Rin Pays For Daddy’s Mistakes

By Powerone, Copyright 2004-9


Without warning, they turned her over onto her side, her panties hanging uselessly at her knees, her legs bound by them.  She felt his hands sliding over her ass cheeks, Rin clenching her cheeks defensively.

Mr. Hocoto watched her buttocks clench erotically, her firm flesh closing the delicious crack of her ass.  He teased his fingers along the crack, sliding up and down, her body curled into a ball as if she could stop him from having his way with her.  He slapped her ass cheek, the pale skin turning pink where the palm of his hand had struck her flesh.  He ran his hand over the skin, feeling the heat from the blow.  He struck her other cheek, a gasp from her lips, but otherwise she kept silent.  He began to alternate between each cheek, slapping them until they both turned a fiery red.

Rin couldn’t stand much more of the spanking.  It had been years since she had been spanked, and it was never like this, all of the men excitedly gathered around her half-naked body.  What man didn’t fantasize about spanking a naughty schoolgirl?  Now she was making these men’s fantasy come true, Rin shamed at what they were doing to her.  “Please, no more,” Rin begged, her ass cheeks burning with pain.

“Relax your cheeks and let me have my way.  Or I will let the others have a chance at spanking your lovely naked ass.”  Mr. Hocoto was determined to make her submit to all of their perverse demands.  He saw her surrender, her firm ass cheeks relaxing, his hands running over the flesh.  “That’s better.  Now keep them open for me.”  He ran his finger down her crack, starting at the top, the crack drenched in sweat.  Her body shook as his finger neared her anus, the tiny hole just a speck in a sea of white skin.  He ran over the tiny hole, feeling the spasms.  He ran down to her perineum, then back up, her ass cheeks beginning to tighten on his finger.  “Keep your cheeks open, Rin,” he warned her, feeling her surrender as his finger stopped on her clenching anus.  “Such a tiny hole, Rin.  I am sure nothing has entered it before,” Mr. Hocoto would be the first in her virgin hole.

He was touching her in such an obscene place, not sure why any man would want to do such a thing.  She couldn’t control the spasms that raced through her bowels, his finger poised to violate her secret hole.  She felt the finger demanding, pressure building as it circled her clenched hole, the tip of his finger pressing into the center of her anus.  She grit her teeth as her anal ring began to expand, a strange feeling in her backside as the finger began to seek entrance to her most private hole.

“No!” she cried out, but she was unable to prevent Mr. Hocoto’s finger from sliding up into her anus.  “God, no!” she pleaded, as she felt it slip into her rectum, her sphincter clenching down on the fat finger.  Why was he doing that?  It felt so strange.  It didn’t hurt as she expected it to.  She had never had anything go up inside her, just out.  It felt strange, more discomfort mixed with a full feeling.

Mr. Hocoto yanked her up to her knees, yanking on her hair until he forced her to hold up her head, the other men waiting with their cameras.  The cameras began to flash, Mr. Hocoto’s finger running over her anus and into her rectum with such swiftness that it took her breath away.  The finger moved around inside her rectum, pushing hard against her resisting muscles, her eyes watering from the pain of her hair ripping from her scalp.  The finger drove deeper into her ass, forcing her ass to rise up submissively, the others moving around behind her.  The cameras clicked away behind her, Rin ashamed at how it must look, a fat finger plunging in and out of her virgin ass.

The finger stayed inside her, bending as her body was manipulated, hands pulling her ass up into the air, her rectum fully impaled on the fat finger, moving around inside her.  Her hair was yanked; her scalp felt like it was ripping as she was forced to arch up her ass to allow the finger complete access to her virgin asshole.  It moved around as the cameras clicked away, ashamed at how she knew she must look from behind.

“Up you go, Rin; we want some nice bondage pictures of you.”  Mr. Hocoto was eager to tie the young girl up for their pleasure.

The finger pulled from her asshole, leaving Rin almost disappointed, feeling empty.  Her anus slowly began to shrink back down until it finally closed.  She couldn’t help the feelings that engulfed her, her pussy growing wet as she felt more ropes envelop her body, the men ignoring her discomfort as they bound her for their perverse pleasure.  Her panties were snatched from her, Rin naked below the waist.  It was so perverse that it was almost exciting to the naïve girl.  She was yanked up into a squatting position, ropes encircling her young breasts, the end of the ropes pulled up to the ceiling, keeping her from falling over from the precarious position they put her in.  She had to balance on one foot, the other leg tied at her knee, lifting it up into the air until only her toes touched the ground.  She felt the terrible pressure between her legs as a thick strap was placed between her pussy lips, tightened until the leather strap was deeply embedded in her slit.  Her breasts began to throb, the rope forcing all the blood to the tips, her nipples hard to the touch.

