Strict Social Services: The Lesbian Rape of Missy


By Powerone and Missy

Copyright 2004-2009


Chapter One

The Investigation



How could this have happened to her?  She was only fifteen; a girl her age shouldn't be treated like this.  What made the situation even worse was that these were women doing this to her!  She had always been leery of men, not talking to strangers, watching her surroundings, always on the alert.  But these women were the people that were suppose to be protecting her, they were Social Services.  They had taken her away from her mother because she was not taking care of her. 


She literally hung from the wall in the room she now called home.  Her arms were secured in thick, black, metal cuffs and chains from the ceiling kept her feet from touching the floor.  Her legs were likewise immobilized, metal cuffs wrapped tightly around her thin ankles, already chafing her tender skin.  Her crotch ached from the wide expanse in which they had placed her legs, forcing her body into a giant X.  It felt like they were tearing her up the middle.  If she could have looked down she would have been shocked at how she looked, but the metal headpiece they had secured her head with prevented any movement.


The heavy black metal headpiece completely surrounded her head, tucked tightly around her neck to keep it in place.  A leather band around her forehead kept her face forward and was secured tightly against the top of the headpiece.  A nose piece fit snuggly over her nose almost as if it was built for her, the metal clamp closing her nostrils, her breathing ragged as she tried to suck as much air as she could into her lungs through her mouth.  It was no easy task.  The mouthpiece portion of the headpiece had four metal pieces pushing into her mouth.  One of the women had made sure that the corner of her lips were pulled tightly as each metal piece was forced deep inside, the metal clanging on her teeth.  This forced her mouth open into a wide O, a gaping hole, saliva dripping down her chin.


Her head was already aching from the tightness of the leather band, her mouth feeling as if her lips were being torn.  They had brought her here over two hours ago, the trepidation of not knowing what was going to happen quickly became as bad as the physical pain she was experiencing.


It had started out innocently enough.  One of her neighbors had complained to social services about her mother.  She knew it was Linda, the woman living down the hall from her.  Linda was strange, always staring at her.  Not like a friend, but like a man would look at her, watching her as she walked down the hall, feeling the heated gaze burning a hole in her as she swung her ass in her short skirt.  The other girls had talked about lesbians, and she really didn't know any, but she suspected that Linda might be one.


Her mother had been getting worse lately.  It all started when her father walked out on them over a year ago.  He had left for work one day and just never returned.  She suspected it had something to do with her mother’s drinking and the men she hung around with.  Her mother started to drink more often and to not coming home at night.  Missy was fairly self-sufficient by now so she really didn’t care one way or the other, at least until now.  The loud knock on the door scared her.  She checked the peephole, asking who was there. 


"Ms. Johnston of Social Services," holding up her badge.  "You must be Melissa, may I talk to you?"


The name Melissa was like scratching your fingernails on the blackboard, she hated the name and only answered to Missy.  She unlocked the door and opened it tentatively, peeking around it until she read the badge and ID card.  "My name is Missy!"


"Excuse me.  Missy it is then.  I'm Officer Johnston.  May I come in and talk privately with you for a few minutes?"  Officer Johnston smiled at her, admiring the lovely girl.  She was dressed in a short, plaid skirt with a small leather belt on the side.  Her top was a tee shirt, looking one size too small, as it seemed to cling to her breasts.  The bra underneath barely contained them as they spilled over the top, her cleavage exposed by the low cut of the tee.  Her legs were long, and tanned a warm, dark bronze.  She wore a pair of white socks and sneakers giving her a very youthful image.  Her mind might be fifteen, but her body definitely was not.  Missy’s broad hips and plump ass were delightful to look at as Officer Johnston followed her into the room.  It was almost a waste, having such a delicious body and not using it as it was intended.  She was not surprised when she saw the inside of the room.  The furniture sparse and worn but at least it was clean, betting that it was Missy that kept it that way, not her mother.


"Is something wrong?"  Missy asked as Ms. Johnston sat down.  Ms. Johnston’s eyes were making her uncomfortable.  


She stared at Missy’s legs as she sat down eyeing her skirt as it slid up high on her naked thighs.  "Just a normal investigation.  We have a complaint about the quality of care you’re receiving and have to investigate it.  It's probably nothing."  She smiled at Missy, hoping to place her at ease.  She moved closer to Missy on the couch, turning to look at her.


"Everything is okay," Missy answered quickly.  She’d heard stories about Social Services taking kids from their parents and what happened in foster homes and state homes.  She wanted no part of either, preferring to stay where she was.  "I'll tell my mother you came by," hoping to get her to leave.


"I'm afraid it’s not that easy.  I'm going to have to get more information for my report.  It will be much easier if you cooperate.  I can be a very nice person, however, if you cross me, you will regret it," giving Missy an evil grin.  She saw the fear in Missy’s eyes.  Young girls were so easy to coerce, especially those that had bad role models.  They feared a powerful authority figure.  They discussed her home life for over 15 minutes, learning that her mother was at the least neglectful, at the most criminal.  Missy was often left to fend for herself for days at a time.


"You can call me Karen," moving over so she was sitting close to Missy on the couch.  Missy's eyes looked like those of a scared little rabbit, not sure of what to make of the sudden move.  "Don't be scared of me Missy.  We’re going to get to know each other in the next month or so.  I’m going to be visiting you at least once a week, if not more.  I'm very concerned for your well-being and want to make sure that you’re adequately cared for."


"B..but, I'm okay," Missy’s eyes pleading with her.  "You don't have to worry about me."


            "It’s my job Missy.  But I want to make sure I have your full cooperation.  If not, I'm afraid that I’ll have to take you in and place you in our center until I can find you suitable foster care."  This was what got them to submit, the threat of pulling her from her home into the unknown.


"I’ll do whatever you say.  Please, don't take me away."  She looked at Karen, younger than her own mother, only about 30.  Her hair was blonde and cut short.  Missy couldn’t help but notice Karen’s figure, neatly packed into a beautiful suit, a white button-down blouse underneath the jacket, a pair of high heels, sleek long legs.  I hope I look like her when I get older.


            Karen placed her hand on Missy’s hair, stroking it as she looked into her eyes.  "That's a good girl.  Just obey and I’ll help you," her hand continuing to run up and down her silky brown hair.  "You're a very beautiful girl Missy.  Do you date boys yet?"


"NO!"  Missy was afraid of them, seeing how bad they treated her mother, not really wanting any part of them.  The boys always tried to give her a line of shit, all for the chance to get into her panties.


"I know how you feel Missy.  Men can be very difficult, always trying to get you to have sex with them and then dumping you as soon as they do.  Are you still a virgin?"


The conversation was getting very personal, Missy was not sure if she wanted to answer, staring at her.


"I expect an answer!”  Karen’s voice was loud, giving Missy her most authoritative voice.


"Yes," she shot back, seeing how angry Karen got.


"That's good Missy," smiling as she said it.  I want to be the one that fucks that tight virgin pussy, she thought, her pussy already wet with the thoughts of Missy’s rape.  I'll be the one that will make you scream in pain as you are fucked for the first time, a hard rubber dildo forever taking your virginity.


They talked for another twenty minutes, about school, her mother and of course boys, finding out that Missy was inexperienced with boys, having barely even petted.  Karen let her hand fall on Missy's naked leg; whose skirt had ridden up, leaving a wide expanse of tanned, naked flesh. 


Missy looked up, surprised to feel the touch of Karen’s hand.  Karen barely acknowledged the fact, continuing to talk to her.  Missy was becoming flustered, as the hand slowly rubbed up and down her silky skin, almost like a boy’s would.  The hand became bolder, moving between her thighs, sliding her skirt up higher as it continued to rub, fingers becoming more urgent as they caressed her tender inner thighs.


"Please don't," Missy begged, her hand grabbing Karen’s.  Karen answered with a sharp pinch of Missy’s tender thigh, bruising the delicate flesh as her strong fingers pinched cruelly.


"Behave," Karen scolded her, "I can make a lot of trouble for you.  If you want to stay at home, I will be visiting you every day after school.  If you give me any trouble, I will take you to the center for a while to see if your attitude improves.  Do I make myself clear?"  She let her hand squeeze Missy’s thigh, seeing the pained looked on her face as she did.


"Yes," Missy whimpered.


"Yes Ma'am.  I expect respect from you," another cruel pinch to her flesh.


"Yes Ma'am," Missy responded, tears in her eyes, her thighs aching and red.


"Very good Missy.  We’ll get along just fine.  I’ll see you after school tomorrow.  Tell your mother I was here."  Karen pulled her hand off Missy’s thigh, the leg almost naked now, her skirt barely covering her panty covered crotch.  She smiled as she saw Missy’s flesh, a bright red testament to her cruel fingers.



* * * * *


"But Mama, she looks at me strange!”  Missy pleaded to her mother.


"You listen.  She can get us into lots of trouble.  If they take you away, I get no welfare money.  You want that to happen?  You want to drive your mother into the street?"  Damn, my head hurts.  Too much booze last night.  Now the brat is trying to fuck everything up.  "Now listen Melissa," her voice angry.  "You don't fuck this up.  You do whatever she tells you.  Do you understand?"


"Mama, she was touching me funny.  And she hurt me!”  Missy pleaded with her mother.


"I'm not going to tell you again.  You do what she tells you, no excuses.  Don't fuck this up for me.  Now get your ass to school and I don't want to hear another thing about it.  I've got to get some sleep; my fuckin' head is killing me."  She buried her head under the pillow.


Missy left the room, more afraid now than before.  She didn't like the way Ms. Johnston had touched her.  That and the pain she had inflicted on her.  She dreaded coming home from school.  She purposely stayed late, not wanting to go home, scared of Ms. Johnston.  She walked slowly, glancing at her watch: 4:00, an hour after she was supposed to be home.  Maybe she had left.  She turned the corner, Ms. Johnston was standing at the entrance to her apartment building.  Missy immediately saw her and the scowl on her face.


"Where have you been?  I've been waiting for an hour.  Inside, I don't want the neighbors to hear me yelling at you," grabbing the door and pushing it open as Missy unlocked it, moving up the stairs to her apartment.  "Hurry up, I don't have all day."


Missy opened the apartment door, Ms. Johnson quickly following, closing the door after her.  Missy put down her books, Ms. Johnson standing in the kitchen, her face red in anger.  "Sorry I was late.  You didn't have to wait for me."


"You listen, you little brat.  I expect you to be here on time.  I'm not going to screw around with a snot nosed brat.  Do you want to go to the center?  Is that what you want?"  Her face was skewed in anger, her lip twisted; her eyes wide open as she yelled at Missy.  She saw the frightened look on Missy's face, fighting back the urge to smile.


Missy was scared, Ms. Johnson yelling so loud, threatening her.  Her mother would kill her if she had to go to the center, even worse, Missy would hate it.  She began to stammer, Ms. Johnson not giving her the time to speak, continuing to yell.


"Well child.  You might as well as pack a bag.  I'm leaving and taking you with me!"


"No, No, please don't.  I won't do it again."  Missy begged her, scared that she screwed everything up.  She had to get Ms. Johnston to change her mind.


"Why should I?  You’ve obviously never had any discipline.  How could I ever believe you?  You’re probably just lying to me." 


"Honest, I'll do anything!  Anything, just give me another chance."  Missy pleaded with her, her eyes already beginning to tear.  No, she had to get Ms. Johnston to change her mind.  She didn't want to go to the center.


"Your lack of discipline bothers me.  I'm sure that no one has ever punished you before.  You think a few promises and everything will be okay?"  She was getting closer, seeing the desperation in Missy's eyes.


"You're right.  I've never been punished, but believe me; I'll never do it again.  I'll be on time from now on.  Please, give me a chance."  Missy began to cry, her chest heaving up and down, her large breasts staining her schoolgirl blouse.


"I'll give you another chance, but you’re going to have to learn a lesson.  I want you to remember the consequences of disobeying me."  She waited, seeing Missy's eyes open wide as she finally saw a way out.


"Anything, I'll do anything."  She begged her, giving her the sweetest look she could.


"Remember you said that.  You're going to have to learn some discipline and I’m going to administer it.  You’re going to have to submit to being punished."


"Punished?"  She didn’t like the sound of it.  She had been on her own for so long, not responsible to anyone else.  Now she was talking about punishing her.  What did she mean punished?


"Yes punished like the little brat you are.  Are you already forgetting that you said you would do anything?"


She knew she was at the point of no return.  It was either agree or be pulled from her home.  Her head hung down, "yes Ma’am," she responded afraid of what she was consenting to.


"Much better.  For your punishment, I am going to spank you like the brat you are, over my knee like a bad little girl."  She sat down on one of the heavy wooden kitchen chairs, her arms spread out before her.  "Now over here Missy.  It’s time to take your punishment."


She was scared.  Here she was fifteen, practically an adult and now this woman was going to spank her.  Like she was a little girl!  She hesitated, seeing Karen, her arms outstretched, waiting to touch her.  Missy was afraid of her, afraid of not only the spanking, but also what else she had in mind for her.


"Hurry up child.  No more hesitation.  You’re just making it worse.  I’m going to punish you more severely now.  The more you test my patience, the worse your punishment will be.  NOW!"


