Stepford Man Short Story

By Powerone
Copyright 2016

Chapter 1

Logan Bell is what would be classified as a nerd, though he’d never said it aloud. He’s in his senior year at a prestigious university, studying financial analysis with a major in accounting and a minor in computer science. He is in the top of his class, but it comes easily for him. Upon graduation he’d either get an MBA or go to work at as a financial analyst in almost any large corporation that has terabytes of data that needed to be analyzed. He saw things in data that most people didn’t and that was his finest asset.

Victoria Lee, Vicki to most of her friends, Victoria to her parents is a senior at the same university. She’s majoring in Engineering where females are few and most unsuccessful, though Vicki is an anomaly. She’s in the top of the class, yet she still doesn’t know what she wants to do. She’s not guided by high pay because her parents are wealthy and endowed her with a substantial trust fund. She had a different upbringing then most women in the United States. She was raised in Stepford, one of the many Stepford towns in the United States that all have something in common but that’s another story.

Chapter 2

Vicki deterred Logan each time they sexually played around. She got her pleasure, but she always denied Logan his. She’d tease him just enough to give him hope. She’d taught him gradually what gave her pleasure, though she never taught him her ultimate pleasure. She needed to groom him for that. That’s the way it had been done for a century by her forefathers or in her case, foremothers and it had worked. Before she left Stepford for college, she learned all the techniques, just as all women of Stepford did when they became adults at the ripe age of eighteen years.

Now that she neared graduation, it was time to pick a likely candidate. After a careful selection process and elimination, Logan Bell was targeted as the candidate and she went to work on fulfilling her dream. Logan didn’t have a chance once she targeted him, he just didn’t know it. Her selection process was quite extensive. She knew more about him then he knew himself.

Tonight she moved onto the next step. They went out for dinner and a movie, an action movie for him. She gave him just enough so that he thought he was in control. They went back to her apartment for he lived with three other students. All of them would be clustered around computers. They were gamers when not studying. She lived in a luxury condominium not far from campus, but the building was devoid of most students.

They lay on the couch as Vicki bathed in the afterglow of a nice orgasm that Logan had given her. She had taught him to orally satisfy her and he was adequate at it, though she fawned over his success when she came. She could see that he was hard, he always was, but she never did anything about it, letting him go home to sooth his own pleasure. As she got her breathing back, she sat up on the couch. She looked at Logan. “Stand up.”

He could still taste her juices on his lips. He was good at making her cum, never believing he could give any woman the pleasure that he did. He’d never fucked her. She’d said that she was a virgin and wouldn’t let a man inside her until she married. He found that to be true. She’d let him probe her gently until he found her hymen.

Her command surprised him, yet he didn’t attach anything to it. He stood up in front of her and that’s when he noticed that when she sat up, her head was level with his cock. She’d never touched his cock, though he was sure that the casual brush of her hand over the front of his pants was more than an accident. Could my wishes come true and she’d take my cock in her mouth? He doubted it, but it was always good to have hope. No woman had ever done that to him, but that was one of a long list of things he never did with a woman. Luckily Vicki couldn’t tell he was a virgin physically and his skills showed his prowess with woman. He looked down at her.

“Take off your pants.”

That shocked him and he tried to erase it from his face, but it was too late. He saw the smug look on her face. This was an unusual request, but why should he deny his own pleasure. He opened his belt and the button. He looked at her as he slid the zipper down his pants. It made a soft whisper in the room. The only other sound was his heavy breathing as his heart raced in excitement. He stood there and released his pants until they fell to his ankles. He wore a pair of white briefs and his cock was clearly displayed on them. He might be inexperienced with woman, but he wasn’t inadequate in that department. He’d seen enough other guys in the showers to realize that he was more than average.

“Kick your pants off and your shoes. You look silly with your pants around your ankles.” She smirked once again, wanting to keep him off guard.

He had to lean over to take off his shoes and kick off his pants, his socks followed. When he stood back up he noticed that she looked at his ass. He turned towards her, his erection greater now as she stared at it.

“Much better, but lose the shirt too, it might get in the way.”

He took it off, standing completely naked except for his shorts before her. He felt a slight blush on his skin. No woman had ever seen him like this. He couldn’t stop his cock from bouncing in his shorts as though he had no control over it, which he didn’t. He didn’t say anything. Either she’d change her mind about his shorts or something else was about to happen.

She looked at his cock. She had seen enough to know he was big. That was a requirement. “You’re big Logan.” She saw his face light up, proud of his size.

What do you say to that sentence? Thank you? That didn’t sound like enough so he said nothing. He saw her lean forward as he braced for her first touch. He hoped he wouldn’t cum from her touch.

His cock almost jumped out of his shorts when her knowing hand ran over the head of his cock.

He gasped loudly, unable to contain it when she touched him. Her hand didn’t pull away but instead it began to explore the head of his cock in his shorts. He couldn’t contain the premature ejaculation that wet his shorts. He was shamed when her fingers got wet.

