By Powerone and Tulia

Copyright 2008



Michael looked in the window, the warm air making Tulia foolish enough to leave the window open.  She had kicked off part of the blanked, lying on her back, her legs spread slightly, the panties pulled tightly over her bald mound, leaving her slit outlined.  It was her tits that intrigued Michael tonight, the nipple clamps heavy in his pocket.  Thick and powerful, tugging on the chain would tighten them, Michael going to make Tulia do it herself in spite of the pain.  Or maybe because of it.  He brought the bright red rope that he loved so well, so erotic as it silhouetted against her light skin. He pushed open the window, climbing in with such silence that she never stirred.  He stood over the bed, taking his cock out, stroking it just above her face, imaging what she would do to him.  He couldn’t wait any longer, ready to cum unless he put his plan into action.  He bent over the bed, his hand over her mouth, his other hand pinning her two wrists with ease.


Tulia thought she was dreaming, an erotic dream of her mysterious lover taking her with such ruthlessness, making her pussy wet with desire.  She felt a hand on her mouth and then her hands pinned, the excitement building in her body.  Then it dawned on her, suddenly finding herself awake and the true reality hitting her.  There was a hand over her mouth, Tulia struggling to breath.  She tried to push it away, her hands pinned by the strong hands of someone, their large body blocking out the moonlight that was coming through the window. She realized she was in her own bedroom, but there was someone in there with her.  And he was almost on top of her.  She panicked in fear.

SSSShhhh,” Michael warned her.  “Make a sound and it will be your last.”

She suddenly felt cold in spite of the warm air, a shiver of terror running up her spine.  What did he want?  But she knew the answer, afraid of it. 

“I have a knife and I’ll slit your throat if you make a peep,” Michael lied.  “If you promise not to make a sound, I’ll take my hand off your mouth.  Nod your head if you promise.”  Michael had done this many times, finding girls so willing to please if threatened.  He felt her head nod.  He pulled his hand off slowly, testing her.  She didn’t say anything.  “Good girl.  Now hold still I’m going to tie your hands to the top of the bed.”  He saw her opening her mouth to protest, cutting her off quickly.  “Nothing out of that pretty mouth until I am ready to use it for my pleasure.” 

Tulia lay there while he tied her hands, the rope digging deep into her wrists.  He pulled them up securing them to the headboard.  He released them, Tulia tugging on the ropes, her pussy gushing as she found herself bound and helpless.  How could she get so wet? 

“Spread you legs like a good little slut,” he ordered her.  He wasn’t surprised when she did.  “Wider,” making sure that her legs touched both sides of the bed.  He slapped her hard between the legs, her legs closing in pain, squeezing his hand as if he was her lover.  “I didn’t say to close them.”  He saw her thighs trembling as she spread her legs again, this time knowing what he was going to do.

How could he hit a girl between the legs?  It stung, her pussy suddenly coming alive as his palm slapped hard against her mound.  She shut her legs, trapping his hand between them as though she wanted it there.  She struggled to obey him, slowly opening her legs with such fear, knowing that she was opening up her pussy to spank her again.  Spank her pussy.  When her legs touched the edge of the bed he spanked her, this time Tulia struggling to keep her legs open, his hand smashing hard into her mound, feeling her lips swell.  But was it pain or pleasure that raced between her legs, tugging on the ropes that held her pinned to the bed.

Michael spanked her pussy four times, each time Tulia keeping her legs spread obediently. And there was no doubt she was getting wetter each time.  “Put your legs together slut.”

She did, Michael not wasting any time pulling her panties off, throwing the to the floor.  He smiled as she spread her legs like a twenty dollar whore, her pussy glistening unmistakably with her juices.  “Now you’re learning slut.”  He slapped her mound again, this time his hand hitting soft, wet flesh.  He noticed the gentle roll of her hips as if she were raising them to meet his hands.

First he had other things he wanted to do.  He took out the set of nipple clamps, dangling them before her eyes so that the moonlight shone off of them.  “I’m gonna clamp those lovely tits so tight.  And then we’re going to fuck.  But its your ass that I want.”  He showed her his cock, stroking his organ as it grew at the thought of being in her tight asshole.

No, he wouldn’t do such a thing to her.  The clamps were so big and his cock, nothing like that would fit up her ass.  His fingers moved down to her nipples, first rousing one, Tulia fighting hard the feeling as they began to be erect, shamed that her own body was betraying her, getting hard to be easy target.  He pulled and twisted both of them until they were hard and throbbing, his evil smile looking down at her as he opened one of them clamps only inches from one of her trapped nipples.  She shook her head no in protest, but no words came out of her mouth. 

Michael took the first clamp, putting the cold metal just behind the hardened nipple, feeling it swell as the cold metal touched her warm flesh.  He looked at her face as he released the clamp, seeing her mouth grimace in pain, her lips clenched tight as the hard unyielding steel of the clamp bit into her nipple.  “One more to go Tulia.”

She couldn’t believe it, her nipple trapped behind the cold steel, the tip pounding as the blood rushed to the end.  And now he was preparing her other nipple, the first one still pounding deep in her chest.  She watched as the second clamp trapped her other nipple, the pain shooting into her chest, his cock jerking in excitement in front of her as she felt the pain deep in her chest. 

“Open your mouth,” Tulia obeying, Michael slipping the middle of the chain between her lips. “Hold it tight. When I tell you, pull you head back.  I want those clamps to bite deep into those trapped nips.  First I’m want to be in your asshole.  The pain will bring about such delicious clenching of your muscles.  I’ll cum quickly in that tight little hole, all the while you tug and pull on those nips.”  Michael laughed loudly as he moved between her legs, lifting her legs up and sliding under, his cock poised to pierce her asshole.  In this position he could watch her nipples stretch and tighten beneath the clamps.

