The Judge Molest His New Orphans


By Powerone

Copyright 2007



Warning:  This story contains sex with underage girls and boys from age 10 to 13.  If this offends you, please do not read any further.



Chapter Five

Virginity for a Price



The room was filling up fast, the smell of cigars clogging the air, the clicking of ice cubes in the glasses droning in the background.  The carriages brought them to the Judge’s house, over fifteen of the wealthiest men in the county.  And the most perverted, for tonight the Judge was auctioning off the virginity of Amy to the highest bidder.  All knew that even if they didn’t win, the auction was worth the time, the girl displayed for all of them, the Judge making sure that she encouraged the highest bids, her body slowly exposed, her talents revealed.


It was a large room, the upholstered chairs circled around the hastily erected stage, a warm fire lighting up the room.  Servants brought the men drinks, young girls dressed in short dresses that barely covered their sex, the bodice tight around their bosoms, hands touching and fondling the young girls with immunity.  You would not be able to find a soft cock in the crowd.  Even the walls were adorned with Grace’s photographs as well as oil painting of various sexual acts, most of them perverse and unnatural.  The air was filled with eroticism, all meant to entice the maximum amount of money from the bidders.  The Judge’s did this well.


The Judge walked into the room, a sudden hush sweeping the room as he walked to the stage.  Walking timidly behind him was Amy, her head down, a slight blush across her skin.  She was not dressed in the sophisticated clothes like before, tonight the Judge wanted her to look her age, a simple white blouse that buttoned up the front, though it was cut to fit her to a tee, the material molded to her flesh, especially her pert, little breasts.  She couldn’t help that her nipples were hard, the Judge not giving her anything to wear under the blouse, the material starched and scratchy.  Each time she moved, the gentle bounce of her breasts would scratch her nipples across the rough material, the tips already sore and tender.  She was humiliated that the constant erection of her nipples had driven a lust between her legs, finding her pussy getting wet in spite of the pain.  She knew that would not be a bad thing, for the Judge had already told her of tonight.  She would lose her virginity to the highest bidder, at least if she were wet it might be less painful.  She had already suffered under the brutal sodomy of the Judge, knowing that the men he consorted with liked to inflict pain on young girls, tonight would surely be a painful experience.  Not something a young girl dreamt about, losing her virginity to her lover in a gentle, romantic night is what she had expected.  This would be quite different.


The men watched as the young girl moved behind the Judge, already showing her submissive personality.  She might only be thirteen, but her body was already beginning to bloom.  Her hips were beginning to blossom, a firm ass swayed beneath the skirt she wore, full at the bottom, but clinging to her ass until it got to the top of her legs.  She walked with a delicious swaying that enticed all the men’s eyes, her ass moving from left to right almost hypnotically.


The Judge stopped, waiting patiently for Amy to stand next to him.  He was sure that every cock in the room was hard, all imagining them laying on this sweet girl, their adult cock plunging through her innocence as they kissed away her scream of pain.  She stood next to him, the Judge able to make out a gentle shaking of her body in fear.  He could almost smell the fear on her.  The men would like that.  “Thank you all for cumming tonight,” the audience laughing at the play on words.  “Some of you have already met Amy, for some of you she is new.”  His hand pushed her chin up, making her face the audience.  “A lovely creature, only thirteen.”  He brushed her hair to the side so they could see her face, her large green eyes staring at the men in the audience.  “A pretty face,” his hand gently rubbing over the silky smooth skin of her cheek and as the Sheriff can tell you looks very erotic covered in cum.”  The laughter broke out again.  “An adorable mouth that is untouched, two virgin holes sold to the highest bidder tonight.”


The men in the audience were openly stroking their cocks through their pants while the Judge listed her assets with such enthusiasm.  His hands ran around her lips, pushing them inside, making her open her mouth until she clasped her lips around the finger.  The Judge was moving his finger in and out of her mouth as if it were a cock, only much smaller.  Amy dreaded a cock in her mouth, seeing all of the seed that the Sheriff’s cock spit on her face, the seed thick and hot.  She could never take that in her mouth, never mind the length of it.  She was thrown back to the reality of the situation, the drone of the Judge’s voice in the background until she felt his large hand move to the front of her blouse.


“A nice set of tits, with nipples made for punishment.  Thick and hard, meant to be squeezed by powerful fingers.  Or clamps.  And big enough to tie up.”  He thought of the way she took to the other bondage, bent over the bolster, her ass thrust up, tied down, unable to stop them from committing their unspeakable acts on her.  She did nothing to stop them, submitting almost too willingly.  The men liked the girls to have a bit of reluctance in them, enjoying a girl that squirmed to get away.  His hand openly fondled her lovely tit, his fingers squeezing on the firm flesh until he saw her lips clench tight in pain.  He moved to the other one, crushing the flesh beneath his large hand as Amy stood submissively by his side, his fingers pinching her nipple until she gave a out a shrill cry of pain, the audience loving her pained expression on her face.


She couldn’t do anything as the Judge squeezed her breasts painfully, finally crying out in pain as his fingers crushed her already sensitive nipple.  His hand moved down the front of her blouse, carefully popping open each button, the tight fit making the material fold back leaving a wide expanse of her white skin revealed, including her cleavage.  The rough material rasped across her nipples, further inciting there erection, Amy looking down, embarrassed as they brashly pushed out the thin material of the blouse.  He yanked it harshly out of her skirt, pushing it aside until her naked breasts were revealed to the gawking men in the audience, her bosom turning red in shame as being so openly exposed.  It was hard for a thirteen year old girl to be stripped naked, Amy not having the self confidence of an older girl that had a body that was fully matured.  She was ashamed that her breasts were so small.  She shivered when his calloused hands returned to her breasts, lifting them up as if he were presenting them to the men in the audience.  She looked down, her nipples extending out into sharp points, already red from the constant chafing and the Judge’s pinching fingers. 


