Ransom Demand

By Powerone

Copyright 2011

Chapter 10

Released but First?


The telephone rang in the hotel room, Karen and Kevin waiting nervously for over a day.

“Hello.”  Kevin answered, listening to the instructions given to him.  “We’ll be there.”  He hung up, Karen waiting impatiently.

“What?  Are they going to release our little girl?”

“Yes, tonight, but we both have to go and pick them up.  There will be a car to pick us up in an hour.  They warned us not to say anything to anyone.”  Kevin was nervous, but also he couldn’t help but feel the excitement.  Last time Sara was forced to suck him off and then he fucked her virgin asshole.  He couldn’t help it, they forced him to do it; he kept telling himself.

“I scared,” Karen remembering how she had to suck off Carlos’s cock and swallow his cum.  She never did that for Kevin and would never do it again to anyone.

“I’ll take care of you,” though his heart wasn’t in it.  He knew that he couldn’t stop them from doing anything.  He prayed that Hope was okay and they didn’t molest her.  She is too young.

* * *

The car picked them up on time, the stretch limo pulling away from the hotel, the black window shut to the driver.  The drove for a long time before they suddenly found themselves entering a large hacienda, almost as big as the hotel, but situated in the middle of nowhere. 

The car stopped and the door opened.  “Inside, the Master is waiting for you.”

The door was open by time they walked up to it, Karen relieved that it wasn’t Carlos.  The man’s eyes travelled over her body as if he were exploring it for the first time, Karen growing nervous.

“You must be Karen, every bit as delicious as your lovely daughter, Hope.  No wonder where she gets her beauty from.  I am Miguel.  Come in.”  He watched as Kevin followed Karen, but his eyes were on her small, but firm ass encased tightly in a pair of jeans.  She wore a button down blouse, nice small tits hidden from view.

“Where are Hope and Sara?”  Kevin was anxious to get them and get out.

“You must not be so impatient Kevin.  In a hurry to get them home so you can enjoy Sara’s tight ass?”

“Carlos made me,” he spurted out in revulsion but when he saw the look in Miguel’s eyes, he regretted the outburst.

“Yes, I am sure that Carlos could make your cock hard enough to rape your sister in laws, virgin asshole.  I think you have been lusting after her for a long time.  Come in, the girls will be with us soon.  I want you to meet my family.”

The door closed behind them with such finality, Karen jumping as it slammed shut.  They were led into a large room, filled with people.  How demented these people were.  They all knew that Miguel raped and tortured young women and supported him. 

“This is my wife, Maria, my son Emilo, my daughter Kristina, my brother Pedro and my Manager Rafael.  We have all enjoyed the time with Sara that she spent with us.  She has a very lovely body and is very amenable to sharing it in whatever way we wanted, though sometimes it took a bit of persuasion, but that only made it more enjoyable.  Sit down.”  It was not a request, but an order.

Karen and Kevin sat in the chairs that had been placed for them, seeing all of the others eyeing them as if they were victims.  They heard the door opening and Sara and Hope walked in.  Karen started to get up to hug Hope.

“Sit!”  Miguel barked to her when she tried to get up.

Karen saw that both of them were cuffed, their hands behind their back.  They were led over to two wooden hardback chairs.  The cuffs were taken off, but only long enough for them to sit down, the cuffs reapplied, pinning their arms behind the back of the chair and securely tightly to it.  The men that brought them in, cuffed their ankles to the chair legs with heavy iron cuffs, one to each one, their legs spread, the short skirts they were wearing riding high up their legs, a peek into the darkness between their legs.

Kevin could see up Sara’s skirt, sure that she was naked beneath it, his cock already beginning to grow erect as he thought of the pleasure he received when he was in her asshole and her muscles milked the cum from his balls.  Karen would never consent to such an act, Kevin destined to live his life with only the fond memories of the one time.  Hope looked okay, but he couldn’t tell, both of them refusing to look directly into his eyes.  “You said we could take them,” this time his voice softer and less demanding.

“Yes, in due time.”  Miguel nodded to the two men that secured the girls.  They were on Kevin before he knew what hit him. 

“Let me go, what are you doing?”  Kevin struggled but the two men tossed him around as if he was nothing.  He found his arms cuffed behind the chair just like the girls, and then his legs were secured to the chair legs.  The final indignity came when a ball gag was stuffed into his mouth, huffing and puffing air through his nose as he struggled to fill his exhausted lungs from the futile fight.

Karen grew more frightened when they bound Kevin.  Was I next?  Would they sexually abuse me?

“Don’t be afraid Karen.  It will be over soon and you can go.  All you have to do is cooperate.”  Miguel stood in the center of the room, Pedro and Emilo joining him.

Cooperate, that word scared her.  “What do you want?”  Her voice trembled.

“Come over her, Karen.”

