By Powerone
Copyright 2018

Chapter 2
A Special Jail

The front office was unimposing and small. The money was saved for the back of the jail. That is where the four cells were next to each other, only bars separated them. Dan wanted each prisoner to be able to see what happened in the neighboring cells. It also afforded no privacy. Each cell had an unassuming toilet and sink. The bed was in the center of the cell, but around it was furniture out of the ordinary. Some of the cells had pillories while others had the bars opened up to the outside so a head and hands could be secured in and the convict would be kneeling on the bed. The convict’s mouth would be conveniently located for anyone passing by the cell. The convict could also be taken from behind at the same time. There were iron rings that were spaced out along the cells, some of them high up, some of them low to the ground. Chains and leather cuffs littered the floor in neat piles.

In the main room outside the cell was a row of ten chairs. They looked like the chairs that a courtroom would have to hold the jurors in a trial. In fact, that is where they came from. Judge Bean had donated them to the jail. It was used for spectators, many of them friends of Judge Bean.

More furniture was in the main room along with a king size bed that had large wooden posts. It also had the familiar metal rings that would be used to hold a convict in various positions. A rack on the wall neatly displayed a wide selection of whips, paddles and various other punishment devices.

A metal table, similar to what would be in an examination room was at the other end of the room, complete with metal stirrups. A white towel covered bumps beneath it on another metal table as though a doctor had laid out his instruments.

Cheri might have been excited by jerking off the captain, but this looked far more siniste. Not even Carl could keep a look of confidence on his face. The room was too much to comprehend.

Just than Deputy Sandy Joyce walked into the room. She wore a tight skirt that clung to her ass like a second skin. Her uniform shirt was tailored to her firm, young breasts. She was tall, taller than Carl is. She looked at him with an evil grin on her face. It wasn’t that she didn’t like men, she liked men to be submissive, but she liked it better when they were reluctant and she could force them into submission. “What have you got here, Captain Foster?”

“Caught them on the highway into town,” he lied since he had no authority on the federal highway. “Speeding, got him cold for one hundred in a fifty five mile an hour speed limit.”

“We were on the highway. The speed limit is ….” Carl’s teeth were rattled when he was backhanded from the side. He never saw it coming and his head was rocked from one side to the other. He saw stars for a second and then turned to see it was the woman police officer.

“I’ll tell you when to talk. I’ll tell you what to do. You don’t do anything unless I tell you. The sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be.” She loved the drop of blood that feel from his lip. She was glad she didn’t do serious damage. She would use that mouth later.

He clenched his mouth shut. She was strong. She went over to the table and picked up some rod about two feet long with two metal prongs on the end. He didn’t know what it was until she jabbed his hip with it and then his leg exploded in pain. It was as though he was electrocuted. He felt himself wet his shorts a bit and his legs felt as though they would crumble beneath him.

“You mind if I start with him, Captain Foster. He seems not to have much sense so I’m going to have to train him in our ways.” She swaggered closer to him and saw him step back away from her with fear in his eyes.

He backed away from the cattle prod. He knew what it was now. It still burned where she touched him with it.

“Don’t worry, Carl. I’m not going to use the prod on you unless you force me. You do what I say and we’ll get along fine. Now turn around and I’ll take off those handcuffs so you’ll be more comfortable.” She undid them and threw them on the table.

“Why don’t you sit down and get comfortable Captain Foster? Carl and I have procedures we need to go through. The first thing we need to do is a search.” She turned back to Carl. “Step back against the wall, Carl. I don’t want you trying to get away.” She could feel her panties get moist in anticipation.

“Deputy Parker already searched me and took all my belongings.” Carl wanted to get along with this so he could make his constitutional phone call.

The three of them sat down on the big couch with Cheri in the center of Dan and Shawn. “It’ll be your turn next, Cheri. I’m going to take my time with you. Now watch. Deputy Joyce is real good with men prisoners.”

