The Judges Molests His New Orphans

Chapter 4

The Sodomy of Grace and Bill

By Powerone

Copyright 2006

M/b(12), M/g(10/g(13), PEDO, cbt, humil, mast, bdsm



Grace and Bill found themselves waiting impatiently, the noise of loud voices behind the door scaring them.  They were sitting outside the Judge’s library, summoned with little warning to this place, shifting nervously in the bench outside the door.


“I’m scared,” Grace volunteered to Bill.  Amy didn’t like Bill, but Grace never had a problem with him.  And she needed anyone now.


Bill tried to be brave, but he feared what lay behind the door.  “Don’t worry about a thing.” He tried to say it bravely.  He jumped when the door opened, the Judge peering out at them.


“Come in.  Both of you.”  He watched as they got up, admiring Grace’s little body, fit snuggly into the short skirt and pullover, her little tits barely a bump in the top, her ass almost non existent.  Bill was the same way, scrawny legs, tall and gawky for a twelve year old.  But that is what the men wanted and the Judge liked to keep them happy.  After all, they were the ones that kept him in office.


There was four other men in the room, all dressed up in suits and ties, prime and proper, as they were.  Except for this case.  They were here because they wanted to punish Grace and Bill and ultimately receive sexual satisfaction from their bodies before they left.  The Judge was kind enough to arrange this event for them.


Grace started crying as soon as she saw it.  The table was covered with a wide array of whips and paddles.  She knew all to well the pain they would inflict, the orphanage not sparing the rod in keeping the orphans in line.  She hadn’t done anything to deserve a whipping, but she knew that it would only make it worse if she protested.


Bill tried to be brave, but tears were forming in his eyes as he caught sight of the black, leather paddle.  He had received the end of a paddle on his naked ass cheeks too many times at the orphanage.  Some of the guards seemed to enjoy subjecting him to the harsh slap of the paddle, more in fun than for punishment.


The Judge smiled when he saw the terror in their eyes.  He liked Grace, but he didn’t let that stand in the way of satisfying the perverted desires of the powerful men that sat waiting for their chance to administer corporal punishment on the young children.  And he knew it would make his cock as hard as theirs, the children’s screams would make his flesh grow in excitement.


“The boy first,” one of them men’s voice rose up in response.


“Yes,” another chimed it.


“Sit down over there Grace.  It will be your turn soon enough.  Bill, over here.” The Judge saw him hesitate, staring at him, letting him know of the consequences of not obeying. 


Bill walked over to the Judge as if it were his last steps.  The Judge’s hands were outstretched for him, Bill walking into his clutches.  He felt the Judge’s hands move down to the front of his trousers before he even stopped walking, the Judge’s s hands gripping his balls tightly.


“Bill is like a normal boy his age, his cock hard at almost anything.”  The Judge laughed as he gripped Bill between the legs, cupping his balls with his large hand, making him stand on his toes as he snapped his hand around the boy’s delicate ball sack until he groaned in pain.  He could feel Bill’s cock become erect in spite of the pain.  “See what I mean.”  He squeezed his balls harder, Bill squirming in his grip.


Bill didn’t understand how his cock could get hard, but it did, in spite of the Judge’s hand crushing his balls until his stomach turned in pain.  He stood high on his toes, hoping to escape the crushing grip, but it did not good.  He saw two men walk next to him, scared at what they would do to him.


The men crowded around the young boy.  “I’m going to punish you Bill,” John whispered in his ear.  John was the Mayor of the town, a respected citizen with a perverted love of whipping young children, the Judge supplying him a never-ending supply of recruits.  Male or female, neither was preferred.  All they had to do was scream in pain to excite him.  His hand slid down the front of Bill’s trousers, his hands outlining the skinny cock that pushed out.


George moved behind Bill, his hand sliding down to cup Bill’s ass in his large hand.  Gonna warm that ass,” looking over at the large supply of whips and crops.


Bill could only stand there as the men rubbed his body, one man rubbing his cock, Bill trying hard not to cum.  It felt good now, but he was afraid of what they were going to do, the instruments of punishment all too painful.  He felt the zipper of his pants slide down, a hand slipped in to grip his almost naked cock, the powerful hand gripped it tight.  His belt was loosened, Bill found his pants yanked harshly down his legs until they lay at his ankles, embarrassed as the men began to strip him naked.  A hand slid into his shorts from behind, a calloused hand caressed his naked ass cheeks.


John pulled Bill’s cock from the front of his shorts, the skinny cock standing out straight.  “Pencil Dick,” the man said, teased him.  John moved his hand to the tip of Bill’s skinny cock, two fingers gripped the head and squeezed tight.  He pinched hard. 


