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By Powerone

Copyright 2002-2017

Chapter One

The Kidnapping

Rebecca came from a wealthy family and could be considered a "princess" although others might use the term cockteaser or bitch.  The family was in the public arena, her father, James was a Congressman and her mother, Sally was a noted attorney.  She had a twin sister Heather.  Both were eighteen, long red hair and beautiful, with an outstanding figure.  But that is where the similarities ended.  

Heather would go to Yale next year.  Her fiancé had just graduated from the same school.  His family was one of the social elite.  Rebecca had been trouble since she was fourteen.  She’d been in and out of private schools, mostly thrown out and arrested for drinking, drugs and vandalism.  Her parents had tried various psychiatrists and treatment programs.  They even resorted to jail when she got seven days for vandalism, but all efforts were a failure.  The final straw was her last incident.  She’d got into a car wreck while under the influence of drugs.  Sadly, the person in the other car suffered major injuries.  It would cost millions of dollars in damages to make this one go away, but the press couldn’t be bought off.  Her parents were now desperate.  James was up for re-election next year and he didn’t want the scrutiny that Rebecca brought him.   

            They were told that conventional treatment would do nothing for Rebecca, so James sought alternative treatment methods outside of the United States.  They finally found the DeShade Psychiatric Clinic in Bermuda.  James and Sally went to see it and meet Doctor Marquis.  It was a very modern and well-equipped hospital.  It had a small number of patients, ten and a large staff of twenty.  It was very expensive, but they could provide round the clock supervision and individualized care. 

            Doctor Marquis had very unorthodox methods.  He believed that Rebecca was too independent and free-spirited and she didn’t adhere to conventional standards of morality.  She needed to be taught the consequences of her actions.  Doing this would require harsh treatments and punishments.  While he didn’t describe them in detail, he did explain that they’d involve electric shock treatment, restraints and humiliation.  He explained that Rebecca would have to be entrusted to his care as legal guardian for a period of one year.  She wasn’t to have any visitors, but she’d write home once a month.  At the end of the one-year period, she could return to her home and become a productive member of society.  In desperation, James and Sally signed Rebecca over to Doctor Marquis and they made arrangements for Rebecca to be drugged and flown by private plane to Bermuda to begin treatments the next day.  

Chapter Two

Stripped and Bound

They had put a drug it into her drink at dinnertime and by the time dinner was over Rebecca had passed out.  Two men came and took her to the airport where a private jet flew her to Bermuda.  With the right amount of money she was smuggled through immigration.  

Rebecca was placed in her cell.  It was a large room with no windows and a large mirror on one wall, but it was really a two-way window.  The room contained a large four-poster bed and table.  Both the table and the bed had straps placed at all four-corners.  She was stripped of her clothes and was dressed with a strapless bra that unhooked in the front and thong panties.  This would allow ease of removal when she was bound.  

She was given medication that would leave her docile once the other drug wore off.  This would be standard procedure while she was here. 

At about 10:00 PM she began to awaken.  The lights in the room were on.  She was very groggy and as she tried to turn over, she realized that her arms were tied to the headboard.  She looked at her wrists.  They had leather bands with fur on the inside to prevent chafing.  She could feel the same bands on her ankles.  The two straps had metal hooks to hold them together behind one of the slats in the headboard.  A blanket covered her, but she quickly realized that her clothes were gone, she was dressed immodestly now. 

Dr.  Marquis watched her from behind the mirror. 

Rebecca heard the lock on the door turn and watched it open.  Two men entered and both wore white coats like doctors. 

"Where am I, what am I doing here?" cried Rebecca. 

"I am Dr. Marquis and this is Michael."  You’re now a patient at DeShade Psychiatric Clinic," said the doctor.  "Your parents have decided that you require special treatment and they’ve entrusted your care to me.  I’m now your legal guardian for the next year and you’ll remain my patient.  We are on an island outside of the United States.  You’ll be treated by me while you’re here."

"Oh, no, my parents wouldn't do that," Rebecca cried out in protest.

"They most certainly did after your recent car accident.  You almost killed someone and they had to take drastic measures to make sure that it didn’t happen again.  You’ll begin treatment tomorrow.  My treatments might be considered harsh or brutal but they’ll provide results," stated the doctor. 

"What are you going to do to me?" she cried out as tears formed in her eyes. 

"My treatments include electric shock therapy, forced enemas, tight bondage and humiliation.  You’ll be subject to spankings and whippings for any infractions of the hospital rules or insubordination to any of the guards.  Michael will be your personal guard.  You must obey all of the guard's orders and submit to their demands without question." 

"Please, don't hurt me, I feel so weak, I can just barely move," she moaned.  She tried to pull her arms down, but the leather straps held tight. 

"I’ll watch you from behind the mirror and when I’m not there the cameras will always be on.  You’ll no longer have any privacy.  I’ll leave you with Michael for initiation.  As I said before, you must obey the demands of the guards, no matter what.  Your body is no longer yours, but mine.  The guards have my permission to do anything.”  Dr.  Marquis left the room and the door slammed shut. 

Rebecca trembled in fear as the door closed and locked.  Michael was over six feet tall and muscular.  In her weakened condition, she’d be no match for him.  With her hands bound, she was helpless.  

Michael walked over to the bed and began to pull the blanket off Rebecca.  "Let's see what we have here," as the blanket slowly moved down Rebecca's body until he threw it to the floor. 

Rebecca began to get goose bumps from the cool air as she realized that she only wore a strapless bra and thong panties.  She turned red in embarrassment when she noticed Michael lewdly stare at her body.  While Rebecca was eighteen years old, she was still a virgin.  She’d been the ultimate "princess".  There was no one good enough to have her body.  

"Leave me alone," she yelled as the tears dripped from her eyes.  "Put the blanket back on me, it’s too cold."  Rebecca turned over onto her back, her arms high over her head to prevent Michael from seeing her naked ass.  Michael went behind the headboard and began to pull Rebecca's arms lower onto the bed frame to make Rebecca arch her back to prevent her arms from breaking. 

"Please, that hurts, don't pull them down."  She felt Michael unclip the straps but clip them to the lower rail of the bed to force Rebecca into the arched position.  She had to raise her ass off of the bed to maintain the position.  Her breasts were now pushed up, as well as her pussy. 

"You’ll learn that part of your treatment will be tight bondage.  This will involve placing your body in unnatural positions.  Often this will be humiliating as your breasts, ass and pussy will be prominently displayed.  You’ll be forced into these positions for hours at a time.  You’ll only be released for treatments or to be placed in a new position."  Michael went to the side of the bed and ran his hands under Rebecca's arched back.  "I love how your body yields to the bondage." 

His hands continued down her back and Rebecca trembled, as she knew he would soon run his hands over her naked ass.  "It hurts to stay like this, please let me down," she begged.  His hands had moved over her back and now ran over her naked ass.  "Please, don't touch me there or I’ll tell the doctor."

"The doctor is behind that mirror watching you present your body.”  Michael began to caress her ass cheeks.  He squeezed them to force groans and gasps from Rebecca's mouth. 

He separated the cheeks of her ass and Rebecca could feel the cool air on her anus. 

"You are a very beautiful woman and I’m going to enjoy your body while you’re here.  I work here because I get to enjoy the charms of women like you.  During the day you’ll submit to Dr.  Marquis’ treatments, but at night, you’re mine.  He ran his hand down one of her legs until he reached the cuff attached to her ankle.  He began to pull her leg open to the side of the bed.  Rebecca couldn’t move the other leg because she needed it too support her arched back.  

"What are you doing, you’re spreading it too wide.”  She felt Michael fumble with something and then he released her leg.  When she tried to move it back, she found that he had tied it to the edge of the bed.  He moved to the other side of the bed and grabbed the other ankle until it was spread to the side and secured.  "Oh, that's too wide.  You’re splitting me open, let me down.”  She was now forced to arch her back and ass off the bed, with her legs spread wide.  She faced the mirror and she could see how obscene the position she was being placed in was.  Her legs were spread wide and only her skimpy thong prevented Dr. Marquis from seeing her pussy from behind the mirror. 

            "You look very sexy, Rebecca.  I bet no one’s ever taken the liberties with your body as I do," and his hands returned to her body.  This time they began to run over her stomach.

  "Please, I can't hold this position much longer, please release my hands," she begged.  

"You’ll be surprised at how much pain you can withstand.  If you don't, you’ll fall to the bed and break your arms.  I don't care one way or the other.  With two broken arms, it won’t be necessary for me to tie your hands until they heal.”  His hands continued up over her stomach until they reached her bra.  "You must have noticed that you’re dressed in a strapless bra.  It unsnaps in the front for a reason.  This will allow easy removal, even when you’re in bondage.  Your panties are thongs to allow you to be spanked on your naked ass without removal and when necessary, they’ll tear easily.”  His hands moved over her bra and grasped her breasts in his large hands.

"No, don't touch me, get your hands off of me, I don't deserve this treatment.” 

"But you do Rebecca.  You have always put yourself first.  Now you must learn to submit to the demands of others.  You have very nice breasts and I intend to take full advantage of them.  Your breasts will soon be naked for Dr. Marquis and me to see.  In the days to come, Dr. Marquis will pay special attention to your breasts.  I’ve seen him put young ladies breasts in very tight bondage.  He loves to torture large nipples.  Do you know what it feels like to have clamps put on your nipples?  Can you imagine the pain as they are pulled and twisted from your body?"  He continued to manipulate her bra-encased breasts as he tightly squeezed them.  His fingers roughly sought out her nipples.  "Do you have large nipples, Rebecca?"

"Oh, don't hurt my breasts, that hurts, oooowwww."

 "Answer me, Rebecca, do you have large nipples?" and he squeezed her nipples tightly. 

"OOOOOOWWWW, yes I do!  Now leave them alone," she cried. 

"That's very good, Rebecca, you must submit.  I think I’d like to see for myself.  Ask me to make your breasts naked, Rebecca."

Rebecca was humiliated at the way she was forced to perform.  No one had ever touched her like this, and now she was forced to ask a stranger to bare her breasts.  "Make my breasts naked," she replied meekly as she submitted to his lewd demand. 

"Yes, I think I’ll remove your bra," and his hand went to the catch.  With a flick of his finger the bra opened and instantly fell to the bed.  Rebecca now laid on the bed, her back and ass arched upward invitingly as her breasts pointed to the ceiling with her legs spread wide.  Rebecca's breasts were large and firm.  As she said, her nipples were large also.  The cool air and Michael's fingers had made them erect. 

"AAAAAHHHH, OOOOHHHHH, don't," Rebecca moaned as hands returned to her naked breasts and began to manipulate them.  He fondled her large tits and paid special attention to her nipples.  His fingers circled the areola and teased the nipple.  He plucked her nipples from her chest to pull and stretch them.  "OOOOOWWWW, that hurts," as she arched her back higher to release some of the tension on them, but Michael continued to pull them higher.  "Please, it hurts, and I’m arched to high", she begged. 

"Ask me to strip your panties off and I’ll release your nipples," as he gave her nipples a particularly cruel twist. 

 "OOOOUUUUUUCCCCCCHHHHHH, no, don't pull them harder, take my panties off, but please leave my nipples alone," she replied, humiliated that she had to ask to be stripped naked. 

Michael released her nipples but continued to lightly caress them and force them to stay erect.  "You have very sensitive nipples, Rebecca.  Can you imagine what it would feel like if I applied sandpaper to them?  Think of the exquisite pain you’d feel.  They’d become very tender to the touch.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll get some sandpaper and we’ll try it, would that be okay, Rebecca?"

"Oh, no, that would hurt so much.  I don't think I could stand it."

"But you’d be bound tightly and you’d have no choice.  I can do what I desire with your tight little body and you have no choice but to submit to my demands.  Let’s see your pussy next," as his hands moved to her waist. 

Rebecca cringed in humiliation as he slid his hands into her panties.  She could feel his hands touch her bush as they slid over her pussy.  She tried to move away from the hands but as she moved lower, her arms ached. 

"That's right Rebecca, raise up higher, push your pussy into my hands or you’ll break your arms.”  Rebecca obeyed and pushed up higher.  His fingers began to spread her pussy lips apart.  Again, Rebecca tried to escape the cruel fingers but the result was that she had to raise her pussy higher to escape the pain in her arms.  "You’re learning, Rebecca.  I’ll have my way with you, so submit to my advances."

"I think Dr.  Marquis and I would like to see your naked pussy now.”  He pushed her panties lower until they reached the spread in her knees.  He ripped them off and they fell to the bed.  Rebecca was now spread open for both of them to see.  Michael moved to the foot of the bed so he could stare directly between her spread legs.  "You have a very beautiful pussy, Rebecca.  Your pussy lips are spread open and I can see your pretty pink insides."  He climbed on the bed between her legs and put his hands under her naked ass.  "Raise your ass higher, Rebecca, so we can see your anus." 

The humiliation took a toll on Rebecca.  She was being forced to raise her ass and let them see her naked anus.  She felt his fingers pull the cheeks of her ass apart. 

"Higher, Rebecca, obey.  I’ll spread your cheeks apart until your anus is open.  Raise higher now."

Rebecca groaned in pain and humiliation as she pushed her ass higher off the bed and strained her muscles to support her body.  Her anus was now held high and open to their gaze.  

"Very good, Rebecca, your pussy and anus are now spread wide.  How does it feel to show yourself like this?  Keep your ass high, Rebecca," his hands pushed her up and open. 

She could feel his stare on her naked loins.  He kept her high and open for long minutes as tears came from her eyes in shame and humiliation.  He moved from the bed and stood up.  Rebecca stayed in position, raised up and spread wide.  Her innocent body was naked and her muscles ached from the spread position.  

"It's time for dinner, so I’m going to leave you like this for an hour.  When I come back, I’ll tuck you in for the night.  You must stay in that position for the next hour.” 

Rebecca cringed in pain.  She didn’t know if she could stand an hour of the torture.  

