Tawny, Daddy’s Little Girl Becomes A Woman



By Nikki and Powerone

Copyright 2003-2009



            Michael stood next to Tawny.  He had ordered her to help him.  She was to wear a skirt, no panties.  As she stirred the food, she felt Daddy’s hand move down over the flat plain of her stomach, his hand had already crept up under her skirt, rubbing her bare skin.  She began to blush, knowing that her mother was watching, although she did not know what Daddy was doing to her.  His fingers moved over her pussy, almost bald, only a small amount of blonde hair outlining her pussy lips. 


Tawny’s legs began to tremble as she stirred the food in the pan on the stove.  She was staring over the cooking island, her mother smiling at her as she sat in the chair, watching her husband and daughter cook her dinner.  Michael said that they wanted to make her dinner because they had missed her.  Ann had been on another frequent business trip, leaving Michael to care for Tawny and her brother Adam.


“Spread your legs,” he whispered in her ear.  His hand sought out her pussy lips, spreading them apart as his finger began to run up and down her slit.  “Are you going to get wet for Daddy?”  He moved up to her clit and heard her gasp as he squeezed it.  She continued to stir the food.  “Spread you legs open more, I am going to put a finger in your pussy,” he ordered her.  Another hand crept lower and pushed against her pussy and began to push in her tight, hot pussy. 


            Tawny trembled as her pussy was speared by the finger, the other fingers twisting and pulling on her enlarged clit.  It was only two weeks ago that Tawny was a virgin.  Now she was standing here, half-naked, fingers abusing her body.  Daddy had taken her virginity.  He soon taught her to masturbate his cock and finally to take it in her virgin mouth until he filled it with his hot cum.  He often stripped her and made her spread her body open for his inspection.  He told her that her mother would be devastated if she found out that Tawny had fucked him and that it was her fault.  She had flaunted her body around the house, teasing him with her young body, half-naked.  He continued to abuse her every chance he got and with Ann frequently away, Tawny’s young body was often his.


            The family was never a close knit family.  Michael had an excellent job, but Ann was the ambitious one in the family.  She traveled extensively, Michael learning early on in the marriage that her job was first and everything else was after that.  Michael seemed to fall further and further down the list every year.  Sex with Ann was now almost non-existent, Ann being too busy, not at home or just plain not interested.  Adam was not his father’s son.  Adam was in high school, handsome, a football player, muscular.  The girls already chased him, unlike Michael when he was young.  Adam was self sufficient, Ann’s absence having no effect on him.  He just thought that was the way it always is.


            Tawny was different.  Tawny looked like her mother when she was young.  She was just starting to bloom.  She had small budding breasts, but with large nipples.  They would soon be like her mother’s large breasts.  Her hips were just starting to flare out, trying to catch up to her firm ass.  Her legs were long like her mother’s and their hair blonde, natural blonde.  Tawny’s pussy was almost bald, the fine blonde hair just barely visible.  With her mother’s absence, she took more to her father, always trying to win his approval.  Her sexuality was just beginning to form.  That is what started it all.


            It was only three weeks ago that Michael had begun to notice Tawny in a different light.  Michael was in his mid-forties, ten years older than Ann.  He still took good care of his body, a weekly routine at the gym providing for that.  Michael had been attracted to Ann by her blonde hair and large, firm breasts.  Her long legs accented a well-formed ass.  Tawny’s body began to fill out and Michael had begun to notice it.  In fact it was hard not to notice it, Tawny seem to flaunt it.


            Ann was gone on another one of her business trip, Adam already left for school, having to leave early for a football meeting before school.  Michael had already taken a shower and was dressed and going to go downstairs to make breakfast.  Ann’s and his bedroom was at the end of the hall, Adam’s at the other end and Tawny’s in the middle.  The second bathroom was located between his bedroom and Tawny’s.  He was rushing to go downstairs when the bathroom door suddenly opened and Tawny rushed outside.  There bodies crashed into each other, with Tawny pushed against the wall, almost falling to the floor. 


In the panic to prevent a fall she grabbed the table in the hallway, temporarily letting go of the towel that was wrapped around her body.  The towel was already too short, just barely covering her pussy, but she had not expected to run into anyone.  As her hands reached out for the table, the towel slipped from her body and fell onto a heap on the floor.  She looked up, her face flushed as she saw her father looking at her, his eyes on her naked flesh.  She bent down, quickly grabbing the towel and wrapping it around her, her eyes lowered to the floor, not wanting to see her fathers stare.  “I’m sorry, Daddy, I just seem to be so clumsy lately,” rushing off into her bedroom, closing the door quickly behind her.


When Michael saw the towel slip from Tawny, his eyes were instantly drawn to her breasts.  They seemed like only small bumps on her chest, but her nipples were already big, the areolas a dark brown on her pale skin, the nipples a lighter color.  He watched as she bent down, her legs spreading wide to pick up the towel.  Her pussy was almost bald.  Like her mother, her blonde hair made it almost invisible.  He could see the pink of her pussy as her pussy lips spread open slightly.  She quickly threw the towel around her and rushed inside her door, but not before Michael caught a glimpse of her ass, the towel not quite covering everything in her haste to draw away rapidly from the embarrassing situation.  Michael felt the familiar stirring in his loins, his cock beginning to harden.  No, I shouldn’t be thinking those thoughts, quickly rushing downstairs.


Tawny quickly closed her door, leaning against the door, trying to catch her breath.  Her heart was racing.  This was the first time in her life that any male had ever seen her naked.  While it was her father, it did give her a feeling that she did not understand.  It was humiliating, but it was also exciting.   A man had actually seen her naked body and from his stare, was drawn to it.  She did not really think of herself sexually until this moment, nor did she think that anyone else would see her in that light.  She went over to the full-length mirror.  She let the towel fall to the floor again, this time on purpose.  She looked at her body.  She ran her hands over her breasts, feeling her nipples begin to harden.  Some of the other girls had talked about how they masturbated, but Tawny still had not done it.  She just never felt the need before today.  She ran her fingers over her nipples, pinching them gently, feeling them getting harder and more sensitive.  The more she pinched, the better they felt.  She let one hand stray down over her flat stomach.  She often wore tops that left her belly naked and was proud of it being so flat.  Her hand slipped lower, over her abdomen, slowing down as it brushed over her sparse pussy hair.  She did not have to shave her pubic area for her bathing suits, the light color of her hair making it invisible.  As her fingers reached her pussy lips she could feel the wetness.  So that is what the girl’s were talking about when they said they got wet.  She ran a finger down between her pussy slit, spreading it apart.  Her finger picked up the moisture and spread it all over her pussy.  She moved it back up, reaching her clit.  She pulled back the clit hood, revealing her clit in the mirror.  It was tiny, pea-sized and pink.  It felt harder then usual.   She shuddered as she felt a funny tingling as the finger brushed over it.  She could feel her pussy getting wetter.


“Tawny, breakfast is ready, hurry or you will be late for school.”  The voice bringing her back to reality.  She quickly began to get dressed.  She went downstairs, her face still flushed, still embarrassed over the incident with the towel.  Her top was cut up high, to show off her naked belly.  She was wearing a skirt, the bottom falling over four inches above her knees, showing a lot of leg.  She had very long legs and accented them with her skirts.  Sneakers and socks covered her feet.  The school she attended had very liberal dress code and Tawny usually pushed it to the limit.


Michael watched as Tawny entered the room.  He cock began to stir as he saw her.  The short skirt, the naked belly, the long legs.  He could imagine very graphically now how she looked underneath her clothes.  She looked so much like her mother when they first met.  He watched as she sat down, the skirt riding up higher, now just barely covering her panties.  She reached over the table to get the toast, the top pulling up, her bra visible underneath. 


Tawny hurriedly ate breakfast, wanting to leave and get the incident behind them.  There was little conversation, both of them feeling a little awkward.  She stood up to leave and reach over to kiss her father goodbye.  She pecked his cheek and as she did, she felt his hand slide onto her naked back.  She got shivers up her back.  Either she had never noticed it before or this was something new.  Either way, this somehow excited her.  She paused longer then usual, feeling the hand slowly caressing her skin, her legs trembling.  She dared not look into her father’s eyes, afraid of what she might see. 


“Have a good day at school,” Michael’s voice breaking up a little as she stood up to leave.  His hand stayed on her back, her motions forcing it down lower over her ass as she moved away.  He could feel her firm ass, his fingers trailing lightly over her skirt.  “Don’t forget you promised to be home at 4:00 to let the repairman in, it’s important.”


Tawny did not even hear him, she was wrapped up in the hand that trailed down her ass as she left.  She could almost feel his fingers trying hard to linger on her ass as she moved away.  She hurried out the door.  She could feel her pussy beginning to get wet.


Tawny met her boyfriend of six months, Jimmy at school.  Friday was the big dance.  Tawny had bought a new dress, a very, sexy revealing dress for the special occasion.  Jimmy was two years older than she, even though her parents did not know that.  He had been pressuring her to let him fool around.  She had hardly let him kiss her, never mind the many times she had to brush his hand away from her nipples, or moved his hand off of her thigh.  It seemed to be a constant source of argument lately.  She was hoping that Friday’s dance would take his mind away from it.  School was mostly uneventful and after school she hung out with her best friend, Jessica.  While Jessica was the same age as Tawny, she was much more daring.  Jessica was still a virgin, but had gone a lot further then Tawny had ever.  Her boyfriend was always playing with her breasts (they were bigger) and Jessica had told her about the time that he had put his hands in her panties at the movies and masturbated her until she had cum.  They spent time at the Mall, looking for some new jewelry to wear for the dance.  They separated about 5:00 and Tawny headed home.  She knew that Adam was staying over his friend’s house and Mom was away for two more days.  It was just going to be another silent dinner, so she did not rush home.


Tawny knew something was wrong as soon as she walked into the living room.  Her father looked at her, a look of disappointment on his face.  She seemed to do too many things that disappointed him lately, even though she tried hard to please him.  She had always been closer to her father then mother.  It just seems lately that nothing ever worked.


“Do you know what time it is, Tawny?”


Tawny looked at her watch, “6:00, dinner isn’t ready yet, is it, Daddy?”   She thought, what did I do wrong.


“Yes it is, but that is not it.  Did you forget something today, something very important?”  The look on his face said that she did.


She thought about it for a minute and then all of a sudden it dawned on her.  The repairman for the water heater was coming today at 4:00 to fix it.  She was supposed to be home to let him in.  “I’m sorry, Daddy, I forgot all about it.  I will take care of it tomorrow,” hoping to salvage what she could.


“It’s a little too late for that.  I had to leave the office early in order to let the repairman in.  Mr. Sanders was not very pleased.  You have been disappointing me a lot lately.  We will discuss your punishment after dinner.  I don’t want to ruin this day any longer.  Let’s go in and eat.”


Dinner was painfully slow, the only conversation was a few “pass me the and thank you.”


“Into the living room, we are going to discuss your behavior.”  Michael followed Tawny into the living room, watching her ass as she walked, remembering the lingering touch his hand had on it this morning.  He could feel his cock stirring again.


Tawny sat opposite her father, watching his face.  He was mad and more important disappointed in her.  She hated his disappointment more then the punishment he would give her. 


“With your mother on the road so much and Adam so enmeshed in school, there seems to be only the two of us left in this family.  And your attitude lately has shown a complete disregard for me.  Numerous times you have failed to do things I requested from you.  It seems like you do not even listen to me.  This is going to change immediately.  You will be grounded for a month.  You are to come home after school and no nights out with your friends for a month.”


“No, Daddy, not that.  I have the bid dance with Jimmy this Friday.  We have been planning it for weeks.  I even bought a new dress for it.  Please, oh, please, Daddy, ground me after the dance,” she begged.  She looked up at him, trying to give him the pleaseeeee look.


Michael looked at her, the pitiful look on her face.  But he did not have any sympathy for her.  She needed to learn a lesson.  Postponing the grounding until after the dance would not teach her anything except she could get away with anything.  “That is not acceptable.  If you want to go to the dance on Friday, you will have to have another punishment to replace it.  You will still be grounded after the dance.  Let me think about a suitable punishment.”


Tawny’s eyes brightened, she had to go to the dance.  She would do anything he asked.  It was that important.  “I will do anything, Daddy, just please let me go to the dance.  I will do anything you say, Daddy.  Please, oh, please, let me go.”


All of a sudden it dawned on Michael.  He was not sure what triggered it, maybe his hand on her ass, maybe the way her ass swung in front of him only minutes ago.  Whatever it was, the idea popped into his head suddenly.  He smiled.  ”This will be your only option.  Do not try to bargain any further.  If you want to go to the dance, this is your only choice.  Do you understand, Tawny?”


Tawny smiled, yes, she could go to the dance.  Thank God.  Jimmy would have taken someone else to the dance and that would have been it with them together.  “Yes, whatever you say, Daddy, I will do whatever you say.”


“I am going to spank you.  It has been a long time since I had to resort to spankings, but it seems like the only available option.  I know your mother does not approve of spankings, so you would have to agree that this would never be told to her.”  He smiled as he saw the look in her face change from a smile to a surprised look.  It was not what she was expecting.  It was hardly what he was expecting.


“What do you mean a spanking, I’m too old to be spanked.  Please, Daddy, think of something else?”


“I told you, this is your only option.  Now, are you going to agree to be spanked, or will it be the grounding, starting tonight?  Remember, this was caused by you.  All you had to do was obey and none of this would be happening.  You might remember that in the future.  Obey, or be punished.”


Tawny looked over at her father.  She knew she had no choice.  She just had to go to the dance.  She looked down, not wanting to look directly at her father.  “Yes, I will obey.  I will accept the spanking.  Anything to go to the dance.  I am sorry I let you down, Daddy.  I will obey everything you say in the future.  Let me go upstairs and change my clothes and I will be right back down.”


“That will not be necessary.  What you have on is very suitable.”  Michael got up from the chair.  “I think this should be done upstairs.  Into my bedroom, young lady.” 


Michael followed Tawny as she walked up the stairs.  He could almost see up her skirt as he followed her closely.  His cock was hard.  He was going to spank her.  And she was going to submit to it.  His mind began to race ahead, thinking of the possibilities.


Michael pulled out one of the straight back chairs in his bedroom and pulled it to the center of the room.  He sat down on it.  He motioned for Tawny.  “Over here, lay across my lap, head facing down.”


Tawny started to protest, but the look on her father’s face told her no.  “Yes, Daddy.”  She walked over to him and began to lay herself over his lap.  It was difficult, he had to hold onto her as she lowered herself onto his lap.  She pressed into him, feeling a large bump in his pants as her abdomen rubbed up against it.  She knew what it was, she could not figure out why it was so hard, but she was more worried about the spanking she was about to receive.


“Head down, you might as well learn the proper position.  I have a feeling that this will happen more then once.”  He pushed down on her back, forcing her head lower.  He could see her top beginning to ride up towards the ground, her bra being uncovered.  He saw her feel the same thing happening and her hands moved to pull it more securely down.  “Hands on the ground and do not move them,” he ordered her. 


Tawny felt her bra being uncovered as her top slowly fell back.  She was trying to cover it when he heard his command.  She quickly moved her hands to the floor, her palms flat on the floor, holding her body from falling.   She knew her bra was uncovered, but did not want to further displease him.  “Yes, Daddy.”


He liked the way she was reacting.  She had become very submissive, even to the detriment of her body being uncovered.  He felt her body tremble as he ran his hand up over her naked back, over her bra strap, all of the way up to her neck, effectively pulling her top up to her neck.  She did not move, as she was uncovered.  “That’s a good girl.  It is important that you obey.”  He ran his hands down her sides, over her bra, his fingers brushing against the sides of her bra, testing her reaction.  She squirmed a little, but did not protest or prevent him from going any further.  He could feel her body rubbing against his cock, making it harder.


He pulled his hand back and slapped it onto her right cheek.  He did not do it very hard.  He wanted to test her reaction.  He felt her body jerk as the noise rang out in the room.


“Oww, that hurts, Daddy.”  She felt the sting in her ass, but also felt his hand still on her ass, not moving, just sitting there.  She felt it lift from her ass, bracing for when it would strike again.  “OWWW,” she did not have to wait long, his hand striking her other cheek now.  It then rested on her ass again, waiting.  Her ass began to burn.  How many times was he going to spank her?


Michael watched her reaction, her body jerking as he struck her, her pitiful cries.  Her abdomen was massaging his cock every time he struck her, her body jerking from the pain.  He brought his hand down again, this time twice in a row, the noise ringing out in the room as he slapped her ass.  He began to spank her harder.


“Please, Daddy, it burns, isn’t that enough,” she begged.


“You still have a long way to go, little girl.  I want you to remember this so it will not happen again.  Now, no more noise out of you.”  His one hand moved up her naked back, rubbing the young skin.  She did not even flinch or move, allowing him to do as he pleased.  It was now time to test her further.  “Don’t move now.”  His hand moved down her ass and ran down the back of her leg until he reached the top of her skirt.  He grabbed the end of the short skirt and began to pull it up her legs, slowly revealing more of her naked flesh.


She started to move her hands when she felt him pull her skirt up, but hesitated.  Was he only testing her or was he trying to get her to disobey again?  She clenched her body tightly as she resisted the need to stop him.  She felt her skirt slide further up.  He would soon be to her panties.  She hoped he would stop soon.  She had worn thong panties today.  If he did not stop, he would soon discover her secret.


Michael’s cock twitched in his pants, Tawny pressed against him.  He slowly slid her skirt up her legs, letting his fingers touch her thighs as they continued the upward movement of her skirt.  He knew she was resisting the urge to stop him.  He wanted to see how far he could go.  The skirt reached her crotch, his fingers lightly touching her mound from behind.  He though he felt some wetness, but tried not to be blatantly molesting her.  He began to pull it higher, revealing her panties, but he was surprised.  Instead of a pair of panties, only naked ass cheeks began to appear.  She was wearing thong panties.  This was even better then he had expected.  His hand continued to run over her flesh as it pushed her skirt up higher until it reached her waist.  Her naked ass cheeks were now revealed to him.  He slapped her ass twice, both times hard.  He wanted her to feel the pain as it slapped her naked flesh.


Tawny could feel her pussy begin to get wet as she felt his hand running over her flesh, making her naked for him.  She never felt so humiliated, forced to lie over her fathers lap, her top pulled up and now her skirt pulled up over her waist.  Her ass was now naked, thanks to her poor choice of deciding to wear thong panties today.  She felt his hands running over her flesh.  She felt two sharp slaps to her ass.  Naked, the pain radiated over the flesh more, the pain more intense.  She was being spanked like a little girl and there was nothing that he could do to prevent it.  “Owww,” she cried again.


Michael became bolder.  His hand began to rub her ass harder.  Every once in a while he would spank her, his cock twitching when he heard her cry of pain.  But then his hand would return to its purpose, to feel her firm, young, naked ass cheeks.  He began to grab her ass cheek in his hand, gripping it tightly.  He felt her ass cheek clench tightly.  He would spank it hard, Tawny getting the message.  It would suddenly relax, his hand returning again to grab it tightly.  “That’s a good girl, obey your Daddy.”  He began to pull her ass cheeks apart as he massaged the young flesh.  It felt so good.  He would slap her hard, his hand returning to feel the warmth he generated with the slap.  His hand continued the manipulation of her flesh, grabbing, releasing and grabbing again her naked ass cheeks.  He spread her cheeks open, but the tiny strip of cloth from her thong prevented him from seeing her naked asshole.  He had to see her, his hand reaching for the top of the band of her thong panties.  “Stay in position and don’t move, obey Daddy,” he ordered her.


“No, please don’t take my panties off, please Daddy.”  She felt his hands becoming more urgent.  He seemed to be more interested in rubbing her naked flesh than in punishing her.


