By Powerone

Chapter 1-Caught


Courtney saw the look on her father’s face when he returned home.  His eyes were wide in fear and anger.

“Daddy, please, what is it?  Courtney, get your things.  You must leave here tonight!”

The girl gasped...what could be the problem.  She knew that her father was the leader of the resistance movement against the government but why did she have to flee.

“Please no Daddy, I won’t leave you alone.”

“Courtney, sweetie, if you do not leave now, you will certainly be leaving soon for the worse.  Trust me, you do not want to become a prisoner of those animals.  Pack one small bag and then I will lead you to where you will begin your journey.”

Courtney started sobbing but her father took her by the hand and led her up the steps into her small bedroom.  She had lived alone with her father for 11 years, from when she was 5.  Her mother had been killed while walking home from work late one night.  She had been brutally raped and murdered, her body left on their front porch where her father found her.  He was active in the rebellion then but had become one of the leaders since then.

Courtney had pretty much been kept in the house since then, let out only for school and church.  She had few friends and trusted no one but her father.  Now, the only person she loved was telling her to leave immediately without much of a discussion.

“Please Daddy, tell me what’s going on,” she sobbed as her father stuffed some clothes into a small bag.

Her father stopped, his eyes red from the stress and emotion.

“Courtney, sweetheart, I am going to be killed very soon, there’s nothing left to stop that.  I have been an enemy of this state for too long and now some extremists are taking over the government and word is they are going to kill all enemies.  If I were to run with you, they would hunt us down and kill us both.  You alone might have a chance to survive.”

Her father’s words cut through the young girl.  He was all she had, this couldn’t happen twice in one short life.

“Please Daddy, don’t say that.  We can make it.  Run away with me...I’ll help you.”

Her father looked at her with sad eyes.  “My dear, I wish there was a way.  But you have to survive...for me.”

The girl completely broke down, her body shaking with sobs.  The man walked to her and wrapped his arms around his beautiful daughter.  “Shh, it’s alright, it’s alright.  I will always be inside of you.  You are can make it.  But there’s no time.  We have to hurry.”

He closed the bag, grabbed a coat and took his daughter’s hand leading out of their small house in a secluded development, far from the eyes of the military police.  All of this was happening so fast for the young girl but soon they were in the middle of heavy woods right near a path.

“Courtney, follow this path until it stops.  There will be a house.  Knock on it and you will find a woman named Emma.  Tell her who you are and she will help you escape.  I love you so much sweetheart!”

With that, he hugged her and turned and left.  “Daddy, please no, I love you too.  Daddy, don’t leave me.”  But the man was gone through the woods, gone from his daughter’s life forever.

Courtney fell to her knees sobbing, curled up in a ball, her face buried in her hands.

“Daddy, I love you.”  Somehow, she fell asleep in that place, the emotional night had taken its toll on her.

She awoke as the sun appeared in the sky, brightening her path.  She looked around and saw nothing but trees all round, except for this patch of dirt leading to her intended location.  She stood, up, wiped the dirt off of her long, bare legs and began walking in the direction her father had pointed.

After more than an hour of walking, she came upon a small cottage.  She went up the steps and rapped on the door, which opened just slightly, a chain still connected.

“Yes,” asked an older woman.



“I am Courtney Smith, Bill’s daughter.  He sent me to you.”

As soon as she said that, the door burst open and she saw five men in the kitchen of this house, their guns pointed at her.

“Well, well, Bill Smith’s daughter.  This should be helpful.  Guards, seize her.  Thanks Emma, this is going to work very well.  Here’s your reward.”  With that, the guard, a huge white man threw a $100 bill on the table.  Emma hung her head in shame.

“No, please let go of me.  Emma, my father said you would help me.”

“Your father misjudged slutty little Emma here.  He thinks she is a noble revolutionary...turns out she’s just a whore looking for the best fuck.  We were here fucking her brains out when he called...we expected you hours ago.  It was worth the wait.”

Courtney saw the men’s eyes devouring her and tried to break away, but she was too weak for their grip.

“Boys, let’s take her to headquarters and have some fun.”

They roughly pulled her out of Emma’s house.  She struggled, grabbing at the doorframe, but the man kicked her fingers and she lost her grip.  She heard the sounds of Emma being fucked as she was led away to the sinister looking van.

Chapter 2-The Ride to Prison

Courtney gasped as they opened up the door of the van.  All along the walls of the van were straps hanging down from the ceiling.  In the center was a table about 3 feet high attached to the floor.  Straps were placed on all four-corners.  She could see whips tossed in the corner.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” she sobbed as the guards pushed her inside.

“This is going to be a long ride, so I think we should get acquainted with you,” his eyes lusting at this young beauty.  “If you want to survive, you better cooperate, many people have got into this van alive, but arrived dead at headquarters.”

“Strap her up high, so we can see what we have here.  Her clothes cover too much of her body, I think underneath all of that is a great body.”

Courtney was pushed against the wall.  She felt her arms pulled toward the ceiling and straps placed tightly around her wrists.  “AAAAHHHH,” she groaned as she was forced on her toes.

“Spread her legs wide, I don’t want her kicking anyone.”

Two guards each grabbed a leg and forced them out to the side.  Her wrists now supported her weight, with the straps cutting into them.  “OOOOWWW,” Courtney groaned as her legs were pulled unnaturally apart.  They were now spread over 4 feet wide and the guards began to attach straps to her ankles and tie them to a clamp on the wall.  They were raised at least a foot off the floor of the van.

Courtney feared what the guards intended to do to her.  She was helpless and spread and no one knew where she was.  Her Father had tried to save her, and instead doomed her to be abused by these five cruel guards.

Michael, the leader approached Courtney and stood in front of her staring at her pained expression.  Courtney’s eyes widen in fear as he took a rope and tied it around her neck and knotted it.  Courtney could feel it tighten.

“This is what will happen if you do not cooperate,” and he pulled the rope tighter, cutting off Courtney’s air supply.

“GGGGASSSSPPP, AAAAHHHH,” Courtney’s body began to jerk, attempting to escape the asphyxiation.  She shuddered as she began to lose consciousness.

Courtney sucked in a large breath of air, as the noose was loosened.

“No, more,” she cried in pain, her lungs sucking in air.

“Just to make sure you remember this lesson,” and the rope was again tightened, cutting off the air supply to Courtney.  She could feel his hand move over her breast as he tightened the rope, but the most important thing for Courtney was a breath of air.  Her body began to spasm from lack of air. Courtney could feel the van begin to darken.

Again, the noose was loosened and Courtney gasped as her lungs tried to fill with air.  Michael kept the noose around her neck and tied it to one of the clamps on the wall.  This forced Courtney to keep her head up high, stretching toward the ceiling.  She again realized that his hand was on her breast and becoming more insistent.

“You have a great set of tits, you don’t mind if I have a feel, do you?” His hand continued to fondle her breast.  Even though she was only sixteen, she had large breasts.  Her Father had told her that she resembled her Mother.

“I asked you a question, Bitch” and he tightened the rope again.

Courtney managed to get out “No” before her air was caught off again.

She gasped as he continued to block her air supply.

Courtney was again allowed to breathe.  “You better get good at cooperating or else I am not going to release the rope again.  We will fuck you dead or alive, it doesn’t make much difference to us.”

Both of Michael’s hands returned to her breasts, grasping them in his large hands.  He was able to completely encircle them in his grip.  He tightened his grip, forcing her to moan as her breasts were cruelly groped.  Courtney turned red in humiliation as he began to jiggle her breasts up and down, the other guards laughing.

“Ask me to take off your blouse?”


“Please, don’t hurt me, take off my blouse, but don’t choke me again,” tears forming in her eyes at the pain and humiliation they were subjecting her to.


“That’s a good cunt,” his fingers starting at the top bottom and moving slowly, watching the humiliation on Courtney’s face as she was stripped in front of the five guards.  He reached the bottom button and pulled it out of her skirt.  Her lacy bra was now revealed to all of the guards.  She could feel her blouse torn from her body as the guard became impatient.  His hands returned to her bra-encased breasts, again squeezing tightly.  He could feel her nipples become hard from the rough treatment of her breasts.

“It looks like your nipples like the abuse,” and he grasped her nipples through her bra, forcing a groan from Courtney as he pinched them cruelly.

“Take off her bra, I want to see them tits,” one of the guards yelled.

“Beg me, Courtney” as Michael touched the rope.

“Please, show him my breasts, just don’t tighten the rope again.”

He pulled her bra from the center, pulling it from her body.  Courtney could feel it begin to tear as it was cruelly pulled from her breasts.  Snap, the band broke and her bra was pulled from her body, her breasts naked for all of the guards to see.

Courtney’s nipples were large, and the aureole was a dark brown, capping her firm breasts.  Hands reached out and again, her nipples, this time naked, were grasped firmly.

“OOOOWWW, that’s too hard,” pleaded Courtney, but she knew that they would continue.  Her nipples were pulled from her body, twisted and pinched as Courtney was forced to accept the punishment.  Another guard came over to her other side and began to abuse her other breast.  “SSLLLLAAAAPPP’, he had suddenly slapped her naked breasts, forcing it to bounce on her chest.

“Ask me to spank your tits, Cunt.”

“Spank my breast please,” begged Courtney.

Michael and the other guard began to forcefully slap her breasts, alternating so that first one breast would bounce up, than the other.  Her breasts began to turn red from the force of the blows and her nipples began to ache from the pain.  Their hands covered every inch of her breasts, forcing Courtney to moan in pain.  Her breasts were pulled up by her nipples so that they could slap under them.  Fingers began to flick out at her erect nipples, abusing the tender buds.

“OOOOWWW,” yelled Courtney as Michael dug his fingernails deep into her nipple, blood running from the wound.  Seeing Courtney’s reaction, the other guard did the same.  Soon, her nipples were red with blood from the cruel tearing of her flesh.

Michael’s hand began to run up Courtney’s legs, sliding higher under her skirt.  Her spread legs allowed him access to her unprotected cunt.  “You have very beautiful legs, Courtney” as his hand pushed higher, raising her skirt.  The other guard began to run his hand up her other leg.  Courtney turned red in humiliation as she was being gradually stripped naked in front of five strange men, while bound spread to the wall of the van.  Michael reached the bottom of her panty-covered pussy and began to tease his fingers into the edge of her panties.

“Strip off her skirt and don’t worry about ripping it...this girl will never need clothes again,” Michael ordered the other guard and with a tear, Courtney’s skirt lay in shreds at her feet.  Her panties were the only clothing she had left, and Michael placed his hands at the waist of them and began to pull them down her spread legs until they would slide no further.  Michael yanked hard on the panties and they tore and crumpled to the floor.

“Please, don’t hurt me,” begged Courtney, but she knew that they would continue to do what they wanted with her.  She could feel Michael and the other guards staring at her naked, bound body.  It seemed so long ago that she was home safe in her home with her Father.  Now she was about to be sexually and physically abused.

Michael’s large hands moved toward her open pussy and Courtney cringed in fear as he touched her naked pussy.  Courtney’s pussy was barely covered with a faint trace of very fine hair.  It almost looked bald, displaying her pussy lips to the utmost.  Michael grabbed her pussy lips with two fingers of each hand and began to spread her open.

“What a great cunt she has” one of the guards remarked, Courtney ashamed at the way they have stripped her naked started praying to herself.  Courtney groaned in pain as Michael forced them wider and wider, opening her pink pussy for all to see.

