(Cover Art by Serpieri)




Stopped By the Police


            Rebecca and her mother, Sally, were travelling from Phoenix, Arizona to their new home in Los Angeles. They had purchased a used car at an unbelievably low price before leaving and were waiting until getting to California to get it registered.


            Rebecca was a beautiful 12-year-old. She already had a mature body for her age, with large breasts and a firm ass, but was very naïve regarding sex. Her mother had tried to keep her away from boys until she got older. Sally had gotten pregnant at an early age and did not want that to happen to Rebecca. Sally had just gotten divorced. Ever since she became pregnant, she did not care for sex. After many years of her husband trying to coax her into an active sex role, he had given up and left them both. Sally was relieved as her husband was always trying to get her to perform oral and anal sex with her, but she had refused.


            They were driving along Highway 77 outside of a small town in Nevada when they noticed a police car following them with its lights on.


            "Oh, shit, I must have been speeding", exclaimed Sally, slowing the car down and pulling over the side of the road. "I hope I won't get a ticket", she said.


            The Officer got out of the car and walked over to the driver's window. "May I see your driver' license and registration, ma'am," he said. He was very large and muscular.


            "I only have a license and a bill of sale. I just bought the car and I was going to get it registered when I get to California", Sally said.


            "Your registration is expired, so I will have to check on the vehicle, please stay in the car and I will be back with you in a minute", the Officer said.


            They waited for over 10 minutes and could see the Officer talking to someone over his radio. He finally got out of his car and was walking back over to them.


            "We can finally get out of here", Sally said.


            "Would you both mind stepping out of the vehicle", the Officer said.


            "What's the matter", said Sally, getting nervous now. They were on a deserted stretch of highway a long way from home.


            "The vehicle has been reported stolen in Arizona, so I am going to have to take you back to the headquarters and get this straightened out before you can be on your way. If you cooperate, we can get this over painlessly and quick", the Officer exclaimed.


            "Can I get you to step to the back of the vehicle, Ma'am, and you Miss, stay here and do not move", he ordered.


            Sally was an outstanding woman. She was 30 years old, and you could see where Rebecca got her figure. She also had large breasts, and even at 30, there was not a hint of sag. Her ass was firm. They were both wearing skirts, high heels and button down blouses, as they had planned to stop in Las Vegas tonight for a night on the town.


            Sally moved to the back of the vehicle, the Officer watching her carefully. Sally became more nervous, as the Officer's stare made her feel uncomfortable. She knew that he controlled her now.


            "I am going to have to put handcuffs on you, since I am the only one in the car. I will not make them tight, but you must cooperate or I can make this very difficult for you and your young daughter. We are not a big city police department and have a tendency to do this differently," he ordered.


            Sally cringed when she heard the word handcuffs. She knew that once she was cuffed, she would be at the mercy of the Officer. He could do anything to her or Rebecca and she would not be able to stop him.


            "Lean over the trunk, spread your hands out, and spread your legs, so I may search you", he ordered and pushed down on Sally's back forcing her down onto the trunk. Her breasts pushed into the trunk. "Spread you hands out in front of you and do not move them".


            He put his leg between her legs and began to push them outward. "Spread your legs, I have to check you for weapons, before I can cuff you", he ordered, pushing her legs further and further apart. They were soon over three feet apart and Sally began to tremble in fear. Where was he going to search her?


            Sally was an incredible sight, bent over the car, her arms stretched out in front of her, her legs spread, and her short skirt had ridden up the back of her legs and now just barely covered her panties. The high heels accented her trim legs.


            "Don't move, no matter what I do, or it will be trouble for you and your daughter," he said. "You and your daughter are very beautiful. You have a firm and trim body, I can see where your daughter got it from", he said.


            Sally did not like the way the conversation was going, and began to fear what may happen to her and Rebecca. He would soon have her handcuffed, to do with her or Rebecca as he pleased and she would not be able to stop him.


            She felt him lean over her spread body and he began to run his hands through her hair. She cringed when she felt his cock bump against her ass. It was large and very hard.


            "Stay perfectly still" he ordered and ran his large hands up and down her spread arms. He had now reached under her arms. "Lift up from the trunk a little, so I can search you", he ordered. As Sally lifted up, she also had to push her ass out into his cock.


            His large hands moved toward her breasts, and Sally began to sweat in fear. He grasped her breasts and began to feel them. "Stay very still and it will be over soon, you have very firm breasts", he whispered into her ear, his erect cock pushing into her ass. He continued to grope her breasts, longer than necessary to search for weapons, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.


            "OWWW, that hurts, please stop, I don't have any weapons in there", she begged.


            "Obey and hold still, I have to search into your bra," he ordered and he opened the first two buttons of her blouse and put his large hands into the cups of her bra before Sally could even complain. He could feel her bare breasts, and her nipples became erect, partly in fear and partly from the excitement caused by the tugging of them by his fingers.


            He continued to squeeze her bare breasts and pinch her nipples, eliciting moans from Sally. He released her breasts and pulled his hands out of her blouse, but leaving her blouse unbuttoned. He pushed her firmly back down onto the trunk of the car.


            She could feel him crouched behind her and she knew that soon his hands would be on her legs and ass.


            "Spread your legs further apart", his hands pushing her knees outward, making Sally shift her legs on her high heels. Her legs were now over 4 feet apart.


            He began to run his hands up her legs, sending shivers down her spine. How far would he go? Crouched behind her, he had a good view up her skirt. With her legs spread, she was opened up to him.


            "You have beautiful legs, they seem to go forever", he complimented her. His hands continued their journey up her legs until they reached her panties, and then stopped. Sally sighed with relief when his hands left her legs, but was short-lived when they returned to her waist. He began to feel around her waistband and then began to go down to her ass.


            "You have a beautiful ass", he said, making Sally cringe in embarrassment. His hands began to grasp her cheeks of her ass roughly and pull them apart. Sally began to move to escape when she felt one hand slap her ass painfully. "I told you not to move, obey me or suffer the punishment. Or would you rather me do this to your daughter"?


            "Leave her alone, I will obey you", cried Sally. His rough hands continued to fondle her ass, slowly raising her skirt up over her ass, exposing her panty-covered ass. His hands slowly molded her cheeks, pushing her into the trunk. He began to separate her cheeks, running his finger along the crack.


            "Don't, please, I don't like that", Sally begged, his finger moving toward her anus.


            "Quiet down and submit!" his finger reaching her anus and began to circle it. His large finger began to push against her anus through her panties.


            "OWWWW, not there, please leave me alone." His finger pushed against her anus and then was withdrawn. Now what, Sally thought.


            "I think I will have to pull your panties down a little" he said, sliding them down over her ass and down her legs until they would not go any further because of her spread legs.


            "OHHH", moaned Sally in embarrassment. She was spread over a car in the middle of the highway and now her panties were down to her knees, her ass naked for anyone to see. "Hurry and get this over with before someone comes along", she begged.


            She could feel his hot breath on her ass and he spread her cheeks of her ass, opening up her anus to him. He held her open for long minutes, Sally trembling in embarrassment. She felt his finger touch her anus and she cringed. She knew he intended to push his finger into her rectum and she could not stop him


            "Relax and open up for my finger" he said and pushed his finger into her virgin anus. She moaned as she felt the unnatural ravishment of her asshole. It felt strange to have a stranger's finger pushed into her anus in broad daylight on the highway.


            "Please hurry and get this over" she begged, submitting to anything to end the embarrassment.


            "Push back you ass onto my finger, and it will soon be over"


            She pushed back, impaling her anus onto his finger until his knuckles were pushed against her ass; his finger now pushed deep into her ass.


            "Tighten your ass on my finger" he said as Sally clenched her ass on his finger. "Again", he said and Sally clenched her ass on the finger tight up her ass


            "You have a hot and tight ass, is your daughter just like you," the Officer said, pulling his finger out of her ass.


            "Push your ass back further, so I can check your pussy now", he ordered. Sally pushed her ass back towards him, opening her pussy to his inspection. She had to get the humiliation over quickly. She felt his fingers begin to spread open her shaved pussy lips and she could feel her pussy become wet. Her lips were spread further and further and she could feel the air on her hairless pussy.


            "Not so wide, it hurts", Sally moaned. The Officer continued to spread her open to his gaze. "OOOWWWW, it's too wide, please don't hurt me", she cried.


            His fingers ran up and down her pussy, stroking her clit, then back down and now one finger began to enter her pussy. Sally opened her legs more, giving him access to her pussy. "Please, don't do this, it hurts", as one finger became two and they began to move in and out of her pussy. With a hard jolt, he pushed two fingers deep inside her and stopped. She could feel his fingers begin to spread open inside her. "It hurts, please stop" she cried, but the fingers continued to spread open her pussy. He now had two fingers deep in her pussy, spread wide. The two fingers retreated, but entered again as three.


            "Take them out, please". The fingers pushed deep into her pussy, stretching her wide.


            "Grab my fingers with your pussy", he ordered. Sally tightened her pussy on the invading fingers. "Again, you are really tight, it looks like your husband didn't fuck you a lot". Sally tightened again, clutching the fingers like a glove. "Do it again, but keep it tight, don't let loose until I tell you". Her pussy clinched the fingers, Sally straining to keep the pressure on the fingers.


            "Please, I can't hold it any longer", she begged.


            "Keep it tight as I pull them out", he ordered, pulling his fingers from her pussy as Sally clenched them. They popped from her pussy, and Sally relaxed her grip on them.


            The Officer stood up and pulled up her panties and pushed her skirt back over her hips. He gave her a sharp slap on her ass. Smack. "Stay in position". Smack another slap on her ass. His hand reached under her skirt and between her legs and slapped the inside of her thigh. Smack.


            "That hurts, stop, please", she cried.


            "Stay still, I am almost finished". He brought his hand up between her legs and slapped her directly on her panty-covered pussy. Sally was almost lifted up by the slap. "OWWW, not on my pussy, it hurts so much", she cried. She felt the hand rub her pussy and then leave and knew she was about to be pussy slapped again. Smack, his hand again inflicted pain on her pussy. "OWWWW".


            "One more and we can go", he said. She felt his other hand push down on her back, lowering her closer to the ground and spreading her legs open more. She knew this would allow him more access to her pussy and her pussy lips would be spread open more. He intended to inflict the maximum amount of pain on her spread pussy.


            SMMMMAAACCCCK, his hand came up between her legs, hitting her dead center on her pussy. Her body jerked up from the blow, tears forming in her eyes as her pussy received the devastating blow. Her body cringed in pain.


            "Stand up now, and put your hands behind your back", the Officer ordered. He put the cuffs on her wrists behind her back and pushed her into the back seat of the car. She fell into the seat, her blouse half-open and her skirt had ridden up, exposing her panties. "I want you to sit back in the seat and push your breasts out. Spread your legs to each side of the seat and keep them that way until we get back. Don't say anything to your daughter or she will suffer the consequences. Do you understand me?


            "Yes" said Sally, sitting in the back seat of the police car. Her breasts were pushed out, straining her bra. Her legs where spread open, revealing her panty-covered pussy to anyone.


            The Officer went back to the other car to get Rebecca. He opened up the passenger door, where Rebecca was sitting and kneeled down next to her. He could see that even though she was 12 years old, she had a body that was as good as her Mother's. "I do not want you talking to your Mother when we get back to the car. I will let you ride in the front seat, without handcuffs on, but you must cooperate. Your Mother has done everything I have said and you must do the same. If you do not, your Mother will be the one to suffer. It could get very unpleasant for her. You are responsible for what happens to her", the Officer said.


            "Will you submit to whatever I command?"


            "Yes, please do not hurt my Mother", Rebecca responded.


            "That's a good little girl", and his hand reached out and touched her leg on the knee. "Stay still", he said as Rebecca tried to move from his hand. She froze as the big hand began to grasp her leg, moving up and down her leg. Her muscles in her legs tightened up in fear as the hand began to move between her legs, moving toward her panty-covered pussy.


            "Relax your legs and let them open up".


            Tears began to fall from her eyes, as she submitted to the fondling of her legs.


            "You have beautiful legs, just like your Mother. You must submit to me, just as she did. Raise your skirt so I may see more of them". Rebecca turned red in humiliation, but slowly moved her skirt up, until she came to her panties. "Higher, all the way to your waist". Rebecca pushed her skirt up over her panties until it reached her waist. She only had her panties covering her body from the waist down.


            His hand moved higher, towards her pussy. Rebecca cringed when his hand reached her virgin pussy and began to rub it. "Keep you legs open", and he began to feel her hairless pussy through her panties. He could feel her pussy lips and one finger began to separate them and move between. Her panties became wet from the stimulation.


            "Get on your hands and knees on the seat with your ass toward the door. Hurry, you Mother is probably very warm and uncomfortable in the car". Rebecca turned around on the seat and got on her hands and knees. The position pushed her ass into his face and she realized that her ass would be fondled next.


            His hands pushed between her legs, "Spread your legs open, and lift up your skirt onto your back", he ordered. Rebecca spread her legs and reached back to lift up her skirt, baring her panty-covered ass to his gaze. His hands reached out and began to fondle her pert ass. "Put you head down and push your ass up in the air higher", he ordered, Rebecca complying even though she knew how obscene she must look. His hands fondled her ass from the top, all the way down to her pussy and back up through the crack in her ass. She could feel his finger run over her anus. On the return trip back down, his finger stopped at her anus and began to push.


            "Is you ass as tight as your Mother's?"


            "Please, don't touch me there, it's dirty," Rebecca begged.


            "Relax, I am not here to hurt you. Sit back down on the seat. Now unbutton your blouse and push up your bra and bare your breasts to me". Rebecca cringed at the command, but knew she must get this over with so her Mother and her could get out of this evil place. She began to unbutton her blouse, revealing her lace bra covering a very large set of tits. "Quickly, pull up your bra and lace your hands behind your neck".


            Rebecca pushed up her bra and her breasts spilled out. She put her hands behind her head, thrusting her breasts out. "Open your eyes and look at me", he commanded. Rebecca opened her eyes and felt the humiliation as she saw his eyes staring at her naked breasts and her nipples. This was the first time anyone had seen her naked breasts and she was being forced to do it. Her breasts were big, but firm, with no sag. Her nipples were large and because of the fear, began to become erect.


            She saw his hand reach out and it felt like slow motion as they moved toward her naked breasts. She knew they would soon be touching her. His fingers lightly touched her nipples and they became instantly erect from the stimulation. His hand now completely encircled both of her breasts and began to squeeze them.


            "You have very firm and big breasts. Your nipples are extremely sensitive to touch. Watch as I grab the nipples", he said. He grabbed each nipple between two fingers and began to pinch them.


            "Not so hard, that hurts", she cried.


            "You can take a little pain, watch as I pinch the nipples", his fingers grasping each nipple harder and began to twist and pull them.


            "OOOOWWW", moaned Rebecca, pushing her breasts out, trying to relieve some of the pain from the fingers, "that hurts so much".


            "OOOOOWWWWW", he gave Rebecca a sudden pinch and released her nipples. "Stay in that position and do not move" as his hand slapped her right breast hard. "OOOOWWW, don't hit them, that hurts", begged Rebecca. "Now for the other one" and another sharp smack to her left breast, making it jiggle. "OOOOOWWW".


            "One more for each, push them out" and his hand again smacked her right breast, this time hitting her nipple. A quick slap to her left nipple and he stopped. "No more, please", cried Rebecca.


            Her erect nipples were sticking out over one inch. "Stay still while I flick your nipples with my fingers". He reached out with both of his hands and flicked his fingers over her nipples, eliciting a gasp from Rebecca as her nipples were abused.


            "Get your clothes back on and we can go back to the station", he said and pulled Rebecca out of the car and pushed her into the front seat of the police car. "No talking", as he began the journey to the police station. Sally and Rebecca could not wait until they got to the station so they could get away from this evil man.


            When they arrived in the town, they realized they it only consisted of the police station. There was nothing around it. The Officer led Rebecca and Sally into the back door of the station. He put Rebecca in the first cell while he led Sally, in handcuffs, toward the back of the building.


            "I will put you in a cell for a few minutes until the Judge gets here. I will leave Rebecca out there, but you must continue to cooperate if you want her safe", the Officer said. He opened up a cell and pushed Sally in.

Anal Rape of Sally


            It was not like the cells on television, but was rather large. In the corner was a large bed, not a cot. It had four large posts one in each corner. Along the edges of the cell was a padded railing with buckles every foot. A strange device sat in the center. It consisted of two railings, one about waist high that was padded and the other about one foot in front and one foot from the floor. It was highly polished. In another corner was what looked like a doorframe, but with hooks in each corner. Another frame but a little bigger was around the outside.


            He uncuffed Sally and pushed her towards the bed. "Quickly remove your blouse and bra. I cannot guarantee Rebecca's safety if I am back here. We have some strange people in this town and I don't want to leave her alone".


            Sally cringed at the thought of baring her breasts to him, but feared for Rebecca's safety and quickly took her blouse and bra off. "Open your eyes, hands behind your head and stick your breasts out". Sally submitted, turning red in humiliation at showing her naked breasts to a stranger. He grasped her breasts and squeezed her nipples, forcing them to become erect.


            "What a nice set of tits, do you like strangers playing with them", he asked.


            "Please hurry, and get back out to Rebecca", Sally cried, begging him to molest her breasts. He pulled her nipples again, eliciting a cry from her.


            "Lay down in the center of the bed, face down and spread your arms out to the corners", he ordered. Sally lay down on the bed, cringing at the position. At least her breasts would be covered. He went to one corner of the bed and put a leather strap around her wrist and began to secure it to the corner.


            "You don't have to tie me up, I am in a locked cell", she said.


            "This is for your own safety, we don't want you to hurt yourself", he lied.


            He went to the other side and again put a leather strap on her wrist and pulled her arm toward the post.


            "You are stretching me too much, it hurts" cried Sally from the pain.


            Sally was now tied tightly to the bed, her arms stretched wide. She was naked from the waist up. "You have such a lovely body", he said, running his hands over her naked back. He ran his hand over her ass and down her legs until he reached her ankle. She could feel him attaching another leather strap to each ankle.


            "I can't move, you don't have to tie my legs down" she complained.


            "You are too beautiful to leave like this". His hands slid up her legs until they rested on her ass. "I think you would be more comfortable without your skirt," and he unbuttoned the skirt and pulled down the zipper. He pushed it down over her hips and slipped it off her legs.


            "Please don't strip me naked", she begged.


            His hands slid back up her legs and again rested on her ass. "You have such a beautiful ass and I remember it being hot and tight". He slipped her panties down her legs and slipped them off. Tears began to fall from Sally's eyes as she was now stripped naked before him.


            He reached out for one ankle and began too spread her leg out toward the corner post. Sally cringed as she thought how she must look. Naked, face down with her legs being spread wide. He tightened the strap to the corner securely and now began with the other leg, spreading it to the other corner. Her legs were now spread obscenely, opening her pussy and her ass to him.


            "That's too far, it hurts", she cried.


            "You will get used to it" as he looked at this beauty spread naked before him. Her ass open, her anus peaking out. Her pussy spread wide, pink and wet. He smiled noticing that Sally had shaved her pussy and ass crack.


            He climbed on the bed between Sally's thighs. "What are you doing?" she yelled. "Quiet down and do as you are ordered. If you don't want anything to happen to Rebecca, so you must cooperate".


            His hands began to fondle her ass. Sally was spread so tightly she could not move. His hands moved between her cheeks moving toward her anus.


            "Please not there, that hurts".


            "Do you remember what I taught you before?" His finger reached her anus and Sally cringed in fear as it began to enter her. "Relax your ass and let me have my way". His finger was dry and it hurt as it entered her. He pushed deeper into her rectum,


            "OOOOWWW, that hurts, you're pushing too hard."


            He pushed hard and his finger plunged deep into her rectum until his knuckles hit her ass. "Tighten your ass on my finger as I taught you". Sally grasped his finger, feeling like a trained animal. "Again, you are very tight". Sally grasped his finger again.


            His finger pulled from her anus with a pop. She was relieved when she felt him get off the bed.


            "Have you ever been sodomized, Sally?


            "No, I never did that, it would hurt terribly".


            "I don't think you have a choice. You look so good spread out on the bed and your ass is so hot and tight. I am going to fuck you in the ass. You can scream all you want. In fact, I like it better when you do". He began to remove his clothing, but Sally could not see very good because she was face down. She heard his belt opening and his zipper pulled down.


            "I have a rather large cock, so it will tear your ass as I fuck you, but the blood will aid as a lubricant. I can go about 20 minutes so by the time I come up your ass, you will be very sore. As I pull my cock out of your ass, I want you to squeeze my cock with your ass muscles. If you don't cooperate, I will sodomize Rebecca instead".


            She felt him get back on the bed between her spread legs. He laid his naked body down on top of her. She could feel his erect cock push between her cheeks of her ass, resting on her anus. It felt like it was over 10 inches long and it must be over 3 inches in diameter. She began to sweat in fear of the anal rape she would be forced to endure.


            He pushed his hands under her body and pulled on her nipples and squeezed her breasts. "A little pain to get you going", pinching her nipples between his fingers, and twisting them, "OOOWW, that hurts."


            "That's nothing, wait until my cock forces its way into your asshole". She could feel him push up from his body and fist his cock and place it on her anus. "Your rape is about to begin" and began to push his cock into her anus. His cock was dry so at the beginning, all it did was try to push her anus into her body. He spit down on his cock to lubricate it and again pushed into her anus.


            It felt like a baseball bat was driving up her ass as he continued to push and pull back and push again, each time gaining a millimeter at a time. "OOOOOWWW, it's too big, don't stick it into my ass", she wailed. He pushed harder and Sally's anus gave up to the assault and opened to the head of his cock.


            "AAAAAAAAAHHH, OWWWWWWW, it's tearing my up, take it out, don't push it in", she yelled.


            "You only got the head, wait until you get all ten inches fucked up your ass. I am going to stretch your colon wide open. You better fuck back or it's Rebecca's turn next", he said.


            He pushed another inch in, then out. The next thrust gained two inches, then back out. Sally's asshole was bleeding from the anal rape, lubricating his cock for her rape. "Here comes all of it!!!" and he pushed with all of his might into her asshole. Ten inches of hard cock forced her asshole to open bigger than it ever did. Her asshole was stretched and torn to accept the rape of her ass.


            Sally's screams could be heard all of the building. He pulled his cock out to the head and then began the painful journey back up her ass. His cock was gripped tightly by her ass. He began to fuck her ass hard and fast, riding her. His cockhead punched into her guts each time, cramping her stomach as her colon was forced to straighten out to accept his hard cock. Each stroke of his cock brought a fresh batch of pain to her ass. Her anus had long ago given up the fight.


