By Powerone
Copyright 2018

Chapter 4
Unique Experience

Carl was brought before an audience once again by Deputy Sandy Joyce. He was naked and Sandy had a collar around his neck with a leash, but he liked it better what she did. She grabbed his cock and pulled him by it. He had to keep up with her or else, but he loved the attention his cock got. Every time he saw her, it got hard and stayed hard. Cherri was in the front row between the judge and Captain Foster, but like him, she was naked with a collar around her neck. She no longer had an attitude. They’d knocked it out of her. She was much more submissive to them. There were other men in the chairs, not sure who they were, but they came to see what Sandy would do to him. He had high expectations of his cock and balls getting a lot of attention.

Sandy took the black cloth off the apparatus for the grand unveiling. They’d used this apparatus before, but it was always for a female. Sandy came up with ingenious alterations and the Captain Foster had volunteered his needed services. He was always looking for new ways to torment the prisoners and amuse the judge, mayor and other fine citizens that supported the police department in its quest to punish the lawbreakers that had unfortunately been caught in his trap.

It looked like a strange frame but it was connected with gears, pulleys and ropes. It had two large metal frames that stood on at least six feet, one on each side of the support in the center that held it up. Carl saw the leather straps in the top and bottom and knew what they were for.

“Put your feet in the platforms on the bottom of each beam. I’ll take care of the rest.”

The platform was about six inches above the floor and he was lucky they were close together. He stood on them and Sandy went to work. The top of the frame had handles for him to grip, but with straps next to them. Sandy bound his ankles to the frames and then she did his wrists. When she was finished there was no way he could get separated from the frame. That was a bit disconcerting seeing all the gears that connected them. He feared that they might have the ability to move, but unsure how.

This is where it differed from before. Sandy put a thick leather strap around his waist and cinched it tight. There were ropes that connected it to each side of the frame and then another one that went to a pulley that was behind him. There were springs that would keep the tension in them. The whole thing worked on hydraulics and stored energy.

“Yeesss,” Carl moaned when Sandy’s fingers gripped his cock and rubbed it until it stood up hard and demanding. She had that way with him. Her slightest touch set him off. He didn’t even care when she pushed a sleeve over his cock to trap it inside and connected it to a long spring. He pulled it over to a ring in front of him. The tension of the spring made his cock stand out in front of him with no chance to move. It was as if her hand never left his cock. Sandy finally pulled away. Carl was confused, but his cock got the attention it wanted.

Carl didn’t notice that his legs were strapped together. That is the only thing that kept them that way for now. It was time for them to begin. She undid the strap around his legs. The device went to work immediately. Nothing could stop the machine once it got going.

Carl gasped when his legs were spread so quickly that it took his breath away. The two frames went in opposite directions and nothing he could do to stop the trajectory. His crotch ached by time it stopped, but he was lucky it didn’t split him up the middle. His balls hung down to leave them vulnerable. He thought Sandy was finished with him, but she was behind him once again. She grasped his balls firmly in some kind of pouch. It began to tighten on them and his sack got heavier. Something heavy was attached and dragged his balls down lower. He didn’t know what it was, but his delicate balls were more vulnerable now. The pouch trapped them tightly.

Sandy stepped back and waited. She didn’t want to get in the way as the device built up the kinetic energy. It suddenly released the stored energy and the gears and pulleys went to work. The rope that was connected to his waist was suddenly pulled to the back wall. It yanked Carl’s ass backwards as the rope pulled up on the spring loaded pulley behind him.

“OOOOWWW!” It wasn’t as much pain as it was the suddenness of the attack that made him cry out. His ass was yanked back while his arms and legs were pinned to the frame. When that happened, the tension in the spring that was connected to the sleeve around his cock grew intense. It felt as though his cock was stretched so far in front of him that it was being yanked out by the root.

The sheriff was impressed when Carl’s ass opened up and his asshole was vividly displayed by the arch of her ass. His asshole was spread wide and his muscles went into spasms until the tiny hole opened and closed in invitation.

His cock was stretched, but so hard and the contractions of his muscles in it were trapped by the sleeve, but they contracted in sync with his anal muscles. He knew he was lewdly displayed for all to see, but he didn’t know why. He was surprised once again when the pouch on his balls came alive.

The energy was passed to the next device, this time it was his balls that got the treatment. The device that was attached to the ball pouch came alive. It clenched and unclenched on his trapped balls, not only in pleasure, but also in pain. He was goosed repeatedly. Although he was trapped on the beams, the rope front and back allowed him to move energetically as though he looked to hump against something. His ass shook and his exposed anus moved and clenched excitedly. Carl couldn’t stop what was happening. Carl cried out in a combination of pain and pleasure. The device squeezed too hard at times, but it felt good the rest of the time. His stretched cock jerked in sync with his balls being clenched. He was still confused on the purpose of the device. So far it gave him pleasure. He wondered if he could cum while in it.

