By Powerone
Copyright 2018

Chapter 3
Cheri's Turn

“Get up, Cheri. It’s time for your strip search.” Dan and Sandy would take care of Cheri. Dan expected her to be submissive like she had been, but she surprised them both.

At least the last time the two officers didn’t cum from her jerking them off, but she had no intentions of doing this any longer. She saw the way that Carl was subject to the humiliation. “Release me, its Carl you arrested. I have my rights,” she boldly stated in defiance.

The crackle of electricity rang out in the room and Carl knew instantly what it was. Cheri’s body wobbled on her feet for the longest time, but then her knees gave out and she fell to the floor. Her body shook for a few minutes.

Dan and Sandy waited patiently for her to partially recover. Sandy reached over and yanked her up onto her feet by her hair. Cheri came to life instantly, but she was weakened and she could do little to stop Sandy. She was bigger and stronger.

“Get up bitch.” Sandy dragged her to the center of the room while Dan lowered the leather straps from the ceiling. The motor hummed silently as they came down, connected to the rope above. Sandy held her with one hand and grabbed her wrists with the other to push them out in front of her.

Cheri was shaken, but she knew that her wrists were being bound in leather bands. They had a long strap that hung down connected to the rope. The bands on her wrists were tight, but they didn’t hurt.

“Grab the rope or all your weight will be on your wrists.” At least Cheri was smart enough to do that. Dan began to reverse the pulley and her arms rose up high. “Get on your toes, Cheri unless you enjoy pain.” She had little choice. On her toes she couldn’t do much with her legs and she’d swing with ease if they wanted.

Cheri was getting her strength back, but it was too late. She was bound and hung like a piece of meat as the sheriff and deputy eyed her.

Dan went up next to her to rub his cock on her hip and his head moved until he could nibble on her neck. “Be a good girl and you’ll survive this. Disobey and you’ll suffer and that will only excite me more.”

“Don’t you dare touch me!” She had some bravado left as she saw Carl looking at her. He sat in the chair naked, but he couldn’t hide his erection. He was getting excited at what was happening to her. That was disgraceful.

Dan ran his hands over her breasts as he put his tongue in her ear and held her head so she couldn’t escape. He squeezed her breast until he could feel a nipple harden and then he grasped it tightly. He stepped back as he gripped both of her nipples and began to back up more without losing his grip. Her body struggled to move, but the rope held her and the only thing that could happen was her nipples would stretch.

She was being yanked by her nipples and she couldn’t do anything to stop it. His grip was tight like a pair of pliers. He pulled her from side to side. Her nipples ached, yet they were hard. He finally released them.

“I think you like that, Cheri. Do you like your sex rough? I hope so because that’s what you’re going to get.” His hands went to her halter top. His finger traced over the wide expanse of cleavage that was exposed, but then he grew too eager. He yanked it down and it held for a second before it pulled away. Her large breast shook as he bared them. “That’s a nice set of tits, Cheri.”

“Don’t you dare touch me,” but it was too late. His large hand grasped one of her breasts and squeezed it like it was a baseball. He pinched her nipple, but it was already shamefully hard. He twisted and yanked on it until it was gnarled. He went to the other one and abused it the same. “No, NO!”

His head bent over and he held up one of her tits to his mouth. He kissed the hard nipple, but then he bit it to confuse her with pain and pleasure. He licked, sucked and bit from one breast to the other. When he was finished her nipples were dark red and shiny with spit. But they were hard as rocks. There were a few red marks around her big, brown areolas where he’d got too carried away and bit the flesh. “Those certainly taste good. Does Carl ride his cock between them and titty fuck you?”

She refused to answer him. He went behind her again and this time he pushed up against her, just as he did on the highway. His erection rubbed on her buttocks. His hands slid over her bare skin and went to the front of her shorts. They were cut so low that his hands almost touched her pussy.

“I’m going to slip those off, Cheri. I hope I can do it without tearing since they’re so tight over your cunt.”

She struggled as his hands went into the waistband of her shorts. “No, don’t,” she cried out in panic, but his hands were already beginning to draw them down over her hips. She continued to struggle, but it didn’t do any good.

“I bet you love a strange man’s hands pulling down your shorts, Cheri. You’re pussy is probably drenched.” He took his time with the shorts as her squirming rubbed his cock so nicely. It was the continuation of her hand that had stroked his cock while Sandy had her way with Carl. He didn’t get relief that time.

As soon as her shorts went over her hips they fell to her ankles. On her toes they dragged for a moment, but then they fell away. His hands didn’t move away from her. His hand crept up to the top of her low cut panties and slid inside. She felt his finger touch her neatly trimmed bush and send shivers to her pubic hair follicles. Then it was his hand touching her naked pussy. She humped back to escape, but she was met by his cock each time. His fingers ran through her pubic hairs. “Don’t touch me there!”

His finger found her slit and he wasn’t surprised that it was oily. He pushed apart her pussy lips until they folded over his finger like a hot blanket. He rubbed the smooth, slick inner lips and his finger rode with ease on her juices. “I think Cheri likes this, Carl. Don’t you ever tie her up?”

