By Powerone
Copyright 2018

Chapter 1
So Tempting

“It’s so fucking hot, even with the air conditioner on,” Cheri complained.

“It’s the car. It never had to cool off one hundred ten degree temperatures.” Carl should’ve had the air conditioner checked before they left New York City, but he never expected this. It’s a BMW. It should work all the time!

“It’s your fault. I told you we should’ve taken a plane. Who drives from New York to New Mexico in the summer?”

“I thought it would give us more time together. We’ve been out of sorts for a while.” It was more than that. The sex was getting boring and infrequent. Was she cheating on me? If she was, that should make him angry, but the thought of Cheri doing another man made his cock rock hard. He’d love to see that.

“I didn’t even want to go to this wedding. Who drags their wife to their former girlfriends wedding?” That made it worse. Cheri suspected that Carl still had a thing for Sabrina. She couldn’t blame him. She saw the pictures of her and Cheri would like to get her into bed, but it wouldn’t be sweet lovemaking. Cheri would tie her up and girl fuck her in every hole. If she gave her any trouble, she’d regret it. She could imagine getting five guys to gang fuck Sabrina and make Carl watch her suck and fuck them all. Then he’d see what a whore his old girlfriend was.

They were in the middle of nowhere. He hadn’t seen a town since Albuquerque, only signs at exits that promise civilization, but it was nothing close to the highway. At least the roads were good and the speed limit was seventy five. It was coming to high noon when the temperatures were at the highest, but from noon to three were the hottest hours. It said Las Cruces was another one hundred fifty miles. At seventy five miles an hour, that was two hours. He had to do better than that. He took off cruise control and pushed down the pedal. The car climbed to a hundred in seconds. It didn’t make it cooler in the car, but it seemed like it.

Captain Daniel Foster was sitting in the car with the air conditioner on high. Deputy Shawn Parker sat next to him with the radar gun pointed down the highway. They had no authority on the federal highway, but they cared little. Nothing they were about to do today was legal. As the law in Bucktooth, New Mexico, population one hundred and two as of the last census, his word was law.

“Got this one for sure,” Shawn told him without looking at the radar gun. Captain Dan hit the gas before the gun registered. The tires shot out rocks until it hit the hot payment and then the sound of squealing tires broke up the silence on the highway. It took seconds for the Ford Interceptor to catch up to the white BMW as if it was standing still.

The sirens bleeped loudly before Carl saw the blue lights pull up in back of him. He never saw the car, hypnotized by the boring straight road and heat. He let off the gas instantly, but he saw the gauge read ninety-five before it fell rapidly.

“What the fuck did you do now?” Could things getter any worse? All Cheri wanted was a cold shower and a drink or two.

“Don’t worry about it, I have it handled.” Carl said confidently. At the worst case he’d get a ticket which he had no intentions of paying. There was no reciprocal agreement with New Mexico regarding motor vehicles violations. And he had no intentions of ever coming back. Cheri gave him enough grief on this trip. She’d never allow him to see Sabrina again, at least in New Mexico. He pulled over off the payment and the police car pulled up behind him.

“Turn off the engine and stay in the car.” Dan’s voice bellowed through the speaker. He waited until the engine turned off. He could see a woman in the passenger seat. She turned around and she was a looker. It was good luck for the day. “You take the driver, I’ll take care of the passenger,” Dan told Shawn.

Shawn was new, only on the job for six months. He was the only deputy. Dan didn’t delegate much work so this was an opportunity for him to shine to his boss. He liked this job. It paid well in a town where there wasn’t much opportunity. Dan also told him that there were ways to make extra money and get extra perks if he was sharp enough to go along. Shawn agreed to anything. Captain Dan ran the town along with Judge Silas Bean. He was almost seventy, but still sharp as a tack. And he did love the women Shawn was told.

As soon as Carl turned off the car, the inside became an oven. Luckily, he pulled the windows down first, but he wasn’t sure if that was a good idea. The air was stifling. He wished they’d hurry up and get this over. His shirt was already stuck to his body with sweat. Cheri was antsy as the temperatures rose. Finally two men got out of the cruiser. They put on broad rim hats and with dark sunglasses. They wore gun belts around their waist and Carl could hear the sound of handcuffs clanging as the men walked.