            Five slow minutes passed, her asshole suffering from the awful rape. Ten minutes and he was still forcing cries of pain from Sally as he touched new parts in her ass. A sharp bite of pain from his cock forced her asshole to spasm, milking his cock with pleasure. Fifteen minutes and Sally was having hard time breathing from the awful rape. Her asshole was now just one big area of pain.


            "Its time for you to start fucking back, or I will make a visit to Rebecca. Tighten up your ass as I pull out, loosen up as I push in. I am going to come a hot load up your ass soon, so milk it good".


            Sally cringed at the order, knowing that the pain would increase when she tightened her ass on his cock, but knew she must obey. His hands reached under her body and grabbed her pussy. He found her clit and grabbed it with two fingers tightly.


            "Grab it now" he said and pinched her clit at the same time. "OOOOWWWW, that hurts", but she obeyed and grabbed his cock tightly as he withdrew. The pain increased in her ass. He pushed in hard, forcing her to accept all ten inches in a brutal thrust deep into her ass.


            "Again", pinching her clit, driving her up against his cock and she tightened her ass on his cock as it again felt like sandpaper on her anal track as it was pulled from her body. "More" as he pushed in and again drew his rock hard cock out of her asshole. He could see her ass tightly grip his cock. It felt like rubber bands tightly around cock.


            "Please hurry, my ass is on fire", she cried in pain, as he gave her a painful thrust back in. "Squeeze it" and he grabbed her clit. It felt like he was trying to tear it from her body. She continued to milk his cock. Twenty minutes had passed and it felt like gasoline was poured up her ass.


            He constantly forced her to milk his cock by pinching her clit, each time harder and harder, forcing screams from her mouth.


            "Grab my cock with your asshole and don't let go, I am going to give you a hot load of come up you ass" and pinched her clit and began to tear it. She felt him push his cock even deeper into her ass, forcing more groans of pain. She felt it become bigger, stretching her asshole wider and felt the first burst of come shoot from his cock. The pain was so bad, her colon spasms, forcing another load of come into her ass. Her ass was filling with come as a third then a fourth load of come shot into her ass.


            His cock finally stopped shooting come up her ass and began to shrink. She could feel it becoming soft, but he did not take it out of her ass.


            "Please, take your cock out of my ass, it hurts so bad".


            "I think we need to clean you up first". She was confused but soon understood. She felt a hot fluid filling her ass. He was pissing up her ass. The hot acid piss was like gasoline. The tight bondage she was in did not allow her to escape. She could only lay there, naked spread open on the bed, with a cock up her ass giving her a piss enema. He continued to piss in her ass, filling her up, mixing with the come he already dumped into her body. The pain was almost as bad as the anal rape she had endured. He finally pulled up from her body, his cock popping out of her asshole, almost as painful as when he first fucked it up her ass.


            He got off the bed and came back between her legs. She felt something enter her anus again. "No, not again, I hurt too much".


            "It's not my cock, it's a butt plug. It will keep the piss in your ass until I get back to untie you. The piss enema will give you cramps, but you will appreciate me more when I return." He pushed the butt plug into her ass, again opening fresh wounds from her anal rape. It opened her ass up bigger and bigger until it reached the largest ring. Her asshole swallowed the last ring and shrunk back down to grasp the base of the butt plug, sealing her asshole shut.


            He got up and looked at Sally, naked and spread eagle on the bed with come dripping from her swollen and red anus. "You were a great ass fuck, Sally. We might just have to do this again," he said leaving Sally alone, sobbing from the terrible anal rape she had endured.

Making Rebecca Obey


            While Sally was being strapped down and stripped on the bed by the Officer, Rebecca had visitors. Four old men came into her cell. They were all over 60 years old, but seemed to be in great physical shape. "The Sheriff called us and said you were here. Our group takes care of children brought in by the police. We are what you would call children services. You are too young to be in a cell, so we will take you to our home until everything is settled with your Mother". "My name is Dr. Smith, this is Mr. Jones, Mr. Alec and Mr. White".


            "The Officer tells me you are submissive. That is very good. If you cause us any trouble, we will submit that in our report and that would be detrimental to your Mother's plight. In addition, we believe in corporal punishment. If you disobey our commands, you will be punished. You will be spanked and if necessary we will whip you to make you obey", Dr. Smith stated.


            "Do you have any questions?"


            "No, please don't hurt me or my Mother", Rebecca cried, tears running down her face.


            "Stand up and put your hands behind your back", Dr. Smith ordered.


            Rebecca stood up for all of them to see her. She turned her back to them and put her hands behind her, waiting for them to handcuff her wrists together. She knew that they could do anything to her once this happened and began to tremble in fear.


            "You are a very beautiful young girl, Rebecca", Dr. Smith said. He put the handcuffs on her wrists and locked them tight. "Turn around so we can see you better. You have a nice ass, big breasts and very long legs. For someone that is only 12 years old, you certainly have a very mature body. We are certainly going to enjoy having you visit us".


            Rebecca was pushed out of the cell into the waiting car. They drove until they came to the house. She was led in, still in handcuffs. They went into a large study, where all of four of them sat in large overstuffed chairs, leaving Rebecca facing them.


            She could feel their eyes staring at her body, and she began to tremble in fear of what they intend to do to her. She knew they would use any excuse to spank her and maybe even whip her.


            "Come closer to me, so I may take off your handcuffs", Dr. Smith. "Turn around" and he unlocked the cuffs. "Bring that low table over her and place it between our chairs". Rebecca pushed the large table so that it was in the center of their chairs. It was about 2 feet off the floor and was rather big.


            "As I said before, you have a very mature body for someone so young and you certainly dress very provocatively. I think we should get a better look at you, so if you would stand on the table." Rebecca just stood there, trying to grasp the reality of the situation. "Obey me, or you are going to start off very badly".


            Rebecca hesitantly stood on the table, facing them. "That's much better cooperation. Do not hesitate next time when someone gives you a command. You must submit to our desires or you will find yourself facing severe punishment."


            "Now that we can see you better, please lace your hands behind your head. That's good now push your breasts out. Your breasts certainly strain the buttons on your blouse". Rebecca began to turn red in humiliation, having to show off her body to these old men.    


            "You have beautiful legs, especially with those high heels on, but I think your skirt is too short. Spread your legs out, nothing is more beautiful than a young girl with her legs spread". Rebecca began to spread her legs immediately, not wishing to submit to a spanking or worse. "Further, until they reach the edge of the table". Her legs were now spread over three feet wide. She was a beautiful sight to see, standing on the table, her legs spread wide and her breasts thrust out.


            "Turn around, spread your legs again, but this time bend over and grasp your ankles with your hands. If your skirt is not too short, nothing should be uncovered. If it is, it is all your fault and you must suffer the humiliation", Dr. Smith said.


            Rebecca spread her legs, her back to them and lowered her body until she grasped her ankles. She could feel her skirt ride up her ass and she knew that they could see her panty-covered ass.


            "I thought it might be too short, you might as well not be wearing anything if you are going to dress like that. Turn around again, this time unbutton your blouse. You seem to have no modesty, so we will attempt to shame you. Maybe you will learn something if you are forced to strip naked for us."


            "Please, don't make me do that, it's too embarrassing. I'm only twelve, and I have never been naked except what the Officer did to me", she begged.


            "You must learn your lesson, now remove your blouse". Her hands trembled as they unbuttoned the blouse, revealing her lace bra. "Take it off and throw if on the floor, you won't need it for a while. Now the bra, slip it off and then quickly lace your hands behind your head again and thrust your naked breasts for us to see, quickly now" he said.


            Rebecca pulled her bra off and put her hands behind her head and thrust her breasts out. "Open you eyes and watch us", he ordered. "You have very big breasts for a 12 year old, very firm and your nipples are already becoming erect. Is stripping naked for us exciting you, Rebecca?"


            "No" she cried, "I am so embarrassed."


            "You are doing a good job submitting to our commands. Continue, and you might spare any punishment for today. Now raise up your skirt until you reach your waist and hold it there". Rebecca grasped the bottom of her skirt and began to raise it, revealing her panties to everyone. She now held it high over her waist, her panties now the only barrier to her being naked.


            "Take off your skirt and throw that to the floor". Rebecca cringed because she knew what the next command would be. They would complete her humiliation by making her pull her panties off, leaving her naked. "Yes, you are beginning to understand now, the panties are next. Close your legs and slide them to the floor. That's a good little girl, you obey well. Now arms behind your head again, push out your breasts and spread your legs again. We want to see that cute hairless young pussy spread open for us to see".


            Rebecca spread her legs and shut her eyes, to try to escape her humiliation. "Eyes open, spread your legs wider", the Doctor said. Rebecca's pussy lips began to spread open and they could see her pink pussy. The room was quiet as everyone started at the 12-year-old girl, standing naked on the table with her legs spread wide.


            "You have a beautiful pussy, Rebecca, why don't you reach down and spread your pussy lips apart so we can see inside you". Rebecca cringed at this obscene order but did as she was told and spread her pussy lips open, revealing her pink insides. "Wider", he said, forcing Rebecca to spread them until they began to hurt.


            "Now please turn around, bend over and reach back and spread your ass cheeks apart, so we may see the anus of a 12 year old spread before us".


            "That's too embarrassing, please don't make me", Rebecca begged.


            "Obey, now" he said. Rebecca turned around and did as she was told, spreading herself open until her anus came into view. "What a cute little ass", Doctor Smith said.


            "You may now step down from the table and come over here". Everyone got up from their chairs and pulled Rebecca over to the corner. They brought her over to a strange, padded chair.


            It was a reclining chair, with support for her head and back, but once it got to her ass, the bottom was completely open, but had padded stirrups on the side.


            "Lay down on the chair and we will strap you in. You must be punished for not obeying our orders quickly enough". Rebecca cringed, knowing that they once she was strapped down, they could do anything to her naked body and she could not stop them.


            Her arms were strapped tightly to her sides. A belt was attached around her waist, holding her tightly to the back. The worst part was when they strapped her legs into the stirrups. Her legs were pulled back and then spread open, leaving her pussy and anus open to them.


            "We will shave your pussy first. You have very little hair, but we want your pussy completely bald." The Doctor had a can of shaving cream and a razor in his hand as he moved between Rebecca's legs. He put some shaving cream in his hand and began to apply it to her pussy, all the way down to her anus. "Keep your eyes open and watch as I shave you, I want you to feel the humiliation", the Doctor ordered. He began to shave her pussy, first starting at the top and working down. He pulled her pussy lips up, one at a time and shaved them. Rebecca cringed as she felt the razor slide over her pussy. Would he cut her? She felt his hand reach between legs, and the razor running over her anus. "Be careful, don't cut me," she pleaded. The razor ran over her anus, shaving the tiny hairs off. The Doctor took a hot towel and applied it to her pussy, wiping the excess shaving cream off. "Now you are bald, just like you were when you were 10, your pussy looks so exciting."


            "You will now learn to obey even the most distasteful orders". The Doctor moved down between her legs and she could feel his fingers move over her ass. "You have such a cute ass, and your anus is so small and pink. You are now going to allow me to put my fingers into your rectum". His fingers moved between the crack in her ass and grazed over her anus, causing Rebecca to shiver in fear. His finger was pushing on her anus, and she pushed to stop him from entering her asshole.


            SMACK, "OOOOOWWWW, that hurts," cried Rebecca. One of the others had hit Rebecca's right breast with a whip, hitting her directly on her nipple.


            "That's what happens if you don't submit, not relax your anus and let my finger enter your rectum". This time Rebecca did not try to stop him and his finger pushed and entered her anus. Rebecca squirmed, uncomfortable with a stranger's finger up her ass, while the others watched her squirm. Her anus gripped his finger tightly, never having anything pushed in before. "Your ass is hot and tight, I am certainly enjoying this", Dr. Smith said. His finger pushed deeper into her, forcing a gasp from Rebecca.


            He pulled his finger out and pushed in again, this time with two fingers.


            "OHHHH, that hurts, my ass is too small, take your fingers out, please", she begged.


            He pushed them in deep, eliciting a groan from Rebecca and began to spread them, opening Rebecca up. His fingers pulled out, then pushed back in, spreading as they reached deep into her.


            "I want you to grip my fingers with your ass" he ordered. Rebecca cringed in humiliation, but did as he said, tightening her muscles in her ass. "You are really tight, and your grip is squeezing my fingers". She relaxed her ass. "Do it again" he ordered, forcing Rebecca to tighten her ass again. She began to feel like a trained animal, forced to perform. "You obey well for such a little girl. The Sheriff was right, you are very submissive."


            She noticed that Mr. Alec, who was standing next to her head, began to remove his clothes. "You are quite observant, noticing Mr. Alec undressing. He is going to train you on something new". Mr. Alec removed his pants and now pushed his shorts down, revealing an erect, hard 8 inch cock. Rebecca cringed when she saw it. She was not going to like whatever they intended to do to her.


            He moved until he was standing over her head and lowered himself down on her upper chest. His cock rested just inches from her mouth and she knew that he intended to force her to suck his cock.


            SSSLLLAAAPPP, "OOOOOWWWWW," yelled Rebecca. A hand had slapped her directly on her spread pussy, the pain overwhelming her.


            "Just in case you decide to hesitate or you try to bite my cock. Now open your mouth wide". Rebecca opened her mouth and the hard cock was pushed in, stretching her lips around it. "Now lick the head and taste my cum", he ordered. Rebecca's tongue swirled around his cock, the taste of his salty cum stuck to her tongue. He began to pull his cock out and then push it back in.


            "You don't have to do anything but lick my cock, I will fuck your face until I cum. When I cum, I want you to flutter your tongue on my cock as it shoots on your tongue. Hold my cum in your mouth until I tell you to swallow it". He began to push in and out of her mouth faster and faster.


            "Tighten your ass again", Dr. Smith ordered and Rebecca gripped the three fingers now pushed into her asshole. Her tongue continued to bathe the cock in her mouth as her face was fucked. His stomach pushed into her lips with each thrust. "I'm going to spank your pussy again, so don't bite the cock in your mouth. You must learn to submit to us".


            Slap, his hand hit her spread pussy. "OOOOOWWWw" she moaned, the cock in her mouth muffling the sound. "Tighten your ass again" he ordered, Rebecca obeyed, grasping the three fingers deep in her ass. "Get ready for another spanking on your pussy".


            Sllllapp, this one harder than the last, her pussy lips turning red from the abuse. "MMMGGGGG" the cock in her mouth prevented her speaking. At that moment, Mr. Alec's yelled "I'm going to come, flutter your tongue over it as I come into your sweet mouth". His cock shot the first load of come into her virgin mouth, forcing a gasp from Rebecca. She did not expect so much. "Hold it in your mouth", he ordered. Another shot of come filled her mouth and at the same time her pussy was spanked again.


            "AAAGGGGG, OOOWWW," she cried from the dual ravishment of her young body. Her pussy ached from the spanking and her mouth was rapidly filling with his hot come. "Tighten your ass again", Dr. Smith ordered. Now all parts of her body were being abused at the same time, but she managed to obey and gripped the fingers in her ass.


            Her mouth was full of hot salty come, "Swallow it now" he ordered. Rebecca tried to swallow the thick come, but choked on the large quantity. "Lick my cock clean," forcing it back into her mouth, making Rebecca swirl her tongue, cleaning the come from his cock.


            The fingers were withdrawn from her anus and the cock from her mouth.


            "You did an excellent job at obeying orders. We are certainly going to enjoy having you stay with us. We will let you clean up and then we will join you again".

Sally and the Judge's Punishment


            After Sally cleaned herself up, she was led back to the bed. Her arms were tied to the top corners of the bed. Sally trembled in fear, as she was now tied to the bed in her bra and panties. She did not know what was happening to Rebecca and she feared what would happen to her again.


            The Judge was in his 60's, but was in good shape for his age. He entered Sally's cell and shut the door behind him. He glanced over to the bed, with Sally tied, waiting for whatever punishment he wanted to inflict on her.


            "I am the Judge of the County, my dear. Tomorrow you will be brought before me in court, so I thought we should meet first. If you would like to plead for leniency before the court, now is a good time for you to show me you are repentant."


            "I did not do anything wrong, please allow my daughter and myself go" begged Sally.


            "If you are willing to submit to my demands tonight and pleasure me, you will both be allowed to leave. If not, I think that I might have to make a visit to Rebecca to see if she is more willing"


            Sally trembled in fear, but knew she must submit if Rebecca and her were going to leave. "I will do whatever you want, just leave Rebecca alone".


            The Judge walked over to the bed and looked at Sally. With her arms spread to the corners, she was a gorgeous sight to see. "You have a very beautiful body and the Sheriff tells me you have a shaved pussy and a great ass. I am going to enjoy you in many ways before the night is over". He moved his hands over her shoulders down to her bra encased breasts. He began to squeeze them, pushing them up until they started to push out the top of her bra.


            "I think the bra should go" and he unhooked the snap in the back and pulled the bra up in the front, baring her breasts to his evil gaze. He took a scissors and cut the bra and threw it into the corner. His hands returned to her breasts, now bare with her large nipples standing erect in fear. Sally closed her eyes in humiliation as he began to fondle her bare breasts and pinched her nipples.


            "OOOOHHH" she moaned as his manipulation of breasts and nipples became more brutal. He pinched her nipples between his fingers and pulled them from her body. "OOOOOWWWw, that hurts so bad", she cried.


            "You must learn to accept the pain as punishment. As a Judge, I am here to extract punishment from you and you will have to submit to the pain that I will inflict on your body. Before the night is over, I will manipulate your body into various positions, spreading you open so that I may inflict pain on the delicate parts of your body. I will punish your breasts, your ass and especially your pussy".


            "AAAAAHHHHH, OWWWW, that hurts, please don't do this to me, it will hurt so bad".


            He released her breasts and his hands moved down her belly to her panties. "I do not think you will need these, I want you naked and spread open to me", and be pulled her panties down her legs and threw them to the floor with her bra. Sally was now naked on the bed.


            He moved to the foot of the bed and looked up at Sally, tied before him. "Open your legs for me, so I may inspect your pussy. Obey, or I will punish Rebecca".


            Sally opened her legs, blushing in humiliation as her hairless pussy opened for the Judge to see.


            "More" as she spread her legs open until they reached the edge of the bed. Her pussy was now spread open wide. "Very good, you listen well. Now bring your knees up and again spread your legs wide".


            Sally cringed in shame, but did as she was told, opening her pussy wide and now her anus was also spread open for him to see.


            "Stay in that position and do not move, no matter what I do". His hands moved between her legs and began to stroke her thighs, moving toward her spread pussy. He put his fingers on each side of her pussy and spread her pussy lips, opening her up to his gaze. He ran his finger between her lips, spreading her moisture from the top of her pussy, down to her anus. Sally cringed when he reached her anus and began to push his finger around. She vividly recalled her recent anal rape.


            "The Sheriff says you are a great ass fuck, is that right Sally"?


            "Please don't do that again, it hurt so bad when he raped my ass".


            "I think I will also enjoy your ass tonight. He says that it is hot and tight and you can squeeze a cock with it. I am going to use your mouth, your ass and also your pussy tonight before I am finished with you. You must submit to my demands".


            "I think we need to get you into a better position" and Sally cringed when she saw the Judge move toward her legs with the straps again. She knew that she would again be tied spread open. He grabbed each ankle and tied the leather strap around each one. Once he had them both on, he took one of her ankles and began to pull it toward the top of the bed, bringing her leg up over her body until it reached the top corner of the bed where he tied it down. The other leg was pulled to the opposite corner and now Sally's arms and legs were tied to the top of the bed, her legs spread open wide over her head. Her pussy and anus were now left gaping open and vulnerable to whatever the Judge decided to inflict on her body.


            "It is now time to teach you obedience". He picked up a short whip, with eight leather straps coming from the handle. Each strap was knotted at the end. "I am going to start on your ass, then your breasts and finally I am going to whip your open pussy. You may scream all you want I enjoy listening to a women scream in pain as her body is beaten."


            SSSLLLLAPPPP, the whip beat against her ass, the individual straps reaching out to beat against her naked flesh. "OOOOWWWW, please don't, that hurts so bad, I can't stand it. OOOOOOWWWW" she screamed again as the strap again beat her ass. With her legs spread open, her anus was undefended and the knot on one of the straps beat on her open anus. It felt like her ass was being torn open. The strap beat her ass continuously, reaching into the crevice between her ass, finding her defenseless anus and beating it unmercifully. The pain was unbearable but Sally knew it would be worse when he would begin on her breasts and finally when it found its way between her thighs, into her open pussy.


            The Judge continued the beating of her ass until she had received 25 strokes of the whip on her ass. Her screams continued as her flesh was beaten.


            "That was very good Sally, now it is time to work on your sensitive breasts. You have very big nipples that will make a good target. The knots will tear your nipples open. It will make them more sensitive as I molest them later when I fuck you".


            The whip began to beat first on her right breast and then her left. Each time it struck, the knot tortured her nipples, bringing screams from Sally's lips. Her breasts began to turn red from the beating and Sally voice began to fade from the screaming. After twenty-five strokes of the whip, her nipples were now swollen from the lashing. The Judge grabbed both nipples with his fingers and squeezed them, eliciting a fresh scream from Sally.


            Sally cringed in fear, as she knew that the Judge now intended to whip her open pussy. The pain from the beating of her ass and breasts were nothing compared to what he would now inflict on her spread pussy.


            "Yes, you realize the pain you will feel when I whip your pussy. Your pussy lips are spread open and the knots will find their way between them, beating your pink pussy. Some knots will again find your open anus and finally your clit. When I am finished all of your sexual parts will be very tender. When I fuck you, I will be very brutal in your rape and inflict the maximum amount of pain as my cock tears into your body. I am going to enjoy you very much. It is now time to begin" and he brought the whip down for the first time, directly on her open pussy.


            "OOOOOWWWWW, it hurts so much, please no, AAAAHHHH" she cried as her body tried to jerk away from the cruel whip. The whip again found its target, her spread pussy, with knots finding her open anus and one knot beating her clit. Her bound body could not hide from the whip and Sally screamed as the whip continued the ravishment of her pussy.


            Ten strokes and Sally was covered in sweat, her pussy swollen and red from the whip. Her lips were dry from screaming and her voice was faded as the whip again found its mark between her spread legs, into her pussy. Fifteen strokes and her body was convulsing from the savage beating. Twenty and Sally prayed to faint from the pain, but the whip continued to beat into her spread pussy. Finally the last stroke descended on her body, slapping directly into her pussy lips, spreading them open to receive the savage thrust of the knots, tearing into her pussy lips, her anus and her swollen clit.