Carl never thought of that, but as soon as the sheriff stripped her panties off she hung their naked and bound before them. His cock was rock hard and nothing would make it go away, at least not when he was sitting in the chair.

She was forced to hump back on his cock as the sheriff’s hand goosed her pussy continually just at the deputy had done to Carl’s cock. The both of them were puppets in their hands. She tried to keep her legs together, but it was difficult as she swayed.

“Let me help you, Dan.” Sandy reached down and grabbed one of Cheri’s ankles. She yanked it up to her waist and then attached the other leather strap just above her knee. She stepped back as her leg fell back down, but it stopped about a foot from the floor. Sandy pushed the button and they rope began to pull her leg up higher. Cheri cried out in terror as her leg was pulled up and her crotch opened up.

“SSSMMMAACCKKK!” Sandy couldn’t miss the opportunity. She slapped Cheri’s fully on her pussy. Her hand hit the flesh with a wet sounding thud.

“SSSSMMMACCK!” Dan moved out of the way as her ass pushed back after getting spanked, but he was ready, slapping one of her buttocks to make her shriek in pain.

“No, NO, No more!” They worked her over front and back, slapping her pussy and buttocks continually. Cheri couldn’t understand how the deputy could do that to a woman. The deputy knew how sensitive a woman was there. Her pussy lips felt as though they swelled up under the abuse and her buttocks burned from the sheriff’s hard blows.

They both stopped spanking her, but they began to search her, or that is what they called it. Sandy shoved two fingers into Cheri’s pussy with ease and explored her tight hole. Carl didn’t have a big cock so she was still tight. In the jail that wouldn’t be the case, only the judge had a small cock. Sandy searched for her G spot, curling her fingers and running the sharp nails along the sleek, wet pussy.

“Relax your cheeks or else I’ll whip that ass,” Dan told her. He yanked them apart and revealed a tiny hole nestled between her tanned cheeks. Her bathing suit was obviously a thong. His finger ran over the hole and Cheri panicked instantly. He liked that. Maybe Carl never took her in the ass. Dan wouldn’t have the same inclinations. He could feel the tight muscles react, trying to stop his rude touching.

She was shoved back and forth on fingers that touched her inappropriately. A woman fingered her pussy, but it was the sheriff’s finger that threatened her asshole that scared her. More fingers entered her pussy as if they were testing how tight she was.

“Grip my fingers with your pussy or else I’ll shove my fist up your cunt.”

A finger pushed into her rectum unnaturally. She gripped the deputy’s fingers in her pussy, but she also gripped the finger in her rectum as if she wanted to keep it there. She hoped that they were both satisfied.

“Nice and tight here,” Sandy commented.

“Hot tight asshole. It’ll skin a cock.” Dan’s cock wanted to be inside that asshole so bad.

They finally took their fingers out of her, yet she could still feel the one in her asshole. “Let me go!” She defiantly yelled out. She was naked and bound with everyone looking at her as though this was a command performance at the local theatre.

“I think we need to shut that mouth up.” Dan had just the thing.

Once Sandy helped Dan, she’d sit back down for a while. Cheri would be busy.

They began to take her down from the ropes. It was about time that they listened to her or she could make a lot of trouble for them. First her one leg was lowered to the ground and then her arms were lowered. At last she could plant both feet on the ground.

Dan grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back before she knew what hit her. The straps around her wrists were disconnected from the rope and with a click he connected them together with ease.

Cheri struggled when she was bound again. Then she saw the deputy in front of her. She had something in her hand. It was shiny, but she hid it from her.

Dan grabbed Cheri’s head with his hands on either side of her head. He held her tight. Sandy had done this a lot of times. It was all about the element of surprise.

“Relax, sweetie, there’s nothing you can do.” Sandy loved Cheri’s body with her big tits. Sandy would get her time with Cheri soon enough. She raised it up and placed it on Cheri’s lips. Dan grabbed some of her hair and yanked on it to get the desired cry from her lips. With skill, Sandy shoved the dental gag into Cheri’s mouth and set it behind her upper and lower teeth. It wasn’t open very wide, yet. “There you go, Cheri. Nice and ready for anything.”

It wasn’t lost on Cheri that her mouth was defenseless and the sheriff’s cock that rubbed her naked ass was hard and demanding. She never saw one like this, but she did know what a mouth gag was. This one looked high tech with the levers. The sheriff slowly began to push on the lever. She couldn’t do anything as her mouth was slowly opened wider. She tried to protest, but her words came out mangled, unable to enunciate clearly.

Dan loved to watch a pretty mouth with pink lips open wide until pearly teeth and a wet, pink tongue was exposed. Cherie groaned and moaned, but it only made his cock jerk and shudder in excitement. He didn’t stop until her mouth was opened wide for his cock was big.

It felt as though her lips would tear in the corners of her mouth. Her drool started to run out of her mouth and fall on her naked breasts. Hands on her shoulders pushed her to her knees as the deputy stood next to her, but it was the sheriff that was in front of her. He still had his cock out, the one she mistakenly took out of his pants before. She should’ve never done that for she knew where it would go now and she couldn’t do anything about it.