When Michael came back, Rebecca's tight body was covered in sweat.  She looked very sexy, raised up and spread.  Michael untied her legs and went behind the bed and unfastened her hands from the bottom rail but reattached them to the higher rail.  Rebecca groaned and turned over onto her side.  Michael picked up the bra and a new pair of panties and put them on Rebecca.  He made sure that he forced her to endure the maximum amount of humiliation possible as he spread her legs first before he pulled her panties up to her waist.  His fingers ran down the crack in her ass to push the thong deep into the crevice.  He picked up the blanket and covered her naked body with it.  

"Doctor Marquis said he was very pleased with your responsive behavior.  You may get some sleep now because tomorrow you need to be wide awake and alert.  He has a full day of forced enemas waiting for you.  I think I might have to join the doctor and watch as the enemas are forced into your ass.  By tomorrow night, your ass will be relaxed and I’ll be back to put you into a new bondage position.  While tied tightly, I’ll take liberties with your ass.  Sleep well my little pet."

Chapter Three

Enema Torture

She was brought fully awake with a slap on her ass.  It was Michael.

“Get up slave."  When she failed to move fast enough he grabbed her panties and pulled them up until they cut her in half just like a piece of thin dental floss.

 She felt it cut deeply into her as she scrambled off the bed.  He then led her out the door as he kept a hand on the top of the panties to make them dig into her ass and pussy.  She looked over her shoulder and saw the evil grin on his face.  

"Smack," his hand hit her squarely on her tit.  "Face front and don't look back you bitch," as she started to cry and whimper quietly.  "Shut up," he yelled "you have nothing to cry about now, ah, but later," he laughed, "you will."  His was an evil laugh, a laugh that boded badly for a girl she’d learn.

They entered into a room that looked like a cross between a medical lab and a barn.  In the center was a horse, not a real one but a kind of mechanical bull.  She thought that’s what it was called.  She had seen it once in a movie with John Travolta.  It sat in a circle with holes in the floor like drains.  There were faucets and a table with drawers in the circle as well.  Along the wall were pristine stainless steel counters and various medical instruments.

As she looked around she saw a tall bald headed man seated behind the desk.  His looks scared her.  He had to have been at least six and a half feet tall with a hard muscular body.  His coat barely fit him he was so wide.  

With a motion of his head he directed Michael to the horse.  Rebecca started to scream, "No, no, no" as she fought him.  Without any ceremony Michael tossed her over the back of the horse, forced her down onto it and tied her hands to the front hooks, her legs spread wide over the back of it.  It felt as if she was falling off because her ass and pussy hung on the edge.  

She saw the doctor approach the area.  He came to the table and opened various drawers.  She couldn’t see what he took out.  But Michael could and he nodded and laughed every time the doctor took something out.  

The doctor approached her and began.  "My dear," he said, "This is the beginning of your treatment.  It is a treatment you’ll never forget.  We call it the widening of your ass hole and the cleansing of your colon.  We’re going to start with something small."  He then showed her what he had in his hand.  It was a large dildo with a hole in it.  

She took one look at it and screamed, "NOOOO, You’ll kill me with that."

"No we won't kill you but you’ll wish you were dead but we won’t let that happen.  Trust me, you’ll live through it." 

He went behind her and she felt his finger rub her ass hole.  "By the way," he said, "you may scream as loud as you want because this is a sound proof room.  Oh and another thing, look up.  This is also a teaching hospital and I have a class of students that’ll watch today's procedure, so let’s make it good shall we?”

She looked up and saw a sea of very interested male faces in the windows looking down at her.  

With that he took the dildo and placed the tip in the opening of her ass.  He corkscrewed it back and forth until he pushed more and more of it into her.  The pain was so bad that she couldn't get a scream out.  Finally, as he pushed it home, she felt it force itself into her.  She let out a loud scream that seemed to go on forever.  

As she caught her breath she saw Michael hand the doctor a clean tube which she felt roughly inserted into the back of the dildo.  With each thrust he pushed it in further.  She felt some lubrication around the dildo and the doctor wiped it up with his finger and brought it around to her face.  "See Rebecca, you’re bleeding for me," and then he made her lick his finger clean.  She could taste the pungent coppery taste of the blood and she began to gag.  

"If you throw up you bitch," the doctor said, "we’ll make you eat it.” 

She got herself under control but she couldn't keep the tears from falling.  They rolled down her cheeks and then down the side of the bull.

Rebecca then felt him pull the tubing and hook it up to the faucet. 

"Shall it be hot water or cold water?  Um, what do you think Michael, it's your choice?”  Michael went over and turned on the hot water.  "Wait," said the doctor and Michael turned it off again.  "I forgot the bleaching agent."  He went behind her and with a syringe he inserted an ammonia solution into her. 

She felt it burn her insides.  The screams just came and came and came.  Then Michael turned on the faucet and the hot water gushed down the tube and into her.  

It filled her up until her insides hurt and then he turned it off and clamped the tubing shut.  Michael took a thick dildo out of the drawer.  It had spikes on the outside, which moved back and forth when his fingers ran over it.  He attached it to the bull and inserted it into Rebecca’s sensitive pussy.  It tore its way in, abrading her tender pussy, but then Michael and the doctor stood back as Michael flipped a switch.  The bull started to move back and forth and up and down.  The movement sloshed all the water inside her while at the same time caused the dildo in her pussy to tear at the walls of her vagina as it moved back and forth.

Finally, when she couldn’t hold it anymore, they stopped the motion and with a yank on the tubing, pulled out the dildo from her ass.  Rebecca tried to control her muscles but she started to shit all over the place.  She wasn't able to hold her bowels.  The laughter came from all around her to humiliate her further.

When she finished shitting, the doctor called in a female assistant to clean her off, her ass washed down with a hose of cold water.  It felt like heaven when the assistant took the cold hose and pressed it into Rebecca’s ass hole.  The cold water was soothing after the burning of the ammonia and the hot water.

Thank god it’s over.  She felt them untie her and then pull her up.  But freedom for Rebecca was short-lived.  They pushed her onto her back on the table and Rebecca heard the woman speak.

"Okay, I think she needs one more time.” 

Rebecca was on her back, with her legs and arms tied to the table.  The woman roughly pulled the dildo from Rebecca’s pussy and shoved it into her ass.  It began to tear her even more and forced her anal tract to spread open.  Once again they connected a tube to it and turned on the water, but at least this time it was lukewarm.  

In this position Rebecca could see her stomach.  As the water flowed, her stomach started to distend.  It was already painful but the woman didn’t stop.  Her belly grew until she looked like she was nine months pregnant.

The cramps were so bad all she wanted to do was roll onto her side, but spread open as she was, it wasn’t meant to be.  Rebecca looked around and saw that Michael and the doctor were nowhere around.  She was left in the hands of the assistant. 

The assistant looked at the clipboard and said, "Ah, I see that Dr.  Marquis wants to see you shaved.  Now darling," she purred, "don't move,” as she started to place shaving cream on Rebecca’s pussy and moved the razor up and down her slit.  When she was finished she wiped Rebecca off and placed her hands on Rebecca’s stomach and started to push down.  She could feel the water slosh inside her.  

She was cramped.  The woman leaned down and pulled back the lips of Rebecca’s pussy and licked her clit. 

Rebecca cried out, "No, no please don't, I'm not a lesbian.  Please stop."  But the woman just continued on to lick and suck on Rebecca’s clit.  She then placed one hand on Rebecca’s stomach and the other on her clit.  She pulled her clit and pushed on Rebecca’s stomach, back and forth.  

Soon Rebecca felt like she was getting something besides pain and torment, at last she felt some pleasure.  The woman stopped, untied her, stood her up and made her spread her legs.  She pulled the dildo out of Rebecca and stood there to watch as Rebecca emptied her guts all over the place.  When she finished the woman reached down and rubbed Rebecca’s pussy again until Rebecca moaned with pleasure. 

The woman stopped and said "Good girl,” and rang the bell to left her stand there alone.  

Chapter Four

Anal Rape

Michael retrieved Rebecca after her enema treatment with Dr. Marquis.  He dressed Rebecca again in the bra and panties.  She was given three-inch heels to wear.  He attached her wrists together behind her back and they walked back to her cell, but Michael followed behind her so he could admire the view of her ass as she walked. 

Rebecca was physically and emotionally exhausted from the torture she had endured at the hands of Dr. Marquis.  She wanted to get back to her cell and try to forget what happened. 

Michael had different ideas for Rebecca.  She was extremely sexy, her naked ass swung back and forth as she walked and her high heels made her legs look taut.  His cock needed relief and Rebecca would provide it. 

Michael moved closer to Rebecca and his hand rested on her naked ass as they walked.  Rebecca cringed when she felt it.  "No more, wasn’t I punished enough today?" she cried. 

"The night is yet to come Rebecca.  Do you know what I’m going to do to you tonight?"

"Leave me alone," she cried.  His hand continued to fondle her naked ass.  She felt his fingers grasp her cheeks hard, pulling them apart.  She tried to stop walking but Michael pushed her along. 

"Keep walking," he ordered.  His fingers continued to search between her cheeks, looking for her anus.  His fingers brushed along her hole and that made Rebecca attempt to stop once again.  "I won’t tell you again!  Continue walking or it’ll be another painful enema for you."

"You’ll be bound tightly on the bed again when we get back.  I’ve been thinking about how I’ll tie and spread you all day.  If you thought you were uncomfortable last night, tonight will be even worse.  I want you bound tonight for two hours.  I’ll enjoy watching you naked and spread open". 

"EEEEEHHH, don't put your finger in my ass!”  Rebecca cried out.  Michael had penetrated her anus with one of his fingers as they walked.  Her anus was relaxed from the numerous enemas she’d endured, but she was extremely sensitive from the torture she received.  "Don't tie me up again, that hurt so bad last night and I was so humiliated". 

Rebecca moved faster as his finger pushed deeper into her anus.  "Slow down, I’m going to push deeper into your ass.”  He felt her muscles cling to his finger as it pushed into her rectum.  “Continue walking, your tight ass hole squeezes my finger so tight." 

Rebecca was humiliated.  It was difficult to walk with his finger up her ass.  It moved in and out as she walked and he forced a groan from her lips.  "AAAAAHHHH, OOOOWWWW, take it out!” she yelled.  Michael had forced a second finger into her ass. 

"Even with the enemas, your ass is still tight, Rebecca.  After your bondage session tonight, I’ll force you onto your side so I can have access to your ass hole.  If you cooperate, I won’t have to whip your ass". 

"Don't do that, I don't think I can take a whipping.”  His fingers continued to push in and out of her anal tract.  Every few steps his fingers jabbed into the side of her rectum to force a gasp of pain from her lips.  

"I’m going to pleasure myself in your ass tonight, Rebecca.  Since you had your enemas today, your ass is squeaky clean.  I’m going to force my cock into you deep and fuck you.  It’ll hurt as I open you up, but if you don't cooperate, I’ll tie you spread open and whip you between the cheeks of your ass and tear at your anus.  Are you going to be a good girl and obey, Rebecca?"

His fingers in her ass gave a cruel twist.  "OOOOWWW!  Yes, I’ll obey.  I don't want to be whipped.”  He gave her a push and his fingers popped from her anus as they arrived at her cell. 

Michael untied her wrists.  This was the first time she wasn’t bound in a long time.  "Remove your bra and panties, but leave your heels on, I want to see you naked.  It’ll be a long night before you’ll see any clothes again," Michael laughed as he said it. 

Rebecca removed her clothes and stood naked in front of Michael.  Even after the ordeal she suffered today, it still embarrassed her to be naked in front of him.  She guessed it was the thought that Dr.  Marquis was a doctor and you had to get naked in front of doctors, but Michael wasn’t.  In addition, he was young and good looking. 

"Bend over the bed, spread your legs and put your hands flat on the bed," he commanded.  Michael watched as Rebecca meekly complied. 

As she bent over, her large breasts hung down toward the bed.  Her pussy and ass were spread open from the position she was in.  Rebecca felt his gaze on her naked body and she feared what was going to happen to her.  

Michael moved along side of Rebecca's body and his hands moved to her hanging tits.  "Hold still, I want to play with your big tits.  Don’t move or it'll be the whip.  They’re such tempting targets, hanging down.  I’ll enjoy punishing them some day.”  His hand grabbed her nearest tit and squeezed the flesh between his fingers. 

"OOOOW, ggggasssppp," moaned Rebecca.  His fingers cruelly dug into her tender breast flesh.  He drew back his hand and slapped her breast hard.  "SSSLLLLAAAP", her breast bounced from the impact.  "Ouch, don't hit me," she begged. 

"Hold still.”  His hand slapped her tit again, this time harder.  Her flesh turned red.  "Look how red it gets.” 

"SSSLLLAAAPPPP."  Tears formed in Rebecca's eyes as her tits stung from the abuse.  Another slap and her tit shook from the impact.  "Look how hard your nipples are, they’re just begging for abuse.”  His fingers reached out and grasped her large nipples and squeezed them tightly.  Rebecca continued to maintain the position to give Michael access to abuse her tits.  He cruelly twisted her nipples and then slapped her breasts hard again, this time also hitting her erect nipple. 

"Don't hit me anymore, it hurts so badly."

"Maintain the position, I haven't even finished with this one, I still have the other one to do.”  Rebecca cringed in pain, as he twisted her nipple again and stretched it toward the bed.  He pulled her nipple until it reached the bed, her tit stretched out into a cone.  While one hand trapped her nipple tightly to the bed, his other hand pushed under her chin.  "Rise up from the bed" and he pushed on her chin.  He’d force Rebecca to stretch her own nipple. 

"AAAAAHHHH," cried Rebecca as it felt like her nipple was torn from her body.  He continued to pull her body up, as his fingers tightened on her trapped nipple to stretch it. 

"This is what it’ll feel like when the doctor puts nipple clamps on you.  You’ll wish that your nipples were pulled off.”  He released her nipple and it snapped back. 

Rebecca groaned a sigh of relief as the pain still lingered on her nipples.  Michael walked over to the other side of the bed.  "No more," cried Rebecca, as she realized that he’d do the same thing with her other breast.  His hand slapped her breasts to bring fresh pain.  He grabbed her hanging breast flesh and twisted it cruelly. 

“Slap," the sound of the blow rang out and the flesh turned red.  Two more slaps and now he concentrated on her nipple. 