“AAAHHH!” He gasped again when he was suddenly thrust up once again until he stood up tall, his legs clenched together. His anus puckered up tight and the tension on his cock was relaxed. He didn’t understand why it did what it did. It was strange and unnatural, but together it wasn’t anything that he disliked. It sent his anus fluttering and his cock rock hard. He couldn’t deny that it was a stimulating experience.

“Captain Foster, would you like to be the first?” Sandy politely offered to her boss.

It was impossible for Carl to see behind him. His head wouldn’t twist that far. He never figured out why he was situated and the people in the chairs could only see him from behind. The frame moved urgently once again and his legs were spread wide. He was the most vulnerable in this position and his crotch ached.

Cheri saw what Captain Foster did and she was shocked, but not as much as Carl would be. It was fitting after what Cheri had to do all because of Carl being stopped by the police. Why should I be the only one to suffer?

There were strange noises from behind him and then he realized what it was. The first was the hiss of a zipper being pulled down and then the clang of a belt as it hit the floor. There were swishing sounds and it could only be the sound of clothes being discarded. The question by Sandy to Captain Foster was troubling, but then he felt it. Something cold and slick touched his anus. He tried to clench his cheeks in defense, but the wide spread of his legs left him unprotected. The muscles in his anus jumped and tightened in terror. “NOOO, NNOOO, NOOTTT A CCCOCKKKK!” He liked Sandy’s touch, not a man’s cock touching him in such a place.

Captain Dan was patient with Carl. It’s not that Carl had any alternative. His big cock overpowered the tight, little hole, but he held the shaft of his cock to keep it from bending as he began the slow gradual insertion of his cock into Carl’s virgin asshole. It was sheer pleasure as the head of his cock was squeezed by his anal ring as it slowly stretched over the smooth head of his cock. It was as if it was in a vise. Dan watched as the head of his cock was slowly engulfed in the tight hole as it spread open and accepted his throbbing cock.

There was much consternation from Carl as the cock began to have success. His anal ring was overpowered by the steely cock that sought entrance, slowly stretching wider to spread over the slick head. It didn’t hurt at first, but it was more shame than anything else. His ring stretched and then suddenly it was as if his body gave up the fight and sucked the head of his cock inside his asshole as if Carl desired this outcome. His sphincter put up a good fight, but it was tamed into submission as the thick head of Captain Dan’s cock plunged inside his rectum. It was as if his asshole swallowed up a huge rock, but this rock was alive and moved anxiously inside. “Don’t move,” he begged when Captain Dan’s cock began to jerk inside his rectum. It stuffed him and pushed hard against the muscles that tried unsuccessfully to push it out. It would be intense going in or out, so staying still was his best outcome.

Sandy was glad to ceremoniously announce it. “Now we’ll begin Carl. You’re spread wide and Captain Foster has you impaled on the head of his cock, but he wants more than that and you’ll provide him the pleasure of your hot, tight guts wrapped around his cock until he cums deep inside you.” It took her only a second to release the built up tension in the device. “You’ll be pushed back. Captain Foster’s cock will go hard and deep inside your guts, Carl. It’ll hurt until you stretch for him.”

Carl could feel it in the device before it happened. Then his shrill voice rang up in the silent room as his ass was thrust back with such a powerful force that his asshole impaled itself on the rigid cock of Captain Dan. His muscles fought a losing battle and couldn’t stop it until half of Captain Dan’s cock was shoved up his intestines. He never had something that big stretch him and fill his asshole. It was inhuman, but Captain Dan’s cock danced excitedly inside his tight, once virgin hole. He couldn’t move and his insides clenched on the impaled cock that filled him as though he enjoyed having his butt stuffed with another man’s cock. It hurt, but it was also the humiliation of being taken by a man in such a place.

Dan’s cock was sheathed in pure pleasure. Carl’s hot guts bathed his cock in a tight blanket and his reluctant muscles rippled over his cock like heavy waves in the ocean. He didn’t have to do a single thing, just stand there and let Carl bring the pleasure to him. Dan’s cock danced each time Carl’s muscles clenched on his cock, stretching Carl’s elastic walls.

He forgot all about it, but his balls were crushed and goosed, this time harder, not for pleasure, but pain. Carl’s innards clamped around Captain Dan’s cock and rippled back and forth as he was goosed repeatedly. His balls ached, but his ass muscles rubbed and clenched on Captain Dan’s cock. It also forced a bit more cock to enter his asshole. He didn’t know how long his cock was, but he wasn’t fully impaled yet. There was no flesh that pushed against his naked buttocks to show him that there was no more cock to feed him. Sandy made this last longer now that she had a reason for doing it. It was all for Captain Dan’s pleasure. His cock danced in his guts as Carl was forced to give it the pleasure it desired.

