The Judge Molests His New Orphans

By Powerone


Chapter 8

Bill and Amy in Training



There were at least five men in the room when Bill and Amy entered, both of them nervous.  Not only were there men present, but it looked as though they had brought their wives or girlfriends.  Amy hated Bill and she feared what the Judge might want them to do together for the men’s entertainment.  Amy was in a black dress, much more sophisticated then her age, a deep neckline that left a good part of her white breasts bare.  She struggled to get into the dress, clinging to her hips and butt, feeling like a second skin when she got it on and secured the back.  She teetered on the high heels, trying to keep her balance.  She had seen her reflection, no longer looking like a thirteen-year old girl.


Bill’s balls ached, his pants so tight that it felt like they were crushing them.  In spite of the deep pain in his gut, he couldn’t help that his cock was hard.  All boys his age suffered with a perpetual hard-on, especially when he saw the way Amy looked in the clinging dress.  He would love the chance to fuck her and show her what a man he was.  She had managed to escape his grasp so far, but he was hoping that tonight would be different.  He saw the women, not expecting that. 


“Over here,” the Judge motioning Amy and Bill over to him.  Two couples stood and joined the Judge.  The woman separated from the men, the Judge guiding Bill over to them, Amy to the men.


They were beautiful women; Bill had never been this close to anyone like them before.  One was a blonde with long hair halfway down her back, a flawless complexion and a lovely pair of tits that he couldn’t take his eyes off of, especially since they were so generously exposed over the top of her low-cut dress. 


“You can call me Mistress Brenda,” the blonde said as she put her arm around Bill’s shoulder.  She slid her hand down over his chest until she got to the front of his pants, lightly touching the cock that bulged out the tight pants.  He pulled back from her hand.


The other one had dark hair, shorter, eyes that seemed to stare into his soul, her small hands reaching out to touch him, Bill noticing the long, pointed fingernails.


“I’m Mistress Monika.”  She reached for his ass when she saw him move away from Brenda’s hand, gripping his ass cheek with one hand, clenching on the flesh until he moved back into Brenda’s grip.


Brenda felt his bony prick, not thick like an older mans, but long and thin.  Her fingers curled around it, feeling him pushing his prick into her hand; he was sure that Monika was forcing him.  “Why, we certainly are aroused, Bill.”  She dug her fingers into his thin shaft, feeling it jerk.


Monika slid her hand down lower between his legs until she could grab his balls, the tight pants making it easy to find them.  Her fingers gripped them, Bill standing up on his toes the tighter she grasped them.


Bill was caught on both sides by the women.  It was almost as bad as what the Judge and the other men had done to him.  His prick was being crushed by the blonde and now the one behind him had reached down and found his ball sack.  She had powerful hands, the tight pants already making his balls ache, Mistress Monika’s hand finding his balls vulnerable.  It felt like they were being crushed in a vise. He was scared of her long fingernails; he had never seen anything that long before or as pointed.  They began to release, then tighten their hands on his prick and balls, each time causing sharp pains in his stomach. Bill was sure that his balls were being crushed.  His hips shot back and forth, trying to escape, but ended up only making himself more vulnerable to the other one.


Monika released his balls, her hands going around his waist as she stood behind him.  She began to open his shirt, her hand running over his hairless chest as she pulled the shirt from his pants.  She pressed up against him to keep him from escaping as her fingernails slid up over his stomach, lightly touching him with her sharp nails. Her fingers reached his nipples, little hard points that were easy targets for her long fingernails.


“EEEEHHH,” Bill sucked in air through his teeth, her fingernails feeling like knives sticking into his sensitive nipples.  He tried to push away, but he felt two breast pillows pushed into his back, keeping him from escaping the pinpoint fingernails that sought out the nerve-rich nipples. 


“What’s the matter, Bill?  Don’t you love the touch of a good woman?” Brenda teased him.  Her hand was already reaching down to his belt, undoing the slim, leather belt, her fingers easily finding the buttons on the front of his trousers.  She pushed his trousers down his legs, all without touching his cock, though she could see it quivering in expectation in his white shorts.  She ran her fingers along the naked flesh of his hips, finally reaching up and gripping his prick through the thin material of his shorts.  She was able to get a better grip, her fingers digging deep into the bony prick.  She could felt the wetness on his shorts, boys unable to control their erections.