Rebecca knew that he was going to cruelly twist her nipple next. 

"Grab your nipple with your fingers and stretch it until it reaches the bed," Michael ordered her. 

Rebecca realized that he’d force her to torture her own nipple.  Rebecca obeyed and groaned as her nipple was stretched. 

"If you let go of it before I tell you, I’ll whip your breasts.  Do you understand?"

"Yes", she said meekly and cringed as she grasped her nipple tighter.  She felt his hand go to her chin as he pushed her higher. 

"Raise up, stretch your nipple further, hold it tight.” 

Rebecca strained to hold her nipple tighter and tighter, as Michael forced her higher.  Pain flashed through her breasts. 

Michael made Rebecca inflict more pain on herself than when he did.  He finally allowed Rebecca to release her nipple.  "It’s time to stretch out on the bed.  Lay flat on your back and put your arms over your head.” 

Rebecca moved forward and lay flat on her back, her arms extended over her head.  She knew that she had to submit.  Soon he would have her bound tightly, and she’d be obscenely exposed.  He tied her hands to the headboard.  He moved Rebecca so she lay on her side, her ass exposed.  He tied a rope behind her back and tied it to the right bedpost to prevent Rebecca from turning over. 

"Now your legs.”  He grabbed her right leg and moved it toward the same left bedpost at the top of the bed.  He tied it tightly.  Rebecca now lay on her side, her arms over her head and her right leg under her body, stretched up along her breasts until it met the bedpost.  Her ass opened up from the obscene position. 

"I hope you’re very limber, we don't want to break your leg, but I so like it when you’re spread wide.”  Michael grabbed her left leg and forced it back toward the right bedpost.  Normally this wouldn’t have been too bad if she was lying on her back, but since she was tied on her side, her leg was spread unnaturally.  When Michael first tied it up it brought pain to Rebecca immediately.  The worst was yet to come.  Michael circled the rope over the bedpost and pulled on it.  Rebecca cried out in pain as her leg was forced back, but since she was tied on her side, it wouldn’t bend that way naturally.  Rebecca groaned in pain as Michael continued to spread it back.  Her ass was now fully exposed, her anus opened wide from the unnatural spread of her legs.  He now had her leg within five inches of the bedpost.  Rebecca was in continual pain.  It felt like Michael tried to rip her crotch open.  Her pussy was stretched open.  He tied it down and Rebecca was left in extreme pain. 

"How’s that Rebecca?” as his hand reached for her spread loins.  He felt the taut skin between her pussy and anus, stretched wide.  "You only have to suffer through this for two hours."

"OOOHHH, GGGOOOODD, you’re splitting me open," as tears flowed freely from her eyes.  The pain was unbearable.  She didn’t know how she’d survive two hours of this. 

His hand freely played across her groin.  He slapped her pussy, but Rebecca couldn’t even jerk away.  He snapped his fingers on her sensitive anus which sent shivers of pain through her body.  He continued to sexually abuse Rebecca as she moaned in pain. 

"Only one hour and fifty-five minutes left, Rebecca.  How do you feel?"

Oh, God, I hurt so badly.  It's worse than the enema's I got today.  I can’t stand the pain, let me loose, I’ll do anything."

"You will do anything I want after the two hours.  I think you’ll be very submissive when I’m ready to ass fuck you.  I’m going to lay you on your side.  I’m going to make you reach back and spread your ass open for my cock.  Once the head of my cock enters your ass, I’ll want you to slowly fuck yourself back onto my cock until it’s deep in your ass and gives you cramps.  Then we’ll begin the serious ass fucking.  I’m going to fuck you long and hard". 

"But for now, I think I’m going to just sit back and enjoy myself as I gaze at you spread out before me.  Oh, I forgot.”  He took a tube of Ben Gay and squeezed some on his fingers.  "I think you need some deep heat.”  He put the first two gobs on her nipples.  They instantly became erect and the pain began to spread.  He put another gob on two fingers and his hand moved toward her groin. 

"Not there, I won't be able to stand it," yelled Rebecca with fear in her eyes.  She knew it was going to be extremely painful in her pussy and she would have to wait two hours before she could do anything about it. 

Rebecca couldn’t stop him as his fingers, lubricated with the Ben Gay, quickly slipped deep into her pussy.  He rotated his fingers as he spread the Ben Gay on the walls of her pussy.  Rebecca's screams could be heard miles away.  After five minutes of screaming, her voice, hoarse from yelling, could barely make a sound.  

Michael stood over her bound body again and looked into her eyes.  Fear spread through her body as she saw Michael spread Ben Gay on his fingers again.  She knew that her ass was next.  He’d waited until her screams had died down.  Her anal tract was already tender and sensitive from the enemas, now it would be worse.  His fingers reached for her spread anus and he jabbed them quickly inside to spread her open as he pushed deep into her rectum before she could adapt to the pain.  He finger fucked her ass deep and hard as the Ben Gay now spread throughout her anal tract.  Her screams began again.  

"Only one hour and thirty minutes left, Rebecca.  How are you doing?  I bet you can't wait until I rape your ass.  With that Ben Gay, it’s really going to hurt when I push my cock deep into you.  What a great night you’re having." 

The time dragged on for Rebecca.  Her body ached from the stringent bondage she was placed in and her nipples, pussy and ass stung from the cruel Ben Gay that Michael had applied.  She felt Michael’s evil stare as he continued to watch her pained expression.  She knew that he intended to fuck her in the ass next, and she’d be forced to participate in her own anal rape.

Michael stood up and went over to the bed and began to release her arms and legs.  "How are you doing, Rebecca?  Are you ready to be more cooperative?  My cock is so hard from watching you tied up, I’m ready to fuck you in the ass now."

As soon as he untied her, Michael ordered Rebecca "Turn on your side." 

Rebecca trembled in fear.  She knew she would soon be raped in her tender ass.  She closed her eyes as she heard Michael undress.  She didn’t want to see him. 

He stood next to her face and said "Open your eyes, and look at the cock that’s going to tear into your ass hole." 

Rebecca's eyes opened in fear as Michael's eight inch hard cock stood in her face.  The mushroom shaped cock-head was over two inches.  

"Reach back and spread your ass open.  Spread your legs open a little wider, I’ll be able to fuck my cock into you deeper that way," Michael commanded of Rebecca. 

Her hands reluctantly went behind her and she grasped her cheeks as her anus slowly opened up for Michael's amusement. 

"Further, spread your legs wider, spread yourself open".

Rebecca felt Michael place his erect cock at the entrance of her tiny ass hole.  The large head felt too big to enter her, but she knew that he didn’t care about her pain.  He began to push his cock into her anus.  Rebecca grits her teeth as his cock stretched her tiny virgin ass.  Her face grimaced in pain and she grunted when Michael began to force his cock into her unwilling ass.

"Oh God, it hurts so bad, please stop, take it out, your hurting me", as tears fell from her eyes.

Michael continued to force his cock into her ass, the tiny anus suddenly forced open as the head of his cock stretched her anal ring to open and allow him access to her anal tract.

"It’s too big, UUGGGGHHH, it hurts," cried Rebecca as her anus first resisted the intrusion of his cock into her ass, but slowly gave way and opened.  Rebecca felt the awful stretching and tearing from his cock as he eased himself slowly into her hot rectum. 

Michael's hands held her hips tightly in his grip as he forced her back to impale her ass on his rigid cock.  Rebecca brought forth a fresh batch of tears and she gasped in pain as the cock pushed deeper into her ass.  She couldn’t believe the pain and the humiliation she had to suffer as her ass was stretched open.  The slow fuck into her tight back passage made her clench her anus as the burn and pain intensified.  

"OOOHH, GOOOODDDD, that hurts so badly," her bowels cramped as he inched his cock into her ass.  Her cries of pain only inflamed Michael's lust, as Rebecca had no choice but to submit to the rape of her ass.  She jerked as Michael dragged her hips back towards him to impale Rebecca's ass hole on his cock, as a grunt of satisfaction came from Michael's lips.  

"Your ass is so hot and tight, Rebecca.  Soon I’ll be deep inside you and then I’ll fuck you hard and deep.” 

His cock felt huge inside and she stiffened as she thought she’d burst.  With one final thrust, Michael drove his cock completely into Rebecca's bowels.  Rebecca couldn’t believe the pain could be so bad as she yelled "Your killing mmmeeee, Aaaaaaagggghhhh!!!!!!!”.  Her hands clenched in pain.  

Michael held her hips so she couldn’t move and lay on top of her as he savored the hot, tight ass hole that squeezed his cock while her sphincter gripped his cock tightly.  

"'I’m going to start fucking you hard now, Rebecca.”  Michael pulled his cock out of her ass, the pain to Rebecca almost as much as when it entered.  When her sphincter gripped his cock he pushed as hard back in as he could, Rebecca's ass forced to open brutally.

"OHHH, you bastard, that hurts so badly, just get it over with, OOHHH God,” she cried.  It felt like a spike had entered her ass.  His hands gripped her hips and forced her to arch her back to open her ass to his brutal strokes.  The pain was so intense and Rebecca felt like she would die.  

"Your ass feels so good, Rebecca, I’m going to fuck you every day like this.”  Michael repeatedly drove his cock into her ass viscously.  Each time the pain was worse for Rebecca. 

"It hurts," she cried.  Each time Michael fucked into her, Rebecca grunted and groaned in pain.  Her body went stiff as he bottomed out into her aching bowels. 

Michael loved to hear Rebecca beg and scream.  Her body squirmed under his, her tightness around his cock milking it.  

"NNOOO, more, please stop," as she felt the head of his cock grow bigger as it stretched her anal tract. 

She grunted and clenched her cheeks to stop him or at least slow him down, but it only increased Michael's pleasure as it squeezed the blood from his cock.  The tightness of her ass made his cock-head more sensitive as it moved deep inside her anal tract.  He enjoyed her pain-wracked body as he continued to forcefully fuck deep inside her. 

Rebecca stiffened from a cruel thrust, her stretched rectum spasm around his cock, as she struggled to accommodate the thick cock in her ass.  She sobbed and hoped that he would cum in her ass soon as the cock brought tremendous pain to her ass hole.  "Please hurry, oh god, fuck me and get it over quickly," she begged.

Rebecca's begging turned Michael on and he pushed deep into her bowels, ready to blow a wad of cum into her ass hole.  

Rebecca felt Michael's cock expand as it started to shoot into her ass, her anal tract forced to expand in pain.  "OOOOWWWW," as his cock shot hot cum deep into her colon to flood her insides.  He continued to pound into her as she was forced to milk the cum from his cock as the thick sperm filled her.  Rebecca shuddered in pain as she was brutally sodomized.

Michael rested on Rebecca.  He felt her ass hole clench tight on his now shrinking cock from the brutal pain she’d just endured  He pulled his cock from her defiled ass with a pop as Rebecca slumped in exhaustion from the rape of her ass.  She turned red in humiliation as Michael wiped his cock on her ass cheeks.  He bound her hands to the top of the bed again; Rebecca forced to lay in the pool of cum and blood that leaked from her raped ass hole.

"Sleep tight, Rebecca.  Dr.  Marquis plans to torture your pussy tomorrow.  After he’s finished, I’ll rape it with my cock.  I’m getting hard again just thinking about it."

Chapter Five

Pussy Torture of Rebecca

Rebecca fell asleep, laying in a pool of cum and blood from her anal rape.  In the morning, Michael came in and released her hands and allowed her to take a shower.  When he returned, Rebecca was seated on the bed, still naked.  No clothes were given to her, so she tried to cover her breasts with her hands and her legs were closed tightly.

"Stand and hold your hands to your side.  Spread your legs open," he ordered.  "You’re not to try to cover yourself.  We own your body and you’ll have no control over it.  If you fail to obey, you’ll be punished with a whipping."

Rebecca quickly got up and stood as ordered.  She didn’t wish to be whipped.  She hesitantly spread her legs.  

"More," his hand slapped the inside of her thigh and Rebecca was forced to spread her legs more, her pussy opened wide.  "That’s much better."  His hands moved between her legs and rubbed her thighs and then moved toward her spread pussy.  "Dr.  Marquis will be torturing your pussy today.  He has many ways to inflict pain on a female's vagina.  You might think your pussy is very sensitive, but you’ll soon find out how resilient it really is.  When he’s finished torturing your pussy, some of the other guards and me are going to rape you tonight.  You’ll be fucked by each of us at least twice before you’re allowed to sleep tonight.  You’ll especially like Miguel.  He has a ten-inch horse cock.  Not only is it long, it’s also very thick.  He can fuck for twenty minutes before cumming.  

"Hands behind your back.”  Michael secured her wrists with handcuffs. 

Rebecca trembled in fear.  The enema torture had been painful enough, now she feared what he’d do to her vagina.  She was led out of the room and down the hall past the room she was in yesterday and stopped in front of a room called Examination Room 14.  She’d passed a number of guards who watched her tits bounce as she walked.  She didn’t know if they were the ones that would rape her tonight.  It didn’t matter as she was resolved to her fate.

The room contained many tables and different contraptions.  Many of which Rebecca couldn’t even fathom of their use.  There was a standard gynecologists table, with stirrups and straps attached to secure an uncooperative female.  Various chairs were secured to the floor, straps for binding the occupant, the seats of the chair non-existent.  When strapped in, a female's pussy and ass hole would be spread open for any abuse.  Rebecca looked up at the ceiling and again she saw that at least ten men watched her through the windows.  Her humiliation would be witnessed by many.

Dr.  Marquis stood up from his desk and motioned Michael to bring Rebecca over to the gynecologists table.  "Spread her open on the table for me.  Make sure she is secured tightly.  I don't want her to be able to move."

Michael pushed Rebecca over to the table.  She didn’t attempt to fight, it wouldn’t do any good.  He took the handcuffs off of her.  "Get on the table and lay on your back." 

Rebecca climbed onto the table and scooted up to get into the position required.  She lay back down only to look straight up at the men that watched her from above.  To the right she could see an image of herself on the table from a very large mirror.  They wanted her to see her own humiliation and torture.  Michael went to the head of the table and grabbed Rebecca's wrists again.  Soon, she’d be bound tightly.  Her wrists were stretched up high to the end of the table and slipped into the leather cuffs attached to the corners.  Her arms were now spread high to the corners of the table, unable to move.  

