Tempting Morsel

By Powerone

Copyright 2010


Michael should have turned around and gone the other way, but his eyes were mesmerized by the gentle sway of her ass in the short skirt as she walked deeper into the woods of the park, near school.  He walked a distance behind her as to not to be seen.  After all, he was her teacher.  He caught glimpses of her from the side, a button down blouse opened almost all the way to her waist, a glimpse of a bikini top like most girls wore during the warm summer days.  Michael wondered if she wore the bottoms under the short skirt, or was her luscious ass encased in a nice pair of tight panties.  His cock hardened as he walked and ogled the young girls flesh.

Madison was hoping he was still behind her, trying not to turn and look, but feeling his eyes burning on her ass.  It made her sway her hips more seductively as she walked, the trees getting thicker the deeper she went.  Professor Martin, Michael his first name, but no one called him that to his face, was following her.  She had a crush on him, most of his female students did.  He was the nerdy, professor type, but he was intelligent and he knew how to listen to a girl as if the words out of her mouth were the most important words spoken.  Madison flirted with him constantly, and lately she had been getting more then passing glances at her as if he wanted more.  She reciprocated, a little more leg shown in class, bending over his desk a little deeper until her bare breasts hung almost free.  She finally stopped in a small grove of trees, nothing around but more trees.  She felt a little strange, standing, not doing a thing, holding her breath and waiting.

Michael rubbed his cock as he eyed her from behind a large tree.  She wasn’t more then twenty feet from her.  She had stopped.  He knew it was time for him to act.  He crept slowly and quietly out from behind the tree, sneaking up on her, though he knew she knew he was behind her.  His hands went around her waist, but even when they touched her, she didn’t jump in fear, almost sighing in relief as his hands crept around her slim waist.  “Afternoon, Madison.”

“Professor Martin,” her voice trembling, not in fear, but passion.  She felt her juices flowing freely between her legs the minute she felt his hands on her body.  She masturbated so many times to his touch that she almost felt like she knew what his fingers would do.  She leaned back until she could feel him pressing up against her.  She pushed her butt back a little bit more until she felt his erection pushed into her soft cheeks.  Her breath hissed sexily as she rubbed her ass back and forth until she felt his erection jerking in pleasure.

She was so sexy, rubbing her ass on his cock, Michael pushing forward so he could feel the soft buttocks.  His hands slid over her arms and to her neck, his fingers teasing her neck until he felt the goose bumps appearing on her flesh.  He ran his fingers around the front, lifting her chin up high until her neck was stretched high, the soft, vulnerable flesh of her neck revealed.  She shivered against him as his hands slid down to the perfect globes of her breasts, touching lightly the firm flesh of her bosom that was revealed by the low cut bikini top.  He turned his head, lightly kissing her neck, his tongue snaking along her neck until he reached her ear, one hand holding her head still as his tongue popped in and out of her ear as her body shook.  His other hand continued to fondle the firm, young breasts.  Her ass and hips never stopped moving against his cock.

Madison could barely breathe, her lungs burning, the sexual tension making her legs feel like rubber.  Instinctively, her ass continued to hump against him, her gentle motion now more pronounced, more sexual and urgent.  His tongue in her ear made her cry out, but it was his hand running over her breast that made her nipple throb to painful hardness, begging to be touched by his fingers.  “What are you doing, Professor Martin?  Your fingers are stroking my breasts.  You shouldn’t,” yet her ass ground more urgently against his erection.

He nibbled on her neck as he talked softly to her.  “That’s barely your breasts,” Michael unbuttoning the bottom two buttons of her blouse, his fingers slipping the blouse off of her shoulders and down her arms.  He reluctantly stepped back so he could fold the blouse and place it neatly next to the tree.  He moved back behind her, her ass already arched back seductively, waiting for his cock.  He pushed up against her at the same time he pulled her arms back until her breasts began to arch forward, only the tiny bikini top protecting them from his eyes.

Her arms were behind her, her breasts thrust out obscenely, her bikini top slipping lower as Professor Martin moved behind her, her ass began to rub against him again.  He felt harder and longer.  She didn’t have to wait long before she felt his hands again, this time both of them running over the smooth skin of her upper breasts, his soft, wet lips enticing her neck and ear again until she felt her body enveloped in his.  He was nothing like the clumsy boys she dated; Professor Martin was taking her slow and gentle, yet she almost wished he would take her right now.

