Santa Bound

By Powerone

Copyright 2008

Chapter 3

Sodomized by Nick


Nick untied Monika, wanting her in a better position.  He lifted her naked body up as if she didn’t weigh anything, placing her face down on the cold dining room table, Monika gasping as her nipples touched the cold wood.  “Don’t worry, I’ll warm you up soon.”  He took some of the red rope, pulling her arms behind her, crossing them as he twisted the rope from her wrists all the way to her elbows.


Nick pushed the hair from her face as he turned so she could see him, as if she didn’t know what he was going to do.  He was going to fuck her in the ass.  She could still feel the butt plug in her even though Nick had pulled it out, not without much crying out by Monika as it felt like her anal ring was going to tear.  She couldn’t believe how big her ass was forced to open before the thick butt plug slipped out.  His cock was just as thick, but it was the length that bothered her.  It was almost a foot long and she was sure that he was going to shove the entire monster inside her asshole.


“I’m going to enjoy that lovely asshole Monika.  Just make sure that you give me a good ride.  Or else I’ll ride it up your ass for an hour.”  Her asshole was already slick with the Vaseline, so he rubbed it over his cock, already growing erect as he spread her legs and her pink, slick asshole was revealed.


Nick was stroking his cock until it shimmered in the light, the shaft growing longer and thicker as he rubbed the Vaseline all over it.  Monika could almost feel it inside her, or was it just the lingering pain of the butt plug?  She should beg him to go slow, not to put all of it inside her, but she didn’t.  She was a naughty girl and Nick was going to make her pay for it.  He didn’t waste anytime, kneeling up on the table, his hands pushing out her legs until she was spread wide.  She felt his body covering hers, his hands between them,  the cold head of his cock rubbing up and down her crack, exciting the pleasure in her throbbing anus.  MMmmmmm,” she moaned as Nick became insistent, the head of his cock centered on her anus, Monika feeling the stretching begin again as the greased cock began to push into her slick passage.


He felt the head of his cock slip into her asshole, the tight ring stretching wide as he forced the head into her battered hole.  She was too slick to stop him for long, feeling her muscles grip his cock like a vise as she groaned when the head of his cock passed into her rectum, Nick stopping long enough to savor the hot, tight hole. 


“OOOHH,” she groaned when her asshole was stretched open for the second time, feeling like a giant rock was being shoved inside.  Her buttocks clenched and unclenched uncontrollably as the thick flesh of his cock pushed into her rectum.  She could feel the cock come alive inside her, not like the butt plug.  Each time her muscles would contract on it, his cock would jerk in pleasure.  He paused, but Monika knew it was just for a moment, feeling Nick’s body settle onto hers as he readied to fuck her asshole.


“Just what I like Monika, a nice hot and tight asshole.  But I have to feel more.  I want to feel your guts wrapped around my cock.”  Nick began to slowly shove his cock up her ass.  First an inch, then back out, then in, two inches this time, her muscles fighting him every inch of the way. 


It felt like a giant log shoving in and out of her asshole.  Her anal ring was stretched tightly around the thick shaft of his cock, sliding up and down the slick flesh as the head of his cock battered her muscles into submission.  She couldn’t believe how long it was, feeling like it went on forever, never feeling his balls on her ass cheeks, knowing there was still more cock that she would have to take up her ass.  She almost felt like gulping each time he shoved in, the cock in so deep that she was sure it would come out her mouth.  Every stroke inside her was deeper, more and more of his cock fed into her virgin passage.  Not even the stretching by the anal plug helped, his cock so much longer, touching places deep inside her that were better left untouched from the outside.


Nick fought every inch of the way, shoving hard with his hips, grunting as he forced his large cock down the incredibly hot, tight hole, fighting her muscles as they fought to keep the intruder out.  But by brute force, he continued to feed more and more of his cock inside hole, half of his cock inside, but half still outside.  “How do you like it, Monika?  A big Christmas cock in your ass.”


“God, why do you have such a monster,” Monika cried out, feeling the iron bar stretching her open from the inside.  Her anal ring was sliding up and down his shaft, feeling every ridge and vein, stretched so tight.  Her insides began to cramp around the thick flesh, Nick shoving hard in places that had never been touched from the outside, forcing her colon to straighten to accommodate the long cock.  She didn’t know how much more she could take, but Nick cared little, grunting and groaning on top of her as his hips continue to move in and out.


It felt like she was going to skin his cock, luckily he had just cum so he could hold out.  In spite of that, he never felt such delicious pleasure as her muscles gripped his cock so lovingly.  Three quarters of his cock was shoving in and out, Nick building up speed as her muscles were numbed into submission.  He grunted one last time, a powerful shove of his hips forced the remaining cock deep into her bowels, Nick pausing while his cock savored her muscles rippling up and down his trapped cock.  He flexed his cock, making it jerk inside her, her muscles responding back.


If felt like a spear shoved up her ass and stabbing her from the insides, her stomach cramping around the thick cock that lay jerking in her asshole.  “Do big,” she cried out as it jerked inside her.  Now that he got it in, she was afraid of him pulling it out and fucking her.  “NO!”  She felt him dragging it back out, feeling like her insides were being sucked out by the powerful suction behind the head of his cock.  He took it half way out, than pushed it back in, grunting as he put his weight behind the thrust.  It felt like it was coming out her mouth, Nick now pausing this time, taking it out for another powerful thrust.