George ran his hands over Bill’s ass.  He pinched Bill’s ass when Bill tightened his cheeks.  “Don’t you dare tighten your ass up on me.  George’s fingers returned to explore Bill’s ass, sliding along the sweat drenched crack, feeling Bill jump when he touched his small anus.  “Tight little asshole,” his finger played over his anal knot.


“Strip him naked,” one of the men still sitting down barked out.


Bill felt ashamed as they forced him to step out of the pants bunched at his ankles.  His shorts were next, his cock springing free as he was stripped naked.  The men looked at him, not as if he were another male, but as if he were a female, sexually looking at him.  His shirt was ripped from his body, George becoming over anxious.  George and John stood him in front of the other men, both of them standing to the side of Bill, George reached down to grip Bill’s cock, pushing it out straight so all could see it in its glory.


“Spread your legs Bills,” John slide his hands down to grip Bill’s naked hanging balls.  “A bit more,” he urged Bill, until he had unfettered access to Bill’s balls, the delicate sack dangling in the open, unprotected.   John began to slap Bill’s balls, first lightly, touching them like a feather, his hand barely grazing the wrinkled sack.  Each time he would strike Bill’s balls harder.


Bill’s feet began to dance, putting his weight back and forth between each foot as he felt the slap on his balls.  George had his cock in almost a death grip, holding it so tight that Bill could barely move.  He could feel his balls bouncing with each slap, up and down, the faint pitter patter of the slaps filling the silent room.  The slaps started to get harder, the hand continuously slapping his ball sack, his stomach beginning to ache from the harsh slaps.  George’s fingernails dug into Bill’s cock, the sharp pain taking away from the uncomfortable slapping of his balls.  George yanked his cock out farther in front of him Bill’s hips forced to move forward to avoid the terrible pulling. 


George began to jerk Bill off, yanking his hand back and forth over Bill’s cock, his fingernails digging into the tender skin until he drew blood, Bill gritting his teeth.  The sound of Bill’s balls getting slapped increased in volume, John slapping the ball sack as it jiggled up and down.


“OOOOWWWW,” Bill cried out in pain as John increased the slapping, John’s fingers snapped Bill’s balls each time, Bill’s stomach cramped from the painful blows.  He tried to pull away, but George had his fingernails dug into his cock, the sharp pain increased the farther he backed away.  He had no choice, spreading his legs wider, not realizing that he was giving John a better angle to slap him.  Bills hands clenched at his sides as he endured the pain, the men enjoying his cries of pain.  Bill tried to double over in pain when John goosed him, his large hand able to encircle Bill’s balls and squeeze them until Bill thought they were in a vice.  Bill tried to move away from the painful grip but George had other ideas, his fingernails digging into the soft, sensitive ridge of Bill’s cockhead.  His cock shrank as soon as he felt the unbelievable pain, feeling like George had taken as knife to his cock.  His body shot forward, only to receive the brutal slaps of John.  Bill screamed out in pain, his stomach twisted into knots as his balls were continually slapped by John.


Bill was made to dance by the two men, his face contoured in pain as they inflicted the cruel punishment on him, his balls and cock subject to the intense punishment.  Bill was sobbing like a baby now, dancing on his two feet as they mauled his sex organs, all for the men’s amusement.  They finally stopped, releasing him, Bill cupping his balls, sure they were black and blue.  He looked at his cock, stained with blood, deep gouges from the fingernails just beneath the head of his cock. 


“Put his cock in a blanket,” one of the men shouted out, eager to continue Bill’s punishment.


“Knot up his balls, don’t let him forget the feeling.”


Before Bill could even see what they were doing, George picked up a leather sheath from the desk, slipping it over Bill’s cock before he could even see it, the initial pain showing that it was not just leather.  Inside Bill could feel the needles poking into his cock, none more than the head, sure that his cock was pierced by at least twenty needles.  A leather string was tied around his cock, laced from one end to the other, George yanking on it until Bill felt it crush his cock.  The needles dug in deeper, piercing his skin.  “OOOOWW,” he cried out.  He shuddered when John cupped his balls, but he did it gently, Bill unable to stop his cock from hardening.  “NNNNNO,” his cock increasing in girth from the touch, but the leather sheath kept his cock tightly contained, the needles digging even deeper into his flesh as Bill tried to block the light touch on his balls out of his mind, not wanting his cock to become erect. 


John grabbed the leather string, looping it around Bill’s balls, high up.  He made it into a knot and pulled tight, pulling it down until Bill’s balls were caught in the deadly grip.  He wrapped it around and around, pulling it down each time until Bill’s balls were condensed into the very end of his ball sack, trapped and vulnerable.