            The Judge put down the whip and began to untie Sally's legs and arms from the corner of the bed. Her legs slumped to the bed, exhausted from the seventy-five strokes of the whip on her body. He pushed a pillow under her ass, raising her hips from the bed. He spread her legs open again, her pussy, swollen and red pushed high into the air. "Its time for a fucking, while your sweet pussy is tender and sore". He removed his clothes and climbed between her legs. His rock hard cock stood out. Sally cringed in pain as he lowered himself onto her body, his cock seeking out her pussy.


            "Please don't, it hurts so bad", as the Judge rubbed his cock along her beaten pussy lips, ready to rape her. He pushed his cock into her pussy, his body pressed hard against her beaten nipples and pussy. Her ass rose from the bed, trying to escape the pain, forcing more of his cock to tear into her defenseless pussy. He grabbed her ass, forcing her pussy to accept the cock as it plunged into her pussy, stretching her open to the brutal rape. The Judge continued to enjoy her tight pussy, forcing groans from her lips as he penetrated her body.


            Sally felt so stuffed from the cock as it inched deeper and deeper into her body. Her screams was a pleasure to the Judge's ears as he enjoyed the sight of this beautiful woman, naked and spread beneath him as he slid his hard cock almost all of the way out of her pussy and then plunged back into her. Sally cried and gasped as she bucked to escape the penetrating cock.


            "Please, no more, it hurts so bad, leave me alone", she cried. But the rape of her body continued, as the Judge's cock continued the brutal rape of her pussy, spearing his cock into her, forcing screams from her lips. His cock continued its rape, past her resisting muscles, pushing deeper into her pussy with each thrust intent on maximizing the pain of the rape. His hands mauled her breasts and nipples, while one finger found her defenseless and sore anus and forced it into deep into her rectum. Her body natural defense pushed away from the invading finger, forcing her pussy to accept a brutal thrust deep into her body.


            "Get ready for my first load of come" he said as he pushed his cock deeper into her spread pussy forcing a groan from her lips. Two fingers stretched her anal tract wide, forcing her to raise her hips from the bed to escape the finger rape of her ass, allowing his cock to penetrate her body deeper. She could feel his cock swell as the come traveled from his balls to the tip of his cock and begin to shoot into her pussy. Again, she could feel the hot come spurt deep into her, her pussy beginning to spasm from the pain, milking the come from his cock.


            Two more spurts filled her ravished pussy with his hot come until his cock began to shrink in size. He pulled it from her pussy with a pop.


            The Judge pulled his body off of Sally, and smiled as he saw her spread body, covered in sweat and come from the brutal rape he inflicted on her. "Don't get too comfortable, I want you to get my cock hard again with your mouth. I am going to sit on your tits as I feed you my cock down your throat. Once it is hard, I am going to turn you over and spread you open and stick my cock deep into your asshole. I should be able to fuck you for a long time since I have already come once".


            The Judge moved up her body until he sat on her tits, his cock only inches from her mouth. It was still covered with his come and Sally cringed, as she knew she would be forced to lick it and get it clean and hard. He would then force his cock deep her into her asshole, reliving her anal rape of yesterday. Again, she would be forced to milk his cock until he filled her asshole with his hot come.


            "Lick it" he ordered as Sally's tongue began to bath his cock. She ran her tongue over the head of his soft cock, the salty taste of his come filling her mouth with the horrible taste. "Now open wide, while I push my cock deep into your mouth and down your throat. It will make you gag and choke as it goes down, but your throat will milk my cock".


            Sally's mouth opened wide as his now erect cock began the descent into her mouth. She closed her lips on it knowing that once it was hard, he would rape her ass. His cock began its journey to the back of her mouth, was withdrawn to her clasping lips and again, forced deep into her mouth, each time deeper. Sally cringed, as she knew the next time he plunged into her mouth, he would force his cock into her throat, choking her on the hard cock.


            "GGGASSSPP, UUUURRRGGGGHHHH' gasped Sally as her throat was forced to accept the erect cock deep into her, forcing her throat muscles to accept the punishing cock, her gag muscles reacting to the rape of her throat.


            The Judge kept his cock deep into her throat, forcing Sally to gasp for air before he pulled it out to her lips. He could feel her tongue bathe the head of his cock, trying to keep him from plunging it deep into her throat again. The Judge gave her a brutal thrust with his cock, forcing Sally to accept the cock deep into her throat, her body gasping from the pain and lack of air from the savage rape. He pulled his cock out from her throat and withdrew it from her lips, glistening in spit from Sally's mouth.


            "Turn over onto your stomach and spread your legs wide" he ordered Sally.


            Sally cringed in fear, knowing that her ass would be raped again. Yesterday was painful, today would open up old wounds, but she had no choice but to spread herself open to be used as the Judge wished.


            "I am going to beat your asshole with the whip for five strokes to make it tender again. I want you to reach back and hold your cheeks open so I can make sure the knots beat your tender anus".


            Sally reached back and spread her self open for the Judge to inflict his cruel punishment on her body. Sally looked so vulnerable, naked and spread open for the whip and later for his cock.


            "Hold very still and open your cheeks wide" and the whip began its first descent into the valley of her ass, striking her open and spread anus. Sally gasped in pain, but continued to keep herself open. "Very good, the knots beat into your open anus, get ready for the next". The whip again beat into Sally's ass, stretching her anus as the knots beat down. Sally screamed in pain and her body jerked but she continued to hold the pose.


            "Push you ass into the air and keep your ass spread open for the whip". Sally raised herself onto her knees, pushing her ass into the air, her hands still spreading her cheeks open. The whip crashed down into her waiting ass, tearing into her anus, with one knot reaching down into her pussy, forcing a scream from Sally's lips. The final two strokes continued to beat into her spread open anus and Sally gasped from the pain. Her body sank back down into the bed; her legs still spread open.


            A pillow was forced under her ass, thrusting her ass into the air. Sally knew that it would be painful when his cock was forced into her anus. Her sphincter would be forced to open to accept the anal rape.


            Again, she felt the Judge move onto her body, igniting the pain of the whipping on her. His cock forced them between her cheeks, opening up the wounds of the whipping.


            Sally felt the head of his cock push against her anus and she braced herself for the brutal pain she would be forced to endure. "No, AAAAGGGG, not there, it hurts so bad, please don't, AAAAGGGHHHH", she cried as his cock began the painful journey up her ass. It felt like a bar of steel was being forced into her ass.


            The Judge ignored her cries of pain and forced his cock into her defenseless asshole, forcing it to open. As her muscles relaxed to accept the rape and her sphincter opened, his cock pushed deeper and deeper into her rectum, forcing cries of pain from Sally's lips as she endured brutal thrusts of his cock into her anal tract. Her tight asshole squeezed his cock in ecstasy as he pushed his cock for a final deep thrust into her ass, forcing her to accept his cock. Her head shot up in pain as she screamed and she instinctively arched her back up, opening her buttocks to him more completely. Her anus was stretched wide around his cock and was expanded to its maximum. He began to penetrate her again and again, opening the wounds of yesterday's anal rape, forcing groans of pain from Sally.


            Sally was continually driven into the bed by the brutal rape of her ass. Her most intimate opening was savagely beaten and now was being raped against her will. The cock gave Sally cramps when it was buried deep into her ass and tore her anus as it was withdrawn.


            "Milk my cock with your ass now, or I will beat you again", he ordered.


            Sally grabbed his cock with her ass muscles as he withdrew it from her ass. The pain was worse as her ass tightened on the cock but she knew she must get it over quickly. The cramps and the terrible stretching of her anal track was quickly overcoming Sally with too much pain. Sally again tightened on his cock, milking it.


            The Judge was in ecstasy. This hot and tight ass was massaging his cock as he forced screams from her lips after a brutal thrust into her ass. She was forced to pleasure him even when he inflicted pain on her. He pushed his cock deep into her ass and began injecting his hot cum deep into her rectum. Her ass milked the come from his cock as he shot load after load deep into her body.


            Sally collapsed as the Judge withdrew his cock from her asshole. He watched, as her asshole stayed open from the brutal rape and his come dripped out. The Judge left Sally in the cell, spread open on the bed, naked and vulnerable.

Forcing Rebecca to take it in the Ass


            Rebecca took a shower and cleaned up. She put on the clothes they brought her. A button down blouse, schoolgirl skirt and 3 inch heels. The skirt was very short and if she did not stand up tall, her panties would show. She entered the library again. They were seated in their large overstuffed chairs, but there was now five of them. In the center of the chairs, stood an odd contraption. It consisted of two railings, one about waist high that was padded and the other about one foot in front and one foot from the floor. It was highly polished.


            "I am glad you could join us again, Rebecca. It was a pleasure to see you last time, not so much for you, but for us. You will be taught obedience while you are with us. After years of study and testing, we find someone as young as you best learns obedience when the punishment is sexual in nature. At your age, you have a mature body, but the innocence of a child. Submitting to various unnatural sexual abuses of your body reinforces the lesson of complete and absolute obedience", said Dr. Smith.


            "I will do what you say, just don't hurt me", Rebecca said.


            "Unfortunately, pain is how you will associate to our commands. In addition, we enjoy seeing a young girl scream in pain as punishment is inflicted on her body. You must submit to our every command, and place your body in whatever position we require of you. We strive to make your punishment as embarrassing and humiliating as possible. Others will be brought in to see you and to abuse you at various times. You may scream as loud as you want. In fact, we encourage it".


            "This is Mr. Johnson. He is our guest tonight. He has requested that he is allowed to perform a specific sexual act upon your body and we have granted him that wish. I will explain what it is a little later, but no matter you will submit to his wished. First, Mr. Johnson would like to see you better", said Dr. Smith.


            Mr. Johnson was about the same age as the others. To a 12-year old, 60 was senile, and she cringed when she thought of his hands all over her body. He came to her side and pushed her toward the center.


            "Stand up tall", he ordered. "Your young body looks lovely in that outfit. The high heels make your legs stand out even more and that short skirt makes my cock hard". He stood behind her and pushed his cock against her ass. It felt like he had a baseball bat in his pants. It must be huge.


            "Turn your head toward me and kiss me with your mouth open". She obeyed and cringed when he stuck his tongue in her mouth and moved it around, "Put your tongue in my mouth" forcing her to kiss back. His hands went around her waist as he continued to tongue fuck her mouth. His hands slid up to her breasts. "Face forward again, arms behind your head and push your breasts into my hands. Eyes open, everyone wants to see your humiliation", he said.


            Rebecca obeyed, standing tall, her breasts straining her blouse as her breasts were groped. He squeezed her breasts hard, forcing a groan from Rebecca. "These are magnificent breasts, I can't wait until they are naked". He continued to fondle her breasts, and then began to unbutton her blouse. She knew she would soon be stripped naked in front of them again.


            "Slip your blouse off", he ordered and Rebecca let it fall to the floor. She felt him unsnap her bra in the back. His hands slipped under her arms to her breasts and pushed her bra out of the way. He now had his hands on her naked breasts. He cupped them and forced them out, showing the others their beauty.


            "I am going to abuse your nipples now. They are very big so I can grip them tightly. Push them out and hold very still." Tears formed in Rebecca's eyes are he brutalized her nipples. He was pulling and twisting them. He pulled them so far, they stretched her breasts into a cone. He released the nipples and began to slap her breasts. First underneath, then the top and finally he slapped them directly on the nipples.


            "OWWW, that hurts, please leave them alone", she cried, but she knew that they would continue abusing her. She could see the looks on their faces, they were enjoying her pain.


            "Take off your skirt, while I play with your breasts, Rebecca", he ordered. Rebecca unzipped the skirt and let it fall to the floor, standing naked except for her panties. She knew that soon they would also be stripped from her body.


            "The panties now", releasing her breasts from his grip. Her nipples hurt from the pain he had inflicted on them. She slid them to the floor, now naked in front of them.


            "Spread your legs wide, I want to play with that sweet pussy". Rebecca cringed, knowing that he intended to hurt her. She spread her legs wide, revealing her pussy to all of them again.


            She felt his hands slide from her breasts, over her tight stomach and down to her pussy. "I'm going to spread your pussy lips so everyone can see the inside of your pink pussy. Stand very still and keep your legs spread wide". Each hand grabbed a pussy lip and he began to pull them to the side, opening her pussy.


            "Not so wide, it hurts", Rebecca cried.


            "You must accept your punishment" and he spread them further. He moved his fingers to between her lips and began to run them up and down her lips. Rebecca instantly became wet from the stimulation. Her pussy had never been touched, only spanked before. She did not know what to become of the feelings. She began to move her hips.


            He quickly removed his fingers from her slit and slapped her pussy as hard as he could.


            SSSLLLLAAAAPPPP his hand beat her pussy.


            "OOOOOOWWWWW, please, that hurts so much", Rebecca begged.


            "I will not have you enjoying yourself, you are here to be punished, not have an orgasm".


            "I think it is time to get to the main event. As I told you Mr. Johnson had a request that he wanted you to fulfill and we agreed to allow him. Mr. Johnson would like to pleasure himself in your ass. Do you understand what I mean, Rebecca"?


            "You mean he wants to put his fingers up my butt, like you did before? I did not like that, it hurt and felt strange".


            "No, this time he would like to put his cock into your asshole and fuck your ass until he is ready to cum in your virgin asshole", said Dr. Smith.


            "No, he can't do that, it would hurt so bad, Your fingers hurt enough, not his penis", begged Rebecca.


            "As I said, we have already granted Mr. Johnson his wish, so you must obey and submit to the rape of your ass. If you do not, you will suffer even more, as well as your Mother. Will you allow Mr. Johnson access to your ass, so he may rape it?"


            Rebecca cringed knowing that they intended to inflict pain on her, but nodded her head. She had no choice, submit or her Mother would suffer.


            "That is very good, you obey well. Mr. Johnson is lucky to be able to rape your ass. It is hot and tight and when you milk his cock with your ass, he will be enjoying it very much".


            "That device next to you is where you submit. I want you to bend over the first bar, rest your stomach on it and grasp the lower bar with your hands. Spread your legs wide and give him access to your anus. You are not to move at any time during the rape. Do not let go of the bar. Get into position and I will tell you about Mr. Johnson and his request".


            Rebecca moved over to the bar. She bent down, resting her stomach on the bar and lowered her hands to the bottom rail. It was smooth and shiny, It looked like it had considerable use before. The position pushed her ass up and out. When she spread her legs, her anus and pussy were spread wide. Rebecca knew that the position she was in was obscene. A 12-year old should not have to put them in such an embarrassing position. She had now submitted her body to her own ass rape.


            "Mr. Johnson would like to have tried anal sex before, but he never had the chance before. You see, Mr. Johnson has a deformity. His cock is not very big around, but it is long. It is over 15 inches long and he has not been able to convince any women to allow him to stick it in their ass. I told him how submissive you were and you would allow him to pleasure himself in your ass".


            "No, don't let him do that, it will kill me. I am just a little girl."


            "Yes, it will hurt very much. It will stretch your anus when he first puts the head in, but the worse part is later. When he starts to feed your asshole all 15 inches of hard cock it will feel like a lead pipe put up your butt. We expect you to scream all your want. Mr. Johnson also has the ability to hold his erection for a long period of time. He expects to fuck your ass for over 20 minutes. His strokes will force your colon to straighten out to accept his cock and will be quite painful, but we expect you to continue to hold the lower bar until he is finished. Enough talk now".


            Mr. Johnson stood in front of Rebecca and began to remove his clothes so she could see his cock. As he slipped down his shorts, Rebecca gasped at the size of it. It was true; it was over 15 inches long. She knew that it would inflict considerable pain on her, but they did not care.


            He moved behind her and began to fondle her ass. "What a beautiful ass you have Rebecca" he complemented her. His hand moved to the crack and pushed lower to her anus. It was small and pink. When he got finished with her, it would be swollen and red. He rubbed some Vaseline on his finger and pushed it into her anus.


            "AAAAHHHH' cried Rebecca, surprised at the sudden invasion of her anus. His finger moved deep into her rectum, lubricating her anal passage for his long cock.


            "They said you were good at grasping with your ass. Grab my fingers with your ass and don't let go until I tell you to". Rebecca submitted and clenched her ass muscles onto the fingers, squeezing them. "Release them, that was good. When I am ready to cum, I want you to milk my cock with your ass. It will cause you more pain, but this is for my pleasure. Grab my fingers again". Rebecca felt like a sex slave, forced to submit to these depravities, but she obeyed and clenched her ass onto the fingers again.


            She could feel him grab her hips and place his cock on her anus. "It is now time for your anal rape. Are you ready? Ask me to please rape your ass."


            "Please rape my ass and get it over quickly!" she said.


            He began to push his cock into her virgin ass. The Vaseline helped the head push in. "OOOOOWWWWWW" her anus ripping to allow the cock entry. He pulled his cock completely out of her anus and allowed it to go back to its normal size. He then thrust the head back in again, the pain just as bad the second time. He was forcing her to relive the rape over again. "OOOOOOWWW" she cried again. "Please get it over quickly".


            "You just got the head, you still have 14 more inches of cock to go". With that he began to push in another inch, then out. The next thrust in gained 2 inches, the next 3. As more and more cock was forced into her rectum, Rebecca's screams became louder. He was gripping her hips hard and pounding his cock into her ass, forcing her to accept his punishing cock. Her hands gripped the bar tightly, bent over being ass fucked. Sweat began to pour on her body from the cruel rape.


            Rebecca screamed from a particularly cruel push that forced over 7 inches of hard cock into her rectum. His cock began to move into her colon, stretching her where one should not be stretched. The strokes out were almost as painful as the in. Each stroke went further than the last, bringing fresh screams of pain.


            The others began to move toward her, wanting to watch her screams of pain. They had pulled out their cocks and were stroking them in front of her face. They wanted to see when she would finally be forced to accept all 15 inches of cock up her ass.


            Ten inches of cock was now being forced into her colon. One of them in front of her began to run his cock over her lips as she screamed. Someone at her side grabbed her nipple and began to pinch and pull it from her body.


            Eleven inches and the cramps began to be unbearable. Her colon was being forced to straighten out and there was still more to come.


            "How do you like my cock now, little girl? You still have 4 more inches to go and then I will really start to fuck you hard and cruel. You will be forced to take all 15 inches every time".


            Fourteen inches of cock was in her ass and her ass was on fire. Cramps were constantly. The last inch finally came with a deep thrust from all the way in that knocked the breath out of Rebecca. He pushed up against her ass, feeling like he was trying to drive his cock through her.


            Rebecca was now screaming in pain all of the time. It felt like a huge unyielding pipe was pushed up her ass and twisted in her guts. He began to pull his cock out, creating suction. He brought his cock until only her anus grasped the head.


            "Now the fucking starts" and he pushed his cock forcefully into her ass, making sure she felt all 15 inches of cock fill her virgin ass. Rebecca screamed as he beat a painful tattoo up her ass. Each time he would feed her all 15 inches, no mercy was given.


            Rebecca was in constant pain. In addition, one of the men pushed his cock into her mouth. "Suck it and bathe my cock with your tongue". Her nipples were being abused, scratched and pinched, but it was nothing compared to the pain in her ass.


            Her anal rape when on for long minutes. Someone had already come in her mouth and she was forced to swallow it. Another cock soon replaced it and she was again sucking it. Her anus was bleeding from the rape and she could feel where her insides were torn from the brutal rape. Fifteen minutes and he was still fucking her hard.


            She continued to hold the bar tightly, submitting to this awful rape. Twenty minutes and he said, "Now show me how good you are at milking my cock". Grasp my cock with your ass. If you don't I will fuck you for another twenty minutes".


            In a state of constant pain, Rebecca began to grab his cock with her ass muscles, milking it as it was withdrawn each time. The pain increased, but she knew it would be soon over. He began to push harder and harder into her ass, trying to drive his cock as deep as it could go. The cock in her mouth began to come and she was again force to swallow a load of come. Another cock replaced that last one, this one larger, forcing her tired jaw to expand to allow it to enter.


            He began to come into her ass, shooting a jet of hot come deep into her body. Her ass clamped on his cock, forcing another load of come. Two more filled her colon with the hot come. His cock began to soften, but with fifteen inches of cock, it would not come out until pulled out.


            "Would you like me to fuck your ass again, I think I could go for an hour this time". He pulled his cock out of her ass and Rebecca slumped over the bar, exhausted from the anal rape. Her anus was bleeding and come was running out. Her pink anus was now bright red and swollen.


            Rebecca was led back to her room to clean up again. She knew that she would again be forced to submit to their obscene pleasures upon her innocent body. She had already taken a cock in her mouth and in her ass. It would be soon that they would want to stick their cocks into her pussy.

Pain for Sally - The Examination


            Sally was released from the bed. She dragged herself over to the shower and began to wash the traces of her rape from her body. Her pussy and asshole stung as the water ran down her, washing the dried cum down the drain. She dried off and lay back down on the bed and tried to sleep, but any little noise woke her.


            Sally must have dozed off because she jumped from the sound of her cell opening. She watched as the Sheriff and two other deputies came into her cell. "Where is Rebecca, is she all right?"


            "She is in temporary foster care and is being taken care of. Continue to cooperate and she will continue that way.  You must be examined so come with us," the Sheriff ordered, pulling Sally up from the bed and securing her hands behind her back with his handcuffs.


            Sally was pushed into the hallway, naked, her arms handcuffed behind her back, followed by the two deputies. She could feel their eyes on her naked ass as she was led down the corridor until the arrived at a door marked "Examination Room". The door was opened and inside was a gynecological table in the middle. In the two corners near the head were leather straps attached to the corners. The stirrups were higher than normal and attached to them were also leather straps. Sally cringed in fear as she realized that if she was placed on the table, she would be bound tightly, unable to prevent them from taking advantage of her naked and spread body.


            "On the table, slut. On your back, hands over your head and place your feet in the stirrups. Spread your legs wide," she was ordered by the Sheriff. He released the cuffs from behind her back and helped her onto the table, taking liberties with her naked body as he did. One of the deputies was at the other end of the table as she slid back, grabbing her arms and pulling them to the top.


            "Where is the Doctor?' Sally asked as the Deputy strapped first her right wrist into a leather cuff and then proceeded to secure her left wrist. The Deputy bent down over her face, "We know what to do to a slut like you, we don't need a doctor to tell us."