She felt his cock nudging at her anus (or your anal probe).  She’d never take that monster up there. She felt him edge forward, the thick head of his cock pressing into her anus.  She panicked as she felt the pressure of his cock, stretching her anus wider and wider, unable to do anything but lay there and take this ass fucking.  As long as she could she resisted, finally her muscles weakened, unable to stop the squeal as she felt the head of his cock slip through her anal ring and into her rectum for the first time.

Michael relaxed his hips until only the head of his cock was gripped by her tight anal ring, the pulsing twitching of her muscles around the sensitive ridge as she tried to grow accustom to the big invader in her ass.  When he felt her relax again, he shoved hard with his hips, sliding his slick cock deep into her asshole, her body rising up quickly as he impaled her.  He couldn’t wait, beginning a gentle, slow driving rhythm with his cock, his long cock sliding in and out until only the thick head was trapped by her anal ring, then thrusting back in, making her take the full measure of his cock.

She couldn’t believe it when it popped inside her, her anus stretching wide around the thick cock.  How could he do such a thing?  She fought her own muscles, trying to push the invader out until they tired. Then he shoved in hard, her insides going from empty to full in seconds, her asshole stretching to take the thick meat in her ass.  She bit her lips as she struggled not to scream as he began to fuck her, driving his cock in and out, her virgin anal ring stretching wide as he pulled out, only to fuck back in with such a ferocity that she thought it would come out her mouth.

Her body began to accept his cock, her desperate cries turning to notes of arousal, panting as the ridges and veins on his cock fretted along her asshole exciting a perverse pleasure in her body.  “Please me with your asshole Tulia.  Clench on my cock until I cum in your guts.”

He felt her gentle clenching, Michael fighting the urge to cum.  “Tug your head up and back.  I want to see those nipples stretch.”

She cried out silently as she jerked her head back, the pain shooting into her nipples as the powerful clamps clamped tight, feeling like all the blood was shoved from the tips.  And his cock, filling her with such hardness, feeling every bump and ridge on his cock as he fucked her in a place not destined to be fucked.

“Good little slut Tulia,” watching her head bounce up and down as her nipples stretched and pulled, the pain making her asshole tighten on his thick cock.  Soon he would cum, but wanted to prolong it as long as possible. His finger found her clit, pinching it, her body jerking in unexpected pleasure.

She felt his cock going deep inside her. The pain was so intense she had to clench her teeth not to scream, her head shooting back again, even without Michael ordering her to do so. The clamps tightened even more on her nipples, new wave of pain overcoming her body. She felt his finger on her clit, moaning through her clenched teeth, this time in pleasure. He began to fuck her ass rhythmically, her legs spreading wider to allow him greater access to her ass, her asshole massaging his cock bringing wicked lustful smile on his face. Tulia closed her eyes trying not to think what he was doing to her and how much she was beginning to enjoy it.

“Keep your eyes open and look at me” his voice was demanding as he almost screamed at her.

Tulia shivered as she heard him speaking, opening her eyes instantly, seeing Michael’s stern look but most of all the lust in his eyes as he fucked her ruthlessly. It made her moan in pleasure. She tugged her head back again, somehow knowing or suspecting that it would please him. Who was that stranger that had such a power over her body, knowing exactly what she need to be kept on the edge of powerful orgasm? She couldn’t control herself any more, wrapping her legs around the stranger, pinning his body to hers, felling his cock deep inside her for long seconds before she let him withdraw. She saw a surprised look at his face as she responded more than willingly to his harsh treatment. If he wanted her to keep her legs spread he should have bound them as he did with her hands, a stubborn though shot through her head.

Her nipples were so sore but they felt so good at the same time. Tulia began tugging on the hard metal chain harder and harder, all of her muscles straining as she did it, driving moans of pleasure from Michael’s mouth as her ass tightened almost painfully around his cock. He was fucking her faster and faster, his fingers playing with her clit at the same time. She couldn’t even tell anymore where the pain ended and the pleasure began. She wanted him to cum in her, she wanted him to beg to fuck her even harder but all she could do was moan and clench her teeth on the chain in her mouth as her head went back and forth faster and faster, matching Michael’s movement.

Tulia felt his cock growing inside her, her legs wrapping tight around him as she suddenly felt him cumming deep in her guts. She tightened her muscles as she fell over the edge, his orgasm triggering hers. Her head went back, her nipples on fire as she came again and again. Her mouth opened to scream in sudden pleasure, the chain falling out of her mouth.

“I didn’t tell you to let go” Michael’s voice was more amused than angry. His hand went up to catch the chain, pulling hard on it, harder that she did herself, making  Tulia scream loud as she came again. He kept tugging on the chain, bringing new waves of painful pleasure to her, his cock still in her ass as he did it, her muscles massaging his semi rigid organ. He finally stopped, Tulia’s voice turning to a pitiful moaning after countless orgasm.

“Now, how did you like your first ass fucking?” Michael teased her, his hands going to her breast. Before she could even say a word he removed first clamp, making her gasp in pain as the circulation returned to her nipple. He waited only a second before removing the second one, not letting her to get accustom to the pain.

Tulia bit her lip, her nipples ablaze in pain but her body reacting anew with arousal. Oh no, she thought.

“Fuck me again” she begged before she even realized what she was saying, her legs still pinning Michael’s body to hers.

The End