She let her hands encircle Missy's slim waist, feeling the girl’s muscles tighten as she touched her.  Her hands slid a little lower, on to the gentle rise of her hip, turning her slightly so she was almost facing away, her pussy getting wet as she saw the cutest butt.  Missy’s buttocks were so full, almost not being able to resist touching them, feeling how tight they were.  She could feel Missy's body trembling.  "Relax Missy.  There’s nothing you can do to stop me."


Missy cringed at her touch.  It was gentle, just as a woman’s would be, but it felt strange.  It felt almost unnatural.  Not like her mother’s or her friends’.  She almost feared this more than the pain of a spanking.  "Please ma’am, I'll behave."  The hands on her became more familiar, sliding over her back, scaring her as they slipped below her waist to touch her hips.  She felt her body being turned, not able to see Ms. Johnston now.  She felt the eyes burning on her backside, the hands slowly kneading her hips.  One hand slipped down now, touching the gentle rise of her butt.  It was too gentle, almost as if she would imagine a lover might do.


"Bend over my lap child, slowly now," her hands guiding Missy, pushing down on her back as she saw her cute ass push out.  "More now Missy, let your hands touch the floor in front of you."  She let her hands smother over Missy’s blouse, fighting the urge to grab her ass, but wanting to humiliate her slowly.


The blood rushed to Missy’s head as she saw everything upside down, feeling so exposed, her butt raised up, sure that her skirt had risen high up her thighs, possibly even letting her light blue panties be exposed.  Karen’s hands were still running over her body, sending shivers of fear into her.  They moved down her back to the gentle swell of her buttocks.  "OOOOW!" she yelled, a sharp slap to her upturned left cheek radiating through her body.  She moved her hand behind her to block any further blows; a sharp slap to the wrist had her bringing her hand back down to the floor.


"Don't you dare try to stop me," Karen seethed, slapping Missy on the ass again.  "Now take your punishment."  Three sharper slaps to Missy’s ass Missy’s head moving up in pain each time her hand connected with the cute ass.  It made her pussy so wet.  Karen could feel the girl’s large breasts pressing against her legs, sliding back and forth as she was spanked, almost feeling the hard nipples, not sure if it was her imagination or not.  She couldn't wait any longer, her hand moving down the gentle slope of Missy’s ass to lightly caress the young cheeks.  She saw Missy look up from the floor as she felt her caress, the scowl she received making her hang her head back down, resigned to her fate.  "I hate doing this to you Missy, but you have to learn."


Missy felt the hand crashing down on her ass again, the burning pain bringing tears to her eyes.  Both cheeks burned, the punishing hands stronger than she thought, the pain so much more intense.  She almost welcomed the caressing back again, better than the pain.  Two more slaps, lower down on her buttocks, catching part of her thighs, the pain increasing.  Then the soothing hand returned, cringing when she first felt it, but it lingered on her ass, almost comforting.


"Such a bad little girl," Karen spoke in a calming voice as she let her hand begin to run over Missy’s buttocks.  She could almost feel the relief in the girl’s body as her hand caressed her, not spanking her.  Karen began to get bolder, moving all over the young body, down her thighs, Missy jumping as the hand moved back up, this time her short skirt pushed out of the way, the hand touching her naked flesh.  "You're a very beautiful girl Missy."  Karen felt the dampness between her legs, her pussy wet with desire for Missy.


The hand was more demanding now.  It wasn't spanking, but caressing, sliding under her skirt, startling her as the feminine hand touched her naked thighs.  She looked up from the floor, seeing her skirt pushed up higher, the hand moving over her panty covered butt.  "What are you doing?" she protested.


Two quick slaps to each of her cheeks, the stinging pain returning, Missy’s head slumped back down, resigned to letting the social services worker have her way with her, anything was better than the spanking.  The hand moved over her cheeks, fingers grasping her buttocks, clenching the flesh. 


"Such a lovely butt Missy.  Do you like me touching it like this?"  She let her hand roam all over the cute buttocks, feeling the girl’s body jerk as it moved over the crease, letting her finger slide up and down the split that was so prominently displayed by Missy’s tight panties.  She moved her hand down lower, touching her between her legs her fingers tracing along the edge of her panties, touching the smooth, teenage flesh.


"Please Ma’am," Missy cried, tears running down her face.  She wasn't sure why she began to blubber, whether it was the pain or the hand that was taking advantage of her.  "Please don't touch me there, please," she begged.


A quick slap hit her high up on her naked thigh, Karen was pleased with the way the skin turned red, hearing her cry of pain.  "Would you rather I spank you some more?"


She shuddered, "no Ma’am," neither one acceptable, but her skin burned terribly from the cruel spanking, anything was better than that, at least almost anything.  Her head slumped down again, sobbing as her butt was fondled, the invading fingers sliding all over her flesh.  "NNNO!" she cried when she felt a finger slide down her crack and touch her pussy from behind, the indignities just too much too bear.  The finger pushed in deeper, feeling it touch her pussy lips from behind.  "Please Ma’am, no more," her head rising up from the floor again.


"Get up Missy," Karen helping the girl up from her lap.  They both stood up, Missy's skirt falling back down.  "You're learning how to be a good girl for me Missy."  She leaned in closer; her face only inches from Missy’s, her fingers lifting up on her chin, forcing her head up.  "Now behave," she admonished the girl before her lips moved in, lightly pressing against Missy's


She pushed back, startled by Karen’s attempt to kiss her.  "What are you doing?" protesting the kiss.


"I told you to behave," her hand moving behind Missy and slapping her hard on her ass, pushing her hips forward until they met Karen’s, holding her ass, keeping her from escaping.  "Now obey," Karen said, looking into Missy's eyes, seeing the fear in them. 


Karen tilted her head back up, their lips almost touching, her eyes locked onto Missy's.  She let her lips touch hers again, this time Missy did not move, Karen grabbing her ass harder, warning her of the penalty for disobedience.  She felt her soft lips, her mouth opening and her tongue gently running into Missy’s mouth.  She felt the girl jerk, her hand pushing harder on Missy’s ass, grinding their lower bodies together.  Karen’s tongue darted into her mouth, Missy providing no resistance.  Her invading tongue ran around the inside of her mouth, touching Missy’s tongue, jerking away from the touch.  The kiss became more passionate, her hips beginning to move against Missy’s, feeling her pussy drenching her panties as she felt the prominent mound of Missy.  "MMMM," Karen moaned as she kissed the young girl passionately.  She felt Missy begin to squirm, enjoying the feeling as she held her ass, rubbing her against her pussy, Missy having no other choice but to rub up against her.


She pulled her lips from Missy’s, seeing the flushed look, her lips still wet from her kiss.  "Now that is how you should behave from now on.  Are you going to be a good girl for me Missy?"


Missy could only nod her head, embarrassed at being kissed and fondled by a woman.  She just wanted her to leave.


"I will see you tomorrow after school, on time or you‘ll be punished again," almost hoping that she would be late.


"Yes Ma’am," Missy said, closing the door behind her, rushing into the bathroom to brush her teeth and take a shower, hoping to get some of the taste of Karen from her body.



* * * * *


"But Momma, she kissed me!"  Missy explained everything that had happened, her mother still in bed again, the smell of stale alcohol and smoke filling the room.


Damn brat, she thought.  Hell, I was fucked by a girl when I was twenty.  It was actually quite enjoyable.  The kid has no experience, maybe this is just what she needs.  "I told you already.  Just do what she says and stop giving me so much shit.  Now get the fuck out of here and let me get some sleep.  I'll be real late tonight, have a big date.  Wish me luck," burying her head under the pillow, hearing the door slam as Missy left the room.


Missy was surprised when Karen brought someone else with her this time.  She introduced her supervisor, Ms. Vanderwal.  "Afternoon Ma’am," maybe it wouldn't be so bad today with her supervisor here.


"So this is the undisciplined little girl that is giving you so much trouble."


Missy was taken back by the comment.  What had she been told?  "No, Ma’am.  I'm a good girl."  She didn't want the supervisor to get the wrong impression.


"Were you late the other day?  Did Karen have to spank you?"


"Yes, Ma’am, buuttt...."


"No buts Missy.  I hope you've learned to obey now."


"Yes, Ma’am."  God, doesn't anyone believe her?  Everyone seems to think she is this bad girl.


"Sit over here Missy, between us," Karen motioned her over to the couch.  "We'll see if you can be a good girl."  Her supervisor sat on the other side, leaving a spot in the middle for Missy.


“You can call me Julie; we’re going to become good friends.”


Missy got that strange feeling again as they watched her sitting down, afraid at what these adults had in store for her.  They both moved in closer, almost touching her.  Julie was like Karen, mid thirties, great dresser, very sophisticated, not like her mother.  They both wore similar suits, the skirts short and their long legs almost naked as they sat down.  They smiled at her as she joined them.  Karen put her hand on Missy's leg, letting it move up and down.  "Missy has such soft and warm skin," letting her hand push up her skirt higher each time.  "Put your hand down," she ordered as Missy tried to stop her.


Julie added, "I thought you were going to be a good girl.  I can see why you had to spank her Karen.  Maybe you shouldn't even keep her in this home."


"No, please, I'll be good," her eyes already beginning to tear up.  She was as bad as Karen was.  She felt Karen’s hand return to her leg, her fingers in a fist, struggling to let her continue without protesting.


"You shouldn't be ashamed of your body Missy.  It’s very lovely," Julie stated.  "Maybe you should teach her to be proud of her body Karen."


"Yes, I think that is a very good idea, don't you Missy?"


Missy could only nod her head, resigned to the fact as the hand slowly let her skirt creep up her legs, high on her thighs now; she clenched her fists in humiliation.  She had to let her legs part as Karen let her hand slip down between them, strong fingers urging her legs farther apart.


"I love young, satiny skin like Missy’s," Julie remarked, her eyes ogling Missy's spread legs.  "Lift her skirt a little higher Karen," seeing Missy's eyes open wide.  "Yes, like that but just a little higher, I want to see the lovely panties she’s wearing."  


Karen let her hands slip under Missy’s skirt, moving higher, pushing Missy's skirt up her naked legs as she saw her tremble in fear.  "Lift up your butt Missy, I want to slip your skirt back," he ordered her.


"No, please don't do that," she cried, tears flowing freely.


"Stand up Missy," Julie ordered with a stern look.  "Quickly!"


Missy jumped up; at least her skirt fell back down now.  She stood between them trembling in fear.


"Turn around," Julie ordered, her hands reaching out to Missy's waist as she complied so willingly.  She unbuttoned the skirt and let the zipper slide down, Missy's hand coming around to try to stop her.  Julie gave a quick slap to her ass "put your hands back in front of you."  She smiled as Missy obeyed and her hands returned to the skirt, letting the zipper fall to the bottom, gripping Missy’s waist and slowly sliding the skirt down until it fell into a puddle at Missy's feet.  "Much better," Julie murmured, not being able to hold back the urge to touch the tender young girl any longer.  "Hold still," her hands slowly running over the tight cheeks of Missy's panty covered butt.  "Such a nice, tight, butt Missy.  Now sit back down," she demanded, patting the seat between them again.


Missy stepped out of the skirt on the floor and sat back down, sinking into the couch between them.  She cringed as Karen’s hands quickly returned to her legs, this time no skirt hindering her, feeling them slide up and down her naked legs. 


"Spread your legs like a good girl, Missy," her hands moving between her tightly clenched thighs, feeling her relent, her legs sliding open as Karen pushed out on the sleek thighs. 


Meanwhile Julie became more aggressive, her hand reaching under Missy's chin, turning her head towards her, lifting her mouth up, positioning her.  "Good girl," moving in, her lips touching Missy's, her other hand behind the girl’s head, making it impossible for her to move away.  Her lips crushed Missy's, her tongue quickly darting into the hot confines of the tender mouth, bathing the inside with her tongue, feeling Missy trying to jerk away.  Her hand held her head tight, her tongue probing deep into Missy’s mouth.


Missy was so confused and scared.  Julie was kissing her passionately, as if a boy would.  But she was a woman.  Her tongue ran all over the insides of her mouth, her tongue unable to escape the probing.  Her head was held tight, unable to escape the passionate embrace.  Karen was also becoming more aggressive, her hands spreading Missy's legs farther apart, unable to see how she looked, only imagining how obscene it was.  She felt the hand slide up the inside of her thigh, almost touching the vee of her legs, her pussy tingling as the fingers rubbed along the fringe of her panties.  She could do nothing except suffer under these women, her body shuddering as she was so rudely handled.


Julie pulled her head back, her lips wet from the kiss.  "You kiss lovely Missy, but next time I want you to move your tongue.  Can you do that for me?"


Missy shook her head.  A scream was wrenched from her lips as Karen’s cruel fingers dug into her tender thighs, forcing her legs farther apart.


"She asked you to move your tongue.  Do it!"  The cruel pinch a reminder of the power they had over her.


"Such lovely breasts you have Missy.  They’re so big for a girl your age.  Are your mother’s breasts large?”  Julie couldn’t wait to see them.


“Yes, Ma’am,” she whispered, her voice trembling.  “She even has a birth mark on them just like I do,” not even sure why she said that.  Maybe it was because she was so scared of them, scared of what they might do to her.


“A birthmark?  That must be lovely.  Do you want to show it to us Missy?”  Karen looked at her, her eyes piercing, knowing that she would not refuse.


“It’s nothing, really,” Missy hoping they would let the whole thing go.