The Judge slipped the blouse off of Amy, her arms hanging uselessly at her side.  He cupped the smooth, silky flesh, his fingertips rubbing across the erect tips.  “The lucky man will get to suckle these lovely tits tonight.”  He teased both of her nipples, finally pinching the throbbing flesh, a slight moan from Amy.  “Spread your legs Amy.”  She obeyed without question, spreading her legs like a wanton whore.  She had learned that disobedience was met with punishment.  The Judges hand moved down to the edge of her skirt.


She spread her legs, the Judge’s fingers making her body jerk as they touched the top of her naked legs, gripping the top of her skirt.  He made sure his fingers traced up her naked leg as he slowly pulled it up for all to see her, sliding it up her legs until it was almost to her waist.  She refused to look down, knowing that the men could see her panties, her spread legs leaving little to the imagination beneath the clinging white panties the Judge had furnished her with. 


The men looked at the lovely girl, the virginal white panties at least a size too small, the material molded to her flesh like a second skin.  Her slit was clearly revealed, the panty material pushed into the crack, a hint of moisture revealing her unwanted arousal.  Her vulva was almost hairless as the panties clung to the puffy flesh.  All of them thought of plunging the erect cocks into her virgin hole and making her scream in pain as they tore her innocence from her. 


The Judge unsnapped the skirt adroitly, the garment falling to the floor, Amy clad only in her tiny panties.  “Turn around,” teasing the men as they gazed at her ass, the panties clinging to her butt, her cheeks tightened, the material pushed and trapped in her crack.  He knew this would only inflame the men’s lust, all of them imaging how tight her pussy would be when she tightened up on their hard cock.  He let her stay with her back to the audience as he slipped the panties down over her ass cheeks, tugging them as they pulled from her crack.  He pushed them down her legs, Amy obliging him by closing her legs until they settled around her ankles.  “Step out of them.”  Her legs kicked them off, spreading her legs slightly without being told.  “Good girl,” he encouraged her.  His hands touched her naked ass cheeks, enjoying the way her muscles naturally clenched tight, her buttocks taut.  “Relax your ass Amy.  Let me have my way with you.”  She obeyed without question, the Judge’s large hand gripping one cheek and squeezing it tight, all of the men watching as her cheeks spread open, her crack revealing the treasure tucked snuggly between it. 


She hated it when he touched her ass, remembering the painful sodomy and the humiliation of being taken in such a perverse manner.  His hands spread her cheeks until she felt the night air blowing on her anus, knowing that all of the men could see her abused hole.


“She has a delightful asshole, hot and tight.  And she clenches a cock in such a delicious manner, I’m sure that she will provide the same assistance from the one that takes her in her pussy.  Her asshole is a little red and swollen from my previous sodomy.”  He held her cheeks apart so all could gaze lustily at her asshole, all imaging that cocks snuggled in such a hot, tight perverse hole.


She felt the Judge turning her around, her head hanging down in shame as her pussy was revealed to the men.  The Judge’s hand lifted her chin up, Amy forced to stare at the men as they gazed lustily at her, not looking at her face, but between her legs.


“You’re going to have to spread your legs wider now Amy.  They want to see your lips part.”  Her legs shuffled to the side, the Judge staring down between her legs as her lips began to part.  Even when a virgin spread her legs, her tight lips still were barely parted.  The light pubic hair was barely visible to him, sure the men in the audience could see none of it.  You could barely hear a pin drop, the men in the audience so quiet as they gazed in awe at Amy’s virgin pussy.  It wasn’t that often they were afforded such a spectacle, a thirteen year old virgin pussy revealed to their eyes.  Each knew only one would get to enjoy the insides of this remarkable girl. 


The Judge was not going to touch her, letting instead for Amy to do it.  A small boudoir chair was brought in quietly, the upholstered chair made for a girl to recline on.  “Sit down Amy.”


Amy turned when she heard the commotion behind her, seeing a man bring out a chair.  She sat down on it, swinging her legs up on it, almost able to recline on it, her legs tightly clenched together.  She was surprised when the Judge didn’t touch her, not understanding it. 


“I’m afraid the men want to see more then that Amy.  Bring your knees up.  Yes, that’s a good girl.”  Amy brought her knees up, her feet together, hiding her intimate charms from the men.  “Now let your knees bow out, reveal all of your treasures to the men.”  She reluctantly parted her knees, her feet together as her knees parted until they almost touched the seat of the chair.


She did as she was told, spreading her knees, feeling her pussy lips peeling back, the cool night air blowing between her lips onto her heated flesh.  It was obscene to be spread like this, all of the men having an unobstructed view between her legs, her body flushed in shame.  If this wasn’t bad enough, the Judges words that came out next made it so much more shameful.


“I want you to masturbate for the men Amy.  Play with that lovely pussy until you cum.”


She looked at him in shocked disbelief.  She had just learned to masturbate, but that was in the privacy of her own bedroom.  Alone.  To ask a thirteen year old girl to openly masturbate for a room full of older men was so perverse that she could even respond, her body frozen in fear.


“I wouldn’t tell you again Amy.  Either perform as I instructed you or I will get a whip and lash your pussy with it.  I’m sure the men in the audience would appreciate that just as much.”  He looked at her, staring into her frightened eyes, Amy knowing he was serious.


