Rape and Beat the Anchorwoman



            “Convicted child molester, David Johnson was sentenced to 50 years in prison today.  A suitable punishment for a despicable crime committed by this man.  Stay tuned for details.”  The camera panned off to the commercial, Celeste relaxing in the booth, waiting for the commercial to end and the news broadcast to begin again.


            “Fucking cunt, how dare you say that about my brother.”  Joel was pissed.  His brother had made a minor mistake, how did he know the girl was only 14, she looked much older.  When she said no, he thought she was just teasing him.  They always say no, but mean yes.  They just wanted a reason to give in and be fucked and he gave her one.  He tied her down.  He kept her for a week, fucking her in every imaginable way.  He even let Joel have a piece of her, luckily she had a blindfold on and could not tell the difference between his cock and his brothers.  All she knew was that they were both big and they hurt her each time they fucked her.  That’s what they have cunts for, for fucking.


            “I’ll teach you bitch,” Joel watching as Celeste came back on the screen.  Celeste was five feet six inches, but you could not tell from the television.  She was never standing.  Her blonde hair hung down below her shoulders, not real long.  Her 34D breasts pushed out the silk blouse she wore but what drew the attention of the listeners, especially the men, was her face.  She had a sexy face that seemed to scream “fuck me.”  “I’ll teach you your place, wait until you get home tonight.  Joel is going to be waiting for you and he is going to show you what a worthless cunt you are.  You are going to feel pain for insulting my family.”


            Joel opened the door to the condo, the penthouse of the Wilshire building.  It was almost too easy to sneak past the doorman, they let anyone in looking like a delivery or repairman.   The lock was nothing to open, a few minutes at most.  He closed the door behind him, making sure it was locked again.  Don’t want her getting spooked, he thought.  He casually walked around, checking out the place.  He figured he still had about a ½ hour before she would come home.  Today’s newscast had just got over.  The place was large, a giant window overlooking the city on one wall, the couch and chairs all facing the window.  A large coffee table was in the center.  Just the right height, Joel thought.  I can see the bitch kneeling on it, naked, her ass pushed up high, begging for my big cock.  She will beg before the night is over, his cock already hard and bulging his pants.


            The dining room contained a very large table, heavy legs holding it up.  She’s going to look so nice bent over the table, legs spread wide, waiting for the cane on her ass.  She is going to beg for every snap of the cane on her flesh.  He walked into the bedroom, loving the bed.  It was a large, high bed, with very big bedposts in each corner.  He was going to love tying her down on it, legs spread, ready to be fucked. 


            Joel knew that she did not work again for two days and he had found out that she was planning to go out of town.  He had done a lot of planning.  He did not leave anything to chance.  She would not be missed for two days and he was going to make her pay for what she said about his brother.  Her body was his to do as he pleased and he had so many things he planned to do.  He put his bag down on the floor next to her bed, out of sight until she came home.  It contained all of the things he needed for Celeste’s two days of punishment and rape.  He had so many nice things to use on her body.  The cane, the whip, the barbed dildo, the inflatable butt plug, the nipple clamps and weights, the studded paddle, a wet suit and various electrical devices.  He had brought enough rope to tie up twenty people, you never have enough rope, he laughed.


            He stood behind the door in the bedroom, rubbing his cock through his pants in anticipation of her arrival.  He heard a key in the lock and he pulled his gun from his pants, a large 38-caliber pistol.  He heard the click of her heels on the floor as she entered the bedroom.  As soon as she entered the room he quickly shot out from behind the door, one hand thrust over her mouth, the gun in the other hand shoved deeply into her side.  “You make a noise cunt and I will blow a new asshole in your side.  Put your hands down at your side and don’t move.”  He felt her body surrender, her arms hanging limply at her sides.  “That’s a good cunt, you keep that up and you might just live.”  He pulled his hand off of her mouth and before she could react, the gun was thrust into her open lips, smashing against her teeth as it entered her oral cavity.  “You want a new throat, bitch.”


He watched as she shook her head, tears beginning to run out of her eyes.  Her lips were spread wide over the black barrel of the gun as he forced it further into her mouth making her choke as it pushed to the back of her mouth. 


“You insulted my brother the other day on television, David Johnson, do you remember bitch?”  She shook her head yes, the gun moving up and down in her mouth.  “You’ve got to pay for that, bitch.  I know you will not be missed for two days, so for two days I am going to make you pay.”


Celeste cringed as she felt his other hand run over her body, moving up from her waist to her breasts, grabbing them tightly.  She could feel his cock pushed against her ass.  She knew that she was going to be raped.  He was right, no one would even begin to look for her for two days. 


“Your penthouse is almost soundproof and being on the twenty first floor, nobody will even her your screams.  Your neighbors down below you, Mr. and Mrs. Jones are gone for the summer.  It’s just you and me bitch, payback time.  Do you know what I am going to do to you?  Can you imagine what I will do?”