“Come over here and hold her open,” Michael ordered two of the guards.  “OUR FATHER WHO ART IN...AHHHHH!!!!!” Michael released her pussy lips but they were instantly grabbed brutally by the two guards, each spreading her the opposite direction.

“OOOOWWW” yelled Courtney, her virgin pussy suffering under the abuse of the guards.  Courtney led a very sheltered life since her Mothers death and was untouched until now.

“Wider, make her open wider,” Michael ordered as Courtney watched as Michael moved toward the corner of the room.  Courtney’s eyes widened in fear as Michael picked up a short, braided whip.  The whip had four separate leather strands, each ending in a tight knot.  “Stick a finger up her ass, I want her pussy pushed out, begging me to whip it.”

Courtney felt a hand slide behind her.  She tried to push back against the wall but she was not quick enough, the hand ran over her naked ass cheeks before pushing into the crack in her ass.  Courtney clenched her cheeks, trying to prevent them access to her tiny anus.

“SSSLLLAAAPPP”, the whip went, striking her unprotected breast, the knots tearing at her erect nipple.  “OOOOWWW, that hurts so bad, don’t,” screamed Courtney, the pain knocking the breath from her lungs.

“Relax your ass, and let him have his way, or it will be the whip again.” Courtney relented, and the fingers began to search for her unprotected anus.  Courtney shivered in fear as the large finger began to circle her anus.  He began to put pressure on her anus, pushing it into her body.  Courtney instinctively pushed her body out to escape the rape of her ass by the finger, but the bondage she was in only allowed limited movement. Soon, she was stretched as far as she could go and the fat finger began to enter her anus, stretching the tiny, virgin anus to open wide.

“AAAAHHHHH, its too big, take it out, OOOOWWWW,” tears forming in Courtney’s eyes the fat finger popped into her anus.  Courtney bucked from the cruel ravishment of her virgin anus, but the finger continued to push relentlessly further into her anus, pushing deeper into her rectum.  Courtney’s asshole and the finger were dry, rasping her anal tract as it continued to burrow deep into her body.  She felt the knuckles of the guard on her cheeks and she knew that he had his finger as deep as he could go into her ass.

“How does it feel to have a finger up your ass, Courtney?  “Move your finger around in her ass,” Michael told the guard.  “OOOOWWW, AAAAHHH,” cried Courtney as the guard brutally twisted his finger, scratching her anal walls, eliciting groans of pain from Courtney.  “Keep doing that, I want her to feel it in her ass as I begin to whip her.”

“Don’t whip me, I will do anything you want, that whip hurts so much” begged Courtney.

“Keep her pussy spread open, I will be careful I don’t hit your hands, but I am going to whip that pink pussy.  By time I am finished, her pussy will be blood red.  When we begin to rape her, she will fuck like a whore, trying to get away from our punishing cocks.”

Courtney closed her eyes, attempting to shut out the anguish she felt as she could almost feel the pain of the whip.  The finger in her ass, cruelly pushed and scratched her ass, forcing her to push her pussy out and at that second, Michael pushed the whip between Courtney’s spread legs and raised it suddenly up, forcing the knotted strands to beat into her spread pussy.

“OOOOOOWWWWWWWW, AAAAAHHHHH” the pain was incredible as Courtney screamed.  Her pussy felt like it was on fire.  “Please nooooo!!!  OH GODDD!!!  I can’t stand it.”

“Again in her ass” and the finger pushed ruthlessly up her unprotected anal track, forcing her out again, the whip again finding her spread pussy.  “OOWWWW,” the blood beginning to run from the small cuts the knots beat into her tender pussy.  “Again” the whip finding her pussy as Courtney pussy was pushed out again to greet her punishment.

Courtney head was swimming in pain as she was continually forced to push her virgin pussy to meet the whip, tearing at her tender tissue, blood running down her leg as her pink pussy began to turn bright red from the abuse of the knots of the whip.  The guard’s cocks hardened from hearing Courtney’s cries of pain.  Finally, Courtney fainted from the extreme pain she was being subjected to, her body slumping in her bondage as Michael drew the whip up between her legs one last time, striking her spread pussy, hitting her unprotected clitoris.  Luckily for Courtney, she was not conscious as one of the knots tore at her clitoris, drawing blood.

“Cut her down, we are almost to Headquarters, we will have a lot of time to abuse this cunt,” said Michael, the guard unstrapping Courtney from the wall and lowering her to the floor.  She was rolled over onto her stomach, her arms pulled behind her.  Straps were tied around her elbows, forcing her arms back.  Handcuffs were placed on her wrists.  Courtney began to regain consciousness and at that moment they turned her over, pushing her down on her bound arms, forcing a groan of pain from Courtney.  Her body was a sea of pain, between her legs felt like it was ripped up.  She felt the truck stop and they pushed her to her feet.

“Welcome to your new home, Courtney, I am going to make life very painful for you.  Your Father was a nuisance to our government and you will be forced to pay for his mistakes.  I am going to take great pleasure in torturing your body, especially your very sensitive parts.  Bring her along, my cock is straining to fuck into her virgin holes, but first I am going to beat them tender.”

Chapter 3-Raped By Her Father

As they entered the building, Courtney got her last view of the outside world.  She knew that she was not going to be released.  They would humiliate, abuse and rape her and when they got tired of her, they will kill her.  Just like her Father had said.  Her Father, her mind went back to when she left him only a short while ago.  It seemed like years, so much had already happened to her.

As she was led down a long hallway, she could see Michael talking to someone on his cell phone.  He was nodding his head and looking at her, an evil grin on his face.  She knew that whatever he was talking to, they were discussing her fate.

“Bring her in here, we have a change in plans” and the guards pushed Courtney in a small room.  Courtney gasped in fear, the room seemed to be a supply room.  But what it held was chains, handcuffs, whips, clothes and other instruments of bondage.

“Well, Courtney, you are going to a special party that has been hastily arranged for you.  You are to be the co-host.  Your Father has been captured and he is also going to attend as your co-host.”

Courtney’s eyes brightened when she heard her Fathers name.  “Is he alright?”

“He is for now, but his fate is in your hands.  I will personally kill him if you hesitate in any manner for what we order you to do.  Do you understand?” the evil smirk again appearing on Michael’s face.

“Yes, Yes, just do not kill him, I will do anything you want,” a hint of hope in her voice.  As long as her Father was still alive, there was a chance she would get out of here and they could be together again.

The guard removed the straps and handcuffs holding Courtney’s arms.  While she was bound, she could not cover herself, but now that her hands were free, her nakedness further embarrassed her.

“There will be a lot of people to see your Father and you perform for them.  Over sixty people showed up including the President, Governor and most of the top politicians.  Your Father pissed off a lot of people and they are going to enjoy your performance.  First, we must find you some suitable clothing.”

Courtney knew she was not going to like whatever they had planned for her and her father.  She could see Michael pull out a silk, button down blouse and also a very short silk skirt.  A pair of very high, 4-inch heels were next, along with a garter belt and black stockings.

“Put these on while I explain to you what is going to happen,” as he handed Courtney the clothes.  Even when she was fully dressed, she realized that she would still be half- naked.  Michael did not even give her any panties or bra to wear.  “Remember the consequences if you do not fully cooperate.”

Courtney quickly grabbed the clothes and began to put them on.  Even some scrimpy outfit was better than naked, she thought, little realizing that it is much more humiliating to be partially naked, and than forced to strip naked in front of a group.

“I know you are a virgin, Courtney, so we have arranged this party so that everyone can see you get fucked for the first time.

Courtney’s heart sunk when she heard those words.  She would have to let someone fuck her, in front of sixty people.  At least her Father would survive.

“We have a special stage arranged.  When we enter, you will be brought up on the stage.  You will than strip your clothes off, keeping your eyes open and starting at the audience at all times.  You are to do it slowly and sensuously or your Father will suffer.  Do you understand so far?”

Tears of shame formed in Courtney’s eyes as she realized the humiliation she would be forced to endure.  “Yes’, she sobbed.

“Very good.  Once you are stripped, we have a very special swing set-up that we will place your body in.  It is basically a set of straps that will support your body, but will allow us access to all portions of your body.  You will be bound in, but it will allow limited movement on your part.  We want to give you the ability to fuck back.”

Courtney’s mind began to think of what this would look like and her body began to flush in shame at the obscene position they would be placing her in.

“Now for the person fucking you.  Since you are a virgin, we thought it should be special.  I’m sure that you planned it to be a loving, special moment when you gave your virginity to your lover.  We felt that it should also be a special person, someone that you love and respect.  With that in mind, we are going to have your Father fuck you.”

Courtney’s head shot over to look at Michael, the evil grin on his face again.  She shook her head wildly back and forth.  “No, please no.  I can’t do that, its wrong.  Please anything but that...anything, please not Daddy!!!!.”

“We can get someone else to do it, I would love to be your first.  Than I would not need your Father, so I would have to kill him, and you would still get fucked.  Is that what you want?”

Her head hanging in shame and her body racked with sobs, “No, please don’t kill him.  I will do anything to save my father,” she said between sobs.  “Let him fuck me, you animal, at least he will be gentle and you won’t be my first.”

The evil smirk appeared on Michael’s face again.  He ignored the rude comments knowing that he had already made arrangements so that when Courtney was raped by her father, it would be as painful as possible and they would be forced to brutally fuck each other.

As she finished dressing sixteen-year old Courtney looked extremely sexy and mature.  The silk blouse clung to her naked breasts underneath.  Her large nipples were stimulated by the movement of the silk and were erect.  Michael had unbuttoned the top three buttons and slipped the blouse lower on her shoulders.  This opened up the front for anyone to see her naked breasts.  Her breasts stood up pert and proud, never needing a bra to hold them up.

The four-inch heels accented her legs, which because of the short skirt, seem to go on forever.  The black stocking clung to her legs until they reached the garter belt, just barely covered by the skirt.  The short skirt clung to her ass and would sensuously slide as she walked.  She was a gorgeous creature, sexy with a whore look to her.

Michael put a strap around her neck and wrists.  With the clips on the wrists, he attached them to the neck strap, binding her hands to her neck, allowing them unlimited access to her body.  Not only sexy, but now helpless.

“Do a good job, your Fathers life depends on it.”

Courtney was pushed out into the hallway again and they moved down toward a large room at the end.  Courtney’s breathing became shallow, fear and humiliation growing as they approached the door.

Courtney gasped in horror as the door was opened.  They had entered what was a huge room right near the stage.  Not a sound could be heard and all eyes were on her.  Her embarrassment increased when she realized that half of the audience was women.  There were over 100 people there.  All eyes were fixed on her half naked body, her nipples erect, pushing out the silk blouse.

“Move forward, up on the stage.”

As Courtney approached the stage she saw her father.  He was tied standing up, and he was naked.  She quickly averted her eyes from his cock, but could not lose the image of what she saw.  She had never seen her father naked, in fact she had never seen any man naked before.  While his cock was not even hard, it was big.

The next image was in terror.  The strange swing was truly terrifying.  It contained many layers of straps and buckles and she could see many other strange and unknown objects around and under it.  She feared what she did not understand.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, You all know and hate our guests, Bill Smith and his lovely daughter, Courtney.  They have consented to provide us with a unique entertainment experience today.  Courtney is sixteen and is a virgin.  Bill has consented to take her virginity tonight and Courtney has consented to allow him to in front of us.  It took a little persuasion on our part, you see if either one does not cooperate, Michael here will kill the other.  That will be just as entertaining, so we will win either way.”

