The Magicians-Naughty Pictures

By Powerone
Copyright 2016


For those that wonder where I get my ideas from, especially the more disturbing tales, it’s from what I read and see. For those fans of SyFy Channel, they have a show called The Magicians. You would think this is a fairly mundane show, but it’s on at 10:00 P.M. so it does have some adult theme, but this week they surprised me. They have shown some sex in midair (using magic) and lots of drug use and alcohol. The two main stars Alice and Quentin have been having sex since about the fifth show.

It takes place at Brakebill University, a secret university that teaches magic to those that are gifted. It’s hidden so only the gifted can see it. Quentin had a trouble life growing up and the only thing that kept him going was six volumes of a book called Fillory. They were child books of goodness. During his training at Brakebill, he is led to believe that Fillory is a place that actually exists.

Fillory was written by Christopher Plover, the author that Quentin has taken as his hero. Christopher and his sister Prudence lived in a mansion where they took in and raised Martin and Jane Chatwin, the children of his housekeeper. They also had other children they helped raise. Martin and Jane disappeared and Christopher died soon after of a heart attack.

When Quentin, Alice and some of the others went to the current Plover mansion, which is now a museum, they find that it’s haunted by children. They sneak back in a night and encounter the children as ghosts, but they also see what happened at the Plover mansion when they were all alive. Quentin finds his hero is not what he expected and has a dark past. They explain it with a bit of visual, but I’m going to fill in the juicy details that would never make it to television, even cable and would never be allowed on as a book.

Chapter 1
Martin Discovers Himself

Martin and Jane were taken in by the Plover’s when their parents passed away. Martin was fourteen and Jane was thirteen. Their mother worked for the Plover’s for a number of years. If they hadn’t taken them in, they would have been put into an orphanage and the orphanages in the early 1930’s were not a place to go. They were worse than jails for children couldn’t defend themselves like adults in a jail.

Prudence was mean, the sister of Christopher, she fawned over him and made sure that he got everything he wanted and desired. He didn’t marry and she liked it that way. She was jealous of any women that he was seen with even though he was her brother. Martin and Jane were a handful for her, they were always noisy as children would be, but Prudence forbade it. When they misbehaved, they were taken to the Quiet Room.

Martin and Jane sat at the small round table in the center of the quiet room. Prudence brought the tea in and poured them each a cup of it. It wasn’t a question of whether they wanted it or not. They would have to drink it. They were both frightened because Prudence had chained them in their chairs. Their ankles had chains wrapped around them and was pushed through the rungs of the chair so they couldn’t get away from it. Their wrists were bound with chains and placed in their laps until they were given permission to drink the tea.

“Drink the tea so you’ll calm down,” Prudence ordered them. She watched as their chained hands picked up the cups and began to sip it. “All of it, be good children or else.”

Children never liked tea and Marin and Jane were no different, but they drank it down even though it had a foul taste.

Prudence took the cups and gave them each a cookie. “That’s for being good children.” They both gobbled down the sweet cookies to get rid of the foul taste of the tea. She watched and it didn’t take long before the tea began to work. Their eyes clouded over and they swayed from side to side. She went over to Martin and took the chains off him. She’d let Jane stay there for now.

“Come, Marin, Mr. Plover wants to see you in his office.” She led him down the hall to Christopher’s office. It was a large room with bookcases on every single wall. He had a large desk that was covered with papers in disarray. He was writing his book, the first volume of Fillory.

Christopher stopped what he was doing when he heard the door open. Prudence brought Martin in. He was a handsome boy, though a bit gawky. His brown hair was never combed and his pants hung loosely around him with a black belt that was a hand-me-down that was too big. His shirt hung off his small frame. Christopher picked up his pipe and put it in his mouth, even though it wasn’t lit. His greying hair was unkempt, his skin wrinkled as age crept up on him, turning fifty next month. Even his mustache began to grow grey. His suit was wrinkled, but he still wore a tie in his office, but with a sweater over it.