She felt his hand became more urgent, running down the flat of her stomach, grabbing at her pussy, forcing her ass onto his hard cock.  She shook her head no, mumbling through the gun in her mouth.  She started to struggle, hoping to get away from this madman. 


“Stay still, cunt or I’m going to shoot you now and get it over with.  I can still fuck you, even if you are dead.  It just wouldn’t be as much fun for you,” he laughed.  “I said, stay still,” his finger pushing down on the trigger, the noise of the firing pin pulling backwards breaking the silence in the room, as he felt her struggle again, trying to get loose.


Celeste heard the noise of the gun and all of a sudden she felt the gun jerk, his finger pulling back on the trigger.  She froze, her piss running down her leg, waiting for the inevitable explosion in her mouth.  She heard a loud metal bang as the firing pin hit the chamber.  She shrieked into the gun but no explosion occurred.  Her piss continued to run down her leg, soaking her panties.


“Must’ve forget to put a bullet in that chamber, want to try for another one.”  His fingers searched out her pussy, feeling her skirt begin to soak through.  “Did the bitch piss her pants?  Your odds go down to 1 in five next time.  You want to fuck with me again and see if you luck holds out?”


Celeste slumped in her captor’s grasp, surrendering to him.  She shook her head no, mumbling incoherently, anything to stop him.


“That’s the way to behave, keep that up and you might live.  We are going to play for the next two days.  I going to beat and torture you, then I’m going to fuck you.  Then we are going to start all over again, for two long days.  If I get bored with you, you’re dead, so you better make it good.”  He felt her body shuddering against him, his cock getting harder.  He was going to love beating and torturing her.  He was going to love using her body for his own pleasure, making her submit to him, her pain making his cock hard.  His hands continued to run over her body, her breasts, moving back over her ass.  “You have a body made for fucking, what do you think God put you on this earth for.  You are nothing but a big cunt, only good for a cock to fuck.”


Joel pulled the gun from her mouth, first running it over her lips.  “Soon, that is going to be my cock on your lips.  You’re going to learn how to suck cock real good, that’s if you already don’t know how.  You look like a cocksucker.”  He pulled the gun from her mouth.  “Not a peep out of you or I’m going to put a bullet in your kneecap.  It wouldn’t kill you, but it will sure hurt like hell,” laughing as he watched her.  “And I will still fuck you.”


Joel pushed Celeste out of the room, back into the living room.  She watched as Joel moved away from her, the gun still pointing at her as he sat in the chair.  She looked around the room, looking for an escape route. 


“Don’t even think about it cunt.  You’ll never even make the door before I blow a whole in you.  Now, I want you to slowly strip off those clothes for me.  Make it slow and sexy.”  He pointed the gun up at her, waving it indicating that she should begin.  “Last chance,” pulling back the hammer of the gun.


Celeste saw his finger tightening on the trigger.  Her fingers moved quickly to her blouse, unbuttoning it slowly until it reached her skirt.  She pulled it off her shoulders and let it fall to the floor.


“Bra next, bitch, I want to see them tits.”  He stroked his cock through his pants.  He thought of his cock, nestled between those twin peaks, his hands pushing them tightly together so that he could cum on her face. 


Celeste reached back behind her back, forcing her breasts out.  She quickly unsnapped the bra, wanting to get this degradation over with quickly.  She let the bra fall to the floor, her hands covering her breasts.  She looked at him.


“I can’t see them tits with your hands all over them.  Put your hands down to your sides, bitch.”


Her arms went down, her breasts now naked before him.  The cool air rushed over them, her nipples beginning to harden.  Her breasts stood out, pointing toward him.  Her areolas were a dark brown, silhouetting her white skin, the pink nipples nestled in their center.


“Nice tits, I hope they can take a lot.  I have a nice bamboo cane that I’m going to use on that tender body.  I’m going to start with those tits.”  He rubbed his cock again.  They had used a cane on the fourteen-year old that David had captured.  She quickly learned how to obey.  He had almost cum in his pants when he hit her nipples with the cane.  She screamed so loud.  They had beaten her tits until her nipples bled.  Then they moved down to her pussy.  “Now lose the skirt, let’s see them legs.”


Celeste stood there, humiliated, half-naked, as she pulled the zipper down of her skirt, unbuttoned the button and let it slip to the floor.  She blushed as she realized how wet her panties were.  She put her hands in the waistband, pulling them down her legs until they formed a puddle on the floor.  She stepped out of them.  She looked at him, his eyes on her, his hand grabbing his cock through his pants.


Joel looked at her, naked, standing before him, ready to be used by him.  He stood up, moving towards her.  He picked up the bag he had brought and put it down next to her.  “Look at all these nice little toys I have for you.”  He opened the bag, watching the startled look on her face when she saw his tools of torture and pain.  “Yes, they are going to really hurt.  But that is what you are for, to make my cock hard, to be used as a receptacle for my cum.”