All of his sex was being crushed by the two men, his balls, cramped into a small space, Bill huffing and puffing as the needles pierced his cock.  To make it worse, George began to stroke the leather sheath, pushing hard to make sure Bill felt the touch of the sharp needles into his flesh, Bill unable to stop his cock from growing bigger.  John began to squeeze Bill’s balls, the sudden shock of pain making Bill bend over from the sharp cramp.  Bill thought he would die from the pain.


They brought out the whipping chair, a strange contraption, the leather straps on the chair giving Bill a good idea of its purpose.  “Mount it like a good boy,” John goosed Bill until he obeyed, his face contoured in pain from the incredible tightening of his twin balls. 


Bill found himself kneeling on the wooden structure, John pushed out on Bill’s thighs until he was forced to spread his legs wide.  He could feel the cold air of the room blow on his anus, the tiny pucker exposed, his cheeks pulled back from the wide expanse of his legs.  George pushed down on Bill’s back until his hands were thrust forward, George waiting for his wrists, securing them tightly in the thick black straps, already stained with the blood of the previous occupants.  Bill tried to look back when he felt his slim ankles gripped by the wide expanse of the leather straps, another set of straps at his knees, keeping him securely bound to the chair.


John’s hand slide over Bill’s ass cheeks, pulling apart his cheeks even wider until the tiny winking asshole was exposed.  John’s fingers circled the anal knot, feeling Bill tremble in fear beneath the obscene touch.  “Such a tiny hole.”


George walked around behind Bill, looking at the wide selection of whips and crops before finally selecting a cane.  He rubbed the cane over Bill’s ass cheeks, Bill looking back in terror at seeing the rattan cane.


 “NNNO, NNNOT THHHAAT!”  Bill had seen other boys and girls at the orphanage being caned, their skin rendered bloody by the flexible rod.  They wouldn’t be able to sit down for a week after a bloody session.


The first blow caught him just under his cheeks, the side of the cane slashing across both tender parts of his upper thigh, Bill’s body shoved forward by the powerful blow.  There was a wiss and than a thud, the pain not registering in Bill right away.  It took long seconds before the pain shot up to his brain.  “EEEEEEHHH,” Bill screamed in pain, his skin lacerated by the powerful blow.  Bill had a hard time breathing, sobbing openly now, the pain so intense.


The second blow was higher up, catching Bill across the summit of his cheeks, George putting all of his power behind the cane, the red welt showing up immediately, George loving the feeling as the cane hit Bill’s flesh.


The second blow was worse than the first, Bill’s body shoved forward by the harsh blow, Bill’s hands clenched in pain, screaming like a girl from the horrific pain.  Bill could hardly breathe, George struck his ass ten times before he stopped, Bill hoarse from screaming.  Bill’s ass was ablaze in pain, George methodically caning his ass from the top of his cheeks, all the way down his cheeks, and finally on his delicate thighs, the cane leaving him crisscrossed with bright red welts.


George stopped, his hands rubbed over the bleeding welts, igniting fresh cries of pain from Bill.  He grabbed Bill’s nuts and squeezed them tight until Bill lurched from the pain.


“Let his nuts and cock hang loose.  I think I’ll use a martinet on them.”  George grabbed the martinet from the table, making sure that Bill saw the instrument, laying out the thin strands of leather before Bill’s face, showing him the knots on the ends, knots that would bring such delicious pain to his cock and balls.


Bill was grateful when they released his balls and cock from the evil torture, his balls hanging down free now, his cock already beginning to harden in spite of himself as the man’s hand stroked it back and forth until it did.  His gratitude turned to pure terror when he saw the wicked knots on the martinet.  “No!  Don’t use that on me!”  His high pitched voice rose up as Bill pleaded to the men.


The Judge got up from the chair, the other men gathered around Bill, wanting to see the cruel lashing of his balls and cock.  “Come with me Grace, I have something special for you.”  He put his arm around her almost protectively, but his hard cock pushing out his pants gave away his true intentions.


Grace was led into the next room, her face catching the evil devices in the room, knowing that they were made to inflict pain, though she didn’t know how.  “Please don’t hurt me Judge,” she begged, tears already slipped down her cheeks.


The Judge turned her towards him, admiring her little body beneath the short skirt and white blouse.  “Quiet child,” he whispered into her ear, his hand already moved down to graze her nipples that lay hidden beneath the white blouse.  He felt them pop to attention, attracting attention to them as they pushed out the front of her blouse.  “Such lovely little titties,” the Judge’s fingers gripped them tight as Grace struggled to stand still while he pinched her nipples between his powerful fingers.


She bit her tongue while she stood still, suffering under the Judge’s fingers as it felt like her nipples were caught in a vice.  She huffed until the Judge finally released them, Grace feeling them stand out hard like little pebbles in spite of the pain.


“Take off your blouse,” he ordered her, his hand slide down to run over her ass cheeks while he watched her trembling little hands unbutton the blouse, catching a glimpse of a hard, pointed pink nipple poke out from between the buttons. He clenched his hand on her ass cheeks, watching her hips shoot forward.


