your hands back up, now!”


            Melissa complied, the tone in his voice very demanding.  She felt the tee shirt moving up over her breasts, the cool air dancing on her nipples, plucking them into hardness.  She felt it pulled over her head, now naked to the waist.  She started to put her hands down.


            “No, I didn’t tell you to do that, back up,” he ordered her, his voice showing his irritation with her disobedience.


            She stretched them back up, her tits riding up high, her nipples pointed and hard.  She did not notice the leather straps on the back, not until she felt one of them being secured around her wrist.  WWWHHaatt,” she cried out, but Uncle Bill was quick, securing her wrist tightly into the leather strap, her arm pulled up straight into the air, pinned against the back of the chair.  She was resigned to her fate as she let him secure her other arm with a similar leather strap.  “What are you doing, Uncle Bill?  Please,” she begged.


            He secured more leather straps to her arms, this time at her elbows, her arms now pinned securely.  He had so wanted to touch her naked breasts as he stripped off her tee shirt, but he waited, waited until he had her secured.  His hands reached down to her small breasts, his hand cupping them again like before, his fingers feeling the young, naked flesh beneath them.  He crushed them with his hands, feeling the spongy flesh under his grip, his fingers playing over the hard nipples, pinching them. 


            She moved her body, but was unable to escape his molesting hands and fingers as they played freely over her naked breasts.  When his hands moved down her sides, she shifted her hips in the chair, hoping to escape the roaming hands, not even caring about the pain in her butt cheeks as the tender skin chaffed on the hard chair.


            “I can fix that, Melissa,” his hand finding another leather strap, this time a fat, three inch strap that he secured around Melissa, sitting up high on her hips, pinning her to the back of the chair.


            “Why, what are you going to do, Uncle Bill, please, please untie me?  I don’t like it,” she begged.


            His hand returned to her face, pushing the hair from her eyes. “Shhh, we’re not finished with your punishment yet, Melissa.”


            “You’re not going to spank me again, no, don’t do that.”  She was confused, he could not get to her butt in the position he had her in.  She had a bad feeling, a feeling of impending doom.


            His hands returned to her breasts, loving the feeling as he molded them with his hands, his fingers plucking at her nipples, snapping at the hardening buds.  “Why your breasts, of course, Melissa, I’m going to punish your breasts,” smiling as he continued to fondle her tits.


            The shocked look came first, then the incoherent babbling as she tried to fathom what he had said.  He couldn’t mean her breasts.  They are so sensitive, who would be so evil to think of punishing a women’s breasts.  Whatttt, do you mean, my breasts?  You wouldn’t Uncle Bill,” she exclaimed.


            “That is exactly what I mean.  I will begin with some slapping of your breasts, paying close attention to your nipples.  Then I will stretch them up by your nipples and take a riding crop and whip them from top to bottom.  I will enjoy when I hit your areolas and your nipples.  That is why you are tied so securely.  I don’t want you to be able to escape the whip.”


            His hands moved up to her face again, pushing her head back against the back of the chair, suddenly finding another strap which he secured around her forehead, not allowing her to see what he would do to her breasts, her eyes situated only forward.  She felt the slap first, then the pain as his open hand slapped her breast upward, making the small tit dance up, jiggling as the sting registered in her brain.  “OOOWWW,” unable to comprehend this evil punishment.  She did not have to wait long before she felt his hand return, this time hitting her other breast, feeling the firm globe bounce around, her nipple taking the brunt of the slap.  “OOOOWWW,” she cried out again, her breasts still moving up and down.


            “I told you I loved small tits, Melissa.  I love to spank them and whip them.  So firm, the whip will bite into them so painfully, not much flesh to absorb the blow.”  His hand returned to slapping her tits, making them bounce back and forth, the firm, young breasts bouncing around, not even stopping before he returned to slap them again.  He could see them turning red, the nipples swollen, her moans of pain growing louder.


            She could not believe the pain he was inflicting on her young body.  Her breasts were rocked with pain, a burning pain emanating from her nipples.  They seemed to be swollen to twice their size, making them easier targets.  Suddenly he stopped, his hands returning to caress her globes again, his hands cradling the pain racked flesh, his fingers flicking across the swollen nipples.  She felt his fingers playing with one of her nipples, twisting and turning it painfully.  Suddenly she felt something touch it and tighten on.  She groaned in pain, as it squeezed the hard nipple tighter, cutting into the tender flesh.  The same happened to the other, first the fingers, then the pain. 


Her eyes staring straight ahead first caught a glimpse of it as Uncle Bill pulled it in front of her face before it went out of her eye sight, moving above her.  It was a string, then two, pulled tightly in front of her.  He must have attached the strings to her nipples.


            “Yes, I have tied the strings to your nipples.  Very tight, they will not pull off.”  He slowly began to pull the two strings, Melissa eyes widening in pain and fear as she felt her nipples being pulled from her body, the straps keeping her pinned to the chair, her nipples stretching painfully.  They were pulled almost two inches long, the tiny nipples turning white as the blood was pushed from them.


            “GGGODDDD, that hurts, how can you do that to a girls nipples, please, no more,” she begged as she sobbed in pain, tears running down her pretty face, her mouth grimacing in pain.


            “A little more, Melissa, then I will begin to whip your breasts,” showing her the riding crop he would use on her small breasts.


            “No, not that, please, no,” she begged the intense pain returning to her nipples as he pulled the string tighter.  He stopped, feeling the fumbling, knowing that he was tying the string to something, the strain on her nipples continuing.


            Uncle Bill pulled his cock out of his pants, stroking it as he looked down at Melissa.  Naked from the waist up, her arms stretched up into the air, bound tightly in two places to the back of the chair, thrusting her tits out.  And her tits, her nipples encircled by the tight string and pulled up to the top of the chair, the nipples over two inches long, stretching her breasts out and up.  He rubbed the whip on the underside of her breast, feeling her body jump in response.


            She heard the sound of the whip hitting, the splat as the leather riding crop hit her tender underside of her right breast.  It took long seconds before the pain reached her brain.  Then she screamed, “AAAAAGGGGHHH,” never feeling such intense pain before.  Her chest heaved up and down, her breathing ragged, pulling harder on her swollen and stretched nipples.


            Uncle Bill could not wait, the whip slashing out on the unprotected underside of her other breast, her scream making his cock jerk in pleasure.  Her body was held tightly, unable to stop the abuse of her body.  He slashed the whip back and forth, moving closer to her stretched nipples each time.  Her loudest scream came when the whip lashed at her areola and pulled on her stretched nipple. 


The pain was intense, feeling like he was separating her nipple from her body.  Tears were flowing from her eyes, her sobbing and crying unable to block out the sound of the leather punishing her young, tit flesh.  Her body shuddered each time the crop bit into her tender flesh, the sound ringing out in the room, followed by her scream, her voice already hoarse.


Her mother was on her fourth drink, having found an adequate male to buy her drinks and dance with her.  His hands often lingered to long where it shouldn’t but she grew up accepting the male domination of her body.  She remembered Melissa and what she was doing, but the man next to her pulled her from the seat to dance, holding her close, his hard cock rubbing against her pussy.  Melissa was soon forgotten as her pussy began to get wet.


Uncle Bill stroked his cock as he looked down at her breasts, now criss-crossed with red marks, the whip taking a toll on her white flesh.  Her nipples were dark red, swollen from the whip and the tight bondage of the string.  He moved his hands down, encircling her breasts with his hands, feeling her flinch from the pain of having her whipped breasts touched.


“No more, Uncle Bill, please no more, they hurt too much.”


He began to pull the string from the top of the chair, her breasts falling back down, the nipples still trapped.  “Do you want the string off?”


“Oh, yes, yes, they hurt so much.  I can just barely feel them.” She cried.


He yanked on the strings, pulling them painfully from her nipples, abrading the nipple flesh as they tore off.


“EEEEEWWWHH,” she screamed.  The pain as the string was torn off was bad, but as the blood returned to the tips, the shooting pain returned.


“Are you read to make me cum, Melissa, or would you like some more punishment,” stroking his cock, his balls full of cum, ready to unload upon her body.


“Yes, anything, no more pain.  Untie me and I will rub your penis real good.  You can shoot on my breasts again, just don’t touch them, they hurt so much.”


“I don’t think I’m going to untie you yet.  But you can make me cum.”


“What do you mean, untie me, I’ll do it good Uncle Bill,” her eyes pleading with him.


“No, you are going to have to use your hot, little mouth this time.”


She was startled, not expecting that.  He wanted to put his penis in her mouth.  She wanted her to suck it.  “You wouldn’t shoot in my mouth, will you, Uncle Bill?  Just shoot on my breasts again,” she begged.


“No, Melissa, you are going to have to take my cock in your mouth and suck me until I cum.  Then I expect you to swallow it.  Can you be a good girl and do that, Melissa?  Or should I whip you some more, maybe between your legs, on your sex.  Would you like that?  For me to tie your legs open and take the riding crop onto your spread pussy?”


“You wouldn’t do that, would you Uncle Bill?”  But she knew the answer.  He would enjoy doing that to her.  His penis twitching as he whipped her tender sex.  It was bad enough on her breasts, she knew she could not stand a whipping between her legs.  “I’ll do it, Uncle Bill.  I’ll suck your penis real good and swallow it when you shoot.  Just don’t whip me anymore.”