Carl couldn’t have hidden his cock if he tried. It stood up hard and throbbing when he saw Cheri with a gag in her mouth that opened it so wide. The sheriff’s started to run his cock around her lips. Carl saw that she was scared, but Carl’s cock grew more excited from that. She wanted to refuse the sheriff, but that wasn’t about to happen.

His cock dripped leaking cum on her lips. He held his cock by the shaft and began to push it into her mouth. It slid over her tongue with ease. As soon as the head was inside he adjusted the lever. Her lips soon curled around his cock as if she wanted this to happen and made her lips tighter to please him.

“Lick his cock, Cheri or you’ll feel the prod once again. I could shove it up your cunt and get your attention,” Sandy threatened her and she’d do it.

More cock filled her mouth and she was forced to lick it to give the sheriff his pleasure. His cock slid easily over her tongue, her mouth filled with spit. He shoved hard and deep, filling her in three thrusts. The head of his cock banged against the opening of her throat. His fingers gripped her head tighter, digging into her skull. She knew he wouldn’t be content with her mouth. He’d take her throat and he cared little that it would require a lot of choking and gagging for Cheri to accommodate his cock.

“Does Carl deep throat you, Cheri?” He didn’t expect an answer in words, but he got the first gag from her. He held his cock still for a second as he savored the way her throat opened slightly. He drew back and held her head tight as he gave more power behind the next thrust. He got the desired outcome this time.

“GGLL, CCCUUFFF!” Her stomach turned and tears from her eyes. In spite of her mouth forced open by the metal dental gag, her chocking on his cock forced her mouth to open wider. That is when she felt the head of his cock slowly sink into her gullet. The head was big, but the hardness forced her throat muscles into submission. She could feel it rasping along her throat.

Carl knew that she hated to take a cock down her throat. She did it reluctantly for him a few times, but now she had no choice. Carl knew that this wouldn’t be the first or last time it would happen. The deputy next to him got no satisfaction yet and from the way he rubbed his pants, he was ready to be next. The sheriff slowly pushed more of his cock into her mouth and Carl could see the bulge in her neck. More of his cock disappeared in her wide open mouth. He was fucking her throat.

It was terrible as she continued to choke on his cock, but he sheriff refused to pull it out. At least she didn’t have to taste his leaking cum anymore, but that hardly made up for the other inconveniences that she had to suffer. It didn’t take him long until his thick, wiry pubic hairs tickled her nose and then pressed up against the gaping hole that was her mouth. It felt as though his cock was pushed all the way into her stomach.

Dan was ready to cum. She’d driven him to this in spite of her jerking him off once. She’d already sucked the cum off the handkerchief to taste it so he had no qualms about shooting off in her throat and filling her belly with more of his cum. He pulled her head back and forth to get all the action he required as his hips shoved in deep.

His balls swung and slapped up against her. He wouldn’t last much longer, she could tell. There was nothing she could do, forced to her knees as the sheriff shoved his cock down her throat. She gagged one last time when the girth of his cock grew bigger and then his cock exploded in her throat. She didn’t have to taste it, but she could feel his cum shoot up from his balls and race through his cock until it shot out into her belly. The hot cum filled her gullet as it slowly sank down into her stomach. She might’ve made him cum once before, but he acted like he hadn’t cum in weeks. She looked over at Carl and the deputy. Both of them were stroking their naked cocks as she suffered this cruel act. They got enjoyment from it, but she got nothing but a belly full of cum.

Dan savored the time he came in her. Even as he finished cumming, he allowed his cock to stay in her throat, enjoying the way her muscles rippled over it as if she wanted him to get hard again and fuck her mouth a second time. He finally pulled his cock out of her mouth, but he wiped it off on her face. He turned to Shawn. “Do you want Cheri suck your cock, Shawn?” The question only had one answer and he was already up and his cock hanging out by time he got in front of Cheri.

“A nice hot mouth, Cheri. Do me good,” Shawn warned her. He cared little that the sheriff’s cum was on her face. He pushed his cock inside instantly and struggled not to cum too quickly.

“Make sure you cum in her mouth or on her face,” Dan ordered him.

Cheri had to endure getting mouth fucked a second time, but the deputy was quick. He’d stroked himself too much. He made her choke and gag, but he never got his cock fully down her throat. She was thankful for that until he came. It was her mouth that took the brunt of that, except when he stroked his cock once on her face. The thick, warm cum still sat on her cheek. The rest was in her mouth and he used his cock as a battering ram to shove his cum down her gullet. Even when he finished, her mouth was still blanketed by the foul tasting cum. It even smelled bad. He finally pulled his cock out of her mouth, but she was more grateful when the dental gag came out. It felt as though her jaw was broken.

“Put them in adjoining cells for now.” Dan would arrange for the visitors. This would be a special treat. The visitors loved it when Dan had prisoners to torment, male and female alike. They took great pleasure in watching the prisoners sexually tormented in unimaginable ways. It made sure that Dan would be elected to be sheriff every two years.

Chapter 4
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Bound in a Foursome








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