“Come in, Martin, have a seat.” He looked at Prudence with a nodding glance. “Thank you, Prudence. Martin and I will be fine now.”

“Enjoy, Christopher. He’s such a delightful child and I’m sure he’ll be very obedient.”

Martin’s head was groggy and his body felt as though it floated. It always happened when Prudence made them drink the tea. He didn’t like living with the Provers, but they had no choice. The world was a cruel place for orphans and he feared what would happen to Jane if they were on the street.

“You’re going to obey me, aren’t you, Martin. I wouldn’t want to put Jane on the street. She wouldn’t survive very long. I only allow her to stay because of you. As long as you please me, I will protect her.”

“Yes, Sir.” He knew that he had to protect his sister.

“I have an idea, Martin. I’m going to stop writing. I want to take some pictures.” Christopher dug out his camera, already loaded with film. He had a darkroom where he could develop them so no one would see them unless he wanted to show them. He got up from the desk and stood in front of Martin. “I want to take some pictures of you, Martin. Is that okay?”

“Yes, Sir,” he responded though his words sounded as if he slurred them and they were in slow motion. He got up and stood in front of Christopher. He began to take a picture. It had been a long time since he had his picture taken. He tried to smile and he blinked when the flash caught him unprepared.

“That’s good, Martin. Another one now.” He took another picture. “Let’s do something different. Take off your shirt like you’re going to the beach.” He waited for him to obey.

Martin didn’t think anything of it and took off his shirt. Christopher took another picture. “Take off your shoes and socks. You wouldn’t wear them to the beach.”

Martin sat in the chair so he could take them off and stood up. Christopher took another picture, but it was strange, he aimed the camera at him, but he wouldn’t get a picture of his feet from that distance. “That’s so good, Martin. Such a good boy. Are you having fun?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You don’t have to call me sir when we’re in private. We’re good friends here in my office. You can call me Christopher. Good friends do everything together and have secrets. The pictures are a secret. We wouldn’t tell anyone, not even Jane or Prudence.”

He liked it when Christopher was nice to him, not like Prudence. She was always mean to Jane and him. Martin would have to make sure that Christopher was happy with him. It was easy now, he felt so good and relaxed and Christopher was pleased with him.

“I have an idea for my good friend. Take off your pants so I can take a picture of you. A naughty picture. That is what good friends do for each other. Go ahead, Martin, be a good boy for me.” Christopher couldn’t stop his erection from growing. He’d looked forward to this since they took the Chatwin children in. It had been months that they nurtured them, Prudence being the bad one and Christopher being the good one. It was time to take it further now.

“My pants.” He didn’t understand, but Christopher stared at him with eyes that dared him to disobey. They were both males, so it wasn’t that awkward, though Christopher was old. Martin’s hands went to his belt and opened it. It took only a moment before his pants fell to his ankles. They were too big so nothing stopped them. He kicked them aside.

This time Christopher aimed the camera below his waist. His thin shorts couldn’t hide the bulge between his legs. It wasn’t big, but Christopher had a vivid imagination of what it looked like. He took two pictures before he moved next to Martin. Christopher shivered in lust when his hands went to his naked waist and touched his flesh for the first time. It felt like his cock would jump out of his pants. “Turn to the side so I can get a profile, Martin. You’re so handsome.”

Martin was startled when his hand went around his waist. The hand turned his body but as he pulled his hand away, it slid across the front of his shorts. Martin thought it was by accident, but he felt something else. He felt his prick stir beneath his pants. That never happened before. When he looked down, it stuck out the front as though there was something wrong with it.