His hands stroked her face, wiping her wet hair from her face, drying the tears on her cheeks.  He traced his fingers over her lips, his finger sliding inside her mouth, her lips parted, not stopping him, knowing it would be fruitless.  He stroked his cock and held it up to her face, jumping as it felt her hot breath on it.  He saw the look on her face, the look of disgust at the task she must perform.  “Open your mouth, Melissa, open it real wide.  Make an “O” with your lips and I will feed you hot, little mouth my cock.”


She opened her mouth, wider, seeing how big his cock was, only inches from her lips.  Slowly he eased his hips forward, the head of the cock sliding along her lips.  She could feel the wetness lingering on her lips, her tongue accidentally touching it, tasking the salty fluid.  It was thick, sticking to her tongue.


“Now run your tongue over it like a good girl.”  He moaned in pleasure as he felt her hot, rough tongue move over the head of his cock, small drops of cum coaxed from the tip.  “Oh, yes, such a hot mouth you have Melissa.  Keep doing that and tighten your lips around it.  Then gently suck in, as your tongue licks it like a lollypop.  You can do that, can’t you, Melissa.  Lick my lollypop?”


She could not move her head, her mouth only a receptacle for his penis.  She gagged at the first taste of his cum, the salty taste awful, refusing to go down, lingering in her mouth.  It continued to leak into her mouth, her tongue seemingly dragging it out, unable to prevent it from dripping into her mouth.  She felt him lift up his balls and rub them on her chin, his cock pushing farther into her mouth, her tongue now around the underside of his penis, licking and lapping at the hot flesh.  “MMMMGGG,” the pain returning to her breasts, his hands no longer idle, squeezing the whip globes painfully.


“Suck, Melissa, draw it into your mouth.  OOOH, yes, Melissa.  Are you sure you haven’t sucked a cock before.  You’re awful good at this for a virgin.  You must have got it from your mother, I hear she was good at sucking cock.”  He pushed more of his cock into her mouth, banging against the back, making her gag.  He would not throat fuck her this time.  Next time.  He wanted her to learn how to suck his cock first.


She felt the penis sliding in and out of her mouth, her tongue running up and down his penis.  She could feel the ridges and bumps on it, the veins shooting out from the sides, the rim on the head.  Her tongue found the hole at the end, the tip of her tongue running back and forth over it, tasting the salty fluid leaking out.  She would do anything not to be whipped, even if it meant sucking his penis.  She sucked in, feeling the heavy penis slide farther into her mouth, his hips urging it forward.  She choked when it pushed too far, but she was bound too tightly to prevent it. 


Uncle Bill had never felt such pleasure before.  His hands continued to squeeze her whipped tits, her mouth sucking him harder, hoping to make him cum and stop abusing her whipped flesh.  She seemed to be drawing in his cock, the slurping sound as his cock thrust in and out her tightly stretched lips, her lips pursed to suck in the hard cock.


            He pulled his cock from her mouth and fed both of his balls in, her cheeks swelling as they were filled with his cum swollen balls.  Her tongue lashed out on his ball sack, sucking the heavily laden sacks in deeper.  He was ready to cum, unable to prevent it, her mouth just too good.  He pushed his cock back into her mouth, her lips wrapping tightly around it, sucking the hard cock farther into her hot mouth.


            “I’m going to cum, Melissa.  Don’t forget to swallow all of it.  If you don’t, I will whip you some more until I get hard again.  Then you will suck my cock again until you learn.”


            “MMMGG,” the only acknowledgment she could make, as she sucked his cock as best as she could.  She had to make him cum so she could go.  Her breasts hurt so badly, his fingers still inciting the pain from the whipping.  She felt it push in deeper and then felt it shudder, his hips pushing forward, his cock banging against the back of her throat, making her gag.  He pulled out a little, the bulbous head sitting on her tongue, shuddering as the first load of cum begin to shoot up from his balls.    “GGGGRRGGLLE,” the hot cum shooting into the confines of her virgin mouth, filling it rapidly with the salty, thick fluid.  She swallowed once, the cum choking her as it slid slowly down her gullet into her stomach.  She was afraid she would throw up. 


            It felt like she was sucking the cum from his balls, her mouth doing such delightful things to his cock.  He shot his first load, hearing her gag as it shot to the back of her throat.  Her tongue continued to lash at his cock, as she attempted to swallow his cum.  Another shudder, his cock jerking as it spewed forth a ropey load of cum onto her tongue.  Two more times he filled her mouth, hearing her swallowing before the next load filled her cheeks.  A choke and a gag, but she still continued to suck, his fingers on her breasts coaxing her to perform as best as she could.  Anything to make him cum and stop the molesting of her whipped breasts.


            She finally felt it finishing, his cock now shrinking rapidly, not just a limp piece of flesh sitting on her tongue, the salty cum permeating her mouth.  He pulled out, his hands pulling the leather straps from her body, her arms slumping down, the feelings have long gone from the bound appendages.  He went back over to his chair and sat down, his cock happy and content, having dumped his load of cum deep into the hot confines of her young body.  “You may go now, Melissa.  I will see you next Friday,” not even watching her as she dressed and hurriedly ran out the door.


Chapter 3- Melissa and Lara lose Their Virginity


            “Mother, must I go, please, stay home with me, don’t make me go to Uncle Bill’s study.  You don’t know what he makes me do,” Melissa begged her mother.


            “Nonsense, it’s not that bad.  You live in a nice house; Uncle Bill takes good care of us.  We could be out on the street.  This is the least thing you could do.  Look at all I have sacrificed for you.  I gave up a singing career to take care of you when you were born.  If it wasn’t for you, I would be famous!  Now stop being such a child.  I have to go; the other girls are waiting for me.”


            Melissa was left alone, alone in the house, Uncle Bill waiting for her in his study, ready to take advantage of her body.  She looked at the clothes spread out on the bed, cringing again when she saw them.  The skirt was short, a light green flowered skirt that would barely cover her upper thighs.  The top was cut at the midriff, her stomach would be naked, just a light tee shirt material.  There was a green thong, but no bra.  A pair of high heels again, higher then she would ever wore were sitting on the floor.  She quickly went into the shower, not wanting to be late.  She didn’t hear the doorbell or Uncle Bill inviting in the visitor. 


            “Welcome Michael, I’m glad you accepted my invitation,” Uncle Bill showing Michael to his study.  Michael was his best friend, confiding all of his secrets to him.  He had been fascinated when he told her about Melissa and the control he had over the young girl. 


            “I do the same thing.  I have a young girl under my care now, Lara.  She is from Spain.  Her mother gave me custody of her in order to provide for her education.  I am just starting to train her now, why don’t we train both of them together,” Michael had told him.


            Bill had agreed, with Michael bringing Lara with him tonight.  She was a beautiful girl, brown curly long hair, big beautiful brown eyes that seem to beg you to fuck her, a nice pair of tits, long legs and a great ass.  She was eighteen.  “Hello Lara,” Uncle Bill said, noticing her looking down, not staring into his face.  “Is she bashful?”  Uncle Bill asking Michael.


            “She is not sure what is going on.  As I said, I have just begun to train her and she is still quite reluctant.  Is Melissa the same way?” 


            “Yes, I have only had two punishment sessions with her.  I have not taken her sexually yet, though I have abused her body some.  And she has used her hands and mouth on me.”  Uncle Bill looked at Lara, such a lovely body.  It would be nice to have two young girls to molest.


            The door burst open, Melissa walking into the room, startled to see Michel and Lara standing there.  “Excuse me Uncle Bill, I’ll go, I didn’t know you had company,” relieved, getting out of the Friday punishment session she dreaded.  She turned and started walking out when she heard his voice.


            “Nonsense, Melissa, come over here,” ordering her.


            Michael looked up at her, a beautiful young girl.  Different then Lara, being blonde, blue eyes, but their figures were similar.  Both young girls, still filling out, both had small breasts, but firm, tight asses.  Yes, he would enjoy this very much.


            Melissa obeyed Uncle Bill, walking into the room.  She looked over at the other girl, seeing in her eyes the same fear she had.  Whatever they planned to do, it looked like it concerned both of them.


            “Melissa, this is Lara.  Do both of you know why you are hear?”  He looked at both of them, seeing the blank expression on their faces.  “Lara is in a similar position as you are Melissa, with Michael though.  He is training her, just as if I am training you to service my needs.  We have decided that it would be much more enjoyable to do it together.”  He waited for a response, knowing that Melissa would protest, her reluctance in her new role always fighting back. 


            “What do you…...?  Uncle Bill stopping her sentence in the middle with a quick, hard slap to her ass.  “OOOW,” she screamed, clutching her butt.


            “It was not a question; it was a statement, Melissa.  That is the way it is going to be.”  He looked over at Lara, seeing the fright in her eyes as she saw what Melissa’s outburst had cost her.


            “I’m going to like her, Bill; I like a little spunk in them.  Much more enjoyable to drive it out of them.  I think Lara has the same thing in her, but she is not that familiar with English so it takes her longer to comprehend what is said to her.  But once she does, she puts a good fight.”


