By Powerone
Copyright 2015-2017

He stuck the needle in his arm. “It’s adrenalin. I want to make sure you feel everything acutely.” The boy had a mouth gag, a piece of wood shoved between his lips and tied around the back of his head. Bill didn’t want him silenced completely. He’d kidnapped him an hour ago. The other drug had already taken effect. Bill was a research scientist for a major pharmaceutical house, but this was not their drug. He’d found it by accident at work and although he did some work on it at the lab, most was done at the lab in the basement of his home. “I gave you my new drug first. I call it Nowillpower. As you can feel, your muscles continue to work and you can move the slightest bit, but your mind isn’t connected to your muscles. No matter what I do to you, you won’t be able to resist. It will work for about 24 hours and after that I’ll release you.”

The boy was about sixteen, a bit tall and gawky still, but he had a firm, lean body. They lay on his large bed, the blinds drawn, but the lights on brightly so he could see everything. It was good that he didn’t have to tie him up and the gag was more for effect then anything else. He couldn’t form words, only make noises.

Josh couldn’t understand what was happening, he was fearful, unable to move, but his body felt as though he floated in space. There was a prick on his arm, and within minutes everything became so acute. He could see, hear and feel the smallest things. Something blocked his mouth and pushed hard against his teeth. Drool ran out of his mouth. He could hear the man talk to him as they both lay on the bed. The lights were bright, but his vision was blurry. He heard him talk to him as if he would respond, but nothing would come out of his bound mouth. He knew he was drugged, but wasn’t sure why.

Bill turned Josh on his side facing away from him. He squeezed up against his butt until he could feel how hard Bill was. “I’m going to take your shirt off and get you more comfortable.”

He was stripped of his shirt as the man’s hands ran over his body. It was strange when they pinched his nipples until they swelled as if he were a girl. It hurt at first, but even when he twisted them the pain went away, quickly to be replaced by something else.

Bill cupped Josh’s testicles through his pants. Josh jerked for a second, then stopped as Bill began to clench on his testicles. It forced Josh to push back against his cock. Bill’s hand slid a bit higher and wasn’t surprised to find Josh’s prick begin to get erect. “Don’t fight it Josh, it will make what I’m going to do to you easier and more enjoyable if you’re aroused.”

There was a hard prick pushed against his buttocks as his balls were clenched. Fingers tightened and squeezed them, but it was his cock that betrayed him. It began to swell, especially when the hand rose up and scraped along the front of his pants. What was he going to do to me?

His zipper was pulled down and the belt loosened. Hands slid inside, one gripped his testicles again, the other ran up and down his lengthening cock. He couldn’t stop it from growing. The cock behind him slowly moved back and forth across his ass.

“Hold still, I’m going to slip my hand in your shorts. I want to feel your naked cock.”

The man pushed his hard cock against his buttocks, but it was the hands grabbing his naked cock that bothered him. It swelled in pleasure. Not even when he cupped his balls too hard would it go away.

“That’s it Josh, big and hard for me.” He let his fingernails scrape along the shaft. He turned Josh around so they were cock to cock. “I’m going to slip into your shorts in the back now. Relax and let me have my way.” He could feel the boys cock jerk against his own. He slipped his hands in his shorts and ran them over the smooth flesh of his ass. His fingers became more aggressive and slid between the sweat drenched crack until he found the raised bud of his anus. His finger rubbed it.

His hand touched him in a place that shouldn’t be touched by anyone. It shamed him that his cock continued to throb against the hard cock that pushed up against it. Now he had to contend with a finger that pushed against his anus.

It wasn’t long before his pants were pulled off. Josh was pushed onto his back. The man knelt over him, towering over his body with his presence.

“I’m going to take off your shorts Josh, so you’ll be naked for me.” He slid them down slowly until the hardening cock was revealed. It bounced up and sat on his abdomen, slowly growing erect. Bill spread his legs so he could see the heavy testicles that hung down. His hands ran over the cock, from the shaft and then moved up to the head. “I like a boy that’s uncircumcised.” He pulled the foreskin back and revealed the smooth, red corona beneath it. “It makes your corona more tender and easier to pleasure.”

It felt like his foreskin was going to be yanked from his cock, but then the calloused fingers began to run over the head. Josh struggled to make it flaccid, but instead it grew bigger as the fingers stroked it unmercifully.

“I’m going to turn you on your side so I can get you prepared.” His ass was revealed, the pale skin split by the sharp divide. He lubricated his finger while his other hand pulled on one cheek until the tiny, brown virgin anus was revealed.

He felt a strain on his anus as the fingers crept uncomfortably close to his private hole once again. He gasped when something cold and wet touched his sphincter, sending it into uncontrollable spasms. It had to be a finger that rubbed something slick on his sphincter. Josh knew what was going to happen, but he was powerless to stop it.