She had no choice, knowing the cruelty of the Judge.  Her fingers moved down over her naked stomach as if they had a will of their own.  Her fingers moved along the edge of her slit, surprised and humiliated to find that her pussy was already wet.  How could this demeaning act make her aroused?  She saw all of the men looking at her as her fingers began to go to work, moving between her lips as if she was in her private bed beneath the covers of her bed.  Her pussy lips parted as two fingers moved up and down, gathering up her juices, Amy fighting the arousal that she was instigating.  Her legs stayed submissively spread wide, her hips began to make an unmistakable movement, her ass slowly rising up from the chair as her fingers moved to the top of her slit, moving back down as it slid back down to her tight hole.  She felt the arousal building quickly, ashamed that she couldn’t control her own animalistic behavior, acting like a dog in heat as she humped her fingers.


It was such a sight to watch a thirteen year old virgin openly masturbating in front of them, her pussy revealed to all of them, her fingers pushing aside her lips until they could almost make out the dark, forbidden virgin hole that lay nested between her thighs.  Her shame had turned to lust, her hips moving up and down in a gentle fucking motion, all of their cocks hard in anticipation of taking the young girls virginity forcefully from her.  She cried out when her fingers moved up to her clit, slapping at the tiny bud until it was revealed, now hard and throbbing as her fingers rubbed it so erotically.  Her legs were now pulled back, revealing more, her ass cheeks parted, tiny tremors in her anus barely visible to the men in the audience.  You could tell by the expression on her face that she wouldn’t last much longer, her lust etched in her features.


She forgot all about the men that were watching her, fucking her fingers, her clit rubbed so casually as the first tremors of her impending orgasm spread through her body.  Her nipples swelled from the approaching orgasm, one hand reaching up to tap at the hardened flesh, pinching it harder then she would normally do, as hard as the Judge had done.  Her hips were moving up and down, her fingers slipping down, inside her, banging against her hymen, knowing this would be the last time she would feel it, her innocence to be snatched from her tonight but one of these strange men.  It mattered little as she felt the tremors race through her body, her pussy gushing onto her fingers, as one finger inside her became two, plunging in and out as her other fingers crushed her clit as the orgasm exploded, Amy crying out in lust.  She cared little of the men that watched her, consumed by her orgasm that rippled through her body.  She had never felt such a powerful orgasm, not sure if it were the openly exhibitionism that incited the deep seated lust or the thought of losing her virginity.  It made little as the orgasm ripped through her body as she cried out in pleasure.


She came for long minutes, her fingers never idle, sliding in and out of her virgin passage, her juices glistening on her fingers.  She pinched her nipples, her clit, all driving her orgasm until she finally slumped in the chair, exhausted.


“Very good Amy.  Gentlemen, you have seen how amorous this young girl can be.  The bidding will begin now.  The winner will have her for the night, to do as you please, her mouth and pussy both virginal.  She will bring you much pleasure tonight, memories to recall for many years.  This is a one in a lifetime opportunity.  Let the bidding begin.”


The bidding was loud and rapid, no one having the leadership for more then seconds, the previous bid continually passed until the sum reached astronomical proportions.  The men finally began to fall by the wayside until it was down to two, the others disappointed.  It still took another ten minutes until the final bidder won out, standing up and boldly exclaiming his success, the others congratulating him as the room began to empty.


Amy was led off as the bidding continued, given back her clothes, taken to one of the large bedrooms were she would be deflowered in style and comfort.  She sat in one of the chairs, waiting for her own demise, her eyes fixed to the door to see which man would take her innocence from her.  She didn’t have to wait long, the door handle turning slowly as she waited with bated breath.


William Hayes entered the room, having paid the Judge the princely sum of money for this privilege.  His cock strained his trousers, but tonight Amy would satisfy all of his lust.  Even at sixty years old, he was still virile, none more then tonight when he would snatch her virginity from her.  He walked into the room, the girl sitting nervously on a chair for him.  “You may call me William,” he spoke to Amy.  “Since we are going to be on such intimate terms.”  He sat in one of the chairs, his hand sitting absently in his lap, stroking his cock brazenly.  “Strip for me.  Then I will teach you how to suck a cock with your mouth.  You will have to acquire the necessary skill tonight because I intend to take the pleasure of your lovely body more then once before morning.  By time I am finished with you, you will be an expert cock sucker.”


That is what Amy feared the most, even more then losing her virginity.  She just couldn’t fathom taking a cock in her mouth.  Especially a big one.  She had seen what they did to Bill, forcing their cocks down his throat and making him choke.  And finally shooting their cum in his mouth and making him swallow it.  Her only hope is that William would be too eager to take her virginity that he wouldn’t spend much time with her mouth.  But she went about the task of stripping for him, her shyness almost gone now after being stripped naked and masturbating in front of the group of men.  And cumming so unashamedly. 


William watched as Amy began to take off her blouse again, this time he would be the one to play with her naked body, the young girls his for the night.  And he intended to take his time and take her often, sure that her mouth would inspire his cock back to fullness, the sight of a young girl with your cock between her lips always inciting his lust.  Her small, naked tits came into view, her nipples still hard.  “Such lovely tits Amy.  Play with your nipples and get them harder.  Like you did before.”