“Hold that position, Martin.” He snapped two quick pictures an there was no mistaking that he had the beginning of an erection. Christopher didn’t know if his hand made him aroused or was it the drug that Prudence gave him. He moved next to Martin and saw the scared look on his face when he looked at the growing bulge in his shorts. “Have you ever played with yourself, Martin?” He saw the puzzled look on his face and that was his answer. “That is when you rub your cock, Martin. If you do it enough you’ll get a pleasure like nothing you ever experienced before.” Martin’s hand ran over the front of Martin’s pants and this time his nervous hand touched his cock boldly and lingered for the shortest time. He didn’t want to scare him off.

It felt like his cock had a mind of its owned. It moved in his shorts, yet Martin didn’t make it do that. When it moved against his shorts, he felt a tingle of pleasure and when Christopher touched it and jerked so uncontrollably that it scared him.

“That is called an erection, Martin. Your cock is beginning to stiffen up.” He took another picture as his shorts began to tent out. “A few more naughty pictures, Martin. Please me and take off your shorts.”

Martin looked at him, but he was already looking through his camera ready to take a picture. It would be a shameful picture if anyone saw it, but Christopher said it would be only between them. And it would give Martin a chance to look at his cock. He’d never felt it like this before and he wanted to see it before it went away. He took off his shorts before he could change his mind. He looked down and his cock stood out in front of him at an angle and it bounced up and down as if it had a mind of its owned. Martin didn’t know whether he should stop it from moving or not. He never felt such pleasurable tingling from his cock before.

“Hold still, Martin, I don’t want to miss the picture.” The camera clicked away as Christopher captured Martin's growing erection. “Turn to the side, hurry now,” he urged him, not sure how long his erection would last. There were already drops of precum leaking from the head. He was sure that Martin never came before and he’d cum at the slightest provocation. He took more pictures of his cock before he had him face front again. “Spread your legs wider apart so I can get a picture of your balls hanging down between them.” Martin turned forward and obeyed without question. His balls hung down covered in sparse black hairs. “Good boy, Martin. Now turn around and spread your legs, this time real far,” he encouraged him. He wanted to see his ass. It was too soon for anything like that to happen, but he could only imagine. He’d have to take it slow with Martin, bring him along a bit at a time. He knew it wouldn’t be this easy and that he’d have to threaten and punish him when he didn’t obey, but that was just as exciting.

Christopher wished he could take his clothes off and be naked with Martin when he saw his ass. His buttocks weren’t big or powerful, but it was the crack between them he sought a look at. “Wider, Martin, real wide for me.”

His crotch ached when he spread his legs that far, but he did it. He felt his balls hang down between his legs but his erection grew bigger and fatter.

“Reach back and pull your cheeks apart for me,” as Christopher snapped picture after picture of his ass.

Why would he want to see between my crack in such a dirty place? He heard the camera snapping away and the flashes shining brightly. He had no choice as his fingers gripped his buttock and yanked them apart. That is when he felt something strange. He could feel muscles in his anus tremble and spasm and he was sure that the tiny hole opened up when he pulled his cheeks apart. He could feel the heat of the flash the camera was close as Christopher took picture after picture.

“Face the front now, Martin. Your cock is getting quite big.” Christopher moved next to him. “Do you want to feel pleasure, Martin?”

How could he say no to that? “Yes, si…, Christopher.”

“Reach down to your cock and wrap your fingers around the shaft.” Christopher was ready with the camera and captured the first time his fingers wrapped around his cock.

It jumped in his hand when his fingers curled around it. He never felt it so hard, like a rock. He looked at the head and saw the sparkle of something at the end. He was afraid that he’d peed himself.

“Rub your finger over the end of it and feel your cum. It leaks out and if you cum it will spurt out.”

It was shameful when his finger touched the end, but as soon as it did, he felt drops of thick, hot crème on his finger. He rubbed it back and forth and got more. Not even the camera capturing every touch of his cock could make his curiosity go away.