“Relax your ass hole Josh. I need to lubricate it with my finger.” He waited while his sphincter recoiled from his touch, but soon it began to part as he pressed harder with his fingertip. He suddenly pushed his finger into the tight knotted muscle until he felt his rectum grip his fingertip with such intensity.

Another gasp came from his bound mouth when his anus was probed by what had to be a greased finger. He knew that it would be something more than a finger that would seek entrance to his virgin hole. He never fathomed having such a thing happen to him, but he lay naked while a strange man’s finger rubbed lubricant in his intestines and knew it wasn’t over.

His ass hole was hot and tight as Bill rode his finger in and out. He spread his sphincter open a bit more. His anal ring expanded with ease. Bill was glad, eager to test its elasticity with his large cock. “That wasn’t so bad, was it Josh. You stretched nicely.” He pulled his finger out and watched as the tiny brown hole stayed open for long seconds before it finally snapped shut. “I’m going to get undressed now Josh.”

Josh felt the bed move and heard the rustle of clothes. His body shivered in fear. It wasn’t long before the man slid behind him again; his arm around his waist as his hand slid down and grasped Josh’s cock possessively, but more troubling was the hard naked cock that jerked excitedly against his buttocks.

“Let me get you harder Josh.” But first he pulled away from Josh’s buttocks so that his hand could slide over the smooth flesh until he found the crack. He yanked it open as he pushed his cock back, pulling his hand away before his cheeks could snap shut. When his buttocks clenched, Bill’s cock was snuggled tightly between while they gripped him. He flexed his cock numerous times until he got the head of his cock in the right position. He could feel the heat of Josh’s anus on the very tip of his well lubricated cock. Each time he flexed it, it sent Josh’s sphincter into spasms. He went back to rubbing Josh’s cock and squeezing his testicles. “Get nice and hard for me Josh.” He pulled the foreskin back and rubbed one finger back and forth over his urethra until he felt the drops of sticky, hot cum leak prematurely from his cock. “Yes, feel how slippery your cock is from your leaking cum. You like my touch, making your cock so hard and big.”

It was so unnatural to feel a hot cock at the entrance of his anus, jerking in uncontrollable pleasure as his sphincter danced. Josh’s cock was manipulated with such skill and he was shamed by the tiny jets of leaking precum that the man’s fingers induced involuntarily from his cock. He heard the man’s words and that scared him.

“Yes, you’re growing nice and erect. You’ll find it easier to take it if you’re aroused. My cock sits on your sphincter and soon I’m going to enter you. I’m very big, so you’ll have to stretch wide to take my girth and my length will feel like I’m trying to drive in through your belly and out your mouth. But, I’ll take it slow, I’m determined to bury all of my cock in your guts until my balls dangle on your ass. Then I’m going to sodomize you, slowly at first, but before I cum in your guts, I’m going to burn up your bowels with my powerful thrusts.”

Josh felt it as his anal ring slowly began to stretch and open wider as the cock began to press harder against his reluctant hole. He feared taking such a monster inside his ass, the unnatural act of sodomy would take his anal virginity from him. But it felt like his anus and his cock were connected somehow. When one muscle flexed, the other followed suit.

“I’ll cum fast the first time in your virgin ass, but we have twenty four hours. The next time I take your ass, I’ll have more stamina and you’ll already have been breached and stretched so I can ride your young ass harder and longer. After four times jetting my cum in your guts, your muscles will welcome my cock with gentle and persuasive clenching. It’ll feel so natural for my cock to be in your ass.”

Once was bad enough, but he’d commit this degrading act on him multiple times and expect him to welcome the shameful act. Josh cried out when his sphincter gave way and the fat head of the man’s cock entered his rectum. The cock flexed in his tight hole and pushed painfully against his muscles. No, no, he cried silently, not wanting a man’s cock in his ass, taking him in the unnatural and degrading act of sodomy.

“There, you got it Josh. How do you like having a cock in your ass?” Bill rubbed the corona of his cock once again, this time he ran a fingernail beneath the thick ridge. The sharp biting pain made his cock jerk spastically in pleasure and pain. “After I cum in your ass each time, I’ll use your mouth to get me hard. The first time I take your mouth and shove my cock down your throat, I’ll let you finish me off in your mouth so you can taste all of my profuse cum.”

His fate grew worse, the cock alive in his ass hole, jerking and stretching his elastic walls with its hard thickness and now he threatened to put the same cock in Josh’s mouth. He wanted him to suck it hard so he could sodomize him again. He’d never take it in his mouth; it was too big and too long. He’d choke on the monster.