“Courtney, come on over here.”  Courtney was pushed toward the center of the stage, with her father tied next to her, giving him a complete view of her body.  “Courtney is going to get the show going by first stripping for our viewing.  As you can see, she has a beautiful body,” his hand reaching inside her blouse and grasping one of her naked breasts.  “She has very large nipples, and they seem to be excited.”

“OOOWWWW’, Courtney cried as her nipple was squeezed.

“And look at these legs, aren’t they beautiful, and you should feel this cunt,” his hand sliding along her leg, raising her skirt up until he could reach her naked pussy.  “But I will let Courtney show you her body, why don’t you start stripping for us now, and don’t forget what happens if you don’t cooperate, so some slow music now.”

The music started and Courtney began to slowly unbutton her blouse.  Only two buttons were left, so it was very quick.  She pulled it out of the skirt and pushed it off her shoulders, falling to the floor behind her.  Her breasts stood tall, jutting out with no sag.  Her nipples were large and erect.  The movement of the silk blouse on her breasts had caused them to harden.  She could see all eyes on her and her body turned red in shame at having to strip naked before them.  Her hands, trembling, moved toward her waist, unbuttoning the skirt, it falling to the floor at her feet.  She wore only the garter belt and stocking, accenting her legs, in contrast to her naked pussy.  The high heels kept her legs stretched taunt.

“Very good, doesn’t Courtney have a beautiful body.  Courtney, I would like you to show our audience a more intimate look at your body.  Turn around, spread your legs and bend over and remove your heels and stockings.  Do not bend your knees as you do this.”

Courtney groaned in shame.  The position he wanted her to be in would show everyone her spread pussy and also her anus.  She knew she had to obey and turned her back to the audience.  She spread her legs and began to bend over.

“Spread your legs more, Courtney, everyone wants to see your virgin pussy before your father rapes it with his cock.  Soon it will be covered with your blood and his cum.  Further, that’s good, your pussy is spreading out now.”

Her legs were now spread over four feet wide, her thighs aching from the spread.  It was hard to pull her stockings down in this position.  She could imagine how it looked from the other side, as her ass moved slowly from side to side as her stockings were pulled down.

“I can’t push them down any farther, my legs are spread too far.”

Someone moved toward her and she could feel the stockings tearing and they fell lifeless to the floor.

“Stay in that position,” she was ordered.  “Grab your ankles.”

Courtney could feel the blood rushing to her head.  In was difficult to retain the position and painful.  It was also very humiliating to be bent over and spread naked for all to see.  She cringed when she felt a large hand on her back.

“Stay still.”  The hand moved lower to her ass, moving sensuously over her naked cheeks.  “Look at this smooth skin.”  The hand moved between her cheeks, already spread because of her position.  A finger moved down the crack in her ass, moving toward her anus.  Courtney trembled in fear as it brushed over her tiny, naked anus.  “Courtney also has a virgin asshole.  Some of you will be allowed access to her later and others will be allowed to see her training.”

Fear spread over her as they mentioned her training.  What were they going to train her to do?  The hand moved lower, between her legs, to her pussy.  It began to move between her pussy lips, spreading her open.  The audience could now see her pink pussy.  The fingers moved up and down her slit.  Even with the fear she felt, her pussy began to get wet.  She was ashamed that they were forcing her to do this and how she was reacting to it.  If she could only get this over with.  Courtney glanced shamefully at her father.  What she saw, shocked her.  His cock was now hard and erect.  It was huge.  How was she going to get anything that big into her vagina?

It would tear her up.

Bill saw Courtney’s gaze at his cock.  He felt that he had betrayed her.  She was forced to strip in front of everyone and his cock had gotten hard looking at her.  He should not be feeling these things about her.  She was his little girl.  He was supposed to protect her and now he had gotten her into this mess.

Hands pulled her up and Courtney’s relief was short-lived.  She was pushed toward the swing.  They turned her facing the audience and she was slowly lowered onto the straps.  Her arms were tied behind her head.  There were four large straps running vertical to her body, supporting her weight.  One was right below her neck.  This supported the top of her back but her head fell backwards.  Another was at her waist, again supporting her weight. Straps were placed around her legs, first at the top of her thighs, her knees and her ankles.  They were tied securely and they began to pull them out away from her body.  Her legs began to spread out, her ass unsupported, her pussy opening again for the audience to see, this time even more obscenely.  Hands pushed her head forward, a strap to the back forcing it up and securing it in place.  She now looked directly at the audience, all eyes focused on her.  She looked down and could see her naked pussy gaping wide, directly at the audience.

Sixteen-year old Courtney was now naked, spread and tied open in front of over 100 people.  All of them waiting for the rape of her pussy by her own father.  Her father, stranding only inches away, his cock hard and big.  Courtney began to feel an excitement.  Her loving father would soon take her virginity.  If she had to lose it this way, at least it was with someone she loved.

Bill was untied and moved toward Courtney.  Another swing was lowered over her, this one was built to support Bill.  He was pushed down on the straps, his body lowered until it began to move against Courtney.  He could feel her hard, erect nipples push into his chest.  His arms were stretched out over his hand and bound right along side Courtney’s.  He felt female hands move on his legs, tying straps on them, just like Courtney’s.  They were pulled out, but still within Courtney’s spread legs.  His cock was resting on her naked pussy.

“What are you doing, leave me alone, take it out of my ass,” Bill yelled. The same female hands parted the cheeks of his ass and he felt something large and cold pushed into his unprotected anus.  It continued to push deep into his rectum.  He could feel something sticking out of his ass, like a string.

“Just something to keep you motivated, Bill.  We stuck an electrical butt plug in your asshole.  The wire coming out is hooked up to the panel in front of Michael.  He will be able to control the duration and voltage of electrical shock in you.  I think you will find it very stimulating.  And at the same time, the electrical current will flow through your cock, giving poor little Courtney a jolt of the same.”

Hands fumbled between Bill’s cock and Courtney’s pussy.  At first Bill thought they were going to put his cock into Courtney, but they had other ideas.

“OOOOWWWW,” screamed Courtney, Bill jumping at the shock of her yell.  “Take it off, it hurts, don’t do that,” Courtney moaning as she experience the worse pain she ever felt.  If was worse than when they whipped her spread pussy.  They had attached a Clit Snapper on Courtney.  It was a small cylinder object that covered the clitoris.  It attached from the inside, by a small clamp that completely encircled her erect clitoris.  Once attached, if pulled off, it would tear the clitoris.  The initial clamping was bad enough, as was the constant pinching, but the worse was yet to come.

“We have attached a Clit Snapper on Courtney.  It will constantly pinch the clitoris.  When something or someone bumps against it, it has a powerful snapper in the inside that will snap the trapped clitoris.  This will create a tremendous amount of pain.  With Bill fucking Courtney, we expect her to experience this many times.”

“I’m going to kill you all for this”, yelled Bill.  Tears began to run down Courtney’s face as she realized that what she had hoped for, a tender moment with her father, would now become a very painful experience for both of them.  Her clitoris already was in terrible pain, yet she knew that it would only get worse.

Hands again went between their bodies, this time grasping Bill’s cock and placing it inside of Courtney’s pussy.

“They both seem to be enjoying this, Bill is very hard and Courtney’s pussy is very wet.  Why don’t you begin, Bill, rape your daughters pussy for our enjoyment.”

Courtney could feel her fathers hard cock at the entrance of her pussy.  It pushed in, beginning to spread her virgin pussy open.  “Please, Daddy, go slow, it’s starting to hurt already.”

The audience could see Bill’s ass raise from Courtney as he withdrew his cock back.  He began to push back in again, “AHHHH,” moaned Courtney, her father’s thick cock forcing her pussy to expand to allow its entrance.  “Slowly, Daddy, be gentle, it’s so big.”

Bill withdrew again, then pushed back into her pussy.  Her tight pussy was gripping the head of his cock, forcing groans from his lips.  It had been a long time since he had fucked a women and never one this tight.  Even though it was his daughter, his lust was beginning to take over.

“Relax and let me in you, you feel so good.”

“Yes, Daddy, do what you have to do, I love you and I will do whatever you want,” Courtney begin to arch her back, forcing more of her fathers cock into her pussy.  “Oh, Daddy, soooo big, it feels like its splitting me open,” her hips rotating, moving her wet pussy around his cock.

His cock pulled almost all of the way out and than again began its journey back into her virgin pussy, pushing the walls of her vagina open to his big cock.  “Your pussy is so sweet, Courtney, move your ass, push up against me.”

‘Yes, Daddy,” her hips forcing more of her pussy onto his erect cock.  She could feel his cock hit her hymen.  She knew that he would soon break her hymen and she would no longer be a virgin.

“I going to push into your deeper soon, keeping moving on my cock as I push it in and out.  It will only hurt for a minute, just remember your Daddy loves you.”

Bill was now moving his cock in and out, gaining about two inches before it hit her hymen.

Bill’s cock got harder, stroking Courtney’s pussy.  Pre-cum was leaking from his cock.  It had been too many years without a woman.  “Your pussy is just like your mothers, it’s squeezing my cock so tight.”

“AAAAAhhhh,” moaned Courtney, the pain from his cock making her gasp.

She did not care about her pain, she just wanted to please her father.

“I think it’s time Courtney,” she could hear Michael say.

“OOOOOOOOWWWW, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH, its burning my ass up, Oh, God, noooo,” screamed Courtney her ass pushing up to escape the terrible pain.  Michael had placed a gas jet directly beneath Courtney’s spread asshole.  With a flick of a button, the gas lit and sent a flame straight up until it reached Courtney’s tender anus.  The pain must have been excruciating as her tender flesh was heated and burned.

At the same time, Michael sent a jolt of electricity through the butt plug in Bill’s asshole, forcing Michael to push forward to escape the terrible pain.  “AAAAHHHH, GGGOOOD, that hurts.”

Bill and Courtney were both driven toward each other at the same instant, both trying to escape the terrible pain.  But by doing so, Bill’s cock brutally ripped through Courtney’s hymen, forever taking her virginity away.

“SSSSSOOOO BBBBADDD, it hurts soooo bad, Daddy, you’re tearing me up NOOOOOOO,” blood running down her thighs as she tried to gain a breath of air, the force of his cock, driving the breath from her lungs.

Bill pulled his cock back from Courtney’s pussy, hoping to ease the pain he caused.  Her pussy gripped his cock as it was withdrawn, now covered in blood.  At the same time, Courtney pulled back, trying to stop the terrible pain.  Michael again hit the buttons, the flame lit, shot up again, burning Courtney’s asshole.  The electricity surged in Bill’s asshole, this time more voltage, his hips jerking to escape, driving his cock deep into Courtney again at the same time she drove her pussy up to escape the flame.  This time they again met only harder.  The force of the thrust pushed Bill’s pelvic bone into Courtney’s clitoris, hitting the Clit Snapper hard.

OOOOGGGGGGOOOOOODD, DDDDDAAADDDDDYYYY, that hurts so bad, why are you doing this too me,” her head swimming in pain as her father brutally raped her pussy.  It was only a few minutes ago when he was gentle, now her pussy burned and ached from his big cock forcing her pussy walls to expand more than they ever where.  She could feel the electricity flow through her father’s cock, running along her pussy, creating even more pain.

Michael was continually turning on the gas, burning Courtney’s delicate asshole, sending electricity through her father’s cock, shooting into her pussy, forcing him to bump against the Clit Snapper, tearing at her delicate clitoris.  The audience watched as Courtney and her father fucked each other brutally, screaming in pain, as they were tortured and tortured each other.  Bill’s hips thrust back and forth, his cock punishing his daughter’s pussy, forcing it open, pushing deeper and deeper into her pussy until he reached bottom.  Even when he reached bottom, his strokes became more brutal, knocking against the end of her pussy, bruising her.