“Now you have us intrigued, we must see it.  Unbutton your blouse and show it to us,” it was a command, not a question.  Karen’s hand returning to caress the young girl’s trembling inner thighs, running high up the legs, almost touching her pussy, teasing it.


Why did she mention that?  “Please,” she begged again, knowing that it would do no good, but used to getting her own way with her mother and teachers.  With these women it was different.  They were more powerful and demanding of her.  Her hand reached up to the top button and slowly unbuttoned it, looking up and seeing both of their eyes on her fingers.  Two more buttons and she pulled the top of the blouse opening, giving them a peek of her breasts.


“I don’t see anything Missy, unbutton it all the way down and push it to the side,” Karen ordered her.


Missy began to turn red as she slowly unbuttoned the blouse, pushing it to the side.  Now she was only clad in bra and panties, sitting between two immaculately dressed women, feeling embarrassed as they slowly stripped her.


“I can’t see anything, can you Julie?”


“No.  You are going to have to do better than that Missy.  Pull your bra down until we can see it.  Stop teasing us and do it!”  Julie was beginning to get impatient.  She wanted to see her big tits, loving little girls with big tits.  Missy let her hand pull down her bra until the birthmark showed up, a cute little mark about two inches from her areola.  She blushed again as she sat there, exposing her big breasts to the women.


Julie reached over and let her finger run over the tiny birthmark, seeing Missy shudder as her finger lightly played over the young flesh.  She wished she could see her nipples, to see if she was having any effect on them, hoping that this was getting them hard.  She played her fingers over the deep cleavage as Missy held her bra down, exposing her large breasts to her invasive touch.  “Very lovely tits Missy.  And big.  Do you like them being touched?”


“No Ma’am, please don’t,” a tear rolling down her cheek.


Julie wiped the tear from her cheek, “don’t cry Missy.  Why don’t you slip your bra down and let us see your naked breasts now?  You want to be a good girl, don’t you?”


Missy looked down in surprise when she felt it; Karen’s hand had not been idle, slowing spreading her legs out farther and farther until she almost had to put them on their laps.  Now Karen’s hand had boldly grabbed her between the legs, not even feigning an excuse, just boldly gripping Missy’s sex in her hand.


“Show us your tits Missy,” Karen ordered her, her fingers digging into the moist slit.  “Now Missy.”


Missy had no other choice but to comply, her trembling fingers pulling down the bra until her breasts popped out.  She felt so humiliated, her bra underneath her breasts pushing them up higher, making them look more obscene.  She looked, her nipples were hard, the bra rubbing over the tips as they pulled free, rubbing harshly on them.  She jumped, Karen’s hand gripping her sex tightly, almost goosing her.


“My, those tits certainly are big for a fifteen year old Missy.  Such lovely dark areolas.  And my goodness, your nipples are long.  And hard.”  Julie taunted, reaching out and flicking a pointed tip with her finger.  “Are you getting sexually aroused by this Missy?”  Julie teased her, wanting to embarrass her.


“NO MA’AM,” Missy blurted out.  She didn’t want them to think that they were arousing her.


Julie moved in closer to Missy again.  “Now use your tongue this time Missy,” her lips touching Missy’s, her tongue darting out to slip inside the teenager’s hot mouth.  She felt Missy hesitating, her hand reaching up to cradle one of her breasts, hefting it up from below.  Missy shuddered as the hand touched her, her tongue beginning to dart out and play with Julie’s tongue.  Julie let her finger play over the nipple, slapping at it, feeling it get harder, Missy jerking each time she slapped it, the touch hard and unrelenting.


Missy could only sit there, forced to kiss Julie, her tongue darting in and out her mouth as the two women took liberties with her body.  Julie’s hand was boldly touching her breasts, snapping at her nipples, making them feel like they would bust.  Karen’s hand was not idle either, one finger sliding in Missy’s slit, her finger sliding up and down the crease, feeling the wetness of her panties.  They were doing things to her that she would do when she masturbated.  Is that what they were trying to do?  Were they trying to make her cum?  No, she couldn’t do that, not in front of them.


It only got worse.  Julie stopped kissing her, Missy felt relieved, but it was only temporary.  Her head moved down and before Missy could protest Julie’s lips had attached to one of her nipples, sucking it tightly into her mouth, her tongue lashing at the trapped bud.  Karen’s hand slid along the edge of her panties, sliding just under the edge, pulling it outward, exposing part of her vulva to her touch.  Would she make her naked down there?  Then what?


The telephone ringing shattered the quiet, Missy jumping, startled, but pleased that she had an excuse to get up, quickly pulling her blouse around her naked breasts, running over to answer the telephone.


Karen had timed it right.  They wanted to keep her on edge but not make her cum.  Not yet.  She would have to earn the right to do that.  She had pushed the button on her cell phone while Missy was distracted; calling one of the other girls to make the telephone call that Missy was now on. 


“Is she all right?”  Missy asked.  “Where is she?  Where is that?  Outside town, how did she get there?  Yes, I know you don’t know.  I don’t know if I can get there.  She’s asking for me?  There’s no one that I know that can give me a ride.  Wait a second,” Missy looking over at Karen.  “My mother is in the hospital.”


“Is she all right?”  Missy feigned ignorance, Karen giving her a sympathetic look.


“Yes, but she wants me there.  It’s outside of town.  Would you give me a ride?”  I would appreciate it very much.”


“What do you think, Julie, can we give Karen a ride outside of town?”  She winked at her.


“She’s being a good girl, I don’t see why not.”


“Yes, I’ll be there.  I’m not sure how long, but I’ll be there,” speaking into the telephone, relieved that she would be able to see her mother.  She hung up.


“Well you better get dressed Missy,” Karen taunted her, Julie laughing as Missy stood there before them in her bra and panties.


Missy blushed, picking up her skirt and quickly putting it on, closing up her blouse again, but not before placing her breasts back into her bra.


The three of them left her apartment, Karen and Missy in the back seat, Julie driving.  “I’ll keep you company back here,” Karen stated as they began to drive off. 


“It’s called Westminster Clinic; do you know where it is?”  Missy looked out the window as they left the city.


“Yes, we go there to check up on kids sometimes.  It’s about another fifteen minutes.  We’ll be there soon.”


They pulled up in front of a rather plain row of buildings, more like a cluster of houses. 


“Is this it?”  Missy thought it looked funny, not like a clinic.


“Yes, get out of the car.  We’ll go inside with you.”  Karen got out first; Julie already moved around to be at the door when Missy got out.


Missy got out of the car and was overpowered before she could protest.  Somehow Karen had a pair of handcuffs in her hands, quickly securing them around Missy’s wrists as Karen held her tight.  When she finally thought of screaming, she opened her mouth and something was thrust into it, her cheeks bulging out as a large, rubber ball was secured into her mouth, her lips stretched wide, something strapping it behind her head.  She was dragged unceremoniously into the building, the hallways empty.  She was pushed into an office and thrown onto the couch, her skirt riding up high on her legs as she struggled to sit up.


“Sit there and keep still.  We’ll tell you what’s going on in a minute,” Karen ordered her, Julie standing guard over her.


Missy heard Karen talking to her mother on the speakerphone.  I thought she was in the hospital.  “She’ll be staying with us for a month.  If during that time she behaves and cooperates, we’ll return her to your home.  We will be giving her rigorous training.  Yes, she does need it.  She must learn to obey.  Of course you will continue getting money from the state for Missy.  In fact, since Missy is in this innovative program, a private foundation will also supplement your state funds with an additional $1,000 per month.  But you must agree to not reveal anything about this program or that Missy is participating in it.  You can make up some excuse why Missy is not home.  We’ve already taken care of the school.  Yes, there is a chance that Missy would be kept longer.  It depends on how well she responds to the training.  Yes, you would continue getting the $1,000 additional if she did.  Thank you for volunteering to let us keep Missy longer.  No, you won’t be able to contact her while she’s here, but we’ll give you weekly updates.  Otherwise it tends to ruin the training schedule.  Thank you very much for your cooperation.  Bye.”  Karen hung up, pleased that Missy would be available to them.  She couldn’t wait to begin her training.  She had so many things that she wanted to do to Missy’s fifteen year old body.  So untrained, but a little pain goes along way in getting her to cooperate.  It made her pussy so wet to think about fucking the young girl for the first time.


“You heard that Missy.  Your mother was very cooperative with us.  You’re ours for at least a month.  You’re going to learn how to give us great pleasure.  It will be painful for you, but that’s part of the training.  Julie, let’s take Missy to her room and get her prepared.  She must be examined first.”


Missy couldn’t believe her mother would betray her for a few dollars, but she did.  Now she was trapped here, afraid of what these women were going to do to her, but she already had a taste of it.  They intended to sexually molest her and she didn’t think she would be able to stop them.  She shivered in fear as they dragged her down the empty hallways to the unknown.


"In here," Karen pushing Missy into the large room.  It was rather sterile, white walls, tile floors.  There was very little furniture except for one rather large chair in the center of the room.  It had large wooden arms and was bolted to the floor.  Straps fell ominously from the legs and the armrests.  Lights and cameras surrounded it, all focused at the chair and the area around it.  "I'm going to take the ball gag out of your mouth.  There’s no one else in the building or even within a mile of where we are, so don't even bother trying to scream.  Next time we have to use a ball gag on you, it will be larger; your lips will have to stretch wide.  It will be quite painful so I suggest you begin to learn to obey.  Nod your head if you understand."


Missy nodded her head, the small ball gag already hurting her, drool dripping down her chin.  She didn't like the feeling of having something jammed into her mouth and would do almost anything to avoid having an even larger one in her mouth.  She was afraid of the room; the cameras were set up to record what ever happened here and she was afraid that it was going to be her that would be taped; her body being examined.  She gasped as the ball gag was plucked from her mouth, her spit drying on her lips.  "Pllee...."


"Shut up Missy.  I'll tell you when to speak.  That's better,” seeing the fear in her eyes.  "I'm going to take the cuffs off of you.  Behave and this will go a lot easier for you.  You might even enjoy a little pleasure if you obey."  She unlocked the cuffs, Missy rubbing her wrists, red marks already on her arms.


Julie chimed in, "you will have to be examined before we can admit you.  This will require you to strip off your clothing.  We like to have a tape of the procedure so you’ll be required to do so in front of the cameras.  Yes, I see it in your eyes, afraid of being naked in front of strangers, especially in front of the cameras.  Get use to it, this will be required of you often.  Tears will get you no where; in fact I rather enjoy them.  It makes the tape so realistic.  Now get in front of the chair.  Do not sit on it yet!  That will be later."  She saw the hesitation in Missy’s eyes.  "SMMACKK," her hand striking Missy across the face.  She loved the look of shock on her face as her hands reached up to rub the red cheek.  "You will learn to obey!"


"Please don't do it again," her hands raised to protect herself, her cheek burning, tears running down her face.


Another smack, catching her off guard, the other cheek slapped this time, her head rocked back and forth.  "Now will I get your cooperation?  Karen, give me the riding crop," reaching over to grab the black riding crop from her.  "I'll not wear out my hand on you."


Her head was reeling from the blows, her cheeks stinging, tasting blood in her mouth.  What had her mother gotten her into with these evil women?  "I'll do what you say," surrendering to them.  She saw Julie tapping the riding crop against her thigh as she stared at her.


"You’d better!  Karen, start the tapes," the red lights on all the cameras coming on, the bright lights shining directly on Missy.


What were they going to do to her?  The bright lights highlighted her body.  And they expected her to strip naked for them, the camera's recording her body as she did.  What would they do with the tapes, would anyone else see them?  She felt so ashamed at having to submit to them.


"Now I expect cooperation from you Missy.  Smile for us," pleased as Missy tried to smile.  "Now straighten your back for us.  Yes, don't slouch.  You have such lovely tits.  Arch your back a little; stick them out for the camera.  Yes, that’s so nice."  Missy had this fake smile on her face; it would look great on the tape, reflecting her reluctance.  Her big tits stuck out, Missy almost exaggerating the position she was forced into


"Very good," Karen said, "now will you slowly unbutton your blouse for us?  Slower," Missy quickly turned red in embarrassment, hurriedly trying to end the humiliation.  They all watched her as her bra was gradually exposed, her large breasts straining the material, abundant cleavage revealed by the bright lights.  "Slip it off now Missy, real slow.  Push your tits out for the camera.”  They loved how red her face and chest had become as she slowly stripped for the camera.  "Drop it on the floor.  Very lovely Missy.  Now let the straps slide down your arms for us."  They watched as her naked shoulders were revealed, the bra slipping down lower, the weight of her breasts pulling down without the support of the straps.  "Now bend over a bit, let your breasts fall," eagerly waiting as she complied.  "Look into the camera.  Very lovely, they're almost ready to fall out.  Now shake them back and forth for us.  Let them bounce."


Missy couldn't believe what they were forcing her to do, the whip snapping on Julie's leg always a reminder of what non-compliance would bring.  It was as if she was doing a strip tease for the camera.  She bent over, feeling the heavy weight of her breasts pulling downward, looking up into the camera, trying to smile.  She finally relented, shaking her shoulders, feeling her pendulous breasts swinging back and forth within the confines of her bra, her skin red in embarrassment as she caught a glimpse of herself out of the corner of her eye, a small screen reflecting what the cameras were recording.  She looked like a whore teasing a customer.  She straightened up again as Karen ordered her to, waiting for the next command, shivering because she knew what it would be.