            Lara looked at Melissa, there eyes meeting, each knowing what the other was thinking.  What were they going to do to them?


            “Who do we start with first?”  Bill asked Michael.


            “Since you’re the guest, why don’t we start with Lara, then we can move onto Melissa.”  “I like the idea of Melissa seeing what is going to happen to her and not be able to do anything about it but wait for her turn.”  Bill looked at Michael, awaiting his approval.


            “That’s all right with me, but mind if I check out Melissa first.  I love those tiny little titties, and I just can’t wait to touch them.  And I think we should get her in a good position to watch what happens to Lara, don’t you.  I’m sure you have some rope.”  He smiled at Melissa, his hand reaching down to his crotch, grabbing his cock, straightening it out in his pants.  “Lara, sit down over there until we are ready for you,” he ordered her sternly, Lara obeying quickly.


            Melissa backed up as Michael approached, afraid of what was going to happen.  It was bad enough with Uncle Bill molesting her, now there were two of them.  And with Lara also present to see her humiliation as she is forced to submit to them.  “Please, don’t touch me,” she begged, Michael smiling as he approached her.


            Michael moved next to her, “now little girl, be good.  I’m not going to hurt you, much.”  He moved next to her, “stand still,” he ordered her.  He saw her freeze in her tracks, Uncle Bill giving her a stare to obey.  He moved behind her, admiring her body, the light green skirt draped sensuously over her firm ass, the thin top showing her nipples popping out the front.  No bra for her.  “You’re a very beautiful girl, you know that don’t you,” he whispered into her ear.  “Such a lovely body.  We are going to do such delightful things to you.”


            Melissa trembled as Michael whispered in her ear.  She was afraid of what they were going to do.


            “Are you a virgin Melissa?”


            She swallowed, ‘yes,” she managed to get out.  “Please, don’t take that from me.”


            “I could tell, I can smell a virgin, I can smell your pussy.  Such a sweet fragrance.  We are going to fuck you Melissa.  You are going to lose your virginity tonight, just like Lara.  You’ll get to watch her first; get to see what will happen to you.  Then it will be your turn, your turn to learn how to fuck.”


            She felt his hand begin to move over her body, starting on her naked stomach, moving up under her top to grasp her naked breasts.  She moved her hands up, grabbing his, stopping them before they touched her nipples.  “No,” she cried out.


            Michael leaned over her, “put your hands down now!”  He waited, her hands releasing his, slowly lowering down to her sides.  “Good girl, Melissa, I just want to play with those cute, little titties.”


            Melissa felt his hands begin to move again, his large palms completely covering her small breasts.  She clenched her fists as he molested her teenage breasts unable to stop him.  She felt her nipples begin to grow under his palms, pushing into the hot flesh clenched on her breasts.  She had always been ashamed at the small size of her breasts, but they seemed to like them the way they were.  His hands were big like Uncle Bill’s, able to grab all of her breast flesh and squeeze them tightly, compressing them.  She arched her back, feeding her nipples deeper into his palms, wanting him to touch them, make them harder.


            “You like that, don’t you Melissa.  You like your little titties played with.”  He released her breasts, cupping them from underneath.  “You want me to play with your nipples, make them hard?  Arch you back more, stick your tits out for me.  Show me what a good girl you can be.”  He didn’t have to wait long, her back arched up, thrusting her little breasts out.  He pulled her tee up over them, her naked breasts eagerly awaiting his fingers.  “Yes, such nice nipples,” his fingers gripping the hard peaks.  “You want me to squeeze them hard don’t you Melissa?”


            “OOOH,” she moaned, as his fingers became more insistent, twisting and turning her nipples, his strong fingers pinching her sensitive flesh.  She felt the pain shoot down to her sex, making her pussy wet.  “MMMM,” pushing up on her tip toes as Michael pulled her nipples up, forcing her to stretch on her toes or have her nipples pulled from her body.  Even as she stretched, her nipples were pulled until they were over two inches long, yanked out of shape by his powerful fingers.


            Bill watched as Michael talked to Melissa, standing behind her, sure that his cock was pushed into her ass.  He looked over at Lara, sitting patiently, waiting when she would be fucked, unable to stop her own degradation.  He moved over to her, kneeling in front of her, looking up at the innocent face.  “You’re a beautiful girl, Lara,” his hands on her knees as he looked up at her.  “Lift up your skirt for me Lara, let me see your pretty panties,” he ordered her.


            “No, don’t make me do that, please no.”  She felt his hands grip her tender inner thighs, feeling like he was bruising them.  “Stop!” she cried out, her hands reaching down to the hem of her short skirt and pulling it up, his eyes feasting on her panties.


            “Above your waist, show me everything Lara,” watching as she pulled it up high, high above her waist, the low cut panties barely able to hide any of her charms.  He looked at her sex, her panties unable to conceal the outline of her labia, the material pushed between her pussy lips.  “Michael said you have a pretty cunt Lara.  Spread you legs and give me a peek,” he ordered her, his hands squeezing her thighs, giving her a sample of what would happen if she failed to obey.


            She sat in the chair, her skirt held up above her waist as she slowly parted her legs, his hands on the inside of her thighs, slowly sliding up, urging her legs farther and farther apart.  He didn’t stop until her legs were spread wide, her panties pulled up tight between her sex.  She blushed as she saw how exposed she was.  His face was only inches from her pussy, his eyes staring at her tightly stretched panties.


            “That’s good; see how Melissa is enjoying Michael playing with her tits.  I’m going to play with your pussy and make you feel good.  I’m going to make you get wet.  It will hurt less when we fuck you for the first time.  Now hold still.”


            Bill let his hands slide up and down her inner thighs, feeling her tight muscles, her legs spread wide.  He moved his fingers to both sides of the crotch of her panties, his thumbs pressed upward, gripping her pussy lips beneath the sheer panties and applied downward pressure at the same time he pushed out.  He could feel her flesh under the panties slowly open.  He let his thumbs quickly move in, pushed deep between her pussy lips, his fingers feeling her juices soak her panties.


            Lara began to arch her hips up off the chair as his fingers began to massage her inner pussy, moving up and down, each time higher until they reached her vagina.  It shouldn’t feel this good; his fingers shamelessly running over her panty covered pussy, her pussy creaming for him as if she wanted to lose her virginity to them.


            Bill looked over at Michael, his hands still running over her breasts, her teeth clenched tightly in pain, but her breasts were still pushed out into his hands, enjoying his painful manipulation of her young breasts.  “I’m afraid Lara will cum in her pants soon.  We don’t we get Melissa comfortable, maybe out of some of her clothes.  Then we can work on Lara.”


            “Good idea, how about them changing places.  Take off your top Melissa; let us see your naked titties.”  She did not fight the idea, pulling the tee over her head, her hands returning to her side.  Bill had pulled Lara up from the chair, her skirt falling back down to cover her sex.  Michael pushed Melissa over to the chair, making her sit up straight.  “You have the rope?”


            Bill brought over a large coil of rope cut into convenient lengths.  You could tell he had done this often.  He pulled Melissa’s arms up over her head and back down behind her neck, securing her wrists to each other before tying the rope to the top of the chair.  He looked at his handiwork, her breasts thrust up by the bondage.  He reached out and let his fingers snap her nipples, sending a sharp pain into each tip, a tiny yelp from her lips.  He pulled her panties down to her knees, loving the sight of her naked pussy.  It was bald, just like a baby, her labia puffy.  He reached down and tied her ankles tightly together, another rope around her knees, a third around her upper thighs, her legs pinned together tight.


            Melissa thought she would be spread open, instead her legs clamped tightly together, thankful that she wouldn’t suffer the humiliation of being so open.  She looked up as a rope came down from the ceiling.  Uncle Bill attached it to the ropes on her ankles and he began to pull up on a crank, the rope slowly rising, dragging her legs up with her.  Higher and higher it went until her ass finally pulled up from the seat, her arms tied to the top of the chair preventing her from sliding off the chair.  Her legs bound high forced her skirt to fall back, her panties still at her knees, her sex naked.  She felt like a slab of beef put on display, her body drawn up to the ceiling.


            Michael was pleased at what he saw.  He moved his hands down to her thighs, letting his fingers slip between her bound legs, pulling her pussy lips out.  He smiled at the way she was displayed, her pussy peeking out, her anus exposed, a large expanse of creamy white flesh available for a whip if he desired.  He slapped her ass hard, letting his palm also slap at her pussy, feeling her body shake in pain.  “Yes, I like that.”


            Melissa felt so vulnerable, even worse then if her legs were spread.  It hurt when his hand spanked her ass, even worse when it brushed against her pussy.  She could only yell in pain, her body bound too tight.


            Lara felt sorry for Melissa, but she knew that she was in for more then that.  They led her over to the bed, a large, four poster bed, covered with pillows, straps hanging down from the corners. 


            “Sit on the bed first.  Tell Bill to play with your pussy.”


            Lara didn’t have to be told again.  She sat down on the bed, her hands lifting the hem of her skirt up until it was above her waist.  When Bill knelt down in front of her, she let her legs spread open until she felt him crawl between her thighs. 