“I hope you can control it better than that, Logan.” She said it with disdain in her voice.

He put his head down in shame, but her hand returned to the head of his cock, in spite of the wetness on his shorts. Her fingers were questioning and exploring, her long fingernails scraped lightly through his shorts as Logan tried to contain any more ejaculations. The more she touched him the more he grew. His cock never felt so hard and it grew bigger to please her.

“Yes, that’s good, Logan. Get big and hard for me.” She outlined the head of his cock in his shorts and then her finger found the thick ridge and the tender skin beneath it. Her fingernail creased the smooth flesh, but moved up to get the edge of the ridge. More wetness covered his shorts, but this was more like drops, not jets. No man could stop that from happening, not under her skillful manipulation.

He closed his eyes to enjoy the pleasure as her fingers explored his cock. Her fingers pinched the shaft, then slid up and did the same to the head. He could feel his juices leak out, but she didn’t complain as he struggled to fight his impending orgasm. This was so much different then solo masturbation. He never knew what her hand and fingers would do next. She explored his cock for long minutes and then he heard her voice again.

“Spread your legs wider, shoulder width, Logan.”

He obeyed without question. This was too good to be true. He jumped and opened his eyes when he felt her hand between his legs. She cupped his balls and that startled him. They already ached from not cumming and she made it worse. It was as though she weighed them, bouncing them up and down as her fingers curled around them to chase his elusive twin balls. Her touch was gentle as men were delicate there.

Her other hand went to his cock, sliding over the corona to pinch it as she clasped her fingers around his balls tighter. She felt him get up on his toes when she squeezed his balls tighter, but pinching the corona drew his feet back down on the ground. “When’s the last time you came, Logan?”

That question shocked him, afraid of how to answer. Instead of overthinking it, he blurted out the truth. “Three days ago.”

“Did you masturbate?”

“Yes,” he said shamefully.

“That’s not often enough, Logan. Your balls are heavy. They should be drained more often. Daily.”

He couldn’t believe this conversation, talking about his masturbatory schedule as Vicki gave him suggestions. He didn’t know what to say, a question wasn’t asked. She only voiced an opinion.

“Would you like me to drain your balls now, Logan?” She knew the answer, what man would say no, especially when he stood almost naked in front of her with her fingers around his cock.

“Yes, please,” thinking how stupid it sounded when he said please.

She didn’t say a word, beginning to work on him. She knew it wouldn’t take long, but she was surprised at how short the time was. She continued to grip his balls, but looser this time. Her other hand gripped the shaft and began to stroke it up and down. It was difficult with his shorts on, but he wasn’t ready for that. As she stroked the shaft she saw more wetness on his shorts. She looked at him, his eyes squeezed tight, his breathing erratic and his muscles grew tight. It was all the classic symbols of a man about to climax. She felt the cum race up the shaft of his cock as she pinched it and her other hand gripped the corona just beneath the edge. She had a hard time controlling it, but his shorts bound it inside. Logan cried out as his cock erupted and the wet spot spread quickly on his shorts. She clenched his balls then released them as her hand stroked another eruption from his cock. “That’s it, Logan, cum for me. More,” she urged him. He only shot one more time before he was finished. His shorts were soaked and the smell of cum filled the room. She took her hands away from his cock and balls as his eyes opened. He saw the shame in them as he stood half naked in front of her with his shorts soaked. He had cum in less than a minute.

“You’ll have to do better than that, Logan. You came too soon and not profuse enough. Get dressed, I want to go to bed and you have to go home. You’ll go with wet shorts as a reminder that you’ll have to do better in the future.” It was as if she scolded him like a child.

He put his pants over his wet shorts, blushing brightly at his shame. “I can do better, Vicki.”

“Yes you can, Logan.” She got up and gave him a kiss as she ushered him out the door for his wet ride home. She closed the door and washed the lingering cum on her hands. That had gone well. She was proud of herself.

The End

This was supposed to be a start of a new “Stepford Men” book titled “Training Stepford Men” but I decided to take a different turn. The new version is set in the early 1700’s in Massachusetts. It recounts the settlement of the first village called Stepford. So I thought I would post this as a short story.

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Eric has all the characteristics that the Stepford wives seek out. He’s big, hard, profuse and submissive. He’s lured to Stepford with promises of richness and fulfillment with a teaching job, but who’s fulfillment? The job is too good to pass up, but barriers are put up that he has to slowly cross, each time he has to give up more and more. To most, it would be obvious to what was happening to him, but Eric only thinks of this once-in-a-lifetime job. He is slowly led down the path of shame and humiliation, submitting to all the women, from the doctor and her young nurse, to the sheriff and her deputy until he is ready to meet the Stepford women. In Stepford, the women rule and govern with a firm grip and domineering authority.

He’s now ready to serve them in all the ways they desire. It’s not just one, but many that shame him as he strips naked for their intimate examination. In the clubhouse, there is a room that the women use to seek their pleasure with him. He is naked and spread for them, voluntarily or stringently bound, not just his arms and legs, but all of his intimate body is confined in ropes or leather. He is at their mercy, and they have none.