"I think Julie and I would like to see those lovely titties naked Missy.  Unsnap your bra in the back and slowly let the straps fall down your arms.  Such a good girl you are becoming Missy.  Now let it drop.  Link your fingers behind your head and stick your elbows out to the side.  Don't forget to arch your back.  You have such lovely tits.  You shouldn't be ashamed of them."  Karen and Julie's eyes stared at Missy, eager to see her naked.


Missy closed her tear-filled eyes as she let the bra fall to the ground, trying to act as sexy as possible, slowly letting it slip down her arms.  She felt it slip down, the cold air blowing on her naked breasts.  She put her arms in the position they asked, knowing that it thrust her breasts high up into the air.  She had always been proud of her breasts.  Even though they were big, they were firm and pointed.  Boys always looked at her, trying to get a glimpse down the front of her blouse.  Now she was exhibiting them to two women, scared of what they would require of her.


"So nice.  Even though they are big, they do stand up nicely.  And such big areolas, a lovely dark brown.  Why don't you wet your fingers and play with those pink nipples?  See how hard and long you can make them."


Missy opened her eyes wide.  Did they really expect her to play with herself in front of the camera?  Her eyes pleaded with them, afraid of saying anything.    


"What's the matter Missy, haven't you ever played with yourself?  Do you masturbate?"


"Nnnn," stammering.  "Never."  She was always afraid of masturbating; afraid of turning into someone like her mother, always trying to find a man to fuck her.


"That's so surprising from someone with such a delicious body.  Well, I think we can teach you many things.  You can bring so much pleasure to yourself.  Now play with your nipples Missy.  You will be surprised what great pleasure you can give yourself by tapping at those nice nips."


"I can't do that," defiant in her response.  "OOOOWWW," she screamed; her stomach on fire as Julie slashed at it, looking down to see the red stripe already forming on her white skin.  "No, no more," she begged, her fingers already moving to her breasts, tentatively touching her nipples, feeling like a jolt of electricity was rushing through her body.  She lightly squeezed them, a strange feeling beginning between her legs.  Why were they doing this to her?  It felt so strange to be standing in front of the lights and cameras, forced to play with her own body.


"Look at how big her nips are getting Linda.  Squeeze them a little harder Missy.  You will be surprised at how pleasurable a little pain is.  Yes, such a good girl.  Play with both of them, making them really hard for us.  And don't forget to smile for the camera."


Missy had never felt such a strange feeling.  They were right, it did feel good.  The feeling seemed to go straight from her chest to between her legs.  She tightened her fingers on the tip, "mmmm," pinching harder.  How could the pain feel so good?  She was so confused.


"Now bend your head way over and lift up your breasts.  I want you to suck your nipples into your mouth."  Karen waited, the whip poised to strike.


Missy looked up at the latest order, "NOOO!" she cried out.  She screamed in pain, "AAAAWWWW,' the whip slashing across one of her breasts, barely missing the nipple.  She lifted up her breasts, touching the whipped one softly, her head bending down, feeling her own breath on her nipples making her shudder.  She looked at Karen and Linda one last time, hoping for some relief, but they waited for her to obey.  She let her wet lips touch one of her nipples, sucking it into her mouth.  God, she could feel it growing larger.  Her tongue tentatively reached out in her mouth, lapping at the hardened bud, a shiver running down her spine as she felt the most incredible shudder run through her young body.  She sucked harder, wanting the feeling to continue.


"I think our Missy likes sucking on titties.  We’ll have to see if she’s any good."  Karen couldn't wait to force Missy to suck their tits.  "Bite your nipple Missy."


Missy obliged.  The feeling of sucking her nipple so pleasurable she was willing to try anything.  She bit down, "GGGODD," she cried out.  She thought she almost had an orgasm, never having experienced one before.  She looked into the monitor, her face red in shame as she saw her reflection.  She looked like such a pervert, her breasts pushed into her face, her mouth sucking her nipples like a baby.


"Now bite harder and twist it.  Feel the pain as you do it.  Concentrate on how much pleasure the pain is bringing you."  Linda watched as Missy listened to her orders, seeing her face grimace in pain as her own nipple was twisted.


Missy didn't think she could stand much more of this.  She had this desire to push her hands under her skirt and rub her pussy, even with them watching.


"See how much pleasure your body can bring you?  Now I want you to shake your shoulders.  Make those lovely titties bounce for us.  Come on now, Missy," slapping the whip on the table, the loud noise scaring the young girl.


They watched her as she shook her tits, the pendulous flesh moving back and forth, the nipples hard.


"More Missy, jump up and down, make them bounce for the camera," Linda chimed in.


Would it never end?  She was forced to jump, her breasts bouncing up and down, a fake smile on her face as she did.  Finally they let her stop, her breathing already quick from the exertion.


"You look tired, Missy," Karen added, "Why don't you sit on the edge of the table and rest."  She waited until Missy sat down.  "Now spread your legs out a bit for us and let your skirt slide up your legs.  Yes, such lovely legs Missy.  You need to wear shorter skirts.  Show everyone what pretty legs you have."


Karen moved one of the cameras, positioning it more of front of Missy, aiming the lens lower.  She flipped on a bright light, moving the camera down until it shone on her legs. 


Missy saw the camera move, the bright light directly between her legs.  She dreaded what she knew would be their next command.


"Now spread your legs a bit more Missy, let us see between those lovely thighs.  I remember how soft and tender they are.  Oh, that is so nice, is the camera able to see under her lovely skirt Karen?"


Missy cringed as she spread her legs, almost feeling the heat from the lamp as it shone up her skirt.  She let her skirt rise up higher after Julie ordered her, the skirt riding half way up her thighs now.


"More Missy, spread your legs real wide now.  That’s it, to the corners of the desk.  And don't forget to smile."  Julie's eyes were glued between Missy’s legs, the camera light highlighting the darkness between her widely spaced thighs, illuminating her panties.


Her crotch hurt.  She had to stretch wide to reach the corners of the desk, her thighs taut to keep the position they required of her.  Her skirt had ridden up higher, sure that her panties were exposed.  She smiled at the camera, her lips clenched in a fake smile.


"Does that hurt Missy?  I know it’s hard to keep your legs spread that wide.  Maybe we can help you.  Why don't you stand up and remove your skirt.  It's just in the way."  Karen watched Missy obey her order, seeing the relief in her face as she was allowed to close her legs.  The skirt fell quickly to the floor, Missy not wanting to make them mad.


"Good girl, now back up on the desk.  But this time, pull out the two drawers on both ends.  That's it," pleased at the sight of her ass, her twin buns filling out her panties.  "Such a lovely ass, Missy."


Missy quickly turned around, afraid of the tone of voice on Karen as she commented on her butt.  She sat on the desk, sitting with her feet dangling between the drawers, not understanding the purpose of it.


"Now scoot back a little and bring your legs up.  Place one in each one of the drawers.  They will help you keep your legs open.  We wouldn't want you to strain much."  The women both waited eagerly for Missy to assume the position.


Missy looked down between her legs as she drew them up, seeing her panties stretching across her sex.  God, she was so exposed as she put one leg in the drawer.  She groaned as she placed the other leg in the opposite drawer, feeling her muscles pulling.  She had to bend her knees, raising her legs to get them into the drawer, forcing her thighs to be up and open.  She looked over at Karen and Julie, their eyes not even seeing her stare, their eyes on her widely spaced thighs and her sex.


"Now that is lovely Missy.  Your tiny panties barely cover that sweet pussy.  Push your panties into your slit.  Let the camera see your lips.  Come on now, Missy, don't start disobeying now."  Karen moved close to Missy, the whip in her hand.  "Now, don't you dare move your legs!"  She let the whip flick between Missy's legs, lightly tapping it against her tender white thighs.  The splat, splat, splat sound of the black leather whip rang out in the room, the camera catching Missy's face as she grimaced in pain, biting her lips as her legs strained to remain spread, leaving her tender thighs exposed to the cruel whip.


"NOOO!”  Missy cried out finally, unable to withstand the pain any longer, her knees pushing in to protect herself.  "OOOOW," a sharp slap of the whip to the underside of her right breast brought a shocked look to her face.  "Please, don't whip me," she begged, tears staining her innocent face.


"Open your legs Missy, or it's your tits that will be whipped."  Karen waited, the whip in her hand.  She lightly tapped Missy's right breast, making the delicious looking flesh bounce.  "I said open your legs now!"


God, it hurt so badly when Karen whipped her breast, the stinging still felt.  She trembled as Karen tapped her breast, looking down, seeing her teenage breast already turning red.  She hesitantly spread her legs open again, Karen returning the whip between them before she even got them fully opened.  The tapping came harder now, Missy spreading her legs wider to escape the harsh whip, Karen following her movements easily.


They looked at poor Missy, her legs now spread obscenely wide, knees up and drawn, her sex even more exposed.  "Trace your slit in your panties again, Missy.  I know you’re probably wet already.  Show the camera your lovely camel toe," referring to the way the vulva was exposed when tight clothes are molded to the flesh of young girls.  Their puffy labia, split by the tight clothes resemble the shape of a camels toe.  "Very good, Missy, now keep your legs spread open wide for the whip again."


Missy closed her eyes, bracing for the inevitable.  "AAAAHH," she whimpered, trying to cry out quietly, afraid of the women and what they were doing to her.  The whip began to lash at her thighs, moving from one side to the other, her tender skin getting redder and redder as the leather whip began to take its toll on her flesh.  She strained to keep her thighs apart, willing her brain to keep them open in spite of the pain.  "GGGGODDD," she cried out, her hips jerking up by the sudden rush of pain in her sex.  Karen had swung the whip up between her spread legs, slapping at her tender mound.  How could she do that to her?  She should know not to hit a girl on her sex.


Karen and Julie were pleased with how well Missy was performing for the camera and allowing them to abuse her body.  "Now slip off your panties Missy.  Let the camera see that lovely pussy."  She tapped the whip on her sex, seeing Missy trembling in fear.  "NOW!  Do it slow for the camera Missy.  It wants to see that teenage pussy revealed slowly."


Missy stood up, her feel slightly apart, looking at the camera, her fake smile on her face.  She saw the other camera aimed at her crotch, embarrassed at how revealing it would be to be naked in front of it, afraid of where the tapes would end up.  This was not a normal exam.  She realized that, but she was afraid of the women and what they intended to do to her.  She hooked her hands in her panties and slowly let them slide down her hips, her brown bush exposed first.  She shivered when her panties brushed the hair on her bush, sending tiny shocks of pleasure to her sex.  Lower and lower her panties went, finally falling below the vee of her legs, her pussy now exposed to the glaring lights.  She bent over, quickly pushing the panties to the ground and standing up again as she realized how her breasts hung down, her swollen nipples reflected in the bright lights.


"Very good Missy.  Now back up on the desk.  Put your feet in the drawers and let's see that pretty pussy." 


Missy looked over to them with searching eyes, hoping to see some compassion at how exposed her body would be once she assumed the position they required of her.  She could not even get them to acknowledge her, their eyes pinned between her legs, waiting for her to spread them apart.  She resigned herself to her fate, sitting back on the desk.  She already knew how painful it was to spread her legs into the drawers, cringing as she placed the first one in, looking down, her pussy lips already widely spread and she still had the other leg to go.  She moaned softly as she pulled her other leg up, pushing it into the drawer, her crotch feeling like it was splitting up the middle.  She had to lean back onto her arms, her body bent back slightly, her large breasts rising and falling as she looked at how exposed she was.  Her pussy lips were spread apart wide, her pink insides revealed, her vagina just a tiny virgin hole.  Even her clit stood out.  She looked at them, waiting for their next order.


Julie looked at her, Missy's pussy glistening with her juices.  She might act shocked to be doing this, but her body was beginning to respond.  "Masturbate for us Missy.  We want you to cum while we watch and the camera records every detail."


"NOOO, I don't know how," she cried out, tears running down her face.  She had tried to masturbate, other girls telling her how great it was to cum, but she was never successful, each time going to sleep even more frustrated.


"It's very easy Missy, I'll teach you.  Reach down with two fingers and begin to slide them up and down your slit.  Pay attention to the insides of your lips.  From the bottom all the way up to that lovely hard clit.  I want you to get wet for us Missy.  Make that lovely pussy cream on your fingers.  If you don't do it, I will," Julie threatened her, knowing that she would rather perform by herself than suffer a forced masturbation by her.


No, she couldn't let Julie do it, Missy letting her hand wander down between her legs, shivering when her fingers touched her pussy.  It was already wet.  She pushed her lips apart gently, letting her fingers move down, feeling her juices soaking her fingertips as she felt the silky insides of her labia.  She looked up, seeing the cameras glued to her sex, a strange thrill running through her body as she realized what she was doing.  She was being forced to masturbate and cum for the cameras, recording her every movement, her every expression.  Who would be watching this tape?


"Your clit now Missy, move up and rub over your clit.  I think you will enjoy it very much."


Missy moved her hand, "aaaaah," moaning softly as she touched her clit.  She had never seen or felt it so large before, sensitive to even the gentle breeze in the room.  She tapped it lightly with her fingertips, unable to keep her hips from moving, sliding back and forth over the desk.


"Pinch it harder Missy, you will be surprise how much a little pain will give you so much pleasure."  Julie would teach her later, extracting orgasms from her body while she inflicted pain on her.  She would be taught.