He pulled the cane out of the bag.  It was made of bamboo, about four feet long, about ¾ inch in diameter.  It was very flexible.  That was what made it so painful.  Joel slapped it hard against the palm of his hand.  He watched Celeste jump at the noise.  “Have you ever been caned, cunt?  I bet you never were ever even spanked.  Turn around, let me see that ass, now, turn around now!”


She turned around, her back to him.  She cringed when she felt the cane rubbing against her naked ass cheeks.  She tightened her buttocks. 


“Spread your legs open,” the cane tapping lightly on her ass.  “More cunt, I want to see that pussy from behind.”  The cane beat harder onto her ass.


Celeste moved her legs, her pussy opening to his gaze.  She jumped as the cane hit her ass harder.  She spread her legs more, the cane moving between her thighs, rubbing up and down.


“Nice pussy,” the cane moving up her thighs until it brushed against her pussy.  He pushed the cane between her legs, letting her feel the rough surface of the cane on her tender pussy.  “Now, cunt, I’m going to cane you.  It’s going to hurt like hell.  But that is what you are good for.  To be beaten and fucked.  If you do as I say and let me cane you, I wouldn’t cane your cunt.  If I have to force you to hold still, I’m going to lash your pussy with the cane thirty times.  That’s going to really tear up that nice pink cunt.  So what’s it going to be?”


Tears ran down Celeste’s face.  She could see the evil in his face.  His was going to hurt her bad and she was going to have to submit to it.  She had to, she knew that her pussy could not stand getting hit thirty times with the cane.  “Yes.”


“Yes, you want me to beat your cunt?”


“No, I will hold still while you beat me,” she blurted out. 


Joel rubbed his cock.  This is going to be fun.  The cunt is going to spread herself out for me to keep from me beating her pussy.  Wait until she finds out I lied.  By then, it will be too late.  “I want to start with those tits.  They will look really nice with red stripes all over them.  Turn around, lace your hands behind your neck and stick them tits out for me.”  He tapped the cane against her ass.  “Now!”  He hit her harder, watching as she jumped as the cane hit painfully against her asscheeks.


Owww,” she cried, turning quickly and getting into position.  She pushed her breasts out, her back arched, her nipples hard in fear, pointed and waiting for the cane.  She saw the cane move toward her breasts, moving slowly, rubbing against her tender flesh.  It moved over her nipples, the small knobs on the cane bumping hard on her nipples, making them harder. 


“What a slut you are, your nipples are getting harder and I’m getting ready to beat them with a cane.  You like this cunt?”


Please don’t beat me, I’m sorry what I said about your brother.  I didn’t make up the script, I just read it.  I don’t think I can stand it if you beat me,” she begged him.


“You’re just a worthless cunt.  You might think you are sorry, but you will be.  I am going to beat you then I going to fuck you.  Then were going to start all over again.  Not get ready.”  He tapped the cane lightly on her breasts, hitting them underneath, making them bounce on her chest.  “Look at those tits bounce.”  He continued to make first her right, then her left tit bounce up and down, dancing on her chest.  He rubbed the end of the cane on her nipple, watching as she cringed when it rubbed harshly over her delicate nipple.  He pulled his arm back and struck her right breast with the side of the cane.


“AAAAGGGHHH,” Celeste screamed, the pain in her breast reaching deep inside her body.  She backed away, trying to escape the excruciating pain. 


Joel stepped forward, swinging the cane again, this time it hitting her other breast.  “I told you to stand still, bitch.”  He tapped the cane against her pussy.  “You want to feel it here,” pushing it between her pussy lips, sawing the rough cane up and down her slit.


Celeste’s legs slapped shut, trapping the cane between her pussy lips.  She didn’t even see it coming, the fist hitting her in her stomach.  She doubled over in pain, gasping for air.  She felt a hand grab her by her hair, yanking her upright.  She coughed and sputtered, trying to get air back into her lungs.  It felt like he was tearing her hair out of her scalp.


“Now, cunt, are you going to obey, or are we going to do this the hard way?”


“CCOOOUUGGHH, GAASSPP.”  Celeste continued to try to regain the air in her lungs.  She tried to straighten up, putting her hands behind her neck again, her breasts again thrust out, red marks on both breasts already forming.


“Yes, that’s a good slut, push those tits out.  Further, yes, that’s good.  You ready for so more.  Your making my cock so hard, Celeste.  You like making my cock hard,” the cane swinging again, crushing against her right breast again.  He watched as her breast absorbed the blow, it digging deeply into her tender flesh.  He body was braced for the blow, her eyes opening wide in pain as the cane beat her tender flesh.  Her scream rang out in the room.  “Yes, sing for me cunt.”  He swung the cane again, bashing into her other breast, making it jiggle on her chest, her flesh flattening from the blow.  She screamed again.


Her body was in such pain, the cane continuing to beat her breasts.  He hit the bottom and the sides, saving her nipples for last.  She was constantly screaming, her body rigid, her breasts still pushed out, her body shuddering.  She saw him unzip his fly and pull his cock from his pants.  It was over eight inches.  The head an ugly purple, precum glistening on it.  She saw him stroking it with one hand, the cane flying back to smack her breast hard again. 