She shrugged the blouse off to the floor, standing with her arms to her sides, ashamed at how hard the Judge had made her nipples with his cruel touch.  She felt his hands become more urgent on her butt, the zipper pulled down, Grace watching as the skirt floated to the floor so slowly.  His hand returned to her butt, but this time she felt his calloused hand on her smooth skin, her panties harshly pushed out of the way as his hand slid in to cup her cheek. 


The Judge looked at her immature ass, two tiny cheeks that barely pushed out, a thin crack that hid her asshole from his view.  He yanked the panties down off her ass.  “Kick them off.  And your shoes.  I want you naked.”  The Judge was getting excited.


She pulled the panties from her ankles, bending over to take off her shoes.  She stood back up just in time to hear the loud squeaking as something heavy was slid across the floor.  It scared her, a large wooden triangle, two slim boards that angled up from the floor, both of them meeting in the center, the top tapered into a sharp ridge.  But not smooth, the ridges ragged, tiny pieces of wood splinters running all the way along the ridge.  She didn’t have time to be scared, the clanging of chains falling from the ceiling, a leather manacle hanging from each one catching her attention.


“Put you hands in them.”  The Judge lowered them until Grace willingly put her hands in each manacle, the Judge making short work of securing them tight, the iron manacles dug into Grace’s thin wrists, the clanging as they shut making it so final.  His cock stirred as the chains pulled up, Grace’s arms slowly rose up no matter how much she fought them, her little body pulled taut until he saw the pained look in her face.  Her little naked ten year old body excited his cock as she dangled in front of him, unaware of what would soon befall her body.


She was afraid as the wooden triangle was pushed between her legs, fearing the ridge would tear her sex, relieved when it fell at least a couple of inches from her crotch.  She had to spread her legs as the slanted boards slid between her thighs, stopping when her legs spread at least two feet wide.  “What are you going to do?”


The Judge smiled, his cock erect and throbbing as he looked at the sharp ridge almost cutting her bald slit.  He bent down and started pushing the two slanted boards together, forcing the peak higher, higher towards her open thighs.  “I think you’ll have to get on your toes if you don’t want to cut your slit.”  He could see the terror in her eyes, her body jerking as she felt the first touch of the unyielding wood on her open thighs.  Her toes rose up quickly, almost as if she were a ballerina, the Judge contined to push the peak higher and higher, Grace always forced to arch her feet up until she was almost completely balanced on her toes.


It hurt even for the brief second the wood ridge touched her sex, Grace arched up on her toes to escape the pain.  She looked down, the sharp, ragged ridge between her legs, only inches from her sex.  “Please, no,” she begged, her toes balanced precariously.


“I’m going to leave you for a while.  You’ll be all right as long as you balance on your toes.  I know you can do it.”  As soon as he put the blindfold on Grace, he left her, looking back, admiring her naked body perched up on her toes.


She felt the light blocked from her vision, a dark cloth wrapped around her eyes, Grace unable to see any longer.  “MMMHGG,” her mouth suddenly thrust open, a small rubber ball shoved into her open mouth, another cloth wrapped around her head, holding the ball in her mouth.  She swallowed hard, her cheeks bulging from the large ball.  Now she couldn’t even beg the Judge, nor could she see him. 


“SSSLAAAM,” the door closed, the room suddenly went quiet except for her ragged breathing, Grace not sensing anyone else in the room.  “MMMGGG,” she tried to protest, finally stopping to hang there precariously, no one listening to her muffled cries.


“EEEEEEWWWW,” Bill screamed out in horrific pain, the martinet slapping across his cock, the sharp pain shooting up his back to his brain.  It felt as if he was cutting his cock, his balls jerking back and forth as Bill’s body shook in the tight bondage.  He thought he would vomit, his stomaching turning over, the martinet slashing at his balls, finding the twin nuts hanging undefended, vulnerable to the sharp bite of the whip.  He thought his head would explode from the pain.  “AAAHHH, NNOOO MOOORE!” 


One of them men fondled Bill’s ass, loving the way Bill tightened his cheeks with each slash of the martinet.  The man’s finger slipped between Bill’s sweat drenched crack when Bill loosened his cheeks, the bite of the martinet on his cock forcing him to release them to contend with the pain in his sex organ.  The man took the opportunity to slide his finger into Bill’s wet asshole, breaching his clenching muscle up to the first digit.  “Such a nice tight asshole Bill,” he whispered in his ear.  “Would you like me to fuck you in the ass?”  He twisted his finger in Bill’s asshole, seeing Bill’s body jerk in pain as the martinet swiped painfully on Bill’s balls, the cry from Bill’s lips so satisfying.