            “You remembered, good girl,” pleased at the way she was exhibited.  His hands returned to her panty covered pussy and began to stroke her again.  He saw Michael move behind her on the bed, lifting her arms up, pulling her top over her head until she was naked from the waist up.  Her hands returned to pulling up her skirt.  He saw her big nipples, the size of silver dollars, looking out of place on such small breasts.  “You use anything on her nipples yet?” he asked Michael.


            “No, not yet.  She isn’t like Melissa.  She doesn’t like the pain on her nipples as Melissa does.  I figured I would use clamps on them as punishment.  Isn’t that right baby,” his fingers searching out her nipples, his fingers gripping the large brown nipples tightly.


            Lara arched her back up, trying to escape the painful fingers on her sensitive nipples.  She didn’t understand how Melissa could endure such pain, even relish it.  “MMMMM, it hurts,” she begged.


            “Yes, it’s supposed to.”  He gave her a cruel twist, pulling the nipples out at the same time he turned them.  He let his hands reach underneath them, cupping them, his fingers lightly brushing over her nipples, feeling them begin to get hard again.  “Slip her panties off; she has such a beautiful, young cunt.”


            “Would you like to show me your naked cunt, Lara?  Pull your skirt off and slip your little panties off your legs.”


            Lara felt so vulnerable as she let her skirt fall off, Bill moving out of the way so she could kick them off.  He made her slip her panties down, wanting her to participate in her own stripping.  She was now naked, both men fully clothed, eyes glued to her naked body.  She felt so embarrassed, the older men making her strip naked, waiting to take her virginity from her.


            “Legs apart again Lara.  This time place them over my shoulders.”  He inhaled the fragrance of her pussy, the smell mixing with the fear of what was going to happen to her.  He watched as she lifted up her legs so she could place them on his shoulders, her pussy spreading open only inches from his face.


            Melissa watched as they molested Lara’s young body, now naked, her legs high on Uncle Bill’s shoulder, his face so close to her sex.  Michael was still playing with her nipples, Melissa wishing it was her that he was fondling.  He had a nice touch, hard, but exciting.


            Bill’s fingers moved back to her pussy, this time touching the naked flesh, her freshly shaven mound, her pussy lips slightly parted, the pink skin of her inner pussy peeking out.  He gripped her puffy lips and began to pull them, watching her open up for his inspection.  He pulled wider, seeing the lips stretching, feeling her hips raise up as it became painful.  “A very lovely little cunt Lara.”  He moved his fingers up to her vagina, the small opening slightly parted.  “Such a small pussy, it’s going to have to take such big, hard cocks inside.” 


            The fear came back again as his fingers touched her small opening.  He had not seen Bill’s cock, but he knew that Michael’s was big.  He had made her suck him, her mouth having to stretch wide around the thick meat.  She didn’t know how it was going to fit inside her without hurting.  But that is what they probably intended to do.  Hurt her with their cocks.  She felt her body being pulled back until she was laying down, Michael kneeling behind her.  He rubbed his cock over her face, leaving a trail of dried cum.


            Michael pressed his cock against her lips, “open up Lara, take my cock inside and get it nice and wet.”  He pushed when she let her lips part, spearing her oral cavity with his hard cock, not stopping until he heard her choke when it slammed into her throat.  “Good girl, I love it when you choke on my cock,” stroking his face, feeling his cock burst out her cheeks, loving the sight of her pleading eyes as he made her suck his cock.


            “Can you crème for us Lara?  If I masturbate your pretty pussy will you crème for us?”  Bill looked at her, her mouth stuffed with the cock that would soon take her virginity, getting it wet to fuck her.


            “She’s a little busy to answer,” Michael joked, pushing his cock in and out of her mouth, enjoying her tongue lathering the tip as he did.  “She’s never had her pussy eaten.  Just don’t make her cum.  Just get her sexually aroused.  I love a little girl with a steamy cunt.  It’ll try to swallow up my cock when I feed it to her.  Isn’t that right Lara?”  He laughed at the look in her eyes, unable to stop them from having their way with her defenseless body.


            Bill let his tongue slowly run up and down her inner thighs, feeling the flesh trembling as he moved closer to the target, her sweet smelling pussy.  He could almost taste her already, the sweet smell of a virgin, her pussy moist with her own juices.  Her body jerked up, a muffled cry from her lips when his tongue first touched her hot, wet pussy.  It seemed to flower open, eagerly encouraging the hot tongue to continue.  He gripped her ass cheeks, lifting her hips up, the petals of her flower opening for him.  His tongue was covered with her nectar, a slightly salty, tangy taste that made his cock jerk in anticipation.  He would fuck her after Michael took her virginity.  He would teach her how to fuck, how to make her pussy squeeze his cock, how to suck the cum from his balls.  He moved his tongue up and down her slit, the hot piece of flesh easily pushing aside her lips, lapping up her juices as they began to flow.  Higher and higher he went, feeling her hips began a gentle fucking action as she began to respond to the oral ministrations.  How he loved to make them crème themselves.


            “BBBGGH,” her mouth and throat continually plugged with his throbbing flesh.  She ran her tongue around the edge of the crown, feeling the rim, lapping at the slit on the end, tasting the pre-cum leaking out.  She hated how they were making her feel, his tongue relentless, licking up and down, her body trembling as he moved closer and closer to her swollen clit, her hips begin a gentle rotation, trying to drive the tongue harder against her flesh.  They were going to take her precious virginity and she was helping them, getting wet for their cocks.  But she could not longer control herself, the tongue doing its job, dragging out her pussy crème, soaking her pussy with her juices.


            Melissa watched both of them work over poor Lara’s body.  Would they do that to her?  She could see her beginning to respond, her hips fucking Uncle Bill’s face between her thighs, only imaging what he was doing to her.  No one had ever licked her down there, not even Uncle Bill.  He had always been too interested in his own pleasure to bring her any.  Would that change?  Would they make her cum?  She didn’t know if she could stand that humiliation.  Forced to orgasm while they took her body.


            It felt like Lara was going to suck his cock all the way down into her stomach, his hard cock pulled into her tight throat, her gagging muscles clamping onto the head, massaging it.  She was almost there, almost ready to cum.  He could feel it in the way she actively participated in the fellatio she was performing on his cock.  How eagerly she was sucking his cock.  “Slow down Michael, the cunt is ready to burst,” laughing at her discomfort that they understood her so well.


            Bill felt the same thing, trying to stay away from her clit.  He knew he only had to touch it with his tongue and she would cum all over his face.  While he would enjoy that, enjoy the refreshing taste of virgin pussy juice, Michael was right.  It would be a much more enjoyable fuck if she was aroused to a fever pitch.  She would eagerly participate in the taking of her virginity.  He lifted her hips up higher, his tongue sliding down her pussy slit, pausing at her virgin vagina, licking around the tight hole before moving back down.  He could feel her disappointment as he moved away from her clit, wanting so desperately to cum.  He moved to her perineum, lapping at the tender flap of flesh before moving up between her ass cheeks, holding her hips up higher.  He could smell the fragrance of her ass, the slightly musky smell.  He saw the tiny hole, a wrinkled pucker barely big enough for a small finger.  That would soon change.  Next week both of the girls would have their asshole stretched, stretched so they would be able to take the hard, big cocks inside.  They would be trained to be sodomized.


            “MMMM, MMMM,” shaking her head no, her mouth stretched wide by the cock, protesting the direction the tongue was taking.  She could feel her asshole exposed, his tongue almost touching her anus, ashamed that someone would even want to touch her there, never mind that he was doing it with his tongue.  It was like something cold was touched against her anus, his tongue sending shivers through her body as she felt a wet tongue touch her most intimate part of her body.  Never, never has anyone ever licked her back there. 


            “She doesn’t seem to like that Bill.  Why don’t you stick your tongue up her asshole?  Let’s see how little Lara likes her anus speared by your tongue.”  He watched Bill draw back his hand and slap her naked ass cheek, it turning pink almost immediately, an imprint of his palm left on the white cheek.  Michael heard her strangled scream of pain, stuffing his cock deeper into her throat, watching her head struggle.


            “Push out on your asshole Lara, or I will spank your ass until you do.”  Bill didn’t wait for a response, his palm striking hard against the other cheek, both of them now pink.  He ran his hand over them, feeling the heat.


            Michael let his hand run over Lara’s cheek, seeing the tears of pain in her eyes, her lips still pulled tightly around his cock.  “You better do what he says Lara or he will spank your ass until you wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week.  Be a good girl, push out on your asshole, make your anus pucker out for us.”


            Bill watched, finally seeing her muscles contracting, his eyes only inches from her tiny pucker.  He saw it begin to move, pushing out, slowly opening.  He would have to train Melissa to do this.  Maybe a whole Friday just playing with and training her asshole before he sodomized her, teaching her how she can pleasure his cock when he did.  He saw her anus shrink back down.  He slapped her ass again, “that was very good Lara, but I want you to do it again.  This time hold it open longer.


            Her ass was rocked by the slap again, this time more painful, hitting the same spot as before, igniting a sharper pain that shot up her spine.  She never felt so humiliated, imagining how she must look as she pushed out as if she was going to have a bowel movement.  She could feel his hot breath on her anus, knowing that he was only inches from the tiny opening.  She grunted, her mouth still stuffed with hard cock and pushed out, feeling her anus begin to open.  She released the pressure instantly when she felt his tongue touch her there.  “MMMGG,” protesting what he was trying to do, trying to put his tongue inside her.  No, she couldn’t let him do that.