She got up, her legs barely able to hold her up as she walked over to him.  She couldn’t help but notice the large bulge in his pants and that of the others.  She stood in front of Miguel.  “Please,” she begged.

“I’ll be gentle, Karen.  You have a lovely body, Karen.”  His hands reached out and touched her waist.  She jumped from the first touch, but he held them still until she grew accustom to them.  “Yes, that’s good, hold still.”

She felt his hands begin to run over her body as she trembled before him, all eyes on her as the large hand slid over her ass.

“Cute little ass, Karen.”  His hands gripped one of her buttocks until he felt her muscles clench uncontrollably.  “Turn and face the others.”  His hands moved her until she was facing the others, Miguel in back of her. 

She felt him behind her, the hardness of his cock pushed against her ass cheeks, still able to feel where his hands touched her ass cheeks and squeezed them so hard.  His hands slid to her hips then up her waist.  She kept her hands submissively at her side even though she knew where they were going.  She looked down as the two large hands engulfed her small breasts and squeezed them.  Kevin banged in the chair and muffled cries came from his mouth but he was powerless to stop this man from molesting her.

It took only a moment before Miguel found what he was looking for, Karen unable to stop her body from betraying her as her two nipples exploded into tiny rocks.  Miguel’s fingers began to apply pressure to them until she cried out.

“No, please don’t,” her back arching to relieve the pain that shot into her nipples when he squeezed them too hard, but she couldn’t stop them from growing erect.  He released the grip on them, but he began to rub them, stimulating them while she resisted the feelings that were racing through her body.  All of them were watching her, as she was fondled and excited.  She felt one hand slide over her belly, looking down as it slid over the front of her jeans.  “No, not there,” she cried out, clamping her legs together in protest.  The fingers dug into her crotch, thankful that the jeans were thick.

She had nice little tits with big hard nipples that loved the abuse of his fingers.  When his hands went between her legs, she clamped them tight as if she could stop him from having his way with her.  “Take off your blouse, Karen.”

“No, not in front of them,” all eyes on her.  He wanted her to strip naked in front of them, her sister, her husband, her daughter and all of his perverted family.

“If you don’t, Pedro and Emilo will tear the clothes from your body.  We will send you back to the hotel naked and all will see your shame as you are shoved from the car in the middle of the day.”  He felt her body tremble in shame.

She had no choice, her fingers barely able to open the buttons on the blouse, starting with the top until she pulled it from her jeans and opened it up, revealing the tiny bra for all to see.  She wished she didn’t wear such a sexy one, never expecting to have to strip naked in front of everyone.  Miguel stepped back from her as she took the blouse off of her shoulders and down her arms.  It fell to the floor.  Her upper body turned a shameful pink as all stared at her.

“Very nice, Karen.  Now the jeans.  Take them off for us.”

Karen began to cry.  “No, please, no,” she begged.

“My young son would love to strip them from your body, Karen.  Would you like a young boy doing that to you in front of your daughter?”  If only she knew what he would be doing to her.

Her trembling fingers opened the snap on the jeans, the loud hiss of the zipper going down testament to her shame.  She had to bend over to slide them over her hips, pushing away when her ass came in contact with his cock as if it were a hot potato.  She felt her breasts shaking as she was forced to wiggle her hips to get the tight fitting jeans down her legs.  She kicked them off her feet and pushed them aside.  She was standing there in her bra and panties, trembling in shame and her skin a blushing pink.

Miguel looked at her cute little ass, trimmed nicely in the white panties.  His hands went to her body, Karen jumping when his hand found the naked flesh of her sides.  His hands moved up and grabbed her tits again, squeezing them until they almost escaped the top of the thin bra.  He searched out the nipples, squeezing them until she pushed her almost naked ass against his cock in pain.  “Your bra now, Karen.  I must feel your naked tits.”

“No,” her protest louder this time.  He almost had her naked. 

“He will take it off, but I cannot stop him from taking his revenge on your tits.  Emilo is very rough with his girls; do you want him pulling on your naked tits until they are stretched?”

Miguel moved to the side of her so he could see her when she exposed her breasts, Karen’s tears falling down her cheeks as her hands went behind her and slowly unhooked her bra.  She pulled it off her shoulders and down her arms, prolonging the inevitable shame until the last moment, finally letting it fall to the floor.  She knew better then to try to hide them, her hands at her sides, her fists clenched tight as she suffered the humiliation. 

She had a lovely pair of tits, rock hard pink nipples pointed like arrows.  “Hold still, Karen.”  His hands went up and gliding lightly across the tips, feeling them grow as it they were trying to reach out for his fingers to touch them and grip them.  His fingers sought them out, but the minute that they clasped onto the rock hard tips, she tried to move away.  Too late, Pedro was prepared, slipping behind her, pulling her arms behind her and pinning them back.

Pedro dug his fist into the small of her back, forcing her to arch her back suggestively and thrust her tits out.  “Stick them out for Miguel.”