He was being manhandled harshly again; this time his pants around his ankles, his shorts pulled open, four hands running over his body, not so much to pleasure him, but to inflict pain, though he couldn’t understand how the pain somehow felt good.  The shorts were the next to go, Mistress Monika stood behind him, sliding them down over his ass until they fell to his ankles with his pants.  Her fingers were back on his ass cheeks; this time her fingernails raked along his buttocks, Bill clenching his cheeks until the muscle grew taut.  It felt like daggers digging deep grooves into his cheeks.  “EEWWWW,” he shrieked, his voice high pitched as Mistress Brenda’s hands found his naked prick, her fingernails digging into the shaft.  At least they weren’t as long and sharp as Mistress Monika’s, but that did little to stop the sharp pain as they found his vulnerable flesh. 


Amy loved what they were doing to Bill, seeing them abuse his flesh as they stripped him naked.  She felt one of the men go behind her, her body tense as she waited for the inevitable.  Hands came around her waist, sliding up her sides to cup her small breasts, pushing them up higher until they almost broke free of the dress.  His fingers were brutal as they crushed her breasts, his fingertips digging into her tips.


“Small, but nice tits,” Michael said as he felt the young girl up.  He reached behind her, finding the buttons that opened up her dress, a finger sliding down her naked back, enjoying the goose bumps that appeared on her flesh.


Jacob stood in front of Amy, pushing his cock up against her as Michael began to slip the dress from her shoulders.  He helped pull the dress down off of her arms, hearing the seam ripping as he pulled it hastily over her hips.  He had to tug it down to get it to fall to her feet, but when he stood up, he could admire her naked body, the Judge making sure that she wore nothing beneath the dress.  Her mound was almost bald, the pubic hairs just beginning to flourish.  He gripped her labia, squeezing her lips, pulling them out as he pinched them tight in his fingers.


Hands strayed across her naked ass cheeks at the same time rough, calloused hands gripped her innocent mound. It felt like his fingers were a vise on her lips.  Strong fingers pulled apart her cheeks.  Amy was afraid when the men touched and played with her backside, recalling painfully when she had to take a long prick up her behind.  Her only salvation was that Bill wasn’t doing much better than she was.  Hands held his cheeks apart by the woman in front of him as the one with long fingernails ran her razor sharp nail along his crack and over his anus.


Bill couldn’t stop the flutter in his anus as Mistress Monika ran her sharp nail over his tiny hole, feeling like the tip of a knife was cutting the small ring.  In spite of the pain, he smiled when he saw the men strip Amy naked, hoping he could stick his prick inside the bitch. 


“Are you good at making a girl feel good with your tongue, Bill?”  Monika reached around, grabbing his cock and sticking her fingernail into his urethra.  His hard prick suddenly went soft with pain.


It felt like a knife was shoved inside the head of his prick.  Mistress Monika held his prick in one hand, but her long, pointed fingernail was shoved in his piss hole.  To make it worse, she moved it around; the slightest movement feeling like his inner flesh was cut by a surgeon’s knife.  “NNNNNOOO!  I’ll make you feel good,” begging for relief.


“Down on your knees.”  She pushed him down.  “It’s not me, but Amy that you will pleasure.”


Amy cringed when she heard her name, Michael pushing her over until she was in front of Bill, kneeling submissively at her feet.


“Spread your legs, Amy.”  Michael saw her respond immediately.  Maybe she liked having Bill as her sex slave.  “Turn around, let him lick your asshole first.”  He wasn’t surprised when she willingly complied, even reaching back to spread her cheeks, pushing her ass into Bill’s face.


“Yes, Bill.  Lick my asshole,” she blurted out, pulling her cheeks obscenely apart.  She didn’t care if everyone could see her anus; she wanted to humiliate Bill.


He knew he had no choice, pushing his face between her cheeks, but not before he bit her soft, round flesh.  She released her cheeks when his teeth sank into her flesh, her cheeks clenching around his face.  His tongue shot out, licking around the tart asshole.  He could feel the muscles of her anus fluttering, licking harder around the tight knot of her anus, fighting the muscles as he tried to force the tip of his tongue into her tiny hole.  He would show her, feeling his tongue slide inside her, her anal ring sliding over it as the tip began to enter the tightness of her rectum. 