“Quiet down and obey me.”  He began to pull her panties down.  A finger slipped behind the thong at the top and slowly pulled it outward, Michael watching as it pulled out from between her asscheeks.  He lowered the panties down her naked ass until they were down over her hips.  He left them there, her ass now naked.  He slapped each of her cheeks two times in rapid succession.  He felt Tawny jump as her ass burned from his palms.


“Owww, yes, Daddy.”  She was now naked from the waist down.  She could feel his cock rubbing against her, it seemed bigger now.  The hands returned to run over her naked skin.  A hand grabbed her naked ass cheeks and pulled it open.  The other hand did the same to the other side.  She could feel the cool air in the room blow onto her exposed asshole.  “Please, you are embarrassing me, don’t make me naked, please Daddy.”


Michael ignored her pleas as his fingers continued the exploration of her naked flesh.  He was caressing her young flesh, her ass so firm.  He looked down between her split ass cheeks, her asshole so tiny, just a small dot on her backside.  He felt her body shudder as he ran a finger over her asshole and felt her ass cheeks begin to tighten up.  “Keep them relaxed, don’t tighten up, obey your father.”  His finger pushed on her asshole, feeling it slowly push in, the tip of his finger running over the ring.  He let his fingers slide down lower, to her pussy.  He felt her wetness, his finger running between her pussy slits.  He decided it was time to stop.  He did not want to push her too far the first time.  He had plans for her in the next couple of days and did not want her too reluctant.


“You’ve been a good girl, obeying your father.  I expect that all of the time in the future.  Stand up now.”  He watched her rise up, his hands helping her.  He turned her towards him.  Her top had fallen back down and covered her bra.  Her skirt did the same thing, but her panties were still stretched between her legs, just slightly higher then her knees.  His hands reached out and grabbed her panties.  “Hold up your skirt so I can see what I am doing,” he ordered her.


Tawny stood up, her ass still stinging from the spanking.  The spanking was not as bad as what she thought it would be, it was the rest of it.  Her father had taken liberties with her body and she could not stop him.  She heard his request, cringing at the new humiliation.  If she raised her skirt, he would be able to see her naked pussy.  She was afraid he would see that her pussy was wet.  She had no choice, she must obey him.  She began to pull it up, slowly rising until she held it high above her waist.  She looked the other way, knowing that her Father’s eyes were staring directly on her virgin pussy, naked and wet. 


“Hold still.”  His finger pushed between her pussy lips and slid up from the bottom, dragging her moisture along with his finger until it reached her clit.  He felt her body shudder as his finger ran over her clit.  “That’s good, be Daddy’s little girl.”  He finger pushed back down through her slit.  He grabbed her panties and pulled them up.  He reached between her legs and pulled her panties out of her pussy slit.  He patted her pussy mound.  “You may go now, I hope you learned your lesson to obey your father.”  His fingers lingered on her body as she began to leave.  Once she was out of the room he grabbed his cock through his pants.  I have to do something about this real soon.


Chapter 2



Tawny sat on her father’s legs, facing him, his hard cock naked, her hand stroking the large member, her other hand milking his balls.  She was half-naked, her father’s fingers tugging relentlessly on her swollen and red nipples, testifying to the abuse daddy had inflicted on them with his fingers and lips.  It was only an hour ago that her mother had forced her to sit with her father in the living room before she left on her trip.   Tawny remembered back how her own mother had delivered her into the sexual clutches of her father.


Ann was getting ready to leave for another trip.  She was to be gone for two days and was waiting for a taxi, not wanting Michael to have to make the trip to the airport and back this late at night.  They had already said their goodbyes and she was waiting by the door for the taxi.  She looked into the living room and saw Michael sitting alone, watching the television.  “Why don’t you have Tawny watch television with you?  You both seem so distant lately, you alone watching television and Tawny holding out in her room or over at her friends house.”


“I hate to bother her,” Michael responding.


“I am sure she would love to, would you like me to call her for you?  You both need to spend some time together,” Ann asked Michael.


“Yes, that would be nice,” Michael smiling, already his cock was beginning to get hard.  Two days of Tawny, alone.


“Tawny,” Ann’s voice rang out in the hallway.


“Yes, Mom.”  Tawny had opened the door when she heard her mother’s voice. “Are you getting ready to leave?”


“Yes, I am, why don’t you come down her for a while, your father is watching the television by himself.  Come down and keep him company.”


After her humiliating spanking experience, Tawny avoided being alone with her father as much as possible, but with her Mothers work taking her away from home so often, Tawny often found herself in her dad’s company.  She tried to sleep over at her girlfriends houses whenever she knew her mother would not be there, but this proved difficult and now with her mother getting ready to leave, she found herself about to be alone with him.


Tawny came down the stairs, still in school clothes.  She had been working hard at finishing up a paper for school and had not changed after dinner.  She was still wearing the button down blouse and plaid skirt.  She had shortened the skirt considerably, showing a long expanse of leg.  Tawny at first cringed at the thought of staying in the living room with her Dad and watching television once her mother left. 


If Ann had only known what Michael had planned for his young daughter, she would have never forced the issue.  But she did not know that she was giving Michael the perfect opportunity to force his perverted passions on their young daughter.


“Beep, beep,” the taxi’s horn sounded.  “Give me a kiss, Tawny.”  Ann kissed Tawny goodbye.  “See you in two days, Michael,” picking up her luggage and heading for the door.


“Bye, honey, have a good trip,” Michael responded.


“Tawny, your father seems so lonely, go into the living room for a while and keep him company.  Do it for your Mother, please, you’re a big girl now and you need to take care of your father when I am not home.  Just be a good girl and do whatever your father tells you, don’t give him any trouble.”  She pushed her way out of the door, walking fast towards the taxi.  She did not see the troubled look on the face of her innocent daughter as she left.


Tawny went into the living room, her father sitting on the couch.  She sat on the overstuffed chair, tucking one leg under her.  “Hi, daddy, what are you watching?


“Law and Order, its just starting.”  Michael looked over at Tawny, his cock already hard watching her walk into the room.  Her skirt had ridden up high when she sat down, her naked legs showing.  Her small breasts pushed against her blouse, he could almost make out the outline of her nipples pushing against the material.


“Come over here by your daddy,” Michael beckoned to his young daughter.   She was looking particularly hot, he thought, still in her school clothes.  Tawny instinctively went and sat by him, still in the habit of doing so, up until recently, this had seemed a normal thing to do.  She sat by him, thinking maybe his interest in her body the other day had been a just an accident.


“Isn’t that better now, honey?  It’s nice, mm?  Just the two of us, no naggy mom around.”  Tawny couldn’t help but agree as she smiled up at her father.  Her mother had been really uptight lately, the atmosphere was noticeably more relaxed when she wasn’t around.  Michael allowed his arm to drop off the back of the couch, and on to his daughter’s shoulders, she rested her head against his chest, his little girl again.  Michael grinned; his cock began to stiffen as he thought of the night that lay ahead, and the thought of Tawny, his baby girl, and what he was going to do to her.


His fingers began to rub against her neck, massaging her skin, hearing her relaxed breathing as he continued.  “Does that feel good, Tawny, is daddy making his little girl feel good?”


Tawny looked up at her father, trying to read his expression, but was met with his smiling eyes, no hint of the lecherous look he had given her the other day.  She snuggled against him further, “yes that does feel good.” 


Michael continued to massage her neck, then moved down further onto her back.  He pushed her sideways on the couch so her back was to him and her body was more available to his hands.  He began to knead her shoulders and moved down to the center of her back.  He felt her muscles begin to tighten as his fingers became more insistent.  “Relax baby, daddy will take good care of you.”


Tawny began to regret her mother’s decision.  Her mother had delivered her into the hands of her father and by the way his hands continued to rub over her body, she knew that they would not stop with her back.  “Please, daddy, I have to finish my homework,” and she began to get up, hoping to escape the awkward situation.  “Daddy, no, please!” she struggled, but Michael had an arm around her waist, and held on to her tight.


“Remember what you learned about obedience young lady,” he said sternly.  Its looks like Daddy is going to have to punish you.  I think another spanking is in order for you young lady.”   He swung her around and over his knee in a flash.  Tawny felt tears welling up in her eyes, thinking about last time, and how her fathers’ fingers had touched her so intimately.


“Oh no, Daddy, please, not that, I’ll do anything you want,” she pleaded.


“Yes, you most certainly will, any more struggling and this is what you’ll get,” with that, he lifted her skirt, exposing her white panties.  His cock twitched in his pants as he saw her teenage ass, her panties drawn tightly over them, so firm and spankable.  He ran his hand up her leg, toward her panty-covered ass.  He felt her body shiver in fear as his callused hand ran over her smooth flesh.


“Please, don’t do that, please daddy,” she cried as she felt his hand begin to run intimately over her flesh.  She felt the cool air in the room on her naked legs and she could feel the hot stare of her father’s eyes on her near naked body.  She felt the hand moving up, making slow circles on her inner thighs, forcing them to spread open more.  They moved higher up, almost reaching her panty-clad pussy, a finger grazing the edge of her panties.


Michael moved his hand up over her ass cheeks, feeling the young, resilient flesh move under his fingers.  He fingers grabbed a piece of ass cheek, digging tightly into her flesh, feeling the muscles of her ass tightening up.  He brought his other hand sharply down on her other ass cheek, the sound of the slap resounding in the room.  “Relax your body for your daddy, or I will use a belt on your ass instead of my hand.  Do you want daddy to use his belt on your ass?”


“No, please, not your belt.  I’m too old for a spanking, especially with a belt.  Please don’t do this daddy,” she begged.  She began to sob quietly as she relaxed her ass cheeks, his fingers again searching out her young flesh, fingers grabbing her ass and squeezing it tightly.


Michael’s cock hardened as he continued the manipulation of his teenage daughter’s tender body.  He felt her body slump and go limp in surrender.  Tonight was going to be a good night.  Tawny was going to learn many new things tonight and Michael’s cock was finally going to be satisfied, if not by his wife, then his daughter was the next best thing.  His hand moved up higher, drawing her skirt up until it was high above her waist, her panty covered ass ready for him.


He drew back his hand and spanked Tawny’s ass hard, hearing her wail in pain.  He let his hand linger on her ass, feeling her flesh.  He waited until her head was clear of the pain before he brought his hand down again, the noise ringing out in the room, even over the television set.  Another yelp by Tawny, her body jerking on his lap, her stomach rubbing against his hard cock, making it jump and twitch in his pants.  Soon she would take care of his cock, soon it would be satisfied.  He caressed her flesh again, feeling the heat of the spanking on her ass cheeks.  He felt her sobbing as he again spanked her hard.  This was followed by two more in rapid succession, her body jerking up and down on his lap, rubbing against his erect cock.  “Now are you ready to obey your father, are you ready to submit to daddy?”


Tawny cried out each time the big hand hit her tender ass, the pain rushing to her brain.  The fingers continued caressing her intimately as the pain radiated from her ass cheeks.  Just when the pain went away, the hand came crashing down on her flesh again, igniting the feelings of pain in her ass anew.  Tawny lost count of the number of times her father spanked her ass, but the last two were in rapid succession, the pain increasing.  Her ass stung and throbbed.  “Ok, ok, I promise daddy,” she wailed.  She felt his fingers move up her panties to the top and slide into them, his hand bulging them out as they moved intimately over her now naked flesh.  Her sobbing increased in tone as she the fingers moving over her skin, a finger searching for her ass crack and beginning to push down between it.  She tightened her ass cheeks, hoping to prevent the searching finger but a sharp pinch to her other cheeks showed her the error of her ways.


“That’s a good girl, let daddy have his way and he will make you feel good,” his fingers pushing back between her ass cheeks, searching out her virgin anus.  He felt her shiver as his index finger ran over the tiny asshole.  He paused, pressing down lightly, feeling her anus fight the intrusion.  “I bet your tight back there,” he said, not expecting an answer.


He released his grip on her, “sit on your daddy’s knee.”


She slid onto his knee, her back to him, she felt his cock twitch against her ass, and instantly regretted her decision.  Michael began to stoke her back again, this time his hand slipping between her arms, his hand moving along the side of her bra.  His fingers moved around and grabbed her breasts.  They were just starting to jut out from her body, small lumps appearing on her chest, young, tender breasts, waiting for their first experience.  She felt her small breasts being mauled by her father, his insistent fingers pulling and prodding her breasts, fingers searching for her nipples.  She gasped in pain as he found her right nipple, his fingers biting into the tender flesh, eliciting a gasp of pain from her lips.  Her body moved in response to the pain but only succeeding in increasing the level of pain as her nipples was pulled tightly as his fingers grabbed the flesh harder.


“That’s a good girl, daddy loves to play with your nipples and make them hard and erect.”   Michael continued to run his hands over her breasts, his cock hard, as he remembered the days when he was younger and budding breasts were always available.  He grabbed her breasts with his fingers, squeezing the young flesh, forcing the blood to her nipples, his fingers then searching out the erect tissue.  His fingers found both budding nipples and his fingers bit down onto the nipple.


“Oh, please, daddy, that hurts, your fingers are hurting my nipples,” Tawny cried, his fingers bringing tears to her eyes.  She shook her breasts, trying to free them from his fingers but only succeeded in further stimulating her father as he watched her breasts move about under her blouse, his fingers still grabbing the nipples tightly.  She felt him push up underneath her, pushing his hard cock against her tight ass.


Tawny thought she would die from the humiliation of what her daddy was doing to her, and making her do.  Her mother’s voice echoed in her head “do what daddy tells you…” ha, Tawny thought, if only Ann could see her husband now.  His daughter astride his lap, squirming and weeping as he molested her breasts and allowed his hard cock to push against her ass so lewdly.  Tawny swallowed and closed her eyes tightly, wishing the situation away.  Michael’s voice broke into her fantasy:


“Let’s take off your blouse, Tawny, daddy wants to get his little girls breasts naked for his pleasure.  Are you going to be a good little girl and let daddy have his way, or is daddy going to have to punish you again?”


“No, don’t do that, please don’t spank me again, I will obey you, daddy,” Tawny cried, her fingers moving to the front of her blouse, slowly unbuttoning the buttons, attempting to delay the inevitable, when her breasts would be naked and unprotected from his searching fingers.


 His fingers left her breasts, allowing for the removal of her bra.  Tawny pulled the blouse from her skirt and felt her daddy pull it backwards, off of her shoulders and down her arms.  He became more insistent, wanting to get back to molesting her breasts again.  His fingers returned to her near naked top, moving over her bare stomach, up until he reached her bra, his fingers moving over the silky material as they began to grab her tit flesh again.  He grabbed her breasts, hard, his fingers tightening on the young flesh as she groaned in pain again.  He slipped one hand into her bra, he caressed her young breast for a while, getting hornier by the second.


Her nipple hardened under his touch and Tawny gasped as her father squeezed.  She felt the fingers on her naked breasts, the first time they were ever touched by a male before, her shame showing on her face as her father molested her tender flesh.  It was not suppose to be like this.  It was not what she had dreamed about.  She squirmed on his lap, his cocking digging into her ass, his fingers grabbing her naked flesh, her nipples now pinched tightly by his fingers, digging into the erect flesh.


“I want to see your naked tits,” his fingers moving out of her bra but moving behind her back.  His fingers unsnapped her bra, his hands slipping the straps off of her shoulders and down her arms.


Tawny’s hands moved up, covering her breasts as her father pulled the bra off of her body.  She was now naked from the waist up, his cock twitching underneath her.  She felt his hands on her arms.


“Turn around on my lap,” he ordered her.  He turned her around on him, this time facing him, her legs on either side of his. She felt his cock hard, pushing between her legs.  The bulge in his pants felt huge against her body.  He looked in her eyes.  “Put your hands down, daddy wants to see your tits, baby, obey now, be a good girl.”


Tawny slowly lowered her hands, her nipples hardening in the cool air as she watched her father’s eyes, staring at her naked breasts.  It felt like slow motion as she saw his big hands move up her naked stomach until they reached her naked breasts.  She shivered as his fingers touched the underside of her breasts and move up until they came to her nipples.  They were over an inch long, seemingly begging to be grabbed and fondled.


Michael’s fingers touched the hard nipples and ran over the aureole, it was a dark brown, contrasting sharply with the pale skin of her breasts and the pinkness of her nipples.  He saw little goose bumps begin to pop out as his fingers gently ran over the delicate tissue.  He put his fingers in her mouth.  “Get them wet,” he ordered.  He saw her obey, her mouth sucking the two fingers deep inside, her tongue bathing the digits.  He pulled them out, glistening in the light.  He reached back again and touched her nipples.


Tawny gasped as his wet fingers touched her super sensitive nipples, her body shuddering as it felt like her nipples were going to bust open.  “No, please, no daddy,” she cried, but arched her back, pushing her immature breasts forward onto the wet fingers searching for them.


Michael watched the expression on her face, saw her surrender to her own passion.  His fingers grabbed the large nipples, grasping them and pulling them out, watching as they stretched.  Her body arched up, attempting to relieve some of the pressure, only succeeding in forcing her father to pinch tighter to keep the nipples securely in his grasp.  His hands moulded her breasts, his fingers milking her nipples as she squirmed on his lap, his cock massaged by her tight ass. 


Tawny watched her father as his head slowly lowered to her chest.  She knew that any second now, his lips would make contact with her super sensitive nipples.  Her hands reached out to her daddy’s head, holding it on the side, not sure whether she was trying to stop him or pushing him down.  “No, daddy, please, this isn’t right, what would mommy say?”  She felt his hot breath on her nipples as he spoke.


“It’s all your fault, baby, if you hadn’t teased me so much with your body, showing me your naked body in the hallway, always walking around half naked.  Now you’re going to have to take care of daddy.  If mommy found out, she would be mad at you.”  Tawny thought about this, what if daddy was right?  Tawny so hated to upset her parents, mommy had said she mustn’t give daddy any trouble and here he was, telling her she had been a tease.  She thought back to all the times she had flounced around in her mini skirts, tight tee shirts and sweaters.  The times he had caught her coming out of the shower with a skimpy towel barely covering her damp young body.  She gulped.  Hopefully daddy wouldn’t say anything to mom and Tawny certainly wasn’t going to mention it, mom when she was mad was a very frightening figure.  Tawny looked down at daddy, about to apologise, but stopped as his head moved down and his lips moved over the hard nipple, grabbing it, sucking it into his mouth, his hot tongue running over the tip.


“AAAGGGGHHH, ppppllllleeeeassse,” her body trembling as she felt his lips suck her breast into his mouth.  His rough tongue lapped at the delicate morsel, rasping over the nipple as he sucked in her breast harder, pulling into deep into the hot confines of his mouth.  She had never felt like this, her whole body growing weak, unable to resist, sitting limply on his lap as he molested her body.  It felt like her nipple would burst, swelling under the oral ministrations of her father. 


Michael’s cock felt like it was going to explode inside his pants.  He would soon have to get some release and Tawny was going to be taught to do it.  He continued to lap at her breast and nipples, sucking her flesh as she arched her back and pushed his head down into her chest, moaning as she allowed his sucking.  He moved his mouth off of her right nipple, his tongue rolling wetly between her breasts until he came to her left nipple.  He felt her body shudder as his wet tongue bathed the nipple and then he placed his lips on it and sucked it into his mouth, his tongue rasping over it as it pushed in deep.  His other hand went to her right breast, his fingers searching and finding the wet nipple and squeezed the tender nipple tightly.


Tawny groaned in pain and pleasure as the fingers and mouth of her father tortured her nipples.  She shuddered in pain as the fingers pinched her nipple tightly, pulling it from her body, feeling like he was trying to tear it from her chest.  Her other breast shuddered in pleasure as his lips sucked tenderly the nipple into his hot mouth and his tongue bathed the morsel.  She squirmed on his cock, rubbing her ass against it, not sure what she was doing, unable to stop it.