“You have a beautiful body, Karen, nice big nipples that swell in anticipation.”  He rubbed her nipples, feeling her body responding in spite of her fear.  He tugged on them, Pedro forcing her to arch her back more as Miguel stretched the dark colored tips.

She couldn’t stop them, held by one as the other one fondled her breasts with immunity.  No one had ever treated her this way, shaming her in front of her family, stripping her naked.

“Such tiny panties, Karen.  I don’t think they do much good.  Let me slip them off of you so we may see your sweet pussy.”  He began to tug them down over her hips, his eyes on the small brown bush that was slowly revealed.  It didn’t take long until they fell to a puddle at her feet.  “You may release her, Pedro.  Karen will cooperate.”

She found her hands released, pushing them in front of her, between her legs.  “NO!  Don’t!”  She protested adamantly, standing naked in front of them.  She felt Miguel’s hands touch hers, not hard and demanding, but softly as her husband would touch her.

“You can fight all you want, but we are much stronger and can take what we desire.  If you cooperate, it will be over soon and you can leave.  Are you ready to give us what we want, Karen?”

“Don’t make me do it,” Karen crying now.

“We can make it as hard as you want or you can cooperate.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she whispered in a soft voice.

“Will you cooperate?”

“Yeess,” she whispered in a soft, trembling voice, surrendering to the unknown.

“Good girl,” he responded, feeling her body shaking as one hand slid down over the smooth skin of her belly before he got to the fine, brown hairs of her bush.  His hand moved lower, her legs clenched defiantly.  “It will be over soon, Karen.  Open your legs.”

She sobbed louder, but her legs parted slightly, tears staining the soft skin of her cheeks.  “Relax, Karen.”  His fingers parted the lips of her pussy, full, puffy lips covered with fine, silky brown hairs.  He opened her up and began to explore her pussy, touching the most intimate flesh of her body, feeling the soft satiny inner lips begin to secrete her juices in spite of her fear.  She squired, but didn’t pull away from his touch.  Miguel nodded to Pedro and Emilo, joining him at her side.  “I always share with my brother and my son.”

She shivered as she was examined by Miguel’s fingers, pushing apart her pussy to intimately explore her as a Doctor or husband would do.  She felt the shame of her own wetness.  The other two came next to her, feeling four more hands touching her body, one running over her naked ass cheeks, the other finding her breasts and pinching and pulling on her nipples.  They felt her up for long minutes while Karen suffered the degrading acts.

“Get on your knees, Karen.”  Miguel needed release, his balls aching to cum.

Karen began to resist again when she realized what he wanted.  Carlos had forced her to perform the degrading oral act on his cock and made her drink his cum, Karen not wanting to perform the same act again in front of everyone.  She felt Miguel’s hands on her shoulders, his powerful strength forcing her to her knees in submission.

Miguel opened his pants, sliding them down, his shorts following them.  His cock bounced when it was set free, all of the women starting at his eight inches of hard cock bobbing up and down.  Karen’s head was down, staring at the floor as if she could somehow hide from him.  He placed his fingers under her chin.  “Look at my cock so you may worship it with your mouth, Karen.  Carlos tells me you are quite proficient at sucking cock, but you need some more practice.”

She was forced to look up, Miguel’s cock bigger then Carlos and bigger then Kevin.  It stood out, Miguel flexing it so it bounced up and down as it if were a puppet.  The head of it was already shiny and gleaming, Karen’s mouth salivating over the foul taste of cum that coated it.  It was only inches from her lips, Karen clenching her lips defiantly together.

“Open your mouth, Karen.”  She cried louder, sobbing through her clenched lips.  She refused.  “You sucked Carlos’s cock, didn’t you, Karen?”

“Yes,” she admitted in an almost silent voice.  “He made me.”

“I am making you Karen.  Open your mouth or the others will force it open.”  Miguel placed the head of his cock on her soft, silky lower lip as she slowly surrendered and opened her mouth.  His cock jerked when he felt her hot breath blowing on the head.  “Wider, take the head in your mouth.”

She hesitated, but the hot flesh of his cock was already burning up her lower lip.  She opened her mouth wider, the head of his cock slipping through her lips as he inserted his cock into her mouth.

It felt so good when her lips were stretched around the head of his cock and the head slipped into the hot depths of her mouth.  He wanted more.  “More, Karen, open your mouth wider.  Take my cock deeper.”  He never felt so pleasure, always more enjoyable to make a girl suck your cock by sheer force of will.  He loved the surrender as his cock slipped into her mouth for the first time.  She opened wider, the head and another inch of cock slipping through her tight lips, his cock jerking as it sat on her tongue. 