With vivid imagination and unlimited money, the Stepford women devise the most intricate and torturous pleasure on a man. Eric’s only resort is to succumb to their domination, but he’s unprepared for what awaits him. No man touches him, but the women do so in the same ways a man would. His mouth is taken with strap-ons and deep throating or sodomized with the same angry instruments. Forbidden to touch himself, his only release is the act of “milking” when they force him to orgasm while bound. Unable to stop them, his orgasms drain his body as they use mechanical, manual or imaginative devices to drain his body of his seed until he is dry. He services the women in all ways except one. His organ is forbidden to touch them. Stepford’s forty women and their female grown children keep Eric constantly in a state of arousal until Eric’s only desire is to serve any woman. Pain and punishment turns to pleasure for Eric, and he awaits the next call in hopes that they’d allow him his pleasure. He now serves the pleasure of the women as one of the “Stepford Men”

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Chapter 1
The Reason Why

Eric’s life had been confusing for the last four years, but he hoped that it was finally turning around. He decided on getting a degree so he could teach. It had been difficult. He went to community college for two years to save money while he worked part time. Then, he transferred to a state university for the last two years. He was a week away from graduating, but he still didn’t have a job yet.

He’d sent out resumes to schools in just about every state in the United States. He heard from some, but none of them were encouraging. He’d have to go to the school for an interview at his own expense. But, he never let up or lost hope. He’d worked hard for this and nothing would stop him. He’d do anything for a teaching job.

He did have help the last year. Amy, his girlfriend, moved in with him. They hoped to marry one day, but it was too soon to discuss it seriously. He was happy with her, but he needed a job. Amy had a great secretarial position at the local IBM office, and their business was booming. The IBM/System 370 mainframe came out in 1970, not as successful as the IBM/System 360, but it still generated huge sums of cash. He wanted to be able to provide for her with a teaching job. She was everything he wanted in a wife.

She was a year younger than him, twenty-eight. She finished college after high school and managed to move up at IBM, becoming the executive secretary for a vice president, although IBM had hundreds of vice presidents, it was still a lucrative job, and she felt rewarded for the work she did. Her looks helped her. She looked great in a pair of high heels with the short skirt of her suit. She had to dress appropriately for work, but after work, he loved her in a short mini-skirt or bell bottom pants that clung to her full ass.

He remembered last night. The sex with Amy was phenomenal. It was everything he desired. They had finished dinner late, and after a bottle of wine, Eric knew it was tonight. Their sex wasn’t as often as when they first went out, but they were both busy with life, so Eric felt lucky any time he got sex.

Amy looked at Eric and knew it wouldn’t last much longer. She would’ve broken it off sooner, but she knew that he’d probably take a job away from here. Her job was too good to give up, especially to follow Eric and his teaching job. It would make the job of breaking up easier if she didn’t have to reveal the real truth.

Eric was handsome, that was what caught her attention many years ago. He was loving and faithful and he’d do anything for her. In fact he did. No matter what she asked, he’d do it. He never said no. She tried outrageous requests, but Eric obeyed without question. Since she made most of the money, she controlled the finances. There wasn’t anything that she didn’t control, yet he never complained or even commented on the fact. It was as if he liked it that way.

She put on her pale blue baby doll pajamas, the one that Eric liked so much. Beneath it was a pair of thin, see-through panties. The pajamas barely covered them. If she bent over, her panties were revealed. She wore no bra; she didn’t need one, except for work. After work, she was liberated, braless and free. She had a great body and knew it. So did Eric. He kept fit, going to the gym daily at school. And he was more than adequate down there. She’d gone out with many men that had smaller cocks, and Eric was in a perpetual state of hardness, especially since Amy reduced their sex. She took a deep breath and opened the door into the bedroom, though she already knew what to expect. Eric lay in the bed, the covers off, clad only in his shorts pulled over his erect cock. She didn’t know whether he’d stroked it hard or it just grew hard. It didn’t matter to her. She knew that her job was to make him cum.

Eric’s hand went to his cock when he saw her. “Damn, you’re so hot. Turn around and let me see your ass,” he encouraged her. He couldn’t believe he had such a lovely woman ready to get into bed with him. His cock jerked in uncontrollable excitement.

She twirled around like a ballerina to show off her body to him, and then, she got into bed next to him. They both lay on their backs, and she waited.

Eric rolled over onto his side as his hands reached out for her breasts. He began to fondle them, rolling her nipples until they grew hard and poked out the diaphanous pajamas. He pinched them and her back arched. She loved it when he tweaked them to hardness. He began to kiss her, and she responded as their tongues intermingled in a duel. Her soft, wet lips felt so good against his. He pushed his cock into her hip and gently began to roll his hips so he could masturbate on her flesh.