In between the pain of the whip, Bill had to contend with the finger that probed his backside, moving in and out slowly, pushing hard on his rectal muscles, Bill unable to stop his cock from hardening.  The finger became more urgent, digging deeper into Bill’s asshole, Bill realizing that the man was opening up Bill’s asshole for sodomy, but anything would be better than the pain that laced his body with each brutal strike of the martinet. Bill was openly sobbing by time they finished, his balls felt as if they were black and blue, his cock burned, cuts laced across the blood stained head.  He could only sob and cry as they let him lose, his hands cupping his balls protectively.  He didn’t even fight them when they arranged him on the large padded chair, forced to his knees, Bill’s body kneeling tall until Bill gripped the back of the chair.


“Push you ass back at us,” the voice ordered Bill, hands on Bill’s hips guiding him until his ass was thrust out behind him submissively.  Bill’s legs were spread until he could feel the air blow across his asshole, open and exposed.  Hands gripped his hips, Bill waited to feel the familiar touch of hot flesh pushed against his anus.  He could only groan loudly as the man behind him pressed his hot meat against his small hole, Bill knowing that he was about to be entered again, but this time with something bigger than a finger, Bill bracing for the pain that he knew was coming.  Bill gasped in pain at the sudden intrusion, his anal ring forced to open and close over the thick head of the man’s cock.  Bill felt so stretched, the huge head throbbing inside his rectum, but Bill knew that the man wouldn’t be happy with just the head of his cock in Bill’s asshole.   “EEEEHH,” Bill cried out as he was impaled on the thick cock, the man drove six inches of cock into Bill’s asshole, not caring about Bill’s pain, only wanting to feel Bill’s gut wrapped around his plundering cock.


The man couldn’t believe the hot, tight hole, his cock squeezed so tight, grunting as he fed his man-meat into the young boy’s asshole, each time rewarded with high pitched screams of pain.  Bill’s clenching muscles rippled up and down his cock, the man unable to control his lust any longer.  He began pumping his cock in and out of Bill’s ruptured asshole, his cock pleasured by the spasms that rippled through Bill’s asshole from the sodomy.  When Bill would loosen up, the man would reach down and goose Bill hard, driving Bill to shove his hips back, back onto the cock that was fed into his asshole, driving it deep into Bill’s guts.


The man was rutting back and forth in Bill, not caring of Bill’s pain, only concerned with filling Bill’s anal tract with his hot crème.  Bill grunted and groaned as he suffered under the brutal sodomy, relieved when Bill felt his bowels sprayed with the man’s hot cum, bathing his insides.  Bill’s relief when short-lived, another man taking the place of the other, Bill finding himself again impaled on a hard cock, this one longer, giving Bill cramps as the man dug it deep into Bill’s guts.  The cock went in far deeper than it should, Bill finding his stomach cramped from the sharp pains in his guts.


The Judge watched Bill’s anal rape, his cock growing thick as he imagined Grace in the other room.  He finally couldn’t wait any longer, a half an hour long enough for Grace’s feet to begin to cramp and fail her, wanting to enjoy the spectacle on Grace’s face as the wood triangle split her young thighs for the first time.


The Judge quietly opened the door, not wanting for Grace to hear him.  His hand slid down to the front of his pants, gripping his cock as the saw the sight before him.  She was so beautiful in a perverted way.  A lovely young girl, naked, the sweat on her body making it glisten in the lights trembled before him.  Her slim, white body was drawn tight by the chains that captured her slim wrists, her small immature breasts were barely bumps on her chest, but you could see the tiny hard nipples that looked as if they would burst, dark red, contrasting with her alabaster skin.  The blindfold made her all the sexier, her head looking around as if she could sense that he was in the room.  He held his breath, not wanting her to hear him.  The Judge’s eyes traced down her slim waist to her buttocks, looking obscene, the wooden ridge of the triangle splitting her thighs, sticking out in front.  He saw her legs tremble, her calves taut as she struggled to keep on her toes.  Her body would jerk, the Judge knowing that it was cramps in her toes, her body wobbled, poised above the wooden ridge that would split her crotch painfully when she fell on it.


Grace began to panic, the Judge left her, seeming like hours by now, her legs felt like rubber, her toes shot pain to her brain.  She remembered the sharp ridge of wood that lay just beneath her spread thighs, the splintered wood that would pierce her sex if her legs failed her.  She could only imagine the pain if she had to rest her sex on the sharp ridge, her delicate skin would be torn.  “OOOHH,” she moaned in pain, the toes in her right leg cramping up, Grace unable to stand it any longer.  She began to slowly lower her body down, her body waited for the pain that she knew was coming.  “EEEWW,” another cramp, having no choice but to lower her sex down on the wooden ridge.  It felt as if it was going to split her up the middle, sure that it was a sword between her legs, the sharp pain racing through her loins.  God, it hurt so bad, Grace holding her breathe, even her breathing made her body move, slicing her sex with even the slightest movement.  Both of her feet were on the ground, Grace huffing and puffing, the pain radiating from between her legs, sure that she would be ruined for life. 