She slipped the blouse to the floor, standing naked to the waist in front of him.  He had to remind her of the way she openly masturbated her body, her fingers moving up to cup her breasts, her fingertips playing across her nipples until she felt the familiar stirring between her legs.  How could she become wet so easily?  And so fast after cumming.  What was the Judge turning her into?  She arched her back, sticking her youthful breasts out provocatively for him, her nipples almost pointing straight up.  She looked over at him, his trousers undone, his cock sticking out of his pants.  His cock was large, larger then the Judge’s.  And the more he stroked it, the thicker it became.  She knew it would hurt when he put it inside her, her pussy not yet fully developed, but William caring little, wanting only to stick his adult cock inside her virgin hole. 


“Yes, its big isn’t it?”  William saw the way she looked at his cock, the look of fear in her eyes as it grew beneath his fingertips.  By morning you’ll beg to suck and fuck my cock.”  He laughed loudly.  “Now the skirt and panties.  I want to see that virgin hole.  This time up close and personal.”  He slipped his pants down to his ankles, his heavy balls sitting on the chair, filled with an abundance of cum for this young girl.  


He was naked from the waist down, his balls and legs hairy.  She hated the thought of this old man laying on top of her, his cock shoved inside her, rutting away in her.  She undid her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, standing there for a second so he could admire her body.  She slipped her fingers in the waist band of the tight panties, sliding them down over her blossoming hips and ass, tugging them past her knees and off her feet, feeling her naked breasts dangling back and forth beneath her.  She stood back up straight, her thighs together, waiting for his next order.  Would he make her privately masturbate for him?


“Come kneel between my legs.  You can worship my cock with your mouth.”  His cock jerked in anticipation of her lovely lips wrapped around his shaft, her big green eyes staring up at him as he fucked her mouth.  She sat her naked body between his legs, her mouth just the right height.  “Come closer my child.”  William touched the sides of her face when she moved closer, his cock jerking when he felt her hot breath blow on his organ.  He looked at her face, Amy absently licking her lips, the spit glistening on her full lips.  “Kiss the tip of it.”  He held his cock out for her to kiss, the head of it only inches from her mouth.  He saw her lips pucker up, his hands pulling her closer until her lips almost touched the head of his cock. 


It looked so much bigger closer up.  The head of his cock was almost purple.  There was the hole in the center of it, Amy seeing a fluid dripping out as he continued to stroke it.  She had never noticed the thick veins that ran up the sides of it, bulging out, almost able to see the blood pulsating in them.  She couldn’t even imagine what they would feel like inside her.  The head of his cock had a big ridge around it, making it look like a hat that sat on the end of his shaft.  It was much thicker then the shaft, Amy knowing that the thick head was plow its way inside her first, tearing her open for the rest of the shaft to enter.  And it had to be at least ten inches long.  But that was the least of her problems.  Williams hands were becoming more insistent, wanting her to perform orally for him.  Her lips puckered, pressing her head forward until she felt the hot, rubbery flesh touch her lips, almost feeling like it was burning her flesh.  She tried to pull away, but William was much stronger, holding her head submissively.  She kissed his cockhead again, this time feeling it jerk when her lips touched it, finding one of her lips wet with his juices.  She refused to touch it with her tongue, not wanting the foul fluids to fill her mouth.  She kissed again, William staring at her as she lavished her kisses on the end of his cock.  His hand held it steady as it jerked and pulsated from the touch of her lips on it.


He could barely contain his enthusiasm as she kissed his cock.  Her silky lips brushed so provocatively over the head of his cock, fighting the urge to shove his cock into her waiting mouth.  But he wanted to savor the moment, letting her kiss the head of his cock as he contained the throbbing flesh in his hand.  “Now lick it.  All around the head.  And make sure you get under the rim.”  He wanted more.  “OOOOOHHHH,” he moaned as he watched the tongue come out of her mouth almost in slow motion.  He waited, his body tense until he felt it, her hot, moist tongue brushing across the tip of his cock, tightening his sphincter muscles as he fought the urge to cum.  He managed to contain his orgasm, but some cum slipped out the head of his cock onto her waiting tongue.  He laughed as he saw her face clench in disgust as his cum covered her tongue.


She almost choked when she felt his cum on her tongue, the fluid hot and thick.  Then came the unmistakable salty taste that covered her taste buds in spite of the small amount that leaked on her tongue.  God, what would it be like if he came in her mouth?  She had no other choice, continuing to run her tongue over the head of his cock, doing as he ordered, the tip of her tongue finding the ridge around his cock, nipping at it.  The head of his cock began to glisten in the light, Amy not sure how much was her spit and how much was his cum, just a small amount permeating her mouth with its foul taste. 


“Tongue the whole thing Amy.  From the tip of my cock down to my balls.  Don’t miss a single spot of my cock with your tongue.  Hold it with your hand now.  Learn to control it as you lick it.”  He released his cock into her hand, his cock jumping when her tiny fingers curled around the shat, the silky fingers gripping it so tentatively.  He sat back in the chair as she bathed his cock, her tongue licking from the head all the way down the shaft and back up again.


She hated it, his pubic hairs sticking to her tongue, making her choke when one tried to go down her throat.  She licked it, fighting to contain the jerking flesh in her small hand, barely able to get her fingers all around it.  She licked his balls, finding them wrinkled, not what she expected.  And the hair, Amy having a hard time of spitting out the errant hairs that continually filled her mouth.  She cupped his balls with one hand, surprised to find twin balls floating almost invisibly in his ball sack.  She cupped them gently as her tongue ran over the wrinkled skin.  She bathed his cock with her tongue for long minutes, William laying back, moaning in pleasure.


“Now in your mouth Amy.  Open real wide and take the head of my cock inside.  Then use your tongue on it.”  He sat back up again, wanting to hold her head to teach her the proper technique. 