Her hips jerked up when she pinched it, feeling how hard it was.  She hated to admit it, but the desk beneath her was starting to get wet, feeling her juices begin to run down her legs, feeling strange as some ran down over her anus, a tickling sensation on her anus making her shiver.  Why would her anus excite her?


"Missy is such a good student, don't you think Karen?  Look how wet she’s making that cute little pussy."


"Yes, she’s learning well.  But I think she needs to finger fuck that tight little hole.  Start with one finger Missy; rub it around your vagina.  Pull back your labia so we can see you do it.  And don't forget, smile at the camera as you masturbate for us."  They both smiled at her.


A tear fell from her eye as she continued to do what they ordered her, her fingers gripping her labia, almost feeling strange when she felt the wetness, not able to understand why her body was responding.  She pulled back her lips, looking down, able to see her pink insides, looking back up, realizing how vivid it looked to the camera.  "Please, not inside, I'm a virgin," she begged them.


"We don't want you to bust your cherry," Karen would be given the honor of doing that tonight when Missy was put into bed, tied down, a large strap-on designated to be worn by Karen to rape Missy's virgin pussy.  "Just put your finger in a little bit.  Stretch your opening, let us see inside you."


It felt strange, running her finger around the inside of her vagina.  It was so tight; almost feeling like it was fighting back the intrusion.  She could feel the wetness, her finger sliding inside, pushing back the opening, feeling it close around her finger, trapping it inside. 


"Good, now rub your clitoris with your other hand.  See how large it is Julie?  I think our little Missy will have nice orgasms."  Karen looked down, waiting for Missy to obey, wanting to see her have her first forced orgasm.  She would be masturbating for many others in the future.


It began to feel good, her finger rubbing over the hard bud, sending a tingle inside her pussy, her finger gripped tightly by her silky insides as she began to push her finger in and out in rhythm to the finger on her clit.  She began to close her eyes and moan, trying to forget where she was.


"Open your eyes and look at the camera Missy.  We want to see you when you orgasm for the first time.  And keep your legs open.  It’s natural to close your legs when you orgasm, but we want you to keep them open so the camera can record all of it.  Now, cream for us Missy, cum all over those lovely fingers that are masturbating you."


Missy was brought back to reality again, her eyes staring blankly into the cameras, trying to keep the fake smile on her face as her fingers played with her wet pussy.  She could feel a strange tingle between her legs that seem to race up her spine, into her brain.  Her hips arched forward as if trying to drive her finger deeper into her pussy.  It felt odd, her finger almost crushed by her pussy, the hot walls clinging to her finger as she finger fucked herself.  Her body began to shudder, panic setting in.  What had she done, had she broken her hymen?  Just then the room exploded in a barrage of lights, her head swimming in sensations she had never felt before.  She could feel her pussy clenching on her fingers, unable to stop it from gripping so tight.  She could feel a sudden wetness that ran down her the insides of her legs, her body shuddering. 


She continued to play her finger across her clit, sending such delicious feelings through her body as she came for the first time.  It felt so good, forgetting that they were watching her, forgetting the cameras, concentrating only on the sensations racing through her body.  She had to fight back the urge to close her legs, remembering their orders.  "GGGGODD, SSSOOO GGood," she cried out in ecstasy as she felt another orgasm hit her, her fingers now coated with her own juices as she let her finger play with her clit as her other hand finger fucked herself to her first orgasm.


She finally stopped, her body drained, the humiliation finally dawning on her as she looked into the monitor, seeing how wet her pussy and fingers were, testament to the orgasms that rocked her teenage body.  She looked up at Karen and Linda, their faces beaming with smiles.


"Very good Missy.  See how much fun it can be to cum?  We're going to teach you so many things that will give you the same delicious feelings.  And you will also do things to others to give them the same feelings.  Now, let's get you cleaned up and in your room for the night."


Missy was led from the room, down a long corridor to a small room.  She began to get scared when she saw that it had a lock on it.  There was also a large window almost covering the whole wall from the hallway.  She would have no privacy, anyone would be able to see inside the room.  She felt embarrassed as she walked down the hall, still naked, her cum dripping down her thighs.  Luckily no one else showed up, only Linda and Julie watching her as she walked, her large breasts bouncing, the cool air of the hallway keeping her nipples hard.


"Take a shower.  Don't take too long, we will be waiting for you." 


Missy went quickly into the large shower room, turning the shower on, letting the water run down her body, her hands rubbing the cum from her pussy as the hot water felt good.  She looked around the room.  On one side, a large metal table stood, slanted downward, a large drain in the center of the table, a strange rubber hose coming down from the ceiling, a large funny shaped nozzle on the end.  A wide collection of funnels were placed around the table.  What scared her most was the wide selection of straps around the table, knowing that they were to secure someone to the table.  But what for she didn't know. 


"You look so fresh and innocent Missy.  Put on these panties, then get into bed."  Karen handed her a pair of black, silky panties, a size too small for her body, wanting her sex to be outlined in the sexy garments.


Missy bent over, slipping the panties up her legs, seeing them watch as she did.  She pulled them up over her hips, seeing how tight they were.  "Do you have a larger pair?  These are too small."


"Sorry Missy, that’s all there are.  Just slip into them, I'm sure you will look beautiful."  They watched as she pulled them up, seeing her pussy outlined on the panties, her puffy labia highlighted.  Young girls had such pronounced labia and Karen loved to highlight their features.  "Now on your back Missy."


"What are you doing?”  Missy cried out when Julie pulled her arms over her head, Karen putting large leather straps around her wrists.  She felt her arms pulled up to each corner of the bed, spreading her arms out into wide.


"Just to make sure nothing happens to you at night.  As soon as you learn to obey, we might not have to restrain you while you sleep.  Now get some rest, you have a long night before you."  Karen and Julie left the room, switching off the light as they did.  Once outside, they could speak freely.  "Give her a couple of hours sleep.  That makes them more disorientated.  Not enough sleep to make them alert, but just enough sleep to keep them awake.  We’ll fuck her then.  Her cries as that large strap-on fucks into her virgin pussy will almost make us cumBut Missy will do that honor for us.  Once she is fucked, she will be more willing to cooperate.  I think we can teach her how to use her mouth and fingers to make us cum."  They walked off, Missy already dozing off, the orgasms draining her energy.


Chapter 2


He knelt over her lovingly as Missy shivered partly in fear and partly in ecstasy.  It had been such a lovely dinner, James being a perfect gentleman, as he complimented her on the blouse and skirt she wore.  Missy paid special attention when she dressed, making sure her ample breasts were prominently displayed, a good bit of cleavage to entice him.  The conversation continued during the dinner, James seemed to be genuinely interested in listening to what she had to say.


            The movie, a "chick-flick" that Missy had picked even had James interested, not like her other dates that took her to the latest action movie.  It was half way through the movie when his hand moved out and touched hers; Missy had let him hold her hand.  She felt so comfortable with him.  As the movie became more of a "tear jerker" she actually snuggled up closer to him, James letting his hand slip across her shoulder now.  She wasn't even sure when or why it happened but suddenly he had kissed her.  Missy slipped her tongue into his mouth as she kissed him passionately.  His kiss was equally passionate as he hugged her closer, Missy making sure that she pressed her breasts into his chest, sure that he could feel her nipples poking him.


The rest of the movie was a blur; she wasn’t even if they saw the end or even cared.  They kissed passionately; the gentle touch of his lips on hers excited her, as she had never felt before.  She flinched for a minute when his hand touched her breast, taking a deep breath, shivering in lust as his strong hand molded one of her breasts, touching it so lovingly, her nipple feeling like it would burst.  She could only moan in pleasure as he played with her nipple, lightly pinching the swollen flesh.  She became braver, letting her hand slip down and touch his knee, a sudden gasp from his lips as he realized what she was doing.  She let her fingers caress up the inside of his leg, feeling his taut muscles.  She had never touched a boy’s penis before, but James had ignited a lust in her that was driving her crazy.


Suddenly the lights came on, both of the quickly straightening up in their seats, Missy making sure her blouse was buttoned, smoothing over the wrinkles from his fingers, his touch still lingering.


He snuggled her close as they walked out, Missy nested beneath his arm as if she belonged there.


"Would you like a cup of coffee?"  They walked over to his car.


"Yes, that would be nice.  Where?"  She wasn't sure where this was going, a little hesitant.


"Well, there is a Starbucks a couple of blocks away, but with the movie finishing, it will be packed and noisy.  Or we could go to my house.  I have a new cappuccino machine that I would love to try out for you."  He held his breath, almost afraid of the answer.


Missy thought for a moment.  She didn't want to go home, but she wanted a more intimate place then a crowded Starbucks.  She could handle it.  Even though she was a virgin, she had petted some and the thought of James fingers on her body again was making her pussy wet with desire.  "I love cappuccino," she answered, a smile on Jame’s face showing his pleasure.


The entered his apartment, tastefully furnished, especially for a guy.  She sat down on the couch, making sure that her skirt rode up high on her legs, crossing them, giving him a great view of her tanned thighs.  He went into the kitchen to make their drinks, but not before he kissed her, holding her head tightly as his tongue searched deep into her mouth to play with her tongue.  He broke off the kiss, leaving her breathless.


They drank the cappuccino, James doing a great job on it.  "I love it," her eyes fluttering slightly as she gave him this coy look.


"Thank you.  I love doing things for you."  He looked at her, her breasts pushing the buttons on her blouse, her short skirt high up on her legs.  What he would love to do was get her into bed tonight.  He snuggled next to her on the couch, a love song playing lightly in the background.  He put his arm around her shoulder, feeling Missy move on the couch, snuggling up next to him.  She fit so neatly beneath his arm, almost as if she belonged there.  He kissed her again, his tongue searching out her tongue again, and felt her tongue play over his.  His cock was so hard for her.


Missy felt him become bolder, his large hand again molding her breasts, Missy arching her back, thrusting them into his strong hand, her nipples feeling like they were going to burst.  Her hand went back down to his leg, teasing up and down.  She had never wanted a boy as bad as she wanted James, her mind confused on whether she would allow him to take her virginity from her tonight.  She moaned softly when his hand began to unbutton her blouse, her hand instinctively moving up to touch his and stop it, instead she ended up guiding it to unbutton all of the buttons.  She shivered in lust when his hot hand touched her naked skin, his calloused finger rubbing over the top of her breasts before moving down into her cleavage.  She kissed him back harder, her hand gripping his leg tightly.


She had allowed him to unbutton her blouse, his hand running over her naked flesh before gripping her bra, squeezing her breast flesh, seeing it almost pop out the top of her bra.  He pushed her blouse off of her shoulders, Missy letting him, letting it slide down her arms until she was naked except for the bra that constrained her breasts from his touch.  His hands moved around her back, Missy arching forward, submitting to the removal of her bra, his hands fumbling like an adolescent before he finally got it unsnapped.  She held her arms up, suddenly embarrassed at having her breasts bared to him.


"Do you want me to stop?"  James gave her a tender look, not wanting to push her into doing something she didn't want.


She put her hands down.  She wanted to do this more then anything in the world.  She wanted James to take her virginity.  She just became scared for a second.  "No, I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to stop you."  She felt his hands move forward, slipping the bra from her breasts, the cool air instantly making her nipples rock hard.  His hands circled her breasts, clasping on her naked flesh, squeezing them.  His fingers began to pluck at her nipples, teasing the pink tips, running a finger around her large brown areolas, tiny goose bumps appearing on her flesh.  She couldn't wait any longer, her hand moving up his leg until she reached the front of his pants.  Her small hand touched a hard cock for the first time, feeling it moving and shuddering beneath her touch.  God, it was so big and hard.


"GGGGOOOD," James moaned as she touched his cock, fighting back the urge to cum instantly.  "That feels so good," he moaned as her hand moved up and down his shaft.  He pushed her down on the couch, placing a pillow beneath her head, her hair fanning out.  He lay down next to her, making sure that her hand could reach his cock again, moaning as she touched it.


He let his hand slide down to her skirt, Missy turning towards him, her body eager to have him touch her.  He wasted no time, his hand sliding underneath the short skirt, sliding up her naked inner thighs, feeling her body tremble in his touch.  "Unzip my pants and touch my naked cock," he spoke to her slowly.


She held her breath when his hand slid under her skirt, following his command she let his zipper slide down noisily, her hand reaching in to find his hard cock jutting out his shorts.  It took long seconds before she found out how to get inside his shorts.  Her hand touched his hot flesh, feeling it jerk from her touch.  She slid her hand in farther, slipping her small fingers around the hard flesh, grasping it tightly.


James hand quickly slid his hand between her legs, her hands driving such pleasure his cock.  Her soft hand almost made him cum, sliding up and down his shaft, his hips beginning to move up and down as she masturbated him.


She spread her legs, giving him complete access to her sex, his hands finding her pussy, a fat finger sliding between her lips, only her panties protecting her virginity.  "God, that feels so good," she moaned quietly, her hands moving up and down his cock quicker.


He quickly stripped off her clothes, Missy rising up her hips to let him take off her skirt, then finally she allowed him to slip her panties down her legs.  He had already taken off his clothes; Missy's hand was busily stroking his cock up and down.  She was embarrassed at first, refusing to even look at his cock, but that didn’t stop her hand from continuing to caress his cock to even greater hardness.  James slowly spread her legs, urging her silky thighs to spread, her face red in embarrassment as he finally got a glimpse of her pussy, her tight lips slowly spreading to allow him to see the pink insides.  His fingers quickly pushed between her lips, finding her soaked in anticipation.  He rubbed his finger up and down until it was glistening in her juices, pushing one large finger against her vaginal opening, pushing hard, fighting to get it inside the tight, virgin hole.