            The Deputy grabbed her head and whispered "Stick you tongue in my mouth or I will punish you" forcing his lips over hers, his tongue pushing into her mouth. He continued to kiss her, Sally forced to return the kiss with her tongue, tasting the foul breath of the Deputy. His hand roamed over her body, pushing down toward her naked breasts.


            Sally could feel hands grab each of her ankles and push them into the stirrups. She could feel per pussy lips spread as her legs were spread wide, her embarrassment returning at being treated like a piece of meat. Leather straps encircled her ankles, securing her legs wide open. Hands ran up her legs, her inside thighs, seeking her spread pussy. The other Deputy continued tongue fucking her mouth, his hands now kneading her breasts, searching and forcing her nipples to become erect. His fingers became more insistent, pulling and pinching her tender nipples.


            "You like that, bitch, how about a little pain," his fingers tearing at her nipple, stretching her breast into a cone. "If you like this, you will love what we have in store for you. We are going to abuse your body. We get hard from hearing your screams of pain. Then we are going to rape your body. All three of us are going to fuck you at the same time. We are going to fuck your asshole, pussy and mouth. You will be so full of our cum by the time we are finished with you. If you fight us, we will visit Rebecca and take her instead."


            Sally moaned in pain as her nipples were pinched and pulled. The other hands had reached her spread pussy and two hands pulled her pussy lips apart, spreading her pink insides open. Another hand pulled her clit hood back, exposing her clit to their abuse. Fingers grabbed her clit, forcing it to become hard like a pebble as it was manipulated and pinched. "Your pussy is getting wet, Sally. You're nothing but a slut. We are going to make you cum so many times before we even fuck you. You are going to get off on the pain and the pleasure."


            "Get her tied up." Sally could feel motors begin and the stirrups began to part her legs and push them back toward her head. Her legs spread open wider, her thighs aching as they spread. Her pussy was opening, spreading wider, her hips rising from the table as her legs were pushed toward her head. She could feel the cool air on her anus as her cheeks opened. The table began to retreat from under her ass, leaving her ass and pussy unprotected.


            A platform began to drop from the ceiling, chains and clamps, dangling from it. The clamps were large and were meant to inflict the maximum amount of pain. They would tighten as they were pulled. Sally knew they would tear at her flesh and she would provide them their pleasure as she screamed in pain.


            "Tie her tits up first. Get the clamp on them." One of the deputies approached her breasts, two one inch boards, over 18 inches long, joined by long screws with wingnuts. He pushed her breasts between the two boards, the screws open over three inches. He pushed them far down and then began to tighten the wingnuts. Her breasts began to push between the ever shrinking boards, pushing her breasts out, the blood pushing into her nipples.


            "No more, they are becoming too tight," but the Deputy continued to tighten them, compressing her breasts between the boards. Her breasts were flattening out, the pain beginning to get worse. "Oh, God, that hurts," her breasts being crushed by the Deputy. He flicked her nipples, inciting a sharp pain as the blood surged to the tips of her tits.


            "Look how red and flat they are becoming," the boards now open two inches and still closing more. The Deputy began to kiss her again, forcing her to tongue fuck him as he continued to compress her breasts, exciting him as her groans of pain filled his mouth.


            "No more," the pain was radiating from her crushed breasts. His fingers kept tightening the wingnuts, the gap now only 1 1/2 inches, her breasts now pinched tightly, her nipples erect and hard from the abuse. "AAAAHHHH, take them off," Sally cried.


            The guard had to put considerable pressure on the wingnuts to tighten them, her breasts squeezed to the maximum, the pain now intense. Sally felt his fingers release the wingnuts but now began the manipulation of her nipples again. Blood filled her nipples, forced by the tight bondage of her breasts, making them tender to the touch. His fingers seized the nipples, forcing a scream of pain from Sally as his nails tore into her tender nipples, a drop of blood forming on the nipple. "Just getting them ready for the nipple clamps. I have some nice clover clamps for them. As they pull from your body, they tighten. They also have teeth on the clamp that will bite into your nipple. It will feel like I am ripping your nipples from your tits. And I will be trying to do that. Your screams of pain will bring pleasure to my cock."


            Sally watched as the Deputy pulled the clover clamps down toward her nipples. Her breasts were already in a considerable amount of pain. She knew that it would soon become even worse. The Deputy grabbed her right nipple between his fingers, stretching it, getting it ready to feel the bite of the clamp. It seemed like slow motion as she watched the clover clamp spread open and placed over her erect and hard nipple. Suddenly it snapped tightly over her nipples, her screams ringing in the room as Sally felt unbelievable pain as her nipple was crushed between the teeth of the powerful clover clamps.


            "You scream so nicely, are you ready for the next?" Again Sally watched as the other clover clamp pinched her left nipple. She screamed in pain, the clamps forcing her to endure the torment on her bound and tortured breasts. She continued to scream as the Deputy began to play with the clamps, each time igniting a fresh batch of pain in Sally, as the clamps crushed her nipples.


            "Stretch them out, I want her to feel the pain continuously, I am going to make her cum," shouted the Sheriff, Sally's screams echoing off the walls. The Deputy began to pull the clamps up toward the ceiling, her nipples stretching from her chest, the clamps beginning to pinch and tear her tender nipples.


             Sally watched as her nipples pulled higher and higher, the pain increasing. Her nipples were now stretched as far as they would go, the clover clamps smashing her nipples, the teeth tearing. Her screams were constant, "No more, you are pulling my nipples off, AAAAGGGGHHHH, I will do anything."


            Sally felt the Sheriff's hand move toward her spread pussy again. His fingers pushed into her pussy.


            "You are such a slut, your pussy is so wet." His fingers began to masturbate Sally, another pair of hands returned to her clit, grabbing it, forcing a scream from her lips as it pinched it cruelly, the pain from her clit mixing with the pain from her bound and clamped breasts. Three fingers searched deep into her pussy, spreading her wide, forcing her pussy to open wider. The Deputy at her head began to pull on the chains connected to her nipples, screams coming from Sally's lips as her nipples were pinched tighter, crushing her hard nipples. "Cum, bitch, cream for us or we will tear your nipples off."


            The hands and fingers continued the masturbation of the bound and clamped Sally. Sally began to fell the first signs of an orgasm as the pleasure began to mix with the intense pain they were inflicting on her tender body. Four fingers were now spreading her pussy open, plunging deep inside her, then pulled quickly out, her pussy juice coating his fingers. They continued their ruthless finger fucking as her clit was continually abused. Her hard clit was tortured by fingers tearing at it, pulling and twisting as her nipples continued to be torn from her body.


            "OHHHHH, GOD, AAAAHHHH," screamed Sally her body beginning to tremble as the first orgasm hit her. Five fingers stretched her pussy wide, the pain mixing with the pleasure as her clit was masturbated. The first orgasm began to subside just when a second, more powerful orgasm shook her body. Sally screamed again in a mixture of pain and pleasure. The fingers were removed from her pussy and pushed deep into her mouth. Sally could taste her own pussy juice coating her fingers. Her tongue ran over them, licking them clean. "Take the clamps off my nipples, they hurt so bad."


            "We are just getting started, slut. I am going to clamp your pussy now. Then you are going to have to cum for us again. "


            "Clamp her pussy now," the Sheriff ordered the other Deputy. Sally felt her pussy lip pulled from her body as she saw three more clover clamps fall from the ceiling. "Two for your pussy lips and one for your clit. That one is especially tight. It is serrated so that it will bite into your clit as it is pulled from your body. It will be hard to cum when your clit is clamped, but if you don't, we will not let you loose."


            Sally screamed in pain as the first clamp bit into her tender pussy lips. It was pulled up, stretching her open as the same time as the second clamp bit into the other pussy lip. It too was pulled high, stretching out toward the ceiling. The worse was the one on her clit. Her clit was already tender from the orgasms she had just experienced and now it was pinched cruelly by the powerful clover clamp. Her throat began to get hoarse from the screams as her body trembled from the terrible pain they were inflicting on her tender body. Her hips tried to raise from the table, but they just continued to pull the chains, forcing Sally to arch her ass up from the pain to try to relieve the pain radiating from the all of the clamps attached to her delicate sexual organs. When she began to tire from the raised position and her hips began to fall, the clamps tightened, forcing her to resume the raised and spread position.


            "You son of a bitch, take the clamps off of me, you are tearing my body apart," yelled Sally at the Sheriff, her body rocked by the pain they were inflicting on her.


            "If you cum again, we will take them off." The Sheriff reached between her legs again, finding her clit, now pinched between the clamp. He grabbed her clit at the base, the part not pinched by the clamp and began to masturbate Sally again. The Deputy now pushed all five fingers in Sally's' dripping wet pussy, forcing it wider. The other Deputy began to rub Sally's nipples, forcing them to get harder, making the clamps pinch tighter. "Cum, bitch." All of three of them were forcing Sally again to cum while she was in unbearable pain. They continued their forced masturbation of Sally while tapping the chains attached to the clamps, bringing a fresh batch of pain to her punished nipples and pussy. Her pussy bathed the fingers in her pussy with her cream.


            "I'm cumming, you Bastard," yelled Sally, the forced masturbation having its desired effect on her ravished body as her orgasm began to overwhelm her. Her body shook in pleasure, forcing the clamps to bite into her nipples and pussy as her body pulled on the clamps. The added pain mixed with pleasure and her next cum was bigger than the first. Her body began to shake as her orgasm diminished, the pain returning again.


            "Take off the clamps, I did what you wanted, it hurts so bad," her screams beginning again as her now tender clit began to throb in pain from the cruel clamp.


            "If you agree to fuck us all at the same time, we will let you loose," ordered the Sheriff.


            "I will do anything, just take the clamps off, I hurt so bad."


            Screams rang from Sally's lips as the clamps were released from her body. The blood began to rush back into her nipples and pussy, sending a fresh batch of pain to her brain. The pain seemed worse than when they were on. Finally they were all pulled from her body and the wood clamp released her bound tits. Her nipples were red and sore, as was her clit. It had retreated back under her clit hood, tender and abused. Her legs and arms were released from the leather straps and she was pulled into a sitting position.


            The two Deputies and the Sheriff began to undress. Soon they were naked, their hard and erect cocks waiting to plunge into Sally's orifices.  The Sheriff laid down on a bed, his cock pointing up, waiting for Sally to ride it.


            "Come over here, slut and park your nasty cunt over my cock and fuck yourself down on it."


            Sally moved slowly to the bed, her body still riddled in pain from the torture they had inflicted on her. Her pussy ached as she walked and she knew that the gang rape of her body was going to be painful for her. She sat on the bed and straddled the Sheriff's middle, raising up over his cock.


            "Down you go, bitch, fuck my cock into your cunt. If you don't fuck us good, it's the clamps back, but this time it will be Rebecca that will feel the bite of them."


            Sally cringed in pain as she spread her pussy over his big cock and began to lower herself down, forcing her pussy to open wide. It hurt, but she continued to fuck her pussy down, each time forcing more of his cock into her spread pussy. She finally reached the end, his cock now trapped in her hot and wet cunt.


            "That feels so good, slut. Your hot and tight cunt is gripping my cock tight."


            Sally felt hands push down on her back, forcing her to lay down on the Sheriff, her body jumping as her abused nipples brushed against his chest, new pain rushing to their tips. She could feel one of the Deputies get on the bed and push between her legs. She knew that he would soon be forcing his cock into her asshole again. It was still sore from the previous rapes and now it would be stretched open again, at the same time her pussy was also raped.


            "Open your asshole for me, it will be easier for you if you do. Push out like you were trying to shit." Sally felt his cock, wet from his saliva push against her defenseless anus and she cringed as it began to spread open. She tried to relax her asshole and the helmet shaped head of his cock entered her anus, stretching it open, forcing a gasp from Sally's lips as she was again tore open. "Here comes my cock, bitch," his cock forcing deeper into Sally, screams coming from her lips as her anal track was torn from the brutal rape.


             She suffered as the cock pushed deep into her body, going into her rectum and deeper into her colon, forcing her to relieve the previous rapes of her asshole. His cock brought back fresh pain. Soon he was pushed deep into her colon, his cock flexing inside her, bringing fresh pain and cramps from the cruel rape. Her body trembled in pain, twin cocks stretching her groin, a tiny membrane of skin separating the two big cocks.


            "Open your mouth, cunt, it's time to suck cock," hands lifting her head up, fingers entering and opening her mouth. She could feel another cock brush across her lips, precum dripping onto her lips, the heavy, salty tasting cum filling her mouth. "Wrap your sweet lips around my cock and do a good job of sucking me off. When I cum, you better swallow every drop or I am going to fuck sweet Rebecca until she can't stand any more."


            Sally's lips grabbed the cock in her mouth, her tongue running over the head, the cock pushing deeper into her mouth. Sally choked as it reached her throat. It pulled back out and he began to fuck her face, holding her head tightly, his cock pushing to the back of her throat each time, choking her.


            "It's time for a good fucking, cunt." All three of the men began their brutal gang rape of Sally's tender and abused body. As the Sheriff pushed into Sally's pussy, pushing painfully against her battered clit, the Deputy behind her pulled his cock almost all the way out of her asshole. It felt like he was pulling her insides out. As soon as the helmet of his cock was squeezed tightly by her stretched asshole, it forced itself deep into her asshole, tearing Sally's anal track, cramps ravishing her body. The cock in her mouth was continually forced deeper and deeper, choking her as it reached for her throat. Each time it went deeper, forcing her throat to accept its rape. Her throat grasped his cock tightly as it entered, feeling like a tight cunt gripping his cock.


            The three raping cocks continually buffeted Sally's body, each trying to force a scream from her lips as they tore into her body. They moved faster and faster, their cum getting ready to shoot into her body. The cock in her pussy pushed deep into her, battering her cervix, bruising her insides as it beat her from the insides. The cock in her ass began to get bigger as it was ready to cum, tearing her anal track wider, blood on his cock as it pulled from her raped asshole. The cock in her mouth pushed deep in her throat, his hands preventing from moving off of it, her air supply stopped. Her body began to jump around, trying to escape the asphyxiation by the cock in her mouth, fucking the other two cocks in her unwilling body.


            All of a sudden all three cocks began to hose Sally's body in their cum. Her pussy filled with cum, as did her colon, the hot cum shooting deep into her. The cock in her mouth pulled back from her throat just in time to shoot on her tongue, the hot, salty cum choking Sally as it filled her mouth. The gang rape of Sally continued until all had filled her body with their cum. They pulled from her body, leaving her collapsed on the bed, cum dripping from her lips, down her thighs and her asshole, bleeding and soaked in cum.  They all wiped their cocks clean in her hair and left her on the bed.


            "You are such a whore," the Sheriff said, leaving Sally alone again.

Punishing Rebecca


            They had told her that the committee for Children Services wanted to see her again. She was to get dressed in the clothes they supplied her and someone would get her within one hour. She was to take a shower and be ready on time. Failure to be on time would be punished. She thought back to the last time. They had forced her to strip and bend over the bar and let Mr. Alec stick his fifteen-inch penis in her bottom. It had hurt so bad when they let him do that. He had ripped her bottom and it was still sore. She wondered what they would do to her this time.


            As she stepped out of the shower, a towel around her, someone entered the room. It was the deputy. He stared at her half-naked body, the towel just barely covering her vagina.


            "You were told to be ready in an hour, why aren't you ready?" His voice boomed in the tiny room that she was locked in.


            "I thought I had enough time, I don't have a clock," she stammered.


            "You are going to make the committee very mad for being late. Now get dressed and let's go. Don't make it any worse."


            "Can you leave and come back in five minutes?" her voice begging.


             "We don't have time, now take off the towel. I have seen your mother naked and she has a great body. Does her daughter also possess the same type of body?"


            Rebecca heard the mention of her mother's name. "Is my mother alright?


            "She is doing just fine. The Sheriff and I visited her last night and she did an excellent job of cooperating with us. You will both be taken care of as long as you obey. As you will soon find out, the Committee believes in corporal punishment. Now stand facing me and remove the towel." The deputy sat in the chair, watching and waiting for Rebecca to strip off the towel.


            Rebecca stood facing the Deputy and let the towel fall to the floor. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the Deputies eyes as they feasted on her young naked body. She could feel the cool air in the room blow on her body, her nipples becoming hard and erect.


            "Open your eyes and look at me. Yes, that's a good girl. You have a very beautiful body, so young and ripe. Put you hands behind your head, stick out your tits for me," the Deputy wishing he had time to fuck her before they left.


            Rebecca cringed every time the Deputy spoke. She could see the evil in his eyes as he looked at her naked body. She was being forced to perform like she was a street whore. She raised her arms and laced them behind her head. Her breasts stood out, her nipples hard. She heard his voice again.


            "Spread you legs open wide, I want to see that young pussy. Nobody fucked your pussy yet, but I have a feeling it will be soon.


            She knew he was right, they had already forced her to suck a penis and someone had put his penis up her bottom. It was just a matter of time before someone would have her vagina. Her legs spread, she could feel the cool air on her pussy as her pussy lips as began to open.


            The deputy couldn't believe that this eighteen-year old had such a great body. Her mother was a great fuck, Rebecca would be even better. He had to get the Sheriff to let him fuck her later.


            "We have to get going, but first I want you to come over here and get on your knees. We still have a few minutes."


            Rebecca knew what he wanted. He was going to force her to suck his penis. She moved towards him and got to her knees before the chair. He stood up, his crotch level with her head.


            "Unzip my pants and take my cock out. Get acquainted with it," he ordered her.


            Rebecca did as she was ordered. She pulled his zipper down and unsnapped his pants. His pants opened and she could see his hard cock straining his shorts. He helped her, sliding his pants down to the floor. He stepped out of them.


            "Come on bitch, grab my cock and put it into your mouth. It wants to feel your hot breath and you tongue on it."


            Rebecca pulled his shorts down and he stepped out of them. His cock sprung out in front of her face, already she could see precum on its tip. She grabbed it with her hand and felt his body shudder. She began to run her hand up and down it, masturbating it for his pleasure.


            "In you go baby, put it in your mouth and lick it up and down. I want to feel those hot lips wrapped around my cock." He watched as her head moved forward and her mouth opened. He could feel her hot breath as she moved closer to his cock. He felt as her wet lips closed on the head of his cock and her tongue began to run over it. He had his own eighteen-year cocksucker, kneeling before him, her lips wrapped around his cock. "Oh, Yeah, you are a natural born cocksucker, you're better than your mother is."


            Her mother had also being degraded, forced to suck a penis, just like she was. Rebecca began to push her mouth deeper onto the cock, her tongue running over it as she masturbated it with her mouth. She felt the deputy's hands on the side of her head, instructing her on how to take it deeper. He pulled her onto his cock, forcing her to take it to the back of her mouth. The next time he pulled her, it pushed into her throat. "GGGGHHHH, AAAWWWW," she began to gag and choke on it. "GGGHHHH."


            "Yeah, bitch, suck my cock down your throat my little cocksucker. Come on, you can do it, swallow my cock." He let her pull away from his cock and than pushed her back onto it. He could feel her trying to stop him, but he was more powerful and he pushed her onto it until he heard her gag on it again. This time she began to swallow it, her throat grasping his cock tightly.


            Rebecca tried to stop him from pulling her face onto his cock but he was too strong. The cock began to enter her throat. She gagged as the fat cock pushed down, her throat forced to accept it. "AAAGGGHHH," she cried, tears running down her cheeks as her throat burned as his cock pushed in. She could not breathe, the cock blocking her throat. She sucked in air through her nose. She felt a hand reach down to her neck, feeling his cock.


            "I knew you could deep throat it. It's not like you had a choice. You are going to swallow my cock or anyone else's cock we want you to. You are nothing but a receptacle for our cum. We will fill your mouth, your pussy and your asshole with it. And there is nothing you can do about it. You are going to become our cum slut. Now suck my cock. I'm almost ready to cum and you are going to swallow every drop of it. If you spill any of it, I will beat your ass until you can't sit down for a week." He allowed her a brief respite than pulled her mouth back down, forcing his cock back down her throat.


            "GGGGHHHHWWW," the cock again blocking her throat. She felt it go even deeper, feeling like a sword was pushed into her throat. She licked the cock, hoping to make him cum. She knew he was going to shoot her mouth full of his vile, hot cum, but she had to get this over with. She felt him ease off on her head. His cock came out of her throat and she could tell that he was ready to cum. She ran her tongue over the head of his cock, tasting his cum.


            "Here it comes, cunt, let it run over your tongue, I want you to taste my cum."


            Rebecca felt it begin to shoot, running from his balls, along his cock, to shoot out the head. She ran her tongue over it as it began to shoot. She almost choked from the first blast of the vile cum filled her mouth. She swallowed the load as fast as she could, the cum feeling heavy and salty. By time she got the first load down, a second more powerful load shot out. Rebecca gagged, some of the cum shooting out her nose as her mouth was again filled with his cum. Oh God, when is he going to finish, she thought. I can't take much more. She swallowed, trying not to get sick as the thick cum ran down her throat. Her stomach was beginning to fill with his cum.


            "That's it bitch, swallow all of my cum. Oh, Yeah, what a cocksucker. Here comes another load, swallow it." He pushed his cock in her mouth deeper one last time, his last load of cum filling her mouth again. He could see her cheeks swell up, filling with his cum. "Swallow cunt."


            Rebecca swallowed the last load of cum and fell over onto her side, cum on her lips. Her stomach turned over, wrenching from all of the cum she was forced to swallow.


            "That's enough break time, cunt. Get dressed, you are already late. The Committee will punish you for that. If you make any mention of what we did, you will never get out of here in one piece. Now move it."


            Rebecca stood up and put on the clothes she was given. It was the schoolgirl outfit again, short skirt, button down blouse and three-inch heels. Her bra was low cut and her panties were thongs. Not that it mattered. She knew that they would force her to strip naked soon after she arrived.


            The deputy took Rebecca down the hall. They entered the last room at the end of the hall. This was the same room that she was in before. When Rebecca entered she saw the same four men sitting in their overstuffed chairs as before. The chairs faced Rebecca.


            "You're late, Rebecca. We are very strict on regulations around here. You are going to be punished for that. I told you we believe in corporal punishment and you are about to find out what I meant." Dr. Smith had an evil grin on his face as he said that. He was going to enjoy her punishment. The committee enjoyed punishing their charges and found every excuse to do it.


            Dr. Smith picked up the phone and spoke into it. In less than a minute, the side door opened and three men came in carrying various pieces of furniture. They were all in their late teens, not much older than Rebecca. They looked Rebecca over as they carried the furniture in. Rebecca knew she was not going to like what they were going to do to her. She only hoped that they were here only to bring the furniture in. In was bad enough to strip naked in front of the committee, they were all over 60 years old, the others were just like her, her own age.