His hands moved beneath the bikini top until each hand cradle one of her breasts.  “Now these are your breasts.”  His large hands engulfed each of the firm tits, the bikini top thin.  He looked over so he could stare down at her deep cleavage, his hands crushing her breasts making it look more pronounced.  He could feel her hard nipples pushed into his palms.

“OOOOHHH,” she couldn’t contain her emotions any longer, looking down to see his large hands squeezing her breasts, her arms thrust out almost behind her submissively as he had his way with her.  She couldn’t believe the way her breast felt, his hands clenching on her breasts, another deep cry when his fingers sought out her nipples, pinching them and releasing them, the blood rushing back and forth to the swollen, throbbing tips.  If his hand had slid between her legs, she would have cum instantly.  She could feel him joining in, his hips moving his erection back and forth over her ass cheeks as she met his every thrust as if she were taking him inside her.

“Do you want me to make your breasts naked, Madison?”  He teased her with his voice as his fingers pinched her nipples hard.

“EEEHHHH,” she hissed through her teeth, her nipples aching, but the pain quickly turned to pleasure as it raced between her legs.  “NO,” she teased him.  “Don’t force me,” she begged him. 

He pushed her forward until he could get to the tie on the back of her bikini.  He undid the knot with ease, holding the two ends in his hand as he slid back behind her.  “Arms behind you,” he warned her.  She obeyed, Michael slipping the bikini top down over her breasts until it fell at her feet, just as she thrust her arms behind her, pushing up her proud breasts.  He looked over at her naked tits, full, brown nipples sticking out like rocks.  Both of her breasts were tanned all over.  He pushed his cock against her ass, his hands coming around to engulf her young, naked tits in his hands.  Her nipples felt like sharp points in his palms.

“OOOOHHH,” she cried out, when she felt his strong hands on her naked breasts, her flesh oozing through his fingertips as he clenched them so tightly.  She couldn’t believe how good it felt, holding her breath until she felt his powerful fingers searching out her nipples.  Her pussy dripped as she watched his fingers grip her nipples, hissing painfully when they squeezed, the flesh pinned between his fingers like a steel vise.  She arched her back as he pulled and tugged on her nipples, the blood rushing in and out of the swollen tips.

Michael bit her neck, licked and sucked on her skin and ear, his hands never leaving her breast as they continued to clench on the firm flesh, the nipples growing thicker the more his fingers abused them.  His hands slid over her bare stomach.  “Lift up your skirt, Madison.”

“Don’t make me do that,” she begged, but her hands were already reaching down and grabbing the edge of the short skirt and pulled it up high above her waist.

He looked down, the fairest, blonde bush peeking out, Madison naked beneath her skirt.  Her hands held her skirt up submissively, her legs parting gently.  “Naughty girl, Madison.  No panties.”  He stepped back from her, taking off his necktie.  “Take off your skirt, you wouldn’t need it anymore.”  He watched as she dropped it to the ground.  “Spread your legs, Madison.”

“No, I can’t do that.  Don’t make me,” she cried out, yet she was afraid he could see how wet she was.  He was taking off his tie, Madison hoping it was so he could be more comfortable when he fucked her. 

“Hands in front of you.  Cross your wrists.”  He took the tie and slid it around her slim wrists as she obeyed without question, yet he could see in her eyes that she hadn’t expected this.  She was teasing him with her denials, but she never expected that he would bind her hands.  He made the knot tight, her wrists pinned together.  He moved her over next to the young tree, the branches low. 

She looked up as he took the other end of the tie and slid it over the branch.  He pulled it down the other side and Madison could do nothing but watch her hands rise up higher and higher until her legs grew taut, almost on her toes before he stopped, tying the rope as she hung from the tree.   She looked up at her bound wrists and then down to her naked body drawn taut.  Professor Martin stood in front of her, his obvious erection pushing out the front of his pants erotically.  “What are you going to do to me?”  She cried out when he kneeled in front of her, his hands on her naked hips, the stubble on his cheek rubbing on her thighs.  His hand slid over her buttocks, Madison unable to stop the contractions of her muscles as she felt his hot breath blowing on her sex.  His hands slid between her thighs, pushing out on her muscles until she inched her legs a little bit at a time until her legs were spread at least three feet, Madison forced to dangle on her toes to keep from swaying.  “NNNNNNOOOOO,” she cried out, but her juices wet his lips when he kissed her pussy, his nose pushing between her slit, sliding up and down as his tongue began to work her into a sexual fervor.  His hands held her ass cheeks, strong fingers digging into the flesh of her buttocks as he pulled them apart.