She felt the salty, paste cum leaking out onto her lips and on her tongue as the cock slipped into her mouth.  She fought the revulsion of having a strange man’s cock in her mouth, an act that should only be carried out by consenting husbands and wives.  Not something perverted as this.  She felt powerful hands grab a handful of her hair and yank upward.  She opened her mouth to cry out when her hair felt like it was being yanked out by each follicle.  At the same time, Miguel thrust with his hips and Karen found her mouth filled with the hot meat of his cock.  She almost choked as her lips stretch taut around the shaft, the head sliding over her tongue and covering it with a thin layer of his salty cum.

“Suck it,” he instructed her, but his hips were already moving.  It was so nice, her tongue moving as it tried to escape his cock, but only succeeding in brining it such pleasure as it ran over the head as it slid in and out.  He kept her head tilted up submissively so he could see her big eyes opened wide in amazement as her lips were stretched around the shaft of his cock like a rubber band as it sawed in and out of her mouth.  Her head began to move, but it didn’t make much difference, he wouldn’t last long in this delicious women’s mouth.  He always grew too excited when he performed in front of his friends and family, taking a new girl and forcing her to perform degrading sexual acts for his pleasure. 

It filled every nook and cranny in her mouth with hard, demanding cock, the head leaking profusely in her mouth until she could only taste the thick paste of his salty cum.  His hand was guiding her head back and forth, Karen’s mouth nothing but another pussy for him to fuck.  She heard his labored breathing, Karen struggling to accept the inevitable.  He was going to cum in her mouth and Sara and Hope were going to witness her degradation.  His body went rigid, his hands more powerful as they pulled her onto his cock.  She felt her lips stretch wider as it swelled in expectations.  The thick head sat heavily on her tongue and then she heard him cry out in ecstasy.  She could almost feel the cum racing up the shaft and shoot out the head into her unwilling mouth.  It flooded her tongue and mouth, Miguel more profuse then Carlos.  Karen struggled to keep it all in her mouth, her cheeks bellowing out as load after load of thick cum choked her mouth.

“Take all my cum, Karen.  Swallow it all,” he instructed her as he emptied his balls into her reluctant mouth.  He heard her choking on his cum, but he held her pinned against his abdomen until he was finished unloading in her.  A little white cum dripped form her lips but he waited until her saw her throat working to swallow the torrent of cum in her mouth.

She choked and gagged on the foul tasting cum, but she had no choice, his cock still plugging her mouth.  She gulped loudly, the cum slowly sinking into her belly.  The cock was shrinking in her mouth, but he didn’t pull it out.  Karen knew he was waiting for her to swallow it all.  She finally did, but her teeth, gums and tongue was still covered in a thick blanket of his sperm.  She never felt so used and degraded as she did now.

He finally pulled his cock out, but not before wiping the head across her lips, painting them with his shiny cum.  Cum dried on her chin, shame in her eyes as she looked up at him.  His cock was already becoming hard again, enjoying taking the reluctant ones over and over when they thought that it was over with.

  “Did you enjoy sucking my cock, Karen?  You are very good at it. Kevin will be forcing you to do him once you get home.”

“No, I hated it,” she protested.

“Bring out the table,” Miguel instructed Emilo.  He dragged out the leather-covered table and pushed it into the center of the room for all to see.  “Get on the table, Karen.  I’m not finished with you yet.” He took off all of his clothes, Emilo and Pedro following his lead until the four of them were naked.  Three of them had jutting cocks, the other placing her cute little ass on the edge of the table. “Lay on your back, Karen.”

She lay down on the cold leather table, her body just fitting the width of the table.  Pedro went to the head of the table, staring down at her naked body, her legs closed in shame.  His hands moved down and began to knead her breasts.  Karen’s legs dangled over the edge of the short table, but she couldn’t manage to reach the ground. 

Miguel went to the other end of the table, stroking his cock until it rose up to the occasion again.  “I’m going to enjoy that tight little pussy now.  I’ve seen Kevin’s cock, you haven’t been used much.”  Her legs were limp in surrender, placing her feet flat on the edge of the table, her knees bent.  He spread her legs until her pussy lips pushed back to reveal the pink, wet inner flesh. 

She felt so ashamed, looking between her spread legs to see Miguel stroking his cock so close to her pussy.  “Please, don’t do this to me.  Wasn’t it enough that you forced me to suck your cock?”  She tried to squirm away from him, but Miguel grabbed her hips and pulled her back towards his waiting cock.

“You have a beautiful pussy, Karen.”  He spread her lips apart with his fingers until she was peeled back like a ripe fruit.  “Come see this, Emilo.” 

He moved between her legs, joining his father.  He looked down at her pussy, spread open for him to see almost inside her.

She felt greater shame as the young boy looked at her naked body.  No one should suffer such shame.  She felt Emilo reach down, grabbing her pussy lips with hurried, inexperienced fingers and yanking them back so far that it hurt. 