            Rebecca cringed in humiliation when she heard Dr. Smith say, "you gentlemen may stay if you like, we could use some help. Rebecca has been bad and must be punished. I think you will enjoy it."


            "Yeah, we'd love to. She is fine looking."


            "Push that one piece into the center of the room," Dr. Smith asked.


            Rebecca watched as a wooden frame was pulled toward the center of the room. It was about waist high, a bolster, about four-inches wide covered the center. In front, almost floor height were two large hinged rings. At the other end, the same types of rings were attached. She knew she was going to be bound to it, but she did not know why or how.


             "Thank you, now if you will just be patient, we will take care of Rebecca's punishment. Rebecca, you must learn to obey. We are going to make it very painful so you will remember next time. We are going to whip your breasts. You have very large breasts so it will require ten strokes to each breast, paying close attention to whipping your nipples. Please go over to that cabinet and take out the leather whip that has twelve strands. I want you to bring it over to me." Dr. Smith motioned over to the other side of the room to the cabinet.


            "No, please don't Sir," Rebecca begged. "Don't whip my breasts!!!!!"


            "Behave, Rebecca, or we can make it worse for you and your mother. If you do not cooperate, your mother will have to substitute for you. Now go get the whip immediately," Dr. Smith's voice raised.


            Rebecca looked around the room, all eyes on her as she moved toward the cabinet. She opened it and was shocked. It was full of whips, straps, belts, paddles and other punishment devices. She looked around and found the one Dr. Smith mentioned. It was an evil looking piece. At the end were twelve separate strands were knots. They would tear into her flesh when they hit her. She picked it up and carefully carried it over to Dr. Smith. She could see the others watching her as she did.


            "Here, Sir, please, I will be good, I will do anything you say, just please don't whip my breasts." She begged Dr. Smith, but she knew it would do no good. They wanted to see her suffer.


            "You will be good after we punish you. You will not forget this. Now stand over next to the bench. I want you to remove your blouse and bra and stand with your hands linked behind your neck. You know the position. We want to see your breasts."


            "Please, not with them here. It is too humiliating." She hoped at least it would be only the four of them, not the other three.


            "You will now receive fifteen strokes on each breast, would you like more, or will you cooperate?"


            Tears ran down Rebecca's face as walked over to the bench. She faced them and began to open her blouse one button at a time until she reached the bottom. She pulled it open, her low cut bra uplifting her large breasts. She pulled it off her shoulders and down her arms, it falling to the floor.


            "The bra now, Rebecca. Let us see those lovely breasts. I remember you have very large nipples. The whip will love to seek them out."


            Rebecca reached behind her back. She noticed that when she did this, her breasts almost pushed out the low cut bra. She unsnapped the snap and pulled the straps off her shoulders. She held the bra in front of her, holding out baring her breasts until the last moment.


            "NOOOOW, that's twenty strokes on each breast now," the Doctor getting impatient.


            Rebecca let the bra fall to the floor, put her hands behind her head and thrust her breasts out. She did not know if she could take twenty strokes to each breast. She looked around the room, all eyes were staring at her naked breasts.


            "Now gentlemen, if you would assist me with Rebecca, we need to get her situated. I am afraid she is not going to like this so I think she will have to be bound." Dr. Smith motioned them to move toward the bench.


            "Rebecca, will you please put your back to the bench and sit on the edge of the bolster.


            Rebecca moved to the bench and she sat on the edge.


            "Would two of you each grab a wrist and the other hold Rebecca's feet to keep her from falling and slowly lower her wrists to the rings in the front of the bench. Bend her back slowly, let her back slide onto the bolster. I want her bent backward, the bolster supported under her back. When you get her wrists down, put them in the rings and shut them down and snap them."


            Rebecca felt the hands grab her wrists. She was slowly lowered to the floor. A pair of hands grabbed her ankles, her legs rising as her head and arms were lowered to the front. She could feel her skirt sliding up her legs as her arms were brought to the floor. "Please, no, please don't do this," she cried. Her arms were now at the floor level, the rings snapped shut, trapping her wrists in them. She was now bent over the bench, her head and arms almost touching the ground, her back arched high, supported by the bolster.


            "Her legs now, lower them and lock them in the other rings. Carefully now, I don't want her back broken. Dr. Smith watched as they bent Rebecca over the bolster.


            Rebecca was almost upside down, bent over the bench. She felt the hands grab her ankles and they began to spread her legs. They moved them down toward the floor. Her back began to strain, bending in a bow. She felt them grasp her ankles harder, pulling them until it reached the rings. She could hear the clank as the rings were locked, her ankles now trapped. She felt a hand run up her leg, running under her skirt.


            "She does have a beautiful body doesn't she, especially bent over like she is," Dr. Smith noticing that one of the boys were rubbing her leg. Rebecca was bent over the bench, her back supported by the bolster, her arms and legs spread to the corner, close to the floor. The position arched her high on the bench. Her naked breasts were now thrust up toward the ceiling. She was in the perfect position for her breasts to be whipped. The bolster would prevent any movement, allowing the whip unfettered access to all parts of her breasts.


            "PLLLeeasse, don't, it feels like my back is breaking, don't whip me, I will do anything you want," her begging falling on deaf ears.


            "Now, now Rebecca, you must pay for your disobedience. Would one of you gentlemen play with Rebecca's tits and get them ready for the whip, pay particular attention to her nipples, I want them hard and erect, a big target for the whip."


            The others almost fell over themselves to get at Rebecca's tits. They cocks had grown hard and erect at seeing such a beautiful, young girl submit to stripping naked in front of them. Two of them reached Rebecca first, each grabbing one of her large breasts, now thrust prominently up into the air, her nipples pointing toward the ceiling. They cruelly grabbed them, squeezing them hard, their massive hands almost completely encircling them. Fingers sought out her nipples, pinching and pulling them until them pointed out toward the ceiling hardening under the large fingers tightening on them.


            The men watched Rebecca's face cringed in pain as the young strangers mauled her tits. She would grimace in pain as they pinched her nipples painfully, stretching her nipples, fingernails digging into her tender flesh.


            "I think Rebecca is ready gentlemen, if you would have a seat we can continue. I see that her nipples are very hard and erect. They will make very good targets for the whip. Her screams will be music to our ears. If you like, you may use her mouth later to satisfy you. Rebecca is a very skilled cocksucker and would love to drink your cum."


            "Please, don't whip me sir, I will be good," she begged. She could see the lust in the eyes of the three young men. She would be forced to suck their cocks and swallow their cum. She watched as Dr. Smith men got up and walked over to her bound body. He picked up the whip and his hand caressed the leather straps and the hard knots at the end. She could not believe the cruelty of these men, whipping her tender breasts.


            "You may scream as loud as you want Rebecca, we enjoy that," Dr. Smith raising the whip over his head.


            It felt like slow motion as Rebecca watched as the whip rose high in the air and moved down toward her bound body. She saw the whip hit her right tit, the knots tearing into her flesh, beating painfully into her hard nipple. The pain did not initially register, than all of a sudden the pain hit her brain and her scream rang out in the room. Her body jerked hard as it tried to escape but the wooden frame kept her securely bound. It was only the first, she was to receive twenty on each breast. She did not know how she would survive. The pain was excruciating. "OOOOHHH, GGGOOODD, AAAWWWW, no more, hurtsss so bad," she screamed.


            Dr. Smith ran his hand over her right breast, he could feel her body cringe as his hand caressed the smooth skin, now beginning to turn red from the whip. He sought out her nipple with his fingers, feeling her body jump as he tightened onto the delicate flesh now slightly torn from the whip. "You have such lovely breasts, Rebecca. When we are finished they will be so tender. It will make you move around trying to escape the hands that molest you. It makes you so much more exciting."


            His hand moved up into the air again, the whip again moving to slap into her flesh again. It moved down with a sudden force, this time slapping hard onto her left breast. All watched Rebecca as tears formed in her eyes and a scream was torn from her lips as the excruciating pain bore into her body. Her body bounced on the wooden frame. "Yes, it hurts doesn't it Rebecca, we enjoy the pain we are inflicting on you." The whip again tore into her flesh, her screams beginning to weaken in intensity.


            "OOOOOOWWWW, Oh God, why are you doing this to me, you are tearing up my breasts," she cried out. She jerked around on the wooden frame, trying to escape their punishment. "No, more, I will be good and do anything you say, I will suck your cocks, anything, but please don't whip me anymore."


            "Yes, Rebecca, you will suck our cocks and anything else we want you to do, but first you must receive your punishment. You will receive all forty strokes of the whip on your tits. Next time you will remember to be on time and to obey all of our commands. We would love to whip your pussy next time. I have a single strand whip that would tear between your pussy lips and beat your tender pink pussy. It would be so enjoyable to see your legs spread, the whip beating between them."


            Rebecca continued to scream as Dr. Smith beat her with the whip. The knots tore into her delicate nipples, the intense pain shooting into her brain, wrenching another scream from her lips, her body glistening from the sweat pouring from her body as she endured the cruel whip. She could see the evil smile on Dr. Smith's lips as the whip bore down on her tit flesh again and again. She saw the others rubbing their cocks through their pants as the whipping excited them, her screams making their cocks hard. She faintly heard Dr. Smith tell her that she was halfway finished before the whip started again. Her breasts were now red and small traces of blood could be seen on her nipples as the whipping continued. The pain seemed to be distant from her as her body began to refuse to feel anymore. She could hear the slap of the leather on her flesh but the pain was now remote, seemingly detached from her, as if it was happening to someone else. She felt her nipples, hard, seemingly searching out for the whip, waiting for their cruel caress. She came back to reality when she heard Dr.Smith's voice again.


            "Two more, Rebecca, and it will all be over. Than it will be time to suck some cock." Dr. Smith swung the whip again, this time with all of his strength, slapping down on her whipped left breast, at least six of the knots beating into her pained nipple. He swung one last time, this time catching her right breast and nipple, a final scream torn from her lips.


            Rebecca screamed once again as she felt the whip tear into her breasts, the knots more painful than before. "No more, please, ooooww," she begged, her breasts now red and painful, her nipples tender and beaten. She watched as Dr. Smith put down the whip and returned to his chair.


            "Would you like to suck these gentlemen's cock now, Rebecca? Ask them nicely and maybe I wouldn't have to whip you anymore today." Dr. Smith watched as the three young men got up and walked over to Rebecca, their cocks already out.


            "Please, may I suck your cocks and drink you cum," she begged, anything would be better than the whip. She feared the whip between her legs, the whip on her breasts was bad enough, she did not think she could survive a pussy whipping.


            One of the young men watched as Rebecca opened her mouth wide as he straddled her head. He grabbed her head on the sides as his big cock forced its way into her mouth, feeling her lips close around the mushroom shaped head.


            Rebecca's tongue beginning to lash out on the sensitive tip, soaking it with her saliva mixed with his precum. She hated being forced to degrade herself like this, forced to suck a cock, but she feared the whipping more. She felt more it enter her mouth forcing her tongue to the side as it filled her mouth with the large tool. Hands held her head as it began to fuck her mouth, just like it was a cunt, raping in and out, moving to the back of her mouth. She knew that they would enjoy forcing her to choke and gag on the cock, making her take it deep into her throat, her gagging forcing their cum up from their balls until it would shoot into her moth, filling it with the thick, salty cum.


            His cock hardened as he looked down at her innocent face, her mouth stretched wide to accept the large cock forced into her mouth. He watched tears run down her cheeks as she gagged and choked as his cock pushed in and out of her throat. He pushed harder, holding her head tightly, not allowing her to escape the rape of her mouth and throat. He could feel the cum building in his balls, ready to shoot into her mouth, making this sweet, innocent young girl swallow his hot cum. He pulled back from her throat, ready to shoot. "Use your tongue on my cock, cunt, suck my cum out," he roared as he pumped his cock into her mouth, his cum shooting into her mouth, filling it to overflow, making her swallow to keep from choking on the hot, pasty cum filling her oral cavity.


            "AAAGGGHH, gggguugggghh," her mouth filling with the hot cum. She swallowed as fast as she could but the cock shot another load into her mouth before she could finish swallowing, making her choke and gag. The taste was vile, she could still not get used to the thick, salty fluid forced into her mouth. She continued to suck and swallow, trying not to choke to death. She knew that this was only the first, she did not know how many she would have to suck before they let her loose.


            One of the men pulled his softening cock from her mouth, wiping his cum on her lips and face before another moved into his place.


            Rebecca opened her mouth as another cock was pushed in, a body straddling her face, hands gripping her head. This cock was not as big around, but was much longer. It immediately sought out her throat, entering it abruptly, forcing it deep inside. Her throat muscles reluctantly grabbed at it, her gagging massaging the cock as it fucked her throat. She could not breathe as she was continually fucked deep in her throat. It pulled out, her lungs sucking in deep breaths of air before it plunged back in again, fucking her senseless. The cock fucked her face for long minutes before it too began to shoot it's cum into her mouth, filling her stomach with even more.


            The third cock began its rape of her mouth, her lips and tongue now numb from the brutal fucking that she had endured so far. Her tongue reluctantly sought out the cock, hoping to get it over with. She did not think she could continue much more. They were using her mouth as a cum receptacle, fucking it as it was a cunt. He continued to fuck her until he began to cum. He pulled his cock from her mouth and stroked it as he began to cum, shooting it all over her face and eyes. She could feel the hot fluid sitting on her skin, seemingly burning a hole in her flesh.


            "You are a very good cocksucker, Rebecca, I bet you did not think you had so much talent," Dr. Smith's voice bringing the humiliation of what they had forced her to perform back to reality. "Release her from the frame and bring her back to her room. Let her clean up," he ordered the deputy.


            "We will join you in your room in an hour, Rebecca. I know you are a virgin and I intend to fuck you first, than the others will have your pussy." They got up and left the room as the deputy helped pull Rebecca's pain filled body up from the wooden frame, having to help her stand.

The Show


            Rebecca was allowed to go back to her room and take a shower. She bathed her whipped breasts and managed to brush her teeth enough times to finally get the taste of sperm out of her mouth. Her throat was still hoarse from the brutal mouth and throat fucking they had inflicted on her.


            She heard the sound of feet coming down the hall again just as she finished getting dressed again. Another new "schoolgirl outfit" had been provided for her. The skirts were getting shorter and the tops were getting tighter.


            The deputy inserted the key into the jail cell and opened the door. He saw Rebecca standing there, finishing buttoning up her top. The sneakers and white socks highlighted her long legs, accented by the short plaid skirt she was wearing. Her top was a white, cashmere button-down sweater, seemingly one size too small. Her breasts were definitely flattered by the tight sweater pulled tightly over her bra.


            "Well, Rebecca, you are gorgeous enough to fuck, but I guess that is where I am to take you, to get fucked. The Committee has a special treat for you. They want to make your losing your virginity a memorable occasion and I think what they have planned will accomplish that." The deputy eyed Rebecca, his cock hard. "Come over her for a minute, we have time for a little grab ass before we leave," he ordered her.


            Rebecca cringed when she heard what the deputy said. She knew that she would be further humiliated when they raped her. And now the deputy was going to molest her again before they left. Last time she earned a punishment for being late, all because she had to blow the deputy. "Please, don't make me late again," she begged. She walked over to the deputy, watching as he grabbed his crotch, feeling his cock.


            The deputy reached out for Rebecca as she got close, he pulled her arm bringing her close, her back to him pushed up against his stomach. His hands circled her waist, touching the cashmere sweater. He always loved a pair of tits in a cashmere sweater. The feel of youthful breasts, hugged tightly by the soft fabric, hands gripping them tightly, there was nothing better. He moved his hands up, grasping the soft breasts of Rebecca. His hands molded the firm breasts, urgently squeezing them, drawing a gasp from her lips.


            Rebecca felt the deputy pushing against her back, his hard cock digging into her ass. His hands reached for her breasts and grabbed them tightly, a sharp gasp of pain escaping from her lips as he mauled her young breasts, still sore from the whipping she had received. "Please, that hurts, they whipped my breasts so hard today, your hands hurt them, please, no."


            "Shut up, I don't care what you feel. You have such lovely tits and they feel so great in that sweater, not stand still." His fingers kept squeezing and pinching her breasts as his cock began to push and rub against her ass. She could feel it getting bigger and harder. The deputy searched out and found her nipples, forcing them to get hard and erect, his fingers pinching them. He could seem them poking out her sweater, her tits pushed out, her nipples pointed and hard. "No, you can't be late today, they are expecting you to be on time, but tonight, I am going to get a piece of your hot pussy. When this is all over, I am coming back to visit and you're going to fuck me with that tight little pussy until I drop a load of cum deep inside you. Now, straighten up your clothes and let's go. Put you hands behind your back, they want you with handcuffs on. Makes you look so much more fuckable."


            Rebecca straightened out her sweater and felt the cold steel slap on her wrists, binding her arms behind her back. The cuffs pushed her breasts out further, the buttons just barely able to contain them. The deputy pushed her out of the cell and down the hall. Rebecca thought it strange when they did not go into the library, but stopped the next door down. She could hear voices inside the room, many voices.


            "Inside, time for your party." The deputy opened the door and pushed Rebecca inside.


            "What is this," Rebecca exclaimed when she was pushed into the room. It was a large room and it was filled with about 30 people. The whole Committee for Child Services was there, as was the Sheriff, the three teens that had raped her mouth, Mr. Johnson, the one who had raped her asshole and an assortment of other strangers, both men and women. All were at least 40 years old, many had younger women with them, most of them teenagers. They were all seated in comfortable chairs around the center of the room. The humiliation of what was about to happen was confirmed when she saw what was in the center of the room. It was a large four poster bed, raised up high off the floor and it was slowly rotating. Attached to the corners were various leather straps. They intended to rape her in front of everyone. She looked around the room for any sign of help but she was disappointed. Most of the men were already having their cocks stroked by the teenage girls sitting next to them. They were eagerly awaiting her degradation.


            Dr. Smith stood up from his chair, one of the four large overstuffed chairs in the front of the room, befitting of the power of the Committee of Child Services. "Attention everyone, Rebecca is here to entertain us, so please have a seat and let's get on with the show for tonight. My, you certainly do look positively good enough to eat tonight, Rebecca, but that's another time," he joked, the crowd laughing loudly.


            "Please, not in front of all these people," her eyes looking desperate, searching out anyone to help her. All she saw were laughing faces, all except the teenage girls. She could see sympathy in their faces, as if they had suffered the same fate, but their hands continued to rub the cocks of the men next to them, their eyes diverted from hers.


            "But, Rebecca, this is a special occasion, you are to lose your virginity and we thought that it should be a celebration and what's a celebration without a lot of people. You have met a lot of us, or at least our cocks. You have taken them in your mouth and up your tight little ass. The rest of the people paid a lot of money to see your virgin pussy get raped and even more money to fuck it. The girls with them all are like you, they're under the direction of the Committee of Child Services, though they have been here longer and as you can see by their busy little hands, have learned their place in life, to pleasure any person we order them to. Deputy, bring Rebecca up to the front."


            Rebecca was pushed forward by the deputy until she reached the center of the room where the bed was. The deputy released her cuffs and Rebecca rubbed her wrists. She looked around the room, everyone was staring at her in anticipation of stripping her naked and raping her.


            "As the head of the committee, I got the honors of taking your virginity, but before the night is over, your tight little pussy is going to be used by almost everyone in this room, except the girls, that will be another occasion," the room laughing again. "I think the audience would like to see your body, while it looks very enticing in that outfit, I think they would rather see it naked. But, we would like to make it as enjoyable for everyone, so we would like to prolong it as long as possible and make it enticing as you can. Now, I know you want to cooperate as much as possible because if you do not, your mother will be punished for your reluctance. The judge would love to visit her tonight since he got himself a new whip today. It is a very special whip, with metal stars at the end of each strand. They would tear into your mother's tender flesh very painfully, especially if she was bound with her legs spread and the whip was used on her open pussy. Now, Rebecca, will you cooperate with us?"


            Rebecca looked at Dr. Smith and knew she would cooperate, no matter what they did to her. She did not want her mother punished for her reluctance. "Yes, sir, I will do whatever you want, just leave my mother alone." She lowered her head and looked at the floor. She knew that they had won. She would do anything and everything, including degrading herself to spare her mother.


            "Yes, I thought you might cooperate. Now, why don't you be a good little girl and kneel down in the center of the bed facing us." He watched Rebecca as she climbed on the bed. The bed was high so as she climbed up, her skirt rode up in the back and she flashed the audience a look at her panty-clad tight ass.


            "Great ass," she heard from the audience, blushing as she realized that they were already getting a glimpse of her body. She turned around in the center and kneeled on the bed, facing the audience, her head down.


            "Look up at the audience, you are always to have your eyes open, looking at the audience. We enjoy watching your expressions as you proceed under our direction. That's good. Now rise up a little, don't sit down, just on your knees. Yes, that's good, now spread your legs open, yes, wider, yes, that's good, Rebecca. Back straight, arch a little, stick your tits out, they are so lovely, yes, that's good."


            Rebecca felt like a trained dog as Dr. Smith gave her instructions, requiring her to move her body until he was satisfied with her position. She was now perched up on her knees, her legs spread wide, her short skirt not even touching the bed. Her breasts were strained against the tight blouse, her back arched, thrusting them forward. She never felt so humiliated, performing, showing off her body for their enjoyment.


            "Very good, remember that position, I'll want you in it again, but first, I want you on your hands and knees, facing the audience, head up, staring straight ahead."


            Rebecca bent forward until her hands hit the bed. She raised her head, facing the audience. She heard Dr. Smith tell her to spread her legs more and she complied, her knees pushing further out. More, he told her and she again moved them outward, now over three feet between her knees, her thighs straining.


            "Your head higher," he ordered her. He watched as she complied giving the audience a look at her young breasts now hanging down, the cashmere sweater confining them. "Unbutton the top button," he ordered. The audience watched as her ample cleavage began to show. "Another." The cashmere sweater began to open, revealing more of her lacey bra, her breasts attempting to spill out of the top. "Such lovely tits you have, Rebecca, don't you think so?"


            "Yes, sir," her face turning red. She looked down for a second and she could see how exposed her breasts were already. They hung down, gravity pulling them toward the bed, the bra just barely able to contain her large breasts. She looked up and saw all of the faces staring down at her breasts.


            "Now stay still, I am going to turn the bed." Dr. Smith pushed the button and the bed began to slowly rotate until Rebecca's back was to the audience.


            Rebecca could feel the bed turning, at least she would not have to face the audience. As she was almost turned all the way around, she noticed the large mirror covering the wall behind her.