Michael reached down to Rebecca's breasts and grabbed her nipples between his fingers.  "Your nipples are already hard in fear," his fingers pulled and twisted them to make Rebecca moan in pain.  "But that’s for another day, spread your legs and put them in the stirrups," he ordered Rebecca.

Rebecca watched in the mirror as her legs spread open and rose up to slip into the stirrups.  She could see her pussy spread wider as the men in the balcony watched her intensely.  Michael moved to one leg and began to secure it to the stirrup.  Straps tightened on her ankles.  The other leg was next and finally a strap was attached over her stomach, Rebecca’s body forced tightly to the table.  Michael moved to the top of the table and attached a band around Rebecca's head that forced her to look straight at the gallery and the mirror.  "If you close your eyes, I’ll tape them open and that gets very painful once the moisture in your eyes dries up, so I would suggest you obey.  You’ll not be warned again."

"And how are we today, Rebecca?" asked Dr. Marquis.  He had moved between her legs.  "I am going to teach you what happens when you don’t obey.  It’ll be very painful for you so feel free to scream as loud as you want.  We all enjoy your screams, especially when you start to beg.  And you’ll beg for it to be over."

"Let's get you into a better position first." 

Dr.  Marquis pushed some buttons and Rebecca could hear the hum as motors started.  The table at the end where Dr. Marquis was began to retreat under; moving in until it only supported her lower back.  The access to Rebecca's body from her waist down was now open.  Another motor began and started to spread the stirrups out from her body.  At the same time they moved toward her head.  Her legs were now forced up and back to spread her pussy and anus open.  Her legs and crotch began to ache as she was forced into an unnatural position.  They continued to move higher and back as her body rose up.  She could see her pussy spread open wide and her anus was now open and unprotected. 

"Yes, that’s very good," Dr.  Marquis moved between her legs and ran his hands along her thighs to feel the muscles tense up.  "You are opening up very good," his hands moved up to the area between her pussy and anus.  He ran his fingers over the tender hole.

"Stop, no more, it hurts, you’re splitting me open," she cried.

"Soon, just a little more, your pussy lips are opening up.  I can see your pink insides.  Your tiny ass hole is opening too.  It looks like Michael had his cock in your ass hole last night.  Did you enjoy him fucking your ass hole?  I here that the guards are going to gang rape you tonight."

The motors stopped and Rebecca stared in the mirror.  She was spread open, her pussy and anus open to whatever abuse Dr.  Marquis desired.  She could see the men in the gallery.  It looked like they were masturbating their cocks as they watched her.  Rebecca saw a flash of light, then another.  Someone took pictures of her in this humiliating position.  Where would the pictures end up?  Would they show up on the Internet?

The doctor ran his hands along her spread pussy lips.  "I would suggest you get wet for me, or this’ll be a lot more painful.  I’m going to insert various instruments in you, open you up deep inside and then begin to abuse you.  Not only will I abuse your pussy on the outside, I’ll also torture your pussy inside." 

His fingers began to masturbate Rebecca, two fingers slipped inside of her pussy.  This brought back fresh pain from the dildo that tore into her pussy when she rode the horse the day before.  His other fingers pulled back the hood of her clit and he began to pull and pinch it with two fingers.  Rebecca tried to put the whole thing out of her mind, but all she could see were the men that watched her being masturbated against her will and her naked spread body.  Her pussy began to get wet from the excitement she felt.

"I can feel your pussy beginning to cream.  A little more," three fingers were now forced into her tight pussy; her pussy spread open as the fingers buried deep into her.

"Is she starting to cream herself, Dr.  Marquis?" asked Michael.

"Yes, she’s doing a good job, aren't you Rebecca?  Just a little more pussy juice and we’ll be ready." 

Rebecca began to turn red in embarrassment and humiliation.  She was being forced to get wet so that they could torture her pussy.

"When you gang rape her tonight, force her to get wet for you first.  She must be forced to submit to you whenever you want, not when she wants."  Dr.  Marquis removed his hands from her pussy and raised one palm up and slapped Rebecca hard on her spread pussy.

"OOOOOWWWW, that hurts."

Dr.  Marquis slapped her pussy again, her juices spreading onto his outspread palm.  He rubbed her pussy and slapped again.

Dr.  Marquis moved his tray of instruments between Rebecca's legs.  Rebecca couldn’t see but she could notice movement between her legs.  The first instrument Dr. Marquis picked up was a speculum.  The one he chose was rather large and he had put it into the freezer compartment for over two hours before he’d just removed it.  He quickly took it, spread Rebecca's pussy open with his fingers and pushed it deep into her body.

Rebecca screamed at the unnatural invasion of her body by such a large and very cold instrument.  Her body trembled in pain and her nipples became erect from the cold speculum.  It felt like someone sliced her pussy open with a knife.  Dr.  Marquis pushed the speculum deeper into her as he twisted and turned it, driving it into her pussy.  The edges began to tear at the walls of her vagina as the doctor twisted it.  It finally reached the end of her pussy, her pussy lips spread tightly around the beginning.  "Ohhh, god that hurt so bad.  My vagina hurts from the pain and the cold."

Dr.  Marquis picked up another speculum, the same size and also from the freezer.  Rebecca couldn’t see his movements.  This time her ass hole was forced open by the cold speculum that brutally shoved deep into her anus to stretch her rectum.  The rape of her ass hole by the speculum brought a fresh batch of screams from Rebecca.  Her ass hole tore as the doctor pushed it deep into her until her anus was now forced to stretch wide around it.

Rebecca stared into the mirror, her vagina and anus now stretched tightly around the speculums.  They were beginning to warm up inside her body but she feared when Dr.  Marquis would begin to open them.

"I am going to open you up very wide, Rebecca.  It will be quite painful but I need access to the inside of you."  Dr.  Marquis began to open the speculum, the walls of Rebecca's vagina forced to expand outward.  He continued to open it as moans of pain came from Rebecca's lips as her pussy was stretched.  

"Oh, god, that hurts so bad, don't open it anymore."

"Just two more turns, Rebecca, and then it’ll be open the maximum.  You must get used to the pain.  Tonight you’ll have some very large cocks in you that will spread your pussy open.”  Dr.  Marquis turned the screw two more twists.  Rebecca moaned in pain as her pussy was spread open even more.

When he reached the maximum, he locked it into place, Rebecca's pussy gaped open over three inches wide.  

"Now for your ass hole, it’ll also be opened wide."  Again the speculum was opened, Rebecca's ass hole stretched open, two inches and finally three inches.  Dr.  Marquis could see small drops of blood on Rebecca's ass hole as it began to tear from the stretching.  Rebecca's screams bounced off the walls as the speculum was locked open.  

Rebecca looked through the tears in her eyes and the pain in her head at her spread body.  Her pussy and ass hole gaped open, forced open by the speculums.  

Dr.  Marquis grabbed a small clamp from the table.  Attached to the end was a string.  He opened the clamp and moved to Rebecca's clit.  He slipped the hood back and snapped the clamp tight on it.  Rebecca screamed as the teeth bit into her skin.  The doctor ran the string up to one of the stirrups and began to pull the slack in.  This forced her hood to spread back, laying her clit open to the doctor’s abuse.

Dr.  Marquis picked up a small pencil like device with a power cord running off the back.  The tip was very pointed.  "This is an electrical device that will send an electrical charge wherever I touch with it.  I can adjust the voltage from a mild sting to a very sharp and powerful charge of electricity, capable of burning the skin.  I’m going to use it on your pussy, your ass hole and your clit.  You’ll begin to sing for me soon.  Your screams will bring pleasure to all that watch."

"Don't touch me with that, I’ll do anything, just don't use it on me," begged Rebecca.  "I’ll fuck you all, suck your cocks, let you fuck me in the ass, just don't shock me."

"We’ll do that to you anyway, Rebecca.  Now it’s time for your torture."  Dr.  Marquis moved the wand toward Rebecca's spread pussy.  He first set the power to low.  He moved it to her exposed clit.  Rebecca cringed as she felt it touch her clit as she waited for the jolt of pain.  The doctor sent the first charge into Rebecca's clit.  The electricity ran through her body and a sudden pain shot through her loins.  Her body jumped from the pain as he moved it over her clit again and shot another jolt.  The wand moved down her pussy lips as the doctor sent jolts and he moved closer to her opened pussy.  Rebecca's screams were constant as the wand continued its descent.  

The wand entered her spread pussy and pushed deep inside as it sent jolts of electricity against the walls of her pussy.  Rebecca's pussy began to spasm as it reacted to the electricity.  This caused Rebecca more pain because the speculum stretched her open.  The wand entered deeper and pushed against her cervix as a charge of electricity jolted her again.  

"Now for your ass hole, Rebecca.  Then it’ll be time to increase the voltage."  The wand left her pussy, but gave her clit one last jolt before he ran it around her stretched anus and it jolted the skin to force more pain into Rebecca's body.  It pushed into her anus and ran along her anal tract as it shocked deeper and deeper into her rectum.  Rebecca was hoarse from her screams.  It pushed deep into her colon and shocked her.  Rebecca's body began to shine from the sweat that poured from her tightly bound body.    

Rebecca's body jumped continually on the table as Dr.  Marquis shocked her body with the probe.  The intensity was now set on high and Rebecca's screams shattered the silence in the room.  Her pussy was sent into spasms as the speculum kept her spread wide and the electricity forced her pussy to shrink from the probe.

Michael went over to Rebecca's head and stroked her face.  "How does that feel, Rebecca?  I bet it really hurts as Dr.  Marquis shocks your pussy and ass hole.  You are going to be very sore inside tonight, so when we rape you it’ll hurt even worse."

Rebecca cringed in pain as Michael stroked her and Dr.  Marquis continued to shock her body.  

"Michael, let's make Rebecca cum as I torture her.  Come over her and masturbate her as I shock her."

Michael stood to the side of Rebecca and began to masturbate her.  He grabbed her clit and teased it with his fingers as he pulled and twisted it.  At the same time, Dr. Marquis sent the probe deep into her ass hole and held the button down as he sent the maximum charge into her colon.  Rebecca felt she was going to shit herself as her colon reacted to the electricity that abused her.  

"Before Dr. Marquis will stop the probe you’re going to have to cum for us Rebecca.  Forget the pain and watch the men above you as I masturbate you.  Think of all of the hard cocks enjoying your pussy torture.  Give us your pussy juice and cum," Michael urged Rebecca.

Rebecca tried to let her mind leave her body but it was difficult.  Dr.  Marquis continually forced the probe into her body and sent the charges into her tender pussy and ass hole.  The continual stretch of the speculums abused her pussy and ass hole that were forced wide open.  Michael pulled her clit to force her pussy to get wet.  The abuse on Rebecca over the last few days had forced her to get hot as the pain mixed with the pleasure.  They were teaching Rebecca to become a pain slut.  

Michael's fingers became more insistent as he noticed Rebecca react to the torture and the masturbation.  He pinched and pulled her clit harder, flicked it with his fingers as he ignited sharp pain in her clit, Rebecca’s body forced to push against her restraints.   

"AAAGGGGHHH, please, harder, make me cum and stop the pain," she begged, her pussy getting wetter, making the probe work better as the electricity followed the path of the wetness.  In her pussy, then back to her ass hole.  The probe pushed deep into her, leaving its path of pain.

"OOOOOHHH, GGGGGGOOOOODDD, I'm cumming," yelled Rebecca as Michael grabbed her clit between his fingers and pulled and squeezed it as tight as he could.  Dr.  Marquis pushed the probe against her clit and shot a long continual jolt of electricity into her enlarged clit.  This pushed Rebecca over the edge as her orgasm overtook her when her pussy and ass hole were thrilled by the speculums that spread her wide.

Michael again ran his fingers over her body, bathed in sweat from the pain and pleasure they forced her to accept.  "That was good Rebecca.  You’re a good girl to cum for us.”  His fingers ran over her breasts and pinched and pulled on her sensitive nipples as he made them become erect again.  "Dr.  Marquis is almost through with you.  Just a little more pain and you can go back to your room and clean up.  Then it's a gang rape for you tonight."

"No more, I came for you, leave me alone, I can't stand any more pain," her eyes pleaded with him as tears rolled down her cheeks.

"Your pussy can take a lot more abuse.  I have this lovely dildo that I am going to force into your tight pussy.  Inside the dildo are spring-loaded clips that will force out the sides when I release the spring.  It will be very painful, even more so when I begin to fuck you with it.  It’ll tear up your pussy walls.  When they rape you tonight, the hard cocks will open up the fresh wounds and you’ll fuck like a virgin.  Your movements will force even greater cruelty by the guards.  They love to hear the anguish of a freshly raped woman."

Rebecca screamed in pain as Dr.  Marquis released the speculums and pulled them from her body.  Michael ran his fingers over her recently spread pussy and ass hole.

"See Rebecca, your pussy is still wet.  It’s waiting for the doctor’s dildo to cut inside your pussy.  You’re going to be forced to cum again as the dildo rapes you."

Dr.  Marquis moved between Rebecca's spread legs, a huge dildo in his hand.  Rebecca watched as Dr.  Marquis hit the button and out of the sides popped eight one-inch metal spikes.  They were tipped with a barbed end.  Michael spread Rebecca's pussy lips wide as Dr.  Marquis lowered the dildo to her pussy and began to push it into her body.

Rebecca moaned in pain as her freshly abused pussy was again forced to open up for a huge instrument of torture.  The initial pain wasn’t as bad because her pussy hadn’t shrunk down from the speculum.  She knew the real pain would be when the dildo was opened in her and when she was fucked with it.

The huge dildo raped into her pussy as it spread her wide and was forced deeper into her body.  Dr.  Marquis had to use considerable force to get her pussy to accept it.  When he was satisfied that it pushed against her cervix he stopped.