Emilo could see everything, from the dark, mysterious black hole of her pussy, all the way up to her clit, the organ standing out hard and swollen in spite of her fear.  He couldn’t resist, his finger rubbing over the head of her clit until he saw the gentle movement of her hips, trying to hide her arousal.  He got harder, knowing that he was exciting a woman as old as her mother with his touch.  He couldn’t wait until she felt his iron hard cock inside her.  Then she would know he was a real man.

Miguel moved back into the breach of her legs.  He saw her pussy glistening unexpectedly with her juices.  He heard her cry out as two fingers found the hot, tight hole of her pussy, impaling her as her ass rose up from the table.  It felt like she was sucking them inside her, in spite of her cry.  Was it shame or arousal that forced the cry from her lips?  He fingered her for long minutes, his fingers growing slippery as her pussy oiled his fingers with her arousal.  He felt her inner pussy muscles clenching on his fingers, not to keep them out, but to keep them in.  “Such a hot, tight pussy you have, Karen.  Are you going to give me a good ride so you can get out of here?”

“Yes, just get it over with.  Stop degrading me like this in front of my family.”  She lay there with her legs spread, waiting for his cock to impale her pussy and fuck her.  She only hoped that he wouldn’t force her to cum, unable to face her family if he did.

Pedro leaned over her, his cock dropping down on her cheek.  He saw her jerk away from the heated organ, his hand drawing her head back until he felt his cock on her soft, silky skin. 

Her eyes were wide open in terror.  There were two cocks demanding her attention, one on her face, the other sliding up and down her slit, getting wet to penetrate her.  The cock on her face moved to her lips, the heated flesh jerking when it touched her wet lips.  Pedro’s cock was as big as his brother’s.

“Suck my cock, Karen,” Pedro instructed her.

“You heard him, Karen.  Take my brother’s cock into your mouth and show him how talented your mouth is.”  He saw her eyes pleading with him, but her mouth slowly opened, Karen turning her head to the side into the bulbous head of his cock slid though her reluctant lips.  He heard Pedro’s sound of pleasure as her lips grasped his cock in their silky embrace.  “That’s a good girl, Karen.  Suck him and make him cum in your mouth.”

She felt Miguel place the thick head of his cock against the tight opening of her pussy.  She tried to move away, already having one cock filling her mouth, not wanting to contend with two cocks that only wanted to penetrate her and fill her with their hot cum.   She felt a hand slapping her hard on the inside of her thigh, the soft flesh burning in pain.

“Cooperate, Karen or this could become very painful,” he threatened her.  She didn’t move a muscle as the head of his cock nudged into the tight knot of her pussy.  “Yes, you understand what you have to do.  Suck Pedro.”  He pushed with his hips until the head of his cock popped into the hot confines of her pussy.  She jerked but didn’t move away.  She was so tight, almost as tight as her virgin daughter.  If only Karen knew that he had already fucked Hope in her pussy and her asshole and that she had repeatedly sucked him off with such expertise.  He felt her relax for just a short second, grabbing her hips and pulling her pussy onto his waiting cock.  He fully entered her, her head rearing up, but finding it filled with Pedro’s waiting cock as she choked on her scream.

It was so big as it shoved deep inside her, forcing her pussy to stretch around the thick head and then grip the shaft as it moved deep inside her.  She never felt so full, her pussy lips stretched wide around the shaft as Miguel began to fuck her with long, rhythmic strokes.  Pedro joined in; matching his thrusts, her mouth and pussy filled with two men’s demanding cocks.  She did what she had to do, her tongue lathering attention on Pedro’s cock, while she squeezed Miguel’s cock with her inner pussy muscles when he pulled out.  She spread her legs wide and arched up from the table as he stabbed his cock deep inside her, sucking him into her hot depths.  She had to get it over and the only way she knew how was to make them cum and grow limp in her.  Only then would she get her reprieve. 

Miguel already felt his cum bubbling in his balls, reaching over to grip her nipples pinch and pull them until they were stretched out.  He twisted them, igniting a pain in them, but her mouth was too stuffed to do anything but gurgle unintelligently. 

“That’s it Karen, show Kevin how well you can suck my cock,” Pedro thrusting into her mouth until he heard her gag when the head of his cock banged against her throat.  He was too horny from watching Miguel getting sucked off and now him fucking her, his balls forcing out the cum into his cock.  He pumped her harder and faster as he cried out in pleasure.  He fucked his cock deep into her mouth, holding it there as her nostrils flared as she struggled to breathe.  He saw the panic in her eyes, but it was too late, his cock jetting a blast of cum into her mouth and down her throat the wrong way, Karen choking on his sperm.  He held her head still as she struggled to contain it all, Pedro dumping load after load of cum into her mouth.  “Swallow it all, Karen.  By time you are finished you will have a belly full of cum.”

She swallowed as much of his cum as she could, but it still couldn’t stop the last of it to run down her chin.  Pedro pulled his cock from her lips, laying a trail of cum on her chin.  At least she only had to contend with one cock inside her, Miguel eagerly fucking her hard and fast.