Amy lay there as Eric began the ritual. It was the only way she could describe it. She knew what he’d do next, with very few exceptions. She kissed him back, and his hands slid under her pajamas and pulled it up until her breasts were uncovered. Before he could slip it off, his hands found her naked breasts. His fingers swirled around her nipples to tease them into such hardness that it ached to the depths of her breasts. She felt them swell under his expert touch. Her pajamas were gone, naked except for the transparent panties. She kept her legs together for now. Eric would tell her soon enough. She lay back and waited as his mouth slid down from her lips to nibble at her neck, and then, his tongue laid a wet trail all the way to one of her breasts. She arched her back when she felt his hot, wet lips encase her hardened nipple. She moaned in pleasure when he sucked her nipple into his mouth and his tongue played across it with such skill. It fluttered over the very tip to make it tingle with such excitement. Not even when his teeth captured her nipple to hold it still could stop the pleasure that raced through her body. She felt her pussy grow wet with desire as Eric always did to her.

Eric lavished his attention on her breasts and nipples with his hands and mouth. Amy moaned and arched her back to push them deeper into his mouth. He knew just what turned her on.

His hands slid from her breasts as his mouth moved from one to the other. His questioning hand slid over her belly and soon found her panties. She kept her legs together in spite of the dampness between them as his fingers brushed over her mound. Two fingers began to pinch her pussy lips with just the right firmness. They slid all the way down her slit and then back up, this time, his fingers more persistent as they slid along her slit and then parted it. His fingers pushed her panties between her lips. She shuddered when they rode all the way to the top of her slit. Her clit waited impatiently for his touch. It had swelled in anticipation and popped out of hiding. She felt a flood of wetness between her legs, and she knew he’d find her panties damp with her desires. His finger stopped on her clit and rubbed it erotically through her panties. It grew erect like a tiny cock.

His hands found her wet and growing wetter. His cock throbbed with desire, but he refused to touch it. Not yet, it wasn’t time. His hand moved to the waistband of her panties and they slid effortlessly inside. His fingers found her wet slit as he rode her pussy with his fingers. Her body shuddered as she moaned. He moved so he could take her panties off; reluctantly, he pulled his hand out, but he slid her panties down with such skill. “Spread your legs.”

She spread her legs for him, and she felt the night air blow on her super-heated sex. She felt his hands return, this time nothing in the way except for her naked flesh. He yanked her pubic hair; he always did as though she expected it. She felt a sharp pull as he yanked out a few errant hairs, but there was no pain, only pleasure. His fingers explored her intimately, parting her slit to caress the wet, soft inner lips. She pulled her legs back, bending her knees to spread her legs obscenely. But, no finger entered her, though they did play around her tight hole as if she was a virgin and he was afraid of taking her innocence.

Eric sat up on the bed, moving between her legs. He gazed at her pussy exposed for his eyes. From the lamp, he could see the tiny drops sparkle on her pussy lips from her arousal. He grabbed her ankles and pushed her legs back. She didn’t need to be told; she grabbed her legs behind her knees and bent her body in two. Her lower body opened up lewdly.

This was always a difficult time for Amy. She knew what he would do. It wasn’t that she didn’t like it. In fact, she liked it too much. His mouth was skilled and knew exactly what to do to make her cum. But, she refused to reciprocate the act. She’d never taken his cock in her mouth. She felt guilty for not doing it, but she couldn’t make herself do it. “AAAHHHHH!” She felt his mouth and tongue begin to explore her pussy. With her legs spread so wide, he had an open invitation to all she had, and he took advantage of it. His tongue felt like a serpent as it moved over her pussy. She cried out loudly when he sucked her clit into his mouth. Her body froze when he bit gently on it to trap it, fearing he would bite it off in her pleasure, but when his tongue lashed across it like a boxer with a punching bag, all of her doubts quickly left as the pleasure began to build in her body.

He enjoyed the taste of her juices, his lips wet as he devoured her pussy like a hungry animal. He tilted her body up higher as his fingers sought out her pussy. He entered her with one finger and felt her muscles tighten on it in pleasure. One finger became two then three. He twisted and turned them as he rode his thick knuckles through her tight hole. His fingers were flooded with her juices. She wouldn’t last much longer. His other hand rubbed her clit, pinching and pulling it gently as she heaved in pleasure. He rolled her body up a bit higher; knowing he only had a second to do it before she’d protest. But, it would be too late by then. His mouth deserted her clit and moved quickly down to her cheeks. He saw the tiny brown hole nestled in a sea of white flesh. He planted a wet kiss on the raised hole, and then, his tongue lashed across her upturned anus and tasted the tart hole. He heard her cry out in shame.

“No, not there, no, no!” She cried out when she felt him lick her back there. It was such a degrading act, and she feared that if she allowed it, he’d want her to do the same to him. He’d once asked her to push her finger up his backside, but she protested vigorously and he never asked again. But he never stopped licking her, though he’d never used his finger back there.

