Sinful Redemption

By Powerone

Copyright 2010

They came into the valley almost a year ago, taking over the small church that numbered less than one hundred members.  Deeply religious, the locals embraced them, Pastor Paul and his beautiful wife Becky.  From Atlanta, they rode into town in a big car and took over the church without as much as a mention to anyone else.  He had the gift of gab, able to charm man or woman with his words.  Becky was articulate as well as beautiful, charming all who came into contact with her.

The locals thought they were blessed, God’s spokesperson coming to redeem them.  Word spread quickly, hundreds became thousands and by the end of the year, the church members surpassed ten thousand, cars clogging the tiny rural roads on Sunday from early morning to late at night.  All wanted to catch Pastor Paul’s services and be saved by him and his wife.

 The new church was built in record time, an ornate cathedral to God and Pastor Paul.  The sanctuary held over two thousand, but many more stood to hear him preach the salvation that he could deliver.  The parish house was almost as large, an edifice befitting someone as powerful as Pastor Paul.  Not only the living quarters for Pastor Paul and Becky, it served as their offices but also has a private sanctuary that only the privileged would ever see.

On any Sunday before the service, Pastor Paul and Becky would greet each parishioner, knowing them by name, even as their numbers grew exponentially.  On this particular day, Becky had her eye out for someone special.  It was the third service before she saw her, Abigail, married to Joshua.  They were a young couple with no children, Abigail a lovely girl that just turned twenty-one last week and her husband Joshua, twenty-five.  They were one of the original hundred members before Becky and Paul arrived.

“God be with you, Brother Joshua.”  Becky greeted him, her voice ringing with her sexy Southern twang.  She took his hand, seeing his eyes light up when she said his name and felt her soft hand cradle his.

Joshua couldn’t believe that Pastor’s Paul lovely bride knew his name.  Her soft hand cradled his with such firmness, but his eyes were devouring the lovely woman.  She wore a black suit that clung to a lovely body that the Lord had gifted her with, the skirt short enough to show off long, lean legs.  His cock thickened, but he felt no sacrilege, for the Lord had bestowed such a perfect body on a perfect woman.  “Bless you, Sister Becky.  Such a beautiful day the Lord has given us to hear his word and seek his redemption.  Praise the Lord!”

“Praise the Lord, Brother Joshua.”  But, Becky was interested in Abigail, not Joshua.  “Sister Abigail,” taking her hand, “God created such a lovely woman when he created you.”  Becky devoured Abigail’s body as they held hands, pointed, firm breasts that a simple button down blouse clung to so deliciously, a blue skirt that hugged her womanly hips and clung to her butt like a second skin.  Her suit jacked was opened to display her womanly charms for all to see.

“You make me blush, Sister Becky.  I pale in comparison to your beauty.  Your husband is lucky to have such a lovely bride to share his bed.”  Abigail had seen the way Pastor Paul’s eyes lit up when he talked to Becky.  If only Joshua had as much love in his heart as Pastor Paul did.  She worshipped Pastor Paul since he came to the town a year ago, her heart throbbing whenever she talked to him, his eyes making her sex wet with unseemly desire.

“The Lord loves a man that knows how to take care of a woman, and so does a woman.  Paul is a difficult man to please, but I do all that I can to make his life pleasurable.”  Abigail would soon find out what it took to make Paul happy.

“The Lord’s work is never done.”  Becky still held her hand.

“Happy Birthday, Abigail.  Twenty-one this week.”

Abigail was surprised that she knew this, but then again, Pastor Paul seemed to know everything.  “Thank you.  We haven’t even had time to celebrate, Joshua working overtime on the Ranger’s farm this week.  He’s even working this afternoon; the crops don’t get picked by themselves.”

“That works out just fine then, Abigail.  I was wondering if you could come over to the Parish about one this afternoon.  We could celebrate your birthday and I could learn more about you.  After all, you are one of the original founders of the church.  The Lord has a special place for you in his design.”  Becky smiled at Joshua and then looked back at the pleased look on Abigail’s face.