"Are you ready for the real pain, Rebecca?  I’m going to pop the barbs open.  I want to hear you scream in pain.  When your screams die down, I’ll rape you with it.  That should bring about fresh screams from your lips."  Dr.  Marquis pushed the button to send the barbs out wide, Rebecca's pussy stretched wider than possible.

Rebecca couldn’t believe the pain that came from her vagina.  It felt like a knife had stabbed deep into her and tore her vagina open.  Her screams rang out as her pussy was spread wide by the barbs.  Just as the sharp pain began to become a dull ache, Dr. Marquis began to saw the dildo in and out of her pussy as he raped her with it.  Her screams began again; her pussy abraded with the barbs as they tore and ripped her tender vagina.

Michael stood over her head again and whispered into her ear.  "Let your body accept the pain.  When you cum again, Dr.  Marquis will stop the dildo rape.”  His fingers began the relentless masturbation of her clit again.  

Rebecca let the pleasure and pain mix together as Dr.  Marquis continued to tear her pussy with the barbed dildo.  He rotated the dildo as he fucked her with it and forced the barbs to tear new parts of her pussy.  Her screams were constant, now mixed with the pleasure as an upcoming orgasm began to form.  Michael abused her clit painfully, but that’s what Rebecca needed to cum.  

The rape and masturbation of Rebecca continued until she finally screamed in passion as the pain and pleasure mixed into one final orgasm.  Michael removed Rebecca from her bondage and allowed her to go back to the room.

"Clean up and I’ll be back in an hour.  It’ll be time for your gang rape," ordered Michael and left Rebecca to clean up.

Chapter Six

Rape of Rebecca

Rebecca had taken a shower and cleaned up but she could barely walk.  The rape with the spiked dildo had abused her pussy so bad that each step brought new pain.  She’d dressed in panties and a bra, which were the only clothes they'd left for her.  She sat on the bed and waited for the sound of feet coming down the hall.  That meant her pain would begin again.

The noise of Michael’s feet and the sound of the cell door as it opened brought fresh gasps to Rebecca’s lips.  

“Stand up, cunt.  It’s time to go to a party.  Your rape party.”  Michael pulled her to her feet and turned her around. 

Rebecca felt the cuffs being placed on her wrists and the sound of metal close as her wrists were now bound tightly together.  She wouldn’t be able to defend herself.  She was pushed out of the cell. 

Michael followed her and watched her ass swing as they went down the hall.  His cock was hard, knowing that he would soon drive it up her cunt.

Michael stopped her in front of the last door on the floor.  She could hear voices inside, they were waiting for her. 

“In you go, cunt, they’re waiting for you.”  He opened the door and pushed Rebecca in.

“No, please don’t,” she cried as she saw what was inside.  The floor was covered in mattresses and there were ten naked men standing around the room.  All of them had massive cocks, all erect and hard.  Some of them watched Rebecca and stroked their cocks to even greater proportions.  The smallest cock had to be at least ten inches and one of them had a cock that had to be at least fourteen inches long and four inches around.

“Gentlemen, this is Rebecca, the main attraction for this week’s rape party.”  Michael unsnapped her cuffs from the back.  He ran his hands over Rebecca’s stomach, and then moved up to her bra-encased breasts.  He felt her body tremble.

She knew that soon she would be violated with no regard for how she felt.  In fact they would do their utmost to make sure that it was extremely painful as they fucked her.  His hands moved up to her bra as his large hands squeezed them painfully.  Rebecca saw cocks get bigger when she cried out in pain.  They’d enjoy her pain.  His hands tore her bra from her body, red marks left on her shoulders as it tore and fell to the floor.  Her breasts shook as they were freed from their confines.

Michael’s hands returned to her breasts as his fingers rubbed against her nipples.  Her body betrayed herself already as they hardened from the manipulation by Michael.  He pulled them from her body, her tits stretched out to a cone, her gasps of pain filled the room as the tender nipples were pulled and pinched.  He released her nipples and his fingers moved down her stomach and into her panties. 

“Spread your legs open very wide,” he ordered.  His hand pushed her panties down her legs and she obeyed as her legs opened wide.  Michael pushed one finger into her pussy, already wet in anticipation of her own rape.

“OHHH, GGGGGOODDDDD, that hurts,” his finger pushed deep into her pussy as it opened up the fresh wounds of the barbed dildo rape.

“Watch her pain as I finger fuck the bitch.  The dildo really tore up her pussy.  When you fuck her she’s going to bounce around like a bucking bronco trying to escape your cocks.  You’ll think she’s a virgin when she screams so loud.”

One finger became two, now pushed inside, her legs came together, hoping to stop the pain, but she only succeeded in trapping the two fat fingers in her pussy as they tore along her pussy walls.  Michael reached out with his other hand and slapped her ass hard, turning it red almost instantaneously. 

“Keep the legs spread wide.  I don’t care how much it hurts.  If you don’t cooperate, I’m going to tie you to our special chair and run the whip up into your spread pussy and clit.”

Rebecca immediately opened her legs wide again, the pain of a pussy whipping was too much to fathom.  “MMMMM, GGGRRRR, OOOOWWWW,” she moaned as the fingers continued the masturbation of her pussy.

Michael pulled his fingers out to show everyone his fingers that glistened from the pussy juice she was forced to produce from his masturbation.  “See how wet the cunt is?”  His fingers pushed into Rebecca’s mouth and forced her to suck and clean them with her tongue.  Michael pulled his fingers from her mouth and pushed Rebecca toward the other men.

“Have fun, but I get her first, on the floor, doggy style.  I’ll take her like the bitch she is.”  Rebecca was pushed down onto the floor; her knees hit the mattress hard, a hand pushed down on her head as she was forced down onto her hands.  Her thighs were slapped until she opened them; another slap to the insides signaled her to spread wider.  Rebecca complied submissively, her thighs now spread wider.  Her pussy began to open from behind as her ass cheeks parted.  Her anus peeked out as a hand slapped her ass and forced her to spread wider.  

“Reach back and spread yourself open, cunt.  Let’s see that slutty cunt and ass hole we’re going to rape,” Michael ordered her, his hand slapped her ass and her cheek turned red from the abuse. 

Rebecca reached back and obeyed submissively, as she spread herself open, her pink pussy glistened, wet in fear and anticipation.  Her cheeks spread apart, Rebecca’s anus red and swollen from the previous rapes.

“Look at that pussy, all ready for a fucking.  The good doctor really tore it up this afternoon.”  Michael’s hands reached down between Rebecca’s legs.  “Keep yourself spread while I get you wet.”  His fingers ran over her slit, her pussy lips spread back by Rebecca’s hands.  His fingers searched out her clit, pulled her clit hood back and exposed her now hard and erect clit to his abuse.  His fingers ran roughly over Rebecca’s body as he abused her flesh.  His fingers glistened from the pussy juice put out by Rebecca’s body.

“Look, the Bitch is getting wet, even though she knows we’re going to rape the shit out of her.”  The other guards hand slapped her ass which made her jump and push her pussy deeper into Michael’s masturbating fingers.

Michael pinched her clit hard between his fingers and forced Rebecca to raise her ass to escape the pain, but it gave them better access to her spread body.  “NNNNUUUUTTHH, please stop, that hurts,” Rebecca cried.  Her body betrayed her again as she felt her pussy juices run down her thighs.

She felt Michael move behind her, her head down, buried in her arms, not wanting to see what was going to happen to her.  She felt so humiliated, forced to her knees, her ass raised up in the air, seemingly asking to be fucked like a whore.  She felt Michael’s hard cock rub up and down her pussy slit, her pussy juice lubricating it for her own rape.  

“Hold the bitch, my cock is going to tear into her pussy.”  One guard grabbed Rebecca’s arms, pulled them out and held them tightly by the wrists.  Another pushed her neck down with his hand, her ass up, ready for her rape. 

She felt her pussy begin to spread as Michael’s cock began to enter her.  Her juices allowed easy entrance and Michael grabbed her by the hair and pulled her back onto his cock and forcefully raped his cock into her pussy in one hard and painful thrust into her already torn insides.

The others watched as Rebecca tried to raise her head up as she began to scream.  “GGGRRUUUGGG, UUUGGGH, OOOOWWW,” she cried out when it felt like a giant baseball bat was shoved into her pussy.  The barbed dildo had done its work well.  The cuts in her pussy were reopened when the battering cock pushed into her.  There was blood on his cock as he tore into her body. 

Michael pulled out his cock until Rebecca’s pussy gripped it tightly by the head, waited for a second and then put all his weight behind the next thrust into her hot pussy.  He pulled her hair back and forced her ass against him as his cock plowed again and again into her pained pussy, his cock hit bottom, pushed tightly against her cervix as it tore into her.  

“Oh, God, you’re tearing me open, take it out, pppllllleeeassee, don’t hurt me, OOOWWW,” the cock pulled out again.  It pushed back in and knocked the wind out of Rebecca’s lungs as she tried to scream when the hard cock brutalized her pussy.  Her pussy gripped his cock tightly, as the hard cock stretched her wide.  He began to pump his cock into her pussy faster and faster.  The others held her tightly as Michael brutalized her body with his cock, reaming her pussy out with his cock.  Each time he pulled his cock out, her pussy gripped it tightly in pain.  Then he’d push it back into her pussy and spread her pussy walls as he tore at her insides while he raped her again and again.  

Michael’s hand slapped Rebecca’s ass cheek to turn it red and hot as he continued to brutally rape her.  Hands held her down; Rebecca forced to submit to the punishing cock in her pussy.  He sped up his rape as his cock felt the first urges of a cum.  He rammed his cock in hard and pushed painfully against her cervix, Rebecca’s pussy forced to accept the raping cock.  “Get ready for your first load of cum, bitch.”  Michael pushed his cock deep into Rebecca’s pussy, pulled her head back by her hair, and forced her to arch her back high to open herself up more to his cock as it shot into her pussy.

“OOOHHH, GGGOOODDD, that hurts so badddd, please, no more,” Rebecca cried in pain as Michael’s cock grew bigger when it began to cum deep into her pussy.  She felt the first jet of hot cum fill her as her pussy tightened down on the cock in reaction to the pain it inflicted on her body.  Again, a second shot of cum filled her pussy as his cock now beat deep into her on each stroke to shoot cum as he raped her.  

Michael pushed his cock in hard one final time and held it deep in her pussy as he shot the last of his load of cum in her pulsating cunt; the pain forced her body to squeeze his cock as it brutalized her pussy.  Michael felt Rebecca shudder in pain, her pussy filled with cum as some leaked out and ran down her thighs.  Hands continued to hold her body in the submissive position, bent over, and her ass in the air as the hard cock filled her with cum.

Michael slapped her ass hard as he pulled his cock from her pussy with a loud popping noise, “You’re a good fuck, cunt.  The rest of you can have her now.  Just make sure she’s still breathing when you’re finished.”  As Michael left the room, he could hear Rebecca scream.

Hands grabbed her and turned her over onto her back, her knees were pushed her thighs apart and her arms were yanked and pulled over her head.  She felt one of the men between her legs as he rubbed his cock up and down her cum soaked pussy while his hands grabbed her thighs and pulled her legs open and back as she was spread open for the next rape.  “AAAAAWWWW, OOOOHHH, it’s too biiggggg,   OOOOWWW,” she screamed in pain as the next rapist took her body.  His cock was bigger than Michael’s, her pussy forced to open even wider, the cuts from the barbed dildo opened more as the pain began again.  It pushed deep into her body in one harsh and painful thrust as she was forced to accept all eleven inches of hard cock that would fit inside her.  As she began to scream again, fingers pried her mouth wide and a cock was forced in, pushed deep until it reached her throat.  One of the men had straddled her chest, his cock now embedded in her mouth, her lips stretched wide around the giant cock.  Her screams were now muffled by the mouth raping cock as her pussy was plundered.  

“Suck it good, cocksucker, or I’ll whip your pussy,” his cock pushed deeper into her mouth as Rebecca was made to cough and gag when she was forced to swallow the giant cock in her mouth.  Her tongue ran over the cock, hoping to make him cum fast.  She gagged and choked as her throat muscles squeezed down on the cock as it forced itself into her throat until it was buried deep inside and his balls rested on her chin.  She now had all of the cock in her mouth, her oxygen supply cut off as the cock pulsated deep inside her.  She felt the other cock thrust deep and fast into her pussy, raping her as she struggled for air.  Her body jerked around as she tried to survive, but that only gave greater pleasure to her rapists as they continued their non-stop rape of her body.  

The cock pulled from her throat and it allowed Rebecca a chance to suck in a large quantity of air.  Her ass was pushed deep into the mattress as the cock forced itself deeper into her pussy and then the cock in her mouth again pushed in deep.  Rebecca grabbed one last breath of air as she gagged when the cock was forced into her throat to stretch it wide.  Again, she was deprived of air as they continued to rape her mouth and pussy.  Her body shook in pain as her tongue ran quickly over the cock that filled her mouth; her pussy grasped the cock tightly as she hoped to make them both cum.  Rebecca felt the cocks swell as they finally began to cum.  The cock pulled from her throat, Rebecca forced to taste the vile and hot cum as it shot into her mouth.  She swallowed quickly as her mouth was continually filled with what felt like gallons of cum.  The cock in her pussy began to shoot and added to the cum already embedded deep inside her while it spilled out of her pussy as it continued to rape her.

“GGGASSSPP,  Ccooougghh, GaGGGGG,” Rebecca choked on the thick, hot cum forced into her mouth and down her throat.  The cocks pulled from her mouth and pussy and Rebecca rolled over, gagging and choking as she tried to swallow the cum in her mouth.  

“Please, no more, my pussy hurts too bad, let me rest,” Rebecca begged as she felt new hands run over her body.  A new man lay down on the mattress beside her, his fourteen-inch cock sticking out from his body like a telephone pole. 

“Climb on my cock.  Put it into your pussy and get ready for the best fuck you’ve ever had.  My tree trunk is going to fill your pussy,” he ordered her as hands helped to lift her up onto him. 

She felt a whip hit her ass, a fresh scream of pain torn from Rebecca’s lips. 

“Do it or else,” she was ordered, as the whip struck her ass again.  