The Judge moved to get a better look, leaning over to see her hairless pussy split by the harsh wood, her labia split apart wide, enjoying the pained look on her face.  Her nipples almost seemed to get bigger as she groaned in pain. 


Her toes gained back some of their strength, Grace rose up again, relieved when the wooden ridge no longer split her thighs.  Grace wished she could rub her sex, feeling as if it were still sliced by the wood.  She balanced high up on her toes again, her body moved back and forth, sweat ran down from her armpits as she struggled in the tight bondage.  Why did the Judge do such a thing to her? 


She only lasts a few minutes this time, the Judge taking in her lovely body as her feet returned to rest flat on the ground again, a groan of pain as her thighs split between the sharp ridge of the wood.  The Judge could see clearly her labia as the wooden ridge pushed between them, Grace jerking up and than back down, sure that a splinter had stabbed her pussy, maybe even the soft, sensitive inner lips of her gash. 


It felt as if an ice pick was jabbed into her sex, even pulling up didn’t stop the pain, sure that it was one of the wooden splinters that were stuck in her sex.  She pressed back down, unable to stop the sharp pain as the wooden ridge drove the splinter deeper into her body.  Her insides felt bruised as she tried to settle down on the wooden ridge.  She couldn’t last more than a few minutes before she rose back up again, some relief from the sharp splinter that stabbed into her sex.  Without enough time to rest, her toes give out, Grace not sure that she would be able to rise up again.  She lowered herself down on the cruel wooden ridge, sliding forward when the splinter started to drive into her body, the splinter pushed sideways, but not before she felt the sharp bite of the wooden ridge slice her lips.  “OOOHH GODDDD, it hurts so bad.” She mumbled unintelligently through the ball gag, her, her bruised sex pushed hard on the sharp ridge by her own weight.


The Judge enjoyed the slow torture of her sex, his cock never so aroused before.  He could only imagine what she was feeling, and what she would be willing to do to escape it.  Somehow she managed to gather up enough strength to pull up one last time, but she fell back down before she could even rise up all the way, her body falling onto the wooden ridge with all of her own body weight betraying her, driving her sex onto the sharp ridge with such a force that she yelped in pain as the unyielding wood bruised her inner sex.


The Judge moved closer, Grace turning towards him, sensing his presence.  He could see the fatigue and pain etched in her face.  His finger slid down her side lightly, her body jerking, a yelp from her lips as her sudden movement forced her hips forward, another of the sharp splinters driving into her sex.  He watched as she moved back and forth over the ridge, her young body unable to stay still, the pain racing through her hairless crotch. 


Was it the Judge that she felt?  A shiver ran through her as a finger lightly traced down her side, Grace tried to hold still as the wood cut her sex harshly.  The finger moved up to one nipple, Grace unable to control her own emotions, feeling her nipple swell under the delicate touch of the finger.  How could she get aroused when her sex ached so terribly?  Her other nipple was similarly teased into hardness, Grace arched her back to feel the finger harder, in spite of the pain as her slit rubbed along the ridge.  The hand slid down to her waist and over to her crotch, sliding down until she felt it touchi the wooden ridge just beneath her split. 


“Raise up,” the Judges voice comforting to her.


She struggled to get back up on her toes, her body shook as she balanced high up.  She feels his hands between her legs rub her sex, anything to relieve the pain from the wooden ridge. 


The Judge was surprised, finding Grace’s pussy wet.  He looked down, seeing the wood stained with her love juices.  It was a fine line between pain and pleasure, Grace unable to comprehend he own bodies reaction.  He played with her lips, peeling them back so he could stroke the wet, silky inner lips. He put one finger inside her, her clenching muscles welcoming it until he banged against her hymen.  Her body jerked in pain.  He took his finger out, tracing a path up and down her gash, slowly running his finger over her immature clit, rolling the little bud while her hips tried to hold still.  “Lower yourself back down again child.”


She began to cry, but she obeyed him, settling her sex back on the sharp wood, her body trembling as she tried to find an un-bruised part of her sex, finally resting as the wood pushed into her pelvic bone.  She was relieved when he pulled the ball from her mouth.


“Don’t say anything,” he warned her.  He took off her blindfold, her eyes looking first between her legs to see how much she had harmed herself.


“Are you ready to do anything if I take you off the wooden ridge?”


She shook her head yes, her eyes pleading with him.  Grace watched as the Judge began to undress, taking off his pants and finally his shorts, standing naked before her.  She couldn’t believe how big his penis was.  It looked twice the size of before, thick and demanding as it bobbed in front of him.  She knew that she was about to lose her virginity to the Judge.