“I would be honored, Sister Becky.  Honored to serve Pastor Paul and the Lord in any way that he sees fit to use me.”

“See you at one then, Abigail, enjoy the service.”  She finally let her hand go.  Abigail had a firm grip, Pastor Paul would like that.

* * *

Abigail couldn’t stop talking to Joshua about the invitation.  She was so proud and so was Joshua.  They both appreciated all that Pastor Paul and Becky did to bring religion to the valley, ready to do anything to help in the success that was already taking place.  Their little small church had grown to a powerful religious force and they were part of it.

Joshua went to work, Abigail leaving shortly, still dressed in her Sunday clothes.  She rode over to the parish house, parking her car out front.  She was about to ring the doorbell when Becky opened it up.

Becky grabbed Abigail and hugged her, planting a soft kiss on her cheek as she pulled her body up against hers.  She could feel the young, firm breasts pushing into hers.  Becky was not intimidated, even at thirty, Becky’s breast stood up proud and firm.  She finally broke the embrace, but her hand was around Abigail’s slim waist.  “Come in, let’s have something to drink and talk.  I want to find out so much about you.”

Abigail never felt as comfortable as she did with Becky.  It was as though they were the best of friends.  She got the grand tour of the Parish; she had seen parts of it, but not the best parts.  They sat in the living room on the couch, Abigail staring at the large upholstered chair that sat across from the fireplace, knowing that Pastor Paul sat there, imaging him sitting there majestically reading the newspaper.  Abigail was surprised by the cake for her birthday, but more surprised that the drinks were not coffee, but a Julep, made with bourbon, mint and sugar served over ice.  They didn’t stop talking for over an hour, three Juleps’ consumed by that time.

“Let me show you a special place, Abigail.  Very few are invited or have seen it.”  She grabbed Abigail’s hand and they walked down the long hallway to the large, ornate wooden doors.  “Get ready for this; it gives me a chill every time I go inside.”  Becky opened the door up and stood aside so Abigail could see inside.

Abigail was blinded by the bright light after coming down the dark hallway.  It was a smaller version of the sanctuary, but this one was more majestic, the altar was covered in red satin plush and sitting on a pedestal.  The walls were covered with stained glass windows that brought in the multi colored light to reflect in the room.  A large, gold cross towered up over thirty feet high and twenty feet wide.  There were no pews; just a large chair, almost a throne in front of the altar, a couch and some chairs facing it as if it were an informal sitting room, but there was nothing informal about this.  Abigail couldn’t catch her breath.  It was as though God would come down from the heavens and would sit in the throne.

Becky could see the way Abigail’s breasts were rising and falling as she struggled to take it all in.  “Paul and I meet very special guests in this room.  Come sit over here.”

Abigail almost sank into the couch.  There were two Juleps waiting for them and a pitcher sitting on the side table, the glass frosted.  She was already feeling a bit dizzy, not sure if it were the Juleps or the surroundings.  She heard the door open behind the altar, waiting, almost expecting God to come walking in.  Just as good, it was Pastor Paul, the long black robe swinging casually, covering him from his neck to the ground.  He sat in the chair without saying a word, though his eyes staring at Abigail made her body turn to jelly.  As soon as he sat in the chair, a strange thing happened.  All around him lit up like a Christmas tree.  The sun seemed to have followed him in.

Paul loved that trick.  He had mirrors in the ceiling.  The minute he crossed the invisible field near the chair, the motors hummed silently, the mirrors turning by computer command as it found the sun and reflected it through the sky light until it shined directly onto him.  Paul could feel the heat, but the effect is what drove him to the distraction. 

“Pastor Paul!”  That is all Abigail could say as she stared at him as if he were God, the light casting a holy shroud around him.