“License and registration please,” Shawn was polite as he stared down at the man. His license plates said he was from New York City. A city slicker for sure. The man couldn’t stand the heat, his clothes plastered to his body. Shawn looked across the seat and his cock was hard when he saw her. She was in her thirties, blonde but it was her big tits that caught his eyes instantly. She wore a halter top that struggled to contain them. Her stomach was naked and she was clad in a tight pair of shorts that barely covered anything. He was sure that he could make out her camel toe. He’d heard Captain Dan say that a woman’s vagina looked like a camel toe, but he never realized it until it saw it etched in her shorts. Her long, lean legs were naked. She was beautiful, but his erection was fixated on those luscious lips. Captain Dan had the best view as he leaned over her window to stare down those big tits.

Carl fumbled in the glove box to find the registration and then handed it and his license to the officer. “What’s the problem, officer?” He tried to sound uninterested and innocent. The deputy was young, about thirty, but the other man looked as though he was in charge. He was in his late forties, but tall and muscular. He looked at Cheri with not the best intentions in his eyes. They needed to get out of here quickly.

“Afternoon Ma’am.” Dan nodded his hat to her as she stared up at him. He hoped she saw the bulge in his tailored pants.

“Damn hot here,” was the only thing she could say. He gazed down her halter top, but that didn’t faze her. She loved men to look at her tits. That is why she exposed them so vividly. She also noticed the bulge in his pants. She teased him by wiping the sweat from her cleavage. His eyes never left her hand. She could feel her nipples get hard. She didn’t understand it, but she didn’t care. Her body often betrayed her.

Dan looked over at Shawn and gave him the nod.

“Have you been drinking, Sir?”

“No, it’s too early. We’re on our way to a wedding in Las Cruces.”

“Step out of the car.” Shawn backed up two steps and put one hand on his pistol as he stared at the man.

“That’s not necessary, I haven’t been drinking.”

“I won’t tell you again, Sir. I’d hate to drag you out of the car.”

“Do what he said, Carl so we can get out of here.” Cheri was nervous now. They were in the middle of nowhere and they hadn’t seen another car pass them since they were pulled over. It was a desolate stretch of road.

Carl saw the other officer back up and put his hand on his pistol. This was all a mistake. He had to calm down. He got out of the car.

Shawn had the breathalyzer out of his pocket by time the man got out. “Put your hands at your side and don’t make any sudden movements. Blow into it until I tell you to stop.”

Carl found it shoved into his mouth and blew. He was almost out of breath before he was allowed to stop. The officer held it up to read it.

“Put your hands behind your back, Sir.” Shawn pulled out his handcuffs and dangled them in front of the man. “You’re under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.” Shawn overpowered him before he could react and threw him onto the hot hood of the car. He grabbed his arms and cuffed him with such skill. Captain Dan had to be proud of him.

“The car is burning me,” Carl cried out. It felt as though he was pinned to a hot stove. He was relived to be pulled off, but not that he was handcuffed. “This is a mistake. It can’t be correct.”

“We’ll take you into town and run a blood test, but that’ll take a while to get results. Meanwhile you’ll be the company of the town of Bucktooth, New Mexico in our fine accommodations.

He leaned his head to talk into the car. “Cheri, take the car and go to Las Cruces. Get a lawyer to spring me from this hick police force.” He turned to the deputy. “I’ll have your badge for this Deputy… Parker,” as he read his nametag. You too,” he yelled to his boss.

Cheri was scared for Carl, but she needed to get out of her first. The officer got out of her way as she exited, but he blocked her way to get to the other side of the car. “Search him, Officer Parker. I’ll take care of this one.”

Carl tried to protest, but with his arms in handcuffs he couldn’t do a thing. He emptied his pockets and put the contents in a large plastic bag, including his wallet and the keys to the car. “No, not the keys. My wife is taking the car!” He tried to protest, but it did no good.

“Let me go, Captain Foster,” but her voice quivered as he overpowered her.

“Are you going to cooperate and let me search you or are you going to give me trouble like your husband? I can make it real bad for both of you.”

He had an evil and cruel look on his face. Carl couldn’t defend her and there was no one out here. She was helpless. She stood up defiantly, but her body shook in fear. “Go ahead.”

“Put your hands behind your head and lace your fingers together. Bow your elbows out. Or else I’ll have to handcuff you like your husband.”

He was surprised that she did it so fast. Her large tits stood up defiantly. She wore little in the way of clothes, but that wouldn’t stop him from doing a complete search. Once they got to the station, he’d take his time with a cavity search. Deputy Sandy Joyce filled in when he needed a female officer. He’d call her in for this pair, but it wouldn’t be for the wife. She’d do the cavity search on the husband. She was a demanding woman especially toward men.

“What’s your name, sweetie?”