Rebecca reached between her legs, grabbed the massive cock and rubbed it over her cum soaked pussy lips.  She pushed the bulbous head of the cock into her pussy and she felt it stretched wide again.  She gently lowered herself down onto the cock as the pain spread when the cock pushed deeper into her body.  The whip landed on her ass, “YYYIIIPPP,” she yelled, her ass pushed forward to escape the cruel lash of the whip, her pussy forced to spread painfully to accept the raping cock.  Again the whip beat her ass, her pussy now forced to accept the fourteen-inches of hard cock until it battered at her cervix.  It was as if he tried to shove it into her womb.  It felt like a giant telephone pole was pushed into her pussy.

Rebecca’s head was pulled up and when Rebecca looked forward another cock was pushed between her lips, her lips stretched wide to accept the girth of the monster cock placed between them.  Her tongue reached out and began to lick the head as the taste of precum filled her mouth.  Hands grabbed her head and forced her down on the hard cock.  She wouldn’t be allowed to suck the cock in her mouth.  Her mouth would be used like a pussy, to be forcefully raped.  The cock began its descent into her throat as she gagged and coughed to please her rapist.  

Hands grabbed her ass and pulled the cheeks apart, her swollen and red anus exposed, testimony to its previous rapes.  Rebecca’s muffled cries of protest were stopped by the raping cock in her mouth as she tried to protest the rape of her ass hole.  She felt the head of a cock placed on her anus and then it forcefully entered her rectum.  Her scream of pain didn’t deter her ass rapist as the cock continued to tear into her ass hole, the blood coated cock made the rape easier as it pushed deeper into her body.  Rebecca’s body began to cramp from the large cocks now embedded deep into her groin, one in her pussy as it waited to begin its rape, the other in her ass hole to tear a path into her colon and spread a path open in her body.  The cock pushed deep into her colon and came to rest.  It felt like a sword had pierced her ass hole.  She now held three massive cocks in her body, her brain failed to register the pain they were inflicting on her body.  

“Everyone start fucking the bitch, let’s show the cunt what cocks can do,” one of them yelled. 

The cock in her ass began to pull out and it felt like a giant vacuum sucked out her guts.  The cock in her mouth pulled out and she gasped to fill her lungs with air while the final cock in her pussy pushed in and met the cock in her ass hole.  They both drove their cocks into her body and threatened to tear her open.  They buffeted Rebecca between the punishing cocks as each tried to beat the other to inflict the most pain.  

Rebecca’s brain flashed in pain, her body unable to react to the brutal rape they inflicted on her.  Her insides felt like they were torn, her mouth and throat now raw and ached from the second rape in such a short time.  The cocks continued to rape her, until she felt them getting bigger, her body forced to accept the hot cum that filled her up.  Her colon began to fill with hot cum.  She choked as she tried to swallow the copious amount of cum that filled her mouth, her pussy now blasted with its third load.  The pounding of her body continued as her rapists emptied their cum into her body.  Her ass hole and pussy grasped onto the cocks as they were pulled from her body, the brutal fucking made them spasm in pain.  She fell to the mattress in exhaustion, her body in pain.

Rebecca shrieked in pain as she was forced flat down on the mattress, a heavy body spread over her, knees painfully forced between her legs and opened her up again.  She felt the body rise up, grab his cock and push it between her ass cheeks to aim for her raped ass hole.  He pushed in violently and speared Rebecca with his cock, her screams filled the room as her anus tore and blood ran down her thighs as the cock pushed into her rectum as it forced itself deeper into her colon.  The cock began the rape of her ass hole, the second time in less than twenty minutes.  The cock pushed hard into her, his stomach slapped against her ass cheeks while his balls battered her pussy as he rapidly fucked her ass hole.  He extracted screams from Rebecca’s lips as each time he changed the angle of his cock thrust which made Rebecca feel new pain as the cock reached new and untouched parts of her colon.  She looked up and saw as the others watched the pained expressions on her face, their cocks sprang into erection.  She knew that her ordeal was far from over.  She would be raped many more times before they would be finished with her.

Rebecca was raped over thirty times that night.  Each man took her in each of her orifices, her ass, cunt and mouth before they were finished.  She had to take them alone, in pairs and sometimes all three at once.  One time, she was forced to take two cocks in her pussy at one time, her pussy stretched so far that it began to tear.  Her screams only excited them into more painful ways to torment her.  Rebecca was raped for over four hours until her body was left alone, exhausted and spent.  Cum dripped out of all of her orifices and soaked the mattress, mixed with her blood.  She had to be held up and carried back to her room, her legs unable to walk.  

Chapter Seven

The RapeHorse

“I think you understand the situation congressmen.  I thought I would bring this to your attention without your wife.  Women don’t understand the things we have to do.  They’re only good for one thing.  They’re built with a cunt, to be used for man’s pleasure only.  We have investigated your past and we’ve discovered that you have a tendency to like younger girls.  You also like to use them and in fact abuse them.  Rebecca has been with us for a while and we’ve enjoyed her very much.  She hasn’t enjoyed the time as much as we have but that is her place in life.  We thought you might enjoy coming down for the weekend.  We are also a medical training hospital and we’re going to be doing some training this weekend involving Rebecca.  We only use female subjects for our training and experimentation.  It makes it so much more stimulating for the male doctors.  Besides, only women should be tortured, not men.  Their bodies are built that way, so readily accessible for torture and abuse.”  Dr.  Marquis had called the congressman on the phone and hoped that he was correct about him.

James thought he’d been very discrete when he travelled outside the country for his enjoyment.  There were many countries where for only a small amount of money (at least small as far as he was concerned) a man would be able to acquire just about anything he could want regarding the flesh of a female.  In Thailand, young virgin girls could be had as young as six.  Fathers gave them up for the money.  He usually preferred young girls with budding breasts and bald pussies.  Virgins were preferred, wanting to see the look on their faces as they were raped for the first time.  His cock was already hard.  They were going to torture Rebecca and they’d asked him to watch.  Yes, she was his daughter, but that didn’t mean anything.  Her sister was the perfect daughter, doing everything to please her father, unlike Rebecca, who always tried to rebel against him.  There was a reason for this.  He had trained Heather since she was young.  He was the first to take her virginity, fucking her one night while his wife was gone on a trip.  From then on, she became very submissive and did anything that he desired.  Whenever his wife was out of town, Heather would find herself bound tightly, naked, waiting for his cock.  She had learned to suck his cock and take it in her tight ass hole as she milked the cum from his balls.  He often whipped and beat her, physically abusing her young, tight body.  She hated it, but had learned her place, to service the males in her life.  He had tried this with Rebecca, but she’d rebuffed him.  She never let him forget what he tried to do to her.  

“Yes, I’d love to visit for the weekend.  I’d enjoy that very much.”  He would love to see her pay for what she had deprived him of.

“I think we might find a suitable candidate among our patients to be available for your use over the weekend.  We have a lovely girl that was just brought to us last week.  She’s hardly been used and is easily manageable.  I think you’ll find that she’ll perform whatever you desire.”  Dr.  Marquis smiled.  He had been right about the congressman.  He had similar tastes.

James arrived early Friday, not wanting to miss anything.  Dr.  Marquis was surprised when James was ushered into his office.  With him was an eighteen-year-old beauty, similar in looks to Rebecca, both having red hair.

“Welcome, congressman, may I assume that this is Heather, Rebecca’s sister?”  Dr.  Marquis smiled, this would be all the more interesting.  “Stephanie, would you have Michael come to my office, immediately?”

“Yes, sir, he’s already here, I’ll send him in.”

Michael walked in, a smile on his face when he saw Heather.  “Ah, I presume the other half, congressman.  May we enjoy her this weekend?

Heather looked dumbfounded, not knowing what was going on.  She was told that they were going to visit Rebecca.  She didn’t want to go, knowing that since her mother was gone, Dad would want her sexually again.  She hated it when he did those things to her, but she wouldn’t dare disobey him.  She looked questionably at her father.

“I brought her as a present for you and Doctor Marquis, for inviting me.  I thought it would be interesting to have her perform for you while we watch Rebecca.  She can be stubborn at times, but I’m sure that you have ways to make her obey.”

“Now honey, I want you to obey these gentlemen while we’re here and do whatever they want you to do.  You obey so well for me, I expect you to do the same for them.  If you don’t, they have way’s to persuade lovely female flesh like you to behave.  You’ll see what happens when a female body is punished.  We’re not here to visit Rebecca, but to see her experimented on.  This is a teaching hospital and Rebecca is going to be part of an experiment.  I’m not sure what it will be, but I’m sure that it will be very stimulating.”

“Please, daddy, don’t let them do anything to me.  'I’ll do whatever you want, but not them, please not them,” she cried, frightened at what they intended to do to her.  If they were anything like her father, she’d be raped in her mouth, pussy and ass hole.  She knew it would hurt.  It always did when her father did it to her.  He always seemed to make sure that it did, his mouth covered hers as she screamed.  She always felt his cock twitch when she screamed, the pain made him harder.

James reached out and slapped her face, as her head swung to the side.  “Behave or these men will really hurt you.  You don’t want that, do you?”

“No, daddy, please don’t let them hurt me,” her eyes lit up like a hunted doe, she knew that something evil was going to happen.

Michael reached over to Heather, his arm on her shoulder and pulled her towards him.  His other hand reached behind her on her back.  He slowly let it fall, and ran his hand down over her ass and pushed her towards the door as his fingers grasped her ass meat.  “Let’s go watch Rebecca,” and he lead her out the door and down the hall to the gallery.  

James and Dr. Marquis followed as they watched Heather’s body shake in fear as she was led down the hall while Michael’s hand ran over her ass as if he owned her.  

They entered a large room.  In the center was a railing surrounding a large hole in the floor.  When James looked down, they were slightly above the room below.  They were in the observation room and had an unobstructed view of below.  

“Below is where Rebecca will be brought in.  This room will fill up soon with some of our student doctors.  Today, we are doing an experiment for the United States Army.  With a war in Iraq possible and the increasing use of female combatants, the army wants to see how much pain and torture a female can bear.  It has always been said that women can stand pain better, thought to be proven by the pain women endure during childbirth.  The army wants to see what the pain thresholds are, especially when rape is involved.  They want to be able to see what the results would be if any of our female soldiers are captured and tortured.”  Dr.  Marquis pointed down to the room below. 

“In a few minutes, a specially designed machine will be brought in.  This control panel over here will operate all of its functions and, James you might have the opportunity to operate it.  This machine has been designated the RapeHorse.  It was developed by our staff of extremely horny doctors.  It has been designed for the maximum amount of humiliation, pleasure and pain.  The victim will be strapped in tightly, unable to move any part of her body.  As you see, the room below has many mirrors around it to allow the victim to see her own reflection as the machine rapes her.  This is designed to increase her humiliation as she is forced to cum from a machine.  There is also a camera in this room, with the images shown on a television screen in front of her showing exactly what happened up here as she is mechanically raped and tortured.  She’ll be able to see her father get sexually aroused from her rape and her sister being molested for the enjoyment of those that watch her.  And then there are the other doctors here that will stroke their cocks to masturbate to her pain.  I’ll explain the features of the machine when it’s brought in.  In the meantime congressman, let me introduce you to your companion, as I promised.”  

James watched as a girl was brought into the room, a frightened look on her face.

“This is Jessica.  Her parents sold her to us last week.  She’s been here for only a few days and she’ been barely used.  We like to leave the terror in them for as long as possible, so we took their ravishment slowly.  I thought with your specific love of young flesh, she would do quite nicely.  She hasn’t been trained so she’s reluctant, but I thought you’d enjoy that.  It’s always nice to make a young girl perform against her will.  I’m sure you enjoyed that with Heather.  Daughters are so much easier to force.” 

Jessica trembled as she stood before them and looked in fear at the three men.  She looked over at Heather and saw the same fear in her eyes.  Jessica was about 5’2”, slender build, and long skinny legs with thighs that hadn’t filled out.  Her tits were just small lumps on her chest, just starting to bud out.  She was braless, not having anything to support.  She wore a white school girl button down blouse and a blue plaid schoolgirl skirt. 

Dr.  Marquis figured the congressman would like the effect.  She wore sneakers and socks to accent her young appearance.  Her ass was flat, her hips not yet formed.

James grabbed his cock and straightened it in his pants as it rose to erection, the sight of Jessica inflamed his lust.  It was worth the trade for Heather.  He’d enjoy Jessica very much, Heather being too docile.  He knew that Jessica would put up a fight and he’d have many opportunities to punish her for it.  “Come here Jessica, come over here.”

Dr.  Marquis pushed on Jessica’s back and forced her over to James.  She hesitantly moved toward him with his big open hands waiting for her.  She knew that she wasn’t going to like this.  Ever since she was brought here by her parents, the men had done many evil things to her innocent body.  She was no longer a virgin, Michael having forced her to strip naked and display her body to him.  It had required a spanking to convince her to do it.  He then spread her on the bed and took her virginity with his large cock and brutal force to rip through her hymen like it was butter with his cruel cock.  After that it was a daily ritual of breakfast and then the rape of her body.  At night, her room door would be opened as the darkness hides the face of her rapist.  The blankets would be torn from her body, her legs spread and her pussy speared again by a hard cock.  The only sounds in the room were her groans of pain and the slap of flesh as the cock tore into her tight body.  Mornings would find her in bed as cum still leaked from her swollen sex.  A quick shower, breakfast and then the rape by Michael again.

“We gave you a little help in the persuasion department with Jessica.  This morning, we inserted a punishment egg in her ass hole.  Michael tells me that she was quite distressed about this as he did it.  Here is the remote.  It has settings from one to ten, one being the lowest.  It will generate an electrical charge in the egg, in this case, in her ass hole.  A one is only a minor charge, a ten could result in making her heart skip a beat, it’s so severe.  Besides making the victim of the charge very submissive, we have also found that it produces a very desirable effect when fucking.  She’ll squeeze your cock very hard, depending on the setting, as her ass hole is thrilled with the electricity.  It will also give you a minor charge, nothing like what she’d feel.  Just remember that if you decide to fuck her ass hole, since she is still an anal virgin, you might enjoy that very much, please remove the egg first, but put it back in when you’re finished.”  Dr.  Marquis handed the remote to James.