Cheri saw the two officers with bulges in their pants. Then she looked at Carl and was surprised. There was the beginning of a bulge in his pants.

Sandy kicked off her flats and took her high heels out of the bag. She put them on. She could see the stares from Carl and Cheri when she put on five-inch stiletto heels with her police uniform. She was already tall, but now she overpowered Carl. Then she took out the leather gloves. They were like formal wear that you’d wear at an opera. They went up to her elbows in succulent leather. They looked smooth and soft, but looks were deceiving. The fingers and the palms were rough like fish scales. The tips of the fingers were cut away so her natural fingers and nails went through. For someone in the line of work she was in, she had impressive nails. They were long and manicured for perfection, especially for a small town like Bucktooth. Her nails were cut to a fine point, all ten of them.

She moved up against him until their bodies touched.

“Take off your shirt, Carl.” She’d put the cattle prod down on the table next to her within easy reach. She saw him stare at it in fear.

Carl took off his shirt quickly. He was pushed against the wall as she leaned in closer. Her body began to press up against him.

“Stand up straight and put your hands at your sides and don’t move them or it’s the cattle prod once again. It was only on low. I can turn it up and it’ll throw you to the floor and your body will spasm for five minutes before you have any control of your senses.” As soon as she said it, he obeyed.

Her hand ran over his chest, but then she stopped on his nipple. Cheri never touched him like this before, but he didn’t know why. She did exactly what he did to a woman. Her fingers gripped his nipple and they were strong. She twisted them and he felt the first inclinations of sharp fingernails that dug into the sensitive flesh. The pain shot to the depths of his breast, but when it got to his brain, it was pleasure.

Sandy brought her knee up in spite of the tight skirt and pressured her way between his legs until her knee smashed into a pair of balls. She ground her knee against the trapped testicles while she pinched his nipple so hard that she got blood out of it. He squirmed beneath her touch, but he never raised his hands in defense. When she put her leg down, his legs stayed spread wide in surrender. She moved closer and she could feel his erection against her. No matter what she did, he got harder. That only inspired her more.

“I think Carl is getting excited, Cheri. Do you do that to him?” Dan saw the way Cheri looked at him. She was ashamed that he got aroused by another woman.

“No,” she hated to admit.

“Why don’t you stroke our cocks while we watch? Just be careful and don’t let us cum.” Dan pulled her hand over to his crotch and pushed it down on his cock. He saw Shawn mimic his movements.

Cheri could feel two hard cocks beneath her fingertips and she wouldn’t let them go to waste. If Carl was going to be aroused by this, she wasn’t about to be left behind. She pulled both of their cocks out of their pants. They helped her, eager to feel her hands on their cocks. Their pants were almost to their knees, but Carl would be in the same position soon enough. She stroked the cocks, but her eyes were on Carl.

“Why don’t you take your shoes and socks off, Carl? They’ll just get in the way.”

She got out of the way so he could bend over. It didn’t take him long to get rid of them as he stared at her long legs encased in the stiletto heels. He stood up and his bare feet were on the floor.

Without so much as a glance down, she stepped on one of his feet with the heel of her stiletto. She ground it down as he cried out. “Sorry, Carl. Didn’t see your foot in the way. You’ll have to be careful of my stilettos. The heels are like weapons.”

“I’m sorry,” Carl apologized to her, but he wasn’t sure why.

“Take off your pants now, Carl.” She said it in a loud voice so everyone could hear her.

It was then that Carl realized Cheri was in the room with him along with the other two police officers. He looked over at them and that’s when he noticed that Cheri was masturbating two cocks now, and she stared at him as she did it automatically. This was the second time she masturbated a cock or cocks with such enthusiasm.

“Pay attention, Carl.” She kneed his balls once again, this time harder. She got a grunt out of him, but his hands went to his pants.