Courtney could not even think, the pain consuming her being.  Her father’s cock was beating her pussy into submission, her asshole throbbing from the burning, her clit battered by her father bumping the clit snapper.  If it would only end.  Again, the flame, forcing Courtney to drive her pussy onto her fathers hard cock, tearing her pussy open, the clit snapper eliciting sharp pain on her delicate clitoris.  It felt like it was going to be torn from her body.

Their thrusts into each other became faster, as Michael increased the frequency of pushing the buttons.  You could hear the sharp slap of their pubic bones slamming into each other, Courtney’s screams of pain as the Clit Snapper did its job.  Faster and faster until Bill suddenly shot his head back and yelled as his cock began to shoot into Courtney.  Michael held the button down, shooting a continuous jolt of electricity through Bill’s rectum, following along his cock to jolt Courtney’s pussy.

Courtney felt the unfamiliar wetness as feel his hot cum begin to enter her pussy.

Instinctively, Courtney tightening her pussy on his cock hating it for what it had done to her but fearing this might be her last moment of tenderness.  His cock got bigger and bigger as he shot his cum into her once virgin pussy.  “Yes, Daddy, cum in me, I want to make you happy.” Another load of hot cum entered her pussy, than another, her pussy milking his cock.  Her pussy was filling up with her Daddy’s cum.  She felt one last spurt of cum and than he cock began to shrink.

“OOOWWW,” she yelled, her father pushing against the clit snapper as he slumped down.  The clit snapper prevented Courtney from cumming.  She lay slumped in the swing, her father’s weight pushing down on her.  Her father had cum in her, but she was left unfulfilled.

They untied Bill and pulled him off Courtney.  Courtney looked at his cock.  It was covered in her blood and his cum.  They pulled him back toward her head.  She could feel hands behind her head, lowering it until it was parallel to her body.  They raised Bill’s hands over his head and tied them up high.  They grabbed one of his legs and swung it over Courtney’s head.  Bill was now standing directly over Courtney’s head, a leg on each side.

“Leave us alone, you got what you wanted,” yelled Bill.

“We can’t leave you dirty like that Bill, your little whore daughter got her blood all over your cock.  Open your mouth Courtney.” Hands moved to her face and pushed her mouth open.  Arms pushed Bill down by the shoulders until his cock was on Courtney’s lips.  “Suck his cock and clean it with your tongue.” Bill was again pushed and his cock entered Courtney’s mouth.  “Do it, or we will kill your father.”

Courtney’s tongue began to run over his cock, the taste of the blood and cum making her gag.  “Keep sucking it until he gets hard again, than you are to make him cum again, this time in your mouth.  Swallow all of it.”

Michael began to shoot the electricity again through Bill’s rectum, forcing him to push his cock deeper into her mouth.  He began to get hard again, watching his daughter, only inches from him, sucking and tonguing his cock.  His cock began to push to the back of her throat, forcing Courtney to gag and choke as he pushed into her throat.  He got harder, his cock now milked by her throat, her eyes pleading.  He only cared with his own lust.  His daughter now only a mouth pussy to pleasure him.  He drove deeper and deeper, driven by the Electricity shooting through his cock.  He suddenly pushed deep and his cock again began to shoot his cum, choking her, cum shooting out of her nose and mouth as her mouth filled with his hot cum.  A second load of cum filled her mouth, a third forcing her to swallow or choke to death.  His cock finished shooting, resting limp in her mouth.

“That ends our evening of entertainment.  Courtney will be with us for a while.  If anyone would like to enjoy her charms, contact me and we will see what we can arrange.  She will be made available for sex or if you wish to punish and torture her, this can also be arranged.”

Chapter 4-Ass Raped by A Dildo

“Bring the Bitch in the other room, the President and his wife want a piece of her before she if ruined by too many cocks” Michael ordered the other guards.

Courtney was released from the sling, but she had to be held up by the guards to keep her from falling.  Blood and cum were pasted to her pussy and thighs, a reminder of the taking of her virginity.  Her asshole still ached from the flame scorching her tender anus and she could still taste her fathers thick, salty cum in her mouth.  Courtney watched as her father was taken from the room in cuffs, wondering where they were taking him, hoping that he would be all right.

“Don’t worry cunt, if you cooperate, your father will stay alive.  The minute you resist or fail to do what I ask, I will have him killed before your eyes.  You still have a virgin asshole left.  It might be a little burned, but it is still tight.  The President and his wife are going to take that from you.”

Courtney was shoved into the room.  In the room stood a low, padded table.  Even Courtney easily imagined its purpose.  It was big enough to fit a female body on her hands and knees and high enough to elevate a female’s pussy and asshole to be cock high.  Courtney cringed at the prospects of what they intended to do to her, but she could not even imagine the cruelty that had planned.  Around the room were about 20 chairs, again, Courtney would have an audience watching her debasement.  All of the walls were covered with mirrors forcing Courtney to witness her own rape.

“Into the bathroom first, I want to clean her up before anyone arrives.”

Courtney was pushed into the bathroom and forced to sit on the toilet seat cover.  She could hear Michael taking things out of the drawer but could not see what they were.  When he turned around he was carrying a can of shaving cream and a straight razor.  “No please,” begged Courtney.

“You don’t need any pussy hair, I like my Bitches with a bald cunt.” He kneeled down in front of her and grabbed her ankles and put them over his shoulders.  This spread her legs, up and wide apart, her pussy opening in front of his face.

Courtney began to turn red in embarrassment.  Even though she was raped in front of a crowd, this seemed more personal.  Here was a stranger spreading her open, her pussy just inches from his eyes.  She closed her eyes in embarrassment.

“Open your eyes and look directly at me, do not turn away,” he commanded Courtney.

Courtney obeyed, staring at him as she felt his hands slide up her thighs, a washcloth removing any traces of her rape from her body.  When he finished, his hands returned to her pussy, a palm full of shaving cream ready to cover her.  He spread it liberally over her pussy.  Courtney had very fine and light pussy hair and it covered easily.

Courtney cringed as she saw the straight razor move toward her spread pussy.  “Stay very still, I would hate to cut that nice pussy.” She could feel the razor begin at the top of her pussy lips and begin to pull down, shaving the hair as he moved.  He grabbed first the right pussy lip and pulled it out, shaving the side.  The left pussy lip was next and the hair was removed quickly.  “Relax your ass cheeks, I need to shave all the way back to your asshole,” Michael rising slightly, forcing Courtney’s legs higher, exposing her asshole to his gaze and the razor.

“Ouch,” yelled Courtney, Michael cutting her asshole on purpose.

“Shut up, Bitch, I will cut you from your pussy to your asshole if I feel like it.” Michael returned to slicing the hair from Courtney.  The washcloth returned, wiping the excess from Courtney’s pussy.

Courtney grimaced in pain as Michael wiped her spread and naked pussy with rubbing alcohol, but did not cry out.  She could feel his finger on her naked and spread asshole, searching, pushing.  Her anus begins to open under his plundering finger, stretching wide to receive it, remembering the fingering her asshole received on the truck to jail.

“I see that the crowd has arrived and the President and his wife will be here soon.  Let’s get you ready bitch,” as Courtney was pulled from the toilet seat and pushed into the room.  All of the chairs were full, close friends of the President and his wife.  They were known to be sexually free and many of their friends had shared and had been shared with them.  The group watched as Courtney was brought in, her naked body and her newly shorn pussy shining in the bright lights.

Courtney looked around the room and she could already see some of the men with their cocks out and their wives already stroking them.  She knew that soon she would be their source of enjoyment, cocks hard watching as she was raped for their pleasure.

“On the bench, doggy style.  We are going to treat you like the dog bitch you are,” as she was pushed onto the bench.  “On your hands and knees, soon this will be your usual position.”  SLLLLAAAAPPP, Michael’s hand hit Courtney’s ass hard.  Courtney moaned, but did not cry out.  She remembered Michael’s warning and feared the consequences.

SSSSSLLLLAAAPPP, this time her other cheek.  Michael rained down his palm upon her naked cheeks, forcing Courtney to bite her lip in pain, her cheeks turning red from the abuse.

His hands pushed between her thighs, forcing her to spread her legs further open.  “Spread them wide, I want to see your asshole peeking out, and don’t your dare close your legs.  Watch in the mirror and don’t close your eyes.”

Tears began to form in Courtney’s eyes as she saw the President and his wife enter.  She knew that what they were going to do to her was worse than she expected.  They were both naked, the President with a huge cock, already erect.  Even worse was his wife.  Attached to her loins stood a giant dildo, even larger than her husbands cock.  She did not know which one or both were going to rape her asshole, but she did know that it was going to hurt badly.  Either cock would tear and make her asshole bleed as it fucked her.  She knew that neither cared, and in fact they would attempt to inflict the maximum amount of pain on her tender body.

Courtney watched as the President walked in front of Courtney, his huge cock directly in front of her lips.  She knew that she would be expected to suck his cock and he would cum in her mouth, just like her father had done.  She could feel female hands stroking her ass, spreading her cheeks, opening her asshole to the President’s wives dildo.

“Don’t worry Honey, once I get my dildo in your asshole, it wouldn’t be so bad.  You might even stop screaming by them.  Not that anyone will hear you, with my husband’s cock in your throat.  You better give us both a good ride or it’s the end for your father.”

The President ran his fingers over Courtney’s face, wiping the tears from her eyes.  His fingers pushed into her mouth, forcing her to open wide.  “Suck my cock you little bitch, you must pay for what your father has done to me over the last couple of years.  I am going to make you suffer for as long as he made me.  You’re going to be sucking and fucking for many years, the day you stop, your father is dead.”

The large cock entered Courtney’s mouth, his precum spreading over her lips, bringing back the awful taste and the memory of the mouthful of cum she was forced to accept.

“Lick it real nice,” Courtney’s mouth forced to open wider than it ever had to accommodate the President’s large cock.  It pushed in, Courtney’s tongue beginning to run over the large helmeted cock.  She could feel more cum leaking from the tip, her tongue pushing it around in her mouth.  It was heavy and very salty.  The President grabbed her ears and his cock was forced deeper into her mouth, heading for her throat.  Courtney knew that soon she would be gagging and choking on the thick cock in her mouth.  But that was the least of her problems.  She could now feel the President’s wife on her ass.

SSSPPPPIIIITTTT, Courtney could feel the hot spit hit her asshole as the Presidents wife dildo began to push the spit around Courtney’s asshole, lubricating the way for the rape by the dildo.  “Your asshole is so tiny, cunt, wait until it opens for my dildo.  I am going to enjoy hearing your muffled screams.”

Courtney could feel the female hands on her hips, bracing her for the push into her asshole by the giant dildo.  The dildo began to force her tiny asshole to open wider and wider.  As it pushed in, Courtney’s body was pushed forward, the Presidents hard cock pushing to the back of her throat.

 “AAAAAAHHHHHHH, GGGGGHHHHHHH, GGGGAAASSSPP”, screamed Courtney, her asshole tearing from the brutal rape of the dildo, the big cock in her mouth pushing past her tonsils, forcing her stomach to gasp and choke as she was continually choked on the cock.  Tears ran down her face and she grimaced in pain as her asshole tore open, blood flowing over the dildo, lubricating it for the continuing rape of her asshole.

“Yes, bitch, swallow my cock, choke on that big fucker.”