He kept Josh’s foreskin pulled back as he ran his fingernail all around his corona. Josh couldn’t fight the pleasure. His defenses weakened and Bill felt it in his ass. He pushed with his hips and sank another inch of cock into his guts. Josh groaned in the gag. “Your ass is so hot and tight. It’s squeezing the life out of my cock. Can you feel me start to fill you? I’m going slowly so you can savor every exquisite moment of the penetration.”

It stuffed and stretched him, but it never stopped moving and Josh couldn’t escape the probing cock. It already felt big inside, fearing much more, but he grunted again as the man humped his ass. His muscles couldn’t fight off the intrusion as another inch of hard cock pushed into his rectum and shoved them aside. The man continued to stroke his cock and squeeze his balls and force him to shove back and take more of the cock up his ass hole. He hated that his cock continued to grow and welcomed his touch. He never had anyone touch the head of his cock with such skill. One second it felt like his nails ripped the soft flesh, the next another drop of his secretions spilled from the head. When his fingernail scraped over the head, he leaked a jet of cum, unable to control himself. He felt his ass muscles clench uncontrollably as the cock slowly filled his intestines. No more, he cried softly but the cock continued the relentless pursuit of driving deeper into the depths of his bowels.

Each time Josh leaked some cum from Bill’s fingering on the smooth corona; his ass muscles would clench on his cock and give him so much pleasure. He began to draw his cock out, slowly. “Does it feel just as intense when I take it out as putting it in Josh?”

It felt like his insides were sucked out behind the withdrawing cock. It pulled on his anal ring, stretching it back and then suddenly it pulled out and his ring slowly snapped shut, free of the cock. Did he finish off in me? Even though his cock was out of his ass hole, it still felt like it was inside him.

“I’m back again Josh. Once I beat your anus into submission, you’ll take me easier, at least your anal ring. Your guts will have to stretch wide to take all of me.” He pushed against his hole once again and this time it was easier. He pushed harder and shoved two inches of cock in his guts. Josh jerked, but Bill’s hand on his cock held him from escaping the deeper penetration. He shoved another inch of rigid cock into his guts, over three inches now. He felt Josh’s cock shudder in his hand and he knew he found his prostate. Bill rolled his hips so that the head of his cock would rub Josh’s prostate. It made Josh’s cock jump in his hand. “Yes, you’re starting to like it Josh. You want me to fuck you in the ass.”

The cock was relentless, moving in and out, each time a bit deeper. His anal ring was stretched tightly around the thick shaft as Josh feared it would tear. It felt like a giant serpent crawling in his guts. His gagged cry was louder when he hit a bend in his intestine with his steely cock, but it soon passed as the hard cock straightened out his guts. The man was goosing his testicles, harder now, making him jerk back and take more of the cock in his ass as if he loved the degrading act. No more, it’s too deep, he wanted to cry out but he couldn’t form the words and the gag stopped everything except for his painful groans.

It was long minutes before Bill finally shoved in deep and his balls slapped against his ass cheeks. “You’ve got my long cock so deep inside your guts Josh.” He flexed his cock and made Josh’s elastic walls stretch wider to accommodate him.

It felt like his body was shoved rigid, like a pole was inside him, but this pole was alive and shuddering. It felt like it would come out his mouth. The man held still for a moment, savoring in the satisfaction as Josh’s ass muscles gripped it uncontrollably. Then he felt it withdraw, feeling like his insides were sucked out with it, then it reversed course as Josh’s gagged cry rose up when it felt like he was impaled on a spear. It shoved hard, pushing aside all resistance with the power of the rock hard cock.

“I’ll fuck your ass slow and deep, Josh. Your guts are like a silken blanket around my cock, bringing me such pleasure.” He made his cock jerk in his guts to show the power he had over him.

He shoved his cock deep inside with each thrust, then pulled back until it almost escaped, but it was always back, filling Josh so fast that it took his breath away. Then the man turned him until he was on his belly, yet his cock never pulled from his guts. His legs pushed between his and spread his legs so wide that his crotch ached and his legs touched the sides of the large bed. He felt the man climb onto his back and then his hips began to move with such urgency as he drove his cock in and out of Josh’s battered ass hole. He was like a machine, humping Josh’s ass like a dog in heat. It burned his guts as the thick head raced up and down his ass hole. Faster and faster he moved and Josh felt his cock grow and stretch him. He didn’t know how long he could last. He knew the only way it would end was when he came in Josh’s ass hole, soiling him with his foul seed.

“You’re so good Josh. I knew when I saw you today that I was going to sodomize you. I’m glad you saved your virgin ass hole for me. Get ready now; I’m going to give you your first cum enema.”