They moved her from one position to another, each one more obscene than the last, all of her body posed half-naked for their pleasure.  The tight bondage kept her submissive, Rin unable to do anything but submit.  The cameras continued to record her humiliation, the obvious bulges in the men’s pants reflecting their excitement.  She was arched backwards now, one knee on the floor, her other leg raised up high, her toes barely able to touch to keep her from swinging.  The whole plane of her sex was open, the strap still cutting painfully into her open pussy, her lips wrapping tightly around it almost lovingly.  She couldn’t deny the wetness she felt between her legs.

Mr. Hocoto could see the way her pubic hairs curled around the strap that split her crotch up the middle, her pussy lips curling around it, the unmistakable wetness gleaming on the shiny, black leather strap.  There was no doubt that she was getting a perverse arousal from the tight bondage, all the more reason for Mr. Hocoto to see how far he could push the young girl.

Her body was covered in a sweaty sheen.  They took advantage of the ropes, her body strained in the next position, pulled up by the ropes, fully on her toes.  Her legs spread for them, her pussy defenseless.  At least the strap was gone from between her lips, but it left her pussy naked and exposed to them, the cameras clicking away at her most intimate body, her naked sex etched onto the film of the men forever.  She could only imagine the men taking out the pictures of her bound, naked body and masturbating until they spurted their cum all over them.

It came out of nowhere, Mr. Hocoto using a long stick and moving it between her legs to play up and down her slit, lightly tapping at her lips until she felt the tremors of excitement.  No man had ever touched her there, never mind a stick tapping at her open sex.  The stick was relentless, pushing open her pussy lips to expose her pink, inner pussy to all of the men.  And to her shame, the stick quickly growing wet from her arousal.  She couldn’t help the cry from her lips, but not from pain.  The stick had moved up to find her pleasure button, pushing aside harshly the hood that protected it and lightly tap her most sensitive organ.  Her body shook, but her bound body was unable to escape the sharp bite of the inanimate object that abused her pleasure button.

Her muscles finally got some relief, her body stretched up tall this time, her leg able to stretch out.  But only one.  The other leg still bound at the knee, pulled up until her leg was well above her waist, her body bent down by the tight bondage.  Her head fell toward the ground as hands explored her body at will as they arranged the new bondage position.  Hands ran over her ass cheeks, Rin knowing better than to stop them by clenching her cheeks, leaving her crack open for exploration.  She felt the cold air of the room on her anus, knowing how exposed she must be.  She heard them all behind her, flashes going off, humiliated at how exposed she must be, her legs parted, her anus open and ready.  She could almost feel the heat of the flashbulbs as they held the cameras so close to her exposed pussy and anus.

Mr. Hocoto whispered into her ear, his hand rubbing along her silky thigh.  “I think you are enjoying this, Rin.”  His fingers moved up to her pussy, testing his theory, finding her puffy pussy lips wet with her arousal.  “Just as I thought.”

Rin felt the shame as Mr. Hocoto rubbed her pussy, her juices flowing freely now.  With the tight bondage, her legs spread so far that she couldn’t stop the hands that continued to explore her naked body.  A finger began to run over the tight muscle of her pussy until she felt it enter her.  Not a virgin, though she still didn’t have many cocks inside her.  He began to finger her pussy as he stared into her eyes, Rin humiliated at the sound of his finger fucking her wet pussy.

Mr. Hocoto pushed two fingers inside her, opening them, pushing out on her tight muscles.  “Nice tight pussy, Rin.  Can you squeeze my fingers and show me how much you like it?”  He waited, but she failed to respond.  He nodded to one of the men behind her.

She couldn’t do what he was asking.  She wouldn’t shame herself in front of the men no matter how good it felt.  The fingers continued to ride in and out.  She felt calloused hands rubbing over her ass cheeks before they pulled her cheeks apart and held them open with powerful fingers.  A finger was poised on her anus, Rin bracing to be violated in her backside again.  She didn’t have to wait long before a long, slim finger wormed its way up her backside, turning and twisting as it fought her muscles to plunge past her sphincter.  She had more fingers in her than she had ever felt, fingered front and back.  It felt like snakes crawling up inside her, trying to meet some place deep in her bowels.  They never stopped moving, going in and out, teasing her muscles into submission.  She finally could not stand it any longer, tightening her pussy and ass onto the fingers that demanded her attention.

Mr. Hocoto never felt anything like it before, the young girl’s pussy squeezing his fingers so delightfully.  He could only imagine how wonderful it would feel if it were his cock that was getting the delightful clenching of her muscles.  “Is she gripping your finger with her asshole?”

“I could almost cum, imaging sodomizing this lovely girl while she milks the cum from my balls with her virgin ass,” he responded with such joy.

She almost came at the thought of being forced to pleasure twin cocks inside her, bound and forced to tighten her holes on thick cocks until they blasted their hot cum deep into her violated holes.  What were they turning me into?

To Be Continued