James grabbed the remote and put his arm around sweet little Jessica.  “I would like you to feel the egg thrill you, hold me tightly while I push the button.”  He grabbed her tightly and felt her brace for the charge.  He pushed the button, the setting on one and he felt her body jerk.  Her hips seemed to be fucking the air as he held the button down for thirty seconds.  He saw tears in her eyes; her mouth shut tight, bearing up to the pain that radiated inside her ass hole.  “Yes, I like that.  We are going to use this very often, aren’t we Jessica?” 

Michael’s hand caressed Heather’s ass.  “Does daddy fuck your ass, Heather?”  He waited for an answer.

“Yes, when I have my period, he puts it in my behind.”

“Does it hurt, Heather, does it hurt when daddy fucks your ass hole?”

“Yes, I don’t like it.  It hurts too much, daddy is very big.”

“You must have a tiny, tight ass hole, Heather.  You don’t mind if I check do you?”  His hand pushed up her skirt until he could reach for her panties.  His hand slipped into her panties from behind and ran over her naked ass as his fingers searched down between her cheeks.  “Spread your legs and relax your ass cheeks,” he ordered her as he watched her as she reluctantly spread her legs.

“Please don’t hurt me.  It always hurts when he does that.”

His finger found her anus, a tiny indent in her ass.  He pushed in, her ass hole reluctantly opened for the ravishment of her ass.  He felt his finger pop into her as her sphincter gripped it tightly.  He pushed harder as his dry finger rasped inside her ass and deeper into her rectum.  He felt her jerk forward as she hoped to escape the finger in her ass.  “Hold still or I’ll replace my finger with the egg.  You wouldn’t want that would you?”

Heather shook her head and braced her feet, her legs spread as the finger relentlessly plunged deeper into her ass hole until he was all the way up inside her and his knuckles brushed against her opening.  She groaned in pain but she didn’t move.

“Well James, it looks like you didn’t stretch out Heather’s ass hole too much.  She’s still very tight.  I think you’ll find Jessica’s ass hole even better.  She’s still a virgin in her ass, but I’m sure by the time you leave, your cock will have visited it a great many times.”  Everyone laughed as Heather and Jessica cringed from the cruel joke.  Michael twisted his fingers around inside her ass hole and propelled Heather toward the railing, his finger in her ass hole forced her to walk bowlegged toward the opening in the floor.  “The RapeHorse is here.  And here comes Rebecca, ready for the ride of her life.  I’ll explain the features of the RapeHorse as Rebecca prepares herself.  Rebecca has seen you and Heather up here.  You can see the distress on her face.  She’s not sure what’s going to happen to her, but she has a good idea she won’t like it.  She’ll be forced to strip naked for us.  One of the guards is carrying a stun gun and a short burst to her tit will stop any reluctance on her part.”

Heather shifted from one leg to the other, the finger in her ass uncomfortable and when he moved his finger, very painful.  “Please take your finger out.”

Michael pulled his finger out.  When he was at the entrance to her ass he put another finger alongside of it and pushed it back in, two fingers now stretched her open as they harshly slid into her ass.  He felt her ass hole tighten on his finger until both fingers were embedded deep inside her ass hole.  “Quiet little girl, now just stand there and watch the show.  I like the way your tight little ass hole grips my fingers.  Anymore noise out of you and it’ll be three fingers.”  He twisted his finger as Heather was forced to accept new pain.

Heather bowed her legs out as she attempted to relieve the pain in her ass hole.  She wouldn’t say anything anymore, not wanting any more of the same.  She looked down at her sister below.  

James watched as Rebecca slowly removed her clothes, forced to look up at him as she did.  It had taken a jolt on her breast with the stun gun.  She had fallen to the floor as she clutching her wounded breast.  She was pulled up by her hair, forced to stand again.  She unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her bra-encased breasts.  Her breasts were pushed up by her bra.  She was ordered to remove the bra next.  Her arms went behind her and unsnapped it as it fell to the floor.  Her arms stood at her sides, her proud breasts stood up firmly.  Her nipples began to harden, part in fear, part from the cold air.  She saw her father grab the girl next to him.  She didn’t know who she was but she figured it was someone that wasn’t going to like what he was going to do to her.  She could see the panic in the girl’s face and recognized the same look as the one she got when her father molested her.  She watched her father reach over to the girl as he unbuttoned her blouse, to reveal two little nipples stand out on her chest.  The girl cringed as her father pulled and pinched one of the nipples as he forced it to get hard and erect.  His other hand grabbed her hands and placed them on his crotch.  She couldn’t tell what he told her, but from the look on her face, it looked like, stroke my cock nice and slow.  Her hand pulled down his zipper and took his hard cock out of his shorts.  Her hand gently stroked his cock while her other hand grabbed his balls as her father continued to abuse the poor girls nipples.  Now both hands pulled and twisted the nipples as the girl tried to stand on her toes to escape the cruel fingers.

Heather wasn’t doing much better than Rebecca or Jessica.  Both were naked to the waist.  Michael wasted no time with her.  “Remove your blouse and bra.  Daddy tells me you have some nice tits, not small little tits like Jessica.” 

Dr.  Marquis and Michael watched as she stripped to the waist, her breasts, like Rebecca’s, firm, with large hard nipples.  Hands reached out, Michael on one side, Dr.  Marquis on the other, both wanted to see how much pain they could inflict on her as each tried to get her to gasp or groan louder.

Heather’s nipples were painfully twisted and pinched as cruel fingers dug into the nipple flesh.  Michael’s fingers in her ass hole began to twist and turn again, Heather forced to shift her weight from one leg to the other to give him greater access to her ass hole.

Downstairs, Rebecca had dropped her skirt and let her panties fall to the floor.  She stood straight ahead, eyes on her father, naked as she watched him molest the little girl, her sister Heather being molested by two men, all eyes on her.  Her pain and suffering was about to begin.  She looked at the machine next to her, a collection of metal tubing and straps.  What scared her were the three large dildos spaced about the frame.  She saw a tray next to the machine, a large collection of replacements, from small to huge.  She never saw a horse cock, but this had to be the same size.

Dr.  Marquis’ voice rang out in the room.  The other doctors had come in and joined James and the others upstairs.  “The RapeHorse was built specifically to test the endurance of the female species.  While the main purpose is to induce pain, it was designed to do it specifically to the female sex organs and also force the female to achieve multiple orgasms.  We have found that the maximum time on the RapeHorse is three hours, but today we hope that Rebecca will be able to surpass that record.  As you can see downstairs, Rebecca is more than reluctant to get on the horse and begin.”

Downstairs, three guards hefted Rebecca up onto the frame as she clutched her breast where the stun gun was again placed and discharged.  She felt her naked body stretched out onto the frame, straps placed strategically all over her body to attach her firmly to the metal tubing.

“As you can see, Rebecca is being stretched out straight onto her stomach.  This is only a temporary position.  The metal tubing that she is attached to has joints, corresponding to the joints in Rebecca’s body.  This allows the machine’s mechanisms to bend and twist Rebecca in any shape or form desired.  Her legs can be spread wide, her pussy and ass hole opened.  She can be bent over, stood up straight, bent in half, any number of positions, some of them quite painful and humiliating.  But the main position of the female is bent up or bent down.  Watch and you’ll see what I mean.”  Dr.  Marquis began to play with the controls.  Rebecca’s legs were brought up underneath her until she was almost bent in half.  The whole machine then rose up at a forty-five degree angle until her arms and legs were pulled straight up and her ass hung down to the floor.  “In this position, both of her holes are completely exposed, when her legs are spread like this,” the machine pulled her legs apart, her pussy and ass hole spread open for all to see.  “She is open for penetration.  This position also puts all her weight on her sex organs to force the victim to impale herself on the dildos that’ll be placed under her.”

“We also have this position,” the mechanism began again, this time Rebecca turned completely over, her head and arms down below, her ass hole and pussy pushed up towards the ceiling, her body still bent in half.  “While this position gives our guests in the gallery an unobstructed view of her sex organs, we do have a pair of dildos that will come down from the top.  These dildos have very powerful motors to allow for maximum penetration as they are forced into the victims sex organs.  We’ve successfully used this method to open up the victim’s pussy and ass hole deeper than has ever been possible.  We’ve found that we were able to open up the victim’s uterus, allowing for deeper penetration.  We’ve also successfully used this position to open a victim’s pussy for fucking by one of our stallions in the stable.  We have one that has a “horse cock” that is twenty-two inches when fully erect.  He has successfully mated with one of our patients, though she has walked bow-legged ever since,” everyone laughing as they imagined her walking down the hallway.

“We have a wide selection of dildos to be used.  Most are made of a new specially designed polymer that has interesting properties in that it can expand and contract with relative ease.  This allows it to go from a smooth two-inch wide dildo to a four-inch wide, sandpaper finished dildo with a six-inch ring in the center.  We have one called the AssBuster, with large rings every two inches that will torment a reluctant sphincter.  Our dildos can bend and twist into a permanent position that generates excruciating pain, especially when inserted in the ass hole.  It will force the colon to straighten out to bring massive cramps.  Liquids can be excreted from small holes in the dildos, in some cases from small needles that will pop out.  We’ve been very successful in the use of various, highly irritant liquids like jalapeño pepper juice, alcohol, bug spray and gasoline.  If the victim gets too wet, an astringent can be released to dry up the victim’s natural juices, allowing for continued painful fucking of the dildo.  Another favorite dildo is the DogCock.  This has a knot, just like a dog’s cock.  It’s the size of a tennis ball.  It can be opened up inside the victim’s pussy.  Or to make it even more painful, outside, forcing the pussy to open wide.  Many times it will tear the pussy opening.  And of course, all of the dildos conduct electricity, from a mild stimulating charge, to a brain busting jolt that will turn the victim’s body into a quivering mass.”

James pushed Jessica down to the floor, onto her knees.  “Open up little girl, time to receive your first load of cum.  The doctor is making my cock so hard.”  James put his fingers into the corner of her mouth and forced her to open her mouth.  He saw the look in her eyes as his cock began to run over her lips, his precum made her lips glisten.  “Have you sucked a cock yet, Jessica?”

Jessica shook her head no.  Michael and the others had only raped her pussy for the last week.

“I’ll teach you, you’d like that wouldn’t you, learning how to suck my cock until I cum in your mouth?”

Jessica looked up and shook her head yes.  She knew that any other answer would provoke a jolt in her ass hole.

“That’s good.  I’ll turn you into my own little cocksucker, now stick your tongue out and lick the head real good.  That’s good, now open wide as I push it in.  Yeah, that’s good, bob your head up and down, suck it like a lollypop,” his hands were on each side of her head as he guided her to the correct movements.  “That’s a good little girl, keep sucking.”

Heather was also being molested by Michael as Dr. Marquis was busy with the presentation.  He still rubbed his hands all over her tits, now red and swollen from the mistreatment.  “Step out of your skirt, Heather, I want you naked," He removed his finger from her ass hole, but not before he gave it a vicious twist deep inside her as his fingernails scraped along her anal tract.  She dropped her skirt to the floor and Michael pulled her panties down.  “Step out of them, leave your heels on, you look very sexy naked.  Spread your legs open,” his hand moved down over her flat stomach as he ran his fingers through her pussy hair.  His fingers spread her pussy lips open.  He felt her wetness.  “Does daddy make you wet too?  I bet you really love it when daddy’s cock busts you open.”  He moved his fingers to her pussy and two fingers entered her, Jessica made to rise up on her toes as they pushed inside her and pulled her up.  “You want a finger up your ass hole too?  You want me to make you cum, Heather?”

Heather shook her head.  “No, please no,” as she rose up higher when his fingers in her pussy pulled her up.  She felt his hand run over her ass and knew that he was going to do what he wanted.  His fingers pushed between her cheeks to push against her ass hole again as he forcefully entered her and plunged deep into her colon.  It pulled out, only to return as two fingers plunged ruthlessly into her ass hole.  

“I can feel your sphincter grab my fingers.  You like that don’t you?  I can tell,” his finger massaged her sphincter as the tips rubbed along her anal tract.  He pulled up on his fingers in her ass hole and her pussy and forced her high on her toes.  He liked the look of her, naked, on her toes, legs spread as her pussy and ass hole gripped his fingers tightly.  “Yes, Heather, rise up nice and high, I like to see you stretch,” as he pulled up harder with his fingers.

Dr.  Marquis continued talking, but he watched the debasement of the two girls near him.  He saw Jessica out of the corner of his eyes, sucking the
Congressman’s cock for all she was worth.  Heather, on his right, was stretched up tall on her toes, her sex organs speared by Michael’s fingers.

“Another feature of the dildos is that they can also spin on the platform they are situated on.  This allows them to make oblong circles as they fuck in and out, forcing the pussy or ass hole to stretch into obscene shapes.  Better than a large dildo, it allows the pussy or ass hole to shrink back down, and then it again has to suffer the stretching.  The breasts aren’t neglected.  We have a number of features.  You can see that Rebecca’s breasts are now being secured between two metal bars.  At each end is a cylinder that can bring the bars together or apart.  You can see the grimace on Rebecca’s face as her beautiful tits are now pinched grotesquely between the metal to force them out into hard points.  Her nipples already started to turn purple as all of the blood is forced to the tips.  The mechanism is programmed to release them and then tighten again every five minutes.  This brings about the maximum amount of pain.  Any more than that would permanently harm the tit flesh.  We’re not opposed to that, it’s just that the pain becomes numbing.  By tightening and releasing, the pain is new and intense each time.  The nipples will receive special attention.  Rebecca has extremely long nipples which will allow for the maximum amount of pain.  In this case, we’ve also been able to induce the female’s breasts to express milk.  We have small plastic cups that fit over the nipples.  These are attached to a powerful suction machine.  The nipple will be sucked into the cups, in the case of Rebecca, far inside to stretch her nipple flesh.  Inside are small metal needles that run alongside the cup that begin with small needles and  larger needles the further the nipple goes into the cup.  With Rebecca’s large nipples, they will be forced along some very long and pointed needles.  The suction is set as timed bursts.  The nipple will be sucked in, released, and then sucked in again.  This will drag the nipple flesh over the needle again and again.  As with the dildos, the needles will also excrete various irritants.  We begin by lubricating the nipples with Ben-Gay.  It brings about very desirable effects on our young victims.”