The Presidents wife pushed the dildo in, forcing Courtney’s asshole to open to accept the giant head, her anus fitting tightly over it, tearing to accept it girth.  She pulled back Courtney’s hips, forcing more dildo into her asshole.  At the same time, the cock in her mouth pulled out, allowing Courtney to suck in some air, but pushed back in quickly, again blocking her air passage, gagging her.

The dildo pulled out a little bit temporarily, but only so it could force itself further into Courtney’s asshole.  Her screams were muffled as her head was held tightly, her hips embraced in strong hands as the dildo was pushed in, forcing her anal track to rip and tear to allow passage by the giant dildo.  Sweat poured from her body as the two raped her mouth and asshole.  Courtney would have collapsed in pain had her body not been held up by her rapists, forcing Courtney to accept the cruel rape.

The dildo withdrew than forced itself back in, further than the last time.  Courtney’s anus was stretched like a rubber band, three inches of giant dildo now forced in.  Hot flashes of intense pain tore through Courtney’s asshole as four inches pushed in, the cock in her mouth now coordinating its attack with the dildo in her asshole.  Each pushing in further, pulling out for a very brief reprieve, only to begin their painful rape again.  Five inches of giant dildo was forced in her asshole, now reaching into her colon, stretching it wider than it was meant to stretch, tearing as it plunged in deeper.  Cramps began to grip Courtney’s stomach.

Courtney’s wished she would faint from the pain but there was no easy out for her, she continued to stay awake, forced to accept the pain.

“How do you like my dildo, cunt, is it as good as your father’s cock fucking your pussy?” The Presidents wife gave Courtney a particularly brutal push and now six inches of dildo plowed into Courtney’s once virgin asshole.  The dildo pulled out, covered in shit and blood, ready to once again push in, reaching new depths in Courtney’s asshole.  Seven inches pushed in, bottoming out in Courtney’s colon.  Her stomach continually cramped from the dildo, her anal track rubbed raw from the brutal rape, torn and bleeding.

The President forced his cock deep into Courtney’s throat.  He ran his fingers over her throat, feeling his cock buried deep.  Courtney’s lips were spread wide around his cock, her mouth against his stomach.  Courtney had sucked all of his cock into her mouth and throat.  He could feel the exquisite massaging of his cock by her throat muscles trying to force it out.

His wife now began in earnest to fuck Courtney’s asshole.  The dildo pulled out until only the head was stretched over Courtney’s anus and than was rammed in, forcing Courtney to accept the brutal rape of seven-inches of giant dildo.  Courtney’s head swam in pain and she gasped for air as she was continually buffeted between her two rapists.  Blood ran down her thighs and drool ran from her mouth as her rape continued.  They cared nothing of Courtney, only their pleasure and those seated watching the spectacle.  All cocks were hard as Courtney’s rape continued.  Some wives had kneeled before their husbands, the cocks pushed into their mouths as they enjoyed Courtney’s rape.

Courtney body became limp, held up only by her rapist as she mercifully passed out in pain, just as the Presidents cock began to cum in her mouth, shooting deep into her throat and directly into her stomach, filling her with his hot cum.

His wife forced Courtney to accept the giant dildo one last time before pulling out, covered in shit and blood.  The two rapists allowed Courtney to slump to the padded table.  The audience began to applause, pleased in the rape of Courtney, the male’s hard cock shooting cum in climax.

Chapter 5- Raped and Abused

Michael stood up as the President and his wife left the room.  Her father gasped in surprise and anguish as he was brought back in again, naked as he saw his daughter lying on the table, blood running from her asshole.  “Anyone wishing to fuck Courtney can do so now, but leave one hole for her father.”

Courtney began to regain consciousness.  Her asshole ached in pain and her mouth tasted cum.  She saw her father standing over her but her relief was short-lived as she saw naked cocks walking toward her and she saw her fathers cock again, still hard.  How could she suffer so yet his cock enjoying her anguish?

“Listen, bitch.  Your job is to make sure your fathers cock is always hard.  If it becomes flaccid, it will be cut off and you will be forced to eat it,” said Michael.

Courtney was turned on her side and one member of the audience laid down next to her.  “Open up, cunt,” his cock pushing into her pussy.  At the same time, Courtney yelled in pain as another pushed in behind her, forcing her already battered asshole to accept another cock in it.  Her father was pushed down near her head and she opened her mouth to accept his cock.  She had to keep him alive as she was again brutally rape, this time in her pussy and asshole at the same time.  It felt like they were trying to tear into her body and come out the other side as she was ruthlessly raped.

Courtney’s rape continued during the early evening.  Two individuals continually raped her three holes, sometimes by women with dildos, as Courtney was forced to keep her fathers cock hard in her mouth, pussy and twice in her asshole.  That was the worst because next time it would be forced back into her mouth, making Courtney suck his cock clean of her own shit and blood.  She body was continually covered in cum as she was raped and abused.

Courtney was still in agony after the worst night of pain in her young life.  She had spent the entire time in a squat, her belly and bowels filled with a vile liquid, unable to expel any of it.  She also had her father’s cock stuffed into her mouth and she was given the unpleasant duty of keeping it erect all night.  The consequences of not doing so was horrible for her to even imagine so she did her job as best she could and somehow succeeded in keeping him hard throughout the awful night.

After the brutal rape she was brought to her feet for the first time in nearly 24 hours.  Her legs ached terribly from being in an awkward position for so long and she was barely able to stand up.  Despite her pain, the captors tied her in this awful squat, putting terrible strain on her thighs and calves.

One of the largest men approached her while holding a large jug.  One of the men behind her pushed an awful ring gag into her mouth, forcing her mouth open, and pulled her hair hard, making her unable to pull her own head forward.  The large man then started pouring liquid from the jug into her mouth.  It tasted vile and she started drowning in it.”

“Swallow it little cunt or you will die.”

Part of her wished she could die but her survival instinct took over and she began swallowing the copious amount of liquid as quickly as she could.  It was awful and as soon as it hit her body it began to burn...all the way down her throat and into her stomach.

Within a few seconds, her belly was full of this terrible concoction.  It burned her insides and she felt like she was going to vomit.  She desperately wanted to expel this vile stuff.

“Courtney dear, if any of this comes out as piss or vomit, your daddy’s dick will be your last meal.”

Her body started shaking from the pain but she worked vigorously to avoid any of it coming out of her belly.

She then felt something pushing at her asshole as a nozzle opened up her torn asshole.  She gasped as the hot, burning liquid was inserted into her bowels.  She felt it fill her yet again and she screamed out, louder now than during her whipping or rapes.

“Good girl, I’ve turned that nozzle so that your little ass stays full too...bring over her father.”

They brought the exhausted man over and placed him so that his cock was mouth level with her and stuffed it in...somehow he was hard again but Courtney noticed a ring around the base that was helping him stay hard but not allowed to let flow.

“Sweet dreams you two,” the men said as a bright spotlight was put on them and the rest of the lights were extinguished.  “Remember cunt, not one drop all night or your father’s cock is your breakfast tomorrow.”

That began an awful night of torture for the girl, as the liquid continued to burn her insides and the desire to pee and shit was intense.  Her entire body was racked with pain and she shook from the strain of it all, in addition to being in such an uncomfortable squatting position.  That and the fact that she had to keep sucking on her father’s cock to keep him hard made for the worst night ever for the young girl.

Finally morning came and the spotlight was turned off...the sleepless duo were still tied as they had been left, sweat pouring off both.  It had been nearly 12 hours of pain and torture for them both, though poor Courtney had of course suffered the most.

Courtney heard gasps as hundreds of people filled the auditorium where her humiliation had taken place.  She was beyond caring at this point, just desperate to relieve her pain.

First her father’s cock was removed from her mouth and she saw a girl about her age take him by the cock and continue to masturbate him so that he remained hard.

She saw a bowl being placed by pussy and ass and she was told she could relieve herself.  She cried out in misery as the liquid came out in huge chunks, chunks bigger than her holes.  She screamed, she moaned, she begged for help and mercy.  The onlookers were loving her pain and cheered every drop that hit the bowl.  Finally, she was done and she slumped in her bondage, desperate for some relief.

“Now, now cunt, no sleep yet,” one of the men said.  They undid her hand and brought her father to her.  “Make him cum into your bowl and we can end this madness.”

Without thinking, she grabbed her father’s aching cock and she began to jerk him off...despite being fucked dozens of times in the last two days, she had never touched a cock before and was surprised at its softness.  She jerked him up and down no more than 10 times and she heard him moan and start to spurt his cum into the mixture already in the bowl.  He shuddered and groaned at the relief of finally being able to cum after hours of torment in his daughter’s holes.

“Good cunt, this will be both of your meals for the next few days.

“Take her to her cell, let her rest before the next phase.  Take her father to the guardroom.  They can rape his asshole.  Let him feel what his daughter had to suffer for him.

Chapter 6-Stretched and Beaten

For two days, Courtney was locked in a cell.  She did not know what had happened to her father, but she expected the worse.  She had heard what they planned to do to him, ass raped and knew that is what probably happened.

Every four hours, she was woken up, made to stand, arms behind her neck, thrusting her breasts out, her legs spread as she was inspected.  This was really just another chance to humiliate her and also to abuse her body.  One guard would play with her breasts, squeezing them harshly, making her nipples hard and than pinching them so tight they began to bleed.  If she made any movement to stop them, her ass would be whipped.  That had happened twice in the last two days.  Another would abuse her pussy, spreading her lips open, forcing fingers deep into her, scratching her vagina as they plunged ruthlessly in her, spreading open when deep inside her.  The last would abuse her asshole.  It was already sore for the dildo rape and he took great pleasure in opening up fresh wounds.  He would force her to bend over and spread her cheeks, giving him access to her anus.  His fingers would tear at her asshole, hooking fingers in each side and pulling her open before plunging into her rectum.  Each time she was visited, he would force more fingers into her asshole, stretching her open.  She was forced to stand very still as they abused her, accepting their abuse, being whipped if she made any attempt to stop them.

Than she would be bound on the bed, a dental clamp holding her mouth open and force-fed her food.  This was the bowl she had shit up and mixed with her fathers cum.  A guard would also jerk off into her mouth a fresh batch of cum for her to eat.  The first three times, Courtney vomited up the batch, but the guards would catch it in the bowl and shove it back down her throat.  After that she managed to swallow and hold in the disgusting mess, her stomach groaning for hours afterwards, until it was time for another feeding.  After the second day, the “food” was gone and Courtney was allowed to shower and she was given panties and bra to wear.  She was allowed to sleep, uninterrupted for over eight hours.

Her father, Bill Smith had not done any better than Courtney.  He was taken over to cell block A.  This cellblock was run by a group of homosexual guards.  These guards were more dominants than homosexuals.  They enjoyed the power of forcing the prisoners to submit to their perverted demands.  He was taken and tied face down on the “fucking block”.  This was a padded table.  An insert was cut out allowing access to his cock and balls.  He was tied face down, his legs spread and tied wide open.  His arms were bound to the side, his head pushed up and forced forward.  His bondage was very stringent, not allowing any movement.

One guard than grabbed his cock and pulled it through the insert.  It was tied, pulling and stretching it downward and bound tightly with a leather sleeve.  The sleeve was lined with tacks and held his cock tightly.  If his cock got hard, the tacks would force themselves into the skin.  If squeezed tightly, the tacks would pierce the skin.  His balls were also bound tightly into a leather ball bag.  It was also lined with tacks, these longer and sharper than the cock sleeve.  Draw strings lining the bag and sleeve could be pulled, forcing them to shrink in size, squeezing the enclosed balls or cock.  Both of these devices were also hooked up to an electrical generator.  Power could be sent to electrodes that would flow through into the tacks.  Power settings were available from light to extreme.  All of these devices main purpose were to make the subject a willing participate in his own rape.  He would be mouth fucked and ass raped.  He would be forced to willingly suck any cock forced into his mouth and throat and swallow the cum.  If a cock were forced into his asshole, he would be expected to squeeze down on it as it was pulled out until he would make them cum deep in his colon.