“Cheri, Cheri Lawson. Carl’s my husband.” The captain moved behind her. His hands went to her hips, but they also strayed onto the naked flesh that was revealed by the low slung shorts. She wasn’t sure why he did that until he pushed up close to her until they touched. His hands gripped her tighter as he pulled her back onto the bulge that was his growing erection.

“Don’t move while I search you,” he repeated his command. He released her hips and he was glad she didn’t move those luscious ass cheeks away from his cock. He couldn’t stop his cock from jumping in his tapered pants, but it didn’t bother him that she could feel it. She’d feel much more soon enough. He reached up to her breasts and his large hands gripped around the front to grasp them. In spite of them being big, his large hands were able to grasp them fully. He wasted no time in squeezing them. It didn’t take much until he could feel hard nipples pop out. “Are you hiding something in there, maybe drugs, Cheri?”

“No, no, it’s my nipples,” she shamefully replied, hoping that Carl wouldn’t hear that the captain aroused her against her will.

Carl watched helplessly as the Captain grabbed his wife as though she was his lover. His fingers sought out her nipples and Carl could see her lip clench just as she did when he got too rough with them. He suspected the pain was pleasure, but she never admitted it to him. The captain cruelly pinched, yanked and twisted her nipples for a long time before he released them.

“That’s good for now.” His hand slid over her naked belly and her reflexes shoved her ass back hard into his cock. She moved forward once again, but his hand went lower and this time it found the top of her low cut shorts.

“Spread your legs like a good girl, Cheri.” She spread them a little bit, but he wanted her complete obedience. “Real wide, Cheri. You know what to do. I’m want to feel your cunt. Those shorts are so tight I can almost see it.”

She lewdly spread her legs and one large hand went between her legs and grasped her tightly. One finger dug between her slit, her shorts and thong too thin to give her any protection. His other fingers found her puffy lips and squeezed them. He clenched and unclenched as he goosed her and that made her hips move back and forth as she was forced to hump his cock as though she wanted this.

“That’s real good, Cheri. You’re quite the treat for any man, or any men.” He hated to, but he pulled his cock away from her ass and turned her around. “Spread them legs again for me, Cheri.”

She did it wide once again and her shorts pulled across her pussy, but also the wide spread of her legs made the crack of her ass all but disappear. Captain Parker’s hands clenched on her cheeks and yanked them apart until her anus began to spasm. Then his fat finger traced up and down her crack, each time he paused on her anus and she felt the pressure on her anus as if he tried to drive her shorts into her anus along with her probing finger. That was the one place that she drew the line with Carl. He tried often with his fingers and once with his cock, but she refused to give it up. It was a small hole that wasn’t built to be penetrated from the outside, especially from Carl’s big cock. It often frustrated him, but it was better than the expected painful entry that she’d have to survive.

“Lock up the car and call in for the tow truck, Officer Parker. Put Mr. Lawson in the front seat. He’s handcuffed so he’s not going anywhere. I’ll sit in the back with Mrs. Lawson. You wouldn’t need handcuffs, will you Cheri?”

“No, Sir,” her voice trembling. They got into the police car with Cheri on the opposite side of Carl so he could see her in the back.

“Don’t worry, Cheri. Everything will be okay.” He tried to comfort her, but he couldn’t even comfort himself. No one knew where they were, only where they were going. They got off the highway at the next exit and there was only sand and cactus for as far as the eye could see. You could see the heat rise up from the road and the desert.

“It’s about ten minutes to the jail, Cheri. Maybe you’d like to plead your case before me.” Dan pulled the handkerchief from his pocket. It was a new one that he’d bought for special occasions. Today he woke up and knew it was today.

“We didn’t do anything…” Her voice was cut off by Captain Foster.

“I don’t want your mouth now, Cheri. I’ll settle for you hand. Just a quick jerk and be done with it.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock unceremoniously as if it was the most natural thing to do.

She couldn’t get a word out of her mouth when his cock was exposed. It had to be eight inches and she couldn’t see all the way inside his pants. It stood up and bounced as if he had no control. He wanted her to masturbate him in the back seat of the police cruiser while Carl watched. She could see the deputy looking through the rear view mirror as he adjusted it so he could see everything.

“Here’s a new handkerchief. I know they’re out of style these days, but they’re great for gathering up cum and that’s what I want you to do. Jerk me off into the handkerchief. I don’t like messes.” She took it.