The cock ripped up and down his ass and then the man’s body grew rigid on his and shoved so hard with his hips it felt like he was trying to run his cock through Josh’s body and come out to stab the bed. He was ashamed when his ass hole became wet as he was filled with hot cum and the smell of sex filled the room as the man humped his raped ass hole and came repeatedly. He never felt so much cum before. He was much more profuse than Josh. He finally stopped thrusting, but his shrinking cock still stayed in his guts until his muscles began to push it out. It felt strange, wet and soft as if it was a soft turd that he pushed out. It finally popped free of his ass hole, but then he felt a river of warm cum flood his thighs.

“That was so good Josh.” He grabbed Josh’s cock and found it still hard. “Yes, you liked it too. Don’t worry, I’ll do you again, just as soon as you get me hard.”

Josh felt his body turned on its side against the man. Josh was grateful that the man took the hard gag out of his mouth until he realized why. His hand shoved Josh’s head down as fingers pried his lips open. Josh couldn’t stop him as a wet, soiled cock was thrust into his mouth, still soft. The minute his tongue touched it, he could feel it begin to rise once again. He moved Josh’s head from side to side, refusing to pull back as the cock began to grow in his mouth. Josh had to swallow the foul swill from his cock. Each time it ran over his tongue, the slightest movement would make it jerk with excitement and grow a little more. As he continued to jerk Josh’s head, the cock grew to the back of Josh’s mouth. It sat at the entrance of his throat, but it was already too big to go down the tiny hole. The man’s other hand deserted his head and found his cock once again, but the lone hand on his head was big and powerful enough to guide his head in all the ways he enjoyed. Fingers ran over his cock and Josh struggled to fight his cock from growing at the same time he fought to try and keep the cock in his mouth from growing.

Josh lost both battles. Bill began to move his hips, corkscrewing them as he heard Josh’s anguished cries and then he heard him gag deeply. His mouth opened wide, but so did his throat for the briefest of seconds, and Bill was ready. With a firm thrust, he lodged the head of his cock in the boy’s tight throat as he felt his throat muscles ripple so delightfully over his trapped cock. He pinched the corona of the boys cock and dug his fingernails into the smooth flesh. He heard Josh cry, but it was muffled by his cock.

No, not in my mouth, he cried silently as his lips stretched around the thick shaft of the cock. He could feel every bump and ridge slide over his virgin lips as the cock grew harder so quickly, as though Josh tried to make it that way. It was humiliating to have a man’s cock in his mouth and bring it to such hardness. It drove to the depths of his mouth and blocked his throat. He sucked in precious air through his nose, but the man refused to pull his head back and his hips began to move. The spit drenched cock slowly began to have success in his throat and Josh couldn’t help himself as it pierced his throat. A deep gag came from low in his belly as he struggled not to vomit, but he couldn’t stop the cock from penetrating his throat. It filled every bit of his throat as it pushed in until Josh was sure the head of his cock was in his throat like a cork in a bottle. The man shamed him further when he pulled his foreskin back tightly and he went to work on his corona. Sharp nails dug into the head with such intensity, all while the cock shuddered in Josh’s mouth. His cock shamefully grew harder in spite of the pain.

It didn’t take the man’s cock long to regain all of its hardness. Josh was glad that he finally pulled it out of his throat, but now he began to fuck his mouth, just as he did his ass, only minutes before. Josh knew that the man would claim his virgin mouth for his own and when he finished there, he’d be back to his ass once again. It was a torturous act, forced to suck his cock until it was hard and then his ass would be raped once again. The cock slid back and forth through Josh’s lips and his mouth soon tasted fresh drops of precum leak out and stain him with their thick, salty taste.

Bill stroked Josh’s cock and kept it in a state of perpetual hardness, but he’d never let him cum. But Bill did. Keeping the head of his cock in Josh’s mouth, he stroked the shaft until he jetted the first load of cum onto Josh’s waiting tongue.

The man had cum profusely in his ass hole, but that didn’t deter him. Josh’s mouth was filled with molten sperm as he exploded. The thick, hot crème covered every inch and before Josh could do anything, another eruption sent more cum into his mouth. Josh gagged and choked as he was forced to swallow the foul seed or choke to death from it. Even as he gulped down the cum, more filled his mouth.

Bill finally finished cumming a second time, but his desires were still high. He held Josh’s head with two hands and moved him back and forth over his cock. “Get me hard again Josh, so I can pleasure you with my cock in your ass hole.”

The taste of the man’s cum still filled his mouth and the smell of sex permeated his nose, but the man was insatiable. His cock never got flaccid and it began to swell in Josh’s mouth as if he’d never came at all. He knew it wouldn’t be long before he’d be put on his belly, the man’s hands under him, forcing his cock into erection, his legs spread wide and the man’s hard cock battering at his anus. It would slide easily through the battered entrance, filling his guts with hard cock, taking him a second time in the degrading act of sodomy.