            "Yes, I still want you looking at the audience, this time through the mirror. Now look at that lovely ass on Rebecca. Mr. Johnson was privileged enough to have the opportunity to fuck Rebecca up her tight asshole and he has a fifteen-inch cock. Mr. Johnson told me that it was the tightest ass he had ever fucked, but anything being fucked by a fifteen-inch cock would be tight." The audience laughed again. "There will be opportunities later for others to also fuck Rebecca's asshole."


            Rebecca cringed when she heard the crude comments and that they would be raping her ass again. Mr. Johnson's cock had hurt her bad, she could just barely walk after he finally had cum deep inside her colon. She heard Dr. Smith ordering her to lower her head onto her arms, and stick her ass up higher in the air. She bent forward, her ass rising higher, the cool air blowing on her upper legs, her skirt riding higher up, uncovering her panty-clad ass cheeks.


            "Higher, Rebecca, yes, we want to see that tight ass, yes, that's good. Look at those ass cheeks with her tightly drawn panties. Just imagine what she will look like when those panties are gone. Now back in the kneeling position, Rebecca."


            Rebecca obeyed, getting back in the kneeling position, facing the audience. Her face was flush from the bent over position. She looked at the audience and caught the eye of one of the young girls. She smiled back, her hand busily stroking the cock of a man three times her age.


            "Please take off your sweater, as much as we like it, the audience is getting a little impatient and want to see you naked." Dr. Smith watched as Rebecca unbuttoned the last two remaining buttons and pushed the sweater off of her shoulders and down her arms. She threw it on the floor next to the bed. "That's good, Rebecca, now lace your arms behind your neck and stick your tits out. Look at those beauties. I bet the audience can't wait to see them naked. Now, Rebecca, scoot over closer to the edge of the bed and take off your bra and get back into position with your tits out," Dr. Smith ordered her.


            Rebecca moved over to the edge of the bed. She was now very close to Dr. Smith and she knew that he wanted to be able to reach her body as soon as she bared her breasts. She reached back and unsnapped her bra, letting the tension release. She hesitated.


            " Show us your tits, Rebecca, throw your bra on the floor and eyes forward." He watched Rebecca obeying his command. She let the bra slip to the floor, her breasts now naked for all to see. She put her arms behind her head, her youthful breasts standing high, her nipples already hard and erect. "Yes, that's a good girl." Dr. Smith looked at the audience, all eyes on the large pair of teenage tits displayed before them. Some of them grabbed the hands of the girls next to them, forcing them to stroke their cock faster.


            Rebecca watched Dr. Smith's hand come slowly over to her naked breast. She felt the cold hand heft her right breast, weighing its mass in his hand, slowly raising and lowering it. His finger sought out her nipple, running his nail around her areola, small goose bumps forming on her dark brown flesh, before grasping the large, light colored nipple. His fingers grasped her tightly. She could feel her nipple growing in size, the pain and pleasure of his pinching, stimulating her. She hated her body for betraying herself. "Look at the size of her nipples," his fingers squeezing one tightly. "Imagine sucking it in your mouth, biting it, you could really make her squirm." He moved behind her, reaching around in front of her, grabbing both of her breasts with his hands, hefting them up in the air, offering them to the audience. "These babies would love to have a hard cock slipped between them, fucking them." He released her breasts and moved back to the side. "Remove your skirt, show everyone the nice panties you are wearing."


            Rebecca's hands slowly unbuttoned the skirt, pulled down the zipper and let if fall to the bed. She stood kneeling on the bed, her breasts naked, her panties the only clothing covering her body. "Please, don't make me do that," she begged. Dr. Smith had ordered her to put her hand in her panties and begin to play with her pussy.


            "I wouldn't tell you again, Rebecca, now obey, or it's the punishment for your mother." Dr. Smith watched as Rebecca's hand pushed into her panties and he could see the outline of her fingers caressing her pussy. "That's a good girl, I want your pussy wet when I rape you. Remove the panties, we all want to see that virgin pussy one last time."


            Rebecca cringed when she heard the order. She would now be naked and vulnerable. She let her panties slide down her tanned thighs until she reached her bent knees.


            "Stand on the bed and remove your panties."


            Rebecca stood up, towering over the audience and slid her panties down her legs and kicked them to the floor. She stood there, standing high above the audience, their heads looking up at her naked bald pussy.


            "Kneel back down, this time make sure your legs are spread open. Arms behind your head, show us your tits."


            Tears began to form in Rebecca's eyes as she got into the position that Dr. Smith ordered her. She was now kneeling on the bed, naked except her socks and sneakers. She parted her knees, knowing that they wanted her to spread her pussy open for them. She arched her back, her large, firm breasts pushed high in the air, her hands clasped behind her back, forcing them out even further. She watched as Dr. Smith's moved back over her body.


            "Lean back, I want your tits aimed for the ceiling and your pussy pushed out."


            Rebecca leaned backwards until she was staring at the ceiling, her back aching from the position, her pussy pushed forward, her thighs aching from the stretched position. She felt Dr. Smith's hands grab her breasts, pinching her nipples hard again. She twisted her body, trying to escape the cruel, pinching fingers but it looked like she was trying to encourage the fingers. She felt his hand slide lower, over her stomach, to her abdomen until finally reaching her pussy, the fingers sliding over her smooth hairless mound. She cringed as she felt the palm of his hand run over her bald mound.


            "You have a very beautiful pussy, Rebecca. I think you should be the one to show it to our audience, not me. Straighten up. Yes, that's a good girl. Now, I want you to use your two hands and spread your pussy lips open so everyone can see your pink pussy."


            "Don't make me do that," she begged Dr. Smith, but her hands already began to move down her stomach. Rebecca had masturbated before, often, but only in the confines of her own bedroom, with the lights out. Her fingers fanned out over her mound and each hand sought out her pussy lips. She grabbed her pussy lips gently and began to pull them apart. She looked out in the audience, one of them men grabbed the girl next to him and pushed her mouth down onto his naked cock when Rebecca spread her pink pussy to him.


            "Further open, no, more, Rebecca. Yes, that's better. Look at that nice pink pussy. When we are finished today, it will no longer be a virgin pussy and it wouldn't be pink, it will be a bright red. It's going to feel a lot of hard cock pushed in and fucked with. Now, Rebecca, run a finger up and down your pussy slit from your clit all the way to your asshole, get your pussy wet. When I rape you, I want you wet."


            Rebecca ran her finger along her pussy slit, her finger running over the hard nub of her clit, pushing her pussy juice down until she came to her anus, her finger spreading her wetness over her swollen and inflamed anus. Mr. Johnson's rape of her anus had hurt her bad and she was still sore from the fifteen-inch cock forced deep into her colon. Her eyes began to close as her pussy began to get wetter, trying to forget the crowd of people watching her so intently.


            "Eyes open, see everyone watching you masturbate yourself. Now, push a finger in your pussy until you reach your hymen. I want you to start finger fucking yourself and take your other hand and rub your clit. I want you wet and horny when I fuck you." Mr. Smith ran his hand over Rebecca's as she stroked herself, "yes, that's so good, feel how wet your pussy is getting. You're getting wet from masturbating yourself in front of them, you're becoming a real slut."


            Rebecca cringed in embarrassment when Dr. Smith called her a slut. She was being forced to play with her own pussy in front of them and she was getting wet from it.


            "That's good, Rebecca, very good. Now I want you to get on your hands and knees, your ass to the audience and spread your legs wide. I want you to give them a good show of your pussy and also your asshole. That's a good girl, now reach between your legs and spread your pussy lips open. Wider, they want to see that tiny pussy that my hard cock is going to rape."


            Rebecca got into the "doggie" position, her head down, her ass pushed up into the air. She reached between her legs and pulled her pussy lips apart, she had a hard time holding them open, they were so wet with her pussy juice.


            "Now, spread your ass cheeks more and play with your asshole, I want you to wet your finger from your pussy and push it into your asshole. Show everyone how it is still tight after Mr. Johnson raping it."


            "Oww," Rebecca pushed her finger into her anus, still sore from the anal rape until it entered her rectum. She could feel her sphincter trying to push it out, reacting after the brutal rape Mr. Johnson had inflicted on her. "Oww, that still hurts," she cried.


            "Very good, my cock really needs to fuck you now. I want you to lie down on the bed and bend your knees and put your feet flat on the bed. Hands over your head and grab the headboard and do not let go of it. And then I want you to slowly spread your legs open until I tell you to stop. Let everyone see your pussy open up for its rape." Mr. Smith watched as Rebecca got into position, her teenage body positioning itself for its own rape.


            "Please, let me suck your cock, I'm a virgin and want to stay that way. I will do a good job, just don't rape me."


            "I'm going to let you help me rape you. Now first, slowly spread your legs until I tell you to stop."


            Everyone watched as Rebecca revealed her virgin pussy, her legs spreading wider and wider.


            "Raise up a little, we want to see your asshole open also."


            Rebecca raised her ass up from the bed, her body arching up, revealing not only her pussy, but also her anus. Her thighs began to ache as her legs were spread over three feet, but she continued. She could feel her pussy lips parting, the cool air rushing over her pussy and her exposed anus.


            "That's good, now hold that position. Look at that teenage pussy and asshole, open and ready for a good hard cock. You gentlemen will have to wait your turn, I get to take her cherry. I will love to hear her gasp of pain when my cock breaks through her hymen and she forever looses her virginity, knowing that she is being taken against her own will. Now lower your ass to the bed, it's time to fuck."


            Rebecca watched as Mr. Smith undressed. While he was almost 60, a terribly old age to a teenager, he was still in remarkable shape. Rebecca saw his cock, over eight-inches of hard cock displayed when he removed his shorts. She saw his hand stroking it, making it harder as he walked closer to the bed. She started to close her legs when she felt Mr. Smith get on the bed.


            "Legs open, Rebecca. Don't try to hide that pretty little pussy from everyone." Mr. Smith watched as Rebecca reluctantly spread her legs wider, her pussy opening up again, her pink pussy begging for a hard cock.


            Rebecca felt Mr. Smith grab her legs and lower them to the bed, his hands urging her thighs further apart, the ache beginning. He kneeled between her legs, his cock standing out erect as his hands caressed her thighs, working towards up her toned thighs, seeking out her pussy. He was too old. She had romantic thoughts of how she would lose her virginity, a strong, handsome boy her old age would take her gently. It was not suppose to be by a sixty-year-old man in front of thirty strangers. Mr. Smith grabbed her hands and pulled them toward his cock.


            "Feel my cock, soon it is going to be in your tight little pussy." He made her hands caress his cock, twitching in anticipation of the warm, tight place it would soon be. Mr. Smith slid down, lying on top of Rebecca, his knees spreading her legs out further as he situated his body so that his hard cock rested on her spread pussy. His cock jerked as it rubbed against her silky pussy. His hands moved up to grab her breasts and squeeze them tightly, pinching the nipples as they moved to the tips. "What a set of tits you have, Rebecca. I can't wait to see them bounce around when I fuck you."


            Oh God, she thought, he wants me to kiss him. She felt his lips press against hers, his fingers still abusing her nipples as his tongue sought out her mouth. Never, I am not going to let his tongue in my mouth. His tongue became more insistent, trying to push between her tightly grasped lips. "OOOWWW," she yelled, her mouth opening in pain as Mr. Smith's fingers brutally pinched her tender nipples, forcing her mouth open in pain. His tongue entered quickly, moving around inside her mouth, seeking out her tongue. "AAAGGG," she cried again, her scream muffled by his mouth, as her nipples were again brutalized. She began to move her tongue over his, she did not want to feel the pain again. She could feel his hard cock moving against her pussy, sliding up and down her pussy slit. She tried to move away, but only succeeding in giving him more pleasure as her pussy rubbed against the hard cock. She felt him remove his mouth from hers and his body pull up, supported by his arms.


            "Yes, you must obey, or it will be more painful for you. I will do whatever I want with your teenage body and you are not to try to stop me, is that understood," his hands again reaching out for her hard nipples, his fingernails digging into the tender flesh, a gasp of pain coming from her lips.


            "Yes, sir, please, don't hurt me, I will do what you say."


            "That's a good girl, now it is time for you to lose your virginity. I want you to do it. Reach down for my cock and rub it over your pussy, get it wet, it will make it go easier and less painful if you get it wet."


            Reluctantly Rebecca reached down and grasped the hard cock. Dear God, this will split me open, she thought as she began to rub the head of his cock up and down her spread pussy lips, soaking it with her pussy juice. She felt it twitch as she continued to rub it.


            "Now, put it inside your pussy and raise your hips, pushing it in. I want you to begin to fuck yourself on my cock."


            "Please, don't make me do this, fuck my mouth, anything, but don't take my virginity," she cried out. She saw the look on his face and knew that we was going to fuck her no matter what. She pulled his cock up until it reached her pussy and pushed her hips up to gently push the head in. She felt her pussy begin to stretch open to allow the large head of his cock to enter her. "No, it's too big," her hips still pushing up, slowly forcing her own pussy to accept the cruel instrument in her virgin pussy. She pulled back and then back in again, slowly opening her pussy, the cock entering her about and inch, back out, then back in again. Each time her pussy stretched open wider and hurt less.


            "Your pussy feels like a tight glove, it's squeezing the head of my cock. This is going to be a good fuck." Dr. Smith reached one hand down and slid it under her ass, forcing her to push up, his cock pushing further into her unused pussy, spreading the walls of her pussy to expand to take the big cock. "That's a good girl, take my cock." His hand grabbed the cheek of her ass hard, forcing her up at the same time he pushed down, his cock now bumping against her hymen.


            "Oh, God, please, that hurts," she cried, tears forming in her eyes as her pussy was spread open further than it ever was. She could feel the hot flesh, now hard as steel, slowly pushing into her virgin pussy, spreading her flesh open to accept the rape of her body. She felt his hand under her ass, searching for her sore anus, pushing her body up, forcing her to fuck herself on his cock. "AAGGHH," the cock now bumping against her hymen, "no don't take my virginity," she begged. She felt the cock retreat from her pussy, then push back in again, this time more urgent and more powerful. She knew that he would soon rip through her body's only defense and take her virginity from her forever.


            "It's time for you to learn to fuck, the next time I am going to tear through your hymen and forever take your virginity." Dr. Smith's mouth sought out hers, wanting to smother her scream as he took her brutally. His tongue pushed into her mouth, his finger squeezing her nipple painfully, reminding her of her position. He felt her respond to his tongue fucking of her mouth as he pulled back his hips, ready for the final plunge into her virgin body.


            He grunted as he pushed in with all of his strength as his hard cock tore into her virgin pussy, tearing her hymen as he forced four inches of hard cock into her teenage body. His finger sought out her anus, pushing the fingertip into her reluctant anus until it was buried up to the first joint, her sphincter struggling to expel the fat digit. Her hips bucked up, hoping to escape the cruel fingering of her sore anus, only succeeding to help with the rape of her virginity.


            "AGGGHHH, GGGRRR," Rebecca mumbled, her cries of distress and pain smothered by Dr. Smith's mouth and tongue fucking of her oral cavity. The pain tore through her body, unbelievable pain as her hymen was torn brutally by Dr. Smith's fat cock as it pushed relentless into her unused vagina, tearing her flesh as it stretched her open. She pushed her hips deep into the mattress to escape the cruel rape, only to buck up as Dr. Smith's finger violated her sore anus and plunged ruthlessly into her anal tract. She bounced around, driving his cock deeper into her torn vagina, fucking him back like a whore in heat. Her hands clenched tightly on the headboard as the pain traveled through her innocent body, her body trembling as she felt Dr. Smith's body covering hers, his hips pulling back for another cruel thrust into her pussy. She could feel the wetness down there, not sure if it was blood from her torn hymen or it was her pussy becoming wet from being aroused by the cock penetrating her body. Please, don't let him make me cum, she thought. Not while I am being raped.


            Dr. Smith pulled his lips from her face after he wrenched the screams from her lips as he tore her hymen. He felt her body jerk up, his finger in her asshole driving her to fuck back on his rampaging cock. He saw the pain on her face as he readied his cock for another plunge into her super tight pussy. He saw her fists clench tightly on the headboard, readying herself for another plunge of his cock. She was willingly bracing herself for the rape of her pussy, subjecting her body to his will. He pushed his hips down again, his finger pushing harder into her dry anal tract again, his cock pushing deeper into her pussy, pushing her flesh apart to accept the hard instrument of his lust. He felt her sphincter grasp his finger, trying to expel it from her body, as her pussy grabbed his cock in reflex. His cock pushed brutally into her unused pussy slowly, forcing the flesh to push aside.


            "OOOOWWW, you're tearing me up, please take it out, please, I will do anything," she begged. Her hips bucked up and down, not sure what direction to take. The cock pushed them down, the finger forcing her hips up, her body jerking about in abandonment. She felt the cock pushing deeper into her body, now over six inches of hard cock entering her. Her pussy clamped tightly onto his cock, milking it, trying to expel the intruder but only succeeding to entice Dr. Smith to fuck her harder and deeper.


            "Fuck me back, Rebecca, drive your pussy up on my cock. Take it deep inside of you. I know you want it, you want my cock to tear deep inside of you until it is buried deep inside your tight teenage pussy." Dr. Smith's cock tore out of her pussy just as brutally as he tore in, her pussy squeezing it tightly as it was withdrawn. He had never felt anything as tight as a teenage virgin pussy. Rebecca was the best he ever had, and he had many. His position had allowed him to have his way with many reluctant females, forcing them to allow him access to their defenseless bodies. And he relished this power and took advantage as often as he could.


            "No, please don't fuck me, I don't want you," she cried, anything to stop the pain radiating from between her legs. She tried to close her legs, Mr. Smith's knees holding them spread open. She pushed her legs out wider, hoping to ease the pain, but it only allowed Dr. Smith greater access to her spread pussy, allowing his cock to push in deeper. Her hips pumped up again, the finger entering her rectum, pushing slowly along her dry anal tract, adding to the pain between her legs. She arched her back and hips up, over three inches off of the bed as his fingers continued the rape of her backside. She felt the cock pushing deeper inside her pussy, hitting new, untouched places as her own actions contributed to the cruel rape of her pussy.


            The audience watched Rebecca bounce around on the bed, her teenage body jerking one way then the other as Dr. Smith laid on top of her, his cock pushing into her virgin pussy. They could see Dr. Smith's hand under her, plunging into her sore anus, forcing her legs open and close, hoping to escape the pain of the rape. All could hardly wait until they had the chance to feel her tight pussy pulling their cocks deep inside her body, sucking the cum from their balls as they filled her body with their hot cum.


            "Your pussy is so tight, Rebecca, can you feel my hard cock pushing inside you." Dr. Smith made his cock jerk inside her body, feeling her jump from the pain. He pulled his cock out until only the head of his cock was gripped so tightly by her pussy then plunged back in again, his cock beating its way into her body, pushing over seven inches of hard cock into her abused pussy. He jerked his finger around in her rectum, making her arch up to escape the thick digit scratching her tender anal tract. "Yes, that's it, fuck back," his finger jerking around again, her body arched over four inches from the bed, her pussy seeking the plundering cock trying to bury itself in her virgin pussy. He pulled his finger from her anus, her body going back onto the mattress to escape his cock. He pulled his cock again from her body, this time pulling it all the way out, her pussy gripping it tightly as it left her body, seemingly begging it not to leave.


            "Are you finished," she cried as she felt the hard cock leave her pussy. She could feel the relief as her pain filled body relaxed. His finger left her anus and just lay under her body, gripping her ass cheeks. "Please, no more, it hurts so much down there."


            Dr. Smith pushed up on her body, watching her face as she begged him not to fuck her anymore. He knew that was impossible, her pussy was just too good not to plunder. "Just one more push and you will have all eight inches of my cock in your pussy, then we will get down to some serious fucking. Now spread your legs real wide, and relax your pussy. It will be much easier if you let me fuck you than trying to fight it."


            "Oh, God, not again, please don't again." But she reluctantly spread her legs wider, bringing them up higher, opening her crotch open to him, allowing him full access to her pussy. "Hurts so baaadd," she cried, tears running down her face as her pussy was again spread open by the head of his large cock, forcing her pussy tract to expand to allow the large cock sink deeper into her body. The force of his rape knocked the breath out of her lungs as she felt the head of his cock beat hard down against her cervix. "OOOOWWWW," her pussy clamping down hard on the, a natural reaction to the pain being inflicted on her. She felt his finger again push up into her anus, painfully stretching her anal tract open. Her rectum was dry and the finger rasped inside of her body, cruelly tearing along her flesh. She arched her body under higher, trying to escape the thick digit, pushing her ass up into the air over five inches, fucking her pussy onto the raping cock. "Take your finger out of my backside, please, it hurts, it's too dry." She humped up higher, feeling the cock push painfully against her cervix, not knowing which was worse, the cock or the finger.


            Dr. Smith pulled his finger from her anus. He pushed it against her mouth. "Get it wet, or else it goes back in again dry," he ordered her. Rebecca reluctantly opened her mouth, the finger entering as her tongue began to run over it. The taste was awful, but she had to make it wet to ease the pain. Her tongue bathed it, hoping to get it very wet. "That's a good girl. Now back inside your asshole." His finger, now wet entered her anus easier, but he used two fingers this time, her anus having to spread wider to accept the fingers, now twice as wide to spear into her body.


            "Not more, please no," but she tried to relax her sphincter to allow the fingers to plunder her anal tract. Her body fought the invasion, trying to squeeze them out as they continued to plunge deeper into her rectum. Again she bucked up, raising her hips up from the bed, her legs spreading wide, allowing him access to her body as the cock ripped through her body again, plunging all eight inches of hard cock into her body in one bone jarring thrust.


            "Fuck back, that's it, grip my cock and fingers with your body." He began to ride her body hard. His cock beginning to thrust in and out, the speed of her rape increasing as he plundered her body. He watched her face contoured in pain, her tits bouncing on her chest, her legs thrashing about the bed as her hips bucked up and down, fucking her asshole and pussy on the raping instruments. He now gave her the full eight inches of cock inside her pussy with each thrust, bruising her cervix as it plunged deep inside of her body. He could see the blood on his cock as it tore into her body, her bald pussy gripping it as it pulled from her body, her legs spreading wider when he pushed back in, accepting the rape of her body. Her fingers were clamped tightly by her sphincter as they cruelly twisted in her rectum, opening and closing, spreading her anal tract, eliciting groans of pain from her lips as she was fucked.