“Can you feel what you’re doing to daddy, honey?” his voice was thick with desire.  You have my cock so hard, your ass rubbing against it.  “Are you going to take care of daddy, are you going to take care of daddy’s cock, baby?”


He nudged her backward, and to Tawnys horror, unzipped his pants and eased them over his hips. His cock bulged in his shorts, almost unable to contain the erect member.  He pushed his shorts down, his cock sprung up, released from its confinement.  Tawny couldn’t help herself, she stared hard, it was so big!  Her heart was pounding. Michael took hold of his dick, and pointed it toward Tawny; she blushed, and looked away.  He took her hand, and guided it toward his throbbing cock.  She resisted at first, but remembering his warning, she reluctantly allowed him to put her small hand around his rock hard tool, Michael’s eyes semi closed.  He put his hand over hers, and pumped it up and down, slowly at first, increasing pace and grip in time.


It felt strange to Tawny, she could not believe anything could be that hard and hot.  It continued to grow as her hand continued to move up and down his cock. 


Michael removed his hand from her and watched as she continued to stroke his cock.  He saw the look of amazement on her face as the head of his cock pushed out the end of her hand, her hand gripping it tightly, moving up and down, each time taking longer strokes.  “Wet your fingers of your other hand and rub it over the head,” he ordered her. 


Tawny pushed her fingers into her mouth again, wetting them again.  She knew what they felt like when applied to her sensitive nipples, she knew that she would bring him great pleasure when applied to his cock.  Her fingers reached down and she ran them over the head of his cock, her saliva glistening on the large head of his cock.  She ran her fingers over the tip and saw a teardrop of clear liquid formed at the top of his cock, Tawny gazed at it, as it trickled slowly down the shaft, and onto the side of her small hand, glistening and sticky.  Her other hand continued to pump up and down the hard cock, her fingers gripping it tighter as it moved over the ring on the head, caressing it tenderly.


“Oh yeah, that’s a good girl, you make daddy feel real good,” Michael groaned, his head rolled back.  Michael’s breathing got heavier, he pinched at her nipples with his free hand, twisting the flesh in his fingers, feeling her body shuddering in his touch.  “Grab my balls, baby, they are full of hot cum, waiting for you to make daddy cum.  Tug at them gently, make daddy cum, baby.”


Tawny was confused, excited and embarrassed, all at the same time.  Her body was betraying her, her nipples overly excited, her hand was masturbating her father, proud that she was exciting him so much, but embarrassed that her father was forcing her to do this, it was wrong, but also felt so right.  Her hand reached down and felt for his balls.  She found them, hot and swollen, her hand tugging at the hanging balls, her other hand pumping faster on his cock.  She knew it would be soon, he would soon climax.


All of a sudden he came, shooting wads of thick, white cum at her belly. Tawny gasped out loud, she had heard girlfriends talking about this stuff, but had never done or seen anything like this.  She felt the hot fluid land on her naked stomach feeling like it was burning her flesh.  Her hand continued to pump his cock her other hand squeezing the cum out of his balls.  She could feel the cum shooting up his cock, his cock getting bigger.  She was mesmerised as she first saw the cum shoot out, shooting out over a foot to land on her.  Her hand pumped the cock, his cum lubricating her hand as she continued her forced masturbation of his cock, his cock glistening as he continually pumped more and more cum out all over her body.


 Michael laughed at his daughters’ worried face.  “Its ok, baby girl, its just daddies cum, you better get used to it!” he chuckled.  No way was that going to be it for the evening, oh no, he had plans for his little girl.  Michael stared at his daughter, her face flushed, her hand still gripping his shrinking cock, cum all over her fingers, her nipples swollen and red from the fingers and lips that had abused them.  “You did a good job, you made your daddy cum, daddy is so proud of you baby.”


Michael watched as his half-naked daughter ran from the room, her breasts bouncing around on her chest, flushed from the recent encounter.


Michael let Tawny flee the room.  She ran up the stairs, the cum on her hand beginning to dry.  She rushed into her bedroom and threw off her clothes and rushed into the bathroom, turning on the shower.  She grabbed the soap and began to wash her body, ashamed of what had transpired.  Tawny was enjoying the feel of the water on her skin, washing away all thoughts of her cruel father.  Soon, the heat and moisture became too much, and her hand found its way between her legs, to her dripping cunt.  She began to touch herself, tracing her fingers along the slit, and feeling her clit swelling under her touch.


Michael heard the shower running soon after she left the room.  He still sat on the couch, his cock out.  The thought of his daughter soaping that young, hot body made his cock begin to grow again, he stroked it absently, then, with a leer on his face, stood, and made his way upstairs.


Tawny froze when she heard the door open, and made a grab for a towel from the hook beside her.


“Oh no, don’t let me stop you Tawny” her dad called through the mist, “I thought you might need help washing your back.”


Tawny groaned inwardly, why couldn’t he leave her alone?


His big, hairy hand appeared, followed by the rest of him, as he drew the shower screen back, revealing his wet little girl, who now cowered in the corner.



Chapter 3

Tawny is Taught



                “Oh no, don’t let me stop you Tawny” her dad called through the mist, “I thought you might need help washing your back.”


 Tawny groaned inwardly, why couldn’t he leave me alone?   “Please Daddy, let me take my shower,” she begged.


 His big, hairy hand appeared, followed by the rest of him, as he drew the shower screen back, revealing his wet little girl, who now cowered in the corner of the shower, naked, water dripping down from her body, her nipples hard and erect.  “Were you playing with your pussy, my little girl, did Daddy catch you fingering your wet pussy?”  He smiled as he watched the humiliation on her face, caught by her father masturbating after she had made him cum.  “What would your Mother say if she found out?  You don’t want your Mother to know what you are doing, do you?  As long as you continue to please me, your Mother doesn’t have to know.  Do you understand, little girl?”


She knew she was trapped by her Father.  She did not know how her Mother would react if she found out, but it was not an option she even wanted to consider.  She would be forced to do whatever her Father requested of her.  And she was afraid of that.  When she saw him enter the shower, she could see the bulge in his pants.  She gasped as she saw that his cock was already hard again.  Oh God, how many times would he force her to make him cum?  Would he ever leave her alone?


He spun her around so she was facing the wall, her back to him.  He took the soap and began to lather her back.  He felt her body relax a little, as she gave in to the soothing motion.  She soon stiffened again though, when the hand slid downwards to her buttocks and began to slide up and down between them, getting closer each time to her asshole.  He had one hand on the small of her back, which held her facing the tiles of the bathroom.  He slid his fingers down between the cheeks of her ass, pushing them apart to reveal her delicate asshole.  He pushed harder on her back as she felt her tighten to resist him.  “Relax for Daddy, don’t fight me!”  He felt he body slump in surrender, his fingers returning to the task of soaping her tiny asshole.  He felt the tiny hole beneath his fingers as he lubricated it with the soap, his finger pressing harder onto it, pushing her forward until she was pinned to the wall tightly.  “Yes, relax now, open up,” his finger pushing in, the tip pushed into her clenching asshole, her body jumping from the unfamiliar feelings.


Tawny was jammed up against the tile, her hard nipples scraping on the cold tile as she felt his finger pushing into her bottom.  Why was he doing this to her?  It was so strange, the feeling of something pushing into her bottom instead of out.  Why did he want to do such a dirty thing to her bottom?  Her mind was a confusion of conflicting thoughts and feelings.  All she could do it stand there and let her father have his way with her.


“Spread your legs a little, Tawny, it will make it easier,” he ordered her, his finger pushing deeper into her asshole, now up to the knuckles.  He felt her shuffle her legs wider.  “More, yes, that’s good,” his finger twisting from side to side, his knuckles rubbing inside her asshole, rubbing over the silky flesh clenching and unclenching on his digit.  “You’re very tight, Tawny, such a nice hot and tight little asshole.  Do you like that, Tawny, do you like having my finger in your hot asshole?


“No, please don’t, it feels weird, like I have to go,” tightening onto her fathers finger in her asshole, afraid she might have an accident.


“Daddy likes that, sweetheart, tighten again on my finger.”


Tawny performed for him, clenching her ass onto the finger inside her again.  She held it as long as she could, feeling the finger moving around inside her, rubbing over her clenched sphincter.  She let go, the finger now able to slide further inside her, his knuckles now smashed against her asshole.  She spread her legs more, opening herself up, hoping to ease some of the uncomfortable feeling in her bottom.


Michael gave one last push into her tight asshole, twisting his finger inside her, feeling her spreading her legs more.  He pulled his finger out from her asshole, dragging it out slowly, feeling her clenching on it as pulled loose.  “Good girl, Tawny.  Would you like Daddy help you with your pussy, make you cum?”


Tawny felt his fingers move lower, between her legs to her pussy.  He moved up to her clit, rubbing roughly, surprised to find her pussy already slick with her own juices.  He pushed a finger deeply into her virgin cunt, hitting her hymen before pulling out.  She yelped and squirmed.  As her father began to ease in and out of her pussy, Tawny found herself, against her will, beginning to respond, her hips began to sway as she felt her orgasm mounting.  No, don’t make let him make me cum. “Ooooooooooohhhhhh nooooo, pleeeaaase daddy, don’t do this,” she gasped.


Michael laughed, and increased his speed, watching his little girl’s face as she battled with her feelings.  He pumped his finger into her wet pussy, one finger now becoming two, feeling her tight, virgin pussy grip his finger as tight as her asshole did.  He moved his fingers around, letting her get used to having something in her pussy.  Soon, she would be taking his cock.


Tawny heard him tell her to rise up on her toes and spread her legs wider.  She did, her hips pushing back on the fingers masturbating her so well.  She could only imagine how she looked, her body stretched up tall, on her toes, her legs spread wide, her thighs trapping his hands between her legs as his fingers pumped her pussy.  Soon Tawny was panting, as she came. 


Michael’s other hand continued the masturbation of her clit, his fingers playing over the blood-engorged bud, its hood pulled back.  He could see the confused look on her face as she began to cum.  He felt her pussy shoot out her juices, soaking his fingers.  Her face turned red in embarrassment, cumming in front of her father.  He continued to pump her pussy with his fingers, his fingers pinching hard on her clit and she continued to cum.


Tawny let out another wail, and slumped to the floor, her body limp with the effort.   She covered her face and sobbed, humiliated at what she had done in front of her father.  “I’m sorry Daddy,” she blurted out, ashamed at not being able to control herself.


Michael, wasting no time, seeing his daughter was in the most submissive state she was likely to get in tonight, tugged his pants off quickly, grabbed a towel, and wrapped it around Tawny. He pulled her out of the shower and as he perched on the rim of the bath, he got Tawny on her knees.  All this happened so quickly, she didn’t have time to resist.

“Ok honey, time for daddy to get clean”


“Oh god daddy, I can’t!” Tawny recoiled as she realized what her father expected her to do.


“Yes you can, and you will,” he grabbed the back of Tawny’s neck firmly, and pushed her screwed up face towards his stiff cock.  “Take it in your mouth, there’s a good girl,” he held the base of it and pushed its tip against her closed lips.  Feeling her hot breath on him made him so horny, he could not wait to fill that pink little mouth of hers.


Tawny was petrified, she had never sucked a cock, she couldn’t see how it was going to fit in anyway.  She opened her mouth slightly, without thinking. Michael seized the opportunity, and shoved his dick deep into his daughters’ mouth.  She gagged, and tears spilled down her burning cheeks.


“Run your tongue over it,” he ordered her, tipping her head up slightly so he could see in her eyes.  “Open your eyes, I want to see you as you suck Daddy’s cock.”  Her felt her hot tongue touch his cock for the first time and it jerked in response, moving to hit the top of her mouth.  “Yes, see what you do to Daddy’s cock.  More, use your tongue more, get it nice and wet.”


Tawny did not recognize her Father.  She looked in his eyes and all she saw was his lust.  She felt his hands tighten on her head, moving her back and forth over his cock, fucking her face on his hard cock.  Her tongue continued to lash out over his cock, afraid of displeasing him and also curious, feeling her tongue running over every bump and ridge on his cock.  Her lips were now stretched wide and she began to suck on his cock as he pushed it in and out of her mouth.


“Yes, suck on it, just like a lollypop, Tawny’s very own lollypop.” He pumped her head up and down and began to fuck her mouth, the very fact he had his baby girls lips wrapped around his throbbing cock was enough to make him cum.  She would need some lessons if this was to become a regular thing, and it certainly was.


He grabbed her hair and started pumping harder, Tawny had no choice but to take the meat in her mouth.  She began to just concentrate on not choking, and tried to shut it all out.  She felt it hit the back of her throat as he fucked her face, her gagging bringing tears to her eyes, the big head trying hard to get into her little throat.


“Ok baby, I’m going to cum, you gotta swallow daddy’s cum now, don’t make a mess”


Before she could object, Tawny’s mouth filled with her fathers cum as it shot into her mouth.  There was so much, it seemed never ending, spurt after spurt of salty, hot semen.  Tawny began to swallow, tried to prevent it spilling out of her mouth and onto her chin.  His cum went down her throat in big lumps, making her gag as she was forced to swallow his cum.  She did not like the taste, it sitting heavily on her tongue, unable to drive the taste from her mouth.


Michael groaned as the last bit oozed out of him and into her mouth. “That was good Tawny, but you need to practice, just as well mom won’t be back for a few days.  Isn’t it so much better when you do what daddy tells you?”  He looked down at his little girl, tears and cum dripping down her face.  Suits her, Michael thought to himself.  He pulled his pants up again and left the room.  “I want you home tonight for dinner and no going out after that.  We are going to spend some time together tonight and Daddy is going to teach you some more things.”


Tawny slowly got off the floor and brushed her teeth, trying to get the taste of his cum from her mouth.  She felt horrible.  How could she have done such a terrible thing?  What would her Mother think if she found out?  She was so confused.  Had she become a slut, unable to control her own urges?  Why was she making Daddy do these things to her?  She finally got dressed, sneaking quietly out the front door, too ashamed and humiliated to face seeing her father before she left.  She had to get out of the house.  She would be back soon enough, dinner being in about four hours.


“Has Jake fucked you, Heather?  Tawny asked Heather as they ate a burger.


Kinda blunt aren’t you, Tawny.  What’s the matter?  You seem to be somewhere else,” Heather responded.


“Just some things on my mind, well have you?


“Not that it’s much of your business, but yes, Jake and I have made love.  Shit, are you a virgin, is that your problem, Jimmy pressuring you to put out,” she laughed.  “Get it over with, let him fuck you and get on with your life.”


“Yes, I am a virgin, but it’s not Jimmy.  He’s a doll, said we can wait until I’m ready.  I just think about it.”  Tawny knew that it was not going to be Jimmy that would get her virginity.  She was pretty sure that it was her father that would do it.  She was not sure how she felt about that.  He had already made her masturbate him and suck him.  And he had made her cum.  She knew tonight he would go further.  Not sure what he would make her do but she was scared and at the same time excited.  She could already feel her pussy getting wet.  Her mother would be furious if she found out what Tawny was doing with her father.  She had to make sure that she did not find out, no matter what she had to do.  They finished their lunch and then went to the mall for some shopping.  Tawny ended up buying a black bra and thong panty set, very silky and sensuous.  Heather talked her into buying it for Jimmy, but Tawny already had other plans for it.  She would wear it tonight.


Tawny got home in time for dinner.  Adam was going to be gone again tonight, staying with one of his friends.  Tawny and her father ate dinner, not much being said except for some small talk.  Tawny kept her head down most of the time, afraid to look into his eyes.  Her father helped her clean up the kitchen, one of the few times he did.  She could almost feel his eyes on her when her back was to him.  Or was it just her imagination or her expectations.


“I want you to put on something sexy and meet me in your mothers and my bedroom.  Don’t take too long,” he ordered her.  He walked out of the room and went upstairs, never even turning around to see her response. 


Tawny could only stand there, his request not yet sinking in.  After a minute she went upstairs and grabbed a quick shower.  She almost expected the shower curtain to be pulled back, not sure if she was disappointed or relieved that it wasn’t.  After she dried herself off, she put on the new lingerie that she bought today.  She slipped on a silk wrap that her mother had given her, a tie strap the only thing holding it around.  It was short, barely covering her panties.  She found a pair of black high heels and put them on.  She looked in the mirror.  She thought she looked like a whore.  Her large nipples were already poking out, the silk having that effect on them.  Her legs, tanned and athletic were highlighted by the high heels.  She took a deep breath and walked towards her parent’s room.  She did not know what to expect.  Would he be naked?  The door was open and she was relieved when she saw him lying on the bed, a bathrobe on.  She could see his naked legs and assumed that he was also naked underneath it.  She could see the front of the robe bulging up and knew that his cock was already hard.


Michael was pleasantly surprised with Tawny’s appearance.  This was not what he was expecting.  The silk wrap clung to her body and the high heels really highlighted her figure.  He knew that she was submissive, but it looked like she had resigned herself to what fate had brought her.  “You’re certainly are a very beautiful girl, Tawny and you did well in pleasing me with your attire.  Can I assume that I will be pleased with what is underneath?”


Tawny looked up, “yes you will.”  She smiled, knowing that she had pleased him.  She saw his hand reach down to his crotch, slipping his hand inside his robe.  She knew that he must have grabbed his cock.


“Are you going to behave and do everything I tell you tonight?  If you don’t I will have to punish you and I don’t think you want that, do you?”  He actually hoped that he would have a chance to punish her again before Ann came home.  He would like to tie her up.  He had always been fascinated with bondage, but Ann had laughed at him when he suggested it to her.  No, this weekend, he would have little Tawny, naked and tied, her body spread open for his pleasure.  He would enjoy watching her squirm around.  Maybe he would buy a small whip and use it on her.  He would have to make sure that he didn’t leave any marks that others could see, but if he whipped her between her legs, no one would know.  He began to rub his cock, the excitement overtaking him.


“I’ll try, Daddy.  I don’t want to be punished, I’m just not sure what you are going to do.”


“Stand in front of the closet,” watching as the mirrors on the closet doors allowed him to see behind her at the same time as he could see the front.  “Turn around, yes, that’s good, stop there.”  Her back was to him, he could see the swell of her ass hidden beneath the wrap.  She had a nice tight ass, not like Ann.  Years had taken their toll on hers and now she only looked good when packed into a pair of tight jeans.  “Bend over and grab your ankles.  Hold that position.”


With her back to him, she could still see his face in the mirror.  She knew when she bent over, her wrap would ride up in the back, exposing her naked ass cheeks.  She kept her legs tightly together and did as he ordered, bending over and grabbing her ankles.  The blood rushed to her head as she bent over.  He heard her gasp, knowing that her naked flesh was revealed to him.  She looked into the mirror and saw his hand moving up and down inside the robe and knew that she was exciting him again.


“Yes, your lingerie does please me.  You are being a very good girl tonight.  I will have to give you a treat for that.  Would you like that, Tawny, would you like me to give you a treat?”


“Yes,” she answered, not sure whether she would like it or not, but it was not a choice.  She would have to do anything he wants.  She spread her legs, feeling the cool air blow onto her heated pussy as she did as he ordered.  She could almost feel her juices running down her thighs she was so wet.  Why was humiliating herself in front of her father make her wet?


She was obeying, spreading her legs open wider as he commanded.  Her ass cheeks parted slightly, giving him a glimpse of her naked asshole again.  She had a very tight asshole and he knew that she did not like when he played with her asshole in the shower, but that was not an option for her.  Ann did not allow him to touch her asshole and when he suggested that he sodomize her, she bluntly rejected his request, brandishing him as perverted.  Tawny would not have such a choice.  He intended to sodomize her.  Often.  Maybe when he had her bound, that would be nice, tied spread eagle on the bed, facedown, him on top of her, his hard cocking pounding deeply into her teenage rectum.  His cock grew harder.  “Spread the cheeks of your ass, show me your asshole,” he ordered her.  He saw her hesitancy, “now!”