            Another slap, this one followed by a second on the other cheek, he wanted to proceed, her hesitation becoming annoying.  “I’m not going to tell you again Lara.  Next time I’m going to slap your wet pussy.  Imagine the pain that would bring.  Now do what I say and push out again and let it stay open.  I’m going to stick my tongue in your asshole whether you like it or not.”  Bill waited for her to comply, knowing that she would.


            Michael moved close to her, “do what he says Lara, make your asshole spread open for his tongue.  You want to cum don’t you?  The sooner you let him tongue fuck your asshole, the sooner we can fuck.  I will make you cum when I fuck you.  Now be a good girl and push out for us.”


            Would they make her do that, Melissa wondered as she strained to see what they forced her to do?  How humiliating, forced to make her anus pucker in and out for them.  She imagined how she would look, both of them standing over her as she made her anus move for them.


            Bill didn’t wait this time, as soon as he saw her anus begin to open, he forced his tongue into her tiny hole, the wet flesh rigid, moving inside the tight muscle, feeling her sphincter fighting to keep it out.  He tasted her, not as good as her pussy, but still exciting, his cock jerking up and down as he thought of his cock sheathed in her hot, tight anal tract as she clenched and unclenched on it.  He felt her release the muscles, his tongue forcing hard to stay in, but her sphincter finally winning out, his tongue pushed out.  He bathed the tiny ring with his saliva, feeling it dance.


            Michael pulled his cock out of her mouth, afraid that she would make him cum.  No, he wanted to be the first one to cum inside her pussy, the first one to fill her with his hot semen.


            She felt the tongue leave her anus, relieved that the ordeal was over, moving back between her pussy lips.  She could feel how wet she was.  Could she have gotten that way when he tongued her back there.  Even though she protested it, could the thrill of being forced making her wetter.  “GGGGODDD, ssssoo good,” she cried out.  He had latched onto her clit, sucking it into his mouth, his tongue slapping at the over stimulated hard bud.  “NNOOO,” feeling his teeth nibble on it, the sharp teeth moving back and forth over it like a vise.


            “I think you better stop eating poor little Lara’s pussy before she cums all over you,” Michael laughed.  “I can’t wait any longer to fuck her.  He watched as Bill got up, admiring Lara’s naked body, her sex slick with Bill’s saliva, her face showing her arousal, her nipples looked like they would burst.  He kneeled on the bed next to her, “Spread your pretty legs for me Lara.”  He didn’t have to wait long, her legs parting, giving him an excellent view between them and her naked sex.  “Such a good girl Lara, you want to get fucked don’t you?”  He moved between her legs, his cock jutting out, his heavy balls hanging below.


            Lara couldn’t believe how big his cock was.  The head, an angry red glistened with her saliva.  How would she get something that big inside her without tearing her, or maybe that was his intention.  She felt him grab her legs at the knees and push them out and up, her legs bowing out, her pussy spreading out before him.


            “Grab your legs at the knees and pull them up.  Hold them so I can fuck you,” he commanded.  She obeyed, willingly holding herself open, helping him take her precious virginity.  Her sexual arousal was at a fever pitch, unable to stop him from doing anything to her young, tight body.  She just had to cum and cum soon.  He knew from experience she would cum as soon as he tore her hymen and plunged his cock into her unused pussy.  But there would be more, he would make her cum again, this time after he had stroked her with his cock.  After her hot, tight pussy received its first fucking.  She would remember him forever, they always remember the first time.


            He moved up, his cock in his hand, moving it up and down her slit, coating it with her juices, getting it ready to plant inside her.  He pushed forward, letting it circle her clenched vagina, slowly running it around the edges before fisting it and placing the blunt head against the opening.  It looked so small.  It would have to get bigger real quick.  He would not wait for her to grow accustom to the size of his cock.  He had to bury it in her quickly; he had to fuck that tight cunt now.


            Lara arched her ass up from the bed when she felt the hot flesh pushed against her vagina.  God, it was so big, but she needed it so bad.  She groaned when he pushed in, the head spreading her open slowly.  She looked down, his hand gripping the shaft, her small vagina making the hard cock bend, his fist holding it tight, pushing harder.  “OOOH, sssoo biggg,” she cried out as the head slowly expanded her, her vagina stretching tightly around the massive piece of flesh.  SSSTop, pleasse, wait,” she cried when he jerked his hips forward and the head was gripped tightly inside her, her vagina gripping it just below the ridge, the hot flesh stretching her hymen but not tearing it.


            Michael thought her pussy would tear the skin off his cockhead, feeling like a vise in a hot furnace as it clutched so tight.  He leaned over her body, lying on top of her, his mouth biting on her neck.  “Can you feel me jerking inside you Lara?  I’m going to take your virginity forever.  Your first fuck.”


            His body covered hers, her hard nipples pushing into his chest as she felt a man on top of her for the first time.  She held her legs out, his hips forcing them wider, splitting her crotch painfully.  He was biting her neck, tiny love bites that sent shivers up and down her spine.  She felt his flesh inside her moving around, jerking up and down in her pussy.


            He moved his face over to hers, looking at the questioning eyes, knowing what was going to happen, but unsure of how.  He let his lips touch hers, his tongue forced between her lips seeking out and finding her tongue to dance over it.  It was time.  He shoved with his hips, a powerful thrust that drove his cock through her flimsy hymen, tearing it forever.  She screamed in his mouth, his cock pulsating inside her when he heard her.  It was a sound that he loved so much.  The sound of a virgin being deflowered.  He had done it often, always exciting as much as the first time.  He would never get use to it. 


            Her hips tried to push into the mattress to escape the brutal cock that tore through her hymen.  The sharp pain shot in her groin, her scream muffled by his mouth.  Her body tried to jerk away, trying to escape, but his heavy body pinned her to the mattress like a butterfly pinned by a collector, her legs spread wide, defenseless as he speared her sex with his cock.


            Melissa saw Michael’s ass push down and Lara’s body try to escape, knowing that she was no longer a virgin.  She heard the muffled scream, fearing the pain that she would have to suffer when Uncle Bill took her.  Would he take her as Michael did Lara, pinned to the bed, her legs held wide by her own hands?


            Michael moved his head back, seeing the scared look in her eyes as he felt the wetness on his cock.  He was sure that his cock was covered in blood, but that did not matter.  It would just make fucking her easier.  “Relax baby, the hard part is over.  Now it is all pleasure.  Just have to get all of my cock inside you first.”  He pushed his hands under her hips, his cock beginning to slide deeper inside her.  He felt her insides clenching on his cock, not sure if she was fighting to push it out or in.


            “Oh, it’s too big, please wait, not yet, stretching me so wide.”  She had never felt so full before.  It was strange to have something so alive inside her, feeling it twitching, her pussy grabbing it so tightly.  His hands held her naked ass in his large palms, pushing her up, his hips pushing forward, the slow gradual insertion of his cock in her unused pussy.  He pulled back on his hips, feeling like he was dragging out her insides as the head pulled back until it was almost out.  She held her breath, knowing what would happen.


            It felt so good, her pussy so hot, the tight flesh grabbing his cock.  He painfully pulled it out.  He saw her hesitate, holding her breath.  Not wanting to disappoint her he pushed back in, her pussy going from empty to full in less then a second, this time over half of his cock buried inside her.  He heard her muffled groans, his hand drawing her hips up to receive his cock.  “Yeah, that feels so good Lara.  I’m going to teach you how to fuck.  Your pussy was made for my cock.”  He buried his cock inside her, slamming into her cervix, his body banging hard against hers, slamming into her clit as he did.


            “OOH, GGGod,” she screamed as she came, came all over the cock buried inside her.  Her body shook and trembled, her pussy clenching and unclenching on the thick cock inside her.  She had never felt like this before, even when Michael had masturbated her, forcing her to cum for him.  This was different, more intense.  It was as if her pussy was connected to every part of her body, sending out signals of pleasure throughout.  She arched up her ass, wanting to drive his cock in deeper as she shuddered again.


            Melissa looked over on the bed, Lara’s body arched up, Michael’s hips shoving in and out, the slap of flesh, the faint groans of pain coming from Lara now less and less.  It looked like Michael was burying his cock inside her, Lara taking the hard thrusts.  She heard Lara cumming, cumming so loud from the cock inside her.  She knew it would be her turn soon, scared when she saw Uncle Bill moving towards her.


            “I saw you watching Lara lose her virginity.  My cock is so hard thinking about doing the same thing to your delightful body.”  His hand reached down, moving from the back of her legs to caress the back of her thighs, the high stretch of her legs providing such lovely targets.  His hand moved lower, feeling her body shake as he let his hand roam over her ass, his fingers lightly touching her pussy peeking out from between her tightly clenched legs.  “And to feel your body, the wetness from your pussy.  You may protest the loss of your virginity but your pussy wants to feel the fullness of a hard cock pulsating inside you.”


            “NO!  I don’t want to lose my virginity.  Please, I don’t want to lose it like this,” she cried.  She saw what they did to Lara; it was not how she wanted to lose her virginity.