It felt so good; his fingers playing over her pussy, even when he spread her legs, the lust overcame her embarrassment, letting him push her legs open until he was satisfied.  She felt like cumming when he touched her tight hole, but she wanted so badly to let James take her virginity.  Her hand continued to run up and down his large cock, rubbing over the head, feeling her fingers get sticky from his juices that leaked out the head.  She rubbed it all over his cock, wanting to lubricate it so it would be ready to fuck her.  It was so big, she was a little afraid that she wouldn't be able to take it inside her.


James looked at her.  "Are you sure you want to do this?"  He was hoping she wouldn't change her mind, his cock wanting so badly to be in her hot, tight pussy.  He never had a virgin before, Missy would be his first.


"Oh, yes," she cried out, her hips arching up onto his fingers.  "I want you to be my first James.  You are so tender.  It's just like I always imagined it would be."  She felt him spread her legs out farther, kneeling between her splayed legs, his large cock jutting out in front of him.  He leaned over her, pressing his chest against her hard nipples, his hand sliding between their bodies, feeling him grip his cock.


He had to shove it inside her, sliding the head of his cock up and down her wet slit, lubricating it so it would slide in as easily as possible.  She even seemed to arch up, wanting it as badly as he did.  He pushed the head against her tiny opening, feeling so large compared to the little hole.  She would have to stretch wide to take him inside.  His hands gripped her hips, ready to pull her onto his hard cock.


She felt his impatience, his cock pushing hard against her tiny vagina, his hands holding her tight now.  She braced herself for the initial pain when he would take her virginity.  His mouth moved down to her nipple, his lips wrapping around it tightly, sucking it deep into his mouth, stretching it painfully.  "Not so hard James" she begged him.  His teeth began to nibble on the tip, sliding back and forth across the rubbery flesh, pinching it painfully.


James couldn't wait any longer.  If he did, he would cum on the sheets.  He pushed with his hips, feeling her pussy opening up, the tip of his cock sliding in on her wetness.  She moaned louder, her body jerking in pain.


It felt so huge, tugging her vagina open, afraid he would tear her.  "Slow down.  Please James, it hurts"  He was pushing too hard, his hands holding her tighter then she liked, his mouth and teeth hurting her nipple.  What started out so nice was turning ugly.  "Please, please not so hard."


He pushed in harder, the head of his cock pushing inside, trapped by her hymen from moving any further, jerking and jumping in pleasure from her tight pussy.  He had to get inside her before she changed her mind.  He began to push harder, feeling her hymen stretching.


"No!  Stop James.  I don't want you to do this!"  Missy changed her mind; the pain was too much, the gentle lovemaking now bordered on rape.  She wanted to push him away but her hands refused to move.  She suddenly felt a slap on her face, her head turning from the powerful blow.  "Don't James!”


"Wake up bitch.  Who the fuck is James?  Is that your little boyfriend?"


Missy opened her eyes, seeing the two women, fear instantly entering her as she saw how they were dressed.  Each wore leather outfits fitting tightly over their body, theirs breasts pushed up high, their legs naked.  One was standing over the foot of the bed, a strange dildo sticking out from her crotch, a large, black ugly fake cock that had to be over a foot long and over three inches wide.  She was stroking it as she stared at Missy.  Missy tugged her arms, feeling the restraints holding them tightly over her head, the other woman's head leaning over her, her mouth sucking painfully on her nipple.  Then she remembered where she was.


"Let me introduce you to your new boyfriend."  Julia stroked the fake cock, lubricating it.  She wanted it to be painful for Missy but not impossible.  "He's got a big cock that is going to rape your little pussy."


Karen's mouth was wrapped tightly around Missy's nipple, her hand compressing the pink tit so that the nipple stood out hard and erect, swollen with blood.  She sucked it deep in her mouth, stretching the rubbery flesh as far as she could, feeling Missy arch her back to attempt to relive some of the pain.  She pulled her mouth off, the nipple red and abused, glistening with Karen's saliva.  "What's the matter little girl, you don't like your big tits sucked?"  She laughed, her finger reaching down and snapping the hard bud, seeing Missy's body jerk in pain.  She laughed.  "Is James nice to your little titties?"  She snapped it again, making sure her sharp nails dragged across it painfully.  "If you think that hurts, wait until you feel what we are going to do to those big jugs later.  There going to be bound, whipped and punctured."


Missy could only struggle, her voice already hoarse from screaming, the ladies not even caring that she did.  "No!  NO!"  She cried out when she saw the large, metal shiny clamps in Karen's hands.  She knew where she would place them, her nipples such a large, easy target.  Her fingers were back, plucking both of Missy's nipples, pulling them harshly from her body, stretching them taut.  She had to arch her back, feeling like Karen would tear them off, sticking her large breasts up high in the air.


Karen waited until her back was arched high, her large breasts sticking up into the air.  SLAAPP.  She let her hand fly, hitting her right breast with her flat palm, the sound ringing in the room, Missy's gasp of pain pleasing her.  SLLLAAAPP.  She did it again, this time the left one receiving the harsh treatment, her large swollen breasts now swinging back and forth.  She didn't stop until they were bright red and swollen.  Only then did she let Missy feel the bite of the clamps, making sure that she did it slowly, the suspense almost as bad as the pain.  The sharp shrill of Missy's voice rang out in the room as the sharp pinch of the clamp bit into her tender flesh, crushing the pink flesh, squeezing the blood from them.  "You like your pretty jewelry?"  She tugged the clamps, pulling the pinched flesh with them, stretching them as tears fell from Missy's eyes, sobbing in pain at the harsh treatment to her breasts.


Missy couldn't believe the pain.  Her chest was on fire, the clamps feeling like they were tearing her nipples off, her flesh still stinging from the slap.


"Grab her legs; I'm ready to fuck her."  Karen reached over to grasps Missy's legs behind her knees, feeling Missy begin to struggle.


Sllllappp.  Julia slapped Missy between her spread legs, hitting her squarely on her sex.  "Settle down bitch.  I'm going to give you the ride of your life."  SSSLLLap.  She did it again, her hand slapping down, pushing apart her pussy lips to attack her pink insides.


Missy stopped struggling, her pussy ablaze in pain.  How could they hit her there?  They seemed to enjoy inflicting pain on her.  She felt Karen pull her knees up, bowing her legs out until they were almost up to her chest, pushed to the side.  Her crotch felt like it was being split up the middle.  She looked down, her lips pulled apart.  She looked up at Julia, seeing an evil smile on her face.


Julia got on the bed, crawling between Missy's legs, the cruel rubber dildo bouncing in front of her.  She kneeled between her legs, hefting the giant fake cock in her hand.  "You're going to love this."  She began to rub the bulbous head of the black cock along Missy's slit, moving from the top to the bottom, pushing between her lips.  "I'm going to fuck you dry or wet, it's up to you.  Get wet for me and it's going to hurt a lot worse.  Make believe its James going to fuck your pussy."


Missy closed her eyes, knowing that she was right.  The dry cock would tear up her vagina, possibly ruining her for life.  She might not be able to have kids.  She had to get wet.  She imagined it was James, his cock rubbing up and down her slit, his gentle hands sliding over her body.  Another sharp pain in her nipples, sure that Karen was plucking the cruel clamps that crushed them now.  It was hard, gritting her teeth as she felt the dry rubber cock sliding along her slit.  Yes James, you're so gentle, she imagined.  Hands pulled her legs back farther, the fake cock sliding down to the bottom of her slit.  It didn't stop there, it moved down lower.


"Would you like my cock up here Missy?  A nice big fat cock splitting your asshole."  Julia moved the head of the cock against her tiny anus.  She would scream nicely when they sodomized her, her asshole would have no choice but to stretch or tear to take the big cock inside her.


"No!  No!"  They wanted her to get wet but the continually kept her on edge, afraid now that Julia would stick it up her backside.


"I know how to shut her up."  Karen picked up the chain that connected the nipple clamps, pulling her tits out.  "Open your mouth bitch.  That's a good girl; now hold this in your mouth.  If you let go of it, I'm going to whip those titties until they bleed."


It made her nipples sting, the chain so short that she had no choice except stretch her nipples out, the clamps biting painfully into her sensitive tips, but anything was better then having her breasts whipped.  She shook her head in fear.


"She's not going to get wet, so she is going to get raped dry.  With the chain in her mouth, at least we don't have to listen to her scream," Julia laughing at Missy's predicament.  "Pull her legs back and spread them wide.  See if you can split her up the middle."


"MMMMGG," was all that Missy could muster as her crotch felt like it was tearing, Karen was brutal in spreading her legs, pushing down on the insides of her thighs until they bent to the side, not happy until they were almost pushed down on the side of the bed.  "NNNGG," the pain unbelievable.


"I'll take your mind off of the spread of your legs."  Julia pushed the head of the dildo against Missy's tiny hole, the bulbous head so massive compared to her tight opening.  She spit on it, the juicy saliva landing on the shaft.  She laughed, "that should make it slide in easily."  She didn't even give her a chance to respond, her hips jerking ahead in a sudden thrust.


Missy's eyes opened wide in terror.  She felt the hard fake cock against her vagina, Julia applying slow pressure to it, seeing the cruel look in her eyes.  "EEEEEEHHHH," she screamed as her virginity was torn from her, feeling as if a giant baseball bat was being shoved between her legs.  "EEEEEGGGH," Missy cried again, Karen slapping her breasts with a black riding crop, slapping harshly on her clamped nipples.


"I told you to leave it in your mouth," Karen pushing the chain back in Missy's mouth, tears running down her face as she sobbed in pain.  "Now fuck the bitch."


Missy's pussy was ablaze in pain, tearing and burning as Julia shoved the evil black dildo inside her.  She bucked on the bed, trying to escape the searing pain but Julia always seemed to know where she would move to, always following, the dreaded dildo pressing deeper and harder.  Karen stood over her, her hand holding the whip, tapping her below her chin, forcing her to raise up her head, each time the clamps pulling hard on her trapped nipples.  She thought they were torn and bleeding, each time she pulled upward the pain ignited again.  She could only mumble unintelligible sounds, the chain stopping her from screaming in pain.


Julia reached down, her hands on Missy's hips.  "How do you like your first fuck Missy?  Just like James would do to you, huh?"  She pulled up on Missy's hips, drawing her up, her hips shooting forward, shoving more of the thick, black cock inside her tight pussy.  She looked down, a thin coat of blood on the rubber cock as it slid in and out of her pussy, her hole stretched wide around it.  She pulled the hard cock out until only the bulbous head was inside her pussy, seeing Missy trembling in pain.  She pushed, pushed hard, driving the cock inside her with a powerful thrust that sent Missy's body up in pain, tears streaming from her eyes as she suffered the cruel rape of her body.


Karen whispered into Missy's ear as she was fucked.  "It's my turn next Missy.  I'll really make you scream.  Your pussy will already be sore and I have this dildo that has a big lump on the side of the head.  It's going to feel like a boulder rubbing up and down your pussy as I fuck you.  I'll take the chain out of your mouth so I can hear you scream, but I'll stretch out your titties real nice while I fuck you.  Can you feel Julia's cock tearing up your virgin pussy?  She likes to hurt little girls like you."


Missy didn't think she could take much longer of the brutal fucking.  The cock was pushed inside her, banging against her cervix painfully with each stroke, feeling like it was coming out her mouth.  How could she be so cruel?  Julia kept smiling and fucking, her hips moving faster and faster, pushing harder with each stroke.  She saw Karen move behind Julia, her hand reaching around to play with Julia's clit.  Maybe she would make her cum so she would stop this cruel rape, though the thought of Karen taking her place with the deformed dildo she had described would be just as bad if not worse.  But at least she would be closer to be done.  Maybe they would let her go then.


Karen's fingers on Julia's clit seemed to have driven her close to orgasm, her hips a blur now as she gave Missy the full measure of the fake cock into her pussy with each stroke, Missy's body jerking in pain as the thick head banged the end of her pussy.  Between the pain of the rape of her pussy and the burning of the nipple clamps her body was almost overcome with pain.


Julia screamed out in pleasure as Karen pinched her clit, the final act that drove her to a tremendous orgasm.  She always enjoyed the rape of the young girls; the cruelty of the act arousing her to a fever pitch, Karen was always available to give her that added push to a climax.  Her body shuddered in bliss, pushing hard to bury the dildo in Missy, yanking on the chain, dragging Missy's nipples high up into the air, her tits pulled out to a cone as Missy screamed in pain.


It was finally over, Julia hesitantly pulling the cock out of Missy's pussy, a trickle of blood running between her legs, testament to the brutal rape she had inflicted on the once virgin girl that lay sobbing beneath her.  She shuffled up to the head of the bed, the fake cock bobbing in front of Missy's face.  "Clean my cock," she ordered her, seeing the look of disgust on her face at being asked to perform such a loathsome task.