“I’ll take you off as soon as I cum.  But first you will have to please me.”  He hefted his cock with his hand, rock hard, wanting so badly to enter the young girl, wanting to take her virginity from her.


She nodded her head, not sure how he was going to do it.  He didn’t release her, her sex still pushed hard onto her wooden ridge.  He walked around behind her, his hands on her hips, Grace waited to see what he what he would do.


The Judge had designed the wooden ridge so it stopped just beyond her crotch.  He looked down, her pussy red as is hugged the wooden ridge.  He looked up higher, her tiny asshole just a tiny speck compared to his huge, throbbing cock.  He moved in closer as his hands held her hips, rubbed his cock up and down her sweat drenched crack, covering his cock with her sweat. 


The Judge grabbed her hips firmly, pulled her ass up, Grace not having to do anything, grateful for the relief from the wooden ridge.  Her relief was short lived, feeling a hot, rubbery touch on her anus.  She turned around, seeing the lust in his eyes.  “NNNOO.  NOT THERE!”  It would be worse than the wooden ridge, his penis too big to go up her tiny hole without a lot of ripping and tearing.  Losing her virginity would be painful enough, but she couldn’t even fathom the tearing and pain she would feel if he stuck his penis up her backside.


“Quiet child,” he urged her, his lust beyond control.  Nothing would stop him from burying his cock deep into the depths of her young bowels.  He pushed with his hips, rewarded with a quiet cry of surprise from her lips as her anal ring was forced open, the head of his cock slick with her sweat.  He looked down, her little hole swelling in size, his cockhead forcing it wider and wider as he grunted with each push of his hips.  He was sure that her would tear her, but he was beyond reason,  the Judge pushed harder, her anal ring suddenly forced open and snapped shut on the head of his cock, pulled tightly just below the head.


Her head shot up as she screamed in pain, feeling like a tree was shoved up her backside.  It burned and ached, her ass opened, spasms igniting pain in the stretched hole.  She felt the plum like head of the Judge’s penis jerked in pleasure in her backside, openly crying in pain.  “Don’t move,” she begged him.  She held her breath.


The Judge began to push his cock deeper into her little body, hugging her close, his hands on her hips as he drew her onto his waiting weapon.  He grunted with each shove of his hips, her tight, clenching asshole fighting the intrusion of his cock in her soft, round hole.  He would feed her an inch of cock, pull out until only the head of his cock was grabbed by her clenching anal ring, than thrust back in, pulling her onto his cock as if she were a sock, her tight, hot insides pulled tightly over his thick shaft.  She was crying, deep sobs that sounded so sexy to him, each time her voice rising up in tone when he shoved into her virgin asshole.  He had over half of his cock inside her, her insides clung to his shaft as if she didn’t want him to leave, her muscles rippled up and down his hot flesh.


She thought she would die from the pain, her backside feeling as if it wore torn and bleeding, but the Judge never let her alone, each time he pulled her back by her hips, filled her backside even deeper by his throbbing member, the thick shaft pushing aside all Grace’s resistance to plunge deep into her guts.  It felt as if it would come out her mouth, the thick head power-driving inside her, Grace’s little body bounced around like a doll as the Judge’s hands pulled her on and off of his rigid pole.


He groaned in lust, his cock embedded deep into her guts, as deep as he could get.  It felt like a giant furnace squeezing his cock, her hot insides enveloping his cock in a hot blanket, gripping it tightly.  He made his cock jerk inside her, her body jerking as he did.  “You are so hot and tight Grace,” he purred into her ear.  But he needed to cum.  He began to pull his cock out of her clenching tube.


It felt as bad going out as it did going in, Grace gulped loudly as the Judge’s penis pulled from her backside.  She could feel a giant vacuum behind the head of his penis, her insides caving in as it pulled out, dragging her guts out with him.  It seem to go on forever, her hips held up submissively by the Judge until the head of his penis reached her anal ring, stretching it wide.  The Judge held there for only a second before he plunged back in, driving his penis inside her like a giant dagger, piercing her painfully.  She threw back her head and cried out in pain.


Her insides were pushed aside by the strength of his hips as the Judge drove his cock into her bowels until his stomach slapped harshly against her ass cheeks.  He enjoyed her scream of pain, his cock jerked in pleasure, her muscles gripping it so tight he thought she would squeeze the blood from the head.  He pulled back out, only to plunge back in with another powerful thrust, rocking her little body back and forth as he began to rhythmically sodomize her child body.  He wouldn’t last long fucking her with the deep penetrating strokes, the cum swelling up his balls, ready to dump his load of seed into her asshole.