Embarrassed, she did as he said, her hands reaching back, gripping her ass cheeks and slowly spread them apart.  She could feel the cool air of the room blowing on her exposed asshole.  She was afraid of this.  He seemed very interested in her asshole, each time fingering it as she was forced to spread her legs to allow him access to her most intimate orifice.  She stayed in position for long minutes, bent over, her ass thrust prominently toward him, her cheeks opened, her asshole exposed.


”Very good, you are pleasing me tonight.  Now come over her, I want to see what you have underneath that lovely silk wrap.”  He watched as she rose and slowly walked towards him.  He sat up, moving to the edge of the bed, his feel hanging over the edge.  When she was in front of him he ordered her, “open my robe and begin stroking my cock.  Don’t make me cum, just keep it hard.”


Tawny looked into his eyes and again her father was replaced by the monster that only had lust for her young body.  It was like he was magically transformed.  She reached inside his robe, pulled it aside and grabbed his cock in her hand, her small hand barely to grasp it all.  She stared down at it as she mechanically began to run her hand up and down the large shaft, stroking it. 


“The head, make sure your hand rubs the head on each stroke,” his hand guiding hers, making she pleased him.  Her hand moved over the head and his cock twitched in appreciation.  “Yes, like that.  Now wet your other fingers and rub them over the head as your other hand continues to stroke it.  Like that, yes, you are a good girl, you are making Daddy very happy.”


Her hands continued the masturbation of her father, her wet fingers rubbing intimately over the head of his cock as she stroked him to hardness.  She could feel some pre-cum leaking from the head, moving over her fingers again as his cock began to have a glean in the light.  She felt his hands begin to touch her body again, his large hands each spreading over her breasts, completely encircling them within his grasp.  She gasped as they began to tighten, compressing the flesh in her bra.  Tighter now, it began to hurt, as his hands were not being gentle, but grasping and tugging on her youthful breasts.  “Not so hard, Daddy,” she begged.  She could feel his cock get bigger, knowing that her pain was actually enjoyable to him, knowing that he would not stop.  She trembled, fearing what he might do to her in order to pleasure himself.  Is that why he had spanked her? 


Michael’s released her breasts from his hands but his fingers moved to search out her nipples.  He could feel the hard nubs pushing out the silk garment, her bra unable to contain their erection.  He grabbed both of them between his two fingers and began to pinch them.  “Stroke me harder, Tawny,” his fingers twisting and turning her nipples, feeling her arch her back towards him, hoping to relieve some of the pain he was inflicting on them.  “I don’t think I can wait,” opening up her silk wrap and letting it slip to the floor.  She stood before him in her silky lingerie, her hands still busy continuing to masturbate him.  He pulled her closer so he could reach behind and unclasp her bra, pulling it from her shoulders and down her arms until it hung on her wrists.  “Remove it,” watching as she pulled her hands from his cock and let the bra fall to the floor.  Her breasts were just starting to mature, not big like her mothers, but they had the potential.  Her nipples, though, stood out on her chest, a deep reddish brown and large.  Michael had made them hard, sticking out at least an inch, her areolas a dark brown surrounded them.  He sat upright on the edge of the bed and pushed down on her shoulders.  “On your knees, little girl, I will teach you to suck Daddy’s cock.  This time you will have to take it in deeper, deeper into your throat.  You are going to have to learn to deep throat my cock if you want to please me.”


 “Please, daddy, not that, you’re not going to cum in my mouth again, are you?”  Her eyes pleaded with her father.  She almost vomited last time when he forced her to swallow his cum.  She did not know if she could do it again.  She did not hear an answer, but she knew what it was.  Her father had grabbed his cock in his fist and was rubbing the slickened member over her lips, leaving traces of pre-cum as it moved.  Tears began to fall from her eyes, but she slowly parted her lips and the head of his cock began to push between them, opening her mouth wider and wider as the head of his cock was finally totally consumed in the hot confines of her teenage mouth.


Michael thought he would cum again instantly when her tongue rubbed accidentally over the head of his cock.  He looked down at her innocent face, his lovely little daughter, his cock stretching her lips, her hot breath on the head of his cock.  She looked up with eyes pleading, but cumming in her mouth again was the only thought on his mind.  “Good girl, Tawny, I’m going to train you to suck my cock.  Run your tongue over the head.  Can you taste my cum, baby?” 


Tawny resigned herself to her fate, to suck her father’s cock until he came and then swallow it.  She tried to shut everything else out of her mind except for his voice.  She began to run her tongue over the head of his cock, the salty, pasty cum already sticking to her tongue.  She gagged once on the taste.  Her tongue ran around the rim of his cock head, down further as he gradually pushed more of his cock into her mouth.  She could feel the veins running up the side, her tongue lapping at them like a trained dog.  She felt him push his cock into her cheeks, first the right, then the left, her cheeks bulging out from the head.  He pushed his cock under her tongue, forcing it up high into her mouth, stretching it painfully.  “MMMGGG,” was all she could get out of her mouth, his cock blocking all intelligent words.


Michael pumped his cock while it was in her mouth, feeling some of his cum leaking out the end into the hot confines of her mouth.  He knew it would mix with her spit, lubricating his cock for when he would force it down her throat.  He knew it would be difficult, her throat not accustomed to such a large member being shoved in, but she would have to learn.  She would have to learn fast.  “Have some of my cum in your mouth, don’t swallow it, I want you to taste it.”  He pumped his hips forward, burying over four inches of cock in her sweet mouth, feeling his cock bump against the back of her mouth.  He raised her head up, her eyes staring straight at his, getting her neck into position.  He was trying to straighten it as much as possible to facilitate his huge cock entering her throat.  “Now, honey, I want you to breathe through your nose.  Put your hands down to your sides and leave them there.  I’m going to shove my cock down your throat.  Don’t worry if you start choking, it will make it easier for it to go down.  Just take deep breaths.”


Tawny’s head shook back and forth until she felt his hands grabbing her by her hair, securing her head.  She was more afraid than she ever was.  Not only was he going to cum in her mouth, but also he was going to push his cock down her throat.  It was bad enough at the doctors when they pushed the stick in the back of your mouth to make you open your throat.  What would it be like when a huge cock is pushed into that opening?  She knew that she would be doing a lot of choking and gagging and she was afraid that he would make her vomit all over his cock.  She opened her mouth wider, sucking in air for possibly the last time through her mouth and then closed her lips down on his cock, trapping it. 


“Relax baby, I know you will do a good job, I know you will swallow Daddy’s cock, breath through your nose now,” and he began to push his cock further into her mouth.  He could feel her lips trying to stop him, but he was stronger and his cock began to push into her throat.  He stopped at the first sign of gagging, her throat opening and closing, as his cock was jammed into it, not moving forward, not moving backward.  He allowed her to choke and gag on it, feeling her silky throat massage his cock head jammed in it.  “Good girl,” holding her tightly, watching her hands clenched tightly, tears running from her eyes, strange sounds coming from her.


It burned as his cock plugged her throat, her tonsils forced out of the way.  She gagged again and again, unable to stop.  Her stomach turned over, the pain of the gagging and choking hurting deep inside her.  Her hands moved up to push him away but stopped, afraid of the consequences.  Instead they clenched onto the edge of the bed.  She felt him jerk his hips forward, burying another inch of cock in her mouth and throat.  She felt it slither down her throat.  She could feel his hand on her neck, outlining the cock bulging from within.  The gagging became less frequent, her throat either got accustomed to the giant cock plugging it or gave up the fight.  Another jerk, another inch of cock swallowed by her, his steely grip holding her spiked on his cock.


“Soon, little girl, soon I will cum in you.”  Michael pulled his cock from her throat, hearing almost a pop as it came out.  There was a whoosh, as Tawny sucked in a giant breath of air.  Drool hung from her lips, falling on her naked breasts below.  Michael looked down, his fingers following until he began to pinch her nipples again.  He pulled up on her breasts, yanking them up by her nipples, until they touched his cock, the nipples now straining.


“MMMGGGUUUUGGG,” was all the Tawny could get out of her mouth.  While his cock was out of her throat, her mouth was still fully engulfing his hard cock, filling it to overflowing.  She felt her nipples pulled, feeling like he was trying to pull them off of her chest.  She caught a deep breath at the same time he thrust his cock back in again, her throat going from empty to full in a matter of two seconds.  The gagging came quickly, her throat still unaccustomed to the brutal manner in which he took her. 


Michael pushed in, driving his cock deep into her throat, further then before.  Over six inches of cock was inside, only one inch remaining.  “Do you want it all, Tawny, do you want all of Daddy’s cock inside your mouth and throat?’  He did not wait for an answer, pushing forward until his stomach was smashed against her face, her cock buried deep inside her teenage mouth.  He could feel the constant choking and gagging his cock was inflicting on her throat, massaging his member. “Good girl, make me cum, massage me with your throat.  It’s OK to choke, it feels good to Daddy.”  His hand held her head tightly against him, turning her head right and left, making her feel the throbbing cock inside her.  He pulled her head slowly away from his cock, feeling his cock slide out of her silky throat until it was sitting on her tongue again.  “I’m going to shoot the first load of cum in your throat, then the rest is going on your face and tongue.  Are you ready to make me cum, little girl, are you ready to make Daddy cum all over his little girl?”


Tawny just had to get it over.  Her whole body was a mixture of pain, from her head to her stomach.  She could not stand it much longer, she hated having to swallow his cum, but she could not withstand the terrible throat fucking that he had been giving her.  “GGGLLUUG,” the cock forced into her throat again, sucking in air through her nose as best as she could, tears running down from her eyes as she began to the gagging and choking on his member lodged in her throat.  He pumped her face back and forth, her lips slapping harshly against his stomach each time he forced her to take a full stroke in her throat.  He pulled out and before she had a chance to suck in air, his cock was back in again in one brutal and burning stroke.


“Here it comes baby doll, here comes Daddy’s cum, take it all,” his cock spurting deep inside her throat.  His cock jetted out a burst of cum from his balls shooting directly into her stomach.  He pulled his cock from her throat until it sat heavily on her tongue before he shot any more.  He stroked his cock with one hand and shot the second load of hot cum onto her tongue and into the back of her mouth, filling it with his salty semen.  “Yeah, little girl, you’re better then your mother, you’re going to be Daddy’s little cocksucker.”  He pulled his cock out of her mouth just in time to shoot on her face, cum dripping down from her nose to fall on her naked breasts below.


All she could do is gurgle as his first load of cum shot down into her stomach.  At least she didn’t have to taste that load.  The next load was different, he pumped it into her mouth, his salty, pasty cum falling heavily to sit in her mouth.  His next load began to shoot as he slipped his cock from her mouth, part of it catching on her lips before he pulled it all out and shot on her face.  She felt like her skin was burning as it blasted onto her nose and slowly rolled down until it fell and landed on her nipple.  He slipped his cock back into her mouth and let her tongue draw out any remaining cum from his balls to mix with her saliva.


“Clean my cock with your tongue, you must always leave Daddy’s cock clean after he fucks you.”  He pulled his cock from her mouth, it glistening from her saliva, already shrinking, as he was temporarily satisfied.  “Very good, Tawny, you are learning, you will have lots of opportunity to practice.  Now as I promised, Daddy is going to give you a treat, up, get up and lie down on the bed.  Daddy is going to make you feel good, Daddy is going to eat your pussy.  Daddy is going to make you cum on his tongue.”


Chapter 4



            “On the bed, Tawny.  You want me to eat your pussy, don’t you?”  He watched as she lay down on the bed, spreading out on it, her young naked body ready for the exploration by his tongue.


            Tawny had to do something.  She could not willingly submit to the degradation her father was subjecting her.  And it was getting worse.  She knew that soon he would want to fuck her, to take her virginity, maybe even tonight.  She lay back on the bed, seeing her father watching her, his cock already getting hard again.  God, she had just made him cum, how many times would he force her to do that?


            “Daddy, we have to stop, I can’t let you do this to me any longer.  I don’t care if Mommy finds out,” she blurted out.


            Michael was expecting this reaction from her, just not this soon.  He thought it would come after he took her virginity or even after he sodomized her.  Not before.  He had made some contingency plans, while not complete, he would have to see if it worked.  He opened the nightstand drawer and pulled out a bag.  He had been shopping the other day and it dawned on him.  He opened the bag and pulled out a pair of shiny, heavy metal handcuffs.  He dangled them by the chain so Tawny could see them.


            Tawny’s eyes opened wide when she saw them, they were just like the police carried.  They looked so big and heavy.  Did he intend to put them on her?  What would it feel like?  WWWhhhaat, what are those for, Daddy?”


            “They are for my little girl, my bad little girl.”  He moved over to the bed, near her head. “Raise your wrists up here so I can attach them, obey your Daddy,” he ordered her.


            He could see her eyes questioning him, trying to comprehend what was going on.  There was hesitation on her part, her arms not moving yet.  Was she going to fight him?  That was not what he was hoping for.  Her hands moved up, her wrists together.  He smiled.  “Good girl,” he put on the cuffs, making sure they were especially tight.  He strung them through a slat in the headboard, her arms now bound above her head.


            She clenched her legs together as he put them on her wrists.  They were so heavy, and he put them on tight.  Nooo,” but it was too late, he had fastened them behind one of the slats on the headboard, her arms were now pulled up high.  She would be unable to stop him, her young body defenseless to whatever he desired to do to her.  God, what was she going to do?


            He looked down at her, naked and bound, her young, supple body for his taking and she could not do anything to stop him.  He watched her, her hips moving up and down, her legs clenching and unclenching.  He moved over to her, sitting on the bed beside her.  He ran his hand over her breasts, her nipples like giant hard pebbles, her body shuddering as he touched them.  “Spread your legs open for Daddy,” he ordered her.  His hand slid down over the taut plane of her stomach, her legs beginning to spread open.   “Wider,” he ordered her.  “Good girl.”


            Her mind was confused.  She spread her legs for him, her pussy opening up.  She yanked on her arms, the handcuffs cutting painfully into her wrists, unyielding.  She heard the noise as they rattled.  She could not stop him any longer.  What would he do to her now that she could not resist him?  “No daddy, don’t, I can’t stop you any longer,” she cried out, her arms yanking against the handcuffs uselessly.


            “Just relax your body, I’m going to have my way with you.  It will be easier for you if you don’t fight it.”  He grabbed her by the ankles, his head between her legs.  He raised her up by the ankles, bringing her legs together as he did.  Higher and higher her body rose up until finally her ass pulled up from the bed.  “You look good enough to eat.  And that is what I’m going to do.”  He bit her on the ass, not a love bite, but a hard bite of her ass cheek.  He felt her jerk back in response.


            She felt his hands grip her ankles tightly, almost as tight as the handcuffs.  She was being pulled up by her ankles, her naked body rising.  She cried out as she felt his teeth dig into her flesh.  Oh, God, she felt his hands on her ankles, pulling them to the sides, her legs spreading wide.  She was being split open again, this time with her legs almost over her head.  She resisted, but his hands were too powerful and she let him have his way with her.  She groaned in pain as her ankles were pulled up and out and rested to the side of her head.  She could only imagine how she looked, her pussy and asshole so exposed.


            He ducked his head between her legs, inhaling the sweet smell of her pussy.  It was partly her sexual tension and part fear.  He did not waste any time, his tongue pushing aside her pussy lips to delve between them and find her already dripping pussy.  He loved the taste, the taste of a sweet, innocent girl.  His tongue moved quickly, lapping up and down, pushing against her vagina, trying to seek entrance to her forbidden pussy.  


            Tawny almost came when his tongue first licked her pussy.  God, she never felt anything that good.  She was humiliated, her father licking up and down her pussy, but she could not stop him, she was bound tightly.  She continually pulled on her handcuffs, the clanging reminding her of the tight bondage she was in.  It was not her fault, there was nothing she could do to stop him.


            “NNNOOO,” she cried when his fingers pulled back her clit hood and he sucked the swollen bud into his mouth.  She could feel the suction pulling it deeper into his mouth, stretching it painfully from hers, his rough tongue beginning to rub over the sensitive bud.  Her body began to shudder, an orgasm quickly rising up from her body.  He was making her cum after only a few minutes of sucking on her pussy.  He was making her, she could not stop him, she thought.  It’s not my fault.  She felt his rough hands still grasping her ankles, pulling her legs up and apart painfully.  The cuffs hurt her wrists, her tugging continually reminding her of the pain.  And then she came.  Came all over his tongue and face, her hips raising up and down, fucking back on the magical tongue that was drawing the orgasm from her young body.


            He couldn’t believe how fast she had cum.  It almost took him by surprise when he felt her juices flowing over his tongue, her hips jamming into his face,  trying to jam his tongue in deeper.  Her body shook and trembled as he continued to masturbate her with his tongue, her young body shuddering into a continuous orgasm.  His hands gripped her ankles tighter, spread her legs wider, hearing her gasping in pain as he hurt her.  But it only seemed to make her cum longer and harder. 


            She felt exhausted, her body drained, never having experienced such an orgasm like that.  She had masturbated before, but not like this.  She had control over that, this she did not.  Daddy had bound her and forced to cum with his tongue.  Her body slumped, Daddy letting her legs fall back down, but still keeping them spread apart.  She took in deep breaths, her breasts rising and falling on her chest.


            He looked at her, his little girl looking fucked out.  Her pubic hair was covered with her dew, the smell of sex filling the room, her legs lying open limply to the side.  “Did my little girl enjoy herself, did she cum for Daddy?”  His fingers stroked along her inner thigh, only inches from her wet pussy.


            “Daddy, you make me do such terrible and degrading things.”  She pulled on the cuffs, feeling the pain, hearing the rattling of her bondage.  “You tie me up so I have to let you.”  She looked down and she saw that his cock was hard again.  She looked up at his face, seeing the lust in his eyes again.  “No Daddy, not again!”


            His hand reached down to his cock, encircling the erect member, stroking it, watching the anguish on her face.  “Yes, little girl, Daddy’s cock is hard again and you are going to have to make me cum.  Daddy’s going to fuck his little girl, Daddy is going to make you a woman and take your virginity.”


            She tried to move away, but he held her firmly, his hand moving up to her pussy, grabbing it with his palm, clenching on her sex.  He squeezed it, goosing her sex hard.  Again he did it, harder this time.  Her legs moved farther apart, hoping to alleviate some of the pain.  He opened his hand, his thumb moving between her pussy lips, his little finger pushing between her ass cheeks to rub against her asshole.  He squeezed hard, his fingers sinking into her delicate flesh.  She was going to be fucked by her father, her virginity taken from her forever.  Not by a lover, but by her father as she was bound.  It was almost like she was going to be raped, bound tightly, unable to prevent the mysterious stranger from fucking her virgin pussy with his raping weapon.  She closed her eyes, her pussy being gripped tightly, fingers moving around.  She could see her rapists getting her bound body ready for his pleasure, spreading her body open.


            “I can’t stop you Daddy, you have my arms tied up, but please, don’t tie my legs open.  Don’t leave me spread open so I cannot move when you fuck me.  It is bad enough with my arms bound, it would be so humiliating if my legs were split up the middle as you fuck me.  Please Daddy, don’t do that.”


            Michael looked down at Tawny, watching her hips rising up and down, fucking the fingers that gripped her so tightly, her eyes shut tightly, her legs opened submissively as he goosed her.  He released his grip of her sex, getting up from the bed.  It seemed to have broken her trance, her eyes opening.


            “What are you doing,” she cried out, her eyes questioning him as she saw him rise from the bed and move towards the closet.  She heard a strange noise, her pussy getting wet when she did.  It was the clanging of chains. 