The pervert stuck his tongue up her backside as Michael held her still.  It felt like a wet snake sliding inside her.  Finally, she was released, turning around and spreading her legs.  “Lick me,” she ordered Bill.  Mistress Monika moved behind Bill, holding his head, pushing him forward until Amy felt his face pushed into her mound.  His tongue came out instantly and slid up and down her slit, pushing apart her lips to explore her inner flesh.  She never felt anything like it, wishing it were her hands that were guiding Bill’s head. 


Bill’s tongue was getting tired, but Mistress Monika wouldn’t let him back off. She finally allowed him to stop after five minutes of licking.  His face was covered with Amy’s juices. Bill was proud that he could make her juice up so easily, but ashamed that he was on his knees before her.  He would have rather had it the other way, with Amy servicing his prick with her mouth.  He would have shoved it down her throat as he held her head. 


Michael had the rope ready as Monica pulled Bill to his feet.  His cock was rearing up, ready for action.  He’d see how willing he would be.


Amy and Bill found their wrists bound with thick, white rope until their fingers tingled from lack of blood.  The rope was pulled up over a ceiling beam, both of their arms rising up as they were faced against each other.  Amy was forced to look into Bill’s face, jumping when his prick jerked against her naked skin.  No, they couldn’t be thinking of that.  Not Bill’s prick inside her.  She didn’t care about anyone else, just not Bill’s.


A spreader bar was placed between Amy’s thighs, the leather digging into her thighs, her legs spread wide.  She couldn’t close them, her sex open as they pushed Bill closer, his prick rubbing against her naked mound.  She felt a rope around her back, but they ran it around Bill also.  She felt it tightening; Bill forced to move closer, his prick jerking against her skin.


“Let me help you, Bill.  I hope you’re wet enough for him, Amy.”  Monika reached down, her hand around Bill’s prick.  She rubbed the head up and down Amy’s slit, gathering up the juices that sparkled on her lips.  Michael was behind her, keeping her from moving away, Monika pushed the head of his cock between her lips and into the tight hole.  Bill’s prick wasn’t that big, so it entered her slick passage with ease. Amy heard Bill groan as her pussy engulfed the head of his cock.


She hated it when she felt Bill’s prick sliding inside her, but she couldn’t escape with Michael behind her.  His prick slipped inside her hole unopposed, her muscles clenching on the head.  It was much smaller then the men’s cocks that fucked her, but at least it would be less painful. 


Bill didn’t need any more encouragement or help once he felt the heat of her pussy engulf his cock.  He shoved with his hips, half of his cock slipping into her tight hole.  “Got you, Amy.  I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time and now I’m inside you.” 


She could feel his prick sliding in and out of her, feeling like a pointed stick, the skinny prick going deeper with every thrust.  The spreader bar left her wide open, unable to stop the rape.  “EEEEWWWWW,” she screamed so loud that it scared Bill; his hips stopped thrusting inside her.  She felt the bite of a whip on her ass cheeks, her hips thrown forward as she tried to escape the stinging leather bite of the whip on her cheeks.  She was still sore from the previous whipping, tearing open the welts on her cheeks.  She shoved her hips forward so far, her pussy driven onto Bill’s cock until it smashed into her cervix.  She tried to move back, his prick sliding from her pussy, her insides collapsing behind the prick that pulled her insides out.  “YYYEEWWW,” another swipe of the whip, this time catching her low down on her buttocks, the tender spot where her thighs met her buttocks.  It burned as the leather tore her flesh, her hips shooting forward to fuck onto Bill’s prick unwillingly. 


Bill couldn’t believe his luck.  Amy was fucking him, Bill staying still as her hips bucked back and forth on his rigid prick.  He loved that a whip was forcing her to do what he wanted to do for so long.  Her pussy muscles clenched on his cock as she pulled away, but the crack of the whip on her ass cheeks sent her back, impaling her pussy on his prick. 