Nick sodomized her for half hour, his stomach slapping against her ass cheeks when he made her take the full measure of his cock, shoving with all his strength to bury it so deep in her guts.  She groaned, moaned and cussed him, but he never slowed down.  The longer he went, the more she turned to begging, crying out for him to cum in her.


It went on forever, her naked body shoved unceremoniously down on the table, bound so she had no control, Nick fucking his monster cock in and out of her asshole with abandonment.  She never knew anyone could fuck that long and hard as he did.  He seemed to enjoy making her take the full measure of his cock in her bowels, sending shooting pain through her belly when he shoved in so deep.  “Bastard,” she cried out when his cock throbbed deep in her guts.  Her anger turned to begging, needing to get it over with, her asshole would never be the same again.  “Fuck me, cum in me, please, hurry!”  There was desperation in her voice.


“Make me cum.  Grip me with that tight asshole until I can’t do anything else but cum,” he taunted her.  He speeded up, feeling the first of the tremors in his balls as her ass arched up as she clenched on his cock with her inner muscles.  “Yes, like that.  Please me with your asshole, Monika.”


It hurt even more when she tightened her muscles, but Nick cared little, wanting his pleasure, taking the virginity of her asshole, first with the butt plug, now with his cock.  Even with the Vaseline, her insides felt like they were rubbed raw by the constant sodomizing, the thick head of his cock arousing her elastic passage as it passed back and forth. 


She was performing for him, forced into submitting to his pleasure as he reamed out her asshole.  Two hands slid underneath her, one to push her up so he could stroke her harder, the other seeking out and finding her clit.  He grabbed the large button, two fingers squeezing it until her hips shot up in pain, his cock slicing her up the middle.  He’d release her clit, only to pinch it again until he was making her hips jerk up and down rhythmically as if she were fucking his cock with her asshole instead of the other way around.


Monika couldn’t control her hips, Nick pinching her clit so hard that she thought it would explode.  Her hips would shoot up, driving his cock into the depths of her asshole, only to have him pull out, his fingers waiting to pinch her clit to force her asshole back up on his rigid cock.  In spite of it all, she felt a different tingling between her legs.  His powerful fingers gripped her pleasure button, twisting and pinching it.  But the pain gave way to a masochistic pleasure, humping up and down as she was ass fucked, fearing that he would make her cum.


“Now that’s an ass fuck,” he cried out in pleasure.  “Ride me you little whore,” he teased Monika, pinching her clit until he thought he would tear it off.  But he could see a difference in her, her asshole almost gliding up and down his shaft, her insides clenching almost lovingly on his cock.  “You’re going to have to cum with me or I’ll fuck your asshole until it so big you could drive a truck through it.”


That was the only way she would end this was to cum with him.  And it wasn’t that his fingers on her clit didn’t feel good.  Yes, they hurt, pinching and twisting them so hard that the pain shot between her legs.  But it turned to pleasure, her bound body channeling all her energy into making Nick cum.  She arched her ass up and down, humping him like a dog in heat, the friction of his cock racing up and down her asshole. 


She fucked him back for another five minutes before he heard her cry out, his finger twisting and turning her clit harder as she came under him.  He plugged his cock a final time into her asshole, jerking and shuddering as it swelled in pleasure, his balls tingling as the cum raced up to shoot out his cock.


She came just as she felt the hot jet of cum blast her guts inside, her asshole pinching shut on his cock so tight that a second jet shot out, bathing her insides with his abundant crème.  “EEEEEEYYYY!”  She came like she never came before, the hot cum blasting her insides setting off a chain reaction that raced through her body.  He began to fuck her asshole again, his cum shooting out a third load of cum as it shot back in, sliding easily along her cum drenched asshole.  She came all over his fingers.


Nick came over and over inside her, his fingers slick with her juices as she came on him, his fingers never leaving her clit, pinching it again to keep her arousal going as he filled her guts with his cum.  Finally he slumped down on her body, her breathing ragged, her head lying on the table, her hair matted to her forehead.  He stayed inside her for as long as possible, finally succumbing to her muscles as they shoved him out unceremoniously, his cock popping out her asshole loudly.  He stood up, his milky, white cum leaking from her abused asshole, the table soaked beneath her with her cum. 


Nick got dressed after he untied Monika, carrying her over to her bed, tucking her in under her covers just as he had found her, though she was well fucked by now.  He kissed her almost tenderly.  “Now Santa will bring you diamonds next year, Monika.”


She turned to him, looking up.  “Instead of diamonds, can I have you and that thick cock instead?”


“Sorry, Monika.  Santa rules say we can’t visit the same naughty girl two years in a row.  But don’t fret.  I have a friend.  If you wait until April, he’ll come and visit you.  I hear the Easter Bunny really knows how to fuck.  And often.”  Nick laughed as he twitched his cock, flying up the chimney to visit another naughty girl.


The End