“Yes, my cock is so hard for you.  But you still have a lot more beating to get before I fuck you.  Now stick them tits out real far.  It’s time to work on the big nipples.  If you thought it hurt before, this one will really drive you up the wall,” his voice laughing.


Celeste closed her eyes, pushed her breasts out and braced for the pain.


“Open your eyes, cunt, I want you to see everything.”  He waited until she opened her eyes, the cane swinging widely, hitting both of her nipples at the same time.


It was like slow motion for Celeste.  She saw the cane hit her nipples, flattening them out on her chest.  It felt like a long time and then all of a sudden the pain registered.  The scream was ripped from her mouth, it shattering the night air.  She could see him stroking his cock harder as she screamed.  She saw the cane swing again.  She sucked in as much air as she could before it ripped another scream from her.  It felt like her nipples were being crushed.  She saw his cock growing bigger, the head swollen as his hand raced up and down it.


“Feels good doesn’t it, cunt, here it comes again.  Ready for another scream, bitch.”  He swung the cane, lashing her unprotected nipples, small trickles of blood appearing on them.  His listened to her screams as her body shuddered under his abuse.  “Two more, then were going to work on that nice round ass of yours.  Now push out your tits,” he ordered her.


“Hurry, get it over with, I can’t stand it anymore,” she screamed, but pushed her breasts out further, waiting for the pain to begin again.  She did not have to wait long.  She saw the cane swing again, felt it smash into her nipples and another scream was wrenched from her throat.  She heard him say one more really hard, bracing for the pain, her back arched, her nipples torn and bleeding.   He did not let her down, the last lash of the cane was harder, using all of his strength to hit her flesh, watching her brace for the cane.  She screamed a gut wrenching scream and fell to the floor, clutching her torn breasts, sobbing helplessly.


Joel pulled her by the hair, pulling her head up to his cock, rubbing it over her lips and face, precum spreading over her face.  He looked down at her tear stained face, his cock hard.  “That was good, cunt, you did real well.  Look at how hard my cock is,” pushing his cock around her lips.


“Now it’s time to work on that nice ass of yours.  You have such a spankable ass, it will be even better with a cane.  In the dining room, I saw a nice big table in there that I would like to see you bent over.”  He pulled her up by the hair, pieces of hair ripping out as he pulled her to the other room, her feet trying to stand up.  “Come on cunt, my cock is getting soft.” 


Celeste was pulled upright until she was facing him.  She felt him grab her hand and pull it down until it gripped his cock.  He wanted her to jerk his cock.


“Stroke it up and down real nice or I’m going to hurt you bad,” his hands reaching up to her bruised and battered breasts.  He felt her body jerk and grab his cock tighter as he gripped the bruised flesh, a gasp of pain coming from her lips.  “I said, real nice!”


“But that hurts so bad, please don’t touch them,” she cried.


“You just stroke my cock nice and slow, don‘t worry about what I am doing to your tits.  You’re born for pain, a real fuck toy.  I’m going to do anything I want to you and that includes hurting you.  That’s what makes my cock so hard, so you go and stroke it real nice, make me feel good while I play with these battered tits,” his hands reaching out again to elicit new groans of pain from Celeste as he pinched and pulled her bloodied nipples.  He felt her hand gently stroking his cock, making it so nice and hard.  He pinched her nipples harder, feeling her body shudder in pain.  “That’s what I like, a bitch that can take the pain.”  There’s so much more pain for this cunt, he thought.


“Turn around, bend over with your hands on the table.  That’s good, now spread your arms out a little,” his hands running down her sides until they got to her hips, his cock pushed against her ass.  He pushed down on her back, forcing her lower, “down you go bitch, stick that ass way out.  Now spread those legs,” his legs forcing themselves between hers, pushing from the inside, forcing them to spread wider.  “More, I want you opened up.  The cane is going to warm up that nice ass,” his feet pushing her legs open until they were spread at least four feet.  


Celeste felt herself being spread open, her ass cheeks parting, her pussy lips opening, all of her intimate charms opened for this cruel man.  He was going to hurt her again and she couldn’t do anything to stop him except submit, hoping to somehow survive in one piece.  She felt his rough hands run down her ass cheeks, pushing between them, running fingers down until he reached her defenseless asshole.  She tried to move, but a sharp slap to her ass told her to stay in place as a finger played over her asshole.  She gasped as it entered her asshole, sinking up to his first joint of his finger.


“You ever had a cock up your ass, bitch?”  He felt her ass tighten down on his finger.  He could imagine what it would feel like it if was gripping his cock instead of his finger.


“No,” she exclaimed.  She never even considered that.  Only an animal would do that.  She jerked as the finger pushed into her asshole, pain shooting up into her spine.  She danced onto one leg then another, anything to relieve the pain of the finger.  Her asshole tried to push the finger out. 