She held the handkerchief in one hand until she needed it, but her other hand reached out to grip his cock. She couldn’t get her fingers around the girth but she gripped it tight as her hand slid up and down just as she did hundreds of time with Carl. She looked at him stare at her, but she looked back at the cock as she began to work over with her hand. The head already started to leak out so she ran her thumb over it to make the smooth head slick. She made broad strokes up and down the shaft, tightening her fingers as they passed over the thick ridge on the head. He must be excited because he didn’t take long. She smothered his cock with the handkerchief as she gave it three rapid thrusts up and down. His ass left the seat as he came, crying out as he shot into the handkerchief so she could trap it. He shot four times before he was finished, but she slowly stroked him a couple more times before she pulled the handkerchief off and put it into a ball. He put his cock back into his pants, but he didn’t take the handkerchief.

“Open up the handkerchief and put it in your mouth. Lick off every drop of my cum. I want to make sure you get used to it because there’s much more for you.” He turned to Carl. He was dumbfounded unable or too scared to say anything. “Cheri sure knows her way around cocks, Carl. I want to thank you for that. I hope I can teach her a few new tricks.”

Carl and Cheri didn’t realize this was the beginning of a degrading nightmare that they didn’t know where it was going nor had any control over it. Cheri took to masturbating his cock without any trouble, although she hoped that Carl didn’t notice. Captain Foster had a fine, big cock.

Carl was ashamed that he had an erection. It started when she jerked off Captain Foster, but it got bigger as he watched her sucking the jism off the handkerchief as if it was a fine wine.

It was a few minutes later that they pulled into Bucktooth. It was everything and less then Carl expected. The main street had fifteen buildings, but most looked as though they were closed or out of business. There were a couple of cars parked around what looked like the municipal building, but the jail was on the side street as if it was purposely placed out of sight so that no one would know what happens inside. It was bigger than he expected, but it had the bars on the small windows at the back of the building where the police cruiser pulled up.

“Welcome to Bucktooth, my Bucktooth. I hope your stay will be enjoyable, at least for us.” He ushered his prisoners inside.

Chapter 2
Posted Now

Bound for the Aliens








Billionaires and those that SERVE them!

It was this weekend, called a gala, but few knew what that meant. When asked what the gala was, Michael always had the same answer. “We’re not restricted to the norms of most society and in Cuba we are beyond the law and morality. You can think of us as Roman nobility. They knew how to celebrate with such debauchery.”

The gated community in La Fe, Cuba looked like it was plucked out of Greenwich, Connecticut and dropped out of place on the hills overlooking the sleepy fishing village below. Michael and his billionaire friends bankrolled the overthrow of the last of the Castro’s from Cuba and now they got their reward. Their casinos, hotels and cruise ships were raking in the tourist dollars. The gala was to celebrate their success in the last two years.

Circumstance drew three special guests to Cuba that weekend. Penelope, Michael’s sister decided to drop in unexpectedly that weekend, but her arrival in customs at the airport was met by General Carlos Lopez, not a fan of Michael. He made sure that Penelope got an unexpected welcome, but little did he know that he unleashed something in her. Wanting to avoid Michael’s debauchery, she instead finds herself in the hands of Carlo with equal depravity.

Taylor and Ryan come to Michael for an investment in her company. She finds success beyond her wildest dreams, but Ryan finds the final stipulation of the investment beyond the realm of decency, but Taylor has a mind of her own. If being on her knees was the price to pay, she did it willingly, even in front of her husband. Her marriage with Ryan was on the ropes already and Michael showed her something new and exciting. She sends Ryan home and Michael takes her on a roller coaster ride that only he could imagine as she becomes a star attraction in the venues. But there is more in in the private rooms that serve the most depraved, and Michael qualifies for that title.

Eric is a billionaire that gets whatever he wants. His expensive car breaks down in a little town in Texas and he finds his life brings him to the local Hooters restaurant late one night. He meets a captivating woman, but it is her story that he finds so interesting. In this day and age it’s unrealistic to find a virgin at twenty-one, especially a beauty with a body to match, yet her she was flaunting her large breasts to ogling customers while preserving her innocence for some lost reason. The conversation takes a dramatic turn and they are soon negotiating the terms of her giving up her innocence as Eric’s honored guest at the gala in Cuba. Star finds herself leaving her home and going to Cuba. She is lost among that wealthy with the whispers of “Eric’s virgin” continually sounded behind her back. It is here that she gives up everything she struggled to keep for twenty one years in exchange for money that would change her life forever.

While billionaires rarely change, it’s the others that Michael’s gala became a turning point in their life. Will the change be for the good or the bad? Only they can tell you the answer in their own story brought to you by Powerone, the Master of BDSM.