“You like that, Bill.”  It was Monika behind him, her hand reaching down his ass to run down the crack of his ass.  “Relax your cheeks or I’ll whip them like Amy.”  He obeyed like a girl, submissively relaxing his cheeks as Monika slid her fingernail down his sweat-drenched crack until she found the tight knot of his anus.  Monika didn’t wait to get her finger wet, enough sweat on it, thrusting it up his asshole the next time Michael whipped Amy.  They both screamed out, their hips thrust forward to escape, only to smash into each other with a powerful thud.  They both screamed out, Bill’s prick smashed into Amy’s cervix with a bruising thud, Amy receiving it with equal pain.


The sharp nail tore into his intestines, moving back and forth in his asshole, scratching the tender flesh.  One finger became two; two became three, his anal ring stretched tightly around Mistress Monika’s knuckles.  Each time he shot his hips forward to receive Amy’s thrust as the whip forced her to respond.  Their bodies smashed into each other rhythmically, the fingers and whip making them like puppets on a string. 


The prick almost felt sharp, feeling like it was trying to stab through her cervix and enter her womb.  Her ass was on fire, the whip finding new flesh with each strike, tearing at her flesh.  Finally Michael stopped, handing the whip to Mistress Monika.  Amy smiled at the first sound of the whip on Bill’s ass cheeks, and Bill’s high-pitched squeal of pain, but she was quickly reminded of what they were doing to Bill before to make him thrust into her.  She felt Michael’s fingers tearing at her anal ring, stretching her ring until she thought it would tear. Suddenly a finger was shoved unceremoniously up her backside, digging and pushing against her muscles.  Her stomach cramped around the finger in her rectum.  It pulled out, but only long enough for two fingers to open her anal ring.  The tips of his fingers stretched her ring, Amy almost glad when they thrust inside her backside.  They hurt as they ground inside her guts, pushing against her soft walls, stretching her in places that weren’t meant to be stretched.  Each time her hips were forced forward to meet Bill’s painful thrust. 


It was almost funny to watch.  Amy and Bill fucking like two sex crazed teenagers, they frenzied hips thrusting back and forth, Bill’s skinny, long cock bottoming out in Amy tight pussy with each painful thrust.  Bill’s ass was bloodied as much as Amy’s, the men and women taking turns with the whip, the other getting three and finally four fingers thrust up their tight asshole, cramping their stomachs as they fucked themselves almost to death. 


Bill couldn’t help himself.  In spite of the pain of having a hand shoved up his asshole, fingers spreading open in his intestines, he came inside Amy, blasting her with his cum.


They had used the other end of the whip on Amy, shoving a foot of handle up her asshole, the twisted leather tearing at her soft passage.  Bill came in her, Amy feeling his foul seed blasting her pussy with his hot cum, relieved at last as they pulled the handle from her asshole.


Bill couldn’t do anything as Mistress Monika took the whip handle that was up Amy’s asshole and shoved it into his mouth.  He had no choice but to lick it clean as they shoved it down his throat, choking and gagging on the hard handle.  The soiled handle filled his mouth with the awful taste of her bowels.  Mistress Monika left the handle in his mouth as her fingernails tore at his prick, scratching the soft ridge of his head until it bled.  Brenda reached between his legs and crushed his balls, the sensitive testicles sore from cumming, his stomach cramping painfully. 


Michael didn’t waste any time, thrusting his cock up Amy’s asshole, her muscles beat into submission by the whip handle, driving eight inches of thick, hard cock deep into her guts.  He began to fuck sodomize her brutally; Jacob helped Michael, taking the soiled whip from Bill’s mouth, swinging the whip up between Amy’s legs to strike her defenseless pussy.  Her body jolted up with each blow of the whip, her ass muscles bringing such delight to Michael’s sodomizing cock.  He managed to sodomize her for ten minutes before he dumped his cum in her bowels. 


They grew tired of Bill and Amy, fucked and beaten until they no longer responded, led away to collapse on their beds, curling up into balls to comfort the pain that still laced through their bodies.  Was this to be their life until the three of them became of age?


The End of Story






A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride. On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball. Then, a beggar taps softly at her door. Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball. But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring. Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants. Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters. The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled. Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him. Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward. Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

Here is another searing novel of bondage and submission as only Powerone, bestselling novelist of BDSM can write.