When Bill was securely tied and hooked up, the guards began.  Bruno was over six feet two inches tall, 250 pounds and solid muscle.  That included his cock.  It stood over 11 inches long and five inches around.  It was a massive instrument of torture.  The other two guards also had impressive cocks.  They enjoyed using them on helpless victims, including males.  Courtney’s father was their next victim.  They were promised if they punished him, they would also have a chance with Courtney.

Bruno stood in front of Bill, fisting his cock, placing it within inches of Bill’s mouth.  Bill’s eyes widen in fear.

“OOOWWWW, AAAGGGHHHH, Oh, God, that hurts so bad, stop it, your crushing me” cried Bill.  One of the other guards was behind Bill, out of his sight.  He had grabbed Bill’s cock with one hand and his balls with the other and squeezed his massive hands around the leather sleeves.  The tacks in the cock sleeves were pushed into his cock, piercing the skin.  His balls ached, crushed by the guard’s hands, shooting pains in his stomach, the longer tacks pushing deep into his balls.  The guard released his grip and than again squeezed tightly, crushing Bill’s balls and his cock.  Bill screamed again in pain, his balls aching, the sharp tacks digging deep into his cock and balls.  The guard moved his hand around, forcing the tacks to move, opening up new wounds.

Bill began to plead and beg to stop the pain.  “Stop, I will do anything, AAAAAHHH.” His stomach ached, afraid that he would vomit soon from the extreme pain.

“Now that I have your attention, I am going to turn you into a cock slut before the night is over.  If you do not cooperate, pain will become a big part of your life.  What you felt so far is very little pain.  The bags can be tightened permanently.  Once tightened, a brief brush by my hand on them will bring fresh pain as the tacks move, opening up new wounds.  Then there is the electricity,” said Bruno, motioning to Joe, the other guard.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH,” Bill screamed, in body trembling in pain as Joe shot a light load of electricity into his balls and cock.  Another burst of electricity shot through Bill’s groin, this time a higher intensity.

“As I said, you are to become our cock slave.  We are going to fuck your mouth and ass all night long.  As you can see, we both have very big cocks so I am sure we are going to tear up your asshole, but that may prove the lesser of two evils.  If you do not submit and fuck us back, your balls and cock will receive the most severe pain and punishment, far beyond what you can imagine.  Are you ready to cooperate?”

Another shot of electricity in his balls convinced Bill that he would not survive the night without cooperating.  He did not know what would be required, but anything would be better than the pain.  “Yes,” he choked out.

“Tighten up the bags, Joe, I want Bill to remember his word,” ordered Bruno.

“AAAGGG,” cried Bill, his balls crunched tighter in the bag, the tacks puncturing the skin.  The pressure of the tacks on his cock drove them into the side and especially the head of his cock.  One tack just missed his piss slit.  Joe ran his hand over Bill’s balls, his finger flicking on the bag, shooting pains reaching deep in Bill’s balls.

Bruno reached for Bill’s mouth, sticking his fingers in it, “Open up, real wide, you are going to start by sucking my cock.  I want you to run your tongue over it while I fuck it in.  When I get to your throat, I want you to relax as much as possible.  You will gag as I push down, but that will be quite enjoyable to me, but my cock will go down your throat, you can rest assured of that.  Now stick your tongue out and begin being our cock slut,” with Bruno fisting his cock and bringing it to Bill’s lips.

Another shot of electricity shot through Bill’s cock as Bruno’s cock was placed on his lips.  “Just a reminder, now suck it, cock slut,” Bruno ordered.  The cock entered his mouth, spreading his mouth wide as the massive cock pushed in.  His tongue ran over his cock, the precum on his cock disgusting him.  He would soon be forced to swallow his cum and he could not stop him.  The cock pushed further into his mouth, than retreated. Next time it pushed further than before almost reaching the back of his mouth.

Bruno began to fuck Bill’s mouth, pushing his big cock deeper and deeper into his mouth.  “AAGGG, GGGGAAAAGGHHH,” the cock pushing into his throat, his stomach wrenching as he gagged and choked.  Bill’s head was held tightly as Bruno fucked his mouth like it was a cunt.

“Is he sucking you good?” asked Joe.

“He could do better, why don’t you see if you can help to motivate him,” answered Bruno.  He pushed his cock and forced it down Bill’s throat, keeping it plugging Bill’s throat, waiting for Joe’s response.

“MMMMMGGGG, AGGGHHHHFFFF,” Bill screamed, his voice muffled by Bruno’s cock buried in his throat as his balls were grasped tightly by Joe.  The pain in his stomach from his balls punishment, mixed with the gagging and wrenching of the throat fuck made him scream in pain.

Bruno pulled his cock from Bill’s throat and Bill instantly began to bathe his cock with his tongue, sucking on the head of his cock.  He did not want to feel the pain again.  He sucked as hard as he could as Bruno pushed it down his throat again, Bill gagging but trying hard to swallow the massive cock.  Bruno began to plunge the cock in and out of his mouth again, Bill sucking his cock, hoping to get this mouth rape over with.  He knew that this would mean Bruno would cum in his mouth and he would be forced to swallow it, but he could not bear the pain any longer.

Bill’s plight became worse.  Joe was stroking his big cock, making it harder.  It was time to rape Bill’s ass.  Joe grabbed Bill’s balls and cock, Bill’s body jumping from the unexpected pain.  Another shot of electricity shot through his body.

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass now, I want you to squeeze my cock when I pull it from your asshole.  If you don’t cooperate, the pain will begin again.

Joe put the helmet of his big cock against Bill’s asshole.  A gob of spit on his cock and he began to push.  The big cock tore into Bill’s asshole, ripping his anus and plunging into his rectum.  Bill’s body shuddered as the pain of the rape tore into him.  The cock in his mouth was plugged deep into his throat and now a cock was tearing into his anal tract. The cock pushed deeper into him, tearing and raping, the cramps adding to his already pained body.  Joe’s cock was bloodied with the rape of Bill’s asshole.

Joe plunged his cock into Bill, forcing all ten-inches of his cock into Bill’s anal tract.  His colon was forced to stretch and tear open from the plundering cock.  “Squeeze it, you cock slut or the ball pain will begin again,” Joe commanded.

Bill was swimming in pain, Bruno’s cock forced in and out of his throat, cutting off his air supply.  His asshole was torn and bleeding, but he forced himself to squeeze the cock in his asshole, the pain worsening.  He sucked hard on the cock in his mouth, squeezing the cock in his ass, hoping that the pain would end soon.

The two raping cocks began to swell, there cum filled balls ready to shoot into Bill.  Joe squeezed Bill’s balls and cock, new pain rushing over his body.  The cock in his mouth pulled from his throat and began to shoot the hot, salty, heavy cum on his tongue, rapidly filling his mouth.  Bill began to swallow the cum, hoping not to choke as more cum shot out.  The cock in his asshole pushed deep, feeling like it was coming out of his mouth and began to swell, tearing his anal tract more as it began to fill his colon with the hot cum.

“Now you’re becoming a good cock slut, you sucked my cock good.  I will rape your asshole next while Joe will get your mouth.  Another two or three times tonight and you will a pro,” laughed Bruno.

Joe pulled his cock out, Bill’s asshole farting as it was relieved of the pressure of the huge cock.  He pulled in front of Bill, holding his bloodied, shit covered cock to Bill’s lips.  “Start sucking, slut.”

Bruno was behind Bill, his cock already hard, pushed against Bill’s bleeding asshole and began to push in, Bill’s asshole already wet from the cum and blood from his anal rape.

“AAAGGHH,” Bill screamed into the cock forced into his mouth, the rape beginning again.  Before the night would be over, he would be raped four times by each of the brutal guards, his balls and cock severely tortured, electricity shooting through his body to force him to participate in his own rape.  They repeatedly forced him to swallow their cum and then he had to suck the other guards cock that had raped his asshole, cleaning it until it became hard again, ready to fuck his mouth again.

The cell door opened and the guards grabbed Courtney from the bed, cuffing her arms behind her back, a hobble placed between her legs.  One of the guards ran his hands over her breasts, and than down to her panty-covered pussy, grabbing it tightly in his big hand.  “Michael has a special treat for your pussy.  Move, you cunt,” pushing her toward the door, the hobble making it difficult to walk.

Courtney cringed as she was again led into the auditorium, filled with people again.  She remembered the last time and expected the worse.  She was moved to the stage and the bright lights shined on her half-naked body.  The hobble was released as was the handcuffs.  Leather cuffs were attached to her wrists and her ankles, cutting tightly into her skin.  She heard a motor start over her head as a winch pulled down a long bar.

“Raise the cunt up,” Michael ordered the other guards.  Courtney’s arms were slowly raised up, higher and higher, her body drawing taunt.  Courtney groaned in pain, as her legs moved off the ground, her weight not supported by her leather strapped wrists.  “Higher, I want her feet at least a foot off the ground.” The motors pulled her higher until finally grounding to a stop.

“Spread her open, I want her so wide that her cunt begins to tear open.” One of the guards grabbed her right ankle and attached a chain to it, while the other guard grabbed her left and did the same.  Courtney cringed when she heard the motors start again and her legs were pulled to the side, opening her wider and wider.  Her legs were now pulled three feet wide and still moving.  “Please don’t,” she begged the pain ache in her thighs beginning.  Four feet and they were still moving.  Michael walked between her legs and ran his hand up her thighs, toward her pussy.  “Your skin is so smooth and taunt, soon I will strip you naked so everyone can see your spread, naked pussy.  I can feel the muscles in your thighs stretching, does it hurt?”

“Yes, it hurts bad, no further,” she cried, but the motors continued to pull her apart, threatening to tear her apart.  Her legs were spread over five feet apart, her panties just barely covering her spread pussy.  The motors stopped.  Courtney was stretched high off the ground, her arms pulled tight over her head, her legs spread into an “X”, stretched wide.  Sweat began to glisten from her body from the lights and the tight bondage she was placed in.  “What are you going to do to me?” she asked.

“Do you have to ask, Courtney, why of course, I am going to torture you.  That is why everyone in the audience has a hard cock.  They are expecting me to sexually torture you and I do not want to disappoint them.” Michael ran his hands up her thighs again, until he got to her spread pussy.  He grasped her pussy in his hand, squeezing it tightly.  “I am going to pay special attention to your pussy.  When I am finished, your pussy will be very tender to the touch, so you can imagine what it will be like when they start to rape you.”

His hands reached for her bra and pulled it from her body, her tits bouncing on her chest.  He grabbed her nipples and pulled them, twisting them, forcing them to become erect.  Now his hands pulled hard on her panties, the crotch digging deep into her spread pussy as they stretched out.

“OOOOWWW, AAAGGGG,” the panties feeling like they were cutting her spread pussy.  They finally tore, leaving Courtney naked again.  The hands ran over her spread pussy, pulling on her hair, pulling her lips apart, a finger running between her slit.  His hand slapped her spread pussy.  “OOOOW” she cried.