It felt like a giant log sawing back and forth in her backside, her body buffeted back and forth, her backside going from empty to full in seconds, the Judge’s stomach slapping harshly against Grace’s cheeks.  She couldn’t take much more of this, his brutal sodomy taking a toll on her naked, sweat drenched body.  It was strange, Grace almost thankful for the Judge for taking her off the sharp edge that had sliced up her slit, willing to exchange it for the sodomizing strokes of his penis inside her.  She hoped that he would cum soon, even if it meant that he would unleash a load of his hot cum into the far depths of her colon.


“As much as I’m enjoying your hot, tight asshole, I want more Grace.  I’m going to lower you down on the edge of the plank.  I’ll enjoy the way the pain will make you tighten your asshole on my cock.  It will bring my juices up from my balls into your asshole.  Only after I cum will I release you.”  He slowly lowered Grace’s hips until he heard the unmistakable cry of pain as the edge split her thighs.  He had his cock buried in her asshole, rewarded with a further tightening of her muscles, sure that he wouldn’t be able to pull his cock out, her hot insides clenched so tight.


The wood cut into her sex, biting painfully into her soft, inner lips, bruising her flesh as the Judge lowered her down, her own weight pushed her sex hard onto the unyielding wood.  “EEEEEH,” between the pain in her sex and the thick flesh in her backside, the whole area between her legs was ablaze in pain.   She felt the penis pulling from her, the Judge holding her down on the edge of wood.  “Yes,” he cried in pleasure, fucking back into her, Grace crying out as the Judge drove her body harder into the hard wooden edge.  In and out he sodomized her tiny hole, the tingling of his balls and anus signaling his impending orgasm.  He shoved in one last time, burying his cock so deep in that he could feel the bend in her colon.  Her body jerked in pain as he came, his cock swelled in pleasure as he blasted her guts with his hot cum.


Her backside stretched wider as his penis grew in size, Grace understanding that it did that when he came.  She felt it deep inside her, like a hose spraying her insides with his salty cum, her insides screamed in pain as the salt burned her abraded flesh.  Load after load the Judge dumped in her, her stomach gurgling from the large amount of seed he dumped into her.  She was finally relieved, the Judge pulling her off the wood plank, his cock squeezed out of her backside by her clenching muscles.  She collapsed on the floor, the Judge standing over her, his cock already rapidly shrinking. 


“I enjoyed your asshole Grace.  Now for your reward.”  He kneeled between her legs, hooking his hands beneath her knees, bending them back until the full plane of her sex was open and available to him.  He looked at her asshole, red and swollen, his white, milky cum dripping from the abused hole.  With his tongue out, he began to slap up and down her slit, surprised to find Grace as wet as she was. 


She trembled as she felt the pleasure of his tongue, lapping from the bottom of her slit all the way to her clit.  Except for the uncontrollable clenching of her anus, his tongue felt so good, especially when he touched her pleasure button.  The Judge sucked it deep into his mouth, his tongue slapped back and forth over the tip as he stretched it with his powerful suction.  The sodomy was soon forgotten as she thrashed about on the floor in pleasure, finally cumming under the tongue and fingers of the Judge, spending on his face. 


The Judge picked her up and carried her off to his bed, the other men having finished with Bill, sending him back to his room as they drank brandy and smoked cigars, wallowing in their bliss.  The Judge washed her ravished body with a warm washcloth, snuggling up next to her as he turned off the light.  He awoke about four hours later, his cock hard, the gentle snoring of Grace next to him reminding him of the tight holes she had to offer him.  The moon was shining in the window, illuminating the room.  He stroked his cock as he pulled the blanket off of her body.  His cock grew larger as he saw her naked body, drawing her over onto her stomach.  He spread her legs until they touched the edges of the bed, crawling between them, his cock jerking when he caught sight of her asshole.  It had shrunk down, still slightly red and abused. 


He licked one finger and put it into her asshole, finding it still slick with his juices, a slight groan from her tired body.  One finger became two, his other hand stroking his cock as he imagined how it would feel to be inside her ass again. 


Grace felt the unmistakable burning in her backside, her eyes opening up to see the Judge next to her, pumping his penis up and down with his hand.  She felt his fingers inside her, stretching her terribly abused backside with his urgent fingering.


The Judge saw that she was awake.  “Up on your knees Grace.  I want you in the ass again.”


She knew she had no choice, lifting up her little backside, his hands holding her legs spread wide, feeling her cheeks pulled back, her anus feeling strange as the dried cum pulled open.  She could only grit her teeth and wait for the sodomy to begin again.


To Be Continued.





A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride. On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball. Then, a beggar taps softly at her door. Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball. But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring. Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants. Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters. The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled. Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him. Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward. Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

Here is another searing novel of bondage and submission as only Powerone, bestselling novelist of BDSM can write.