His tongue moved away from her ass hole, but he licked his lips. He went back to sucking her clit, and her protest soon faded away as she began to cum for him. With three fingers fucking her pussy and his mouth sucking her clit, she came explosively in seconds. He lapped up every drop of her cum until her body finally slumped down in sexual exhaustion. He licked his fingers as he lay back on the bed and waited for her breathing to resume. His cock pushed out his shorts like a giant spear. He never touched it, and it waited for Amy’s touch.

She knew what she had to do. When her breathing returned to normal, she turned on her side toward Eric. His cock jutted up beneath his shorts so prominently. After her orgasm, it was always difficult to do what he wanted. She had lost most of her arousal.

Eric gasped loudly when her fingers curled around his overly excited cock. Her grip was firm; she had done this so many times before, taking control of his cock. Her fingers dug into the shaft and calmed it down but only as long as she didn’t move her fingers. She began to explore his cock as though she never touched it before. She moved up first, squeezing the shaft as she made her way to the head. She stopped when she got to the head, pressing her fingernails into the soft flesh beneath the head, but his shorts dulled the pain. She ran her fingernails all around it and then scraped her fingers over the head, spanning the smooth skin beneath his shorts.

His shorts were already wet with his precum, and her fingers probed the head with her nails. Her finger ran over the very tip and the hot cum leaked out profusely when she squeezed the head with two fingers tightly. It made his cock dance in her hand. She moved back down the shaft, tight fingers pushed against it to draw the loose skin down. She could feel the thick veins. Eric spread his legs like a woman before she reached the bottom of the shaft. He knew where she was going.

“OOOHHHH,” he cried out in spite of knowing what would happen. He felt her soft hand slip between his legs as her fingers gently cupped his balls. She didn’t tighten her fingers on them, though Eric would’ve loved that. She hefted his twin balls up as though she weighed them. She rolled his balls with her fingers. His cock grew harder, pulsing and throbbing with such pleasure. It undulated and pushed out his shorts rudely when her hand deserted his cock but caressed his balls with such skill.

She moved her hands back to his cock, outlining it in his shorts. It rose up so far that it could barely be contained in his shorts. She took the top of the rubber waistband and pulled it back until she could lower it. When she released it, the rubber waistband snapped against the ridge on the head and trapped it. Amy knew the waistband was rough, but that didn’t stop her as she slid it back and forth over the tender skin beneath the ridge until it grew red and Eric’s movements grew more frantic. The head of his cock leaked more precum.

Eric’s ass rose up as she pulled off his shorts, Eric eager to be naked. He spread his legs wide so that his balls hung down unprotected between his wide-spread legs. His cock stood up at a sixty-degree angle, jerking uncontrollably and eager for the touch of her hand.

Her hand found his hot cock, and she yanked on the foreskin to pull it down hard, even though he was circumcised. It stretched so far that it looked like the head would pull away from the shaft. Her other hand began to run over the head, first gently, and then her fingernail would scratch the smooth head harshly, each time extracting more drops of precum from his cock. She had to hold the shaft tight as her fingernail became more aggressive, leaving tiny red marks along the ridge where the flesh was the most sensitive. Eric’s ass rose up higher as she yanked him up by his cock. When her thumb and index finger gripped the head, her other hand grasped his balls, this time harder. She pinched the head and squeezed his balls until she got the groan of pain from his mouth. He might feel pain, but his cock shot out a small jet of precum. His head was so slick that her fingers slipped off it. She slapped the head with three fingers with suddenness that surprised Eric.

Her fingers were everywhere as Eric closed his eyes and enjoyed all the pleasure that he could. Amy knew exactly what made his cock excited, her hands controlling it along with his balls. He held out as long as he could, but Amy fought him every bit of the way. His balls were chased in the sack, and his stomach cramped when she captured them and squeezed them too hard. Her fingers stroked the shaft, and he delighted when her fingernails ran harshly over the head like a knife. She slapped his cock as if he were an errant child.

He couldn’t hold out any longer. He ejaculated forcefully as Amy held his cock up into the air. The white cum shot up like a rocket but then fell back from the sheer weight of his profuse cum. Her hands worked him over as he came endlessly, jet after jet of cum shot out until it covered his abdomen and his cock with a thick blanket of cum. Her hand was covered with the hot, thick crème, but she didn’t stop stroking his cock or coaxing out the cum from his balls with her hand around his trapped balls.

It felt like it would never end, the cum spewed out with such force. Amy continued to work over his cock until she milked him dry. Only then did she remove her hand from his cock. He got up instantly and ran for the bathroom, the washcloth still wet where Amy left it. He wiped off his cock quickly but rushed back to wipe Amy’s hands of his cum. Only then did he go back into the bathroom and finish washing the cum from his body.

And that is why Amy no longer liked their sex. She couldn’t deny that she got such pleasure when his fingers and mouth brought her to an epic orgasm, but then, she had to use her hands on him to do the same. She hadn’t had his cock inside her for six months now. She asked the first two months, but nothing changed so she gave up asking. It was as though their sex only consisted of mutual masturbation. She wanted more, she wanted to feel a hard cock pound inside her and feel the hot cum flood her pussy as she came with him.