“Put her in a horizontal position, I want everyone to see her pussy as I torture it.” The motors began again, this time the whole mechanism shifting Courtney from a vertical position to a horizontal position.  Her body was now horizontal, her arms pulled back over her head.  Her legs were spread out wide, her pussy and anus opened for all to see, the lights shining directly on her open body.

Michael walked between her spread legs, his fingers returning to her pussy, pulling her open even more, her pink insides open to his touch.  One hand reached towards her anus, pushing suddenly into her spread asshole, a gasp coming from Courtney’s lips as her anus was impaled on his finger.  He began to corkscrew it into her anus, a dry rasping finger pushing along her anal tract.

“The rope, pull it down,” Michael ordered.

Courtney watched as a large, one-inch hemp rope was lowered from the ceiling.  It unraveled from a mechanism in the ceiling.  About every six inches, a large knot was in the rope.  It was very rough.  When it reached down to Michael’s height, he pulled it down further until it reached the floor.  Michael pushed it into some mechanism in the floor.  A motor started and the rope tightened.  Courtney watched in horror as she saw it between her spread legs.  She knew what they intended to do.  They were going to saw the rope between her spread legs, the rope burning her pussy and anus.

“Ah, I see you realized what the rope is for, I can see the terror in your eyes.  Yes, it will be soon tearing through your spread pussy.  The knots will really tear up your pussy.  Don’t forget your anus.  It will also be pulled through the cheeks of your ass.  The audience is going to love your screams.  When you think it can’t hurt any more, I will speed up the rope.”

The mechanism that Courtney was spread on began to push her whole body toward the rope, between her spread legs.  She felt the rope hit her spread legs and bump against her pussy and than stop.

Michael moved again between her legs.  She felt him spread her pussy lips back and push the knotted rope between them.  “Move her legs up higher, so the rope rubs along her asshole,” Michael ordered.  The mechanism holding her legs moved higher, the rope beginning to pull along her pussy and now because of the movement of her legs, now moved along her anus.  His hands moved to her ass, spreading her cheeks, the rope moving between them, pushing against her anus.  “Tighten up the rope now,” the motors starting again, pushing Courtney out, the rope pushing deep into her pussy and ass cheeks.

“OOOOOOWWWW, AAAAAAGGGGGG, that hurts you bastard,” cried Courtney, tears running from her eyes as the rope pushed deep into her pussy.

Courtney watched above as the rope mechanism began to move.  She could feel the rope sliding through her pussy and along her anus.  “Oh, God, that hurts, don’t do that to me, OOOOOOWWWW,” the first knot now beginning to push though her pussy, rubbing over her clit and than spreading her pussy lips open wider, abrading her pussy lips as the horse hair rope pulled through her legs.  The knot moved back between her legs, moving between her cheeks, running over her anus, pushing inward.

“That was only the first knot.  You still have many more to go.  You will soon start screaming for our enjoyment.”

The rope again pulled through her pussy, her pussy beginning to pain from the burning.  The next knot pushed through her legs.  Michael reached and pulled her clit hood back, exposing her clit to the knot.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH,” screamed Courtney as the next knot moved over her exposed clit, pushing into her pussy, rubbing along her slit, sliding along her asshole and popping out.  The rope again moving along, sawing along her pussy slit.

“Turn the speed up.  I want to see this bitches cunt fry,” Michael ordered.

The rope began to pull through Courtney’s legs faster, the knots now tearing into her pussy and anus.  Courtney’s screams were now almost continuous as her delicate clit and inner pussy lips were rubbed raw.  Her pussy looked like raw meat and the rope began to show signs of blood as the knots tore her flesh open.  Her tiny anus also began to bleed, the knots pushing in as they slid over her flesh, tearing and abrading her flesh.

The motors overhead turned on again as Courtney’s body was shifted slightly so the rope now moved and rubbed raw a new area of her exposed slit.  Her screams were enjoyment to the ears of the audience as wives and girlfriends masturbated cocks hard from the torment she was receiving.  Courtney was crying and sobbing between screams as her body was tortured, the pain beyond reason, her pussy and anus turned into raw meat.  Michael smiled as he watched her face, his cock hard.  If she thought this was bad, he had more in store for her.

Courtney’s body was again shifted, this time the other side of her pussy was now exposed to the rough rope and knots.  Fresh screams burst from her mouth as new area’s received the brutal abrasion of the hemp rope as it moved over her body.  Michael ran his hand over her thighs, feeling the tension in them as the rope continually battered her body.

“High speed, let’s hear the bitch really scream,” the motors speeding up, the rope and the knots moving at high speed, blood forming on the rope and knots, her pussy and anus turning red as the rope burned her delicate skin.  Courtney burst into a new chorus of screams, her body jerking around, trying to escape the rope tearing into her body, the rope burying itself into the tender folds of her pussy.  Courtney bounced around in her bondage, her body in intense pain.  Courtney finally fainted in pain, her body slumped in bondage.  Michael turned off the power on the motor, the rope slowly stopping.  The audience could see the blood running down her thighs, the rope, now red, buried deep into her spread pussy lips and ass cheeks.

“Bring her vertical again and revive her.  I am not finished with this cunt yet,” the motors turning Courtney’s battered body into the vertical position.  The rope was pulled for the last time through her pussy, no reaction from the unconscious Courtney.  Smelling salts were put under her nose, her body jerking awake, the pain returning to her body.

Michael stood in front of her, smiling, watching her pain racked eyes trying to focus.  “Not so much a bitch anymore, are we Courtney.”  His hands reached for her pussy, moving along her bloodied thighs.  Courtney tensed up, knowing that Michael meant to inflict more pain on her body.  “Yes, I intend to hurt you more, the audience is waiting for that.”  His hand moved between her pussy lips, the skin ripped raw and bleeding.  Courtney screamed as Michael reopened the wounds.  His fingers moved into her spread pussy, lubricated by the blood of her wounds.  He pushed in deep, groans and screams coming from Courtney’s lips as his battered flesh was brutalized.  “Your outside pussy is battered, but your insides are not.  I wonder what I can do to take care of that.”  Courtney cringed as she realized that Michael intended to torture her more, now her insides would be brutalized.

“Bring out the toys.”  One of the guards came out and put on the table near where Courtney was bound an array of various items.  One she recognized the others she feared.  Among the collection was the clit snapper.  She knew the pain of that.  Michael began to address the audience. “Let me explain some of these delightful toys that were developed especially for Courtney.  They were designed to maximum the pain she would receive and to inflict the necessary damage to her body.  When I am finished with torturing our beautiful little slut, you will have a chance to fuck her, either in her cunt or if you wish, in her asshole.  I will guarantee that she will fuck back like she is a virgin when you begin to pound into her battered flesh.  She will scream as each of you rape her which I am sure you will all enjoy.”

“The first toy is the pussy smasher.”  Michael held up a very large dildo shaped in the form of a cock, except the part that would protrude from her body when it was forced deep into her cunt was flat and about three inches square.  “Once inserted into her cunt, I will hit the end of it with this flogger,” showing the audience a large leather covered paddle.  When it hits the end, an extension will shoot out the other end, forced out by a powerful spring.  The extension will extend out an additional six inches into her body.  Once it hits the end of the extension, six metal barbs will shoot out into the sides of her pussy like an umbrella.  After about five seconds, the extension will begin to withdraw back into the dildo, with the barbs still extended.  The barbs are pointed and will tear into the flesh as they are drawn back.  Once folded back in, they will again be ready to spring forward again.” Michael watched Courtney’s face, watching the anguish showing, knowing the pain she will soon feel.

“The next one is the asshole smasher.  Similar to the pussy smasher, except the extension is longer, eight inches.  It will shoot deep into the colon.  Seven barbs are on the extension, a set of four and further down, a set of three.  They too will tear the flesh as they are pulled back.

“Another is the mouth smasher.  The only difference is that there are no barbs on this one.  While I like to tear at the flesh, I still want Courtney to have the ability to eat.  I want to make sure our little slut lasts a long time.  The extension will shoot out and this one will force itself into the little slut’s throat.  She will choke and gag.”

“You have all seen the clit snapper.  I also have the nipple snapper.  Attached to her nipples and once slapped with the flogger, the will bring excruciating pain to her nipples as they crush them between the serrated teeth.  After ten seconds they will release, bringing about another burst of pain, ready again.”

Courtney began to scream again as first the clit snapper was attached her already battered clit.  The nipple snappers were next, her nipples pulled and twisted until they became erect, the snappers biting deep into them.  The pain really began when first the asshole smasher was pushed into her anus, than shoved deep into her rectum.  The pussy smasher was next, tearing into her raw flesh, stretching her pussy wide until it seated deep inside her.  Finally the mouth smasher was pushed into her mouth as she was screaming in pain.  Her screams became muffled as her lips were stretched about the dildo.

“Now that the slut is ready, shall we begin.” Michael stood beside Courtney, the flogger running over her body, her body twitching as she shrunk back in fear.  Her eyes widen in fear, tears running down her face.

Michael drew back his hand, Courtney’s eyes on the flogger as he swung it back and forward again, hitting Courtney in the stomach, knocking the air out of her.  “Just teasing, where will the next one hit, Courtney,” Michael laughing, the flogger swinging back.  It shot forward, hitting squarely on Courtney’s left nipple snapper.  Her head shot up, a muffled scream from her gagged mouth as her nipple was crushed.  Michael ran the flogger over the nipple snapper, watching the shock on Courtney’s face.  Michael rubbed the flogger over Courtney’s flesh, getting ready to hit her again.  This time the flogger struck her mouth, the mouth smasher sending out the extension deep into her mouth.  You could see Courtney’s throat expanding to accept the cruel extension, gagging and choking.

Michael moved the flogger back to her belly rubbing it over her abdomen and than suddenly slapping it hard against the clit snapper, pain shooting into her already battered and torn clit.  The mouth smasher retreated, when Michael slapped her ass cheeks with the flogger and than hit the asshole smasher.  Courtney’s body shook as the extension shot deep into her colon, the barbs drawing back, tearing her anal tract as they pulled back.  Michael moved back to her nipples and this time struck her right nipple.  Courtney’s eyes were wide open as the pain overcame her body.  Michael slapped her thigh, Courtney knowing that her pussy was next.  The flogger pulled back and slapped hard against the pussy smasher.  The extension shot out, the barbs tearing into her flesh as they pulled back in.  Michael moved the flogger over her body, slapping her mouth again, than her nipple, her asshole and back to her pussy.  Courtney body shook in pain, Michael continually beating her body.  Her body was torn by the cruel instruments of torture, Michael smiling as he watched her shake.  His hand reached out again, the flogger beating into her body, forcing the extensions to shoot deep into her body, tearing her flesh.

Courtney again slumped in her bondage, fainting from the extreme pain.  Michael stopped beating her body, no longer interested in the torture if he could not see her anguish.

“Bring her down and tie her arms to the head of the bed.  We will let everyone have a chance at raping her again.”  A small bed was brought onto the stage,  Courtney was lowered down and tied to the headboard.  One of the guards stuck smelling salts under her nose and she began to regain consciousness.  She was groggy but soon realized what was to happen to her.

“No more, I hurt so much,” she cried.  Her body was a mass of abrasions, her insides now torn and bleeding.

The President walked over to her and began to undress.  When he was naked, he hefted his cock up, grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide, opening her pussy.  He knelt down, rubbed his cock over her pussy, Courtney cringing from the fresh pain.  He pushed the large head of his cock against her pussy and shoved deep into her.  His cock slid into her, lubricated by her bloody pussy.  Courtney screamed and her body jerked to get away from the brutal rape of her pussy.  He followed her body, shoving deep into her before pulling out, forcing screams from her mouth as he raped deep into her body again.  Courtney’s body was battered as the President raped her until he pumped her bloodied cunt with his hot cum.