She did as he asked, her mouth opening wide, her hand holding his cock only inches from her mouth.  His hands reached for her head again, his large hands applying pressure to the side of her head.  She knew what she had to do, pushing forward until she felt the hot, rubbery flesh running over her lips.  She felt the head of his cock entering her mouth, finally closing her lips around the shaft, trapping the head of it in her mouth.  She waited for a moment, then she made her tongue work on the head of his cock, rubbing back and forth over the head of it.  She felt his cum leak into her mouth, gulping as she tried to choke back the foul taste.


Her mouth was so tight around his cock, her hot breath blowing on the head.  His cock jerked in her mouth as her tongue began to bath the end of it, slapping back and forth over it as he fought the urge to blow his cum into her waiting mouth.  His first cum would be in his mouth, allowing him to fuck her virgin pussy longer, wanting to draw it out.  “Yes, you’re a natural cocksucker Amy.”  His hips began to rock back and forth, pushing a bit more of his cock into her mouth each time, her tongue eagerly trying to please him, but he could see the look in her eyes, fearing how far he would shove his cock in her mouth.  Or down her throat.  “Keep your lips nice and tight.  Just like your pussy.”  His hands became more urgent now, pulling her on and off of his cock.  Each time he went deeper, finally banging the head of his cock against the back of her mouth, trying to breach the opening of her throat.  He was rewarded with her choking, his cock jerking at the entrance to her tight throat. 


She tried to please him, but her body was tense, afraid as he fed more and more of the massive ten inch shaft into her mouth.  Her tongue continued to lash at the head of his cock and now the shaft as it pushed to the back of her mouth.  His hands felt like a vise around her head, pinning her as his hips drove his cock in and out as if he were fucking her.  She only hoped he would tire and want to fuck her pussy, willing to give up her virginity to keep his cock from her throat.  She could hear him panting loudly now, his heavy balls slapping against her chin when he shoved in too far, the crinkly hairs tickling her chin.


It hurt when his balls slapped harshly against her chin, but he needed to cum and quickly.  Her lips were curled so erotically around the shaft of his cock, her cheeks sucking in and out as she tried to please him.  And her tongue never stopped moving, running around his cock with abandonment.  He gripped her head tight, plunging his cock to the back of her mouth, his muscles taut.   “EEEEWWWWW,” he screamed in lust as the cum raced up from his balls. 


It caught her by surprise, Amy not really sure what was happening until his cock began to spew into her mouth.  It felt so powerful, a torrent of cum filling her mouth until her cheeks began to bulge.  Amy tried to contain it all in her mouth, refusing to swallow the foul tasting cum.  She couldn’t even contain it all, some leaking down her chin as she tried to make her lips tight around the shaft.  He pulled his cock from deep in her mouth, keeping just the head of it in her mouth, feeling it shudder as he groaned lustily again, another load of cum spewing onto her tongue this time.  She had no choice, her mouth filled to overflowing, choking down the thick fluid as it slowly sank into her stomach, his cock still spewing more into her mouth.


He came three times in her mouth, seeing her throat moving as she was forced to swallow his abundant sperm.  It was worth the money he paid for her to see her eyes as she swallowed his cum, her sweet lips wrapped around his cock almost lovingly.  He pumped his cock in and out as he came, holding her head tightly as he used her conveniently.


He finally stopped cumming, pulling his cock from her mouth, cum leaking out onto her lips and chin as it plopped out.  She bent over, spitting up some of the thick cum onto the floor, the rest sitting heavily in her stomach.  His cock was smaller now, but still semi-erect.


“Very good Amy.  You’ll have more time to practice more before we are done.  Now I want to explore you while my cock returns to power.  Lay on the bed, legs pulled up like you did when you masturbated for us.”  He stood up as she walked slowly to the bed, watching her naked body from behind as she crawled very unladylike into the center of the bed, laying on her back, bringing her knees up and spreading her legs until she opened up for him to explore.  He gazed lustily down at her almost bald pussy, the fine hairs barely visible.  “Put your hands behind your knees and draw them up, real high, over your head.  I want you opened up until I can almost see inside you.”


She hated the wanton pose he put her in, but she had no choice, drawing her legs up, still spread wide, her pussy lips pulling apart from the wide expanse.  Even her asshole was exposed, almost able to feel the air blowing inside her.  She looked over at him as he kneeled on the bed, scooting up until he was close to her spread sex.  His cock was already hardening in expectation of her deflowering.  She jumped when his fingers touched her pussy, sliding up her slit with ease, Amy ashamed at how wet she was.  He must think she is a whore, lying like this, holding herself open for his exploration.  His finger was more urgent now, sliding up and down, Amy fighting the urge that she felt between her legs, not wanting to humiliate herself any more.  “EEEEEHHHH,” two fingers piercing her pussy, pushing aside her muscles as they fought there way inside her.  “AAAGGHH.”  They were stopped by her hymen, but not before the pushed it in, stretching it until she felt he was going to bust it with his fingers instead of his cock.


“No, it’ll be my cock that takes your innocence.”  His fingers circled inside her tight opening, stretching her open for something much larger and longer.  His other hand stroked his cock as it grew erect.  He masturbated her at the same time he did the same for himself.  He pulled his wet finger sliding from inside her, moving over her perineum to lightly play it across her anus.  “Bring your legs up higher.”  He wanted her asshole easily accessible.  She was no longer a virgin there, but he wanted to test how tight she was.  She grunted as he pushed his finger on the throbbing hole, feeling it resist until he shoved hard with his finger, suddenly impaling her rectum with the tip of his fat finger.  He bent his finger, pushing it hard against the muscles, another groan from her lips.  Her hot, tight asshole enveloped his finger in a warm blanket, her muscles clinging to it almost lovingly.