“Now you can devote all your attention to pleasing me, Karen,” Miguel said selfishly.  His hands slid under her ass cheeks, lifting her up higher to take his thrusts deeper.  Her ass was soaked from the leather coating, his fingers sliding along her sweat-drenched crack until he found her anus, unprotected.  He inserted one finger into her asshole with a quick thrust, pushing aside her reluctant muscles to dig deep into her rectum.   Her hips shot up higher, the head of his cock bruised, as it slammed too hard into her cervix.  He heard her moan, but he corkscrewed his finger into her rectum as she moved around as if she was his puppet and her strings were his finger up her asshole.  The finger moved in sync with his cock, both of them taking her at once, both holes filled with his flesh as she bucked beneath him.  He couldn’t take it any longer, her pussy gripping his cock, making him cum inside her.

His finger dug painfully into her backside, her hips moving from side to side to escape their penetrating thrusts, but she only succeeded in meeting his cock thrust with equal power until it hurt.  She had to end it, her pussy muscles clenched on his cock in spite of the pain, gripping it like the mouth of a small animal and biting into the hard flesh. 

“That’s the way to fuck, Karen.  I knew you had it in you.  I bet Kevin never fucked you like this before.”  His hips were a blur as he fucked her with all the power he could muster.  Miguel cried out in pleasure as he came in her again, his balls drained one more time, his fingers corkscrewing in her asshole until her pussy muscles milked the last of the cum from his balls.

She felt him cumming inside her, almost grateful that he was finished, but not before she felt the shameful cum flooding her pussy.  It was finally over, his slightly limp cock sliding out of her pussy and a flood of cum following it out.  Her legs fell down, exhausted from the hard fuck, her mouth still filled with the foul taste of cum.  She looked up to see Emilo grab her legs and put them back up on the table, Karen closing them tight.

“Let my son in your pussy, Karen.  You’ve already been fucked once.”  He watched as her legs opened up, spreading wide as Emilo already placed his long, skinny cock against her wet hole.

She cried out when his skinny cock too her with one powerful thrust.  It felt like a sword trying to enter her womb as he began to fuck her. He had no talent for fucking, his thrusts jerky and painful.  He wasn’t fucking her; he was attacking her with his weapon. 

“Take my cock, Karen.  I’ll show you how a man fucks.”  Emilo began to punish her with his thrust, taking her with the full measure of his cock with each thrust until her body was shaking from his power.

Miguel went up to her head, seeing her looking back at him, her lips clenched tight as Emilo worked her over with his cock.  He took his dripping cock and laid it on her lips.  “Suck it.”  She opened her mouth and took him in as if she were gobbling it up to please him.  “Yes, good girl, get me hard again.”  Emilo was fucking her so hard that the friction was burning them both up.  He had no stamina, cumming into her, filling her with his young, potent sperm. 

She was glad he finished in her, her pussy beaten into submission by his cock. He moved away, but Pedro took his place.  She no longer cared, her legs moved into they were spread as Pedro wanted, the thick head of his cock already hard as it speared into her drenched pussy.  He wasn’t satisfied that she lay there like a hole to fuck, his fingers finding her clit, pulling and tugging on the swollen organ until her pussy muscles gripped his cock in pain.  It hurt, but the clenching of her muscles satisfied him enough to leave it alone, releasing it as his cock rubbed back and forth over it with each stroke.  She struggled not to feel anything, not wanting them to shame her into cumming.

Miguel enjoyed her warm, wet mouth and they way her tongue worked his cock into hardness again.  She was becoming very talented, Kevin will be lucky that Miguel had trained her to pleasure him when he got home.   He came again, this time her mouth eagerly drinking it down without him saying anything.  She didn’t allow it to leave until her tongue left it glistening with her spit, the tip of her tongue catching the last drops of cum leaking from his piss hole.  Pedro was just finishing up in her, his head held up high as he howled in pleasure as her pussy milked the cum from his balls.  He looked down at Karen, her hair plastered to her sweat covered brow, her body glistening in sweat, her hard nipples still sticking up like tiny rocks but there was a puddle of white, milky cu that dribbled between her legs and fell into a puddle on the floor.

“You did good, Karen.  You have become very talented.  We’re almost finished with you, just a little more then you can go home with your family.”

She thought it was over, her pussy filled with cum, her belly gurgling with the warm cum that settled in the bottom.  What else could they do to me?  She felt Miguel’s hands on her shoulders as he rolled her over onto her stomach. 

“One last hole to fuck, Karen.  One virgin hole I am sure, just like your sister.  We’ll soon take care of that for you.”