“Sister Abigail.  Welcome to my private sanctuary.  I come here to communicate with our Lord and learn of his plans for my followers and me.  Only my most trusted followers are allowed into my sanctuary.  Only followers that will do anything to serve the Lord and myself.” Paul could already feel his cock thicken beneath the robe.  He loved to wear the robe, naked beneath it.

Abigail wanted to rush up and kneel at his feet and worship Pastor Paul.  “I am unworthy.”

“We will see if you are worthy to do the Lord’s work.  First, Becky has a gift from the Lord for your twenty-first birthday.”  He smiled at Becky pulled out the blue case.

Abigail couldn’t believe it, the gold cross and chain glistening in the sunlight.  She had never seen anything so beautiful.  Becky moved closer, Abigail turning her back to her as she felt her soft hands on her neck, chills running up her spine, her nipples hardening in unexpected pleasure from the touch.  Abigail felt Becky released the cross, so heavy as it snuggled down into her blouse to rest between her cleavage.  It felt heavy.  “Thank you both.”

“Let me show it to Pastor Paul so he can see how well it suits the lovely body that the Lord has given you.”  Becky slipped the jacket off of Abigail, still behind her as she faced Abigail towards Paul.  She knew his cock was already rearing up in excitement.  “The Lord loves for us to show off his creations.”

Abigail was so proud that it didn’t bother her when Becky’s hands slid over her breasts and began to open the first three buttons of her blouse.  All she saw was the pleased look on Pastor Paul’s face as his eyes were drawn to Abigail’s cleavage.  Becky pushed the blouse to the side until her lacy bra was revealed.  A hand in the small of her back forced her to arch forward, thrusting her breasts out.

“Show Paul how the soft pillows of your breasts snuggle the Lords cross between them.  Arch your back for him.”  Becky watched as Abigail did as she was asked until her young breasts were thrust up, the gold chain sitting between the white, alabaster flesh of her breasts.

Becky’s fingers opened up the rest of her blouse and it was slipped off her shoulders before Abigail knew it.  A warm, soft hand on her back forced her to arch once again, Abigail looking down to see the heavy gold cross rising and falling between her heaving breasts.  She couldn’t stop the way her nipples hardened into sharp points, pushing out the front of her lacy bra.  Pastor Paul’s eyes continued to devour her breasts as she posed for him.

“The Lord made women with beautiful breasts for men to look at Abigail and he spared nothing with you.  Would you like to show them to me, Abigail?  Ask my bride to remove your bra so I can enjoy the Lords work.”  Paul couldn’t wait until he could free his cock from beneath the robe.

The words slipped out of her mouth with such ease.  “Bare my breasts so Pastor Paul may see them.”  Her bra was released with ease, soft hands on her shoulders easing the straps down, the cups of the lacy bra slipping off.  Abigail let the bra slip down to the couch, her hands at her side.  She arched her back without any further encouragement, thrusting out her bare breasts as the cross hung deliciously between them.  Not even her hard nipples bothered her, feeling an unexpected tingling in them that drove down between her legs.  She clenched her legs together, feeling her pussy muscles clenching on an unseen lover inside her.  It was as though Pastor Paul was inside her.  Fingers touched her nipples, softly squeezing them, Abigail not ashamed when Becky touched her.  It was so natural.

“You are as beautiful as my bride, Abigail.  Are you ready to serve the Lord, Abigail?  Are you ready to serve me?”  Pastor Paul had never been denied his pleasure by his flock and Abigail did not fail him.

“Yes, I am here for the Lord.  I am here for you Pastor Paul?”  Abigail felt the presence of the Lord in her body.  She was ready to serve his gifted servant, Pastor Paul in any way she could.

“Bring her to me, Becky.”  Paul stood up and there was no denying his erection any longer.  It jutted out the front of the long robe like a tent pole.

They both walked over to Pastor Paul, Abigail unable to take her eyes off the proud erection of his manhood.  It had to be at least eight inches long.  Or more.  The Lord had gifted him with such a commanding organ.