            He turned to her with one of his purchases.  It was a pair of heavy, metal cuffs and chains.  Each one consisted of two, black iron cuffs, connected by a heavy metal chain.  He had to look for a long time to find them, finally finding them in an antique shop, slave manacles from the civil war.  But they were in good condition and even still contained the wrought iron key.  “I bought these for my baby.”


            Her body trembled as he moved towards the bed.  They were so big and heavy, the cuffs at least two inches thick.  “No Daddy, don’t put them on me,” but she moved her leg out to the edge of the bed as he approached.  She felt him grab her ankle, the cold metal sending a shiver up her spine as he moved it under her ankle and clicked it tightly shut, the sound of metal clanking against metal filling the room.  It was a snug fit, pressing into her tender flesh as it trapped her ankle in its grasp.


            He thought he was going to cum when he put the leg iron on her.  She looked so inviting, her legs spread wide, her pussy split, her arms bound above her head.  He pulled her leg toward the bed post.  He was glad he had bought a four poster bed.  He had thought that he might interest Ann in some bondage play but she had rebuffed him, the posts only used in his imagination until now.


            It hurt when he pulled on the other cuff, dragging her body down towards the bedpost.  It dug into the flesh, but her body slid on the bed until her wrists were drawn tight, no more give. 


            He pulled once last time, the other cuff encircling the bed post.  He tugged, hearing her groan, finally managing to get the other cuff to close, her leg now pulled tightly.


            It hurt, her body pulled taut.  She moved her other leg closer to the chained one, the spread of her crotch beginning to hurt.  She pulled, tugging on the cuff, her leg having no play to move, her leg securely bound with the heavy metal cuffs and chains.   She felt his hand move up and down her legs, feeling how tense her muscles were, each time moving closer and closer to her pussy.


            His fingers reached her pussy again and grabbed it tightly again.  He could not believe how wet it was, the sheet below her soaked in her dew.  “Almost ready to fuck you Tawny.  I can’t wait to get into your hot and tight pussy.  It’s so wet.  Do you want Daddy to fuck you baby?”


            She shut her eyes again.  She felt him get up from the bed and she knew he was moving to the other side of the bed.  She tugged on her bondage, feeling the pain as she did.  She thought of the rapist again.  The mysterious rapist that was going to take her virginity, his eyes burning holes in her body as he lusted for her naked flesh.  She moved her leg over to the other side of the bed again, feeling the pain in her crotch as she had to split her legs wide to accommodate him.  She felt a hand grab her ankle again tightly, the harsh, metal cuff attached tightly, digging into her flesh again.  She could feel the weight of the other cuff hanging from the chain as her legs was held aloft. 


            She felt him pull her leg farther out.  Should she, afraid of his response.   “Please Daddy, it will hurt enough when you spread my leg to the bottom pole.  Just please, don’t bend it back and secure it to the pole on the top of the bed.  I would be almost split up the middle.  My sex would be so open and exposed, it would be so humiliating for you to see my like that.”  She waited.


            Michael looked down at her.  He drew her leg up higher, almost sticking straight up into the air.  “Relax your leg, I don’t want to break it.”  He began to pull it back, not to the end of the bed, but to the post at the top of the bed.  He watched as her body strained, her pussy began to spread open, the pussy lips pulling back as he heard her groan in pain as he spread her body painfully.  He let go of her ankle, grabbing instead the other cuff, pulling her back towards the post.  He was afraid he was going to split her up the middle, her groans and moans of pain worrying him.  He finally reached the post, her ass trying to lift up from the bed, but the other chained leg preventing any movement at all.  A tug, another groan of pain from Tawny and he slapped the other cuff onto the wooden post.  It was high up, her leg almost three feet up the post.


            Her body ached, drawn and quartered, her muscles taut, her legs almost tearing up the middle.  She felt hands returning over her body, rubbing all over, grabbing her naked breasts within his large hands, grabbing them tightly, watching the flesh turn white as fingers dug into them.  Fingers plucked at her nipples, large and swollen already, cruelly digging into the tender flesh.  She felt a hand slide down her stomach, pushing in on the skin as it moved lower.  When it reached her little pubic patch it yanked out some hair with a tearing motion.  YYYYccch,” she yelled, but she could not move, the bondage holding her tight.  She felt it grip a new batch of hair, pulling it out, not trying to pull it out, just making her feel the pain as it stretched out.


            “Open your eyes, Tawny.”  He watched as she did, seeing her open crotch, her leg bent back.  “You’re not going anywhere now.”  He grabbed his hard cock, it was as big as he had ever seen it.  The bondage play with Tawny had driven it to new heights.  He rubbed it up and down her pussy slit.  He could almost see in her vagina, her crotch split so wide.  He knew it must be hurting her, but she did not complain.  He harshly pushed aside her vulva, his cock seeking entrance to her wet vagina.  He could almost get the head in, it split so wide.   He pumped forward, watching as she grimaced in pain as the head split her further apart.  “Feel Daddy’s cock, it’s going in your pussy.” 


            “You have me spread so wide, it hurts and you can see inside of me.  Why do you do this to me Daddy?”  She felt his hands on her hips, gripping her tightly.  She knew the time had come, it was time to lose her virginity.


            He pushed, his cock head popping inside her.  He could feel her body spasm in pain as he banged into her hymen.  Her pussy gripped his cock head, squeezing it, clenching and unclenching on it.  “Ready to become a woman?”  He shoved in, his cock tearing her last vestige of girlhood.


            “NNNOOO DDDDAAADDDY,” she screamed.  She had not expected so much pain.  The bondage was already bad enough, the tearing of her hymen was sheer pain, shooting up her spine to her brain.   She felt the pulsating flesh of his cock plunging up her virgin pussy, pushing aside all resistance as it forcefully sought entrance to the depths of her body.


            Michael could not contain himself.  He plunged into her pussy, forcing his cock further and further into her pussy after ripping apart her virginity.  Her body rocked as he pulled out and then pushed back in, each time his cock finding more virgin territory.  He had never felt anything so tight.  It was almost painful as he fucked her.


             Tawny closed her eyes again.  Her rapists smothered her body, his weight making it hard for her to breathe.  His hard cock bore into her body, not caring about her pain, his only goal is to force the cum from his balls and blast her unused pussy with his hot cum.  She felt it hit bottom, banging against her cervix painfully, knocking the breath from her lungs.  It tore back out, beating back all resistance as it did, plunging back in again as soon as the head was gripped by her pussy.  She was being used for the gratification of her rapist, her pussy just another hole to pleasure him, her cries of pain just adding to his pleasure.


            Michael could not wait, he continued to pump her once virgin pussy with his hard cock. It had been a long time since he had popped a cherry or even felt a pussy as hot and tight as Tawny.  He could not wait, he fucked her like she had fucked all her life, making her take all of his cock with each stroke.  Her body was taut, unable to move, unable to cushion the shock of the powerful strokes.  She groaned in pain under his body as his hips fucked his cock in and out, the only sounds in the room was of their moans and the slapping of flesh.


            Her rapist was crushing her bound body, fucking her for all he was worth, intent on dumping a load of his filthy cum inside her once virgin pussy.  He wanted to hurt her, wanted her to feel the power over her.  “Don’t Daddy, don’t fuck me so hard.  It hurts.  Just don’t bite on my nipples.  That would hurt too much.  They are too sensitive.”


            Michael’s head moved down her body until it reached her tits.  Such a nice pair, so firm, capped by two large swollen nipples.  He moved his mouth down to one and sucked it deep into the hot confines of his mouth, his tongue running over the hard bud.  He felt her try to push her breast farther into her mouth.  His teeth clamped onto the tender nipple and bit down hard.  He heard her scream, his cock pumping her harder, excited by what he was doing to her body.  He bit again, her pussy gripping his cock in response.  He fucked her hard, his cock hitting bottom each time painfully.  He sucked and bit, alternating between both tits.


            It felt like her nipples were bleeding, the sharp, shooting pain from her chest radiating out.  His cock continued to punish her pussy, his hips slamming into hers as he fucked her.  She closed her eyes again, her rapists taking her body for his lust, not caring whether she enjoyed it or not.  His only intent was to pleasure himself.  She could not believe her own voice.  “Daddy, don’t stick your dry fingers up my asshole.  I know you would be able to feel your cock inside me, but it would really hurt me, tearing my virgin asshole.  It would drive my pussy up into your hard cock.”


            Hands slipped under her ass cheeks, lifting her body up from the bed, stretching her limbs more as it did, the cuffs biting farther into her wrists and ankles.  She felt finger seeking out her ass crack, slipping down between the moist slit, wet with sweat and dew from her pussy.  She jolted up when two fat fingers found her asshole, playing around the tiny opening, rubbing over the tiny bump.  Her body tensed, waiting to be impaled on the fingers.  His teeth bit on her nipple extra hard, and she jumped in pain.  That was all he needed, he plunged two dry fingers up her asshole painfully, stretching and tearing the flesh as they bore into her soul.  She rose up on the bed, her limbs aching, her pussy forced to take the cock deeper inside her.  The fingers tore around her backside, rubbing painfully, twisting and opening.  She felt them push against the tiny skin separating her pussy from her asshole, trying to feel the cock on the other side raping her hard. 


            “Oh Daddy, you are fucking me so hard, make me cum,” she shouted out.


            He looked down at his daughter beneath him, her pussy taking his plunging cock, her body stretched and bound, his mouth and fingers tearing at her body.  He could not believe that a virgin could take so much at one time.  His finger slipped between their bodies and found her clit, pressing it up against his cock as it tore up and down her pussy.  He yanked at it painfully making it feel the cock plunging inside her. 


            That was the last straw.  When he touched her clit, when he pulled it painfully, she began to cum.  It was such a powerful orgasm, her body shuddering and shaking, her pussy tightening up on the cock inside her, gripping the pumping organ.  The two fingers pushed in deeper, splitting open inside her, stretching her anal passage painfully.  Another orgasm hit her, her pussy creaming all over the cock inside her.


            Michael fucked his cock deep inside her, knowing it was painful for her, trying to drive it up inside her womb.  He yelled as he came, dumping his hot cum inside his daughters pussy, not caring whether she could get pregnant or not.  Only caring about dumping is hot cum in her young, pulsating pussy.  They came together, soaking the sheets below them.  Over and over they came until they finally drained their bodies, Michael slumping down on top of Tawny, spent.


            “Please Daddy, I can’t breathe,” Tawny begged, feeling the cock inside her shrinking, his fingers pulling painfully from her asshole.  She clamped on them as they withdrew, afraid she might have an accident. 


            Michael sat up, looking at her body.  She was fucked, her nipples red and swollen, traces of his bites on her naked breasts.  Her pussy was bright red, covered in cum.  He looked down at his shrinking cock, covered in a light red sheen of drying cum and blood, testament to her loss of her virginity.


            She looked down at his cock.  The cock that had fucked her so hard only moments before.  It was now rapidly shrinking in size.  She closed her eyes again.  Her rapist had now spent his load inside her, filling her once virgin pussy with his demon seed.  But he was not finished with her yet.  No she still had some unfinished business.  “Daddy, don’t sit on my chest and make me suck your cock clean.  It’s covered with our cum and my blood.  It would taste awful and humiliate me.  Please don’t make me do it.”


            Her eyes were still shut when she felt him move.  She felt the bed move near her head and then she felt his legs on either side of her shoulders.  She felt his naked ass sit down on her upper chest.  She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, waiting. 


Michael looked down at her, her mouth open, her tongue out, waiting,   “Clean my cock, Tawny.  You know you always have to leave Daddy’s cock clean when he fucks you.”   His hands gripped the sides of her head, pulling her head up and began to feed his cock inside her mouth.  He shuddered when her lips closed around the head, her tongue rubbing over it, lapping at the head.


It tasted terrible, the coppery taste of her blood, the salty, thick cum filling her mouth.  She gagged, but her tongue continued to bathe the filthy cock, another gag, his cock pushing deeper into her mouth.  She could feel it starting to get harder again.  He let it slip out of her lips, her tongue running over it as he did.


He got up from her chest and began to unsecure her bondage.  She rolled over on her side when he pulled the cuffs off of her ankles and the cuffs from her wrists.  The marks would show for a number of days.  He slowly ran his hand over her ass as she lay their sobbing.  “What’s the matter, baby?”


            “I’m so humiliated, the things you made me do.  You fucked me like a whore.”


            He slapped her ass hard, her yelp making his cock hard again.  “And you fucked like one.  Now take a shower and get to bed.  We still have two more days until your mother and brother come home.  I want you home again tomorrow night again.  I have more things I’m going to do to you.”  He stroked his cock as she got up from the bed and left the room, naked, her legs barely able to keep her upright.  He couldn’t wait until tomorrow.  He would have to go out early and get some new toys.  He wanted some new surprises for her tomorrow. 


Chapter 5



She put her head down when she told Jessica.  “I’m ashamed at what he is doing to me,” she murmured softly, almost afraid to tell her best friend.  But she had to tell someone or she would go crazy.  They were sitting on a bench at the mall, a few people going by.


“Who?”  Jessica’s ears perked up.  She knew that Jimmy wasn’t fucking her.  Who else was there?


“My father.”  Tawny’s reply. There. She had said it aloud.  She almost felt good now that her shameful secret had been let out.  She looked up, seeing the astonished look on Jessica’s face.


“Your father is fucking you?”  Jessica waited for the answer, her mind racing with images of Tawny laying naked beneath her father, his hard cock pounding into her virgin pussy.  Tawny’s father had a great build and took care of his body, while Jessica’s father was already fat and going bald.  God, I wish he would fuck me, Jessica thought to herself, eager to lose her virginity.  But she didn’t want to lose it to a high school boy that was as inexperienced as she was.  She wanted a man to take it from her, someone that would rock her world when he took her.


“Yes”, Tawny said in a matter–of-fact tone.  “It’s been going on for a couple of weeks.  My mother is gone a lot, and Andy is a senior, so he’s not home very often, with friends and a serious girlfriend leaving him gone most nights.”  She waited for some kind of reaction from Jessica, her eyes staring directly into hers.


  “Give me the juicy details.” Jessica said eagerly.  “How did it begin?  What has he done to you?”  Jessica couldn’t wait for the story, her pussy wet with the thoughts that raced through her head.


“It started off when my towel accidentally fell off when we bumped into each other in the hallway.  Since that time he has been looking at me funny.  Not as a daughter, but as a woman.”  She paused for a second.  “Then he punished me.  With a spanking.  I told him I was too old, but it didn’t do any good”.


“He spanked you.”  Jessica’s mind raced, imaging it was her over his lap, his large powerful hand slapping hard on her cheeks, making her cry out in pain.  And then his hand giving her the pleasure.


“Yes.  And then he took liberties with me.  He took off my panties and made my ass naked.  Then he spanked me again.  It really hurt.  But that wasn’t the worst.”  Tawny paused, gathering the courage to continue with the embarrassing details.  “I hated it when he took off all of my clothes.  He even got into the shower with me.”  The memory came back to her too vividly, her naked father masturbating her, her shame at cumming under his expert fingers.


Jessica had to know.  “Did he make you cum?”  She wished she could play with her pussy, her panties drenched as Tawny told the story.


“Yes.” Tawny’s face was red with humiliation.  “I couldn’t help it.  His fingers excited me in a way that I can’t explain.”  She had masturbated after that, but nothing could match the explosive climax she had with her father.  She was ashamed of what had transpired in her house, but each time she masturbated it was always the image of her father stroking her to orgasm in the shower that made her cum.


“What about him?  Did you make him cum?”  Jessica imagined stroking Tawny’s father cock, watching it grow bigger as her fingers curled around the thick flesh.


“Yes, with my hand.”  Tawny paused, not sure she should say it.  “And my mouth.  He came in mouth.” 


Jessica had made Bill, her boyfriend, cum with her hand.  Many times, in fact, each time giving in to avoid him taking her virginity or forcing her to take him in her mouth.  She wasn’t sure she could do that - have a boy’s cock in her mouth.  Especially if he came in her mouth.  “God, how did you take it all in your mouth?”  She almost wished she could ask Tawny how big her father’s cock was.


It appeared to Tawny that it was almost as if Jessica wanted that ordeal to happen to her.  Instead of feeling sorry for Tawny, Jessica wanted all of the sexy details.  “He shoved it down my throat.  He held it there while I choked and gagged on it.  It was terrible.”  She almost cried, hoping for some sympathy from her best friend.


“I’m sorry Tawny. Jessica said, and put her hand on her friend’s shoulder, drawing her close to her.  She couldn’t even image taking a cock down her throat.


While Tawny wrapped her arms around her, Jessica pressed, “Did he take your virginity?”  She was sure that she had lost it to her father.


“Yes,” she replied, tears forming in her eyes.  “I was so ashamed.  He made me cum while he fucked me.”  She wouldn’t even mention how her father had tied her down or ate her pussy.  That would be too much.


“What are you going to do?  Are you going to tell your mother?”  Jessica didn’t know what she would do if she were in the same position.  After all, it was Tawny’s father they were talking about.  No daughter wanted to put her father in jail.  She was sure that it would devastate Tawny’s mother if she told her.


“No!  I couldn’t do that.  They’d put him in jail.”  Tawny cried.  She had almost resigned herself to the fact that she couldn’t stop her father from taking advantage of her, afraid of what he would do to her in the future.  Each day his demands had increased in perversion.  And with him binding her, she had no way to stop him even if she had the nerve to defy him.


“If there is anything I can do, just tell me.”  She hugged Tawny closer to her.


“Maybe you could spend the night with me this weekend.  My mother is going away today and at least he would leave me alone if you were there.  Tomorrow night?”  She looked into her Jessica’s eyes, pleading with her.


“Of course.” Jessica replied instantly, wanting to support her friend.  “We’ll spend the weekend together.”  She was a bit nervous.  Tawny’s father wouldn’t do anything with Jessica there.  Would he?


They shopped a bit before Tawny had to go home, no mention of Tawny’s confession brought up again.  “I’ll be over about ten tomorrow.  We can lay by the pool and get some sun.  Don’t worry, it’ll be okay.”  Jessica gave her a peck on the cheek, leaving her to go home, already thinking of her date with Bill tonight.  She hoped that Bill would play with her pussy and make her cum, her body so horny after hearing Tawny’s story. 


* * * * *


Tawny was relieved to see her that her father’s car was absent from the driveway when she got home.  A note was on the table as she entered.  She opened it.


Tawny, your father and I went out for dinner before he took me to the airport.  I’ll see you Tuesday. Your father will be home late tonight, he’s going to see me off at the airport even though the flight doesn’t leave until eleven.  He’s so sweet, always thinking of me.  Love you, Mom.


Tawny was at least grateful, hoping that by time he got home he would be too tired to try anything.  With Jessica staying over, all she had to figure out was what to do on Monday night.  She wrote a note, leaving it on the same table.


Dad, I was so tired that I went to bed early.  Jessica is going to spend the weekend with me.  Hope its okay.  Love Tawny.


Tawny watched TV for a while before going to bed.  She really was tired, the week having taken a toll on her.  She climbed into bed, pulling the covers up high to her neck.  She was asleep in minutes, and didn’t hear her father come in, well after midnight.


Michael read the note, his mind instantly fashioning a plan.  He picked up the phone, dialing his brother Joseph.  “Joe, sorry to call you so late, but I have a proposition for you.”  He had already told Joe about what he was doing with Tawny.  Joe hadn’t been shocked upon hearing the news - in fact he had thought it was natural for a father to introduce sex to his daughter.  After all, who was more qualified than her father?  They talked for a few minutes, then Michael ended the conversation with “I’ll see you about noon, Joe.  You wouldn’t regret it.”


* * * * *


Tawny was up early, surprised that her father was also awake after arriving home late last night.  She went over to where he sat at the breakfast table, drinking a cup of coffee and bid him good morning.  “I hope you don’t mind Jessica staying over this weekend.” she asked, and waited nervously for his reaction.  Fortunately, her father seemed to be in a good mood, and Tawny hoped that meant he would leave her alone.