She cried out loudly when she felt Miguel spreading her legs, knowing that it was her ass that they would fuck last.  She felt him pull her back until she was almost hanging off the edge of the table, his cock already growing harder as he slid it up and down her cum soaked slit.  She felt his hands urgently spreading her cheeks, the hot flesh of the head of his cock placed against her virgin anus.  It was still a little sore from his anal fingering, but he didn’t care about her pain, only his pleasure.  She felt the stretching of her anal ring as his hips pressure his cock into her tight opening.  “EEEeggg,” she cried out when she suddenly found the head of his cock snapped into her rectum and her sphincter gripping the head beneath the sharp ridge and holding it in place as it jerked in pleasure inside her.

“You can take it, Karen.  Grip my cock with your asshole and I will cum quickly.”  Miguel stroked her asshole, feeding more of his cock inside her, her hot, tight insides clenching on his cock like fingers massaging his cock.  He heard her grunt with each thrust as he forced her to take more of his cock in her asshole.  He loved fucking a girl in her ass for the first time.  First her muscles would fight to keep his cock out, finally surrendering to his passion and submitting to the sodomy with her clenching muscles to milk the cum from his balls and end the perverted act.  He could only last three minutes, in spite of having cum three times already, her talented ass muscles working their magic on his cock.

She felt it stretch her open when he was deep inside her, then she felt the cock grow.  The next thing she felt was the humiliating hotness in her guts as he spilled his cum in such an unexpected place.  She could do nothing but clench her buttocks back on his cock and milk the shaft of his cock until her belly was filled with more cum.  He pulled out of her, hurting almost as much as when he entered.  She wasn’t surprised when she felt Emilo’s hands on her hips and pulling her back, the tip of his cock sliding easily into her swollen, open anus.  He pushed in deep with his long, pointed cock; feeling like a spear was driven through her colon.   He fucked her hard and fast until he finally came, her guts swimming in more cum.

Pedro was next.  “Let’s finish her off in style,” he encouraged the others.  “I’ll take her ass.” He turned her on her side, until she was facing Miguel.   He lifted up one leg, the entire plane of her sex left open and defenseless.  “You fuck her pussy.”  Emilo went to her head.  He tilted her head back until his soiled, wet cock dangled on her lips.  “Take Emilo in your mouth, Karen and we’ll finish you off.”

She was filled in all her holes.  Pedro plugged her battered asshole with his cock, shoving the cum that they spurted into her deep into her bowels as he fucked her once virgin hole.  Miguel was next, feeling like a wedge was driven between her legs, two thick cocks splitting her up the middle, feeling them running along each other as they began to fuck her as one giant log.  Emilo was the worst, his cock soiled from her asshole, shoved into her mouth, covered with cum and she didn’t want to know what else until she choked and gasped.  They took her hard and long, their balls drained for the previous fucking, able to last longer until the friction burned her up.  She was almost thankful for the cum that soaked her down, finally three men’s limp cocks pulled from her pussy, asshole and mouth, Karen unable to stand up.

“Take your time, Karen while we get everyone ready.  It will be about an hour and then you can go.”  They walked out of the room, leaving her to slowly get off the table, a river of cum flooding out of all of her orifices.  They had said something to Kevin when they untied him and he followed them out of the room.  The men came and got Sara and Hope, but they didn’t un-cuff their hands.



He was fuming but once he saw what they had given him as a gift, his anger quickly went away.  They brought him to another room.  Inside was Hope, his beautiful girl, but he never say her in this way before.

Miguel explained it to him very calmly. “You have an hour.  You can lock the door from the inside so no one can come in.  There are no cameras in the room, only the two projectors that will run continually for the hour.  The first one is you and Sara on the first day of her capture.  It was when you obviously enjoyed her mouth for the first time and took the virginity of her asshole with such gusto.  I know Karen will never let your forget that and you will never get into her hot, tight asshole.  The second projector will show you some lovely footage of your daughter.  Sorry, but I claimed her virginity, in all her holes, as you will see.  There are other films of her performing with my young daughter in the most unnatural acts, culminating with an unspeakable act she performed on Devil, which it looked like she enjoyed.

As you can see, she is bound naked, all of her lovely, teenage charms exposed.  She is kneeling, her legs spread like a frog that pushes her ass to hang over the edge of the table at just the convenient height if you understand what I am saying.  She is blinded, gagged and her ears plugged so she is sensory depraved.  The only thing she will feel is touch.  The touch of hands on her or cocks entering her.  She will never know who took her in the last hour only where.  I can see your cock already stirring.  I will leave you to your movies and to your lust.  Just remember, you only have an hour, so do not waste it.  You will only have this one time to remember in the future; don’t make it something that disappoints you in missing the opportunity.”  Miguel walked out and closed the door, hearing Kevin lock it from the inside.  He heard the projectors beginning, throwing their perverted and degrading images on the wall as the sound of Hope and Sara’s voice began to plead with sobbing voices.