            Rebecca felt her body being turned on her side, the cock still tightly embedded in her pussy. Mr. Smith pulled one leg up high, forcing her muscles to strain as it was aimed straight up in the air, her pussy now spread defenseless as his cock raped deep into her pussy again. At least his fingers were pulled from her asshole. The fingers moved toward her pussy and began to play with her clit. Please, don't make me cum, she thought. She felt the bud like clit pulled from its protective hood, the fingers gripping it tightly, rubbing over the nub as the cock continued to plunder her raped pussy.


            "Can you cum for me, Rebecca?" Dr. Smith began to pump his cock into Rebecca's pussy, her juices flowing freely, his cock sliding along inside her pussy, lubricated by her blood and pussy juice. "Your pussy is so hot and tight, I don't know if I can go much longer. I am going to cum deep inside your pussy, the first to deposit a load of cum in you." He began to pump his cock into Rebecca faster and faster, stroking all eight inches of cock into her pussy. He watched her body bounce, her tits rolling on her chest as she was buffeted by his fucking. "Now you know what it feels like to get fucked."


            "Don't cum in me, I don't want to get pregnant." Her body was jerked back and forth, her once virgin pussy now stretched wide, receiving his hard cock, each time harder and faster. "That hurts, not so fast, not so hard, you're tearing my vagina." His fingers continued their forced masturbation. She felt her pussy juice running down her leg, her clit now hard and erect, her body beginning to disobey her.


            "On your hands and knees, I want to fuck you like a dog, your ass in the air, spread open and waiting."


            His hand slapped her ass, forcing her to turn over, propping herself up on her knees, her head down, buried in the mattress, her ass sticking up high in the air. She felt another slap on her inner thigh, "spread wider, I want your pussy open for my cock," followed by another slap on her other thigh. She spread her legs wider, the pain returning to her thighs as they were spread obscenely, her pussy and anus now exposed and open.


            "That's a good little bitch. Now beg me to fuck you. Beg me to stick my hard cock in your tight little pussy until I fill you with my hot cum." Mr. Smith grabbed Rebecca by the hair, hauling her head up for all to see. "Ask me to fuck you and make you cum."


            Rebecca arched up high, her hair pulling her back, her ass pushed against his hard cock. She could feel it pushed against her spread pussy. Oh, God, please get this over with, she thought. She felt him slap her ass again, the pain radiating over her ass cheeks. He wanted her to beg him to fuck her. She resisted, another slap to her ass, the pain now worse. "No more, please, no more." She pushed her ass against his cock and felt the head of his cock slip inside her spread pussy. "Fuck me and make me cum," she begged. She pushed back again, his cock beginning to fill her pussy again.


            "That's a good girl," he pushed, his cock entering her pussy with one quick and powerful stroke, feeding all eight inches of hard cock into her, a groan of pain escaping from her lips as he bruised her insides with his cock. He pulled back on her hair, riding her like a horse, fucking his cock into her defenseless pussy, slapping her ass to get her to fuck back. He reached under her and grabbed her clit again. He tugged and pulled on it, feeling her pussy squeezing tightly on his cock as he abused her clit. "You like that don't you Rebecca, you like when I hurt your clit." He grabbed her clit hard.


            Rebecca raised her head and screamed as it felt like Dr. Smith was tearing off her clit. She pushed back on his cock, pumping her pussy up and down his steely rod as he abused her body. She could feel an orgasm coming on. She rode his cock harder, impaling her pussy on his strong cock, coaxing a cum from her body, her clit over twice its size, pinched and prodded. She moaned as she felt the cock inside her get bigger, increasing in size. She knew that he must be getting ready to cum. "Fuck me," she yelled, her hips pumping, her pussy grabbing at the hard cock inside her, squeezing it, trying to suck his cum from his balls. "AAAAAHHHH," she screamed in ecstasy when she felt Dr. Smith pump his cock deep inside of her, feeling like it was going to come out her mouth and held it there. She felt it tremble and twitch inside her until a powerful blast of cum shot out, filling her pussy with her first load of cum. It felt strange, so hot, filling her as she began to cum. Her pussy milked his cock as Dr. Smith again slapped her ass, forcing her to tighten on the cock, cumming deep inside of her again, another blast of cum filling her up. Her body trembled and she moaned as a powerful orgasm overcame her, her pussy grabbing the cock inside her, milking the cum out of him. His hands reached for her hanging breasts, squeezing them tightly, milking her nipples hard as he pumped a third and final load of cum inside her. The tit torture dragged another cum out of her, her body shaking as his cock began to slowly pump inside of her again. Her pussy made slurping sounds as it was pulled from her body, the suction from his cock sounding like a fart as his cock retreated from her body, his cum, mixed with hers running down her thighs into a puddle on the bed.


            He slapped her ass one last time. "That was a great fuck, Rebecca, for a virgin, you sure learned how to fuck fast." He watched her humiliation on her face as she slumped to the bed, raped and forced to cum.


            Rebecca felt Dr. Smith got off the bed and she slumped to the mattress, her body shaking, weak from the orgasm and the hard rape of her pussy.


            "On your back, Rebecca, spread your legs wide." One of the girls had stepped up to the bed, a towel and washcloth in her hands. Rebecca obeyed, the girl moving between her legs, the washcloth rubbing over her cum filled pussy. "You like that," she said, taking the washcloth and rubbing it between her pussy lips, making Rebecca jerk in pain.


            "Please, not hard." Rebecca reluctantly raised her legs up, opening her pussy to the manual ministration of her pussy by the young girl. She felt her pussy wiped clean of the cum that was deposited deep inside her. It felt strange to have a female slip her fingers inside her pussy, but she allowed it, staying spread and open before all of the people.


            "It seems our virgin Rebecca likes girls. We will have to arrange some girl sex in the near future. Would you like that, Rebecca, would you like to eat a girl's pussy while she is eating yours? Or would you rather have her strap on a dildo and fuck your pussy?" Everyone laughed as Rebecca turned red in shame, the young girl between her legs, washing her pussy, while Rebecca spread herself open for her.


            "That's enough, sit back down. It won't be long before Rebecca's pussy is full of cum again. Rebecca, I want you to grab your legs and pull them up and keep them spread. I want them around your head."


            Rebecca looked up, surprised by the new voice. It was Mr. Jones and he was naked, his cock erect. "Not again, please I can't take it again." She looked at his face and grabbed her legs and pulled them up, her pussy and asshole spread open for their pleasure. She knew that he would not be denied. Rebecca cried out as she was entered brutally again, his cock forcing itself into her tight pussy. He pumped his cock into her tight, teenage pussy, forcing her body into various positions, making it easier to enter her deeper and force more groans of pain from her before he filled her pussy full of his cum.


            The next one took her face down, her legs spread wide, his cock forcing itself into her pussy from behind. The one after, with her standing, her legs spread wide, everyone watching as her ass was grabbed from behind to force her to fuck herself on the hard cock embedded in her once virgin pussy. Rebecca's movements began to slow down, her body wracked by another cum from the rape of her pussy. She was made to bend over and grab her ankles, her legs spread wide as she was fucked from behind again. They tied her legs to the posts at the top of the bed, spread wide over her head and used her pussy as a depository for their cum. When she failed to fuck back, fat fingers were forced into her sore anus and they stretched her anal tract until she fucked back, trying to escape the finger fucking of her rectum. They laughed as she bucked on the bed, a fat cock fucking her deep, fingers punishing her asshole.


            "Only one more," said Dr. Smith.


            Rebecca cringed when she saw who it was, Mr. Johnson, the one who raped her asshole with his fifteen-inch cock. He lay down on the bed and fisted his cock until it stood up, all fifteen glorious inches of hard cock meat waiting for Rebecca's teenage body. "Come over and sit on my cock and take it inside that sweet little pussy. Then I want you to fuck me up and down until I fill your little pussy with a load of my hot cum."


            A hand slapped Rebecca's ass hard, forcing her to straddle Mr. Johnson. She sat up tall, the large head of his cock just barely entering and spreading her pussy wide. It already hurt and it was only the head.


            "Now," she was ordered, "take that cock all the way into your cunt."


            Hands gripped her shoulders, pushing her down on the massive cock as it brutally tore into her already abused pussy, stretching and tearing her flesh as it pushed aside her insides to make room the mammoth organ. She screamed as it bore into her body, but they continued to force her down on the organ until it was fully embedded in her tiny pussy. A whip hit her ass.


            "Now fuck it until both of you cum. If he cums before you do, I am going to let him fuck you in the ass again."


            Rebecca pulled up, the cock pulling from her pussy and then pushed back down again. The whip hit her ass again, instructing her to fuck faster. She continued to fuck herself on the mammoth cock as Mr. Johnson played with her tits and nipples before finally abusing her erect clit. The whip hitting her ass sent her over the edge, sinking down on the large cock, her clit pulled and twisted, an orgasm hitting her like a freight train. His cock exploding inside her pussy, shooting it full of cum, running down her legs, sent another explosive cum, her body trembling in ecstasy. She collapsed on top of Mr. Johnson, her pussy sore and abuse, cum running down her body, exhausted from the rapes and the cums she suffered.


            "Take her back to her cell," Dr. Smith ordered. The deputy helped her get up and walk toward her cell. He unlocked her cell and pushed her to the bed. "I know your pussy must be sore now so I wouldn't fuck it."


            "Thank you, I hurt so bad. They raped me so many times, I don't think I could take another cock in my pussy." She cried, her body wracked in pain and exhaustion. She felt the deputy turn her over onto her stomach and spread her legs wide. She felt his knees between hers, forcing her legs out to the side, spreading her open again. He body sank down on top of her, squeezing the air from her lungs. She managed, "I thought you said you weren't going to fuck me, my pussy hurts so bad."


            "I wouldn't break my word," he laughed, "I wouldn't fuck your pussy, I know you are sore." He laughed again as he fisted his cock and placed it at the entrance to her anus, slowly forcing her to take his cock up her ass, until he was fully embedded in her anal tract. "But you do have a very tight asshole, now squeeze down on my cock as I fuck you. Make me cum." His cock began to fuck her fully, taking her in long and brutal strokes, sending his erect member deep inside of her colon until she squeezed the cum out of his balls, filling her colon with his hot cum. "There, I told you I wouldn't break my word," laughing as he left the room, Rebecca laying on her stomach on the bed, legs spread, cum dripping from her recently raped asshole, unable to even stand to clean herself up.

Making Rebecca Dance


            Rebecca was allowed to stay in her cell for almost a day before the deputy returned. Her pussy did not hurt anymore from the multiple rapes she had experienced. She knew that her time alone was short-lived, they were planning on taking advantage of her body again, they always did.


            "Take a shower and get dressed. You are to see the Judge in one hour and you do not want to be late for the Judge," the deputy warned her, throwing her some clothes to wear.


            "Is he going to let my mother and me go?" Rebecca looked to the deputy, hoping for a positive sign that they would be allowed to leave and this whole horrible ordeal was over.


            "The Judge is the most powerful man in this county, so I would do whatever he says and try not to displease him. The future of you and your mother depend on how well you please him, now get ready."


            The deputy left her cell, allowing her some privacy to get ready. She took a quick shower, never knowing whether they had cameras in her cell. She dried off and picked up the clothes that were left for her. It consisted of a pair of thong panties, a cut-off tee shirt with "little girl" embossed in it. She put it on and it just barely covered her breasts. Although she had large breasts, there was no sag at all in them. Her youthful age coupled with an athletic lifestyle made sure of that. She put on the pair of shorts, hip huggers that definitely hung on her hips. They were fairly tight, clinging to her shapely ass. A pair of white socks and sneakers completed the outfit. She looked in the mirror and a very young girl with a woman's body reflected back.


            The deputy returned and escorted Rebecca to the room where the Judge was. This was a special room as it contained the bondage equipment. A female could be hung or bound in an almost limitless variety of positions, most leaving her intimately exposed. It contained chains and pulleys hanging from the ceiling, various stools, benches and table for females to be bound over and very elaborate stocks where the head, arms and legs were secured in heavy wooden boards.


            Rebecca knew she was in trouble as soon as she saw the room and its contents. The main purpose for all of the contents was to secure a vulnerable female in tight bondage, open for whatever they desired. She saw the Judge, another sixty-year-old man. Although he looked in good condition, it seemed like all of the men that abused her were over 40 years older then she was. She knew that they delighted in taking advantage of her young body as no one her age would willingly submit to their strange and perverse desires.


            The Judge sat in an upholstered high back chair watching as Rebecca entered. He had already fucked her mother, Sally, numerous times and he knew where she got her looks from. She had a body like her mother's, only 20 years younger and tighter. The Committee had already fucked her in all of her holes, her mouth, cunt and asshole, numerous times, but all said that she was still the tightest cunt they had ever had. Even as many times as she had cocks in her, it would be a few more years before she got loose. "Come in, Rebecca, come over here, my dear."


            Rebecca cringed when she heard his voice ordering her over to him. It was about to begin again and this time with a room full of bondage equipment. "Yes, Sir." She walked over to where he sat with open arms, his hands soon to be all over her young body.


            The Judge's cock was already hard at the sight of this young beauty. He could see the nicest pair of perky tits that he had ever seen. Even without a bra they stood high on her chest, her nipples pressed tightly against the tee shirt, already hard and erect. Her body clung to the pair of shorts, her ass tightly pressed into them, the front of the too tight shorts clinging to every curve in her body. He could almost make out the outline of her bald pussy through the shorts. His hands instantly moved over her body as she moved closer, grabbing her tightly at her waist, feeling her supple skin as his fingers moved over her. They moved down over her naked hips, the shorts hanging low on her body. "Such a lovely little girl you are, Rebecca. And the body of a women. You look just like your mother."


            Rebecca reacted quickly when she heard her mother's name. "How is my mother, have you seen here?


            "Yes, in fact I fucked your mother. Nice piece of ass, she is. Now if you both intend to get out of here, I suggest you follow your mother's lead and follow my orders." The Judge smiled, he didn't want a simple fuck from this young beauty, he was going to do so many things to her body before he was finished. And he was going to make her enjoy them, make her cum. There was nothing better then training a young cunt to enjoy being taken against her will and bondage was the best way. That way they did not feel guilty about what was happening to them, they had no control, their tight bodies tied and spread, unable to prevent the perversion he would inflict on her.


            "Please, let us go, they already fucked me. Don't do any more to me," Rebecca begged, but she already knew his answer. She knew because his hands were already sliding down over her ass, grabbing her ass cheeks tightly in his fingers. His hand moved around to the front, moving over her naked stomach, making her pull in her stomach as she cringed at the dirty old hands mauling her flesh.


            "Stand still, you have such a lovely body, Rebecca, so smooth and supple." His hands moved up higher, pushing her tee shirt up until he could see the soft swell of her naked breasts. "Put your arms up, I want to see your naked tits," he ordered her. He watched as she obeyed, her tee shirt riding up higher, the bottom of her breasts now revealed. He ran his fingers up until they touched her breasts. It had been a long time since he had touched a pair of tits as young as hers. They would only be this way for a few years until nature took over and they would gradually start to droop. Especially with a pair of tits this big. "Remove your tee shirt, Rebecca, I cannot wait, I must see your tits."


            Rebecca raised her arms allowing him free access to her breasts as her tee shirt slowly raised up. She felt the fingers moving over her naked breasts and then she obeyed his next order, pulling her tee shirt over her head and letting it drop to the floor. She stood, naked from the waist up, her breasts standing out so firmly, nipples jutting out, his fingers beginning to search them out.


            "Yes, very beautiful, Rebecca, do you like showing your tits to me? Raise your arms again, higher, behind your head and arch your back. I want your tits sticking out. Yes, good girl," his fingers moving over her breasts, circling her nipples, his fingernail pressing tightly against her areola, seeing small goose bumps appearing, her nipples now large pebbles capping her breasts.


            Rebecca braced herself when the fingers would grab her nipples. She had already found out that when men grabbed her nipples, they were often cruel, inflicting pain on the delicate nubs, fingernails often dug into them into she cried in pain. She felt his fat fingers grabbing her nipples, fingers tightening on her delicate tips. They were already hard, making them easy targets as he pinched them between his fingers, pulling them out and twisting them, her face grimacing in pain as she stood straight, subjecting herself to his abuse. "Please, not so hard," she begged.


            The Judge loved nipples of little girls. They were so sensitive and not used to rough treatment. He pulled and twisted her tit flesh, pulling on her nipples, stretching them out, pulling them from her body. He released his grip, but snapped his fingers against them, hearing Rebecca cry out in pain at the sharp bite of his fingers as they hit her hard nipples. "So many wonderful things to do to such a delicious pair of tits like yours Rebecca, I will enjoy them immensely." His fingers moved over her flat stomach, slowly inching down to the top of her shorts. He pulled the zipper down on the short pair of hip hugger shorts, slowing revealing a pair of white panties, thongs he was sure. He tugged the zipper all the way down and pulled her pants to the side. His fingers returned, rubbing over her panty covered abdomen, feeling her suck in her gut as he began to caress her. His other hand reached around to the back, slowly lowering her shorts in the back so his hand could continue to run over her ass, this time, naked.


            Rebecca stood there as her body was pawed by the Judge, her shorts now half off, his hand on her ass continuing the process. She felt his cold, clammy hand on her naked ass, her shorts being pushed down, slowly revealing her body to his gaze.


            "Such a lovely ass you have Rebecca," his hand pushing her shorts down, one in front, the other in the back pushing the tight shorts down, revealing her young flesh, her naked ass. "Let's get these out of the way, Rebecca, please step out of your shorts, yes, that's a good girl, they said you obeyed well, just like your mother."


            Rebecca kicked the shorts off of her feet, standing before the Judge in just a pair of thong panties, feeling the hands returning, this time not much between them and her naked flesh. She felt one hand on her naked ass, clenching and unclenching his fingers on her ass cheeks. The other one returned to the front, fingers tracing over her panties, searching out her pussy, two fingers moving over her smooth hairless mound, rubbing along the edge of her panties.


            The Judge teased her flesh, feeling her suck in her stomach as he lightly traced his fingers over her mound, feeling her shiver in fear as he continued to abuse her young body. His hand moved up and slowly inserted it into the top of her panties, his hand now moving over the flat plane of her stomach, naked hand on naked flesh. "You don't mind if I play with your pussy, do you Rebecca?" His fingers traced down lower, going over her silky hairless pussy mound, one fingers pushing down harder, pushing between her pussy lips. He could feel her wetness. "Spread your legs open, Rebecca. It seems that your pussy is already wet. Could it be that Rebecca is a slut and likes this?"


            Rebecca blushed when his fingers sought out her pussy, slipping inside her panties. She knew that she was already wet, she could feel it. She did not know why this happened, she just knew whenever they forced her to strip for them her pussy began to get wet. Now he was calling her a slut. She slowly let her legs part, knowing that she was giving him greater access to her pussy, feeling her pussy lips begin to spread open, feeling his finger pushing apart her pussy lips, his finger sliding down her wet slit. "Please," her legs parting more, his finger sliding up and down her slit.


            "I don't think we need these, now do we Rebecca," his hand pushing down her thong panties to the floor. He looked at her, such a beautiful, young body and it was all his to do what he wanted to. And he had so many things to do to her. First he was going to make her dance, but not the way she would think, no she would dance his way. "Legs apart further, Rebecca, I want to feel inside your pussy to see if you are still tight. Just a little bit more, yes, such a good girl," his fingers now running up and down her thighs, feeling the taut flesh under his fingers.


            Rebecca felt her panties fall to the floor and spread her legs open wider, his hands running over her flesh, pushing out on her thighs, forcing her to open wider, giving him unencumbered access to her spread pussy.


            The Judge moved closer to her pussy, "you smell good, Rebecca, I just love the smell of young pussy, especially when they are wet. And you are wet, Rebecca, your pussy is just waiting for my fingers." He moved his finger up, one finger pushing into her vagina, feeling her suck in her breath as he wormed it into her tight vagina. "Yes, they might have fucked you, Rebecca, but your pussy is still tight," his finger shooting up into her defenseless vagina, feeling her arch up onto her toes as he pulled her body upward on his finger. "Let's try two fingers up that tight cunt, Rebecca," his finger pulled from her vagina, but replaced with two thick fingers, sliding along her wet vagina, feeling her body clamped onto his digits.


            Rebecca stretched up on her toes as her pussy was speared by first one finger, then two, twisting and turning inside her body. She could feel them slide along on her pussy juice as they began to fuck in and out of her body. She clamped down on them, grabbing them with her pussy, moaning, hoping that the Judge did not hear her. She felt the fingers leave her body, her feet now back on the floor, her pussy disappointed and deserted.


            "Time to step over here, Rebecca, be a good girl and I will make you cum. I will make you cum many times."


            Rebecca moved to under a harness coming down from the ceiling. It consisted of two padded leather cuffs with a wood spreader bar between them. The unusual feature of it was that above each cuff was a heavy-duty metal spring.


            "Raise your arms up, Rebecca. Higher, yes, that's good." The Judge watched as Rebecca's arms moved up, her breasts arching up from the strain. He put her right arm in the cuff, latching it tightly. Then it was the left, her arms now raised above her head.


            Rebecca felt a motor turn on and her arms start to pull up. "Please, no higher," having to almost stretch up on her toes to maintain her position. She felt the Judge's fingers return to her nipples, now defenseless to stop him as they began to pull and twist on the hard nubs again.


            "Such nice tits you have, Rebecca. Do you like it when I play with them, they get so nice and hard? Just a little higher now, don't worry about your feet, they wouldn't be on the ground for long," the motor pulling her arms up higher, her feet dangling inches from the floor.


            "Now your legs, Rebecca, I want your legs spread really wide. I want your pussy and asshole spread open before me. You'd like that, wouldn't you Rebecca, you'd like me to play with your pussy again?" The Judge brought out a similar apparatus for her legs. He fitted each ankle in a padded cuff and this time the wood spreader bar was almost five feet wide.


            "No, please, that's too far," she cried as the Judge attached the left ankle to the spreader bar and then moved it over to the other side. He grabbed her right ankle and slowly spread it wider and wider. It felt like he was trying to split her up the middle. Four feet wide was already hurting, but he continued, holding her ankle firmly as he pulled on it.


            "A little pain is worth it, Rebecca, look how your pussy lips spread open." He continued pulling, watching as her body spread before him. He pulled one last time, clamping the cuff onto the other end. He looked up at her, his cock bulging in his pants as he saw her. Her body glistened in the light, sweat already forming on her skin. Her legs were spread so far, he almost expected to see blood between her legs where she was split up the middle. Her pussy lips were pulled back revealing her pink insides, glistening with her pussy juice. He moved around behind her, his hands on her ass, her cheeks spread wide, her tiny asshole now exposed. He moved his fingers between her legs, sliding along her pussy slit from the back, his fingers picking up her pussy juice as it slid along. "Your pussy is so nice and wet for me. You like this, don't you, you like being spread open for me," his fingers running over her clit, exposed, her clit hood pulled back. He felt her body shudder as his fingers played over the hard clit.