The slap of the whip made the clamps tear from Missy's nipples; a scream tore from her lips.  It felt like a red hot dagger was pushed into her chest, her nipples aflame in pain.  She instantly opened her mouth, Julia pushing the slick black cock into her mouth.  She closed her lips around it, her tongue bathing it clean as she was ordered, her nipples still burning in pain a reminder of what happens when she disobeys.  It tasted terrible, the metal taste of her blood mixing with her sweat and juices lingering in her mouth, the foul taste making her gag.


"Good girl," Julia said, petted her head as if she was a trained animal.


Karen began to untie Missy from the bed, Julia pulling the black cock from her mouth glistening with her saliva.  "It's my turn to fuck Missy.  I want you on the floor on your hands and knees.  I'm going to fuck you doggy style.  If you don't cooperate, I'll rip my cock up your virgin asshole."  Karen didn't want to do that yet; one of their customers would pay a lot of money to rape a virgin asshole.  It would be extremely painful, the customer loving to tear and shed a young girls backside with the evil "butt buster" a massive dildo with knobs and prongs on it, rendering an asshole bloody and shredded.  The customers loved hearing the screams as they tore into the young girl’s backside.


"Over here," pointing to a spot on the hard floor.


Missy looked, sharp rocks cemented to the floor.  "No please, they'll tear up my knees and hands.


"Nonsense Missy, I wouldn't do such a thing.  All you have to do is spread your legs and hands and you can avoid them.  Spread them real wide," she laughed.  "Then you'll be the nice little slut we are training you to be.  Spread with your ass up in the air, wagging back and forth as I fuck you."


Missy kneeled down on the floor, her knees delicately kneeling on the sharp stones that stuck up from the floor.  It hurt, the edges of the stones cutting into her delicate flesh.  Once Karen started to fuck her, she knew she wouldn't be able to stay still; the raping cock would be painful.  The pain in her knees would be worse, the rocks tearing her flesh when she moved.  She let her legs slowly spread, farther and farther she moved, trying to reach the outside edge where the cement was smooth.  Her legs were over two feet apart, the edge still not in sight, the pain in her crotch already painful.  Her pussy was sore from the fucking, now she had no choice but to spread her legs obscenely or face the consequences.


"A bit farther Missy."  Karen watched as Missy's cheeks split apart, her pussy peeking out, her tiny anus beginning to flower open.  "Yes, more Missy.  I know it hurts, but I'll take your mind off of it when I rape your pussy," laughing cruelly.  Missy grunted, her legs pushing outward, her inner muscles straining to reach the outside of the sharp rocks, finally her knees, already shredded by the rocks touched on the cool, smooth cement.


It hurt so badly, her crotch feeling as it was splitting up the middle, the cool air of the room blowing inside her asshole, the tiny hole having no choice but to open up.  Her muscles already ached from the spread, her inner thighs straining to keep the position, her ass forced up into the air.  She could only imagine how obscenely she was positioned.


Karen knelt down on the floor beside her, a dog collar in her hand, a metal chain extending from it.  "Doggie’s should always have wear collars," she teased, pushing Missy's hair out of the way, the thick leather collar tightening around Missy's neck.


Missy gulped as Karen pulled the collar tight, tighter than she had to.  Karen yanked on the chain, dragging Missy's face towards the floor, seeing Karen snap the end of the chain into a ring secured to the floor.  Her face was only two inches from the floor, unable to rise up.


"That's such a good doggy," Karen pushing under Missy's stomach, pushing her ass up.  "Get that cute little ass up in the air for me," admiring the way her legs were parted wide, Missy's pussy and asshole opening up.  "Just one more thing and then it will be time to fuck."


Missy shuddered when she saw what was in Karen's hands, a box of broken glass.  It was filled with large and small pieces of sharp, broken glass, Karen shaking the box.  She poured them out underneath Missy's tits, her large breasts almost touching them.  She knew what was next.  Karen moved closer to Missy's head.


Karen pulled on the chain, "that's too far from the floor; I want your ass up higher Missy."  She unhooked the chain, pulling Missy's head closer to the floor, her cheek almost touching.  Karen could feel Missy's body jerk in pain.


It hurt when her breasts dragged over the broken glass, especially her nipples.  The glass tore into her tender flesh, Missy trying not to scream in pain.  They seemed to become crueler when she did.  She tried to stay still, the sharp glass poking into her flesh.  She knew she would be in trouble once Karen started to fuck her.  Her breasts would swing as Karen stroked her with the giant deformed cock, making them dance over the broken glass, tearing her beautiful breasts to ribbons.  Her crotch ached terribly from the obscene spread of her legs.  The worse part was about to start.


Julia looked at Missy, pleased at how Karen had positioned her for the painful rape.  Her ass was thrust up high, her head almost on the floor, but her tits were the best.  The rape would force Missy to tear her own breasts up on the glass.  She watched as Karen strapped on the dildo.  It was massive, shaped like a giant cock, the head bulbous.  But the deformity was the best, a large knot sticking out to one side of the head, over two inches wide.  It would not slide in easily as the rest of the cock would.  It would stretch her pussy painfully each time it stroked inside her, sure that it would tear Missy’s pussy.


Karen knelt down behind Missy, careful to avoid the sharp stones, seeing Missy's body trembling in fear.  She tapped on Missy's back, "such a good little slut Missy."  She placed the head of the cock against Missy's vagina, the hole now red and swollen from the previous rape, still dried with blood from the loss of her virginity.  It was still too small for the large cock, especially with the deformity.  She pushed hard, a scream tore from Missy's lips as her body was lurched forward, the glass tearing her unprotected breasts, her vagina tore as the thick cock buried inside.


Missy didn't know what was worse, the glass slicing into her hanging breasts or the rape of her pussy by the deformed dildo.  She was shoved forward, the chain finally stopping her forward movement, but not before her breasts were scraped along the broken glass, the sharp edges slashing her skin.  The worse part was when a piece of glass raked across one of her nipples, feeling like it was slicing into the center of her being.  But the pain between her legs was equally excruciating, her vagina so small, still sore from the first rape and now the larger dildo was tearing her flesh.  She felt Karen shoving with her hips, grunts coming from her lips as she put as much force behind each thrust.  The head of the dildo was bad enough the knot was the worst.  She felt her lips tearing as the strange deformity pushed its way into her tight pussy brutally.  Even once inside her vagina it continued to stretch her pussy walls in directions that were not intended, each thrust inside her more painful then the last.


Karen put her hands on Missy's hips, drawing her back on the bloodied dildo.  She loved the screams that she drew out of her mouth, each time more brutal then the last, each time shoving in deeper.  Missy would always remember her first rape, the first dildo that took her virginity.  Karen twisted her hips, making the knot turn inside Missy.  "How do you like your rape Missy?"  She pulled back until only the head was trapped by her pussy, then pushed in hard, sinking the full length of the dildo in her, tearing her pussy apart.


Missy was sobbing now, her body wracked in pain, feeling like she was going to die, her breasts and vagina torn brutally.


Karen kept fucking her with the dildo for ten more minutes, huffing and puffing behind her until Julia got behind her, playing with her clit just as she had done to her, making her cum, the final thrust into Missy burrowing the dildo so deep inside her that she finally fainted, relieved of any further pain.  Karen pulled out, smiling as she looked down at Missy, her breasts covered in cuts and blood, her pussy swollen and torn.  "That was good!"


Karen helped Missy up from the bed, Julia leaving, satisfied at the rape of Missy.  "Let me help you to the bathroom," seeing Missy barely able to walk.  She smiled when she saw her tits, covered in blood, tiny puncture wounds and scratches covering her once beautiful breasts.  She knew that they would heal quickly, none of them serious punctures, most just scratches on the surface.  Her breasts would be ready for more torture in a couple of days.  Karen slipped off her clothes, pulling Missy into the shower, her body weak, unable to do anything but submit.


Karen washed Missy, a river of red water on the shower floor.  "Spread your legs," she ordered Missy, picking up the hose extension from the wall.  "Bow your legs out like a good girl and I'll clean out your pussy."


It hurt when the water sprayed her breasts, stinging the open wounds.  Her body was so weak, barely able to stand, the pain was worse between her legs, her pussy feeling like she was ruined for life.  She looked down, her lips still pushed back, red and swollen.  She saw the nozzle of the hose, afraid it would hurt almost as much as the dildo did.  "Please be gentle," she begged Karen, "it hurts down there."  She didn't expect much sympathy but she had to try, her body nearly ruined.


"Don't cry Missy, I'll take care of you.  You'll just have to remember to obey me.  If you don't we will have to hurt you.  You don't want to force me to hurt you again, do you?"  They always did that with the young girls, making them responsible for their own pain.  She was always surprised how the girls fell for it, willing to do anything to avoid any more pain, a fact that Karen would soon test as soon as she cleaned up Missy.


Missy knew that she couldn't take any more pain, anything was better then that.  She bowed her legs out, cringing in pain as the cold metal nozzle began to push between her battered lips, pushing inside her vagina.  At least the water was warm, lubricating and soothing her inner walls, abused by the thick dildoes that had raped her.


Karen finished washing Missy, finally turning her around, her hands pulling apart her cheeks.  She slapped her ass.  "Don't clench your cheeks on me," she ordered her, feeling Missy quickly relaxing her muscles, Karen able to run up and down the crack of Missy's ass.  "You have a nice ass Missy," teasing a finger over her anus, feeling the tiny hole spasm as she touched it.  "Hold still now," Karen applying pressure to the wet hole until her finger was suddenly engulfed in the hot depths of Missy's rectum, a gasp of pain escaping from Missy's lips.  "That's not so bad is it," her finger massaging the clenching muscle.


Missy could only stand there and suffer the rude fondling of her anus, her legs spread wide, easing the penetration of her most intimate hole.  She feared any further punishment, willing to do anything to prevent it.  "OOOHH," she moaned in pain another finger joined the first, spreading her tiny hole too wide, painfully stretching the taut skin.


"Yes, such a tight little asshole Missy," continuing to finger her anus.  "We must have it nice and clean," her fingers turning inside Missy, still only into her rectum up to her knuckles.  She turned off the shower, handing Missy a towel, the material harsh.  "Dry yourself off."


Missy rubbed her body gently with the towel; even then it was painful, the towel almost feeling like sandpaper, especially when she rubbed it over her breasts.  She finished drying herself, Karen leading her back to the bed.  She put her wrists together, Karen slipping a pair of leather straps around each wrist, a metal ring connecting them tightly together.


"Get into bed, I will be back in the morning to put some ointment on your wounds," slamming and locking the door behind her, the room suddenly plunged into darkness.


Missy sobbed, her body still hurting painfully from the brutal rape, her breasts stinging from the open cuts on them.  Still it only took her about twenty minutes to go to sleep, exhausted from the terrible ordeal.


Missy felt the soft hand touching her, her eyes still closed, almost afraid of opening them.  She was hoping that she was dreaming but the pain in her body was real, a grim reminder of her painful rape.  She slowly opened her eyes, seeing Karen sitting on the bed next to her, her hand running sensuously over her stomach.


"Good morning Missy.  Such a lovely body you have, I can't seem to get enough of it.  You don't mind, do you?"  She let her hand run down her stomach lower, touching the edge of her pubic hair.


Missy could only mumble no afraid of offending her, her touch gentle now, not as it was before.  She pulled her bound wrists up, above her head, giving Karen complete access to her body.


Karen picked up the jar of salve, the metal screw top opening noisily.  "I have some salve that I will put on the cuts on your breasts.  It works miraculously.  It will heal them quickly and keep them from getting infected.  They are too lovely to harm permanently though I do love the thought of punishing them again."  She laughed, seeing the look on Missy's face, knowing that she couldn't stop her from doing whatever she wanted to her.  She dipped two fingers into the salve, moving up to one of Missy's large breasts.  Her other hand cradled the heavy tit, hefting it upward as it offering it to her.


Her nipple hardened quickly to the touch of Karen's finger on it, the cool salve and smooth touch of Karen exciting it.  Karen's finger plucked at her nipples, fingers on each side of it, sliding up and down the long nipple as if she was masturbating a cock, sliding along on the slick salve.  It felt too good, Missy's body on edge, waiting, almost expecting the pain to begin instantly.  But it didn't, Karen rubbing the salve over her breast, paying special attention to the cuts, touching gently without hurting.


Karen enjoyed massaging Missy's ample breasts, running her hand over the slippery skin, paying special attention to her nipples, each time plucking them into even greater hardness, pulling on them, stretching the brown tips.


Karen could see that Missy was getting aroused by her fingers, pinching the tips harder, Missy arching up her back pushing the aroused nipples into her hands.  She didn't even seem to mind her pinching harder, moaning slightly.  "So my little slut likes her tits played with.  Spread your legs for me and I will play with your pussy," she ordered Missy.


Missy couldn't resist, her young body aroused by the older woman, her touch even gentle, not like the cruel rape they had inflicted on her.  She let her legs spread, Karen pushing out on her thighs, urging them farther apart.  She couldn't wait for her to touch her, craving the gentle touch of her hand.  She didn't have to wait long, Karen moving her hand down over her stomach,   stopping when she felt her bush.


"Cute little bush, do you shave your pussy for the boys?"  She pulled on the hairs, pulling them out, seeing Missy lifting her ass up from the bed to escape the pain as the hairs were tore painfully from her body.  She let her hand run up the inside of her thighs, pushing out on them, forcing them to spread wider.  "Spread real wide my little slut and maybe I will play with that pretty pussy and make you cum."  She slapped one silky thigh, seeing Missy straining to spread her legs.