“Grab the shaft again, Martin and I’ll show you how to get pleasure from your cock.” He took another picture as Martin’s small hand gripped his cock. Christopher reached down and put his hand on Martin’s hand. He looked up at him, a scared look in his face, but then it turned to something else as Christopher began to move Martin’s hand back and forth along the shaft. “Up and down, Martin, stroke it.” Christopher’s cock jerked uncontrollably when his hand touched Martin’s cock as they both stroked it.

It tingled all the way down between his legs as Martin’s body shivered. Not even Christopher’s hand touching his cock could make the pleasure go away. It felt too good and right now that’s all that mattered.

“Keep your finger tight over the head. It’s real sensitive along the ridge.” Christopher couldn’t stop himself, running his fingernail over Martin’s urethra and a jet of precum shot out prematurely.

It felt so good when it came out, but then it was over so quick. He stopped rubbing his cock, but it was still hard.

“Don’t stop, Martin, there’s more for you to shoot out.” His hand guided Martin’s strokes until he got a rhythm going. He had to get the picture of Martin cumming for the first time, but he wouldn’t desert him. He used one hand to hold the camera out in front of Martin’s cock. He knew it would get covered in cum, but it would be worth the pictures he’d get. He knelt behind Martin and slid his hand between his legs until he found his balls. Martin jerked up from the touch but as soon as Christopher’s fingers curled around his balls he got on his toes, but he continued to stroke his cock.

The fingers that tickled his balls sent such pleasure through his cock. He could feel Christopher pushed against his naked ass and even the hot breath that blew lewdly on his crack couldn’t stop the pleasure that built up in his body. His hand stroked his cock faster, fingers tight. More juices leaked out and made his cock slippery so he could stroke it with broad strokes.

Christopher didn’t say a thing, just waiting until Martin shot out his cum. His fingers chased around his elusive testicles as he tingled them and made Martin stand on his toes, but nothing stopped Martin’s hand from stroking his cock.

It hit him like a volcano. He felt something in his balls and then Christopher’s fingers gripped them tighter and it felt like his cock erupted. He watched in awe as thick white crème shot out in front of him a couple of feet before it fell to the ground from its sheer weight. Some of his cum that shot out leaked onto his fingers and Martin felt how hot and slippery it was. He continued to stroke his cock as the camera in front of him captured his pleasure. Some of his cum landed on the camera but Christopher never pulled it away, taking picture after picture with each jet of cum that shot out. Martin didn’t know where it all came from, but Christopher’s coaxing fingers on his balls helped. He must have shot three times before he was done, but Christopher still held his balls in a tight grip. Martin pulled his hand away from his cock as he noticed that it began to lose its hardness.

Christopher got up from behind him. He stood in front of Martin and took one last picture of his flaccid, dripping cock and the cum that littered the floor. He put the camera down and went next to Martin. He put his arm around Martin’s waist and drew him close to him until he was sure that Martin could feel how big his erection was. “Those were good naughty pictures, Martin.” He took Martin’s wet hand and ran it over his erection for the briefest moment, then released it, but it was Christopher’s hand that went to Martin’s cock and cradled the flaccid flesh. He could feel it begin to stir from his touch but that would be all for today. Tomorrow was another day.

“I have to get back to work, Martin. You go run along now. You can visit me again tomorrow.”

Martin felt ashamed as he got dressed quickly, ignoring the cum on his cock and hand. He felt how big Christopher was. It was twice the size of him. Now that he came and had his pleasure, it was more shame when Christopher openly fondled his cock. He ran out of the room to look for Jane.


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Take a trip down the rabbit hole with Alice in this erotic, twisted fairy-tale adventure. The abundance of excellent drugs caused the police to shut down the rock concert, and Alice follows Whitey Hare down the rabbit hole to find herself in a strange land of stranger people. Alice, impulsive with a sense of self-importance, meets a long list of strange people, from Cat A. Pillar, Whitey Hare, Queeney F. Hart, King F. Hart Red Nite, Chester Cat, March Hair and the famous Mad Hatter.

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