"Are you going to get on the bed and spread your legs for me Melissa?”  Bill questioned her.  "I want you to pull back your pussy lips and show me your virgin pussy, show me your insides."


"I'll never do that.  You might take my virginity, but I wouldn't help you," she shot back.  "Never!"


Bill got up and came back over to her, in his hand a black piece of plastic.  It was like a tongue depressor, but bigger.  It was eight inches in length and three inches wide.  He bent it, making the two ends almost meeting, the plastic highly flexible.  He let go of one end, shooting back quickly to slap against his palm noisily.  'I think I can make you do that Melissa."


She looked at it, fear in her eyes, her body jumping, startled by the sharp crack of the plastic as it hit his palm.  "What are you going to do with that?" she asked, even though she knew the answer.  It was her flesh that would feel the sharp pain of the plastic, she just feared where the most.


"I can see it in your eyes, you already know?"  Bill smiled down at her, moving back to run the plastic down her tender thighs, "yes, such nice soft, sensitive skin," feeling her flinch as the cruel plastic ran down her thighs, moving over her pushed out pussy lips.  "Or here, how would you like to feel it her?" rubbing it up and down her slit, the rigid plastic having no trouble splitting her pussy lips apart.  "And don't forget here," letting it lightly tap on her exposed anus, "so many tiny nerve endings."


She braced herself, not having to wait long before she heard the slap of the plastic on her flesh.  The sharp pain followed quickly, her upper thighs burning.  "AAHH," she cried out in pain, Michael and Lara looking over at her to see what the commotion was.  Her body jerked in pain.  God that hurt!


Bill looked down at the spot, a bright red mark showing.  He rubbed it, feeling her flinch in pain.  "Hurts don’t it?"  He smiled, pulling back the end of the plastic again, moving down lower this time, a new red mark cut right below.


Her body jerked around in pain as Uncle Bill beat the back of her tender thighs before moving onto her buttocks, the plastic spanker leaving her skin pink as it moved from top to bottom.  He loved her yelps of pain, trying to suppress her screams, not wanting Uncle Bill to truly know how much it was hurting her.  She bit her lip as she clenched her lips, tasting the blood. 


“Ready to spread your legs for me Melissa?”  He let the plastic spanker move lower, lightly tapping her pussy lips poking from between her tightly clenched thighs.  He loved the sound of the plastic on her wet flesh, the spanker hitting her pushed out pussy lips.


“NNNNNOOO!” she screamed when he hit her pussy.  God, how could he hit her there, it was inhuman.  No girl should be hit between her legs.  She didn’t have a chance to think again, the plastic spanker hitting her pussy from the top all the way down to the bottom, the hard plastic pushing aside her clenched thighs, parting the thick lips and striking painfully her soft, inner pussy, the pain shooting into her brain.  “NO MORE!  I’ll do it,” she cried out in surrender.


“You’ll do what?”  He hit her pussy again, making sure she understood what she was consenting to.


“Stop!  I’ll spread my legs for you.  I’ll let you fuck me!”  God, she couldn’t stand the pain any longer, though she was not sure which would be worse, the pussy spanking or the loss of her virginity.  But she knew that she would have to continue suffering the pussy spanking until she relented to being fucked.  He had no intention of stopping that.  And he seemed to relish spanking her pussy, noticing the way his cock seemed to grow each time she screamed in pain.


Lara was still receiving her first fucking, her body being plummeted by Michael as he continued to feed his cock in and out her teenage pussy, pushing aside all resistance, the head of his cock touching parts of her body that was previously chaste.  The pain had almost gone away.  It was only when his cock would smash into the sides of her pussy when he gave her an especially brutal fuck that she clenched her teeth in pain.  Most of the time she had this glorious feeling of being so full, his flesh pulsating inside her.  Her pussy was soaked, first from the orgasm, then continuing as his cock dragged back and forth over her clit as it fucked her. 


Michael clenched her ass cheeks in his hands, feeling the tight, muscular flesh beneath his hands.  He would enjoy her ass next week, loving the feeling of lying on top of her while she was face down, his cock sliding between those silky cheeks, finding her asshole, her legs spread wide, unable to prevent his cock from entering her virgin asshole.  But for now, he was getting ready to cum, her pussy gripping his cock so hard, almost like a hot vise clenching onto his cock.  The friction her pussy was causing was dragging the cum from his balls, but he wanted her to cum, cum when he filled her virgin pussy with its first load of cum.  He wanted her cumming when she felt the hot fluid fill her.  He pushed up with his body, making sure his cock would drag over her clit each time, his fingers moving between her cheeks, pulling them apart, his fingers playing along the edge of her anus.  “You’re going to have to cum for me Lara, cum with me now,” he ordered her.  “I’m going to fill your hot, teenage pussy with my cum.”


“No, don’t cum in me, please don’t,” she begged, but she felt his cock continuing to fuck her.  “Please, please don’t make me pregnant.”  Her clit was over stimulated, his fucking arousing her to a fever pitch again.  She couldn’t wait any longer, knowing the feelings she felt when he made her cum when she lost her virginity.  She wanted that again.  This time when he came also.  She arched up her ass when she felt his fingers around her anus, no, not there, please, she thought.  She felt his cock swell.  God it was so big.  She had never felt it before, but she knew he was going to cum.  Cum inside her.  The thought of it drove her over the edge.  “YYYEES, God yes,” her pussy beginning to spasm on the cock inside her.  She could almost feel the cum running up from his balls, through the thick shaft.  Then she felt it, the forceful shot of cum buried deep inside her, the hot fluid filling her quickly.  Again and again, feeling like she was being flooded with his hot cum.  Wouldn’t he ever stop, her body cumming with him, her juices mixing with his hot cum, her cock sloshing around in her pussy as he continued to stroke her with his cock, gliding on the large amount of fluids inside her pussy.


He loved it when she came with him, virgins, being fucked for the first time, forced to cum as he unleashed his torrent of cum inside her virgin pussy.  Her pussy felt like a hot furnace, clamping onto his fat cock, gripping it so tight that he though she would scrape the skin off of it as he pulled it from her body.  It felt so good to leave his sperm deep inside her, her hot insides bathed by his hot cum.  He felt her body shudder and shake as she came, such new feeling overwhelming her senses.  Yes, she would be a good fuck.  Bill would enjoy her tight teenage pussy next.  She would have to get use to servicing anyone he told her to fuck.  Her pussy was his to use or abuse.  And he would do both.  He pulled up from her body, looking into her face.  The special look she had, so content and relaxed, his shrinking cock still inside her, her pussy squeezing it, slowly slipping out until finally popping free.


“Off the bed Lara, Bill wants to fuck Melissa,” pulling her limp body from the bed.  They moved to the side, his hands on her shoulders, pushing her down onto her knees, his hand under her chin, lifting it up, his limp cock only inches from her face.  “Clean my cock Lara.  You must always leave my cock clean after I cum.  I don’t care if I fuck your asshole, it’s going in your mouth next.  You must learn to service me.  Now open wide,” his fingers pushing into the corner of her mouth, his cock sitting on her wet lips.


No, she couldn’t do that.  His cock was covered in cum, his and hers.  It was a light pink, a trace of her blood on it from the loss of her virginity.  She felt her head pulled up, his cock in her face, moving closer, his cock head placed on her lips, feeling the heat and wetness of his cock.  “MMM,” her mouth forced open by his fingers, stretching her lips wide, the hot meat placed inside her mouth.  “AAGG,” choking as she tasted the foul taste, a faint metallic taste of the blood, a strong salty taste, the fluid pasty and thick.  He didn’t give her a choice, pushing with his hips until his limp cock was fully enclosed in the hot confines of her mouth.  He could already feel it begin to grow even though he had just cum.  He loved their surrender, feeling her tongue already begin to swirl around the head, lapping at the hot flesh filling her mouth.


Melissa was led to the bed, past Michael and Lara, Lara’s mouth filled with his cock, her cheeks bulging out as she tongued the cock inside.  Would she have to do the same thing?  She had sucked Uncle Bill’s cock already, forcing her to swallow the thick cum.  What would it taste like when it came from her pussy?  She didn’t have much more time to dwell on it, feeling her body pushed down onto the soft mattress, falling backwards as Uncle Bill towered over her, already stripping off his clothes.  She saw his cock, the cock that would forever shred her virginity.  Not what she had already hoped the night to be.  He was stroking it, making it bigger, bigger to fuck her with.  She saw Michael look over at her, his cock being sucked by Lara, knowing that he would get to fuck Melissa next.


Bill allowed his hands to move down over Melissa’s body, as she lay on the bed, naked, waiting to be fucked.  “Love those titties,” his fingers plucking her nipples into hardness again, pulling them from her body, stretching them from her chest, the rubbery flesh pulling over two inches long before he released them, her breasts heaving up and down.  He looked at her tightly clenched thighs, a peek of her pussy visible.  “Now you’re going to have to spread your legs real wide for me Melissa.  Can you be a good girl and do that?”  He let the plastic spanker lightly tap her stomach, letting it slap lower and lower.  “You don’t want to feel this again, do you?”  He almost wished she would resist, he so enjoyed beating her tender flesh with it.  He would enjoy spanking between her legs with it, letting the plastic spanker hit her tender pussy.