He tasted her sweet juices, lapping at her young pussy with such vigor, his tongue touching her everywhere, his hands holding her ass from escaping.  He dug his tongue into her pussy, feeling the tight hole resist for only seconds before it flowered open to take his tongue inside her.  He swished around the tight, wet hole as she humped his face, his mouth and face covered with her sweet juices.  He began to pull her cheeks apart, feeling her buttock muscles resisting, but his strong fingers were insistent, pulling her cheeks apart.

She would have cum, his mouth and tongue everywhere, her body freezing when he bit her lips, but not even the way his teeth rubbed up and down on her puffy lips could stop the orgasm that was building in her.  His tongue flicked over her clit, all while her buttocks tried to clench tight, but his fingers continued to pull her cheeks apart until she could feel her anus opening up under the onslaught.  Then he suddenly stopped.  She wished now she had free hands, for they would have pushed his head back between her legs, but all she could was dance naked beneath her bound wrists.  She suddenly found her body spun around, her legs pulled back and spread wide.  “EEEEHHH,” she cried out in shameful pleasure when he began to plant tiny, wet kisses on her buttocks.  His fingers pulled her cheeks apart until she could feel his hot breath blowing on her anus, but before she could stop the humiliation, she felt a wet tongue licking up her spread crack and passing over the delicate bud of her anus.  Her muscles contracted around the obscene wet tongue that licked her in such a humiliating place. “No, not there,” she cried out in actual shame, but the tongue was relentless, licking her in the most shameful manner.  Just as quickly it had shamed her, she felt something different.  She couldn’t believe the feelings in her anus, his tongue igniting a strange, perverse pleasure that raced to her pussy.  He kept pulling her back onto his tongue, spreading her legs wider, her anal ring forced opened by the wide stance and thrust of her buttocks back until she felt his tongue begin to enter her.  Enter her rectum.  It was strange, her ring stretched around the thick, wet tongue, feeling it sliding inside her tight, contracting hole.  She would have never fathomed such a thing, but his tongue was fucking her asshole as if it was a tiny, wet cock.

Michael’s hands slid around to her pussy, one finger sliding up and down her slit and into her hole, two fingers reaming her out as his other hand found her clit, two fingers twisting it as he body shuddered in unexpected pleasure.  All the while, his face and nose was pressed into her ass, her cheeks spread apart as he flicked his tongue in and out of her tight, virgin asshole.  It didn’t take much longer before she cried out, his fingers flooded with her juices as she came hard.

“IIII’mmmm cumming,” she cried out.  “Tongue my asshole,” she yelled shamelessly, the orgasm overtaking her like she never felt before.  His tongue never left her asshole, her ring stretched around it while she came repeatedly until her body was exhausted.  She hung, naked and spent from the tree, her wrists still bound.

Michael stood up and untied the necktie from the tree, but left her wrists still tied.  She fell down to her knees, the orgasm exhausting her body.  He stood next to her, undoing his pants and pushing his shorts down until his cock bobbed in front of him.  He pulled her arms up by the necktie until they were above her head.  “Keep your arms there.”  He fisted his cock, his hands sliding over the shaft as the other hand went to the back of her head.  He moved forward until his cock touched her face, rubbing it all over the smooth skin of her cheeks and hair, leaving a wet trail of his juices as he moved it. 

She came face to face with his prick, the massive organ jutting out like a tree trunk, the massive head a deep, angry red.  Beneath it hung his heavy, hairy balls.  She felt the hot flesh burning her skin as he rubbed it on her skin, feeling the trail of his arousal, sticky on her face.  He rubbed her face and hair and then he painted her lips with his precum until they glistened.  She kept her lips clenched tight, but soon his fingers became insistent, prying open her reluctant mouth until she felt the smooth head slip through her lips, the taste of his cum flooding her mouth with the thick, salty taste.  She hadn’t expected that she would have to suck his cock, but it was too late, her lips already forced open as the thick head and then the shaft began to pierce her lips.  He was eager, his hands holding her head tight, yanking her back and forth onto his cock, her tongue forced to do its work and lavish her attention on his demanding cock.  Her hands were tied, she had no choice, his hands holding her head submissively while his hips began to fuck her penetrated mouth.