He replied with a smile.  “Not at all.  I like Jessica.  You girls just do what you want.  I’m going out for a while, I probably wouldn’t be home until dinner.”  He turned around and left without waiting for a response, knowing that Tawny was probably relieved.  He could see it in her face, but inwardly he smirked as his cock grew hard at the thought of her naked body. So she thought she was safe from him for a few days?  He had the whole weekend to enjoy her.  And enjoy her he would.  He would teach Tawny the pleasures of womanhood.  And how to please a man.


* * * * *


They were lying out next to the pool enjoying the gorgeous day. The sun was warm upon their bodies but not too hot as to be uncomfortable.  Both of them were wearing bikinis, Jessica’s red and Tawny’s yellow, showing off their budding figures.  Tawny was a little worried that the skimpy bikini would entice her father, but Jessica assured her that she would protect her.  According to Jessica, her father wouldn’t dare to try anything in front of her.


Jessica opened up her purse, pulling out a flask, and saw Tawny’s eyes widen.  Her boyfriend had picked up the vodka cooler last night for her.  She held it out entreatingly to Tawny.  “Have a swig.  This stuff is great.  Real mild, but it gives you a great buzz.”  She took a swig for herself first, the vodka going down warm.


Tawny wasn’t sure that she should, but she didn’t want to act like a prude.  She almost choked as she took a big gulp, her stomach burning as the liquor rushed to her brain.  “Damn, that’s strong.”  She passed the flask back, both of them sitting up in the lounge chairs.  Tawny giggled nervously, feeling rebellious for drinking alcohol.


But Jessica had another surprise, pulling a joint out of her purse along with a lighter and ash tray.  “I come prepared.” she grinned.  She put the joint in her mouth, taking a big toke as she lit it.  The cloud of smoke rose up, Jessica’s chest heaving as she sucked in and held the hot smoke in her lungs.  She passed it to Tawny, not saying anything, too concerned with holding the smoke in her lungs as long as she could.  She could already feel the buzz of the liquor and the joint, her body becoming relaxed.


Tawny had only smoked a few times, all of those occasions with Jessica, not trusting to relax her inhibitions around anyone else.  She grabbed the joint and took in a deep breath of the harsh smoke, fighting the urge to cough.  It felt as if the smoke rushed to her brain in seconds, Tawny already growing dizzy.  The worrying thoughts of her father rushed from her head as the drugs and alcohol made her feel as if she wasn’t even in her own body any longer.


They smoked the joint, alternating with swigs from the flask to cool down their throats.  By time it was finished, both of them were pretty far gone, Tawny glad her father wouldn’t be home until late as she was sure their intoxication was obvious.  Jessica put the joint out in the ash tray, getting up and sitting next to Tawny.  She sat close to her, feeling the heat from Tawny’s body.  She put her arm around Tawny’s naked waist, Tawny not moving away from her touch.  Her other hand touched her chin, pulling her head toward hers, their eyes meeting, their mouths only inches apart.


Tawny knew something was about to happen and wasn’t afraid of it.  She and Jessica were best friends.  The buzz of the joint and liquor let her guard down, her tongue licking her lips as she knew they were about to kiss.  It seemed so natural, especially after all the unnatural acts with her father.  Tawny needed some gentle love-making in her life, even if it was with a female.


Jessica looked into her eyes, seeing her surrender, her lips pursed to receive the kiss.  She moved in close, feeling the electricity jump between their lips as they touched.  God, she didn’t think it would be quite like this.  She thought it would be like kissing a boy, but this was gentler, their lips so smooth and silky, their tongues intertwining with passion, not lust.  Jessica’s hand went up and cupped Tawny’s breast, her hand grasping her almost naked flesh tenderly, feeling her nipple spring to life beneath her fingers.  She heard Tawny moan, their naked hips touching.


Tawny thought she would cum when her tongue entered her mouth, driving deep, searching out her tongue until Tawny responded, their tongues meshing with each other.  Her nipple almost hurt when Jessica touched it, so sensitive, wanting to feel her gentle touch.  She reciprocated, tentatively touching Jessica’s breast, fuller than hers.  She slipped the shoulder strap off of Jessica’s shoulder, her hand finding her naked breast, the tip hard and pointed as her fingers gently squeezed it.  She moaned in Jessica’s mouth as she felt her breasts being caressed so gently, their lips moving against each others in a passionate kiss that left her breathless.


When Tawny made her breast naked, Jessica’s hand slid around her back, expertly unsnapping the top of her bikini, pulling it from around her neck, letting it slide between them.  She pressed her naked breast forward, her body jerking back in shock when their naked nipples pressed almost painfully into each other, the tips feeling so hard and pointed.  She moved back against her after pulling her top from her other breast, both of them naked from the waist up.  She began to rub her breasts against Tawny, her nipples so hard and pointed, her pussy dripping wet.  She didn’t know how far they would go, but she was eager to explore Tawny’s body.  With her hands and her mouth.  She finally broke the kiss, their faces inches from each other, their lips wet from the kiss.  Jessica looked down at Tawny’s breasts with a new look, her tongue licking her lips in anticipation of sucking the hard nipples.


“Are you okay with this?”  Jessica didn’t want to pressure Tawny, her father was already doing that. 


“More then I could imagine.”  Tawny could barely catch her breath as Jessica pushed her down on the chaise lounge, Jessica moving down with her, her body between Tawny’s legs until she was lying on top of her.  It wasn’t very comfortable, but the heat of the sun, the buzz of the joint and liquor combined to give her a feeling of so much pleasure.  She sighed when their pussies met, the bottom of their bikinis the only thing that separated their naked sex from each other.  Jessica’s head moved down, her mouth following to suck Tawny’s hard nipples gently into her mouth, her tongue lashing out at the hardened tip as Tawny’s hips rose up and began to rub her pussy against Jessica, moaning loudly.   She was going to cum and cum soon, Tawny’s hand reach between them to grasp Jessica’s nipple between her fingers.


Jessica pulled her mouth from Tawny’s nipple long enough to say.  “Pinch it hard.  I like it that way.”  She moaned in pleasure as Tawny’s fingers bit harshly into her nipple almost as if a vice was gripping the throbbing tip.  “God yes,” she cried out, burying her head into Tawny’s naked breasts, moving her mouth from one nipple to the other.  She ground her pussy against Tawny, the pleasure exploding in her loins.


“What have we here,” the voice exploded out of nowhere.


Jessica and Tawny both jerked up instantly, their pleasure shattered by the harsh male voice that broke their passionate embrace.  They both fumbled to find their tops, looking up to see Tawny’s father standing over them.  Tawny looked up in horror, for her father wasn’t alone.  Next to him was Tawny’s Uncle Joe, Jessica having met him before.  He was about five years younger than her father, both of them good-looking men.  In his hand were the two bikini tops dangling from his fingertips.  He pulled them back when they tried to reach for them, one of their hands pressing their naked breasts, trying unsuccessfully to hide their half naked bodies from their probing eyes.


“Daddy, what are you doing home so early?”  Tawny asked, projecting as much innocence in her words as she could, despite the alcohol and drugs flowing through her system.  She even smiled nonchalantly, trying to gain the upper hand of the situation and act as if nothing were going on.  “Can I have that Uncle Joe?”  She let her hand outstretch for the top. 


Jessica wanted to die, her hands clutching her naked breasts, seeing Tawny’s uncle staring at her lustily.


Michael looked down, seeing the ash tray, the remains of a joint in it, a flask lying on its side on the deck.  He looked over at Joe in mock consternation and gravely said, “It looks like I got her just in time.  Joints, alcohol, and now seeing Jessica seducing my sweet daughter.  I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t come home in time.”  He shook his head reprovingly.  “And for Uncle Joe to see both of you this way.” 


“It’s not what it looks like,” Jessica chimed in apologetically.


“I think it is exactly what it looks like.”  Joe responded harshly. His cock was so hard he was afraid he would bust his pants.  “I can only imagine what your parents will say about this.”  He smiled to himself when he saw the apprehension that flew across both girls’ faces.  It was time to lay the cards on the table and see if the girls would surrender.


“My parents?  You’re not going to tell my parents.”  Jessica said desperately.  She would be ruined, sure that it would somehow get around the school before long.  She would be accused of being a lesbian.  That wasn’t an image she wanted to cultivate.  It wasn’t that she hadn’t been enjoying the encounter with Tawny, but she still yearned for a hard cock.


“And your mother!”  Michael chimed, warming to the act.  “What do you think she would say about this, Tawny?”  When he saw the look of terror on his daughter’s face, he knew they had them right where they wanted them.  The girls were too afraid at the thought of their actions being revealed to others that they wouldn’t dream of defying Michael.  Now for a good weekend of two girls willing to do anything to get out of the mess they were in.  And anything and everything was exactly what would be required of them.


Tawny couldn’t even say anything, knowing her mother would be so disappointed in her.  “Please don’t tell,” she begged.


“Yes, please don’t, my parent would ground me for life.”  Jessica’s eyes pleaded with the men, hoping her girlish guiles would get her out of this.


Michael stuck to his stern act, wanting to prolong their fear until they were safely inside the house.  “I think we should go inside to discuss this.  Out of the prying eyes on the neighbors.  No telling what they have already seen you girls engaging in.”  He turned and started walking to the door when he heard Tawny’s voice.


“Can we have our tops back?”  Her voice pleaded with him. Even though he had already seen her naked, he imagined her state of undress was made worse for the fact that she was sitting in front of her Uncle Joe.  He at least had known her since she was a baby.


“Get inside and we’ll discuss it.  In your room.”  Uncle Joe followed him as they both went up the stairs to Tawny’s room, opening the door to enter.  The bed was covered with stuffed animals, the pink bedspread giving the room a little girl’s feel.  They waited inside, among the feminine and innocent frills, hearing the girls coming up the stairs slowly.


Jessica followed Tawny, her arms crossed over her naked breasts.  “What do you think is going to happen, Tawny?” she whispered nervously.


Tawny had already figured it out.  She had seen the bulge in her father’s pants.  And in Uncle Joes pants as well.  They wanted sex from them and they were going to have to accommodate them in whatever manner they wanted.  Tawny felt a surge of apprehension.  It was bad enough when she was alone with her father, but now she would have to perform for him in front of her best friend and Uncle Joe.  She wasn’t even sure what they would do to them, her father’s desires to perverse for her to even fathom.  She was resigned to her fate, however.  “They are going to want us.  Uncle Joe will want you.  I see the way he is looking at you.  It’s your choice.”  She saw the expression of disbelief on her friend’s face and added.  “Are you going to try to explain to your parents what my father saw?”


“Are you sure?  He wants me?  Sexually?”  It was so obvious that Jessica didn’t even realize it until Tawny said it.  She felt a rush of wetness between her legs as the thought of Joe taking her rushed in her head.  She had never done it with anyone before, never mind in front of others.  Would he take her virginity from her?  Of course he would, what older man didn’t desire taking a young virgin?  What else would he do?  Would he make her suck his cock and swallow his cum?  Like Tawny did to her father?  While she didn’t fathom being blackmailed into having sex, the thought of a forced sexual encounter made her wet with desire. 


“Of course.  He’s going to fuck you,” Tawny replied bluntly.  They were in front of Tawny’s bedroom door.  “Well?  What do you want to do?”  Tawny waited for her answer.


“I’ll do anything to keep my parents from finding out.”  Jessica had decided.


“I’m sure you will have to.”  Tawny opened the door to see her father and Uncle Joe waiting for them.  They both walked in.  Tawny was the first one to speak.  “We’ll do anything if you don’t tell.  Both of us,” she added.  She saw the smile light up their faces at her surrender.


Joe spoke to Jessica.  “Are you willing to do anything Jessica?  Anything?”  His cock jerked in pleasure as her voice broke the silence of the room.


“Whatever you want of me,” Jessica responded, surrendering her innocence to a man she barely knew.


They both sat down, the girls standing in front of them.  They dropped the tops of the girl’s bikinis on the floor.  “Why don’t you begin by putting your hands at your sides?  Show us those lovely tits.”  They waited patiently for the girl’s to begin performing for them. 


Tawny looked at Jessica, her hands falling to her sides, her hands in a fist as she stood half naked in front of them. Jessica followed suit, both of them standing with their hard pointed nipples thrust out.  Tawny could still feel the dampness on her nipples where Jessica had sucked them. The men’s eyes felt as if they were burning their chests, Uncle Joe looking at Tawny in a new light.


“Lace your hands behind your neck and bow out your elbows.  Arch your back and show us proudly those firm tits. Jessica has much larger nipples than Tawny does, as well as fuller breasts.”  Uncle Joe teased Tawny. 


Tawny tried to stick out her naked breasts even farther, as if she were trying to prove a point to Uncle Joe.  She felt her body turn red in shame as she paraded her half naked body to them.


Michael stroked his cock through his pants.  Two young girls for their pleasure for the weekend.  It seemed almost too good to be true.  He had many things to teach Tawny, but he would also like to try out Jessica, noticing with delight that her body was more mature than Tawny’s.  He was sure that Joe wouldn’t mind sharing, maybe would even agree to both of them taking her at once.  With Tawny joining in.


Michael and Joe got up, the girl’s eyes following their steps as they moved behind them.  “Look straight ahead,” he ordered them, both of them moving behind the girls, Joe behind Jessica.  His hands slid around her naked waist, his cock jerking in pleasure as he touched her silky skin.  He kissed her neck as his hands slid up to cup her firm breasts.  His large hands cupped them from below, a finger moving up to rub gently over each nipple, slapping at the tips, forcing them to swell into hard little points.


Jessica couldn’t stop the feeling of arousal at that first touch, her ass pushing back as soon as Joe touched her breasts, his calloused hands feeling so strange on her naked breasts.  His fingertips snapped at her nipples, her body shaking as he stimulated like no one had ever done before.  Most boys were content to make her feel good, doing whatever she wanted to please her.  She knew with Joe it would be different, that she would be forced to pleasure him.  And that was what worried her.  She had no idea what he would require of her.  She only knew that she would have to obey.  She felt his cock against her ass.  It was hard, just like her boyfriend’s cock.  But as opposed to Bill, Joe’s cock felt huge.  Like the size of a baby’s arm, throbbing against her ass.  One of his hands slid down to her hips, holding her against him, forcing her hips from side to side, her ass sensuously sliding over his throbbing member.  God, she could feel it jerking beneath his pants. 


Joe’s finger plucked at one of her nipples while he humped his cock against her ass, feeling her hips moving by themselves now, gently sliding her ass back and forth over his cock.  He couldn’t wait to get her naked, wanting to enjoy his naked cock rubbing on her firm ass cheeks.  Her nipple swelled beneath his touch.  His other hand moved back up again, both of her nipples pinched by his fingers. He began to tighten his fingers on her nipples, feeling the hard buds being crushed beneath his powerful fingers.  He thought she would cry out from the pressure, but she only moaned, her ass pushing back again on his cock.  He pulled her nipples out, feeling them stretch as he tightened his grip to keep them from slipping from his fingers.  They grew elongated, the pink nipple and dark brown areola almost two inches long.  “Do you like that?”  He whispered in her ear as he twisted her nipples.  “Do you like it when I squeeze your hard nipples like this?”


Jessica almost came as his fingers gripped her nipples in a vice, the pain shooting to her brain. But the strange part was the pleasure that raced to her loins, his cruel handling of her naked breasts exciting her.  She had always pinched her nipples while masturbating, but this was so much different.  His fingers were more intense, the pain mixing with the pleasure.  She was afraid to answer him.  But it hurt when he twisted her nipples, forcing her to answer.  Yyyyees,” she murmured quietly, not wanting anyone else to know.  His only answer was to snap a fingernail against her nipple, the pain instantaneous, racing through her breast.


“Then you’ll love the jewelry I have for you.  Some lovely clamps for your nipples,” he teased her, his fingers racing all over her breasts, his large hands able to encircle her breast and crush it in his palm, her breast flesh pushing out from between his fingers.  When he released them, his red finger marks stayed on her white flesh.  Jessica was going to be an exciting girl to play with, Joe thought, sure that he could drive her to excess, forcing her into the most perverse acts.  “Are you a virgin?” he asked, hoping her answer would be affirmative.  There was nothing like seeing the shock and wonder that came upon a virgin’s face when she was fucked for the first time.


Jessica was a bit grateful, but also disappointed when he released the tips, his hands still cradling them her breasts. Her nipples felt deserted, hard and throbbing.  “Yes,” she answered. 


Joe wanted more of an answer.  “I assume you mean your pussy is virgin.  But what about your mouth?”  Have you ever been fucked in your mouth?”


Jessica turned red, but answered. “Yes,”


“How about your ass?”  He pushed up harder against her ass, his cock throbbing against her cheeks.


She was shocked by his question, never even considering such a despicable act.  Sodomy was for gay guys to indulge in.  “Never.  I’d never do that,” she said adamantly.


Joe slyly smiled as he rubbed his cock against her again. “Imagine a nice, hard cock inside your tight asshole.  You’d be surprised how it would feel.  Especially if you had another cock in your pussy.  It would feel like a log splitting you up the middle.”  His cock throbbed at the idea.


“It’d kill me,” Jessica begged.  She couldn’t imagine two cocks in her at once! Was it even possible? She looked over at Tawny’s father, her eyes staring down at the bulge in his pants.  They both had large cocks, and she was sure they would tear her apart if they both fucked her at once.


“You ever been tied up?  Tied up for sex?”  He was sure that her mind was racing as to what she had agreed to.


She never imagined being tied up, the sudden thought making her wet as she felt a shudder run through her body.  She could almost feel the helplessness of being bound, Joe’s hands and cock taking advantage of the bondage to force her into perverse acts.  Even sodomizing her, the thoughts of being bound face down on a bed, legs spread, arms tied to the corner of the bed.  She could feel his weight on her back, the fumbling between their bodies as she felt the rubbery flesh of his cock pushed against her asshole.  “No,” she said, almost apologetically.


As Joe continued his dirty talk to Jessica, Michael let his hands slide down over Tawny’s hips and then glide forward to cup her sex in one hand, his large hand forcing her to spread her legs to accommodate him.  Her ass pushed up against him.  “Yes, rub my cock with your ass.  I like that.”


His fat finger snuggled between the lips of her pussy, pushing aside the thin fabric of her bikini.  Tawny began to rock as his finger moved up and down her slit, rubbing her sensuously.  She was still dizzy from the joint and aroused by Jessica’s kiss, her father’s finger masturbating her as she stood half naked in front of Uncle Joe.  It felt too good.  Too good to admit.  She rubbed her ass, feeling her father’s cock jerking against her cheeks.  Jessica would have so much to learn, sure that Uncle Joe intended to introduce her to the most perverse acts, just as her father had done.  Tawny had only to be sodomized to fully experience every way a woman could be fucked, the cock jerking against her ass giving her the feeling that her ass wouldn’t be spared today.  She moaned when his hot hand slid up and down in her bikini bottom, his finger finding her wet. Tawny was ashamed of the wetness, but knew there was no way of hiding it, for a soft slurping sound could be heard in the room as Michael continued to massage her pussy lips in an up and down motion.  She cringed when he went so far as to comment on her wetness, saying “Yo Joe, listen to this.  Her cunt’s gushing like a faucet!  He smiled when he saw Tawny bow down her head, knowing that she was embarrassed by the obscene word.  So he used it again, to further humiliate her.  “Yeah, your cunt juice is lubing up my finger just beautifully.” he said, and ran the pad of his finger around her clit a few times to encourage more juice to seep out before sliding his finger up and down again. 


“Yeah Michael, I can hear her pussy all right.” Joe grinned from behind Jessica, where he was rhythmically squeezing her full breasts.  “Why don’t you slip a finger in her to test how easily she’s gonna take your cock?” he suggested.