When they both stood in front of him, he pulled the zipper down the front of his robe and let it slip to the floor.  His cock stood out at a forty-five degree angle, the sunlight reflecting off the oil he had greased it up with before he put the robe on.  He spread his legs slightly so Abigail could see his heavy balls that hung down, filled with his sperm that she would release.

It was as though his organ had a halo of sun around it.  The Lord was so proud of it that he showed it off majestically.  Abigail clenched her hands tight, able to feel his flesh between them, wanting so much to touch it.  He sat down in the chair, naked, his organ thrust up, his hand holding it proudly.

“Kneel between his legs, Abigail, so you may serve the Lord.”  Becky pushed down on Abigail’s shoulders, but she felt her surrender instantly as she sank to her knees as if she were praying to the Lord.

Her legs gave out, falling to her knees, her hands reaching out to catch her, touching Pastor Paul’s naked thighs as he spread his legs out before her.  She needed no further encouragement when she heard Becky’s words.

“Touch him, Abigail.  Explore his manhood with your hands.”

“AAAAHHH,” Pastor Paul crying out in pleasure as her small, smooth hand fit around his cock as if it was born to do it.  He felt her tighten on his flesh, sliding up and down gently on the oil.  Her other hand went between his legs and cupped his balls, squeezing gently as if she were afraid of breaking them.  “You have the hands of an angel, Abigail.”  He leaned back in the chair as the young girl began to fondle him so expertly.

He was so much bigger then Joshua.  And harder, his prick flexing as her hand ran up the long stalk to slide over the smooth head and back down.  The thick veins in the shaft pulsated with his blood.  She cupped his heavy balls, the flesh hot, squeezing them gently as her fingers glided over his organ.  She couldn’t even get her small hand all the way around the thick organ.  She saw the tiny drops of his pleasure leaking from the tip, glistening in the bright light.  She was stroking a man that was not her husband and yet it seemed like the most natural thing to do.  Especially since his wife was kneeling next to her, encouraging her.

Paul let her masturbate him for a few minutes, but he wanted more.  He nodded to Becky.

Becky moved closer to Abigail.  “Take Pastor Paul in your mouth, Abigail.”

She turned and looked at Becky, a frightened look on Abigail’s face.  “I’ve never done that.”  She was almost ashamed of her lack of experience.

“Joshua has never made you take him in your mouth, Abigail?”

“No, I’m sorry,” Abigail said softly, knowing she was disappointing Pastor Paul.

“Don’t worry; I will instruct you, Abigail.  Pastor Paul will guide your head to make sure you give him the maximum pleasure.”

It was so big, Abigail afraid she would not be able to take it all in her mouth.  And long, where would it all go?  “Thank you, I am sorry I am not experienced.”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t disappoint me, Abigail,” Paul said, not believing his luck, getting a mouth virgin.

Becky’s hand reached out and took Paul’s cock in her hand.  “Move forward until your face is only inches from Pastor Paul’s organ.”  Abigail moved, Becky feeling Paul’s organ flex and jump when Abigail’s hot breath blew on the head.

His organ was so hot, Becky rubbing it on Abigail’s forehead, then moving down over her cheeks, feeling the hot cum leaking from his organ onto her complexion.  She still reacted when it touched her lips, her mouth clenching tight in reflex, Becky painting her lips with the thick head as it moved back and forth.  Becky was insistent, pushing the organ between her clenched lips, sliding it back and forth as it continued to grease her lips with his essence.  The slick head slipped between her lips and she felt it on her teeth.

“Open your mouth and stick your tongue out, Abigail.”  It took only a second before her lips parted and a pretty, pink tongue slowly snaked out.  Becky waited until it was fully extended before she gripped Paul’s cock harder to keep it from jerking away from her grip.  She began to rub the cock head over Abigail’s tongue, Paul rising up from the chair from the first touch.