            His fingers played over her body and all she could do was shudder in pleasure. Her legs hurt from the spread, but her pussy was only feeling pleasure as his fingers masturbated her. She felt her arms pulling up higher, raising her body up. Higher and higher she went, his face now level with her knees as she was pulled up, her feet dangling down.


            She watched as he moved out of view and then came back in, this time dragging a metal stand with a screw attachment on the top. He let it sit in front of her. She shuddered in fear, not knowing what he would do with it, but having ideas that it would be used to place something between her legs. He came back from the table carrying a large, rubber dildo. It must have been over ten inches long, at least two inches in diameter. She could see small holes in the surface and out the end of it hung a tube. It went over to the table, connected to various items attached to the table.


            "You're going to dance for me, Rebecca. I love the sight of young girls dancing, especially when they are naked." He stroked the artificial penis as if it was his own cock, watching her face as he did. "Yes, Rebecca, this is going up your cunt. It is rather big, but you can handle it. Then you are going to fuck yourself on it." He moved the artificial penis over to the stand and began to screw it on the top of it, over ten inches of hard, rubber cock. He moved the cord down to the ground. "It is a secret, but you will soon find out. It will make you cum. Cum hard. Now, let's go up a little higher," Rebecca felt herself pulled up again until she was higher then the stand.


            "That's too big for my pussy, don't put it inside me," she cried out as she saw him move it between her legs. She could now longer see it, but she knew it was there. She felt his hands move between her legs, pulling her pussy lips back even further. She felt something hard nudge against her pussy, her cuffs lowering her slowly down toward the ground.


            "You should see your pussy spreading open for this big cock," lowering her, his fingers guiding it to her vagina, watching as it began to spread her open, her pussy spreading over the head as it forcefully began to insert itself into her most intimate opening. The head of the cock had a crown, just like a real cock. Except this one was a little different. The sides would slide in easily, but when withdrawn, they would expand outward, dragging painfully along her pussy walls, scraping as they moved.


            "OH, God, it's too big, it hurts," the bondage holding her tightly in place as she felt herself being lowered, impaling her pussy on the hard, rubber cock between her legs. "AAGGH," the head of the cock now pushed in, her pussy lips tightly around it, holding it in place.


            The Judge ran his fingers over her stretched pussy, the rubber cock trapped between her legs. His fingers moved up to her clit and began to rub his finger over the hard bud. He felt her body quiver as he stroked it, allowing her cuffs to lower, the rubber cock slowly forcing itself into her young pussy. "Can you feel it starting to fill you up, Rebecca? It's very big, over ten inches. Imagine what it will feel like once it gets snugly inside you. Then we will start to make you dance."


            Rebecca moaned in pain as her little pussy was spread open again. They had fucked her with their hard cocks, but her pussy had shrunk back down. Now it was being forced open again, this time with a giant rubber cock. It was starting to fill her up. She could feel in travelling slowly inside her, stretching her open as her own weight impaled her on the hard cock.


            The Judge watched as over three inches of rubber cock was slowly tearing into her young pussy, filling her, stretching her. He stopped her movements down, holding her in place. He pressed another button and the springs were released. It suspended her wrists from the springs now, not the ropes. The Judge moved his hands to her ass and slowly rolled her hips, forcing her to move round and round, the rubber cock pushed inside her now spreading her open in circles, stretching her more. He pushed up on her body and then allowed it to fall, watching as she moved down on the rubber cock and then the springs pulled her back up again, her pussy pulled away from the fixed rubber cock.


            "OOOW, it's tearing my pussy up," her body bouncing up, her pussy slowly pulling itself off the rubber cock, the crown spreading out, scraping painfully along her vagina, scraping, tearing and stretching as it moved. "Don't move me, please, don't move, it hurts too bad," her body rigid, trying to stop the motion. But she felt the Judge's hands move her up and down, impaling her up and down on the hard rubber cock.


            "Now, isn't that nice, Rebecca, you can fuck yourself on the nice big cock." He allowed her cuffs to lower, her pussy impaled on the rubber cock, over five inches of pussy splitting cock forced inside her pussy. "Do you want more cock, do you want another two inches of rubber cock inside your pussy, Rebecca?"


            "No more, nnnoo more, hurts," unable to stop the rubber cock from spearing deep inside her. Over seven inches of rubber cock was forcing her pussy open and she could not stop it from going any farther. "Take it out, I will do anything."


            He bounced her up and down, hearing her tiny screams of pain as two inches of cock pulled out and then three more inches bounced back in. Now eight inches of cock was buried in her pussy. His fingers moved to the front of her, rubbing over her clit again. "You're going to cum for me, but not until you dance on the rubber cock." The cuffs released again, sending the last two inches of rubber cock to slowly push inside her pussy. He watched as it disappeared as he heard her huffing and puffing as she was filled. "How does it feel, how does it feel to have ten inches of rubber cock inside you?"


            She never felt so full as she did now. She had ten inches of fake cock inside her and her own weight was keeping it firmly embedded inside her. Her legs still ached from the spread. She cringed as she felt his hands move back to her ass. She knew he was going to make her bounce on the cock. He pulled up on her body, up two inches then allowed her to fall quickly back down. The springs stopped her descent, but not until ten inches of rubber cock was forced back inside her pussy in one quick brutal plunge. "OOOOMMMPPP," she groaned in pain as her pussy was rapidly filled again. When it hit bottom, she began to rise back up again, the springs pulling her back up. The crown of the rubber cock pulled along her pussy, scraping the tender flesh as it pulled from her body. "OOOHHH, OOOOWWW, tearing me up!"


            The Judge moved over to the table and picked up a short riding crop. He walked in front of her, slapping the crop against his palm of his hand, the noise ringing out in the room. "Time to dance, Rebecca, fuck real good and I will let you cum."


            "No, please don't hit me with that," the Judge moving behind her out of her range of vision. She braced for the pain. She did not have to wait for very long. The crop moved quickly hitting her sharply onto her naked ass cheek.


            "OOOWW," her body jerking forward, trying to escape the pain of the crop as it beat her tender ass. It was a searing pain that shot up to her brain, her ass moving to escape it. The rubber cock was forced in and out as her hips swayed back and forth, tearing along her pussy as she fucked herself on the fake dick. "AAAGGHH," another searing pain as her other cheek was struck, her hips moving faster this time. Over four inches of rubber cock moved in and out of her pussy as she tried to avoid the pain of the crop, only to fuck herself painfully on the rubber cock.


            "That's the way, fuck yourself," the crop moving over her body, making her jerk around on the rubber cock. He slapped her stomach with the crop, forcing her to move back, the rubber cock pulled painfully from her pussy. He slashed her tits, watching them bounce around on her chest as he ignited pain in her nipples. The crop slapped hard on her tit flesh. Another quick slap on her ass sent her moving back and forth. On the front again, barely missing her exposed clit, the rubber cock moving in and out of her pussy. He watched as the rubber cock became soaked in her pussy juice as her pussy was fucked hard. He continued to beat her body with the crop, her body jerking around in pain and pleasure. Her screams of pain turned to moans of pleasure as the rubber cock began to do its work, fucking her hard and fast.


            "Oh, God, that hurts so good," her hips jerking back and forth, over seven inches of rubber cock moving in and out of her pussy. Bouncing up and down, back and forth, her pussy stretched by the rubber cock. She could feel her pussy juice running down her thighs as she fucked herself harder and harder. She was getting hot, ready to cum.


            The Judge continued to slap her flesh with the crop, making her bounce more and more. He could see the change in her fucking, she was going to cum soon. "You like that, Rebecca, you like fucking yourself on that big rubber cock? You going to cum soon?"


            The scream tore from her lips, the sound echoing throughout the room. She had never felt so much pain. Her pussy felt like it was being torn by the rubber cock.


            The Judge had hit one of the buttons on the desk. The tube running up to the rubber cock was connected to a pressurized tank next to the desk. In it was stored ice cold water. When he pushed the button, it shot out and forced the freezing water along the tube and out small little holes on the rubber cock. The freezing water hit her heated pussy flesh. Her pussy reacted, shrinking to escape the freezing cold. Unfortunately the rubber cock was unyielding, forcing itself along the shrinking walls of her pussy relentlessly. It felt like a four inch wide cock was fucking her. He continued to beat her with the crop, forcing her to continue fucking herself, forcing her to fuck the hard rubber cock. He watched as the water dripped from her pussy, now warm water from her overheated pussy. "You'll cum when I tell you to, not before. Now fuck yourself again," his crop beating her tender flesh, watching as she painfully rode the rubber cock.


            "Don't do that again, it hurts," she cried, but continued to fuck herself, back and forth on the rubber cock.


            "I bet your pussy is nice and tight now, Rebecca. Did the cold water shrink your pussy? I bet the big rubber cock is fucking your pussy real hard now, just the way I like it." He moved behind her, the crop at the ready. "You're going to cum now, Rebecca, you're going to cum hard." He began to hit her ass with the crop, increasingly harder each time. With her legs spread so wide, her asshole was left defenseless, open and exposed. He was going to take advantage of that.


            "OOOWWW, not there, not on my asshole, please that hurts too much, it feels like you are tearing it apart," Rebecca screamed, her hips bouncing harder and harder, fucking herself on the thick rubber cock, back and forth. Her pussy now swallowed over nine inches of fake cock with each stroke. "OOWW," she screamed again, the tip of the crop seemed to search out her asshole, tearing at her tender flesh. It almost felt like it was going to push inside her asshole.


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            It hurt so much. Her asshole felt like it was being torn from her body as he kept beating her with the crop. She moved forward each time, pushing the large rubber cock deep inside her pussy, stretching her open. Her hips kept going, in and out, her pussy beginning to squeeze down on the rubber cock as it speared her young pussy. It still hurt, but now the fucking of the rubber cock was beginning to bring pleasure to her body. They always seemed to know what to do to her inexperienced body to make her cum, no matter how much they hurt her. "Please, let me cum, I have to cum," she moaned, fucking harder and faster.


            "You like that big rubber cock in your pussy? You like it when it fucks you?" He hit her asshole again with the crop, swinging back again as her hips returned back, her asshole exposed to him. He hit lower this time, catching not only her asshole, but also grazing over her pussy. He moved his fingers over to her clit and began to squeeze it tightly, feeling the rubber cock stretching her pussy lips open wide, in and out the rubber cock moving. "Cum for me now, Rebecca, show me what a good little girl you are, cum on the big rubber cock inside you."


            "GGGODDD, it feels so good, harder, pinch my clit harder, yeeeeess," she cried, her clit held tightly by his fingers, twisting and pulling on the swollen nub. "You bastard, I'm cuummming," her hips pumping up and down, the rubber cock now covered in her pussy juice as she came all over it. You could hear the sound of the sloshing as her hips continued to fuck the rubber cock, her cum dripping down her thighs, the rubber cock covered with a heavy sheen of her cum.


            The Judge loved watching young girls forced to cum. He loved the sheen that covered her body, sweat glistening on her naked tits, her hips fucking back and forth, cum pouring out of her spread pussy as she came. He continued to beat her asshole as she screamed in pain and pleasure, her hips unable and unwilling to stop fucking the rubber cock. "Such a good slut you are Rebecca, cumming for me. Now you are going to have to please me. My cock is very hard and I am going to use your young body to pleasure myself with." The Judge pulled on the harness, pulling Rebecca up and off of the rubber cock. He watched as her pussy continued to cling to it as it pulled from her body until it finally popped out of her pussy noisily.


            Rebecca's pussy felt suddenly empty as the big rubber cock pulled out of her. "Please don't fuck me," she begged. She did not think she could take another fucking like that she just went through. Her body ached, especially her asshole. It burned from the whipping it received and her pussy felt like it had been torn.


            The Judge brought down another apparatus from the ceiling, a small control panel in his hand controlling it. Part of it was already connected to her arms holding her up high. He brought the other end down and connected it to her spread ankle, the spreader bar still keeping her legs spread widely. He pushed some buttons and her legs started rising towards the ceiling, higher and higher. "I want your asshole, Rebecca, your whipped asshole. And you're going to fuck me." He continued raising her legs up until they were at the same height as her arms. Her ass hung down now, her whole groin area now the lowest part of her body. The Judge undressed, his cock standing out proudly in front of him. He stroked it, watching it as it grew.


            "Not my asshole, it already hurt and when they did it before, it really hurt. It was not made for cocks, please fuck my pussy instead," hoping that she could bargain with the Judge. When they fucked her asshole before, her stomach cramped terribly as they put their big cocks into her tiny hole. The pain was piercing as they fucked her.


            "That's no way to be, Rebecca. I make you cum and you don't want to do the same thing for me. You don't have any choice in this matter." The Judge lay down on a mat on the floor, holding his cock up into the air. He spread a little oil on it, making it slick. He pushed a button and Rebecca slowly began lowering down to the floor, her ass moving closer and closer to the Judge's cock. When she was only an inch above his cock he stopped her movement. He grabbed her ass and swung her close to him. His finger, still oiled moved quickly inside her asshole, pushing it open forcefully, impaling her on his digit. He moved his finger around inside her, feeling her clenching on it, trying to expel it from her body. She was tight. Tighter then her mother. "You like my finger in your asshole, Rebecca. You're nice and tight. And so hot. Do you want my cock in your asshole, Rebecca? Tell me to fuck your asshole, Rebecca?"


            Rebecca tried to squirm away when the finger entered her asshole. It plundered into her, seeking deeper and deeper inside her until she felt his knuckles against her ass cheeks. She felt it twisting around inside her, unable to stop the ravishment of her backside. He pushed inside her cruelly, forcing her to say it. "Fuck my asshole, please," saying as she was ordered.


            "If you like, Rebecca, I only want to do what pleases you." He pulled his finger from her asshole. She would be tight, but her own weight would fuck his cock inside her. He pushed the buttons again and lowered her again until his cock was fitted snuggly against her asshole. He watched it, straining to keep his cock out, but her own weight was her worst enemy. He pushed a button and Rebecca began to slowly turn in a circle, her asshole the center of her being as her asshole slowly circled around the head of his cock. He pushed another button and Rebecca began to lower, but only by millimeters. He watched the head of his cock slowly begin to get swallowed up by his cock. "Yes, your asshole is so tight, Rebecca, can you feel it swirling around my cock, like a corkscrew going into your tight asshole?"


            Rebecca felt her asshole straining to keep his huge member out. She began to feel a little dizzy, slowly turning around in a circle. She could feel the head of his cock pushed up against her asshole, it spreading slowly as she spun around, slowly sinking further and further down. Her tiny asshole began to strain to open as the head of his cock bore into her. He had said it, it felt like a corkscrew going into her body. "Fuck my pussy, please, not my asshole," begging for him to stop.


            "A little farther down, Rebecca, yes, that's good, I can see your tiny asshole spreading open. Can you feel it, Rebecca, your own weight is fucking your asshole onto my cock?" He pushed the button again, speeding up her downward movement. "You are spreading open real wide. Almost there, Rebecca, your asshole has almost swallowed the head of my cock. Can you feel that?" He felt her body jerk and a gasp come from her lips. The head of his cock was firmly embedded in her rectum. He stopped her downward movement, but continued the spinning of her body. He watched as her asshole clung to the cock inside her, spinning around and around it. Her sphincter grabbed it tightly, trying to expel the huge member from inside her.


            Her asshole tugged on the cock inside her, trying to expel it from her body. It felt strange, her asshole opened, spread wide, but it still did not try to enter her body yet. She knew that it would be soon, his cock would corkscrew into her asshole, drilling deep inside her body until it was buried in her colon. She felt her body being lowered, it was time for him to begin to fuck her. "Slow, please go slow, your cock is so big."


            "I'm not doing anything, Rebecca, it is all you. Your weight is pushing you down, I'm am just lying underneath you. You want my cock inside your asshole, I can feel your sphincter massaging the head of my cock." Now another inch of cock was buried inside her asshole. He could feel the heat and tightness of her anal tract. He loved to fuck little girls with tight assholes. He delighted in their gasps of pain as his cock slowly buried itself in the backside. He loved the way her body tried to push out the cock, but only succeeding in making it harder and longer. Slowly, inch by inch, his cock sank into her asshole. Three inches and more to go. He began to make her spin faster, her asshole clenching on the cock inside her.


            "Ahhggh, it's too big, please take it out," she begged as her asshole was slowly impaled on the cock. Four inches of hard cock was buried inside her, her body turning faster, gripping the cock as she spun around.


            "Of course, Rebecca, if you insist," her body pulling up instead, her asshole pulled from his cock.


            It felt strange, the cock pulling out of her asshole, feeling like her insides were being yanked out with it. She felt it pull out until only the head was grabbed by her sphincter again. Then it began again, the downward movement, fucking her down onto the rampaging instrument buried in her asshole. Her body was corkscrewed down as over five inches of cock was buried inside her asshole, twisting inside her asshole. She could feel the spasms inside her as it sucked on the hot meat inside her. "No more," she begged, as six inches of cock was pushed inside. She could feel her stomach begin to cramp. She had seen the Judge's cock. It must be at least eight inches. She could not feel his body against her ass cheeks yet, so she would still have to take more cock inside her before he would stop.


            He felt her body jerk, his cock now entering her colon. "Can you feel it deep inside you, Rebecca? Yes, and you still have two more inches to go." He pulled her body up again until her asshole gripped the head of his cock and then lowered her down again, this time quicker. Before she even made one revolution around his cock, he had buried seven inches of cock inside her. Her felt her jerk again in pain as the friction of her asshole slowly spinning around his cock and the depth of his cock inside her shot pain straight up her spine. "Last inch, Rebecca, then we start fucking, her it comes," watching as her ass sank down lower until her cheeks rested on him, her asshole swallowing all eight inches of his cock.


            It hurt, her stomach cramping from the hard cock buried inside her. She was bound so tight, she could not relieve the pain, only submissively hang down onto his cock. She was still spinning, the cock bending inside her asshole, new bursts of pain as it hit new spots inside her. "Hurry, it hurts, cum inside me, please."


            "Do you want to fuck me with your asshole, Rebecca? Do you like my hard cock inside you? I can feel how hot and tight you are. I love to fuck little girls like you in the ass." He set the button on automatic. It would pull up slowly until only the head was grasped by her asshole before returning back down again. But when it lowered, it would speed up, driving all eight inches of cock inside her in one very painful, corkscrew motion. "Now grab my cock with your asshole as you fuck it. Make me cum or I will fuck you all day."


            "OOOWWW," the cock tearing down inside her on the downward stroke, burying inside of her in one long continuous painful insertion. It pulled out slowly, her asshole gripping it like it wanted it to stay, dragging her insides out when withdrawn. She did as she was told, squeezing down on the cock as it was withdrawn. She had to make him cum. She had to stop the terrible pain of the cock burning up her asshole.


            "That's a good girl, Rebecca, your asshole is squeezing my cock. You like getting ass fucked, don't you?" He speeded up her spinning, adding some oil to his cock when it was almost out of her body. "I greased your asshole up a little, now we can fuck faster." He watched as her body spun around and around and up and down. His cock felt liked it was getting sucked into a drain. The friction would make him cum, her asshole clinging to his cock, getting ready to pull the cum from his balls.


            Rebecca felt her body spinning faster, her head dizzy from the spinning, her asshole burning from the ass fucking the Judge was subjecting her to. She squeezed the cock even though it was painful as she did. She had to get him to cum. Her asshole was stretched and torn, as she was brutally ass fucked. Her body was pulled up and down, each time all eight inches of cock was buried deep inside her colon. She felt the cock hit new parts of her asshole each time she would revolve around his cock, the head rubbing harshly against her inner walls. "Please, hurry up and cum, it hurts too much," she cried out, squeezing her inner muscles so that her asshole would massage his cock into cumming inside her.


            "Yes, good girl, Rebecca," shoving his cock up into her brutally, letting her feel the large cock tearing up her backside. He watched as she quickly sank back down on his cock again, burying it into her asshole as she spun around and around. "Squeeze hard now, I'm going to cum," he shouted, plunging her asshole down on his cock to rest there, making her spin faster. He felt her squeeze his cock as his balls began to unload his cum inside her. He shout a full load of cum deep inside her asshole, giving her a cum enema.


            Rebecca squeezed his cock tightly as she felt it get bigger and stretch her asshole wider apart. She could feel his cum racing up the length of his cock as it was buried inside her asshole until she felt it shoot and fill her asshole with the first of many loads of hot cum. She felt the wetness inside her as a second and then a third load of cum filled her asshole up. She could feel it all buried deep inside her colon, filling her up.


            The Judge shot his last load of cum in her asshole before he raised her body from his cock. He watched as it popped out, her asshole staying open for long seconds, a gaping hole replacing the tiny asshole that was there when they started. He rose up from underneath her, his cum dripping from her asshole onto the floor beneath her. He released her from her cuffs. "You're a good fuck, Rebecca. You have the tightest asshole I ever felt. It just sucked the cum straight out of my balls." He walked out as the deputy walked in to take her back to her cell.












SHIPWRECKED, OBEY, SUBMIT is an action-packed adventure on the high seas as the super-rich fight the forces of nature in a losing battle with a cyclone that is hell-bent on sinking the superyacht.

Only part of the crew and passengers survive the storm, but they end up on a fog-shrouded island far off course when they should’ve been in the vast open waters of the South Pacific. Three women and three men find themselves left to their own devices for survival, but they are far from being the ideal couples. The three men are part of the crew and the three women lost their husbands or lovers to the storm.

After months on the island, the men see a better life in a different way. The women are dependent on the men for their survival, and there is little they can do to avoid the inevitable outcome. They know little of the background of the men, and that is an unfortunate mistake. The crew had women in every port, and their tastes ran from the exotic to the perverse. Nothing is off limits to satisfy their sexual desires, and with little hope of rescue, it is time for the women to earn their keep.

The captain and the mistress of the ship have been at odds for years, and he finds satisfaction in taming the mistress of the ship, humiliating her in front of everyone, but it is bondage that compels her submission. Her sister finds something disturbing as she watches her sister submit, but unlike her sister, she finds excitement in submitting and the pleasure is enhanced when she is bound. The third young woman, a trophy wife for an older man that had long given up on sex, finds herself drawn to a young, virile man that takes her with youthful exuberance.

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