Her legs were spread too far already, Karen making her spread wider, the sharp slap on her tender skin forcing her to obey.  Her breasts rose and fell, breathing hard, her nipples hard and swollen, glistening in the light, her body aroused.  She felt Karen's fingers rub gently up and down one thigh, each time moving to the vee of her legs but stopping short of actually touching her pussy.  She turned her body, hoping to driver her pussy into the fingers but Karen could see her movement, moving away each time, teasing her.


"Keep that ass down on the bed and I will take care of your pussy."  First she had to get more comfortable.  She slowly removed her blouse, arching her back, sticking her tits out as she saw Missy watching her.  She reached behind her, unsnapping the bra, letting it slide down her arms, her breasts jiggling slightly as they were released from the confines of the bra.  She let the skirt slip to the floor, the zipper sliding down quickly, standing in her panties.  Her pussy was wet, something that Missy would have to take care of.


Missy began to get scared when Karen stripped off her clothes.  Would she fuck her again like before, raping her tender pussy with the cruel dildoes?  She seemed to have changed since last time, gentler, less cruel.  Was it because Julia wasn't there, or was she really just teasing her, making her docile until she was ready to take her brutally again?  "What are you going to do?"  She was almost afraid to ask.


"If I'm going to make your pussy feel good, you're going to have to do the same thing to me."  She let her hand slide down over her naked breasts, sliding down the front of her panties, one finger slipping between her lips, her panties highlighting her puffy lips.  "If you aren't good, I'm going to have to whip your pretty pussy lips," she laughed, gripping them between her fingers, pinching the tight skin, Missy jumping at the unexpected cruel touch.


It hurt when she squeezed her lips, but it seem to spur Karen on to more, gripping Missy's pussy in her fingertip, twisting and pulling the delicate flesh, Missy's ass bouncing around, trying to escape the harsh fingers.  She arched her ass up off the bed, Karen pulling her body up by her lips, stretching the tender skin as Missy tried to arch up to escape the cruelty.


"I like you that way Missy, your ass up in the air, your pussy spread for me.  Such a good girl.  Now keep your body that way," she ordered her.  She slapped under her body, hitting Missy's clenched cheeks.  She let her hands slide underneath, gripping the taut flesh, squeezing them, driving Missy's body up higher, her pussy arched up obscenely now.


It already began to ache, her back arched up so high, her legs beginning to tire, her sex now completely exposed.  The hands returned, this time nothing to stop them, Missy naked.  Her sex was the most prominent part of her body, thrust up high in the air, her legs spread, Missy legs tiring already.  There was a glisten to her body, sweating from the exaggerated position she was forced into.


Karen stroked her tight abs, moving down through her bush to her split lips, her pretty pink pussy revealed.  She let her fingers slip between them, feeling her moisture, knowing that she was getting wet in spite of the position she was in.  Karen ran her finger up and down the slit, two fat fingers pushing apart her lips, moving up to run over her clit, feeling her shudder as she was touched so intimately.  "You like that you little slut."


She couldn't help it, it felt good.  It would have been better if she didn't have to arch up her body so high, but the fingers were so arousing, her pussy getting wet instantly.  It was much better then the brutal rape they had subject her to last night.  She wiggled her hips back and forth as the fingers rubbed over her clit, arching up even higher, feeling like her back would break, but she needed the fingers.  She needed them to rub her clit harder.  "Yes."  She was ashamed to admit it, but also aroused, wondering how she got so excited by a woman touching her.  But Karen seemed to know exactly what she wanted, to make her so aroused.


Karen stopped for a minute.  "Get your ass back down on the bed.  I think you are going to have to reciprocate."  She saw the look in Missy's eyes as she slowly stripped off her clothes, turning towards Missy, spreading her legs, peeling back her pussy lips.  "I'll show you how to eat pussy.  But don't worry; I'll have my tongue in your sweet little pussy at the same time.  You're going to love this.  You'll never go back to boys again."  She laughed as she moved toward the head of Missy's bed.  "Now spread your legs real wide for me."


"No, please.  I don't want to do that.  I couldn't," she shouted out.  She would never do such a thing, not with a woman.  She refused, determined not to succumb to the lesbian advances of Karen.  It was bad enough when they did things to her, she wouldn't do the same things to them.


"Oh, I think you will."  Karen moved over her head, swinging her leg over the bed so that she was straddling the small bed.  Her ass and pussy were just over Missy's face, the cuffs keeping her secure, unable to move.  Karen bent over Missy, leaning down towards her sex, knowing that her pussy and ass cheeks were opening up, giving Missy a glimpse of where her face and tongue would soon be.  She pressed her hands on the inside of Missy's thighs, pushing them out as she slid down to grab her under the knees, drawing her legs up as she felt Missy trying to tighten her muscles to stop her.


"OOOW," Missy yelled in pain, a sharp sting to the inside of her right leg.  "AAAHH," another smack to the other tender thigh.


"Are you going to obey now?"  Two more sharp slaps to her inner thighs was all that was needed, Missy's legs going limp, no longer fighting a useless battle.  Karen spread her legs wider now, bowing out her knees, her pussy opening up as she did.  "What a sweet pussy, I'm going to love your taste.  Now are you ready to pleasure me with your tongue?"  Karen hoped she would say no.


"Never!"  While she had lost the battle with her legs, submitting to Karen spreading her open, there was no way she could make her lick her sex.  It was disgusting.  "Never!"  She exclaimed again, adamant in her decision.


Karen smiled.  She let her hand swing, her body blocking Missy's view, unaware until the sickening sound of her palm hit her directly on the pussy lips, smashing the puffy lips with a loud smack.  Missy's body jerked up in pain before she could even get out the scream.  But the scream did come, an ear-shattering scream that shook the room.


"EEEHHHH," Missy screamed, the sudden shock and pain as her pussy was slapped.  How could she have done such a thing?  From a woman no less.  She should know how delicate a girl is.  She didn't have much time to think, trying to close her legs but Karen holding them wide apart, another sudden and painful slap on her lips, another scream torn from her lips as her body shuddered in pain.


Three more times Karen slapped her pussy, paying special attention to hit her lips, seeing them turning pink, slightly swollen.  Each time she extracted another scream from Missy's lips, each time she hit her again.  She finally stopped.  "Are you ready to be good?  I can do this all day if you like."  Karen laughed, looking back at Missy, tears running down her face as she sobbed in pain.  She bent down her head, her fingers pulling back Missy's pussy lips, her tongue out.  She licked her slit from one end to the other, making sure that she slowed over her tight hole.  "Or would you rather I did that?"


"No more," Missy sobbed her crotch ablaze in pain from the spanking.  "Don't, please don't," she cried out when she felt the wet tongue lick her pussy.  She knew that if she accepted the oral ministrations of Karen, she would have to reciprocate, a thought she dreaded.  "GGGODDD," but the unmistakable pleasure of her tongue was overwhelming.  She pushed her hips up, the tongue running up and down her slit.


Karen pulled her head up from her crotch.  "So the little girl likes her cunt eaten.  Well I want you to do the same thing to me or it's another pussy spanking for you.  Now get you head between my legs and lick my pussy." 


Another quick slap to her pussy then the soft touch of Karen's lips and tongue on her pussy, Karen's fingers holding her open to her oral skills was the only encouragement Missy needed.  Her body was confused, the pain of the pussy spanking mixed with the pleasure of the fellatio by Karen sent her mind reeling.  She felt Karen lower her crotch onto her face, her tongue out, expecting the worse but resigned to the fact.  She could smell her pussy as it got closer, never really having experienced it before.  It wasn't a completely repulsive smell, kind of sweet, it was just the thought of what she was being forced to do.  She didn't have much time to think, her crotch placed on her face, her tongue touching her wet flesh.


"Come on now Missy, lick my pussy.  Maybe this will get you going."  Karen moved her head down farther, her tongue running over Missy's tiny anus, feeling the muscle begin to spasm from the wet touch of her tongue.  She licked it until it was wet, her finger pressing against the tiny hole, her crotch pushed hard on Missy's face.  She pushed, feeling Missy's body struggle as she impaled her tiny asshole with her fat finger, sliding it into the first digit.  She moved it around inside Missy, feeling her muscles trying to push it out.  "Back to eating my pussy or I'll stick my whole hand up your ass."  Karen pushed her face back in to Missy's pussy, her tongue sliding up and down her slit.


Missy tried to move to escape the cruel finger but to no avail, her asshole burning as the finger plunged inside her, twisting and turning as it moved around in her clenching rectum, unable to control her own muscles.  She pushed her tongue into Karen's pussy, tasting her juices again, determined to make her cum quickly, wanting to end this depraved act.  But she couldn't understand why it felt so good, Karen's tongue drawing out the lust in her.  She tried to fight the feelings, but it didn't do any good, her hips twisting, the tongue driving her down, the finger driving her up, her body continually impaling her asshole deeper onto the finger plugged up her backside.


Karen enjoyed Missy's inexperienced tongue lapping at her pussy.  They would train her better in the future, but for now it was more then adequate to make her cum.  She pushed her finger deeper into Missy's asshole, plunging into the hot depths of her colon as she screwed it around, making her feel the knuckles rubbing against her clenching walls.  It drove her hips up higher, Karen making her tongue rigid, waiting at the entrance of her vagina.  She felt her vagina slowly open and spread over her tongue as the finger kept her pushing harder.  Her vagina was so tight, even the cruel rape did little to take away the tightness.  It slowly engulfed her rigid tongue.


It felt like a tiny cock fucking inside her, the tongue pushing apart her vagina.  Missy continued to run her tongue up and down Karen's slit, drinking in her sweet nectar, the taste no longer foreign or bad tasting.  She was beginning to enjoy the taste and power that she had, teasing at Karen's clit, feeling her move her hips trying to get the tongue back to run over the swollen clit.  Karen's tongue began to feel good, too good, embarrassed to be so aroused by another woman eating her pussy.  They were forcing her to become a lesbian, forcing her into the perverted pleasures that had been inflicting on her young body.  She tried to fight the urges, keeping her tongue busy on Karen's wet pussy, lapping at it like a puppy dog, her mouth and face covered with her juices, the salty taste mixing in her mouth.  Her backside burned from the finger that kept plunging back in, never quite stopping, continuing to force her muscles to clench on and off of the fat finger.  She had to fight the urge, feeling like she was going to have a bowel movement, knowing that Karen could feel her tightening on her finger, unable to escape that finger that followed her every movement.


Karen continued to fuck her pussy with her tongue, pushing in and out of the tight hole, her fingers keeping her lips spread apart, keeping her open for her cruel oral assault.  She knew that she was fighting the urges but knew it would do no good.  She would continue the lesbian oral fellatio until she came, came all over her face and tongue.  In the meantime, for someone that was protesting being forced to lick her pussy she was surely doing an excellent job.  Maybe it was her finger in her asshole that kept her enthused, maybe it was Karen's tongue on her pussy that made her, maybe it was simply that she just liked to do it.  Either way she was performing well.  Karen sucked Missy's clit deep into her mouth, her finger pushing into her asshole, digging into the muscle, making Missy rise up high, driving her pussy deeper into her mouth.  Missy's body was trembling, not in fear but arousal, Karen bringing her young body to a fever pitch.  She wouldn't need much more to make her cum and neither would Karen.  She mashed her crotch into Missy's face, pushing her hips side to side, sliding her wet pussy all over her face.  But Missy's tongue followed her slit, driving up and down.


She couldn't cum like this, bound and forced to service Karen's pussy with her tongue.  Not with the finger burning her backside, sliding deeper, cruelly digging into her tender backside.  Now it felt like her clit was being sucked in with a vacuum cleaner, pulled out, Karen's tongue lapping back and forth over it.  But there was no denying it, she was ready to cum.  "OOOW," she screamed into Karen's pussy, a loud slap and the sharp pain as Karen had slapped her ass, sending a stinging through her body.  That was it, the final thing that drove her over the edge.  She began to cum, cum hard.  Her body shook and trembled.  Even more Karen came, cumming all over her face, her juices flowing down onto her lips, Missy licking at her juices with a renewed vigor as Karen reciprocated, both of them cumming together, eating each others cum as they did.


Karen lapped at Missy's pussy, soaking up her juices, feeling Missy's tongue slide up and down her slit, lapping at her clit as Karen came all over her face, pushing her sex into her face.  They both continued to lick and suck as their bodies shook in ecstasy, their tongues pleasuring each other until they were satisfied.  Karen climbed off Missy, untying her from the bed.  She pulled Missy's naked body over towards her, cuddling her naked body, her hands still stroking her tender thighs, making her keep her legs spread for her.


Missy was sobbing now, the humiliation of being forced to perform overcoming her young body.  Karen's naked body cuddling her made it worse, her hand still running up and down her thighs, ensuring that Karen continued to keep her lets spread.  "That was terrible.  You made me do a terrible thing," she sobbed, feeling Karen's hand move up higher towards her pussy.


Karen stroked her slit, running her finger up and down her wet pussy.  "Such a lovely cunt lapper you are Missy.  Are you sure you're not a lesbian?  You eat pussy like you've been doing it all your life."  Karen laughed as Karen cried her face red in embarrassment.  But she kept her legs spread, continuing to allow Karen to stroke her pussy.  "Yes, such a lovely lesbian slut."


The End