It burned when he entered her ass, still sore from the Judges cock.  It didn’t hurt as much as being fucked by a big cock, but Amy still hated the feeling of being probed in such a spot.  It was so perverse.  “EEEWWW,” William left his middle finger in her asshole, but his thumb went back to her pussy, the thick thumb pressing hard against her hymen.  She looked at him, his hand no longer masturbating his cock, but moving down until her body shuddered, his finger searching out her clit, pushing the edge of it until it popped into the open, his other finger waiting, snapping hard against it.  Her body jerked, the finger in her ass impaling her deeper, his thumb pressing hard against her hymen.  She couldn’t do anything, too many fingers playing in too many places, her hips unable to stop jerking back and forth.


William enjoyed the way her body rocked on his fingers, snapping at her clit as she cried out, shoving her ass down hard onto his waiting fingers, pushing hard up inside her as her insides tried to fight off the intrusion.  But she was getting her wetter, William able to see the dew on her pussy lips, his thumb wet inside her.  He looked down, his prick stiff, ready to fuck her.


She opened her eyes when his fingers left her.  The first thing she saw was the erect cock bobbing between her legs.  He had grown erect again, almost longer then before.  William was smiling at her as he fisted his cock. 


“Release your legs.”  He wanted to be between them when he fucked her.


 She put her legs down, but she had to spread them wide, on the other sides of his hips.  She tried to move away when William rubbed the head of his cock along her slit, the bulbous head shoving apart her lips to slide easily in the slick insides.  He moved it from the bottom of her slit, all the way back up, stopping just short of touching her clit.  It jerked and shuddered as her pussy lips curled around it almost possessively.  He guided it down, down to her virgin hole, Amy feeling the pressure as the massive head began to push against her virgin hole.  She panicked, suddenly afraid of being split up the middle by the thick, adult cock.  “NO!  Please don’t!”  She begged him as she felt him lying down on top of her, his hands between them, guiding his cock inside her.


“Relax, you can take it.”  He didn’t care if it hurt her, all he wanted was to feel the young pussy wrap around his cock.  He kept his cock rigid as his ass began to push down, the thick head of his cock pushing inside the tight hole.  He felt the tremendous pressure of her pussy on his cockhead, squeezing it so tight, William afraid it wouldn’t go in.  He shoved a little harder, a painful grunt escaping from her lips.  His hands went up to her titties, his fingers finding her nipples hard as they clenched on her firm flesh.  His hip made a rotating motion, opening her up as he pushed in harder, the head of his cock almost inside her.  It felt like a vise was gripping his cock as the head pushed against her hymen.  Her last vestige of innocence.  He had paid dearly for this privilege and it would soon be his.


It felt like a giant log inside her, his cock jerking as it forced her open.  She spread her legs wider, anything to stop the terrible stretching inside her.  He was squeezing her breasts now, hard, his fingers no longer caring if he hurt her, his lust his overriding concern now.  She knew it would only be minutes before he busted her cherry and his cock would plunge unrestrained inside her, fucking her hard and fast.  And she could do nothing except lay there with her legs spread and accept the cock that would take her innocence.  No thirteen year old girl should have to endure such a terrible act,


He kissed her, his mouth covering hers, his tongue sliding inside her mouth to duel with her reluctant tongue.  She tried to move away, but he followed her every movement, forcing her until she kissed him back.  That is when he struck, driving his ass forward, his buttocks clenched tight as he put all of his power behind the thrust.  He felt her resist, her hymen stretching, holding him back, but he was insistent, pulling back just enough to gain the leverage he needed.  This time there wasn’t anything to stop him, his thrust too powerful, Amy pinned to the bed like a butterfly.  His thick cock tore into her, pushing against her hymen until it finally gave, the head of his cock finding virgin territory to plow into.  And she screamed.  Screamed into his mouth as he savored the sweet success of popping her cherry.


She struggled as he took her breath away with his kiss, his tongue forcing its way inside her mouth, plunging in and out just as his cock was doing inside her virgin pussy.  He would push in, finally stopped as she gripped his cock and tried to stop it from going any farther inside her.  Then she relaxed for a moment as he pulled out, unable to stop him as he shoved in again, this time her hymen ripped in a painful moment, a scream torn from her lips. But no one heard it, William smothering it with his mouth, her cry of anguish taken just as her virginity had been. It felt like a knife inside her, her insides ripped, sure that she was bleeding as the cock continued to push inside her painfully.  She felt some relief when he stopped moving in, pulling out, her insides feeling like they were being dragged back out by the tremendous suction caused by the thick head of his cock.  His hands reached down to her hips, holding her still as she braced herself for another fuck inside her.  She didn’t have to wait long, William shoving his cock inside her, this time going deeper, tearing along where he had already fucked, finding new fresh virgin territory to plunge inside. 


He had never felt anything as good as her pussy gripping his cock. It had been too many years to remember taking a virgin before, not a big deal when you were young.  This was different, the young girl’s naked body shuddering beneath his, sobbing as he fucked his cock into her busted virgin hole, tearing it in and out, each time shoving deeper until he felt her resistance.  He wasn’t sure if she was wet from arousal or the blood of losing her virginity, not really caring as long as his cock could continue to plunge in and out of her pussy unopposed.  He had half of his cock inside her, her legs spread widely apart as he plunged in and out as he began to fuck her.  She was so tight, her insides clinging to his shaft as he pulled out, the head of his cock trapped by her tight hole as he waited for a moment before shoving back in.  He continued to kiss her as he fucked her, her muffled cries captured by his mouth. His hands on her hips drew her ass up, offering up her once virgin pussy to the deep thrust of his cock. His hips became a blur as he fucked her hard and fast, the cum bubbling up in his balls in spite of just cumming only minutes before.  She felt too good to wait much longer.