Amy hoped that Eric got a teaching job far from there so she could stay for her job and then she’d be able to find a man that would want all of her.

Chapter 2
A New Beginning

Amy looked so happy when graduation day came. He was, too, though he still didn’t have a job. He had an interview tomorrow, though it was at a large high school in one of the less-than-desirable districts. At least he got an interview.

They celebrated with a steak dinner that night and even though it was only weeks since they had sex, they had it again. Eric loved lavishing so much attention on her and making her cum, but nothing was better than when her hands took possession of his cock with such firmness.

Two states away, far out in the country stood an unlikely community. It was gated, just like it was in the big city, surrounded by a high fence with a guard shack at the entrance that screened every person that sought entry. It was located far from any major city, yet it consisted of forty houses, all very large and luxurious. Most of the residents worked in large cities far from here and came home on the weekends. The community was called Stepford, a planned community built two years earlier. It sold out before construction started.

Stepford was a self-sustaining community, though there was a small village nearby that had shopping for the rich residences. It had its own school system, water supply, power and gas. Everything was shared with the small nearby village except for the school system. Only residents of Stepford could send their children there. It was a tight-knit community.

They sat around the large conference table in the room above the community center just as they did weekly for the last two years. Susan Brown sat at the head of the table, the president of the Stepford Homeowners Association. Thirty-eight years old, though she’d never admit it, she was the oldest member and also the first member. Her husband, Gary, built the community with his large construction company. Though the company dealt only in very large commercial properties, he built Stepford under Susan’s urging. Donna White sat next to her, taking notes of the meeting, though they were never published. Nothing said in the room every made it outside by design. There were too many secrets in Stepford that wouldn’t be understood by the outside world. Her husband, Daniel, worked in commercial lending of a major U.S. bank in San Francisco. He flew home by private jet on the weekends. Janice Lee sat on the other side of Susan. She was the treasurer and the budget of Stepford was vast. They bought only the finest and that included the teachers at the school. Wayne, her husband, was the president of a vast conglomerate that spanned the gauntlet from airplanes to garbage removal. The last two members, Paula Roberts and Sheila Parker were new to Stepford, though that meant in the last year. Their husbands, Louis was an attorney for a major international law firm and Scott was accountant for one of the big eight accounting firms, a partner.

“We’re here to discuss candidates for the teaching positon vacated by Victor Samuels. He left us abruptly with only a month left in the school year, but that is always a risk we take to get the right candidates. That leaves us only with female teachers. You all have the short list of candidates that we whittled down from an extensive list. I want to thank Louis Parker for the help in doing the detailed study of each of them using one of his outside investigation companies. They all have meticulous qualifications.”

The sound of papers shuffling filled the room as the five women went through the dossier on each of the candidates, along with their photos. Donna was the first to say anything.

“I like Eric Clark.” She’d read the dossier, and it was extensive, going in depth all the way down to the sexual orientation of the individual as much as possible, but it was always difficult to ascertain.

The others pulled out Eric’s folder. Sheila was the youngest of the members at thirty-six. “I could agree to him, also.”

It took only a few more minutes for the rest to agree, and they waited for a response from Susan. Susan’s vote was the only one that counted; though that wasn’t the way the association was designed. Susan was persuasive.

“That’s a good choice. I’ll call to see about one final test before we ask Eric to come in for an interview so we can see him in person. I’ll also have them check to see if Amy, his live-in girlfriend, will be a problem.” The meeting was over, and Susan dialed the phone to make arrangements for the final test. She’d know by tomorrow if her people were as good as they said they were. As far as Amy, Susan didn’t see a problem. She was very successful at IBM, and although they lived together, Susan knew women enough to know that Amy wouldn’t give up her career to join Eric far out in the country two states away. That would leave Eric vulnerable.

* * * *

Eric got a call out of the blue from Joseph. It had been a couple of years since they both went to community college together. They had been close then, but Eric went on to the state university, and Joseph had to go back to work, unable to afford to go to college any longer. He said he was in town for the day only. He’d moved after community college and was wondering if Eric would like to get together for drinks.

“I’d love to. Where?”

Joseph had picked a club downtown that had a band and would be crowded with men and women. Even though it was a weekday, it would be packed. That was the way it was planned. He didn’t know why the person that called wanted to do this, but he guaranteed Joseph that Eric would love it, and the two hundred dollars Joseph was paid sent all his doubts away.

Amy didn’t mind that Eric was meeting someone for drinks, even after he told her where it was. He needed to get out and meet other people. He still didn’t have any prospects for a job. Amy grew desperate. She couldn’t go on with this charade much longer. She’d have to tell him the real reason if he didn’t get a job out of town soon.