At least I get one cherry.  I’m going to tear your asshole when I fuck it.  It’s so nice and tiny and my cock is so big and hard, it’s the only thing that can happen.  It’s going to hurt, but that’s what I enjoy, listening to you scream as I do whatever I want to you.”  He moved back and picked up the cane again.  “Now hold still and open up real good and I wouldn’t cane your pussy.”  He swung the cane, it hit it hard onto the center of Celeste’s back, making a loud splat sound as it bit into her tender flesh.  He saw her body jerk in pain, but remain, her feet dancing around.  “You going to dance for me cunt, you going to dance for the cane?”


Celeste felt the cane swish through the air before it hit hard on her thigh.  She jerked her leg.  Another swish and the splat of the cane on her other thigh.  Her other leg moved up and back down.  He was going to make her dance, the cane moving from one thigh to the other, her body shifting from one leg to the other, her ass moving.


“Sexy cunt,” the cane moving faster and harder, making her perform for him.  Shaking her ass, his cock hard, he swung the cane again.  “Time for those nice asscheeks.”  He saw her clench her cheeks, waiting for the swish of the cane.  He rubbed the cane slowly over her ass, the rough cane rubbing harshly, teasing her.  She loosened her cheeks and then tightened again as the cane returned, rubbing hard.  “Loosen up that ass!”  He waited until she relaxed her ass cheeks.  He pulled the cane back and swung it hard, hitting her straight across both cheeks, the cane bowing on impact.


“AAAAGGGHHH,” Celeste screamed, her poor ass cheeks bearing the brunt of the cane.  She danced again, shifting her feet, trying to alleviate the pain that radiated from her ass.  Her breathing became ragged as she tried to suck in air.  The cane struck again, “OOOOWWW,” the pain returning.  She felt his hand touching her ass, stroking her naked flesh.  It was almost caressing, but she knew that it would soon turn to pain again. 


He felt the heat in her ass as he stroked her.  Her ass was starting to be criss-crossed with red welts, the cane taking a toll on her pale flesh.  His fingers parted her cheeks again, her asshole open and exposed.  Soon, he would force her to spread her cheeks apart so the cane would be able to beat on her naked asshole.  He felt her body shudder as his fingers played over her asshole.  She did not like it when he played with her asshole.  She would be forced to learn to accept it.  She was just an asshole for him to use, to take and abuse. 


Celeste screamed as Joel began to swing the cane again.  Her body jerked, her fingers gripping the table, almost tearing her fingernails as they clenched the table in pain.  “Please, I don’t know if I can stand the pain any longer, please stop.”


Joel loved the way she danced as he beat her ass, her cheeks taking the blows, welts crossing over each other, her feet moving up and down.  Her ass cheeks clenched and unclenched, her asshole opened and closed as she danced on the end of his cane.  His cock was near bursting.  He would soon have to fuck her.  He stopped caning her, running his hand over her ass, her body clenching as he ran his rough hands over the welts on her flesh.  “Five strokes on your asshole now.  Reach back and spread your cheeks apart.  Open up so the cane can find that tiny asshole.  Do it now!” 


“No, not there,” she cried, but her hand reached back.  She flinched as her own fingers rubbed on the welts, pulling her cheeks apart.  She could feel the cool air on the pucker of her asshole.  She never felt so exposed.  She felt him turn the opposite way, his body bent over her back. 


Joel looked down at her.  The bitch was spreading herself open for him to beat her asshole.  What a cunt, thinking that he would not abuse her if she went along with whatever he wanted.   He looked down at her asshole, swinging the cane up in the ass.  He brought it down, his aim good, right between her spread cheeks.  He hit her asshole with the full force of the cane, it striking her flesh with a thud.


“OOOOHHH, GGGOOODDD,” she screamed, the pain shooting from her asshole straight up her spine.  It felt like he was tearing her asshole apart.  She let go of her cheeks, the pain soaring to her brain.


Joel tapped her ass with the cane.  “Spread um’ cunt, you still have four more to go, do it now!”  He smiled as he watched her hands go back behind her, spreading her cheeks apart again.


He pulled the cane back again and slashed it down between her ass cheeks again.  Her fingers released her cheeks again as she screamed, the cane caught between her cheeks as it slashed her asshole again.  He pulled the cane back, seeing her asshole already red and swollen.  It’s going to really hurt her when he fucked her asshole.  He would love that.  “Back into position, cunt, you still have three more to go,” laughing as he saw her hands move back behind her again, grabbing her beaten ass cheeks and spreading them apart.  He saw her flinch in pain as her hands moved over her flesh, her asshole appearing again.  The cane went over his head again and slashed down on her spread asshole.  He hit her with the tip of it directly on her asshole, the end of the cane sinking part of the way into her asshole.