She let her legs part, spreading them out, watching as Uncle Bill and Michael both stared at her pussy as her lips began to part.  She felt the plastic spanker tap her tender inner thigh, urging her to widen the gap between them, bending her knees to bow them out.  She knew that it would hurt less if her legs were spread wide, pulling them up and out, giving Uncle Bill complete access to her unprotected sex.


“Now that’s a good girl,” he let her feel the spanker rub up and down her thighs, banging against her pussy as it hit the spread of her legs, not letting her forget the control he had over her teenage body.  “Look at this cunt Michael, it’s the last time you will see it as a virgin pussy.  I want you to reach down and open up your vagina for us Melissa, show us deep inside you,” he ordered her, slapping her opened pussy, her ass arching up in pain.


It hurt when he hit her pussy, but she could also feel her juices begin to flow.  It was like her breasts, they always hurt them, their fingers pinching and prodding her nipples, but her pussy was always wet with desire when they finished.  She never fully understood it, just letting her body control her emotions, letting these men have their way with her inexperienced body, teaching her.  She was embarrassed, but she moved her hands down until they reached her pussy.  Her fingers found her wetness, surprised that she was so sexually aroused.  Uncle Bill had beaten her with the spanker, forcing her over to the bed, yet she was wet with desire.  She didn’t understand her own emotions.  She let her fingers carefully move to her vagina, feeling how small the opening was, looking down at Uncle Bill’s big cock, wondering how it was going to fit inside her, wondering how much it would hurt when he did.  She began to peel her vagina open, feeling the cool air of the room as it slowly opened.  It began to ache, her fingers stopping the pulling, waiting for Uncle Bill.


“Make her open it more, I want to see her insides,” Michael yelled at Bill. 


Bill did not need any further encouragement, “you heard him Melissa, open up real wide for us.”  He waited until she complied; disappointed that he wouldn’t be able to use the spanker, her open pussy such a ripe target.


It hurt as she spread her vagina open for them, pulling wide until she saw the smile on Uncle Bill’s face; pleased at what he saw when he looked between her legs.  “It hurts,” she begged, keeping her fingers in place, seeing Uncle Bill get on the bed and move between her wide stretched legs.  He knelt between her legs, his hips pushing them out wider, settling down near her pussy, his hand gripping his hard cock. 


“Keep it spread open.”  He took his cock in his hand and began to move it up and down her exposed slit, gathering up her juices, coating the head of his cock with her crème.  “Take your hands and grip my cock and place it against your vagina.  I want you to feed my cock into your virgin pussy,” Uncle Bill ordered her, feeling her soft hands slowly wrap themselves around his hard, hot cock.  He loved the feel of her hands.  The way they touched him, almost afraid, her touch so light.


He was going to make her guide his cock into her virgin pussy, force her to take her own virginity.  She let her hands tentatively touch the hard cock between her legs, at least relieved that she didn’t have to spread her pussy painfully apart with her finger any longer.  It felt so big and hot, feeling her own juices already coating the huge flesh.  She moved it between her pussy lips, pushing them aside, feeling the cock jerk when it touches her inner pussy.  She pushed it against her vagina, the cock head giant compared to the tiny opening.  She felt him push with his hips, the head of his cock slowly spreading her open, her vagina having to stretch wider and wider in order to accept his cock.  She spread her legs wider, hoping to relieve some of the pressure she felt, making it easier for Uncle Bill to take her virginity.


“You’re so hot inside Melissa; your pussy is burning my cock.  I can’t wait much longer; I have to get my cock inside your tight pussy.  Push up on your ass, suck my cock into your pussy,” he ordered her.  He felt her opening up, her hips rising up from the bed, feeding her pussy onto his cock, slowing engulfing the head of his cock.  “Move your hands away, it’s time.”  He let his body lie down on hers, feeling her naked breasts on his chest, feeling the hard buds stabbing deep into his flesh.  He moved his hands down her sides, sliding under her ass, gripping her tight ass cheeks in his palms, clutching them tightly.


She felt him kiss her, knowing what was going to happen.  Just like Lara, he wanted to hear her scream as he took her virginity; hear her scream as his mouth crushed hers.  His tongue entered her mouth, dancing all around, under her tongue, around her gums and teeth, bathing the inside of her mouth with his saliva.  Her body was half crushed, feeling his hands holding her tightly, ready to fuck hard inside her and tear her hymen.  “MMMM,” was all she could muster when she felt his body tighten.  Then there was this searing pain between her legs as his cock shot deep inside her virgin pussy, tearing her hymen in one painful fuck.  She cried out in pain and humiliations, losing her virginity in such a humiliating manner, by her Uncle while others watched her get fucked.  There was a tremendous pressure in her pussy as it was suddenly and forcefully stretched by his hard, demanding cock.  He continued to punch into her pussy in short, powerful shoves, each time burying more and more of his cock into finally he was buried deep inside her, her groans of pain making his cock jerk and jump inside her resisting pussy.


He let his cock drag back out, his fingers touching her clit, pulling it until it dragged along his cock, feeling her body arch up from the pain or the pleasure, not sure which, not really caring as she seemed to love the mixture of both of them.  That was all she needed, the beating with the plastic spanker had aroused her to such a pitch that the forceful taking of her virginity pushing her over the edge.  “Yes, cum for me Melissa, cum on my cock.  Get it nice and wet.  Then I can teach you how to fuck.”


He did it again, making her cum against her will.  Or was it really what she craved, the humiliation, the submission.  Her body was wracked with pleasure, her skin so sensitive, her nipples almost hurting they were so hard, painful as they dragged over Uncle Bill’s hairy chest.  She raised her hips up, driving the cock deeper inside her, her pussy walls clutching onto the hard flesh, squeezing it, massaging it.


Bill felt her body begin to relax, the sexual tension released when she came.  He began to stroke her pussy, making her take his cock in full, powerful strokes, filling her once virgin pussy with his hot meat.  He heard her groan each time he buried his cock inside her.  Her pussy gripped him so tight, each time he would have to use his strength to bury his cock inside her.  He let his fingers move up to her breasts, grabbing onto one of her nipples, his fingers pinching it tightly, making her squeal in pain.  He fucked her hard, twisting her nipple with his fingers, feeling her jerk about on the bed; her legs still spread wide, her sex pounded by his powerful body.


It felt strange, her body filled with his hard cock, sliding in and out of her pussy, faster and faster, his body plummeting hers.  She could feel the friction as her tight pussy grasped his cock, moving in and out, his cock head pulling out on her pussy as it withdrew, feeling like it was dragging out her insides.  “OOOW,” her nipple pulled and twisted, his fingers not gentle, fingernails digging into the tender tips, igniting sharp pains.  The pleasure and pain was mixing again, her first fuck, taken by her Uncle, Michael still standing over the bed, enthralled as he watched her face as she was fucked.  She knew that he would be next; she would have to service his cock before she could leave.


Bill moved his hand between their bodies, finding her clit and grabbing the hard bud with his fingers, twisting it, driving his cock in and out of her.  He wouldn’t be able to last much longer, her teenage, hot pussy already sucking the cum from his balls, ready to shoot inside her.  He pinched her clit hard, “cum for me or I’ll twist if off,” he ordered her, riding her hard, his cock pumping in and out of her pussy.


She didn’t need any further encouragement, ready to cum, wanting to experience her first cum with a cock inside her pussy.  She knew that he would cum, filling her pussy with his semen, not caring, only wanting to feel her own orgasm.  She arched her ass up from the bed, smashing his hand down on her clit, the sudden pain bringing her over the edge.  “God, fuck me, cum inside me,” she cried out, no longer caring.  She tightened her pussy on his cock as she came his body crushing hers as he pumped his cock deep inside her.  She thought he was going to rip through her body, his cock bruising her insides as he kept it buried within her body.  She felt it jerk and then she felt the unmistakable feel of her pussy being filled with his hot cum, shooting out and bathing the walls of her pussy with his semen.  It continued to sputter, shooting out more and more cum inside her.  She felt him pull out, then shove back in hard, filling her with another load of cum when he buried it deep inside her, mixing with her own.


Bill enjoyed the feel of her pussy, the unmistakable feel of a virgin cumming for the first time.  He felt her squeeze the cum from his balls, emptying it deep inside her, filling her pussy with his cum.  God, she was such a good fuck.  A few lessons and she would be fucking like a street whore.  He would teach her how to ride his cock, making her do all the work, her tits bouncing up and down as she sat on his rigid cock.  He pulled his cock out of her pussy and moved up to her head, his cock only inches from her mouth.  “Open wide Melissa.”  He pushed his fingers into her mouth before she could even react, his slimy cock fed into the hot confines of her oral cavity. 


One minute she was being fucked, the next a slimy cock, covered with her blood and cum was pushed into her mouth, filling it with the thick salty fluid, filling it with the vile taste.  She could only lay there, his hands on her head, pulling it on and off his cock, feeling the cock begin to stir again already.  God, how could he get hard so quick.  She gagged as the awful tasting fluids mixed with her saliva, passing down into her stomach.  God, what would it be like when he sodomized her, his cock soiled by her anal tract?  She knew that he would again force it into her mouth until her tongue lathered it clean.