The next person turned Courtney over, raising her ass high by hooking his hands under her stomach.  His hands reached for her pussy, grabbing her flesh with his hand, forcing Courtney to move to escape, pushing her ass back, only to find his cock pushed against her asshole.  She screamed and tried to move away, only to meet the punishing hand, forcing her back again, his cock forcing its way into her asshole, opening her up, forcing her rectum to accept the big cock stretching her.  He began to rape her asshole, tearing into her, her asshole clamping down on his cock from the pain, pleasuring her rapist.  The rape of her asshole continued, blood on the cock of her rapist.  Courtney suffered the rape of her asshole, continually screaming as her flesh was torn again.  Her rapist pushed deep into her colon, filling her with his hot cum.

For the next two hours, Courtney was raped non-stop.  They either took her in her pussy or in her asshole.  Some took her both at the same time, her body buffeted by the two cocks raping her.  A third joined in, forcing Courtney to accept a large cock enter her mouth, holding her head by her ears, forcing his cock down her throat, gagging and choking her.  After three hours, everyone had fucked Courtney, some of them twice and she was taken to her cell.  A Doctor was called in to administer medical care.  They wanted to make sure she lived.  Michael had many more plans for her.

Chapter 7-Final Chapter


Courtney lay bound over the stool.  Her wrists where tied to the front legs and her spread legs were bound tightly to the back.  Her thighs were also bound to the back legs, making her legs completely immobile.  Her head was pulled up, a rope tied from her hair back to the other end of the stool, forcing her to look forward and also allowing complete access to her mouth.  Her ass was forced up into the air, her anus and pussy spread open, waiting for a hard cock to enter either passage.

Courtney whimpered as a hard cock was forced into her mouth, stretching her lips wide.  She could taste the precum on the cock as her tongue bathed the head of the cock.  She knew that she would be punished if she did not do a good job of sucking the cock thrust into her mouth.  She ran her tongue over the head, bathing it with her saliva.  She wanted it to be wet because she knew it would soon enter her throat and she would begin to gag and choke.  He always did that to her.  He liked to see her struggle for oxygen when it filled her throat.  He would hold it deep in her throat as she struggled, his stomach pressed tightly against her face, the large cock pulsating in her oral passage.

The cock began to push in and out of her mouth, fucking her face like it was a cunt.  When it pushed in deep, Courtney would choke and gag, her throat massaging the thick cock.  She could feel it moving inside her, a hand reaching down to her throat, feeling the cock bulging out her neck.  The hands moved to the side of her head and moved her head, masturbating the hard cock with her lips and tongue.  The movements became faster, the cock moving deeper into her throat with each new thrust.  She knew that the cock was ready to cum and she would have to swallow the hot, salty, thick cum.  She was punished for not swallowing it.  She did not want that to happen again.  She sucked the cock, her tongue bathing the head as she felt it swell and begin to shoot the cum in her mouth.  The first shot hit on her tongue, her tongue moving over the head, coaxing out the next shot of cum.  The cock pushed deeper into her mouth, her throat forced to take it in as she gagged and coughed.  She did not taste the next load of cum as it shot directly into her stomach as it pulsated in her throat.  The cock, still hard, pulled from her throat and the last load of cum shot out onto her tongue.  She bathed the cock with her tongue as she felt it begin to get soft.  She continued to suck the cock, knowing she was to get it hard again.  He would fuck her ass or pussy next.  He always did.  She did not like when he fucked her asshole.  His cock was big and her asshole still small, but he did not care.  He fucked her for his pleasure, not hers.  Sometimes he would let her cum, but only after he already did.

She felt the cock begin to harden again.  He always fucked her twice each night, sometimes three times.  She had learned well.  She was expected to make the cock hard or she would be punished.  She had been whipped many times.  He especially liked to pussy whip her.  She would be bound, face up, her legs spread wide and pulled back, her pussy lips opened wide, her pink pussy exposed.  Sometimes he would force his cock in her mouth and feel her screams of pain on his cock as the whip beat her defenseless pussy, tearing into her young flesh.  The whip would turn the flesh red and tender with the whip often hitting her exposed clit.  Once her pussy was tender, he would fuck her brutally, forcing her to feel it bump and lump on his cock as it raped.  She would bounce around, his body extracting the maximum amount of pain from the rape.  His latest trick was to gag her and pinch her nostrils closed, stopping all sources of oxygen as he fucked her.  She would panic and her body would bounce around wildly, giving him a good ride as he fucked her.  He always let her catch her breath just before she passed out.  She was not that lucky to escape the rape.  He would begin again, fucking her brutally, stopping her oxygen and the whole cycle would begin again until he finally came inside her.

He pulled his cock from her mouth, her saliva glistening on the hard cock.  She knew that since this was his second cum, he would fuck her for over ½ hour.  She hoped he wouldn’t fuck her asshole, it always hurt so much, but he loved to hear her screams.  She felt him move behind her and felt his hands grab her hips as he moved between her legs.  He could see that her pussy was already wet.  No matter how much he hurt her, she was always wet.  His cock moved up and down her pussy, the pussy juice coating his hard cock.  She could feel it quiver as it rubbed along her slit.  She felt it push against her pussy, forcing her open as the hard cock began to enter her body.  She jumped in pain as she felt the cock enter her.  He had put a French tickler on his cock before he entered her.  The hard plastic ridge on the rubber rubbed along her tender pussy as it tore into her flesh. Her pussy grabbed at it as she was forced to spread wide to accept the hard cock.  Her pussy was getting too sloppy for his cock so he had begun to use the French tickler to force her to feel the pain of the rape.  The cock pushed hard into her, not giving her body a chance to get used to the size of the cock fucking her.  It pulled out and than pushed back in again, this time the force of the thrust pushing his cock deep into her pussy and battering against her cervix, bruising her tender flesh.  Her body jolted in pain.  His cock jumped inside of her, he enjoyed feeling her pain.

The cock pulled out from her pussy, her pussy feeling empty.  He fisted his cock and pushed it against her defenseless anus.  She groaned in pain as the cock stretched her anus wide, forcing itself inside her.  Her sphincter grabbed at the cock inside her, trying to force it out.  He pushed again, this time the head pushing deeper inside of her, the French tickler now tearing at her anal tract, bringing fresh screams of pain from her lips.  Her body tried to expel the terrible instrument of pain but only succeeded in massaging it.  The cock began to fuck her hard, each time forcing itself deeper inside her.  Over four inches of hard cock was now forced into her rectum.  The next thrust sent six inches into her, her stomach starting to cramp as it entered her colon.  Finally all eight inches of hard cock was inside of her body, pulsating.  She could feel the bump and ridges as it tore into her anal tract, tearing at the tender flesh, bringing new tears and screams of pain.  Now the fucking began, his hips moving faster and faster, the cock moving in and out, tearing her flesh as it raped her asshole.  Hands held her hips tightly as the cock forced her anal tract to spread each time as it pushed deep into her colon.  His hand slapped her ass, his signal for her to tighten her asshole on his cock.  He was ready to cum and expected her to massage his cock with her asshole as he fucked her.  It hurt her more, but he did not care.  His only concern was for him to cum.  She tightened on the cock as it pulled from her asshole, waiting for the next tearing thrust inside her body again.  He gave her an especially hard and brutal thrust that forced a scream from her lips as the cock pushed deep inside her colon and stopped.  She felt the cock get bigger, her anal tract forced to expand more as he began to fill her colon with his hot cum.  First one, than two shot of hot cum pushed deep inside of her.  She could feel herself filling with the vile cum as the cock pulsated inside her.  It filled her up and as the softening cock pulled from her asshole with a pop, some cum leaked out and ran down her thighs onto the stool.

Courtney felt hands remove the ropes from her arms and legs and helped her stand up, her body cramped from the tight bondage.  She could just barely stand, her asshole stinging from the brutal rape.

“Good night, Courtney,” Bill Smith said to his daughter.  “You have college tomorrow, so get a good night sleep.  You must be fresh for your first day at school.  And don’t forget to be on time.  I have the new President coming over tomorrow night and he has never whipped a pussy on someone as young as you.  He is going to enjoy hearing you scream.”

Bill Smith watched as Courtney left the room, his cum dripping down her thighs, her tight ass moving so sensuously as she went upstairs to her bedroom.  They had been home for over a month.  The former President had been overthrown in a bloody coup that killed both him and Michael.  Courtney and him had both been freed from the jail.  The new President had given him a cabinet position for all of his work in helping overthrow the old regime and the sacrifices that they had suffered.

When they first got home, Courtney did not adapt very well.  She did not sleep and was always highly agitated and argumentative.  After a week, Bill finally had enough and spanked Courtney.  He noticed a change in her, always trying to provoke him, seemingly forcing him to punish her.  The punishments increased in time and severity.  Soon, Courtney was stripped by her Father and forced to accept her punishments naked.  He soon noticed that her pussy was always wet as he spanked her.  It wasn’t long before the punishments became more severe and included tying Courtney down.  Before long, Bill began to fuck his daughter.  His cock had always become hard as he punished her and he soon needed relief.  His naked, bound daughter became his sexual outlet.  He was soon raping her every night, forcing his cock in her mouth, pussy and asshole.  Her attitude changed.  After her punishments, she slept like a baby and had just enrolled in college.  She enjoyed the punishment and abuse.

Bill Smith went to bed to dream of the next time he would fuck his daughter.  As he prepared for bed, his cock began to harden.  Instead of his bed, he headed for Courtney’s room.  He entered the darkened room and slipped into her bed, pushing up against her ass.  He heard her murmur as he slipped her pajama bottoms down and his erect cock rubbed against her naked skin.

“Please, Daddy, I have school,” she begged, but his cock had already slipped into her wet pussy from behind.  She began to fuck back.

The End















SHIPWRECKED, OBEY, SUBMIT is an action-packed adventure on the high seas as the super-rich fight the forces of nature in a losing battle with a cyclone that is hell-bent on sinking the superyacht.

Only part of the crew and passengers survive the storm, but they end up on a fog-shrouded island far off course when they should’ve been in the vast open waters of the South Pacific. Three women and three men find themselves left to their own devices for survival, but they are far from being the ideal couples. The three men are part of the crew and the three women lost their husbands or lovers to the storm.

After months on the island, the men see a better life in a different way. The women are dependent on the men for their survival, and there is little they can do to avoid the inevitable outcome. They know little of the background of the men, and that is an unfortunate mistake. The crew had women in every port, and their tastes ran from the exotic to the perverse. Nothing is off limits to satisfy their sexual desires, and with little hope of rescue, it is time for the women to earn their keep.

The captain and the mistress of the ship have been at odds for years, and he finds satisfaction in taming the mistress of the ship, humiliating her in front of everyone, but it is bondage that compels her submission. Her sister finds something disturbing as she watches her sister submit, but unlike her sister, she finds excitement in submitting and the pleasure is enhanced when she is bound. The third young woman, a trophy wife for an older man that had long given up on sex, finds herself drawn to a young, virile man that takes her with youthful exuberance.

But, nothing could’ve prepared them for what the men had in their depraved minds. It’s an exotic island, but the women are more exotic as they succumb to being readily available to the men at any time or in any manner. Is it the island of pleasure or the island of Hell that the six of them occupy? Powerone takes you on an action-packed adventure with the diverse characters forced to confront each other until the strong take command and the weak are mastered in every way.