“I was planning to.” Michael replied and unceremoniously shoved his middle finger up Tawny’s hole, wiggling it around and causing her pussy to make more of the wet, sucking sounds.  He pulled it out as Tawny groaned, only to shove it in hard again.   His finger almost lifted her up as it slid inside her pussy, her wetness making it slick.  She rocked back on her heels as she found herself suddenly impaled by her father’s finger, groaning. 


Michael found her pussy drenched, his finger entering her easily, snuggling deep inside her hot, tight flesh.  Then he had another idea. “Maybe the girl’s should continue where we interrupted.”  He swirled his finger inside Tawny, feeling her muscles grip his finger almost willingly.  Maybe she was learning her place in life. 


“You’d like that, wouldn’t you Jessica? Joe asked.  It would be even better with us watching both of you.”  He felt her body shake in fear.  “But first, I would like Jessica to show us her body.  A very lovely virgin body.”  He moved away from her, seeing Michael and Tawny sit down on the bed.  He had pulled his finger out of his daughter’s pussy, a light smacking sound heard in the room as the digit left her wet flesh.  Joe turned Jessica until she was facing the other two, moving to join them on the bed. 


Jessica didn’t know if she could do it, seeing three pairs of eyes staring at her, waiting for her to strip naked.  And worse.  She stood before them, her body perspiring as she waited.


“Slip off the bikini bottoms, Jessica.”  Joe urged.  “Show us that virgin pussy.”  He waited, his hand on his cock, feeling it jerk as he rubbed it slowly.


Tawny felt her father’s hand cover hers, moving it until it rested on the front of his pants.  “Please, don’t make me do that again.”  It was so shameful when he made her stroke his cock. 


Michael began to move her hand back and forth, his cock growing under her soft hands.  “Don’t make me punish you,” he warned, though in actuality he wished she would defy him.  He enjoyed punishing her young, naked body.  He felt her surrender, pulling his hand away as she continued the forced masturbation.  “Yes, a bit harder,” he said as her hands rubbed him, making his cock jerk beneath her touch.  


Jessica’s eyes pleaded with Joe, but all she saw was the lust in them as he eyed her naked breasts.  She didn’t understand how her nipples could be so hard, embarrassed as Tawny and her father also watched her, Tawny now stroking her father’s cock.  She didn’t have any choice though, and tried to imagine that they weren’t there, her hands moving down to her waist, hooking the low waistband and slowly peeling them down over her hips.  She felt shame as her breasts hung down as she was forced to bend over, her thighs almost too tightly together to pull the bottoms down.  She felt a rush of juices in her pussy when the bottoms slid over her bush, knowing that she was almost naked.  Down the bottoms went, Jessica trying to bend over demurely as she slid them down her legs, kicking them off her feet one foot at a time.  She stood back up, her two hands cupped over her sex, hiding it from their prying eyes.


“That’s very nice, Jessica,” Joe said.  “But you’re going to have to move your hands to your side.  Show us that lovely bush that you wanted Tawny to play with.”  He waited for a second.  “NOW!”  His voice rose up, shattering the quiet of the room.  Even Tawny jumped at the unexpected loud order, her hand stroking her father’s cock faster.


The sudden harshness in his voice scared her.  Would he hurt her if she didn’t perform to his liking?  The thought of him forcing himself on her, maybe even tying her up scared her.  She hung her head down as she moved her hands to the side, the rush of air hitting her sex, knowing that they all could see her naked.  She stood before them, her body trembling for long minutes, waiting for the next humiliating act. 


“Take my cock out and stroke it,” Michael ordered Tawny.  He wanted to feel her soft hands on his hot flesh again.  She hesitated, looking up at him, Michael returning to stare into her eyes.


Jessica’s eyes looked up when she heard the soft whisper of a zipper being pulled down.  She watched as Tawny slid her father’s fly down, her hand fishing into his pants, returning out with his hard cock.  Her father’s ass rose up from the bed as Tawny maneuvered his cock from the tight fitting pants, finally having to help Tawny by unbuckling his belt and the top of his pants.  His cock was larger and thicker than she had ever soon.  Even with her boyfriend, she had stroked his cock, but it was usually dark in the car when it happened.  She was now staring at a mature man’s naked cock in the bright light of the room, almost forgetting her own nakedness as she was mesmerized at the long appendage.  Jessica watched, transfixed, as Tawny’s hand returned to stroking it, her fingers wrapped around the thick shaft as she slid up and down.  He best friend was jerking off her own father!  But Jessica couldn’t look away, mesmerized by the taboo vision in front of her.  And Tawny was certainly taking her daughterly duties seriously!  Jessica thought as she watched Tawny’s other hand rub over the head of her father’s cock, seeing it glistening in the light, leaking his cum already.  Tawny looked at her father, seeing the look of pleasure in his eyes as his daughter masturbated his cock. Jessica was sure she could never do such a thing to her father.


Michael’s swollen penis grew larger in Tawny’s hand as she stroked his cock, the hot flesh feeling as if it were burn her hand.  She gripped it firmly, her small hand circling the head, squeezing firmly as she slowly pumped down to the base.  She jerked it with an inexperience that was far more arousing to Michael than a practiced stroke, for Tawny seemed intent on what she was doing, curiously exploring every inch of his hard dick.  Her fist slid down to the base of his cock, where she gripped it firmly by the root and wagged it back and forth a few times, fascinated despite herself when she saw the head get redder.  Up and down she squeezed, sliding the foreskin over the hard muscle beneath.  Her hand ran over the head, back and forth over the hole until it leaked, the wetness hot and sticky, the taste quickly filling her brain as she remembered taking it in her mouth in disgust.  She stroked it faster, hoping to make him cum so he wouldn’t put it in her mouth.


Joe wished it was Tawny stroking his cock, never imagining such a sight before, his precious niece an expert at masturbating despite her relatively small amount of experience. Hopefully Michael would share her talents with him.  He returned to Jessica, seeing her eyes staring in amazement as Tawny jerked off her father.  He looked at her pussy, a neatly trimmed bush that failed to hide her puffy lips.  He wanted to see more.  “Spread your legs for us.”


Joe’s voice woke Jessica out of her hypnotic observation, looking to see him staring down between her legs.  She slowly spread one leg out about a foot, waiting for his next command. 


“You can do better than that.”  He reprimanded.  “I want them as wide as your shoulders.  I want to see some pink in that pussy,” he joked, seeing her turn red in shame.  Never before had anyone referred to her intimate areas, let alone used such crude language to describe them.


Her feet shuffled out, Jessica feeling her labia opening up, the cool air blowing on her heated pussy.  She shivered, in spite of the warm day.  She waited, looking down to see if her legs were spread far enough, ashamed at how wide they were. 


“A virgin pussy,” Michael joked from the bed, having slowed down his daughter’s hand so as not to blow his load yet.  “I haven’t seen one for a few weeks now.  Ever since I busted Tawny’s cherry.” he smiled.  “Spread your lips open with your fingers, Jessica.  I want to see that dark, forbidden hole.”  His hand moved over to Tawny’s shoulder, pushing her head down to his lap.  “Suck my cock, honey,” he urged her, his cock jerking as he felt her hot breath on his cock.


“Please, don’t make me do that.  Let me use my hand.  I’ll make you cum,” Tawny pleaded, trying to bargain with her father.  She hated it when he made her do that, his cock tasting terrible, sure that he would cum in her mouth or on her face, where the hot crème felt as if it would burn her when it landed on her skin. 


“No, I want those lips wrapped around my cock now,” he ordered her.  He put his hands on her head, pushing her down onto his throbbing cock.


She could only lick her lips as his hand forced her head down, her hand holding his cock up rigid as her mouth formed an oval, ready to receive his thick cock in her mouth.  He didn’t stop pushing until she felt the head of his cock slip between her lips, leaving a trail of the foul tasting cum on her lips.  She tightened her lips around his cock, the thick flesh splitting her lips wide, his hips urging up into the air, feeding more of his cock into her unwilling mouth.


Tawny gagged and tried to regain control of the situation, pulling her head back instead and lightly lapping at the head of the cock.  She figured if she took little licks of his cum, she would be accustomed to the taste by the time he ejected it all in her mouth when he came.  Fortunately Michael didn’t seem to mind her defiance.  It was actually better to have her hot little tongue teasing the head of his cock, delaying his cum.  That way, he could watch the spectacle before him undistracted by an orgasm.  He fought not to cum, her hot, wet mouth tightening on the head of his cock as it jerked in pleasure.  He stroked her head.  “That’s not so bad now, Tawny.  I can tell you like Daddy’s cock in your mouth, isn’t that right honey?”  Tawny murmured something unintelligible and drew the crown of his cock into her mouth and light pull on it.  Pretty soon Michael forgot about Joe and Jessica and began to pull her head up and down, his hips moving with the suction of her lips on his cock.  “Your tongue, Tawny.  Lap at my cock with your tongue like a good dog.”  He felt his cock shoot a small load of cum into her mouth, unable to contain himself.  He tightened his muscles as he fought the urge to cum, holding her head still.  He finally felt the urge go by.  “Just a little cum for you honey,” he said, his hand moving her head up and down again.  “You suck like a whore.”  Saying those filthy words to his own daughter propelled his orgasm, and he jacked his daughter’s head harder and faster over his cock.


His hands felt like a vice on Tawny’s head, holding her still.  Her mouth was unexpectedly filled with hot cum, the thick, salty crème spraying her tongue, filling her mouth with the terrible taste.  She gagged, her mouth filled with his hard flesh as she breathed rapidly through her nose.  She finally tried to swallow the cum, feeling it slowly slide down her throat and into her stomach, the taste still lingering in her mouth.  His hands began urgently again, pulling her face on and off his cock again.


Jessica watched as Tawny was forced to suck her father’s cock, his hand gliding her head up and down, Jessica surprised as she watched her best friend swallow so much of her father’s cock into her mouth.  She could hear her choking and gagging each time her father shoved her too deep, her eyes tearing.  She was afraid that Joe would force the same perversion on her, Jessica not sure that she could take a cock in her mouth.  It was just despicable.  Then she was broken from her thoughts when heard Joe’s voice again.


“Reach down and pull your pussy lips apart.  Real wide.  Until they hurt.  I want to see all of you.”  He was ready to inspect her himself, but he wanted to humiliate her a bit more first. 


Jessica’s hands reluctantly slid down to her sex, her fingers finding her pussy dry as she pulled back her labia.  She yanked until it almost felt as she was tearing them off, afraid that if she didn’t, Joe would and he would be even harsher.  She looked down, ashamed at how exposed she was, her insides so clearly visible. But apparently not visible enough for Joe, because he said “That’s nice little hole, sweetheart, but I wanna see that little berry too.  Pull your hood up so I can see that sweet little clit.”  Jessica was mortified.  He wanted her to stretch her skin every way until nothing was hidden from view.  She hesitated, reluctant to release her sensitive little organ from its protective hood.  Joe quickly kneeled before her. 


“What’s wrong honey, you need a little help?”  He reached out with both hands and used his thumbs to gently push her hood back until her little red clit popped out.  Joe let out a long whistle.  “Now that is truly beautiful, darling.” he said, his face inches from her gaping pussy.  Jessica wanted to melt on the spot.  Not only had she and Bill only done some heavy petting, they had always fooled around in the dark, where it was easy to cover up one’s self-consciousness.  Now here she found herself with an older man’s face just inches from her widespread pussy, in a brightly lit room! She looked down to see her clit  exposed, surprised how big it looked.  She held her lips open, her fingers straining to keep herself so obscenely exposed.


“That’s good enough to eat Tawny.” Michael commented as he tried to see around Joe’s head.  “If we didn’t stop you two, I’m sure that is what would have happened.  Now you only get to suck cock.” He pulled her face down deeper onto his cock, feeling her strain as his cock tried to breach the back of her throat, her hands clenched tightly at her side as she choked. He let her pull back.  “Do you like Daddy’s cock in your throat?  You’re getting to be Daddy’s little cock sucker.”  He loved teasing her.


“You’re such an obedient slut, Jessica.  Now turn around, bend over and spread your cheeks apart.  I want to see your asshole.”


“NO!  I can’t do that,” she protested loudly.  She released her lips, her legs going together as if she could hide her sex from them.


“Would you rather I do it?”  His powerful voice was adamant.


“Please,” she begged.  “That’s too humiliating.”  She couldn’t pull her cheeks apart and reveal her tiny anus. 


“Maybe you’d rather play with Tawny.”


It had to be better than showing her ass.  “Yes,” her voice low.


Michael pulled Tawny off his cock, her head moving up, her lips covered with his cum, her chest moving up and down as she filled her lungs with air.  “You want to play with Jessica?  Or would you rather suck my cock some more?”


Anything was better than than.  He was getting urgent, shoving his cock down her throat too many times, her choking and gagging making her stomach turn.  “Yes Sir,” she answered quietly.


“Get them bottoms off and lay down on the bed,” he ordered her.  He watched as Tawny slid the bikini bottoms off, letting them slide to the floor.  She lay down in the center of the bed.  “Spread your legs for her honey.  Jessica wants some of your pussy.”  He saw her shame as her legs spread wide, her pussy opening up to his eyes.


Jessica moved over to the bed, walking slowly as if it were her death march.  Joe moved close to her, his hand dropping to her hip, Jessica jerking away as she felt his calloused hand on her naked flesh.  He pulled her closer to him, his hand returning to her hip.  She began to climb onto the bed, seeing Tawny spread out obscenely in an ‘x’, her arms and legs spread wide.  What would have been a romantic encounter before was turning into a perverted act, Michael and Joe wanting to watch them have girl sex, Jessica not even sure what to do now.  She felt Joe stop her.


“The other way.  I want your head at her feet.  Straddle her head with your legs.”  Joe pushed her the other way.


No, he couldn’t think she could do that, but his hands were pushing her to the other end of the bed.  His powerful hands guided her into the position he wanted her, Jessica finding her face over Tawny’s wide spread legs.  She felt her knees yanked wide apart by Tawny’s father until she was straddling Tawny’s face.  She wasn’t sure, but she could almost feel Tawny’s breath on her sex.  They were not to be refused, Jessica finding her body poised above Tawny, knowing that Joe wanted them to lick each others pussy.  This was not what Jessica had in mind on the lawn chair.  She thought more of some innocent kissing, maybe sucking their nipples and rubbing pussies.  But not putting her tongue in Tawny’s pussy.


Joe was next to her face, Michael whispering into Tawny’s ear.  They both said the same thing.  “Lick her pussy.  Real good now.   I want your tongue deep inside her.”  Jessica found her head pushed down, her ass similarly manhandled, finding her body pushed down on top of Tawny.


Tawny knew better then to protest the perverse act, seeing Jessica’s sex slowly covering her face.  She wet her lips as she inhaled the aroma of her sex.  She had tasted her own juices, finding it much more enjoyable then her father’s cum, not so salty and definitely not as thick.  She really wouldn’t have minded this happening if it was still just the two of them, but with Uncle Joe and her father watching, she was afraid of what further perversions they would force upon them.  She didn’t have time to think, it growing darker as Jessica’s body pushed down on her face until her nose was almost flattened.  She stuck out her tongue, finding it come instantly in contact with her slit, the wide expanse of Jessica’s legs forcing her pussy lips open.


“Let her breathe,” Michael pulling Jessica up by her hips.  “She’s going to eat you, but you have to let her breathe.” 


Jessica thought she would cum the moment she felt the wet tongue on her slit.  She jerked her body up, not from Michael‘s order, but in shock at the intimate touch of Tawny’s wet tongue on her slit.  She braced her body up on her knees, her head pushed down by Joe until she came in contact with Tawny’s pussy.  She pushed her tongue out of her mouth and swiped it up her slit in a quick maneuver that even surprised her.  She felt Tawny gasp in pleasure as Jessica’s tongue glided up and down her slit, finding Tawny already wet.  It didn’t taste bad, her tongue lashing again at her slit, finding Tawny rising up her hips, driving her sex into her tongue.  Jessica moaned in pleasure as she felt for the first time a tongue on her sex.  She couldn’t describe the pleasure she felt as Tawny used her tongue with such skill, driving up and down her slit.  But the most pleasure was when she lashed at Jessica’s clit, her lips sucking it deep into her mouth, her tongue lashing back and forth across it, Jessica’s body jerking up and down.


Tawny almost forgot the men watching them, her face hiding their leering glances as both girls tried to match each other, their tongues bringing such pleasure, their pussies wet with desire.  Tawny made her tongue hard and stuck it into Jessica’s vagina until she felt it touch her hymen, fucking it in and out like it was a little cock taking her virginity.  Jessica, not to be outdone, reciprocated, fucking her tight hole with her tongue. 


“The little sluts like it,” Joe commented as he heard them moaning, their hips fucking up and down, the slurping sounds filling the room.  Joe moved to the other end of the bed next to Michael, no longer needing to make Jessica perform, both girls enjoying their oral ministrations to much to bother with them.


            Jessica was almost ready to cum, never feeling such pleasure before.  Tawny had her pussy eaten by her father, ashamed at how she had so lewdly cum under his expert tongue, her body tense, knowing that her father was near her, watching her every movement, afraid of what he might do.  She heard the sharp slap of a hand hitting flesh, felt Jessica’s pussy smashing into her face, crushing her nose until she finally pulled back up.


“Don’t move your ass,” Joe warned Jessica, a sharp crack on her ass leaving the white globe of her cheek red with his handprint.  She pushed her ass back up into the air again, sure that Jessica found that she was suffocating her best friend with her pussy.


Jessica’s ass stung terrible, not having been spanked for at least ten years.  She didn’t know what Joe was up to, but she submissively raised her ass up into the air again, not wanting to feel his powerful hand on her stinging cheek again.  She went back to driving her tongue into Tawny’s pussy, lapping at her abundant juices.  She heard them talking behind her, finally realizing how obscenely she was positioned.


“Look at that tiny asshole.”  With her ass shoved up, her legs spread, her cheeks were pulled apart, her crack almost disappearing.  Her anus was just a tiny spot between her crack.  Joe was not to be denied, his hand touching her cheeks, Jessica’s body trying to jerk away before another crack on her ass kept her still.  He pulled her cheeks farther apart unceremoniously, watching as Jessica’s tiny asshole began to stretch open. 


They were both staring at her ass, Jessica ashamed at them looking at her most intimate hole.  She never fathomed such a thing happening to her, especially not by Tawny’s father and a strange older man.  But her she was, slapped again when she tried to hide from their prying eyes, hands now pulling her cheeks apart, her anus beginning to burn as it pulled open.  She was sure they were going to tear her open before Joe finally stopped, a strange feeling in her backside as they cold air of the room went in her hole.  She lost the ardor of the moment, their prying hands and eyes taking away the tongue that lashed at her clit, trying to drive an orgasm from her body.


You going to fuck it?”  Michael asked, already knowing the answer.


“Damn right I am.  What about Tawny?  You going to teach her to pleasure your cock with her asshole?”


“It’s the last thing I have to teach her.  She already knows how to fuck and suck.  She just needs experience now.  And this weekend will give her a lot of it.  I think we might just take them each two at a time, let them feel what its like to have that much cock at one time.  Too bad we don’t have another for their mouth.”  Michael’s mind was already reeling.


Joe’s cock need relief soon, the talk of taking the girls and their oral sex was making his balls ache.  He released Jessica’s cheeks, letting his finger slide along her crack, pausing at her asshole, feeling the heat of her body and her muscles pursing as it felt the gentle probing of his finger.


She trembled as his finger touched her backside so intimately, the pressure increasing, Jessica afraid he would breach her backside.  She was relieved when he moved away, feeling him get off the bed and move towards her again.