The cane wrenched a scream from deep inside of her, the pain shooting up from her asshole.  Celeste began to breathe heavy, the pain overwhelming her senses.  “AAGGHHH, GGGHHHRRRR,” the cane again beating down on her defenseless asshole.  “NOOOO, mmmmooorrree, ppplleease, no more,” she cried out.


“One more, bitch, spread them wide,” he laughed, the cane raised above his head for the last time on her spread asshole.  He bore down on it with all of his might, the cane making a loud splat as it hit her asshole, the shrill of her voice ringing out in the room.


Celeste let her ass cheeks go and sank to the floor again.  Her asshole was in extreme agony, the pain slicing up her spine.  She crouched into a ball, sobbing in pain, her body beaten.


“Get up you fuckin’ cunt, you didn’t obey very well.  You’re going to have to learn.”  He grabbed her by the hair again, he loved the feel of her hair tearing as he pulled her to her feet, her hands shooting up, trying to get him to release his grip.  He pulled her over to the table, pushing her down onto it.  He saw her flinch in pain as her beaten ass rubbed on the hard wood. 


Celeste cringed in pain as the welts on her ass rubbed on the table.  Joel pushed her down, his hand pushing on her naked tits, forcing her back onto the table.  He slapped her inner thigh, first one then the other.


“Spread ‘em cunt, your going to learn to obey,” his hands slapping her inner thighs, forcing her legs open more and more, her pussy lips spreading open. 


“Please, no more, I did everything you said,” Celeste cried. 


Joel stroked the cane, “five on your worthless cunt.  The last cunt I raped was that fourteen-year old virgin that my brother got.  Now that was a tight cunt.  The only way your going to be that way is if I rough up your pussy a little first.  Five strokes with the cane will sure make your pussy lips swollen and puffy.  The last two will be with your pussy lips spread open and your going to spread them open.” 


He lifted her legs up, spreading them open, her pink pussy popping out into view.  She could feel the cool air of the room on her sex.  She felt the rough cane rubbed between the lips of her sex, rasping as it ran over body.  She did not know how she would be able to stand the pain of the cane on her pussy.  It hurts so bad on her asshole, now he was going to do the same to her pussy.  Then he was going to rape her.


“That’s it fuck hole, keep yourself spread open,” he slapped the cane down between her legs, watching as it landed onto her pussy, tearing into her delicate sex.  He saw her jump and clamp her legs onto the cane, trapping it between them.


She curled up onto the table, the cane between her legs, the pain shooting into her body again, sobbing.  She was grabbed by the hair again and pulled back down onto her back.  Her legs were spread again, her knees brought up straight.


 “You’re not finished yet, cunt.”  He ran his hands up her legs until he got to her pussy.  He ran his fingers through her pussy lips, already begin to swell and become puffy.  “That’s the way your cunt should be, tender, ready for a good raping.”  He swung the cane, slapping down on her pussy flesh, the cane sinking into her body.  He heard her scream, his cock twitching in excitement.  “Scream, bitch, feels like your pussy is on fire, doesn’t it.”  He swung the cane again, slapping hard on her spread flesh again.  “Feels good, huh, bitch, feel the cane tearing into your tender little pussy.”


He heard his voice through her own screams telling her to spread her pussy lips open so he could slap the cane hard onto her inner pussy.  Her pussy was throbbing in pain, the flesh already swollen.  Mechanically, her hands reached down and pinched her pussy lips open with her fingertips, spreading them wide, opening up her inner pink pussy to the terrible cane.  She closed her eyes and prayed as she waited for the moment the cane would tear into her flesh again.


“That’s a good cunt, let me see that nice pink pussy.  My rock hard cock is going to fuck deep into it soon.”  He smiled as he swung the cane, his aim good, smashing into her pussy right between her fingers, tearing into her pussy flesh.  He laughed as she screamed, but she stayed in position, he pussy lips still spread open, waiting for the next blow.  “Now you’re learning.”  He swung the cane for the last time, smiling as it tore into her flesh, her screams ringing out the room, her body jumping on the table.  He moved to the side of the table, grabbing her hand and placing it on his cock.  “Rub it gently, jerk me off, you worthless cunt.”


She began to masturbate his cock, rubbing it gently.  She knew his hand would soon reach out to her flesh, bringing forth new pain.  He liked to do that to her.


It felt good, her soft hand rubbing his hot cock.  He reached down to her pussy, pushing his fingers between her pussy lips, rubbing her up and down her slit.  It was now red and swollen, the cane having worked its magic on her flesh.  “That’s the way I like it, nice and tight,” two fingers pushing into her pussy, her groan of pain from her lips.  He pulled his fingers out of her pussy and pushed them into her mouth.  “Taste your pussy, bitch,” pushing his fingers in and out of her mouth.  “You ever suck cock before, bitch?  You’re going to, you’re going to suck a lot of cock.”  He pushed back away from her, going to the bag again.  He walked back and in his hand was a black leather paddle.  It was about 17” long and had air holes to reduce wind resistance.