So that is what it felt like.  The flesh felt like an iron rod inside her, pushing aside all of her muscles ruthlessly, plunging in and out as his hands made her pussy dance on his cock.  It was almost as painful as the Judge’s sodomy, but at least it didn’t give her cramps when he went in so deep.  And he couldn’t go in as deep in her pussy as her asshole.  But he fucked her just as hard, the cock tearing and out of her while she cried noisily.  Pleeeassee,” she begged.  “Not so hard.”  But her cries fell on deaf ears, William lost in his own lust.


William lifted her ass up from the bed, his hands digging into her naked ass cheeks, forcing her to take his powerful thrusts inside her.  He cared little for her begging and crying, he had paid a lot of money for this pleasure and he was going to take all the pleasure he wanted from the young girl beneath him, speared by his cock. 


She could only hope that he would cum soon, his cock tearing in and out with ruthless abandonment.  Even her small tits were bouncing from the powerful fuck, her insides feeling like he was churning them up with the thick cock that tore inside her.


“Wrap your legs around my ass and fuck back!”  He ran a finger around to her asshole, pressing against the tight hole.  “Or else I’ll finger fuck you back here also.”  He felt her legs coming around his ass, her ankles locking them behind her.  He couldn’t believe that her pussy could be tighter, but it was, William grunting as he continued to fuck her.


She did as he ordered, afraid of having his fingers inside her at the same time as his cock, sure that she would be split up the middle by the two of them at once.  His ass was a blur as he fucked her, grunting with lust.  Even his balls slapped against her when he thrust in, Amy not sure she could take the hammering fucks much longer.  She tightened the muscles of her pussy, painfully gripping the massive cock that took her innocence from her, doing anything to make him cum, anything to stop this terrible rape.


William couldn’t hold out any longer, her muscles squeezing his cock so hard he grunted in exertion each time he fucked in and out.  TAkkkkkee  ittttt  allll!”  He shoved his cock deep inside her, feeling his cock twitch and then he shot inside her, bathing her insides for the first time with hot cum.  He pulled out, only to shove back in, his cock spewing another load of cum as it plunged in, her passage now slick.  He fucked her faster, his cum greasing the way as he finally dumped a third load of cum in her before he fell on her body, exhausted and satisfied.


She felt it inside her, just like the Judge, filling her insides with their foul seed, burning as it showered her pussy with his hot crème.  He continued to fuck her, his cock sloshing in and out on the abundant sperm he shot in her, William finally collapsing down on her body, his sweat drenched body covering her.  She couldn’t breathe, finally pushing him off of her, his cock pulling out, Amy feeling the rush of cum drip out and down her thighs.  She felt so used, her insides sore and abused.  She only hoped that William was finished with her, wanting to bath and cleanse her body of his sweat and cum. 


William still had more to go, the night long, the price he paid for Amy dear.  He made her gently stroke his cock back to life, his fingers playing harshly with her body in spite of her gentleness.  Her head was forced back down onto his cock, this time he breached her throat as she struggled, William too strong, holding her head as his cock plunged into her throat.  He enjoyed her fight and the choking as she gagged on the cock that plunged into her tight throat.  He held it inside her throat for five minutes until she almost turned blue. 


She would be willing to do anything to escape the terrible throat fuck William had subject her to and he used that to his advantage.  She was forced onto her hands and knees, her legs spread wide, William behind her.  She felt the cock enter her again, this time his thrusts more powerful, almost shoving her forward along the bed.  And deep, banging against her cervix with every thrust.  When she complained, he pulled his cock out, but it was her asshole that was breached next, Amy throwing her head back and screaming as he took her in the ass with one powerful thrust that filled her soft, round tube with his demanding cock.  He alternated between her two holes until he finally came again, but not for thirty minutes, the two previous orgasms giving him the staying power.


They slept for a while, but Amy found herself woken, her mouth stuffed by the ever-growing flesh of his cock, Amy forced to tongue it, fearing that he would fuck her throat again if she didn’t accommodate him. 


This time when he got hard, Amy was forced to sit on his cock and ride him until he climaxed in her again, William grinning sheepishly as the young girl fucked him like a wanton whore.  Five times he came in her, William leaving Amy lying in the bed exhausted, her legs spread, white cum leaking from her abused pussy, her face glistening with his sperm.  He had gotten his monies worth.


To be Continued































Captured from their homes in Africa and sent by ship to the Slave Mart in Charleston, the blacks quickly learn of the cruelty of their white Masters. Forced to submit under fear of the whip, they are selected to sexually satisfy the perverted lusts of their Masters.  "The General," the patriarch of a large plantation in Mississippi and his family take out their depraved desires on the unlucky, pain mixed equally with pleasure, no perversion off limits.  Male or female, dark skin or light skin, virgin or not, even the "poor white trash" can’t escape the sexual cruelty of their captors. Read what the life of a PLANTATION SLAVE really was like!