* * * *

It was difficult to have a conversation over the din of the music, but they sat at the bar where they were close to each other and could hear most things said. They both rehashed their last two years. Eric couldn’t keep his eyes off the women that passed them by, many of them smiling at them as their asses swung hypnotically in their mini-skirts. Eric was in a perpetual state of erection the whole night. They did dance a couple of times with some women, but they always went back to their conversation. Eric drank too much, but he didn’t do this often, so he splurged. He’d planned this, taking a cab to the bar, and he’d take one home. Eric tried to leave about eleven, but Joseph wouldn’t hear it. He bought another round of drinks and the next hour passed. This time, Eric was insistent. “I got to get going. I had too much to drink already. But, it was great to see you. We’ll have to stay in touch. I’m hoping to land a job, so I’ll contact you then on where we’ll be.”

Joseph got the signal from the other side of the room. He saw the two women that signaled him. There was no doubt that he would look at them. They were gorgeous, and in their mini-skirts, it left little to the imagination. Luckily, Eric said it before he had to suggest it. Women had no problem asking each other to go to the rest room, but with two men that would be strange.

“I’ve got to go to the men’s room first, but its good seeing you, Joseph. Thanks for calling.” They shook hands, and then, Joseph left while Eric headed to the men’s room. It was at the back of the dance floor, through a door and down a dark corridor. The ladies’ room was first then the men’s room. He wasn’t sure he could piss, his cock so hard as he watched all the women in the hallway. It took a minute standing over the urinal before he could release his pent-up bladder. The men’s room was empty as he left, the band back from break and everyone danced once again. As he walked into the hallway, he was caught off guard. He bumped into someone before he looked up.

The two women waited for him. They had splashed some alcohol on them and rinsed their mouths with straight whiskey. When the door of the men’s room opened and they saw Eric, they rushed down the short hallway, and when they got close, they wobbled on their feet and grew boisterous. Jo was the one that ran into him, and she made sure that her full breasts shoved into his chest. Terri quickly followed and bumped into him, pushing him toward the black, empty hallway behind. “Sorry,” she said drunkenly. She brushed her breasts back and forth over his firm chest, and she felt his cock touch her. He was already hard. This would be easy.

“Hey, he’s hot, he’s mine,” Terri chimed in with her slurred speech. She went behind him, and they enveloped him as they stumbled toward the darkness of the hallway.

“Police, I want him arrested for assault with a deadly weapon,” as Jo reached down and boldly gripped his hard cock.

Eric was taken back by their boldness, but when he looked, they were deep in the hallway, and it was dark. He could barely see them, but he felt them. Four firm breasts were pushed into him, front and back, and one hand boldly fondled his erect cock. He should say something, but his cock said it for him. It rose up hard and throbbing as she manhandled him. No words of protest were uttered from his lips.

One of the women was pushed against the wall, and the other was behind him. He was pinned between them if he could call it that. The one in front didn’t release his cock, and her hands became more urgent and demanding. He had to put his hands against the wall so he could push back far enough so she’d have room to rub his cock. Her fingers explored it as Amy did, but hers were harsher. She pinched his cock through his pants. The one behind her began to run her hands over his buttocks, squeezing them like ripe fruit before she yanked them apart. He felt a strange tremor in his anus as his cheeks parted and his anus was forced open. The hand slid lower until it cupped his balls but not gently. She squeezed them hard until he rose onto his toes. She twisted his trapped balls. He never had two women take him so forcefully, and he had no intention of stopping them. He felt a finger slide along his crack and stopped on his anus as she gave him a brutal squeeze of his balls that made him rise up, but her hand followed his every movement, Eric was unable to escape the tight grasp of his balls.

“Do you want me to get you off, you’re so hard?” Jo muttered the words, but she knew he heard the meaning. He didn’t say anything, and from the way he jerked up and down on his toes, Terri was goosing him.

He didn’t say a word as his belt was opened, and then, a hand slid the zipper down, but the sound was drowned out by the loud music. He looked and no one could see them. His pants were opened up, and her hands followed inside. She gripped his cock with two hands, fingers dug into the hard flesh and he jetted precum onto his shorts, but she didn’t seem to mind. His pants began to slip down, the one behind him pulled the back down, and her hands gripped his buttocks, only covered by his shorts. He felt a finger push between his cheeks, and he fought to keep his cheeks relaxed until he felt the finger press against his anus. The one place that Amy never touched.

“I gotta feel that big, hot cock,” Jo said boldly as she yanked his shorts and pants down until they uncovered his cock and balls. Terri worked them down in the back until they clung to his upper legs. He was naked for them.

It was as if a hundred women with two hundred hands crawled over his ass and cock. Fingernails dug into his flesh, but it was only pleasure he felt as his cock was rubbed. The one in front held his cock by the shaft and rubbed the sensitive head back and forth over her clothes. He never felt anything like it as the cloth rubbed over the sensitive opening at the tip of his cock. It was a torturous feeling, but it was pleasurable torture. He couldn’t stop his cock from leaking uncontrollably. Her fingernails scored over the smooth, sensitive head of his cock, exploring the thick ridge and the soft underbelly with her sharp nail.