He pulled her off of Tawny.  “That’s enough for now.  Don’t want the both of you to get too used to girl sex.  We’ll have you craving cock before the weekend is over.” 


“Off the bed Tawny.  You can come over and suck my cock while Uncle Joe masturbates Jessica for us.”  He pulled her off the bed to find a chair, pushing Tawny to her knees before him. He pulled his cock out again, his hands on her head.  “Suck,” he ordered her.  He felt her hot mouth engulf the head of his cock, her tongue already slashing over the head of his cock.  She was horny from eating pussy, her mouth more eager to suck his cock now, looking for some relief.  “Make me cum and I’ll let you cum,” he explained to her.  Her head began to move up and down, one of her small hands cradling his balls, squeezing gently.  “Yeah, you know what to do my little whore.”


Tawny found herself sucking her father’s cock again, this time submissively kneeling between his legs.  She found that in her high state of arousal, she was almost looking forward to sucking cock. But there was a lust between her legs that was unfulfilled, Jessica’s tongue exiting her but leaving her on the edge.  Her father said he would make her cum if he did, her hands eager to please him.  She took long pulls of her father’s cock, nursing the organ like a baby bottle.  Up and down she slid her lips, flattening her tongue against the underside as more and more cock filled her throat.  Each time she felt herself begin to gag she retreated, and focused on taking short, hard pulls from the head.  It wasn’t long before Michael was groaning in pleasure.


Jessica found herself in the center of the bed on her back, Joe kneeling over her.  Her arms were thrust up over her head, Joe warning her to keep them there or he would tie them, the thought of being bound scaring her.  She grabbed the headboard almost as if she were bound, waiting for Joe’s touch on her body.  She didn’t have to wait long, his fingers reaching down to pluck her nipples from her chest, yanking them until her back was pulled from the bed, the ache in her pinched nipples radiating through her chest.  His fingers were strong, her nipples feeling like they were in a vice as her breasts were pulled into a cone, stretched far from her body by her nipple.  “AAAAWWW,” she moaned, not sure if it were pain or pleasure, his fingers so demanding.  “EEHHH,” she felt her nipples twisted, feeling the blood cut off from the tip.  Her hips began to move, her legs opening and closing, wishing she could run her fingers through her slit. 


Joe liked the way she responded, Jessica spreading her legs submissively.  Maybe she was enjoying the pain.   He released her nipples, watching her firm breasts dance on her chest as they sprang back.  He slapped one of her breasts, his hand hitting it firmly on the side, smashing it into the other.  There was a shocked look on her face, but her hands never moved, her fingers white from gripping the headboard.  He looked over at the night stand, finding what he was looking for.  He got up and took the string off the pile of letters, returning to the bed.  Jessica’s eyes were on his hands as he bent down, taking the string, making a circle with it, leaving it open as he slowly lowered it until he lassoed one perky nipple.  He let it slip around, his fingers slowly tightening the noose until it slipped just below the nipple.  He pulled, watching the noose tighten on her nipple, seeing it turning dark red as he pulled the noose tight.  Her hips began to move more, up and down as if she were trying to find something to fuck, opening and closing, Joe seeing her pussy drenched in her juices.  He pulled up on the string, watching the nipple bend as the string tightened on the flesh.  He pulled up, her beautiful nipple yanked harshly out of shape, stretched and tightened as he yanked her by the string.  Her back arched up, trying to relieve the strain but Joe just pulled higher.  Her legs opened wide, her hips moving up and down, her dark hole so inviting. 


Jessica couldn’t believe it, her proud nipples treated so harshly.  But what bothered her most was the tingling in her loins each time Joe abused her firm young, breasts.  She spread her legs as if she were a whore, wishing Joe would touch her down there, sure she would cum from the first touch.  The slap on her breast shocked her, no boy would ever do such a thing, but Joe was different, abusing her body with no regard to her pain.  Or pleasure.  She looked over at Tawny, seeing her father pulling her on and off his cock as if she were a shoe, her mouth taking his powerful thrusts, gagging each time he pushed too far.  Jessica was scared of taking a cock in her mouth, especially with Joe, sure that he would have no compulsion of jamming his cock far down her throat.  The pain raced through her nipple as Joe attached a small string to her nipple, Jessica not believing that it could be that tight, feeling like a knife was slicing through her delicate nipple.  She held the headboard tight as her nipple bent painfully in two, Joe yanking her up by her nipple, the small string more powerful than it looked.  She bit her lip as her nipple felt as if it were torn from her chest.  She didn’t realize until she looked down, her knees bent to the side, her sex opened up wide, her hips moving up and down.  Her pussy was drenched, wishing Joe would touch her down there, ashamed at her own lust. 


Joe made another noose, wrapping it around the other hard nipple, yanking it up, watching as the pink nipple bent and turned dark red as the blood was trapped in the tip.  He yanked up on the string, both of her nipples stretched, her firm, young breasts now yanked out of shape.  He moved the string to her mouth.  “Hold the string in your mouth.  If you let it go I’m going to spank your titties.”  Her mouth opened, Joe putting the string in them, making her yank her nipples up high.  “Good girl. Now keep it tight.”  His fingers touched her nipples, teasing them harder, watching the tips swell.


He made her yank her own nipples, the string tightly in her mouth as she pulled her head up, making the string tighten more.  She felt his fingers on her nipples, his fingernails snapping them, igniting a deeper pain.  Her nipples throbbed, feeling her heartbeat in each tip, a deep ache in her breasts.  She could only mumble her scream as she felt Joe slap the inside of her thigh, on the tender inner skin, the pain racing through her body.


“Spread those pretty legs and keep them open.  No matter what I do.”  He slapped the other thigh, seeing her legs spread open wide just like a whore.  “Yes, that’s a good girl.  Keep that string tight,” eyeing her nipples, the red tips now almost pulled painfully two inches long.  She seemed to like the pain, not sure if she even realized it.  She still held the headboard, her tiny hands wrapped tightly around in.  Maybe he should tie her up when he fucked her and took her innocence, sure that it would drive an explosive orgasm from her untrained body.  She needed someone like him to teach her the perversities that would ignite the lust in her.


Her thighs ached, her legs spread so widely, her thighs still stinging from the slaps.  His hands returned to her inner thighs, this time almost gentle as they rubbed from the knees to her crotch, teasing so close to her pussy that she could almost feel it.  Please touch me there she mentally begged him, her legs shaking as she held them spread wide for him. 


He could see her juices running down the inside of her thighs, she was ripe for cumming, but he wanted her to beg first.  His hand cupped her sex almost gently, gradually tightening his grip, feeling her puffy lips beneath his powerful grip.  Her hips rose up from the bed, wanting more of his touch in spite of him gripping her tighter.  He let a finger slip between her lips, finding her insides drenched with her lust.  He began to clench his hand, unclench it, then clench it again.  Her moans of lust filled the room as her hips began to move, humping his large hand as if she were a bitch dog in heat.


Her friend’s moans of lust registered in Tawny’s mind as worked as her head bowed under the pressure of her father’s hands, guiding her mouth further down his cock.  It was terrible, her father’s cock driving in her mouth almost methodically.  He had gotten into a rhythm, his hands holding her head submissively onto his fucking cock, his hips driving back and forth.  He would pump his hips five times, each time pulling back out.  But it was the sixth one that Tawny waited and feared.  His hands would tighten on her head, his hips driving his cock into her unwilling mouth and he would stop, his cock poised at the entrance to her throat, waiting until Tawny would choke.  “EEEGGG,” she mumbled, her throat opening up as she gagged, his hands ready, driving her head onto his cock as if it were a boot, his powerful hands shoving his cock down into the breach of her throat.  “MMMGGGG,” she gagged as his cock pushing into her burning throat, forcing the muscles aside as Tawny’s mouth opened wide, her eyes tearing as he throat fucked her.  Her tongue instinctively pushed against his cock, unwittingly massaging it in an effort to push it out. She felt her lips pushed against his pubic hair, Tawny not even believing that she had taken it all in her mouth, but it was true, her ragged breathing testament to the thick cock that blocked her breathing from all but her nose.  CCCuuuff,” spitting out his cock as he released her head from his grip, the drool running down her chin as she sucked in as much air as she could into her desperate lungs.  His hands returned to the side of her face, lifting her head back up again, his cock throbbing inches from her mouth.


“Open up again honey,” he whispered almost sweetly to her, his cock eager to feel her lips and throat massage his pulsating flesh.


“No more, Daddy, it hurts in my throat.” She pleaded, tears running down her face, drool and cum on her chin as she begged him.


He pushed his cock against her lips, rubbing the wet head along her silky lips.  He put a finger into the corner of her mouth, forcefully breaching it, the head of his cock battering its way inside her again.  His hands held her head up, her lips wrapped around his cock as he fed his cock into her waiting mouth.  “Do it for daddy,” he urged her.  “He likes it when he fucks your throat.  Your choking and gagging brings me so much pleasure.”


She felt his hips beginning again, Tawny counting the number of times that moved back and forth, the sixth stroke driving it deep in her mouth, his hands waiting to urge it down her choking throat again.


Joe began to fuck Jessica with his fingers, Michael’s moans of pleasure intensifying his anticipation, careful not to bust her cherry, eager to do that with his cock.  She was humping up and down as his finger swirled around her tight opening, tearing it open wider, two fingers stretching her virgin pussy open.  She seemed to be lost in his masturbation of her, her mouth still pulling the string tightly, her nipples almost purple as they swelled.  His hand was drenched with her cum, sliding up and down her slit noisily.  He yanked the string from her lips, yanking them up until her nipples stretched.


She couldn’t believe the pleasure his hand was brining to her.  She felt a relief when he pulled the string from her mouth, the tight pinch on her nipples slight relived.  But he pulled them up, yanking them harshly.  “EEEEEHHHH,” she screamed out as her nipples felt as if they were torn from her chest, Joe yanking the string so far.  “GGGGHHH,” she screamed again, the string finally yanked from one nipple, but not before the pain intensified.  Her eyes were clouded with tears as she saw Joe yank the other end of the string, tearing the string painfully from the last nipple, sure that her nipples were ruined for life.  AAAGGGG,” the scream tore from her lungs.  She felt a hand push harshly between her legs, not even realizing that she had closed her legs.  The hand pushed them far apart and then Joe did the unbelievable. 


His cock throbbed as she screamed, Joe watching her as he tore the strings from her nipples, sure they dug deep into her flesh before the finally pulled free.  She had shut her legs, his hands pushing them open again, spreading them wide.  He raised one hand and brought it down onto her sex with a powerful slap that pushed her fleshy labia into her pelvic bone.  He pulled his hand back again, slapping her pussy again before she could recover.  He watched as she strained to keep her legs open for him in spite of the spanking.  He could see little drops of juice fly from the harsh smack, a sight that inflamed him.  And the look on her face was priceless, Joe sure that no one had ever treated her body so harshly.  He began to rub her pussy again, this time making sure that his fingers pinched her clit, her ass rising up each time he did.  “Now cum for me.  And don’t close your legs when you do.  Or I’ll spank your pussy again.”  He began to frig her harder, his hand slapping noisily as it slid up and down her wet slit, Joe finding her drenched in her own juices.  Two fingers ruthlessly shoved inside her, a gasp from her lips as her hips rose up, his fingers punching against her hymen, threatening to tear her virginity from her.


Jessica strained to keep her legs open, her body tense as she feared another spanking on her pussy.   Her sex still tingled from the powerful spanking, his fingers running all over her sex, her clit suffering under his powerful fingers, grabbed, yanked and snapped at by two fingers.  She felt the fingers driving into her wet pussy, pushing aside her virgin flesh, banging against her innocence, her body tense, expecting him to bust her hymen painfully.  But each time his fingers retreated, her virginity intact.  Her hips humped up and down, her body poised at the edge, even her nipples were still hard and tingling.  She couldn’t wait any longer.  “EEEEEHHHH,” she screamed out in ecstasy as she came, his fingers driving an explosive orgasm from her body, Joe’s fingers inside her as she clenched possessively on them as she came.  She struggled to keep her legs closed, the natural instinct to shut them, trapping the fingers that were pleasuring her.  “MMMMHHHH,” she screamed again, biting her lip as another powerful orgasm raced through her body, her pussy drenched in cum.  The fingers kept up the vigorous finger fucking, her body wanting to come down from the orgasm, Joe making her continue.  She thought she had finished, her body drained, when Joe spanked her pussy again, his large hand hitting her resoundingly on her sex, her clit smashed beneath his fingertip, forcing another cum from deep inside her body, this time from the unexpected pain.


Ooooowwww!” she yelled out.  “You’re hurting my vagina!” she screamed. 


“No!” Joe said harshly.  “Not your vagina.  Your cunt.” He corrected, wanting to hear her say the dirty word.  “Tell me you want to make your cunt feel better.”


“Please,” Jessica begged.  “Make my c-c-cunt feel better,” she said, ashamed at behaving like a lewd whore.  Joe, pleased with her submission, grabbed her clit and began to pull on it, stretching it tautly before releasing it to rub it in slow, firm circles.  “Good girl.” He crooned when she began panting heavily in lust.  He kept rubbing and pulling, working the bud until she pumped her hips again, ready to cum a final time.


The bed beneath her was drenched in her cum, his hands glistening as he spanked her pussy one more time, seeing her ass raise up into the air as she came again, her body thudding back down onto the bed, spent from the multiple orgasms that raced through her untrained body.  He began to slowly run his fingers up and down her slit, gently, her body shuddering each time he touched her clit, sure that it was sensitive.  “That’s a good girl,” he spoke softly to her as he gently masturbated her again.  “Let your body relax.  You’re going to have to cum for me again,” he urged her. 


She didn’t think her body had it in her to cum again, but his fingers were surprisingly gentle.  Her hips began to rock back and forth as his fingers played her body as if she were an instrument.  Two fingers plucked at her nipples, teasing the tender tips.


Tawny heard Jessica screaming, not sure if it were pain or pleasure, the sounds of rough sex filling the room.  She couldn’t see what was going on any longer, her father too excited.  His cock continued to grow in her mouth, Tawny not able to believe it as it seemed longer each time he jammed it down her throat.  He was holding her head with two hands, Tawny not able to move without his consent.  Her mouth had long become tired, too tired to do much but be a receptacle for his thick cock.  It slid in and out, his hips and hands forcing the thick cock as deep as he wanted into her unwilling mouth and throat.  Tears streamed down her cheeks, her ragged breathing only broken as she coughed and sputtered when she was allowed to breath, each time Tawny knowing that his cock would return, Tawny forced to open wide as it split her lips again.  Another scream from Jessica as she heard her father getting ready to cum, panting, his hands much more urgent, his cock jammed down Tawny’s throat for longer periods of time.  He began to pump her face, her nose almost breaking as she was yanked harshly onto his cock, pushed into his abdomen with such force.  By the third scream of Jessica, she was allowed to breathe, his hand pumping his cock in front of her face, as he panted in pleasure.  She knew what he wanted, her mouth opening slightly, her eyes closed as she waited to feel the hot cum hit her face.  She didn’t have to wait longer, the thick cum hitting her on the nose with a shattering noise, her skin feeling as if it were burning as it slowly ran down the tip of her nose.  She opened her eyes just in time to see his hand pump another load of cum, her father’s hands tilting her chin back as he pumped the cum into her open mouth.  It quickly filled her mouth with the foul, pasty taste, her father pushing his cock forward until it sat on her lips.  She let her tongue move out her mouth, rubbing over the head of his cock as he spewed a final load of the thick, hot cum into her waiting mouth.  She felt his cock push into her lips, her tongue bathing it submissively, gathering up all the thick, salty cum from his cock, cleaning it.


“Such a good cocksucker you are Tawny.  Lick it good.  Leave your daddy’s cock clean.  I promised to make you cum if I did.  Joe’s going to masturbate Jessica again.  He wants her body nice and relaxed when he fucks her.  You know how that is Tawny.  It hurts the first time when daddy fucked you.  But now you like it.”  He petted her head as his cock already began to harden in her skillful mouth.  It’s going to be the same way when I fuck you in the ass.  It’ll burn and hurt when I force you open.  But you will give such pleasure to Daddy.  You want that don’t you, Tawny?  You want Daddy happy.”


It took ten more minutes, but Jessica came again.  Not like last time, Jessica not sure she would ever have the multiple orgasms like that again.  Or would survive it again, her body abused from the first way.   She was ashamed at how Joe had made her cum, even when spanking and abusing her flesh.  Her body was so limp, her mind cluttered as Joe smiled down at her.  He put his hand to his mouth and ran his tongue all around his fingers, licking up her juice.  She feared what he would do now, his hand slowing taking his cock out of his pants, Jessica shocked at how big it was.  Bigger than Michael’s.  Joe pulled her naked body out of the bed, her eyes pleading with him to let her alone.


He took off all of his clothes, standing naked in front of her, his hand stroking his cock to hardness.  “Now its time to take care of me, Jessica.  Don’t worry, I’ll teach you everything you need to know.”  He grabbed her hands, bringing them up to his cock.  “Stroke it real nice Jessica.  Get it ready.”


“Please,” she begged, but her hands were already on his hot flesh.  She could barely put her fingers around it.  She could never take it between her legs.  She felt hands pushing down on her shoulders, finding her on her knees, his thick cock only inches from her mouth.  “No!  I can’t take it in my mouth.”  She protested, but her hands continued to masturbate his cock. 


“Don’t worry Jessica, I’ll do all the work.  All you have to do is open real wide,” laughing as he saw the look of terror on her face.  “You’ll do good sucking my cock.”


Tawny was pushed down onto the bed face down, her father’s hands drawing her hips up, his other hand pushing down on her back.  “Put your head down and that cute little ass up into the air.”  He hooked a hand between her legs, yanking her legs out unceremoniously until she was spread wide on her knees.  He slapped her ass, unable to contain his lust as the firm ass shoved so submissively up into the air.  Her cheeks parted, her anus exposed, his cock thickening at being sucked deep into her asshole.  “Don’t worry, I’ll fuck your pussy first.”  He waited.  “Once you get my cock wet, then I’m going to sodomize you.” He let a finger tease her anus, seeing the muscles clench uncontrollably, Tawny beginning to cry.


Both girls trembled as they waited for the men to commit the unspeakable acts on their bodies.


The End

























SHIPWRECKED, OBEY, SUBMIT is an action-packed adventure on the high seas as the super-rich fight the forces of nature in a losing battle with a cyclone that is hell-bent on sinking the superyacht.

Only part of the crew and passengers survive the storm, but they end up on a fog-shrouded island far off course when they should’ve been in the vast open waters of the South Pacific. Three women and three men find themselves left to their own devices for survival, but they are far from being the ideal couples. The three men are part of the crew and the three women lost their husbands or lovers to the storm.

After months on the island, the men see a better life in a different way. The women are dependent on the men for their survival, and there is little they can do to avoid the inevitable outcome. They know little of the background of the men, and that is an unfortunate mistake. The crew had women in every port, and their tastes ran from the exotic to the perverse. Nothing is off limits to satisfy their sexual desires, and with little hope of rescue, it is time for the women to earn their keep.

The captain and the mistress of the ship have been at odds for years, and he finds satisfaction in taming the mistress of the ship, humiliating her in front of everyone, but it is bondage that compels her submission. Her sister finds something disturbing as she watches her sister submit, but unlike her sister, she finds excitement in submitting and the pleasure is enhanced when she is bound. The third young woman, a trophy wife for an older man that had long given up on sex, finds herself drawn to a young, virile man that takes her with youthful exuberance.

But, nothing could’ve prepared them for what the men had in their depraved minds. It’s an exotic island, but the women are more exotic as they succumb to being readily available to the men at any time or in any manner. Is it the island of pleasure or the island of Hell that the six of them occupy? Powerone takes you on an action-packed adventure with the diverse characters forced to confront each other until the strong take command and the weak are mastered in every way.