“Thank you, Lord!”  Paul cried out when her hot breath engulfed his cock and then he felt her wet tongue on the slick head.  Becky skillfully ran his cock up and down the wet tongue while it danced in her hand.  He looked at the young girl kneeling before him, naked to the waist, firm, young breasts so pointed and hard that they almost pointed to the ceiling.  Her eyes were open wide in wonderment, her pink lips parted wide, her tongue pushed out, his hard organ rubbed up and down her tongue by his wife.  What man wouldn’t want such a thing to happen to him?

She could taste him as his organ leaked on her tongue.  It was salty and thick, but it was Pastor Paul’s essence.  She would do anything for him. 

“That’s a good girl, Abigail.  Now lick Pastor Paul.  Lick his organ, but also his balls.  It will bring him such joy.”  Becky’s soft voice spoke the encouragement.

Abigail reached out and touched his organ again, this time her tongue lapping at the throbbing flesh like a thirsty kitten, taking large swipes with her tongue from his hairy ball sack all the way to the head, her tongue teasing at the thick ridge where she knew a man was the most sensitive.  She had to hold his organ tight when she flicked her tongue over the tip, tasting the salty juices that seeped out profusely from the hole in the end.  It coated her tongue but she was beyond the salty taste, eager to please Pastor Paul, eager to show him that she would do anything with her mouth to please him.  The hardest part was to lick his balls, the wrinkled sack covered with wiry hairs that clogged her throat.  To prove her devotion, she pushed one ball into her mouth until her cheek bellowed out like a chipmunk with nuts stored in them.  By time she was finished, both of his balls were glistening with her spit.  She went back to licking his cock, her tongue exploring every inch, every bump and ridge, every vein that pulsated with his blood.

“You are exciting Pastor Paul with your tongue, but now it is time for your mouth.  Open wide and take the head inside.  Keep your lips tight around it and I want you tongue always licking.  Do you understand, Abigail?”  Becky knew exactly what pleased Paul.

Paul watched as the young girls mouth opened so wide, pushing with his hips when he felt the head sliding over her lips.  He didn’t stop until her lips were sealed around the thick head, capturing it tightly in her virgin mouth.  Her tongue began to move instantly, pushed down by his cock, sliding out and beginning to flutter all over his cock with such delightful pleasure.

It felt like her lips were going to tear, but she was so proud when the smooth head slipped through her lips and sank into her mouth.  It felt like her mouth was stuffed with a baseball, but all of her thoughts were on Becky’s instructions.  The hot flesh of his prick pushed her tongue to the bottom of her mouth, but when she felt it flex in her mouth and bounce up and hit the roof of her mouth, she pulled her tongue free.  She began to explore the trapped head in her mouth as she closed her lips tightly around his throbbing organ.  She could feel his juices flooding her mouth as her tongue slid excitedly over the head.

“Yes, that is the enthusiasm for the Lord’s work I love to feel in a disciple, Abigail.”  He let her grow accustomed to having something that big in her mouth before he would begin thrusting inside her.

Her nostrils flared as she struggled to fill her lungs.  The prick stuffed her mouth fill, her nose the only way to fill her oxygen-starved lungs.  Spit dribbled down her chin, but her entire concentration was on bringing the most pleasure to Pastor Paul’s organ in her mouth.  She sucked in, feeling more of his organ slip into her mouth as her cheeks hollowed in, her tongue racing around the head.

“Good girl, Abigail.  Put your hands behind you and keep them there.  I will do the rest.  Just keep your lips tight and your tongue moving and the Lord will reward you with my essence.”  Paul moved forward in the chair as his hands found the side of her head.  He twisted his fingers in her hair until he held her tight.

“Try to relax as much as you can.  If you don’t struggle, it will make it easier,” Becky encouraged her.  She would soon have to contend with the length, not just the girth of her husbands cock.  He would make sure she took it all, deep into her throat.  Becky saw the young girl put her hands behind her, crossing her wrists as though they were bound.  There was no need to bind her, she would willingly leave her hands where they were.  They all did, surrendering to the Lord.