Slave Auction



Samuel owned the Old Slave Mart, located between Church and State Street, the only slave auction gallery in South Carolina. People came from over a hundred miles away every two weeks because he had the best slaves for sale. And the most submissive. Every one of his slaves was with him for two weeks before he put them up for auction. They soon learned of the punishment for disobedience, Samuel making sure that at least one male and one female were punished the first day of a fresh batch of arrivals. Just like the Captains on the ships did. The blacks soon learned the lesson. They learned as quickly as any other animal. He had a good load of females, over forty of them. Fifteen were prizes, light brown skin, ten of them young girls that had just bloomed into womanhood. They would fetch a good price, but they required special treatment. Each girl was bathed, scrubbed and furnished with new clothes. They would be paraded on a stage like the others, but they would require a more titillating presentation to the bidders, their bodies stripped naked as they were displayed to attract the highest bids. And then there were the private inspection rooms, where the wealthiest bidders could inspect any girl or buck they desired to see more intimately. Many females would use the inspection rooms to check the bucks, their slim, white hands stroking large black cocks until they grew erect. Though it was never spoken in polite society, many white women took the black bucks to service their sexual needs. Only the largest and hardest cocks would pass muster for them. The girls would have all of the orifices probed, tested for tightness and elasticity. They too would serve the Master’s lust, some of them even providing sexual gratification to the mistress of the house. Or the daughter of the mistress. That was none of his concern. He just provided his customers with a good product, just like the general store owner down the street.

 General Joshua Lee Johnston owned one of the largest plantations in Mississippi. Though he was called “General” by most, even his family, he had long retired from the Army. It was a long distance to travel for a slave auction, but he had always been successful with Samuel’s slaves and it was almost like a family outing to go to one of these auctions. His wife had passed a few years ago. He was sixty years old, but still a strong, virile man. His plantation was so large that the nearest town was almost a day’s ride, so visitors were not very frequent. He took his lust out on the slaves, finding the most desirable light-skinned beauties to accommodate him. He would stroll the corridors of the female slave quarters deciding which would girl would receive his manhood. With him on this trip were his eldest son, Jerry Lee, and his eldest daughter, Madison. Jerry Lee was in his late thirties, married to a lovely girl named Kaitlyn, though the General suspected that she did little to satisfy his sexual desires. Jerry Lee did nothing to hide his lust from his wife who often aided him in deflowering a lovely virgin. Madison was a spirited girl, in her late twenties, unmarried, almost a spinster by society rules. It wasn’t that she didn’t have beaus, many a man called on her, her beauty unparalleled in the state. But none lived up to her expectations, Madison doing as much to run the plantation as Jerry Lee. She was mean spirited, but with the blacks you needed that to keep them in line. After all, they had over 15o blacks in comparison to the twenty whites on the plantation. Fear was the only thing that kept them in line.

 Samuel eyed Madison when she walked into the auction house. All you had to follow were the heads of all the men as they turned to see the beauty as she passed. She wore a white dress, her bare shoulders and a generous amount of cleavage displayed for all eyes that sought her out. The dress clung to her full hips and butt, not a soft cock among the crowd as she passed by. She had a lustful body and she knew it, flaunting it for all to see. But Samuel knew that she would require one of the private inspection rooms, knowing that she was always interested in a new buck. The General and Jerry Lee would also require their own rooms, the General preferring the light-brown girls, Jerry Lee loving the jet-black girls. Samuel knew that the General would take many of the slaves today, all of the best ones as he paid top dollar. Few could afford to outbid him and few would dare. It was not a good idea to be on the wrong side of the General. The General and his family sat in the first row, cushioned chairs placed especially for him. The auction was about to begin.

 The General wrote down numbers as they passed, the older women would serve well in the kitchen feeding the staff and serving them. A few older black men would do well fixing the farm instruments. He had found five that he would consider after closer inspection. The bucks were next, Madison sitting up in her chair more alert now.

 Samuel brought out his prize bucks, seeing Madison’s eyes perk up as the half-naked blacks were pushed out onto the stage. They wore only a loincloth, doing little to hide their package from those in the audience. The first had to weigh at least two hundred pounds, but it was all muscle, his thighs thick as well as his arms. The muscles rippled on his chest. He was the best one Samuel had. Many of the strong, muscular ones had a small cock, this one was an exception. His cock rivaled the rest of his body. He nodded to Madison, seeing her scribble the number on her pad. The buck would be lucky to feel the soft hands of Madison curling around his thick cock in one of the private rooms until he shot his sperm into the air in front of him.

 Jerry Lee saw five girls that interested him, lovely, pure black beauties with firm breasts and full hips. They would be put in the house, cleaning or cooking, their bodies available for anyone that wanted to avail themselves of their black flesh. They would also be sturdy enough to withstand the punishment; the General and Jerry Lee loved to indulge in more perverse acts on the reluctant girls. They both loved the bondage and whipping and it excited them. The screams made their cocks harder, the girls willing to do anything to stop the pain. Jerry Lee scribbled down the numbers excitedly; his cock stirred in his pants at the thought of intimately exploring their naked bodies in one of the exam rooms with hopes of finding a few that were virgins in at least one of their holes.

 The General’s cock grew thick in his pants as they brought out the light, brown-skinned girls. He had a wide selection to choose from; settling on eight of them to inspect privately hoping to find four to his liking. They would have to be virgins in the ass, but still have an elastic passage that could accommodate his thick cock. The one that stirred his emotions the most was named Mary.






A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride. On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball. Then, a beggar taps softly at her door. Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball. But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring. Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants. Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters. The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled. Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him. Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward. Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

Here is another searing novel of bondage and submission as only Powerone, bestselling novelist of BDSM can write.