“You don’t have to beat me again, I will do what you want,” she begged, her eyes wide open in terror.  She did not think she could stand anymore pain.


“You sure will cunt, you will obey me.  I going to fuck you now, the strap is just to make sure that you fuck me back.  I don’t want you lying there limp, just another fuck hole.  I want you to bounce around, fuck me back and squeeze my cock with that pussy.  This is just to encourage your cooperation,” laughing, “stupid cunt, it makes my cock even harder when I beat you.”


Celeste found herself being pushed back again onto her back. Her legs were grabbed and pulled forward.  Her body jerked in pain as she slid along the table, the surface rubbing harshly over her welts on her back and ass cheeks.


“Up you go, cunt,” Joel pushing her legs up higher, towards her head, her pussy spreading out, his cock jerking, only inches from her pussy.  He slapped her pussy with the paddle, watching as she jumped in pain.  “You like that, fuck-toy, I do, I like it when you cringe in pain.”  He pushed back on her knees, bending them back behind her almost touching the table behind her.


Celeste groaned in pain as her body was doubled up and split apart.  Her pussy felt like it was going to split in two as her legs were spread so far apart and back.  The paddle slapped against her pussy, igniting the wounds the cane had inflicted on her body.  She tried to squirm, but he held her body tightly.  She felt his hand reach down to her pussy, pushing between her pussy lips, entering her pussy.  She was still dry and it hurt as they brutally pushed into her body, opening her up by force alone. 


“That’s OK cunt, you can be as dry as you want.  It will just make it even tighter.”  He got onto the table, between her legs, his cock only inches from her pussy.  He pressed down on her body, crushing her to the table, his hand fisting his cock and rubbing it up and down her pussy slit, hearing her pain. 


Celeste’s mouth was covered by his, his tongue entering her mouth.  Her body jerked as she felt the big cock rub on her bruised pussy lips.  She could just barely breath, his heavy weight pinning her to the table, bent in two, unable to stop the inevitable rape of her body.


“Tongue fuck me bitch, or it’s the paddle.”  His lips moved back onto hers, this time her tongue moved into his mouth, running over his tongue.  He pushed his hips forward a little, the head of his cock beginning to enter her pussy.  He had to push harder, her body rejecting the large cock.  His other hand grabbed the paddle and struck her ass hard. 


“MMMMGGGG,” screamed Celeste, his mouth smothering her cry of pain as the paddle brought back the pain to her bruised flesh.  She felt him push into her pussy with his big cock, the pain in her ass distracting her, letting his cock enter her pussy.  AAGGGh, it’s too big,” she cried, his eyes looking down at her as he slowly forced more of his cock into her body.  He smiled, watching her face contorted in pain.


“Fight me, cunt, go ahead, I like that,” the paddle again striking her ass, forcing her ass up into the air, forcing her pussy onto the hard cock braced at the entrance of her pussy.  The head of his cock popped into her pussy.  It felt like a tight rubber band around his cock, grabbing at it, trying to force it from her body.


It felt like a baseball bat was being forced into her pussy.  The caning had made her pussy swollen and her dryness prevented the cock from entering her painlessly.  He had done it on purpose, he wanted to rape a tight pussy.  He wanted her to feel every inch of cock pushed into her, slowly and painfully.  “Hurts so bad,” tears in her eyes as the cock began to fuck into her.  She closed her eyes to try to block out the pain of the rape.  The slap of the paddle on her ass cheeks opened her eyes again to the pain of the rape.


“Keep looking at me my little fuck-toy.  I want to see you feel every millimeter of my cock as it rapes your pussy.  Get used to having my cock rape your pussy.  This wouldn’t be my last time.  My cock is going to rape your mouth, cunt and asshole.”  He pushed with his cock, forcing another inch of cock into her, her pussy gripping his cock tightly.  He pulled back, his hand taking the paddle and slapping it hard onto one of her tits.  She jerked up, almost rising up from the table in pain, her hips pushing up, tearing her pussy as another inch of hard cock was forced into her pussy.  “Yeah, hurts don’t it,” slapping her other tit, another inch of cock forced into her dry pussy.


Celeste could feel the cock inside her pussy.  It felt like it was covered with sandpaper.  Over half of it was forced inside her pussy.  It stretched it open painfully.  She twisted her hips, but only succeeded in helping to push another inch of cock inside her.  She looked down, there was still over three inches of cock still outside, waiting to brutally rape her.  Another slap on her ass with the paddle forced her ass up again, another inch of cock rasping inside her.  She felt her pussy spasm, tightening on the cock, forcing more pain into her body.


  He slapped her ass again, “tighten your pussy again like that,” slapping her again.  He felt her pussy grip his cock.  “Yeah, squeeze it like that.”  He pushed down onto her body again, crushing her to the table.  “Can’t wait any longer, my little rape toy.  Gotta fuck you and fuck you hard.”  He pushed down with his hips, brutally forcing his cock into her body, plowing into her dry pussy, pushing aside all of her defenses as he raped her.  He had over eight inches of hard cock inside her. 