The one behind him yanked his cheeks apart rudely and reached into the sharp divide of his buttocks, and then, fingers ran over his anus. He never felt anything like it. It was as if his anus came alive, the muscles rippled with uncontrollable spasms. Fingers ran over the puckered opening of his anus. Another hand reached down between his legs and found his balls hanging unprotected. The hand tapped them, not hard, but it was still painful and made his muscles clench tight in defense.

Terri grabbed his balls and yanked them down. “Relax your ass or I’ll yank off your balls,” as she squeezed and twisted them.

It felt like one of them yanked his cock up high, and the other yanked his balls down as if they would tear them from each other, but he had no choice. He made his ass muscles relax, and the fingers were back between his cheeks. The finger pushed against his sphincter, unable to stop the muscle from recoiling from the unnatural touch.

It was time. Terri removed her finger from his anus but only long enough to lubricate her thumb. Jo began to stroke his cock with one hand while the other milked his balls. “Hold still,” Terri warned him.

He felt a cold finger push against his sphincter, but this one was a much bigger finger. He knew what would happen, anticipating it as his cock was stroked and his balls were clenched and twisted so expertly. “AARRGGHHH,” he cried out as his ass hole was impaled in one deft thrust. His anal ring was forced open by the thick finger, and it didn’t stop moving inside until it pushed harshly against his rectal muscles. He couldn’t stop his anal muscles from gripping on the finger as though he enjoyed being impaled in such a manner. As much as he should be revolted by what the two women were doing to him, he only found pleasure in being taken in such a manner.

The thick finger had to be her thumb as he felt it push against his prostate. He never felt anything like it before, fearing he’d cum too soon. He wanted to enjoy this as long as he could. The one that fondled his cock and balls used her fingernails to rip across the sensitive tip and that drove his hips backward as the finger penetrated him deeper into his guts. He couldn’t stop his sphincter from contracting violently, and she took that as a sign he enjoyed this and moved her thumb like an animal burrowing into his intestines.

Jo had to push his cock to the side as he came. She never saw a man cum so violently. His body froze, and his muscles seized up. His cum erupted and shot out in a wide arc to hit the wall as her hand continued to stroke the shaft and milk his balls. Even when she twisted his balls painfully, he continued to expend his pent-up cum. Terri worked over his ass hole, shoving so hard that his body moved forward, only so Jo could yank him back by his cock and goose his balls to make him jerk back and impale his ass hole with her thumb.

“Don’t stop cumming until I tell you,” Terri warned him. She wanted him drained of his cum.

He couldn’t believe he’d cum so much. It was as if they wouldn’t let him stop, their hands knew just what to do to drive another jet of cum from his balls. By the time he was drained, his balls ached, yet the hands never released his cock and balls and the thumb sat like a rock inside his rectum, twisting and turning to stimulate his prostate. It wasn’t until two fingers squeezed the head of his cock and coaxed the last trickle of cum from him that he was emptied. He could barely stand up, but the two women were gone, only the memory of what happened, his pants still around his knees and his cum dripped slowly down the wall. He quickly pulled up his pants. He went outside into the cool night air and hailed a tax. He slumped into the seat for the short ride home. He could still feel a finger in his ass. More shameful was that it felt good. He had to find a way to get Amy to do that to him. His orgasm was more extreme and pleasurable than he ever experienced.

* * * *

The next day, he got a phone call. “Hello.”

“May I speak to Eric Clark?”

“This is him.”

“I’m Susan Brown. I head a search committee looking for a new teacher for our school. Your name has come up as a good fit for the position, and I wondered if you’d like to come for an interview?” Last night’s test was successful, and Eric looked like he had the disposition for the job.

“I would love to. Where and when?” Eric didn’t even ask any questions. He’d find out when he went to the interview.

“I will send over a plane ticket by messenger tonight, and I’ll see you tomorrow after you arrive. I’ll have a driver pick you up at the airport. All arrangements will be made for your visit.”

“Plane ticket?”

“Is that a problem? I got from your resume that you’d be agreeable to relocation.”

“No, that’s fine. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He didn’t even ask where. He’d find out when the ticket came.

“Thank you, Eric. I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow.” She hung up without waiting for a response.

* * * *

Eric waited impatiently all day until the door rang and he signed for the ticket from the courier. He didn’t tell Amy yet, not until he found out where it was. He found a map of the United States, and it took him a couple of minutes to find it. The state was easy, only two states away, about six hundred miles or so. The town didn’t show up on the map, only the airport did. It was out in the middle of nowhere. There wasn’t a big city around for a long distance. The outlook grew dim for Amy to find a good job where it was. There didn’t look like any large companies nearby that would pay her what IBM did now. Still, Eric had to be hopeful.

When Amy came in, he told her. He expected her to be disappointed, but she seemed happy for him to finally have an interview.

“Don’t worry; see if you get the job first, then we’ll see what we can do,” she said hopefully for him, but she secretly hoped he got the job. There would be no way she’d go there.