Kevin looked at his daughter in a new light, one eye on her, the other on the walls as the images came alive.  Hope squatted on the table, her legs pushed out so wide to the side that the crack in her ass had disappeared, all that was showing was the dark hole of her asshole, but with the wide spread of her legs, the hole was already open as if inviting him in.  He looked up and saw Sara kneeling before him, her head touching the floor as he pushed his cock against her virgin asshole.  He saw her head rear up and heard her scream, Kevin able to feel the hot, tightness of her virgin asshole as he sodomized her. 

He took off his clothes until he was naked.  His cock was thick and hard, after seeing his wife take on three men with all of her holes.  He was jealous of what they did to her; Kevin no longer would be the first in her mouth or asshole.  His hands began to stroke Hope’s smooth, teenage buttocks, feeling her buttocks clench from the uninvited touch, but the stringent bondage kept her kneeling submissively for him to explore her body.  He looked up and saw Pedro forcing her to suck his cock, while Miguel went to work on her pussy.  He fucked her virgin pussy, Hope bound spinning over his upraised cock until she was forced down by her own weight to bust her own hymen for his pleasure.  His fingers entered her pussy, finding her wet and tight.  His wet fingers strayed up to her asshole, feeling her cringe when he entered her asshole, but he heard nothing from her except the delightful clenching of her ass muscles on his invading fingers.

It took another five minutes before his cock began to enter her.  He felt her body jerk when his cock spread her anal ring wide, his hands on her flesh soothing away the pain.  “Take Daddy’s cock up your ass, Hope.  He needs to be inside you.”  He worked his cock inch by inch into her resisting asshole.  By time he was all the way into her bowels, the vivid picture of Hope being fucked by a monstrous German shepherd came on the screen.  He couldn’t believe that she stroked his cock and pulled it back until it was in her pussy.  It was the most graphic film he ever saw, the dog with two paws on Hope’s back as his hips shoved the knotted dog cock back into his sweet virgin daughter’s pussy.  Even more shameful was how she sucked him clean after he came in her, finally pissing in her mouth as she eagerly drank it down.

He began to punish her for her sins with his cock.  No longer fucking her asshole for his pleasure, but to punish her with his thick cock, hammering it back and forth into her asshole.

He came four times in one hour, two in her pussy and two in her asshole. She was dripping with cum from both of her holes when they came to get her.  They took her away. 

They all met in the limo that took them directly to the airport.  A plane was waiting for the, no words said all the way home.  No one knew who was more ashamed.  Kevin lay in bed that night, Hope safe in her room next door, Sara home already, Karen lying next to him.  He heard her heavy breathing as she slept. Kevin couldn’t sleep, his cock already hard with thoughts of depraved acts with his wife, daughter and Sara.  He began to rub his cock, masturbating as he leaned over and began to rub Karen’s nice little ass.  He slipped her nightgown up until he found her naked ass.  He moved closer to her as his fingers found her crack and the tiny asshole.  He felt her stir, but he was beyond stopping.  He moved behind her, placing the head of his cock against her once virgin asshole.

She was sleeping soundly, when suddenly she had the frightening dream pop into her head.  It was Miguel behind her, the first time he had her on her belly and was shoving his cock up her asshole.  She felt the stretching of something entering her asshole, her mind clouded as she reached behind her.  She felt it; a cock was pushed between her cheeks.  She opened her eyes and realized she was home and safe in her bed.  Yet she still felt it and then a hand slid over her waist pulling her back onto the cock that tried to breach her asshole.  “Kevin, is that you?”

“Hold still, Karen.”  His voice was demanding.

“No, Kevin, what are you doing.  You can’t do this to me.  Haven’t I suffered enough?”  How could he want to do such a thing to me?  He is my husband; he is supposed to protect me.

He slapped her ass, ringing out in the room.  “On your belly, you know how.”  He pushed her over onto her stomach, climbing between her legs and pushing them out until they hung over the edge of the bed.  He grabbed his pillow and pulled her up by her hips until he could stuff the pillow under her.  He pushed her down again, but the pillow kept her ass up and open.  “You’ll do anything I want, Karen.  And right now, I want to fuck your asshole.  Hold still.” 

She never heard him like this before.  It was almost as demanding as Miguel and Pedro.  She buried her head in the pillow and screamed silently into it when the cock entered her ass with a powerful thrust that sent his cock deep into her guts until she felt cramps in her stomach.  He pulled out and then back in, begging to fuck her ass just as Miguel had done.  “Yes, Kevin.”  She began to tighten her asshole on his cock in spite of how much it hurt, anything to please him.

As he was fucking his submissive wife, Kevin was thinking of what he might do to Hope.  He would love to see her between his legs and her young, mouth sucking his cock eagerly.  He was going to enjoy his new life with his two sluts to serve his every pleasure.  Maybe he should get a dog for Hope.  She liked animals, especially large ones.  He would think about that tomorrow, first he would have his pleasure with his wife’s asshole then she would suck him off.


The End