Celeste could feel his cock twitching inside her pussy, igniting new pain as it jerked inside her incredibly tight pussy.  She had never felt so full, her pussy stretched wide, almost tearing, the cock filling her completely.  Oh, god, she thought, what was it going to feel like when he started fucking her with the giant cock.  She felt him push her legs further back, her knees almost touching the table to the side of her head, her groin spread open for him, defenseless to the cruel cock inside her.


He began to pull his cock back, pulling almost half of his cock out, her pussy gripping it, almost feeling like she did not want to let it go.  He pushed back in, forcing his cock back into her with one brutal thrust, tearing her flesh as it pushed deep into her body, the head of his cock bashing against her cervix.  His cock twitched when he heard her scream, her body pushed into the table as he raped her.  He pulled out again, this time six inches of cock pulled out before he pushed back in again.


Her head shook, her body shuddering as the cock raped her pussy brutally.  She screamed as the cock tore into her, tearing her tender pussy.  She sucked in a breath of air just in time as he fucked six inches of cock into her, smashing into her like a freight train.  She did not even have time to catch her breath before he pulled his cock out until only her pussy trapped the head.  She braced herself for the inevitable rape back in.


“Nice cunt, bitch.  The caning made it nice and tight.  Now were ready for some serious fucking.  If you don’t start fucking me back, I’m going to hurt you bad.  If you think the fucking hurts, it will be nothing to what I will do to you.  Now, I want you to beg me to fuck you, beg me to rape your worthless cunt.”  He slapped her ass with the paddle.  “Now, bitch, beg me now,” he pushed his cock into her pussy, forcing her to take all eight inches in one brutal thrust.


Her head raised up and the scream was torn from her lips as his cock raped her, pushing into her, tearing her tender pussy.  She felt the paddle again, raising up her ass, forcing the cock deeper into her, the pain worse.  “Fuck me, please fuck me,” doing what she was ordered.  She tightened her pussy onto the hard cock, the pain worse, hoping only to get it over with quickly.


“I like that, cunt, tighten up that pussy again.”  He pulled his cock out and pushed it back in, feeling her pussy gripping it tightly as he plunged it into her body, his weight forcing it into her, pinning her to the table.  His hands gripped her ass cheeks, pushing on the welts the cane had inflicted on her, bringing a fresh batch of pain to her ass.  “Up you go, raise that ass up and fuck onto my cock,” his hands forcing her to rise up, her ass over six inches from the table, fucking back.


Celeste felt the cock tearing in and out of her pussy.  The pain was continuous as he raped her pussy, his cock tearing in and out.  She was forced to squeeze the cock as he raped her, her hips fucking back, helping him to rape her.  She did not know how much more she could take the rape.  Her pussy felt like it was on fire.  Her whole groin area hurt, first from the caning, now the rape.  Each time he fucked back down on her he pushed into her bruised flesh. “Please hurry, it hurts so bad.”


“You want me to cum in you, bitch.  You want me to fill your pussy with my hot cum.  Beg me, beg me to cum you.”  He fucked her hard, pounding into her, forcing groans from her lips.  “Fuck back, milk my cock with your pussy, bitch.”


Celeste thrashed around on the table, her breasts bouncing up and down on her chest as she was buffeted by the cock raping her.  He beat her ass with the paddle again.  “Please cum in me, please finish fucking me, it hurts,” she cried.  “Cum in me.”


He pushed his chest up from her, watching her tits bounce.  He reached out and slapped them, first one, then the other, watching them absorb the blows.  He continued to fuck into her.  “Squeeze the cum out of me bitch,” slapping her tits again.  “I ready to cum, suck it all in, cunt.  You’re such a good fuck-toy.  I’m going to enjoy raping you over and over again.  Now fuck back and make me cum.”  He slapped her tits again.


It was almost over, the pain, the rape.  She fucked him back, squeezing his cock as it tore into her.  She raised her hips up, fucking the raping cock, squeezing, fucking, squeezing, anything to get the pain over with.  She felt him push down onto her, feeling like he was going to push his cock out the other side.  He jammed it deep inside of her, holding it there, twitching, ready to cum.  She felt the cock getting bigger and then she felt him fill her with his cum.  She could feel the hot cum filling her pussy.  First one load, then another, her pussy squeezing it out of his balls, filling her full. 


“AAAHHH, I’m cumming in you bitch, take it all, cunt.”  He filled her pussy full of his cum, her pussy squeezing him tightly.  He pulled his cock out of her and stood up.  He looked at her, beaten and fucked, his cum dripping out of her swollen pussy, her tits red, welts all over her body.  She rolled over on her side, her knees up to her chest, clutching her groin.  “Take a little break, bitch, then we’ll start all over.  I’m going to hurt you again, then fuck you.  This time my cock is going to rape your asshole.  If you thought this hurt, wait until next time.”  He laughed, already stroking his cock to get it hard again. 


The End