Sandy was ready for the next one. The device had built up the energy it needed. “Now back up straight and legs together, Carl. Grip his cock nice and tight. I want a tight pucker around his cock. Squeeze up your muscles and grip the head of his cock.”

His cock leaving his guts was almost as bad as when it went in. His guts were sucked out behind the terrible suction. His body was hoisted up without trouble and his legs clamped together so he was forced to pinch Captain Dan’s cock head as though that was Carl’s desire and purpose. The cock jerked inside his rectum as Carl’s muscles rippled over it to grasp it in a tight embrace. Captain Dan’s felt so much bigger in his tight hole.

Dan loved this position. Carl’s guts were hot and silky around his cock. His clenched pucker gripped him possessively. He had to struggle not to move and sodomize Carl, but this was better. It made Carl do all the work and give Dan all the pleasure.

Carl was put under continuous torment. His legs were spread and that was the only time the cock in his asshole wasn’t that bad. His ass was thrust out by force and Captain Dan’s cock always went deeper. He panicked each time as his guts were forced to stretch around the hard cock. Each time Captain Dan made his cock jerk in success. Then there was the painful squeezing of his balls to force his ass muscles to ripple over Captain Dan’s cock to give him the ultimate pleasure. He humped back and forth as though his only purpose in life was to give Captain Dan his ultimate pleasure as Carl was sodomized by Captain Dan’s cock. Finally, back up and his pucker gripped Captain Dan’s cock and waited for it to begin once again. Carl couldn’t stop his muscles from moving over Captain Dan’s cock.

The machine went through five iterations before Captain Dan’s cock was fully embedded in his asshole. Captain Dan’s cock was long and Carl felt sharp pains when the hard cock bent his guts in place that shouldn’t be bent. The cock jerked and shuddered inside himto celebrate when he was deep in the darkest depths of his bowels. Carl’s naked buttocks pushed against Captain Dan’s abdomen.

But, it wasn’t finished. The machine began again, this time seeking Captain Dan’s ultimate pleasure. Now when his ass was thrust back, he was fully impaled on a rigid cock. It took his breath away when he went from empty to full in seconds. It filled him with the throbbing flesh of his cock. He was goosed to make him hump the long cock in his bowels and then back up with his asshole puckered tight around Captain Dan’s cock. They went through six more iterations of the cruel device. Captain’s cock slid in and out with ease as Carl did all the work.

It was when he was fully impaled that Captain Dan finally ended it all. The machine stopped as if it knew and while his asshole clenched around his cock and he was goosed to dance his guts around it, Carl felt the shameful loads of hot cum blanket his bowels. His cock came alive like a firehose, spurting out his hot cum inside him. The last jet of cum shot inside of Carl’s asshole when he was stood up high and his pucker clenched up tight as if it squeezed the last load of cum from Captain Dan’s balls. Sandy made him suffer through one more iteration of the device so Captain Dan’s wet cock could slide with ease in and out of his asshole. He finally got relief when Captain Dan’s cock was pulled from his asshole and the battered hole finally clenched tight.

Carl heard a commotion behind him.

“I’m next.”

“No, me.”

“I got the biggest cock, let me have him.”

“It looks as though you are too good, Carl. Everyone wants a piece of ass from you. Go ahead and stretch him with your big cock. Beat his asshole into submission.” Sandy was delighted that everyone loved her successful device.

It was over one hour before the next three men took him. His asshole felt so big and ruined, his intestines flooded with men’s sperm. His cock was no longer hard, although it was still stretched. Not even Sandy’s touch on it when she took the sleeve off it could make it respond and grow hard. He saw Cheri and he didn’t understand the smirk on her face.

Chapter 5
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Bound in a Foursome








Foursomes and MORE!

Karen wasn’t the typical student, older and married. She struggled for good grades. She knew what male professors required for extra credit, but Karen was stymied by a beautiful female professor, Professor Michele Bell.

Michele found Karen more than willing to submit for a better grade, but Sean, her husband, was always part of the deal. Karen finds submission thrilling, to male and female alike.

Karen’s marriage to Larry was already rocky and her refusal to indulge in the darker depravities made him seek out pleasure with others. He’s surprised when he’s invited to dinner with Karen’s professor and her husband. He witnesses Karen indulging in what she’d refused him, but her professor is more than willing to give Larry what Karen wouldn’t.

The four of them indulge in increasingly more perverse acts. Will the addition of others scare Karen and Larry away or drive them to indulge in more perverse acts?

From bondage to threesomes and foursomes, the depths of the depravities always surprise Karen and Larry, but they are shocked by some of them. Karen acquiesces, but can Larry submit to what he would consider to be unnatural acts?

Powerone takes you on a suspenseful rollercoaster ride of the whole spectrum of sexual desires that few dare to partake of and for good reason, but Larry and Karen are consenting adults. It’s complete submission that few are able to agree to.