She didn’t have much experience sucking cock, but all girls came to it naturally.  He gave her a few moments, her tongue beginning to work on his cock, touching him in all the right places, leaking cum into her mouth as she worked him into a sexual frenzy.  His cock never left her mouth, her lips wrapped tightly around his shaft, fucking in and out, enjoying the way she gagged when he pushed in too deep, but his hands held her submissively as the head of his cock fought to enter her tight throat.  “Suck my cock, Madison.  I imagine this in class, you on your knees, naked and bound, my cock forced into your mouth.  You’re going to drink all of my cum and fill your belly with it.”  He thrust harder and deeper the more excited he became.

It was so big and demanding, her lips stretched tight around it as he continued to fuck her face.  He would sometimes push in too deep, but his hands held her tight, forcing her to gag and choke as the thick, smooth head tried to breach her throat.   His cock continually leaked his sticky, salty cum in her mouth, but she knew it would be much worse when he came.  She never let a boy cum in her mouth, but Professor Martin already told her she would have to take it all in her mouth and even worse, swallow it.  She could only hope she could choke it down.

Her mouth was like a tight pussy, her tongue continuing to run over his cock head.  His balls slapped against her chin, as he fed her the full measure of his cock, tilting her head back until her mouth and throat was in a straight line.  Her eyes opened wide the first time his cockhead breached her throat, a gag opening it wider as he pressed forward until the head was swallowed into the tight hole as she choked around his cock.  He pulled it out, but he continued to fuck it back in until she almost became used to being throat fucked, her gagging making it easier.  He saw tears running down her cheeks from the constant gagging, but it only excited him more, the bound, naked girl just a sex slave for his lust.

She could hear his frenzied breathing, then she felt his body stiffen, his hips shooting his cock forward into her mouth until she felt the smooth head rubbing over the roof of her mouth.  He cried out, his hands digging harder into her head as he hips jerked uncontrollably and then his cock spurted into her mouth.  It filled her cheeks instantly, hallowing as she tried to contain the gallons of thick, hot crème that coated her teeth and gums with his milky juice.  She could only gulp and swallow as he stroked his cock again through her tight lips, this time her tongue receiving the brunt of his cum, coating it with a thick layer of milky crème.  She swallowed repeatedly, but cum still trickled from her lips and down her chin to fall on her naked breasts.  Three times, he came in her mouth until her belly was warm with his juices.  He still kept his cock in her mouth even as it grew semi hard.

“Lick it clean, Madison.”  He pulled her arms up by the necktie, watching as his young, student’s tongue bathed his cock of his cum.  She finally spit it out, her lips coated with his drying cum.  He dressed, untying her hands so she could also cover her naked body.e He


When she was finished dressing he walked her out of the woods, his cock content until the next time he saw her in class.  “You have an ‘A” for the semester, Madison.”

She turned to him.  “How do I get an A+?”

He slapped her ass.  “That cute little ass will get you an A+.”

“You mean”, she didn’t know how to put it nicely.

“Yes, I want to sodomize you, Madison.  Stick my thick cock up that tight virgin hole.  I think I might have to tie you naked on your belly and spread your legs wide.  Then climb on you and stick my cock so far up your asshole it will feel like its coming out your mouth.  You’ll squirm and cry out, but you will never escape, forced onto your belly and sodomized until I fill your guts with my cum.”  His cock was already hard again.

“I am an overachiever, but I think you might have to spank me first.”  She could almost feel his cock up her asshole.  It would stretch her painfully, but she wondered what it would feel like to have something that large stretching her open and filling her.  Bound, she would have no choice. 

“Yes, I can warm up that nice ass.  I think I should spank your pussy also.  Get you nice and wet first.  Then I will fuck you hard and fast, frictioning that tight, virgin asshole until it will feel like I am burning it up.”  He almost threw her to the ground and ass fucked her, but he wanted her to think about what he was going to do to her.

The End