They were both allowed to go to the bathroom to clean up, douches supplied.  Michael and Bill wanted them fresh when they would switch, each one now visiting the orifice of the others. 


Melissa learned that Lara was like herself, forced to submit to an older men by economic circumstances, in Lara’s case, the chance to break out of poverty and get a college education, something that her parents could not afford.  Like her mother, Lara suspected that her mother also knew what she would have to do with Michael, but the alternative was worse, tending to ignore the problem instead of confronting it.  They both quickly took showers, wanting to cleanse their body of the cum that dripped from their pussy and ran down their thighs.  They used the douches, hurting slightly as they were inserted in their sore pussies.  Melissa looked at Lara’s body, similar to hers, small breasts, large nipples, something that Michael and Uncle Bill both had in common, their liking for them.  Melissa got a perverse pride in the way that Michael and Uncle Bill praised and played with her breasts, especially her nipples.  It made her extremely wet when they did.


“Hurry now girls, don’t spend all day in there,” Bill growing impatient, his cock already returning to the hardness and girth he enjoyed before he had cum inside her once virgin pussy.


The door opened, the two naked girls returning, the embarrassment returning quickly to their faces, turning red as they saw the hard cocks awaiting them.


Michael’s cock jerked when he saw Melissa’s naked pussy, the puffy lips protecting her.  Her small tits bounced as she walked over towards them, her nipples already hard.  If only he could train Lara’s nipples to react the same way.  Maybe all she needed was a little nipple torture to stimulate them.  Some nice nipple clamps to bite into them, maybe clover clamps to tighten as he pulled them.  He could masturbate her while under the nipple torture, forcing her to cum while in pain.  Maybe her body would begin to accept the pain as a necessary evil to the pleasure he would extract. 


“It’s time to learn how to fuck now girls, this time we will switch partners.  You must learn how to use your pussy to pleasure men.  Forget about your own pleasure, you must concentrate all your energy on giving pleasure to the cock that will be inside you.  If you do a good job, you will be rewarded with pleasure; you will be masturbated until you cum.  If not, you will be punished.  This will also bring us great pleasure, so the choice will be yours,” Bill explained to them, seeing the look of despair on their faces.


“On the bed girls, on your hands and knees, doggy style,” he ordered them, their questioning faces exciting him.  They watched the girls get into position, climbing onto the soft mattress, their hand and knees sinking into the bed, making their movement seem clumsy, their asses swinging to and fro, their pussies peeking out from behind, the pink inside opening and closing.  Michael and Bill moved behind the respective girl, Michael fisting his cock and bringing it up between Melissa’s thighs, Bill doing the same behind Lara.


“Spread your legs wider girls, show us your pussy,” each slapping the inner thigh of the girl in front of them, watching as they eagerly complied, hoping to not relive the painful slap on their tender, inner flesh.  “You’re pussy smells so fresh now, a little red from the fucking you just received, but ready for another,” Michael pleased at their response.  “Head down on the bed and arch your ass up high.  Tease our cock’s with your pussy,” he taunted them.


Melissa suffered the humiliation as she bent over in submission, offering up her pussy and ass for their pleasure.  She could only imagine how she looked, seeing the same look of humiliation on Lara’s face as they stared at each other being prepared for a fucking.  She could feel hands between her legs, spreading apart her pussy lips, pulling them wide, feeling the cool air of the room on her inner pussy lips.  She saw Lara groan in pain and knew the same was happening to her, Uncle Bill more brutal then Michael was.  She felt fingers run up and down her spread slit, searching out her juices.


“Can you girls get wet for us; can you get your pussy to crème for us?”  Uncle Bill ordered them, wanting to further humiliate them into submission, forcing them to get sexually aroused again, masturbating them to the peak of arousal before entering them with their hard cocks again.


Lara arched her ass up as she felt two fat fingers enter her sore pussy, spreading her open again, her pussy walls clamping down on them as they speared her flesh.


“Yes, such a good girl, raise your ass up, higher,” Uncle Bill using his other hand to lightly slap at her pussy, “higher, raise up and open yourself for me,” another light tap to force her compliance.


Michael not to be outdone by Bill forced Melissa to do the same, his slaps harder, ringing out in the room as he slapped her tender flesh, her ass arching up high instantly from the painful slap.


It hurt when he slapped her pussy, she pushed up, her ass raised up high as she felt her pussy filled again, this time fingers moving around inside her, not constrained by a hymen, free to explore the depths of her inner pussy.  And explore they did, the fingers opening and closing inside her, fighting her pussy trying to squeeze them out, feeling strange having something between her legs alive and pulsating with blood.


The only sound in the room was the sound of the masturbating fingers of Michael and Bill as they tried to sexually arouse their teenage girls.  And they did become successful, Melissa the first to let her hips sway back and forth on the fingers invading her body, aiding in driving them deeper inside, clutching on them as they tried to withdraw, eagerly seeking out the pleasure that they would bring.  Lara was next, fearful at first, trying to stop her body from betraying her but Bill was relentless, his fingers moving in and out, the other hand reaching underneath her when she failed to respond as Melissa did, seeking out and finding her clit, rubbing back and forth over the hard bud.  She couldn’t any longer hide her arousal, her pussy soaking his fingers as they fingered her pussy, the sound of them sloshing around inside her giving away her secret.


“I think they’re ready,” Michael commented to Bill when he saw Lara responding, the looks on both of their faces showing the pleasure they were already experiencing.


“Yes, I think they will love it much better when they get a nice, fat cock inside their teenage pussies.”  Bill needed no further encouragement, hefting his cock up to her spread slit, running it up and down, feeling her body twitch when it ran over her slightly parted vagina.  He pushed the head against the tiny opening, a dark red from the prior fucking she had received.  He grabbed her hips, pulling her up and back onto his cock.  “Open up and take it inside.  I want to feel your steamy cunt wrapped around my cock.”  He humped his hips forward, hearing her yelp in pain when the cockhead forced itself into her pussy.  “It’ll only hurt for a minute, push back, fuck back on my cock,” he ordered her. 


Michael was having success with Melissa; her pussy seemed to suck his cock deep inside, squeezing it tightly as his hips drove the large cock inside her.  It felt so good, almost as good as when he took Lara’s virginity.  So hot and tight, only the second time a cock had visited her orifice.  “Yes, take it deep inside you,” pushing with all his might and sinking his cock deep inside her, hearing her gasp for air as her pussy went from empty to full, a hard, pulsating bar of flesh deep inside her.


For the next fifteen minutes the only sounds from the room were the slap of flesh as each one tried to fuck the girl in front of them faster or harder, the winner able to produce the loudest gasp or cry of pain.  Bill was winning, Lara still not as submissive as Melissa, still trying to fight the feeling that her body produced.  Michael eager to prove himself better began to let his finger run around Melissa’s asshole, feeling her look back at him, an angry look in her eyes, Michael’s stern gaze back killing all thoughts she might have that she could control what they did to her body.  She hung her head back down in shame again, bracing for the inevitable.  She didn’t have to wait long, the finger slowly forced into her clenching anus, moving around inside her rectum, circling, making her bigger, her sphincter unable to stop the strong finger.  She screamed when he punched deeper into her asshole, past the tiny muscle protecting her asshole and sank deeper, deeper into her colon.


Ten more minutes of fucking and Michael and Bill were ready, ready to cum inside them again.  There fingers became more urgent in trying to drag a cum out of the girls, Michael screwing his finger inside Melissa’s asshole, his other hand rubbing her clit hard.  The masochistic thrill she received from the rough fingers penetrating her body and the hard fucking was all she needed to cum.  And cum she did, the first orgasm overcoming her senses, her body covered with a sheen of sweat as her hips raced back and forth, fucking the cock behind her.  She felt Michael inside her twitch and shudder, squeezing her pussy on the cock inside her, rewarded with the first shot of hot cum filling her teenage pussy with his hot semen.


Lara let her body go, needing to get the fucking over with, needing to cum soon, her body raised to a fever pitch, her pussy clasping onto the flesh inside her as it sped in and out, the head dragging along her insides, bringing such pleasurable sensations.  She needed to feel Bill shooting off inside her, the first jet of cum shooting against her cervix, filling her body with the hot, wet fluid.  It triggered her orgasm, pushing her clit hard against his finger as she came on the cock inside her.


The two men finally pulled out of the girls, seeing their pussies still open, cum dripping out of their holes as they cocks pulled out, running down their thighs, dripping onto the sheets beneath them.  The girls were turned around, their mouths again used to clean the cocks that fucked them, their tongues now trained to cleanse the instruments that had only seconds ago had unleashed torrents of cum inside their bodies.


“Goodbye Michael and you too, Lara.  We will see you next Friday night, wouldn’t we Melissa?”  He pulled her towards him, his arm around her naked shoulder, staring down at her naked body, not letting her dress as Lara had done.  “Next week it will be your asshole, Melissa,” he whispered in her ear, “I will train you to pleasure my cock when I sodomize you.”


To Be Continued


A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride. On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball. Then, a beggar taps softly at her door. Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball. But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring. Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants. Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters. The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled. Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him. Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward. Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

Here is another searing novel of bondage and submission as only Powerone, bestselling novelist of BDSM can write.