The hands tightened on her head, squeezing, then fingers curled in her hair until it felt like the follicles were tearing from her head.  Tears began to fill her eyes, but she had to contend with Pastor Paul beginning to stroke his organ in her mouth.  She felt the shaft slipping through her tightly clenched lips, able to feel every bump, ridge and vein on it.  The head of his organ pushed out her cheek, but it only withdrew, pushing back in again, each time deeper.  How far would he go?  Abigail’s tongue grew tired, but she continued to lap at his organ, wanting first to please him, her own discomfort secondary to his pleasure.  He began to rock her head back and forth more violently, her mouth going from empty to full in seconds.  More of his organ entered her mouth until she felt the thick head slam into her gullet, the head to big to do anything but thud against the tiny hole of her throat.  “GGGGGLLUGG,” she gagged as it felt like a giant cork trying to force its way into her gullet.  Now Abigail understood what Becky was telling her about relaxing.  Would Pastor Paul try to shove his organ down my throat?

Paul began to ride the girl hard, his hands holding her submissively against him as his frenzied movement of his hips drove his cock in and out of her open mouth with such pleasure.  He was pleased with a gag, pulling out and plunging back in, pleased when he elicited another gag from the mouth virgin.  This time he stopped, the head of his cock pushed against the tiny opening of her throat, plugging with his cock.

GGGluug,” she gagged again, but this time his hands held her still.  She felt the tremendous pressure as the thick head plugged her throat.  Her nostrils flared for air, but Pastor Paul held her still.  She could feel the pressure, the smooth head wet with her spit slowly pushing inside in spite of the hugeness of his organ.  She could feel her throat opening under the assault, millimeter by millimeter.  Abigail felt something give in her throat and then the head of his organ began to slip inside as she gagged loudly, her throat opening up to accept the massive organ.  “GGGURRGGLE.”  She couldn’t believe it, but the head of his organ was entering her throat.  She could feel it moving, like a snake slithering down into her belly.  His hands held her tightly against him, his hips moving from side to side as he fitted his organ into her. 

It felt like his cock was in a vise, the head compressed as it forced its way into her gullet.  He refused to let her loose as she gagged and choked on his cock as it inched its way into her belly.  Her head struggled, but he had her in his control.  Her hands behind her never tried to move as if they were bound.  He began to stroke his cock in her throat, never pulling all the way out, just far enough so he could get some more depth with the next powerful lunge inside.  He enjoyed the look in her eyes, resigned to the fact as his cock speared her lovely oval mouth and his shaft slowly sank in and out with his frenzied fucking of his hips. 

Drool was running down her chin, but it was her throat that hurt.  His organ pushed dryly in and out, the muscles in her throat fighting a losing battle to keep his demanding organ out.  Her head bounced up and down as he shoved inch after inch inside her until Abigail was sure that his organ was going to punch into her stomach.  Becky stroked her face as Pastor Paul used her mouth for his pleasure.

“That’s it, Abigail.  Swallow his organ.  You can do it, take it deeper.  He likes it all the way inside.”  Becky’s words rang out with encouragement.

Paul wasn’t going to last much longer, but not before she swallowed all of his cock.  One hand gripped the back of her head, the other hand holding her head still as he tilted her head back until her mouth and throat were in a straight line.  “Gag, Abigail, it will make it easier.”  He pushed with all his might, her mouth going from two inches of cock to eight inches.  Her throat held out for seconds, but finally was unable to overcome the brute force of his hips.  She coughed and gagged, but that only made it easier for his cock to fully breach her gullet.  When he stopped, his pubic hairs were rubbing across her lips and nose, his cock compressed into the tight hole of her throat, her muscles rippling up and down his cock with such excitement.  Her eyes were opened wide in amazement, Abigail trying to pull her head away from the cruel impalement.