She kept kneeing his balls, but his cock got harder. He quickly opened his belt and the zipper sounded loud in the room as he pulled it down. He let his pants fall to his ankles and then he kicked them aside. He made sure that he kept his legs spread for her. When he looked down his cock stuck out like a sword. He never felt it so hard before.

“My, what have we here?” Sandy reached down and grabbed his cock through his shorts. She didn’t caress it, but she squeezed it tight. With her other hand she attacked his untouched nipple and gave it the same harsh treatment. His cock was jerking in her tight grip, but it couldn’t go anywhere.

Carl was confused, but overly excited. He couldn’t believe what she did to him and that he liked it so much. His hard cock was crushed beneath her hand, but in spite of being crushed it felt harder and more responsive.

She’d wait to attack his balls with her hand. She stepped back so everyone had a good view of his erection in his tight shorts. “Take off your shorts, Carl. They can barely contain your erection. You’re being a naughty boy.”

In spite of what she said, he slipped his shorts down and stood there naked. His hands hung submissively at his side. He wanted to stroke his cock so bad, but he feared her. The cattle prod nearby was a painful reminder. Cheri looked at his naked cock, but her hands were stroking the two officer’s cock faster.

“Hold your cock up in the air, Carl.”

He never had a woman order him like this, to do things like this, but this was surreal. He was naked in a room with three police officers and his wife was jerking off two of them. He gripped the head of his cock and pulled it up.

“Higher. Make it stretch. I want your balls available.”

He was afraid she’d knee him again, but he yanked on his cock until it stood up high and was stretched. Every drop of loose skin on the shaft was drawn tight. His balls were pulled up from him doing that.

“Much better. Now I’m going to feel each of your balls. They’re going to try to escape from me, but I’ll get them. I’ll start with the one on your right side. Tell me when I got it.”

Her fingers went after his balls with a vengeance. It wasn’t gentle prodding, but her fingers pinched his sack in pursuit of his balls. She was soon successful, too much so. She pinched it to trap it and wouldn’t let go. He felt the pain in his lower belly. “OOOWWW! You got it!” He panicked, but she didn’t let go. She rolled it around.

“Now the other. I’ll get the little devil.” With one of his balls trapped, she went for the other. It wasn’t that difficult, but a couple of times she grabbed the other one and let it go so she could do it again. She heard Carl huffing and puffing when she finally got both of them and squeezed them tight. With each ball trapped in a hand, it felt as though she was trying to tear them apart. She separated them wide, but it was her steely grip on the delicate flesh that made him groan.

He groaned loudly, but that only inspired her to yank him onto his toes by ripping his balls up in the air. “Dance for me, Carl.”

It was as if she tried to rip his balls from the sack, but he could do nothing but pull his erection out of the way so she could abuse him. Her whole hand gripped his nut sack and squeezed tight, but then she released it, but only for a second. He continued to repeat that, making him hump back and forth as she goosed him painfully. It was as if he enjoyed it, unable to keep him hips from moving back and forth.

She released his balls. “Let go of your cock. I’ll take care of that now.”

He welcomed her soft leather hands on his cock, but he got something entirely different. The leather gloves were rough like sandpaper as they gripped the head of his cock and yanked it up into the air. He cried out when sharp nails dug into the soft ridge beneath the head of his cock like sharp pins. She twisted and turned her fingernails in the soft flesh until he was sure that she tore the skin. She stretched his cock until every wrinkle was drawn out of the shaft. Her fingernails moved from beneath the head to run over the smooth flesh of the head, but it felt like a knife cut him. She finally released his cock, but she kneed his balls one more time, but this was harder so it rattled him.

“Good boy, Carl. We’re almost finished, just step over here.”

She led him over to a small railing waist high. It never occurred to him until she bent him over and her heels kicked his legs apart.

“Grab the railing at the bottom and don’t let go.”

He looked up at her as he did what she said, but he saw her put on blue plastic gloves. She made them snap as she drew them on. She took a jar of petroleum jelly and lubricated a finger. He saw the evil grin on her face.