“Last but not least, we’ll take care of Rebecca’s mouth.  While we don’t leave the dildo in her mouth at all times, that would eliminate the lovely screams we can wrench from her body as we inflict the pain on her, and we do at various times force the dildos into her oral cavity.  These dildos are a little less rigid to allow the penetration of the victim’s throat.  The dildos are hollow in the center to allow fluids to pass through, just like a real cock.  In the gallery above, you will see various bowls attached to the edge of the railing at waist height.  Anything you put into the drain will end up shooting out of the dildo into Rebecca’s mouth.  This could be your cum, or if you like, you may piss in it.  Rebecca will be more than willing to swallow any of it.  We have a special clamp on her nose.  If she refuses to swallow, the clamp will close her nasal passage and cut off her air supply until she swallows.  I also enjoy cutting off her nasal passage when a dildo is stuffed into her throat.  The lack of oxygen will make her body dance on the frame very sexily.  The straps are tensioned to allow some body movements when requested on my console.  It is also delightful to watch as a very large dildo is slowly forced into her pussy or ass hole and she tries to arch up to escape it, knowing that it’s impossible.”

“Each person in the gallery, except our little fucks toys, Jessica and Heather, has a remote device.  You can enter in selections of what you would like to happen to Rebecca.  I will monitor the results and select the appropriate request and forward them to the RapeHorse.  I’d just like to mention, it’s better to start off slowly to move up in pain, back down slowly, and then back up again.  Continuing this up and down action has a more dramatic effect in that it doesn’t dull the victim’s senses.  When this happens, we then have to induce drugs into the victim, usually cocaine or heroin.  While this alerts the senses, it does have the effect of dulling the victim’s brain response.  Now I think we’re ready to begin.  Plugs will be put into Rebecca’s ears so that she won’t be able to hear my voice any longer, except when I want her to.  I don’t want her alerted to what will happen to her.  I think the unknown expectation is much more frightening, but I do like to talk to her during the ordeal, humiliating her.  I’m going to start out by masturbating Rebecca and inducing an orgasm in her.  In fact, I’ll do this four times.  By that time, her body will already begin to become exhausted and more susceptible to the pain that will then be inflicted.  It will also make her sex organs very tender and make the pain of the mechanical rape much more painful.  I’ll loosen the tension in her restraints so that you may enjoy the bucking of her young body as she is fucked into submission.  Her pussy will receive a small, two-inch wide dildo, about six inches long.  Her ass hole will receive a one-inch wide dildo that’s ten inches long.  This will bring about some cramping in Rebecca because of the length, but it’s very pliable so it will bend easily inside her body.  Her mouth will receive a three-inch wide dildo that is six inches long.  This will stretch her mouth very wide and will allow access to her throat.  I don’t think we really care to hear any gasps of ecstasy.  I suggest that you begin to masturbate your cocks into the sinks and allow poor Rebecca to swallow large quantities of cum.”

“One last and most important piece of the RapeHorse is the clit attachment.  This has a number of different ranges, from pleasure to pain.  As Rebecca was strapped down, her pussy lips were clamped in five places.  Two on each side of her pussy lips, top and bottom and one clamp was placed on her clit hood.  Each clamp is attached to a metal chain.  This allows electricity to pass through it.  I control the chains and I can stretch them open or release them.  They are clamped so tight, they will keep stretching the flesh until it tears.  The clamps have small metal teeth on them so while attached, they are quite painful, and excruciatingly painful when they are stretched.  A cup like the ones used on her nipples is used for her clit.  Her clit will be sucked into the cup.  Inside of the cup are small little balls that circle the edges, moving around one revolution every three seconds.  These balls while small aren’t completely smooth.  As they circulate, they rub against the stretched clit.  This can be used to make the victim have multiple orgasms.  In Rebecca’s case, we’ll force her to cum at least four times.  This can also be used for the deliverance of pain.  The balls can be spun faster and pushed in closer, trapping the clit between them as the balls press deep onto the erect clit.  Needles can also be forced out the side and as in the case of the dildo so irritants can be shot out the tips.  The suction can also be increased and we have accidentally torn the clit off of one of the first victims in the testing of the machine.  The balls are also conductors of electricity and you’ll be able to see Rebecca when we do that to her.  It will feel like we are shooting electricity directly up her spine.”

“We will now begin.  I suggest that any of you in the gallery that have a female subject, this might be a good time to penetrate her with your cock.  We will begin with the masturbation of Rebecca.”

“Get up, Jessica.  You did such a good job making my cock hard and wet.  Move over to the railing, hands on the bar, legs back and spread wide.”  James watched as Jessica obeyed, her young body stretched painfully wide in front of him, her pussy and ass hole spread open before him.  He slid his foot between her and forced her to spread wider.  He heard her groan, as her legs were spread obscenely wide, pain radiating from her crotch.  “Yes, you have such a young limber body suitable for fucking in a variety of positions.”  His fingers reached down to her hips as he pulled her backward, her ass forced to arch up.  “Yes, that’s good, I like your ass up high, stretch onto your toes, rise up higher.”

Jessica was pulled backwards, her arms slipped down and her ass rose up higher.  She arched up onto her toes; the pain already began in her legs as she was forced to present her naked ass and pussy to be raped again.  All of the men liked to force her to perform and make her body available for their cocks, the more painful for her, the better they liked it.  The congressman was no exception.  Her body was tense, her muscles strained as she held the position of servitude, a willing victim to her rape.  She felt his body push into her as he rested his cock on her ass cheeks.  She clenched them in anticipation of the pain that he would soon inflict on her young body.  She jumped, her body hurt from the jolt of the egg in her ass hole.

“Don’t tense up on me again.  I want you open for me, wherever I want to put my cock.  Next time the egg goes to a number two,” as he changed the button setting.  He fisted his cock again to make it harder.  He rubbed along her ass, his cum left traces that glistened in the lights.  “That’s much better little girl.”  His hands lifted her hips and forced her higher.  “On your toes,” he ordered her.  He watched as she strained to rise up high to leave her pussy open and unprotected.  He pushed his cock against her pussy; the head forced her pussy lips apart as he prepared to spear her open sex.

Her muscles strained as she forced herself to spread open for his pleasure.  She cringed when she felt his cock at her pussy.  It was so big, she knew that he intended to fuck her hard like Michael and the others did.  All men wanted to hurt her with their cocks and they usually succeeded.  Her pussy wasn’t big enough to take the massive cocks without some pain and tearing.  She heard him tell her to push back on his cock as she felt her pussy lips spread wide while the cock head forced itself into her tender flesh.  She groaned in pain as his cock twitched inside, as the head was now trapped inside her pussy.  Her muscles clamped tightly onto the hard cock.  She knew that he enjoyed her muscles natural reaction to the rape, to try to expel the log being shoved into her near virgin pussy.

“Yes, clamp on my cock.  You want me to fuck you, don’t you?  You want a big hard cock to hurt you.  I can feel you grip it.”  He pushed harder and forced almost half of his cock into her teenage cunt.  He saw her head rise up in pain as he pulled her back onto the punishing instrument of his lust.  “Take it all, fuck back on me or it’s the egg for you,” he yelled at her.  He pulled back and felt her strain to grip it.  He pulled it until it was almost out then pushed it back in.  This time there was no pause, just one gigantic thrust into her pussy.  He yanked her by the hair and raised her head up, wanting to hear her yell in pain.  “Take it, cunt, take my hard cock.”

Jessica could barely stand on her toes any longer, the muscles in her legs already cramped, her pussy torn as the raping cock pushed deep inside her ravaged pussy.  The days of continual rape took their toll on her teenage body, her pussy rubbed raw by the hard cock that inflicted the pain on her.  She screamed as her hair was pulled, the cock forced deep inside her until it smashed against her cervix.  It felt like it bruised her.  Her pussy grabbed the hard cock in pain; it twitched inside her and forced more pain, as it grew bigger.

His hands stroked her ass; his fingers ran over her ass hole as little goose bumps appeared around her light brown ass hole.  He felt her pussy grip his cock and squeeze the life out of him.  She was so hot and tight.  He held there, his cock embedded deeply as he felt her tremble.  He reached down on her back and ran his fingers under her as he searched out her nipples again.  He found them, still hard and erect and grabbed them tightly as he pinched them hard.  Her ass twitched in pain as it massaged his cock.  “Relax and watch the show, my cock is going to be inside you for a long time.”  Her feet move back and forth as she attempted to relieve the pain and fullness in her sex organs.

Meanwhile, Dr. Marquis and Michael prepared Heather.  She was turned until she faced Dr.  Marquis, her legs spread wide as he held his cock in his fist.  “Put it in your pussy, Heather, fuck yourself on my cock.”

Heather pushed forward as her pussy met the hard cock in front of her.  She had to rise up a little as it fitted against her pussy and she began to push it inside her.  Her pussy lips were forced apart by the cock; the head began to fill her pussy as she pushed it inside her body.  She felt another cock behind her push against her ass.  “Please, not in my behind, it’ll hurt too much with a cock already in my vagina.”

“Quiet, relax your ass hole while I slip it inside your ass.”  Michael pushed his cock against the tiny ass hole in front of him.  It didn’t look like it would fit.  He pushed and watched her ass hole slowly spread open, forced by the big head of his cock.  He felt her body jerk forward as the pain of the rape forced her to move onto the cock in her pussy.  Michael followed her movements as his cock slowly but forcefully pushed deeper into her rectum while her sphincter tightened down on the cock.  Her ass hole strained to push out the foreign object inside her.

“Oh, God, no, that hurts too much,” she cried as the twin cocks forcefully raped her teenage body, her pussy now stuffed full of Dr.  Marquis’ hard cock while Michael’s cock continued its relentless rape of her ass hole, her colon brutally forced to accept the hard cock.  She screamed again as her stomach cramped when the cock in her ass hole hit bottom and both cocks rubbed against each other, separated only by a tiny membrane.  She had never been so full or in so much pain.  This was worse than what her father did to her.

“That’s a good daddy’s girl; take the kind men’s cocks.  Now squeeze them nice and make them cum, or daddy will punish you.”  The congressman watched as his daughter was sandwiched between the two men, held upright by the hard cocks.  His cock twitched inside of Jessica.

The trainer reached down, his hand caressed Rebecca’s naked flesh as he felt her jerk in revulsion.  “Now, Rebecca, are you going to be a good girl and cum for us?  Look up, your father has his cock in that nice little girl and you sister is over there.  It looks like Dr.  Marquis has his cock inside her pussy and I bet Michel’s cock is stretching her ass hole very wide.  The rest of the doctors all have their cocks out and are stroking them.  They’re all waiting for you to cum for them on the RapeHorse.”  He pushed a button, Rebecca now placed in the upright position, her sex hung down, her legs up.  Another press of the button and her legs separated until they were spread wide, her ass hole and her pussy gaped open.  He fit the dildo onto the machine, an eight-inch long and two-inch wide artificial cock.  Her pussy lips were already spread wide by the chains and he pushed it just inside her pussy.  “Your pussy can’t wait to be filled.”  He put her nipples into the plastic cups and pushed the button that started the suction.  He watched as her long nipples began to fill the cups, stretched to go inside the cup, forced into smaller and smaller places as they were pulled in.  He felt her body jerk as the needles began to run over the flesh deep inside the cups.  “You have such beautiful nipples, Rebecca.  The machine will suck them and keep them very hard.  My fingers will masturbate your clit for your first cum.  After that the machine will take over.”  His fingers moved over her clit as he pushed another button on the machine.  The cock began the rape of her pussy.

Rebecca tried to push herself aside, but her body could only move about an inch as she felt the cock pushed relentlessly into her pussy.  Her flesh felt speared as it thrust in, then out, then back in again, only this time deeper.  It began to fill her, her pussy walls spread wide as it fucked her.  Not a human, flesh cock, but a man made, machine cock that would force her to orgasm in front of everyone.  A finger rubbed over her clit, and made it harder.  The straps holding her loosened, Rebecca allowed to move in cadence with the cock inside her.

“That’s a good girl.  Daddy wants to see his little girl fuck back on the machine cock.  Bounce up and down, take it deeper,” as the trainer’s fingers continued the masturbation of her clit.  “Look at all those men, their cocks hard as they watch you get ready to cum.”


The End












SHIPWRECKED, OBEY, SUBMIT is an action-packed adventure on the high seas as the super-rich fight the forces of nature in a losing battle with a cyclone that is hell-bent on sinking the superyacht.

Only part of the crew and passengers survive the storm, but they end up on a fog-shrouded island far off course when they should’ve been in the vast open waters of the South Pacific. Three women and three men find themselves left to their own devices for survival, but they are far from being the ideal couples. The three men are part of the crew and the three women lost their husbands or lovers to the storm.

After months on the island, the men see a better life in a different way. The women are dependent on the men for their survival, and there is little they can do to avoid the inevitable outcome. They know little of the background of the men, and that is an unfortunate mistake. The crew had women in every port, and their tastes ran from the exotic to the perverse. Nothing is off limits to satisfy their sexual desires, and with little hope of rescue, it is time for the women to earn their keep.

The captain and the mistress of the ship have been at odds for years, and he finds satisfaction in taming the mistress of the ship, humiliating her in front of everyone, but it is bondage that compels her submission. Her sister finds something disturbing as she watches her sister submit, but unlike her sister, she finds excitement in submitting and the pleasure is enhanced when she is bound. The third young woman, a trophy wife for an older man that had long given up on sex, finds herself drawn to a young, virile man that takes her with youthful exuberance.

But, nothing could’ve prepared them for what the men had in their depraved minds. It’s an exotic island, but the women are more exotic as they succumb to being readily available to the men at any time or in any manner. Is it the island of pleasure or the island of Hell that the six of them occupy? Powerone takes you on an action-packed adventure with the diverse characters forced to confront each other until the strong take command and the weak are mastered in every way.