It felt like a giant snake inching into her belly.  His hands crushed her head, pulling her onto his organ until the wiry hairs of his pubes tickled her nose and pricked her lips. Her mouth was stretched wide, but nothing could pale in comparison to the fullness she felt in her throat.  It was clogged with his organ, her muscles beat into submission by the overpowering organ.  Her head grew dizzy as her lungs were starved with air.  Even when he fully plugged her throat, he didn’t stay still, twisting her head and his hips from side to side, expanding the already thick organ to push her stretched throat to accommodate him.  She struggled, but her hands never left her back.  She refused to disappoint Pastor Paul and the Lord.  She was fulfilling her duties to the church.

“He is ready to cum, Abigail.  On your face, he is going to cum on your face.  Keep your mouth open when he does.  Don’t deny Pastor Paul his ultimate pleasure,” Becky instructed the young girl.

Abigail knew how profusely Joshua came, wondering how much crème Pastor Paul would shoot on her face.  He finally pulled his organ from her throat, Abigail sucking in mouthfuls of fresh air to fill her oxygen-starved lungs before Pastor Paul thrust back into her mouth.  At least this time he was content with only her mouth, Abigail using her tongue in hopes of pleasing him and receiving her final reward.  She could hear his rapid breathing as he readied to cum.

Becky’s hand grabbed his balls and pumped them, eliciting the cum from them so he could shoot on Abigail’s face. 

Abigail’s tongue was reluctant to let his cock go, but he pulled his cock from her mouth.  She tilted her head back, opening up her mouth, her eyes open and staring as he began to pump his cock for the final time.  His body stiffened as the pleasure raced from his balls and shot out his cock in a powerful arc.

She should close her eyes, but she wanted to see everything.  She lifted her head as he pumped his organ in her face.  Her mouth opened, her tongue snaking out an inch, ready to receive his blessed seed.  She knew when his body stiffened, his hand pumping his organ quicker.  She saw the hole in the center of the head open up and the milky, white cum shot out with a powerful blast.  It was almost like slow motion as it sailed through the few inches of air between them, landing with a thud on her nose and upper lip.  It felt so hot, almost burning her flesh. His hand continued to pump his organ, a second load of cum jetting out, her tongue slipping farther out of her mouth.  It hit with such accuracy, the top of her lips, her upper teeth and finally dribbling down onto her tongue.  It was so thick and hot.  She couldn’t wait, wanting to taste it, wanting to feel Pastor Paul’s seed filling her belly.  Her tongue slipped into her mouth until it filled it with the thick, salty juices.  She gagged the first time as she tried to swallow the thick seed, but Pastor Paul was already anointing her face with the third jet of cum all over her lips and into her slightly opened mouth.

She gobbled his cum up eagerly, even though he saw the grimace on her face when she tried to swallow the first load of thick cum.  He painted her lovely face with his dripping cum until there was no more to unload, his cock semi erect. 

She saw his wet, dripping organ inches from her face.  The thick crème moved slowly down her face and lips, permeating deep into her mouth.

Becky lifted up Paul’s dripping cock.  “Take it in your mouth, Abigail.  Suck it clean,” she ordered her.  She fitted the slick head through her lips and into Abigail’s mouth.  Her lips clung tightly around it, but Becky could see her tongue swishing erotically on his cum drenched cock as she cleaned it.  Her throat gulped time and time again, Becky scooping up the drying cum on her face and forcing it into her mouth until she swallowed every last drop of it.

Becky finally allowed Abigail to spit out Pastor Paul’s organ, her belly filled with the abundant crème that covered her face and his organ.  She sat back, so proud that she had brought such pleasure to Pastor Paul.

“You have made the Lord happy with your work, Abigail.  You served him well.”  His balls drained, Paul felt much better.

“Yes, Abigail. Pastor Paul and the Lord enjoyed your dedication.  You will inspire Pastor Paul to do his good work.”  Becky liked it when they got a new girl to join in pleasuring Paul.  Soon he would take the rest of her body and the others would join in.  The Deacons of the church also enjoyed the flesh of young girls.  Abigail would learn to serve two and even three Masters with her body at one time.

The End