She grabbed his balls from behind and pulled them back, but then she went back for his cock. She had to bend his erection to pull it between his legs, but she got the required reaction. His ass rose up higher until his asshole was in the correct position. Holding his cock with one hand to control him, she lubricated his anus. The muscles went into spasms from his touch, but she only gave him a moment to get used to it. She impaled him with one finger in a thrust that took his breath away. She could feel his muscles react and try to push her finger out, but she’d have no one that. “I have to make sure you’re not hiding anymore drugs in there.” She dug her finger in and out, making him feel the thick knuckles as she rode him. His anal ring ran tightly around his finger, but this was nothing.

“No more,” but a second finger joined the first. He tried to squirm, but his hard cock was twisted in ways it shouldn’t be twisted. He was afraid she’d break it. Her fingers dug deep into his bowels until he got cramps from them. He finally got relief when they both pulled out.

She slapped his ass hard and then grabbed his balls and crushed them one last time as a reminder. “Good boy, Carl. You can stand up. We’re finished for now. It’s Cheri’s turn. I’m going to get you comfortable so you can watch.” She led him by his cock in front of the others, naked for all to see as she controlled him so easily.

Chapter 3
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Bound for the Aliens








Billionaires and those that SERVE them!

It was this weekend, called a gala, but few knew what that meant. When asked what the gala was, Michael always had the same answer. “We’re not restricted to the norms of most society and in Cuba we are beyond the law and morality. You can think of us as Roman nobility. They knew how to celebrate with such debauchery.”

The gated community in La Fe, Cuba looked like it was plucked out of Greenwich, Connecticut and dropped out of place on the hills overlooking the sleepy fishing village below. Michael and his billionaire friends bankrolled the overthrow of the last of the Castro’s from Cuba and now they got their reward. Their casinos, hotels and cruise ships were raking in the tourist dollars. The gala was to celebrate their success in the last two years.

Circumstance drew three special guests to Cuba that weekend. Penelope, Michael’s sister decided to drop in unexpectedly that weekend, but her arrival in customs at the airport was met by General Carlos Lopez, not a fan of Michael. He made sure that Penelope got an unexpected welcome, but little did he know that he unleashed something in her. Wanting to avoid Michael’s debauchery, she instead finds herself in the hands of Carlo with equal depravity.

Taylor and Ryan come to Michael for an investment in her company. She finds success beyond her wildest dreams, but Ryan finds the final stipulation of the investment beyond the realm of decency, but Taylor has a mind of her own. If being on her knees was the price to pay, she did it willingly, even in front of her husband. Her marriage with Ryan was on the ropes already and Michael showed her something new and exciting. She sends Ryan home and Michael takes her on a roller coaster ride that only he could imagine as she becomes a star attraction in the venues. But there is more in in the private rooms that serve the most depraved, and Michael qualifies for that title.

Eric is a billionaire that gets whatever he wants. His expensive car breaks down in a little town in Texas and he finds his life brings him to the local Hooters restaurant late one night. He meets a captivating woman, but it is her story that he finds so interesting. In this day and age it’s unrealistic to find a virgin at twenty-one, especially a beauty with a body to match, yet her she was flaunting her large breasts to ogling customers while preserving her innocence for some lost reason. The conversation takes a dramatic turn and they are soon negotiating the terms of her giving up her innocence as Eric’s honored guest at the gala in Cuba. Star finds herself leaving her home and going to Cuba. She is lost among that wealthy with the whispers of “Eric’s virgin” continually sounded behind her back. It is here that she gives up everything she struggled to keep for twenty one years in exchange for money that would change her life forever.

While billionaires rarely change, it’s the others that Michael’s gala became a turning point in their life. Will the change be for the good or the bad? Only they can tell you the answer in their own story brought to you by Powerone, the Master of BDSM.